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Since the comments section under the Jennings Police Search for Sexual Assaults Suspects has gotten rather lengthy and cumbersome to scroll through I decided to start a new post  Please feel free to continue your discussions and comments here.

Note: Original post date published on: Feb 19, 2009 @ 15:18
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  1. To scaredandconfused: I have nothing to hide and I have nothing to prove. I do my job and I do it well and the investigators I hired do it well also. I’m not hard to find. Anybody on this site could probably give you my phone numbers, not that you’ll ever call.

    I use the term he/she because if you remember correctly and you implied from your post that you do remember when the first individuals, Frankie Richard, Hannah Conner, and Tracy Chassion was arrested. Also, as you remember, the vehicle that purportedly transported a victim was sold by a woman who was also implicated in the homicides. When I use actor/actors, that is the way federal law describes serial killers so actor/actors is legal jargon meaning “those responsible.”

    I can’t and won’t give out too much information about the cases on a forum, or for that matter any confidential information without LE having the information first so I have to use riddles so to speak. There’s some people on this board that actually call me, have all of my numbers and sometimes we speak about what is posted on this forum and others so they know its me.

    I don’t have anything to prove to anyone. We are doing exactly what we were hired to do and our first obligation is always to our clients. I never leave a case unfinished and its never closed until its solved. I don’t need to advertise, I don’t need publicity, as someone recently accused me of. When I started this agency I became licensed by the State Board of Private Investigator Examiners and I have, over the years, gained corporate clients that keep us busy year round. That’s why I have never advertised. Several attorneys use us on a daily basis as well as insurance adjusters and underwriters. Even those cases were temporarily given to sub-contractors so we could work on these cases.

    I’m not scared of anyone knowing who I am. I don’t hide behind a pseudo, I am me and some of those that are posting on this site know that its me. I’m not scared of the killer/killers. Not once since I’ve been working on this case have I been threatened. All of my phone calls are recorded at the touch of a button and it is transferred to a remote location. All of the remote location is to save electronic files, copies, videotape, etc., should a fire occur and we have off-site storage.

    And yes, you can record telephone conversations in Louisiana it is not illegal. Louisiana is a one party consent state. Look it up!! I’m not trying to figure out who you are and really don’t care who you are because this case will get solved with or without your help. Everyday we are gaining leeway and learning more and more.

    You are correct. This case is confusing. We have mounds and mounds of paperwork that we have already turned over to LE with more to come. Its a very complex case. In all due respect to LE, they can’t make an arrest without substantial evidence in a capital murder case and go to court and the actor/actors are let go on a technicality or go to trial and if they are acquitted, that’s it, the case is over and they can never be tried again for those homicides. Yes, its confusing and alot to maintain and the paperwork is enourmous. Our investigators don’t get to sleep until sometimes 2-3am when they complete their paperwork and submit it to our office and our off-site database, then they are up at 8am doing it all over again.

    Thank you,

  2. Before I respond to scaredconfused’s comment suggesting that I might possibly be the killer…..I would first like to ask Kirk a question.

    In another post you described the extensive surveillance system installed at your residence, in your vehicles and I presume your office as well. My question is…..did you have that type of surveillance set up, prior to accepting this case, just for general safety and the nature of your work or, did you set it up, after taking the case, as a precautionary measure due to concerns above and beyond just general safety?

    I noticed you did state that you were not scared of the killer/killers and that you have not been threatened but I was curious if you had “beefed up” your security since you’ve become associated with the case.

  3. Just my humble opinion…after living in Jeff Davis Parish for a while, I find myself more in fear of the vindictive and biased cops/ judicial system in the small town area, then of being taken by a killer. (i.e. what happen to lamom on the insessions board for her statement of fact and expressing her opinion. she received a phone call threatening to sue her from the sheriff’s office!) Dealing with the loss of family and not knowing who will be next is horrible enough, a true nightmare!, but not being able to turn to those for help, who are sworn to “protect and serve” adds insult to an already unimaginable injury!

    on the other hand, Mr. Kirk, you and your staff have earned my respect in your sensitive handling of these cases.

  4. Responding to g8trgirl. I’ve had the security system installed prior to accepting this case. Our remote off-site storage is to protect our sensitive data should anything be accidently deleted. Our IP cameras in our vehicles have always been in place prior to us accepting the case as well. That is for our own protection for when we are working on a case and someone is threatened then we can go back to the video and retrieve it for LE or someone else that might have privileges to view the data. Same with our worn cameras that are IP.

  5. Thanks living in fear!!

  6. scaredconfused…..this post is for you….I trust you will see it.

    I can assure you that even though I may not post or comment much from time-to-time, I more often than not, am lurking in the background. I keep a close eye on what is being posted here as well as at several other crime related sites. Even though I have my own thoughts and opinions regarding some things that are being written here, many times I choose not to comment.

    I have no idea how I could go about proving to you that G8trgirl and Kirk Menard are not the SAME person….you’ll just have to trust me on this…..we’re not. He is by far better looking than me!!

    Kirk has done a convincing job of convincing me that he is who he says he is…..I don’t doubt him if that provides any measure of comfort to you. IF it isn’t really Kirk…..I’m still gonna have to send kudos out to whoever is portraying themselves as him….they’re doing an impressive job.

    I’m actually thrilled to hear that you are disturbed by the picture I selected for the blog header. That was my intent. I find the crimes against these women, and the mystery surrounding their deaths, disturbing. That picture is symbolic. I do feel there is “blood on someone’s hands”. Of course I mean that figuratively…..not literally.

    If you were here since the inception of this blog, you will probably remember that beautiful, swampy bayou picture I used as the blog headers originally. While I loved the photo for personal reasons….it was not representative of the nature of this site. It was too calm, attractive and serene…..this case it totally opposite of that!

    I do hope that you, as well as others reading here, notice that I gave each of the girls their own individual header picture. I can promise you, even as simple as it looks….there was a lot of time and thought went into them. I never forget that they are the reason this blog exists.

    I’m sure you realize my identity will never be revealed to you. There is no reason for me to reveal it…..I am simply a concerned citizen much like yourself. If it’s any consolation to you……I’m the type of person that can’t even kill a bug!

  7. For Kirk…..I’d like to get a verification on the first name of the woman that was found beaten in 1999…..Shelia Comeaux. I noticed that you and a couple of others referred to her as Sheila. I’m confused because I actually did run across information about a Shelia G. Comeaux (and yes the G. stood for Gary) from Kaplan I believe it was.

    The correct spelling of her first name is where I’m confused.

  8. Yes, Sheila Comeaux is the girl from 1999. I speak to her daughter often.

  9. FYI…I speak to my clients (victim’s family members) on a weekly basis, sometimes more, depending on what’s going on and depending on the questions they have.

    I keep saying that they don’t trust LE…well let me rephrase that comment…its very difficult for them to trust LE and very difficult for them to believe LE after 3-1/2 years of no answers and no leads. Just about everyone on here saw the press conference or heard about the press conference. EVERY BIT OF INFORMATION I receive, whether its hearsay or not, I turn it over to LE. What they do it with after that is up to them. They have an advantage over us by having the crime scene photo’s, forensic examinations, etc., but we have the advantage of information gathering because much of the public, if any at all, will not speak to LE.

    I had to convince one of my clients to speak to a detective that needed some information, and against her better judgment, she did, on my recommendation even though she was leary of speaking to this detective. Can we blame them for not trusting or believing LE? They want answers! They want closure! They want to be able to return to their normal life (its that’s even possible with all that has occurred thus far)! Nobody cares who solves the crime (s), nobody cares who takes credit for solving the crime. We just want the crime solved and the perpetrator brought to justice. Whoever is committing these crimes have a sickness and we can’t just sit around and wait for more victims to appear. Our clients, unselfishly, does not want any more victims. They do not wish what they have been through on anyone. They are not just thinking about themselves. They are thinking about the other family members that are having to endure what they have been through, past, present and future.

    This isn’t a game. Seven (7) lives were taken needlessly. Doesn’t matter where they came from, the type of lifestyle they lived, the crowd they hung around with, murder is murder and we have laws to protect these victims and we certainly have laws to protect the victims families. The victim’s family’s are victims too (, (

    It’s no secret that we reside in a divided parish. The police department and sheriff’s department are two separate entities that are usually at odds with each other and appear to be in a contest to see who can score more points. Nobody seems to get the point that seven women are dead!!! That should be the only issue, nothing else. Solve the crime and make sure that the person or persons responsible hurt nobody else. You want to know what its like to lose a family member to a violent crime? Ask one of the victim’s family members and they can tell you what its like.

    Just IMHO.


  10. Is Jessie Ewing one that was brought in for questioning or do I have that wrong?

  11. Never mind found out my answer. Sorry

  12. Just read that Jesse Ewing is running for Mayor of Jennings !!!

  13. Just talked to someone from Jennings, and they didn’t know about the Sheriff not wanting to cooperate. So, i sent her a text and she is forwarding it to everyone she knows. I also put the phone number to the Sheriff, asking them to call showing they mean business and they need the help. Hope that helps. KM, I tried to post this on your site, but was unable too.

  14. brownie…..thanks for spreading the word.

    I have REALLY got to remove myself from this computer as I have a house full of company arriving soon….LOL. If you, or someone else has time… would probably be a great idea to post that info at Topix as well. I already posted it on the InSession board.

    Actually…..maybe we should consider releasing that information to the local media outlets!!

    Have a great weekend everyone !!!

  15. How can I get them to the websleuths, with the post of AMW being denied?

  16. I will call the Lake Charles news now.

  17. You know what……I’m going to bring KM’s post from WS over here and you can link them to that.

  18. Called Scott at KPLCtv, and he said he will check into it. So, Mr. Menard, you may be getting a call from them verifying The Sheriff denied cooperation with AMW. If you don’t by today at 3:00p.m., please post back. I can’t get onto websleuths and post there it will not help me. Thanks!

  19. A big THANK YOU to Kirk Menard for supplying the phone number and address for Sheriff Ricky Edwards
    (email address is , mailing address is
    P O Box 863, Jennings, LA 70546. phone number is 337-824-3850)
    with the reminder that he IS a public servant. There are many of us who want to know WHY the Sheriff has REFUSED the help of America’s Most Wanted in an effort to solve these crimes.
    Makes you wonder how many others who wanted to help he has turned away……

  20. Thanks brownie. Actually, one of my clients received a phone call from AMW and she was told that they contacted the sheriff and he stated that they have some leads and are not interested in AMW doing the story. The lady, according to my client at AMW told the sheriff the difference between his tip line and theirs and she told the sheriff that many people may be uncomfortable calling your tipline and he still said he wasn’t interested. As soon as my client received that phone call, I was phoned.

    My client also told AMW about the rumors going around that someone in LE might be involved and that a private investigator was already involved. She (AMW) stated that she would bring it to her producer but she doubted if they would be able to get involved without the sheriff’s approval.

  21. IT seems as if I may need to way in on this now. I am whitnei DuBois’ sister, or to most people, the 4th victim. You see, thats how these women are referred to. I think it is time that I set the record straight for a few people about the hell we live in everyday.

  22. First of all, to those who feel the family has not done “all they could”, well, feel free to challenge me to your questions so that I can make everyone aware of what losing a sister so violently is like, then I will make you aware of what its like to live with these thoughts everyday and having very few ppl on your side to show you that light at the end of the tunnel.

  23. HELP?????? what the hell is that in Jeff Davis Parish?

    CORRUPTION, INJUSTICE….now you’re speaking a more familiar language when it comes to Jeff Davis PArish!!

  24. Brittany: I’m really sorry about Whitnei. I wish I could say how you feel but in all honesty I don’t. I’ve never lost a family member in such a violent manner. However, since I’ve worked on this case before i assigned my other investigators to this case, I feel like I’ve known Whitnei all my life, just like Loretta, Ernestine, Muggy, Crystal, Brittany, and Kristin.

    Now my investigators that are working on this case tell me that they’ve taken a personal interest because until you actually starting digging and learning more and more you learn that these girls had a life, had a family, some had children, and it becomes very emotional to deal with for us so we can imagine how it feels for the family to deal with this everyday.

    We do, however, understand your frustration. Dealing with LE has been no easy task for anyone in Jeff Davis Parish. We can read the newspaper and hear the public speak out on that issue. I think that the public, or at least most of them, are coming around and becoming frustrated at LE and beginning to speak out. They’re tired of the pampering sessions, they’re tired of being told what they want to hear instead of the truth, they’re tired of the games, the division between the south side, north side, west side and east side, and it gets old after a while.

    Hopefully, there will be a light at the end of the tunnel and I wish I could promise you that soon but I can’t and I don’t believe anyone can. All we can do is pray that it comes soon and the suffering ends. Again, I’m sorry!

  25. Brittany….I don’t understand why the people that should be helping y’all the most are not capable of doing it. I often wonder how this would all be playing out if perhaps the 7 young women had been snatched from north of the tracks…..7 daughters of Jeff Davis Parish’s prominent. How much media you think that would get? I can see Ricky jumping back and forth through the hoop now.

    As difficult as this all is…..don’t ever give up hope that it will be solved. Keep looking forward to the day you finally see justice. It will never remove your pain but hopefully you will find some comfort in it.

    Please know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers and that you all are not alone……there are many many people that care about y’all and what you’ve had to experience.

  26. At the risk of being redundant, as I have posted on the other thread(and just in case some one missed it), I feel it is valid and in need of an answer!

    I’ve said it many times before…a puppy in a drain pipe gets more attention then 7 women murdered in JDP. And why is that? Why the blanket of silence? And now we have that answer. The sheriff.
    Now for the next question…Most law enforcement from other unsolved crimes beg for help from AMW…
    Yet Sheriff Edwards turns the help offered, down.
    So why would a small, poor parish like Jeff Davis turn down help from AMW? Certainly the parish could use the unlimited resources and man power offered by AMW, not to mention the skills I’m sure the show has by now, after such a long history of catching these types of criminals. Makes me wonder if, in accepting outside help that doesn’t have to answer to him, would that bruise Ricky Edwards ego? Or is there something or someone(s) that he is afraid will be discovered and he is protecting?

    • I suppose it’s expecting too much for Mr. Edwards to cooperate with media wanting to nationally broadcast this case. If you’ll take a couple of minutes to read this article that was in The Jennings Daily News you’ll realize that Edwards has a difficult time dealing with local media. It sounds like the journalists have discussed amongst themselves the sometimes confusing release of information that has come from him in the past.

      Sheriff…..if you’re not comfortable speaking publicly….appoint a spokesperson. Hey…..I know, how about your District Attorney….he could be the spokesperson.

      Can you honestly say you are receiving a decent amount of calls on the tip line you set up? Why aren’t people calling the tip line? You know why. Whether you like it or not, the heavy rumors of LE being involved in those murders is hindering the investigation. Why is that being allowed to continue? Why is this not able to move forward….at all?

      I hope you don’t think you’re going to just ignore this and it will all fade back into the woodwork again. I may be wrong but I certainly get the sense that you, and all the rest of your little posse over there were quite content with things just they way they were before Brittney’s sudden disappearance and death yanked you from the jaws of complacency.

  27. G8tgirl, is there someway to put a voting poll on this blog? I would like a poll to see how many people think that LE or at least some of LE is involved or someway connected to the unsolved homicides.

  28. Yes sir there is. I’ve never tried it so it might take me a while to figure it out. I’ll definitely post one though.

  29. scaredconfused, You do a poor imitation of the Riddler off Batman….either stick with the program and stop the games, or go play by yourself on your own blog and leave the work to those of us who actually care

  30. FYI- for anyone who is interested, (this is in reference to the statement on the eyez blog-THEY DON’T ALWAYS POST EVERYTHING I TYPE ON THERE , BUT I WILL NOT CHEAT YOU ALL OUT ON WHAT I HAVE TO SAY )
    g8rgirl is posting all responses to these threads. I know of no posts that were deleted by her. NOW on the other hand….scaredconfused is deleting anything that does not fit her agenda..
    sorry if I overstepped my bounds g8rgirl, but i felt it needed to be said

  31. Actually, I did start a group recently..since they took “mouthing off” off the air I started a yahoo group and added a poll on there about the unsolved homicides.

    All it is…is a place where someone can voice their opinions and not be censored, just like mouthing off used to do.

  32. FYI…for those living in the Jennings and surrounding area. Someone locally and more than likely in a position of authority is listening to cell phone conversations and/or cordless phone conversations with a scanner/Ham radio.

    Also FYI, it’s illegal to eavesdrop on a conversation that you are not a party to in Louisiana. I did file a complaint with the FCC and the United States Attorney General’s Office. We have a pretty good idea who is doing it. Just be careful when speaking on cellular/cordless communications.

  33. scaredconfused, may I ask why the comment I left on your blog a couple of hours ago is still waiting for moderation? Is Mr. Menard the only person you are going to allow to make comments? Several of his comments were left after mine and yet mine awaits approval.

    I look forward to your response.

    my question to you is…how do you know how badly they were attacked when most of the family’s and LE don’t? They are dead, you are alive…I think they got the worse end of the deal. IMHO

  35. Well this is my first time posting here but after reading all this OMG….I think it is disgusting that the sheriff of JDP really turned away AMW and now knowing this who else has he turned away yeah I feel really safe…I have contacted yet again the Governor’s Office and I am also notifying all Congressman and whoever else will listen….After reading scaredandconfused I have to say you have not been attacked as bad as these women these women are dead and you are alive you have no clue what they went through so PLEASE DO NOT even try to compare what you went through with what they went through…..None of us know what the last moments of these women’s lives were like and that is the scary part…I hate to say this but I hope and Pray that they did not suffer it has to be so scary kowing you will never see your Loved Ones again I can hardly imagine…..Something has to get done I mean 7 murders 1 rape and 1 sexual assault and still no leads yeah right……And as far as phone lines getting listened in on by the sheriff’s department well my opinion to that is GET OFF THEIR LAZY A***** AND DO SOME REAL WORK AND FIND THE KILLER AND THEN LETS SEE ABOUT LISTENING IN ON CONVERSATIONS……How Lazy can we get our tax dollars at work…….O but I have to let you know this as well if you are supposed to be in jail and there is no jail space do you know you get to walk around free as a bird? YEP THIS IS ONLY IN JEFF DAVIS PARISH GOD HAVE MERCY ON ALL OF US WHO LIVE HERE….

  36. O and from experience the Sheriff’s Department does have working phones over there so be careful what you may be typing because they have a way of getting your phone number and calling you….TRUST ME…..So not only are they listening in on conversations but they are probably reading all these things and they may call you on it….I think it is amazing that the phone’s work to call someone on stating a fact and opinion but they don’t work to contact the families of the victims and they don’t work to try and get more help around here….AMAZING but like I say ONLY IN JDP…..

  37. As to the listening in on cell phone calls….FOR SHAME! didn’t yo mama ever teach you that you never hear nice things about yourself by eavesdropping on conversations? Where’s your raising????

  38. Good point scarednjdp. Yes they can get your phone number, even your cell phone number using restricted databases only available to law enforcement and other select agencies and they do follow the forums and blogs.

  39. from eyez blog….”also keep in mind i can pick up vibes on others , so just because you may think no one knows who you are , they may know about you MORE then you may ever know they know about you!!!!! ( P.S. I DON’T HAVE TO BE SLEEPING TO PICK THINGS UP IN THE SPIRIT )”,

    I’ll ask you here and I’ll ask you there… please do tell, what vibes do you pick up of me???? and who are “they”?


  41. I know a vibe I’m getting…this case isn’t getting solved and we know who’s fault that is!!!

  42. “In My Honest Opinion”

  43. Forums and blogs do have their entertainment values lol

  44. AH, but that is where you are oh so wrong scaredconfused..I was a victim. and am still suffering from an attack that will never heal fully. I also should have died, but not by just his hands, no, also his feet. The surgeon had his doubts that I would ever have feeling in my face again or ever be able to talk again. He was half right. And I never got justice. The courts failed me. The law failed me. The evidence was there for a conviction but went unused for the same reasons I see here in JD parish….and THAT is why this IS personal for me.

  45. I think at one time we were all victims and we were all let down by the courts…So please do not go throwing anything about how we have never felt what it was like being a victim… Also, I know for a fact how easy it is for the sheriff’s department to get cell phone numbers because o how well I remember that suprising phone call I received on my cell phone after posting a fact and opinion…Once again I say this we have some lazy Law Enforcement around here all they are wanting to do is eat and listen in on phone conversations I say we all give them something to listen in on because I am using my phone to call everyone I can including new media and anyone else who may be able to help without having to get permission from the sheriff…It is not over and this will not go away until the families get justice I cannot wait till that day comes so we can see how many LE we will have to replace…Also, Kirk I have a question for you we elected Ricky into office how can we get him out of office before his term is over? I will do what ever it may take to help get help around here….

    • scarednjdp… is a link that details the recall process. The percentage of signatures required is based on the number of people in the proposed recall member’s district. If over 1,000 eligible voters: 33.3% of eligible voters for office at time of last election……if fewer than 1,000 eligible voters: 40% of eligible voters for office at time of last election.

  46. Boy I haven’t heard “peace out” in a long time lol

  47. A recall petition, need I believe 3/4’s of the voters then submit it to the secretary of state’s office and Louisiana Attorney General’s office then they have to have another election. That is one way.

    Another way is malfeasance in office but he would have to have done something wrong. That is the way Dallas Cormier was eventually taken out of office.

  48. Well maybe it is time we pull together and get something done because we need answers and it is obvious that the sheriff is not going to get anything done. Something has to give I am e-mailing and texting anyone and everyone I know trying to get this out there.. Is there anything else I can do? Even with proof of what is going on in the Department it seems like nothing is getting done. So, maybe something will happen and then we can sit back and laugh at how many people are going down for this when it comes out I have a feeling we will need a whole new sheriff’s department when this is all said and done…Hey Kirk wanna run for sheriff? LOL

  49. Ok, lemme liven up the discussion for a moment:

    A little girl was talking to her teacher about whales.
    The teacher said it was physically impossible for a whale to swallow a human because even though it was a very large mammal its throat was very small.
    The little girl stated that Jonah was swallowed by a whale.
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    The little girl said, “When I get to heaven I will ask Jonah”.
    The teacher asked, “What if Jonah went to hell?”
    The little girl replied, “Then you ask him”.

    A teacher was giving a lesson on the circulation of the blood. Trying to make the matter clearer, she said, “Now, class, if I stood on my head, the blood, as you know, would run into it, and I would turn red in the face.”
    “Yes,” the class said.
    “Then why is it that while I am standing upright in the ordinary position the blood doesn’t run into my feet?”
    A little fellow shouted,
    “Cause your feet ain’t empty.”

  50. For Shame scarednjdp, you gonna embarrass Mr. Kirk. from what I have seen he ain’t got what it takes to be sheriff of Jennings….He ain’t fat enough, nor lazy enough to hold down that fancy chair! IMHO! LMAO!!

  51. scarednjdp: Its a desperate situation when someone wants me to run for sheriff lol then you know we’re in trouble lol

  52. I shall post once again on both sites…I noticed that eyez , yet again deleted my post . yet gr8tgirl posts each one and strives to answer my questions I post, as does Kirk.
    scaredconfused does not answer questions to the things she posts? WUWT?

  53. *shrugs* shoulders, maybe its the vibe she gets from ya, dunno

  54. scaredconfused,

    Are the police officers and detective friends you have employed in Jeff Davis Parish? Just curious.

    Also, and I mean no disrespect by this but, perhaps rather than going back and forth as to whether you should post one initial of your ex-boyfriend on your blog….or asking fellow blog posters whether they think he could be involved, maybe you should seriously consider reporting your suspicions to law enforcement. If you HONESTLY believe he could be involved, that would be the proper course of action for you to take and the sooner the better. I believe Kirk Menard has also urged you to do that as well.

    Did your boyfriend know any of the victims….friends or relatives of the victims? I ask because I’m convinced all of the girls knew the person that killed them.

  55. I’m sorry Kirk for livinginfear is right you are not the man for the job because you may actually get things done around here and OMG that would mean the parish would actually be getting criminals off the streets. We would not know how to act and have nothing to talk about. What a boring life then SORRY…LOL….But anyway scaredconfused as far as you, you are making no sense what so ever and as far as a name post it if your not scared hell lamom on another post made sure she said names of deputies and she was not scared and they called her out on it and it didn’t stop her from doing it again. We may be all wrong at one point or another on who the killer or killers actually are but you know what maybe kirk can help you with your situation of course that’s if you are even telling us the truth.

  56. This post is by no means reflected on JDP LE but is in response to some postings I’ve read on

    It’s very difficult, if not impossible, for me to rationalize those that are sworn to uphold the law and placed in a position of trust to betray the public confidence. After all, our State motto is Union, Justice and Confidence.

    What makes LE ignore the oaths they take to uphold the law? I have a few opinions as I’m sure alot of you do. Greed, Power, Money, Influence, and what else can we think of? The fear of embarassment, pressure from their superiors? I once heard it said on national television by the Governor of Texas “we have no innocent people in jail” now you tell me, is that a rational statement?

    Lately, as the poster on WS stated: Google LE and you might learn more than what you bargained for. Judges, LE officers, firemen, they are all one’s that have fallen from grace. Keep in mind, not all LE are bad. You do have some that love the job and will not do anything wrong. However, you have many that are overzealous during an arrest that they (LE) does not stop to think if they have enough evidence to make the charge stick. So, they are told by their superiors or some other higher authority, make this charge stick, no matter what you have to do…and in order to prevent LE or the judicial system from appearing foolish, a mirage of evidence appears, maybe even planted and the officer uses his imagination and perjures himself/herself on the stand and you obtain a conviction. You’ve just saved LE from looking foolish and convicted, probably, an innocent person.

    These cases, while some may be isolated, are more prevalent than we think. I often wonder, how many innocent people are in jail, how many innocent people have been executed, how many innocent people have been framed.

    I was reading a US Supreme Court Precedent where a woman was on trial, plead guilty and was sentenced. She appealed her case. Keep in mind that you cannot appeal when you plead guilty. However, in Louisiana, there is what is known as a Crosby plea where you can reserve your right to appeal even after you plead guilty. Her attorney stated before the justices that she had a choice…go to trial and get the maximum, that was the threat issued to her by the assistant district attorney or plead guilty and receive probation and a suspended sentence. The maximum sentence in her case would have been 15 years. Didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. Sometimes the judicial system can put people against the wall and they have no choice but to perjure themselves and admit to a crime or crimes they didn’t commit. Her attorney stated on record before the justices that many times people plead guilty to crimes they didn’t commit because of fear of harsher sentences and I have to agree with him.

    I remember the case of Mary Beth Dolan from Lake Arthur, Louisiana. She was accused of killing her roommate at USL. She maintained her innocence. It took 28 days before the a preliminary examination cleared her or didn’t have enough evidence that she committed the crime. The DA in Lafayette persisted that they had the right person that committed the crime. The headlines in the newspaper stated very vividly KILLER CAUGHT. This was just an arrest, what happened to innocent until proven guilty. The DA was wrong. Mary Beth Dolan had nothing to do with the crime. How do I know? Because a person in Missouri confessed to the crime prior to his death. This fact was establish and proven that he was responsible for the roommates death.

    Often times, the media portrays someone guilty before they know all the facts. If you want to research a good story, go to and read her story. There is even a book out called “Media Tried, Justice Denied” and this woman was convicted based on a silly string incident. She is now on death row in Texas.

    There is a difference between controversial judgments and just plain incompetence, then there’s covering up crimes that digs deeper into the criminal aspect of things.

    I do know this…if I am ever arrested, I will go to trial and take my chances before a jury before I put my trust in a judge and LE. We are told not to commit perjury…but when you are innocent and forced to plead guilty to a crime you didn’t commit with threats of harsher sentences, what is that? Shouldn’t that be perjury committed by the state or at the very least, intimidation of a witness.

    You are the jury. You decide by local LE in JDP. I am not speaking about them because every jurisdiction has their problems with LE. You are the jury of local LE. You judge them, they work for you and its your tax dollars at work. Remember, speech is golden when used right but it can also be deadly if you keep quiet. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again…”if the system fails even one of us then it fails us all.”

    Thank you,

  57. No truer words were spoken. Thank you Kirk. We should all be aware of this, especially in JD parish..where it seems ego is everything

  58. Ya know, Sometimes when Im really down and thinkin alot about my sister, I come to sites like these to see how so many people are taking their time to help and show concern for my sister. It actually helps me, but you know its a sad thing to have to lose a loved one, am I right? Ok, you know whats even worse? Havin to “google” her name to find someone else who actually cares? The impact that all of this has had on my life, you all will never know. I have changed as a person, probably for the worse, I have been broken down and broken down others around me, and I have lost myself as a person. You see, she was not only my sister but my lifelong best friend. I envied her and loved her and she was my other half. She was a beautiful woman who was called to heaven too soon. I dont care what ANYONE may ever think of her, because she was loved dearly and now missed even more! I never understood what people menat when Id here them say on tv “i need closure”, but boy I sure understand the meaning now. We have runn into dead end after dead end and there is never much light shed for us (the victims’ families). I have fought for my sister endlessly, as most of you may know, through newspaper, media, internet, etc. AMW was a breath of fresh air for me. I couldnt have been happier. Then to hear them say the sherriff refused was a slap in the face! That was not his decision to make, it was ours the families, speaking on behalf of our dead loved ones!!!! Dead end after dead end but i wasnt surprised! You see, for those of you who are aware help from them comes very few and far between! Contact from them didnt exist after my sister was found. THere wasnt much to tell I guess? WRONG!!!! They told us about things that are denied now. They had evidence that they are “unaware” of now. Its passed through somany hands before its gotten to where it is now that everything has been tampered with. How can we be so sure that this newly founded task force has seen EVERY single piece of evidence from 7 murder cases from the last 3 yrs? Trust me, it hasnt!! I am absolutely disgusted on how my sister has been described by LE and the sherriff. Lets not start throwing descriptions out there, OINK! OINK! My sister is described as having lived a high risk lifestyle and trading sex for drugs…well guess what? No evidence or statements said that my sister did!!! My sister had recently developed a drug problem and went down the wrong path with an old boyfriend. Before, she was just like you and I, Mr. Edwards. It could happen to any one of your kids and you would have to face this also. It doesnt just happen to us on “this side of the tracks”. Drugs and problems have no division in any town. Its a plague that has no cure! I want to thank all of you for dedicating your time to helping out here! You guys will never know how much you have helped me. Scaredandconfused, you were mainly the reason I first decided to post. I was so desperate that I thought posting on here would cause you to try to contact me u tof desperation for your help, but unusually, you did not try to. I would think that I was important enough? If you are truly around to help then I would have no choice but to thank you, but you have to decide whether you need a blog to release your feelings or a number to call to report what you feel so strongly about. If its for attention, please!!! These 7 women have enough trouble getting the attention they deserve, dont try to steal the show!!!! A special thankyou to Mr. Kirk Menard, because of him I believe that one day we will find out what happened thanks to him, his team, and the victims’ families. We WILL DO THIS! Kirk and his team have worked endlessly and have made us very comfortable. There are people on my side I have now discovered! To those of you evesdropping on conversations, reading our blogs, blocking arounds our homes, and whatever other illegal activities,(and I do stress ILLEGAL) I DONT GIVE A DAMN AND I NEVER DID! YOU SEE, US “LOWER CLASS PEOPLE ON THIS SIDE OF TOWN” DONT KNOW HOW TO SPEAK SO WELL B/C WE DIDNT GRADUATE OR GO TO COLLEGE, SO WE JUST SAY WHATEVER THE HELL WE FEEL AND WE HAVE NO PROBLEM DOING SO!!!!!!!!!!


  59. Dear Brittany, As always your words are strong and touching. It is evident in your strength how much you loved your sister. There are a lot of us that never had the pleasure to meet and actually get to know the girls, and we will never feel the true depth of your pain and loss. But we do care, very much. while they may have not been family to us, they were our sisters. And you may not see us, nor ever meet any of us, but do know this…there is also a hole in our hearts that will never be filled.
    There are many, many of us who are quietly working in the background….searching, reading, putting together as best we can for an answer, not only for them, or you, but for all of us. You will never know the hours, days that strangers to you, think of each and every one of you, with concern, and love in our hearts. Please, when the day becomes unbearable, look for the warmth of the sun and think of it as our arms lifting you up and giving you hope. Never doubt, we care, and we will never forget!

  60. Wow Brittany, that is awesome and please don’t thank me. You and the other families have helped us tremendously in our jobs. We relunctantly accepted this case at first because we knew it was complex and this was our first homicide case. But the families persisted because they knew that we did not cave into pressure and was not involved in local politics.

    Now, we are glad that we accepted the case. The families have been wonderful and more than patient. Not a day goes by that I don’t hope that phone will ring with answers, or they’ve made an arrest, or they have new leads but it doesn’t come but I keep hoping.

    Other families are not as outspoken as Brittany or they do not have a computer. Many do, and many rely to me to express their feelings and they are much like Brittany described above. Their taxpayers just like anyone else. They vote just like anyone else. They look, talk, walk, just like everyone else. This south side, north side, west side, and east side “discrimination” has to stop. Francis Mouton was murdered and in two days his murderer was caught. I won’t stressed my opinion on that but I bet a few of you know why. I liked Francis and would speak to him often.

    Brittany is very outspoken and I applaud her for her courage. She doesn’t fear retaliation or retribution. What she does fear none of us can ever imagine. Take Whitnei, from the south side of the tracks, murdered in cold blood, a senseless killing, left in the middle of the road, nude, decomposed. Now, take someone from your family and imagine the same thing. Imagine how you would feel if it were your family member or another member of a prestigious family in the area.

    These families aren’t asking for miracles. All they want is justice!!! We are guaranteed justice through the state and United States Constitution. WHERE IS IT!!! Let’s play the what-if scenario. What if we never made a press release that a private investigation firm was retained to look into the unsolved homicides. What if Brittany never disappeared. Would this case have been re-opened…oh I’m sorry, we were told it was never closed. But a task force wasn’t formed until all of the above came to light.

    I’m not degrading the local LE. You be the judge of them. You are the public. You elect them into office. You pay their salaries. As I said before, there’s strength in numbers and we need to let Brittany know that she’s not alone in her quest and fight for what’s right. Just because someone plans not to run for office again, does that give him/her a right not to do their jobs? Let’s let LE, the victim’s families, and the world know that Loretta, Ernestine, Kristen, Whitnei, Muggy, Shay and Brittany that they are not forgotten. They are missed but not forgotten.

    You’re right I have a job to do and a professional obligation by State law to my clients and you can bet I will do that job to the best of my ability. But I am also a person and this case is personal to me and the investigators I have assigned to it. Trust one thing if you never believe anything I say: UNTIL YOU ARE EXPOSED TO THE LIVES THESE GIRLS LIVED AND DIG DEEP INTO WHO THEY WERE, YOU WILL NEVER KNOW HOW CONNECTED YOU WILL FEEL TO THESE GIRLS.

    I want justice, I want the person or persons brought to justice and made to pay for what they’ve done. These families are not asking for a million dollars, they’re not even asking for sympathy…all they want is justice!!! I don’t think that’s too much to ask. These families are so shook up and upset about what’s been going on that they won’t talk to LE. And if they do, its very relunctantly because they have lost faith in a system that was designed to protect people like Whitnei but the system failed. Somewhere, somehow, politics came in and tore apart the justice system. They’re not asking that an arrest be made tomorrow. Not even this year. They are asking that progess be made and get one step closer to solving this case instead of one step forward and two steps back. What they are asking for is realistic. Not a dream, not a fantasy, this is real.

    As an entire parish we can make a difference. We can scream from the rooftops until real progress is made on these unsolved homicides. But whatever we do, we need to let Brittany and other family members know that they are not alone. Together as one we can make a difference!!!!

  61. Congrats Brittany I am woth you on that we cannot hide in our homes and sit quietly while nothing is being done to get you and the families justice. I for one could never forgive myself if I sat back and did nothing to help. Because like you said you never know when it will happen to you and you would want the help and justice. I don’t feel it is asking alot for people to do what we can and stick together and fight for justice because RACE does not matter and should not matter and another thing everyone needs to clean out their own closets before casting judgement on anyone else because I guarantee you this NOONE IS PERFECT AND NOONE’S LIFESTYLES ARE PERFECT. Your sister and the others were beautiful women and no matter what they all deserved to live as we all do. I don’t know personally what is like to loose someone so close and I don’t know how you feel but I pray that GOD gives all the families and you the strength to keep going until this tradegy is solved and JUSTICE is being served NO MATTER WHO IT MAY BE. Also, as far as the LE bring it on when it comes to doing their illegal phone tapping and whatever else they are doing because if they want to take us all on we can handle it im sure the press would love that. And with experience with the sheriff’s department I hope my phone line is being listened to and I hope they are reading this because they are hearing alot from me because I have contacted radio stations and tv and the governor I WILL NOT STOP UNTIL EVERYONE GETS ANSWERS AND UNTIL JUSTICE GETS SERVED FOR ALL THE FAMILIES. I do have a question to Kirk I was told by a deputy that if I am traveling at night are early morning hours alone on the interstate and a cop comes behind me and I don’t stop until I get to a well lit area that I can be arrested for Flight From An Officer? Is this true? I don’t remember his name but trust me if I could I would tell you his name cause I am not scared to mention names and I hope they call me out again. Well in ending this post I have one more thing to say Brittany when you are ready to do a march are what ever else you want to do in memory of your sister let us know cause I will gladly be ther..Also, I really am trying to get a Petition started to get Ricky out of office I think we can get more signatures than what we need people are finally starting to get ANGRY and they are wanting answers so I really think it can be done…..Whatever else I can do just let me know. I am here when you need…..GOD BLESS ALL. MAY ALL 7 WOMEN REST IN PEACE…….WE WILL GET JUSTICE……

  62. scarednjdp: Thanks for stepping up. That was very brave and courageous. Not that you are any danger, we all have freedom of speech and freedom of expression and you are using that fundamental right and I congratulate you on that. If I’m not mistaken, and someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe it was the sheriff or chief of police that made the statement along the lines that if a police officer is pulling you over, pull to a well lit area.

    In any case…here’s my suggestion. If it is late at night and you are being pulled over, call the sheriff’s department or closest law enforcement agency and tell them that an officer is attempting to pull you over and you are trying to get to a well lit area or public place before you pull over because you are a female and scared. You can also call 911 and let them know as well. If you are still scared, call the State Police Office and have them have an officer meet you wherever you plan to stop. That way, you have a recording of the call to some agencies and if worse comes to worse, you go to court, you can subpoena the records. There’s no shame in being scared, especially with what has been going on in our parish. And I don’t believe any jury will blame you.

  63. Along with calling 911, I have been told to turn on your hazard lights and slow down to acknowledge that you see the officer, and continue to a safe area.

  64. I am stepping up because it is the right thing to do and if it ever happened to one of my family members I would hope that people would help… As far as being scared of the Law Enforcement around here yes that I am but Rolling Over and Playing Dead because they wear a BADGE and spoke what they wanted and hell even threatned to SUE me for stating facts I will not give them are anyone the satisfaction to keep me down….And I will take your advice if it would ever happen I will make sure I call 911 and make note that I am going to pull over in a well lit area….Like Brittany said ONE PERSON CAN MAKE A DIFFERANCE and whatever it takes to help I will do. I am not scared of a Badge because if I say names then it is a FACT that I am stating other than that I am giving my opinion and I don’t care what the LE around here has to say……I will continue to do whatever it takes to make sure that one day Brittany and the other families can get closure and justice..They may never know why but they deserve CLOSURE and in order to get that there needs to be JUSTICE……..And the way I look at it they cannot take all of us down for stating facts and opinions at least what we are doing is not ILLEGAL…Like what they are doing….

  65. Way to go scarednjdp and living in fear. If enough ppl thought like you two this case would be solved or at least progess would be made. Thank you guys.

  66. Brittany,

    Sometimes the road we are meant to travel down is not always clear to us…..not to me anyway. Our parents do their best at preparing us for “life” but their lessons never include teaching us how to deal with the sudden loss of a family member under the circumstances you’ve experienced.

    You are not only dealing with a tragic death of your sister but you’re also having to battle “the system” as well. I don’t think our men that wrote the Constitution intended for victims, directly or indirectly, to ever face such an uphill battle. The accused have their rights covered…’s about time the victims get their rights covered as well. We need to demand that.

    I don’t think there’s a book or advice out there that can guide you Brittany. Following your gut will guide you. I think Kirk can guide you. I hope that the knowledge and support of knowing people are behind you, supporting you, will guide you.

    Most of all…..I have great hope that someday, somehow and someway that you and the rest of the people that dearly loved these girls ARE going to see justice. It will never come quick enough. Just remain confident that it will come.

  67. What about going on you tube? Show everything, pictures, names, Sheriff not wanting AMW, getting the Sheriff removed, etc…THAT MIGHT MAKE FOX! I’m in for a march as well.

  68. Brittany, I do apologize for any comments I made to offend you or anybody for that matter. I must say, you have pumped this website though. I just read starting with your post and I’m pumped. I don’t know what everybody else feels, but, I believe this is a new start and new step.

  69. Some of us have already thought of that and a mini documentary is already being worked on. There are so many misconceptions on what the area looks like, southside, and the people here. Many times I get the feeling that people think we all live in the middle of rice fields, sitting on our broke down porches, pulling on whiskey jugs, not giving a d**n about what is going on, kinda like the Darlings on the Andy Griffith Show. LOL

  70. Please post on here when you guys get the you tube thing set up.

  71. The Andy Griffith show yeah with Barney Fife being the Sheriff of Jeff Davis Parish. That sounds about right but at least Barney wanted to use that 1 bullet he was allowed to carry and he worked hard which is more than I can say about these Jokers we got over here. You tube is a good idea. I am trying to think of all the people I can contact I mean there has to be someone out there who will want to listen to us and help us out if we just keep e mailing and not giving up someone will come through for JDP. There is a light at the end of that tunnel Brittany and we will stick together and find it. You and the other families will get what ya’ll deserve. The memories of these 7 Beautiful women will be in our hearts forever and we will get JUSTICE.

  72. LOL, that’s funny!!!

  73. I’m beating down the ACLU and NAACP’s doors! They seem to shake things up and are heard. They ain’t afraid! they are going to get so tired of my phone calls and emails that they’ll come just to shut me up!!!!!

  74. Want to join me???

    For those that want to help, that ought to get you started

  75. I thought of NAACP this a.m. Good, you go Living in Fear!
    I’m telling you there is A LOT of people in the Jennings area that doesn’t know what is going on. I’m finding more things out on the web and I call them and let them know. Maybe a lot of people don’t have internet, like someone said earlier. The biggest thing is they are afraid of talking about it as well. I didn’t even tell them about the PoPo listening to the cell/cordless phone conversations.

  76. I talked to a few of the ‘unsavory’ people today about that. Was told so what, it’s been going on for years! Nothing you can do about it ’cause it’s legal cause its the cops. ERRRR!!! This attitude is what has allowed this situation to become what it is. If the law does it, it’s ok. Well its not! None of it is!
    and I found another one I’m going to call, all they can do is tell me no. And I am sooo use to that LOL
    Rainbow/PUSH Coalition
    930 East 50th Street
    Chicago, IL 60615-2702
    ph: 773-373-3366
    fx: 773-373-3571 New York –
    The Wall Street Project
    5 Hanover Square
    2nd Floor
    New York, NY 10004
    ph: (212) 425-7874
    fx: (212) 968-1412 Public Policy Institute
    727 15th Street, NW
    Washington, DC 20005
    Suite 1200
    ph: (202) 393-7874
    fx: (202) 393-1495
    Kimberly Marcus, Interim Executive Director James Gomez, Director of International Affairs

  77. I just want everyone to know that my husband, Jesse Ewing is running for Mayor of Jennings. Believe me he is known by many people. He was a good police officer. He spoke and visited with everyone who shares the same concerns about our police and sheriff’s office. His main objective is crime prevention. He will make the police department a real professional police department, but to do that he needs support from the community. I hear people say its time for change. Well change is now. My husband is energetic and is ready to take on the city. He is a type of man that will not sit in an office all day, gaining weight. He will be out in our city, speaking with people, wanting their ideas and concerns. So on April 4th, lets make the right decision and change. LETS MAKE OUR CITY A BETTER PLACE TO LIVE!!

  78. I hope your wishes are granted, but….if he does get it, can we expect a FULL housecleaning to rid the sheriff’s dept. and Jennings law enforcement of the corruption that has and is there now? I’m sure it would help Jennings unemployment with all the job openings that would be left.

  79. Angie, glad you joined us here. I don’t know your husband…only what little I’ve read and heard about him in the media. I do have to say I was surprised when I heard he was running for Mayor of Jennings! Really surprised!

    I think he is a man that has already shown what he is “made of”….he demonstrated that by risking his reputation and his job by doing the right thing in regards to this case. Unfortunately, he was punished for doing the right thing….I’m still unable to make sense of that and how it was allowed to happen.

    With regard to what he’s had to go through….I think it takes a strong person to pick themselves up, dust themselves off and still be able to continue moving forward… sounds very much like that is what your husband has done!! I hope the people of Jennings will listen to what he has to say. The town is in desperate need of strong leadership.

    I’m not a resident of that area but if I can assist in the background in any way with Jesse’s campaign…..please feel free to contact me.

  80. Thanks Angie for coming on here to support Jesse. He definately has my vote! When I had first heard about the events that had transpired with
    Jesse, being familiar with all of the “coincidences” that were already occuring with this case, I knew exactly what Jesse’s true intentions were. Jeff Davis Parish’s officials can try all they want to make him look as if he did something wrong, but in my eyes it took a very brave man to do what he did for these 7 women. That is a true officer of the law. He would do a better job for us than any of these rent-a-cops would!!! The events that transpired with Jesse Ewing were acts of heroism in my eyes and I proudly shook his hand for that! I call him a hero and over time he has become a real friend to us all! That is a man I would want running my town!!! Angie, You and Jesse have all of my support!!!!




    peace out!

  82. There are a minimum of seven women that heave been brutally killed. It does not matter if you like each other personally or each others posts. All the bickering is counterproductive. What matters is catching the responsible party, preferably before another family is devastated by such a loss.
    Mr. Menard seems to be a trustworthy man with a foot in the door and a hand on the pulse of this investigation. We would all be remiss in our missions as concerned citizens if we did not use him as a valuable resource to help close this horrible chapter in the lives of the citizens of Jennings.

    Everyone who is local knows many other locals. There are plenty of rumors and facts floating around. Each person who is concerned has the ability to ask everyone they know about these murders and gather facts and rumors that are fact based. Mr Menard has made himself available to gather, sort, and catalogue these facts. He also has ins to the task force and a good idea of who can safely be approached with information gathered. I think you should all use him as a resource and make a concerted effort to go out of your way to gather as much information as possible.

    “Mr. Jones makes me feel creepy” is not necessarily a reliable fact but it may be invaluable if it is actually Mr. Jones involved. If Mr Jones makes all of you feel creepy and he is a registered sex offender with a history of elevating crimes it may become even more important.

    You can use this forum to help each other gather ideas and information to bring this nightmare to a close. Your friends and acquaintences may be scared to speak to LE but they will speak to you. You can then funnel your ideas and common concerns through Mr. Menard if you are reluctant to approach LE. Many people have opinions. Someone knows some facts that have yet to surface. Your teamwork can be the catalyst that ends it all. While I doubt that Mr. Menard is set up to handle a thousand tips a day I do not think it will come to that if you just each gather and pass on what you can. Local knowledge is invaluable. Believe me when I tell you that someone knows something. A “Same team” mentality could be vital to closure here.

    And last, To the friends and relatives of the victims, I am sorry for your loss. Your words convey the souls of good people who loved their friends and relatives. I hope the community can come together and hold you in the palms of their hands to help you through these difficult times.

  83. This was posted on websleuths by someone:

    “I can’t tell you what is in the killers mind, nor can I tell you what is in LE’s mind (tho I wish I had that power LOL) I can only tell what is a persistent rumor that has been around since the finding of Loretta, and been repeated with each.
    Before the murders, there was a large drug/prostitution sting in Jennings. 7 girls were arrested and held. All were released at the same time(this in itself cause people to wonder). There is one girl that was arrested and released, and soon left the area and has not been seen, to my knowledge.
    All that have been murdered were in this group, with the exception of Brittney and the missing girl. Brittney was very close to most of these women, and probably knew all the secrets. Was that why she was killed, or as a warning to the one still alive and missing?
    That is what is being said… ”

    I replied this:

    “Had no idea it all went back to that one bust. Did anybody else? I remember when that happened. I did hear very little about it. Wasn’t someone shot during that bust? They know who it is! Hope that girl that dissappeared is writing her journal or writing her a movie. If a cop or cops are involved, I think they should do time in the jail with all the fugitives and NOT be given a special place, because they are an ex-cop. Let them holler for their lives! “

  84. Red Ranger……excellent post !!!

    We need more like you to join in and offer encouragement to the family, friends and residents in JDP. I think you’ve offered sound advice in urging everyone to band together and not get discouraged. And I agree, Kirk seems to be emerging as the person that has the capability to propel this investigation forward. I hope that someone that may be secreting vital clues in this case, out of fear, realizes there IS someone they can turn to if they’re afraid to go directly to law enforcement.

    Again….great post RR!!

  85. I guess I owe y’all an apology. I am reading more now starting at the back and see that you are coming together. The ACLU may get involved if it can be proven that these women’s deaths were not investigated due to financial status or lack of political connection. They, and we, know that is just wrong and ilegal, if proven to be the case.

    Does anyone have an idea as to how he chooses his victims? Does he know them or is it just a case of being in the wrong place at the right time? Is there any knowledge of exactly where any of the victims were when they went missing? Did any of them have cells with them that would possibly have mirrored pings with the perp? Is there anyone that they all knew good enough to get in a vehicle with, good guy on the outside, or not?

    I know the south LA mentality and know that these women would have fought like tigers. Did any have any DNA under their fingernails from scratching him? After each crime was committed, can anyone think of a guy that may not have shown up at work for a day or two due to cuts or bruises on him?

    Keep in mind also that your state representatives, senators, and US senators have some clout to hurry up the processing of any DNA and other physical evidence collected. This guy may be in CODIS already.
    Politicians will act if the numbers asking for action are deemed to carry numbers at re-election time

    I will also apologize to Mr. Menard for volunteering him to be the clearing house of tips gathered by the new team. I did not clear this with him first and my presumptions of the content of his charactor may have led me to overstep my bounds. While I would bet a few dollars that he is OK with it, I should have checked with him first. I willl bring a pitcher of tea the next time we hang out on the cyber porch and kick things around.

  86. brownie…….do you remember when it happened…..approximate date?

  87. Emails and calls have been made by a few of us going up the goverment line. As to date, no response, or if we get anything, it’s to pacify us as you would a loon.

  88. I think I remember a picture being in the paper. IF we are talking about the same one. It was the Jennings Daily News Paper. I will try to find out though. It will take time.

  89. Red Ranger-
    No need to apologize but you were right, I could care a less about someone contacting me. My phone numbers were actually on channel 3 and channel 7. My email address is and my contact phone numbers are 337-246-0933 and 337-275-7050.

  90. Again, Red Ranger discusses some valid points. I think everyone needs to take a stance. Contact Johnny Guinn, State Representative, David Vitter, United States Senator and anybody else that would listen. I would also write very heartfelt letters to the Governor’s office and the State Attorney General’s Office.

    Best thing is not to exaggerate but to just simply tell the truth and that’s not hard to do in this case.

  91. Atty. General’s Office
    P. O. Box 94005
    Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9005

    Governor’s Office
    P. O. Box 94004
    Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9004

  92. Guinn’s Office
    P. O. Box 287
    Jennings, LA 70546

    Vitter’s Office
    800 Lafayette Street
    Suite 1200
    Lafayette, LA 70501
    337-436-0453(Lake Charles)

  93. For the record, scaredconfused left a post that I stated her postings were unbelievable. However, when I stated “unbelievable” I stated it more as an exclamation than literally, which apparently, scaredconfused can’t seem to recognize. Alot of items and items are unbelievable, for instance, its unbelievable that LE haven’t made an arrest as of yet, its unbelievable that progress isn’t being made or if it is, the families do not know about it…there are puns, metaphors, fancy use of words that scaredconfused would know nothing about. I’m not personally attacking her but when someone exclaims “UNBELIEVABLE” many times they don’t mean what is said is literally unbelievable, but its sorta like saying “you have to be kidding” or some other use of language.

  94. It’s actually UNBELIEVABLE that she would think such a thing. As I’ve said before, I would piss on a spark plug if I thought it would help solve this case.

  95. The Jennings Daily News should have printed something about AMW being denied by the Sheriff, or does he have them in the palm of his hands too?

  96. Posted in the JDN today under “Editorials” “Ask questions of our Candidates”

    As for our readers, we will be asking questions of our candidates in upcoming editions. What do you think we need to talk about? Send us your questions, concerns or complaints to P.O. Box 910, Jennings, LA 70546 or email them to We will compile these requests and ask the most common and important questions our readers send in.

    Here’s OUR chance.

  97. They have been contacted, they have been given the lady’s name and number for AMW. They said they would confirm and put it on the front page. We shall see…….

  98. Ouch. Is Crimestoppers or some equal organization set up to allow people to call in tips without fear of publicity? Also, in today’s tough economic times a hefty reward for info leading to the capture of this SK will bring people that have solid information out of the woodworks. They will not come forward for one or two thousand. I am guessing there are many companies in Jennings that have made a good profit from their Jennings customers over the years. It may be time to approach them and suggest that they throw a few dollars into the ring. Maybe the churches could take a special collection. If the reward can get above 50k or even 100k, this perp will be caught almost overnight.
    Someone knows something. Maybe a wife has seen blood on clothing. Maybe she is scared her source of income will dry up. Maybe it is eating at her now.
    If the money is gathered to give out anonymously for turning him in, someone will.

    Kirk, you should pass on the spark plug. Mr. Johnson may be forever unemployed….

  99. You can also contact Scott Lewis at the Jennings Daily News and he is willing to print anything that someone wants to bring up. His number is 337-824-3011.

  100. Menard why didn’t you ever bring up Lewis before? Are you not allowed to tell us information unless called upon?

  101. I read in the Tru Crime Library that Kirk Menard started a reward fund in mid November. I applaud your efforts. Have the local people, buisiness leaders, or national buisinesses stepped up as well? I know times are tough and some can afford it better than others. What is the total that the fund is up to? Is it being heavily publicized? Is a tip system set up to assure that whoever steps up to tell will receive it? I ask because the meter reader that found Caylee Anthony did not get the reward because he called 911 instead of the tip line, or was it Crimestoppers? Anyway, It was male bovine excrement and I hope it does not deter future people from calling in.

    Brownie, Lewis’s name is out there now and available to you. If you have specific concerns or information it sounds like he is available to speak with you. If you do not mind, can you post here about how your meeting goes? I think it would be a lift to the public’s spirits to see that their thoughts and concerns do have a voice and that they are taken seriously. Thanks in advance.

  102. I apologize. I take for granted that most people know about Scott Lewis because most of my clients have his cell phone number even. However, I did speak to Scott and he is very interested in hearing from the public.

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