~ Warren Gary – Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff Detective ~

I am unable to specifically link back to the following information. It was taken from some posts at Websleuths and the poster did reference to an article(s) from American Press, Doris Marcle, November 27, 2007

Warren Gary, a veteran detective with the Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff’s Office, was the subject of a seven month investigation by Louisiana State Police. The case involves Detective Gary purchasing a vehicle that may have been involved in the death of Kristen Lopez, the 3rd victim in a series of mysterious female deaths in the parish. Gary allegedly had no prior knowledge that the vehicle may have been a “crime scene”.

The vehicle was a truck and was purchased from an inmate named Connie Syler who was under arrest for worthless check charges. Syler was also questioned in regards to 3 of the 4 JDP deaths over the previous couple of years. Reportedly, the truck had been rented out to 2 black males in exchange for cocaine and was found abandoned in a private driveway while Syler was in jail.

Syler offered to sell Detective Gary the truck after she was notified her bank was prepared to foreclose on it due to past due payments. Gary paid just under $9,000 cash for the truck. Syler used the money to pay off the truck loan and as restitution towards the hot checks she had written.

Gary purchased the truck to replace another vehicle but did not like the truck’s gas mileage and quickly re-sold it to the ex-wife of an LA State Trooper for $15,000…….netting himself a quick and impressive profit.

Of additional interest is that allegedly, Gary and jail warden Terrie Guillory drove Syler, in an official vehicle, to her bank, after she was released from jail, to complete the transaction.

On June 26, 2008, the Louisiana Board of Ethics found Gary in violation of Sections 1115B and 1116A of the Code of Governmental Ethics and subsequently fined him $10,000.

Louisiana State Police cleared the Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff’s Office (JDSO) chief of detectives of any criminal charges regarding the purchase of a former inmate’s truck. The investigation, however, could still have ramifications for prosecutors if a suspect is ever brought to trial for the murder of a Jeff Davis Parish woman.

Warren Gary remains the Chief Criminal Investigator at the Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff Office.

Interestingly enough, Detective Gary has the same surname as victim #3 (Kristen GARY Lopez) and victim #7 (Brittney GARY). I’m certainly not insinuating anything……simply mentioning it.

I keep wondering ??? what was this guy thinking ???

Gary Fined $10,000 For Ethics Violation

Louisiana Board Of Ethics Charges 11/27/07

Louisiana Board Of Ethics Ruling 6/26/08

Below are some recent updates on the status of the vehicle the detective purchased from an inmate:

Kirk Menard
Submitted on 2009/02/17 at 8:12pm

Also known is that the veteran detective washed out the vehicle at Ray’s carwash…on the south side of town, approximately a block or two away from where Brittney Gary resided and about a couple of blocks away from the famous “Tina’s Bar.” That is public record.

Yet, a veteran detective purchases a vehicle purportedly used to transport one of the victims, is washed out suspiciously at a south side carwash, and is cleared of any wrongdoing.

Kirk Menard
Submitted on 2009/02/18 at 7:59pm

Last we heard, the vehicle is in California. They did get the vehicle back or let me say this…someone went to California and performed tests on the vehicle but it is still, supposedly, at the lab.

Kirk Menard
Submitted on 2009/02/18 at 8:06pm

The truck was sold to someone in California. Supposedly, when we inquired about the truck, we were told that a detective went to California and performed forensic tests on the vehicle and brought the tests back and submitted it to the lab. We are in touch with Connie Sylers, the previous owner of the truck but I cannot disclose the content of our conversations to preserve the integrity of the investigation. I can say that whatever she tells us will be turned over to law enforcement.

Submitted on 2009/02/26 at 6:08pm

Let’s simply admit the facts — A high official in the sheriff’s office purchased a vehicle thought to be involved in murder from a murder suspect; the suspect used the money to evaporate; a public vehicle was used in the acquisition, via a local bank; the sheriff defended the action as though it was normal, only after being questioned vigorously; the vehicle was thoroughly cleaned in secret before being sold at a very tidy profit.