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A section has been added for media contact links.

Of course, the first one put on the list is Nancy Grace – CNN.  I’m asking all of you reading here to fill out the form at the link and urge her producers to cover these cases.  Her audience is huge and national media coverage might be a good “shot-in-the-arm” as well as induce law enforcement to reveal a little more information surrounding these deaths to the public.


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  1. I have email Nancy Grace twice already with not much luck. I didn’t receive any response after the third body was found and when Britney Gary was found, I forwarded several of the newspaper articles to her show to only receive a confirmation email that it had been received and nothing since. Maybe if they get bombarded with articles and copies of the blog posts, hopefully eventually it will catch someones attention. Our local news stated that America’s Most Wanted had contacted the area, but no follow up story on that one. That would be another great place to forward articles to.

    • I think it’s going to take a lot of people contacting her producers to “catch their eye” so to speak since they probably receive hundreds of emails daily. That’s why I’m hoping to attract more and more readers to this blog and urge them to contact different media outlets. Maybe since the Caylee Anthony case is slowing down (info wise) Nancy’s show will look for other stories to cover. Thanks for suggesting America’s Most Wanted……..I will contact them as well.

  2. Many of us are writing,calling and emailing to get this on the news…especially AMERICAS MOST WANTED.
    And no one responds or comes to help solve these horrible crimes.
    well now we know and can ask
    Why did Ricky Edwards tell America’s Most Wanted that Jennings didn’t need their help. AMW wanted to do the story, sent people down to interview the family’s. but need the Sheriff’s cooperation to continue. And AMW confirmed what we all had heard as a rumor…RICKY EDWARDS SAID NO! He has it handled just fine, don’t need their help. well here we are, 7, maybe 8 dead women and no arrests. NOW ask yourselves and HIM……WHY???!!!

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