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A seasoned, long-time poster at Websleuths made a post recently that kind of stopped me in my tracks for a while….it made me sit back and ponder about this case a bit more deeply I suppose. The discussion was regarding a possible “fast-food link” between the victims and the killer. From the poster known as concernedperson:

The connection most are looking at isn’t high risk lifestyle so much as low income opportunities. These opportunities are the only available jobs with possible secondary opportunities. In other words, these people weren’t hooking at street corners as much as hoping for a break, either by better jobs, or a prince charming or a quick sniff. Young and without much hope for progression leads to a lot of mistakes….some of them fatal.

These young ladies should have never been in that position. Not in a very small town where the village is supposed to care for its children. I remember hanging out at Duck’s Drive Inn in New Iberia. We were always watching out for each other. Never in a million years would a stranger have interloped without one of us knowing or acting.

Someone knows something even if it is fleeting. Being afraid of some local position is not the same thing as dealing with a serial killer. He may not be back for a year or two as they are known for cooling off but bet your booties he has the grid memorized.

It made me realize the elements of truth that the poster spoke of……that it was not only the illicit-lifestyle…….the drugs and prostitution that connected these young women……it was also their socio-economic status…..or lack of.

As one poster put it:

In Jennings Most of the working class have jobs out of town, offshore, or make their living from oil royalties and property. There are very few opportunities for young people.

Couple the lack of opportunities and the lack of resources to pursue other options along with poverty-level-living and you have a recipe for disaster. Some people, not all, but many, initially resort to drugs as an escape from the stresses of day-to-day life…..just trying to get by and survive…..and don’t hold much hope for the future improving.

While I am not dismissing the ravages that a drug addiction can wreak on a person, as well as their family and friends…..I also realize it is important to remember who that person was before they got caught up in the clutches of drugs.

The girls, according to media reports, were also engaged in prostitution. It seems as though their payment “of choice” was drugs rather than money. I haven’t seen anything published to the contrary yet. The prostitution, yet again, a sign of hopelessness.

It’s interesting to look back and compare the media coverage of these JDP deaths versus the coverage with the “Baton Rouge Serial Killings”. What people didn’t realize at the time was that there were actually two serial killers at work, Derrick Todd Lee and Sean Vincent Gillis. I won’t go into the details about them…..a quick Google search will provide you with the info if you’re not familiar with the cases.

My focus is mainly on Derrick Todd Lee who was responsible for brutally murdering the women that were getting the “lion’s share” of the press. The media was ablaze with every single tidbit available about these slayings…..basically round-the-clock coverage. The women were all very attractive and very successful……..here are their pictures:

The crime forums weren’t quite as popular back then as they are now but, there was still plenty of disussion going on about the “Baton Rouge Serial Killer”.  I’d like to make it clear that I mean no disrespect to the victims of DLT……I’m simply trying to make a comparison.

These deaths……..Loretta, Ernestine, Kristen, Whitnei, Laconia, Crystal & Brittney……have barely generated much local media coverage. Is there anything to give us hope that the national media will pick up the story? Why aren’t their deaths generating as much media coverage as Pamela, Gina, Charlotte, Trineisha, Carrie & Christine did?

I’ll leave you with a few posts from around the “net”. I’ve lost track and can’t link back or give any of you credit but you know who you are:

My sister was a good person, who had just recently gotten caught up in an unhealthy lifestyle that unfortunately cost her her life.

Let’s not forget that these girls lived very troubled lives and no one knew what they went through or what they were going through.

All of the families were concerned for their life-style and didn’t approve of it……these ladies were loved and it’s not like the family didn’t try.

I remember Whitnei before drugs and how much she loved her daughter and how well she took care of her. I remember Muggy’s excitement in showing me her child and Ernestine and her sister and Dad being in a store showing me her baby.

He mentioned that several national news networks were calling about the cases, but if he keeps denying a serial killer and using the term “high risk” then they will never pick up the story.

And I still have to wonder…if a puppy caught in a drain pipe can get on national news why isn’t the murder of 7 girls making headlines from coast to coast?

Rest assured the reason we are discussing the fact that all of the victims used drugs is because it helps profile them in relation to the monster that killed them.

And last but not least………..this one:

The story I linked suggest that the general public has not shown much interest in these murders because of the life style the victims lead, I suspect that is true.


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  1. There were a minimum of 3-5 FBI Profilers from Quantico and Baton Rouge that went to Jennings, LA following a visit by 4 of them with a one time murderer on death row rather than any of the serial killers……Seems they could come up with more information for the public and for the killer. Everyone knows this is a serial killer. They should do thier jobs as I once told them before, but they will wait for the public to do it for them. What are they paid for if they aren’t out there solving crimes?????????????????

  2. Were they requesting profile assistance from the inmate?

  3. No they were not. Supposedly they wanted to profile him for training purposes. I think because he is seeking an immediate execution, they were digging for information about any other possible crimes he may have submitted and wanting to find some reassurance that they actually convicted the right person for the crime, although there still exist more information than they know about the crime that was kept out of the court room and off the record. Much evidence pointed in another direction and thay never followed up on the investigation as I did in order to actually rule out anoother’s invovlement. They just wanted thier own piece of mind —-while still letting someone get away with making extreme death threats to the family members of this crime if the inmate did not plead guilty and keep his mouth shut as they planned on doing. I was told they would do something about the death threat letters more than once by the Agents, which has turned out to be a lie.
    Profilers are not all they are cracked up to be.

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