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  1. Please continue posting comments and general discussion here. Thanks.
    “Suspicion solves crimes……not taking a positive attitude”.
    ~ SuziQ (Websleuths) ~

  2. Is there more than one girl missing from Jennings right now?

    • Sounds like the 12 year friend is missing as well. I’m going to post the link to the story again on this new thread.

      Search is underway for two missing Jennings girls

      The search is on to find two teenage girls who went missing. Investigators say 14 year old Brook Bryant was at a friends house Wednesday, and she did not return home. Brook’s grandmother went by the house and Brook was not there, so she called police. Police are looking for the missing girl in the south side of town. Police say Brook may be with the 12 year old who is also missing.

      “We have no reason to believe Brook is connected to the 8 women found dead in Jeff Davis Parish,” said Jennings Police Chief, Johnny Lassiter.

      “Suspicion solves crimes……not taking a positive attitude”.
      ~ SuziQ (Websleuths) ~

      • why have they only released brook’s name and not the 12yr old’s?? they are both minors!

  3. What street is this girl’s home on?

    Her parents are in jail for not reporting that she tried to run away. Does she have behavioral problems?

    Who is the girl that she was with?

    Where and what time were they seen?

    Were they part of the clique that circles Andrew St?

    LE said they have no reason to believe she is related to the “eight”. They did not say they have no reason not to believe the same.

    Was a salt and pepper haired guy in a truck with a check mark seen in the area?

    What kind of relationship does FR have with this girl or her parents?

    • SO if your child TRIES to runaway, you have to call the cops? That is how it sounds.

      Was this when they were first questioned by LE and lied to LE from the get go …..when questioned about the child not being where she was supposed to be?
      Were there other adults at the home she was supposed to be at?

      The parents should not be in jail already, they should be helping find their child.

      • Were they looking for her? Sounds like she didn’t come home and they didn’t do anything, I could be wrong because the article leaves a lot out. But it seems like they would have been actively looking for her considering her age.

        Does anyone know this family?

        Red Ranger……what’s with the check mark?

      • they are full of prunes if they are saying that you have to report when your child tries to run away, because i damn near had to sit on my child to keep her from leaving and i called the police for assistance and they did not do anything…

  4. To ahlou: Nicki has done everything she can to get the info. LE is supposed to only have 3 days to give up the info. After 8 days she heard that RE had not sent the info to J4JDs address. They ran her drivers license and sent it to that address! Yes, they did girl! She doesnt even live at that address on her license. she moved 3months ago to the other side of the parish. I think she might be a little scared of LE right now and doesn’t want to make them mad and i think she’s really trying to make a good relationship with them for the public good. So they will talk to us. One of her contacts had to tell her who was actually on that stupid task force. I wouldn’t want her job. She has it hard trying to get LE and RE to do anything for the public.

  5. This is Bullshit!!! How many more girls will die until, these murderers are caught? I am hoping and praying that the 2 girls who are presently missing are not going to be new victims. As far as LE what is there problem about sending Nicki the info she legally requested?? WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO HIDE? WOULD IT HELP IF ABOUT 100 PEOPLE FLOODED THE TASK FORCE OFFICE WITH REQUESTS??? LET’S ROCK AND ROLL, FOLKS………

    • Exactly. That info. should have been released.
      Sounds like some power games are going on to me.
      Evidently, they don’t care if they don’t abide by the rules because they know nothing will happen.

  6. Nicki did some contributing work for JDN in the past but thanks to previous (illegal) actions by local LE that put her in harm and the fact that she started J4JD to help prevent those things from happening to others, she has been denied a future job. She’s considered to be too controversial for the newspaper to hire her. So she gets the shaft for doing the right thing. Guess thats par around here.

  7. I am gonna do some heavy duty “pondering” today.I am in EVIL mode so I may really come up with something good…..Christi I meant to tell you thanks for the inside view of street life. I for one, appreciate you sharing your experiences. I think we will all add more pieces to the puzzle, thanks to you…..

    • Glad to help, knowing what i know of the streets,and with these ladies turning up dead, I hope that these girls are found soon, it is making me sick to even think about it!

  8. Hi all. News travels slow to Switzerland – what’s the latest with the missing girls? I’m hoping from afar they are not related to the previous cases and that they will be found safe and well soon.

  9. Well folks in the Jennings area, if something happens to these girls or not, you guys better start standing up for yourselfs. Let this be a warning, I say. Don’t mean to sound ugly, but you guys need to do something, other than on this computer. Something in public. I mean like, get a picket line out there somewhere, go to the city meetings ask for something that is the most important and ask KPLC to cover the meeting, speak loud when Geraldo/Cynthia goes there, etc…I know it is easier said then done, but it will just get worst in the future. Now, will be better than in the future. Hell, you never know, in two months they may be doing some serious damage compared to now. Think about it.

  10. Hey Guys!

    Um WOW and HOLY CRAP there “catchthekiller”! You are an amazing friend indeed and although I appreciate you being in my corner, I’m not positive airing all these things isn’t going to make things worse!

    To everyone else: It’s like this: Yes, what catchthekiller said was true (for the most part), but please understand, I am not afraid of what may happen to me for speaking out for this cause. I’m more afraid of what keeping quiet will do to our community. Yeah, so I have suffered some setbacks on a personal level for standing up for what I believe in…but I’m not sorry I’ve done any of this and I will keep fight ing until these women and their families see justice and our community has regained its safety. God will take care of me and mine, the Bible says so.

    I had decided that Geraldo wasn’t a good idea for me and the group, but now I’m not so sure. However, I may have well missed my chance at this late date. No matter, Mike and Kirk as well as other victim’s family members will do just fine getting the message across and I know there WILL be other opportunities!

    I have been laying low the last few days trying to absorb these recent events and trying to determine what J4JD’s next move will be and I’ve decided to leave it up to the members and the public. I posted a link for a poll (the first of many) in the “boxes section” of J4JD’s page. It’s a public poll so anyone can take it regardless if they are a member of the group or not. Please look it up as time permits and cast your vote. It is MUCH appreciated.

    • Really Nicki why would Geraldo not be good for the group J4JD ? I would think that would be the best opportunity for you to the word out about what you are here for what your group is here for. Well did you maybe looking into someone else speaking up for the J4JD group instead of you since you decided that it was not best for YOU? Maybe there really is more to this that we all know. Well Nicki if you were here for Justice then head down there with Kirk and Mike I am sure it is not to late to get on the show, I am sure they would just love to here what you have to say about Ricky and all that has happen to you in the last few weeks, so I say this would be the best time for you to be on the Geraldo show. Talk don’t sit at home and be quiet tell all let everyone in the USA know what is going on with out LE and Higher officials. If Geraldo has actually asked you to be on the show and you don’t then RE and the rest of LE have won they did what they set out to do and that is to keep you quiet.So what are you going to do NICKI????

  11. Two Missing Jennings Girls Have Been Found!

  12. well i just got the call from geraldo producer the said that our story for sat night was canceld supisiously after a member of the task force had a meeting with me yesterday telling me that media was hurting there investgation i wonder how can a big story like ours is being passed

    • BS, do you think the sheriff had something to do with this cancellation? I believe he did. He probably called and said that if they run the story it will hurt their investigation. I’m emailing Geraldo to express disappointment and accuse the sheriff of strong-arm tactics with Geraldo. Why don’t everyone on here do the same. Mike, do you have the phone number to call and email address to express disappointment?

    • oh my god!!!! you’re kidding please say it aint so!!! what the hell is going on how can a po-dunk task force have that much influence on national media coverage.. would this not raise alot of eyebrows? all the more reason for this to be dissected dont you think ? i mean after all how many stories do these people do on these topics? and now it would interfere with the investigation? NANCY GRACE WHERE ARE YOU????

    • md,This cannot get much more pitiful than this, these people are unbelievable, did they tell you why, or give you any clue as to why they had to cancel?????

  13. Thank God, I was definately praying for these children and am so relieved they are safe and sound!!!!!

  14. to anyone who would like to e-mail geraldo producer it is we caint beleive a story this big could be passed again without pressure from some where or somebody close to the powers here to stop it

  15. all he said to me was it came from higer up than him

  16. MIKE- what were the producers exact words and what reason did he give for cancelling?

  17. I looked it up. the email address is and I emailed him to express my disappointment.

  18. Sorry Mike the email address was wrong.

  19. Not very much information was given at all about this cancellation. My dad asked the question several times and it was somewhat avoided. Everytime a national media outlet opens up, it gts shut down mysteriously. I dont understand how it is that publicity about this case could ever HURT this investigation. We need people to be aware of what is happening here and we need to protect our women and our community. This is insane!

  20. I CAN NOT BELIEVE WHAT I AM HEARING!!! Somebody in the background is working against us folks and guess what..THEY’RE WINNING!!!

  21. AND I’M NOT AT ALL SURPRISED!!! Are you?

  22. Media hurting the investigation? How? The media has not said anything that I can think of to hurt the investigation.



  25. OK!!! That’s what we want to hear!


  27. What’s next Michael, Brittany, Nicki, G8? Tell me how can a little “pea ant” sheriffs dept., in the middle of nowhere have such big influence on national news media? On FOX? On Geraldo? What’s going on here folks? We all better start waking up!

  28. I just sent my email to the producers of Geraldo. This is unbelievable – it sickens me. Does ANYONE care about these 8 beautiful women? I know if these were 8 pretty blond college girls that were murdered, the news would be out everywhere. Please guys, call your friends, neighbors, co-workers and ask them to email Geraldo and BEG him to go through with the show. Put it on your facebook or myspace page so everyone there can see it and send their emails out.

  29. Damn straight this is war!!! They want to play hardball, well I can pitch… I never thought a local task force would bring Geraldo to his knees and backdown….What a totally chicken shit turn of events…When I wanted to get the Texas Rangers involved people asked me to back down and see what was happening…so I wrote the Governor and a Senator…NOTHING…….then when the task force refuses to send Nicki the documents she requested and can have LEGALLY, I suggested bombarding the task force with requests, but no one but me wanted to…Now they are screwing big time with Nicki…ENOUGH already.. The final BLOW Geraldo cancelling……Damn straight this is WAR!!!

  30. Hey Darkstar,
    There was an attempted abduction about 5-6 weeks ago. The man had salt and pepper hair and a truck that was light blue with a check mark graphic sticker down the side. I think they had said it was a Dodge Dakota but my memory may be faulty.

    • I wonder how long it takes to find a very distinguishable truck in southwest LA? There can’t possibly be that many vehicles registered with the DMV having the same markings, could there? I think that story was fiction for the public.

  31. We’re family members, we’re hurt and we are looking for answers. I never saw any harm in that and if I’m not mistaken, normally when we here about things like these happening across the country, that is typically how we hear of them right? The media…How else would we know about little Caylee Anthony and Natalee holloway? Natalee’s mom was no different from us. A mystery took her daughter away from her and she fought and used the media to find the answers she needed. We are only doing the same. You just cant make me understand how it is that in such a sad situation like this one, the officials have to be so against the families. Why? For what possible reason do we not deserve to have justice sought in our situation? Our community is broken now and so far away from repair. At the end of the day, after all of this and my involvement, I am still a mother none the less and I have to say that I am ashamed, disgusted, and HORRIFIED to raise my children in this community. I have two young boys and a neice that my husband and I strive everyday to set positive examples for and protect. How is our work ever going to pay off if our children are not protected by the community that they are living in? What are they learning now when 12 year olds have guns and it is acceptable for women to be thrown naked and lifeless into the wilderness because they are not worth our concern? I am TERRIFIED for my children……This is what we are dealing with.

  32. Well the past week I have laid low being sick and all but I was reading off and on all the. While and I had suspected this would eventually happen. Guess they got to MR. SEAGAL too since its been a week and I never got a second email reply back from him. Like I said ” I AM NOT SURPRISED!!!” We are gonna have to wake up and get really mad folks for something to get done about this. Yep I agree just let something happen to 8 of their little girls (GOD FORBID) and see them jump to action!!!

  33. Ok Mike, I emailed our members. I told them we’re scheduling a rally in which we will walk down main st. (don’t know the exact strting point…let me know) and we’ll end the march at the courthouse. It will be this Wednesday at noon. Y’all please help to get the word out. Mike, I’ll call you tomorrow to check in…thx!

  34. I just gave MR. GERALDO a piece of my mind…I just lit his butt up royally. I was so upset as I was typing I was shaking… c’mon guys let’s get it together and get some results… any ideas??

  35. well, what’s next? who can we contact? maybe it would have to be someone that has had a difficult upbringing, someone full of compassion, not to mention piss and vinegar! there’s OPRAH she is very well connected to the public.. can anyone name anyone else who would do this for the sake of getting things done and not the sensationalism of it.?


  37. Hey Michael Dubois,
    Next time you schedule a national news show to publicize the attrocities commited against your family and friends, don’t tell anybody until about an hour before air time.

    At the least, somebody from the TF needs to explain to you, until you are satisfied, how media exposure of these heinous crimes hurts the investigation. A “blow you off” answer is not acceptable. If there is a real reason, it should be easy to explain it to you.

    The governor can and should call in the National Guard to post in the zones where war is being declared on the women of Jennings.

    Mary Landrieu and David Vitter should have been gathering information to see how they could help put a stop to all of this. Everyone should contact them and ask what their past actions have been and what their future plans are.

  38. Y’all PLEASE show up on Wednesday at noon! PLEASE march! PLEASE demand that they speak to us! Gather as many people as possible! We have to do this for our families and our children. For our victims and their families. For our safety. PLEASE BE THERE!

  39. im so pissed all i can say is roaches dont like it when you turn the light on!!!


    • I also DO NOT believe they’ll be able to shut down future media coverage if we show up in large enough numbers! If we make a big enough statement, I believe the media will be more worried about ratings than they are political pressure!

      • NIcki, i agree but we have to come in large enough numbers like you said and then the media is going to be all over it, I live in calcasieu parish and i am going to make flyers in the morning and hand them out, kind of last minute notice but I will try.

  41. what about the rev. al sharpton?

  42. Ok. This is the letter I just sent Fox and Geraldo! WOW, who got to you Geraldo and FOX NEWS? I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard that you are cancelling the interview with Mr. Michael Dubois concerning the Jeff Davis Parish 8 Serial Killings. I never believed that the “super power news media oulet” FOX NEWS and the “highly revered” Geraldo Rivera would let anyone jerk them around but I just found out I was wrong about both of you! Because of your lack of “courage” to cover this very very important news story (and it deserves just as much attention as any other story out there), I’ve just decided I will no longer be watching FOX News. I will also urge my family and friends to boycott viewing FOX News as well. You preach that you are “FAIR and BALANCED News”, yeah right! What a joke! PLEASE PLEASE reconsider covering this story! The people of Jeff Davis Parish in Louisiana have a right to know what’s going on in these cases. These 8 murdered women have a right to justice. Their killer must be caught. We don’t want anymore victims. “EIGHT IS ENOUGH!” … MORE THAN ENOUGH!!! So come on FOX and Geraldo, won’t you reconsider and help us out? We desperately need national news attention for these cases, for these 8 girls, no matter what “other higher ups” may be telling you. Be fair and balanced like you say you are and cover this story! Thank you. – Jeff Davis Parish Resident and Concerned Citizen

  43. Oh and that is the very cleaned up version of the letter I sent FOX and Geraldo. I’d probably been put in jail if I had sent my original text! LOL Seriously I am so mad I could spit on someone and I know who!!!

  44. Rev. AL Sharpton is perfect since there are two african american girls involved. Nobody plays with Sharpton, however I thought no one played with Geraldo either and I was wrong about that one.

  45. Michael and Brittany, Please DO NOT GIVE UP! That will only give “them” satisfaction!

  46. Does anyone know how Sharpton can be reached?

  47. RALLY/MARCH>>>>> Change of plans

    The march will be FRIDAY October 30 at noon beginning at Founder’s Park and ending at the JDP courthouse…We plan to remain there until they’ve heard us

  48. Geraldo has never backed away from a challenge due to pressure from local higher ups. I suspect that there is coverage that is more appealing to the producers and they used the task force member to say that media is hurting the investigation. As a way out of the program.

    Face it, there are some high profile cases surfacing this week and most media outlets latch on to that aspect. Cold cases (and this has become cold) resurface when there is no other current news. The investigative aspect of cold cases is costly not only to LE but to news service organization. Most have stringers these days and I am sure unless they have pieces to the puzzle and can present a cohesive summary most are never aired.

    This just means we have to work harder and people have to say more about what they know. There are pieces to this puzzle that will fit if more are cooperative.

    I think Mr. Benoit’s account is very interesting. Don’t know if that is a deal breaker but it should be looked at further. I think that TC knowing the victim from Humble, Texas is extremely interesting. I also believe that the autopsy being performed in Calcasieu Parish is going to be relevant to the case. In what ways won’t be known until all the pieces come together but there is a connection IMO.

    Every news report I have seen or read about recently was completely respectful of the victims. That is not a great deal of solace for the victim’s families as they seek justice, but it goes a long way in furthering their memories and the case. Public interest has to be maintained or peeked. This blog has done a tremendous job of accelerating the interest and keeping it in the forefront.

    It isn’t quiet. The case is just not on Geraldo.

    • cp–Is it truth or rumor that TC actually knew the Humble TX victim? Very interesting if it is proven to be true.

    • i can understand the fact that they want to publicize other stories but why cancelled instead of postponed ?

  49. You’re right cp, but that is so not the point. The point is that LE cannot just go around strong arming people and trying to undo our progress. We can’t let this happen. I will be marchin’ on Friday, girl!!!!!!!!

  50. I truly do believe “someone” got to FOX and Geraldo!

  51. They would not have cancelled just out of the blue. There is more to it than they are saying! Like where is CNN now? Did someone get to them too?

  52. We say this Serial Killer is bigger than JDPSO and the JPD. well folks JDPSO and JPD apparently believe they are bigger than us!

  53. Hey Nicki, The rally you are planning needs to be multi ethnic. This is an issue that transcends racial lines. Also, the good Reverends will be much more likely to swoop down on Jennings if there is a large African American turnout.

    I neither know, nor care who on this board is black, white or green. No matter what, anyone who is local needs to attend. Keep in mind that all activities need to be non violent and orderly. It is all supposed to be for the common good. Make us transplants proud.

  54. Red,
    It’s open to ANY and EVERYONE! Michelle is passing out fliers tomorrow at Downtown Alive. So, anyone there, here or on FB will here about it. Y’all tell as many as you can!!!

  55. Should there be local media coverage of the rally as well? JDN, KPLC, KATE, KLFY, LC American Press and other local newspapers?

  56. I WILL be there,wouldn’t miss this for anything!

  57. get jdn, post signal, the advertiser, lcampress, all of them… somebody contact scott lewis and r. chaisson they can get the word out to other press..

  58. We all need to pray for our community tonight but also pray for Mike Dubois. There is pain in his voice tonight. He is devastated and understandably so. I didn’t know how many times my heart could break in one evening.

    To ALL of you:
    Please Please…all of you come to this rally on Friday so that we can comfort each other and make our voices heard. We have only one shot at this…if we fail to unite after these events, we might as well turn the lights off on the blog and the group and go home to rot in our fear and discontent because make NO MISTAKE, if you think we’re not being taken seriously now, you haven’t seen anything if we blow this.

  59. hell i will take a shot at the houston chronicle! nicki if you were a correspondent at one time, do a story, take pics and submit, submit, and submit some more.. curvy you do the same!! is there still some of those sunday am local talk shows on channel 3,7, &10 maria placier would probably jump in (is she still with channel 10?) get everyone involved what about a dance to benefit the children of the victims to start a college fund . get wayne toups, kevin naquin to name a few.. build it and they will come!!! media will be there i promise you..

  60. this is what i sent:

    hello cj,

    im taking time out to contact you regarding the interview with mike dubois who is the brother of one of the murder victims from jennings, la and also the interview with kirk menard, the private investigator who was hired to investigate these cases. these interviews were to take place tomorrow evening on GERALDO AT LARGE. and for some unknown reason they were cancelled as i just learned of this maybe a half hour ago.. i cannot tell you how this saddens me. i know that i can speak for most of the citizens of jeff davis parish when i say that we are greatly disappointed! after so many years of the pain of not knowing who has committed these heinous crimes, we felt somewhat relieved to know that we were finally going to be heard. im sure this is not news to you when i say that both branches of the local law enforcement hasn’t given much reassurance to the families as well as the citizens, as to their abilities of bringing justice to its fruition. there have been so many details of the case that have been overlooked, and tips that have been turned over to law enforcement that evidently fell on deaf ears.. this is why i am making this plea. you were the light at the end of the long dark and desolate tunnel and now that the segment was cancelled, we feel the tunnel caving in.
    please reconsider the interviews because there are alot of good people waiting for someone to shed some light on this situation.

    thank you for your time, with high regards.

    a very concerned citizen (one of many)

  61. Almostsure. That sounds great I also wrote sharpton but the emails were sent back as undeliverable. Anyone knoow the correct email address to Rev. AL Sharpton.

    • curvy- i went to his website, i could not find an e-mail address but there is something that says his organization communicates through facebook and twitter there is a link to each one i will try to post..:)

    • Thank You for Contacting the National Action Network

      Inbox X


      to me

      show details 9:28 PM (0 minutes ago)

      We appreciate your e-mail to the National Action Network. Because of the large volume of e-mail that we receive, it is impossible for us to respond to them all. If you have a crisis situation please send your e-mail to If you are not located in NY, you will be referred to our nearest National Action Network Chapter.

      If you are requesting Rev. Sharpton to speak at your church or event, please call our New York Office at 212.690.3070.

      Yours In the Struggle for Justice,

      National Action Network
      National Headquarters

      ——– Original Message ——–

      > Does this address work

  62. You know folks I feel so bad for Michael and Brittany and all the family members of the girls tonight. I’m so upset, I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep until I calm down! This is so crazy!

    • I know curvy cat…I can’t stop thinking about this. I just don’t get it. I have been spreading the word to everyone to just bug the crap out of Geraldo to hopefully change his mind. What disappointing news!

  63. I’m sorry the interview did not happen. I have one an only one statement….why is none of whats been posted here in the last hours does not show up on J4JD…why not why are they in the dark…not one mention of this blog and not one mention of the last few hours. Is this the blog for dishes or fireplace….not one darn thing. I’m out although I’m very sad.

    I hope someone get a march permit. If not you can’t do it by law all must comply no exceptions.

  64. Ok I’m gonna say something I never told anyone before. Back when I was working with the newspaper, the sheriff and his crew of deputies (maybe 3 or 4), plus the coroner at the time (his intials are W.H.) all came into the newspaper office the Monday following the weekend of the election. They were coming in to put their “thank-you” ads in the newspaper, thanking the people who had voted for them. They all started joking between themselves how whoever had ran against W.H. for coroner had never had any chance of winning the election. I forgot who ran against W.H.for coroner that election year but I think he may have worked for the local ambulance service. After they all left I expressed my disgust to the newspaper manager, how they had just made fun of the poor guy who had ran against W.H. for coroner and I thought it was very unprofessional and smug of them to think W.H.couldn’t have been beaten. Well guess what? The next election, W.H.was voted out of the coroner office. That must have been a shock to the sheriff, don’t ya’ll think seeing as how sure he was W.H.couldn’t been ousted?

  65. Yes I just checked and ahlou is correct we have to have a marching permit.

    • a permit to walk the street omg i wonder if the sheriff or someone read this already and call the city saying we have to have a permit. well lets see if anyone has a permit to walk the streets today for downtown alive. they is just dam i dont have the words for it. on my first cup of coffee and can not believe what i am reading this morning

      • Not sure about how downtown alive was started but I’d want to check with sponser and see what they say. I’m only saying what is needed when you have a march or parade.

  66. Yep, that was good address. It went thru this time! Sharpton ought to get an ear full!

  67. Ahlou, our friend, what is wrong? I can hear your unhappiness thru your words. Its ok to say how you feel if you are not happy. We are here to listen!

  68. I know we are all upset and pissed right now,and for good reason,enough BS,it’s time to take a stand,it’s easier for anyone to hide behind a computer and tell this blog off or the negative side of things,so what we gonna do,lets get our ammo together,it’s time to fight back,I feel it will be harder to be ignored to a community face to face than the screen infront of us,so ya’ll with me on this,lets rock n roll!

  69. nikki i will be there with bells on wearing my t-shirt i bought at the vigil they have plenty more for sell so if any one wants one let me know i will contact my aunt an see about bringing some for the march i am so excited about this an mike dont give up i will stand behind you 100% you know who i am whatever i can do i will i also am going to email geraldo we have to come together yall an no finer time than now letys do the dam thing lets get off the computers an come together i ready an been ready nikki you are wonderful an g8 you are too. much love for everyone here. ALRIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. where did everyone go?

  71. ALRIGHT!!!!! now thats what I’m talking about,can I get an AMEN

  72. Where is everybody?

  73. curvycat Well, I guess everyone is still in shock… This on the surface is a big letdown BUT it takes these kinds of reversals to really get people angry and react.. IT’s ALWAY QUIET BEFORE THE STORM……. Don’t you feel a storm a brewin’???

  74. Come on everyone,do not let the enemy steal this to from us,yes it is a HUGE let down…….but GOD……there is a bigger picture,the devil always waits for the minute our guard lets down to steal kill and destroy,we CAN NOT let our guard down,we have came this far and have so much information,even though we feel as though we are loosing an on going battle,it isn’t over we can’t just quit,we have many reasons why we should not give up.These girls and their families,their children,justice for all. Is anyone with me on this? If He above is for us that who can be against us,I trust that this to shall pass,keep positive!!!

  75. obscure I’m with you! We won’t quit until justice is done….We own those women that much AND we will get justice…..

  76. Yes,I feel the storm brewing I feel the whole community pulling together and whipping up some maddness in JDP,voices heard,and action put out into public,do ya’ll realize the publicity that we would get,OH YEAH,they would be all over it,and the people who would join in,just pray up!

  77. thats what I am sayin SP I ain’t walking away from this without a fight,what they gonna do,put the whole community behind bars,OKAY,yeah right,and you know if that was to happen,there is something really wrong,I don’t really give a damn if I go for something I stand up for and I know is right and justice,I ain’t scared I am sick and tired of NOTHING being done!

    • well they say there is no room in the jails that i why the drug dealers r still on the street so i dont think we have anything to worry about. well hell maybe they will clean out jails and put ours butts in there but i dont care i will be walking with a big cow bell watch and see well i hope i can carry it i am a little person but will give it all i got

  78. LOL,okay everyone the timer went off and the shocked period is over,now is not the time to get quiet and hide out,so come out come out whereever you are,lets do something about this.

  79. “In the face of collapse and despair, in the face of the total failure of their human resources, they found that a new power, peace, happiness, and sense of direction flowed into them.”

  80. An American tourist’s body was found in France yesterday and it immediately made international news. We have over fifteen (not eight) unsolved murders over a twenty + year period in Jefferson Davis Parish and we cannot get one major news outlet to give an ear. It’s become obvious to some that parish officials are doing all they can to quash public knowledge and visibility of these murders. Who could be putting a stop to revealing the truth? Let’s see, ————–……………..???????????? Who could be influencing them? Who has the arrogance and the reasoning to stop any and all observation of the murderous history of our area? Who is making gobs of money from the Jeff Davis Parish (and area) drug trade? Who has jumped through hoops of fire to protect the deputies, officials and families thereof, in this parish when they commit obvious crimes, right under the noses of those who pay their salaries? Ahhh, I dunno !!!

  81. I went on TWITTER and told the world how disappointed I am with Geraldo Rivera. I also contacted another high profile group ( that I can’t reveal at this time ) Things could get very interesting….

  82. It saddens me deeply to hear of what’s happened with Geraldo. The crooked Bastards didn’t rest until they blocked it! I figured that, they had over a week to get off their fat asses and do something. There are 3 things that get them aroused enough for action 1) an ass that’s not their wife’s 2) bourbon street cafe’s menu and 3) the threat of exposure.

    In case no one has noticed I’ve been really quiet lately. I didn’t want to be negative, but ever since I saw Mike’s interview in the paper, I had a feeling this was coming. If you will read back a bit I tried getting a rally/march together a few times. I’m so glad you all are pissed enough to move now! I WILL BE THERE FRIDAY, TRUST ME!!!!!! This makes no SENSE- this is America!!!! I will call Jesse Jackson AGAIN and BEG him to at the very least, offer advice to us.

    My biggest fear has always been that someone would take the law into their own hands and THAT’S how we would finally get national exposure, and ironically enough LE would look like the victim.
    God is on our side, we just have to be led by him. Let’s go march on the 30th and stand up for these girls and our children!!!! Screw these small town Boss Hogs!

    • ok i say maybe next time there is a interview with someone in the news maybe it should not be said in the newspaper or tv and see if the LE finds out about it and stops it again. i know they get in here and read i know they do we r not stupid how they r getting there info is from here not cause they r doing there job i say they should cut us a check for doing there job. sorry i had to throw that in not enough coffee in me yet.

  83. I am going to Twitter also,great tool to getting the word out.

  84. Where is Ketchum these days?? DID I miss something?

  85. well people i guess you push RE a little to much that means you were doing a good job at it and he did not like it. that is just the beginning of what is to happen and if i was a betting man i would put my money on him of having something to do with the canceling of the interveiw. that is his type of work when it gets to hot thing like this happens. please dont stop continue to push harder and never give up.

  86. Arnold Benoit Thanks for the encouragement. People are really upset right now. This should have been anticipated when we were blogging about Geraldo doing the story. We’re not going to quit. What do you think we should do next??

  87. as many people as you can get need to march on the 30th to the court house and have kplc there for the interview. remember the court house belong to the tax payers and the people of the parish. continue to do what you are doing RE and his elite team think that they are untouchable but they are not.

    • R. Edwards has had his henchmen approach Fox News and cancel the interview that would have been only one minor exposure to the public. A member of the task force has been effective in stopping the exposure of the criminal conspiracy that so accurately defines our area drug smuggling, drug dealing, property stealing, blackmailing, justice obstructing official functions. Let’s not forget that this task force, so far, has proven to be made up of old cronies who are known to and have conspired to (this can be proven) make animal sex videos while officials participate, steal cash and conceal evidence from crime scenes, conspire to obstruct justice, refuse prosecuting criminal activity, use public funds to attack private entities who are attempting to solve crimes (well within the rights and responsibilities of the private entities), threaten private citizens when they attempt to invoke their rights in crime prevention and only God knows what we will learn of in the future. Now, Fox News has either been duped or has joined the criminal conspiracy by refusing to bring these critical public matters to national awareness. The task force that has been so prominent in their ability to break laws and to do absolutely nothing toward enforcing the law and has now, somehow, been successful in swaying a major news network that prides itself in being “fair and balanced” in other matters. All matters, that is, except multiple unsolved murders that obviously are being, not only avoided but concealed and protected by our corrupted law enforcement community. Now, if one child in Florida or Missouri is missing, or, if a tourist in France is found murdered, or if a kitten is stuck in a drain, or perhaps an alligator finds it’s way into someone’s yard, the national and international media are on it like white on rice. But, let fifteen to eighteen murders of youth go unsolved and largely covered-up by police in southwest Louisiana and it only takes a phone call from a specially appointed task force member to have the news suppressed even further than the local criminals in office have already suppressed it. Why is it so easy to involve Fox News in the conspiracy of cover-up? What interstate power do these criminals possess? This kind of manipulation only throws more fuel into the fire of suspicion. These officials have worked together for many years to protect criminal activity and I truly feel that they are gradually crossing the line into convincing the formerly brain dead, Jennings, LA loyalty crowd that has supported the elevated clique for so many years. Our law enforcement, DA’s office, parish and state bar associations have become an embarrassment and an insult to integrity. They abuse their power and have continued the local tradition of walking upon the less educated, less fortunate innocents of society. When and how might we find justice? An appeal to congress? I truly believe that this will not be effective because of the scope of far-reaching corruption. However, it can’t hurt to try. I believe that appeals to congress and regular postings in the local newspapers, revealing facts will produce action. Most local citizens are not aware and so, don’t seem to care. If they were made aware, outside of this blog, we may have a chance. An organized effort at financing one, well written, newspaper article, monthly or weekly would awaken the average person to the truth about the actions (and inaction) of their law enforcement and legal community.

      • I agree with you ignite!!! This OPPRESSION- plain and simple. It is UNACCEPTABLE, and I believe its time to quit talking about it and do something. I also know that now they know about our march and will probably try to block us- but I am arming myself with all that we will need to know about how to do this….

  88. Thanks Arnold! Please stay in touch some people have been trying to talk to you AND please stay safe…God Bless You!!

  89. Arnold, are u the same arnold benoit on facebook?

  90. Great advice and thanks AB,looks like we know what we need to do now,ya’ll ready,lets do this thing.

  91. Goodnight everyone I will be back in the AM,I have to try to get some sleep,it’s all overwhelming but together we have to know we can make a difference.

  92. obscure Sweet dreams,may you find peace and rest….

  93. Thanks Sp and same to you

  94. Michael Dubois & family members I tried to file a complaint with ACLU Louisiana on behalf of the victims and their families I was stopped when it asked for my parish. Since I live in Colorado it may be hard to come up with a parish as we have counties here. Anyway you can file a complaint against the sheriffs department etc.. This could be based on sex, gender or gender stereotyping (for starters) . I just think it could be a start. Maybe they know an organization that will come to your aid. Don’t forget what I suggested about a major LAWSUIT. You can really get their attention when it hits their WALLETS…I am so pissed off tonite I’ll probably be emailing my “brilliant” friends asking for suggestions. …WE WILLHAVE JUSTICE!!!

  95. Hey Sp,could not sleep to much time wasted and lots of info on my mind,looks like we had the same agenda,I am posting a link to our Louisiana ACLU so that our community blog here can also fill out the complaint as I have already done so.
    just maybe this can get the ball rolling towards a better direction for all of us,something has to be done,I have a heavy heart tonight and am so pissed beyond belief.

  96. This is the direct link to the ACLU complaint form

  97. ACLU of Louisiana
    Executive Director: Marjorie R. Esman
    P.O. Box 56157
    New Orleans, LA 70156-6157
    Phone: 504-522-0617

  98. Keep in mind everyone, we don’t know what Fox was told to make them cancel this…..there is NO tellling. So in your letters…keep that in mind, implore them to do the right thing and say WHY you think this is happening.

    I am shocked that after 8 murders, a member of the task force would kill the major national media story that was set and ready to air. I know that letters to the paper will be asking this same question…….after working so hard to get media attention, why block a national outlet from running a story? Was there legal action threatened? Did they say that a killer in their sights could get away if the heat was turned up and that they were close….like I said, we don’t know what was said……….

  99. Here is my letter I am sending……

    Hope was crushed this week when the family/friends and those that care learned of the cancellation of a story set to air the weekend of October 24th on your show.

    Hope was crushed because 8 murdered women from Jennings Louisiana lie in graves while their killer or killers remain free.

    Hope was crushed because the reason given for that cancellation was that it was a request make by law enforcement, making the claim that the “media was hurting the investigation”.

    Geraldo and Fox News don’t strike me as “hope crushers” I do not believe that your organization intentionally pulled support from the underdogs fighting for justice. I am sure that the law enforcement member who contacted you made compelling statements for your action. I am not sure that those statements were not misleading, deceptive or exaggerated.

    Mr. Rivera….the citizens of Jennings, Louisiana feel powerless. In a town of only 10,000 people, a serial killer or killers remain free and are getting away with murder. As you probably know, the 8 victims all knew each other and shared many things that tied them to one another.

    How long will it be before the next girl is murdered? The battle should not be with law enforcement, the battle should be with the killer.

    I am imploring you to reconsider the decision not to run this story. Louisiana watches as other cases dominate headlines on a national level while efforts made for attention and justice for these victims seem to be blocked and ignored.

    I am not sure how many bodies it will take for people to stand up and demand more attention and action. I only know that it breaks my heart that a little girl leaves notes and angels at her mother’s gravesite.

    Will you reconsider?
    Will you please help?
    We desperately need exposure of this magnitude……please.


    Thank you for time and consideration in this matter.

  100. Darkstar, like you I am unable to sleep tonigt. That letter you sent Geraldo was absoluely beautiful and very moving. I can’t sleep cuz I have so many mixed emotions. I am mad, sad, confused, all that and more. Just what will it take for this to get the attention it so deserves? If we feel this way, I can’t even imagine how Michael, Brittany and the other family members of the girls are feeling right now, so much disappointment. Well I think I will file my ACLU complaint now and pray that someone listens to us soon!

  101. Ahlou: J4JD is not in the dark. Group emails have being sent out to every member. Each member knows what is happening. Why they are not flooding the J4JD page….I can only guess it is because WE ARE NOT A BLOG. I don’t know how else to get that message across. I have sent the emails and asked for the members to respond. That is why this blog becomes ever more important!

    As far as a marching permit, I will be working on that this week. I will do my best to obtain one. If I cannot…all I have to say is…they can’t arrest us all! What are they gonna do? If they won’t give us a permit, we WILL march anyway! If I go to jail for exercising my God given and American made rights, then so be it…that will certainly only serve to get this situation more media coverage!

    • Thanks for the info.

    • omg i will say this again a permit to walk the streets i think that is crazy so very crazy. do they need a permit to walk or run for the rice run or anything else the walk for i never heard of such a think.

    • nicki- if i were there i would have my sleeping bag and coffee pot and would spend the night at founders park !! no joke!! also im writing different celebrities ive tried e-mails to some but there are limits to the amount of character’s to be submitted and all that i have to say does not fit but you can bet i will be researching physical addresses.. i might be taking shots in the dark, but hey its still shots fired!! i have nothing but time, and i may come off as a crazy person but who cares? you know bad publicity is still publicity..
      remember the mother of a fallen soldier that camped out by herself near the president… she was all over the media 🙂

    • EVERYONE:Thats just what I was thinking when I read about the permit. we have to keep pushing and pushing! I was thinking when I woke up about the stupid stories that get national attention every day, and how they get reported so easy and it became a no brainer to me! some people commit crimes for this media,which is definately out of the question buti some people take video from cell phones of crazy off the wall stuff or does a sometimes stupid video and it gets a million hits on utube and then you see it all over the news. well, I have not thought of exactly what could be done in reguards to all of this but we can come up with something, I thought of going to i-10 bridge and thrreatening to jump off and gettin in a spot where noboddy could reach me and demanding the govenor and the national media hear what i have to say or i wont come down! lol It probably would not work for me because i am scared of heightslol but i am not suggesting anyone do this but seriously if we could pull something off that would be within our rights to do to grab headlines, I hope no one thinks that I am crazy for saying this but this seems like this is the way this media world thrives now. oh YEAH SP I GUESS AM IN EVIL MODE NOW. YALL JUST THINK ABOUT THIS BALLOON HOAX STORY AND YOUWILL PROBABLY GET SOME IDEAS FOR OUR MEDIA ISSUE!

  102. ok i just have to say this. a animal gets stuck in a pipe or falling in a river it gets national news. i am not saying they should not help the animal but if a animal can get national attention why JDP can not.

    • Media blackout. Unless it’s a buttload of drugs. That would make LE and RE look good. Then there would be coverage.

  103. Dear Sheriff Edwards,

    While it has been somewhat effective passing messages with you back and forth via the media, since the only time you address these issues in the media lately is after we do, and its usually just you giving a short snippy statement to get the media off this trail, I decided that a very effective way to communicate with you is via this blog, as you have stated before that reading this blog is part of your “investigation”. I admit that this community is uneducated in matters of the law and justice, since we didn’t realize we needed to know such things, as it is not OUR JOB to. As a result of this, we are oppressed. And enough is enough. I will, from this day forward, educate myself in legal matters and procedures so that I will soon know if we, as a community are out of line by questioning and demanding answers. And if I find that we ARE wrong, I will publicly apologize to you for that. In the meantime, why do you admit that your department is inexperienced in this matter, but will not ask for help? Do you really think that media attention to these cases will hurt the investigation? Or will it hurt those investigating? Are you tired of hearing us? Then make us shut up!! Prove us wrong!!! We are no longer afraid!!!! We are infuriated!!!! Does this not touch your heart? I would think if it did, you would feel just as strongly as we do for these women! It is easy to discount these women because of their lifestyles, I suppose. But you have many employed by you that live the SAME lifestyles. Is the fact that they are gainfully employed or on the other side of the law (at times) something that makes that okay? We want to support you! Give us a reason to!!!! YOU WORK FOR US!!! And we WILL stand up and fulfill our roles. We just never realized before that it was necessary. But we are reading, learning everyday. We have formed some powerful allies out of state and some near our states capital that THANK GOD we were smart enough not to blog about to protect their identities and positions in the justice system. Relax though, we are seeking Justice and Fairness within the Law, so if that is also your objective, we will only enhance your work….

  104. unbiased- very well stated!! hope you receive an answer soon! i guess every1 is on main st this am.. kinda quiet here..

  105. If at first you can’t succeed TRY TRY AGAIN!!! Well folks if the city won’t give us a MARCH permit what about a PARADE permit?? I’m sure that a parade would be so nice on a Fall day. THEN no matter WHAT the outcome, on to the States Capital. CAR POOL to justice!!! Baton Rouge here we come!!! I would be there with you on Friday but my husband is gone on business for 3 weeks, (I have school age children) so I have to be with you in spirit from Colorado. I hope someone will be there with there video camera and getting all this on”tape”. By the way Monday I will be very BUSY contacting some really important people…

  106. CURVYCAT & ALMOSTSURE; I have not posted or read any posts for over a week, that is, until late last night. When I received word of the Geraldo cancellation, it took me that long for it to sink in. I was also asked to email the producers, and, as usual, after reading how eloquently Dark Star wrote them, I see that I have “put my foot in it again!” I was not as nice. I was brutally honest about my feelings. I am posting now because I would,however, like to give you a word of advice and I don’t mean to be offensive to anynone:

    If either of you who emailed the Reverends Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson get responses, it would behoove you to let them know that, aside from Victims #2 PATTERSON and #5)MUGGY BROWN, female blacks with slit throats, and that with the exception of BRITTNEY and maybe NECOLE, all of the other victims had relationships with black men. Sadly, they
    could look at it, as some African-Americans already do, as the one of the reasons they are STILL unsolved! Isn’t it odd, that the two obvious black women’s cause of death is known and made public. Slit Throats, which is a very very brutal way to die. Yet
    the others where CO.D. is still Undetermined or by asphyxiation are still unsolved after four (4) years.
    Has anyone every heard of such a thing in a community of 10,000! I truly believe that Sharpton &
    Jackson would form an opinion. (lol) Especially now that the ray of hope, we all had, for the Geraldo/DuBois interview has been shot to hell, thereby, NOT letting the nation, politicians, and yes President Obama know what is going on in southern Louisiana and questioning,…..Why!

    If either of you receive a response

  107. P.S. As usual……I don’t know how that last incomplete sentence got there. Good Luck to all and stay banded together! Remember, one stick match can be broken, but a handful cannot!

  108. Ketchum Hey I’ve missed your posts. Where have you been? I hope you are o.k. It is so sad about Geraldo but what do you expect? It’s Jennings politics and corruption rearing it’s ugly head…..

  109. ignite Absolutely outstanding evaluation!! You have put everything into perspective.

  110. The JDN called me this morning. They also spoke to Muke Dubois. They will be printing info about our march in tomorrow’s paper. I spoke to Mike moments ago and he and I have both agreed that we will try our best to obtain a permit for Friday’s march, but if they refuse to grant us one, we WILL be marching anyway!!! Even if we have to stay on the sidewalk…LOL!

    If you remember the issues angry citizens faced last year in there attempt to march in Jena, La. I’m sure you have all heard about this because it got NATIONAL NEWS COVERAGE. The city finally caved and gave them their permit, but they were resolved to march regardless of the city’s take on it…as are we!!!

  111. Christi32 EVIL mode can be good!!!

    • what if i run down a street in lake charles naked yelling we want justice in jeff davis lol you think that this would go national or you think that i would just go to jaillol but seriously, I would do it and proudly reside behind bars for a minute if i knew it woul get the coverage we need!!!!!!

      • christi- dont think i havent thought about the streaking idea.. but lord would it upset alot of people if i put my naked self out there lol! i probably wouldnt go to jail i would be committed along with the poor people who caught a glance!! keep brainstorming girl!

  112. great news nicki- just goes to show you that they only thought they had doused the flames, but there are still embers..

  113. What would the cost be for a billboard ??? The one I am thinking of would be IN BATON ROUGE…..screw Jennings they already know about the serial killers BUT the folks in Baton Rouge DON’T BUT they COULD……..

  114. They have NOT doused it!!!! If anything they just added fuel. I say we find another way to network about planned activities besides the blog. They know about the March- fine! But anything else we decide to do needs to communicated in a more private manner. Any suggestions?

    • personal emails we all are connected in one way or another so someone pick up the phone who is in contact or could get in contact with everyone and have a top secret meeting with only bloggers anyone can verify will add to the meeting. the question is is ev eryone readyto put up or shut up!

  115. unbiased You are right secrecy is better…how to attain it is another question…..

    • yes, because they have a way of weaseling their way into all kinds of stuff, but ironically no evidence!!

  116. Christi- good idea. There are a few people on here that know my contact info. And yes, I’m ready to put up!!!!

    • unbiased, do you know about personal emails if info can be gotten in anyway? My issue is they know for a fact who i am so I could put my info on here but what ifthey can get to my personal email? I dont know abot that kind of stuff we need more than just two peoples input on this so who else is willing to putup or shut up lets gwet everyones wheels turning on how wecan accomplish this!!!

  117. can any info be leaked through personal emails becuse I heard it from the horses mouth that someone 100% is reading thid blog that is directly connected to the people we want to keep in the dark!

  118. well surely everyone on here is somehow connected to someone else on here.. so once you are given clearance, pass it on to the ones you know to be trustworthy it can work!

  119. Christi You can bet your butt more than 1 person is on here from LE. I don’t know how to filter them out….any suggestions??

  120. Absolutely, there are some on here that don’t try to hide it, and I believe there are a couple who act like one of us….there is a way to find out….we just have to do it. That is one of those topics we won’t discuss on here! Lol

  121. Unbiased,House meeting.You all live in Jennings.You all pick a time to meet keep it secret and for GODS sake do not put it on here.

  122. rose- that sounds great but i feel this must be done out of town b/c they will be looking around town to see where crowds gather..

  123. What do you all think of me putting my email or phone # on here considering they may not know who other prople are but they knnow who I am because I am sure going to be at the march with christi32 all of the victims name plus my daughter on my shirt if I can get it done intime and there are a couple keyplayers in our fight that know me on here that do knowme as well!!!

    • christi be careful what you put on here please! i think maybe people could contact g8 by email and she could bring people together what do you think?

      • Tjis is my personal email if anyone has questions or wants to speak with me, I have been on the phone with someone that is key player and what I am about to post could be a very important to this fight, it will take me awile but everyone be on the lookoutk for my next extremely important post, this could be very hel;pfule in more ways than one!

  124. Another TV lady that really gets pissed,JANE VALEZ MITCHELL she is right before Nancy Grace.

  125. Nancy Grace wont pick this up she usually does small children,murdered wives,Laci Peterson types or beautiful coeds.

  126. Christi- as far as email, I don’t know. But I bet G8 may know about that. I know that if they do and act based on something they find there they could get their asses in BIG trouble with the FCC. Of course the fat ass clerk that used to dispatch is known for running license plates for her own purposes and that’s illegal!!!! I do know this- if they have a warrant or subpeona they can get access to your info but we are not committing a crime by wanting to unite and filter people to join us. And the purposes for our wanting to unite are not illegal either. We just want to form a union that includes only those with our beliefs. Sad that we have to go underground, but we do, as we have REAL reason to fear threats and we have real danger in this area. Also sad that LE declared us their enemy and not the other way around. If they didn’t consider us opposition they wouldn’t treat us so defensively. I am praying on this- God will bring us together….I encourage you all to do the same. Why does it feel like slavery days? Lol. Like I’m freakin’ Harriet Tubman?

  127. I know they can trace my phone but that would take time and i think we could all our info to each other ouickly before that could happen!!

  128. If you all know each other pick one person.Let that one person do the phonecalls.Get in touch through that one person,have meetings at your convenience,brainstorm and do it away from your small town,this will drive them crazy.I mean the cops ,this way when you figure out what yall want to do,they wont know what hit them.

  129. Christi Given a computer and 15 mins. (tops) I could find your name ,address and a lot of your personal info just from your phone number….

  130. its a total shame that it has to come to this why cant they just do things for the people they are paid to serve? what is the big secret? what is the ace in the hole they dont want to talk about? and IF they have something valuable, what the hell are they waiting for?
    how have they reached this deadlock? i know this is alot of questions and they dont get answered anyway so evidently im waisting my time..

  131. Hi everyone Rose is my sister,she doesnt even live here she lives in Maryland.I told her she could read the blog but not to post,sorry.I miss talking to all of you ,am sorry about whats going on.So very sad.I wish I could help yall but I found out I may have breast cancer so I have not been keeping up .Sorry about Rose posting.I will keep you all in my prayers and if you have time keep me in yours.I am very scared.Hi SP and ahlou.

  132. kitkat- im so sorry to hear about your situation, it has to be scary, but we are here for you and will be praying that everything comes out fine:)

  133. almostsure You are never wasting your time. You are doing important investigative research. Your questions may lead to the missing puzzle piece that solves this case. You ARE a very important part of this case!! Keep up the good work!!

  134. and its okay to hear from rose, the more we have on our side the better!!

  135. KIT KAT, my God I’m so sorry to hear you might have breast cancer. What can I do to help? Please e mail me if you want to talk.

  136. Rose Welcome aboard this long train headed for JUSTICE….

  137. thanks SP i appreciate that, sometimes i get disappointed, but then i come back even more pissed.. its part of the process for me, but i will not even consider leaving this alone by no means!! im in for the longhaul just as the other fine folks here are. 🙂

  138. Thank you SP I may take you up on that.Thank you Almostsure.So sorry to hear about Geraldo.My sister and I were looking forward to watching.That sure does not sound like Geraldo. He does not seem like he would be intimidated by anyone.Especially not a little tiny pissant sheriff.And this task force is it FBI.When I think FBI I think of the Hoover Boys nonone messed with them.J.Edgar Hoover would roll over in his grave.

  139. Did I understand right that someone said there is video of sheriffs dept.having sex with animals? Because if that is the case beastiality is a big NO NO.You want coverage let PETA find out thats true.They will bombarde that little town and you cant stop PETA.And while the media is there you can say and by the way we also have 20+ murder victims and there is a huge coverup.

    • His name is Donald “Lucky ” Delouche. He left Jennings to come work in Welsh, La,
      (I am printing exactly what is on his card minus the phone numbers and address-


      and printed on the back-
      ROMANS 13:4


  140. Hey everyone Mike and a few other are at the down town alive in Jennings and we are passing out flyers for the march on Friday Oct 30 @ noon please help and tell everyone you can. If you could only see the look on poor Mike face he is exhausted please help in this cause. PLEASE HELP FIGHT FOR JUSTICE show them we care we want JUSTICE

  141. And what happened to Don Lemon from CNN,where did he go????????

  142. im thinking he was pacified by RE’s phonecall that reassured him that everything is under control

  143. hey guys, ive recently upgraded my cable to 300 channels and there is a bevy of investigation channels on there that ive never heard of…hmm new territory!! i’ll be busy for awhile… someone is going to listen!!!

  144. If you have enough signatures,can you not get this sheriff impeached? SP what do you think?

    • KITKAT…….So sorry to hear of your illness. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  145. I don’t know about the local laws, but wouldn’t that be rich???

  146. I think there is a petition type procedure that can be done. The thing is you need 33 or so percent of the population of the parish and that equates to roughly 3500 people. Yes, we all feel strongly, but imagine the moral courage it takes to sign it…do you think there are that many people who would? Or maybe it was a certain percentage of the registered voters…I don’t remember, someone else told me about it. My point is, sadly, we appear to be outnumbered, there are many citizens that don’t care. I hate to say it, but its true, their backs are being scratched by the current elected officials…but, I’m not the most optimistic person youve ever met either, LOL. Maybe we can find out the details and give it a shot!

    • THis is the information about the petition

      Recall Elections

      No recall petition may be submitted for certification to or accepted for certification by the registrar of voters or any other official if less than six months remain in the term of office.

      Once the first signature is obtained, the recall petition becomes a public record with the chairman or vice chairman as custodian. After the petition is submitted to the Registrar of Voters, the chairman or vice chairman shall no longer be the custodian.

      1. Copy of recall petition is filed with SOS by chairman of recall committee.

      2. The completed petition is submitted to the Registrar(s) of Voters:

      Not later than 180 days after being filed with SOS.
      If there are fewer than 1000 qualified electors in the voting area, the petition shall be submitted not later than 90 days after being filed with SOS.
      If the final day for submitting the petition falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday, the deadline shall be on the next day which is not a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday.
      3. The Registrar of Voters shall certify the recall petition:

      within 15 working days after it is presented to him, or
      within 20 working days after it is presented to him if the voting area contains more than 50,000 registered voters.
      4. The petition is forwarded to the Governor if the required number of signatures are certified by the Registrar of Voters.

      5. The Governor issues an election proclamation within 15 days after he receives the certified petition from the Registrar of Voters.

      Primary Election Date: the proclamation shall be issued on or before the last day for candidates to qualify in the election. (last day of qualifying)
      General Election Date: the proclamation shall be issued on or before the 46th day prior to the election. (same as propositions)
      6. Immediately after the issuance of the proclamation, the Governor shall publish the proclamation in the official journal of each parish where the recall election is to be held.

      7. Within 24 hours after issuing the proclamation, the Governor shall send a copy of the petition and proclamation, by registered or certified mail, to the clerk of the district court for each parish in which the recall election will be held.

      8. A copy of the petition and proclamation also shall be sent to the Secretary of State. (by the Governor)

      9. Within 24 hours after receiving the copies, the Secretary of State shall notify all other election officials in the parish(es) where the recall election is to be held.

      10. If the recall passes, the public officer is recalled and removed from office and the office is declared vacant when the election returns are certified to the Secretary of State. The vacancy is then filled as usual. The recalled official cannot be appointed to fill the vacancy.

      11. If the recall fails, no recall election for the same official shall be held within 18 months from the date of the failed recall election.

  147. Hey just thought you might like to know there are AWARDS given out for the TOP investigative reporters in the world. It’s called the INVESTIGATIVE REPORTERS and EDITORS Award if you google this you can find the names of those reporters (and the places they work for) who WILL put their lives on the line for a good story!! These are the guys who WILL NOT BACK DOWN…. Kinda like us, wouldn’t you say???

    • thanks SP- you always come up with the great ideas from now on i will nickname you BRAINS lol!

    • Hi my friend……Missed you too. Just wanted to add that Bill Kurtis from A&E Investigative Reports is excellent also. He was formerly a local top newscaster for CBS News in Chicago. He now does investigations and is darn good at it. Also, Keith Morrison of 48 Hours is also an excellent investigator/interviewer. (He is he tall thin guy with white hair & has a very interesting personality in his interviews……Just a thought. LOL

  148. who?, when? and how do you get that started? i remember right after fast eddie was re-elected as gov. of la. people came together in masses to throw his ass out, but it didnt happen, but!!! he ran into his brick wall and now resides at a resort wearing a beautiful orange outfit.. so how do we get that started? i know we can research the web but i wanted to see if anyone knew the procedure here..

  149. I think we should all pick a few “award”winners off that site and start e mailing them…

  150. I went online to look up LA.Law .I found this LA.LAW LIBRARY it said the library is committed to providing the best possible resources for both the legal community and the public community to engage in legal research.You can go on here and akk questions to a professional about everything that is law.Maybe the people of Jennings could go on here and seek some kind of help.Its sheriff is lucky he is not in Lafayette Parish.We would have ran him out a long time ago.When you think of a small town you think the sheriff would be Andy Griffith not Tony Soprano.

  151. hell in jennings you cant even get barney fife..

    • You are so funny! We need some humor like yours to brighten the day. Mike sounded sooooooo disgusted and disappointed about the cancellation and is working so hard to fight the good fight to lead us all to the Road to Justice for the victims and their families!!

  152. wll i m am catching up reading from yesterday and sorry the things yall worked for did not go through for yall this time..but dont give up…take a deep breath and turn and look in a different yall think that the cops already know who is doing this..i mean do yall think they are just trying to put all the things together to get to pick them/him up..maybe they know but are just watching to see what the next move will be?i just dont understand what in the heck is going on..does the FBI not override what the sheriff says..was it ricky edwards who canceled the show or was it the FBI…may god bless and keep you all safe..have a great day..and i will be on again later..

  153. umm that is a great possibility however we dont want to wait to see his next move that could mean another life taken..

  154. almostsure Everyone on here should be called Brains because you all are….

  155. Umms friend: the fact of the matter is not what LE may or may not have it was not their interview- it was about the murders PERIOD!!! Which ARE the families’ AS WELL AS THE PUBLIC’s BUSINESS and YES WE DO have the right to discuss them!!! Hurting the cases! HA frieakin’ HA!!! The public nor the media are hurting these cases! RENO 911 Jennings Division is what’s hurting it!!!!

  156. Maybe Anderson Cooper?

  157. Anderson Cooper has a program called Keeping Them Honest,he says its what were about at 360.Challenging Authority and EXPOSING CORRUPTION.Guys I think Anderson may be your man.Go to Anderson Cooper 360.I am going to EMail him.I dont think Anderson would back down from this sheriff.

  158. KITKAT Great idea!!!

  159. I am posting this again..just in case someone did not see it above. But if you want to get RE out you have to do it like this and once you start you only have x amount of days to get it done. So we need to make sure this can happen and if need be we need people to get out on the streets and walk to streets…and really get out threre and help we need people to help with this fight the more to get out there the better.

    Recall Elections

    No recall petition may be submitted for certification to or accepted for certification by the registrar of voters or any other official if less than six months remain in the term of office.

    Once the first signature is obtained, the recall petition becomes a public record with the chairman or vice chairman as custodian. After the petition is submitted to the Registrar of Voters, the chairman or vice chairman shall no longer be the custodian.

    1. Copy of recall petition is filed with SOS by chairman of recall committee.

    2. The completed petition is submitted to the Registrar(s) of Voters:

    Not later than 180 days after being filed with SOS.
    If there are fewer than 1000 qualified electors in the voting area, the petition shall be submitted not later than 90 days after being filed with SOS.
    If the final day for submitting the petition falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday, the deadline shall be on the next day which is not a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday.
    3. The Registrar of Voters shall certify the recall petition:

    within 15 working days after it is presented to him, or
    within 20 working days after it is presented to him if the voting area contains more than 50,000 registered voters.
    4. The petition is forwarded to the Governor if the required number of signatures are certified by the Registrar of Voters.

    5. The Governor issues an election proclamation within 15 days after he receives the certified petition from the Registrar of Voters.

    Primary Election Date: the proclamation shall be issued on or before the last day for candidates to qualify in the election. (last day of qualifying)
    General Election Date: the proclamation shall be issued on or before the 46th day prior to the election. (same as propositions)
    6. Immediately after the issuance of the proclamation, the Governor shall publish the proclamation in the official journal of each parish where the recall election is to be held.

    7. Within 24 hours after issuing the proclamation, the Governor shall send a copy of the petition and proclamation, by registered or certified mail, to the clerk of the district court for each parish in which the recall election will be held.

    8. A copy of the petition and proclamation also shall be sent to the Secretary of State. (by the Governor)

    9. Within 24 hours after receiving the copies, the Secretary of State shall notify all other election officials in the parish(es) where the recall election is to be held.

    10. If the recall passes, the public officer is recalled and removed from office and the office is declared vacant when the election returns are certified to the Secretary of State. The vacancy is then filled as usual. The recalled official cannot be appointed to fill the vacancy.

    11. If the recall fails, no recall election for the same official shall be held within 18 months from the date of the failed recall election.

  160. okay, i have been wanting to do this since the day i started posting but did not want to disrect the families of these ladies but now after speaking to one of the families rletives we think that my story could help this situation in more ways then one so this is going to be my whole story and wil explaine why i am so passionate about helping and my intereset in this cause so here goes: on the morning of august 27, 1998 I was at the grices house where i resided with my three children, i had already been intoduced to crack at this time and charles anthony grice sr was contributing furthur to my addiction because of his knowledge of cars and ripping people off to feed his own addiction, i also became more into my own addiction. at this time he was beating me on a daily basis,, i did try to get away before this day, i walked to hte jennings pd with my 1 yr old on 1 hip and my 2 yearold on my other hip and holding my 5 year olds hand when i got to the station the officer basically made a joke about how they could not help me an i had no cchoice but to go back, being from maine, no family, no friends, ireluctantly went back. this was in the beginning of august1998 now back to the morning of august 27, 1998 my children and i were at the house by our selves and this was a rare occaision because charles had a handicapped brother in awheelchair who had problems with his back he could walk and stand but not for long periods of time but occasionally their house being on wiilis would go aroun the corner to capdevilles liquor store and get some liqor in his wheel chair. my two boys the 1 and 2 year old were still asleep but my daughter was already up aand playing, charles pulled up to the house in a brand new black truck and i assumed it was a vehicle that he was doing some work on he came in the house and gave me a20 dollar rock and let me point out that loking back on this situation was a one time only occurenc meanig being that generou, that time of day( 830 am) but but obviously took it he left said he had soome more work to do. i ran to hit and about 5 minutes later a little girl about 10 yrs old came to the door and asked if if my daughter could go play sso i asked her where she lived and she pointed to a house that sat in back of charles house, the front of the hous was arcross from capdevilles store but the back of the house and the backyard was right there next to charles backyar were bascally together except a wire shot fence separating the two so i asked the little girl where they would be playing and she said the backyard. so i knew she would be visiable so i could check on her so i let her go. so then i had about a half of rock left and went and hit it and about the time which was about 15 mins i went to look in the backyard, i didnt see nobody so i went to the front door and there was my daughter walking in the driveway with a look on her face that told me something was wrong so iasked her what was wrong and she told me that first she said nothing then i said there is something wrong and she said her and the little girl got in a fifight and refuse to talk about it. so for the rest of the day everything went pretty normal and mike had come back a short time after my daughter and was really quiet compared to usual. so every one went to bed that night ant iwas awoken by my daughter was standing in the kitchen in the corner screaming blood curdling screams repeatedly and when i finally turned the light on she was holding her privates her eyes closed and just kept screaming so i hugged her and calmed her down and tried to talked to her, i knew at that point something had happened so i hugged her and explained to her that i had to check her and she didnt want to let me i finally convinced her that iwas not goin to hurt her and and she still tried to tighten her legs so i couldntlook aso italked again to her and tried to comfort her she finally let me see and it was blatanly obvious what had happened. so i demaned charles father bring me to the hospital even though they were telling me ” aint nobody touched that girl” but he did bring me because i threatene dto call 911. at this point i still was not putting all of the events from the day before together i thing at that time i was more worried about her so thats what i was focused on. I know how easy it is to judge my choices and decisions but i need to let you all know there is not a day that goes by that i dont think about the choices that i made and the what ifs if i had not been using. I still till this day wake up in cold sweats after having nightmares that show my daughter privates magnified 1000 times and all bloody so just try to lokk at the bigger picture because i have been sentenced for my bad choices trust me but the peole that are responsiable for doing this to her are still amongst you all and they have had hair dna that matches the grices family traits for 11 years which i do intend to pick up where i have left off to let you all know how long and hard my daughter and i have been on our journey for justice but this far has been very hard for me to tell and i have broke down in taers a couple of times so i am going to take a break, smoke a cig, drink some coffe and then i will be back with the rest hopeyou all understand. christine

  161. I just wanted to let everyone know that there was some truth to the man being investigated that works for my fam. He did come in and they did question him. His boss told he a lil while ago that they pulled his work logs and had to turn them in to LE. He checked out but there was still some doubt so, they asked his boss to continue to keep an eye out on him, his behavior and so forth. I have to get supper going but I will post again later. I have some reading to catch up on first. lol

  162. I am so sorry Christi. I rarely post, I mainly just read but have been thinking about your story for some time. God bless you and your daughter. We have ALL made choices in our life that we later regret – please know that this is NOT your fault. You are here seeking justice that was never received for your daughter. I am a firm believer in God’s timing. Thank you for sharing your story Christi. And thank you for not giving up.

    • inspired and sp, thank you for the comforting words, yall did make me break down crying again but in a good way because i have waited so long to have someone hear me who really cares so thank you again i was scared that i would be attacked like i have been for so many years right up until a few weeks ago when i was told that i a have been my own worse enemy from some one pretty high up in le becaus of all of the shit that i have been through with le and inspired i truly believe that gods timing for me to get resolve also was to help these other tragic murders that have taken place and i beleive that we all can end our jouney for justice togethw. and that remind me i am past the roughest part of my story so it is the time to bring out the injustices now that i hav e expeirenced and try to show people that these victims and their families are not getting the justice that they deserve.

  163. Christie Hey Darlin’ everyone has made mistakes in their lives, but the past is that, the past…..We’re not perfect but we are forgiven………My hope is that you will find justice and closure for you and your daughter….God be with you both…

  164. Christie you are very brave for sharing your story.I had tears in my eyes.I cannot believe that ass told you to go back home.Do you know his name?The man that told you to go back home after seeing you standing there with all of your children is not a man.He is a sorry excuse for a human being.Sometimes I wish I was not a woman,because its stories like these that make you want to find these people and beat the shit out of them.I know violence does not solve anything but it would sure make me feel better.

    • kit kat and sp i cannot count the number of times that i have had these thoughts and alot worse which i wont say because, i know they are reading this and i know that all of this could have serious repurcissions on me but iam at the point at the same point as Michael dubois i just dont give a shit anymore!!by the way yall, i am starting to have a whole new respect for secretarieslol

  165. KITKAT Sometimes violence does have it’s place…. In a case like Christie’s, for instance…….

  166. continuing on: we were brought to the hospital by his father and the nuses immediately called the sheriff department to bring a rape kit. van comeaux and sheila hebert were the ones that came. we, the nurses, were trying to find out from her who did this to her she was terrified and would not say, finally i said to her because i knew she loved her little brothers that “honey, if it was someone at the house, please tell me cause they could hurt them the same way” and her response” it was my daddy” they immediately ent and got charles to do the rape kit on. a pubic hair was found in her private area whic was collected and became eveidence against charles. her panties and clothes were also taken. she had fallen asleep early tat night so i just let her sleep in her clothes instead of giving herr a bath.( thank god) then i spoke with van briefly in the hall, i remember him asking me if the bruises on my face and arms and legs were also from charles and i told him yes and he told me that they could not arrest charles on the rape kit yet but that they could and would hold him on what hhe did to me so that was a relief. my daughter and i were then broght to the police station where charlotte hebert question my daughter for abou 6 hours she started changing her story after a couple of hours according to them, i was there and she was not changing it she was telling different incideces that occured, sorry to be graphic but i want yall to know what i mean she first would say their peepee touched her down threr then his finger touched her down there then she said they covered her eyes then she said she haerd two voices and one was her daddy and she didnt know the other. now i strongly believe thieer was othe things that happened prior to this incident and she was confusing them. finally we were told we coul go and obviuosly did not want to go back to that house so i tried to get them to transportm us to a shelter and they said that they did not havwe anyone available for transpot but they would give us a ride back to charles house and i could work on calling shelters to get out of there because charles would be in custody for the next 24 hrs at leats so they brought us back there and i started calling shelters to hurry up and get out of there thats when after about 4 shelters i was informed by each that a sherriff from jeff davis parish would have to at least transport me to the partish line and i called them back and their resonse was not enough manpower. my kids especially my daughter wanted to sgo to sleep, so ifinally gave up until morning because we all were tired, i got all of my babies in the bed wit me real close stretched my leg ove them so nobody could get to them without waking me it was about 500am and the next thing i know at 800am charles walks through the bedroom door. i am going to take a break again but you all have only heard the start of my nightmare. i will be back in afew to finish. thanks for listening and caring! christine

  167. christi We are all here to support each other. We are so saddened by what happened to you, and your daughter. Thank you for having the courage to tell your story…We love you Darlin’…….

  168. Christie I hope that you and your daughter are in good hands now.And I hope whom ever did this to her is rotting in prison.If you say no one did anything about it I think I will have a fit.

  169. Serialpsychic,
    You asked about a billboard. Well it has been an idea that we have tossed around before. G8 and I worked on that a few months ago. I spoke with the company, LAMAR Advertising. After being made aware of our situation here, they definately wanted to help so they agreed to donate a billboard to us free of charge, that would feature all of the girls’ pictures, dates they went missing, and the reward info. The only fee we would be responsible for is the vinyl that the advertising company uses to make the actual artwork for the billboard. The price is rather steep so it put us at a halt. LAMAR agreed to donate as many billboards as we could provide money for the vinyl for. Each billboard’s approximate cost in vinyl would be about $1200. Most of the family members aren’t up to fund raisers and such with everything going on so I asked an assistant of the DA to ask Michael Cassidy if the DA’s office or the Sheriff’s Dept would foot the bill. The next day, his assistant came back and said that Michale had agreed to find the funding for at least half of the billboard vinyl and he would ask the sheriff’s dept if they could come up with the rest. I havent heard anything back since then.

    • Brittany–I went to Lake Charles Tuesday and on the way back to Jennings there is a large billboard on I 10 between Welsh & Roanoke with the pictures of all of the ladies and if I read it right it said an 80,000 dollar reward!! It is on the westbound side so coming from Lake Charles to see it you have to look toward the west bound lane.I was really surprised to see it. I told my husband they need to put one in the median as people exit in to Jennings!!! My prayers are with you & your Dad, you are very special people.KEEP THE FAITH!

      • Thanks!
        I can assure you, it wasnt them who got this going….how nice of them to even let us know it had actually even been done. It was myself who was in contact with the company and i asked for their assistance in getting it done. Guess they didnt need me anymore!!!!

        anyway, glad its up!

  170. We pray for you and your daughter Christi, and we are praying for justice in a town that I dont know if it is possible. I live in Sulphur so I cant even imagine what it might be like to have daughters in that corrupt town. I wish I could do more to help.

  171. SP I find out about my test results on Monday.I had a mammogram on wednesday and they saw a shadow.They scheduled a ultrasound this past Friday.Waited all day for doctor to call with results but the radiologists still had not faxed them over.So hopefully I will know by Monday.Hate to wait.

    • kitkat..i am ganna pray for you and ask god to put his hands on you ..HE IS THE GREAT PHYSICIAN !!!

  172. Good evening everyone. Oh Christi, your story is so sad. Please know that we all make bad choices in our life, but luckily we are given second chances to make things right.what a shame that LE didn’t assist you and your babies. I have heard other stories similar to this where they did absolutely nothing. It all depends on “WHO” you are in this parish. That is so sad! Have faith poor Christi, because these same people that did not help you will face their maker one day and will have to answer for their actions!

  173. Brittany after everything I have heard about your sheriffs dept.I would not hold my breath.

  174. Brittney Jones Is there a fund for victims of violent crimes in La,??In other parts of the country they have funds set up to help the families of violent crimes. It does not surprise me at all that the sheriffs office has not called you back since a billboard would only DRAW ATTENTION TO THEIR INCOMPETENCE…. As far a money is concerned…we are a bright bunch of people and can brainstorm some plan. Thank you Brittney for writing…I have wanted to talk to you for so long.. We are going to be here for as long as it takes for JUSTICE to be served…God bless…


  175. Did anyone see KPLC news tonight?

    Was there something said about a person of interest…it is not on their website. My mother in law couldn’t hear the story b/c of the noise and thought she heard something about LE meeting with family members on Wednesday?


    • i seen channel 3 news and they said something about there want be a interveiw with gel. r. cause the task forse told them not to cause it would mess up the invergation

  176. KITKAT I have known people who had the same result you had on your test. They were all fine, scared, but fine. I’m sure you will be just Grrreat!!! YOU are in my prayers…

  177. Didn’t hear that but we started listening to the news late!

  178. Brittany, I’d be surprised too if the JDSO came up with the other half for the billboard. Maybe if they are in the pity mood that day, the sheriff will agree to it. What a shame cuz you would think for the betterment of the parish they would be more than willing to foot the rest of the bill. Just wondering…how is your dad doing today? I felt so sorry for him last night and all the family members of the girls for the Geraldo setback.

    • There is a billboard on I 10 between Roanoke & Welsh with the pictures of all the ladies. See my post to Brittany above.Thanks

  179. The story that KPLC aired, was that on Wednesday, they will feature their hour long special on the girls and the mystery surrounding Jeff Davis Parish. They also said you will get a chance to hear from the families and ALSO the only prson ever named as a suspect in the case (Frankie Richard. Yes guys, he was interviewed and he will be part of the hour long special as well as LE officials they stated.

    KATC did run the cancellation story. All that was stated there was that the story had been scheduled to air tonight on Geraldo and it was cancelled. The story stated that the brother of one of the family members, Michael Dubois, told reporters that a member of the task force approached him about the media being bad publicity for the investigation. Shortly after, the Geraldo special was cancelled.

    • ok tracee son said that she talk to channel 7 also is that true britt. cause i also it was not

  180. FRANKIE RICHARD???? WOW this will be good, too bad I’ll never get to see it….. Could we send that tape to someone who analyzes “body language” and see if he’s telling the “TRUTH”???

  181. sp- i can already tell you the answer to that one! he will be covering his ass left and right!

  182. oh yeah, hope he brings up submitting to 5 dna tests..

  183. Serialpsychic,
    I recieved an email from you awhile back and i responded a few days later. Never heard back from you though so maybe you never received it. I am always open to conversation. I’ll post my email address once again:

    My dad has been pretty down as alot of the family members have. It hasnt been an easy journey for any of us, but this was a huge blow. Thanks for asking.

  184. Brittney, I knew that there was a fund for victims of violent crimes, I;m sorry I didn’t bring it up before now…But it’s never too late…We will get that billboard up, and that’s a fact!! I nevr got your e mail it must have got snagged somewhere in the internet with 50 billion other undelivered e mails. I wish you and your Dad my very best!!!! Look forward to your posts..

  185. Brittany, I had such a hard time sleeping last nite thinking about ya’ll and all that’s been going on. If its affecting me that way I can only imagine how its making you all feel! Just hang in there. There has to be more we can do to get the ball rolling again!

  186. Christi, did we hear the rest of your story? Did I miss it? Pleeez continue to share with us!

  187. Thanks Curvy!! I’m waiting over here to hear the rest but didn’t want to ask. 🙂

  188. me too….

  189. continuing on: kitkat : warning: you might not want to read thislol anyway, there was very few words spoken except him trying to convince me of his innocence, i then received a phone call from gaylor brown with cps who told me if i didnt get out of that house they were comming to take my children, i then told him i had been trying but transportation was the problem and made him aware as well that the police coulnt make it happen so he sent a van down to pick us up and brought us to the womens shelter in deridder( june jenkins) finally. we stared our lives over, everyone at the shelter was wonderful to us we eventually got our own house and i was working two jobs and things were going pretty good. the legal advocat and i did everything we could to get a civilsuit against le for violatin me and my daughters rights. i remember we went o the sheriffs department totalk with them and we got treated like shit by sue dirks who supposedly was the advocate for domestic violence and a couple of other officers that were there, we basically made a wasted ttrip, but bless the legal advocate at the shelter becaus she documented all of these incidents,( yes, there is documentation od alot of what happened. so here i was living in deridder, kids are at school, about a year and a half later, theres a knock at my door, its van comeaux, he tells me that they have to get more haitr samples from my daughter because the rape kit was done wrong! I was pissed, i told him your going to make me pull my daughter out of school pull some hair out ofm her head, because yall did it wrong the first time so what choice did i have they did , was generous enough to giver her a beanie babie, and for the next few years there was animosity between me an all of le becuse all that they were telling during these few years was the whole investigation was on hold because they couldnt find charles to get mor hair samples to test them agaist the dna so my questions to them were if you didnt get enough of her hair that night and didnt get enough of his then what the hell good is rape kit? so things got really bad to the point that i would have to trick all different parts of le by using differnt name to get them on the phone to cus them out and they would slam the phone down in my face! i will let you all soak in all of this and i am going to give you my nightmares ending.. i want to thank yall for being patient and just a point that i need to make. I am willing and ready top take a lie detector test tomorrow to back this story up so if le is going to try to discredit me because of my so called liffestyle, think about that first because i will pay to have it done myself if i have too!

  190. ok is this VAN still working for the LE or what

  191. ia am working on it, myfingers are sloeing down but iam working on it, jus a bit of good news someone just really important emailed me that could be a really important break for us icant say yet but i will inform somebody on the top secret levelas soon as i know for sure! it comming lol patience is a virtue lol

  192. no van was tossed out along time ago!

  193. okay so for the next couple of yerars, i bugged the hell out of all of them which is probably why they are not to fond of mebut i hope they know that they did not seem to care about me and my daughter so i dint really and still dont really give a shit anyway more importantly, i starteted doing my own little investigating and found out charles was in prison in california for having his wife who was in a detective, yes you heard me right or read me rightlol a detective that was stealing drugs and money out of the evededince room. heres a little more since you all are waitng, you read while i continue sorry its so long but i am trying to give yall a accurate account of what happened! imagine how bad i have been wanting to do this. you read and i am going to keep postingwe will get therelol

  194. so i then informed van of this information and they put a hold on charles on some separate charges an told me that they would get the dna from him when they got him back here. well califoria held him for la for about 4 months to be exact before the released him because la never came and got him so when i found this out i was pissed again not that i ever stopped being pissed from the previous event but anyway i called le again and they always seemed to give me the run around and through the blame on each other now van finally informed me that it costs about 6to 8 thousand dollars togo get someone in california and he told me that la woul not give him the go ahead because they coulnt afford it. a little more i am almost done.

  195. i thought you guys said that Geraldo was gonna talk about the jeff davis 8 tonight at 9?

  196. i watched a whole hour of his boring butt only to have him NOT say a word about louisiana, jeff davis parish, the 8 victims, or any thing remotely related to the case….i don’t get it

  197. has it been postponed? cancelled? what’s the deal????????

  198. now these things are going to be kind of a lis of things that i have learned since then starting from the beginning and i will let like for yall to tell me you take on this story because i think your going to find i am still living this nightmare! the house my daughter was brought to that morning was a lady named lexanne who was a crack addict who ran a crackhouse who had 5 daughters of her own that she tricked for crack and i believe could be dead now becaus she had full blown aids, whom the poliice never even questioned after my daughter told them in the interview that night that it happened at the pink house which was lexannes. lucky delouche was a person who did try to help me before he got canned he showed me the actual resuls form the samples that they tested and came back with family traits and similar results which i also found out means that that means it was a sibling, michael the brother rarely ever left the house remember but was gone that morning and he had just got his disabilty check, and when i lived there i was told by other family members that charles let his father rape his first wife in exchange for his father woul by him some dope, now i was informed last week that van was given the money to go by someone that all of the sudden has decided to take another look at my case and cannot give me an anserw to why this case was never followed up on or why they stopped, i have been tring to decide if i should keep my mouth shut and work with them or help yall and after the cancellation my heart tol me this was the right thing to do for sure. iam open to any questions or confusion about what i have told you don t worry about offending me because after all of this i dont even think that it is possiable.oh yea to kit kat, especially but of cours everyone else too michael and his father have never been tested and are still residing on willis. as for charles seen him a couple of months ago in a vehicle at a light in lake charles and when he seen it was me he bust out laughing and spun off. i still can not even get a straight answer why they are not testing these men but i can tell you that i think they were trying to play on my want for justice and telling me enogh to satisfy me for now so i would keep my mouth shut…….christine

    • well if i was u and that was my daughter there is no way in hell they would get away with it i would fight till the day i go into my grave. so u keep fighting for your little girl. and for that bastard to laugh at u at the red light omg i dare him. makes me sick to my stomach. i am so so sorry that has happen to u and your little girl. i said before i was a shame to say i was from jennings now i really am a shame and i want tell anyone that i am from jennings. SHAME SHAME on the people that r to protect our children what in the hell do they get pay for i want to know where is my money going too. i know one think i will never vote again i mean never

      • thank you, i tell it liike it is, i am going to fight until my dying day and i have imagined having a gun at that red light, i dont believe i could ever harm a fly but that dday i have imagined that icould have shot him right betqween the eyes and felt little remorse!

        • i can understand how u feel i would of wanted to do the same thing. but than again christi u have to look at it this way u still have your kids that need u and two wrongs dont make it right. so i am thankful u did not have a gun that day, cause who we be helping your little girl right now

  199. cancelled

  200. Christi I am so sorry you had to live that nightmare. It is never too late to bring rhis case to justice,,,,Thank you again for telling us what happened. I can only hope it will help in some way ro solve these cases…

  201. one more thing if anyone could get an archive of jennings daily news of august28, 1998 on the front page le and van staed on the front page which covered the wole rape that they beleived that the the rape was done by someone in the home.

  202. i wonder if i could get that up on the computer

  203. The JDN used to keep an archive, a book of newspapers for each year. I don’t know if they still do that, however the library will have it on microfilm.

    • if i am not mistaken i remember the jdn reporters name was jessica

    • i will be there monday morning to find it and i will make copy and scan and add it to here . well i will try to do it that way i am not really good with computers

  204. or maybe rebecca

  205. It was most likely Jessica Richard back then. She was editor of the JDN at that time.

  206. yes that was her

  207. well folks i am tired, but i will talk to yall tomorrow, i will pray for every one. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

  208. Good Nite Christi and pleasant dreams……..

  209. well, i woke upat445 am thinking and i could not go back to sleep so hear iam, just wanted everyone to know and would appreciateif you all coul help me out, i have joined oprah twitter, anderson cooper twitter, and will continue to join anyones that i can to get these stories outthid was my tweet:: WE NEED HELP, WE HAVE 8 DEAD WOMEN, A 5 YEAROLD THAT WAS RAPED AND CORRUPT LE FOR MORE INFOLOG ON TO JDPKILLER.COM THROUGH GOOGLE, OR YOU CAN EMAIL ME AT and i suggest everyone else do the same! I also am going to contact ann polak the director of the calcaseau wommens shelter whom i have known for 10 years and see what she can suggest as far asfunding. My husband has been with concophillips refinery for about 30 years i am going to see if he can talk to someone out there to see if we can get a fundraiser started for the victims. we donate to united way and calcasieau women shelter as do all the employees so we may have some luck there. just wanted to let yall know where i am at.

  210. by the way, one thing that i forgot in my story, everything that i have told you le is also been aware of and acertain someon from the cps office in jennings had told me that charles failed three lie detector tests reguarding what happened to my daughter. I will not say who it was on here because he did tell me that he wasnt suppose to tell me and could get in trouble but felt that i should know. one more request, i woul like to send my story to a couple of people and i hav e yet to figure out how to move stuff to my email so, can anyone tell me how to get this thread on here to my email so i will not have to retype it, i will if i have to but just wondering if there is a way? thanks

  211. christi- what ever you want to transfer just highlight it by start at the beginning, click and drag across the words once it is highlighted then right click and choose copy, then go to the email you are going to send right click in the text area and hit paste that should do it..:)

  212. sorry starting at the beginning

  213. your welcome 🙂

  214. well after i highlight word the words and click copy i get a stop sign so i dont know?

  215. Well I see that there are others on here that can’t sleep. I’ve always had trouble sleeping since my children were born but it just gets worse as I get older. Later gang…

    • my mind was just racing so i figured i would get up while my ideas were fresh and work on some things

  216. almost sure, any other advice would be appreciated!

    • christi u msy know me i hope u can help out i been reading your post if u know something go tell someone u trust i may know your mom

      • hey friend off the girls, no you dont know my mom, maybe me from my time over ther but ii am from a small town way up north called belfast, maine but yes i am still trying to figure out who to trust i am going to send my story to all of the national media that i can think of and try to help all of us victims in the process of finding me amy daughters own justice. thank you for your support it has been a long journey!

  217. christi- what program do you have is it vista?

  218. i didnt see the cnn off the story do u have a link to it

  219. christi- lets do this give me your email and i will copy everything you’ve written and send it to you

  220. friend of the girls it was cancelled

  221. yes, i have vista

  222. graet idea, cause honestly im lostlol. heres my email: thanks greatly appreciated!

  223. give me one moment im having alittle trouble too lol!

  224. thats okay cause you will probably figure it out waaaaa before meloly

  225. christi im only able to send small portions at a time did you receive the first part?

  226. let me check

  227. for some reason it copied twice sorry i need to make a cig run but will come back and do more okay?

  228. got it thank you so muchit looked liked a long portionlol

  229. actually it copied 3 times lol im really botching this up

  230. christi disregard the first one i sent ive sent another one

  231. as long as you get it to me, that whats impotant by the way do you still have that geralosproducer s email i had it but wrote down the wrong on ? i am going to see if i can go back through the post to see if i can find it, just wondering if you had it handy/

  232. gotcha!

  233. i havent gone to store yet and yes got to have em the producers email is going to store be back in few 🙂

    • thanks, just emailed him an told lenat and told him this is why so many people were upset about the canceled show an to at the very least read the story i am sending and let me know that you at least read it, i also made him aware that all the national media will get this story so hopefully something might come otu of this.

  234. Christie if you dont mind telling me ,why would you leave a beautiful state like Maine,to come to Louisiana.The ugliest state in the nation.

  235. And I may have missed something in your story but where is the man that raped your daughter? Is he still in CA.?

  236. I have to tell you Christie I found your story very disturbing.I cannot believe that they would let a child rapist back on the streets without a conviction.Something has to be done about this.Do not stop.I know a family attorney in Lafayette.She is very hardnosed she does not play with men at all.She usually does family court,for back child support and such.But I will call her office and see if she can help.I actually think she may be a judge.I will find out,And I will email you for privacy purposes if that is alright.

    • michael who is the brother of charles and charley grice who is the father still live on willis charles is god knows where but like i said the last i knew lkae charles a few months ago at the red light! as far as the attorney, i tried so many attorneys and it all basically came back to they stick together here in louisiana. why i left my state i was 19, young thought i owned the world and could make it anywhere alsoi followed a stupid ass man down here and thought i was in loive but its kind of strange because for a long time i regretted ever comming here and wondered how different things would have been but over time i think that all of this has made me a better stronger definately more compassionate unsekfish person so iguess what i am trying to say is would i be who i am today without the hard less that i have learned the hard way……….

    • kitkat that would be great!

  237. christi- im back and just sent the 2nd blog that u posted let me know that you received it..

  238. kit kat okay, sorry kit kat that last post was for you! almost sure i am going to ceck right now

  239. christi- i think ive sent everything you wanted if i left anything out just let me know, and yes you are a much stronger person today because of what you went through and i think its wonderful that you never gave up.. that shows alot of strength and character.. your children will really appreciate and respect you as they get older for all you’ve done!!!

  240. almostsure: i dont know what happened but i have not got nothing else since you have been back1 have gotten a total of 4 emails including the one that copied3 times and i deleted that one so i now have three?????

  241. let me check on it

  242. i sent sent you the last post you sent me if i did it right, let me know

  243. christi- you should have rec’d 10 total read the times on the ones you rec’d and let me know and i will send the rest to you 🙂 8:49a 8:51a 8:53a 8:56a
    9:20a 9:24a 9:25a 9:27a 9:29a & 9:31a

  244. i havent rec’d it yet but i will keep checking

  245. christi- i still havent rec’d anything go to last email open and click on reply then send 🙂

  246. Well Christi I hope you are in good hands now,and I hope that your children are doing fine.Do not worry what goes around comes around.I am a firm believer of that.The people that did that to you and your children will get theirs one day.KARMA!!!!! They will suffer horribly ,if not in this world then in the next.

    • Karma is a Beotch and i don’t mean maybe….she might knock on your door once but after that she’s kicking it in…..she kicks ass and takes names…..and asks questions later…..i have had to eat from the same mean plate that i put out but i have also seen first hand people who have given me ‘sh!t’ get theirs back……the men that rape when they are young end up not being able to wipe their own asses when they are old and pee and poo all over their self…..they can’t bathe…..their hearts, livers, and lungs give out on them and then they just die…..usually lonely with no one by their side… only if you know that you do to others with the “karma rule” in mind….

  247. And the unsolved deaths of these women,the people responsible for their deaths will get theirs one day also.

  248. christi- i have to go and tend to something but i will be back in a couple of hours let me know that you rec’d all 10 and i will check back 🙂

  249. hi to all i hope everyone is ok after the let down for the interview. just remember they are the ones running and hiding and you just keep pushing forward because the day will come soon i see it happening

  250. Try Michelle Feuer at CBS 48 Hours


  252. christi32-I will put all your posts from the story in one email then you can edit it yourself would this help? then once you recieve it let me know,I just wanted to help you thats all,let me know if that will be okay.

  253. yes, please, i would appreciate it , you are a godsend!

  254. yes i will let you know, let me know when you do it thanks again

  255. I am just a concerned mother as you are,and doing the waiting game for justice to be served for my son,there is a long drawn out investigation we are fighting also,sex crime,it’s sad what sick poeple take from our children,so yes I do know exactly what you are going through it is a nightmare,I am not nor have I ever been into the drug scene,but that really has nothing to do with why people take it upon them selves to take the innocense from children.

    • obscure, iam so sorry that you and your family are going through what i have been through i would not wish this on anybody. and your right, drugs my bad choices, i finally realize does not give antone the right to do this to our children. i have spent years blaming myself, with the help of others but now i just want justice for all of us and if getting my story out will do will be everyone elses stepping stone, i believe my life will be changed forever. good luck in your fight too i will keep you and your son in my prayers!

  256. christi,give me 10min and you will have all in one email,I will let you know when to check for it :~)

  257. almostsure hey i appreciate everything you were doin, i just am wanting to get this out today as much as possible besides this sounded much easier then what we were ging through.

  258. obscure. what happened? are you still there?

  259. christi- no problem i tried putting everything in one email and i wasnt successful but i dont understand why you did not receive the others 🙂

    • me, neither, but hey i got it nowso you know what i will be doing, i will be back later!

  260. okay you can check it now,sorry it took so long,I have two boys that needed attention,they wanted to roast marshmellows we has to gather wood for the outside iron burner,fun fun fun,lmao!

  261. Christi-Did you get it? let me know if there is any other post that needs to be added I can do it.

  262. Thank you so much , iwll be back later,but i know that have a good heart like me and i hope that we working together will pay off ! thank-you again an i will keep you informed privately for obvious reasons!

  263. To Brittany Jones:

    I would like to speak to you further about the billboards. Please contact my email address at Thanks!


  265. okay I will check that now,thanks

  266. Christi I hope all is going well with you. I admire you so much for never giving up…You’re my HERO… Love ya Darlin” How’s your daughter doing these days?? Tell her we all care about her and KNOW she will get past this…..

  267. KITKAT You have been in my thoughts and prayers. I know it’s hard to wait for results but you will do great….

  268. I recieved it and responded,thanks for that and for being a friend,you are a sweetie!

  269. well i fight has just began we will not be silenced by LE

  270. it is not by chance the day before our spot got pulled from geraldo that a task force member and i had a long talk about the media hurting them and that we should not have told our story to the newspaper about her life we wanted to do damage control and tell how the system failed her then and is failing her now where not ashamed of our sister LE should be ashamed for letting the crack problem run wild in our streets so people cant walk out there doors and be afraid

  271. yep! they should have done something along time ago before it escalated!

  272. hey mike just so you know who i am im elaine’s sister
    (glenn’s ex-wife elaine)

  273. its been a long time hope you are fine almostsure

  274. yes it has been a long time, im so sorry for everything that you and the family have been through! all of you are in my prayers…

  275. and thanks mike im doing fine and considering everything i hope you are doing good also, i was very disappointed to hear the show got cancelled but i want you to know im hounding lots of people, ive even contacted some celebs that are originally from la. to spark their interest.. it cant hurt 🙂

  276. any help is good help nothing can hurt as much as LE already has

  277. i know what you mean!

  278. well im going to get off for now be back later i neeed to go pass more flyers for fri. march to the court house

  279. christi thanks for being brave you know im with you to the end

  280. hello every one i cant express my feelings to christy my heart goes out to you my 18 yr old was raped when she was 15 an had a rape kit done an rayne police department never did a dam thing about it! but you keep it up an dont give up my prayeres are with you an i hope to see you an meet you at the rally cause im ready. an to mike we not gona give up our voices are gona be heard whatever we have to do. we have to do it for our girls we are their voices an they want to be heard to tell the truth its all coming out in the open an i feel they are getting scared.lets not stop everyone lets show them that justice will be served !!!!!!!!!!!

    • baffled,you know i have recieved email after email with stories like ours and hear the heartbreak and defeat in all of the victims voices and it breaks my heart because all of these years i thought i was just being either disriminated against or treated like shit by le because of drugs or my lifestyle, but the truth is that i was never alone and finding out that people who never had a drug problem or a certain lifestyle are going through the same things! iam so srry for your daughter, i think we can relate to eachother in alot of ways.

  281. Oh!!!! I am soooooo aggrevated at some people’s uncontrollable diarrhea of the mouth!!! UNINFORMED diarrhea at that! The following is an email I just received from a J4JD member and my response to that email.

    Member’s email:
    i think that maybe geraldo did a little investigating and found out that mike dubois is a liar. no one with a criminal record like his shoud be on national television bashing le the way he is. if our task force is so powerful, that they can shut down media coverage, how come they have not shut down this j4jd site yet? i think these murders need national coverage and local coverage, but it needs to be positive coverage none the less.

    My response:
    With all due respect, Mike is THE perfect one to represent this movement…He is a living, breathing success story. He has overcome and dealt with his demons and emerged in victory on the other side. We so value members with different opinions and in some instances, we will have to agree to disagree, but having said that, please be informed before you speak…LE has tried to shut us down in numerous ways, including directly intimidating me in my home! Yes, that’s correct! Some things are kept off the page and off the blog so that we don’t cause mass histeria, but I, personally, as well as my administrator have been subjected to many attempts at strong arm tactics by local law enforcement and NEITHER of us has a criminal record. If only you knew what they have done! We hope to see you at the march and I pray that you and your family never sees the side of LE that I have been forced to since beginning this fight.

    Nicki Soileau

    Why am I sharing this? Because along with a campaign for justice, I am also trying to launch a “Stop the Stupidity” campaign. We all must be responsible in the way we deal with this injustice and we must stay united, regardless of minor details or we will NEVER be taken seriously!

    Ok, I’m off my soap box…for now! 🙂

    • We all have varying and different opinions. Sometimes the opinions are the same. Airing that personal email didn’t have to take place here. They didn’t post it on the internet, they sent it to you. I didn’t see that on facebook if they have.

    • wow!!!!!! this is unbelieveable, a drug addict with a record thats a shock!!!! is anybody surprised that i am a former shoplifter and have been cited for paraphenila, well mike dont worry about that i told my husbans this was comming because that is all they have on us, they are going to discredit us anyway they canso we have plenty of support so lets just keep fighting!!!!!!! by thwe way i know everyone is going to be shocked but i have been a liar too!lol good investigating le!!! I just want it to be known that if le tries to discredit me, i will pay to have a lie dector test done. that is why i didnt hold nothing back in my sory because i already knew what they were goin to do!!!!!!

      • Christi, we have ALL sinned. The biggest difference between you and the rest of us is that we didn’t get caught. It’s easy for some to throw stones from a glass house. I happen to have a better reality check on myself. My grandma said the past was like used toilet paper…you flush it and get a new piece 😉

  282. Popeye, let me explain something to you…an opinio is one thing as is blogging behind a computer, but Mike and many others are giving their souls to this cause. They are NOT sitting back judgementally playing archair quarterback! Until a person has sacrificed their heart, soul and physical well being for this cause or any other, I WILL stand up and defend them. Stupidity is breeding. It is the job of a responsible and productive member of society to do their part to put an end to it. I have no apologies and will continue to do so.

    • You can explain all you want, it doesn’t mean you’re going to change someone’s mind. Again, that email was just that, an email. They didn’t post it on facebook, I read the site. Stupid is as stupid does………..

    • Post your reply on facebook for your members to read then. Not here. I’m not judging Mike, I don’t know the man. And it’s arMchair.

  283. nicki- i have to agree with popeye, by you posting that on here, you’ve only done more harm.. mike doesnt need to read bullshit like that.. people will talk behind someone’s back, but like my mama say’s “when you’re talking behind my back, you’re talking to my butt!”
    so let things slide and if you feel you need to handle it, do it in private the way this person sent it to you.. dont make a major production out of it… 🙂

  284. Almostsure: Ask Mike what he thinks. I think you walked into something you don’t quite get. You see, Popeye has been quite the chatterbox on my inbox. I posted this here to send the message that trouble makers are unwelcomed. I tried to do it off the blog but I was unsucessful..let no other option…oh well. Normally, however, I would DEFINATELY agree with you. Fact is, I do not know why people choose me to send their uneducated comments to…why?…because I started the group…surely I’ve made my feelings clear, but still Popeye feels the need to continue sending unwanted communications…I’m sure this will solve the problem. Sorry you fell in the middle…I’ve always enjoyed your point of view.

    • nicki- no hard feelings hun.. nothings broken but just so you know i havent walked into anything, i was about to post that anyway, before i saw PE’S post.. simmer down everything is okay!:) im nobody’s mediator but the less negative things that we get the better dont you think? mike has been through enough! and as for you getting all the uneducated people on your site, cant you block them?

  285. I guess you all are right in a way but i also understand why nicki felt the need to post it. i too intended to make yall aware because le haas used things of this nature to take the attention off of them!!!!!!

  286. popeye- i got tickled when i read your post the first time, i am really tired and i was trying to figure out who in the hell is air mchair lol my bad! as the tots say!

  287. Chatterbox on your inbox? Bullshit. I don’t send messages to your inbox. I type here, on this blog. Stop lying already.

    • Listen, it would do well for you not to pull it Pop…I have your IP and location. It matches those sent to my FB inbox. If you’d like for me to expose you I will…don’t push me.

  288. .i know that people will try to discredit me and i know how the are if it dosnt stop i will file slander lawsuits against them that person made the mistake to e-mail someone who has given them to me im am looking in to it now with a lawyer so i hope the keep it up its just giving more to use as far as my back ground its not where you have been its were your going and it still doesnt take away that i am the only true blood of my mother and father as it says in the bible let those who have no sin cast the first stone are you doing anything to help but to take away from our girls shame on you at least im trying to get things done

    • I think you’re doing a good job Mike. You’ve gotten the ball rolling and are getting things done. I’ve not judged you. People change. I have two brothers who had drug problems. They’ve cleaned up and changed. It does happen. Nicki sending that email to you though is wrong. I don’t think the sender sent it to you. It was a private communication from a group member to her. I do believe that’s illegal. I’m not a legal expert though. Libel is written communication. Slander is verbal. You’ve mentioned writings from the bible. Do you think Jesus would approve of the lawsuit? I know He wouldn’t approve of what they said about you. Two wrongs don’t make a right. I wonder if that would lead to a suit from the Justice for Jeff Davis against Nicki for sending that email to you? Would this hurt her credibility on her facebook site? I think it would. How many members would like knowing she forwarded the email?



  291. Thankyou SP I am increasingly getting nervous,I know what is coming tomorrow.My call. I know they will want to remove it ,I am not scared of that.I have had 9 different surgeries in my life .Surgery does not scare me.What does scare me is the results of the biopsy.That scares the hell out of me.I will keep you informed.Thanks for caring,

    • I hope it goes well.

    • kitkat- was that a routine mamo? or did you suspect something? ive had mamos where shadows show up but it usually turns out to be nothing serious, i drink alot of caffeine.. anyway im asking GOD to watch over our kitkat!




  295. Nickie I thought this was G8t blog.And are you saying the people on this blog are uneducated.I personally think we are a group of very educated people,some book smart,some street smart.No matter we all do have commonsense.

    • OMG! How does it not surprise me THAT was taken out of context?! My use of the word uneducated meant this: A woman (i’m going to leave her name out for now) sent me some really crappy emails…on the blog, she is known as Popeye. I asked her to stop and she would not. When I say that SHE (not anyone else) is uneducated I mean that she is uneducated in what Mike, myself and others have been through in this pursuit. THAT IS ALL! She had the chance to ask and become educated on it, but she did not want…all she wanted was to be mean. Now stop, stirring trouble!

      • Oh nice…I fell for it! I just traced your IP…nice try Popeye

      • I don’t send you emails. I have corresponded with g8 before. Trace my Ip. Where does your trace say I live?

        • Heck, it’ll tell you who my provider is if you can’t find my location. Who’s my service provider?

        • Oh and as far as my credibility on FB…People who have nothing to hide, hide nothing. I’m just gonna go right on over to the FB page and post you mean spirited emails there…OK? That work for you Sonya?

  296. G8t I do believe we need you.You are a very good moderator.

  297. I agree with popeye and almostsure.

  298. Okay, here we go with the arguing again!!! JESUS. If you KNOW Popeye is the one that sent the email then that’s one thing. The only point I thought Popeye was making is that regardless of who sent the email to you- they didn’t expect it to hit the blog. Yes the comments were comments of an asshole- but I think the point he, and almostsure- who is MY MOTHER- were making is that you violated trust and privacy by placing it on the blog. And I didn’t realize you had the equipment at your disposal to check IP addresses, if you did, you shouldve been all over Sally O’Malley, but instead you guessed at it. Please just stop with all the arguing and bullshit. People are going to talk about Mike Dubois, its gonna happen. If peopl knew who I was they would find something to say about me. Nikki you know your self that people talk about you! Who gives a shit? They’re losers and their opinions should mean jack shit!!! In my opinion, the people who deserve respect are the ones putting energy into the fight we have ahead of us, and Mike is at the Forefront of that!!!! So whether or not it is Popeye, it doesn’t matter!!! And now that I know that IP’s are recorded on here so freely, I will tell G8 to please update her post on tracing IP and this will dramatically change communication on this blog.

    • It’s not Popeye. G8 has my email address. Nicki, give her your Popeye’s email address. I don’t want her giving mine out, but she can tell you if it’s the same. I’m a male.

    • Ha! Just bought it yesterday…wasn’t gonna risk another Sally incident. It cost $1200 but it is so worth it! I tried REPEATEDLY to ask this woman to stop sending these emails to me and she kept on. What would you do? I bet I don’t get her hate and discrimination in my inbox again. I will make an example of anyone who violates my rights…I’m sorry to whomever does not agree.

  299. the things being said about nicki are foolish shes one of many who have my support and she didnt fowad e-mail to me the person made the mistake to send to someone who legalcan mr popeye get your facts right before you speak people like take something said and twist it into what not true nicki didnt foward it you seem to be like others hear something thene make a false story of it before finding the truth

    • “that person made the mistake to e-mail someone who has given them to me im am looking in to it now with a lawyer so i hope the keep it up its just giving more to use”

      If she didn’t give it to you, who’s giving you emails from her FB site?

  300. I’m a guy by the way.

  301. SP if I have bad results I will email you.

  302. Christie did you try Oprah.

    • kitkat i have sent emy story out to several national media, i am not going to say which one on the blog for obvious reasons but yes iam still trying to get this story out as much as i can before tomorrow!

  303. Mike: Popeye apparently has spinach in his/her ears. I totally understood what you wrote…apparently liberals can’t read as well…just ignore …whatever “it” is.

  304. I thought G8t said about 6 threads back that IPs could not be traced?She said we could be confident on that.

  305. thanks unbiased for calling me out,, lordy aint nothin sacred? lol!


    • Nicki has a facebook site. A member of that site emailed her (according to her posting) and said some not nice things about Mike. She then took the liberty of posting it here, instead of on her FB site. I believe the member of her site thought they were communicating privately with her. Not posting the email on a blog for the world to see.

  307. Ok, Christi…you’re right. I’m tired and over worked in this and I apologize to you and Popeye and KitKat and almostsure…anyone else?…LOL! It’s no excuse, I shouldn’t have posted those things. I am VERY much for justice and VERY passionate about all of this. I only want peace and resolution for our girls and our community. I wasn’t acting in a peace building manner. I am sorry. Thank you for calling me on it! 🙂

    • I accept. I’m not the Popeye from your fb site though. I was a member, but I never posted nor corresponded. I read the blog a few times. I read here now.


  308. Thankyou Almostsure.Not to change the subject going on,but now might be a good time.My mammogram came out woth it seeing a dark shadow,so my Dr.sent me to LGMC to get an ultrasound last Friday.I did that am now waiting for results from the radiologist.I can feel it though.Its hard and round.I am terrified.Cancer runs on my mothers side big time.


    • Kitkat your are in my prayers.

  309. Boy, the sheriff is loving this!!!

  310. Thankyou Popeye I know this is not the forum to be talking about this.But sometimes when you are scared it helps.I wont talk about it anymore but I will let yall know of my results.Its crazy I donot know any of you ,but then again I feel like I do.

    • I definitely don’t mind. I lost an aunt to cancer, on going through stage 4 (?) and lost one to leukemia. Catching it early helps alot, so does keeping a positive attitude.

    • kitkat- as far as im concerned you can talk about this all you want, i know you are scared ive been in that position, by the way i rec’d an email last week. it was forwarded 100 times over but it was written by a biochemist who stated that asparagus has been known to cure cancer.. yep just plain ole asparagus (canned works as well as raw) but you need to steam the raw put in blender and puree then you can put in fridge take 4 tablespoons in am then 4 in afternoon
      i dont usually by into email cures but this was not selling anything! let me add that it also helps with kidney problems it detoxifies your kidneys. guess thats why it makes your pee-pee smell bad sorry folks but i could not find a nicer way to say it.. sorry so long meanwhile back to the blog:)

      • Careful. The government and pharmaceutical companies definitely don’t want folks knowing how to cure cancer. I like asparagus! Straight from the can.

  311. nicki- its okay, no need to apologize to me, i know your intentions were good and i know how adamant you are about standing up for mike, we all are or we would not be here. we want nothing but good to come out of all of this.

  312. Thanks to all and Good Night


    • I’m not your sister Mike.

      • im glad you not u need to stop talking to him like that he has a big lose in his family i know how hes filling it is for his sister and all the girls go stop the bigrfing and help find the sorry basterd

    • you tell them mick i belive in you and iff they have somethung bad to say go to you not on here this is for the girls not to put people down if you know mike popeye go meet him a deal with him face to face this is for our girls that are not here to talk for themself so popeye keep in mind its not about mike its the 9 girls we r talking off they dont have a voice so some one has to talk for them one day one off them will come down and tell who is doing the killing and yes i belive it will happen i cant wait tell the killers r vought they had them but they let the killers go ferr what a police fource we have they sit and play dum that is what i think and i pray they not in with the killigns to witch i do couse they know were the bodys were befroe hand so put 2 and 2 toghter i see they are in this i hope the cops are reading this


    • Okay, I love this blog and never posted but I think enough is enough. I respect Mr. Mike for everything you are doing! BUT COME ON NOW. If Popeye is the person you claim they are then take you own advice and keep it personal, face to face. We are here for the eight girls STOP THE PERSONAL BASHING! IF it was Popeye that sent the email they sent it to Nicki and kept the disrepect OFF the blog. and since when is it okay for Nicki to run our IP addresses. Am I right g8t?

      • Sure glad you posted that. We are here about EIGHT and maybe more and the personal bashing is just in the past thread or so. Oh we have had exchanges but never this personal. I hate this because this and only this blog got us so far some went away when they started talking IP addresses and now this. You do realize G8 did not agree she would give out anyone IP address and Nicki is or should not be able to do so. In the meanwhile she did not invite MD or C to her FB and with 800+ members you would think they would be having lots of conversations over there.

  315. You’re calling me a nobody? That’s rich. I was taking up for you.


  317. oh my gosh i think ill get off now and get on tomorrow night when i get off work..ill be praying for yall..have a good evening


    It’s a story about Kristen. I hope more folks do these.

    “Kristen Elizabeth Gary Lopez is pictured here praying as a small child. Lopez, at the age of 21, was found murdered on March 18, 2007, and her family is left behind to pray that her killer will be brought to justice someday soon. The Jennings Daily News will feature Lopez’s story in the Sunday, Oct. 25 edition as part two of its series, “She Deserved Better.””

    • Popeye, I’m glad they highlighted another of the eight. Hope they will do each and every one of them. I got the paper but just got back so will read it tomorrow.

  319. OFGS, this blog has been on for a long, long time and never has it been so often if ever calling out people.

    We started imo hoping to highlight the murders which is now up to EIGHT manybe nine. After awhile it included other unsolved murders within the parish…..BUT never until the last couple of threads were there ever so much discontent. All that crap about IP addresses and knowing who you are or not is running people who would love to discuss and hopefully find a key. I agree LE is loving this.

    Popeye was on here a very long time an was never attacked as he (because he said he is a he) been called out as now….and for no reason. The way I see it Popeye was called out for asking the question I and others have asked…..Why does Nicki not post that on her FB? I got chewed out royally – she would have kicked me off of her whatever – I was a liberal. Tonight I see uneducated so I’m wondering why bring a superior educated self to a blog with uneducated people. Expecially when your FB claims 800+ but only three or four post and not once have many of the things been mention. I ask why does Niciki refer to MD in the second person why the heck can’t she have him on her FB posting. And obt way christine as well who has had her fair share of troubles and more. I would think the owner of J4JD would proudly announce and ask them over….why not.

    When here last the march was the talk now I see the plan must be march legal or illegal. This very blog brought in the attention of PIs and Kodiak Production and did it without planning or doing anything illegal.

    I’m sure I will be another bad person but you know what I was the same before these last few weeks as I am now and it is not about one but eight or more.

    • well said ahlou- i was waiting for you to come on!!! 🙂

      • 🙂 shame on you almostsure – I saw bad grammer, would have kicked you off, and now the nerve calling people uneducated stars as I was reading. This blog was never like this until Nicki decided to grace us with her presence and it’s been one bicker after another since then.

        I believe her intentions may be good but JDN she is no longer, she was 2nd on Ceaste the Fire with MeChon she is no longer there and only four or five post on J4JD but come here and is a star. A star who belittle the people who have been here for over a year.

        In the scheme of things I think it’s possible LE finally saw this site as not attacking them but rather trying to find a way. Think about it when Kodaik came they even joined in. It’s all about how you present yourself.

        • lol lol!! heck i know my grammer gets a little tacky when im tired, and i DARE ANYONE to try to make me leave, i WILL become their worst nightmare… give em hell ahlou!!!

  320. KITKKAT, praying with and for you. I had that it turned out it was a cyst. We will all be thinking of you.

    • That’s good news, isn’t it? I’ve seen cysts bigger then grapefruits. Was it a fibroid cyst? I used to work in surgery as an OR tech and saw quite a few. I hope they don’t return.

  321. mike i tell you dont even worry about this we have to many other things to take care of we all have a pass some worst than others some can admit it an others are in denial so just keep your head up an dont stop because we have to speak for our girls thats what its about not tryin to pull skeletons out of everybodies closet like some people try to do so please mike dont let it bother you are keep you from what you doing god bless you nikki g8 brittany an everyone else that trying to get justice for all the girls

  322. In the paper today it states ” Due to breaking news, the Jennings daily News has postponed its continuing series “she deserved better” – featuring an in-depth accounting of the life of murder victim kristen elizabeth gary Lopez until next week. Lopez’s story will be the second in a series seeking to detail the lives of the eight unsolved murder victims found in Jeff Davis Parish since 2005. Lopez was the third of thos victims. discovered several miles south of Welsh just north of the intersection of la. 99 and La. 14. Next week article will feature interviews with several family members.”
    This was in the sunday paper of the JDN on Oct. 25, 2009

    • If you

      • Angel for one if you are the person who made the pictures please update them we have Necole that is not on there.

        • It is being taken care of and we do have it updated just G8 has been very busy with alot of things and has not been able to get to it she is working on it. Thanks but it will soon be up there

          • I don’t say it pretty but I long on there each day and think how nice of you to have put it together. Thanks for doing it so we can remember what all of this is about. I’m sorry I didn’t say thanks in the first place but yiu did a wonderful job.

          • Thank You ahlou I did that to help us to remember why we are here and what we are here for. Maybe a few of us on here really should stop and look at it. Instead of all the fighting just stop and look at that picture and it will make you think about why you are here. I hope you like the new one also…

  323. to much drama in here i will stay away for a couple of days sounds like yall need to take a breather or get some rest in here. tomorrow start off fresh. people should not let what others say hurt us words or words. just keep doing what u r doing mike that is the most important thing here. hold your head up high and dont worry about it the past is the past lords knows i have a past that i dont want no one putting up here. but if they would i would hold my head up high cause that means the person that said it does not no me. GOOD LUCK MIKE

  324. Hey angel4one,

    What was the breaking news that would not allow them to run a story of the life of a victim? Was it good news about an arrest of one or more of the killers?

  325. I think and I am not sure but I think it could have been about the Geraldo thing. But they did not state in the paper what the breaking news was.

  326. Oh and it could have also been about the fact that they found the missing girls, and about the one girls parents. This could have also been breaking news. But they are suppose to be running the story next week.

  327. That’s funny. They announce they have breaking news, then don’t run anything on what the breaking news is. I did visit their site and saw that the circus is coming to town….

    • It came to town this weekend it was at the fair grounds There site is off a few days it is not up to date. What is in the paper today is not what is on the web site. I have the paper today, I got it because I thought the article was going to be in there today but.

  328. KPLC just said that a man had been missing in Jennings since Wednesday but was found alive and well today. wow, i see more s**t happened while I was away again today. you know everytime this arguing starts, it takes our minds off of what we’re really here for, the girls. all this arguing and in the meantime were aren’t getting anything done for the girls. I am not a s**t starter and I think we could get things better accomplished if we just stick to the reason we are all here. i agree that whatever is said on facebook should stay on facebook. I personally do not like the IP tracing either, although I really dont care if anyone on here knows who i am but the IP tracing seems like an underhanded way for someone to find out who you are and where you. if you want to know who I am and where I am then just come out and ask me. thats kind of how I see it. and like Ahlou, i will not do anything illegal. i will not be at the march. i would love to be there but it is the Halloween Party at my mom’s nursing home and i would not miss it because mom is dying with breast cancer in both breast and i do not know how much longer she will be here. i also take care of my hubby who is handicapped from a stroke and in a wheelchair. But l will be there at the march with ya’ll in spirit and thinking of ya’ll. also just know that i am here for Mike, Brittany and all the other family members of the girls. I get as much i can get done for them on my lap top. i have written countless emails and will so whatever I physically can to help out. so please lets not be calling names and lets all get along and concentrate on our girls, who need us to continue our fight for justice for them!

    • Hi curvy ~

      About the IP stuff, the FB email and Popeye’s name being drug into the hoopla…….I have no idea what is going on with that. It seems every time I’m tied up with personal matters and cannot monitor the blog closely, all hell breaks loose. You all know my stance regarding IP’s and I’m not going to reiterate it again.

      I will say that I personally have not provided Popeye’s IP, name, or email address to ANYONE. He has been posting here for a couple of months now and has never made a derogatory remark about any family member. He has provided us with a good deal of background information about Jennings/JDP in general and has filled in the blanks at times when certain names have been mentioned. He also has never made a derogatory remark about victim family members in any of his correspondence with me personally.

      I would prefer that personal disputes be “handled” behind the scenes in the future and not HERE!!! This is not the arena for it and personally, I find it degrades the site.

      • Thank you. If any of you were in the chatroom, I was there for a little while with a picture of myself in the profile. I know one of you recognized me. She grew up/lived on Ella street when Tracee was little. (Later on Tracee lived on West Division.) She even knew who my neighbors were on either side of me. I’m not a bad person, I am human like the rest of you though. Time to tend to supper. Be back in a few.

        • well popeye i leave behind tracee for a couple of years if i remember right i think the house was white cause tracee stayed in the 2 story green house on corner of west div. and hobart

  329. curvycat, you got your hands full. Bless you!

  330. Whoever is responsible for posting pictures and getting stories done about individual victims…..keep it up.

    Seeing pictures of the victims as children makes those that never personally knew the victims, think of them in a different way. It is human nature and it was a great idea. Do it for each girl. Make the general public feel like they knew them even if they did not!

    You look at a picture of a little girl praying and you are reminded of have fragile life can be……

    Things like that stick in the viewer’s minds……and that is what we want.

  331. hi all this is for the killer i know they are reading this why you dont go after someone that is not gonna take your drugs im a girl yes so let me know i will meet you in the country r even in town we will se who is the better person im not scared off your sorry ass and your friends that are doing the killing i know u in here someweres so stand up and confest you sorry f–ker u ony pray on these girl couse u know how to do it they have familys to not just you so speek up couse if someone on the street gets you first u gonna sufffer like you did to our girl i know if it was me th=at fids u i would make you a lot off pain u gonna want me to kill u fast but no i will cut @ dice you make u think off the pain you put the famils though u need help stand up and confest u sorry ass

    • ok now that was a mouth full. omg i can not beleive u just said all that omg i am omg lost for words.

  332. yes i agree the arguing was uncalled for.. popeye-you hang in there. and about the newspaper, the only way i have to read it is through the website.. news comes several days later.. lol! its kinda like= somebody died and if you want to know who and when please subscribe… lol just kidding there is always a full obit but a couple of days late. so much for being able to send flowers.

  333. I would like to purchase one of the t-shirts if there are still some left.

  334. Just call me at 7740267.


    • michael ~

      Needless to say, I was extremely annoyed when I got the news that Fox would not be covering the JDP murders. I’ve been mulling it over for a few days now and have yet to come up with a realistic understanding of just how not only national media cover, but ANY media coverage, could be a hindrance to the investigation.

      While media coverage may not result in the cases being solved; it could be an asset as far as “turning up the heat” on the perp(s)…….that is if they even watch or read what is being said about the cases. No doubt they realize the seriousness of what they’ve done but seeing the story getting out there more and more and becoming more widespread might possibly cause them to be more aware that an increasing number of people are on the lookout for them. I think persistent and widespread coverage will cause more pressure for them, make them more nervous and I believe that the more nervous they become the greater the chance of them making mistakes which could be crucial in the investigation.

      I certainly wish that Ricky Edwards or someone else from the task force would explain to the public their reasoning that media coverage is harmful to the investigation because I just don’t get it.

      • Someone that has connections reached Fox News and they agreed to reschedule the Geraldo segment. The contact was a general manager of broadcasting for Fox News and stated specifically that the FBI, or anyone will not tell them what to broadcast.

  336. yes mike i agree, the dad wanted to do a publicity stunt and got exactly what he wanted- publicity.
    but keep your chin up and keep moving forward! it will come i know!!!

  337. KITKAT I have you in my thoughts and prayers…I am waiting along with you for your results Darlin’…. I hope you can feel my presence, and my love……

  338. Hi guys,waiting patiently by the phone.I am giving them until 1:00,and then I am going to call.I hate Drs.

    • kitkat- im getting positive vibes and i feel the news will be good! just let us all know k?

  339. Almost sure I was curious about something.If you are from around that area,where the girls were found.Would that be considered Jennings or LakeArthur?I know its in between but I didnt know if there was a name of a small town in between Jennings and LakeArthur.

    • hi kitkat- that area between jennings and lake arthur really doesnt have a name but a little to the east is andrus cove and the area that is west more south of welsh is considered bayou chene someone please correct me if im wrong i may have left something out.. i havent been in the area for awhile if im not mistaken the area where ernestine was found is andrus cove.. again i may be wrong

  340. Thanks almostsure,my husband and I took a ride yesterday on his bike it was so pretty outside and I wanted to see where the girls were found.My gosh that area is so desolate I can see why the murderer picked these spots.There is nothing out there but fields and homes every so often.Those poor women ,such horrific deaths and such a lonely area.

  341. yes it is very lonely there and very sad that it happened that way..

  342. Hi SP Thank you for caring and almostsure.The reason I am so scared is that I got implants 3 years ago,and now I do not know how long this lump has been there,the implants could have been hiding it.I never felt the lump before but the lady that did the ultrasound friday told me where it was and you kind of have to move the implant around and then you can feel it.It is not small.Thats what I get for being vain.Now I regret getting implants.

  343. kitkat – the rain is coming down really hard so i am working from home today, so i will be glad to wait this out with you.. i just said a special prayer..

  344. Thankyou Almostsure will let yall know as soon as the phone rings.

  345. Good Morning!

    First, KitKat: The kids and I prayed for you before bed last night. I have actually been in pretty much the same situation and my heart goes out to you. Please keep us updated.

    Also, WE ARE LEGAL!!! We just received a permit from the City of Jennings for our March on October 30, 2009. Chief Lassiter gave it his blessing as soon as we made the request. So, I hope to see all of you there! We’ll begin at Founder’s Park at Noon and proceed to the JDP courthouse. If you’d like to make signs (respectful of course) and bring them, feel free to do so.

    Whew! That’s a huge weight lifted…now I can stop being so crabby…LOL!

  346. great news nicki!!!

  347. KITKAT I’m with you…Keep the faith, as far as the implants “you go girl”!!!!

  348. sp- lol love that statement i considered getting them myself but feared it would hurt when i walk because they would bang up against my knees! sorry just a little comic relief!! 🙂

  349. everyone that has emailed me, thank you, its nice to knoe i am not alone in this fight. i have been busy but i have receievd and read your emails and resopnd as soon asi can, kitkat i am praying for you,THE MARCH IS ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!

  350. My Dr. just called I have a mass near my lymph nodes,I have and appointment with a surgeon on NOV.11.OK gals truthfully this does not sound good?Am I right? Congrulations on the march

  351. Thanks for the prayers Nicki.

  352. KITKAT A mass is a MASS UNTIL it is determined to be something else.!!! You are so LUCKY to find this now and get it taken care of before Thanksgiving! We will all be celebrating BY Thanksgiving BECAUSE you will have this BEHIND you, and you will have so much to be thankful for. Right now the wait until you get this MASS out will become your stress. BUT you are NOT alone DEAR KIT…You have a whole army of people who are standing right next to you.. Please take a deep breath and gear up with questions for your surgeon. He can give you facts to relieve your mind. WE ARE HERE FOR YOU KIT!!!!

  353. Thankyou SP,your right,I am not going to devistate myself just yet,but when he said lymph nodes,that scared me.

    • kitkat- everything that sp has said is correct a mass is still inconclusive, a mass can still be and probably is benign.. just keep the positive attitude! you’ll be fine sweetie 🙂

  354. KitKat……biopsy or lumpectomy at this point?


      • hey umm have not seen u in awhile how r u doing

        • good thank you and how have you been..i had to catch up on lots of stuff going on..glad they found those girls and the guy …jezz at least people are paying attention when someone goes missing..makes me proud to be on here

  355. Sorry KIT..I saw that this would be your first appt. with surgeon.

    Do you know the surgeon?
    The mass could be benign and even if not, could be contained.
    Worse case scenario…get aggressive fast as soon as possible.
    Remember that women have lumps all the time and many are not cancer. Those that are and are caught early have a great prognosis….

    Your surgeon (make sure he is good) may biopsy it and wait for the results while you are asleep. You can talk to him before about what to do, depending on what those results say.

    Keep the faith and take it one step at a time….

  356. I dont know Darkstar I guess the surgeon will make that call? I would guess biopsy,they will have to test it for cancer.The Dr. did not tell me crap.But a mass I dont know what that is?CSI stuff I love ,cancer stuff,lumps cysts dont love.I wish he would have said cyst.Mass just sounds dark and scary.Make sense?

  357. Does anyone know any good websites for this?You know breast stuff,this is not the forum for that.I wish we still had that blog for untopic stuff so I could still talk to yall,because I know this site is about murder not cancer.

  358. mass: this is 2 definitions

    a body of coherent matter, usually of indefinite shape and often of considerable size: a mass of dough.
    2. a collection of incoherent particles, parts, or objects regarded as forming one body: a mass of sand.

  359. you can get the info by googling different topics regarding breast ie.. lymph nodes, benign masses in the breast etc..

  360. KITKAT Of course you are scared… Whenever we don’t know what is happening we can get petrified BUT that doesn’t get us anywhere. Someone told me that 90% of everything you will ever worry about in life NEVER comes to pass..I thought that was interesting considering I USE TO worry about everything. I had an accident at work and broke my neck. It took 3 years for workers comp to get me an MRI in the mean time I was in excruciating pain. The work comp Dr.s just keep feeding me pain pills and ignoring my pleas. I was sooo stressed I had a heart attack over it. because,I lacked the faith to believe that this would all be fine. After 2 heart surgeries because of that I got the MRI and guess what??? MY neck was broken and bone fragments were on my spinal cord. Well, after slitting my throat open from the front and putting in a metal plate and screwing it into my spinal column, here I am. I am telling you this because sometimes shit happens. BUT you will be fine, You are strong and good and you will be fine KIT. YOU will be fine. Please KEEP THE FAITH AND REMEMBER THAT GOD WILL COMFORT YOU IN YOUR NEED. Repeat after me “I WILL BE FINE”!!! GOD will protect you, if HE helped me, He will certainly help you. AND you can take that to the bank…

  361. To Darkstar my surgeon is going to be Dr.Paul Breaux in Lafayette.I hear he is good.My gosh SP had know idea you went through all that,I am so sorry .You are quite the inspiration .I hope that you are ok now.And no more talk about my lump ,I know this is not the place.But I will be ringing yalls ears with it a couple days before I have to go to the surgeon.They can take the lump or mass out ,they can remove my implant,but one thing I will not do is CHEMO,unless I can find some really good pot which I have not done since highschool and I did not like it,but they say it does wonders for nausea.Yes I said it,I hope the cops are reading,and I do not care if they can have perfectly legal marajuana in CA.then they should have it in all states.

  362. yes, GOD has brought everyone through many frightening times in our lives.. keep the faith!!

  363. For medicinal purposes only,should have included that .They can keep crack houses open and let a killer run rampant but it would be my luck they probaly arrest me.

  364. Someone that has contacts with Fox News spoke with the broadcasting general manager and they’ve agreed to reschedule the Geraldo segment after Geraldo himself received a message that it was canceled. They stated that the FBI or anyone else will not dictate to them what to broadcast.

    • oh thank GOD- yea!!!! thanks fred!

    • Hey Fred,if this is for real wonder if MD knows anything about the re scheduling of the Geraldo interview.

    • Thanks for that promising update Fred!!! Geraldo is an attorney as well as a reporter and journalist. I’m glad to know he will exercise his First Amendment right………Freedom of the Press!!!
      “Suspicion solves crimes……not taking a positive attitude”.
      ~ SuziQ (Websleuths) ~

      Please post “off topic” comments and discussion here. Thanks.

      • G8-Do you think that the rescheduling of Geraldo interview is for real? I find it strange that “Fred” had two almost exactly identicial posts only minutes apart this afternoon.Call me skepical, but I will not believe it until there is an offical confirmation.

        • ea……..I’m not 100% positive no. I am trying to verify it though.
          “Suspicion solves crimes……not taking a positive attitude”.
          ~ SuziQ (Websleuths) ~

          Please post “off topic” comments and discussion here. Thanks.

  365. kitkat- you know im not your garden variety pothead but i feel it should be legalized, the only reason it has not been legal is because the gov. cannot regulate it.. i have been a close witness to the calming effects of it.
    it does wonders in someone’s dire time of need. im sure i will catch alot of flack from saying this..but i dont care this is my opinion..

  366. KITKAT YOu talk about that lump all you want baby! Talking about it is good for you. The only reason I told you about what happened with me is to show how flawed I was at that time.. a real lack of faith on my part but I’m back on track now, KIT on the rare chance you have to do chemo I would be honored to smoke a “DOOBIE” with ya LOL….

  367. SP….I admire your attitude. Being positive can be contagious and so can being negative!

  368. KITKAT By the way rumor has it that LE has the best “POT” You don’t know anyone in LE do you??LMAO

  369. Fred that is awesome thank you for the news!!!

    KIT…talk about it all you want or don’t want! Everything will be OK, glad your doc is good, the approach to this is important as well as the attitude!

  370. I know almostsure its true.I watched my aunt die with breast cancer and it was the chemo that killed her.The marajuana has calming effects on these patients and helps them to be able to eat and not throw up so much.In the state of CA. medicinal marajuana is now legal.And it should be statewide.Its so stupid alcohol makes some people crazier than pot.And truthfully I do not smoke it and would not know where to find it,but if I do have cancer and have to go through Chemo,I promise you if there is something out there that helps with the nausea I will find some.

  371. well kitkat if you have trouble finding it i think SP had a good lead! so next time you see one of jennings finest just say “PUFF,PUFF, PASS” LOL

  372. No SP I dont know anyone except my 15 year olds friends stepdad is a detective with the Lafayette police dept.He came one afternoon to drop his stepson off at my house,and I have talked to him before and he seemed real nice,so I decided to ask his opinion about the murders in Jennings.Well he looked at me like I was crazy and told me he had no opinion on that.I guess they do stick with their own.

    • Boy…didn’t you want to say…well why the hell not?!

      Sounds pretty uncool to me. He could have at least said something in general like….I hear they really want to solve it or I don’t know a whole lot about it……..something!

  373. Good news………I hope LOL. I started another companion blog to the jdpkiller blog. I believe this may be the ticket for handling Off-Topic comments and allow everyone here to engage in whatever discussions they would like that don’t relate to the murder cases.

    The link is and I made the first post there already so it’s ready and waiting for the first comment :). There is also a permanent link to that site listed under LINKS on the top left-hand side of this page.

    KITKAT…….I am so sorry to hear about your recent medical news and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Hopefully, the results will come back with good news. I know you need all the support you can garner right now.

    • hey g8- i went there and it would not acknowledge my email dont know what im doing wrong

      • Hmmmm……not sure why not. KIT and I have posted there already. Can someone else reading here try it and see if their comment goes through. I will be away for a few hours but will check on it further when I get back.

  374. KITKAT Don’t worry Kit if it ever comes to that you have friends who will help you in any way they can…..

  375. Ok I am not doubting Fred by any means but has anyone else heard anything about the Geraldo interview being rescheduled????

    I have been a good girl and held my tongue for a while now but lol I am really curious about that…

    KITKAT… Hang in there girl…. I will put you in my prayers and thoughts while you are going through this… I support the “save the tata’s” compaign in anyway that I can. But your health and well being and peace of mind are of upmost importance… So Darlin…. Take care of you in everyway possible right now…

  376. hello everyone kit sorry to hear the news but you will be okay i will keep you in my prayers along with everyone else it will be fine dont give up with all the prayers you will be oky i know its scary right now but at least you know we are with you god bless you kit kat

  377. Hi all. I saw this on Kplc tonite and thought I’d share it with ya’ll! LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) – There’s increasing frustration among concerned citizens and family members seeking justice for eight women from Jeff Davis Parish–women whose mysterious deaths since 2005 remain unsolved. But Jeff Davis Sheriff Ricky Edwards says they multi-agency task force is making progress.”We have utilized new technology both in the field and in the lab and I think that we’re making progress.  We don’t have and answer yet and we will continue to work for the resolution of these homicides.”

    Edited by G8trgirl: Comment snipped to avoid copyright violation. Here is the link to the KPLC article in it’s entirety.

    • he admitted to all of that cause he knows we will not stop with the national media and omg it is about time he agrees with us on some stuff any way

    • curvy ~ thanks for giving us the heads up on the article and video. I did snip your original post just to be on the safe side. I will post permanent links to both under the NEWS and VIDEO sections of the blog as well.

    • I tried posting earlier but the rain knocked me off. I’m glad he gave any kind of interview and update. Don’t understand why he keep talking about gossip and rumors since that’s about all many talk about in stores, telephone, diners, on porches, etc..

      • I agree and want to give credit where credit’s due. At least he’s talking a little more…….that’s a step in the right direction. I’m hopeful about them using the new technology he mentioned. He also didn’t entirely diss the blog this time and even admitted it could be useful. Although from an investigative standpoint…..I wouldn’t rely much on a public forum for vital clues. A public forum may be useful though when looking at the cases from different angles LE may not have considered. We do attempt to keep the rumors down, and quickly squashed here……I hope you realize that RE (if you read here ;)). The rumors and speculation were “flying” LONG before this blog came into existence. Also RE, if anyone here happens to come upon, or receive, vital information about any of the cases…… be be ASSURED it will be reported to LE immediately.
        “Suspicion solves crimes……not taking a positive attitude”.
        ~ SuziQ (Websleuths) ~

        Please post “off topic” comments and discussion here. Thanks.

  378. ok i am out of here for the night. i eat to much when i just sit here and read and read some more. my head hurts.

    • Ice cream…………….Take care and try a little caffeine. It gets blood flowing past constrictions that cause headaches.

      • omg lol i just fix me a bowl of ice cream and sat down to read some more and u posted omg
        ok who is claudette

        • Claudette, Fay, Claude, James, lived behind Tracee in a white house facing Hobart st.

          • i know who they r i think i remember them r they still in jennings. i have not heard anything about them in a long time. but i think u r talking about a different house than i stayed in

          • what about you know them..i would love to hug them all right now..did you know that james commited suicide last month..if you see them give em all a hug bet they would love it..

  379. It’s so quiet on here, I can hear the doves calling in the silence.

  380. I saw the interview on KPLC as well. Edwards seems to be leaning to a real serial killer. Someone who gets your hinkey meter on overload. He pleas for people who had their hinkey meter going off and possible abductions that were thwarted to call the task force or the FBI.

    Honestly. this has been my thinking all along. Not saying the serial couldn’t be LE but I think it is someone who flies below the radar. As scummy as some of the people are that have been mentioned….don’t think it is that obvious. JMO, of course.

    • cp, whats a hinkey meter? I think you are right about below the radar. In the beginning they were pulling people all over the place at one time I’ll bet there was at least almost 200 from southside. I’ve heard many gave dna but I can’t verify so call it unconfirmed but possible.

  381. Wow…..KPLC has a picture of the billboard several people here have mentioned seeing. There’s a fairly large reward being offered. Here is the link to the video which shows the rotating pictures of the girls. I think this is pretty awesome!!! The video also includes an interview with Ricky Edwards. I will post a permanent link to the video under the VIDEO tab.
    “Suspicion solves crimes……not taking a positive attitude”.
    ~ SuziQ (Websleuths) ~

    Please post “off topic” comments and discussion here. Thanks.

    • the billboard has all the girls on it. it change from one to the other i seen it today and the award is $85000 that is great also

      • There is another billboard just past Iowa. If you heading East, pass over the over pass (Alexandria Exit) look to your left, it is the second billboard. It does not change pictures, it has all of them and $85,000.00 Reward real big.

  382. Is it just me or does it strike anyone else STRANGE that RIGHT after Nicki, Michael, and the blog folks decide to MARCH on the court house to demand ANSWERS the tv station runs a program that has Ricky Edwards NOW acknowledging the family’s frustrations AND that the sheriffs dept. FINALLY feels they are making progress and NOW welcome OUTSIDE help… What am I missing here??????? NIcki, Micheal, can you clarify this for me?

    • Serial ~ I think this may be pre-recorded footage, prior to the Geraldo cancellation, that KPLC plans to include in the Wednesday night special they’re airing.
      “Suspicion solves crimes……not taking a positive attitude”.
      ~ SuziQ (Websleuths) ~

      Please post “off topic” comments and discussion here. Thanks.

  383. They are going to run this program later this week aren’t they?

    • wed. night at 7pm on channel 7 and it is funny that ricky only speaks to the news when something is done on here

  384. Yep, that’s the same billboard as the one I saw on McNeese in Lake Charles. Wow I bet one like that costs pretty penneys. I wonder who paid for it? The JDSO? That’s hard to believe!

    • i think i heard the one in lake charles was nicole family that put that one up but dont quote me on it. i think the JDSO is gonna help pay for half and DA for the other half to put another one up someone closer to jennings but dont QUOTE me on that either

  385. Hey KitKat, if ur still on here tonight, girl I am praying for u. Please don’t worry about talking about ur troubles on here. I am going thru breast cancer with my 79 year.old mother who has it in both breast and weighs only 86 her doctor advised us against any treatments because of her age and health. But your mass may not even be cancerous so don’t worry too much girfriend. A positive attitude will bring you a long ways. I have leaned that since taking care of my stroke stricken husband of six yrs. Faith will carry you thru girl. Please let us know what’s happening with you. We all care!

  386. curvycat This is a stupid question I know… BUT did you ever hear back from Steven Seagal??? I assume he must have received a call to cease and desist……Local LE strike again LOL

  387. Nope SP, I never heard from Mr. Seagal again. I’m supposing the LE got to him and changed his mind to help us! No surprise, huh?

  388. Has anyone else heard anything about the Geraldo show? If this is true then what will the March before, since the March was because the Geraldo show was canceled? So is it going to be Mike and Kirk again on the show? Come on Fred tell us more you can’t just come on here and drop info like that and run we need more info.

  389. yes i read it on here

  390. KPLC is running their hot topic blog this early AM. “Do you think the Task Force is making progress?” Any one up this early and want to express their opinion?

  391. i just checked and they have something about video on bus’s listed but if you click it will take you to the one on JDP

  392. no i dont i think they know who is the killers and thy dont want to say couse it is one off them i think

  393. sorry i do think they knoe who is the killer

  394. do u have a link to it dis

  395. thanks i watch tv 10 but i went see it u trom here r out offf town

  396. LMFAOROF!!!! This hot topic blog may get yanked faster then Geraldo! The law and Ricky ain’t gonna be pleased with the comments so far! Now to clean up the spilled coffee that came outta my nose when I was reading and choking …..

    • dis-cuss-ted, I just readit as well and posted and coffee did not come out of my nose but i am trying to get the address at the le places of buisness so ican send them some tissue!!!lol i wonder do they have the power to shut down kplctv?lol

  397. dis u from jennings

    • I’m close enough that this effects me, but far enough away that I can have my say and see what is going on with open eyes.

  398. Christi, you might want instead to send depends and some Preparation H. I think I hear hemorrhoids blowing out!
    and the comments continue to be added on KPLC……………………..

    • dis-cuss-ted I have sent my story to nancy, oprah,anderson cooper, geraldo,lee peck,cynthia arceneaux, theresa schmit, and i just got todays paper and i am going to try to contact the as well, they ran a great article today abut getting answers for the families and a special thanks to mike and the rest of the group your courage continues to give me courage and keeping all of you in my prayers! I will pick up those items on my way to jennings friday! SHOULD I GET EXTRA LARGE?

      • Chrisi! Keep moving and shaking. Never forget that an avalanche is started by one small snowball!


  400. Chrisi, I think I would get X-large and Xtra absorbent! after reading the rest of the comments I think they are really going to need them. Might check before coming to Jennings as this one may be out by now LMAO!!!!
    I wonder which ones they will read on KPLC new today??

  401. christi- maybe they are busy online reading the blog!!

  402. KPLC blog is getting very interesting! I can only imagine what Ricky Edwards is thinking right about now……..

  403. goodmorning well things are moving the presser is thanks to all keep it up havnt been on been passing flyers out as you all know got the permit for fri it was named voices for jeff davis eight

  404. morn christi


  405. Morning everyone. I just luv the responses on kplc hot topic today. I betca the sheriff and LE aint too happy right about now, tho! just too good!

  406. Michael can you tell of if there is any truth to the rescheduling of the Geraldo interview???

  407. But what’s the deal with Sarah and why is she defending LE? I can’t understand that.


    • I am not defending anyone. But I will not give up on the only hope that I have right now and that is that everyone is doing everything they can.
      I have no reason to defend anyone.

      • As much as media coverage in these cases should be there. Everyone need to think about supporting the families as much as they can. I know what is going on in our parish I’m not a child and I am not stupid, But curruption has always been in louisiana and always will. Just like the drugs on the streets, It just keeps growing and growing. And this is not the only place it happens. But there are good people on this case And I will support them.
        I have to keep the hope and faith alive that is how I get through each day.
        Instead of your march, why not a non public gathering of the families that is not advetised to media so we can support each other. I am praying that one day we can all reach out to each other without media are the public involment. As I have stated many times my daughter is at peace. When will we have a little of the same????

        • I disagree with the “corruption has always been in Louisiana and always will. ” part of your post. It is up to “We The People” to run these corrupt officials out of office. It is true there are a VERY SELECT few honest LE, problem is they have corrupt and inept bosses.

          • Than go back in history and prove me wrong.

          • History does NOT have to repeat itself ya know WE can effect Change if WE work together to make it possible. I meant that we can write the next chapter in history by hard-work and diligence.

          • you can say what you want but there will always be curruption.

          • I think you are dreaming this is the real world.

          • mysterious, While I truly sympathize with you and your lost, I think your depending on LE to actually move and shake without a fire lit under their azz may be misplaced. I remember the day with the finding of the first body. It barely made a ripple. Then the second was found. still no leads and so what, it was a “high risk life style” that got her killed. and with each girl lost, the same thing was repeated over and over. one column on one day of the news, short and sweet. and we lost more…
            it wasn’t til a 17 year old came up missing, and even then the wild goose chase ensued with LE stating that she was a run away and they were looking for her in tx. After that people started to take a stand! Voices were heard! We have lost 7 by being quiet and letting them do their jobs….with no leads, no DNA, no press conferences, very little contact with families. It wasn’t until the “heat” got turned up with media and people taking a stand and saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH that things are progressing. The bill board? say thank you to people who will not let it rest. The interviews and newspaper? say thank you to the people who will not be quiet. The reward for info? Again, you know who to thank. AND! let us not forget this blog! forever a thorn in LE’s side, yet even Ricky and the PI’s have said it has been useful……hmmm, and who do we thank besides g8ter? People who have not let it rest!
            As long as we stand united in solving ALL these crimes,and keep pushing for answers these deaths will not be swept away! If we shut down and shut up, we are doomed from the start and it will dissolve as surly as poop on the drive in a rainstorm


          • cant believe all this that I am reading tonight. When did this blog take such a turn. It really makes me sad to think that a blog that was created to help has seen the ugliness that it did. Bottom line, we all want justice. Please dont forget that.

          • This is weighing heavily on me right now. I am experiencing a pretty wide range of emotions. It’s getting to the point of deciding if it’s worth the upheaval it’s causing the families of the victims. I would rather shut it down than cause more heartache to them.

          • This is weighing heavily on me right now. I am experiencing a pretty wide range of emotions. It’s getting to the point of deciding if it’s worth the upheaval it’s causing the families of the victims. I would rather shut it down than cause more heartache to them.
            “Suspicion solves crimes……not taking a positive attitude”.
            ~ SuziQ (Websleuths) ~

          • completely biased here grt8girl – you are doing the right thing. I knew it from the second I saw the blog site I knew where your heart was. You have come so far and we are better because of it. As a mother of 3 girls I applaud your drive. These girls deserve what we are attempting to do. Sit back, breath and lets move on

          • im sorry g8 girl that you work so hard and you feel like this. idont have a clue what is going on but i see the victims family upset and g8 so can we all try to think about that before we post, their feelings, and getting justice for these ladies are way are way more important than any stupid vendtta or argument or whatever!!!!!!!! whether i disagree with anything thats said on here and i do some things i try to think of what the other person may feel, think or be going through and leave it at that!!!!

          • G8, I’m with you but think about it did not start as a quest for justice for one or two families you/we started at seven. I know the families of one or two are the outspoken ones but what of the other familes who does not have computers or just hope this blog will make a difference.

            Look at how far you having this blog came until the last few threads.

            Please folks take your differences elsewhere. You are not the only one or two families involved as a matter of fact it is the whole of JDP that is hurting. We have a person who is trying why or would we make it a family affair. Please stop the family bickering.

          • That being said by the one who just pointed a wicked and callous finger at a woman whose given blood sweat and tears for this and now, with her father dying. I agree, but if you’d like to get the message across then please practice what you preach.

          • oh shick! here it comes!

          • 🙂

          • yes, i will sleep in peace thanks but i must say it has been a day! at work AND on the blog!!!

          • Where do you work so I can go over there early and wake you up, lol. Just kidding. I can relate.

          • well ahlou that sounds like a great idea, but i live far away, and im in property management… our property is up for refinancing and the mortgage co. wants reports turned over.. plus we have cosmetic upgrades to make but i’ll get it done and STILL FIND TIME FOR THE BLOG! 🙂

          • Please I don’t wont to cause more problems but you must be kidding. Until a thread ago after MeChon started Cease the Fire had never heard of the person you claim gave blood sweat and tears. What blood, what sweat. My parents died not so long ago so don’t use that I know hurt, most of us do. Of course death is a sad experience and we all fell for the family members left.

            What blood, sweat and tears was used before MeChon please stop the drama as someone points out from time to time.

          • OMG, you really don’t know her story do you? It’s not my place, but you should really find out what she has been through and done for this community.

            And about your take on death, you use your murdered child in posts quite often and no one disrespects you. Maybe you should think about showing the same decency as others have shown you.

          • I know pre her own words she got fired from JDN and can tell she got fired/removed from CTFiJD. I know everyone else are the bad guys.

          • No she did not get fired from JDN. She left to care for her father. She also did not get removed from Cease Fire. She left that group to start J4JD. You really aren’t helping yourself here. I think you need to school yourself before you open your mouth. You’re beginning to reflect badly on yourself.

            I’m going to bed now. Goodnight all.

          • But seriously, WE REALLY DON”T care to hear anymore about her.

          • who are you talking off her

          • ok, not street smart here and i never heard the term jonesing before. i still say FR is one hell of a sick-O! of all the nerve he had to say the things he said. what does he think he is, some kinda damn stud? i wouldnt sleep with him if he was the last man on earth!!!!!!!!!!

          • you go girl i fill the same not even let my dog lol

          • Catch: We really do not care about her story. The only story we care about is the one of the 8 woman who were murdered and there case is still unsolved to this day. We are here for them and we are NOT here to learn all about Nicki. If you want to tell someone about her and her story then make a blog and name it Nicki and her story we don’t care about it on here this blog is only about LORRETTA, ERENSTINE, KRISTEN, WHITNEI, MUGGY, CRYSTAL, BRITTNEY, & NECOLE.

          • g8, neither you nor the site has caused any heartache to anyone. The problems are caused by small minded people with too much time on their hands. Your management of the site has helped a great deal and it would be a huge loss if the site were taken down.

          • g8 im with ignite

          • hi inspired, i dont know what happen, but i hope your doing well, best wishes!

        • My point is until the families unite to support each other. How do we expect others to support us.

          • United we are stong.

          • sorry strong””””””””””””

          • I remember someone else who had a dream, and …..
            I live in this real world as well my dear, and I know it is up to us to DO something about the things that are wrong. It is the cause that requires support NOT the individuals.

          • I suggest you climb under a rock somewhere and not return.You are wrong this is not about the cause the indivisual family members are greiving And I know you are going to say so is the community. I think this is more about healing and justice for the families.
            Take a nap and keep dreaming!!!!
            So the cause needs support not the indivisuals.
            MY concern is for the indivisual families and I will support them wheather by a hur or prayer, even if it making sure they have hot water in their home. I will not comment on this any more its useless. I don’t even know who you are and don’t care.

          • Its a good thing You are not in power as you would surely sweep me under the rug as My view differs from yours. Hmm yet you criticize others for being corrupt. Do I sense a bit of hypocrisy here? You have lost and for that I am truly sorry. However if WE don’t stand up and effect change WHO WILL?

          • You need everyone to pull together to effect change and it seems you are the only one pulling in a different direction. How does that help the Group? There is no I in teamwork!

          • if we don’t continue our fight in the best way WE know how, then how many other mothers are going to grieve? How many other children will be without moms? We who are adding our voices to the fight for justice are doing what we can in the best way we know. We have seen what silence has cost us. Will we make some mis-steps and mistakes? I’m sure we will. WE are untrained and working with no fancy equipment, but our minds and voices. And who knows how many lives have been spared by us speaking out????

        • Mysterious-Sorry for your loss. You will be sadly disappointed of your faith in the “good people” of LE. I rarely post and just started reading this blog a few days ago. I belong to a non profit group located in Texas now but was raised in Jennings and attended school until I was a freshman. Reading back I remember seeing where someone posted that faith without works is dead and that is in the bible. You want the families to unite and that’s nice but you will not get the families to believe like you believe. You have alot of faith in LE and you will be sadly disappointed. The other families will not have the same beliefs as you and will not place their faith in others as you do. There is no LE, no PI, no blog, no website, no prayer, no anything that will solve this case for at least another 20 years. You and the other families have different beliefs and until everyone meets half way even if everyone can’t agree then there won’t be any closure of grief, no closure of what has happened to your children. I am a christian and have strong beliefs and 20 years you will still have faith in a system that is not working, still praying without works, still separated from most of the other families with your own beliefs in the “good people” working on this case. I am not being derogatory towards you or your beliefs. I do think that you are being unrealistic in your goals. 20 years later please remember this post, remember the system and the “good people” you put your faith in, remember your lack of work because faith alone is not enough. God works in mysterious ways and through other people and how do you know that he’s not working through the media to help the families? How do you know that those that you put your faith in are not the false prophets that HE speaks of in the bible? Most of the other families will not share in your beliefs and they will not trust or have faith in the same “good people” on this case. No way 8 families will agree so it will never come together. You want to know about faith? You want to know what its like to trust those “good people?” Speak to Pam Kinnomore from Baton Rouge and she will tell you about pain and trusting those “good people” and what she did to close her grief. Remember this post 20 years from now and this case is still going and the grief never ending.

  408. I second that Christi and hugs to all of u!


    • i hate to hear that your mom is scare for u. but let her know that u have lots of friends here and we want let no one hurt u. i dont think the LE is that crazy that got to much heat on them right now. hold your head up high my is so high my neck hurts lol but any way hold it up high with a big smile on your face and dont let them know u r scare let them know u r going to give them a fight of a live time

  410. ok it must be the weather that is bring the bad out of us today. o well lets let them have it


  412. Christi, you are so brave. And we are so proud of u. You are doing the right thing girlfriend. Hang in there. Lots of people have your back. they can’t do anything to u for telling the truth. ur gonna be just fine.


      • B-beautiful
        yes, Christi, I’d say your are that and more!

  413. Oh Sarah, I am so sorry. I did not mean to offend u. I just thought maybe you knew something more from LE than they werent telling the public and that’s why u were saying that! Lordy, does that make any sense? Hmmmm, I’m having one of those crazy days!

  414. I will begin with a hello to all, That includes you nosy cover-up artists in JDPLE, as we all know you are watching this blog!

    Know that I also support each and all of you in this time of great endeavor. it is no doubt a trying time for us all.

  415. Oh Discussted – I luv that one. How orginal! Now. What were we singing last…fa la la la la! Maybe we should sing some xmas songs! Oh wait…its too early for that. Besides I don’t sing too well anyway. LOL I think I better stick to writting. I do that a lot better. So changing the subject…Mike, what’s up with this Geraldo interview now?

  416. BTW I am the Better half of Dis-cuss-ted

  417. Hello integruty and welcome to the “non-believers”, well that is non-believers in LE!!!

  418. well i am out of here for a couple of hours time to do house work see yall tonight

  419. Typo in my name lol fa la la la
    Just wanted to drop a note and say that you have more support in the wings than you know of folks Keep Up the Good Work!

  420. Ok, well if integruty is discussted’s better half, are you guys sharing a computer or what? LoL

  421. Yea, this has been fun and although I hate to run (I’m rhyming) I gotta go to Piggly’s cuz we need groceries bad. We aint got a good thing to eat in this house cuz I hate to grocery shop and I just keep putting it off. Catch ya’ll later!

  422. To all I am tired I will not be returning here for any future comments. I guess I am trying to express my feelings and concerns,But yours is better than mine, so go ahead and continue what you are trying to do . I hope it somehow works out.
    My true concerns or for my family and the other family members I have come to love with all my heart.
    My greatest concern if for the children of the victims May their lives be filled with hope and love.

    • It is sad that you feel you must leave because we choose to act in order to save the life of the NEXT VICTIM instead of wallow in self pitty.

      • Self pitty!!!!!excuse me I don’t need your pitty or anyone elses my daughter is at peace that is what means the most to me. And I do not need your comments,
        my child was not a dog she was a human being,
        So you go ahead and wollow somwhere and frankly I dont care where.

        • Uhmm Clearing throat….Lets stop and review why we are are here. To offer support to those who have lost a loved one AND to discuss what we can do to Prevent there being another victim. Even though you have instructed me to go crawl under a rock, I still support you and ALL the families in their loss. I simply disagreed with your implication that things cannot be changed. If that be the case then why do I bother to get up in the morning. Tyranny ended in this country with the signing of the Declaration of Independence. So long as any single one of us continues to work towards change there will continue to be a glimmer of hope that these murders will be solved.

    • Do you believe your beliefs and faith is correct and others are wrong? Do you believe that the community should trust the same people you trust? Your belief may not be the right belief, may not be the wrong belief but may not be the right belief either. Perhaps you are being tested by believing in those you shouldn’t? Take an inner look at yourself and pray with faith.

      • Hi Kym, I think you misread IntegrityLostinJDPLE, take a deep breath and read what that person posted earlier.

        Glad you are here and wondering about 20 years.

  423. I hate to see anyone leave the blog. I feel each of us has a distinct opinion to offer. That is what makes us individuals and as such , gives this blog it’s diversity and opens our minds to everyone’s views. I have always appreciated reading this blog and I will continue to do so. United we stand divided we fall…

    • I agree and if anyone should be here it’s the parents/family of the victims. I understand this is a blog and here for opionions but Intergrity needs to have a little more respect! (talking about self pitty)

      • Read with your head not your heart before you post!. I joined to show my support for those who have lost and to lend a hand in finding a solution so that OTHERS do not have to suffer as well. Tact has never been my strong suit and NEVER will be. I call it as I see it!
        this quoted from above “You are wrong this is not about the cause the indivisual family members are greiving And I know you are going to say so is the community. I think this is more about healing and justice for the families.”
        Tells me that someone needs to see through their pain in order to see the Whole picture!

      • I’m sorry, but if anyone should be here it’s the parents/family of the victims?????? Well I guess that leaves out the founding member, g8ter, and long time members such as myself, Kirk, brownie, and a list way to long…(sorry.I know I didn’t mention a lot of people).
        We must remember, tensions run high on a subject like this, feelings overwhelm, and thoughts often do not lend themselves to type to well. When angered over what was said and how take it to mean, it is sometimes a good choice to step back and breathe.

        • Well coming from the spouse of the one I was stating was disrespectful, I wouldn’t expect anything less of you. I was simply referring to the statement about Mysterious laying in self pity and then Mysterious feeling like she needs to leave. I am not a family member but I like you are here for the same reason and have been reading this blog just as long as the rest of you, just haven’t blogged. To many get their panties in a bunch and disrespect others on here. Quit looking for a reason to attack someone and Stop with the DRAMA, already! We are suppose to be here to UNITE and just b/c you don’t agree with others suggestions doesnt mean you attack them. NONE of us can understand what the parents/family are going through.

  424. mysterious I can’t begin to feel your pain. I can only tell you that from the deepest part of my heart I am so sorry for your loss and I will continue in any way I can to bring closure to you and the other families who have suffered so terribly.

  425. Mysterious you want to focus on pulling the families together, that’s all well and good for you and the families, we all need a good support network to get through trying times. I fail to see how this is relevant to a solution to the Murders. I want to see an END to the murders, I want to see children free to ride their bicycles again. If that is what you call a dream then label me a DREAMER. Same as MLK!

    • Yes we all want a arrest to be made in thease cases. And I hope and pray that one day our community will feel safe. I have stoped and talked to women and children playing along the streets asking them to be safe. I do understand your point it is all about having hope. And that i am sure we all have.

      • mysterious ~

        Yes, we cling to hope, that is why I placed this little picture on the blog early on and I try to remember to at least glance at it everyday. If we don’t maintain hope then what else do we hang on to?

        I realize we need to cling to faith as well, and I am a believer in faith on a spiritual level. I can’t say my faith in local LE is strong at this point, and I know that probably stresses you but, based on their track record up to this point and the stories I’ve read and been told about them, it is difficult for me. Perhaps time will change my way of thinking………I HOPE it does.

        I’m sorry that you feel yourself and, possibly other family members as well, have lost your sense of peace, and maybe privacy. I do hope you understand that the high degree of interest, discussions, and media coverage is not for the wrong reasons though……it is in fact, just the opposite. It is because people DO care about what happened to all the girls and also the ones that were murdered prior to them. There are many, many victims and there are a lot of family, friends and caring public that are seeking answers and justice. We have that right and freedom to ask questions and at some point deserve answers.
        “Suspicion solves crimes……not taking a positive attitude”.
        ~ SuziQ (Websleuths) ~

        Please post “off topic” comments and discussion here. Thanks.

        • I love reading your replys. You always know just what to say. Very respectful and classy!

  426. Hey gals come chat if you get a chance.

  427. Mysterious very sorry for the loss of your loved one.You have great courage.

  428. Well even tho KPLC has the balls to put up a hot topic like they did this morning, they lost their balls when it comes to broadcasting what was said LOL they repeated the same one from Sarah(no offense Sarah) again tonight as they did at noon. I guess since that post is about the only one pro LE and seeing what the general opinion is, I guess KPLC took the safe road …..

  429. discusted Well I must say I am very disappoined in the TV station BUT hardly surprised….. I wish they would interview Arnold Benoit. He could certainly clear up a lot of rumor and then some….

    • If not get himself lost like so much evidence or discredited like others who have come forward. Honestly who does one go to when LE is putting themselves in question by their own actions. I for one support him hiding til the cows home, or at the very least until the corruption is exposed to all!

  430. good afternoon everyone i see there was a little diagreeing going on well mysterious is my aunt an all i can say is maybe she thinks the media is hurting the case idk but corruption yes there is an i think it was way before ricky got in office like i said before he stepped into a hornets nest when he took office i was at the vigil an mc showed up an people had to go meet him an he didnt even stay after the vigil an ricky did an talked to the people im not taking le sides but there is only certain things they can tell the public not to hurt the case i know that they didnt keep in touch with the familys like they should have an i strongly disagree with that 100% an corruption yes an if any one knows i do lets just all stick together as a family i love yall all we will meet one day an yes i will be at the march on friday

    • The media isn’t huring this case. She will believe anything LE says to her and she has made that known at the vigil.

  431. where is ketchum g8 an hi havent heard from you

    • good ? where is ketchum he has not posted in a few days i sure hope everything is alright with him or her

      • Just read this on KPLC Tv website—-FBI agent David Welker will hold a press conference Wed.(tommorrow) at 10:30 am with some of the task force members.Wonder what that is all about? The general public may never know. Hope they don’t try to stop the special being broadcast Wed.night!!!

        • Damage control time. Time to save face as the public is getting FED-UP lol love the pun

  432. wow i read a little this morning before i went to work ..but i think ill get off and read again in the morning,,have a good evening to all

  433. My OH My, moving on.

    Be positive maybe they are coming to take the case over or to finally give us some well needed answers.

    • well now they want to talk after everything people has done to get national attention cause the LE was not giving answer or up dates to no one.

  434. mysterious, baffled, and g8, after reading your posts, i realized that we are all counting on hope no matter where we look for it, that just kind of struck when i read the posts! GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU!

  435. Good Evening everyone,

    I have been keeping up, and there has been a lot of personal stories told lately. I am glad to see you all being so open- Christi, Kit Kat, and others. I send my deepest regards to you all that have had tragedies in your lives. It seems we all have been challenged to grow and become stronger people in one way or the other. It is so sad to hear about the injustices. United we are stronger, and there is much power in prayer. I am glad to join you all in lifting up everyone’s needs in prayer.

    Everyone’s hope and determination touches my heart.

    It was nice to hear from Mr. Beniot as far away as he is, he found his way here! Everything each one of you all have done is to be appaulded- even if it is just a moment of time and kind words to the families.

    God Bless you all.

  436. BTW, for all of you who are not local and can not catch KPLC on your tv, you can watch the special on KPLCTV.COM. It will air tomorrow night at 7p.m.

    • I am so glad it will be on their website so I can watch it as well as all the folks that are not local to the area. As timing would have it…..I’ll be out of town tomorrow……..darn it. I’m assuming the FBI agent’s press conference will be online too……I sure hope so.
      “Suspicion solves crimes……not taking a positive attitude”.
      ~ SuziQ (Websleuths) ~

      Please post “off topic” comments and discussion here. Thanks.

      • Thank you for posting that EnoughAlready. I was wondering how could I see it. I suppose we may see the press conference there as well, at least I hope. Thanks again.


    • Thanks for the heads-up Christi.
      “Suspicion solves crimes……not taking a positive attitude”.
      ~ SuziQ (Websleuths) ~

      Please post “off topic” comments and discussion here. Thanks.


    • Well that is just wonderful. Had been reading the blog on kplc and boy are they getting responses. Heck I’ll bet kplc never had so much info on one blog.

  439. Wow! INTEGRITY, I don’t know who you are, but I LIKE YOU! I wish you’d been on here SOONER!

  440. Regarding Mr.David Welker

    Hmm sure didnt spend much time any one place. Any thoughts?

  441. First of all ,to G8 ..You really need to monitor the comments and accusations flying around here! As you say everytime you are gone for a few hours it happens! Well let me say ,if i wanted to i could post very factual things on here against someone who attacked me and my cousin on here 2 days ago! It is not in my nature to do so but if i have to i will!!!! I am not popeye nor ever been and for MD to call out people on this blog and say lets meet face to face and rock and roll ….well that is exactly what i did cause i dont and wont ever hide behind any screen name as he puts it,so i guess what he is saying is everyone on here who is not using their real name are hiding !!!!!!! Well i went to confront him as he asked and of course all he did was lie and call me a slut and a bitch because there was nothing else he could say!!!!!! Just because we dont post on here doesnt mean we are not fighting for not only Whitnei but for all the other victims and their families also that we PRAY for continually!!!!! If our opinions dont agree with everyone else then we get attacked!!! I thought this was for everyone to voice their opinion!!!!! I spoke to nicki yesterday and she apologized to me and my cousin!!!! We all want justice and dont care how or who catches this killer or killers but personal vendettas need to be kept off this blog and my name better never be put out on this blog!!!! I am posting this one time to say what i have to say and that is it! And to you Mrs. Sarah ….Iam here if you need me and if they get off attacking you then SHAME on THEM! yOU DEAL WITH YOUR LOSS HOW YOU WANT NOT HOW THEY WANT! We are praying for you and all the other families and we dont have to post what we are doing and what progress we have made! Now thats all i will say! We need to keep these girls …their families..our community and law enforcement in our PRAYERS daily!!!!!! PRAYING FOR JUSTICE! And to Mrs. Sarah…KEEP YOUR CHIN UP…..there are a lot of people who are behind you and i am one of many…see you thursday!!!!!!!

    • Oh shut up Lisa. Take it somewhere else. There are too many like you that come here and cheapen what we’re trying to do. This blog is not the place.

      • you just made my point….thank you!

        • I thought you were only posting once. Show yourself to the door and keep on walking. All you have to offer is toxic waste.

          • careful there catch, you may have to crawl under that rock with Integrity. LMAO!!!!!

        • NO LISA catch the killer has made all of out points. if you have a problem with someone AND you went over to meet them face to face then you’ve done what you needed to do. AND you do not need to come on here and straighten anybody out!! we are all cool in here, and we are a blog family working together with the same goals. so if you would like to stay and share your positive input, then by all means, do so! but if not, keep movin till you find someone that wants to hear it..

    • Hey…….you want admin rights? If you can do a better job then have at it girlfriend!!!

      I’m not really sure I quite understand what’s going on here and the sudden outburst. I don’t have a hand or knowledge in this apparent family battle that is underway and don’t really want to be in the middle of it. Y’all need to take it back behind the scenes or to the streets or wherever you want to settle it. I, nor anyone else here, are involved in it.

      “Suspicion solves crimes……not taking a positive attitude”.
      ~ SuziQ (Websleuths) ~

      Please post “off topic” comments and discussion here. Thanks.

      • what happen i left for 30 minutes and my new founded friends were happy, whos lisa? what happen to excitement about wake up call? anyone??????

  442. I apologize for disrupting the flow of discussion but I just received word that Nicki’s father is very ill and in grave condition. His kidneys and liver are in failure and the outlook is not good. Please keep Nicki and her family in your thoughts and prayers tonight and in the coming days.

    • I’m so sorry to hear about Nicki’s father. Please let her know we care and are praying for them.

    • They will be in our prayers. Ty for the update.

    • tell nicki my thoughts and prayers are with her even though i dont know her i wish her and her family well!

  443. Ok i know i said that my one and only post would be my one and only post but it has been brought to my attention that EVERYONE is getting way out of line here…first and formost i would like to say with great fury that our fight is for the 8 victims at hand!!! one who happens to be my sister by blood!! i have been reading your comments that you ppl have turned into a freak show and comic strip…HOW DARE ANY OF YOU come here and say that your plight is for the girls and put on this “side show”. Personal battles between ppl should be dealt with face to face i agree, however your battle should be with yourselves for acting like 8 yr olds fighting on a playground over a ball..These kind of antics will get no one anywhere…My sister and I are totally disgusted with the entire situation..We no longer want to be a part of any of this because frankly its way too ridiculous..All the fussing all the “where’s the camera so i can show my face”…i mean come on!!! How can anyone expect law enforcement to do their job if ppl are constantly ridiculing and judging them and calling hundreds of times? Think about how you would feel if this were your job…You cant….So you think a march or rally is really gonna do something? The only thing its going to do is get covered on kplc at 6pm..and hopefully some of you will not get arrested for something so stupid..I cant stress to you how this is hurting not only law enforcement as they say but some of the families as well….thnk u taylor dubois

    I have used this blog for many months now as my main source of information and also as a place of comfort. It is no longer that. This is a blog. No one has the right to get upset at anyone else for their OPINIONS or posts. That is what we are all her for. Regardless of who you like, or who you support, we are all SUPPOSED to be here for the same thing. Right now, I am disgusted that we have fought so long and hard for it to come to this! Everyone wants to be the “leader” of the pack, but where were all of these “leaders” before the cameras, reporters, and publicity? I remember a time when people were too afraid to post on here for fear of being exposed…Now all of the sudden everyone wants to be heard and be on the 6 o’clock news. Much of this has taken the focus away from what is really important here, 8 girls are dead and more WILL come up as well if this doesnt stop. Go back and read some of these threads. Imagine if you were the killer, Ricky, or someone on the task force. I bet they are quite amused right now. These things are ignorant and sensless. If you are planning something to “attack” your opposing forces, then do it privately. Your giving everyone your against, a heads up to your plans and i dont see that as being very smart or helping out this investigation in any way. Positive publicity is great and we definatley need that, but the negativity and the bickering HAS to stop if anything is going to get accomplished. I see here how this is a hobby for some people, part of their daily routines to come here and see who wants to stir up trouble today, well these are the people who are turning this all upside down. Families, LE, investigators, friends, concerned citizens….the best thing for everyone now is to UNITE! As long as this community is broken and this continues, we will never see an end to this, things will only get worse. My sister and I are disgusted at everything that has taken place and i cant tell you what our next decision will be, but just know that everyone’s insensitivity and bullshit has run us out of this field.
    Brittany Jones

    • @ Taylor: I’m going to say what a lot of folks are likely thinking but won’t. I appreciate the fact that you are the sister of one of these victims, but if your putting your eggs in LE’s basket, I’d watch out for the snake in the hen house. You forget that although we have not suffered your pain, everyone in this community has suffered as a result of MORE THAN 8 murders being commited without one competent official putting an end to it. We have to live here as well. We have to send out children to school here everyday. If you don’t want to participate in a march that SYMBOLIZES UNITY and helps unite this community then don’t, but do not put anyone else down because you don’t agree with the notion. Stay home with Whitnei’s 1st cousin (Lisa) and watch us march for your sister and the other victims. What good do you think not marching will do? I happen to think that not taking these kinds of actions in the effort of unity will only sow more anger in our hearts as it obviously has yours. I am so very sorry for your loss, but keep in mind, you are not the only ones. You don’t have a monopoly on grief and fear. What happened to your sister, in effect, happened to us all.


  444. I know, Inspired. I spent a lot of time catching up and am mortified that the effort has turned into a personal bash contest. G8 deserves a lot more than that. She has put her heart and soul into this and some of us were there from the beginning. When there was no bashing just people coming together for a common cause. If we can go back to that maybe they will be some resolve.



  447. g8- some blogs and chat rooms have a link to report abuse, is there something similar that we could utilize?
    i would hate to think that we would have to stop this because of people hashing out their troubles that started way back when, by coming here and jumping in on all fours.. most of us are not even sure how this gets started, nor do we care! but for the most part this is an enjoyable place to be.. a place where we can be updated of the positive steps that are taken to get justice served..

  448. G8, imo all of this started when NIcki posted not one but two personal emails she had received on FB. She did not post them on her FB but came here and did so which I and a few others were offended by her doing so. Until then there had not ben any family fiction and you was taking care of your business or affairs. I personally think

    • Sorry I hit the wrong button. I personally think that is when all hell broke loose. None of this was ever posted on FB but at the least the fight should be there although I’ve been told they are not a blog and that is why it was posted here. Still trying to figure out if this is the fireplace or the dishes. I suggest they all take it to FB since that is where it all started.

      • good evening ahlou- that is the 2nd time ive noticed you using that term “fireplace or the dishes” it sounds pretty catchy, but my mind is so tired, lol im not sure what it means! you dont have to explain though because i can sleep on it. lol lol!

        • When I ask Nicki why she was posting prive emails here instead of on her J4JD she responded she did it here because this is a blog and she does not mix her fireplace with dishes. It’s back when she responded when I asked her why post private info here instead of on her FB cite. LOL, I didn’t make that up I was insulted and wondered which is which. Thanks for asking almost.

  449. IF we stop now the killers HAVE won. You can’t please everyone all the time. No matter what you do or say or don’t do or don’t say, someone is not going to be satisfied with the outcome. This is a very emotional blog filled with loss and sadness, and various opinions. WE are here for justice not for any other reason. And justice we will get. To the people who come on here with an agenda “YOU are not welcome here, get the hell out” !!! We have important work to do and we can’t be distracted .This is totally about the girls and the families who are still grieving and making sure justice will be served.

  450. let me tell you something Catchthekiller…you got me totally twisted dawg…first of all you dont know anything about me obviously cuz if you did you would watch your mouth.i dont blog because yea i am pissed off that my sister whom i raised til i was 13 was brutally murdered along with 7 other girls that i grew up with and knew!!…i too have children that i send to school every morning and watch every move they make just to ensure their dare you take my words and twist them around…my eggs are not in tha basket with anyone! No i dont think the little rally or whatever it is will get anything point was just what my sister said..its sure funny that everyone wanna b in tha limelight when they face gets put on tha news, but where were you when we were paving tha way…nobody was talking about sh*t in tha streets trying to help some of these girls (that are still out there) not become another victim…and you will NEVER know my pain or any of the other family members pain..dont put words into my mouth bru cuz i aint tha one!!!

    • Taylor, I can relate to you to a point. I remember you posted a thread back and I though that person is right on because you said it just as it was. Please Taylor we don’t want G8 to take the blog down. You know exactly how this blog got out of control when G8 was not available. Please know I for one and many others understand your families struggles we have come so far on this blog lets pull together. I’m the mother of a murdered child so I know first hand what you all are going through and is the reason I’m here.

      Please lets help G8 to keep this blog going.

  451. brittanny and taylor, if i have ever said or done anything to offend yall i am truly sorry. i know that i have been rough on le and i know that i did not lose a loved one but i really hope that yall understand that i have been going through this with them for a long time, again forgive me if i have said anything to offend yall. ialso wanted to say that some of our hearts are in the right place about this march and i felt kind of defeated about it when i hear one of the important people that i jmo feel i am going to march for, if yall think its is not going to help, now i dont what i am going to do, this is depressing.

    • christi: Family members of 6 of the 8 victims will be marching on Friday. You won’t be upsetting anyone hun.

      • im just confused, micael is a great guy and seems to be all for the march, which is their father , i think? and they are not thinking the march is going to help anything but the other families are marching, ia m just really confused!

  452. I personally find it DISRESPECTFUL to refer to PEOPLE on this blog as DAWGS. thank you….

  453. aaahhhh deep breathes, let all get a good nights rest and say a little prayer:
    O God, you are the source of life and peace. Praised be your name forever. We know it is you who turn our minds to thoughts of peace. Hear our prayer in this time of crisis. Your power changes hearts.

  454. You are correct catchthekiller, but please tell me what blood and sweat was given when she has only appeared here in the last couple of threads and before that on on CtFiJD. I’m not for one minute saying good intentions have said it before but you know what attitude is most of it. We have been here for a long, long time and not once did G8 make anyone feel infere. Guess what in the last few threads when blood and sweat appeared we had liberals – etc., I won’t go into it but will say why don’t you invite all over to that FB instead of blogging here.

    G8 was kind enough to post a link on the right side – websites- then go to J4JD. I’ve yet to see any reference to this blog on there but….please.

    Yes I reference my child and no I do not do it often just wanted people to know why I’m here. I don’t agree I show disrespect so what do you want me to do or say or crawl about. Respect is a two way street use it.

  455. Wow the emotions on here truly run the gamut. As i see it folks, it all boils down to this.
    Some family members do support the walk and some do not. Fine let those who do not support it stay home. It is not about anyone getting any spotlight, It IS about justice, not for 1, not even for 4, IT IS ABOUT JUSTICE FOR ALL OF US! We all deserve the right to feel safe when walking out to our mailbox, or watching our children play at the park!
    It truly is your choice.

    Be Silent = Part of the Problem
    Speak up and be heard= Part of the solution

    I have sat here and watched as my girl has endlessly and tirelessly worked to find a way to stop this. Before this blog even existed.
    Then g8r said hey why not a blog to help by giving folks a place to voice their ideas and opinions.
    I challenge you to DO something, anything, half as productive.
    All this hoopla about LE claiming that the people discussing things is hurting their investigation is pure GARBAGE! Think about it people if you wanted a sore to go away would let someone pick at it? That about ends my tirade for today….soapbox anyone?

  456. Well I suppose you need to read through theads here. No more, the end.

  457. Well i guess I’ll have to tell my very dear daughter-in-law about that refinancing. 🙂

  458. Catch makes some very good points. However, we have completely lost sight of a few things. We are a very small agricultural community that has been immersed into a torrent of violence and high level corruption. Many have lost family members in a most heinous manner and are left virtually in the cold, without recourse and without answers. We should find the deepest compassion for them and all of their loved ones while we attempt to fathom the depth of their despair. At the same time, I hear talk of little angels and heaven and I totally understand this. Angels, however, are warriors. Read the true history of angels. They do battle with the mightiest of evils and are guaranteed to win if they are faithful and persistent. Angels are not the cute little winged babies and toddlers that crafters have made popular. St. Michael the Archangel, Raphael, God’s chosen messenger, etc. — those who do battle with the deepest and darkest of mighty evils are not the fuzzy little hovering fat critters that make up so many vases and light fixtures in flea markets. We have to align ourselves with those who seek wisdom and who go forward with the knowledge that they WILL BE VICTORIOUS. Talk of ending the blog and talk of egotistical scratches and cuts are exactly what the opposition loves to hear. The opposition is evil itself and when we begin to argue with one another, we give in to weakness and idiocy. We have got to band together and put petty differences behind us if we are to win on behalf of the fifteen or more murder victims in Jeff Davis Parish. At this moment, the FBI is on their way to do damage control regarding the awakening of the local people. Do we realize that this is an enormous victory. They call it a press release or an interview but, let’s be real. The FBI and the task force are going before the public to do damage control. This, my friends, is a very very good sign. You have pulled together with strength and resolve long enough to get the attention of the most corrupted and the most complacent local, parish, state and federal agencies. Now, let’s not allow a few hurt feelings and bruised egos get in the way of all the advancements that have been made. Let’s bury these little concerns and go forward. Aren’t these concerns really small compared to the numerous lives, lost and ruined in our parish? How about we recognize a bigger cause? That would be the cause of justice and retribution for those who died unjustly. Please, to quote Rodney King, “can’t we all just get along?” – LOL. Let’s not allow the tension destroy our focus. We are winning this matter and will continue winning if we can keep our momentum.

    • Wow, that’s exactly what I wanted to say – LOL ! Seriously, these are good points. We’ve been able to bring things to a favorable point and we could never have done it without good management of this site. g8, please, let’s keep going in the direction we’ve been going. Small minded people, being what they are, will always find something to bicker about. In the bigger picture, we have to consider a bigger cause and put the small stuff behind us. Like the old saying, by bickering in the face of horrible murders and a serious drug epidemic, we’re putting dollars aside to chase pennies.

    • So eloquently said…….LOL

  459. This is so darn rediculous! When is everyone gonna grow up on this blog and stick to why we are all here, for the girls? We are going to differ in our opinions. That’s human nature. But this is really starting to get out of hand. We aren’t suppose to be picking sides, we are suppose to be a united front. Let those who don’t want to march, stay at home. That’s they’re right, just as if you wish to march…that’s your right let’s stop this petty bickering and stick to trying to bring justice for the girls!

  460. Has a connection ever been made between the woman from Texas that committed suicide and Tracee Chaisson, or to any of the girls? Rumor says she knew some of them and that Tracee road back to Jennings, from Texas, with her. Is any of this confirmed?

    SILENCEDOGOOD, I have not heard anything about an FBI briefing or press release. Can you tell me a little more about it? Did it happen already or is it about to happen?

    • the FBI will spead at 10:30 am someone from new orleans is coming

      • yes and i hope i can somehow hear or read about that so if it does not show up on the kplc website can someone pleeeeze post what was said? thanks!

  461. Getting back to the source…Some people mentioned about a field pump where the girls may have been murdered. I was thinking. I don’t see that. The reason is, you would have lots of snakes around there. Then the killer(s) would have to shoot anything around, causing a noise. Even though it is in the open. Then you have game wardens. I was just pondering. What you guys think?

    • That’s a good point about the game wardens, but, if these folks are actually from the crack house gang, chances are that they aren’t much in the way of knowing that game wardens lurk abut at night, looking around with magnifying equipment for vehicles stopping at rural locations. That’s what they do during hunting times (in and out of season). It’s no stretch to imagine that game wardens could be a great asset in witnessing an outdoor killing or dumping. Of course, of the game wardens that I’ve known, they’re so involved with the local, parish and state police that I put them in the same category of trustworthiness. The snakes? I don’t think that’s a big issue. Snakes run away from anything that’s coming their way, if they get a chance. Also, anyone carrying a corpse or planning a murder is likely too pumped with adrenaline to give snakes a lot of thought. These guys want to kill, dump a body, whatever and get out of Dodge right away. I seriously doubt that they carry lights that would announce their presence. The last thing they’ll do is fire a shot at something that you can’t see in the dark anyway. The game wardens could be a big help if they happen to be in the right place at the right time.

  462. Okay Is there something wrong with the blog g8? I just posted and it was above and not the last one.

  463. Well when you return, I’m sure you will straighten it out. LOL.

  464. Hey G8, Go to the store and get your favorite brand of coffee, tea, hot chocolate or whatever you like to drink. Heat your water slow, then make you a hot cup of it. Now, pour it down the sink and have a shot of tequilla, followed by a few cold beverages of your choice.

    Now, here’s what to do about your blog. You should do whatever you want to do. It is your blog and you have done a good job running it and maintaining it. I, and many others, see and appreciate the hard work that goes into maintaining it. I bet you never foresaw the time commitment and how much of your life it would consume. I can only give you an attagirl. There is no trophy.

    Now, get your Tequilla bottle and repeat step one….

  465. Hi Red Ranger The FBI is doing a press release at 10:00 or 10:30 this morning.It will be live on KPLC.I think I remember that you live in FL.You can watch it on KPLCTV.COM.And I have not heard anything again about the girl from Texas.

    • Really. That is good, huh? I will watch it online. You have any idea what is gonna be said?

  466. Only alot of snakes in the summer.Remember snakes start to hibernate with the first chill in the air.So for Brittany in NOV.they would probaly be in hibernation.I think they usually come out after Spring.I am not a snake expert but I think that is how it works.

  467. G8t I think you are a wonderful person for doing this.Dont let any harpies stand in your way .I think this blog is bringing light to alot of things that are going on.You certainly wont here anything on the news.I think if it was not for this blog and peoples discussions these murders would have quietly been put on the backburner and then in deep fridge.This blog gives people inspiration.Please do not let them stop you.This blog is not hurting anything.And thanks again for what you did for me.That just shows what is in your heart and your heart is in the right place.

    • I agree KitKat. I agree. G8, you cancel this I can gurantee you, I’m coming after you. LOL. Seriously.

  468. Brownie I cant tell If you were asking me?It looks like our timelines are crazy this morning.I was watching the news this morning on KPLC 7.They said the head of the FBI from NewOrleans will be doing a press conference about the cases of the 8 women.It will be live at 10:00 or 10:30 this morning.

  469. Good Morning Everyone Today is a great NEW day… A fresh start…. The FBI interview is on at 10:30 this morning. This is a huge step forward in our battle. SILENCEDOGOOD said it so well, and so eloquently, I wish we would hear from him/her more often. This is all about the victims, we are their voices. They can NO LONGER SPEAK. So we have to speak for them. Check your EGO at the door, because this just aint about YOU…..

  470. Hey SP come check me out for a minute.on the other side.

  471. Someone stated on the Kplc hot topic Goodwin was working for free. I wonder if their plans are to put out a profile? Is Nicki and them still doing the march? I hope they still are. Look we have had two repsonses in one week, and Cynthia Arceneaux is on tonight too huh? Great job everyone.

  472. Has anyone heard how Nicki’s Father is doing?? I have been praying for him and for Nicki and her family……

  473. Reminder that David Welker of the FBI will be having a press conference at 10:30 AM in Jennings. KPLC will be there. Doesn’t say if it will be on TV or not. Hopefully it will be online.

  474. I am at work and cant watch tv so yall let me know what is being said in the press conference… Someone may have already said this but funny this press conference is on the same day that the 1hour special is going to be aired…. Sounds like damage control before it takes place if you ask me.

  475. Just called KPLC tv, the news room stated it will be online live. Tune in you guys….

  476. WOW!!! Has anyone raed the KPLC hot topic bloh lately ??? Toward the end of the blog EVA says she knows the identity of the 3 black men and can link 2 more murders to the others with proof…. She is crying out for help she wants to be able to tell this info to someone… what can we do here??? IGNITE? BROWNIE? G8? KETCHUM?Nicki? My brain is freezing … THis could be our BIG BREAK……. HELP>>>>>>>>>

    • What part SP… I am reading now??

    • SerialPsychic, I am EVA. I can link 2 more deaths (I can’t say that they are murders). I do have this information, but there is nothing that we can do with it unless we could get LE to work with the information and not ignore it as they have until now. I wish it were different, but for now, it’s not.

  477. Why am I not impressed of the conference? Anyone one else?

    • I’m sorry, but that is my opinion.

      • Why couldn’t anyone ask questions? Why wasn’t anyone other than the news crew or the task force in the room? Why Why Why STILL remains the answer.

    • yes brownie- i know what you are saying, im confident that the key players are there in the taskforce, however, what about all the other issues, evidence being mishandled, suspects let go, drug problems running rampant on the streets. LE cant say that they have not been made aware it..

  478. Well, I’m unimpressed with that press conference. What a joke…LOL!

    • well well well i just dont know what to think about it funny how now they want to speak and before they did not so now what about the walk friday r they gonna ingore us at the door r arrest us lol

  479. Brownie I thought they were going to be answering questions.They did not say anything we already know.

  480. SP did you get to watch?And what do you think?

    • RE did this to shut us up…. He did it before the special tonight and before the march…. Damage control before the fact… as I said before… You wanted info lol he gave you all that he says he has which is a joke…. At least he didnt talk about the lifestyles of the victims or anything of that nature… Maybe he learned that lesson….. LOL and Lassitor sure kept quiet… Ok that is my summery… Anyone else???

      • LMAO you are so right curious1. When Lassiter didn’t want to speak, I stated that is about right. LOL. Anyway, before it actually came on, about 2-3 minutes, Edwards came on and said, “I’m not good at this and I’m assuming everybody is ready” Then, I think KATC put there mike up there and said 2 minutes or less. Then the screen went black. LOL> But had to laugh at RE, he was telling the truth on that. Poor guy.

  481. News conference = cover our butts

  482. G8t must be out today.This post jumping to the top is driving me crazy.And he still refuses to say SerialKiller.I wonder why? Even if its 2 people doing this together he could still say SerialKillers.Because whether he wants to admit it or not,that is what he has.

  483. Did anyone get to read my post about Eva who said she knows the identity of the 3 black men and can link 2 more murders to the orger ones????

  484. I think he said the same thing last Nov.when they found Brittany.I did not catch anything new.

  485. Hey girls come next door for a minute.

  486. I watched the press conference. It appears to me that the task force has been operating for a long time and have an inkling that this is a serial killer. The sheriff indicated that this person may not be local and that they have compared the JD murders to 30 others. He also said that arrests have been made for other crimes by tips sent in but not the main arrest, of course.

    The fact that the sheriff said this type of crime is only 1% of all murders is the telling factor. To me that was acknowledgment that the task force knows it has a major serial killer on the loose. JMO.

    Also, it was intimated that they do have a lot of evidence but are not going to release any of it until they have an arrest and a trial is ongoing.

  487. Good Morning All! and a wonderful fall morning it is! After yesterday lets all take a deep breathe and reorganize our thoughts and feelings and make this blog the best that it can be.
    I want to apologize for any stress that I may have caused, it was not my attention. I personally was just a bit giddy from the KPLC blogs posts (actually I was laughing my a** off cause there were some really good writers on it), and it kinda carried out of hand.
    now..stomp, stomp, stomp……>climbing up on that ol’ soap box>>>>>stomp, stomp, stomp….now off my soap box,
    hugs and peace be with you all…..

  488. catchthekiller can you tell me who the black men are, and what there connection is? I, like you. am compiling evidence from different sources.

    • I really like you, but what good will it do? No one can “officially” do anything except LE and that’s not going to happen. I know you to be a genuine person and a smart one. I’ve read your posts since you came here. I know you have the truest heart, but what can you do with that information?

      • What about what Kirk Menard said. he will protect the one who can help. have you talked to him?

        • I have talked to him about it, but I guess he was too busy with other stuff. I don’t know. I don’t need protection. I am not involved with these people in any way and I don’t care what LE would try to do. I know that these men are actively involved in the transport of drugs in and around this area. I know that they had close association with some of the victims. I know that they had close association with the other 2 that have died. I also know that one of them had a large black SUV registered to him around the time of Mr. Benoit’s lost bid for sheriff. Nicki has put herself in some unsafe situations to get documentation of this information with the hopes of getting it on the record. There is only so much that regular people can do once it’s proven and verified without LE’s help.

          • There is bound to be a way…somewhere, we just have to think. Where is everybody? If g8 shuts this down or let it go, we would be giving RE what he wants. I say NO! Come on you guys.

          • I meant some way/some how. lol

          • OK catch… I for one can not believe you told this to Kirk Menard and he did nothing about it. This man and the other investigators have worked many long and hard hours on this case. They NEVER ignore anything that comes to them about this case. Someone tells them something they follow through. Nicki hmmm….she has done nothing but try ti stir up trouble on this blog. Look at the other day here the blog was going back to the good old days when we all brain stormed about things and shared them as a family and we talked about things worked them out there have been some great ideas to come from this blog and now you have Nicki who decides to post personal emails that should have kept personal. I think the only people who are doing a awesome job are Brittany, Taylor, G8, Mike, & Kirk Menard and all his many Private investigators there are those few that have done things also behind the scene and they also have done a awesome job. But catch I no believe you went to Kirk Menard and he did nothing you are full of it. If you did prove it. If you know something then send the info to G8 we all trust her.

  489. I think G8 has given up. I sure hope not.

    • G8ter is on a wee vacation break. It was scheduled before the bru ha ha broke out yesterday. Hopefully she will come back much refreshed and rested. She so totally deserves it.

    • I agree brownie. My heart is screeming that there has got to be a way, but it hasn’t come to me yet. I could use all the thinking partners I can get. Thank you and thank you, Serial.

  490. catchthekiller Many people have confided in me. I have been putting puzzle pieces together trying to get answers. Because I am geographically isolated from Jennings people are not worried about repercussions from local LE. What will I do with the information I learn? When I put it all together I’ll know if I have anything or nothing. I’m committed to justice, at all costs, so whatever it takes is what ever I must do. After almost a decade of working with serial killers (and asst. run of the mill killers) I have learned not to back down, let people rattle my cage, or give up, give in or give out….AND THAT’S WHY. IREALLY CARE ABOUT THOSE GIRLS…

  491. This blog is safe from destruction. WHY? Because the Bullshit has come to an end.. No more. Finished … The end… All over…. See G8.. All your kids are gonna play nice now!! Really, we have so much more important work to do on here than to “play games”,,,, You can rest easy we will stop this our selves, right here right now……

  492. this will be the last time i post on here and the last time i read anything on here….G8 i beleive you are a very good person that was truly trying to do good when you started this but unfortunately there are too many people on here with too much time on their hands sitting around thinking of every senerio they can come up with and laying blame where it isnt deserved….you know how to contact me directly if you need anything from me and i will be in touch with you, it has been nice getting to know you and talking with you….to everyone else….i can not imagine how frustrating it is to not have answers, to wake up everyday and not know what happened to your loved one but please step back and realize that LE IS working these cases….they are not swept under the rug, they are not covering up for one of their own…do i think there have been and still are crooked cops, yes, i do, but there are also great officers….do i think that this is a LE officer that is killing, i have no idea and its not fair for me or anyone else to put that label on anyone….if this does turn out to be a LE agent that is involved dont you understand that they cant release anything for fear that he would know that they are on to him….? I think that we all know if they were to even tell the families any evidence they have and that includes the manner of deaths, it would not just stay with the families…they would tell someone who would tell someone and so on… These murders were never put on the back burner, they were never forgotten and push aside because of who the girls were..the girls were “labeled” as high risk because they did live that way..they didnt say these girls were high risk and they deserved this so we arent going to waste manpower in finding the person responsible…..its not like LE was making it up, they were letting people know that if they knew someone that led this lifestyle they should try and get them out of that situation because it could happen to them…the murders were taken seriously from the beginning and when the time came that LE realized they were in over their heads they brought in the big dogs to help….as i have stated before, we DO NOT live in a 90 min drama..unfortunately this may go on for a long time before someone is brought to justice…educate your self on serial killings, they can go on for decades before solved in big cities….some unfortunately are never solved….DNA, if they have any can take months to come back if its not compromised in someway ,not in 30 seconds like on CSI even then the killer may not be in the data banks to match up to….if its someone that is a true serial killer he could have been doing this somewhere else for a long time and has perfected his method of the kill to get away with it….in saying that i do beleive there is no perfect murder so i would think that they have some kind of evidence….we are all living this nightmare in one way or another…whether as a family member, a friend or just a lifelong citizen of jennings, we are all in the same boat but to sit back and blame LE just because we havent heard any evidence they may have is just wrong….part of their job is to preserve evidence in order to insure a conviction, if they tell the public everything they know, it not only compromises the case, it may cause the killer to change tactics making it harder to catch them….all im asking is for everyone to please step back and look at the whole picture….dont beleive everything you are told, understand that things take time to be resolved, give LE a chance to do their jobs….If you still beleive that it is someone in LE then put your faith in the fact that the FBI is here and i really find it hard to beleive that the FBI would allow someone like this to get away with these crimes even if he were LE….

    • Bye Firewife

    • Nicely put………………………………..Officer

      • So what is LE gonna do now sit back and wait for another victim and hope this “Person/s” screws up next time, and if they do not screw up? How many more must suffer before the Governor steps in and pulls the reigns from this “Apparently” Inept SO. How can you justify putting the same officer found guilty of ethics violations in the cases in charge of the evidence, Wouldn’t that give him the opportunity to tarnish “all” incriminating evidence? What kind of 3 ring circus are they running up there anyway?
        Your continued support of this travesty of justice is part of the problem. It is past time for the BIG BOYS to take this away from JDPSO.
        As i have said before, I am sure there are a few good “Apples in the barrel” but the bad ones far outnumber/outrank them. Time to throw out the basket and get a new bushel of “Fresh Apples”. Time for the governor to step in and put someone the people can and will talk to in charge.

  493. The 1st is coming around and people get their checks. How is the flow at the Andrew St. home? Is there any new girls hanging around there? Anyone knows?

    • Brownie–It still goes on at Andrew St although mostly late night and through the rear door I have been told.Guess he will be very busy with the weekend and the money coming in. Yes there is one new girl living there she has been there several weeks now walking the streets.

  494. It is SNOWING!!!! It Looks like big wet feathers are floating down from the sky….. Just thought I’d share that….

  495. SP I am very jealous.I would give anything for snow here.

  496. Hey SP on the side of the blog going up click on Brownie WAKE UP CALL .I think G8t got her second wind.

  497. Just wondering,if people dont like whats on here why do they bother coming on.Its like watching TV.If you dont like whats on change the channel.

    • LMAO I was thinking the samething Kit. Funny how they say “I’m not coming back” but ALWAYS do. LOLThat’s because it is addicting, Enquiry minds want to know.

      • I know Brownie… I dont always like what goes on in here but I know better than to say i am not coming back… I am too damned opinionated!!!!! I would cut off my fingers and bite my tongue off before I stopped voicing my opinion…

  498. KITKAT I could not find wake up call what did it say???

  499. SP go to the beginning.I guess the top of the page.It says WAKE UP CALL.G8t wrote a very long column.I am thinking it was after all the commotion in here last night.I hope it was after her last blog on here,because if it is she got a secong wind.

  500. Your right Brownie it is interesing.And who is this blog hurting,I think its helping.I havent seen Firewife on here since the beginning of Sept.What made her pop up today?

  501. SP did you find it?

  502. I cannot wait to watch those specials tonight.I wonder if they will be interviewing all 8 girls family members?

  503. KITKAT I must be DENSE I still can’t find it. I went to the very top of the blog and I still can’t see it…

  504. SP you are not dense I just dont explain things well.OK lets start over Go to the page right before this one.There are a bunch of different topics,scroll to the very top,it says WAKE UP CALL by G8t .Oct.27.She must have wrote late last night.Or scroll to all the posted names on this page and you can click on mine,it says KITKAT wake up call click on that.Tell me if you find it.

    • Just click the tab at the top “HOME” and then look toward the middle of the page at the top. It has “WAKE UP CALL”

  505. Thank you Brownie I am bad about giving directions.

  506. I believe that “firewife” posted similar comments about LE back during the Baton Rouge killings of Derrick T. Lee.

    • It don’t matter. Her posting is over and done with. Capesh! LOL. Don’t even know how to spell it.

      The drug activity happens how many times in a month? Can anyone answer? How is the movement at the Andrew St. Home? Is Tracee still in Jennings or did she leave?

  507. You can please some of ths people some of the time but you can never please ALL if the peple all of the time….and I wouldn’t want to any way…

  508. Thats what makes the world go round.Opinions are like assholes everyone has one and everyone thinks the other persons stinks.

    • I thought I smelled something. LOL! Well, it isn’t me. Must be you Kit, LOL. Just Jacking.

  509. Oh my goodness did I just post that.My uncle used to always say that ,it was always funny because if my aunt was next to him,she would always hit him with her purse.

  510. I know its funny,right.I think we need a good laugh every now and then.

  511. Brownie what is the Andrews street house? Is that the house that was on TV showing Necole going into?

  512. If the sheriff would have been answering questions this morning someone needs to ask him why do they have a known crack house up and running?And why are they not shutting it down?

    • KitKat–The house is what you refer to in your previous post and yes it is the same house showing Necole on the video from what I have heard many of the girl that were murdered also were seen there!

  513. Hey Brownie I will skip my surgery we can hop on a plane and go play with SP in the snow.Hey SP we are going to fly over to meet you.

  514. Hey Brownie I will skip my surgery we can hop on a plane and go play in the snow with SP.SP were going to meet you.

  515. Did not mean to post that twice.

    • Playing in the snow, of course I’m with that. Snow is pretty, only for those who do not live in it. LOL.

  516. Well, he did introduce his new buddies, some of em anyways. No one else wants to be associated with this mess, can you blame them?
    A whole lot of smoke and mirrors, with little to no substance!
    O yeah he did confirm that the FBI has been involved since victim #7 Wow where the he77 were they at #2 that is my question!

  517. So is the MARCH still on or not? Does anyone know? I have not gotten an e-mail from J4JD yet. Not that I know of anyway.

    • The march is VERY MUCH on! See you all at Founder’s Park at noon on Friday! Paul Nixon with Kodiak is sending a camera crew to cover it.

  518. Brownie is it Nickie that organized the March?I dont know but since her father is very ill maybe it is called off.Dont know maybe Ahlou or some of the others from Jennings know.

  519. Hopefully G8t is back tomorrow or the next day, she would definatley know.

  520. SP are you stuck in the snow?

  521. HI Guys! The snow knocked out the internet for a while…. now I’m back on. KITKAT AND BROWNIE c’mon over and play in the snow, I’d love to have you!!!

  522. Why is everything out of order….the posts for the 28th-today are not in right place?

  523. KITKAT I’m not stuck… everyone has 4 wheel drive here and takes snow in their stride…. It’s beautiful to watch… I own a small Corporation I can run from anywhere on the globe,BTW I think I will write a book about the families of these girls and what the system has put them through. This is a national tragedy and has to be addressed. I don’t know if I am the best person to do this, so if someone else who is better wants to, I’ll gladly step aside…..

  524. Don’t forget 1 hour to go until the program on KPLC tonite…

  525. SP glad you are not stuck.I say go for it.I think you would make a great author.I would get started now,and you will have to come down here,so I will finally get to meet the great lady with a huge heart.

  526. I know I cannot wait to see who is going to be on.

  527. KITKAT IT would be MY honor to meet YOU…..

  528. Darkstar I think that happened overnight,and G8t is out of town.

  529. Very anxious to see the speical. I hope everyone gets a chance to watch it. Someone asked earlier who all would be included. Well I do know that at least 5 out of 7 of the families participated from what i understand. I dont believe they were able to contact anyone from Loretta’s family and I’m unsure about Ms. Sarah Benoit’s involvement. You would have to ask her if she participated. There are interviews from both Frankie Richard and Tracee Chaisson which I will be quiet interested to hear. Also some interviews with public officials including Ricky Edwards. For the most part, lots of family members and I’m glad they did it!!!!

  530. For the record, I am also in support of this blog, but only on a positive note. Its been a great source of info and it has brought many people together. please, all we ask is that we keep it this way!!! Put nciely enough? 🙂

  531. SP you will finally get to see Jennings.And the geography of the area.I am sure they are going to show the body locations.

  532. I am anxious to watch it also Brittany.I want to see the body language of FR and Tracee.

  533. Brownie was wondering about the march.Will it still be on Friday?

  534. Brittany do you know anything about the March?

  535. As I am in the Lafayette area no live broadcasts. Still trying to download IE 8. Could hear some of the report but no viewing as yet. Probably will be over by the time the download is installed and updated. Shoot as I was so looking forward to it!

  536. That Frankie Richard was so high during that interview tonight, he couldn’t get the s**t out of his mouth to speak and he scratched the whole time. He probably aint had a bath in God knows when. And as far Tracee Chaisson she couldn’t sit still during the interview cuz she needed her crack fix so bad. I believe every word outta her mouth was a lie tonight just like Frankie. And the gaul to admit he had slept with almost all the girls. What a big piece of trash both of them are!!!

    • they could of stay straight till after the interview that did not say much about them at all. i think they r guity and no a hell of awhole lot more they what they say ok iam done

    • Curvy–I agree 100% Frankie & Tracee were full of CRAP!!! Yeah and she is off of drugs!!! Wonder what the hell she is doing hanging around the house on Andrew St lately?

  537. So pissed I live in Lafayette and was not able to watch.I did watch it online but had no sound.I was so looking forward to it.Oh well they will be airing it again on Saturday at 1:00 in Lafayette and Lake Charles so I will be able to watch then.I could not hear him but FR looked drunk and Tracee sure did twitch alot.

  538. SP what did you think?And what was the silver truck about that they were showing?

  539. OH MY GOD

    Ricky Edwards sounded pretty good until one specific part..
    Warren Gary was disciplined and fined the max…….what does
    Warren Gary do now??


    What?? Are you serious? What? Do you know how stupid and corrupt that looks… seriously….WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Frankie and Tracee both looked high and they were both lying..
    Tracee started shaking her head no one time before the question was out…….

    I missed this part….how do we know a body was in Connie’s truck? Did Tracee say this before recanting?

  540. Curvy cat you are to funny,He did look kind of scratchy.

  541. What I got out of the interview was that Frankie would screw a 5 year old if he thought he could get away withit and he’s STILL using big time, and he’s NOBODY”S UNCLE Frankie… As far as Tracee…sge is cracked out….. too bad they are both liars..and they boyj know more than they are saying…

    • ok they said frankie was in jail for rape when tracee ratted him out what every be came of those rape charges did that get drop also omg how much more is this man gonna do in this town and get away with it. he looks like walking death anyway sorry that was mean. and tracee i feel sorry for her kids that got to go to school and face these kids cause there mom mad a ass out of herself on tv and mess up at that omg i am shame of hell i dont know what but i am a shame

    • He was very smart when he answered he slept with most of them then made sure but not Brittney. He knew darn well if he had admitted that he could be charged with statutory. The man is crazy like a fox.

  542. Tracee could not have looked much crazier and wildly bug eyed between twitches if she tried.

    Yeah, I am sure she recanted after being told what someone would do to her and/or her family.

    Frankie is good for some of these murders……hours later body found, supposedly transported in truck, truck is washed, Tracee gives up Frankie and Hannah….c’mon…..not hard..

    Anyone know Connie?

  543. SP what was the silver truck about?Icould see it but could not hear.And what did they say about Hannah Conner?

  544. Ok so any ideas on how to get Sheriff RE to recuse himself and let a REAL COP take over the investigations?

  545. Frankie Richard said that Connie came by in that truck and picked up 2 of the girls who were found dead right after that.. That was the truck that was sold to the deputy who in turn sold it for a profit and was fined $10,000 and then Ricky Edwards put HIM in charge of EVIDENCE…go fihure….

    • AND Connie is supposed to be in California. Question is does anyone hear from her?

      Paula would not interview so now wondering if she did or didn’t and what about Warren Gary who must now be so honest. Shaking head for sure.

  546. I think I’m still in shock since 10:30 this morning. Did anyone notice that Acadia was not mentioned or around doing the interview this morning?

    Many are saying they are very glad Mike Dubois is now taking a stand and making waves.

  547. guys I’m sick and miss the damn thing can someone post me a link

  548. I do not understand how the FBI can stand around knowing all of this and not do anything.I mean when I think FBI,I think top dogs.I just dont understand.And who is Connie?

  549. Thanks Ahlou ,now who is Connie?

    • I keep hearing and seeing that name but no one ever say they are family sure would like to know where is Connie…..and does anyone hear from her. More curious after FR told of the last of the other ladies.

      BTW – praying with you I had said it upward. Don’t forget there is MD Anderson. I keep getting kicked out by my IE so hope you can see this.

    • i dont know if any of yall remember the bar name cheers but that is the connie they r talking about and i think after she sold the truck she ran to calf.

  550. He must of got a haircut .His wasnt all wild like his jailbird picture.But he still looks KOOKOO.And I bet you could plant a garden on his skin.

  551. I would LOVE to have someone analyze Frabkie and Tracee for “body language” I’m sure the experts would concur they were lying….

    • I thought she was very scared.
      He knew how to con. He is a very good liar scratching all the while.

  552. I talked to my young son who saw the special and he that’s said what was wrong with both Frankie and Tracee, they were so high on their cocaine. What a dirty rotten shame, huh? And to admit he slept with those poor girls, what a dirty rotten bastard he is. And who the hell would sleep with TC or FR? They’d sure have to be desperate as hell! They probably both have lice and crabs and only God knows what. What was up with all FR scrathcing? He needs a damn good de-lousing for lice! Huh, I am so totally disgusted that scum like that lives right here under our noises. And as far as the sheriff, ok WG was fined and taken off the cases and guess what, now he is in charge of evidence? How unproffessional is all that. Well look at me running off at the mouth! I am just so disgusted with this whole situtation. So many damn lies all the way around!

    • when u take to many pain pills it makes u inch. also when u r nerves and lieing u can inch

  553. Curvycat I know its not a laughing matter.But I am still giggling about what you said about FR scratching.A delousing that is to funny.I bet you could grow a garden on him.

  554. It seems odd that kplc would do all that about S. Main and yet never one time show around FR house where some were last seen. They did not show Andrew Street either. They show the inside of Adron’s place but not Tina’s place.

    As I reflect I’m glad MD is helping KM during the rides.

  555. AHLOULOU why do you think FR was scratching so much?

    • LOL, de-louse (sp) needed. But I also think that was a nervous twitch one gets when one is lying big time.

    • pills and being nerves will do that make u inch and lieing like he was omg he is dam lucky that my daughter is not one of the victim for him to get on tv and say he slept with them and got high with them omg i would be on that dam porch and the LE could not stop me either omg i can not believe he would do that to those girls why get on tv and say that makes me sick

  556. Ladies and curious folks all the fidgeting and scratching from both FR and TC is Called
    “JONESING”. It is what happens when an addict is about to get another high and is desperately anxious for it. Alcoholics get the same way when they are made to go without a drink for an extended period.

  557. Ahlou I knew you would make me laugh.Gone to bed Good Night all.

  558. Frankie made sure to tell everyone that was listening that he HAD all of those girls, meaning he could get away doing anything he wanted to them and they had to put up with it. He was bragging that HE had power over these women and they HAD to do his bidding. This is a very bad man. He has NO conscious. He is capable of doing away with any f these women because in his mind they are replaceable, Like a used Kleenex,,,,,,

    • hey everyone- go to type in tracee chaisson look at her then, and look at what you saw of her tonite!


        • appropriate screen name i see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • and my daughter went to school with her, thats exactly what she looked like at one time, but since you are so smart you should know that already 🙂

    • SP, he was bragging but he made sure he did not include the minor in his brag. The man is very slick.

    • he stated he wasnt with brittney b/c he has kids her age but i thought he had kids older than most of the girls so what was the difference?

  559. Backing to this morining does anyone find it strange Acadia dis not have a person there….I remember the person lonesome dove saying the sheriff was not giving up everything.

    • isnt wayne melanson the sherriff of acadia parish,? maybe im wrong i think he was there

      • Yes Wayne Melancon is Acadia Parish Sherrif and he was at the news con and spoke briefly.

  560. and to say those girls went meet him at the hotel? what was he implying? they had an orgy? YUCK, YUCK, YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  561. Frankie made sure that everyone Knew he HAD these women .He made a point that he slept with all but one of them. He wanted everyone to know he could do whatever he wanted to them. They were like Kleenex to him, use and dispose. This is a dangerous man. He doesn’t think like you and I. In order to get into his head you have to think like him. Welcome to hell…I have seen this before, and it’s very dark and egotistical. He doesn’t work alone he’s not thar smart…..

  562. Did everyone catch that Frankie said the 3 girls went to meet him at the motel but he did not want them in his room because they were stealing from him….

    So they supposedly left–Connie, Kristin and Tracee. Hours later Kristin’s body is found. Connie’s truck is alledgedly used in the transport of that body but it is sold to Warren Gary and washed. Tracee implicates Frankie and Hanna but later recants.

    Warren Gary is currently in charge of evidence (uhmmmmm HELLO) Paula Guillory is fired for evidence going missing for what do you know…Frankie Richard.

    Am I getting this right?

    This special made LE look so bad. They drove around and filmed obvious drug deals. OK……why? Why in a town of 10.000 with a soaring drug problem do you have a total of ONE narcotics officer. Why do you have these areas known to everyone….able to operate so freely? Looks really bad. Looks like someone turns their head while a drug trade occurs….

    • About the the drug deals going on in Jennings. This has been going on for many years now, and the area where I live LE drives by a couple of times a day and they would not stop it if they saw it. Something strange going on here.IMO- they are afraid or they are ignoring it. Maybe they need to get some undercover people from other police depts and set something up to clean up the drug problems here in Jennings.Then maybe the violent crimes and murder of innocent people will STOP!!!


  564. SERIALPSYCHIC……..I cannot find a post by an EVA that you referred to. Where, pray, is it?

  565. SERIALPSYCHIC…….I don’t mean to be facetious but I must ask someone this question……I just watched the RE interview with F.B.I. Agent David Welke. Both expressed all of the tools, i.e., FBI (B.A.U.) Behavioral Analysis Unit), laboratories, crime labs, etc., that they are utilizing AND representatives for La State Police, Dept. of Justice, Lake Charles & Arcadia Parish sheriffs, et al. As Mancuso stated that he has been involved for approximately a year and a half, which he most likely is referring to after Brittney’s murder in Novermbr, 2008. My question is this……..with all of these “top guns” working as diligently as they proclaim, why has it taken four years, not to mention, a year and a half with no results. I have never ever heard of such a thing? How can they possibly say, in publc yet, that any information to anyone outside of LE could “hurt the investigation and possibly cause another murder.” That is preposterous! Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles can see that!

    I can only come to the conclusion that, as I said before, if such a Multi-Agency Task Force is working as hard as announced, they MUST NOT be sharing information. Each must be doing their own thing and what is called “brainstorming” at their meetings. RE said that “they are joined in support of the investigation”, but, are they sharing each of their acquired infomration.

    RE referred to crime as serial murders. My take is that is what they are……not a serial killer. The victim’s clothes are removed (and later burned or buried somehwhere out). THis is done because the most minute piece of DNA evidence, i.e., a hair, any fiber, animal hair, vehicle fiber,etc could have adhered to the clothing. Let’s pray that some skin may be found under some of the fingernails so that DNA can be run thru the national database. The killer(s) most likely has been arrested before.The killer(s) is a copycat of a serial killer by taking the victim’s shoes as a “trophy” to make it appear like a serial killer is doing the job.

    After the KPLC Special, most people who contacted me afterwards, found LE almost laughable, in that when it was divulged about missing evidence, $, Officer WG and a truck, etc., and when asked where he is now, the response was WG in in charge of Evidence Dept. My phone started ringing then and also when FR and TC were being interviewed and as someone posted earlier, they were “jonesing!” And worst yet, it was laughable when TC kept denying knowing anything!” My response to my callers was…
    “I am too through!!!!!”….lol

    Did you post on the KPLC Blog for comments on the special? The few on there were interesting.
    Take care, my friends……………………………………LOL

  566. Why does the sheriff still not want to say he has a serial killer out there? 8 murders who he now finally says they are linked and he still will not say we have a serial killer.

    • Serial murders take on a different status from other murders. Serial murders automatically can involve full FBI jurisdiction and that may bring prior murders into the picture. Like I’ve always said, if we stop thinking in limited terms of the most recent eight murders, we may find that the key to these eight lies in murders that took place before these eight women. Edwards doesn’t want any scrutiny on those murders prior to the eight women and he certainly doesn’t want the murders to qualify as serial murders.

  567. ignite who u talking about

    • FRIEND OF THE GIRLS………I would say that one is probably Sheila Comeaux in 1999.

      • Where was the bar Cheers located in Jennings at one time? Can anyone answer?

        • it was located in the 300 block of main st. if i remember right heading north it was on the lefthand side.

  568. ignite who u talking about her

  569. Frankie even lied in the interview…..he said that he never had a problem with any of the girls.

    He later says that they (Kristin is this example during interview) were taking things that did not belong to them..

    Well which is it Franke? You either never ever had a problem with them OR at least one of the victims stole from you. Keep your lies straight.

    You’ve known some of them since they were little and they called you Uncle Frankie….so innocent sounding. They were your friends……AND… had sex with almost all of them except the underaged conveniently and you got high with almost all of them. HMM looks like “Uncle Frankie” is not a very good uncle.

    Spare me.

  570. Frankie made my flesh crawl.I did not get to hear his voice because the speaker on my laptop is shot.I cannot wait to watch it saturday at 1:00.They will be airing it again so people in Lafayette and surroundig areas can watch.I agree Darkstar very nice uncle ,indeed.

  571. This is what I am wondering?If another girl comes up murdered,soon,do you think it could still be FR and company.They have to be watching him very closely.I guess he could be that arrogant.

  572. This is just my opinion but maybe FR stated that he had sex with the girls ,just in case they found his DNA on them.If his DNA matches up to them,and this goes to court I am more than sure his defense atty.would say,well yes they found his DNA because he had consensual sex with these women.I watch court TV all the time,and defense atty. will pull every tricck out of their bag for their client.Maybe FR had to reitterate this to cover his ass.

    • Yes I thought the same thing….

      Does not look good that the special showed Paula Guillory messing with evidence on a case with Frankie Richard involved.

      Why was she even on the task force? The whole internet seemed to know of her covering for Frankie. Why is Warren Gary in charge of evidence if there is even an INKLING that the truck was involved..not to mention the hellish unethical nature of this “transaction”.

      • Well by saying that he could also be putting himself at the crime scenes… I mean if they were able to get dna from all of the bodies… Which we all know that they say they havent… They are only admitting to DNA for the last body found if I am right… LOL the only one found in another parish becides Jeff Davis….. Amazing!!!

  573. What does anyone think on what I said?

    • You have a point, but I bet he did have sex with all of them just cause. I wouldn’t put it past him if he had it with Brittany too.

      What is Connie’s last name? Anyone think she is the last one who was at the Boudreaux Inn? Why does everyone go to California when in trouble? LOL.

      • Will be back in a minute

      • Connie Siler.

        • if this connie person is the same one that was associated with diane scoper as someone stated earlier, (from cheers bar) diane was terry scoper’s sister who was a suspect in butch sonnier’s death.. she really needs to be looked at carefully! somehow i think this all ties in..

          • It is almostsure. It is the same Connie. Where at in California is she? Isn’t the truck Warren Gary sold is in California?

          • hey brownie- there was no way to reply below your post, but if you do the math warren bought the truck for about $9,000 then cleaned it up and sold it for about $15,000 with a profit of $6,000 then had to pay a fine of $10,000 and lets not forget the money(evidence) that was stolen was mentioned to be $3700, it almost levels out..??? but then im a numbers cruncher, lol just something to look at..

          • okay yeah now im below your post lol!

      • and don’t forget, he is still probably having sex with Brittany’s mother too. EWWWW…..this is all such a stomach turner…….I think I need my Pepto! and after watching the all scratching on the show, I might just put on my dogs flee collar for good measure.

  574. On the show last night there was a girl that describes the man who tried to abduct her. That was the most I have ever heard of him. I have heard before the description of the truck and he had a bald head. She described him more last night. It was an interesting special. Warren in charge of evidence? The WHOLE family was ROFLAO! You can tell Tracee knows something, poor thing. Whew.

    I really do feel for the LE. You know all the pressure they are under, but on the other hand, it does piss you off. This has gone on for way too long. Wonder why they didn’t talk about Goodwin in the press conference? Is he working for them or not? Just wondering.

  575. Brownie When I talked To Dr, Godwin he was still working on this case and turning his finds into no other than ,Ricky Edwards. THAT EXPLAINS SO MUCH…….

  576. Someone advised Frankie Richard last nite. He made sure to TELL on tape he had sex with all but one of the victims. WHY? Just in case someone who knows what they are doing comes in and FINDS some DNA evidence he has already said he had sex, so he’ll be in the clear… As far as Tracee, she is a big liability. One of these days she is going to get so strung out she’s gonna start talking and end up dead. She thinks she pulled it off last nite but it was just the opposite, she’s in this up to her neck, and the noose is tightening…….

  577. I agree SP thats what I had said earlier he probaly wanted to go on record that he had sex with them just to cover his ass.


  579. I am going to post a few key notes for yall to read.Bear with me it will take awhile.

  580. KITKAT How are you doing? How did the parent conference go??

  581. IT says ,More than 48,000 investigative hours have been logged in the case since NOV.,the investigative team has been tasked to find about 30 women who were reported missing.Since the most recent woman Necole Guillory was found a public outcry for justice has grown more vocal,especially online.Along with a vocal blog- JDPKILLER.WORDPRESS>COM-groups on the social networking web have popped up also fire in Jeff Davis has 885 members,while JUSTICE FOR JEFF DAVIS has809.Both groups have mounted campaigns to contact National Media to request coverage.

  582. It also says ,The Founders of JUSTICE FOR JEFF DAVIS will hold a march ,Voices for the Jeff Davis 8.It will be this Friday at Founders Park in Jennings at noon and proceed to courthouse.

    • I have been told that Nicki will not be there for the march so it will be Mike and Nicki assistant Michelle to take over the march. They ask that everyone who wants to bring signs to please do so. Come a little early as they plan to start at noon.

  583. I think our blog made the paper.SP are you buried in snow? I saw the weather in CO.I hope you have a nice fire cracklin to keep you warm.The conferece went very well.He is in Honors Geometry,when I was his age I could barely subtract.Go Figure.Must of took after his father.I can spell just about anything you need,but math DUMB DUMB

  584. If yall want to read the whole thing you can go to , I would imagine it will be posted because it made the front page.

  585. I figured yall could read it online,I just felt like excersing my fingers so I could hit my husband when he gets home.JUST KIDDING

  586. Good Morning to all…. Just stumbled on this poem and it struck a chord. Just wanted to share it.

    Is a beast that lives deep
    Within our souls,
    A Beast that is
    The Essence of Human Love
    Born from the Molds of
    Truth, Reason, and Justice,
    Dehumanized Institutions hold the power
    To deceive the beast, placing it in a world
    Where its senses do not function
    It is deliberately
    Blinded and deafened by a
    Veil of ignorance
    Until it falls into a deep slumber. This is an era
    Ruled by corruption, deception, and
    Injustice. If the Beast is not awakened
    The destruction of Humanity is Inevitable.

  587. That was a very deep poem.

  588. I agree Serial…..Tracee is a liability. It’s a matter of time before she flips on Frankie and he has to know that.

    • THis just off the KPLC blog-

      The grapevine has it that the FBI investigators have made statements that the likelihood is high of if being a police officer committing the crimes.

      ….That would fit with this ongoing ‘soap opera’ of a sheriff trying to sooth the public with conjecture and ‘veiled actions’.

      This unsolved tragedy is a disgrace to the entire state of Louisiana.

      Posted by: Concerned | October 29, 2009 at 11:24 AM

  589. When Frankie figures that Tracee will flip on him she will have to go. It won’t matter who is watching,,,he’ll have help. He’s getting his DRUGS from someone who will help him…

  590. They need to haul her into the Calcasieu parish courthouse,sit her in a room and question her until she just has no choice but to flip.They need to interrogate the shit out of her.Maybe they could offer her a deal to bring the big dog in.Why are they not doing this?

    • you are right kitkat, and did anyone notice the expression on her face when asked about the truck?, she really overdramatized her answer!!!

  591. It would also make sense that its a cop.The serial rapist in Lafayette was a cop.This was in the late eighties.He is now having a real good time in Angola.

  592. There is a Connie Siler in Carlotta, CA. Wonder if that is her? Probably not.

  593. Anyone knows when g8 is coming back? Man I wish it is soon. This is about to drive me crazy

  594. And what about this Sonic Drive Inn in Lake Arthur?I wonder if they questioned all of the employees.Even employees that worked there 4 years ago when Loretta disappeared.It looks like a few hung out at that Sonic.

  595. Maybe someone from Sonic saw Loretta with Tracee and that other Woman.They may have overheard something?And where does Hannah Conner fit into this?Did they mention her last night.I watched it online but could not hear what they were saying.

  596. Hey girls come next door for one minute,I have news about the twins.

  597. Jason Brown’s article made the FRONT PAGE of The Advocate in Baton Rouge which equals large coverage area.

    Wish I could have seen the special…can’t get the channels here, but it is interesting to watch through you all’s responses 🙂

  598. There are two hot topics dealing with Jeff Davis
    first one is Jeff Davis Investigation
    The second is Unsolved: Mystery in Jeff Davis Parish
    Pick either one or both to leave your comments.
    So much is happening since the first time that all of us got on this blog for the very first time.

  599. You have got to be shitting me! Do you know how laughable and ridiculous LE appeared on that special. Task force my ass! They have nothing and if the public believes they have something then you deserve that sheriff if you want to be gullible.

    I am also sick and tired of hearing about Nicki. She has caused enough problems on this site and its time for her to move on.

  600. Hey Darkstar come next door for a sec got a question.

  601. Remember the Boudreaux Inn? Was Connie Siler the one who was warned/threatened and moved away?

  602. hope everyone fond the speical intresting now lets not forget tomorrow i need everyone who can come to rally to be there early at founders park this is our chance to come together in one place please i need everyones help i have been on this day and night there is going to be someone from kodiak there to film and local and if what i hope from a call earler a national net is sending some one i want say who are what i dont want nothing to stop this one

    • Mike after watching u last night go down south main holding your head up high i just wanted to let u know that we r pround of what u r doing. keep up the good work it will all pay off and i think it will pay off soon. after listing to FR and TC last night i think something will happen soon lets just pray it does

  603. What I’m wondering is why didn’t they interview Hannah Conner last night? And Tracee acting like she doesn’t know anything is such a lie. You could tell she and.FR were two lying drug heads.

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