~ SR1126 ~

After staring at the maps for hours-on-end, and much discussion on some of the crime forums, I decided to broach the topic of SR1126.  I’m not sure if it’s a state road or exactly how it’s classified so will refer to it as SR1126.

It looks as if this may be “comfort route” for the killer.  Four of the victims were found just off SR1126…..almost in a straight line if my tabs are even close to accurate.  Larger view of map.  Two others were left in locations that look to be a quick hop skip and jump off SR1126.  Victims 2, 4 & 6 are alarmingly close together.



What’s odd is that victim #3, Kristen Lopez, was taken much further away from the others…….still accessible from SR1126 though.  Larger view of mapvictim3locationcomparison

Looks like who ever is responsible for these killings took a “trip” out of their comfort zone and decided they didn’t like it, or it was inconvenient, and reverted back to their familiar “grid” as someone on one the forums referred to it.