~ Fast Food Connection ~

There has been quite a bit of discussion on some of the crime boards about there being a possible “fast food” connection associated with these deaths.

Veteran Websleuths poster, nickname concernedperson, brought up an interesting consideration on the topic of the fast food connection:

In my meager mind this tells me that someone is apt to pull off to a fast food place and interact with patrons and employees. It is a benign environment at first thought.  But, could be a fertile ground for spotting vulnerable people.  Especially if that is your mission. This is the serial aspect along with bars that front or are frontage roads to major interstates. It is easy to figure out ingress and egress if you are used to traveling.

I’m kind of middle of the road with my opinion on that right now but am certainly not ruling out the possiblity.  Here’s what information I’ve been able to locate so far……please keep in mind I have not verified any of it:


  • Crystal Zeno employed at Lake Arthur location
  • Loretta Lewis “hung out” at Jennings location

Burger King

  • Tracee Chaisson Egelston


  • Whitnei Dubois employed there at one time but not at the time she went missing


  • Ernestine Patterson
  • Theresa Gary (mother of victim Brittney Gary)
  • LaConia Brown (not confirmed but was mentioned by a local on another site – she thought Brown had been employed there at one time)

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  1. Great work on the fast food connection. Perhaps the cops should get some of the armchair detectives to work this case. They seem to know more and care more.

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