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I’m wondering a couple of things…….one of them has been bothering me for a couple of weeks now.  It was something I ran across in a news article while I was trying to get my notes organized.  I was a little amazed that I hadn’t taken note of it when I read the article the first time.  I posted about it on LaConia Brown’s blog:

“Muggy”, as she was called by friends and family, is the only victim whose body was found by a law enforcement officer. All of the others were found by private citizens. Even more interesting is that she was found (at 2 am in the morning) on a road leading to the police shooting range. Maybe it’s a routine patrol route at that time of morning but, personally, I find it quite odd that the officer just happened to be patrolling that rather remote area of the city at that time of the night.

Anyway, it bugs me that this officer “just happened” to find her at THAT location at THAT time of the morning. It seems like such an odd location to be “routine” patrolling at that time of the morning……and, oh……just happens to be a young woman’s dead, recently murdered, body lying in the road you’re routinely patrolling.

Someone that posts on one of the crime forums describes the area along Racca Road, where her body was found, as being very dark at night and is considered “out-of-the-way”.  Also, that particular stretch of Racca is paved and then turns into a dirt road.  The poster also said that many of the locals wonder about the officer finding her at that time of the night/morning in that location. I’m not insinuating anything….. just saying hmmmm.

Second thing on my mind is the lack of any type of “official” profile on this killer. The FBI has been involved with these cases for a while now and yet, still no profile. Sheriff Edwards has offered what I consider a very vague, unofficial, profile and a criminal justice major has offered up her thoughts on the killer.

It’s getting time for the “task force” to publicly issue a comprehensive profile on this serial killer (my label). The people that are harboring knowledge of these killings are hesitant to come forward. Maybe profiling this person(s) will “spark” something in potential witnesses on the “outer perimeters” that haven’t realized they might possibly have information that could be crucial in the investigations.

There has to be some information surrounding these deaths that authorities can release. I’m not advocating the release of information that could jeopardize a future case. I’m just of the simple belief that law enforcement can benefit from the assistance of a few more eyes and ears when it comes to trying to solve cases. There are people out there that “know” something…..they just may not realize it.


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  1. 2am-that’s bizarre. the things that jump out at me are these: the connections among the women, the cut throats, and the victim who moved away just to be murdered when she returned. Did she leave because she was scared and knew something dangerous? Surely her mother or someone knows why she left. Also, the cut throats make me think the killer is sending the message “Look what happens if you talk.” This is no typical serial killer. This is an out of control relative? cop? dealer? southside mafia? I don’t blame people for being scared to talk, but somebody’s gonna have to be big and just do it.

  2. I think the killer could come across as being very interested in media reports, may get nervous since reward has increased, acts concerned for girls safety, possibly looks for victims of oppurtunity- girl alone, is from the area, is involved with druggys in the area but may not do drugs themselves, sometimes appears paranoid, shows up unexpectedly- maybe offering a group of two or more girls a ride- seeming concerned for thier safety….although looking for opportunities to abduct……..a prowler of sorts. He is very charming and friendly- very likable.

    Seems police are using award to lure druggies who may have information…..

    If it is a women killer- then the bodies would appear to have been dropped right out of vehicle–not carried far- maybe drug a little ways, for it is much more difficult for a woman to pick up dead weight than a man.

    Considering the weight and placement of victims, the law could figure how strong this killer really is.

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