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Note: Original post date published on:  Mar 16, 2009 @ 10:30
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  1. Reply:
    Dont misunderstand, my point is not to fight with you at all. I may come off sounding defensive, but that is just who I am. I hold in a lot of frustrations within myself and have a great deal of issues because of this tragedy. My comment was not meant to offend you, but you have to understand that a lot of people who criticize us (the families) are not aware of some things. Rumors have plagued this town and definitely this case and we have a very hard time getting the truth out there. My intentions were only to correct the incorrect information which as Whitnei’s sister I feel is my job to do so. I am just sick of hearing the race card being played when that is so far from the truth. Help is out there, I do understand that, I wanted to make the point very clear to people that it is very easy to be misinformed. I apologize if I offended you, as I hope you would feel the same. I just put my guard up automatically and it has become instinct throughout this ordeal. I am sorry you lost a child. You have my sympathy. I appreciate all of you and I am truly glad everyone is here to help. I try to post here so that I can be active in what is going on and answer your questions if there are any because I want answers and I believe everyone here is sincere. Perhaps I am too close to the situation and should just sit back, I am not sure. Please dont interpret my words for unappreciation!!

  2. Race is not an issue. Resources is a major issue. LE had to accept money from the state, $250,000 to investigate this case. This is just the investigation and we haven’t gotten to the suspect (s) yet. When Francis Mouton was murdered, we had someone in custody within two days. Robbery was the motive but drugs, while indirectly involved, was involved because he stole money to obtain drugs. Notice how homicides and crimes are solved when drugs are not directly involved. Drugs appear to be a money maker in our parish.

    We are a divided city and a divided parish. Those in power want glory. Why can’t we be like other communities and work together for one common goal and solve this case, convict and punish those that are guilty and move on, like they do in other communities. Every community has their share of corruption, cover-ups, etc., but usually it is not widespread and usually comes to a halt very quickly. For example, the police chief in Lafayette, Louisiana that was bugging his police departments phone calls was brought up on federal charges. Google or Yahoo police corruption and see how quickly a federal agency becomes involved in other cases but won’t become involved in our parish. Ever asked yourself why? I’m sure most, if not everyone of you ask yourself why everyday. Our former Governor Edwin Edwards was sentenced to 10 years in prison for bribery along with a host of other charges. This is white collar crime. Is that more important than murder? Yes, even the FBI has come under scrutiny lately with violating the provisions of the Patriot Act by sending out NSA (National Security Agency) letters to solve domestic crimes when NSA letters were to be used strictly for terrorism. Seems that some of this that I am speaking of is on the federal level as well.

    One congressman stated and I quote: “You should be ashamed of yourself, rights were violated, you allowed the agency you are in charge of to violate the rights of thousands of people for your selfish needs, and when the Patriot Act comes up for renewal, we will deny it and yes, America will be a little less secure but the United States Constitution will be more secure.”

    Many federal agencies have watchdog groups that pay close attention. Unfortunately, we don’t have that luxury in our parish. I guess for now we are the watchdog group and all we can do is criticize and speak our minds, which we all have that right to do but it still doesn’t solve anything, just makes us feel better by speaking what we feel. I’m closely connected to the victim’s families and the victims. I’ve learned more about this case and I’ve ever thought possible. The problem is that when tips are called in most callers are told “we already know that,” so no new information is being called in. I bet that we can all come up with a list of suspects and about 90% of us would be correct. Again, as I’ve stated before, the key word is evidence. Where were these girls killed? That is the missing piece. I can almost guarantee you they were killed where they were dumped, we all know that. This case hasn’t even begun yet…we have the investigation, which is still ongoing, then more investigation after an arrest, then the actual arrest and grand jury indictment, then tons of court hearings, then jury selection (which I can almost bet the defense attorney will ask for a change of venue or at least a jury from out of town), then the trial. We are speaking of possibly millions of dollars to conduct a trial of this caliber. Yet we had to accept $250,000 just to perform the preliminary investigation.

    What we need now more than ever is luck. When a case goes cold, the suspect or suspects are usually caught when they make a mistake, a witness observes something, a potential victim gets away, or the suspect/suspects brag about it. So how lucky do we feel? What’s the chances that DNA or other evidence was left on the bodies/crime scenes? I think if that was the case then we would have someone in custody right now. JMO.

  3. What day is this block party taking place? I’ve never been to a block party. I’m ready for a party. Will there be any refreshments? Should I bring something.

  4. The key to solving this is to answer why these particular girls were targeted. It could be one of a few reasons.
    1. Geography- He could live in the area and hunt in the area. This would make them targets just because they also happened to live in the area. This would make him a true serial killer because SK’s don’t care so much who they target. They normally have a physical type they go after but may vary based on availability.

    2. Business- The girls may have had some kind of financial dealings with him. It does not have to be a lot of money involved. A lot means different things to different people. This would not be a classic SK. He may be one of a new breed of businessman that considers killing for debt a business decision.

    3. Societal cleansing- He may see himself as better than these girls. He may have labeled them with any number of labels to justify his actions. He would probably talk in public about how the girls deserved it etc.

    4. Jealousy- He may have hit on all of these girls and been turned down. They may all find him creepy or odd. He may be killing them to “show them”. This type guy would never have had a girlfriend for too long.

    5. Just mean or has a screw loose- Everyone knows this type of guy. It doesn’t necessarily make him the killer but it may be his reasoning.

    6. Crazy- Could be from a chemical imbalance, dad left when young, mom was bad to him, priest molested him or whatever. Some peoples’ neurons just don’t connect.

    I would like to hear from locals and especially those who are closely related to the case on why they think these girls were killed. And why they think what they do. Also, my list does not include every reason. If it is multiple unrelated killers it changes things. I doubt it is, but anything is possible.

  5. All of the elected public officials have done a horrible job of public and community relations on this. A visit to the families that have survived these tragedies would have meant a lot. A detective going by the homes to speak with and update the families a few times a month would have done a world of good. The Mayor could have extended his sympathy and maybe even brought coffee. I find it hard to believe that in a town of 10,000 people, everyone in power has been too busy to show a little kindness and compassion. Have any of the new candidates for mayor visited? I know Mr. Ewing spoke with his actions instead of words to show he cares. What about the rest?

    It is not too late for these guys to do the job they were hired to do and also make people glad they elected them.
    I would like to see the people of JDP get out and vote. A huge voter turnout would speak loudly about the need for a change in JDP and Jennings.

  6. Kirk, Is there any public accountability on how the $250k is being used? I would hate to see old time LA politics take over and have $50k spent on the investigation and the rest pocketed.

  7. Brownie, I agree with you on the block party sentiment. It should be publicized and all should attend. Solidarity is a wonderful thing when constructively aimed.

  8. Brittney, I hope you keep on being the voice for your sister and all the rest of the young ladies. I hope I did not and don’t offend you, I’m on your side. You have the spunk and know how of how to get your/their hurt and anger out. Please keep doing so and vent every chance you can, do it wherever you can. The squeaky wheel gets the attention and this certainly need attention. I admire and respect how you are doing it.

  9. brownie, the block party will be Sunday afternoon, May 3rd, starting at Union Baptist Church Family Life Center. Rev. Masters will be the main speaker. As for something to bring I’ll have to ask but it is through the “I Love Jennings” committee.

    JDN had an article about the “I Love Jennings” committee. They are making a difference.

  10. RR, your #s 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 may describe the killer(s) exactly. I’d say all of them fit. Someone who knows how to hide dna, can travel without causing attention in all areas of town, someone each of the young ladies may have gone willingly with. A person on another blog (Webslueths) thought the person could bring about ‘reasonable doubt’.

  11. im begining to feel that this is not a conventional serial killer on the loose…

    …i smell a huge cover up that involves certain individuals and the risk of “whatever” could be exposed along with them will be the end for these people who are involved..i know one thing…these crimes involve lots of money and whatever is going on it is purely illegal…..i think these crimes are not a result of a true sk…….in fact, i feel like these crimes were executions made to look as if one person is a crazy man on the loose…ill go further into it to say that one or more people have ordered these murders that arent not the trigger men but they send out the order…pay to kill…….i think the killers coud be multiple people…what ever it is…i think certain family members of a couple of the victims know a whole lot more than they leading up to knowing…

  12. db, I think it is a group thing as well. Not sure who has what on the big guy, unless he is part of that group also, but he is definately helping COVER things up. Too many things.

  13. There was a person on another blog who wrote a profile by a criminal justice student, like RRs’ the profile seem to fit in with the thoughts of many.

    Thinking of Nixon and Jones, released for lack of evidence. Rumor has it JDN had an article saying there was broken sewer pipe in the locker room, the evidence was lost then. Now it’s the person changed his/her story several times. What is the real story?

    Nixon may be in jail now but if he is that would be back in June 08 when he was arrested. That should exclude him from the names on the list of murders after June.

  14. Ahlou, I wasn’t trying to ugly by any means last night, all I wanted to know is if the same remains true about the shoes for the other two victims but I read there isn’t any new information regarding that matter….sorry if I rubbed you the wrong way!….I’m just trying to put the puzzle pieces together like everyone else!….Just trying to brainstorm! That’s all!

  15. It’s not by any means the typical SK, some traits exhibit organized and disorganized features. RR has some good ideas.

  16. So, you saying it is a SK?

  17. Is there a map of where all the girls were last scene?

    KM, I agree RR has good ideas. The crimes and info keeps coming back around to some sort of a conspiracy (possibly including LE), rather than one individual.

    If LE is involved- it is most likely many individuals, not just a few. There does seem to be a racket of one sort or the other that LE committed, is covering, and does not want discovered- I am surprised no one else has been murdered – others do know and obviously feel to threatened to tell.

    Does anyone know about drugs going into or out of jail….used by inmates in jail or certain druggies always getting away with dealing although they may have been busted several times?

    The mafia never had trouble getting rid of witnesses.

    Very similar crimes in Alexandria had references to drugs coming from Texas…….maybe these girls learned of certain connections, were used by LE to commit sexual favors (or abuses) while incarcerated.

  18. I don’t think it is. But then again, I don’t know much about investigating, like you guys.

  19. Possibly the killer isn’t from Jennings maybe did business with the girls and while in town, patrol the area to stake out his plan. Maybe he learned the area well enough to execute his mission.
    Maybe he grew up here.
    Red Ranger – I see this or these killer/s as #3 Societal Cleansing

  20. Nah, I don’t think so. Brittney was out of town. If that was the case, he could have followed her when she was in where TX?

  21. I don’t get the JDN, but I would like to read some questions to ALL the candidates, and the most important is the ANSWERS. Anyone have some?

  22. Byron Chad Jones served time in jail before–anyone know why and where he served time? He had a writ denied in 1996 by the LA Supreme Court.

  23. Brownie,

    I don’t have answers for you but here’s link that might help you:

  24. brownie-I’ve said all along that there is a SK and I’ve said it on the news. I would rather be wrong about there being a SK than give the public a false sense of security. At least this way, the public is on alert.

    There’s more to the story than what everyone on here knows and there’s more to the story than I am able to release for the confidentiality of my clients and the intergrity of the investigation. I will say that everything is not as it seems. We have gathered alot of information since the beginning of our investigation and have turned everything over to LE and as it comes in and is gathered we continue to turn over information to LE.

    I will say this…there’s alot of rumors out there and i would only believe less than 5% of the rumors. Some rumors have only half truths to them and the other parts are exaggerated. My clients tend to stay away from posting on blogs and from postings because of the rumors and they don’t want to get blind sided with rumors and then nothing happens and there is no truth to it or only half truths. However, they do read the blogs and some make some generalized comments but I do know that the victim’s families know the facts and stay with the facts. That is one reason Brittany stated that sometimes she just stands back and takes a break because she is too close to be objective.

  25. Regarding rumors….were the victims found without shoes or not?

  26. cp….I found it odd at first that most if not all had their shoes missing but….if you’ll look at the months the crimes took place…it wouldn’t be unusual for them all to have been wearing flip flops….you know they come off very easily.

  27. OK, what about clothing? Were the victim’s clothed or not?

  28. I have five questions. Is it true that the place where the body of Brittney Gary was found had been searched previously? If so, do we know whether her body was overlooked or that her body was placed there after the first search? What does the choice of location, in the grass off Keystone Road, tell us? Is the killer saying that law enforcement is acting like the Keystone Cops? If he is, what does that tell us about the killer? Please don’t let my questions degenerate into a discussion of whether you believe law enforcement is doing the best job. I believe it is must be a difficult case. The focus of the questions is on what if anything the location of the body tells us about the killer.

  29. Thanks sleuthing 888, that kind of questioning is where I am going . There is a lot to be learned from the victims themselves and ultimately the killer.

  30. why allow rumors to fester?…..why doesnt le of jennings come clean on exactly what is happening?…

    ..why are things not what they seem?……

    ..what rumors are half rumors?…..

  31. if this indeed a sk, in which i dont think it is….you have to keep it simple…i dont care how you stack it…sk’s or action/reaction……the are just sneaky about it…..”i brush my teeth” twice a day but no one ever sees me……got it….

  32. i still stick to my first thought that the killer is a man of color……with three of the victims

    …my best guess is that the person who is directly involved lives near or in opelousas….

    …can anyone tell me about aj frank?

  33. near or in opelousas?

  34. just my gut feeling…..if it isnt in opelousas then this poi may live a little closer towards jennings but not closer than iota…….my guts say opelousas area

  35. Sleuthing888,
    I am not local so I also am curious about all the body placements. The one in the grass will have to be answered by locals. I am curious if the grass is grass just on the side of the road that is mowed or if it is further off the road where the grass would be tall. If it is tall then he may have never wanted her to be found. If short, then he is wanting her to be found. This would seem to indicate one of two things. If he wanted her to be found then he is taunting LE. The other placement on the road to the LE firing range is almost assuredly a taunt. None of the victims seem to be hidden well.

    From what I have read here from locals, there are a few members of LE that use their badge to be bullies. (Not bashing all LE) This leads me to believe, when added with the taunts, that the killer has been bullied by a member of the LE community. He seems to be making a statement by hiding some in places where they will obviously be found. I know enough about the area to know that $2 worth of gas would have gotten him to places that people never go. Also, walking away from the road a hundred yards would have almost guaranteed they were never found.

    We have very little official information about evidence found at the dump scenes. We do know that one young lady was covered with bleach to hide any DNA. Does this lead us to believe that his DNA is already in a database? Or is he covering his tracks for a possible arrest?

    We know that some victims were killed by an organized perp and some disorganized. Does this mean it is at least two perps or that for some of his victims he was drunk or high? It seems that an organized killer would not dream of being high while committing a crime. This seems to lead us to more than one perp but I am still not convinced of that.

    One other thought. He may be just too lazy to move them to a location where they will not be found.

    I did hear that the area had been searched already but am not local so do not consider it fact yet. Would this make him a part of the search team? It would seem to indicate knowledge of which areas had been cleared.

  36. here’s some food for thought only………

    …what if…a fews years back , a corrupt jpd pi$$ed off a chemically imbalanced(potential for murder) ex le officer from the jpd who happens to already have a rap sheet, went to another pd and got fired there too and now he chooses jdp in jennings to commit these crimes?…..he is saying…”yeah im doing what i do and you cant catch me”………

    any thoughts?

  37. I still contend that we are doing an injustice by focusing only on these most recent seven deaths. This is a service to murderers from the past. The most recent murders may have sparked some public interest but this has been going on for many years without much concern at all. There are far more unsolved murders in this parish that are becoming hazy memories, of which public concern is rapidly dwindling. This, I believe, is exactly what killers and other criminals want and in many cases, what several instigators hope for. The families of the recent seven are living in a Hell that many have known in the past and I truly hope that they can get something done, although so many in our parish’s past went largely unnoticed by the uncaring public. From the young Sonnier man found beaten, mutilated and dumped into a bayou near a bridge south of Welsh to the LaCombe boy who was beaten to death before his body was placed on the railroad tracks and many many others, surrounded by controversy and strong rumors of involvement by past and current officials … who among us has recently shown any concern for these crime victims and their loved ones since the hysteria over the seven female victims? It’s easy to forget when there’s a tidal wave of murder while public officials purposely try venting public concern by implying that these people don’t matter since they are “high risk” or “drug related.” Then there was the young man who allegedly hanged himself the day after he told his family that he was heavily indebted to a sheriff’s deputy for money from drug sales that was stolen before he could deliver the money to the deputy. Not to detract from the horrible realities surrounding the seven most recent murders; but, let’s not lose our focus on the fact that we have numerous unsolved murders in our parish going back for many years, even generations and that multiple facts lead many folks to believe that particular law enforcement entities, at minimum, know far more than they are revealing. What about one overdose victim who was supplied his fatal drugs by the son of a local and politically connected attorney? Witnesses were threatened by deputies not to come forward with information or they would be prosecuted by the D.A. We are going to the very perpetrators of crime for resolution to these most recent crimes!!! HELLO? Our law enforcement leaders and other officials (local, state and federal) have demonstrated in the past that they are more than willing to cover for one another when the heat is turned up. I don’t put much faith in the federal “assistance” being provided in this case. They have also been part of the problem in the past. Do we not acknowledge that the poll taken on this very web site reveals that only seven per cent of the people on the site believe that law enforcement is NOT involved directly with these killings? Louisiana has set records and gained national attention for our ability to elect the very designers and authors of own demise — our parish is no different. When will we awaken to the truth about our public officials? How is it possible for such a slightly populated, agriculturally based community to have such a high rate of murders, drugs, rape, corruption, etc., unsolved and un-addressed, while we continue to elect leadership from the same depleted gene-pool? The drug industry has flourished in Jeff Davis parish for generations and all we ever see is a few street level dealers and users arrested from time to time. The drug industry grosses millions of dollars annually while drug users and small dealers live like despondent homeless. They certainly aren’t the ones making the profit. Where does all that money go? Look around at our community – HELLO? Do we think that these people will give up their cash cow so easily? Do we think that the real drug kings will make themselves appear to the public like criminals? This isn’t Hollywood. Drug dealers (the real ones; organized and high-level) don’t actually meet in abandoned warehouses and have loud gunfights on the streets. They meet in fine homes, offices and boardrooms. They protect their own and sacrifice the expendable. We are a blind and complacent people. There have been cases of deputies caught selling contraband in the jail and they were quietly let go but never arrested. Cases of the sheriff selling property in private sales, outside of public notification – quietly handled without arrests. One case of an old friend of the sheriff (later murdered) who was found with a warehouse of stolen articles, stolen and being sold by local drug users – quietly settled, etc., etc., etc. One public official was making some VERY explicate videos featuring himself, his wife, a pet and perhaps (from what we hear) an influential public servant. The video, illegal in content, was viewed by police officers – the man was quietly let go but never arrested. He now serves as a police officer in another JDP town. These are only a very few of many many incidents — these were publicized but where was the public outcry? As I mentioned, we’ve been blindly electing from the same gene pool for so long that we’ve lost sight of the shore while floating (and sinking) at sea. We have got to stop acting as though all is well in JDP. We must admit that we are surrounded by the ugliest of criminal and inhuman filth because we, as a people, have encouraged it by keeping our eyes turned away from the truth. We are making fools of ourselves by our own acceptance of the garbage that we allow and pay so dearly for.

  38. LE has to keep the media and the public informed but can’t release certain details and shouldn’t release certain details. For instance, you never say you don’t have any leads because when you do bring someone in then they won’t talk.

    The specifics about the case cannot be revealed to perserve the integrity of the investigation. Certain details that LE already knows about needs to be revealed by the perp (s) themselves. LE shouldn’t cave into pressure from the public to make an arrest because as it has been previously stated, you will end up with the wrong perp (s) arrested then you’re back to square one. LE should follow up on leads, even if it appears to be a “wild-goose” chase because what you think is not important may very well be important.

    On Brittany Gary, search parties were conducted by family, friends and volunteers. I was part of the first search party the weekend before they found Brittany but I was not part of the search part the weekend they found Brittany. I do know that we’ve searched the area close to Keystone Road but did not actually go down Keystone Road and I’m not sure if anyone did the first weekend of the search party. Racca Road/Lacour Road/Earl Duhon and Bobby Roads were searched primarily the first weekend of the search party.

    From what I understand, the person that located Brittany resides in Lake Charles and is often part of search parties because of the equipment he owns.

    LE was not involved in the search party but they did have firemen, and former LE officers on the search party. Allegedly, Brittany was preliminarily identified by her tattoo’s that said “crazy beautiful” but this was a preliminary ID not a formal ID, which goes through the coroner after forensics testing is conducted.

    There was also someone else arrested with AJ Frank. I’m sure that if someone does enough research, they’ll find out the person’s name.

  39. I haven’t found yet who was with Frank but there is a recent article about him. It seems Eunice residents aren’t happy with him.

  40. Silence-excellent post-but identifying the problem is easy-identifying the solution is harder. So since you’ve identified the problem, now what is the solution, do we wait 4-6 years for another election? You’ve already stated that federal assistance is of little value, so going to the federal government is out? So basically, we are the mercy of those in power? Is that what you are saying?

    Why don’t you come up with a solution to the problem now that the problem has been identified?

  41. SilenceDogood-A BIG AMEN TO THAT!!!!

  42. Sexual harassment lawsuit against the Jennings PD (another one….good grief)

  43. 041907 Former police captain facing theft charges (and another JPD officer that had sexual allegations filed against him)

  44. LE there seems to have an enormous amount of sexual allegations against them? WTH?

  45. g8trgirl-why don’t you ask about the person that stopped a purse snatcher in wal-mart, held him until the police arrived and was arrested for interference with a police officer?

    To this date, the purse snatcher was never arrested. FYI, purse snatching is a felony. I’m sure someone remembers that incident that can explain it in better detail.

  46. Here is additional info on A.J. Frank. Also accused was officer Eric Phillips.

  47. Surely you jest….the person that stopped the purse thief was arrested?????

  48. LOL good work Silence. I always like to read yours and a few others.

  49. g8 do you know the outcome of the sexual harrasment lawsuit when they went infront of Menaldi?

  50. Just being noisy, because heard she is a pretty tuff person.

  51. Menard, if you give silence a little more time, he/she just may help.

  52. Good work g8trgirl, excellent research. I was not at liberty to say his name so I let you do it. Bad thing is that the charges were amended to criminal mischief. A sex offense amended to criminal mischief, unbelieveable…ok believeable but with some restrictions lol.

  53. I know he will, that’s why I said what I said, silence and I were on mouthing off together. He always has alot to say.

    The sexual harassment suit was settled, against the officers best judgment but it was settled, according to the attorney, for economic reasons.

  54. Silence, THANK YOU for saying what some have heard and didn’t know for sure and some had not heard about. I remember on mouthin’ off you wrote an informative piece about the club Frankie Richard owned.

    Oh yes, a few day ago I said Nixon was in jail. I’m told he may not be in jail but may be living with a relative in a nearby town. With that said, did I start a rumor..could be…or it could be I read about his latest arrest an thought after all his previous arrest LE would keep him in jail. It’s odd how many times he has been arrested yet each time he goes free. Those who were reading and knew he wasn’t in jail could have posted that information.

  55. I keep reading about this imo rotten LE person by the name of AJ Frank and keep wondering what would/could he have against those seven young ladies.

    After reading some ideas here I tend to think there’s more than one involved. I’m sure everyone who post know evidence is needed it could be since KM and and most likely LE is on here something said may spark an idea. IMO, the whole group should get together and hire a outside group the locals are too close to the cases as well as too familiar.

    There’s been many cases SOLVED where LE gave constant updates, not so here. Then someone hear or think something it is then a rumor. Then again…many rumors have some truth in them.

  56. Red Ranger– You raise a good question about whether Brittney Gary was found in short grass or tall grass, but isn’t the central point of your question whether she was relatively easy to find or difficult to find? We know from the released timelines and other released information that the victims may be divided into two groups, those found fairly quickly and those found only with more time. Does that tell us anything about the killer? Does it tell us anything about the killers interaction with the victim? You may very well be correct that the killer could have ventured a hundred yards off the roads and found even more difficult spots to leave the body, but that certainly would involve a great deal more risk. . By placing the bodies close to the roads, the perp reduces his time at risk and also reduces the risk of being questioned. Which do you question more, a truck with a driver a few feet away or a truck with no one apparently around? From Kirk Menard’s recent post, it sounds like the Keystone Road area may not have been previously searched so even without knowing the height of the grass, we might evaluate the matter on the assumption that Brittney was relatively easy to locate. So, again, why would the perp make it easy to find some and difficult to find others? I have heard the explanation that he is taunting police at times, and that may very well be the case, but are there any other interpretations?

  57. They don’t want to give updates because they would prefer EVERYONE forget about the case….jmo.

    • Just an FYI:

      Number of days between date last seen and date found.

      LaConia Brown – 1 day
      Loretta Lewis – 2 days
      Kristen Lopez – 9 days
      Brittney Gary – 12 days
      Crystal Zeno – 14 days
      Ernestine Patterson – ? don’t know date last seen
      Whitnei Dubois – ? don’t know date last seen

  58. Good observation g8trgirl. If a press release around October and Brittney Gary hadn’t gone missing we still may be in the dark about the 6 homicides(had to exclude Brittney because her disappearance added fuel to the fire). This is a very complex case with alot of unanswered questions. Its even very difficult to speculate about motives, the victim’s relationship with the perp (s), etc.,

    The bottom line is we are a small community and we lack resources. Not only in a monetary sort of way but a manpower and expert way as well. It’s not an easy case and there are no fast and hard answers. Many people won’t talk and those that do have some of their facts correct while others have their facts skewed and its very time consuming to sort through these statements and verify each and every detail. That’s where manpower comes into play.

    If we had a 100 officers on the street asking questions then I would say that LE chances of solving this case would triple, if not more. But unfortunately, we don’t have that luxury. Of course, if we had 100 officers on the street, you would know their presence too. You can ride for 5 hours and probably not observe one officer or patrol unit the entire night. But that’s neither here or there, the point I’m trying to make is that lack of resources are our downfall. $250,000 only goes so far and the time it takes to investigate something so difficult doesn’t make it any easier.

    With the proper resources, I’m almost positive that LE can solve this case within a reasonable time frame. I’m like the rest of you and I don’t want to sit back and wait for another victim to appear. We’ve already had 4 scares in which four girls were allegedly missing but found to be ok. The public needs to stay alert and keep voicing their opinions to LE. Until this case is solved, we will not be an “okay” parish.

  59. g8trgirl-there’s some signifigance to those numbers of number of days between last seen and found. I’ve sent those dates to our mathematician that has assisted us and a profiler with determining certain facts from the time line that may actually assist us in knowing an approximate date of death, if the body was held while deceased, and the date of dumping.

    I’ll let you know what I find out. Numbers at this point are very important to us and that’s how our profiler figured that before Christmas another body would be located and a few days later, Brittany was missing.

    Thanks for your help.

  60. Does the profiler think the SK is in a cooling off period now or should we be looking out for another murder?

  61. sleuthing888,
    The ladies being found in a short or long time seems to me to point to one individual dumping some and another individual dumping others. This is even compounded by the knowledge that some of the killings were by an organized perp, some were disorganized. Possibly the women that were all hidden a little better can be attributed to one and the ones in the wide open was the other. I do not know which showed signs of organization and which did not so it is hard to match them up.

    I agree with you that a truck close to the road with the driver present may not draw as much attention. My question though, is why would he/they not go a few miles further away where there is no traffic to place his victims? There are many places in the area that get almost no traffic during the day and zero at night. I do not know placement times either. I always just assume that bad guys work at night with less possibility of being seen.

    If there are two perps working semi-together, the organized one would almost assuredly get mad at the sloppiness of his partner. I don’t mean working together on the same victim. More like taking turns.

    The killers interaction with the victims is tough to know with few facts. Possibly, he actually liked the ones that were easily found and wanted them found for a decent burial. Or a warning or taunt. Any thoughts?

  62. I would think he felt confident that the bodies found would yield no clues to him. So, confidence is a gray area. Was he so assured that he would never be charged? Even if he taunted or warned? Or is he just one step ahead of everyone else? Is the disorganized one deemed to take the fall for stupidity in some kind of grand scheme?

    I have thought from the beginning that there are two sk’s.

  63. Just want everyone to know that there is a candlelight vigil that is getting set up for May 10 this is mother’s day @ the interstate park in memory of the 7 young ladies we will light candles and also there will be balloons being released also more information will be posted as it is available please plan on attending and showing the families that we are all behind them.

  64. To answer a few questions to fill in the blanks….Whitnei was last seen about 2 days before she was found. (hope that helps) To a question about shoes earlier on, no she did not have shoes on her feet. She was actually nude. She had nothing, not even jewelry on. Just a rubberband for her hair. Third, a question was asked about the candidates for mayor and if any have addressed the families…well, i cant speak for the others, but I was never visited by any candidate, although, I must say that I do speak to Mr. Ewing quite often and he has extended himself in any way that he can help. He has my vote!


  66. Brittany, who is Shelton Breaux? Remember we are not all local and want to help but can’t if we don’t know the ins and outs.

    BTW, thanks for the other info. What else have you been told by the coroner if you can share?

  67. I was searching through the links posted on here about former officers and lawsuits. I came across one that was posted further up and it was about sexual harassment charges filed on Shelton Breaux. I was told that there was no physical trauma to the body, although we were not allowed to identify my sister. She was said to be badly decomposed, but take into account that she HAD been seen a few days before she was found so how is that? Lots of conflicting stories about how she was found. THe storeis were different coming from different people. The death certificate states “cause of death is undetermined”

  68. Please feel free to ask me your questions, this is my way of helping!

  69. Hey girl! Let me tell you, you are my Hero! Even tho you are having to go through things that no one, EVER should have to go through, you have stayed strong and not let anyone or anything stop you from seeking justice for your sister and the other angels. The children around you will be blessed later in life with the strength you have shown. If you had an Indian name it should ‘Woman who stands on hill with fist in the air, shouting truth!’ Hugs to you and yours!

  70. You were not allowed to view your sister?????????????????????

    OK folks this is serious and controlling. Also a breach of trust that has to be addressed.

    I am beyond disgusted. Please give me a regional FBI address if one is known or US Marshall’s service. Forget the State Police or local mf’s.

    Remember in La. politics the coroner is an elected official not an ME. I think I am going to have a coronary over this info.

  71. cp, if I were you, I would go straight to the FBI in Washington DC if you want to get ahold of em. The nearest here that I could find is located in New Orleans, another crime central.

  72. Just a thought here, but could weather, like rains and flooding, have been a factor in where the bodies were left?

  73. Actually, no family was allowed to view their loved one’s body except for Brittany Gary’s mother. That being because her daughter was a minor and she couldnt be refused.

  74. CP, There is a possibility that there would have been no point in Brittany viewing the remains. She may have been shielded by a person who actually was showing compassion. I am adding a link to a Search and rescue paper done by a Professor from Virginia. It has a decomposition section in it as well. It is invaluable if you ever intend to search for a missing person that is probably deceased.

    Brittany, I have read your words and seen you speak on taped interviews. I know you are a strong, loving woman. But I suggest you and any other family members who have recently lost loved ones do not read this. Some is pretty graphic, although clinical.

    g8trgirl, if I have added this in poor taste feel free to remove my post. It is not my intention.

  75. FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C.
    Call (202) 324-3000 or write to the following address:
    Federal Bureau of Investigation
    J. Edgar Hoover Building
    935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
    Washington, D.C. 20535-0001

  76. Brittany, I want to edit the timelines….if I show May 9, 2007 as the date Whitnei was last seen would you say that was accurate? Do you know where she was last seen….if you can say?

  77. RR….remember….Muggy was found after only 1 day and her family wasn’t allowed to see her either!!!! Wonder what the excuse was there?

  78. Brittany, I am going to say some special prayers for you tonight and include all the victim’s families.

    Hail holy queen mother of mercy, our life, our sweetness and our hope. To thee we cry poor banished children of Eve. To thee we sent up our sighs, mourning and weeping in this valley of tears. Turn then most gracious advocate thine eyes of mercy towards us and after this our exile turn then to the blessed fruit of thy womb Jesus. O clement, O loving O sweet virgin Mary.Pray for us that we may be worthy of the promises of Christ. Amen.

  79. Please dont remove red ranger’s posts…these articles may help some people to better understand. I myself have done my research on decomposition and I have asked all of the “untouchable” questions i could. You see, it is gruesome to think of and it does hurt, but I have a goal and thats catching the sob that did this to my sister. So I have put that before anything. I am strong and I will fight until the end. These thing no longer hurt me, they make me stronger. Thanks for ur help!!!! To answer ur question, yes that is accurate. She was last seen at Frankie Richard’s house in the middle of the night. They claimed she was only there shortly, but then she left walking. Shortly before that, she had been seen by my grandmother. She had walked there and stayed about an hour. My grandmother lived around the corner from Frankie Richard. She was living on Gallup St. Frankie Richard lives on McKinley ST

  80. The picture becomes clearer.

  81. Well well well… we see Frankie’s name once again. How interesting.

    Thanks for all that info Brittany….gives us more to go on.

    And I won’t delete RR’s post with the decomp reference…..he added a warning that it was graphic which was a good idea. It’s not a pleasant subject but unfortunately plays a part when discussing crimes.

  82. Im glad to answer everyone’s questions! You guys have dedicated alot of time and effort to helping us! Ill help you any way I can!

  83. Living In Fear … The solution to the problem has been stated numerous times. The solution lies in the voting booth. I get furious when I speak to people who say idiotic things like, “I’m not into politics, so, I don’t vote” or “they’re all corrupted, so, I don’t bother voting” or especially the millions of people who say, “what good will my one vote do?” That’s the one that kills me … MILLIONS of idiots, all at the same time, complaining about their ONE VOTE being powerless – duuh. The federal government can be of service in the parish murders; however, we have to bring the facts to the people and force the officials to take action. I’ve seen a few people put articles in the paper but not nearly as many as should do so. Dirty, corrupt, greedy, incompetent politicians aren’t afraid of people who sit in kitchens and on street corners whining about local politics and corruption. They are terrified of well written, factual articles in the paper that will wake up the brain-dead voters of our community. The same people who have the most to fear from crooked cops and politicians are the very ones who do nothing to help or to elevate themselves. These are the people who are targeted by cops because they’re known by police. They are largely non-voters who don’t get involved in their community. They are often (not always) people who don’t know much more than being part of the drug and crime scene themselves and are easily discredited if they do come forward with facts and try to help. These things that I’m saying will anger some but the words are still true. If people want to change their community, they have to change themselves. We’ve all heard the old saying (and it’s very true) that “the definition of stupidity is continuing to do the same things and expecting different results.” Well, if people wait for corrupted officials to help them (remember, these are the same officials who have demonstrated their willingness to conspire to abuse the public trust), they will be waiting till Obama turns into a conservative, Christian, pro-life gun owner … It’ll never happen. We’re waiting for whom to solve the murders? The sheriff? Hello? This is the same sheriff that hires and protects maniacs who beat children and who sell illegal contraband in the prison. The D.A.? Wait, isn’t he the one who conspires with the same sheriff to protect crime? The FBI? They have proven to side with local corruption and this was spelled out in a couple of previous posts. We know details of these killings and of other crimes don’t we? Well, publish the details. Make the officials accountable. We can’t be like the ghetto rats waiting at the mail box for our government checks and for someone else to do it all for us. Folks, the foxes are guarding the hen house and they’re always hungry! There are people out there who know things and someone reading this knows who they are. Someone knows who beat the LaCombe boy to death and put his body on the railroad tracks. Someone knows where the big money is going from the drug (and murder) industry. Someone knows why particular people were murdered and how their bodies were prepared before dumping. Someone knows who beat the Comeaux girl’s brains out years ago. Someone knows who killed and decapitated theTrahan man years ago. Someone knows about the murder scene vehicle incident and how it all went down before the sheriff decided that there was nothing wrong in the transaction. Someone knows who the drug dealers go to to get their goods and who protects them through the process. Someone knows who killed so many forgotten people in the past over money owed, freedoms threatened, secrets revealed, etc. So, what do we do? Keep on hiding the truth? Keep on talking among ourselves? Hiding behind the wall? Stay in the shadows? Staying in the drug scene with the same old crowd? We cannot keep on doing the same things and expect different results. If people in this community don’t find their back bones, we will simply continue to be subjects of the same old corrupted system and life will only get better for the bad guys until it’s time to pay the piper (in Hell). Politicians will be run by organized criminals from other states and areas, the same neighborhoods will spawn the criminals that the last generation’s criminals were spawned from, the same family names will dominate politics, banking, real estate, business, industry (both legitimate and criminal), etc. Look at the neighborhoods where the majority of crime comes from. These people don’t buy drugs from Mexico, Columbia and Afghanistan. Someone gets it here, stores it and networks it — someone who knows how to run a business and who will not get caught for running a red light or speeding with drugs in his car. The unfortunates who make the evil people wealthy are the very ones who make the paper with drug arrests when it’s time for a local official to be reelected. These people from bad neighborhoods are good for bad business in every way. They deserve to get out of the rut and ruin the ones who ruin families. Simply take the market away from the bad guys. Nothing will change without people coming forward to do something positive and different. Sorry but there’s no easy, convenient way to solve the problems in our community and we can’t wait for the next guy to do it for us like the lazy people waiting for stimulus checks from those who actually earn the money. Someone will have to do what is different, difficult and uncomfortable if we’re ever going to rebuild what was once a decent community to live in.

  84. Silence: Well spoken and on point as always. I previously wanted to bring up the homicide involving the male placed on the railroad tracks. I had no information on his name until you referred to him as the “LaCombe boy.” Someone once told me that there were connections between his murder and Rat Trahan. Perhaps, if you have it, you could provide me with more information on the LaCombe victim. From what I hear, there are some connected names involved in LaCombe’s case, so if you’d like to discuss more privately, I wouldn’t mind. Either way.

  85. Silence, you are right on the mark. The apathy in JDP is maddening! The community on a whole is “what is, is what will be” I saw the evil that pervaded this area in the first few weeks I was here. When election time rolled around I campaigned for a guy I knew would bring about change (no, not the president LOL) and help straighten and strengthen our community. I can’t tell you how many I ran into who live in glass houses and didn’t want to rattle that tree for fear of retribution. And I know what they fear, for I have suffered a bit from it, and so has the family of the candidate. What struck me, was the election tally was close enough that they had to have a run-off. And in the run-off people who have never voted before, voted this time, and it was the ones from our ‘south side’ who did not want change. the ones who wanted change again became apathetic and figured what was the use, what will be will be…………….GRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. Anyone care to comment on what this world is coming to:

    Teacher caught masturbating in class in front of students:

    Public computer emails from the sheriff to the mayor to the fire chief are public record and can be obtained by anyone:

    14 and 15 year olds held in murder case:

    Sex and the city from

    Jeff Davis Parish Judge Wendell Miller Scandal:

  87. Seven Steps to tell if someone is lying to you:

    Step1 They repeat the question you asked them. This is one thing many liars can’t overcome because they need time to formulate the lie they are about to tell you. It’s their stall tactic.

    Step2 They don’t look you in the eyes. Shifty eyes mean they know they are lying and they feel like if they look at you, it might show on their face.

    Step3 They shift their postures more than usual. In combination with shifty eyes, a shifty posture is a dead giveaway.

    Step4 They evade answering your questions. They might start to answer, then redirect their attention to something else right away hoping you won’t notice or ask again.

    Step5 They tell you exactly what you want to hear when you’ve caught them off guard. What better way is there to redirect the attention to you so you feel good about yourself? Don’t fall for it.

    Step6 They put the blame back on you for whatever you’ve confronted them with. This is another sure sign they are lying to you. They want to make it your fault no matter what.

    Step7 Finally, there’s no better gauge than your ‘gut instinct’ to tell you if someone is lying to you. Usually when you FEEL that they are lying and you see even just a few of the signs listed above, they ARE lying to you. You may not find out the truth for a long time, but the truth does come out eventually. Learn to trust yourself.

  88. Interesting article on DNA matching. It states that “But DNA found on evidence can be degraded by ultraviolet light and, if left in wet and warm conditions, bacteria.”

  89. Very good article on Promoting Effective Homicide Investigations. It’s also available in .pdf for format but I couldn’t get it to work. If you can’t get it to work, click on view in html.

  90. Excellent course on Homicide: Its Impact and Consequences. This is good reading with excellent and shocking statistics. This is also excellent reading for the victim’s families.

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