~ Sunshine Law ~

Louisiana’s Sunshine Law defines what public records can be requested and who may request them. Closed investigation records fall under the sunshine law; however, active investigations do not.

Under the Public Records Act (PRA), you can also request a listing of all unsolved murders in Jeff Davis Parish from the District Attorney.  Also, falling into the category of public records are e-mails contained in ANY official computer which  includes the mayor, chief of police, sheriff, warden, or any computer in any local, state or municipality. They are not allowed to delete emails. Doing so can cause them to be liable for damages. All you need to do is file a Freedom of Information Request and it has to be given to you.

As an interesting side-note, New Orleans Mayor, Ray Nagin has recently found himself in “hot water” after it was determined that virtually all of the e-mails sent and received by Nagin last year and much of the information on his 2008 calendar had been erased in an apparent violation of the state public records law.