~ Victim Connections ~

Sheriff Edwards has stated on several occasions that all of the victims knew each other in some capacity, that they ran in similar circles and had all grown up within blocks of each other. Here is what I’ve been able to come up with as far as connections:

Loretta Lewis

  • Has a child that is a 1st cousin to Whitnei Dubois’ child, the children share the same grandmother

Ernestine Patterson

  • Worked with Brittney Gary’s mother

Kristin Gary Lopez

  • Cousin to Brittney Gary
  • Spouse “hung out” with Crystal Zeno’s spouse who, according to a local posting on another site, was a “known” drug dealer

Whitnei Dubois

  • Knew Brittney Gary
  • Has a child that is a 1st cousin to Loretta Lewis’ child, the children share the same grandmother

LaConia Brown

  • Good friends with Brittney Gary
  • Read somewhere she knew ALL of the other victims

Crystal Zeno

  • Spouse “hung out” with Kristen Lopez’s spouse
  • According to a local posting on another site, her spouse was a “known” drug dealer
  • Knew Brittney Gary

Brittney Gary

  • Cousin to Kristen Lopez
  • Good friends with LaConia Brown
  • Knew Crystal
  • Knew Whitnei
  • Mother worked with Ernestine

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  1. i just wanted to say that the whole investigation is bs. Its a cover up. one day when i was walking on hwy 26 i got pulled over by a cop in an unmarked car note i didn’t know it was a cop. so this car pulls up in front of me so i cant go anywhere and thy guy in the car (the cop) started to roll his window down and he told me to go around to his side of the car and when i told him no he started to get angry then i started to walk away the guy got out of his car and a cruiser pulled up in front of the other car. i found this very weird because it felt like they were waiting for me. they knew my name! they had me standing on the side of the road for a good 30 minutes taking pictures of my tattoos and they told me the reason for all that was just in case i show up dead .

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