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To date, five people have been arrested and questioned in connection with 2 of the 7 mysterious female deaths in Jeff Davis Parish Louisiana.

In early 2006, Bryon Chad Jones and Lawrence Nixon, both of Jennings, were charged with second-degree murder in the death of Ernestine Patterson (5/20/05). The charges were later dropped due to insufficient evidence and conflicting witness statements. Frankie Richard and his niece, Hannah Conner, were also questioned in regards to Patterson’s death but no charges were filed.

Nixon may not be a murderer but apparently he is a career criminal……arrested six times in six years.  According to this article:

A man who’s made a career out of stealing other people’s property is back behind bars for possession of stolen lawnmowers, weed eaters, leaf blowers, edgers, hand tools, power tools, a shop vacuum and some fine china.

Jennings police arrested Lawrence Nixon, 33, of South Main Street in Jennings on Thursday, Aug 14 after investigators followed a trail of stolen property to a local antique store. The trail led back to Nixon’s residence where police found the house cluttered with stolen items yet to be pawned.

Frankie Richard

Frankie Richard

In May, 2007, Frankie Richard (51 at the time) and his niece, Hannah Conner (22 at the time), both of Jennings, were arrested and charged with second-degree murder in connection to the death of Kristen Lopez (3/18/07). They were also questioned about the death of Ernestine Patterson (6/17/05).  Richard was reportedly seen with three of the victims in the last days of their lives. According to an article in the American Press (Lake Charles, LA) – July 31, 2007 (no link, sorry) Conner was seen with Lopez in her last days. Charges were eventually dropped due to insufficient evidence and conflicting witness statements.

Hannah Conner

Hannah Conner

Richard was also charged with rape around that same time. The alleged victim dropped charges in July 2007 and the complaint was dismissed.

Neither Richard, or his niece, are strangers to police. Richard has been convicted of DWI’s and charged with assault & battery. Conner has been charged with burglary, theft and trespassing.

Tracee Chaisson

Tracee Chaisson

Also arrested in May, 2007, was Tracee L. Chaisson. She was booked on Accessory After the Fact charges. Chaisson was apparently the person who reported Kristen Lopez missing and was interviewed on several occasions. Investigators believed she knew where the body was when she made the report. Like Richard and Conner, charges were dropped due to lack of evidence and conflicting statements.

District Attorney Michael Cassidy, with the 31st Judicial District, said there were numerous problems but basically in each of the cases involving Patterson and Lopez there was a lack of evidence, a lot of here-say and a lack of credibility in those who implicated others.

“We would rather dismiss the case and let the investigation continue knowing that we can always return to it,” Cassidy said.

The alternative would have been to press on and risk losing the case, which would have ruined any future possibilities should additional evidence or leads surface.

Additional Photo Of Hannah Conner

Additional Photo Of Hannah Conner


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  1. I dont think that yall should let them out of sight.keep digging im more than sure there is more to find.it is just funny that he seen most of tha girls before death.frankie for sure.i think it is sad because all most all the girls knew who was killing eack other and they did not speak u and they got them one by one.now know one knows.i read that brit told her mom that she knew something in stead of her mom taking action ,i mean well”they did not speak up ,it was like it was of no concern!!did not report it that poor child payed the price for not speaking out.my sister died like that ,,she too was on crack it was a long struggle i have to live with everyday so my heart go out to all the familys.50 please find the killer.

  2. now im not saying i know what’s going on i read all the articles and i’ts crazy its like the person is an expert in killing using bleach and things that’s real good thinking.im scared i have a little girl please get that crazy person off the streets.i still say it is funny how that guy knew them all and was around before there death.and it seen like who ever it was they knew him ,or them,or her we will never know!!!!

  3. I have one more responce !!its funny how we all love our family more when they are gone.i wish i would have gave my sister symekia broussard more love and help when she was living and fighting the struggle of crack .i didnt give her the help she really needed and that was my hand and love.so when u see someone like that give them a hug let the know people still care.

  4. Alexis,

    Was your sister murdered? Was she from Jennings? I only ask because I’ve never heard the name before now.

    It is indeed very sad when a family member get on any type of drug, very sad watching and it takes a toll on the love ones as well. I’m certain like many of us if you knew better or what to do you would have done so or at least tried. Sending you a hug.

  5. Does anyone know if Frank Richard still resides in Jennings?

    • o he is still on mckinley street with his whole family and problem still doing the same crap they always have done i see him and his brother robbie walk the streets like to male whores

  6. o maybe i should have not said that sorry for potty mouth

  7. do u think FR will leave jennings he runs the LE department if he goes else where he might get in trouble and have to stay lock up here we all know that want happen cause the evidence gets lost.

    • I Tell, in my opinion, the day Frankie leaves we all need to listen, read, and observe very closely. The reason to me would be the mess is getting deep, another words, closue would be coming for the community/victims. I also would not doubt for one minute he is not scoping another area for his dealings. He has already been in Lafayette, he has been in Lake Arthur, and now Jennings. Again, just my opinion.

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