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Jesse Ewing

Louisiana State Police arrested Jennings Police Officer, Jesse Ewing, on December 19, 2007 on the following charges:

L.R.S. 14:130.1 Obstruction of Justice

L.R.S. 14:134    Malfeasance in Office

L.R.S. 14:134.1 Malfeasance in Office, Sexual Conduct Prohibited

Ewing was a veteran officer with the JPD. He was accused of obstruction of justice and malfeasance in office. The investigation centered around the mysterious deaths of four Jeff Davis Parish women. Ewing turned over privileged information in an ongoing investigation to a civilian, private investigator. He was also accused of improper sexual conduct with an inmate.

On December 8, 2007 two female inmates requested to speak with officer Ewing specifically. They wanted to give him information about four mysterious female deaths in the area…..it was supposedly information that had not been publicly released. Over a period of two days, Ewing interviewed and recorded both inmates separately.

Alarmed by the consistency in the women’s statements, Ewing was hesitant to report the information within his department or to his superior. Both women alleged a cover-up involving a high elected parish official or high ranking law enforcement officer.   Instead, he turned the information over to friend, and private investigator, Kirk Menard.

Menard said although some of the information was third hand, the women knew information about the crimes and crime scenes that had not been released to the public.  It was information  that could have only been obtained by someone at the crime scene.  On December 10, 2007, Menard turned that information over to the Louisiana Attorney General’s office and the FBI.

One of the female inmates Ewing interviewed accused him of sexual misconduct. Ewing admitted that the inmate had pulled her shirt up in a suggestive manner during an interview. Cellmates of the accuser stated the accusations were made up and that they had heard her plotting with another inmate against Ewing. Ewing was held on a $50,000 bond and put on administrative leave pending further investigation.  He eventually was fired from the police department.

A Grand Jury cleared Ewing on two of the charges, Obstruction of Justice and Malfeasance in Office, Sexual Conduct Prohibited. Although Ewing originally faced up to 15 years in prison on felony charges he was sentenced to 6 months in jail. The judge suspended that sentence in lieu of Ewing being placed on 6 months supervised probation, $250 in fines and court costs, 16 hours community service and a refresher course at a law enforcement academy.

Mr. Ewing is currently an officer with the Gueydan Police Department.

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