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  1. Hi everyone. Please continue posting comments and general discussion here. Thanks.
    “Suspicion solves crimes……not taking a positive attitude”.
    ~ SuziQ (Websleuths) ~

    Please post “off topic” comments and discussion here. Thanks.

    • BASILE, LA (KPLC) – Mike Dubois, the brother of victim number four Whitnei Dubois, has been the unofficial spokesperson for the Jeff Davis Eight often times very critical of the investigation. 

      “This is larger than the Jeff Davis Parish or the Jennings Police Department can handle and it’s obvious that this is still going on today and I believe we will have still more murders yet to come because I think it’s bigger than they are,” said Dubois.

      Dubois has been fearless in his search for answers into the death of his sister Whitnei and the 7 other women, even putting himself out there on the streets where many believe the answers lie. During several of our interviews with him, Dubois admitted to having a drug problem years ago, but says he’s been clean for quite some time.

      This Saturday, acting on an anonymous tip, Basile Police pulled Dubois over on a traffic stop for suspicion of drug trafficking. Dubois voluntarily let them search his car, where officials say they found enough prescription drug evidence to charge him with doctor shopping.

      7 News obtained the book-in log from Basile Police, which also includes charges of possession with intent to distribute schedule two and schedule four narcotics and introduction of contraband into a penal institution – after officials say they found more prescription pain drugs on him after booking him in.

      However sources close to Dubois, who have talked with him since his arrest, say he has proof that these are valid prescriptions.

      Meanwhile Dubois was transferred Tuesday morning to the Evangeline Parish Jail for his 72 hour hearing where bond was set at 25-thousand dollars. We’re told he’s in the process of trying to bond out.


  3. Whoop Whoop Whoop Whoop

    • Hope you enjoyed your vacation. I’m very happy to see you back. I sure we can speak for a lot of people here. LOL.

  4. Hey I have been reading “Oddities” and Possible Related Cases. Man my mind is ponding!

    I really need to e-mail you, but I’m sure you have a TON to response to. I will do it this evening or tomorrow, no rush on e-mailing me back. Okay?

  5. Wow! Just saw closetbandits post from last night. Maybe he doesn’t understand that Nicki has already escaped our victim’s fate, being severally beaten by a member of LE that may have involvement in these murders. Why else doesn’t closetbandit or anyone else think she is fighting so hard for Loretta, Ernestine, Kristen, Whitnei, Muggy, Crystal, Brittaney, and Necole. She has never been involved in the drug scene. It was a wrong place, wrong time scenario so it makes it even more clear that getting these people behind bars FAST and making LE step up and admit the corruption is the ONLY WAY to protect ALL of the community, not just girls with “certain” lifestyles.

    • Not sure but I wonder if this is not a direct accusation on LE. Someone could be asked to prove when the beating took place. Not tring to cause a fight jsut don’t think one should accuse LE as this post did.

      I went over to FB and did not read anything about such over there. I did notice a person last name Gary wondering where his post went saying what he had posted was true. I also noticed there is not one post or anything referring to this website unlike is here. I really am not trying to make trouble.

      Nicki, hoping you will have the courage and peace needed now.

    • what happened to nicki and what is he talking about?

  6. Please everybody go back and read “Possibly Related Cases” by SilenceDogood. We really need to get on track.

    • Good eye brownie on Connie Siler …could she have been at the Boudreaux Inn? Is she the one that high – tailed it out of here?

  7. catchthekiller: One it seems that all we ever hear is how Nicki has escaped bad fate, well you know we are not here to talk about her fate and what happen to her but some how we always talk about her and what she is doing and all the blood and sweat she has been doing you know she just got on this train there are many other’s who have been on this train and do not share what they have done and don’t try to get on the news. She acts like she has been doing all this for so long. NO she just got here, Where was she when G8 started this blog early this year?? why didn’t she care about what happen then, it amazes me at how many people now that the camera’s are all turning to JD that they all want to wave there hand and say look over here look at what I did to help this cause. I am sorry for what ever bad fate that came her way, but she didn’t dare have the fate that the 8 girls did. She get’s to go home to her family they don’t. Best thing for her is to stay on her group page on face book. If she were to find out any real information then report it to LE if she wants to, the task force or even kirk Menard there is also Mike Dubois. We know there is corruption in this parish but at this time we are worried about finding out who is doing this to these precious woman in this community later we can worry about the corruption in this parish. If we find that out in the process of finding the killer/killers then we do if not that will be the next project for us all. Thank you so much G8 for this blog and I know in the past we have put our heads together and have figured out some great points. I wish to go back to those days of us all just sitting here talking and brain storming about different things and coming up with several ideas. There has been some awesome brain storming on this blog and I wish to see it back to that again. Again THANKS SO VERY MUCH G8 YOU ARE AWESOME!!!

  8. brownie what about “Possibly Related Cases” maybe you can post what SilenceDogood said and we can go from there because you know it is hard sometimes to go back and find someone post. So maybe you can post a link to it or just post it for us. which ever you thanks.

  9. angel4one, look at the top left part of this page. Look for “ASSOC. BLOGS” then under that, the last one listed, in light blue color is “Possibly Related Cases”.

  10. I’m back brownie but I’m one tired puppy LOL so I probably won’t be on long this evening.

    I did have the chance to watch KPLC’s one hour special (glad they posted it on their website) and thought they did a FABULOUS job! I realize most of it was information those of us following the case closely were aware of but, remember…..there’s A LOT of people that don’t follow it. It was a great opportunity to broadcast what is known to a large audience and keep the murders in the public eye. Needless to say, the interviews with Frankie and Tracee were interesting ;).

    I also watched the video of the Task Force press conference and am glad they finally made the decision to do it. This is something we have been wanting them to do for a while now. I think it went a long way towards upping public confidence in the investigation….at least for me anyway. Those that spoke at the PC seemed pretty serious. At least we have a better understanding of who is on the Task Force and what measures are being utilized.

    They weren’t able to release much detail about the investigation, which is perfectly understandable but, it was stated that they do have persons of interest and possible suspects “on their radar”. In addition, they did say the killer may not be local.

    I thought Calcasieu Parish Sheriff Mancuso was very informative and well spoken. He admitted they’ve got their hands full and that it is a very, very difficult case.

    Edwards made it a point, on the KPLC special, to state that every effort has been made to rule out any member on the Task Force as being possible suspects in the murders. Also that the TF members (outside of his own agency) were not chosen by him but by each individual agency represented on the TF. One thing I did notice……no one said they have ruled out that a LE officer COULD be involved in the murders.

    Besides giving the public an update on the investigation….hopefully the murderer(s) are possibly within the KPLC viewing area and were able to get a sense of how aggressive the investigation has become and the manpower that has been assigned to it. One wrong move or mistake on their part is all it will take. The update may have increased the pressure on those who may have information about the murders as well. The killer and those possibly with info are aware now that they’re not just dealing with the local sheriff anymore.

    • G8trgirl–I agree with your opinion of the KPLC special and the task force media conference. To paraphrase the former FBI agent, Tom Strentz, from his interview in January, 2009, the serial killer may be smarter than any one of us, but he is not smarter than all of us. There is alot of talent on tha task force, and I must agree with Sheriff Edwards, that facts, suspicions, and information really are best turned over directly to law enforcement. Only by doing so is law enforcement afforded the opportunity to ask questions by which a determination can be made on how to respond properly to what is being said. The basic questions of who, what, when, where and why don’t always get answered on a web site posting. ( That’s an understatement). Yet, some of the information might actually be useful if entrusted to law enforcement. Anyone who thinks he or she has facts or information or even suspicions that might be worthing sharing ought to feel comfortable sharing those thoughts with one of the many agencies investigating this matter that could be contacted. Pick one any one.
      I do think you have done a great job with this website. I think sometimes a bit of pruning would make it even better. 🙂

      • I hear ya sleuthing 😉

        I agree with your post 100% and HIGHLY encourage anyone reading/posting here that may have information that may be relative to the murders to contact the Task Force tip line or at least contact one of the several agencies involved if not comfortable calling the tip line. Like Sheriff Edwards stated….even if you feel it may be something already reported, may seem insignificant or not important enough… it anyway. Let the task force determine the value of the information. If you have reported information already, just because the task force does not contact you does not mean your tip is not being looked into. It sounds like they have got a LOT of tips coming in and I’m sure it is a major undertaking going through all of them and trying to follow up. It also sounds like some additional good has taken place on the side from tips coming in. Edwards mentioned they have been able to solve some other crimes due to the tips so that is a plus.

        I will also again remind those of you that are local to remain hyper-vigilant and keep your eyes and ears open and to remind your families, friends and neighbors to do the same. Do not get lulled into complacency as time passes. If you notice or witness suspicious behaviors or incidents jot the details down quickly (don’t just rely on your memory) and notify authorities ASAP. DETAILS will greatly aid LE in their investigations.

        • My question G8 is this…..EArly this afternoon, I spoke with a very reliable Jennings confidante who related to me that the person/witness who saw a female being forced into a dark colored vehicle on November 3, 2008 at 4-5:00AM in front of the National Guard Building , has NEVER been interviewed by LE even after it was reported to them after it was realized that Brittnay Gary was reported missing. I remember , at the time, KPLC was showing a surveillance video of Brittany at and leaving the Family Dollar Store. I also remember that RE said that it was being handled as a missing person case and that there was no reason to believe that it was connected to the six other murders. Then, there was a newscast of her mother, Teresa Gary who said the contrary because Brittnay know all of the other victims and she pleaded for information.
          Her family (Uncle Butch Gary) formed a search party and subsequently found her body and notified LE.
          As per the press conference and the special last night, it was said that ALL tips and clues are being followed up by LE. Then WHY didn’t they ever talk to the person who reported what he saw and still has not talked to them to this day, 11 months later. This can only make some in the community wonder, why bother? Nothing happens anyway. I am still having a big problem as to why this is happening to these victims’ families! Families of violent crimes are desperate for answers and closure. I can still see the faces of the children from last night’s special. This really, really, really must end and soon.

          • Ketch, I would highly recommend you, or someone, convince the person that witnessed that incident to contact the task force ASAP. If this was reported to local LE it may have slipped through the cracks at the time. The task force was non-existent at the time as well.

            Does this person have a good description of the female and the vehicle? License plate number? If by chance it was Brittney, odds are she still had on the same clothing as shown in the surveillance video.

            Again……I would suggest reporting it sooner than later and let the task force decide if it’s useable info. To me, it’s definitely not worth sitting around asking why LE/TF never contacted the person… could well be they never received the lead.
            “Suspicion solves crimes……not taking a positive attitude”.
            ~ SuziQ (Websleuths) ~

            Please post “off topic” comments and discussion here. Thanks.

    • can you tell me where to watch the task force press conference?

  11. Well, I sure wish y’all would piss me off when I’m around and in a relatively good emotional state. You do realize I’m sitting in a hospital room with my dying father.

    @catch: Thank you for believing in me. It really means so much, but I don’t want my business spread all over the internet. We will be having a talk about this later.

    @closetbandit: You are absolutely right! This is about our girls, not about me. I have never tried to make things about me. I believe that would be a disservice to our victims. You are wrong about me not being here. The first time I testified in front of Congress was in 2005. The purpose was to get better training, more resources and more accountability for law enforcement officers and officials. I have testified once since then and have been invited to speak on the Congressional floor in this coming session or the next. I DO, in fact ,work closely with Mike and Kirk…feel free to ask them, if you wish. Finally, I have NEVER gone before a camera on this issue and I likely will not unless I feel it is absolutely necessary. I have done phone interviews with KATC and KPLC only when they requested my contact info from Mike. I was asked to participate in KPLC’s 1 hour special and I declined…I did not feel it would have been helpful or appropriate. I was asked to do Geraldo by Mike Dubois and remained undecided up until Geraldo cancelled.

    I only ask that if you have comments to make about me, please be knowledgable before you speak. You can reach me anytime at

    Catch, I will be contacting you in a moment.

    Thanks to everyone whose voiced their concerned and offered their prayers for my family during this very difficult time.

    I look forward to SERVING all of you, our community and our victims in the future. Goodnight.

  12. Lamar is advertising in Lake Charles off McNeese Street and at the Alexander Exit just past Iowa. Is there any other billboards up and if so where? I wonder if they think person(s) is in between those areas. Like goes to work or lives, maybe? Just thinking?

  13. I am uderly ikd, I can’t find the right word to describe it. I just read on the jdn that the Geraldo interview has been permantely cancelled. WHAT THE HELL? It outrages me. I want justice for these women. Mike has giviin me so much hope since I have met him. For so long I had lost hope that anything pertaining to my mother would have justice or ever be solved. I have found out more info that I wish I could share since I did the first interview with KPLC. I am still not sure what to do with what I know or things that I have known for years. I am trying to keep the faith. I wish that the killers would all be brought to justice. i don’t want to endanger anyone with the info that I know that may or may not be true. How do I go about getting something done when Mike has done so much and they continue to shut him down. Everyone wants justice. I had a colored man approach me in the dollar store by my house a few days ago. He looked strangly farmiliar. Still not sure who he is. He asked what my name was because I looked farmiliar. i gave him my first name and told him that he may have known my mother. i told him her name and he said he rememberred me from the KPLC segment I did. Maybe it was nothing, but it strck me as odd the way he went about it and worded somethings he said. I want to find someone that can help my family and I do get justice. I just don’t know where to turn. You obviously can’t trust LE or some of the higher ups around here. How far up the corruption goes. My heart is very heavy this evening. With Mom’s birthday coming up next month and the holidays, it always weighs heavy. My husband and I are renewing our vows in March and I wish more than naything my mother was hear to do all this with me. My two beautiful children have no maternal grandmother that is alive. We visit her at the cemetary. I hope that soon God will lead me in the right path for justice to be served on earth. I know that God will handle everything at the end of their life. I would LIKE to see it now. If anyone knows any information on differents routes that I could take to maybe get some help please let me know. Geraldo obvioulsy was shut down so if we can’t go national then how do we go about it? i know a lot of ppl read this blog and don’t post, but if there is someone that you know that is willing too take that leap and has the authority and standings to help us PLEASE contact me. MIKE please get in touch with me I have misplaced your number and would like to speak with you again.

    • Please, please don’t give up. You have been waiting a very long time for closure. God will not put on you more than you can bear but I do understand your loss.
      He will never leave you and He knows your pain. I have faith that these eight 8 plus one l = 9 murders will be solved! You and all of the families are in my prayers and many on this blog are trying relentlessly to bring justice to all of you. It WILL happen!

  14. Well Nicki……I definitely believe in you and glad you are here. Why a few express scorn for someone actually doing anything is astounding to me. I’ll chalk it up to personality differences. Don’t worry about it, blow it off. Focus on your father!

    G8…..very short vacation!

    Shelia’s daughter and others….I know your hearts are heavy, hang in there.

    Mike keep it up…along with those who work behind the scenes. I am hoping someone starts to talk with this exposure…….

  15. I think it is a big step having the billboards up and that the reward has been increased. What concerns me though is the TF’s reluctance, resistance or whatever issue they may having with national coverage about these murders. They’ve more or less finally come out and admitted there’s a serial murder(s)/killer whatever term they want to use.

    Sheriff Mancuso even intimated this person(s) MAY not be local… me, it would seem the TF would want the info about these killings to be broadcast futher than just the local viewing area. IF the killer is in another parish, or outside the state someone not in this area could possibly have info and not realize it. A non-local may realize a relative or friend makes trips to JDP and could have been in the area during the time these crimes were committed or may have heard some of the murdered girls names mentioned before but have no idea about the killings.

  16. I must agree with you G8 about the billboards that is great news about the billboards and the increase in the reward. Also glad to see you back from your day of relaxation I am sure you needed it. :)>-

  17. kiesha my heart to yoiu baby dont give up baby im behind you 100% for whatever you want to do with what i told you justice is what we want justice is what we gona get love you

    • BAFFELED…….Hi my darlin’ . I’m here. Please encourage your Aunt to get in touch with me. It is very important. I believe the “everything works together for the good for those who love the Lord”. Well, the cancellation of the Geraldo Show was a disappointment at first, but look at what’s happening now. MD’s pressure brought about a press conference BEFORE the KPLC Special last night and a large march is planned for tomorrow with lots of media there. That special touched a lot of people!
      Some people have information that they may have not thought to be important at the time. But that Special “brought it home” to many. And I want you to know Baffled, that my prayers are with all of you and I always have an Ace in the hole! Keep the faith.Love ya!

  18. Welcome Back G8! Hope all is well for you and yours.

    Did anyone catch the hot topic comment that got aired tonight?
    Guaranteed to burst a hemorrhoid or 3! I need to buy stock in Tucks lol

  19. Welcome back G8. I promise I had some Peace soup with Bite your Finger chaser and was rather quiet while you was out.

    Actually I’m still pondering the last few days.

  20. IntegrityLostinJDPLE, which one was it I can’t get Channel 7.

    • I think the investigation needs to be turned over to the FBI.
      5 yrs and no solid arrests made, evidence mishandled and/or lost, tells me that this is beyond the Sheriffs Office’s capabilities.
      Remember this is about finding the guilty not seeking the glory, like it appears to me, Sheriff Edwards has done.

      Posted by: concerned JDP taxpayer | October 29, 2009 at 11:48 AM

  21. Ladies you are doing a terrific job of drawing the much needed attention to this subject!
    So far you have organized enough that you are now forcing the SO to explain their actions, you are drawing a wider and wider audience in the Papers and such. Do Not Loose faith now stick to your guns! It will go national if you keep the pressure on! I suspect it wont be long before the FBI either Takes/or is given control over the 3 ring circus the JDPSO has been running……Then you will start to see some progress!
    Pulling for/with you all to a common goal.


  22. Ok guys, new info about the march that my dad, Mike asked me to post.

    The march is still on, BUT this is a PEACELFUL demonstration. After arriving to the courthouse, everyone will join hands in a circle and a preacher will be there to pray for the community along with the citizens and family members in attendance. Your signs are welcome and he asked that if ANY pastors, deacons, preists, etc. would like to attend to join in the prayer, PLEASE feel free to do so. I think alot of us tend to forget sometimes that God is the one with the most power here and maybe thats just what all of us need right now. The demonstration will in NO way, shape, or form be confrontational, but instead be a method of healing and another step in the right direction for the community to unite.

    Kodiak Productions will have a camera there to film the service as well as all of our local news stations.

    CNN has contacted our family today and they have promised to TRY to have a film crew out there as well to bring back the national coverage.

    Good Morning America also made a phone call to family members today stating that they are somewhat interested in what is going on. No word on where that will go yet.

    Just keeping everyone informed!

  23. Ok so let’s go back to all the area’s that the girls were found. All the rural area have been watched either by the SO or Kirk and his investigators. So do we start to have them watch all of I 10 now or where? We need to try to think of where will the killer/killers go to next? Also do we have any idea’s as to where they could have possible done the killings? Let’s start to talk about the case tonight like we did when this blog first got going, let’s start to brain storm again like the old days of the blog. Any other questions anyone would like to ask about the case so that we can all start to brain storm and talk this out. This is also how we have came up with some great theories.

    • As to locations…..There are a thousand gator camps in this area, that would provide perfect cover for pretty much anything you wanted to do.
      How many abandoned farm buildings do you see when driving out in the country?
      I recall 1 story about some folks in west Texas that simply concreted the floor in over the bodies in an old dilapidated barn. No one would have ever known except 1 of the people couldn’t keep their mouth shut. Bragging in jail. They had him on a 6 month sentence i believe and now they have him 4 life.
      These folks are Not that smart. They will and probably have already made mistakes. Just be patient and force LE to do a BETTER job than they have thus far.

      • Sorry to ask but I live in Northern Alabama and I am not familiar with a gator camp…could you please tell me what this is?

        • A hunting camp of sorts that is set up to gut and skin alligators, deer, and the like.

        • To add to interg’s post and for those that don’t know. Gator camps are scattered throughout this area and are not used exclusively for gators, but also ducks, deer, hogs, etc. The ones that I know about are usually located in very rural areas, usually behind a locked gate and down dirt roads, near a bayou. Most take pride in these and fix them up, as it is a party place for most of the year.( traffic coming and going at odd hours would go unnoticed.). most are wired for electricity and running water. the nice ones are sheds that have concrete floors and a drain set in the middle for washing up. The one that got me thinking along these lines had a stainless steel table, large sink, very sharp knives,was well insulated, a lg freezer and bottles of bleach and chemicals. Normal equipment for hunting as this is a big business here and extremely well regulated. It was also accessible by party barges and boats.
          Now IF they were to use this, a woman would no doubt have gone willingly since they have partied there before. Once there, screams would not be heard, and if she were to run…to where??? I don’t suspect any of the ones that I have been to, but nearer the area??? money and drugs can buy a whole lot of silent friends.

  24. WOW!!! brittany that is wonderful news, this is all beautiful… everything that everyone has been working for is taking shape! i love the fact that so much coverage will be had. thank you for sharing!

  25. Great news Brittany!!

  26. i for one would like to know what everyone thought about FR and TC interview last night. i dont think they were telling the truth. am i the only one. if not dont yall think they should be pick up again and add heat under there butts for awhile one of them has to break. i think TC would before FR. and what about Hannah she should be pick up also

  27. Ok guys, new info about the march that my dad, Mike asked me to post.

    The march is still on, BUT this is a PEACELFUL demonstration. After arriving to the courthouse, everyone will join hands in a circle and a preacher will be there to pray for the community along with the citizens and family members in attendance. Your signs are welcome and he asked that if ANY pastors, deacons, preists, etc. would like to attend to join in the prayer, PLEASE feel free to do so. I think alot of us tend to forget sometimes that God is the one with the most power here and maybe thats just what all of us need right now. The demonstration will in NO way, shape, or form be confrontational, but instead be a method of healing and another step in the right direction for the community to unite.

    Kodiak Productions will have a camera there to film the service as well as all of our local news stations.

    CNN has contacted our family today and they have promised to TRY to have a film crew out there as well to bring back the national coverage.

    Good Morning America also made a phone call to family members today stating that they are somewhat interested in what is going on. No word on where that will go yet.

    Just keeping everyone informed!

  28. My opinion, they were lying and showed absolutely no remorse for women they claim to have known so well.

    • i think cnn should interview them and see if they say the same as they did on channel 7 i dont think they could say the same storie twice

    • I agree. I watched the interview earlier and Tracee looked out of it where shit was. My family was told that Tracee was of the women that pulled my mom out of a car to be beaten. When I confronted her about it she said it was Loretta and Rachael Hargrave. Rachael was in jail. As far as Frankie, yea he took a lie detector test. As far as I was told a lie detecor test doesn’t hold up in court. He LOVED or Cared about his “friends” , whatever. I don’t trust a poisonous snake in my bed, how about you? Lol.

      • this was always something i did not understand, tracee was glad to say that loretta was her first cousin on the program last night ,but she was always giving her a hard time.. she didnt mention that!

        • She sure did give her a hard time. Sometimes they’d be friendly towards each other, other times they acted like they didn’t care for each other. There were times when they’d get along. Just didn’t happen too frequently. I think Tracee and Loretta were jealous of each other.

  29. Brittany,

    This is good, no promises but interest is there. We have to keep trying but keep a respectful distance from name calling without fact. The media is interested in fact and the one fact is that 8 women were murdered.

    Who knows they may be able to discover another pocket of serial murders that are similar. Bless your family and all the other victim’s families during these trying times. Hope is there for justice though…I know it.


  30. My opinion…well neither of them were able to function with any semblance of dignity.
    FR was wayyy tooo cocky, he has something on someone in power (I suspect a certain prosecutor, pure conjecture). he was ready to Cover His Butt with the interview. Once done i bet a dollar to a donuts hole, he was smoking his crack pipe laughing like a mad hyena. It WILL HAUNT HIM LATER!
    TC was a veritable train wreck, so anxious to get to that crack pipe and escape the reality that is her life. She was unable to concentrate on the question or the answer. It wouldn’t surprise me if they had to rehearse that part several times before they could put together a complete interview. That is my opinion and thoughts.
    Although I am curious how he managed to post a 750,000$ bond on the rape charge?

    • did he make bond or was he just let out with charges drop that i was i understood and what about the charges haveing a gun what is up with that

      • I don’t know, but, I reiterate he has something on someone. No way you or I would see the light of day were it 1 of us up on those charges.

        • Yeah I agree with you they would have us under the jail with those charges…strange he just keeps getting out.

    • Speaking of facts, there were waaaay more than eight people murdered in this parish without resolution to the crimes. The Shelia Comeaux connection is mentioned again and I’ll say once again, “if we are going to solve these most recent eight murders, we MUST look into those that took place before these eight.” The cause of murder in this parish has always been the drug industry and the corruption that directs it. Do we honestly believe that there is no connection? C-mon. If we are still wondering what F.R. has on anyone, I’d say, read the past posts on this site. F. Richard has bragged in the past of having killed people professionally, for some very powerful organized crime people. Folks who know him say this is just hot air but it sure is a constant rumor coming from lots of people. It has been clearly stated that F. Richard has a contact in the LA State Police that has protected him for many years and plenty of people know about it. The state police officer, a Dobson, is from Lake Arthur. The state police officer has pulled strings and made promises on behalf of F. Richard many many times and is deeply affiliated with M. Conner, who was chief of police of Lake Arthur and was also a deputy, featured on NBC’s Dateline show on corruption in JDP. The state police officer is also heavily affiliated with Lucky LeDouche, former Calcasieu Parish officer and local unprosecuted film producer. LeDouche and Dobson are very very close, old time associates of Ramby Cormier, another wonderful task force member. Now, JDP SO officer and task force member (appointed by R. Edwards), Paula Guillory is the one who screwed up the F. Richard case and “accidentally” let him out of jail just prior to the last murder. Her former husband, Terry Guillory, from Lake Arthur, is another one who broke out with Mike Conner many years ago. This information has been posted on the site before. So, you still wonder who F. Richard has something on, I can tell you: IT’S THE TASK FORCE ITSELF!!! It isn’t rocket science to figure out that, contrary to Edwards’ statement, there is indeed a cover-up that involves some high officials.

      • Lucky Deluche was also a Jennings PD officer for quite some time before he was asked to leave after making a sex video with several partners including the family pet. They didn’t fire him even though he had made the animal movie with his wife and that state cop. Now he works for the Welsh PD. He was hired by Tommy Chaisson who left the Jennings PD and went tot Welsh. Delouche is one man that I would not trust with half a pinch of sh–. He really is one that I’d say should be looked at very closely. He was fired from Calcasieu Parish after several unsolved murders in that area that implicated sheriff deputies and a cover up including the sheriff’s son. Some people never learn.

        • Frankly he gives me the creeps. I have only met the man twice. Once in his office and the other time I was in the police station and he was behind the glass with dispatch. i happen to look in and saw him standing there and smiled at him. I’m here to tell you that man came unglued!! He started shouting for me “don’t even, DONT EVEN! don’t start that in here, don’t, JUST DON’T!” I looked at my friend who was with me and he asked what the h#ll I had done, told him all i did was smile. i looked again to make sure that i he was actually looking at me and he started it again! Everyone was looking to see what I had done and why he was yelling. I have never been shy about the fact that i blog on this site and a few others….wonder if it has something to do with that? But even still, that was way out of line and made my hair stand on end….still bothers me to this day.

      • Wouldn’t it raise eyebrows when a state police officer keeps helping the same person over & over ? Seems you could not get away with it for too long ?
        Ramby Cormier don’t know any info on him. Could someone help me out with info on Ramby?
        Does anyone have anymore info on the state police offier Dobson ?

        • To understand the relationship between the state police and protecting crime in Louisiana, one has to get the book, “Just Taking Orders”, by Clyde Vidrine. He was assistant and personal security to Edwin Edwards. He described the network of criminal protection in Louisiana all the way from the local police jury and dog catcher to the state capitol and into the federal government. He talks about how parish sheriff’s departments are brought into the ring of corruption. It describes how the LA State Police is used as an arm of corruption in picking up the governor’s share of proceeds from prostitution, drugs, extortion, gambling, cock fighting, for covering up crimes, for not prosecuting the guilty, etc., etc., etc……. Mr. Vidrine described how vice is big business in Louisiana politics and how citizens are spoon-fed exactly what it takes to keep them ignorant and hopeful (as in JDP government). From what I am told, unfortunately, Mr. Vidrine was shot at close range, at high noon in Shreveport Louisiana on the street, in front of the courthouse. It was obviously an accidental death and unrelated to his book. Just like the Marian Edwards murder in Crowley, Louisiana, a cause of murder was circulated by the media. A cause that does not agree with the stories told by witnesses. The murder of Huey Long went the exact same way. We’ll never be told the truth unless we dig and dig deep. Our state is a laughing stock to the rest of America. The citizens of Louisiana are laughed at because we are known to be so very gullible because we tend to believe the most corrupted officials imaginable when they speak.

        • It would raise eyebrows in a perfect world, but, when the network of corruption extends both upward and downward, the regularity of helping criminals is hidden in (and by) the system. It raises no eyebrows at all because these things are carefully protected. People have a tendency to think that there are far more honest people in police systems than there really are. Most of these guys are there to get a paycheck. Even the honest police know that if they raise too many questions about certain things, it can be injurious to them, professionally and personally. They learn that if they aren’t part of an operation, they shouldn’t say a word about it. The state police is no different than a local police department when it comes to corruption and human nature. for that matter, neither is the FBI.

        • Was there something said in a previous post about a dobson state trooper???

          • Yes there was curious1, a Dobson from Lake Arthur, but I only know of Mr. Dobson and his sons, but I don’t think any of them is a state trooper. Not sure though.

  31. okay folks, im sorry i know that i read it 100 times but im forgetful, what time does the march begin? 🙂

  32. at noon but everyone needs to bring something to stay dry

  33. it starts at noon but everyone is asked to be there early i will be there by 11

    • thanks itilii and baffled, im hoping there will be something about it online…my daughter was supposed to participate but she is sick, im hoping she feels better tomorrow!

  34. I just want to say, Great Job G8! Keep following your heart! You have created an Awesome and “Mind Blowing” website for everyone to come here for information. I admire your patience and understanding through this horrible and life changing tragedy. Please continue to let things come full circle. As with life and this blog you have the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. All of your efforts have and will continue to make a huge difference to the victims, their families and everyone concerned about what is happening in JDP. The TRUTH will prevail! Thank you!!!

  35. The killer may not be local but
    He sure has strong ties the area
    especially around where the victims
    were dumped.

  36. Do u all have seasonal workers that come to the area?

  37. Just wanted to say hello. I so wish I was closer to be of help to you all. Sounds like to blog is back on track. You all sound more focused, and ready to make progress again on a peaceful level.

    Nicki, I am sorry to hear about your father, and please keep your focus on him today. Darkstar said it well!

    Brittany, your sister would be so proud. I am. You can be very diplomatic and personable, as can most all of you.

    Wishing you well g8–Hey alou, sp and others.
    Have not been posting much- I feel so out of place lately….not exactly the life I would choose right now.
    Very lost for words–but my thoughts are with you all- trumphs and defeats.

    Jason Brown article to The Advocate will be on the Associated Press for many to see, along with other articles. When Kodiak comes out with his documentary, you all will have huge publicity. There is another way, for someone to look up the largest newspaper of each state, and write the editors asking for publicity. I would have to start in Texas!!! Just an idea, but it could be done. The AP article with a reference to the KPLC special would be good. Just thinking out loud.

    Godspeed and keep the peace. Hope everyone’s day tomorrow is FANTASTIC!!!!!

  38. For those wondering, Connie Siler is from California. I asked her once where she was from and how she came to be in Louisiana.

  39. Wondering now that FR told everyone the names of the last people who was with him and Connie before they went missing is that something useful. The truck got sold and Connie made her exit FR is telling who was with them last.

    • Thing is, you can be gauranteed that the News Media filmed much more footage than they showed, and if LE is smart enough they will take a look at all footage, regardless if they have to hear some negative along with the helpful. Something they should consider.

      The FBI Behavior Specialist can also analyse the footage and critique FR and TC

    • could the calf. le pick connie up and make her talk tell what she knows i think that could help alot

  40. Welcome back G8, our fearless leader, lol! We could of used your mediation a few times thi week. Hmmm, it got sort od chaotic a couple of times. But anyway its great to have your back. As for Nicki is conerned, I just wish she could be left alone for once. She is tending to her father and no doubt this must be a trying time for her. So please give her the respect she and her family needs right now. Good lord, I may not have agreed with everything she’s said or done but the same goes for everyone in here. We’ve all agreed to disagree on many occassions here. So plez take a chill pill and leave her alone right now. Ok enough of that and my next thought is we are expecting 100 % chance of rain tomorrow, is the March still on?

  41. After watching the KPLC interview, It is my opinion, FR should be on the Task Force. Pay him top dollar because he knew all of the victims, got high with all of them, he was intimant with almost all of the victims. He even said “Sex and Drugs go hand in hand.” He feels bad for turning away one of the victims from a hotel he was staying at and he saw another victim a couple hours before she was found because she was at his house. Two victims called him “uncle” and he has no clue why TC implicated him and then recanted her story. On top of it all he has his “Own Idea” of what happened to the girls. I do not judge a persons life style or looks and I am fine with him not passing a drug test. He has more life experience regarding illegal activities than all of the LE put together on the Task Force. FYI, This may be his first legal job in a very long time. (Please excuse my anger!)

  42. Ok, I was being sarcastic. I think FR knows alot more than he is saying..

  43. Nickie I am very sorry for your father,I will pray for you and your family.

  44. Again G8t Thank you for this site and The OffTopic site,I really appreciate it.Keep your head up and know that what you are doing is outstanding.I hope I can meet you one day.

  45. kitkat do you think the weather is gonna stop the rally

  46. ok did the LE every ? the bouleys the ones that ran the boudreaux inn for awhile i know they were all ways there and so was alot of mexicans and if that place was drug place and alot of the girls there and FR and TC they have to know something a little bit of info helps.

  47. I’m not positive but i think that they would have questioned Sue. She was the manager. At one point in time Ernestine worked there. My grandmother did as well. My Grandmother had nothing but good things to say about Ernestine. I think a lot of answers lie in Tracee and Frankie. Iss the march still on with the temp. drop wind, and rain?

    • I know your grandma and lord knows she has been threw alot. with your uncles, and your mom and your grandpa. your grandma has a big heart and she disovles alot of answer as to what happen to your mom as do u.

  48. For anynoe interested, go to related cases and click on photos. They put some pics up of my mom.

  49. Just to let everyone the march is still on. The weather will not stop the march, rain or shine we will march for those girls. hope to see everyone at Founders park @ noon, bring your boots, and umbrella’s.

  50. Oh wow, the weather is so bad. I do believe we’ve even had some hail. I can’t believe the march is still scheduled to go on. Don’t ya’ll think that it ought to be postpone because of this horrible weather? IMO, the weather will surely affect attendance somewhat!

    • i can not even get out of my house right now my yard is flooded. so i dont know what i will do i just hope my kids dont call and need something for school.

    • I just received an IM from someone at the park and they say people ARE beginning to show up.

  51. I hope the march goes off as planned. Too bad about the weather tho…

  52. I feel like a fool. I’ve been hollering march forever now. Now that we are, I gotta watch it from bed. ;( but hopefully it will be on kplc and I can watch, very PROUDLY!

  53. Hey SP I left you a message on the other side.

  54. Good Luck with the March guys.

  55. KITKAT MY prayers are with you all. I left you a message but I think it went to the other blog. Please be careful in the rain….

  56. Any info about the March yet? Eager to how many braved the weather.

  57. Any ffedback from the march yet??

  58. The march went off and was a very peaceul and quiet event with about 20 or so very brave souls and 10 reporters (I was to cold to get a good head count LOL)
    Lots of pictures and interviews.

  59. Hey everyone I just got back from the march we had a nice turn out. Even with the weather like it was but it was a very nice march. Several reporters were there to cover the story. Just about everyone who was there was interviewed by the media so watch all news channels tonight. I have been in constant contact with Mike this last week to get the final preparation in order for the march. I must say Mike you did a awesome job, glad to have gotten to work with you on this. I look forward to working with you in the future on any other events for the girls. We will fight until the end and beyond. I would like to thank all of you who came and of course all of you who I know where there in spirit and could not get out of your house because of the weather your prayer’s were also such a blessing. I also would like to thank all the media that showed up.

    Again Thank You to everyone.

  60. i was going to the march but my boyfriend told mr no couse i had the flu last week so mike im so sorry call me ok

  61. thank you for your help Michelle and i hoped that more of the people who speak on here would have showed up to make a public show of support it is time for more people to speak out in public than just me

    • I agree with you Mike we need to have more voices out there, but not just the voice the face to go with the voice. The more of use the greater the voice the better we will be heard. I hope that anything else that is planned in the near future all of you on the blog will show up in numbers. We are the girls voice. It is well time they are heard we are heard. Again though thanks everyone for your support.

      • i think more ppl would have went if the weather was better. i know i couldn’t get out in that weather. if i get wet or cold i would have gotten really sick. i for one am already sick, but i was there in spirit.

  62. it went well anyway

    • We really wanted to go but my yard is flooded and i can not get out sorry mike but we were talking and wonder how it went glad the rain did not stop some. again i am sorry. and i agree more family members do and should speak up for the victims and the public also.

  63. thank you i tell it like it is

    • if i lived there i would be there in a minute..but i live out of state..i was praying for yall to have a good turnout and i am glad yall did..i do have a few questions though..were the charges on frankie for the rape,were they dismissed or dropped..what about the gun..and does anyone know why billy is still in jail if all the charges were dropped on the others???one more is tracee on parole?just wondering

  64. Wonder what’s up??? Channel 7 just announced there is a breaking development on the JD mystery murders….and then cut to the national news..I guess their going to show it at 6.
    HMMMMMM….wonder why every time the family’s and others take a step forward, something new is announced
    just wondering…

  65. It was the rain that held people back from the march. It was so bad at my house and we are flooded also. If it hadn’t rained I think there would have been a great turnout like at the vigil 2 weeks ago. My hubby is wheelchair bound and I don’t take him out in weather like this. And I too am just getting over being sick. Looks like it was nice and peaceful tho.

  66. Well the new development- they are going to subpoena the rest of the footage from KPLC, mostly involving TC and FR..
    Hey wait! Didn’t I see that same suggestion on one of the thorn in the a** blogs????? LOL Great going people!

    • yes, you did…they are reading loud and clear. I think publicity is helping

    • Makes me wonder whether or not JDSO recorded any interrogations upon the previous arrest of FR, TC and others.

      In Baton Rouge, all interrogations of arrestees are recorded due to the legal issues of prosecution.
      Great work from the crew at KPLC. They deserve a great big thank you for doing the legwork.
      Kodiak has footage of FR also, I believe. These interviews can be compared to the previous statements for analysis also.

      This brings to mind, the FBI can also call suspects in and ask them to fill out a particular questionaire that they have, as they did in my brothers case during the investigation of ‘a missing person’…
      Thereby creating evidence that can be used in court.

      They went so far as to have neighbors, aquaintances, and family fill these questionnaires out.

      Seems with the comments FR made this would have been done already….it ask several questions that would be extremely informative for LE.

    • If this had not come out as a suggestion from the people on the blogs, Edwards would NEVER have done it. Someone has to prod them into doing their job by exposing their incompetence. We have the biggest bunch of deadbeats possible in our courthouse and sheriff’s office. I believe that he’ll subpoena the data, as a show, but, I do NOT believe they will do anything with the information received, especially if it implicates one of their protected ones.

  67. Yeah well they probably want to examine their body language. Anyone can see that both FR and TC are lying through their teeth in that KPLC special.

  68. Hey everyone, i have been really busy with the kids school and my other kids and stuff, i have been reading and trying to catch up when i can..

    Is it just me, or in the kplc interview FR said it was Kristen that called him uncle frankie, and then a little while later he said that it was Brittany that called him uncle frankie.. then with Tracee.. They asked her if she knew the girls, and she said at first that she knew all but a few.. then a little while later, she said she only knew 2..

    If you ask me, both of their stories need to be looked at again.. It is still up on KPLC.. but i also think that another news crew needs to interview them on camera to see if they say the exact same thing..


  70. christi,
    I want to extend my thanks to you. I have been reading your posts and I know what you did to get here today. I just wanted you to know that things like that are greatly appreciated. Im glad I finally can put a face to your name…You are a beautiful woman, hold your head high!

    • brittany, no thanks needed we are all fighting for justice, i just hope that i cam shed some light on what has went on in this parish and hope that there are people watghing that realize that there is legitimate reasons for our concerns reguarding the way thiis investigation has been handled. I thank you and your family if anyone for speaking outbecause you have given me the oppurtunity to voice my injustiice as well. so , thank you. we will stand as united. God bless you!

  71. I was also happy to hear that LE are re-opening Christi’s daughter’s case. I’m betting on all this recent publicity as the cause for them taking a second look at that case!

    • yes that is exactly why, although michael cassidy spofe ans said my case was never given to him, he has been made aware several times over the years of this case by me anmd what they were doing and not doing so and he has hung up in my face on several occasions, he says that i have been my own worst enemy and that is a quote from him just a couple of moths ago, i took it as he was trying to blame me for the case not being worked but i did make him aware that he was not convining me that just because i have been constantly on their ass throughout the years and making them answer questions that they didnt want me asking he did not succeed in convinicing me le had a excuse not to have been doing their job.

  72. Re-opening Christi’s case is absolutely great news.
    I am so glad she spoke out on the blog, for she held off until hearing Geraldo was cancelled. Great decision you made there Christi…….you get a big pat on the back from me.

    I saw the Department of Justice was involved. That is very good news too because they oversee LE big time.

    • thank you observer, and i will get more info out there to the way they have continued to violate my daughters right, them reopening my case means very little to me becaus i think if they had a magic wand and could make all of this bad publicity go away they would not be doing shit!

  73. Tommy Chaisson, and Lucky Thedouche.. Both ought to be Investigated Thoroughly by the DOJ. I know BOTH have violated Ethics laws and never seen a bit of trouble for it! Tommy lived in public housing for a long time before anyone caught on, then he simply moved out. No Punishment? No fines?
    Lucky made the “Doggy” film, what no charges on that? I know for a fact that just possessing that footage is against the law, not to mention the laws broken while MAKING IT!

    Hey Department of Justice…..How about a little justice?
    Neither one should ever carry a badge let alone be chief and lead detective…..I mean seriously……What gives there?

  74. Hello everyone.. Just wishing you all a Happy Halloween. Don’t eat tooo much trick or treat candy without ME…..LOL

  75. Hey everyone! Happy Halloween to all of you!. We are going see our grandbaby dressed up like a little lamb for her first Halloween. She’s only 5 1/2 months old. Can’t wait to see her. Then we’re off to see my mom at the nursing home. We were suppose to go see her yesterday but the weather did not cooperate. And isn’t the weather so gorgeous today. Wish it would have been like that yesterday! Hmmmm, oh well! Catch you all later!

  76. Hey Guys Happy Halloween Finally got to watch the KPLC TV Report.FR,TC,CRAZY!!!!!Connie Siler,her butt would get extradited back to LA.for questioning.Warren Gary Please.To many people that know each other,LE.regular people.To much in a circle.They need fresh eyes.They need a new team,and they need an outside agency to come in.

  77. Hey SP come to the other side.

  78. I just got through watching the kplc special. Interesting to say the least. It does seem that TC had a special reaction when asked about the truck. I agree that Connie Siler should be interviewed extensively about what happened that night. TC’s thoughts on the killer were interesting as well. She said that it was probably someone who was sick in the head and maybe lost a parent, spouse or sibling to drug use and this was the way to get back. She is describing a type of serial killer but she may have an idea who and is just plain afraid. I wonder if someone borrowed the truck from Connie that night? And, both know who it was.

  79. hey folks, i need a few answers if anyone can help, i know that i can get the answers by reading back but i get lost sometimes doing that, like now while my mind is tired, but does anyone remember the time frame when frankie had the bar between lake a. and jennings? and does it coincide with the time that butch sonnier was murdered, also someone posted on here showing who’s name the bar was in (permits etc..) can somebody help me out? thanks!

    • According to my source, it was approximately 1995, give or take, that F. Richard had the strip club in or near Lake Arthur. FR brags that his “connections” got him the first strip club in Jeff Davis Parish through the local politicians. The timeline relating to the Butch Sonnier murder is not clear. I was told the strip club was a part of his payment for having done some professional killings for a group of criminals. The source says that he was in constant communication with the Lake Arthur chief of police and some of his officers. Richard has had special protection and favors for many years. I’m the same as you, almost, regarding reading back through the old posts, although I have a friend who’s collecting all posts from this blog and also has plenty from another old blog that was taken down after some death threats were made through it because some sensitive information about local criminals was being revealed.

      • Perhaps it’s time to resurrect that past info. No time like the present!

        Who took the old blog down? LE was involved in that or it was out of fear from the death threats?
        “Suspicion solves crimes……not taking a positive attitude”.
        ~ SuziQ (Websleuths) ~

        Please post “off topic” comments and discussion here. Thanks.

      • According to JDN’s recent article on 9/20/09, their archive search revealed that Butch was found 2/9/93. LE determined his body had been dumped 3-4 days prior to the discovery. Interestingly enough, although his socks were still on, he was shoeless…….just like the girls. He was also still wearing a gold nugget ring so robbery didn’t seem to be the motive for the murder.
        “Suspicion solves crimes……not taking a positive attitude”.
        ~ SuziQ (Websleuths) ~

        Please post “off topic” comments and discussion here. Thanks.

        • I just had a strange thought- gotta share…………Shoes could have residue that could lead them to the place of the crime if it was analysed….especially if the place of crime had any particlar substance………like…oil, menure, particular sand or dirt……maybe the perp is that smart…to remove shoes to keep them from finding place the murder went down.

          It may not be a fetish, but an attempt to keep ‘a place’ from being determined. hmmmmmmm

  80. ok TC said alot of the girls did not have family to go home to i find that hard to beleive myself i know i am not the only one that heard that . i dare her to say that all of those girls had family and worry about them alot. who in the hell is she to say that

  81. A friend’s friend told me he was in rehab with FR and he admitted to him that he did the crimes.

    • Sounds like hearsay.

      • When one “hears” it directly from the actual participant, this is considered first hand information and the witness can testify to the origin of information. If I hear it from the actual witness, it becomes hearsay (2nd hand) because I didn’t witness the statement.

        • Yep.

          • Even if second or third hand information is brought out, it does give investigators a starting point, from which to begin their process. They can go from the hearsay witness to the actual direct witness and then, get a credible statement. Of course, in our case, the public investigators will be to busy at Doughnut King, the Waffle House, or the crack house to pursue the leads. If one goes to the private investigator with the data, the information is passed to the task force, to the FBI and to the state police by certified mail. Then, they cannot claim that they never got the investigation results. That’s what upsets R. Edwards. He’d like to completely control the case (and hide facts as he’s been doing) but when a third party gets involved, he loses control and the ability to manipulate the case for F. Richard’s friends. That’s why he tells people not to bring information to any one except law enforcement. If facts are brought to Edwards’ group, they will do exactly what they’ve been doing for so many years —— Nothing except cover-up.

    • when did FR go to a rehab omg never heard of him going into one of those before. i wonder what he did so bad to make him go into one of those places

    • your friend dont have to give his or her name but yes they should call someone and repeat what was said to them

  82. Inspired, Please tell “friends friend” to contact FBI A.S.A.P. His testimony is admissible as firsthand knowledge. Prison confessions often catch many guilty men/Women!

  83. Brownie, can you paste the “Possibly Related Cases” segment that you mentioned, or, post where it can be found please? I missed it — I’d like to read that and can’t find it.

  84. ignight iwas informed yesterday that a task force member is still invetigating me to try and silence me i will expose him if he dosnt stop

    • Lots of business at Andrew St. this weekend many different vehicles coming and going no surprise it’s the first of the month,guess they are all spending their government checks.And no LE patroling? Wonder WHY?

      • They’d have to work for their paychecks!?

        • This scum lives off of mostly white women who hang out there and has all the cig. & alcohol he needs not to mention illegal drugs.too. He is a real piece of TRASH!!!!

      • i drove by today and there was a black guy leaned up against a tree facing me, a white girl with black hair was carrying something in her arms walking towards the door of the house, i was driving very slow and staring. the guy said something to the girl she turned around and looked at me for just a minute then turned back towards the house, shrugged her shoulders and proceeded to go into the house… she was sorta short and her hair appeared to be long but it was twisted and pinned up.. not too much style about her..

        • almostsure== The girl you saw there is most likley the one who has been living there for several weeks and the guy, if he was very skinny and unshaven he is likely the one who runs the house.

    • michael, i am about to expose a couple of people, i know that this is risky but i will not back down from the clearly what is obvious! my case is only being looked at again because thier under fire and it is refreshing to know that i am not the only one that sees this!!!!!!!!!

    • why would they invate u and to keep u quite is omg u r the one that is helping them why would they want to keep u quite are they getting scare that they r all fixing to go down or something. hell they confuse the hell out of me. not u mike the LE



  87. goodmorning christi you know i stand with you

  88. 11 years not one little bit of cooperation with me, now all of the sudden, i call in as i have done for 11 years and suddenly what i have to say is being heard, hmmmm……………………… they are not hanging up on me anymore, let me give le some advice, this mandy j that has been given my case, who from what i heard, is a former dispatcher, i called mrs lynn, who is the secretary for detectives, 3 days ago and left a message w/ my info tohave her call me and have not rrecieved at the very least a phone call from????????? you might want to talk to the victims in my case to get familiar with it! just a suggestion!!!!!1 note: poor ms lynn has been having to put up with my complaining for 11 years and its fuuny because when i d left my info i said ” idont even have to say what this is in reguards to” and she responded with yeah, i know!



      • Christi, yes for sure keep up the fight. We are all behind you. Glad to have meet you at the march hope to do another one soon.

  90. I was just thinking, can anyone tell me why my case should have ever been closed????????????

  91. does anyone think that a dna profile is adaquate evidence?????

    • As adequate as it gets…it is adequate to get people exonerated from death sentences……on a routine basis. 134 inmates have been exonerated since the re-instatement of the death penalty in 1976 based on DNA analysis which often was unavailable at the time of convictions.

      Now if DNA can do that—there is not a question. No question, and a sample that pinpoints a family—-is sufficient enough to have a court order to test the rest of the family members (brothers,father) so to speak.

      • thank you observer, i just wanted to be sure, and let me also ask if michael cassidy says they have reopened my case and i know and he told mme he knows that this dna profile that they have points in the grices direction, then this profile that i have seen with my own two eyes is enough to get a court order to test them? sorry i just want to be clear about this???

        • For someone to say it points in someones direction is oblivious…it is either someones DNA or not. They are putting you through the ringer.

          Sorry for all the post but I think I felt a moment of your frustrations!!!!!!!

      • If they tell you it points to a family—they must have a similar sample of one of the family members, maybe they all have not had their DNA taken. If they made those ties to a relative, then a judge should be able to give a court order directing other DNA samples to be taken at the prosecutors request.

        • the tests did say similar for charles grice because he was tested, the brother and father have not been?

          • Christi not sure if you noticed but there is a “Christi’s Case” thread dedicated to helping you in getting justice for you and your little girl. Glad things are finally moving for you!

  92. observer

    Observer I think you have really hit on something! That is a brilliant observation!!!!

  93. Thank you, and I can locate cases where this has happened routinely in Texas…..just happened last week.

  94. There is no excuse whatsoever for this case to have been put on the sideburner closed or anything else.
    As much as Bobby Jindal has fought and is currently appealing to the United States Supreme Court for Child Rapist to be eligible for the Death Penalty, I wonder what he would say upon hearing about Christi’s case. It is a disgrace to the integrity of the LAW, and a disgrace to Public integrity that JDP had allowed the case to be unprosecuted. Shame on them, and they deserve to be made a spectacle of if this is the way they want to conduct business. It royally pisses me off.
    Christi, keep up the fight. God Bless You forever and ever. May he keep you surrounded with his wings of protection.

    I am so sorry for what they have done to you and your daughter’s case. They are wrong….and you carried no burden of making sure it was prosecuted…that is their job. period, nothing else to said about that. They screwed up, and deserve all the exposure witnesses can conjure up.

  95. This is why one night, while being angry about other instances, I thought about how to help you all get more exposure, and decided to look up all the associations I could find that the sheriff and prosecutors could be a member of —especially nationally, and email them the info of the task forces site and this one, asking them to help spread the word that we were having problems amongst their societies…..think about it…they do answer to a few people

  96. The legislature had passed a law against the US Constitution to give the Death Penalty to child rapist, and did so to two people that actually ended up on Death Row. One fought the case and the USSC overruled stating we LA could not do that….as I understand Jindal has ordered the state to appeal.

  97. Center for Public Integrity

    The Center for Public Integrity is a nonprofit organization dedicated to producing original, responsible investigative journalism on issues of public concern. The Center is non-partisan and non-advocacy. We are committed to transparent and comprehensive reporting both in the United States and around the world.

    The Center is located at 910 17th Street NW, Suite 700, Washington, D.C. 20006. The telephone number is (202) 466-1300.

    • thank you for that info, i myself am looking up any oulet possible to send the one hour special to and the march and the victims pictures and my story and anything else i believe could help get the attention for all of us and to make le be held accountable for their actions. ater all is that not why we have a justice system, but theyseem to think that the same does not apply to them!!!!!!!!!

      • Excellant..if you have those articles handy…send it on…it will back up my email to them. I begged for them to allow someone to investigate, explore sites before ignoring our request!!!!!

  98. here is an email address:

  99. Christi I’m doing great! I’m so proud of YOU!!! I have not seen the march interviews, does anyone have a link to them? I am following your case very closely and I am positive the LE is using those extra strength DEPENDS by the case full……

  100. sp did you get to see the one hour special, i can send you those too,let me know?

  101. christi my e mail is I would love to have the links thank you…..

  102. well i sent all of these to my email so i dont know much about the link thing but i think you will like the special, they did a greatt job and maybe yuo can put faces to names. the special is goin to be sent in six or seven different segments! i will let you know as soon as i have sent them. then you let me know you got them! thanks, doing it now!

  103. i just sent them all let me know if you got them then after you watch them i am dying to know your thoughts onit!!!!!!!

  104. ok maybe someone can answer this for me if FR was in jail for rape a couple of years ago why is he out on the streets. was it a kid or someone walking the streets on drugs did he do this to if it was someone walking the streets than i can understand why he is on the streets. but it still is not right rape is rape no mattier who it is. i sit here and think all the time how is some like that out and laughing about it when he should of been under the jail and not here omg he would have help to excape i just dont understand i hope when FR and TC starts singing there will be alot of LE and other higher people to go down with them.

  105. When it’s time for FR to sing, something will likely happen to him that stops the song. The people he knows “things” about and has served in the past with his special skills are known not to allow threats to remain above ground. He certainly has protection for his crimes but I doubt that he has ANY protection against squealing on folks in the business or against corrupted gobmint folks.

  106. enough already, no i have not seen it so can you tell me where to look? i apologize if i have taken to much focus off the girls by blogging about my case, it was definately not my intention! thank you fot your kind words! God Bless!

  107. enough already i found it but it was boring over there, there is no one to talk to lol

  108. if anyone is offended by me talking about my case on here speak now and i will not be mad i will respect it. i wwill not be posting here or there until i hear from the majority that i am welcome. i will continue to include these womens murders in my fight but united as one seems not so true when my case is sent to off topic blogs. enough already thank you for being polite about it but i understand! the plan was by me and one of the family members of the victims to expose the crruption and ineptness in my case to show the public what these people are capable of but i will no longer participate so good luck to everyone on here and GOD BLESS!

  109. Christi My Darlin’ you are a very very very valuable FAMILY member!!! AS far as I can figure the fact that you we were honored with your own thread should show you that…We ALL SUPPORT YOU AND WHAT YOU ARE DOING! WE WILL CONTINUE TO HELP IN ANY AND ALL WAYS WE CAN!! I think the reason you got the extra room was for people to be able to leave you long links and go into our long winded details about what we think. that we can do to help you in your fight…. This wasn’t because we don’t want YOU to post Sweetie… just the opposte.. it’s because we love you and we want to help…. soooo DON’T you DARE even think about stopping posting on this bog, we won’t let you. We care about you, Christie!! and like you we just refuse to give up……

  110. christi i dont think you should go anywheres your daughteres case is one of many that has to be heard an justice is going to be prevailed it is because you never gave up an if you where asked by a family member then your story has every right to be heard here why is it all of a sudden bothering enough already dont go anywheres baby stay right here an u dont go anywhere an i think alot of people would agree with me keep your head up christi you know the fight is just gettin started

    • Baffeled, I think you didnt read something correctly, nothing is all of a sudden bothering me. I’m happy for her to have her own space. I hope she and her little girl get justice. GEEZ

  111. obtain and chart the following!
    actual approximate time of day of dissappearance (da)
    day of da
    weather conditions at da
    know location/route of da of each from last know location
    where the women were known to be going to
    what have in common… person, organization, club, clinic, hangout
    did any/all have aids
    did any all ever engage in prostitution
    related to da… male? automobile? implement? size? strength? drug?
    how large of da is the locale in diameter?
    what method of presence would be required to encounter all 8?

    with 8 da’s this should be very patternable and not too difficult to narrow down
    there has to be a wealth of evidence by now, dna, missing items, etc

    rogue cop on patrol?
    self-righteous radical christian extremeist
    by now it should not be that hard to narrow down.

    • Resentful Hispanic who cannot make it in the Grengo world?
      Self-righteous radical Muslim extremist?
      Professional mechanic using serial profile to conceal assigned hits?

    • Profile of a Demographic serial killer:
      This is what we need to be looking for

      1. Over 90 percent of serial killers are male.

      2. They tend to be intelligent, with IQ’s in the “bright normal” range.

      3. They do poorly in school, have trouble holding down jobs, and often work as unskilled laborers.

      4. They tend to come from markedly unstable families.

      5. As children, they are abandoned by their fathers and raised by domineering mothers.

      6. Their families often have criminal, psychiatric and alcoholic histories.

      7. They hate their fathers and mothers.

      8. They are commonly abused as children — psychologically, physically and sexually. Often the abuse is by a family member.

      9. Many serial killers spend time in institutions as children and have records of early psychiatric problems.

      10. They have high rates of suicide attempts.

      11. From an early age, many are intensely interested in voyeurism, fetishism, and sado-masochistic pornography.

      12. More than 60 percent of serial killers wet their beds beyond the age of 12.

      13. Many serial killers are fascinated with fire starting.

      14. They are involved with sadistic activity or tormenting small creatures.

      15. Lives not far from the crimes within a 10 -20 mile radius

  112. Wow, Im sure my answers are somewhere in this forum but there is soooo much to go through. Are they any closer to catching this idiot? I heard through “Hersay” That the JDP has some kind of “List” that includes names of potential people they are looking at. A family member told me a name but I dont remember at the moment. I do remember the guy is a drug dealer that lives in Lake Arthur but she said he is always in Jennings. This family member knows of the guy just in passing from a few years ago and says that he was around alot of the girls and many more girls in Jennings. I will get the name from her tom. and post it here. Has anyone else heard of this?

  113. i ave talked to several people about posting and questions surrounding my case andi am not going to give le the satisfaction of thinking that i am going to be pushed out of this fight, i believe as others do as wekll trhat to figure thjis mess out thats going on as far as coverups and corrections, i believe the answers lie with cases going back years and years so in the future i apologize ahead of time if i offend anyone or make it seem like i am taking any attention off the girls murders that is not my intentions!!!!!! and just wanted to add that i refuse to go over to that thread and blog to myself and have to answer myself LOL now come on how would that look?????

  114. oops, corruptions not corrections!!!

  115. Good Morning Christi,

    I applaud your determination. Keep your chin up and march forward. We do want you to post here, and it would be great to have some of your case info on it’s own page so others new to the blog will have it right at hand without having to go through all the pages. I do think newcomers find out a lot of information without having to read all the blogs, so please look at it as a positive. It would be great to have a synopsis of your case there even if you cut and paste a little info…..
    Lots of love girl

  116. observer yes , i do agree and i get it now, i just have a problem trusting folks but i am working on iit and it has been explained to me by other people so again i am sorry for the disruption, and am continuing to get all of this coverege and video of everything i can find in the right hands, someone told me of theses ire journalits, the best in the world and i have submitted to the editor all kinds of video and coverage and my story, also the segments of the special and am asking anyone who has the time can you put another bug in their ear?? email is

  117. i need someones help privately asap, pertaining to info about dna that i was given by someone in le, please anyone that can help email me at right away!

  118. Danyelle Duplaisir 24, missing since 10/26/09 from Hammond, LA, appx. 2 hours East of Jennings off of Rt. 10. Law enforcement officials are seeking Eddie Buie in connection with Danyelle’s disappearance.

    For what it’s worth, Eddie Buie is a former Ascension Parish Sheriff’s deputy and ran for Sheriff in Tangipahoa. Buie is a graduate of Hammond High School and holds a master’s degree in criminal law from LSU.

  119. enough maybe i did miss something on the other thread if so am sorry but christi you keep posting an my email address is if i can help

  120. ignite Is this a multiple choice question?

    • Sp, I presume that you’re referring to my last post that replied to john doe. I was pointing out, first, that there are many group members, racial, ethnic, geographic, etc., that may see themselves as victims of an unfair society and ultimately take it out on society by killing or harming weaker people and animals. We’ve seen it in race relations as particular racial members were told that they are victims of another race and therefore, they must be angry over an imaginary imbalance of favor. Secondly, I wanted to make the point that ANY religion is capable of producing radical hate mongers and I feel it is extraordinarily unfair to paint Christians in such a light while the news is currently loaded with Muslim fathers killing and maiming daughters and wives in “honor killings” for their “westernization” and while there is a similar and very serious Jewish incident in the news. It is, in some small minded circles, trendy to criticize Christians and to paint them as radicals or extremists while the real radicals are those who teach and employ anti-Christian tactics of immorality. Anyone who subscribes to the Hollywood depiction of the “radical, self-righteous Christian” should back off and consider the source. TV, movies and the entire entertainment industry are made up of the lowest form of human. They have hypnotized America. The entertainment industry has created stereotypes of each facet of society and has injected simpler people with a superficial and simplistic view of each group that is not their own. America was once a nation of primarily Christians, who lived with high ideals and who didn’t look upon anyone except themselves as individuals for their successes and their failures. Morality was very high and people were accountable. Now, everyone with a difficulty blames another race, religion, gender or nationality while they live a desperately bitter existence and are not accountable for their actions and inactions. This inability to be accountable is what produces the desperate street dwellers, the welfare class, the low achievers, greedy businesspeople, soulless professional killers, corrupted politicians and even serial killers. My point was that we should open our eyes and our minds to a broader awareness to solve the dozen to fifteen unsolved murders in Jeff Davis Parish.

      • ignite- i had to back up a bit to read your post.. but we share similar views, only your words are better than mine! you have an unbiased point of view and you stick to the facts, and throw in a few reminders of past events that sometimes, somehow fade out. but as long as we have you to remind us of the facts, i feel this blog will stand to prosper! keep up the great work!!
        thanks for being here. 🙂

  121. good morning sp

    • KplcTv expecting to be subpeoned by task force today for copies of uncut video.IMO-nothing will come out of this just a PR thing.

  122. have you talked to ketchum

  123. Baffled How are you? Yes, I have been talking to Ketchum, she sends you her best!!!

    Please support my Quest for Justice in JDP – Christi’s Story

    • Hmmmm……..this is getting very interesting!!!!! I just deleted my comment I had posted right after yours announcing the new blog that was set up for your case. Makes me wonder if there is some strong suspicion falling around Grice.

  125. CHRISTIE At the moment RE is in a big spotlight so this could be a good thing. I am keeping a positive attitude, let’s see what progress he makes…..

  126. Christie If RE DOESN’T make PROGRESS in a timely manner Then he’ll be dealt with…….

  127. A sad reminder for all of us……one year ago today is when Brittney Gary was last seen alive coming out of the Family Dollar Store. It is so hard to believe a year has passed already. I posted a remembrance on Brittney’s blog and you can leave comments there if you choose. Please keep her family and friends in your thoughts today and in the coming days.
    “Suspicion solves crimes……not taking a positive attitude”.
    ~ SuziQ (Websleuths) ~

    Please post “off topic” comments and discussion here. Thanks.

  128. I dont know if any of you are aware of this but CNN has been covering our story all day! I was at work, at about 11:00 a.m. and my co-worker received a call from her brother who resides in California. He was shocked to see the story on CNN and was unaware of the details. I am trying to catch it now. Has anyone else seen it today?

    • Wow!!!! That’s awesome. I took a look at their website but don’t see anything up in print there yet.
      “Suspicion solves crimes……not taking a positive attitude”.
      ~ SuziQ (Websleuths) ~

      Please post “off topic” comments and discussion here. Thanks.

  129. hi everyone

  130. i just checked cnn also and i did not see anything..please post if they get it on…THANKS

  131. Christi….why the task force unless there is a possible connection…..hmm?

    I say any movement is good at this point…

  132. I posted last night. To follow up on the comment i made the guys name is Curtis Veno. He is a known drug dealer that lives in Lake charles and supposedly hangs around main street in Jennings. Sound familiar to anyone. I was told he knew atleast one of the girls. Was always giving drugs in exchange for things and I was told he would fit the description of being heartless and using girls

  133. correction he lives in lake arthur

  134. Funny you bring him up, LC! I think its Zeno- and if anyone knows anything about the Butch Sonnier case- he was all up in that one….

  135. your right unbiased it is zeno. The person who told me knew him from a few years ago. Luckily enough she got away from the drugs but her and a few others have suspected him from day one.

  136. To anyones knowledge has his name been brung up before? It would be surprising if it has not

  137. Crystal’s husband’s name is Zeno. Is this the same guy?

  138. Wonder if the Grices and Zeno are friends!!!!!!!

    • i believe that i knew zeno at some point in my days in jennings but have been racking my brain since last night to put a face to the name so then i can put where, when??????still thinking!!!!!!

  139. Crystals husband and curtis are brothers, He was in jail and got out last sept. I know he was in prison for almost 2 years.

  140. He has done time if it is the same person.

    2002-KH- 0177 STATE EX REL JAMES CURTIS ZENO v. STATE OF LOUISIANA (Parish of Jefferson Davis)


  141. So, if he was in jail possibly Sept 2006-2008 that would give him an alibi for a time period, and then he must have been in jail at the time the above writ was sent to the LA Supreme Court in 2002.

    I can’t find what the writ was about, does anyone know why he was in jail/prison?

  142. Naming people who were incarcerated during the murders doesn’t help. This is more oil on wounds. Put personal gibes aside and focus. All you locals have more info. It is dis- heartening to see the gossip vs. real help.

    • Have we never heard of organized criminals who operate their activities from jail and prison? We’re talking about a close knit network of people who coexist and who operate within a confined group. These folks operate well and do their thing, involving each other and depending upon one another. The police know them all well and they obviously develop relationships and a twisted kind of trust. I think it’s valuable to know who is doing what, at all times in these groups. We know for a fact (and R. Edwards has been made to admit) that there have been criminal smuggling of drugs, alcohol and other contraband into the jail by deputies and by inmates. Information and instructions are far less difficult to smuggle than contraband. At one time, a cocaine smuggling operation was discovered in the parish jail. R. Edwards lied about it to the press, saying that inmates were selling soap flakes to one another – give us a break! Witnesses came forward and explained that Edwards had lied in the interview and that they had witnesses the test and that the substances tested positive. He finally admitted that there was indeed cocaine making it to the prisoners through the jailers and deputies. These events were in the Jennings Daily News. Just as a reminder, Edwards stated to KPLC, “I HAVE NEVER COVERED UP FOR MY DEPUTIES.” Another lie!!! Does this guy think that we don’t remember? Do we care enough to remember? How many people care so little about our community that they don’t remember this? There’s an old saying: A liar must have a good memory to survive.

      • Ignite-You mentioned that the jailers and deputies may have smuggled drugs to inmates in the jail. Well some time ago one of the jailers was a frequent visitor to the Andrew St. house.

        • Well, imagine that. A JDP deputy visiting a drug den. Let me guess; either he arrived with a crack pipe instead of a search warrant, or, he left with his pockets full of money – or both. As Ii recall, a female deputy was having a thing with an inmate and she’d tie little gifts to a sheet that was hung from a window of the jail (I can point out the exact window as it was shown to some of us by a former inmate – a participant in the scheme). The deputy would attach the items and the inmates would pull it up to the jail. Edwards denied that there was alcohol and drugs but numerous witnesses publicly proved him a liar. Another deputy was caught selling contraband to inmates inside the jail. He was very quietly let go but was never charged with a crime. Now, if these guys will sell to prison inmates, what will they do on the streets that they control, with free people of every station, who have access to the entire market? What I’d like to know is, why has Warren Gary survived so many sheriff administrations and no one knows this guy. His name has been associated with all kinds of dirt for many years but it seems that he’s never involved in any law enforcement activity. He was hired without any LE background and doesn’t seem to have gained any during his tenure. He has functioned very quietly as the chief investigator from behind the scenes and his name is ALWAYS attached to drug controversy although he never is seen doing anything outside of his office.. If I recall correctly, he was a crane operator before he became a deputy.

  143. CP,

    First, I did mention that it was all hearsay. Secondly, I had no idea that he was incarcerated. I never came here for personal gibes as you say. I recently found out about this forum, and simply just posted what I was told. Which I done nothing wrong, what I stated about him is the facts about him knowing alteast one of the girls and is a known drug dealer.. I didnt see any harm in just sharing what I was told. As long as I said it was hearsay, People like you and your negative comments toward someone new like me who is only trying to offer some insight is the reason why alot of people will not post anything on here.

    • i think looking into all possibilities helps so any input you have is valuable, after all FR bounced in and out of jail throughout the years, but the suspicions are still there. even if someone is not available during some of the murders, does not mean they cannot be connected, especially if someone from the drug circle suspects them as you stated..

    • lc u keep posted what u here r know any little think could help. i do not see any thing wrong what u have been posting.

  144. I don’t see anything wrong with most of these postings as long as we respect one another and try to be tolerant of others’ views. Facts are facts but viewpoints are as plentiful as the people writing them. They can all be valuable but we need to expect opposing views to our posts. As long as arguments are kept respectable and factual, I kinda enjoy reading them. It’s when they get personal and small-minded that I lose patience.

  145. good morning everyone!!!!!!!!

  146. Thanks to everyone that seen my post for what is was worth. I am looking more into as to why zeno was in jail. I should find out more within the next few days. And to the family and friends of the victims, even though only a handful of people have come publicly to help I hope you understand the magnitude of people that are praying for you every step of the way.

  147. Ic- while looking into the charges try to get details example= possession of drugs (which is probable) how much? if lots then had the intent to distribute, which should have been longer sentencing, since this is evidently not first offense. if time does not fit the crime then he would be considered to have strong connections! just pondering…

  148. Morning all
    G8 are you there?

    • Hi Paul……..I’m here lurking :D.
      “Suspicion solves crimes……not taking a positive attitude”.
      ~ SuziQ (Websleuths) ~

      Please post “off topic” comments and discussion here. Thanks.

    • Hello Paul. Hope you are well.

  149. can anyone give me the correct spelling of the convicted officer phil karam???????????

    • christi- it is phil karem

      • thank you, FYI he was also on my case back then, which i have recently just been made aware of and his convictions, needless to say , i was not happy!!!!!!!
        Please support my Quest for Justice in JDP – Christi’s Story

        • christi…..I did a search back through the threads and there’s not really much about him. You can find what little there is at this link and read down through the next several comments.
          “Suspicion solves crimes…..not taking a positive attitude” ~ SuziQ (Websleuths) ~

    • You have spelled it correctly. He was originally from the Fenton area.

  150. Almostsure,

    Will def. keep that in mind. I will know something by Thursday. I have a friend looking into it. Should be a nice detailed report. Does anyone know if he has lived anywhere else besides louisiana?

    Please support my Quest for Justice in JDP – Christi’s Story

    • I would like to know where Van Comeaux is working and living now. Anyone know???

      • i was told by someone in le that he has recently returned to jennings!


          • Thank you Christi, there are a few women here that have expressed concern as to if he was back in the area, they took the brunt of his intimidation tactics while he was employed in LE.

  152. goodday everyone just came in from work it seems slow in here today well hope everyone is getting some rest soon as i finish this little job im going to kick it up some more

  153. md, if you didnt come visit, iam going to talk all about youlol!!!!!!!!!!

  154. give them smething to talk about lol

  155. g8 has done a great job with my blog and my story, and to the rest of you i appreciate all the support and and yalls remarkable acceptance of me, even in the wake of your own battles, you stopped and took the time to listen! i encourage anyone who reads this that may be afraid or just ashamed of some choices that you have made, that you realize what they have done for me here w/o judgment and malice and i hope that you too can find the strength to seek justice or fight with us because these people are making a difference in this part of the country and have inspired me to do the same for others!!!!!!! GOD BLESS EVERYONE!!!!
    Please support my Quest for Justice in JDP – Christi’s Story

    • Christi We will support your cause all the way to the end like we support these girls and there family. We are all here for justice in this parish, we all need to see true justice happen and it is well past time that all cases in Jeff Davis Parish receive justice. Keep moving forward Christi. And GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR DAUGHTER!!! GOD BLESS THE GIRLS AND ALL THERE FAMILIES

  156. christi- that sounds so refreshing to hear you say that, i know that your trials have been difficult, but you are coming out a winner, a much stronger person! you and your daughter deserve happiness to the highest.
    no one should judge you, you are a child of GOD.. and he is the ultimate judge, and he loves you dearly, this is why he has put these wonderful people in your path.
    so continue forward in faith and hold on to the thought of your victory… we love you! 🙂

  157. almost sure my husband is an extremely unemotional person (like most men lol) but i just read him my last post and your reply and we got him, girl, lol not to mention i have been trying stuff for years, lol!!!!

    • sorry so late getting back to you, but yeah thats cute regarding your husband, this shows that beneath that rugged exterior lies a gentle kind, teddy bear.. and oh yeah thats another big blessing from GOD…

  158. Did anyone by chance keep a copy of Friday’s JDN?? I would be forever grateful if someone could scan the story they did about Kristen and email it to me :D.

    Also, did anyone read the article and could possibly give us a summary of it?
    “Suspicion solves crimes……not taking a positive attitude”
    ~ SuziQ (Websleuths) ~

  159. christy if you are here i just sent you an email an hello g8 how are you






  165. Ignite and others. My goal is to not cast aspersions but to seek the truth. I just feel that some personal problems should be investigated quietly and if they warrant further investigation hand it over. There are many agencies involved in this investigation not all can be corrupt.

    There is a check and balances. Missing the mark is frequently seen. Just look at the guy in Ohio …10 bodies. 6 found at first than 4 more today. Serial killer no question but who dropped the ball?

    This is a complicated case. Not a bubba fueled over a car issue but enough to murder issue.We are seeing that murder is in the eyes of the beholder and who deserves to live according to them.

    Peace is the only answer I can offer to the families I don’t have much myself and my child died from cancer complications But the loss is raw. Losing a child to murder is so reprehensible.

    I hope and pray that this person is off the streets soon.


    • cp, you’ve obviously had more than your share of reality and I’m very sorry to know that you’ve experienced the pain of a child’s death. We’d all like to understand the motivation for murder or for any destructive course. It’s sad to imagine that the eight young women who died may have served the community by their sacrifice in bringing awareness to the people of our area. For many many years, we’ve had a society that was blind to the horrendous police and judicial problems that we’ve lived with here in JDP. We’ve encountered and lived amid an enormous drug smuggling and drug dealing industry and with all the things that go along with it. This doesn’t only affect the individuals and families who are directly involved, it affects us all. Don’t think for one minute that when a legitimate industry looks at a prospective location, they don’t do their due diligence in researching the area. Do we see any GM plants in JDP? Any LSU extensions in Jennings? I don’t see any federal facilities being built. We have two segments of society that thrive in JDP; the wealthy and influential and the despondent poor. There is a dwindling middle class that live here but they are largely employed outside the parish. Local business owners either have to be from a particular group or must work hard to appease the powerful. There are two types of industry that seem to do better than most here. One is politics, including law enforcement and all related official duties (attorneys, counselors, etc.) and then there’s the drug business. One feeds off of the other. People who have any education and worldly awareness are leaving Jeff Davis Parish like the Jews leaving Egypt with Moses. All we have to do is look around at what has been built here. JDP has become a den of corruption and deceit. We elect from the same old criminal pool. The complacent, uninformed voters seem to reelect from the clique as their way of creating lineage to the wealthy and influential. They have denied the existence of the tremendous drug-based corruption here as their way of separating themselves from the lower elements of society. We’ve watched as murders went unsolved for generations while the same DA, sheriff, detectives, police chiefs, city marshals, etc., etc., etc., keep trading hats while Jennings residents kiss butt to elevate the image of a dark and filthy community, riddled with ugliness. Now, these young women have possibly brought a little ray of truth out of the shadows regarding what makes this parish tick. We saw no caring for the many many young people killed for drug debts and for the protection of officials’ identities before these eight young women died. Their deaths cry out for, not only their own sake, but for the sake of the many forgotten ones who have died in the past and for the families that have been ruined by the heavily protected drug epidemic in the past. The pendulum will one day swing back in favor of the people who suffer to build a moral society. For a couple of generations, we watched as corruption has taken the parish away from us. Hopefully, the next time we walk into a voting booth, we will simply vote against the status quo. All we have to do is watch and see who the old clique supports and then, vote the opposite for a few elections.

  166. You guys are SO kickin’ butt on this board. I just LOVE IT!!!!! Christi your case has opened so much for these girls. If more people can come forward with their unsolved cases, maybe someone higher may open their eyes and see they need someone else in charge.

    God give them the strength and courage to come forward to fight for what is right.

  167. Ignite, please answer my question. Can a child molestor live on a house boat? I do know there is no mail box at his house boat. Where he is getting his mail, I don’t know, but it is not at the house boat. His name is Richard Benoit and lives in a house boat north of the Lake Arthur Bridge on the west side. Another thing, I do know I have seen a JDSO on the East side of the bridge one day. I do not know the number of the car or if anyone was in it. I don’t know if a sheriff deputy lives on that side or not, but that area is not Jeff Davis Parish. It was parked facing away from the river at the end of the road where it dead ends. I think that area is Acadia Parish. This took place before Nicole went missing. I think I seen it on August 8th or the 15th in the afternoon. I’m not impleying he has anything to do with it. I’m just asking a question here and just sharing what I have seen. That’s it. As far as mentioning his name, he is a child molester and frankly, I can give a rats butt if I hurt his feelings or add to his reputation. I know him and he is not any better.

    • I know Nicole’s mother seen her last on the 16th. That’s why I said I’m not implying anything, but it sure is strange to see a Sheriff’s Car on that side, if he does not live there. I mean if he was interviewing a person, why park where he was and not in a driveway. I’m just pointing out, that’s all. I’m thinking he lives on that end, if not why was he there?

      • brownie, I’m sorry that I didn’t see your post sooner. Haven’t been on in a couple of days. What you point out is very interesting. A child molester can live anywhere and I wouldn’t put anything past LE in our area. If LE can conceal the kind of things they’ve concealed in the past, visiting a child molester is nothing.

  168. brownie- if im not mistaken that is still jdp north of the la bridge, then when you cross to the southside of bridge it becomes vermillion parish

  169. It is Vermillion, but the Sheriff car was on the Vermillion side.

  170. everyone who can help give me ages and gender of these children of these ladies would be apprieciated, i am going to try to star a drive out here for christmas gifts because i believe these children deserve a great christmas!!! please send info to my email

  171. american press: asheriffs deputy was fired forhaving sex with juvenile, officers name david thomas 40, just thought you all would like to know


    ……A petition with 175 signatures has been sent to Gov. Bobby Jindal, enough for him to call a special election on the issue. ……

    I did not realize it took so few signatures to get a new election for an office!

    Very surprising!!!

    On WAFB, there is also a man that plead guilty to having sex with a horse and got three years.

  173. Is brownie on this morning?

  174. Yes I am here

  175. Would you mind emailing me???

  176. Sure no problem…

  177. good morning everyone

  178. Curious1, I don’t know who you are and where you live. You can e-mail g8 and tell her and she might be able to forward it on to me. I am just skeptical on who I e-mail at the moment. Sorry.

  179. good morning christi i got your email i”ll respond to it later have to go take a bath a sraighten up my house before ole man gets home lol you know how they can be sometimes i will try to call you later

  180. can anyone give me some feedback onmy blog, post at 11:09am ????????

    • Hi everyone. Dad is being moved to a 24 hour intensive care/rehab facility today. Things still don’t look wonderful, but I’m grateful for each day I have with him. Thanks for all the well wishes and please continue to pray.

      Ignite, your earlier post was brilliant…very inspiring!

      Christi, please contact me at I have some info to share.

      • nicki, hi how are you? forgive me for being a little wary of who i respond too! i have seen you post on here alot but never showed any interest in my case and we all have been talking about it for quite sometime so forgive me again but i am really suspicious when i dont know someone? so why the sudden interest now, just wondering?????

        • It may have something to do with the answers you need regarding the Christmas information.

        • I totally understand Christi. I watched the news coverage of the march and saw your interview. I’ve followed everything you’ve written about it and after hearing the DA’s response to Theresa Schmidt’s questions about your case, I thought I may have some information that could help you. I sent you an email. Feel free to contact me if you feel comfortable. Thanks.

  181. That is fine… We were just discussing the dobsons a little but up on this page… I knew somethings and wanted to ask you if you knew it too. Its no big deal…

  182. Same to you


  184. It gets so quiet in here in the afternoons just when I need you all to wake me up here at work to get through the day.

  185. The link below, suprised me. If you click it and scroll down to Louisiana and click on Jefferson Davis Parish, when it should show Jeff Davis Parish. Another thing, it shows DeSoto, but it is pertaining to the Mississipi area. It is good it is out there. I found this on the Cold Case files when I clicked on MSN.

  186. i see not much has been said the last few everyone ok…i have been reading everyday and i kind of am lost with all this time on my hands…have they got any leads or anything???

  187. INTERESTING!!!,

    A friend of mine who is connected with law enforcemnet can not access Zenos criminal history…HMMMMMMM..I know there alot of pi’s on here. Can someone else please try and see if they get the same results. This is a little fishy.

    • Ic- i googled his name and the writ from 2002 that was denied had his name listed as james curtis zeno if that helps..

    • Could his age come into play here…juvenile records are sealed. How old is Zeno?

      • Maybe around his early 40’s. Went to school with him. Always thought he was God’s gift to women. LOL. He tried to sweet talk girls. I remember one girl told his butt off, and then he came back she was racial. She then threaten to kick his skinny butt. LMAO. He never bothered her again.

  188. almost sure are you there?

  189. dis-cuss-ed are you there

  190. yall if your there, meet me on christys blog i would like your opinions about somethin, observer you too of course!!

  191. hey everyone just wanted to share an eeeeeeeeeeeeery coincidence with yall, whitnei and krystal, i think have the same exact b-days as my daughter and son 11/27 is my daughters and 9/9 is my sons if this is not fate calling?????????????????just wanted to share that!

  192. whitneys was 9/9 and i think krystal waas 11/27 so sorry if thatis wrong but i am trying to find the site again where i saw their birthdates so i can make sure who had 11/27????????

    • christi- i think you are right about kristens birthdate.

    • christi ~

      Their birth dates are listed here and you’re right… is a bit strange.
      “Suspicion solves crimes……not taking a positive attitude”.
      ~ SuziQ (Websleuths) ~

  193. kristen, sorry

  194. Good Morning Christi, Hope all is going well with you today!

  195. i am doing grrrrreat this morning, how are you??????

  196. sp,have you been to my page lately?

  197. Christi, Yes, I have!! I have bben doing some research the last couple of days trying to get your story and the girls story out to the media…but I always have time to read the blogs.. We are making headway!!!!

  198. GOODMORNING EVERYONE yes yall are making headway some movement is better than none

  199. Good Morning everyone,Just wanted to comment about the serial killer in Ohio.They are still digging bodies out os his home,I think they are up to 11 bodies.This started Monday and this case has been all over national news and Nancy Grace the last couple of nights.I sent Nancy Grace another email this morning concerning our 8 victims.Maybe since she is on the topic of serial killers right now,she just might bite.

    • Not sure if anyone else noticed, but yesterday twice, I was watching Nancy Grace. Nancy states both times, okay we are going to take a caller now, Nancy introduces them, they both asked a question and as soon as they asked Nancy would turn it to the black headed guy standing infront of the Ohio Man’s Home. I just thought that was so rude on her part. Didn’t even say bye. I’m like why ask. The news caster guy was not saying anything new.

  200. Hey SP I went next door last nighy to talk to you about a treatment I am going get Saturday,but I keep missing you.

  201. KITKAT, Been busy doing some rsearch, still trying to get these cases out to the media. Sorry I missed you.

  202. No problem SP I have been back and forth to the hospital.Will be glad when she is back home.I am exhausted.

  203. I am sure you heard about that serial killer in OHIO.Sickening,how did he live in that house with all of the decomposing bodies?

  204. There are as many as 2,000 serial killers lurking around. Some place say 200, but I have been scouring the FBI,and other sites that say as many as 2,000. I tend to think that is true. They only stop when they’re caught or dead…..

  205. yes, i have been watching nancy an the other coverage, sick to think this guy was doing aal of these killings and nobody knew, wasnt this guy on parole or something?????????
    Please support my Quest for Justice in JDP – Christi’s Story

  206. Yes Christie he was on parole for rape.

  207. kitkat, how are you doing, my prayers have been and will continue to be with you!

  208. Kitkat Energy machine??? no….

  209. Why do they let these men out? You cannot rehabilitate them.He was raping women at first but then he turned to murder.They were at 11 but I think they said they were likely to find more.What a sick SOB

  210. Yes Energy machine.Come next door I will explain.

  211. I haven’t heard of the energy machine BUT it sounds great….. I would be willing to try it….

  212. what is an energy machine i am lost and understand i its an inside joke lol just curious and a bit nosy i guess!
    Please support my Quest for Justice in JDP – Christi’s Story

  213. Christi, Nope, no inside joke here. Kitkat wants an alternative treatment, and a Dr. in Texas has aroom with screens that give off energy and take toxins out of the body. I have never heard about this treatment, but apparently it works..ain’t technology great???


  215. Yes I hope so to.I wish they had this in LA. but we are not has advanced as Houston.


  217. Where did everyone go???

  218. People are here. They are just not typing. LOL. Hey, what happeded to Chriti’s Blog? It says at the bottom comments closed last I checked.

    • Brownie…..I just closed comments under Christi’s Story. You can still comment on the General Discussion thread there (it’s under the “Home” tab). I had not originally intended to have comments under the story.

  219. Sorry “Christi’s”

  220. ahlou and curvy – are you here? havent seen anything from you all in awhile are you 2 okay?

  221. Yea, not many comments in the last few days. of coarse its not a bad thing. Hopefully people will start to feel comfortable discussing ideas now that the bickering has subsided.

  222. good morning everyone- it sure has become a quiet place in here, i hope everyone is okay. for those of you who have not posted in awhile, i miss you. maybe you’ve been very busy. my fear is that some have become discouraged for one reason or another. please don’t let that happen! lets keep it alive and kickin. everyones input counts on here. so come back folks! please 🙂

    • Morning Almost, thanks for asking. I’ve been around just nothing to say of value so I decided on being quiet 🙂

      Hoping curvycat is well also.

  223. good morning ahlou glad you are there!

  224. Good Morning to everyone,

    I have my 2 year old grandson to keep me company, and lots of work to do, so I will be quiet myself for a couple of days!

    Wonder who all is clapping for that!!! Just joking!!!
    I hope everyone has a bright, shiny and blessed weekend.

  225. thanks observer you too! p.s. nobody is clapping we enjoy your posts!

  226. did anyone here about welsh cops going to lake arthur

    • Like to work or for buisness?

      • sorry it was last night there was welsh LE and sheriff flying to lake arthur. just wanted to know if anyone heard anything cause welsh never goes to lake arthur that i know of.

        • The Tiger Mart in L. Arthur was robbed last night they caught the guy who did it. Didn’t catch his name. It was on KPLC Channel 7 today at noon.

  227. ok. maybe i’m speaking out of turn idk….i live in south la but 100 miles from jennings….i watched the hr long story on the lake charles news channel regarding the murders…..i saw tracy and frankie speak in from of cameras for the whole world to see……all i can say is ‘are these two so dam serious’…in my own humble opinion….the only truth that tracy spoke was ‘crack is a hard drug to overcome’ and she has prostituted herself for crack and frankie, the only truth he spoke was ‘i’ve smoked crack for 20 years’ and that he doesn’t believe it’s one person who did all 8 murders….

    i’m not sure why the FBI hasn’t taken tracy off by herself, appointed her an attorney and offered her witness protection for her testimony…..she obviously knows something…….

    GOD HELP US ALL………………………….

    • Yes Tracee knows plenty about the murders,she has recanted her story many times even admitted she lied about Frankie. She was questioned by the task force during the time the woman from Houston was found dead in her vehicle.I agree LE needs to take her in a room and keep the pressure on her for as long as it takes to get the real TRUTH from her.


      • What makes anyone think that LE wants the truth revealed? Can we not see that nothing has been accomplished in these cases, specifically because LE is not allowing the truth out? As in so many other unsolved murders (sixteen to twenty, not eight!) beginning many years back, LE is up to their eye balls in the conspiracy and has been part of the problem the whole time.

        • How can we do more to get this out in the open ? To get more talking about this….to stir people up. To get others to care & voice thier concerns also??
          I want to help & feel there is so little that I can do.

  228. pi@heart i agree with you 100% and let me point out that fr looked an sounded like he was or had been drinking and tracy looked like she was or had been getting high within the last few hours which in turn would make her more nervous then to begin with, so i have wondered if someone has been supplying for their habits to keep their mouths shut!

  229. yes, p.i. that was quite a display.. what got me was that FR stated that he had a feeling who was responsible but did not want to say. what the hell is that? talk frankie if you want to clear yourself, but then again he dont seem to worried about clearing himself, he sits on that porch like he has no troubles.. why doesnt LE take stuff like that seriously? evidently, they think the public is way too ignorant to jump on that!! just my opinion..

  230. yaeh it would be good toget her in aroom and pressure her but with alot of things pointing toward le being involved that is gonna be hard to do unless thy do it just to satisfy the public concerns but then again if they are providig for their addictions then they culd wrap it with anice bow and cover their own ass and get full cooperation fromtracy and fr. thereis one thing i beleive tracy told the truth about when she said she just wantys her name out ofr all this, if what iam suggesting is even remotely true, thenimagine the pressure on her from the public and le.

  231. I have a question?I want to know ,why would FR and Tracee kill these girls.What would be their purpose?And keep them quiet about what?FR does not seem like he is afraid of LE.I wouldnt think rhat those girls had anything on him.And if they did ,I dont think the man would really care.I think I am going back to what I believe before.Its either p police officer who knows how to cover his tracks,or Jennings really does have a Michael Myers living amongst them.Just my opinion.

  232. hi kitkat- what the public view on frankie is, he could be doing this as a favor to someone higher up.. not sure but very possible, and when you have 2 people that need drugs badly, you can just about get them to do anything after all, i didnt notice FR wearing any work boots..

    • work boots he dont know what that is does drug dealers wear work boots? lol

    • yep, definately no work bootslol but does anyone realize that if you would disrect yourself on adaily basis selling your body for drugs and losing all dignity and respect for your self then this would definately be possible andanother thing to consider is it so outrageous to believe that theyboth are being threatened or have pol;ice protection because they do have free will to do anything they want, drugs crime ect. and came back and tracy all of the suddden said she lied onfrankie who is getting away with crimes that he sholud be in jail for so cuopld le have given tracy instruction on tell the public you lied and we got your back so to speak, i hope yall get what i am saying!

  233. my opinion is Tracee knows alot and she is scare hell i would be scare of Frankie myself look at him would yall be scare. i think if she were to be promise protection she would speak and speak loud. and for frankie omg he is not scare of the police cause he has things on them people has to see that why else would he be on the streets today look at all he has gone to jail for people get lock on for a lost less than what he has done. i hope all this makes sence.

  234. And maybe they would get in a car with a strange person.I would have never thought my sister would have but she did.She wanted that drug so bad she got in a car with a stranger in Maryland and he beat her within and inch of her life.She survived,but guess who did it .A guy that worked undercover narcotics.They did nothing to him.Her back is still messed up because she jumped out of a rolling vehicle doing about 45 miles.She ran through woods until she found a residence.She identified him a week later.They re located him.She said if she would not have had a knife in her purse she was positive he would have killed her.

    • some of the girls knew what was going on, because they told family members they feared for their lives, so i really dont believe the stranger theory.

  235. This happened 20 years ago.No charges.

  236. yes ok, i think it makes great sense, however if tracy were to be offered protection, it may sever her drug source, and imo she is nowhere near ready to give that up. you have to remember, we arent dealing with rational thinking folks here..

  237. Who said he was wearing work boots?

  238. kitkat LOL! i said he was not wearing work boots, implying he does not make an honest living.

  239. Where was FR wearing work boots?On the TV show.

  240. kitkat iam so sorry for what happened to your sister i can relate to what happened to her to some degree but does that not show us how and to what extent addicts will go to???

  241. now i want to give yall a differnt angle to look at being a former crack addict and being strung out to this point myself at one time, i still have not found any possible answer to this question except what i have already stated in that time in my life would i have went out of my way to make up a story on someone considering all i thought aabout was my next hit, would i have done this and for what reason and also came back and said i lied about it, cuz personally i dont think i would have gave a shit either way and if i would have even cared a little i would not have weent through all that cuz all i was concerned with is getting high unles i had a damn good reason that would benefit me or and myaddiction!!!

  242. Yes it does thats why I am saying it could possibly be a stranger who picked these girls up.Anyway it was said they would never get in the car with a stranger it is possible.

    • kit kat i agree 100% that they would but i also believe these most of these girls were aware of other women being fuond dead that they were associates,related too, friends and for everyone of these girls not to have made any kind of scene even if they did get in the car just seems odd to me that all of them would 1st take that chance and 2nd no scene or sighns of fighting back or trying to get away in none of the cases, i just find that a very slium chance and also if tracy hung out w/ these ladies, how could she have never once ran into any info or the same situation, thank God cuz no one deserves this but it is a question in my mind

  243. I think at this point anything is possible.

  244. OK Almostsure I gotcha

  245. im so frustrated with the powers that control this murder investigation how hard is it to give me a autopsy result everyone keeps putting me off

  246. Mr.Dubois let me first say I am sorry for the loss of your sister.Are you trying to get your sisters autopsy report?They probaly wont give it to you because there exciuse will be that it is part of the investigation.

  247. Can you not go to a judge and demand that they at least give you a copy?TO MIKE

  248. Christie was it Tracee that went to Texas with the woman they found a month ago?

  249. yes from my understaning it was, another coincedence, i think not, is this not pitiful i mean i have limited education and it is obvious when it comes to tracy, it certanly does not take a genious to figure this out but then i think about the reward,and have never beleived that this last ladies death was not connected so maybe where she is from over there she cannot get the same guarantee as tracy and fr and decide to get the reward by telling what she knew and because tracy may already be aware of who is doing this ran and told him or them the deal and had the of what she was going to do and the killer prevented that from happening????????????????

    • My thoughts also she was coming over here to tell what she knew….and she was shut up also. No coincedence that she ended up where she was found.

      • I cannot believe for one minute it was a coincident that she landed here to commit suicide when there is a connection of her knowing one of the vicitms- and Tracee.

  250. maybe she had that lady meet her out there so they could hook up but little to the poor ladies knowledge was really about to be killed!!!!!

  251. I think they should follow Tracey for awile,if they were smart.If they catch her buying drugs they could arrest her and then they could start with the questioning.Maybe if she wants the drug bad enough she will talk,thats what I would do but I am not LE.What will it take to pick these 2 up.Unless they have their eye on someone else,or just dont have a clue.

  252. i know for a fact that they are looking at someone else who is very likely a person who could do this but that dont make all of this other stuff make anysense something is still fishy about this maybe it is all tied together we just dont have all the peices yet!!!!!!

  253. So it was Tracee? Okay, maybe the texas woman had lots of cash on her and tracee knew that and she let frankie know or someone and they robbed her and gave her some bad stuff to od on knowing she wanted her life. What stuff was found in her system? The drive to and from Texas is very very boring.

  254. Good afternoon everyone.

    • good afternoon, think about this all three farnkie,tracy,connie were in the benoit girl’s presence at the motel two days before her body was found if i am not mistaken on which victim, according to the special then the truck was bought by gary washed and resold so i think all three of them know something and i think that the fbi needs to take all of them out of their comfort zone and interrigate them where they end up realizing that their warren gary and crew cannot protect them, i think then they will sing…………

  255. Does anyone know if Connie was even questioned by the task force?

    • i think she was and left fast awards

      • how convient!!!!!!

        • So I’m taking it Connie is the last one living that was at the Boudreaux Inn the night that it was busted and nothing was mentioned? I’m just asking…

          • last woman anyway

          • from what i heard yes

          • So, Connie took care of Diane when she got sick, Diane used to own a bar named Cheers. Does anyone know if FR hung around there and what type of atmosphere was at this bar? Was it like the Tina’s Bar atmosphere? Then Diane passes and leaves Connie to be taken care of, anyway, one thing is Diane’s home, which has now been torn down. Does anyone know why? Hurricane? Fire? I’m just stating what was told to me, therefore it is just hear say and I’m just asking a few questions…

          • Any cops hung around there and if so who? Any cops hang around Tina’s Bar before or still does? And if so, who?

          • Frankie did hang around cheers all the time. i know cause i use to work there shame of it but i did. but when i work there was never no cops there. can not tell u anything about tinas never been in there before and i dont want to my bar life ended when i became a mom 22 years ago

          • Frankie didn’t hang around Cheers a lot. I saw him more at Lil Henry’s.

          • There were a few years I passed some time between Henry’s and Cheers.
            His Cheers days might’ve been before my time. Wasn’t trying to be contradictory.

          • i think that they need to pick up connie in california and question her there..if she doesnt have anything to hide then maybe she will fell confortable talking to someone cant tell me she dont know just like frankie and tracee what has happened and who is doing it..ITS ALL CRAP…i worked at cheers[BACK THEN IT WAS CALLED THE HIP HUGGER]..and connie and diane were hardly ever there they lived in lake arthur and would only come down to make a beer order..they would come down to party some and when they would they would stay in the apartment would not even know they were there..did someone buy that by the way??last i heard a friend was staying there..been a few years though

          • yes frankie was at cheers a lot but mostly when it was for a pool turnament or DJ..there were hardly ever a cop there unless we had a fight and then of course they would come and hall em out but to just go in or out,,nah hardly ever…

          • 1987 ish. That was a few years before my time.

  256. hey everybody, this is a# to the attorney generals investigations, 12253266705, i was quite forceful with my complaints and from my gut feeling talked to someone in investigation and i suggest everyone do the same. got this # from the board of ethics.

  257. sorry, convenient!!!!!!!

  258. where was lil henrys never heard of that place

  259. Lil Henrys was after it was called The Pub. And a few name changes before Tina’s.

  260. I believe you all are so correct about the FBI needing to question, Tracee, Frank and Connie more. Regardless of whether they are creditible witnesses in the courtroom or not. They have knowledge regarding the murders, they apparently have the best leads in the case, and if the FBI can threaten and do what they did to me in order to get at my brother, then there is no excuse for them to sit on their asses and not further question these people. As PI stated, give them protection if they have to. It is more than worth stopping another victim from being murdered.
    It is a sin and a shame they have not been more forceful in questioning them several murders ago.

    It is appalling….the FBI is smart enough to read between the lines of uncreditible BS these crack addicts have dished out.

    • I agree!!! They may be experienced cons and criminals but I still think it would be a different experience for them getting questioned by the “FBI”…….not the same as getting questioned by local LE. Perhaps they’ll each get the “feeling” they’re under serious suspicion and maybe change their mindsets.

  261. You all are so correct in not exactly trusting the FBI…something I have not shared is that the mother of the victim in my brother’s case whom was also his wife and was charged in MS for felony child abuse because she did not keep her child away from my brother after OCS had told her too, along with allowing her 12 year old to stay home alone all night. Well she wrote death threat letters stating that she would kill (with explicit details) each one of my family members if my brother did not plead guilty, shut up in court and stick to their agreement…and mailed them to him while in jail. The FBI and local detectives did nothing although FBI Agent Ronald Tunkel told me directly to my face that nothing had been done, but it would be done regarding the death threat letters. To this day- they have done nothing…….I recently found out who the truck driver was that helped her mail them…..and I know good and well they will never charge her for writing these letters. So the FBI picks and chooses who they will prosecute and who not. They have their own good ole boy system all the same.

  262. maybe i’m fooling myself but i seriously wish someone would write on her what exactly do you guys think happened… killer, 2, 3, 5…….killers, motive, cops involved why? i feel like i’m in the dark…..i feel like i don’t understand what’s really going on her… i said i live in south la 100 miles from jennings but Louisiana is my state and i feel like i’m gonna be here for a while longer…….please someone take a leap and tell me exactly what yall think happened…….please

    • PI you’re asking million dollar questions. It’s difficult to even hypothesize an answer without us knowing more than we know. We have a whole “task force” established and apparently they don’t know the answers either. I have a feeling they don’t have enough evidence to work with. When you consider the caliber of the folks assigned to the task force (or at least what we’ve been led to believe recently) and the fact they really have no suspect(s) in their “sights” we can only suppose they are seriously lacking evidence and have no certain direction they are focusing.

      Now, why they don’t have evidence to work with is another question in and of itself. Eight murders is a lot to not have been able to glean evidence from. It’s a situation that’s probably similar to the other murders in JDP that Ignite speaks of regularly. No evidence, no clues, no witnesses, no nothing.

      There’s a few scenarios…..LE has not been able to retrieve ANY evidence from 8 crime scenes. LE has not been able to find the INITIAL 8 crime scenes where the girls were actually killed at. There has been some evidence found but somehow it has managed to get misplaced, lost or tainted. I would think if the FBI……which RE touts as being involved…….had some decent, reliable info to go on they’d be making a dent, even a little one, in these cases. Doesn’t seem to be the case though. JMO but they’re probably side-tracked and confused as to why they have no useable clues, information or evidence from these 8 cases……..scratching their heads just like we are!!!
      “Suspicion solves crimes……not taking a positive attitude”.
      ~ SuziQ (Websleuths) ~

      • I do have to add though…….if there’s any chance of solving these 8 recent murders it may lie with the finding of Necole’s body since she was found in Acadia Parish. I’ve heard rumblings that that crime scene was locked down “tighter than an eight day clock” so hopefully the FBI and whoever else was involved were able to get some useable, “un-loseable” clues and evidence. Hopefully the chain of evidence won’t be broken.

  263. you are right p.i. ! someone should say something, we all have our own ideas by getting bits of info, seeing who all has been arrested, hearing a few names brought up way too often etc etc… people are letting out tidbits, then when questioned, hell they claim they never said that! very frustrating!!!! sometimes we get on here with our opinions but thats all WE have to offer, but seriously this should have been busted wide open by now, and since the FBI claims to be involved ,then ive lost faith in them as well..
    and im still pretty pissed about the national media coverage that was cancelled.. when will some of those folks realize that we have a code red going on in this small town that could set off a chain of events that would be very interesting to the rest of the nation.. that would in turn get justice served on a platter to these inhumane m.f.s that have kept everyone living in fear..

  264. Hey everyone!

  265. We have been sick again. I’m fighting Strep Throat right now and gosh it is so painful!

  266. I’m just lying in bed and trying to catch up on reading about what’s been going on in here. Hope everone is doing ok!

  267. Seeing as they think its someone the 8 girls all knew and trusted that they got in the car with, could a “woman friend” they all had in common, have lured them into the car? And then she got each victim high on drugs? Then when she got them so wasted she’d turn them over to the killer who killed them and then dumped their bodies? That would all make sense wouldn’t it?

    • that’s all fine and good but what’s the motive……why did the killer want these women dead, especially if it’s frankie, i mean no offense, but he’s a loser with nothing to lose ?and what about Bryon Jones and Lawrence Nixon who were arrested for 2nd degree murder in the death of Ernestine Marie Daniel Patterson….could it be that they are guilty of killing her and the other six women were killed by ‘someone else’……?i’m sorry i just really want you guys to say exactly what yall think happened…..who did what to whom and why?

      • Wondering here you use the full name as if an official person most post her first, first/last or first/maiden name. I checked when they found her it was June 18, 2005 according to the name on this site. I remember very well the house they searched was done December 2005. I remember hearing there was a terrible ordor from the house. I remember when they were released in 06 it was because of evidence. I remember when Danny Semmes was running for sheriff he posted on his brother’s website he kept her picture with him at all times.

        I wonder why you chose that person to discuss although we must start somewhere.

        • When you think about it, it’s interesting…..we have not heard much at all about Ernestine. Basically notta. Other than Theresa Gary was Ernestine’s supervisor at one time and that Necole Guillory felt Ernestine’s dad was also the father of one of her children.

        • i used her full name because that’s who she was and i do it in honor of her life…..i wrote about her because two men were arrested for her murder (although they were later let go) and frankie said out of his own nappy mouth in the interview with kplctv that he doesn’t believe it’s one person who did all the murders and even on this blog people have suggested that it’s not one person……and some have even went as far as saying it’s not one ‘group’ of people… if to say frankie, hannah, tracy and connie may be one group and nixon and jones may be another…..that’s all i’m saying… everyone else i’m just throwing stuff out there……i’m not from jennings BUT I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED IN THIS INVESTIGATION……..

  268. curvycat, i hope you feel better soon!!!!!!!!!!!

  269. That girfriend they all had in common, could it be TC? I mean what is keeping her alive and from not being the SK’s victim?

    • thats what i have been wondering too??????

    • curvy ~
      Good point you hit on. That’s something I’ve considered for a while now……..who ISN’T being killed and I think that is something to keep in mind…….kind of “backing into” the situation if you will.

  270. curvycat Hope you are feeling better!! Take it easy and have some chicken soup….

  271. Thank u Christi. I have been trying to read back and see what’s happening with you too. So glad they are taking another look at your case.

    • thanks, appreciate the support, still have alot of ?s as to why now and why the task force would have it and why it was never done up until now but, i am going to make sure that this doesnt happen again at least if they di do it again, they will think twice because they have already been put in the spotlight and it will make a difference for future victims i hope………………..

      • It takes one hell of a good person to be able to care and put the future of others ahead or right in front of themselves as you have done. While that is a healthy attitude, it is not an easy one to have. Christi, you really have yourself together at this point. And while you will still have questions and a hard time here and there- I think you are allowed that. Keep up the faith.

        Hope I said that right!!!!!

  272. Thanks SP. Ever since the weather has turned cooler we have been sick off and on, first bronchitis and now strep. Its time for us to get better and soon!

  273. Hmmm, well the only thing that could tie them all together is drugs and prostitution and not sure what the motive for killing the girls is except they must have all known too much about something or someone!

  274. That’s the real kicker here! What did all 8 of them know and about who? Information so damaging that it was worth killing them? Just think about it! Was it something about someone or someones higher up the chain so to speak? Could FR and TC just be the middle people in all this? They’re being paid with their drugs to keep them quiet?

    • curvy cat or are they doing the killing along w/ this connie but guarenteed police protection, doest gary buying that truck from connie scream along w/ what else we know they cuold have done it???

    • There’s always the consideration that an aid to a high official was allegedly found several times at the Boudreaux Inn. During a drug bust, an individual was allegedly found with some prostitutes and the same situation repeated itself more than once. The individual was allegedly the aid of a high official and the incidents were covered up each time. It is rumored that the official himself was discovered there as well on one occasion.

  275. PI@heart I am curious on YOUR take on what YOU think is going on… you have been asking our opinions… BUT i really want to know what your opinion is…..

    • sp i agree about pi@heart, i have stated exactly why i think, and the what the motive is in recent posts and pi@heart has never responded, just more questions so i would like to know pi@heart take on all of this too???

    • my opinions are the following: tracee told the truth to begin with….frankie was involved in the death of Kristen Lopez and she only later recanted her story because frankie or someone acting on his behalf threatened her and/or her children……and i think that nixon and jones are responsible for Ernestine’s death and that the cop who bought the truck is crocked as a country mile and that all of these women must have known something about the wrong ‘someone’, someone unlike frankie, a person of prominence who could not risk having these women ‘talk’ about what they knew….but heck all of that is a whole lot of speculation……

      • p.i.- i see what you are saying, maybe by us thinking it is the same person doing all the murders, we are staying within the box, but it would make sense, since the whole ring would not only consist of one guy and all the girls, there are probably lots of guys involved in this particular circle that are taking orders from higher ups. that is why it is so profitable. my mind is very tired right now but i kinda get the gist of where you are going.. lol im going to rest a bit it has been a long week but i’ll be thinking clearly later on tonite

      • pi@heart i agree with you100% but disagree that all of it is speculation, but most of it is and i think that we are pretty close to figering this all out just a couple more piecesof the puzzle and thank you for your take on it.

    • and i did not mean to leave hannah out of the equation….hannah too is involved and connie also, the original truck owner…..but my questions are more to motive than who….the who to me seems almost obvious…’s the why….that i’m not getting…..take the boudreaux inn out of the equation and the why is so unknown to me………..

      • and one more thing, speaking of hannah, she was supposedly working for direct tv. at the time that kristen was murdered, she was an installation tech and driving one of their vans, which i had heard was used in the transport of the body, probably a rumor with no substance, did anyone hear anything about that? and also heard that the body was taken to more than one place, one being FR’S mom’s house, and put in a closet till his mom smelled something, then body was relocated, supposedly lots of blood on the carpet.. im very sorry if this is all based on gossip, do not want to offend anyone by no means, but what exactly led LE to make the arrest to begin with? could this have been the way it went?

      • To me……….FBI locating and questioning Connie Siler is a no brainer………hopefully they’ve done that already??? The fact that she was one of the people last known to have been with Kristen before she was killed………..her truck was purchased by a JDPSO employee AND her very close association with Diane Scoper who had an extremely questionable history is more than enough reason to question Connie.
        “Suspicion solves crimes……not taking a positive attitude”.
        ~ SuziQ (Websleuths) ~

  276. spGood Afternoon, hope you having a great day!!!

  277. Christie Hi Darlin’ I know your case is looking up. I am soooo happy for you. We are really making headway and getting these cases out to the MEDIA!!!! HOORAY!!!! Have you noticed we seem to have LE reading our posts???

  278. ABSOUTELY!!!!!!!!!!

  279. Its quiet in here now. We’re watching the LSU and Alabama game. Its not going too good for the Tigers. Catch ya’ll later folks…

  280. hey curvy- nice to see you on and im sorry you are not feeling well have you tried gargling with warm salt water? that always helps me when i get that 🙂

  281. also about FR and the burglary issue, how did that story go? did someone witness him taking the goods? who turned him in? i missed those particular parts of the story somehow and it may have been mentioned on here before but i missed it.. does anyone know?

  282. G8,Observer, You are right on the mark… except, if a person has high enough connections, not even the F. B. I. will ruffle their feathers……

    • True………but, one thing we all know……..people talk and they like to talk. Eventually someone IS gonna talk….to who, I don’t know….but they will. Someone, somewhere, somehow, someway is gonna get scared and they’ll talk. “They”, whoever that is, can’t shut everyone up.
      “Suspicion solves crimes……not taking a positive attitude”.
      ~ SuziQ (Websleuths) ~

  283. G8 Would it really be THAT bad if someone snatched up a couple of our favorite suspects and gave them a quick shot of “truth serum”?????LOL

  284. WAs Ernestine’s Dad involved in the “drug” lifestyle??

    • Never, ever heard he was. I could be wrong but I’ve never heard of him being in the life. I would think if they met it would have been around the carwash.

    • ok. so now that i’ve responded to your request can you please tell me what i’m missing……loretta was killed cause she saw rat get kidnapped and knew who his murderers were…..then whitney and kristen were murdered by frankie with the help of connie, dianne and tracee and ernestine was killed by nixon and jones and what about the other four and why did frankie kill kristen and whitney?

      • First off I didn’t make a request of you. So why did you choose my post? I don’t know who murdered whom and it’s for sure I don’t know if nixon and jones killed anyone. Please do not put words into my post.

  285. No big deal but I noticed in the “task force press conference” last week…….Calcasieu Parish Sheriff Mancuso was dressed in a LE uniform……..I’ve never seen a picture or media coverage of Sheriff Edwards in a uniform.

    • No, you’ll usually see Edwards in Bermuda shorts and flip-flops when he’s out “sheriffing.” He does little more than haunt the local businesses and shakes hands. Otherwise, he’s seldom seen in public. I don’t even know if he owns a uniform.

    • g8,kinda strange?????

  286. G8, the point you made about Connie Siler is very strong IMO. She and Tracee were together that night. I have this thought process where they were all doing drugs and Connie lends her truck to someone. This someone may have been the killer or he knows more.

    This case is so very similar to the one in North Carolina that you sent me a link to. Same MO, same kind of small town. I am really wondering if the person is not from Jennings but travels through and that is why no evidence has been matched. DNA found doesn’t match with people questioned. Maybe North Carolina and Louisiana ought to get together and compare.

  287. Christi Me too……

  288. eff be eye………find Connie Siler!!! Talk to her guys and gals. She probably holds a wealth of info.
    “Suspicion solves crimes……not taking a positive attitude”.
    ~ SuziQ (Websleuths) ~

  289. Does anyone know if Connie told the police who she loaned her truck too that night? I guess, if many wonder if she was ever questioned that would answer my question. Too terriby much does not add up. As many have stated over and over again- Le should have had this solved long ago. I really believe politics is what has held this case up for years now…….

    I cannot stop thinking about the list of eleven people that were to be murdered and includes several of the vicitms names that has been previously mentioned. Whose names were left on list, what did they have knowledge of, and whose names are left? Also, was Nicole’s name on the list?

    Did Nicole fit into the same ‘click’ of people whose names keep coming up?

    I just don’t see how some of these people live with themselves.

  290. Is Connie in California?? Any idea where???

  291. g8, we were just thinking alike!!!!!!!

  292. Obser, What list are you referring to?? Who is on that list??

    • It was mentioned early on in the blog… last year, early this year, not sure where to find it, maybe g8 can give us a reference. But I remember it, and it has been on my mind a lot.

  293. ok so…just think could it be that frankie did it just to show the girls who they were dealing all heard yourselves he has a problem with one..and we all know frankie you dont cross him..that sorry piece of crap can wiggle his way out of everything..SORRY its just so not fair that he can sit on his moms porch and tell the stuff he did and nothing is being done to him..lock his ass up till he the pun..ITS NOT RIGHT..and what the crap is connie sitting in california anyway last i heard her kids were in florida..and still nothing on hannah i take it..IS BILLY STILL IN JAIL..and where is robbie in all of this/??has anyone questioned him?

    • Good question why ‘is Billy still in jail’ and if so for what. What about Hanna?

      • where is hannah..if she left jennings it was not to go to a better place i can tell you..her baby sister lives there and so does BJ so is she hiding somewhere or is she in jennings..they picked her up the first time i think they need to question her again jmo..

  294. oops, I meant Observer on that post…sorry….

  295. I never heard of the list either….

  296. Is Billy still in jail from the drug raid at the mother’s house ?

    • yes but why

      • that’s a very good question….he’s the only one left in there…..why?

        • maybe cause he dont have any pull with the LE but it is strange that he still is lock up and FR and family r running the streets again

        • thats what im talking about..why is he still in there when they let all the other ones out??i know he is not in good health so its costing you guys tax paying money and for what??why is he there??yet frankie is doing interviewing on tv..shame shame..and the thing that really gets to me about that is and you can bet your sweet a** he is laughing ..makes me sick..

    • Good question LOL. I had set an email alert on VINE to let me know when/if Billy Conner was released (he’s been locked up a while now). I just checked last week I believe and he was still incarcerated. Interestingly enough, I got this email notice on 11/6:

      This is a message from the Jefferson Davis Parish VINE Service. This message is to inform you of technical difficulties at the Jefferson Davis Parish Jail. As a result, you may not receive notification of custody status changes relating to the offender against whom you are registered.

      The only person I was registered to get notification on was Billy Conner.

      I went to VINE’s website today and put in Billy’s name and also his Offender ID# and wow………nothing comes up now. Is Billy out of jail? What a freakin coincidence huh?

      • weird that they would send you a reply like that, rather then fix the technical probloms

        • problems!!!

        • I had registered to be notified when Frankie, Jeanette, and Tabetha were released and the VINE notification worked great. Don’t know what happened with Billy. Inquiring minds would certainly like to know though ;). G8 gets a little suspicious about coincidences like this.

  297. There is one listed on

    Siler, Connie L
    Ceres, CA

  298. 49 years old, and she is still into the crack scene…

    How old is Tracee?

  299. My motherinlaw got discharged this afternoon.ThankGod.I am getting butterflies.This is it 4 more days.I cannot wait.I wish I could go tomorrow.

  300. Wouldn’t you take care of your son & your brother also , I mean try to get them out of jail ? ? Weren’t they all arrested at the same time?
    Are do they just worry about themselves? just wondering?

  301. On InvestigativeDiscovery tonight they have a good special on.Psychopathic killers who do not work alone.

  302. g8, do you remember the mention of a list of eleven people, and it was mentioned that several of the girls were on the list

    • I’ve heard the list mentioned but no one I know has ever been able to “verify” it exists. Also, I’ve never been privy to the names that were on that “mysterious” list if in fact it exists.
      “Suspicion solves crimes……not taking a positive attitude”.
      ~ SuziQ (Websleuths) ~

      Please post “off topic” comments and discussion here. Thanks.

  303. For those of you wishing to find out more concerning Connie Stiler in Ceres Ca. The Deputy Police Chief is: Mike Borges 2727 Third Street Ceres CA.95307 He can be reached at 1-209-538-5726 or fax 1-209-538-5707…….Just in case you might need the info…BTW Ceres is Ca. town of 43,000 people near Modesto Ca……….

  304. What about Robbie ? Umm’s friend mentioned him in a post. Who is he? Is he a brother? Don’t remember.

  305. Someone told me about the list of 11 girls and said that 8 of the 11 was found dead.

    • I wonder if that includes Sheila Comeaux on the front end or Necole on the bottom of the list?

      Did you all talk about this before Necole?

      Thinking also, it could be nine of them now if you spoke before Necole.

      See this is what makes me think it is planned killings long ago- someone with a albeit sick but purpose for doing this.

      Thinking out loud….I wonder if anyone in the past (like a family member) ever lost a loved one to crime and this is their way of paying back society for their loss.
      It has to be someone that knows all of these girls and has know them for a very long time.

      Someone who thinks in a perverted way that if their loved one died, so shall others.

      Being much said about some of the bad apples in LE does through this off, and put it back to being cover-up killings. Hush killings.

  306. this is not pretty or cute what I’m about to say but that hasn’t stopped me before now…..i can see the forensics being washed away when a body is left in water but only Loretta, Ernestine and Kristen’s bodies were left in water…..whitnei, muggy, crystal, Brittney and necole were not left in water….so what about the forensics………..idgi(i don’t get it)

  307. I heard acid was also used on one of the victims.
    If there was nothing under fingernails, it would make me think due to all the other circumstances that they were drugged during the time of their death. You know they would have fought.
    It would appear that some kind of evidence has made them relate it to one person because RE had stated that he would not relate it to one person without evidence, later coming back to say he believed it was one perp.

  308. good morning, observer it would help if re would keep his story straightlmao

    • Exactly, one day no evidence, another day enought o relate to one person —all of a sudden. then arrest them already.

      Seems any one working for LE should have their DNA on file…wonder if that has become a law yet!

  309. observer i agree, that thought has crossed my mind too because it looks like the ohio killings a suspect that did fifteen yrs. for attempted rape and to me it seems like in some sick twisted way, he was angry because he did not get to finish what he started and got 15yrs. so it looks to me like this was his way of getting back at the system for giving him so much time for an attempted rape and that he is sick and twisted but some how the puzzle peices of these ladies murders dont add up to that kind of sick mf,could be but i would put my life on it if i had the oppurtunity to get the truth!!!!!!!!!

  310. motive could be along the lines of a ‘get back at society’ issue, but with a list that may exist ….it may be hush killings= motive being cover of illicit activities by someone

  311. How many of the women had CHILDREN????

    • • Loretta – 2 children
      • Ernestine – 4 children
      • Kristen – no children (I think)
      • Whitnei – 1 child
      • Muggy – 1 child
      • Crystal – 1 child
      • Brittney – no children
      • Necole – 4 children

  312. thanks,g8

  313. I am Christi’s sister and i know the DA is not telling the truth because i was at my sisters house and she was on the phone with her telling her that they had dna and that they where going to go to get dna from the handycap grice man that also messed with my niece so the DA is a lair when he said the case was not brought before him they have just done nothing and if anything happens to my sister jeff davis pd and mr cassidy you will her from me and my lawers.

    • hey carol, how are you doing? i am sure glad that you posted what you have been knowing for years and to everyone this was just a couple o months ago she was at my house when mc was giving me a hard time but did say he would go test them, which still has not happen,my sister said excuse her typig but she was p.o., anyway i hope that that post shows yall that them not knowing is bullshit, so anyway they are going to have hell with carol cuz she is a bigger bitch than iamlolno offence carol, you know i love you girl!

  314. ok what do yall think about Mike getting busted last night in basil

    • is that a fact and how do you know??? and busted for what ?

    • What did he get busted for last night? Are you talking MC?

    • its easy for you too sit behind your computer and hide but your arrogance and sarcasm tells us who you are and just proves even more how you guys disrespect vuctims and their families, i say you are apretty cold hearted snake to be such a dick about mikes buiness either way, you are aware that this man is grieving the loss of his sister and this blog is dedicated to them, so i wonder what you thought you were going to accomplish by saying what you did except the fact that you showed many people that we are right about you and the lenths you will go to to cover your ass!!!!!

  315. i read alot of post and never seen a list of 11 girls on here

  316. carol, i type bad too, and they still support me, so dont worry about it they are getting the point, trust me!!!

    • none of us are perfect we all make typos lol and read in between the lines also lol

  317. well well well I have been WAITING for MIKE or CHRISTI to be BUSTED on SOMETHING….I KNEW LE would find some way to SET THEM UP!!!! This was only a matter of time. What did they SUPPOSEDLY bust him on?? THIS is bound to be good…Some thought went into setting him up, and ON THE WEEKEND TOO!!! How convenient, poor Mike CAN’T even SEE a JUDGE until Monday!!! Ther’s no better way that they can figure out to discredit them than THIS???? How sad, how very very sad……

    • sp yeah, wonder, if i am next? wellwellwell is probably the one who helped set him up!!! thats okay thogh you cannot shut us up and thats why this person came on here today if noone else knows about it, how does he??????think about it folks!! he is just trying to make mike look bad!!! and if its true they definately set him up!!!!!!

      • sorry to tell u but i did not set mike up dont even know who he is except on here so dont go pointing the fingers at people. alot of people know that he got busted how in the hell do u think i find out bazil is not a big place and if u dont do anything illegal than u have nothing to worry about. i feel for mike i know he is trying to help find the killer. and i also hate that RE is happy about it also


    • Basile’s a different parish though. It could happen, just thought the out of state, out of Parish area folks should know. It’s in Evangeline Parish, north of Jeff Davis.

  318. Mike has been pissing off LE and they got even- plain and simple… they will MAKE him GUILTY no matter what…..I have been waiting for this and now it HAPPENED!! Christ I hope YOU are being “VERY CAREFUL” evil is lurking around the corner Darlin’….. Does this mean when someone is “TOO VOCAL, and DEMANDS JUSTICE,THAT THEY WILL BECOME A TARGET TOO??????

    • The favors and debts being traded between those in the Basile area and the JDP officials goes waaay back. the same is true for Acadia Parish who is “handling” the Guillory murder case. I don’t know the details of the Dubois arrest and don’t even know the man, but, I do know that these JDP bubbas are headed for a world of trouble. One fellow who had legal issues with the officials and who embarrassed them in a law suit still keeps himself, his home and his vehicles wired for video and audio because he feels that they’ll try something at any time. How many others are out there and waiting to do the same? Wireless video is so cheap and easily available now, if someone thinks clearly at the time of a bogus stop, they probably have the means right there on their cell phone to put a corrupted cop out of a job and keep him occupied in federal court for a long long time. Someone is going to get wise and set these corrupted scoundrels up some day and bring the whole house of cards down. They have some of the thick headed locals fooled, they have clout, they have public vehicles and automatic credibility with the ignorant, but, they don’t have integrity and they don’t have God on their side.

  319. Popeye, Good ole boys network goes past Jeff Davis!!

  320. definately popeye someone in le could know officers in that parish otherwise how did well well well find out so quick he is not going to post again cuz he knows we know what he is doing! if he wants to play investigator and tell the worl about mike then why dont you get off your ass and find out who is killing these women! pitiful,8 possibly 9 womens deaths and all they can try to do is run us in the ground.

  321. What did LE ACCUSE (SET UP) Mike for??? This makes me soooo sad ….BUT it makes me even ANGRIER!!!!!!!! GRRRRR

  322. Christi Please BE CAREFUL!! If this could happen to Mike for being “vocal” don’t think for a minute it couldn’t happen to you!!! I think I can speak for everyone on this blog, and we want both you and Mike to be safe!!!

  323. sp, you know what i am past the point of caring, these people have gotten away with so much that it fuels my determination to no end, i am not going to let it stop me from doing what is right and if they are gonna do anything because i am vocal, well, so be it, because that will just show that they are heartless and dont give a shit about us our cases or our loved ones!!!!!!!

  324. Christie Everyone supports you! You are very brave and I really admire you!

  325. brittany, i am sorry that someone has came on here and was so very heartless so i am not sure if this is true but you let mike know that we have his back and are not going to let whomever smear his name, we know what happened and it is sad but i for one am truly sorry someone was so ignorant to do this on here either way! GOD BLESS YOU AND LET MIKE KNOW IF HE NEEDS ANYTHING JUST CALL ME, COLLECT IF NEED BE!!!!!!!!!!

  326. well well well Did someone tell you RE is happy Mike”s in jail?

    • no one told me RE is happy but we all know he wanted mike to stop talking and doing interveiws with news people. i hate what happen to mike i really do but it is true that it did and if i would of not posted it someone else would of done so be mad at me if u want i dont come here often and posted anyway i just come in and read and try to figure out what is going on with the killings that is all.

  327. To Mike D. & Family We support you NOW and ALWAYS!!! Hang tight and all this will be over soon…. God Bless You and don’t lose the faith!!! ,

  328. SAD,SAD,SAD…………………………

    • im curious about all of this, basile is 11 miles north of jennings, obviously they followed him there, maybe we need to hear from him first, if he had a couple of beers (which he is intitled to considering all the bullshit) then they had their good ole boys in basile stop him.. im just guessing i know that at one time he had family living there..


  330. Christie how is it that your daughter’s case was turned over to the task force? I am asking because I would like the same done for my mother. Please let me know the steps you took because the things that I have done have been unsuccessful. What the hell is mike being charged with? I knew this would happen. When I first tried to get mom’s case brought to the F.B.I. they said that there were certain steps I had to take. I started talking to some1 @ the parish. That very same day police were constantly patroling by my house. I live on a dead end st. All the times my house was broken into when I first moved in it and when I actually caught the perp. in it I got nothing. But then they were passing nonstop. That’s when I backed off. I was living alone with my 2 babies at the time. The only thing in this life that amazes me is my children and my husband.

    • Were you married to CoCo? Just curious. I thought Sheila had 2 kids. Kenny and an older girl (than Kenny).

      • Popeye you have me confused. Janets step children were Heather Kenny and Shannon. but yes heather is still with coco. Janet is my aunt.

        • Thanks for the clarification. I thought they were Sheila’s. My memory’s not the best.

    • SHEILAS DAUGHTER i suggest strongly you email me as soon as you can, IF YOU FEEL COMFORTABLE, i have a graet idea but cant tell you on here for obvious reasons, if not let me know and i will respond to your post on here in the best way that i can!!!!!!

    • sheilas daughter i know that you have been intimidated and i feel for you and what happen to your mom and i just want you to know that i want to help in anyway i can, i always have kept in mind your moms story throughout the years and have known for a very long time,but i am going to be brave and say that we have to fight for eachother and support each other to obtain some kind of closure and you my dear are one person that i will proudly support!!!!!

      • Shelia’s daughter, I sure hope you e-mailed Christi and Christi whatever you have up your sleeve, do keep it from being posted on here. We all know they are monitoring this blog, and most important it makes them nervous. That is one thing we have on them. LOL.

  331. yeah, lets see to what extent they take his arrest, we all just witnessed 2 people on t.v. admit that they have been crackheads for years, and each of them are sitting on their front porch admitting it, one even admitting she prostitutes for her fix.. so why are they still free? i guess LE can turn a blind eye to ITCHY and SCRATCHY, but lets give mike hell! is their m.o.

  332. almostsure & Popeye I am really curious to see what Mike could have been arrested FOR….I wonder if he was driving and got pulled over.. If they asked if they could check his car they could “FIND” drugs or an open container or??? you name it… If he didn’t have anything to hide, Mike would have said “go ahead and search” knowing there would be NOTHING to find….Can you imagine HIS SURPRISE if that’s what happened????

  333. there is a website that we can find out what the charges are. i will research it in the am. it should be up at that time

  334. ALMOSTSURE- ROFLMAO @ itchy and scratchy!!!! How about itchy (fr) and twitchy (tc)!!!!!!

  335. unbiased- i believe you nailed it better than me lol!!

    • unbiased and almost sure, i feel guilty for laughing but…………….what can i say????lol

  336. christi- honey no need to feel guilty, they are the ones that got on t.v. and clowned.. they dont feel guilty, why should you?

  337. thats true,lol cause hell, in my day i would have ran from them cameras!rotflmao they would have had to get a court order to interview melol

  338. I feel sorry for FR and TC kids they are the ones that have to go to school and face people after there parents got on tv and made azz out of them selfs

    • tell it like it is i agree, thats pitiful, i really think that your a very compassionate person to think of that, cuz have not heard anyone comment on that yet!!!!!!!

      • when it comes to kids i have a big heart i have 7 kids myself and would never put my kids threw that. i dont know what they were thinking when they did that interveiw i know it made them look stupid but i hope people know that it is not the kids fault what the parents do and say. but we all know who some kids could be. i just pray they dont have a hard time at school r anywhere else for that matter


      • i am sure they dont hate there mom they might not like the things she does and says but they love her she is there mom


  339. LOL!!!

  340. christi- my last post was for your previous post. and yes i feel for those kids also.. its not their fault and they are not in control of what happens, but remember GOD does look out for the children..

    • almosti realized you had to be laughing at my post and i still am trying to figure out how they did it??????? but seriously GOD will protect them and keep them sae from any harm, HE knows they are innocent!!!!!!!

  341. Tracee obviously has smart kids!!

    • i have made some bad choices too but i hope and prey that my children can forgive me and really hope that they dont feel like that ever, how old are tcs kids??????????

    • How damaging is it for kids to have to live with this kind of stigma? Humans are not wired to process that kind of situation at a young age and it has got to take a toll on them. Any kid who calls his or her mother names like that has already been severely damaged. Any kid who grows up with the realization that a father may be a murderer is mentally scarred, nearly beyond hope. They’ve been damaged by the parent’s choices and nothing else, before society takes it’s toll on them. I really feel for these children. If they can overcome this, they are better and stronger than most. What angers me most is that there are so many spoiled, undeserving people in power who will take advantage of their damaged condition. Just look at those who are subjects of the legal system now. They are spawned by poverty, drugs, alcohol and every other vice and weakness that society can throw at them. A small number come out of it OK but most become a support mechanism for corrupted law enforcement entities. We don’t hear about the prominent kids who have the resources to go to rehab, to have their parents get the DA to cover-up their crimes, to get a favor from the sheriff or the judge. Those who are from the other side of town must endure the total of accountability. You never hear of them killing a kid with an overdose and then having sheriff deputies threaten witnesses to keep quiet “or else” before the spoiled murderer is sent to the military. Someone has to pay the societal cost to make it appear that officials are tough on crime, so, those from the other side of town take the heat. Poor children; they don’t seem to have a chance unless an uncle is a DA, a judge, a sheriff or a successful businessman.


        • It is like that all over the world, but, we can never, ever, ever give in or give up. Those places where corruption is a deep tradition (other than JDP) are uncivilized places like Nigeria, Somalia, Indonesia and other Hell holes where people have never known elevation or civility. This condition being so common in America is a fairly recent development. There has always been corruption, but, when did it get to this magnitude here? The loss of morality has gained momentum gradually and steadily in America. We accepted the sex and drugs of the sixties as a joke but it has gained momentum until it’s become a way of life and it’s accepted in households. The crap that’s on TV in our living rooms would have caused good people two or three generations ago to shoot the TV but we now allow our children to grow up with it. We can thank ourselves for the gradual ruination of our culture by allowing morality to be tossed aside and even laughed at as uncool or boring.

  342. about mike getting busted it came from one of his family members

  343. tracee does have smart kids but they do have feeling also and i know they have to be hurting.

  344. who is this well well well person

  345. well well well?? well, I think I know… Don’t you, ” tell it like it is” ???

  346. Ignite You always AMAZE me! You have hit the nail on the head again…..You are a very intelligent person and I always look forward to your posts!!!

    • Why thank you, Serial-p. I wish I could give your vote of confidence some substance, but, you just don’t know me well enough to know that I’m just another guy with a hatred for corruption. I get REALLY upset and speak from my passion for human dignity in the face of the filth and darkness of corruption. Hopefully, I speak for many folks who agree with me. Neither life nor society were meant to be dominated by organized crime and the murderous animals that steal purity and hope from us all. To give in to corruption means that one doesn’t possess the brains to make it honestly. It’s that simple. It means that one doesn’t have the resolve or integrity to resist the threats and coercion. I have real pity for the dummies who have to hide behind drugs, extortion, blackmail, theft, prostitution and all the other vices because they don’t have the brains and focus to make it honestly. They are cowards who can only feel power by abusing and hurting weaker people for profit and for a demented sense of vengeance against anyone who opposes them. They hate themselves for their weakness and take it out on the good people of society. They try to hide their weakness and lack of class behind ill-gotten money and status while they see normal people as weak, because they don’t recognize the condition of being civilized. These evil people envy those who progress honestly but they feel they can never be good again. They don’t want to recognize the fact that they can be forgiven and they can start completely clean at any moment.

  347. i have a past that i am not pround of but i dont talk about it in from of my kids. it is the past. and i learn when my kids get of age and they do wrong well it is not the parents fault cause we did not teach them to do wrong. god i hope i just made sence

  348. You guys are never nice to new posties..including myself (in earlier post). Our words are always twisted. Maybe well well meant well and was just trying to be nice and let us know. not meaning anything ugly by it. I know I have been reading this for a couple of years and one day finally had the nerve to post was instantly a “bad guy”.


  350. Christi32, you were not the one that twisted my words. I understood why you would have been a little skeptical.

    • I was speaking as a whole..not directing that to just you. Throwing in the white flag not wanting this to start war in here!




  352. Christi, please quit typing in caps. Thanks, it would help a lot to understand more without being yelled at. It is the key on the left that says caps lock…if it is a red light it is on if you touch it it will be off.

    • cp yes, i know where it is lmao and mine is a pretty blue and i am sorry but i sometimes forget so i will try to be more aware of it,that means your yelling at someone, i thought it was just emphasizing what you are sayinglol you learn something new everyday sorry again and if you catch me doing it again, let me knowlol my b-day is on the 19 and i will be 36, but my memory is like i am 50, so bear with me and i will try to remember

  353. Thank you cp, lmbo

  354. ok i just got a phone call and thought i might need to get back on here for a sec. first of all i am not here to bad mouth mike are anyone else. i just told yall what is going on with mike right now i understand he has a lot on his plate right now and he needs help and yall are his friends right that is why i came on and told yall what his family member said. sorry if yall toke it the wrong way from now own i will not say another word on here about anything even if i here about who is killing who.bye

  355. well well well, and Enough, maybe I’m the lone person here but I undestand. It seems testy is the thing now. I made the mistake of thinking one mike when it was the other so I wonder how it would have been accepted if it was the other mike.

    Folks when you are fighting for a cause YOU and only YOU MUST make sure YOU are above that is unless you are so blessed to be one of those ignite tells of. No matter what the information would have come out so why beat crap out of the messenger. It is the responsibility of the people who are fighting the cause to make darn sure they are ALWAYS clean….you get no they did it…it is what you did only. If I anger anyone so be it because it’s the truth.

    IMO this well well well may hear something tht is helpful and now that that person has been kicked to the curb do you think that person would say something. That same type thing happened to a long time poster a short while back. Are we here to brainstorm the killers or are we here to protect reputations.


    • Hey, wait a minute here. Don’t bring me into this. I don’t refer to any of the people here with any negative feeling or intent. You folks are my comrads and if you’d just settle down and think about it, we’re all supposed to be partners with a common cause. Christi, you don’t know who I am right now, but, I can tell you that we’ve met before and you actually do know me to be your friend. I consider all of you to be victims and partners against crime. We do have many eyes digesting every word on here and looking for ways to get at us, so, we have to really stick together. Like Rodney King said, “can’t we all just get along?” I NEVER made any statements that were directed at the good people on this site and I really don’t know what was said that may have implicated any women on this site.

      • sorry, ignite about you being broght into this,while it is not fair for you to say i have met you, cause nowlol im cirious but know matter who you are i respect your opinions to the fullest and facts too of course. lol

    • Christi32, you talked about the police putting you in a padded cell when you came to Jennings once, although you didn’t call it that. You said you was running off at the mouth. You said someone told you that you was your worse enemy that person was correct….you have a quick mouth and quick hands. IMO all you think of is YOU. I truly feel sorry for what happened to your child but let me tell you I feel even sorrier for what happened to my child – at least you can hug your – I can’t.

      I don’t care about Ketchum I didn’t run her or him off it was her or his choice bragging about lying to a mother of a child that was murdered. Do you understand how a parent who had or have a murdered child feel when someone who said they were in LE said they LIED to that parent. Or is it only you who can feel anger when LE lies or deceive you.

      Before you open your mouth you should know you are not the only parent that have or still live with a horrific life story – at least you have yours. I’m not judging you and I would appreciate if you would give me the same respect.

  357. to everyone else and g8 and the victims families iam sorry about this but he does this constantly to posters, and i am always trying to be fair with people and not judge them, i no longer will nbe posting but tio all note this when we were brainstorming ideas the bitch was not saying anything, again, it takes alot to upset me so let me go before isay something else i regret. good luck to everyone!!!!!

    • CHRISTI32…….Thank you for trying to defend me, but AULOU did not run me away from posting. I just got tired of hearing her BS about my having lied to a murdered son’s mother. She should re-read my posts to understand what I said exactly, This woman uses the death of her son as an excuse to be rude to people. I happen not to be use to ignorant people like that. I.too, lost a son but he would be proud of my trying to help find the killers of the eight murdered girls. I did not kill AULOU’s son! But she was nasty to me and I don’t have the time for foolishness.My concern is Justice for our victims and their families.
      Thanks again and my prayers are with you.

  358. Just get back to the case at hand and ignore all the extreme ramblings. 8 dead women. Who, what, where and when.

  359. C’mon guys, this is our family here…. Of course when we get so many great minds in one place we are going to have misunderstandings, BUT ….. there are 8 dead girls that are depending on US to bring justice for them. They are not around to do it, we are and we will. We need everyone’s input to do this. Please, help them to rest in peace and allow their families the satisfaction of knowing that together WE made the difference.

  360. Ok folks, at least for now no more from me. This blog is no longer what it was which was about back when which was about the dead ladies in JDP. I will not hender anything that would/could help find the killer of the murders.

  361. After mass the other day, people were commenting on the “good Ol Boys club” that exist in this town. I must keep my head in the sand because some of it I did not know. It came from reliable sources. Not just gossip I believe. But every one from Wendell Miller, M. Cassidy, Ricky Edwards and the wealthy elite in this town apparently have a “you scratch my back I will scratch yours agreement. They swear M. Cassidy is a drug addict,and has gotten out of serious scrapes with the law in acadia parish by R Edwards, also Wendell Miller and M Cassidy have done Illegal things while in Office but those things were covered up. Clearly W Gary should have been fired. My question is….how much corruption are we talking about. How high does it go. A certain Lawyer has kids dealing drugs on 4th street….a certain dentist was sexually harrassing women and when they spoke to R.E. he simply asked his dentist friend to stop. No arrest even though the women tried to press charges. i just dont understand this kind of corruption. And obviously the poor and uneducated are arrested and the wealthy get off free. With this history, no wonder people do not trust LE in this town. Can anyone confirm these things. Are you all never frightened by all this corrupt power. How much is rumor, how much is true? RE is at every football game and is adored my many people.
    Is he evil and corrupt or just a “good old boy club member”???????????????

    • So this lawyer that has kids dealing drugs on 4th street, is it his kids or someone else’s kids? This dentist you talked about, did he ever stop? Just wondering?

  362. beatrice – We’ve probably all heard the same accounts about the same people. All I can say is, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Of course, I’ve heard of Cassidy’s close encounters with the law: DWIs, a cocaine charge in Florida, a drug charge in Acadia Parish, etc. I’ve also heard countless accounts of people protected by R. Edwards, so long as Mom or Dad is a friend is a prominent good-ole-boy or an influential elite. We’ve heard of guys destroying mailboxes (as Edwards was caught and in trouble for as a young man) and neither being prosecuted n or being made to pay restitution as promised. As far as Warren gary, he has been in the absolute middle of the controversy for years. Every time drugs, protection, shake-downs, etc., etc., are mentioned, his name magically appears like a cold front in December. You’re right about W. Miller too. He was in the middle of the activity while he was the judge and during his prosecutor days. Remember the Dateline show? let’s not forget that these people still share some very big secrets that aren’t very secret to some. It’s good to see that someone isn’t afraid to post names where names are involved.

  363. well im certainly glad that i got up for a glass of water and logged on. it sure got hot in here earlier, i know the last time this happened, G8 was ready to pull the plug..come on guys, stop the fussing. what would we do if that happens?, dont know about the rest of you but this is the place where i can go and forget my worries for a time, and go into the world of the meeting of the minds. we’ve come so far! shame to stop now.. and ignite, sp, beatrice, and cp thanks for putting the buggy back on track..

  364. does anyone know where wendal miller is now that he is no longer a judge.

  365. Hey Ignite,
    Can you tell me more about the cocaine charge in Fl? Do you know where it happened?

  366. Also, does anyone know a DOB or middle name of the alleged cocaine offender?

  367. Wonder just how far up this “good ole boy club’ ? makes me sick just thinking of it.

    • how far up it goes

      • Where is Governor Bobby Jindal in all this? If someone does not come in here soon to help these people with all this corruption, Governor Jindal will not have my vote IF and when he decides to run for President or Governor again. I can gurantee you this WILL be a BIG mark on his campaign, or any other future campaigns. Someone needs to clean it up, not just some, but ALL of it. Mancuso stated “I wish we can put a time frame on when this could end. Unfortunately, we don’t know where this killer is. We don’t know what parish he resides in or even if he resides in Louisiana.” Someone can start things in the right direction though, and it is Sheriff Ricky Edwards, but he will not. Why? Because he is to into it. That’s right, it is my opinion, but feel very strong about it. Somewhere/Somehow he has helped several of these person(s) somewhere/somehow along the lines of these murders, amongst other stuff; therefore, that is why he can’t share or solve these murders. I say to Sheriff Edwards IF this is not true or even far from it, I challenge you to prove me wrong. I sure hope you are saving what you are stashing, you will need it to help your family. You can’t stay the big dog forever.

  368. There was an incident where an african american from Lake Charles was shot and killed on a street. Don’t remember the names or area, but Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office had at first nothing to go on. The victim was an innocent person, very good person from what I hear. Guess what, The Calcasieu Sheriff’s Office found a suspect. That’s right folks! The victim or the suspect did not know each other, but in the end, what little the CPSO had to go on, they did it. That is just ONE of the great SOLVED cases by them. WHY can’t JDSO do this? Because they simply don’t want to.

    • I agree with you on the part about they had little to go on and they found the person. Great job on THAT case! But I live in Calcasieu parish; and you may also, they have a few issues with cases and corruption( the ellender murders and KK’s corner) and just like other parishes. While it is not as bad as JDP, it’s still there. I do commend Mancuso for doing a better job than the last idiot!

      • Not every department is Graded with an “A”. I understand that, but for those who don’t know, McElveen was in charge of the Ellender and KK’s Corner cases at the time. Oh and the last idiot, she may not have been great, but she diffinately Cleaned House. Unless “idiot” was applied to McElveen, then I apologize.

  369. brownie,yes the man was caught in the crossfire of somthing else and it was on cessford street which is a well known drug area in lake charles and from my understanding the suspect was stopped around the corner from the scene of the murder and was taken infor something else and not sure why or how they connected the two but they were very quick in their polcing or this would not have been the outcome, and i remember thinking that same thing that you posted about the le in jfp!

  370. has anyone every find out who frankie rape and what every became of all that i know nothing would not surprise me just wonder

  371. While I do not question the good intentions with which this website was founded, I do believe the site is running afoul of the fundamental rule that whenever one sets out to do good, be sure not to do harm. From the very first comment to the very last comment, I would hope that anything that could possibly be considered harmful or hurtful to any specific, indentified or identifiable person would be deleted.

  372. Well I think that they should have LE from the lake come here to help. Obviously they KNOW how to do their job. I don’t post very much but I do read alot. There has been a lot going on in my family lately between my children and myself being sick, and some other issues, which do have to do with what happened to my mother. I am here and I am listening. Christie I wish you the best with your case. From what you told me earlier, it sounds like you may finally get the justice your daughter so deserves. Thank you for the invite. For eveyone else – I am glad that so many people unite when all hell brakes loose. Too bad that it took such a tragic series of events to do it. I am glad that this site was posted and I would like to thank everyone that is responsible. It disappoints me that people lose sight of the purpose of it and use it for bickering. Stay united as a community (not just ppl that live here, the whole site). We all knew that eventually they would find a way to silence Mike, even if it’s temporary. Let not everyone give up hope. At the end of the storm is a rainbow. Sometimes you just have to strain to see it.

  373. city pd, parish and state police headed down north cutting with lights on very fast

  374. Kirk, I had a question about something I read in related cases, please email me

  375. shelias daughter, thank you for yours best wishes and the same to you and your mom and even though i let somethings get to me and should not have, i have extended my heart to ahlou so that we can move past this,again ahlou, i know your reading this and i again am asking that we do respect each other and each others feelings about our situations, i am not a person who only thinks of myself, and i think that that is quite apparent, and i do not want to believe that of you either so i hope you will respond to my posts, i said something terrible to you an im sorry but realize this you said some pretty terrible things to me too, so you said i am only thinking of me, but that is exactly what you are doing right now and i know your angry but these things will consume you if you let them and i refuse. you and your daughter and posts are all equally important on this sight, and you mentioned le has lied to you as well as me, and although our situations are different,we both are hurting behind this, so if you are on the same side as me, then,lets bury this and show le that we may get in disagreements but our passion for nailing there asses to the wall for the things that they have done to all of us, is more important and we will stay united!!!! just think, how much they loved to see us bicker, so i suggest to you what i have done go back over our post and look at your own words too instead of staying angry at me, because i am truly sorry and forgive you!so, i will be anxiously awaiting your response and GOD BLESS YOU!

  376. Ahlou,Thank you, yes that amused me as wellhow cp broke it downlol I am so glad you responded and yes i was mistaken about the lie thing sorry, my heart has been so heavy since that happened and this truly shows that we are on the same side and that you re a good person with a heart as well and with that being said i want to tell le that they might have got a good laugh about our disagreement but this better show you thatwe can overcome our differences and we will stand united at whatever the cost, so ahlou i think out of all of this we have set a good example to others and hopefully this will make us all think ahead of time!!!! ahlou, there is one thing that we definately agree on 100% that my MOUTH does get me int troublelol but i try to look at it as a good thing too because sometimes we need someone to stand up aggressively for what they believe in . soagain thank you ahlou and GOD BLESS!

  377. Hey everyone. I hate being stuck in the house sick but with the rain there isn’t much else to do. Hope everyone is fine. I’ve been reading back and just read about Mike. Did anyone ever find out what had happened to him in Basile? I’m not surprised either as parish LE I’m sure had something to do with it. We all saw that coming, didn’t we? “Just shut up the source and hope he goes away!” Right? His family and all the families of the girls have already been thru so much. Why can’t they just leave them alone!

  378. Just an FYI:

    I and many others that read here are getting annoyed at the following and it is seriously degrading the blog……..please take note:

    • Flaming of other posters will not be tolerated. If you have an issue with someone’s comment do one of two things…… me and we’ll discuss it or just ignore the comment.

    • Typing your whole post in CAPS is rude… the web world, it is considered yelling. Use caps only for emphasizing certain points……..not your whole post.

    • There is an Off-Topic blog that was made especially for OFF-TOPIC COMMENTS. Please use it. THIS blog is for discussing the murders in JDP. I also have no aversion to discussing the other unsolved murders in the parish. It’s not to discuss the weather, poems, your favorite drinks, how you’re feeling today, did you get my email, etc.

    • If you are leaving and never coming back then do that… doesn’t have to be announced to everyone.

    • This is NOT a general chit-chat blog. I would rather it go silent than have to wade through a bunch of idle chatter.

    I am going to start deleting off-topic comments and what I consider “flame” posts. If I have to moderate too many of your comments I will ban you from posting at all.

    Sorry to be so harsh and I’m not singling out anyone in particular……..but, the nonsense needs to stop. If you have nothing productive to add then just read.

    • I understand the necessity of rules to prevent the blog from being counter-productive toward its mission, and I hope everyone will understand also in a very positive way.

      Hopefully, the ‘off topic blog’ will be more popular, and all will continue posting there when wanting to chat and get updates on each other. Everyone does need to be focused on the topic at hand.

      There are still many questions to be asked and answered. Please do not be discouraged by the
      new rules. It will keep the blog an interesting and informative source for newcomers to learn about the need for help and justice in JDP as we all want others to come here and find out info, not have to wade through chitterchatter only to find tidbits of info, and hang it up because of thinking it is just a bunch of gossiping about anything and everything. Let’s stay productive toward the cause, and chat on the ‘off topic blog’ page so when we get others attention here – they will learn immediately the issues Jennings residents are dealing with and understand the need for justice.
      Thanks you guys and gals.

    • Thanks G8 very well said I agree 100%!

  379. Did anyone here know why the cops were down on cutting?

  380. OMG G8 – so what do we discuss when there’s nothing new to discuss on here?

    • If it’s not related to the murders, or even general crime in the area, we can take the discussions to the OFF-TOPIC blog. It is better than just having idle chatter here, in the main blog……it serves no purpose. Don’t be afraid of the off-topic area if there is nothing new to discuss here.

  381. Let’s look at this blog realistically folks. We are not going to solve these crimes! If LE can’t solve them with the FBI on these cases well it looks like this killer is a whole lot smarter than all of us put together. We sure as heck are not trained to solve crimes and what do we go on on here except for hearsay and rumor. I was a newspaper reporter for several years and I sure don’t see any progress being made in solving these crimes. We talk about the same things, repeat the same stuff and dwell on hearing new information which we seldom get. As far as LE, we will never be privy to any thing they know. Look even the PI KM doesn’t post or read on here anymore. Between being sick and reading on here to catch up, I see nothing new is being said to us or between us. And that is when we start to agree to disagree when there is nothing else to talk about. So rules are fine and dandy providing everyone adheres to them. Well sorry to be so blunt but that’s how I feel lately. I did not feel that way when I came on this blog in August cuz honestly I felt we were doing something good back then. but lately I do not feel that way. Its turned into just a conversation piece for anyone (except for a few) not having anything better to do with their time! And you can kick me off if you want or ban me or whatever (which is so petty). Just wanted to give my honest opinion on where I think this blog stands and where it is going…down the drain!!!!!

    • The blog was not set up with the intent of solving the murders.

      Although we’ve become more aware of the agencies that are a part of the “task force”, we (the public) are still not clear on how big of a part each one of the agencies play in the investigation. We are not clear how much information each agency is privy to. Just because the FBI is part of the task force……do we really know the extent of their role? Do we really have a comprehensive breakdown of each agencies role in the investigations?

      I would venture to say that 99% of us here are definitely not trained to solve crimes. Much of the discussion is hearsay/rumors/opinions. There are several posters here though that keep us informed of the activity in certain areas around Jennings. There are several posters here that advise us as to different connections amongst many of the key “players”. There are several posters here that provide us with certain “history” elements of the area. Many posters aid us in understanding some of the geographics of the area. Some posters even bring up new and unknown information about some of the “shenanigans” that currently and, in the past, go on in JDP. So all is not lost.

      I still believe, have always believed, the “public” will likely play a large role in adding the pieces to the puzzle that will eventually lead to solving these murders. How that will play out…….I don’t know. There has been some information gleaned from this site that I’ve been told was “useful”. How useful, again, I don’t know. There is always the off chance that someone who is afraid to go to LE, the task force, a private investigator, etc. may post here. They may contact me…..they may contact one of you…..they may contact a member of the media. I’m of the mindset that in a situation like what’s going in JDP……nothing really can be ruled out.

      And curvy, no……..I don’t see any progress being made in these cases either. It’s not our fault though. Soon, unless God forbid there’s another murder, you will see less and less and less in the media. They’re just like this blog……you can only repeat the same information so many times and pretty soon people stop listening and lose interest.

      The blog may get “inactive” but I don’t think it’s going down the drain just yet.

  382. Regarding Michael Dubois; I’ve been advised that he did get busted. As some know, he had a severe medical problem some time back and began to use pain medication. He had more than one active prescription of pain killers on him at the same time and this is illegal. This is exactly what Bill Riley and Rush Limbaugh did that put them under scrutiny. The police were called, if my facts are factual, by the father of an irate former girlfriend and this gave the police cause to stop him. He gave permission to search and had the pain medication on him. The incident had nothing to do with a set-up, as far as anyone knows, although I’m certain that R. Edwards is gloating. I’m equally certain that our law enforcement and official communities are calling in all Evangeline Parish favors to see Mr. Dubois get well sentenced for this. He did this by himself, to himself.

  383. Why in the heck do something so darn stupid when he is already under such scrutiny? Another thing I just can’t understand with these people!

    • I’ve gotten some conflicting information about this situation. It’s one of those “there’s three sides to the story” type thing. My main concern right now is how his credibility is going to be affected. He has been a very outspoken individual in the media recently. I’m sure everyone is wondering if they’re sitting with “egg on their face”. My opinion is, no matter what his own personal situation may be right now, his video and print interviews about the murders and the investigation were credible. I hope this incident, whatever the facts are, doesn’t taint the progress that’s been made as far as the publicity that’s been gained the past couple of months.

  384. We are all human, but we also have to be accountable for our behavior!

  385. Oh gosh…I went mouth off and that’s not like me at all. And now I’m feeling out of sorts for some of the things I said or implied. I shouldn’t have said the blog was going down the drain. And I hope I didn’t offend anyone. If I did I am so sorry. I’d just like to see the blog get back to what it was intended for and for all these petty indifferences between bloggers to stop. Let’s get back to where we once were, back to concentrating on these crimes. I still don’t believe we can solve them here but maybe our “meeting of the minds” (so to speak) on here can help make a difference. I just pray someday the killer/killers can be caught and brought to justice and we can all feel safer because of it. I do feel for Mike, its not like they haven’t had their share. And I’m sure LE is happy about it. I do think we should be planning ahead to our next strategy. Voices in numbers can make a difference!

    • It’s okay curvy. We are discussing something that can get emotionally charged if we let it. Like you said, we may not solve the crimes but, I believe there are people reading here that can add pieces to the puzzle, if they want to. Let’s not discourage that.
      “Suspicion solves crimes……not taking a positive attitude”.
      ~ SuziQ (Websleuths) ~

      • Let’s not forget how far this blog has come in informing anyone not familiar with this area. I remember when, eons ago, we were discussing IF there were any roads off I-10 between Welsh and Jennings. What type and how far were the fast food joints from the body sites, if LE could be involved(surly not! corrupt LE???!!) and my personal favorite, this area was all rice fields.
        In this blog is a wealth of information for the new and old readers, in ALL walks of life. G8ter has added maps, videos, history, news, and anything else to make it user friendly and has done a damn fine job! I feel, even if information is repeated on another page, it may spark a memory from a reader that may lead to another clue, and then to another.
        Just remember folks, all crimes are solved with baby steps.

  386. Sheila’s Daughter: I do not have your email address so you can email me at or call me. If you google my name my number is not difficult to locate.

    Hello everyone. I do not get on here anymore or read the blog but I knew that it would get controversial after the arrest of Mike Dubois. I did go visit Mike at the City of Basile facility and while I cannot go into specifics I will say that it appears that local law enforcement had nothing to do with his arrest. We are all accountable for our actions to some extent or another. In case anyone didn’t know, Mike previously had cancer and went through treatment for his cancer. He will be going for his miranda advisement in Evangeline Parish possibly tomorrow morning then hopefully bail will be set.

    While on the subject, I will say that I’ve observed certain members of the task force out at early morning hours such as 2:30am and such so they appear to be working around the clock. It’s time for this to end, I agree, and I believe they are doing everything they can. This is my first post in a long time and I will not post or read the blog again but I wanted to explain some things.


  387. good morning everyone- or anyone that will be reading this i decided i would add my 2 cents to the subject of the blog.. g8 first i would like to thank you for setting the course for this and the rules or guidelines that you layed out, were appropriate and fittingly express how this blog can acheive its goal, i for one know that when i first came here, i was amazed at the public response and how everyone felt comfortable talking and sharing their views. i have looked for every avenue of information concerning the murders and believe me, at one time there was not much offered, other than the talk on the streets that would somehow find its way to my ears.. this was really all i had to rely on, but i consider myself to be one of good judgement when it comes to looking at all the angles, some things make sense, some things make no sense at all. but after reading the wealth of info on this blog, some of the things that at one time made no sense to me, now have a new light shining on them thanks to the people that have shared what they know. i know that a big percentage of what is shared here is rumor, but some people here actually know what they are talking about because they grew up with, lived next door to, went to school with, partied with, or are related to some of the people in question. what im trying to say is that this blog has really been a great source of information for me and i would really hate to see it fizzle out. so to all of you, hang in there! dont be discouraged..

  388. I will just say it…..I am not excusing anything regarding Mike but he was treated for cancer and obviously has some sincere chronic pain issues—-overlapping pain med. prescriptions are a big whoop in my book.

    I hope this does not affect involvement with these cases…..

    I am not accusing anyone of anything and I did read about the former girlfriends parent….but it is not difficult to do a check for overlapping prescriptions (you have to know people) so everyone keep this in mind!

    Keep your head up Mike, it will be OK.

  389. Yep, I agree darkstar. I guess I didn’t even realize how much of a “no-no” it was to take or to have overlapping pain meds prescriptions as I hate to take medicine myself for any little thing. The pain meds I was given 5 yrs ago for gallbladder surgery is still sitting in the medicine cabinet and I need to throw them out.I am going to the doctor this morning for a antibiotic shot cuz I’m just not getting better. And I am dreading that. So I know very little about that sort of thing. I agree that it is easy to find out this information if you know someone. I want to thank Kirk for coming on here and explaining a few things. I know we all appreciate his input. I also say to Mike “keep your head up” and hang in there!

  390. ok if mike med. was from a doctor how can he get busted with it i dont understand am i missing something

    • sometime if you have medicine from a doctor and its not in the bottle that came from the drug store it came from they can get you for that..if thats the case all he has to do is get a letter from doctor or pharm. and the chargers should be dropped..sometime my hubby will put all his med in one bottle for the day instead of carrying three big bottles to work..i hope it all works out but really it dont matter..he still is doing a wonderful job of finding information ..keep up the good work people..i have to get off now..have to go to work.yuck yuck lol

    • Easily. Getting scripts from 2 sources or more in the same period of time……I’ve known people who had about 7 overlapping prescriptions…

  391. does anyone know if the task force got the tapes from channel 7 yet and if so do yall think they would pick up FR and TC again to talk to them and see if they have the same story as they did on TV i myself dont think they would cause they were to mess up

    • Have heard channel 7 refused to release the video to the task force. IMO- They should not need a reason to question Tracee or Frankie and they probably change their lies everytime they are questioned.

      • I’m surprised Channel 7 is refusing. Wonder why? Hey, isn’t Kodiak’s film coming out soon?

  392. i agree with you itilii- but i think all the ones that really know whats going on are always messed up. maybe if they put them in a tank for few days, then maybe they can be credible, you know put the pressure to them, i dont believe for one minute that tc was forced to lie on fr. i think she was pissed at him for something and she had the goods on him. and then realized her ass was in hot water with the ones that are calling the shots so then she recanted. if LE didnt think she was credible in the beginning, why did they arrest FR.?

  393. my question is still this, who did fr steal from? was there a witness? the $3700 was evidence from this burglary wasnt it? where did it come from? maybe i have the story bass=ackwards can someone clear this up for me? please 🙂

    • The 3,700 dollars was evidence from the drug bust at the mothers house when they were all arrested ….if my memory serves me right.

  394. Wow… I am sooooo lost in here…..I am gone a couple days and all hell breaks loose….. Hang in there everyone….. You cant be effective doing anything if you are devided…

  395. everyone just wanted to tell you that i just talked to mike dubuois and he is hanging in there, they were transporting him to ville platte but wants me to say hey to everybody and that he is trying to take care of this situation but would like everyone to not discuss his situation on the blog unless you have facts of what has happened, just letting yall know

  396. G8t ThankYou very much for my own area,I think I will be using it alot for support if I get bad news tomorrow.Darkstar if you could come next door I have a question about anesthesia.SP I need to talk.

  397. everyone, mike has asked me to tell yall that they have added a possesion charge/ intent to distribute, and has set his bond at 25,000, so he will need 2500.00 to bond out, he has a few hours to make bail before he gets transferred again to another jaii, where he will no longer have a bond , so therefor he needs some help fast, it can be a property bond and is asking anyone that can help, call ville platte police station as soon as possible! he sounded very urgent about this because they will continue to hold him if he cannot bond out today and try to pursue these charges that note probation refuses to put a hold on him because they know he had cancer so now they have a new charge that they have trumped up and thats why he needs to bond out right away, i know this contradicts my previous post slightly but, i guess this was not known the new charge until he got there to ville platte so anyway he is asking for anyones help and if anyone is confused about anything that i have posted about it , i am here to answer any questions reguarding his situation.

    • i hate that mike is lock up but i can not help bond him out christmas is next month and i have 7 kids sorry mike

  398. i amm willing to help too but cannot do it alone!

  399. he just called again and said there is a bondsman there now named john vidrine and will tke 1500.00 cash right now and get him released and will find a way to pay you back.

  400. not shooting you down. But you are supposed to be here for one reason and that should be all that is discussed.

  401. Kplc announced they will be talking about Mike I think at the 6 or 10 news. I didn’t hear all the announcement. Well I wonder who leaked it to the news media. Isn’t that something?

    • curvy–I heard it also. All the way from Evangeline Parish at that! Exactly, wonder who leaked I take one guess and I would be on the money!!!! Revenge for the special a few weeks ago????

      • Police themselves often release info to the press, and some press agents have police radio scanners to be up to date to the moment of what is going on

  402. Sorry we can’t help either as we are living on social security disability due to my hubbys stroke. Wish I could help but we live check to check like everyone else! Looks like Mike is in a pickle, poor man! I do feel for him though!

  403. Ok, so now I am confused again. We cannot discuss anything about anyone who has any connections to the JD8? Like family, for instance? This is really getting crazy!

    • Yes as for as I know we can talk about the families of our Angels, But I do not see where this discussion is helping any. We do not need more pain then already there.
      Example our girls or lost in to this Drug War, And I do not see where supporting or annoucing about Mike on this blug is for the good of our girls. Tommorow is Crystal’s anniversery of her burial. And I am having a rough time. This is very aggravating, and also making me very angry. This Is not somthing that should be discussed on here. So I would like to know if you just like thowing punches at family memmbers I think our oppinoins are just as inportant as yours.

      • I am sorry for your loss, Sarah. I know only time and closure can possibly heal the wounds.

        • I have said all along that I know that Crystal is at peace. Her life was a daily struggle. I know now that she will forever know how much she was loved and i want to say that now she knows she is special.
          The hardest thing is reading and seeing over and over again the words drugs and sex. She was not like that . She somehow got really lost the last 6 months of her life. Being bipolar and schexiphranic was not a easy life for her.but I do not like to remember those times, I remember most her smile and always playing a joke on everyone to make them laugh. And the call saying don’t worry I’ll be allright. the three years she was missing i would dream of having her home again. Welll she is finally home. and I can’t wait to see her smile when I meet her again.

    • curvy- the way i see it is yes we can talk about this, especially since so many saw this coming.. it was mentioned on here that they would try to silence mike and here it is… they really do rely on the people forming opinions before they get the facts.. bad news travels fast..

  404. I just saw an interview with RE on KLFY. Talking about cameras being mounted on the dashboards of police cars set to go off if the lights flash or if a certain speed is noted and if the vehicle was involved in a crash. A 40 gig that is uploaded every morning etc. Also, it provides audio for inside buildings when set.This is supposed to be a check and balance apparently and is turned over to the DA if there are any issues.

    This video would be pretty much solid evidence in a lot of crimes. Just reporting it don’t know anything about it personally i.e. how accurate..

    • me to and on tv 7 mike was on it to my mom said he was aresseted i hope not i seen were rickie was saying about that to


  405. I just saw KPLC’s report and if I understood right, an anonymous call tipped off Basile LE. Hmmm, that’s sounds so fishy folks!

    • Anonymous tip?? wonder where that call was made from? Could it be Jennings? These people have been trying to discredit Mike and shut him up since day one. I only hope Mike doesn’t let this stop him from fighting for justice.Le really needs to worry about the druggies in Jennings that are selling drug on street corners and in backyards especially south of the tracks and not one of them has a prescription for them!!!!!

      • just my opinion….not too many people should have known what Mike had or did not have. I would think the drs. and pharmacy knew, but only he will know who else.

        I find it a shame that laws change so often- with reason- but us ordinary citizens can’t and usually do not keep up with all the new laws. That is not an easy task.

        Like the law that says you have to have seatbelt cushions for small children so the belt does not hurt their neck. Who all knows this is law!

        By the way–the ACLU advises people to never agree to let LE search your vehicle. Do not stop them if they are persistant, but do not agree to it. They have to have probable cause, and the United States Supreme court has ruled that a routine traffic stop is not probable cause enough to search a vehicle.

        I can research and post case on off topic blog later.

  406. hey did mike d get aresset he was on the new on tv 7 my mom seen it i missed it is he in jail does anyone know

  407. its all a part of the process to discredit!!! its a shame that the media will jump onto that..

  408. OK I HAVE BEEN READING THIS AND IMO if mike had something on him and it was illigal then i dont see the big deal..if he had it on him it is his responsibility not anyones if you all know that the cops are planning to stop you for some reason or shut you up for some reason WHY GIVE THEM THE REASON..dont have drugs on you..and if they are legal what is the bug deal..i hope that makes is not like someone planted it on him from what i am reading..if he got them from the doctor then he is legal..and its not anyones business but why are folks worried about it..and another thing..why should people help anyone out of jail for drugs..i have a big family and if one of them went to jail for drugs and they have that is where they stayed..THEY DRIED OUT..i dont know mike except from years ago and im not judging him by no means but would mike get one of you out of jail ,,heck 1500.00s is a lot of money but IMO not to get anyone out of jail for them by leaving that person there [im talking about anyone].sorry if i made someone upset its JMO.

  409. I’m so sorry Sarah, I didn’t realize what tommorrow meant to ya’ll. I was just saying what I had heard on tv. I was shocked as everyone else that KLPC already knew about Mike and was publicizing it like that.And no Sarah I am the last person who likes to throw punches on this blog. I know your family and I would never do anything to hurt ya’ll. I’m just confused with all the new rules on this blog and trying to figure out what we can talk about on here now.

  410. Sarah,
    I felt very compelled to tell you that you give me peace. With so much going on right now, I felt everything you just said with my heart.

    Thankyou. The first time we spoke, you touched me and you are very special.

  411. Well IMO Mike got himself in this, let him get himself out of it. I am married to a drug addict and they have every excuse in the book as to why they have or need their choice of drug.

    To Mrs. Sarah, i had the chance to know Crystal a few years before this happened and she was so caring and loving! At the time she was taking care of a b/f who had fractured his leg. I dont remember if it was her son or her b/fs but she was so good with him, always had a smile on her face. This time should be her time. To remember her!

    • that was her first husband and we loved him so. He had found her at 15 when she ran away from a state facility and disappeared for three years. he really loved her. they went to texas and he was arrested and within ten minutes they said he hung himself in the jail before Crystal could get to the police station one block away. the had already sent him to the coroner. this was by dallas. when we finally got to see him it was clear that he had been beaten to death.

      • oh how sad but why was he beaten

        • Mostly white police force. Conveniently their cameras were not working in the jail.
          His family called in NAACP . Have not been in contact with them since. They were a family really poor and in the drug scene big time. The town is actually Ennis.
          The two boys Crystal and her husband had went back to the 15 year old mother Crystal had no right to them after her husbands death.

          • thats so sad..

          • Yes, that was him. He too had a great spirit!! They were both such a blessing. He was so into her and his family, we too found it strange that he would have done that. You could just tell that they cared about each other. It was sweet!

      • did his family look into the beating that is so sad that people can do the things they do and get away with it omg what is this world coming too

  412. I agree EA, LE ought to go out there and get the big drug dealers on the corners selling and pimping. And that is a lot of bail money. Hope he can raise it and sorry I can’t help out financially. I believe what I understood on tv that the prescription drugs were from several doctors. So does it automatically mean just because someone has scripts from more than one doctor they are intending to sell them? This all doesn’t make any sense to me!

  413. Hey Enough, that’s when I last talked to Crystal. She was bringing her boyfriend or maybe hubby I believe to physical therapy at the time for his leg. I was bringing my hubby in for therapy after his stroke. She had her precious little baby with her. Despite the past problems she told me she had been having in her life she looked happy and she looked like such a good wife and mother. She was very friendly. We talked off and on when we saw each other in the waiting room waiting on our fellows to finish their physical therapy. At first I didn’t recognize her all grown up and all. But she knew who I was and told me who her parents were. Then it clicked! The last time I had seen her she was just a little girl.I feel so for her family. I cannot imagine the emptiness since Crystal left them.

  414. i dont know why people want to feel sorry for someone that does drugs. and we all know that it was not just drugs from a doctor. for people to say ooo poor mike , well poor mike my butt he got what he deserve u want to play u got to pay. and yall not here for mike only there are other family members that lost love one but everything here is about mike and his lost. i know i said i was not gonna post again but yall people need to wake up here there are 8 other victims and more from what i read. with that said good luck to all

    • If you’re here to start shit, leave.

      • Popeye–well said ,Thanks!

      • right? popeye- wasnt that the person that first announced that mike got busted,? then came back and said how they feel bad for him? now they want to bash him? this is why people get worked up and crap gets started.

    • No we don’t know anything. It is our business who we feel sorry for and why.

      Have you put the effort that others- including Mike- have put into bringing about some kind of justice…..I highly doubt it.

      So spare us with your self righteous indignation. See ya.

      • i dont think they meant it to be a bad thing by putting that mike got busted on here i think the name well well well is whats making everyone think they are a smartass..JMO

        • I agree, I don’t think the post was done in a malicious manner. I think it was reported just like lots and lots of other information has been reported here in the past. It’s an unfortunate incident that was going to make it’s way into the media one way or the other, sooner or later because of his close association to the murders.

          My understanding, from reliable sources, is that local LE had nothing to do with tipping off Basile LE although I won’t say who the tip came from. I’m not going to judge MD one way or the other…….that is up to a judge and/or jury who will be given the facts. If the prescriptions were obtained legally (which I hope is the case) he will be cleared of any wrong doing; if not, then he may have a heavy price to pay. I do however still believe MD’s crusade for justice for not only his sister but, all the victims, has been 100% sincere and heartfelt.
          “Suspicion solves crimes……not taking a positive attitude”.
          ~ SuziQ (Websleuths) ~

          • I agree G8. I also want to say that everytime Mike was on tv that I seen anyway, he was straight. Unlike the two other goof balls they showed.

          • G8, My question is why did the anonymous tipster wait until Mr. Dubois was in Evangeline Parish to rat on him? He spends a lot of time in Jennings I have heard so why not bust him in JDP? IMO-JD LE had everything to do with this situation they just want to keep their hands clean!! The KPLC special and the march P—– them off and Don’t think they got the video they wanted from KPLC. So come on people figure it out.IMO,again this was a set-up, big time.

          • ea568- i totally agree! why did they wait till he was out of town? and that bogus charge about bringing drugs into the jail, they are full of prunes on that one.. they are really trying to ride his ass hard! shame shame shame on them. this should come back and bite all of them in the butt!

          • the tip was not anonymous

          • plugged in- very interesting!! care to add to this?

  415. I will say what I know about pain meds for cancer patients. The bottle is labeled with your name. There may be one or two but it isn’t likely that you carry them from point A to point B. If, you are feeling poorly you are generally at home. Other meds that are non narcotic could be with you. Again, they are labeled under your name.

    No one knows more than me the suffering of someone going through cancer treatment or suffering repercussions of treatment. I saw my daughter suffer and die because of cancer repercussions. She never abused drugs she used drugs to manage her illness. The only rule I know about is when a narcotic is prescribed that it has to be written vs. a call in order. She didn’t routinely carry around narcotics. She may have had 1 pill for a painful exam but it wasn’t in her purse going out to dinner.

    Please don’t use cancer as a root cause for carrying narcotics. I can see through this. It is very upsetting. If someone persists in using this ruse I will call BS on it. Actually, I am calling it now. Don’t use illness as an excuse when that is not the cause. It is not reasonable to be carrying a bottleful of narcotics on your daily regimen. If one pill was found than I will gladly retract my statement.

    This area is so grey that I could never consider sending up bail money.

    • i agree with you..and i think this is a big problem with the medicine down there..[in general] people who really want their drugs go to different doctors and different pharmist to get them filled..then they either sell them or they stay messed up..this is a lot of what starts the problems from there[jennings]some go to welch some go to texas some go to crowley..its sad..them they sell some because they need the money and try to justify why they are doing it..i hate drugs has messed up lots of people i love praying though and i want stop..

      • American Press published an article yesterday about “doctor shopping”. Louisiana has a law in place to prevent this but Texas doesn’t yet. Apparently all it takes for a dealer is a quick trip across state lines to Orange, Beaumont or Houston to get their hands on the prescriptions.

    • cp, you sure explained it from a person whos been there and really know the suffering.

    • I have to concur with you cp. My brother was on several Schedule II & IV narcotics for cancer too. I know that while he was taking them he basically would fall asleep most of the time and certainly didn’t feel like getting in the car and driving. I may be wrong but I don’t think you are supposed to be driving when you are under the influence of those types of drugs and could be charged with DUI as well.

    • Sorry but that is highly inaccurate. Cancer could very well be a valid reason for carrying pain medicine. Depends on the type, location etc…..

      Different people respond to painful stimuli in different manners. Unfortunately, opiates taken for valid and true pain result in swift tolerance to the medication. So after a very short time, you have to take more…..causing many to fall victim to addiction.

      I’ve learned long ago that you cannot judge another person’s level of pain. Could be BS, could be absolutely legitimate. As long as you have a prescription for the medication, you can legally take the amount prescribed. If you are driving and have taken medication, yes, you can get in trouble.

      I’ve dealt with so many patients with chronic pain that I have great sympathy for them and try never to judge…..and I am talking about people who try every avenue outside of narcotics for relief!

      I don’t advocate abusing narcotics ……they stop working. You have to get on and off for true relief. But I do have sympathy for those people who take medication just to feel normal. It’s a very fine line….

  416. Hi Miss Sarah I often look at the pictures of the girls before I start posting.Crystal had such a pretty smile and dimples.A heart breaks but it still keeps beating just the same.So sorry for your loss,but she is resting now,God just needed her sooner.

  417. I was getting a haircut this afternoon in Lafayette,and I could hear ladies talking about the girls from Jennings,of course this perked my attention to see what they had to say.They all agreed on the same thing,they think its a cop.

  418. OMG Sarah I didn’t realize he had died. She did tell me that she had ran away and had given you and Brian so much trouble but I did not want to say that on here. I really care about your feelings. She was so sorry for causing ya’ll so much heartache and grief. I told her that ya’ll knew that too. Her hubby seemed like a very nice guy and she looked so very happy. Could you tell me where that beautiful baby of theirs is now. Are you raising him? He had no parents poor little boy having lost both mom and dad. I’m sure when Crystal lost her husband that had to be so painful for her too!

    • I think it was his daughters child they was taking care of. (He had older children, if I rem. correctly)

    • Thier were actually two little boys that crystal raised from birth after her husband died she had to return the babbies to his family they were a big part of our hearts and should be six and five now. the last I heard they were doing good.
      After her husband death crystal got pregnant about six months latter she did not think she could have children. She had her beautiful baby girl who is now four. She lives with her father and stepmom. But remembers her mother and love her so..
      I am glad and proud of her father and their family she has 3 big brothers and a loving family. and we have her every other weekend.

  419. I am curious about having prescription drugs on your person when traveling.I get pain medication occasionally for migraines.If it is in my purse,in my bottle prescribed to me ,and I have to go out of town,if I am stopped ,I could get arrested for having my own prescription meds on me????

    • KK… long as the medication is in the original prescription bottle you should be fine. Now if you would take a few pills out and just have them on you (without the rx bottle) then you are probably going to have some trouble if LE would stop you.

    • no..i have meds for migraines too..and the cops will go so far as to call for dispatch to verifiy your medicine..had it done..big difference when you are traveling..called walmart to find out..

  420. Mrs. Beniot, wishing you some peace knowing your daughter is in a better place. All I’ve heard about her she was a very sweet person, the people I know called Shay and speak foundly of her.

  421. Thanks Sarah for the update. I wondered where the children were. So glad here her little girl will have the love and support she will need as she goes thru life and remembers her precious mother!

  422. Thanks G8t only have them on me when traveling to go out of town with original bottle.When I am struck with a migraine I take my meds at home and usually go to sleep.Never drive with just one in my purse.

  423. And thank you Sarah for sharing this information about Crystal with us. I always wondered what had happened to her after seeing her for a while and then not seeing her.Then when I heard it was her body they discovered I felt devastated and told my husband it just couldn’t be true. I didn’t realize she was missing at the time.I cried. So that is why I am here on the blog. I felt some sort of connection with a couple of the girls but now I feel a small connection with all of them since being here. I will be thinking of you and your family tommorrow.

  424. Kitkat, that’s a scary thought too,huh? I take migrane medicine too. So I’m also sort of not clear about all this, about carrying pain on one’s person!

  425. Good night everyone. As I say my prayers I look into my daughters beautiful eyes and see the peace. She will forever be in my dreams. I will ask in my prayers tonight for all to have a peaceful rest.

  426. Nite Sarah. “Peace be with you” as us Catholics say. I’m turning in too for the nite. My steriod shot I took this morning at the doctor is kicking in and really helping my throat and I’m feeling much better tonight already. Hopefully I can rest better tonight. Nite all!

  427. mysterious,I hear your prayer. I hope all can get some peace tonight so tomorrows fight will yield results for these young women. It takes a lot to get results but I truly think most are behind the results.

  428. This Saturday, acting on an anonymous tip, Basile Police pulled Dubois over on a traffic stop for suspicion of drug trafficking. Dubois voluntarily let them search his car, where officials say they found enough prescription drug evidence to charge him with doctor shopping.

    7 News obtained the book-in log from Basile Police, which also includes charges of possession with intent to distribute schedule two and schedule four narcotics and introduction of contraband into a penal institution – after officials say they found more prescription pain drugs on him after booking him in.

    • More drugs after booking him in…this sounds too fishy. If they searched his vehicle, they should have also searched him in the process, and should have had him empty pockets before booking him….what LE office does not do this…it is procedure to search person and car at the same time, and to search person during booking. Not after booking and putting in jail. All to suspicious ……on the introduction of drugs into penal institute.

      An officer should be questioned as to why they did not find all drugs during search of vehicle and arrest. JMO.

      • Observer-That thought crossed my mind too. I’m no expert on law enforcement, but common sense says someone under arrest should be searched BEFORE booking them.Yes really suspicious.Guess they want to make sure he stays in jail for some time where he can no longer speak out in public. Hope whoever set him up are proud of themselves and they sleep well at night!!

        • I feel the sarcasm and do agree! Though you remind me that ss hard as it is to do, we should bless both our friends and enemies. Along with praising God in good times and bad. I praise God for getting my family this far, and having my parents raise us in a christian home even if we have troubled times…..we do know where to turn to for strength.

          God has already overcome the world, John 16:33.

  429. Darkstar, you are preaching to the choir. No cancer patient who requires narcotics is driving around. The patients that need drugs are not ambulatory.Most cancer patients don’t even acknowledge their level of pain. Don’t even go there as it is obvious you don’t have first hand knowledge. Sorry to bite your ass but you aren’t there dude.

    • I know a cancer patient right now who fits that description. I have first hand knowledge because of what I do. Your opinions are based on your experiences. Does not mean they are representative of cancer patients as a whole. Sorry to bite back but this is what I do for a living. So please, don’t insult me.

  430. So…………….who here can honestly say that Mike would have been pulled over by a mysterious anonymous tip if he had not been rocking the boat in the investigations.

    Yeah…..right. If they busted every doctor shopping claim —overcrowding would ensue.

  431. He could have been rocking the boat. Do you feel confident giving bail money? Without knowing the facts? More power to you.

    • Who said anything about that?
      I am saying it is awfully mysterious the way this went down. And he did rock the boat by being so publically involved. This is not rocket science. His level of guilt or innocence is irrelevant to my point.

  432. Since I broke my neck and had a plate screwed into my spine, I always travel with a bottle of pain meds in my purse. I have bone fragments that could not be removed constantly pushing on my spinal cord. When I am intense pain I want to KNOW I have meds. I fly all over the country and have never had any problems, but I’ve never been to La. Maybe LE would bust me…

    • Thank You SP for making my point. We don’t know the facts but I’m pretty sure of the possible motivation.

    • as long as your med. are in the right bottle and there is not more than should be in there u will not get busted

  433. My Mama (God rest her soul) told me never to judge someone unless you walk 10 miles in their shoes.

  434. The shoes were not comfortable, I walked 100 miles at least and the result wasn’t good either.I will beg off since my point wasn’t well taken. I know G8 has experienced the same thing.

    There is a commercial that talks about being under the milky way tonight. I think of that possibility. That our loved ones are experiencing more joy than we are.

  435. There was an article in the American Press talking about the perscription drugs and it is mainly coming out of Southeast Texas. It was also mention today by g8 about it is nothing to cross the state line. She is right, but ever since the coach from McNeese lost his two boys to overdose. They have been cracking down. I see it everyday. The people are going to Houston and beyond. Very seldom they are going just to Orange/Beaumont anymore. Houston is starting to put red flags up too. Which in turn is a good thing. Just thought I would share that. This does have something to do with the 8 plus more girls. The common factors are Texas and Drugs.

    • yes it is slowing down in houston, especially since michael jackson’s death… one of my tenants was given pain meds for arthritis in her back for quite awhile, then when mj died due to overdose, and the houston dr. was in hot water, the dr’s in the area cut back on giving Rx’s now my tenant goes in once a week for a shot..

  436. Back from the Dr.I will be next door.

  437. how do u know plugged that it was not anonyoums

  438. SERIALPSYCHIC…….Check you email!

  439. Thanks Ketchum! I sent you a reply……

  440. JDN, 11 Nov 2009
    Murder case critic arrested for drugs

    Michael K. Dubois of State Street in Jennings and the adopted brother of the fourth victim Whitnei Dubois was arrested by Basile Police Saturday night on charges of possession of alprazolam (Xanax) with intent to distribute, possession of tramadol (Ultram) with possession to distrinbtue and one chare of prohibited acts of doctor shopping.

    • is ultram considered a norcotic ?

      • and if I thinking right ultram is a non norcotic pain medicine.

        • What is the most important information I should know about tramadol? You should not take tramadol if you have ever been addicted to drugs or alcohol.

          What is Tramadol? Tramadol is a narcotic-like pain reliever.

          Ultram is the brand name of Tramadol

          • what is the reason for staying away from Tramadol if you have ever been addicted?

            I can’t believe Mike got in trouble for Tramadol. Is it a scheduled narcotic!!!! I hope he does have legal scripts and I see no reason he could not get each from a different doctor. They are for two different diagnosis.

            I take Tramadol from a pain doctor, and have every desire to go see my MD for my nerves right now. The pain doctor says to see your MD for non-pain related illnesses.

            Mike must have had scripts if he was charged with doctor shopping, and I see no reason he can;t have two different doctors. Looking forward to hearing his side, although an attorney should tell him to keep his mouth shut for now.

    • Xanax for pain?

      • Xanax is used to treat anxiety disorders, panic disorders, and anxiety caused by depression.

        • Xanax is used to get “loaded”. They take it to chill, feel good.

        • i thought xanax was a nerve med.

          • That’s what it is intended for but what pill popper is taking it properly. They take handfuls. Most of the time it’s Used to “come down” after a night of using uppers such as cocaine or heroin. They take it in pill form or crush it up to snort it.

  441. Don’t know about any of the drugs just thought all would like to know what was in the paper – only reason I posted it.

    BTW wonder if someone said something to someone on Geraldo as an advance fyi. That being why it was pulled. I believe MD was doing his very best to bring out the info but what if.

  442. Tramadol is non narcotic

  443. xanax is used for anxiety disorder I know because I take it.I used to get panic attacks.

  444. Tramadol is nonnarcotic.I dont know why he would get in trouble for these.

    • The only thing Tramadol does is get rid of pain like taking a strong ibuprofen or tylenol. It does not give you a buzz or high at all. That is why I prefer it, for I don’t have to worry about driving if I had one beforehand, and it does not impair my motor skills.

      Never had Xanax.

      I have seen others get all the narcotics they want from doctors while on the other hand- some people who need it, can’t get it at all.

  445. Tramadol is definatley not an opiate.Lortab is and opiate.

  446. I take a half of xanax at 11:30 am. Doctor prescribed for anxiety. It is prescribed for three times a day but I found that a half helps.I don’t need to become addicted but I do need to come to terms with my situation.

    I have to think a major network doesn’t want to deal in drug situations and would pull in advance given knowledge. If it is muddy they don’t take the time to investigate or have resources to do so.No one can blame a network for that as it needs to come from a local level and then advance.

    So, if there is an untruth and it can be verified than the majors will pounce on it and much coverage will be given. Similar to the justice of the peace who denied a license to a bi racial couple.

    Make truth known and none of this will be an issue.

  447. My xanax dont make me feel good they put me to sleep.Of course I only take them if I am starting to feel nervous are panicky.Its terrible to have panic attacks,

  448. I prefer Sugar free Rockstar (the white can, not the zero carb blue can).

  449. Is Rockstar calming or an energy drink with caffiene? Never had one!!!

  450. SERIALPSYCHIC……check your email.

  451. SP……..I’m waiting for you email reply. Just sent a post and lost it just now. Que Las Tima!

  452. IGNITE……I think I know who you are. Kudos to you!
    You are #1 in my book!!!! LOL

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