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  1. Uh oh guess I’m the first one.

  2. Heard that two girls didn’t call home and the task force kicked in. The girls found out they were looking for them and called in stating they were okay. The best thing is the Task Force found more evidence during that time. Horray!

  3. Well, not for sure, but it is a rumor going around anyway. Any news is better than nothing.

  4. brownie….was that on the news or in one of the papers? Hope it is true and not just rumor….could be a break in the case.

  5. That I know of it is only word of mouth.

  6. Something was in Jennings News Paper, but not sure what it said, but the above was from a resident of Jennings.

  7. g8trgirl, aren’t you able to see my e-mails? If so, can you e-mail me?

  8. e-mail address. LOL

  9. brownie…I haven’t seen any from you. I will email you in just a moment though.

  10. I really like the poll.

  11. The votes are trickling in at a snail’s pace LOL. I know there’s more than 25 people reading here.

  12. Mr. Menard you stated the following:

    “Kirk Menard, on February 17th, 2009 at 8:12 PM Said:
    Also known is that the veteran detective washed out the vehicle at Ray’s carwash…on the south side of town, approximately a block or two away from where Brittnay Gary resided and about a couple of blocks away from the famous “Tina’s Bar.” That is public record so I don’t mind saying it here.”

    Why would you mention Tina’s Bar?

    Does the killer(s) hang out at Tina’s?

  13. An additional question to brownies……

    Were any of the 7 young women known to frequent that bar? (with the exception of Brittney since she was underage)

  14. If you can’t answer,no problem, I will understand.

  15. LOL. Been there once, and probably never again. You know, small towns like that, they like their “Hole in the Wall” bars.

  16. Sorry to have been away. I’ve been sick but am almost better now.

    I have seen that Jennings has 10-11,000 people. I have also read that all seven of these ladies lived within a few blocks of each other. How many of the 10-11,000 live within the same few block area as the seven ladies? And if you were to expand it on all sides by a block, how many? Ballpark figures are fine. From there, how many are women, children, men over fifty, or men under 21? Sorry to seem like I ask dumb questions but I am trying to figure out the number of men in the suspect pool. We can pretty much count on it that he lives in the same area as his victims. Maybe out side of it a few blocks but not far. Local knowledge is invaluable so I thank you in advance.

    • Hey Red….glad you’re back and feeling better….was wondering what happened to you.

      Geez….tough question to answer there. If I were going to guess…if you split the town based on the railroad tracks intersecting through it…..maybe 6,000 on the north side and 4,000 on the south side (guess you could give or take a 1,000 each way). I don’t know for sure where all the girls lived but, from the sound of it….it was very near each other. I’m not sure how close the killer(s) live to the victims but I am convinced the murderers live in Jennings and possibly in the small communities surrounding that area.

      Since you’re back….read this and give me your opinion about it.

  17. I may be a total loser but I voted in the poll that no one in law enforcement is directly related. This question seems to come up in every SK case. Economically disadvantaged people have an inherent nature of fearing LE. In many cases, LE earned this fear through the actions of a few bad apples that tend to pick on poor people. Politically unconnected complaints would never cost a bully his job. I understand that I am not local and am not familiar with the length of the mean streak that some individuals you all know may have. Every field has someone working in it that has no buisiness being there. But for now I voted no.

  18. I haven’t voted yet.

    I will say…I don’t remember any cases of a serial killer’s victims knowing each other or of the killer personally knowing the victims.

    I understand full well the correlation you mention about economically disadvantaged (politically correct terminology I suppose) and the lack of trust in their dealings with law enforcement. What you say certainly is a consideration that comes into play often times.

    Something tells me though….that little voice you get in your head sometimes….there’s a lot more to these crimes than the public knows. That’s probably a big reason the Sheriff doesn’t REALLY wanna talk about it too much.

  19. An appearance of impropriety in the private sector like this would have cost someone his job. I wonder if the State Trooper that investigated this had ties to either Det. Gary or any friends of his. The ethics charge he was found guilty of seems to be enough to remove him from his CCD position. We do not know of any reprimands that followed internally. It does kinda shoot his credibility in the foot, at a minimum.

  20. Be sure and read the story about Jesse Ewing…formerly with the Jennings PD….he LOST his job for reporting some very disturbing information he was given.

  21. In my opinion….a lot of the attention directed at local law enforcement they have brought upon themselves.

  22. I can’t find a phone listing for a Tina’s Bar. Does anyone have an address on it? I was also able to find maps of two of the victims houses. Did the other five live close? The two I found were around the corner from each other.

  23. Hey g8trgirl, I read about Jesse Ewing and finally saw the results and details. He seemed squeaky clean in the charges with the prisoner lifting her shirt. On the other charge he was moraly right in what he did. At least the price he paid was small. Without knowing anything about the other candidates for mayor, I hope he wins.

  24. I also think that Mr. Menard should teach a Civics class for adults in Jennings. Attendance should be mandatory for anyone over the age of 16. A big part of it should be the rights and responsibilities of citizens. And how to work your way up the food chain if you are not getting a satisfactory answer. I applaud his efforts on many levels.

  25. RR, you are correct about a citizen stepping up and advising. Kirk is a good example of someone who will help. He may be the only effective cause in the area.

  26. So who is Connie Saler ??? What’s her background or relation to others besides selling her vehicle and hot checks? Can someone expand on her, please.

  27. I’ll ask this question…..does anyone remember any serial crimes where there was no evidence left behind?

  28. That’s a good question Observer. I haven’t been able to find out anything else about her. Silence says she used the left over money from the truck sale to evaporate!!

  29. g8trgirl, Rain and heat destroy a lot of physical evidence. Also, I guess this guy watches Law and Order SVU cause he knows the Clorox thing.

    I am under the assumption that there has been physical evidence collected. Maybe I just hope there has been.

  30. Let me ask you this Red… you find the body locations odd? That grid fascinates me for some reason.

  31. And admittedly you’re right RR about the rain and heat destroying evidence. Louisiana is hot and muggy at least half the year. I haven’t checked to see what the weather conditions were while the girls were missing up until they were found. The incidents were spread throughout different times of the year.

  32. Her name is Connie Syler. She is from California,but has lived in Lake Arthur for over 20 years with her long time partner Diane. After Diane’s death she started doing drug’s even more than before. In fact ,I heard she bought the truck with insurance money from her spouses death. From what I hear now, she lives in Oregon.

  33. Sorry I’ve been away for a little been working. Thanks to everyone for the kind compliments.

  34. About Tina’s bar. Girls, many of the victims, would travel between McKinley Street to Andrew Street (which is directly behind Tina’s bar) to a house down there. Yes, many of the victims, but I can’t confirm all, used to frequent Tina’s bar.

    As RR stated, the weather elements (nature) dissipate physical evidence. However, everyone leaves either a “signature” or “footprint (not in a literal sense) that they’ve been a certain place at a certain time. Tina’s is at the edge of what is known by LE as the “high risk” area south…or as it as known to become “south of the tracks.” I usually post more than this, as you all know but I’ve been speaking to biological and scientific experts for forensic and physiology theories. I did manage to speak to an excellent biologic expert that knows an awful lot about homicide investigations and can offer logical theories. Again, I’m locating resources that can offer assistance and many have offered their assistance. They are all verified and checked out before I communicate with them. Most are from out of state and I contact them.

    Lack of resources is one of the main reasons investigations take time and/or remain unsolved. This is only the beginning. Capital crimes can sometimes “break” a city, especially one of this caliber. The state attorney general’s office may end up having to come in and prosecute the case once an arrest or arrests are made because of the amount of time and money it will take to prosecute the case.

    As for Jesse Ewing, I believe he did the right thing and I think that if he had to do it all over again, he would do the same thing. We all have a right against self incrimination so Jesse did not have to turn over those recordings to me with such incriminating evidence such as sexual misconduct but Jesse thought the cameras were recording and he wasn’t worried because he did nothing wrong so he handed the recordings to me to turn over to the FBI and State Attorney General’s Office. It’s not that hard to figure out that his intentions were well meant. First, you have a high ranking official that purchases a vehicle allegedly used to transport one of the victims (Kristen Gary), then the State Police clears the official, then two inmates demand to speak to Jesse and would not speak to anyone else. Was Jesse to let them leave the jail with that information, if, by chance, they bonded out, or obtain the information. Jesse was eventually convicted of not following the chain of command. A very low grade misdemeanor known as criminal mischief. What if he had brought the recordings to the chief of police and the evidence disappeared? Would Jesse be accused of misconduct because he followed the chain of command but the evidence was “lost?” That’s not including the fact that there was already friction between the chief and Jesse when Jesse filed criminal charges against the chief for allegedly putting a gun out on his desk while Jesse was speaking to him (that made the newspapers and went before the grand jury but they refused to indict the chief of police).

    It was not obstruction of justice because Jesse ensured it was given to an objective party (me) and delivered to higher authorities and I did receive evidence receipts. It took me all but 10 minutes to locate the cellmates of the first two inmates that gave Jesse the recordings by a simple call to the jail for the inmates to call me collect so I could question them. They confirmed that there were no sexual misconduct on Jesse’s part. Why couldn’t the detectives question the cellmates of the two witnesses that had information about the unsolved homicides? So yes, I do believe he did the right thing and I have no doubt that if Jesse had gone to trial instead of plead guilty, even for a low grade misdemeanor, he would have been found not guilty. The ethics board eventually fined the high ranking official $10,000. So, the question remains…did the high ranking official know that the vehicle was used to transport Kristen’s body? EVIDENCE is always the key to any successful prosecution. Now, I am working on physical evidence.

    I would like to comment on RR’s comment about the appearance of impropriety. Lawyers, Judges, private investigators, and yes even those in the public sector are trained that the appearance of impropriety is just as bad as the act itself. Anybody that knows me knows that I will not sacrifice a case by violating any local, state or federal law…not only because of that appearance but because my foremost obligation is to my clients, next is to avoid embarrassment to myself, my clients, and the profession and next is to successfully close the investigation without any questions, rock solid case that can’t fail.

    Sorry RR, I disagree about this being a person that watches CSI or Law and Order. He/she is not going to learn to avoid capture through those programs. Perhaps research, alot of research since we do live in a technological world but that would take months, perhaps years of research to do it correctly. I do have every inch of confidence that the person or persons responsible will be caught and brought to justice. And yes, I am not enemies with LE. I turn everything over to LE, even hearsay, even though I do attempt to verify and corroborate the information I receive so that LE does not have to go on “wild goose chases.” Do I think someone in LE is involved or perhaps someone that was in former LE? I wouldn’t rule it out but then again, at this point I wouldn’t rule anything out. Yes, like the rest of you, I do question investigative tactics, I do question judgments, decisions, and the like, but it is what it is and hopefully, LE can learn from their mistakes and move on.

    RR does make a good point. What about Gary? Yes, his credibility is shot. We are trained in investigations that if you cannot attack the evidence then attack the credibility of the witness or witnesses. Its a strategy that lawyers use as well. Why those that are in a “high risk” lifestyle as it as been known by LE and the media? Vulnerability, more than likely the victims were more trustworthy because of a certain predicament, and yes, when a certain “class” is targeted, statistically, it doesn’t mean the victim and suspect know each other but you can’t rule it out either. Demographics play a part in that theory and Jennings is small and its a town where everyone knows everyone. In this particular case, I do believe, my theory, that the victims and person or persons responsible did know each other or at least acquainted. I have my reasons for believing that and I believe its logical.

    Ok, hands are tired but I had to catch up. Good night all.

  35. Here is a thought, now that the victims ‘family trees’ have been extensively examined, perhaps someone should do the same to include the ones on the task force, LE, detectives, jailers and suspects of the murders,prostitution, and drugs. I have a feeling you might be surprised at who is related to or had a past with who. And how intertwined this all may be. IMHO

  36. Interesting thought LinF…..anyone here have knowledge of common threads that run between those LinF mentioned?

  37. Hey Kirk, I don’t know if he really watches Law and Order. It was more a generic reference to the fact that he could have learned it anywhere. From what you say, there seems to be a possibility that he is skilled in other areas of avoiding forensic detection. I do not have the information that you do and understand that it cannot all be put out there on the table for public perusal.

    My curiosity of the addresses is in relation to geographic profiling. With the exeption of Miss Lopez, all of the victims follow a simple profile based on geography. Add Tina’s bar, victims home addresses, and locations where the victims were found, minus Miss Lopez. Draw a circle and you can bet that the killer(s) either live in the circle or did at one time. If there are two killers at least one of them has longstanding residential ties inside that circle. I am not yet sold on the idea of two but there is more information than is available to me.

    I also wonder if Miss Lopez was found further down the canal than the point she was originally placed. I know there are torrential rains in south LA in the spring and can guess that it may have been flowing. I do not know if it is the size of a ditch, canal, bayou, etc. Any estimates on width and depth? Decomposition gases would have made her float for a long time.

    Also, I know that some family members read here. I try to ask questions in a delicate form. Sometimes I may say something that could possibly be phrased in a different way. If I offend anyone I apologize. I try to treat the memory of your loved ones with respect and courtesy. I am also sorry for your loss and do know exactly the pain you feel. By kicking ideas around with local people and those involved that have a chance of making a difference, maybe we can make a difference. Once again, I am sorry for the loss of your precious siblings and daughters.

  38. I forget the exact amount of days but usually LE has interviewed the killer within the first 3-4 weeks of forming a task force. I am not sure of the effect of waiting a few years to really investigate. When they hit a brick wall it is often helpful to go back to the names that came up in the first weeks of interviews. Also, a very smart friend has told me that it is almost sure that the families know him. I would also bet that at least one family member suspects him. Here’s to hoping that we find out soon.

  39. You’re right RR, I believe not only that the families know him but the victims knew him as well. I have pictures and photographs after the scenes have long been examined for our own use for scientific methodology.

    We do brainstorm as a team and come up with theories, problems and solutions. I’ll be willing to bet that the killer/killers have also been interviewed by LE.

  40. Anyone have any particular theories as to WHY this person(s) murdered the girls. Was it rage? Some type of retaliation? Was it to silence them?

  41. I won’t even speculate on motives at this time. Very difficult to do at this part of the case.

  42. Hey Kirk, Thanks for the Andrew, Tina’s etc. information. I am ready to bet way more than a few dollars that he now lives, or did live for a long time, within 600 yards of Tina’s bar. I know that does not narrow it down enough but it is a start.

    I have a few questions about the truck that turned off it’s lights and ran. Was it a big or small one? Were your guys close enough to see a make or color? What was the approximate date?Was it possibly a 4wd and able to get away by crossing fields or ditches? What grows around where it was seen? Maybe poaching or stealing crops? Did he leave any tire tracks?

    Also, the roads south of Jennings that some of the ladies were found on. Would they be real low traffic between about ten p.m. and five a.m.? I would guess one to two cars a night at those hours may be considered heavy traffic on some of them. He may have felt comfortable going there at night because he knew there were almost no homes and traffic was non-existant.

    Do you think that the road leading to the firing range was a taunt? If so, it leads to a different mindset than public knowledge of the rest.

  43. The profile that was given states mother being domineering. Do you know if the mother is still alive today? If not, when did she pass on? The reason asking is because, in my opinion, I find some people change once their mother has passed. Don’t know if this has ever been surveyed. Just my opinion.

  44. If you want to look on a map…look for the streets McKinley, Wood Street, Andrew Street, Highway 26, Racca Road, Bryan Street, South Main, and in between streets. The high risk areas are known as Gallup Street, McKinley, West Jefferson, Grace Street, Craig Street, and of course South Main. Cecile Street and Clara Street, though farther North, are also known as somewhat high risk. When I use the term high risk I am only using the term for clarity because that is what LE has clarified it has since most, if not all the victims frequented these streets. In fact, the day before Kristen disappeared, she was at the corner of West Academy and Clara Street and a phone call was placed to the PD but never followed up.

    Honestly, the truck was too far away and it was late at night. For 13 days straight, up until the time Brittany was found, we rode up and down that road and we’ve only noticed two vehicles. One was a Jennings Police Officer…at approximately 11:30pm heading East on Racca Road. When he spotted us he didn’t stop, I instead hit my headlights and he stopped and backed up because I wanted to let him know what I was doing on Racca Road but of course he seemed to know that already because it was in the Jennings Daily News even though the specifics of where we would be conducting surveillance was not disclosed. He had a flashlight in his hand. The night before was when we observed the truck. The person with me (who is a mechanic and a vehicle buff) recognized it as a truck because it was not something we were expecting and the trucks lights were on until they turned around and we could see the bed then the lights went off.

    So, in essence, for 13 days, we only came upon two vehicles down that road. The JPD unit and the truck that turned around. The approximate date was November 8, 2009. When we explained to the officer what we had observed the night before, he told us next time to speed up and catch up to him and obtain a license plate. That was the extent of our conversation. Can’t go too fast down a gravel road.

    You do have a dumping ground down that road where people will dump old air conditioner untis, pieces of bed, basically junk on the side of the road.

    The firing range may be a ruse, coincidence, or may have some significance. We can’t determine that as of yet. Incidentally, the JPO that we met down the road that night was the same officer that located Muggy Brown’s body. It may be nothing but he didn’t have his spotlight on but instead had a flashlight in his hand. The city limits end part way down that road. It appeared that the JPO did go out of the city limits when he turned around and head back West down Racca Road, can’t be sure.

  45. We do have a person in Jennings that was a football star, highly intelligent, going to college, then his mother passed away and something happened and now he walks the streets at night talking to himself and those from Jennings know who I am speaking about…his name is “Queet” not sure of his real name but Queet is innocent as long as he’s left alone. Just making a point that you’re right, people do change after their mother passes, especially if they were raised by their mother absence a father or father figure.

    • In fact, the day before Kristen disappeared, she was at the corner of West Academy and Clara Street and a phone call was placed to the PD but never followed up.

      Kirk….did Kristen place the call or was it from a witness that saw her there?

  46. It was a witness that observed her at the corner of Craig Street and West Academy. From what I hear, the witness also observed the detective eating at a local restaurant and approached the detective and asked about the girl and the detective hurried and at and left the restaurant. The witness didn’t say what his response was.

  47. Oh the witness made the call.

  48. Ok, someone asked about a fire at sheriff Ricky Edwards residence. Here is the link:

    Around 9:28 Tuesday morning, someone from the Edward’s house called 911 and the Jennings Fire Department immediately responded.

    “We had fire coming out of the southeast window of the house. We had the occupants all out of the house and the fire was contained through the east end of the house. We had a pretty good structured fire damage east side into the attic,” said Fire Chief Hulin Theriot.

    Sheriff Edwards was at a meeting when his wife called about their house being on fire.

    “I detoured from my meeting and turned the corner and I could see smoke from about six blocks away, I knew that it was serious,” said Sheriff Ricky Edwards.

    The Jennings Fire Department discovered the fire originated from an air conditioning unit located in the window. The fire wasn’t able to spread because of effective response time and Mrs. Edward’s effort to save the house.

    “We responded within minutes receiving the alarm. I was probably here within two minutes of the alarm. My first truck was here in five minutes,” said Theriot.

    “My wife saved that house. She knew what to do. She knew not to open the doors and get everybody out of the house,” said Edwards.

    Thankfully, everyone in the home got out safely and no one was injured.

  49. Are you able to say if any of the 5 people that were at one time arrested in connection with these deaths live(d) in the “high risk” areas?

  50. Yes, they all do and I am able to say that because it is public record, with the exception of Connie Syler, although Connie did frequent those areas and did visit Tina’s bar regularly.

  51. So it is spelled S-y-l-e-r ? Not Siler/Saler?

  52. yes, that is the way its spelled in my notes.

  53. Okay…thanks.

  54. Your welcome.

  55. A.T. There is a Connie Syler from Oregon on Myspace. Definitely not the same one.

  56. Good detective work RR. I never thought of checking on my space but when I was searching for her using my database, it pulled up like 46 nationwide so I narrowed it down to 6 with a cell number/name cross reference, her cell number/name was also cross referenced with the credit headers and she was the third one that came on the list.

  57. Oh and RR, how do you know she’s not the same one, age, race, etc.,

  58. Nobody ever mentioned that Theresa Gary’s search party located Brittany’s body? Ok, as g8trgirl would say…hmmmm

    Not that I think there’s something there because I know some of your minds are jumping at the bit…just wanted to say hmmmmmm.

    Several people have phoned me and asked me if I remember the sheriff making a comment during questioning at his press conference about “we have no suspects and do not expect any in the future.” Does anyone remember that comment? We have a large future, by the way. Perhaps it was nerves for the sheriff to make such a mistake but that’s why the larger LE agencies have spokespersons. I wonder if this was an impromptu press conference. Just alot of mistakes, probably innocent, but still mistakes.

  59. Hey….you makin fun of me?


  60. Ok, sorry I have to bring this up again….Remember, I made the comment about pushing for an arrest can have disastrous consequences. Public pressure can do alot but with reverse consequences.

    Recently, an article in the JDN quoted a family member as saying something about AMW but the sheriff and spokesperson for AMW denied it. That made the family member appear to be lying. Several people, including the JDN verified what the family member stated was correct when they contacted AMW but AMW would not go on the record as making a comment.

    I know this was inadvertent but Scott Lewis wanted to wait to run the AMW story but when the American Press got a hold of the story, they ran it and then the JDN had to run it and could only quote what they had on the record. sometimes these things happen, inadvertently, but I want the family member to know she’s not alone. We do need to be careful of who we push to get things done…just an observation. The family members, want progress and to know that LE is doing their jobs and utilizing all available resources but they are not pushing for an immediate arrest because they fear what may happen. While the JDN article and American Press Article is not as severe as arresting the wrong person when under public pressure, the same analogy applies. Scott Lewis is making an apology in the paper to the family member. It’s unfortunate that it happened but this family member feels like she is all alone in her battles and we need to convince her that she’s not alone. I don’t want her to give up. She’s a great person, she’s become a great friend, and she’s a fighter. They just want to know that LE is doing their jobs and making some progress, they know it will take a while. It’s their jobs to enforce the law, that’s all they want.

    And of course, the sheriff had to do damage control when the public called him about AMW and with AMW being a national entity, they could not go on the record. So it was like AMW and the sheriff telling the truth and the family member was not. That was not the case at all. I hope you all understand.

    This is FYI only.

  61. Hey Kirk, Her whole Myspace page is centered around Christian activities, clean, well cared for young kids and her husband. Chances of her ever being arrested for anything are slim. I just weighed the “Long time partner”, Diane (assuming this is politically correct jargon for lesbians)against the husband of the Oregon one.

  62. Well…..our sources tell us that she was caught in bed with a man before…but you’re right, probably the wrong Connie. Thanks for your assistance, in fact, thanks to everyone for their assistance. Believe it or not and you may not hear it from the family members but they appreciate your assistance very much and would like you to keep it up. I feel the same way.

  63. If a victim’s family member says it and it is corroborated by the phone calls of Scott Lewis, it’s good enough for me. I also doubt that victim’s family members just pull up AMW out of thin air and speak of conversations with producers for grins. The motivation seems to be transparent and pure.

  64. I agree RR, good observation.

  65. I think Brittany’s body was not intended to be placed where it was found. When she became missing more people became aware to LOOK for people on the back roads.

  66. Almost time for general discussion # 5.

  67. Most SK’s have a progression in their criminal careers. The McDonald’s triad is a)bedwetting past ten years old, b)animal abuse, and c)a history of arson. Not all SK’s fall into all categories though. Another interesting thing that many of them do is becoming Peeping Toms around the age puberty hits. I doubt this guy is successful with women and think this may be a part of his background. I also bet he is a bully to the weak but subserviant to the strong.

    Kirk, can your databases pull up Peeping Tom arrests in Jennings for around the past twenty years? Cross reference it with your suspects. You may need the families to help you but also ask them if they know any of the Peepers from the past. It may be a kid or man who moved to a different neighborhood years ago, or even recently. He nmay have been known for it but never actually arrested though. They would have known of any past peepers through the grapevine. I’m betting he is in the system for something. If a guy lives in the neighborhood, has arson and peeping in his rap sheet, and hung out close to the seven women, he’s probably the guy.

  68. brownie….you’re so cute LOL!!!!

    Y’all hang tight and I’ll get a new one up shortly…need to go run a few quick errands.

    Great discussion by the way!!!!

  69. Hey Brownie, Are you thinking that he had different plans and had to change them in a hurry due to increased police presence in the abduction area? Or that he may not feel safe on the back roads at night because he would always be the only car out there? Do you think his recent lack of activity is caused by being scared of getting caught? I’m curious what’s on your mind.

  70. Menard, can you say who the coroner is that did the autopsy on Shelia Comeaux?

    Another thing, Dateline went to both Calcasieu and Jeff Davis Parish? I remember in the late 80’s they went to Sulphur, LA.

  71. One of the officer’s that was caught is now with the Jeff Davis Sheriff’s Office. But of course you know that. LOL!

  72. There was a 911 sheriff’s deputy by the name of Leslie Landry that was caught as a peeping tom some years ago…not that long ago but probably about 4-7 years ago. He was fired. claimed he was jogging, saw the police at the apartment complex and turned around and went to see what was going on and one of the ladies identified him as the peeping tom. He was fired from the sheriff’s office and eventually convicted. Those in Jennings will remember that incident.

    I believe Richard Dupont was the coroner on Sheila Comeaux’s case. RR is correct, the bedwetting, fascination with arson, etc are all generalities, but not all fall into those categories.

    Believe it or not RR, I can pull state records from my database only in New Orleans and any other state other than Louisiana because they have a closed system law. I have to physically send an investigator to the courthouse to perform research. Florida has one of the most profound and open record laws in the US. I really like their searches. I can perform warrant searches nationwide through my database and nationwide arrest records but it will only show New Orleans. Other than that, I would have to submit a written request to the bureau of criminal records and wait about 4-6 weeks for it to come back.

  73. Oh by the way, Leslie Landry lived on West Jefferson Street, directly between Tina’s bar, Brittany Gary’s former residence, McKinley Street, and Gallup Street. Perhaps RR you can search his name for his phone number and pull up a map of his residence in relation to the victim’s disappearance from that neighborhood and see what you think. I respect your opinion on this. Thanks.

  74. Hey Kirk, All of that stuff is common knowledge to any investigators that may be on this. Especially with the FBI involvement. I am sure it has been done already.

    I am almost on the verge of believing the TF has it narrowed down to a few people and are watching them. They are waiting to get all their t’s crossed and i’s dotted. As you mentioned before, if they know who did it but cannot prove it in court or have a shabby case against them then an arrest is premature and counterproductive in the long run.

    Bad 911 operator!! No doughnut.

  75. As you know, I am a fan of geographic profiling. I do not have the cool computer program for it but have seen a lot of them. I not only admire it, I question why things come up as they do when the computers spit one out. I try to see the logic behind it and figure out what input went into generating the final product. I have made mine in my mind already. His home would be less than 200 yards from the hub of my circle drawn on a map.

    Interesting also that two female relatives reside in the same household. Also, isn’t he a bit old to be a bushwhacker? Any idea what he does for a living now?

    His involvement would also fit the “Cleaning up society” profile. If there are DNA samples collected from the crimes, the tox screen may show Viagra.

    And last, with his certain knowledge of computers from his operator gig, {IF} he is our guy, I bet he reads here. So much to think about and piece together.

  76. Brittney body was found by a man in the Brittney mom’s search party. They had also already searched that area before and had not found her body there. So make you wonder who knew for fact that the area had already been searched and I bet they were thinking that no one would be back there. But just to let you know the killer made his biggest mistake in going after Brittney this was a disperate act the time frame was all out of order. This was a hush killing, but he will get caught for his mistake. That I am sure of all it takes is one mistake and he did just that. I would not doubt he reads these blogs and looks up on the internet about what all people have said about the murders in Jennings. Just a few thoughts

  77. Was law enforcement searching for her at the same time 7heaven or was it just family search parties?

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