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Note: Original post date published on: Mar 5, 2009 @ 12:00
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  1. His home would be less than 200 yards from the hub of my circle drawn on a map.

    RR what area are you showing as the hub? I would like to look at that area on my map. If you could give me street/road names….the general area.

  2. Also, another question 7heaven….do you know what prompted the search party to revisit a site they had previously searched? Did they receive a tip from someone?

  3. g8trgirl, First understand that this is not from a profiler or anyone in LE. It is my personal guess. I base it on knowledge of other geographic profiles generated in other cases.

    If you look on a map at Gallup St. between Hobart and Hwy. 26 I would put my hub about halfway down the block. From there I would go out about six or seven hundred yards and make a circle that ends up about 12-1400 yards wide. When he is caught I would bet that he either used to live in that circle or still does. I lean heavily toward still does. The hub may be just a touch closer to 26.

    Keep in mind, this is only my opinion.

    • Thanks RR….I just wanted to get an idea of what area you were keyed in on.

  4. Hey I like opinions, even though we are trained to deal strictly with facts but I use opinions as leads so please keep giving them, all of you guys.

  5. Kirk, did you see the comment made by 7heaven? Have you heard that information before?

  6. 7th Heaven,

    “But just to let you know the killer made his biggest mistake in going after Brittney this was a disperate act the time frame was all out of order. This was a hush killing, but he will get caught for his mistake. That I am sure of all it takes is one mistake and he did just that.”

    Why was Brittney his biggest mistake? Why was it a desperate act? How was the time frame out of order? Why is it a hush killing? And last, what was the one mistake he made? I like your thinking. Just want to hear a little more about what’s on your mind.

    • Here’s something else to toss around….according to this article published 12/15/08 after Brittney’s death…..

      Cassidy said it is unlikely that the initial suspects in the Lopez and Patterson cases could be involved in all of the homicides. Of the three men targeted in the investigations, two were jailed on unrelated charges at the time of other deaths, and one is believed to have long since left the area.

      That’s interesting….I apparently missed that information when reading the article in the past. It did catch my eye last night though. Kirk, do you know if that information is accurate?

  7. Interesting conversations today….thanks for the info. Does anyone believe that the victims were murdered elsewhere and placed at this grid post mortem? Could be for the reason that RR has said….the perp lived there before and was very familiar with the area and the light traffic at night. The truck that Kirk mentioned seeing is kind of where I am heading with this as this would be the easiest way to dispose of a body and cleanse the bed of the truck after. I am terribly sorry family members for being graphic but I am sure you want this solved more than anyone.

    To murder people and avoid screaming the sk (s) must have some privacy. As I remember Jennings is small and the houses are close together. This is why I am speculating that the sk (s) have a primary crime scene and I believe it may be north of I 10 as this is sparsely populated and homes/abandoned buildings are further apart. One or the other, if that is the case, may own property there vs. actually living there.

  8. I can’t find any threads from 7th heaven.

  9. Hi cp…

    We know with at least two of the victims there had to have been a large amount of blood somewhere. I’m wondering even if someone would wash out the bed of a truck if blood would still somehow remain in the pores of the metal….maybe minutely but enough to obtain samples.

    I’m also wondering if they’ve obtained foreign DNA on any the girls. I realize some of the bodies would have presented a great challenge due to decomp but, Muggy and possibly Brittney….I would think there HAD to be DNA evidence.

    I wonder if they were able to obtain usable samples if those results have been entered into CODIS. Of course I wonder if they obtain and transmit DNA info into any database on any of their criminals. I sure hope so…they seem to have a hefty crime problem there.

    As far as crime scenes….I feel like there may be more than one location. If they are taking place in a private residence I would have to assume the perp lived alone. I just don’t see being able to pull something like that off if you have other people living with you.

    You’d think this would be have to be taking place in an isolated type area. Again…I don’t see how someone could be killing people and have neighbors all around them and NO ONE suspects a thing.

    You might be right too….it could be taking place north of 10 and they’re being transported and located south of 10 to give a stronger appearance that someone on the south side is responsible.

  10. Ok found 7th heaven’s comments. At the time Brittany was found LE was not per se looking for her but the sheriff was flying in a helicopter searching for her, that made the paper.

    Members of the first search party, the weekend before she was located, was told allegedly by a sheriff’s deputy that if they continued searching they might be arrested. I did not hear this myself but it came from a fireman that was searching and a police officer that was assisting in the search. I don’t know why that comment was made. The deputy may have been talking if they went on someone’s property but the search party had permission to go on private property and search.

    I do believe that there could be separate killers of some of the victims and the dumpings could be coincidental but I do believe that at least 3 victims…and I would be willing to bet almost anything I’m correct, are responsible. I’m about 65% sure that the same person or persons are responsible for perhaps 5 of the 7 homicides. I can’t discuss how I know that to protect the integrity of the investigation and at this time its just a theory but I’m almost certain I’m correct.

    I believe the first primary suspects that were arrested had a major involvement in the death of Kristen Gary Lopez and as far as Patterson, I don’t believe that they were incarcerated at the time of Patterson’s disappearance/death. I’ll double check but I know the arresting officer and he made the arrest and he’s pretty certain he had the correct individuals as well. Incidentally, all of the persons of interest, even those arrested in Patterson’s disappearance/death hung around the first primary suspects that were arrested, i.e Frankie Richard and crew.

  11. Have they gotten DNA samples from those 5-6?

  12. Richard and crew would make sense. Something is terribly amiss there. JMO.

  13. g8 wrote “You might be right too….it could be taking place north of 10 and they’re being transported and located south of 10 to give a stronger appearance that someone on the south side is responsible.”

    This made me think that it could be someone north of the tracks going south of tracks for criminal purposes….Has anyone thought about it being someone from the norht side, maybe even committing a copycat murder in some instances.

    My observation is the first victims whose bodies where placed in water was to get rid of DNA evidence. The other victims- two with chemicals to get rid of DNA evidence, and the others placed on land would depend somewhat on time they were there and if it had rained/ how decomposed they were whether they could get any DNA evidence. The vehicle would be of great importance. Glad the truck was retrieved.

    The public should have confidence that any DNA (if any) samples collected from these crimes are being processed and immediately placed in CODIS. It is a shame that the public has to question thier Sheriff’s ethics. I am sorry you all are having to go through such discrepacies, and I pray the Sheriff would come forward and provide the confidence you all need in his office and procedures.

  14. If the killer(s) s reading ths blog…I would like to say to him: you will be caught eventually. You will have to face judgement for your crimes. It is not the community’s, nor the courts judgement you need to fear. It is the judgement of God himself at the day of your death. To save your own soul from hell, it would be better if you would come forward, make your confessions including any other crimes where the victim(s) may not have been found- let the families have the chance to put thier loved ones to rest in peace that they deserve. This would be a beginning to making some kind of peace with God for your ownself.

    Fear being on death row along with the other 88 murderers, locked in a cell only being able to come out for an hour a day, and you can only have 2 contact visits per year. If you have any desire to save yourself from the death penalty and living the rest of your life on death row- if you want to get life and be allowed to go on the walk at Angola, you best start fessing up to your crimes hoping that the DA will agree to give you life for making the confessions – giving the families the peace they deserve. Everyone deserves a proper burial and you have already disgraced several females here. Your future behavior will determine whther you get to burn in hell or be forgiven for your crimes, and possibly be forgiven by the Almighty God in heaven whom has the ultimate decision regarding your life.

    Reach inside your own soul- if you have one- and start doing what is morally and ethically right.

    Think about this being your mother, sister, cousin, or girlfriend that someone has killed…..what would you expect…I challenge you to take a moment and consider how would you want you mother’s memories to consist of……Knowing what happened or having it always remain a mystery?

    • Wonder what happened to SilenceDogood ?? Wish he/she would come back again….had some interesting comments.

      Oh Silence…..where are you?

  15. The only problem I have with the northside thing is that when driving to the southside with someone in the bed of a truck, she could have been seen. This guy is placing his victims where there are no houses close. I think he does have a real fear of being seen and would not take a chance of driving through town with a victim in the bed of his truck. (Assuming he does have a truck.)
    The screaming/noise angle makes me wonder too. I have noticed from looking at a lot of maps that there are a few houses south of town that are set apart from anything. Most of them appear to be farmhouses. The problem with this is that farmers are usually hard-working individuals that do not frequent establishments like Tina’s. They would mostly much rather sleep at night.
    I still lean toward him living close to the same area the victims did. He could have kept them incapacitated and not able to scream. Transporting them from his vehicle to his home would be tricky though. I am not convinced that he takes them to his home. I think he is bringing them to a hunting camp or duck blind. I am not convinced the camp would even be his but I do know he has intimate knowledge of the whole area south of Jennings. He would also probably know if someone who has a camp would be using it. Does anyone know if the searchers had cadaver dogs? Or if any searches were done of any camps or hunting areas such as duck blinds?

  16. What about the police firing range….it’s in a remote area. Are there building structures there? Easy access to Hwy 1126 as well.

  17. There’s a drug out there called Wet, anyone can gimme feedback on that drug and what it does to a person?


    Kirk, when we were younger it was known as Angel Dust. One of the things the link I provided does not mention is that it can cause almost super human strength temporarily.

    Extremely scary stuff just reading about it. As if Jennings doesn’t have enough trouble, now this.

    Don’t know if that is something one can buy over the counter or not. If not it shouldn’t be something that couldn’t be tracked.

  20. We can be fairly assured he used a vehicle to transport the victims whether alive or dead as there is indication a few were abducted. The other thing to consider is a truck with a camper thing over the bed of the truck. No one could see if there was a body laying there or not. In the process of abduction he may have used a drug like chloroform to incapacitate the victims. It would be interesting to learn if tox screens were done on all the victims and what drugs were present. Also, if foreign DNA was present of any of the bodies. He used bleach on at least one….maybe he was using tarps to wrap the bodies for disposal.

  21. I’m going to say this but I can’t elaborate on the details.

    Many people rent their vehicles in exchange for drugs. Take that as you will but I can’t elaborate on the specifics.

  22. I can’t elaborate on the use of “wet” in the unsolved homicides but you can draw your own conclusions.

  23. If the sk was using “wet” that would explain his brutality in the murders but it also puts him at risk for leaving evidence if he was in a frenzy. So, gathering there is a possibility that the sk “rented” vehicles from others to do his crimes. He must have used good clean up methods for not one soul to notice something amiss in their own vehicle if that the case.

    Again, if this is his MO, “rented” vehicles, than he will be harder to nail down as the true owner’s DNA will be all over the place if a connection to any of the victim’s is made.

  24. So that makes it premeditated and well thought out to go to that length which would make one wonder if he pre-picked his victims or if it was a crime of opportunity
    once in the rentals.
    Did he go on the prowl or watch the routines of one person at a time?

  25. I’m probably naive in my thinking but I really don’t know how a person(s) under the influence of drugs and/or intoxicated could pull off this many murders as well as transporting the bodies and not have left evidence in their path….even minimal. It’s not easy to leave evidence free crime scenes.

  26. I see no one cared for my police shooting range theory LOL. I’m still sticking with that though. It’s remote and apparently not a heavily traveled route. Plus I have other reasons I’ll keep to myself.

    Several people have suggested a hunting camp scenario. I’m not familiar with the area but, a local told me a while back that there were numerous abandoned buildings/structures in the parish.

  27. That’s how Syler’s truck came under suspicion. She let two black guys borrow it in exchange for drugs….right? It was found abandoned in a driveway.

  28. g8trgirl, explain your firing range theory, I must not have caught that because you know me, I usually make my comments or copy and paste it as a quote so I can comment on it.

  29. You know what…I spoke too soon, I must apologize to all of you. My investigators and I rode around, mostly on the south side but we did ride on the north side of town some. I had investigators also riding in Lake Charles and Lafayette working on cases.

    In Jennings my investigator and I observed one police car, unmarked, turning into his driveway on the far south side of town. We rode from 5:00pm-3:00am. No traffic of police officers on the south side. On the north side of town we witnessed four police vehicles…may have been the same one, we didn’t notice the unit number. Uptown we observed two police units.

    In Lake Charles and Lafayette our investigators told us that they’ve observed a police unit on just about every turn they’ve made. We actually did this as an experiment. I realize the larger metropolitan areas have more manpower but is it a reason that the public has to suffer lack of police presence. I’m not an enemy to law enforcement, I try to get along with them. Yes, some are arrogant, egotistical, some misuse their badge, some don’t know the law and violate the law…in all fairness to LE, inadvertently violate the law during a stop and/or arrest because they are young and experienced.

    Let’s face it….contacts and money will get you just about anything you want. You have money, you can beat a DWI rap, you have contacts, you can beat a drug rap. The law is based on equality where all are to be treated equal…no prejudice and no favoritism. Our sheriff….away from his office he is the nicest person you will ever meet…his parents are good as gold…but around his office he can be difficult to deal with…not saying that to degrade the sheriff or his department…and the sheriff believes I have something against him and I really don’t. I do believe that he needs to run his office effectively and efficiently because he is an elected official and he should not have to take orders from anyone, he should make his own judgments and decisions that are within his discretion and power of authority. That is any elected official.

    As a licensed private investigator, I do carry a badge, I do have a certain amount of authority but that is never abused. I humble myself to the public and those that I serve, and my clients. I never say I know something when I don’t. I am always seeking resources. That is not a sign of incompetence, just the opposite, its a sign of utilizing resources to achieve a goal. The sheriff made a wise decision by bringing in the FBI because they do have resources available that the sheriff’s department does not have. These investigations are costly. I contact my clients and let them know the status of the case and I do not lie or hide anything from my clients. One complaint that my clients have is that they are not being kept informed of the status of the case/cases.

    A LE officer recently attempted to intimidate one of my clients. My clients are my responsibility and that is my area. I will not have my clients harassed and/or intimidated in any way, shape or form. I stand beside my clients and that’s why they hired me. Through the years I’ve garnered several contacts, on a state level as well as a federal level but I never use them…I wouldn’t dare…I obey the law, I wear my seat belt, I don’t use drugs, I obey the speed limit (proven by the fact that I’ve just received a good driving discount from Allstate…go me lol), but if the person that attempted to intimidate my clients, please stop. These people have gone through enough. Are you attempting to intimidate my clients because they are outspoken and want something done? What if you lost a brother or sister, aunt or uncle, mother or father, to a violent crime, wouldn’t you want something done?

    If my clients are continued to be intimidated or harassed because they speak their minds then that presents a problem because they will not speak to LE if this continues and if this case does not get solved then who is to blame for that? If my clients are framed, set-up, etc., on some bogus charge, the “ducks” better be in a row, and more than normal. I am paid to represent my clients and when they feel threatened they call me and its my job to get to the bottom of it, not only my job but I am obligated by state law to get to the bottom of it.

    I don’t hide behind my badge, I don’t abuse my badge, I make my presence known, my clients know that I am working on this case, my clients know that I turn EVERYTHING over to LE, I don’t harass/intimidate LE, I don’t use money or contacts to get anything. I use wisdom, experience, common sense, and logic in all I do. We don’t have to be a divided parish but for some reason we are divided. It’s like everyone’s in a contest even though the goal and agenda remains the same. The is no “I” in TEAM and until we realize that, this case may never get solved. Honestly, I believe that the people should support the sheriff and give him encouragement. Everyone needs encouragement from time to time. I’m objective, that’s what I am paid to be and I mentioned in an earlier post that when LE does good, it should be noted and when they do bad then that should be noted too. We’re not perfect, we all make mistakes. Lack of manpower is no reason the city and/or parish should have to suffer in crime and slow response times. I believe that if the police are patrolling and they observe a family outside, they should stop and speak to the family for public relation purposes. Its very important that we have confidence in our LE but around here, well…you all know that story.

    Sorry just had to blow off some steam. Thanks for listening.

  30. red ranger connie syler was arrest for drugs and with guns in her truck she sold. when she arrest and got out of jail she got her truck .could it be she ratted on somebody.she got arrest again in jennings for hot checks where she sold her truck.again she got out of jail could it be she ratted somebody out said the truck was used in the one of the murders . i guess that why somebody made her go to california.maybe she know something or maybe she knows to much.and the myspace thing that dont mean nothing she could lie about who she ‘her age’ or her home town…..

    • camaro…..did/do you know Connie? Were the guns hers? Was the gun and drug arrest around the same time as the arrest for the hot checks?

  31. Hey Camaro Man, All of the things you say may be true about the Connie Syler that had the truck. I don’t know. But the C.S. I was speaking of is a different person. I wouldn’t be surprised if all of the different Connie Sylers in this country lie about their age occasionally.

  32. Hey Kirk, It would seem to be a monumentally stupid thing to do for a member of LE to try to intimidate a family member of a victim. Especially right now while they are coming under the microscope. I am surprised that every attorney in the state is not on their way to Jennings to start filing motions and suits on her behalf. I guess there is a difference between hearing someone say something and being able to prove they said it.

    I would guess that at this point someone has told him that is not acceptable behavior and it will not happen again. If his superiors heard of it and refused to do anything they are complicit.

  33. Great questions.

    Shooting range: I keep thinking about that and wondering if Muggy’s head was toward the range or away from it toward cutting. Don’t know it this makes sense or a difference but thinking if her body was on the back of a truck coming from the range and a person dragged her off feet first maybe her head would be toward Cutting. If off a truck from Cutting then her head may have been toward the range. That may tell which direction her body came from.

    I’m just wondering if that makes any sense at all. I’ve been told that stree leads to the town of Mermentau and very few use it.

  34. hey g8trgirl …..i did know her very very well.she got arrest with drug and the guns at the same time . never lost her truck…..funny thing . got arrest for hot check much later.

  35. Thanks for that info camaro…..interesting indeed. Do you remember how soon she moved away from the area after the hot check/truck sale? I’m wondering if she was threatened and forced to move. Did she ever mention being afraid to you?

  36. ahlou….I understand exactly what you’re saying and that is an excellent question. Maybe Kirk knows.

    I’m still curious if there are building structures at the firing range. Do both LE agencies use the facility? Is the area gated?

    This may be a little “out there” too but, I’m wondering if the Boudreaux Inn was checked out thoroughly forensic wise. If not, maybe LE should consider luminoling the place. Isn’t it located north of I-10?

  37. If the police firing range was the primary crime scene tons of blood evidence would be a factor.The FBI would check this first given that one of the victims was found nearby. Don’t want to shoot your theory but I don’t think it floats.

    Let’s go to Plan B.

    • LOL….thanks a lot cp. Maybe Kirk will know if the firing range area was thoroughly searched. Ahlou still has a good point though don’t you think….about how Brown was placed on the road? Also, there’s this statement by Silence. If there is truth to it…..someone’s vehicle would have been covered with blood (also note….he says car rather than truck).

      SilenceDogood, on February 28th, 2009 at 12:33 PM
      Is there any support to the story that Muggy Brown had her throat slashed from behind as she sat in the front seat of a car? Is it also a fact that an eye witness went to the sheriff’s department and tried to give a witness statement, only to be refused and turned away because she was determined not to be (possibly by the same deputy that bought the crime scene vehicle) a credible witness? Inquiring minds want to know.

  38. g8, Boudreau Inn (Flea Bag Motel) has been either sold or at the least is no longer a Inn/Motel, just an empty building there.

  39. How long vacant ahlou? They could still luminol it though I would think.

    I’ve also been looking back through news articles to see if prior to Muggy’s death, it was mentioned that Ernestine’s throat had been cut. So far I haven’t seen it mentioned…..I was just curious from the “copycat” angle or someone trying to make it appear the killings were all related.

  40. g8trgirl…..she left as soon as she was let out of jail did not talk to her .didnt care to. and far as the firing range it has some 18 wheelers truck trailers parked on it. it also has a fence on it. it didnt before. dont know when the fence went up.

  41. I missed the car vs truck but grandmother Brown may have looked out to see if it was a car or truck. I can’t imagine my family member acting strange and didn’t take a peep. BTW don’t think anyone asked her.

  42. Don’t go in that area a lot g8 but it was open 05 and maybe 06 even 07. I was by there a few days ago and it is just a building standing. Maybe someone else can say when it closed. I do know it was in the above timeframe or later.

  43. With Muggy gathering clothes to bring with her it sounds like she was planning to be gone a while….maybe going on a trip

  44. camero, that is a small street at least toward Cutting, very interesting 18 wheelers. Why, from your post you don’t know the why is just why meaning strange.

  45. No, g8, her grandmother said she said she was going to wash and the grandmother was surprised since there was a washer and dryer in the house.

  46. Is the firing range privately owned I wonder? Interesting about the fence going up. I know you weren’t sure when it went up but could you say if in the past year….six months?

  47. The Boudreaux Inn was closed last year about February and the tenants that were leasing the motel were evicted by the owners. It is now up for sale.

    I do not know if the firing range was searched but I can tell you this…more than likely not because no one in LE will believe that someone in LE is involved and yes, the firing range is gated. I, along with another investigator, were out riding around Bobby Road/Earl Duhon road and came upon a pair of shoes…female shoes, perhaps a size 6…may be nothing but one shoe was on one side and another shoe on the opposite side. We got the flash light and searched but didn’t see anything. Funny thing is that the pair of shoes were not new but not old either. We didn’t disturb it just in case.

    Anyone care to search Phillips 66, the address, the location (for geographical purposes) and its relation to where the victims were all from (the high risk area) and maybe go to the Secretary of State’s office and research who owns Phillips 66? That’s all I can say about that. Also, research where the owner resides. I can’t say anymore about that but view the video when Brittany Gary was missing and they mention the store, just giving you guys a chance to do some sleuthing.

    And yes, Silence, from my understanding, did say “car” and I believe he did mean “car.” Also, just a hypothetical question…does anyone have any knowledge of Ospho and what its used for? Does paint and body shops use it? Just hypothetically.

  48. Isn’t the Phillips 66 directly across the street from the Family Dollar Store????

  49. Ospho = automotive rust retardant.

    Ospho resists and retards rust while providing a sound base for paint. Recommended for use under oil base paint or primer. One gallon of Ospho covers 600 sq. feet. It dries overnight, makes a lasting bond between rusted metal and paint. (Note: Ospho is not actually a paint.) Contains phosphoric acid.

  50. Yes Phillips 66 is right across the street from the family dollar store.

    Find out if Ospho, used on a body, what it does, perhaps, decomposition wise. I never checked it out but someone hypothetically gave me that idea.

  51. Yes it is across the street from the Dollar Store. It is the red, white and blue place a person was addressing awhile back.

    From the no longer forum ‘mouthin’ off, the 66 on Cutting and the 66 on 26 is owned by brothers. Must check out SoS. There has been some local talk about the one on 26 and another person but must ask again. I do know there is lots of minority traffic at the one on 26.

    • Ospho is 75% phosphoric acid…’s a link to a Safety Data Sheet for Ospho. I’m not sure how it would effect decomp… can cause burns to exposed tissue. The fumes are a strong irritant to eyes, throat & lungs.

      • I always wondered why the bodies were left so close to town. It appears that it’s someone that is not able to be gone for a long amount of time or go too far away from the town. Someone on duty, driving a public vehicle, a patrol vehicle, would not be able to be 50-75 miles away while on duty in case a call came in….they would need to be immediately available. Another thing….who’s going to stop an LE vehicle if it’s seen on a lightly traveled rural road at odd hours?? No one would really be suspicious of that. Plus…who’s going to think or suggest to run forensics on an LE vehicle? Not the locals I wouldn’t think. I still think the firing range needs to be thoroughly looked at if it hasn’t already been.

  52. This Ospho or muriatic acid would aid in evidence removal from a body and greatly enhance decomposition just because it would open skin. Has there been any indication that any of the remains had this acid on them?

    I would think that it still would be hard to remove trace blood evidence from cracks in a vehicle though. Tiny particles seep through. However, it could degrade the blood evidence.

  53. The 66 on cutting has been bought out by someone. In fact, this is now the second owner after one of the brothers. The brother(s) don’t own both anymore. Not sure about the one on 27.

  54. Lots of people from the south side visit that store. It was said at one time, lots of drugs go through there. It was only said, not sure on any arrest/bust there.

  55. One doesn’t have to go through town to get from north to south. Plenty of back roads to lead you to those locations where the bodies was found.

  56. g8trgirl, If someone was a mechanic and had repaired a truck that was not scheduled to be picked up until the following day they could “Test drive” it to make sure the repairs were correct. 10 miles may be OK, 50 would not. They would probably not be seen at all if they were testing it late at night.

    • I, along with another investigator, were out riding around Bobby Road/Earl Duhon road and came upon a pair of shoes…female shoes, perhaps a size 6…may be nothing but one shoe was on one side and another shoe on the opposite side. We got the flash light and searched but didn’t see anything. Funny thing is that the pair of shoes were not new but not old either. We didn’t disturb it just in case.

      Kirk, was this recently?

      For those not familiar….that is the area Whitnei Dubois was found.

  57. Ospho (phosphoric acid) spills can be neutralized with lime. Lime has been used in the burial of bodies in open graves, to hide the smell of decomposition, as well as in forensic science to reveal fingerprints. It is also used in epidemics, plagues and disasters to disintegrate bodies in order to help fight the spread of disease.

  58. What we don’t know is the extreme measure incorporated to remove/hide evidence. Not that LE should share details that would indict a perp given they knew who the perp was but the lifestyle angle still bugs me. They are so bent on blaming the victim that I get the feeling a lot is being swept under the rug. Not even sure if there is LE (direct) involvement or the need to be extremely prudent.

    Who has known mental illness in Jennings? Or the surrounds? Who is this person kin to? What aberrant behavior has been noted? Especially, roaming around at night…peeping…exposing themselves..any house fires? I think this is an sk with or without help/support.

    Try real hard to put the drug scene behind and think hard about any other factors that could play.

    • I haven’t ruled out the possibility of a lone serial killer….that’s one reason I haven’t changed the blog title.

      I’ve tried to get away from the “drug issue”….I felt it was detracting from the case overall. The trouble with that is there is apparently a rather large circle of people involved in some way, shape or form and drugs are the common denominator. There is a large circle and drugs are at the center of it. I think there are many crimes being committed that stem from that circle….these deaths are the epitome and the outer reaches of it.

      As far as extreme measures to remove and/or hide evidence….it appears that is the case. It’s either that scenario or local LE is sub-par and unacceptably inept. It’s one or the other….I don’t think there’s any room in between. Seven deaths (sounds more like ten) and no clues…no suspects…no updates….no nothing.

  59. Yes g8trgirl, the road down where whitnei was found and it was recently.

  60. Ricky “Rooster” Daigle owns the Phillips 66 on Highway 26. The one on North Cutting was sold.

  61. So body shops use Ospho often? They also have alot of vehicles in and out of paint and body shops. Have chemicals, such as Ospho…the place where these girls were killed holds alot of evidence and that’s what we need.

  62. KM…do you think there’s more than one initial crime scene?

  63. The drug scene is why there is silence because no one wants to screw up their flow. Some people know more that is excluding LE. LE knows more and does not act for their own reasons. Everyone has a reason for inaction. It doesn’t move this forward and is downright scary.

    g8, you are hero for taking this on. I’ll stay with you even if ideas run out .

  64. Kirk….you’re probably gonna send me to time out soon for my off-the-wall theories….LOL…..but I think welders may use Ospho too possibly.

    Another thing….Oshpho to prime a truck bed and then re-paint it. Evidence sealed in!!!!

  65. g8 is blowing kisses to cp….thanks!!

  66. Has anything been reported as to whether any victims were sexually abused. Aren’t coroner reports public also. I called St. Francisville coroner before after amysterious death at Angola and they faxed it right over.

  67. Observer….I “think” since the investigation is active the records are not public. I wish they were….I’d love to see the coroner reports on all the girls.

    Also…no reports what-so-ever as to sexual assault.

  68. g8, I agree with cp, you have done an awesome job on the site. No, I am not looking for kisses!!! Just sending you kudos!

    Also, I know it would not be so easy this day and age, not to mention in Jennings, to get a coroner’s report. But they are public to my knowledge. Sometimes you may get limited information though as you all mentioned previously concerning one of the victim’s family.

  69. roflmao…okay, no kisses…..but you get hugs LOL!!!!

  70. I could be wrong but, seems like whatever records were public….the media would have already accessed them….surely.

    I think one of the mysterious deaths there (one of the guys) has been ruled a closed case. Those records may be publicly accessible….(hint, hint American Press).

  71. NO they were not sexually abused. ” Kirk Menard stated I can’t say anymore about that but view the video when Brittany Gary was missing and they mention the store, just giving you guys a chance to do some sleuthing. ” Well If anyone remembers they could not review the tapes from 66 since there equipment had something wrong with it so we are not able to see what the tapes at that store would show. Isn’t that strange I wonder why that is…I wonder also if they killer does read these blogs like someone had stated earlier in the blog. I would not be surprise it seems like alot of people do read these and stay on here alot so with it being stated that this person or person is some what smart I would not be surprise if they are on the internet alot. Something to think about…..

  72. Is this the first Ricky “Rooster” Daigle ‘s name came up? Is he the type that would let LE check his shop without a warrant? Wonder if any Oshpho has come up missing or if sales of it could be tracked to the area.

    KM, is that possibly the other chemical used besides bleach on one of the victims?

    So if unsolved, the coroner can keep reports private. I see. Thanks g8 It sure would shed some light on issues if we could read them.

  73. There’s a paint and body shop right across the street (Lake Arthur Ave/Hwy 26) from the Phillips 66 I believe.

  74. So the Phillips 66 has questions around it, action anyway. Does anyone know how many employees they have. Is it family owned and operated?
    I am not from the area, so I tend to pose more questions than I have the answer for.

    Do druggys, crowds or the like hang out there- hmmm, you all have me wondering if that could be the crime scene or place where killer may hang out/work???

    Even wondering if LE frequents the place…LOL..jj

  75. Questions are good Observer….they certainly make me think.

    And I think you and I may be on the same wave length….my radar is going up with this gas station….especially given it’s proximity to where Brittney Gary was last seen.

    If any of you locals know….is the whole inside of that building an open area? Or is the building only partially utilized as a convenience store and there are closed off areas inside?

  76. I believe the owner may live just south of the station.

  77. So g8 you reckon if the killer(s) is reading that he finds amusement with such brainstorming, or is getting paranoid because they know they will get found out soon enough.

    If I could address him again at this moment, I would expand on the coroner’s report from Angola…it was concerning an inmate that pissed off the guards, and came up dead at 5 am when he was brought breakfast by a fellow inmate. I tried to have something done about it. Wrote many people. The coroner’s report matched ver batim the eyewitness discription given the night before…..The two guards may have gotten repremanded, that’s it….get my drift. Angola ain’t no place to be. Some people better hope they get the DP, it does provide security from the other inmates. Life doesn’t unless you want to stay on ‘suicide watch’ which is far worse than death row. Seems that ought to be what you are contemplating next. Life or death penalty, life- being on the walk or locked up. Can you hang with all those inmates on the walk or do you need to be protected???

    Fear will be yours one day….fear will be yours.

  78. I suppose it’s possible whoever is responsible could be lurking in the background here. And like you say….they’re probably amused and smug. Although, they probably should be more concerned about what’s being said and written that they CAN’T see or read….that’s probably going to be what brings them down…..not what they read here……just my opinion.

  79. These shoes KM came upon could very well be important. and the area should have been thoroughly searched by LE or FBI> Sounds like LIvingston Parish. I found out so much on my own w/o help af anyone about a murder here. Stuff detectives could have found out by just asking others involved with case.

    The shoes could have been victims, the family and size could most likely tell, and given right material, may have fingerprints or DNA, carpet fibers, chemicals on them.

    Seems undercover agents would be around….even if they had to start with narcotic agents.

  80. Yes, given there is a task force and people like KM around, it is the things unknown, I agree with you, g8.

    I hope I did not offend anyone addressing the killer(s).
    If I did, I apologize to the readers, authors and families of the victims.

    A dose of reality is often good medicine.

    I did not choose to have such knowledge during my lifetime, but having a brother in as a career criminal landing himself on death row, I have had to deal with both sides of the law. To the families, please know I do not condone crime and our family has always turned in my brother for his crimes. I did the last two times. My sister when I was younger.

  81. The store phillips 66 has alot of drug traffic around the store it is a nice size building where you can drive all the way around it. There are two different doors you can use to get into the store. When you get inside it is very open. But you can sit and watch the store and watch so many drug buy go down at this store. Yes there is a vehicle shop across the street from the strore.

  82. Pichick, Is the owner of the store involved in these drug deals? Does he use drugs as a side business to offset the bad economy? Is LE aware of the high drug traffic problem at the store? Is R. Rooster Daigle politically connected? Does he have a record? Is it just a gas station and convenience store or do they do mechanic work also?

  83. Has anyone seen any of these ladies hanging out at the store with RD? Can they be linked to him beyond buying a pack of gum at his store? Does he have a wife or girlfriend at home that he would have to account for his time to? What are the hours his store is open? Is he there from opening to closing or does he have others working in there? What kind of vehicle does he drive? Does he have a camp south of town?

  84. RR you asked,

    “Is LE aware of the high drug traffic problem at the store?”

    I don’t even live there and know the answer, just by stopping one day for a coke. Never again. Actually you don’t even have to stop at the store, just stop at the red light and look over and get your answer.

  85. pichick and brownie…..thanks for the information about the Phillips 66. I’m sitting here shaking my head trying to comprehend how the obvious drug activity there is allowed to continue as if it’s just a part of normal business activity.

    RR…excellent questions….I’d love to hear the answers. I’m going to start a new discussion thread…..feel free to repost the questions on the new thread.

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