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Another killer profile for your consideration. I have obtained permission to quote this but the writer has requested anonymity which I shall repect.

what does matter is the fact that young women are dying, and there is someone out there that will kill again if not caught. this person(s) is like a tom cat out in a field full of mice, toying with them, waiting for the urge to strike. It is a game. they may want to be caught deep down, but I think more to the point, the place he is dropping them is convenient, short distanced, and is making a name. To travel, each mile adds risk, and confusion, as to whether it is the same killer or someone else. That’s not to say they won’t strike somewhere else on a whim, but for the most part I really think they want to stick to the same ol same ol, for the (UGH!) glory of being known it was the same person(s)
besides just think of all the places that can’t hardly be searched just in this lil’ ol’ 10 mile area.


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  1. Uneducated profile…..characteristics…

    I think the killer could come across as being very interested in media reports, may get nervous since reward has increased, acts concerned for girls safety, possibly looks for victims of oppurtunity- girl alone, is from the area, is involved with druggys in the area but may not do drugs themselves, sometimes appears paranoid, shows up unexpectedly- maybe offering a group of two or more girls a ride- seeming concerned for thier safety….although looking for opportunities to abduct……..a prowler of sorts. He is very charming and friendly- very likable. If he is a family man- then he is a loner.

    Keeps car cleaned – maybe even partially cleaned. Has had bleach ordor in vehicle- covered tracks by placing the first few bodies in water….later using bleach to cover tracks, could have used chemicals on the 6th victim. May be often seen at carwash or washing car.

    Similarity of girls may have been walking alone on streets at night….obviously. But predator was prowling in order to have ran across the opportunity seven times over. May lure girls with drugs or he may kidnapp….keeps a knife in vehicle/ could be careless (allows knife to be displayed openly).

    Were any of these girls sexually assaulted before being murdered? I see no trauma is noted.

    He could have placed body on road to police range to taunt officers, later Could have known about Teresa Gary’s fears, later targeting Brittany Gary to taunt police even more……he may be playing catch me if you can game with the police……This person is keeping close eye on media reports…..

  2. Excellent observations and profile !!!!

    Interesting thought about a knife being kept in vehicle…..we know two victims had their throats slashed (Patterson & Brown). The cause of death in two other victims, whose deaths were ruled homicide (Zeno & Gary), have not been released. Could they too have had their throats slashed?

    It is unknown if the victims were sexually assaulted….if they were, that information has not been publicly released.

    I agree the killer(s) is very interested in the information being released to the media. When others around him (or her) bring the subject up, this person will mostly likely either come across as extremely interested in the case and unusually knowledgeable about the details (more so than just a person casually following the case) OR will become agitated and not interested in discussing it.

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