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Note: Original post date published on: Mar 10, 2009 @ 10:30
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  1. RR,
    “Is it just a gas station and convenience store or do they do mechanic work also?”

    It is a conv. store and gas station. No mechanic work done.

    • Many thanks to Jason Brown, The Advocate Acadiana bureau, for his coverage about the jdpkiller blog and keeping the story of the girls’ mysterious deaths in public view. Also, a big thank you to those of you that have been closely following case and your contributions to this site.

      For those of you just learning of the numerous, unsolved deaths in Jeff Davis Parish…..welcome to the blog!!! Please take time to read about the background surrounding these cases and feel free to join in the discussion.

  2. Good article by Jason Brown.

  3. The store is just a covenience store there is no mechanic work done at that store, however there is a mechanic shop across the street.

  4. pic….the mechanic shop you mention….is that the auto body shop?

  5. Very nice article in The Advocate by Jason Brown.
    You are doing a super job g8!!!! 🙂

  6. There is also a auto body shop in front of Tina’s about a mile down the road.

    • Thanks ahlou….couldn’t do it without you and the many others that are supporting this site!!!

      There is also a auto body shop in front of Tina’s about a mile down the road.

      Very interesting…..Do you happen to know who owns that one and if they present any suspicion?

  7. Another question is did the 66 ever get held up, and if so how many times.

    If 66 has never been held up, I bet Rooster has something to do with the high drug traffic in his store and community.

    One is not going to hurt/steal from the Rooster who is supplying the mess, that is IF it is happening. I wouldn’t go rob Tony Soprano, you know what I mean? Just an opinion/suggestion to look at.

  8. Is it true this Rooster guy is known around town as the “Iceman”?

  9. What would “Iceman” mean?

  10. ice = meth

    Methamphetamine, also called meth, is a stimulant sometimes referred to as “the poor man’s cocaine,” speed, chalk, ice or crank.

  11. It was a good article….short and succinct. Creates the need to learn more about these horrific murders. Serial killers are a rare breed but they are real and one or more is walking around in JDP..

  12. There is a paint and body shop in front of Phillip 66 as well.

  13. You’re right cp….he did a great job….straight to the point. Needless to say it generated an enormous amount of traffic at the site today which is wonderful (1,200 hits so far today & still counting).

    I hope many will stick around and join the discussion. The more eyes and ears following the case the more angles, theories and possibilities presented.

  14. I knew it had to have something to do with drugs.

    You know there was a girl from Lake Arthur arrested for a BIG meth bust. I think it may have taken place in Lafayette. She was a big leader/dealer. I also think the police was looking for her at one time. Maybe it was because she didn’t show for her court date. Nothing was ever said about her after that, that I know of any way. Not sure if it has anything to do with this situation. I doubt it, but hey, meth is big and she got caught with a lot.

  15. g8, glad to hear that people are wanting to learn more. And, I, like you, hope there will be more contribution. You never know who knows the smallest thing that could help…they may not even know they can help.

    I think back to the Baton Rouge serial killings and how public pressure finally got action. Pieces were put together that were out of the profiling for that killer. And, another SK was arrested for a different group of murders. 2 really bad guys went down but it wasn’t without effort.

  16. Interesting thing about the Ospho (which is 75% phosphoric acid)….I’ve seen a few references on the internet that suggest it may be used in meth production.

    Another thing….the vapors from the Ospho are apparently hazardous to the respiratory system if one doesn’t use a mask/respirator when working with it. Severe exposure from mist or vapor inhalation can lead to chemical pneumonitis which causes swelling of lung tissue. Fluid moves into air spaces in the lungs and lessens their ability to absorb oxygen and get rid of carbon dioxide. In some cases death may result.

    Just throwing this out there… it possible some of the girls were exposed, intentionally, to the vapors. Especially the ones where no cause of death was ruled.

    Sounds like this Ospho stuff could come into play in several different ways.

  17. cp I agree…..I firmly believe there may be someone out there that isn’t aware they may hold a piece or two to this puzzle. That’s why I feel so strongly about keeping this story alive and visible by whatever means necessary.

    There are also probably several that DO KNOW they hold the key to solving this and I maintain hope their conscience will prevail and they will step forward and put an end to these senseless murders. Those that may have direct information and continue to hesitate coming forward are, in my opinion, putting themselves in harms way….they could (God forbid) be the next target.

    There was immense media coverage on the Baton Rouge killings which I alluded to in this post. Investigators and LE seemed to have no problem giving routine updates and actually released many details surrounding the murders to the public prior to both killers being apprehended. In the end….those press conferences and the information released didn’t jeopardize the cases at all.

    It was amazing the large investigative team that was formed to solve those crimes. Perhaps the same courtesy should be extended to the 7 victims (possibly 10) in Jeff Davis Parish and their families as well.

  18. Victims grandmother, so glad you are posting, you and all the families have so many people praying for all of you, as well as hoping the SOB or maybe SOBs are brought to justice real soon.

    IMO, it’s time this ends. I and many others feel the person or persons are known and there is evidence but LE is hoping for a fall person. We all hope that is not the case but we all know some of what is out there and if it was some nobody that person would be named and in court. I believe the DA wants to be sure but for some reason I believe LE may not be giving him the full scope of what is out there. I may be in left field but that’s my thoughts, they know who but it is not the right who.

    Keep posting you have people who care and proud of you and all of the families. I know some who do not have computers so it’s people like you who we applaud for your courage.

  19. The shop across from Phillips 66 is a paint and body shop the auto shop down across from Tina’s is Cary auto shop and then next door to Tina’s is Bill wrecker service. I do not believe either of these places are under any kind of suspicion. But I am not 100% sure on that fact. Kirk might be able to answer that one.

  20. g8trgirl, Some of the ladies that were killed have yet to have a cause of death released. Are you thinking they may have had ospho held over their mouths until death? It would shut their lungs down but I am not sure how long that would take. It would leave traces in their lungs for forensic use.

    Also, the lungs, as an internal organ, are protected fairly long from outside forces and the elements during decomp. This would be good news in helping to determine a cause of death, if ospho was involved. It may be the thing that gets the killer caught if the residue was sufficient for analyzing percentages of chemicals, possibly leading to the brand used. This is all speculation without knowing if ospho was involved. The LSP or FBI crimelabs would know by now though.

    Last, and off topic. We totally disagree on the BRSK case. I thought the PR was horrible and the chief and his spokespeople were arrogant and rude. This is why he resigned after DTL’s capture. Also, it was solved by three things that the official story just glazed over. The Zachary police figured it out. The Tampa DNA lab told them the perp was black when the FBI profile said white. And last, he was beating another victim with her phone when the victims son walked in. He ran away and drove off in a gold Hyundai with a Levis Mitsubishi license on the front. Or a gold Mitsu. With a Levis Hyundai license. Then it was a matter of hours to find out who he was.

    Totally O/T. In the Caylee Anthony case, LE was very public spirited and as informative as they could be at their regular updates. Excellent PR. Exactly by the book that Kirk linked to a few pages back. Sorry to go off topic.

    Mrs. Victim’s Grandmother, I am sorry for your loss. Hopefully you will soon have the answers you deserve.

  21. RR, I’m not sure about the Ospho…it was presented as a hypothetical consideration. Under “normal” circumstances, with proper use, it probably wouldn’t pose that much of a hazard. From what I’ve read though, if a person were to be exposed to a somewhat continual mist, or vapor, from it……it could potentially cause serious respiratory problems quickly.

    And yes, I would think any type of reaction from exposure to this chemical would be evident in an autopsy. Of course, it would depend on the experience of the coroner, or whoever performed the autopsy, as to whether they would be able to notice something unusual, amiss or subtle with a crime victim.

    As unthinkable as this is…..I believe the bodies may need to be exhumed and re-examined. There is way too much suspicion swirling around these cases and someone totally disassociated with this needs to conduct new autopsies on these girls.

    And RR….touche’ on the BRSK cases….LOL. I was trying to make a comparison about the coverage those cases got versus the JDP cases. When it was all said and done….the solving of those cases was nothing other than luck, but thing is….at least the story was “out there” and the Zachary PD took notice and persisted until the Task Force finally listened.

  22. “Butch Sonnier was killed at a residence in Lake Arthur. He was beaten to death with a bat and the body was dumped at a bridge south of Welsh after being further mutilated. The killer(s) were questioned, the house was covered in blood residue, the bat had tissue remnants, etc., etc., etc., No conviction was possible. Mike Conner was chief of police for the town of Lake Arthur. He and the prime suspects, Terry Scoper and Ray LaBauve, were very close associates – we remember Mike Conner – he’s the former deputy that used to live with the celebrated gay judge from Jennings, Walter Peters. Conner was also part of the Dateline investigation into our sheriff’s department’s misdeeds and corruption during the cocaine carnival time of Jeff Davis Parish history. Anyway, Scoper’s sister was also a prime suspect in another Lake Arthur murder years earlier – yet another murder that went unsolved or at least not prosecuted.”

    I’m new here, so please forgive my tardiness. Has anyone mentioned the fact that the above mentioned Mike Conner is blood related to Hanna Conner and Frankie Richard? Does anyone find this as interesting as I do or am I way off?

    • I’m new here, so please forgive my tardiness. Has anyone mentioned the fact that the above mentioned Mike Conner is blood related to Hanna Conner and Frankie Richard? Does anyone find this as interesting as I do or am I way off?

      Welcome to the site Cemetery Wind. I find this information EXTREMELY interesting. Are you certain about it?

      The reason I ask is because we wouldn’t want to be accused of posting erroneous information such as Sheriff Edwards alluded to in this article released today. Not sure if he’s speaking specifically about the AMW fiasco or just the whole site in general.

  23. It is interesting. Is Conner still Chief of Police for Lake Arthur?

  24. “Scoper’s sister was also a prime suspect in another Lake Arthur murder years earlier – yet another murder that went unsolved or at least not prosecuted.”

    Who were the two victims?

  25. I believe Cheryl Vincent is the Chief now. I’m not 100 percent on that.

  26. Who were the victims?

  27. I don’t think it is related, but you never know. The reason I say that is because Menard never gave any comments pertaining to this and if he did I missed it.

    • g8, do you think it is any relation to the 7 murders?

      I don’t think it is related, but you never know. The reason I say that is because Menard never gave any comments pertaining to this and if he did I missed it.

      brownie, although we don’t know many details surrounding the death of Butch Sonnier, in my personal opinion, I believe his murder as well as Sheila Comeaux’s and Rat Trahan’s may very well be affiliated and/or connected to the deaths of the 7 women. I can’t speak for Kirk on the subject although he is aware of those cases and mentioned them briefly.

      Kirk Menard on 2009/02/26 at 8:39pm
      g8trgirl, have you heard of Butch Sonnier? Who remembers that name?

      Kirk Menard on February 27th, 2009 at 11:37 AM
      Sheila Comeaux and Rat Trahan are classified as closed. Butch Sonnier is still open but a cold case since this occurred around 1993. To date, has not been solved. As in the seven unsolved homicide cases, arrests were made…Terry Scoper was arrested but then released due to “lack of evidence.”

  28. g8, do you think it is any relation to the 7 murders?

  29. I know people in those families and I’m about as certain as I can be. I can offer no proof but I welcome any confirming or refuting evidence as I don’t wish to spread false information.

  30. Thanks Cemetery…..I believe you and I’m glad you brought that information to light….I think it’s an important consideration when you step back and look at all of the mysterious deaths in JDP and how they appear to be connected. It certainly raises even more questions.

  31. I read the article. I didn’t realize it’s been since December the website was mentioned. That must be one superb website coming up by the JDP.

    Who were the victims in Lake Arthur other than Sonnier?

  32. g8, the article you recently put up, I clicked on. On that page at the top right they had a video. I heard where Laconia Brown’s family was not able to see her body. How could that have happened? Who stated they could not see her body? Did they seal it shut? I’m sure some may say, that is good, because it may have traumatized one if they would have seen it. Maybe, there may have been a marking on the body that was made, that someone from the family may have recognized? It’s just a thought! If it was my child, I would have to say, “I’m looking at the body no matter what”. Them poor people!

  33. brownie….I have no idea who the other Lake Arthur victims are. Hopefully the poster SilenceDogood will return to the blog and provide that information. He/she seemed to be quite knowledgeable on the subject.

    And yes….Dec 08 was when the sheriff announced plans for the web site. Sounds like they’re having technical difficulties……can’t wait to see it though. Of course if it simply contains what info has already been publicly released it will be about as futile as the tip line and reward money has apparently been……just my opinion.

  34. Don’t know if I can post the whole article ” Investigators say the names of the two suspects, whom are uncle and niece, have come up often in this investigation.

    Sheriff Rickey Edwards says the two are involved in the drug circle, which he says is the link between them and the victim”.

    g8, maybe you can find out if all can be published before it is archived. It also have pictures of theml
    Arrests Made in Jeff Davis Murder

    Updated: May 18, 2007 05:09 PM CDT

    • ahlou….here is the blog link to the information you referenced…..their pictures are posted there as well.

      Due to copyright considerations we can’t post articles in their entirety but it is acceptable to post a paragraph or two. Most of the local media seem to keep their articles available for quite some time with the exception of The Advertiser……they usually archive theirs at about 4-6 weeks after publishing. I learned that the hard way LOL….now I copy The Advertiser articles to my computer in case I want to refer back to them.

      • Cemetery Wind…..if you’re still reading here, are you able to explain the relation between Mike Conner, Hannah Conner and Frankie Richard. I know it’s been reported that Hannah is Richard’s niece. Is Mike Hannah’s uncle, cousin? I’m confused LOL. And, how does Richard fit in there?

  35. Just passed on South Main/Cutting and other streets, not a police around. One can barely weave through the ‘crime area’.

    That area is about five blocks, not the whole of Main. They seem to know when the police will be in the area because some days there are police all over. When the police are there most people are very happy seeing them, of course you have the few who doesn’t.

  36. brownie, lol that website must be very technical. The tech must still be in college or it is Appeasement 101.

    IMO the only way anything will ever get solved is for outside (I don’t mean Lake Charles or Lafayette) intervention.

  37. The people that is talked about in the above article do they still leave in Jennings?

  38. Sorry “Live”

  39. i looked at the “day” each of the women were alledged to go missing….it looks like our killer strikes toward the end of the week…like on wed/thursday… odd thing is most all of the victims are found on the weekend….

    …this may indicate the killer could possibly be “single”….he goes out towards the end of the week….this also indicates he could possibly be younger…early to mid 30’s…..

    …this person does not live in jennings…..although he may stay(over at a friends) or drive out to jennings….jmo……the time between the murders and then some were close together may indicate this person was staying with a friend…….

    …the answers are simple….hopefully people that are in charge are not making it complicated….this person’s actions although claimed to be smart….is only his “common sense”… took him a few minutes to decide what he was going to do afterwards….the main area except for one spot that was off the path(i wonder why) is only the dumping ground….

    …id love to tell you what race he is based on evidence….but i dont know anything…..

    …he got slopy with the bleaching……leads me to believe involvement of some kind…..

    just some thoughts……

  40. so….did ya’ll hear about a body that they found along side interstate?….It was on the news earlier….Does anyone think our boy has ventured out?

  41. Interstate where?

  42. Where was a body found jfd61? I assume you mean I 10 but in what general area? Male or female?.

  43. I only caught the tail end of it but they’re looking for a guy in Bronco with a crew cut….they don’t know if he hit her or killed her first then dumped her body….I think it was a far distance from here but in LA!

  44. Did anybody else hear about this?

  45. saturated with bleach on a road where she would be found quickly…..???……

    i assume this has already been discussed…..

    …did this person do it to toy with le?

    …did this person have to “dispose of” quicker and saturate the body with bleach leaving no evidence cause he had perhaps other friends/family/work? that would notice him missing?….did he have to do it unexpectedly(maybe a phone call or something shortened his disposal process of finding a good hiding spot to allow for decompostion to set in to leave no traces) because he didnt want to alert anyone that would notice his disappearance during that time and think it was not normal?…is this why he used bleach….to me it seemed like a quick fix for a getaway….?…a sudden panic reaction?

    anyone like to share thoughts?

  46. well I know for sure it wasn’t in JDP so these people are smart enough not to release crucial information!

  47. And or you so sure it was bleach?….do you know if the information released was actually factual?


    This woman found dead was by Lecombe, LA. It is almost 175 miles from Jennings. Doubtful it is related.

  49. He may not have felt at ease with the situation. Suppose he saw a patrol car in the area? Bleach is a quick remedy but not foolproof with good labs. His other methods may have been more adequate but we don’t know. Timing is everything.No release of info to rank and compare.

    I think this person is a loner with one looking out for or coaching or encouraging his sick demeanor. There is a counterpart for the darkside of this person but it is much too soon too soon to create a full identity.. Not enough info. It is more than sociopathy…there is a trigger.

  50. thank you Red Ranger….I hadn’t heard the whole story and was wondering about that! Thank you for providing the link!…Not related …..yea that’s right our killer doesn’t leave his comfort zone, now does he?….Not cleaver enough to venture out….no, don’t think it’s that ….to many connections to where he’s located…..absolutely!…It’s that the name of there game!

  51. I noticed the Sheriff had a press conference to say that this site had the facts wrong about his alleged denial of having AMW shoot a segement in Jennings. I guess the people who were told that by the producer were all mistaken.

    I did not see it in the article but did he say when they were going to start following FBI protocol and have regular media briefings and updates to the case? Did he give any information at all about any progress or lack of? And why was he not able to comment on not having a web page yet? It would surely not jeopardize the murder investigations to say why the promised web page is not up after three months.

    I got online last night and looked for hours at Jennings photos so that I could know what the Gas station, Tina’s etc. looked like. I did notice there is a doughnut shop right across the street from the gas station. Just sayin’….

    Thanks for the update on his press conference. And thanks in advance for letting me know about the next one. I am sure he is planning with his investigators what can be released that does not compromise the investigation.

  52. CP. I agree there is a trigger but have not put a finger on what it may be yet. I wonder if he is feeling the heat from the investigation. if he is feeling it and his trigger is pulled, how will he react. would he be able to stop himself?

    jfd61, It may also be the economy that keeps him close to home. IF he has a truck getting 15 mpg, it would take about $50 roundtrip in gas to go across the state and back. It would also move him a long way from his comfort zone.

  53. Red Ranger True…. true but if he has connections on the inside, he wants to keep a close eye on things therefore not leaving for longer then he has to making sure he’s in control, not to be caught off guard when he would return!….I feel he keeps a close eye on things!

  54. Red Ranger – This is Louisiana, home of the corrupt. If there’s more then one person who knows about what’s going on the other ones are watching their own back, making sure their so called friends won’t do the wrong thing and turn them in! ….In that case they feel they have to stick around in order to keep their control of the situation! Knowing at all times what is going on!….These control freaks like to play God!

  55. I agree that La. has always had a political bent but this is a serial killer. He enjoys what he does and will keep on even with cooling off periods. This is JDP to deal with. They need help.

    At this point I don’t think they want this. It is a small parish with not many resources. It would be better to get this off the plate than deal with it. The publicity with their own conscience rules out aiding and abetting. This is nasty stuff and life destroying.

    Most Louisiana families wouldn’t go that far. Remember I am a Louisiana family member too although I don’t live there anymore.

    I think anyone who reads about this wants it solved. I don’t think a living soul other than the killer would stand aside and let this happen. I truly believe this. Serial killers are rare even though La. has their share but it is still a tough call.

  56. i think there is some sort of reason this group of women has been chosen speaking of the close ties they had together….i dont think its purely random….its too obvious…..”in his mind that is of course”…..he could very well never strike again…are there more friends of this group of women who were in the same lifestyle?……if he is a true sk….its sad that he will strike someone who is totally out of that circle of women…..

  57. my intention is never to blame the lifestyle of these women in my post above…i believe that people go thru hard times and being murdered is not a medicine for any person…..i think what this person has done is horrible and it doesnt matter who people are…they dont deserve to be murdered at all….instead of le or others slamming them, why didnt they use intervention to help prostitutes/drug users to help these women before hand….directly/indirectly people who point the finger are the ones who werent strong enough people to make a positive difference to begin with in helping people in their community……….

  58. “Cemetery Wind…..if you’re still reading here, are you able to explain the relation between Mike Conner, Hannah Conner and Frankie Richard. I know it’s been reported that Hannah is Richard’s niece. Is Mike Hannah’s uncle, cousin? I’m confused LOL. And, how does Richard fit in there?”

    As it was explained to me, Mike Conner is Frankie’s uncle. I’m not certain on this and I am working on verification. Again, this information was provided to me and I want to verify it before I state it as fact.

  59. Okay….thanks Cemetery.

  60. I’m not certain of the relationship between Mike Conner and Frankie Richard, Hannah Conner, etc., and don’t know if there is any connection, may not be related at all, don’t know that as of yet.

    The sheriff stated in his article that much of this information on websites and blogs are erroneous but what needs to be realized is that people on blogs and websites are “brainstorming” and speaking hypothetically and devising theories of what may have happened. In such a complex investigation, you don’t leave any stone unturned. Personally, I believe in brainstorming and “more heads are better than one” and in fact, members of the task force have meetings everyday and do exactly what everyone on here is doing, brainstorming and coming up with theories and hypothetical situations. Without the public’s input and assistance, this case will not be solved because of lack of manpower and resources. The public has to assist in some way to assist LE with a list of possible suspects and then narrow it down to the most likely suspects. More than likely, they’ve already questioned the suspect (s) but the key word is EVIDENCE. No evidence then no conviction. We need physical evidence as well as scientific evidence and eyewitnesses wouldn’t be bad either. Hypothetically, if there were some witnesses to some of these homicides what is preventing someone from coming forward with that information?

    What are they scared of if they know anything?

  61. I think we may be trying to over think this. I am always a big fan of Occam’s Razor. It leads me to believe, until evidence changes my mind, that the guy that is responsible is just another scumbag. He probably does not have any help in LE. He is probably a loser because of the choices he has made in life and does not have a whole lot to lose when caught.

    Serial killers normally do not get the same high in subsequent kills. This normally leads them to kill again more frequently. This one has apparently not. He has huge cooling off periods. SK’s usually take some kind of memento from the victims. He will save it in a stash at home and use his trinkets to help re-live his fantasies.

    Occasionally they taunt LE. I have not seen that in this case except for him placing a victim on the road to the LE firing range. This may have been from necessity or possibly to stick it in LE’s face. If he is taunting LE, he will feel smart about it and generally will escalate his taunting. He may feel that they are not smart enough to catch him. The more arrogant he becomes, the more likely he will be to make a mistake.

    I’d bet a few dollars that all of the victim’s knew him, LE has already interviewed him, most of the families know him, he has an escalating criminal history, and he will eventually make a mistake.

    • Red Ranger, on March 12th, 2009 at 12:29 PM Said:
      Occasionally they taunt LE. I have not seen that in this case except for him placing a victim on the road to the LE firing range. This may have been from necessity or possibly to stick it in LE’s face. If he is taunting LE, he will feel smart about it and generally will escalate his taunting. He may feel that they are not smart enough to catch him. The more arrogant he becomes, the more likely he will be to make a mistake.

      RR….I think the whole case is a taunt to LE. It’s not just the placement of Muggy’s body on the route to the firing range….I believe the placement of all the bodies in such a tight grid (with the exception of Kristen) is a bold “in your face” statement to LE. Remember too, Whitnei was placed out in the open on a road as well.

      Whoever is responsible for this strikes me as having a high degree of confidence in their abilities….they are, in their mind, demonstrating how much smarter they are than LE. To me, that is another taunt. They are convinced their skills in leaving no evidence are superior and thus are not concerned when the bodies are located….they want them found.

      If this person(s) were not proud of their perceived “skills”….more than likely, they would have gone to extreme measures to insure none of the bodies were ever found. I get the sense somehow this person is a control freak for lack of a better term.

  62. Just would like to put a word out about these beautiful young women. Most of them I new and know how loving their personalities were. They would have grown up to be prime citizens of our community. with all the negativity about these women and their personalities I felt I wanted to share my views and comments.Some new the women some didn’t all in all no one should be able to persecute them in the manner in which they have been portrayed. We do not know how their lives were and if they thought of this as their only means of survival. We who sit in our sheltered homes with our families surrounding us. Should bow our heads in shame because most would never have anything to do with the young women even if they were begging for a meal on a street corner.what if this was the only way they knew to survive. If they did drugs or whatever their lives or not for us to judge. I pray for all our families and hope that more of you will post good complements about our girls instead of all the ugliness. To our loving daughters we miss you’re smiles, laughter, and beauty.


    • mysterious….glad you joined us and thank you for your very heartfelt post. We are all here in support of the families, friends and the seven young women themselves. When I look at the pictures of your loved ones….I look beyond the labels law enforcement placed upon them…..all I see is beautiful, smiling young women who undeservedly had their lives stolen from them. I pray each and every day the person(s) that, without a conscience, did this to them will be apprehended and brought to trial.

  63. mysterious, God Bless you, the families, and the victims. One day you guys will get closure. One Day, honey. The LE is stacking their dominoes, and when it comes, it will be a huge fall. They know it’s coming too.

    So, so, so, the SHERIFF don’t like this blog. hmmm. I guess we PISSED him off. Don’t be pissed at us, be pissed at your own deputies. My opinion is they are the ones who took money under the table a bit too far. Don’t get me wrong, you do have some Good ones also.

    I read earlier where a victim’s husband hasn’t been interview. That was written a while ago. Wonder if it has ever happened yet? Menard you know?

    Silencedogood, where are you at? Like your Opinions. Hell, I like everybody’s OPINIONS.

  64. Occam’s Principle of Unimaginative Thinking.

    While your statements are correct on escalation, RR, not all killers are so easily cataloged. I also doubt the killer(s) has LE complicity, unless one considers incompetence “LE assistance.” However, I am not above considering the possibility that an LE cover up could exist. Back to escalation, how do we know he hasn’t? Employment or family obligations could afford this killer multiple hunting grounds. For example, there are vast amounts of unsolved homicides of young females in east Texas. Maybe he has a job in one of those locations. Escalation doesn’t always mean an escalation in violence during the murder. Perhaps his body count is rising and we are not aware because we focus on this jurisdiction and the surrounding areas. Remember, William of Ockham was a logician, and logic is sometimes far removed from these types of homicides. Therefore, his “Razor” doesn’t always apply. Just my thoughts on the matter.

  65. mysterious, all of the families have our support.

    Not one of them had reached 30 years old before some sorry so and so played God. IMO the person (s) who took their lives are much less than the labels placed on them. I hope you will notice there is constant outcry about the labels. Many people were angry about that from the beginning. Don’t know if you or family members were in the November City Council meeting but Rev. Perkins addressed that and he had several pastors as well as a first-time ever full house who did not appreciate the labels.

    During the press conference Ms. Jones and Ms. Brown addressed it with lots of support from the people.

    We are here putting out whatever thoughts we have hoping that something said may spark finding the person. Bring that person to justice so the families can have closure. Not only the families of the murdered young ladies but for most people in the parish and people who read blogs like this on as well.

    There is a blog linked here Digitopus, it is a wonderful show of love and caring.

  66. You guys keep saying SK, but some victims knew their time was coming. To me, it doesn’t make sense. They got a threat from someone. SK would not warn you huh?

  67. Good point brownie.

    It’s a little difficult to classify these crimes…they are serial in nature (assuming it’s the same person(s) perpetrating) yet they are unusual in that all the victims were associated with each other….and, in my opinion knew or were familiar with the killer(s).

  68. remove all of the flambouyant thoughts about what this killer is doing….keep it simple….get into his mind and its easy to understand what his decisions were because it was obviously the path of least resistance……i dont think he was taunting le by using the firing range….he brought this person there to dump her prolly not realizing it was a trail where le travels…..

    somehow this person shared drugs/sex with these people…..someone who flew right under the radar and someone they thought they could trust…….possible?…very……..

    the closeness of these women is what has me boggled into thinking this could have been some type of cleaning house because of the people they were with and the potential under the table business coming to light……some known person could have been under the gun and took measures into his own hands…again the friendships and relative closeness of these women is a huge key…..this person could have been a regular….after one was murdered…another occured afterwards because of the potential to id this person was in this close group of women who all knew the person of interest… sk could pick anyone…..his odds(all of these women being cousins and friends or working together) are stagering for a reason and NOT random……

  69. if these people were all random, unrelated and didnt know each other…it would be safe to say this person didnt know the victims or have any relations with them most of the time….all of these people knew each other…..he had to have known them or of them….this person’s chance of not knowing the deceased and happening to murder all of them is more of a long shot than winning the power ball…..the connection are all of the women, not just one…..

  70. Jennings is a very small town. I believe less than 10,000 people. Of the 10,000 some will gravitate to each other either by growing up together, being relatives or known by the sixth degree of all the closeness. And, the fact that very few leave their small Louisiana towns.

    This is different than the Baton Rouge or even the Houma serial killings as the pool was larger and then lifestyle could come more into play to narrow or focus.

    I think anyone is fair game in Jennings it is just that these young women were the target first. I believe it is crimes of opportunity and low socio-economics. The low socio-economics is because the SK doesn’t think much effort will be made because they aren’t high on the social or economic scale.

    If he tires of the charade he could escalate to anyone who has failed him or rather that he perceives has failed him.

  71. Any good sk would familiarize themselves with the victim in order to gain trust then after the victim is comfortable with them they can do whatever they want!

  72. cp i agree but…check this out……i went to high school where 2000 students were packed in it…..i knew maybe 200 of the students personally…the rest i didnt know… a town of 10000 people….it is still a long shot that he would have murdered these women who were cousins/close friends and not know these victims or had some type of involvement with them like purchased drugs or he was a customer or friend of theirs…..if he wasnt involved with them whatsoever and because the women were close to each other, them something else had to link all of them to the person of interest for it to be such a lottery winner to have murdered people all of whom were related or close friends with…i mean these people hung out together a lot from what has been said…..i have a hard time finding a link from the murderer to the deceased women if these were purely random…..because there is none as common sense would tell you if you just sit back and think it out…..the link is the key and these women’s lives need to examined closely thru parent and other close relative that knew “everything” about them……put all the clues together to find more clues….down the line….le will find who is behind this….

  73. I feel that lots of times when girls are in the rough spot that they were in, the family doesn’t have that close of involvement!….Their families may not have known all there whereabouts and so on and so forth.

  74. db, I think what I am saying is that the town is so small that there has to be a gravitational point. So, that is not random. I cited what I thought could be the gravitational point but this is just an opinion not a given.

  75. Look at KPLCtv online HURRY

  76. They have a link to AMW with the Jennings situation. It’s awesome. Thanks, to everyone it is a BIG step

  77. KPLC has asked that anyone log onto their site and give opinions if you think the AMW will help solve the case. Log on and give your opinion. It will probably said tomorrow morning. Hurry.

    G8, you reading?

  78. Red Ranger- Do you think that possibly the ” Cooling Down Period” could be over but he pauses to prevent from being caught….maybe too many people aware of their surroundings and watching all suspicious moves anyone makes right now?….Maybe he’s waiting for everyone to let their guard down?…What do you think?

  79. Hey Cemetary, When I speak of his criminal escalation I am referring to the fact that most SK’s start with small crimes when younger. Petty theft, peeping, etc. I am aware that every SK will not follow the path of former SK’s 100%.

    I just have a feeling that while this guy thinks he is special, he will be found to be pretty average. Finding him average or a master of avoiding forensic detection does not help the families left behind though.

    I also doubt that someone who is too lazy to hide the bodies proficiently is working any distance from Jennings. Unless he wanted them found quickly. I guess we will find out one day.

  80. g8 time to start new thread.

  81. Thank you Sheriff Edwards!

  82. Hey jfd61,
    I think the cooling off period varies from SK to SK. This one has had huge lapses which is very unusual. Remember though, just beacause most do something does not mean all do the same. This guy could have been in jail or had a new girlfriend for his extended down periods.

    He could also have been almost seen and is waiting for the most opportune time to strike again. It’s just so hard to know what makes these guys tick.

    Sleep time. We’ll ponder more and come back tommorow. Hopefully to read he has been caught.

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