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  1. brownie: About the victim’s husband that was never questioned…yes he eventually was questioned. I submitted monthly, sometimes weekly, to the task force a list of persons that need to be questioned and he was eventually questioned. In fact, he was present at a meeting they had with the victim’s family members on March 11, although his name was not on the list to be appear.

    RR keeps calling this person or persons a SK but LE still refuses to call it a SK but as g8trgirl stated it is serial in nature and she’s correct. You can have more than one SK that operates in groups. Remember, there’s a difference between a serial killer (s) or mass murderer (s).

    I believe that the sheriff has the right intentions by allowing AMW to come into the picture. They (AMW) has an excellent track record and more people may be likely to call a national syndicate than the task force or local LE. The tip line and reward did not work as expected and I believe that some of us knew that beforehand. But it was worth a try. I still believe that LE and the task force should go back to the beginning and analyze the truck that was purchased from Connie Syler and re-analyze that situation. That appears where the biggest clues come into play.

    RR also has a great idea, which is what my investigators do. We have a map on a wall in a conference room with pins on each spot where the victims are and a geographical area circled and while not per se geographical profiling, it does assist us in narrowing down some results. At this time, its very difficult for me to believe that forensic evidence was not left at the scene or on the bodies but for the sake of argument, if none was left, then the only other thing to do is gather information from witnesses and put together the pieces and that’s where we come in since nobody seems to want to speak to LE.

  2. The timeline also bothers me. There was a two year gap and another that was almost a year. The gaps could be caused by a few things.

    He could have had a girlfriend during the gaps. This would have been a distraction to him and possibly taken away a need to be out trolling for victims.

    He could have been incarcerated.

    He could have moved from the area during the “down times”.

    He has almost assuredly been interviewed by LE. The interview(s) may have scared him and stopped him temporarily.

    It may be three or four people. They could all live in the same neighborhood and have their killings totally unrelated. It could be copycat crimes or a series of unrelated spree killings. We have seen no physical evidence released by LE to relate them, other than geography. I find this scenario least likely.

    He could be killing for revenge or to silence a group of women who knew too much about his drug involvement. *IF* these women were involved in the local meth arena, it would be foolish for him to kill his clients. There would have to be a reason beyond them using.

    Their reported drug abuse may be the reason if he is one of the psychos that kills for his perceived societal cleansing. This would mean that he is probably not involved in any drug use, or peddling.

    It could also be a small group working together. The reality is that all the victims knew each other and that is the key to finding him.

    I wonder which way the evidence is leading the task force. We can be sure that the evidence has eliminated some of these possibilities. Maybe we will learn more at the next press conference.

  3. Hey Kirk,
    I believe the latest article states that LE is now saying he/they are serial dumpers. While they do not say SK’s at least it is a start for them to say anything. I am not convinced that it is a single SK. There has been no official release of any information to confirm or deny whether it is one or five people involved.

    In these types of investigations it is common for LE to speak with the public and participate in community relations. The lack of anything remotely similar to this tells me that they do not need the public’s help. I can only guess the reason for this is that they know who it is and are just waiting for that one more piece of crucial evidence that will put the final nail in his coffin. IMO, the DA may now be orchestrating some of the investigative moves because he knows what he needs for a solid case.

    To your knowledge, has there been any cell phone ping angle to this investigation? I bet the traffic was not all that heavy south of Jennings on the nights that the bodies were placed there. Almost anyone riding around with a cell phone in the area would be suspect. If he could be triangulated to be in the areas on multiple placement dates, that’s your guy. It would still be circumstantial but if added to other evidence, it could really help a jury paint the big picture. I am also assuming they were placed there late at night. A heavy traffic time of day makes this angle almost impossible to prove, or even chase down.

    I am also assuming that there are cell towers that far from I-10. I bet that the “Can you hear me now?” guy does not know how to get to the rice fields of southern JDP.


    The math is a little trickier with this placement but his movements could still be tracked.

  5. Another thing about the cell phone ping (if he didn’t turn it off) would be roaming capabilities. This could possibly show where the initial crime scene (s) is located. Although Jennings has very few towers the surrounding areas have towers.

    The reason I know this is because I have frequently talked with my ex while he was working on an offshore platform or heading in the direction to catch a boat to get there.I have never had a problem reaching him due to the remote conditions. So, because of the oil industry I would imagine that adequate towers are everywhere.

    I agree, RR, the cell phone pings could go a long way in solving this case.

  6. imo i dont think the person responsible for these crimes live in jennings…

    i have a question that someone can answer for me….there was one victim who was placed away from the others further west….my question is…on the map “how far in miles is this particular place” compared to the rest of the women… looks as if the rest were in the same general area except one…..

  7. how far is cherokee road from say racca road?….

  8. dan….according to Google Maps…from the intersection at Racca Rd and Hwy 26 south to Hwy 1126 west to Hwy 99 south to Cherokee is close to 17 miles.

  9. thanx…that location being far away from the others is interesting….what made or forced his decision to use this area and not where the others were put?…is he trying to make someone perhaps le think this is his track home when its not?….what is his motive for placing victim 3 on cherokee road?

  10. dan…I think it’s one of two possible scenarios why Kristen was placed out further from the other body locations.

    Even though it had been 1yr 9mos between her death and the two prior to hers, I believe the responsible person(s) decided not to risk leaving Kristen’s body in the same proximity as the other two. The decision was made to transport her further away in an attempt to avoid the appearance of her death being connected to Loretta & Ernestine’s.

    A rough calculation indicates traveling from the south side of Jennings to the Cherokee Rd. location would be about an hour round trip (adding in a little time for removal & placement of the body). I think the traveling, and possibly not being as familiar with the area, threw the culprit out of their “comfort zone”. They elected not to go that route, so to speak, in the subsequent deaths.

    Another possibility I’ve considered is that Kristen’s death may have taken place in Lake Arthur rather than Jennings. The Cherokee Road location was a better option than risking the drive back to the Jennings area with a body in the vehicle.

  11. cp and RR….was reading back over your comments about the cell phone pings….glad y’all brought that up. I think with some of the cases it might be difficult to assimilate and analyze the cell ping data especially if LE doesn’t have a clear timeline as to where and when the girls were last seen. They also may not have an accurate enough idea as to when some of the girls were actually placed at their final locations so it could be a monumental task trying to pour through thousands upon thousands of records…..(maybe we can volunteer you to do that RR…LOL).

    But…where tracking the pings could come into play and be beneficial might be with Muggy Brown. It appears they probably have a pretty tight timeline on her. They know what time she was at her house and when she left. There’s some discrepancy with media reports but from what I gather, authorities believe she had been deceased approximately 6 hours when her body was found around 2-3 am that morning….they even have exact dates to work with. I would think it wouldn’t be too difficult to check out cell phone pings for that Racca Road area within that fairly tight time frame. Not to mention they could check out pings from Muggy’s phone after she left her house that day.

    I’m thinking they could have a decent time frame to check out pings from Brittney’s phone. Although, I’m not sure if the type of phone she had would allow that….maybe someone knowledgeable could elaborate. If it is possible, at least they know the area she was in to start with and a date and time and could go from there. As far as tracking any other phone activity out in the area she was finally located could be difficult since they probably don’t know when her body was placed there. I mean it’s still a relatively short time frame to research but with manpower considerations it could prove difficult.

    One other possibility could lie with the location where Whitnei was found. If they know, from the residents and farmers in that area, when the last time one of them was at that intersection of Bobby & Earl Duhon Road prior to Whitnei’s body being found….then I believe they would have a fairly tight time line they could research as far as what was pinging out there within that time period.

  12. db, on March 12th, 2009 at 8:39 PM Said:
    if these people were all random, unrelated and didnt know each other…it would be safe to say this person didnt know the victims or have any relations with them most of the time….all of these people knew each other…..he had to have known them or of them….this person’s chance of not knowing the deceased and happening to murder all of them is more of a long shot than winning the power ball…..the connection are all of the women, not just one…..

    I agree with your powerball analogy….the odds are just way too high that this is some random, unknown to the community, killer.

  13. Okay guys….I moved Rossmo to it’s own post so y’all can comment you’re little hearts out LOL.

  14. I am familiar with Rossmo. It should be noted that these types of crimes happen and justification or acknowledgment is few and far between. What is it exactly? A faint knowledge doesn’t mean it wasn’t random. That is called stalking. Sorry, for the edge but I feel this is so solvable and it isn’t.

  15. I keep wondering if there’s not two parallel crime situations going on over there….which would further confuse the case. They seem to be intertwined but it may not be as it appears. I don’t know…just throwing that possibility out there.

  16. As bad as everyone wants and deserves the updates on progress of the case, the task force must have some reason for blowing off the public and families request for info. Given the FBI, State Police, and other agencies are supposed to be working on this case along with the Sheriff- we have all expected updates and have not gotten them.
    Maybe the FBI knows somebody in LE is involved and/or responsible for the crimes- have them under a thorough investigation and because it is LE, anyone who leaks or gives out info on the case would blow the entire cover they have going on behind closed doors; therefore, they cannot provide any statements about the case. Also, it may do no good to talk to families if they already know who (all) is responsible, it is an LE officer or two, for it could be a matter of that one piece of evidence or a slip up they are waiting for as others have mentioned.

    This could be why they have persistently refused to get public with the case- and have kept so hush hush. Even the coroner could be under investigation – for helping cover crimes- who knows????

  17. Here’s other information I could locate regarding former police officer Phil Karam. Don’t know why he did it but he was a former vietnam veteran and known to episodes of psychosis.

    Officer Burt LeBlanc
    Jennings Police Department, LA
    Date of Incident: February 5, 2000, 2130 hours
    Officer LeBlanc was shot and killed after responding to a 911 call for a medical emergency. As officer LeBlanc and two other responding officers approached the door in the carport, the suspect approached from inside and opened fire with a revolver.
    Officer LeBlanc, who was not wearing a vest, was shot in the arm and chest. The two other officers, who were wearing vests, were also shot and wounded. Officer LeBlanc was transported to a local hospital where he pronounced dead.
    The shooting suspect was a former police officer for the same agency and had just killed another former officer and the former officer’s wife. The incident took place at the former officer’s home. The suspect was arrested after a standoff and charged with several counts of murder and attempted murder.
    Officer LeBlanc had been with the agency for seven years.

  18. Someone suffering from episodes of phychosis has no business owning a gun or having it in their possession!

    It’s ashame that we don’t have adequate room to store people with mental illnesses in an appropriate facility.

    If we had more room in the institutions, people like Karam wouldn’t hurt others!

  19. Why do I keep thinking there may have been a sting or something going on that got it started in the first place. Seems there were lots of people in a house but can’t remember but I think it was the Guidrys and the Karams were friends.

  20. Talking to myself – found what I was thinking, nola no long showing the full story.

    Jennings, Louisiana
    Murder suspect smirked, asked policeman to kill him — (Nola) Phil Karam is accused of killing close friends Kenny, 48, and Christine Guidry, 32, and then firing on officers who responded to an emergency call from the couple’s home last year, fatally wounding Officer Burt LeBlanc, 30.

  21. Correct, the Guidry’s and Karam were friends. Karam would borrow their van often, from what I remember. They were actually best friends. Guess only he’ll know why he did it.

  22. wow…with friends like that ….who needs enemies! lol

  23. There was also a rumor, although I don’t know if it was actually a rumor, that he (Karam) threatened to walk in the police station and shoot everyone. That was mentioned at his trial.

  24. I want to thank g8trgirl again, this site that she created keeps the public and the victim’s families informed of what’s going on. It also let’s everyone know that the public wants these cases solved. It’s too bad that some can’t put their differences aside for one common goal…TO SOLVE THIS CASE!! I had a reason for making that comment but more on that later.

    G8trgirl, thank you for this website and you have done an excellent job of maintaining it and keeping everyone informed. But I hope everyone understands that this is just the beginning because we are at the beginning stages of finding a suspect and/or suspects, then we have the trial (which could last months), then we have the verdict then we have the sentence.

    I know some in LE think that this may be proproganda and I also know that LE can’t satisfy everyone and know matter how well someone does their job, somebody will have gripes and complaints but that’s the nature of the beast in the business. With everyone on here brainstorming, hopefully we can give LE some ideas that they haven’t though of to get those responsible off the streets so that someone else is not harmed. So to g8trgirl and everyone else, thanks for your efforts. Great job.

  25. I agree Kirk, it is a good group. I wish my uncle wasn’t a retired judge in La. as I could really get some answers. But,he is and he is old now. He would have never stood for some of this stuff.

    G8, you know we will be here for you as you have worked so hard to bring acknowledgment to these crimes.To the victims families.. We are pretty hard working and will do what we can. Your loved ones are our loved ones now too.

    Never give up.

  26. Something I learned in the past about the criminal procedures…it is conducted (in most places) by the written law which does not have room for emotions.
    Especially during trial/courtroom procedures. While witnessing an entire murder case, I would often think with my emotions, and my sister, who works for an attorney, would often remind me- to loose the emotions and think of the law. It has procedures regardless of how people feel about the case.

    Everything does have to take its proper course for justice to be successful.

    This can outrage others, especially victim families who would like resolve and closure (well deserving of course) sooner than court procedures actually offer it.
    Thie case I saw took four years, and continues now with the LA Supreme Court. LA lacks so much funding for the criminal process that cases do drag on beyond belief.

    Point being, to the families, when you find your emotions ruling, please stop and think of the law, it does not go by emotions.
    Ask your questions to the DA, ADA, Victim and Witness Representatives – don’t hesitate. It will help you understand procedures. As will all this support you can get here! Don’t be surprised by how many times you go to court only to see another postponement occur, also.
    The law can be timeless too!

    God Bless you all, you too g8, Kirk and all those working diligently toward SOLVING THE CASE.

  27. Could the victim placed on Cherokee Rd. because there may have been other activity that night in his usual area? – whether police activity or other- a wreck or something?

  28. Hi y’all thanks for the kind words…I really appreciate them. This site wouldn’t be what it’s grown into without all of you though. Some awesome discussion and ideas being presented!!!

  29. i meant to say victim’s 5 and 7……being best friends….

  30. the last 2 victims has my mind boggled……this is what i think……both of these women had some type of connection to the person of interest to the point that i think he feared one of these 2 (who were best friends) could get him caught more so #7…think about it…these girls were best friends and this p.o.i. assumed they told each other everything….this poi had to be paranoid once #5 went missing that number #7 would figure it out and tell authorities….

    i don’t whatsoever think that this poi lives in jennings or lake arthur…i gave it deep thought…….he does not want to be anywhere near where he does what he does……he needs a comfort zone to operate in his masked lifestyle……

    …can anyone tell me about bell city ?

  31. dont flame me but i think the person of interest is a man of color……

    out of all of the women…i think ms brown was closest to this person enough to id him…..

    i understand why people may think of the bleach as something to destroy evidence…….think about it….exactly what types of evidence could be ruined on top of the skin’s surface? with exception to anything lodged underneath fingernails…..what was the poi trying to clean up by using bleach?…its a tougher question than u think……tell me what u think

  32. Yeah, Bell City, or possibily Iota?

  33. Impact of bleach on DNA
    Two of the experts testified Thursday about the harmful effects of bleach on DNA samples.

    “Bleach very effectively destroys DNA,” said DNA analyst Peer, who had testified that the victim’s genetic fingerprints were found on Westerfield’s jacket and on carpet fibers in his motor home.

    Bleach was at the top of a shopping list found during a search of Westerfield’s home after he returned from a meandering trip to Coronado and the desert on the same weekend that the 7-year-old victim disappeared.

    Investigators said they smelled bleach in the defendant’s garage and motor home.

    FBI expert Catherine Theisen said numerous studies had been conducted on various household products to examine whether they could change DNA samples or make them unusable.

    A study of common household bleach found it damaging to such samples, Theisen said.

    “Bleach degrades or breaks down DNA, which could then cause you to get no DNA typing result,” Thiesen said. “In fact we’d take advantage of bleach. We used it routinely to clean our work surfaces in the laboratory to get rid of any potential DNA.”

    In no case was the FBI able to discover a substance that could transform one type of DNA into a different type, she testified.

  34. Here’s another article on bleach:

    Murderers desperate to get rid of evidence might want to consider using bleach to wash away stains. But not just any bleach will do. When old-school chlorine-based bleach is splashed all over blood-stained clothing, even if the clothes are washed ten times, DNA is still detected.

    So for the criminal aspiring for perfection, here’s the secret you’ll need to know: It’s the oxygen-producing detergents that will get rid of any incriminating evidence for good.

    Researchers at the University of Valencia tested oxygen bleach on blood-stained clothing for two hours and found that it destroys all DNA evidence. Forensic tests such as luminal tests rely on the ability of blood to uptake oxygen: A protein in the blood called hemoglobin (responsible for transporting oxygen throughout the body) reacts with hydrogen peroxide and gives a positive test result.

    Read more here:

  35. FYI, bleach is also used to get rid of/keep away rodents such as racoons, rabbits, gophers, etc.,

  36. I believe in this case he was in a hurry and used bleach instead of his normal methods. Maybe he saw a patrol car and panicked? Or some other vehicle that he thought could identify him? Or he was on the way to a more hidden dumping ground and started to have car trouble?

    There was some reason the victim was found in that manner vs. the MO for the other victims.

  37. Here’s something else we can maybe toss around. I was told by a well known profiler that “attention should be focused on the areas between Zeno’s body and Highway 26”.

    I requested clarification on that statement but never received a reply back; so I don’t know if the profiler meant the killer may live in that area or if they meant the killings may be taking place in that area.

  38. okay so he poured the bleach all over her clothed body……very interesting… shoes?….was she undressed and he dressed her?….possible…

    …i think he feared that any material on her clothes could be matched with material at his place where they were together?….for it to be something directly from his body to hers, you have to ask yourself first “what would he be so paranoid about that something could be traced back to him”…..besides the obvious being a dna match… thoughts are why would he be worried about dna if he didnt have sex with her and if he did…then why would he only pour bleach “on” her body when his dna could very well be “internal” as a result of intercourse and chance leaving this clue behind?…..i think this guy could be more so paranoid of what le is thinking about him because le evidently already knows about him…le isnt thinking about him cause he is unrelated perhaps but the poi himself is paranoid and thinks they could be on his trail…..anyone follow me here?

  39. in other words he used bleach to hide any material that may be matched with him/his place/his vehicle that could of been found on her body…and in the event this poi is thinking le will come and/or search him/place/vehicle he wanted to remove anything physical that could link him to her body…….you know…”hard evidence”…..

    to me it doesnt make sense that he would be concerned about his persnal dna being on the body if he only poured bleach onto her clothed body…..if he was worried about his dna on her clothes then why didnt he just take her clothes?…..easier and much safer than to gamble on pouring bleach and leaving potential evidence……if was using bleach to saturate the body itself….it doesnt make sense to do it chancing that the clothes would protect her skin from being “cleaned” so to speak……i could go deeper into his thoughts but dont want to get to explicit w/o offending anyone……

  40. g8trgirl, on March 15th, 2009 at 12:33 PM Said:
    Here’s something else we can maybe toss around. I was told by a well known profiler that “attention should be focused on the areas between Zeno’s body and Highway 26″.

    I requested clarification on that statement but never received a reply back; so I don’t know if the profiler meant the killer may live in that area or if they meant the killings may be taking place in that area.

    it seems to me that this profiler made a very generic assumption based on the fact that zeno was working in lake arthur at sonic and could have easily been stlaking her unknowingly and waiting for her to simply get off of work….high probability that he traveled hwy 26 str8 to jennings where he placed her……doesnt mean in th eleast bit that 26 has some sort of clues….i bet it was a low probability he traveled back down towards lake arthur……i think he headed southwest ……..i have a real feeling that this person lives some either just n.e. of jennings or s.w. of jennings…..

  41. he could have traveled west with #6 and then came back to jennings to place her…..

    …the only link i think this profiler could have meant was that he may have murdered her along that route…..but then again….she could have “gone” somewhere after work(somewhere in lake arthur or anywhere for that matter) not even along that route to meet someone…..very possible…..simply driving home from work and being that sonic is a well lit area…she obviously got into her car and drove off……now driving str8 home………well either he was there in her driveway waiting for her or she went somehwere where this person was…..think about it…..

  42. Kirk Menard, on March 15th, 2009 at 9:01 AM Said:
    Yeah, Bell City, or possibly Iota?

    my thoughts exactly…..

    about the bleach and the obvious tampering with potential dna on top of the body…or other types of material that can be identified at the cell level…..this obviously indicated that this poi had some type of encounter and/or had the victim possibly at a residence where this poi didn’t want to risk le checking where he comes and goes…..well…to me ….THIS can be very big….reason being is because why would he panic in this way with that particular victim?….is the poi paranoid?….i think he is paranoid that le may have him in their thoughts(le’s thoughts)…why would he think this……well, maybe le has already interviewed him or arrested him for something else totally unrelated to the facts……?….just and observation if i understand the bleach issue…..

    ….i want to make sure i follow this right….are the reports saying the poi “poured” bleach all over(on top of the body) her body or am i understanding this wrong?…..or did he specifically use bleach to clean his victim in another way?

    • db….this is all that is really known publicly:

      LaConia was clothed but had no shoes on. Her throat had been slit and her body had been doused with bleach. Brown was wearing a white, tank-top style shirt that had been stained from white to pink. Police believed the stain to be blood and that some type of liquid had diluted it from red to pink. They were able to discover more evidence and leads in this case than in any of the previous deaths since Brown’s body was found about six hours after it was left on the road.

  43. I think the profiler meant the area specifically between Lacour Rd. and Hwy 26.

    Then if you border those two roads with 1126 to the north and Bobby Road to the south…..that’s a pretty tight area 3 bodies were found in.

    Edited: Actually 4 bodies in a perfectly rectangular area.

  44. i agree with you there..i get what he means now…… quesiton would be “why” does he choose this area to place them?…..what means or “order” of thinking is he using…..and the profiler could be right if he assumes the poi is placing them in that area cause it is a quick time frame from the time of murder and a quick short distance of where they are being murdered….

    …how far away from placement of the bodies versus where they were last seen?……speaking only of the ones who were placed inthat area?

  45. i think bell city to lake charles… first choice

    iota to opelousas….second choice….

  46. g8, you are great with maps. Could you place one here that shows the area in question? Maybe something will pop out at us.

  47. cp….you’re reading my mind….I was working on one but it keeps adding a 5th pin on the area I’ve outlined….can’t figure out how to get rid of the extra pin.

    • Okay….think I got it now LOL. This link will show rectangular area 4 bodies were located. (Ignore pin #5).

      That rectangle area encompasses about a 2 to 2-1/2 mile area.

  48. zeno was not working at sonic at the time she was employed there prior to staying in jennings

  49. she had been in jennings scense may

  50. okay thought i read she was last scene working at sonic…

  51. she was last seen at sonic in lake arthur

    • mysterious…thank you for that clarification. I want to keep the information here as accurate as possible although sometimes it’s difficult when pulling info from media reports. I have come across some conflicting reports. I want to update Crystal’s page so this would be accurate to place there?

      • Worked at Sonic in Lake Arthur until April 08
      • Had been living/staying in Jennings since May 08
      • Was last seen at the Sonic in Lake Arthur
      (is the Aug 27th date accurate?)

      Another question I have if you don’t mind answering….I know all reports refer to her as Crystal but, I remember someone referring to her as Shay. I was wondering if Shay is the name she went by.

  52. Thanks for the map, g8 . I have been pondering this for a few hours. And, the Lake Arthur aspect has me intrigued. Don’t mean to complicate an already complicated situation but if you look at this map…….

    It is possible that the perp is traveling Hwy. 14 away from his home base. Then uses Hwy. 26 to troll and dump making everyone thing it is a Jennings resident. Then he disappears along his more familiar route. Just the fact that the girls were placed in a grid fashion indicates a right hand turn into semi rural areas but in Jennings.

    Why not dump the bodies in more isolated places?Which there are plenty around there. Including the “Lake Arthur”.

  53. i had a thought about hwy 14….but i also have a thought about they break in killings being since summer of 05 until mar of 07…..

    …can anyone tell me once hurricane rita hit in august of 2005…what areas were hit hard enough to evacuate people to other towns?…..

    …kirk, im curious as to what exactly these women who were in jail alledging to the officer who now works for the gueydan police dept…..i know he turned over the information to you….if this is germans , sorry but was just curious as to what ever went down with all of that….

    …let me understand…were their 7 women arrested ina drug/prostitution sting…one of these women dissapeared/moved away after being released and has never been found or located?…were all of victims 1 thru 6 among the arrested along with the missing woman?..can someone clarify this for me?….thanks

  54. I’m thinking Lake Arthur may need to be considered too cp. Especially now that we’ve learned that is the last place Crystal was known to have been seen alive…..I wasn’t aware of that previously. Plus remember….Kristen’s body was located just west of Lake Arthur…..we don’t know where she was last seen alive.

    Also, we may not want to rule out another nearby town that is a quick and easy shot to and from Jennings which is Welsh just to the west. Highway 99 runs south from Welsh directly to where Kristen was found.

    And cp…..about the bodies not being taken to more isolated areas….wish I knew why….that’s one of the baffling questions. The only answer I can come up with is whoever is responsible wanted to be sure the bodies were found.

  55. FYI-from Welsh to the 1126 turn off is about 3.1 miles, where you can go to Jennings or turn off to get to Lake Arthur.. to Lake Arthur go down 1126 and then turn onto 26 and it is 19 miles . or you can go 99 to 14 and that way is 22 miles. Most of this area is farm use and laced with bayou’s. Not much out there.

  56. And, Crystal worked and visited a fast food establishment. So did some of the others. That is a fairly good trolling ground while never having to go into a bar. Maybe the perp is a dry alcoholic and uses these places to pick out and up vulnerable people?

    Sorry for complicating things again.

    I wish we knew all and how many missing people were from south Louisiana. From I-10 south to Morgan City. Also, how many suspicious fires. I think our boy knows the local highways vs. the interstate.

  57. Sorry the recordings that Officer Jesse Ewing obtained cannot be disclosed at this time. They are classified as highly confidential because of their nature and until its fully investigated we need to protect the innocent people whose name’s might have been on the recordings.

  58. RR, did some research and around Lacour road and racca road, they grow what is known as Milo/wheat.

    • Kirk, this comment didn’t slip past me LOL… there some significance to the milo/wheat?

      RR, did some research and around Lacour road and racca road, they grow what is known as Milo/wheat.

  59. Let me ask this. Does the local newspaper cite arrests? I know some small towns in La. do this on a regular basis. From the mundane to the felonies. Does a regional newspaper cite arrests for the towns surrounding? Is it possible if this is the case, that someone reads about the troubled individuals and uses their vulnerabilities?

  60. cp wrote “…Why not dump the bodies in more isolated places?Which there are plenty around there. Including the “Lake Arthur”.

    Dead weight is often hard to carry far. So they may have placed victims close to roads because of this and the quickness allowed by such.

    Unless maybe there were places that could be traveled to easily in more isolated areas. They could have also become paranoid about traveling with victim in their vehicle going only a short distance.

    It is a good question as to whether they drove a far distance to get rid of bodies or not???

  61. Observer, he may have not known about other isolated areas. He may have used surfaces that were good for his vehicle vs. taking a chance of mishap.

    Which sounds like he may not have an SUV or ATV but a regular car. Whoo! Good thoughts to consider.

  62. I looked on the Jennings Daily News and Lake Charles American Press web sites and don’t see where they release arrest information….at least not online.

  63. Information is correct. She went by the name of Shay all are most of her friends new her by that name.

  64. I believe the Advertiser does in Lafayette. But, I don’t know what areas are encompassed. Crowley is awfully close. I am getting the feeling this is east of Jennings.

    You know it is something…could be an expectation or not..

    I am going to focus on east of Jennings for awhile. Do some research about odd crimes and see what jells.

    If anyone knows more that makes me waste my time please let me know.

  65. cp…the Advertiser does post arrest info on a daily basis for Lafayette Parish.

  66. I thought so. Haven’t been home in a number of years for any length of time. Hwy. 14 is sticking for me right now. I am like a little bulldog when something sticks out.

  67. All I know cp, and I believe this is correct….that Hannah Conner and Frankie Richard had some pretty close ties to the Lafayette area.

    Also, when Conner was arrested….she was picked up at her boyfriend’s (at the time anyway) house in Vermilion Parish. Link to article

  68. thanks kirk, i found this story to be out of the box for me to believe……..if this story is true….i would be in shock about what could come out of this…….

    also still looking for an answer…i was told that 7 of the women , not brittney but another unknown female were all arrested in a drug sting operation together… any of this story true?….if so this is very interesting and could hold some heavy clues as to who is doing this…….

    …anyone think the break in the killing were a result of hurricane rita?….what ever towns were evacuated….this could be possible as to why the poi went cold for almost 2 years?…..

  69. anyone have a suggestion as to who they think could have done this?……..the poi

    employment?….you see where im going?

    ..ill take a guess…this person had some training in law enforcement before…

  70. Thanks for the article, g8. It seems like the sheriff was ready to throw the book at those two. Neither one are stellar citizens but apparently LE didn’t have the right stuff for charges to stick.

    I am curious about the milo/wheat. I looked it up last night and read the longest pdf explanation and really much more than I wanted to know about crop yields. So, Kirk, help us out here. LOL!

  71. Unfortunately it sounds as if most, if not all, witnesses and suspects to date have all been deemed not credible.

    It’s very difficult for me to believe not ONE piece of evidence has surfaced to back up someone’s statement to LE.

    I’m with you cp…..I want to know more about the milo/wheat….Kirrrkkk…..Red Rangerrrrrr…..where are you???

  72. I was just wondering what was used to murder these dear girls. I was fishing in one of the bayou’s off 99, and as we were heading down stream trying to avoid all the trash that has washed along the side, I found something resting next to an old refrigerator. It was a very very large knife stuck partially in the mud. I gave it to my officer friend of mine and he said he would look into it. Would anyone know if this might be a weapon used?

  73. I’m here for you g8trgirl. In the third post of this thread I falsely assumed that southern JDP was heavily rice fields. Kirk was just telling me that they grow milo/wheat around Lacour and Racca roads. My bad. I read here every day. I do not always have something constructive to contribute so I may not write anything.

  74. Geez you guys don’t miss much lol-the milo/wheat was for RR because he was brainstorming about farmers in the area and asked me what type of crops are grown in the area so I told him. That is really insignificant.

    Dan Barras-What is out of the box and hard to believe. You don’t specify yourself.

  75. dan….as far as the drug/prostitution sting…I haven’t received, or heard of, a firm confirmation on the story. What I WAS told, by someone that makes it their business to know what’s going on, is that they haven’t been able to prove the story UNTRUE either. Just my personal opinion….I believe there are some elements of truth to the story. I know that’s not much help….maybe Kirk can offer his thoughts on it.

    As far as the long time lapses between some of the killings….originally my theories were that possibly it was someone in the military/reservist that had been shipped off to active duty or maybe a person that had moved away from the area for a while and then moved back for whatever reason. I’ve since changed my opinion.

    First of all I will say this….I think they were all killed because of who they knew and what they knew. I believe Brittney’s death was more of warning to others though.

    In 2005, Loretta and Ernestine were several years older than the other girls at the time. It’s possible they were not as easy to control and keep quiet thus someone felt it necessary to silence them. The younger girls may have been scared; more easily manipulated and not perceived as threats at that time. As time passed and some of the others got a little older they may have continued to be exposed to more and more shady dealings going on behind the scenes (so to speak). They too may have become a bit bolder, not as easily controlled and, once again, the perpetrator(s) felt it was necessary to quiet them permanently.

    So, basically my theory is that they were killed at times when the perp(s) felt they were becoming too much of a threat…..not because the perp(s) had relocated, busy with family obligations, illness, etc.

    As far as who might be involved….I have some thoughts on that LOL….I’m not yet quite ready to discuss it publicly though.

  76. roflmao…..okay….I see your comma after RR….I can see it was a statement to him, not us LOL.

    On the subject of wheat though….interestingly enough Eyez just had a dream about a wheat field….go figure.

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