~ Fuel On The Rumor Fire ~

What adds to the mystery of these deaths is the side-show that has also surrounded the investigation. It’s no secret that the air in Jeff Davis Parish is heavy with rumors of LE, or someone in LE, being involved in the deaths somehow.

To throw fuel on the rumor fire, and understandably make people wonder even further, a veteran detective with the JDP Sheriff’s office purchases, from an inmate, a vehicle that may or may not have been involved in one of the deaths. Supposedly, the detective had no knowledge of that information. What makes the transaction even more suspect is that the officer almost immediately sells the vehicle himself at a sizable profit. Although the detective was cleared of criminal charges he was fined for an ethics violation.

Even more fuel on the rumor fire……we have a Jennings police officer who obtained supposedly “never released” information surrounding four of the deaths. He was so alarmed by the witness statements regarding a police cover-up, he broke protocol and passed the information on to a private detective to give to the FBI as well as the State Attorney General. Of course we all know he landed himself in a heap of trouble when he did that. What did he learn that caused him to jeopardize his own career?

As a person looking from the outside in, it is easy to understand why the citizens of JDP continue to fan those rumor fires. One has to wonder if there is a possible element of truth lurking somewhere amongst the rumors. It’s reasonable to conclude that the rumors further hinder the investigation…..people that may have valuable information fear stepping forward and rightly so if the rumors are indeed true. It appears Brittney’s words to her mother “you don’t know who you can trust” echo the sentiments of many JDP residents.


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  1. Also known is that the veteran detective washed out the vehicle at Ray’s carwash…on the south side of town, approximately a block or two away from where Brittnay Gary resided and about a couple of blocks away from the famous “Tina’s Bar.” That is public record so I don’t mind saying it here.

    Also, as far a laision goes, it should be an attorney. Perhaps an out of town attorney that has no ties to local government. The victim’s families do not trust just any one and I actually had to do alot of talking to have one of my client’s speak to a detective that needed information.

    So, in essence, Jesse Ewing questioned two witnesses, they gave shocking information that only someone who was at the crime scene could have known, and being a high ranking law enforcement officer was implicated, it would have been a conflict for him to go to any local, so he hands the recordings over to me, I deliver them to the FBI and State Attorney General and he is arrested and fired.

    Yet, a veteran detective purchases a vehicle purportedly used to transport one of the victims, is washed out suspiciously at a southside carwash, and is cleared of any wrongdoing.

    When the clients hired us, they apparently got in touch with the media and the media contacted us for an interview. We had to obtain our clients permission before speaking to the media, which we did. This was approximately a week before Brittany Gary ended up missing. Shortly after we were hired, we contacted a professional profiler, that we retained and paid, and is still on the case. He recommended what we say in the media, but I cannot disclose his strategy for telling us to say what we said to the media. He did tell us that before christmas, using the timeline, another body would be found. Two days later, or around that time, Brittany Gary was missing. There again, he told us that 14 days later, she would be dumped. On the 13th day, she was found so he was one day off. The profiler used a combination of the timeline of the past victims along with geographical profiling and he was amazingly accurate.

    So, our media coverage started the case up again. Brittany Gary missing added fuel to the fire. When Brittany was found, LE had no choice but to start something positive, or at least perceived to be positive. There’s alot of speculation and rumors and its very difficult for us to decipher from rumor and fact so we try to only ascertain facts to bring this case to a close…for the public, our clients and the victims.

    I believe what Officer Jesse Ewing did was the right thing to do. Why was he offered a plea bargain? Because if this case had gone to trial, the recordings would have surfaced during trial naming the high ranking law enforcement official. Other details of the homicides would have also surfaced. LE didn’t want that and Jesse spent alot of money hiring me and other expert witnesses that to continue spending, he would be bankrupt so in an effort to protect that, he was “offered” a plea deal that would also allow him to remain in law enforcement. He now works for the Gueydan Police Department. He accepted a plea deal for a very low grade misdemeanor. I still am convinced however, that if he had gone to trial, no jury would have convicted him after hearing the evidence and the recordings of the two female inmates.

    Thank you,

  2. Kirk, do you know who has possession of the vehicle now? Was forensic testing conducted on the vehicle?

  3. Last we heard, the vehicle is in California. They did get the vehicle back or let me say this…someone went to California and performed tests on the vehicle but it is still, supposedly, at the lab.

    FYI, one of my clients phoned me last night and stated that America’s Most Wanted called her wanting to do a story and air the unsolved homicides but the sheriff refused their intervention. Wonder why?

  4. The truck was sold to someone in California. Supposedly, when we inquired about the truck, we were told that a detective went to california and performed forensic tests on the vehicle and brought the tests back and submitted it to the lab. We are in touch with Connie Salers, the previous owner of the truck but I cannot disclose the content of our conversations to preserve the integrity of the investigation. I can say that whatever she tells us will be turned over to law enforcement.

    FYI, one of my clients phoned me last night and stated that America’s Most Wanted phoned her and stated that they wanted to air the unsolved homicides, however, the sheriff refused their intervention. She also stated without law enforcement agreeing to their intervention, they couldn’t do it. My client then mentioned the possibility that LE might be involved and she said that she would present it to her producer but he probably won’t allow anything to air without LE wanting them to come.

    wonder why, when a case is about to go cold, LE would not want the intervention of a successful television program such as America’s Most Want?

  5. The following comes from the United States Code. Notice the language of “suggestion” in the below statutes and definitions.

    (a) In General. – The Attorney General and the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation may investigate serial killings in violation of the laws of a State or political subdivision, if such investigation is requested by the head of a law enforcement agency with investigative or prosecutorial jurisdiction over the offense.

    (2) Serial killings. – The term “serial killings” means a
    series of three or more killings, not less than one of which was committed within the United States, having common characteristics such as to suggest the reasonable possibility that the crimes were committed by the same actor or actors.

    Snippets of Information: Used by permission from: http://geauxlouisiana.com/SerialKillers.html

    Serial Killers have received much publicity in our society. Our intrigue into their bizarre behavior has found it’s way into television, movies, books and the like. Not only do we know what they are, but also the names of the most infamous. Although these murderers have different methods of killing and reasoning behind their actions, there is but one outcome- death to innocent victims.
    Here in South Louisiana, we know the fear a serial killer can impose upon a community. Causing worry and frustration to citizens, and pain to those who cared for the victims. Being a spouse of one who served on the Homicide Task Force, during the search for Derrick Todd Lee, it was impossible to forget the danger that faced us all. I began researching serial murderers, after police confirmed that three women in Baton Rouge had been killed by the same man. Since I first began to collect serial killer information, our city has arrested two serial killers, Derrick Lee and Sean Gillis. We also suspect there may be another still hunting in our city, but has yet to be caught.
    My sincere hope is, that the serial killer information I’ve collected and continue to collect, will benefit others that find themselves in the same frightening situation. I would urge all to stay vigilant when it comes to their measures of safety…serial killers may not be common, but they are by no means extinct.

  6. I think you need to email those statutes to Edwards!!! Sounds to me like he’s the ONLY one that can get this investigation “upped a notch”……..someone please, in gawd’s name, help me to understand WHY Edwards is not utilizing outside help.

    There IS a reason he hesitates to label these crimes as serial…..he damn well knows a more accurate description is “hits”. They’re serial in nature yet they’re still “hits”. This isn’t your “typical” (if there is such a thing) serial killer. I’m seriously considering removing the “serial killer” reference I have on my blog header.

    Something else……anyone here recall any serial killings where all the victims knew each other?

    I don’t know if whoever is behind these murders is incredibly stupid or incredibly brilliant (as well as ballsy). The grid I see, if my pins on the maps are even close to accurate, is insanely tight……I’d love to hear the profilers take on that. I’m not trained in that area but, I know there’s something to it. I firmly believe the killer(s) d—–g (I refuse to say the word) grounds & pattern scream out something to people that ARE trained in investigating.

    I’d love to see an “official” comprehensive profile of this killer. The only semi-official profile I’m aware of is that BS….(and I think half-azzed) psuedo profile Edwards barfed up a couple of months ago. If I would go strictly by his profile…..I could have turned my hubby in on the tip line.

  7. You’re right! Our analysis of the case tells us that this is a cross between an organized and disorganized person or persons. Whoever is doing this has had training in the field of forensics, probably worked alot of homicide scenes, is a researcher, and this is not the information that you will gather from watching CSI.

    He/she is someone that knows what they are doing. We do know this…his/her days are numbered because we believe that it’s being narrowed down.

    A geographical profiler may have to be brought in since the localities are similar. While we believe that a behavorial analysist is helpful, we believe that the person or persons is so skilled that he/she is playing a “cat and mouse” game with LE that its next to impossible to gather an accurate behavorial analysis.

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