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The following “killer profile” was posted at topix.com on 12/24/08 by belluslitasPost #18.  Please keep in mind this is not an official profile……..it is simply the observation and opinion of a student majoring in Criminal Justice:

Also of interest, a friend of mine who is a Criminal Justice major has said, “I think he is in his 40’s, I also think more that he is white. I think he is picking his females in that general area because he is very familiar with it, he feels very comfortable there. I don’t think this is some broke looser that is doing this either, I think he works and maintains a small family. I think he will kill and kill until he is caught. He is very clever and is covering his tracks very well. I think he lures the young naive girls in his vehicle with drugs and money…..when he gets them there he gets them really high and intoxicated…..I don’t think he can kill if they are straight. I think drugging them makes him feel comfortable with what he does. He finds pleasure when he reads the bodies were found…..I think he wants them found, he takes no trouble to really try to dispose of the bodies. I think he will soon kill again….its in his blood now and when they have killed this many they just boil over for another kill….I think he is smart enough that it will take the authorities a few more kills to catch this one, he seems like he has a very bold personality.”


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  1. I find this profile very interesting, but can’t help but wonder. I live in a small East Texas town and can see some similarities in the divisions of the railroad tracks. I most definantly think that these young women being from the wrong side, has hindered the investigation .I think this apathy from the law, has given the killer some dumb luck . He’s probably not all that smart and is from that specific area and may be related to one of the earler victims-like a brother-in-law. Maybe some of the later victims were killed just for knowing too much. This guy may be on heavy drugs and acts out of paranoia. This is just my opinion

    • apathy from the law, has given the killer some dumb luck

      I have to whole-heartedly agree with your comment!! That’s a good way to put it…..dumb luck.

  2. sorry for the long response, but I just wanted to share a few thoughts based on my also being from the “wrong side of the tracks”. I feel it might be l.e.,or even someone from the right side because these women were party age and partiers party together regardless of where they live. Also, these women weren’t old, hardened street whores and don’t appear that different from the average young woman-so it seems lazy and accusatory to go on about their lifestyles.

    • Please don’t apologize for the length of your posts….you are welcome anytime to post as much as you’d like.

      There are many that agree with the possibility that LE could somehow be involved, and just as many, including myself, that take offense to continued reference by LE to the victim’s lifestyles. While lifestyle may have played some part in their deaths…..I personally believe that is secondary to the real reason they were killed.

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