~ Why No National Media Coverage? ~

I’m back up on my soapbox again and it’s about the media AGAIN. It’s from a different standpoint this time though.

There are seven women dead. Four have been ruled as homicides…..another word for murder for those of y’all that aren’t familiar with the term. These message board posts sum up my feelings about the lack of media coverage:

“And I still have to wonder…if a puppy caught in a drain pipe can get on national news why isn’t the murder of 7 girls making headlines from coast to coast?”

“He mentioned that several national news networks were calling about the cases, but if he keeps denying a serial killer and using the term “high risk” then they will never pick up the story.”

We know who the “he” is in the above quote. What my question is……has the media (both local & national) been there to cover these killings, potential serial killings? We know the “local” media has been there somewhat…..there was a rash of stories in Nov & Dec 08 then they fizzled out. Why?

What is glaringly missing is the lack of national coverage. Why? I think I read somewhere that America’s Most Wanted had come calling. Is that in fact true? If I recall correctly, the Sheriff refused them an interview. Why? Did they try to interview relatives and friends close to the case? Looks like they didn’t. Why? We have yet to see AMW do a segment on these killings. Are the JDP citizens being discouraged from talking to the media…..especially the national media? Why?

Why is the “task force” not seeking out national media coverage…..any media coverage? Are they so certain the killer is local that they have no need for outside publicity? No need to broadcast the threat past a few neighboring parishes. The whole thing seems to be covered in a shroud of secrecy. Why?

Most, if not all, LE departments across the country would welcome some assistance from the media. We’re all familiar with the Florida case of toddler Caylee Anthony. The media coverage surrounding that case resulted in a private citizen locating crucial evidence in the case……the remains of the child.

Is the media just not interested OR, are they interested but no one will talk to them?