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Note: Original post date published on:  October 16, 2009 @ 10:10
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  1. Please continue posting comments and general discussion here. Thanks.

    • Mike, repost that about KPLC and the media so people who don’t read yesterday’s stuff, can see it today!

      • I’ll put the info in a post……it will be visible right under the General Discussion Thread.

        If any of you have contact with any of the family members please let them know about the scheduled interview.

  2. Michael will you be on Geraldo Saturday or Sunday night?

  3. hey mike i cant email you

  4. g8 i need to talk to u

  5. friend of a friend and everyone else-I am friends of several of the family members. I promised my secrecy but I can’t keep it in any longer. Several of them told me this morning over coffee that they were told by Ricky Edwards, detectives, the FBI, Acadia detectives, and members of the task force not to cooperate with Michael Dubois or anyone else. I believe I convinced a couple of the families not to listen to law enforcement telling them that they have a right to speak out about what happened to their daughter. I told them that of course LE doesn’t want them to cooperate. Divided the families are nothing but together they are a force. I’m sorry but if it was me and my 18 year old daughter was killed I be damn if law enforcement would shut me up. Why do they want the families not to cooperate with Michael Dubois? Who can give some intelligent answers to this question?

    • i am couson off 3 off the girls i wish i could get mike to get in touch with me if u can tell him to get with me

    • Fed up–Yes Edwards stated in a news article that info should only be given to task force members not third parties ( Menard & Dubois maybe?) I believe when the video of Necole was made public it really TEED Edwards off, something he should have been doing all along!! Maybe they don’t know how to use a video camera or they just don’t give a damn what goes on on Andrew St.Seems like he is trying to keep silent anyone who is not a member of his task force.

    • I went through a first degree murder trial…and investigation….LE, Attorneys and all will tell you to keep quiet and not talk to the press. Including the prosecutor.

      If you are not served with a gag order- then you can speak at your own will. No gag order has been issued.

      From experience there were many times – looking back – that I wish I had spoke. Especially, to have details clear- truthfully told from an eyewitness point of view. When others tell the tale for you- this can get twisted. The truth being known is a good thing in my honest opinion.

      If it brings the families comfort to get their stories out to the public, I think they deserve to do so. You all deserve the support the public has to offer. Many people do care for what you have been going through.

    • If they were told not to cooperate….were they given updates at the same time or just told what not to do…

      do you know if this was recently or in months, years past?

  6. Does anybody have an email address for Kirk Menard? I want to tell him what LE is telling the families. This really pisses me off. Even if they catch the killer tomorrow, will it be the right one? Look how long it has taken them. This investigation was screwed up since 2005 when they found Loretta. LE believes the worst about the girls but still the families want to listen to LE. If someone has an email address for Kirk Menard please post it so I can email him and tell him about this.

  7. g8 i sent you a email did u get it

  8. I think that would be typical of JDP LE. But I would hate to think that the FBI would tell families to stay away from anything that may infact help solve a case or cases in this situation. But with the attitude that JDP LE has towards the victims and to public I would think that would be a “TYPICAL INTIMIDATION TACTIC!!! My opinion of course…. Good lawd I am opinionated these days… Maybe I can blame it on the infection meds lol.

  9. is Loretta dad not speaking to anyone or any of her aunts or uncles what about her husband was she not marry. what about all the other girls i cant believe they would sit back and listen to the LE, of all times to do that i would be the first to be running my mouth if RE or anyone else told me not to talk to anyone.


  11. Ok I’ve emailed Mr. Menard. If any of you can speak some sense into the families, especially you friend off the girls, please do so. They are being intimidated by LE by telling them not to cooperate with anyone. I am emailing the news stations right now and telling them this too.

    • okay to clear something up, I, at one time posted as fedup (its on the main page about lets stay united, or whatever). that was back when i hadnt posted many times, and was not on the computer i normally am on, so i couldnt remember my the screen name i used, so i typed fed up, let me make it PERFECTLY clear that the above fed up is not the same fedup that made the comment that is on “lets stay united” …..thanks

    • i am trying to there is a few i didnt talk to yes i did talk to a few off the mom and dad fe up im trying they were my friend and my cousons so i will tryheard to get them to do it

    From 10-16-09

    michael dubois, on October 16th, 2009 at 9:41 AM Said:
    to all who read this kirk and i have got the media to start covering our girls today oct. 16 2009 cynthia arceneax from kplc is coming to jennings to try speak with families so she can air a one hour special on the girls for the 28th and also i have a live studio spot with geraldo live sun night anyone who has contact with the families will you ask if they wish to join us to tell their side we need help my e-mail is we thank you for any help possible

    • I have a problem here MD said the interview with Geraldo was the 28th then another person said no. Who is the chief indian with the final answer. I hope MD or KM would tell us something.

      KM, these days I’d take three of you so put yourself on LWOP/AWOL/any darn thing. I’ll say one or two things about you about now – you didn’t overpower – I know you didn’t think you’d see that from me….come back!!!!!

      • ahlou ~ I’ll work on getting a confirmation on the date. I’ll be out the remainder of this evening but, will see what I can find out tomorrow.

  13. Ketchum– what is your opinion about

    fed up, on October 16th, 2009 at 10:21 AM


    Looking forward to hearing your response!

    • OBSERVER,,,,,,Even though I am sitting here “licking my wounds” , so to speak because I was duped on certain tidbits of info from one I had respect of, at the time, I will give you my opinion.

      I feel that because of the strong unity shown on this blog and some of the information and questions asked here is so near the truth, that LE feel uneasy. Additionally, the blog and families have created such an interest by national media who can put enough heat on to get answers for the NATIONAL audience
      (in the millions). The media can get information from the families, who can speak freely with NO RESTRICTIONS (not like Kirk or his staff I’m sorry to say). Remember some of my posts where I kept saying that the families can ask the funeral director (who they paid) what the condition of the bodies were and I also said that they were probably be instructed NOT to be told. It was too hard to believe that some famiies who lost their loved ones as far back as 2005, still had NOT been told anything!
      The bottom line is that due to so much attentiion by the blog and the knowledge that the families, even at this late date, have not been told anything by LE about their loved ones, THE HEAT GOT TOO HOT!
      Thanks for asking…..

  14. National publicity brings big pressure to solve the crimes. It also shines a spotlight on any shennanigans and monkey business that has been occurring, if any has. If Geraldo gets good ratings from this segment, the rest of the media will jump on it like a fat kid on a cake.

    Geraldo’s show is about sensationalism though. He is going to need some juicy tidbits to get those ratings. Express your fears and concerns but don’t put anything out there as fact that you cannot prove.
    If you can prove that a pissant ate a bale of hay, please say so.

    • RR….I wish I could have said it as well as you! I feel so down-hearted today that I have given myself another headache.

  15. Well said RR– love your responses too!

  16. Good Afternoon…….how do I get to Thread #37 to reread a few posts?

    God is so good. I should have followed my own advice of: When eyes are opened, ignorancee disappears!. I now know that I have been terribly bllindsided and it has thrown me off track. When I check and find that I am right, I will APOLOGIZE to you all because you could be so right on certain thinking. I am so sorry that I allowed myself to be so misguided and will explain to you all and will send an email to G8 and NICKI with more explicit details and they will let me know if all should be posted.
    Right now (just woke up and have a heavy heart. I feel like a sheep-killing dog (lol) for allowing myself to be duped like this and put in this position!
    So please tell me how to get back to Thread #37. I clicked on previous threads and nothing worked for me.
    P.S. I really need my cup of coffee now! Thanks


    In the future, could you be just a bit more vague? 😉

    Your fan club awaits the big reveal.

  18. Curious1 have you tried peroxide drops in your ears? You can dip q-tips in peroxide and swab your inner ear. Then wait for the peroxide to work and follow by alcohol swabbed q-tips. The alcohol dries up the remaining peroxide so there’s no water in your ears. I pour a few drops of peroxide and wait for it to fizz. Then I pour a few drops of alcohol to dry it up. This works for me when I have ear infections AND throat infections. Your ears and sinuses are connected. They drain into your throat. I used to get alot of infections from cigarrette smoke in the bars (I really like shooting pool).

    • I remember my dad doing that years ago… It is worth a try… Thanks for that Popeye!!!

      • You’re welcome.

        • Curious1,
          I am not sure what is causing your earache, but I know a teaspoon of Olive Oil slightly warmed , poured in your ear and trapped with a cotton ball always works wonders for me.
          I am prone to swimmers ear and it always helps me. My Dr told me to do that years ago.

  19. Good Afternoon…Curious1 glad to see you are up and going today. Observer found the drop down with profiles…Thank You. Ketchum23 I have tons of reading…LOL!!! You all have been very busy these past months…Keep up the good work

  20. To: fed up and everyone else

    Let me offer this word of advice. If you care about having these murders solved, leave the victims families alone for now…please, this is very important. Kirk is just as aware as we are of what is being communicated by LE to the victims families. It does not matter what tactics anyone uses to confuse the situation, the crimes WILL BE SOLVED and all will come out. I think you all trust me, my knowledge and my judgement. I can tell you all matter of factly that there are ENORMOUS things going on behind the scenes with Justice for Jefferson Davis and this blog that will help ensure that justice will be served!

    Approaching the family members who are already greiving and confused with any plea at this point will be, in a sense, doing the same damage to them that is already being done by others. Although we are trying to help them and have their best interests at heart, the things we have uncovered in our past exchanges has gone farther than ANY of you could EVER imagine and is actually doing more for the victim’s families than their actual involvement right now.

    There will come a time in the near future, when we may not have to reach out to them and try to break the hold of the mind bending monster. We will do more for them and prove ourselves a benefit to them, if we stay the course and continue what we have been focused on so far.

    I can promise you, IT IS WORKING and when it is all said and done, we and they WILL HAVE JUSTICE, RESOLUTION, and SAFETY!

    Thanks y’all!

    • NICKI……..You are right. I suspected as much. I am still going to email you and G8 a little bit later. I still feel like crap. Thanks…….LOL

  21. Curious1 Hope you are feeling better today!

    • SP it is some better… not great but better… I hope your having a great day. Thanks for remembering…

  22. Fan Club???

    • KITKAT……..I don’t know what you have against me. Didn’t you read my post to you on Oct 15th @ 11:46PM. I had no idea that you still have animosity towards me because you don’t know me, But, I love you anyway. Right now, I am too disgusted with myself to let it bother me but RED RANGER (I almost typed Red Ryder (lol), was just being kind and I thank him for that……LOL

  23. FEDUP…. I just got online for the first time today.. I would be fedup also.. You tell the families that if they keep their mouth shut like they were told, THEY WILL NEVER GET THIS SOLVED! The gag order is true.. So, to ANYONE that knows the family tell them to SPEAK LOUD! SCREAM till someone hears them… They have the freedom of SPEECH! And tell them do not worry, the whole parish, and hopefully soon, all of the U.S. Willl be behind them also! God bless all of your families! You just fight and fight hard for justice to come!

    • limon i i did just that friday i called one off he first girles dad hes now he know what is going on

  24. Thank you Nickie for posting that.Justice will prevail no matter how much they want people quiet.They are going to have media coverage on this an Lord if Nancy Grace gets a hold of this ,the sheriff is going to need alot more than just depends.Cause once Nancy has a whole of something she does not let go.Lets hope this Geraldo coverage gets Nancys attention.I trust in you Nickie and I know this will soon come to and end,and all of the murdered victims in this town can finally rest.Have a great weekend yall stay safe.I hope the candlelight vigil goes well.

  25. Oh, BTW… Geraldo’s show on JDP has been rescheduled for NEXT Saturday night, October 24, 2009 at 9 pm central.

  26. I hope the famlies are reading this blog and can realize the extent that LE is trying to keep them from coming forward!!! They must stand together and demand answers. This has been going on for way to long. What will it take? More women to die? Now is the time to bring this to national attention. This is what we have been working to do. Please, explain to to the famlies that they can TALK to whomever they want. They can express their feelings and tell how this has affected their lives… They are not in Russia!!,

  27. I know what your saying SerialP.If it was my family member I would be singing like a canary.

  28. Ketchum I hope you’re feeling better!! With all the flu going around please take care!!!

  29. ketchum are you here

  30. Popeye do you have anything good for a migraine.

    • I usually suffer through them. I don’t like taking pain meds. When I’m old I want to be able to take aspirin to alleviate the pain. Naps usually help.

  31. good day all just got on the blog from yesterday i posted a few times an it mentally wears me out ketcum you asked me about something i posted yesterday about who i had seen 2 weeks prior to finding there body i was refering to crystal she is my first couison an i seen her at a convienient store 2weeks in a row prior to them finding her body an i tell you this she was looking good an didnt look like she was on dope she told me herself that she was clean i dont know for how long. as for as britttney like i said in earlier post this kid lived with me for 2 years she was like a daughter to me her an my youngest daughter where best friends i dont understand the motive this sick sob had with her she was not one that new anything at least i dont think she did when this child lived with me she never told me are my daughter that she knew anything after she left my house an went back an stayed with her mother maybe then she learned something idk i know i see the hurt in my daughters eyes everyday an she blames god for taking her i tell her that its not gods fault he just got another angel but she has so much anger in her that its hard to get threw to her this morning my aunt went by my house an showed her the t shirts an she bought her one she called me cryin to tell me what the shirts said an that they had all the girls names on them we hug up an she called me back still cryin so hard that it really upset me she said that my aunt told her that it tg didnt show up for the vigil tommorrow that she could light the candle for brittney an she would give the candle to tg an she could have the cross i told her okay cause i was cryin i couldnt talk to her her pain is my pain an it makes it even harder to see it in her eyes

  32. KITKAT The only thing that helped me get rid of my migraines was a divorce. Seriously……

    • HAHAHAHA Meeeee Toooooo!!!!!!

    • Does anyone know for sure the date of the Geraldo Riveria interview with Mr. Dubois? Heard it was this Sun. nite then I heard it will be next Sat. the 24th.Mr.Dubois or G8 could you all please post the real date and time?

      • I think this was the latest post on this ea

        Nicki Soileau, on October 16th, 2009 at 1:11 PM Said:

        Oh, BTW… Geraldo’s show on JDP has been rescheduled for NEXT Saturday night, October 24, 2009 at 9 pm central.

        • Thanks curious, guess we will go with the 24th maybe Mr. Dubois will confirm it.

          • I SURE WILL WATCH IT just let me know when please someone

          • That’s the problem here now we have so many chiefs one can’t know for sure. I would have hoped that if MD had a change of schedule he would have at least have told G8 who would tell the rest of us. Seems the host should have some part in being a chief.

          • this comming weekend he told me

  33. g 8 i just emailed you on what you needed hope it helps

  34. baffled I read your post and I am so sad, and absolutely furious at the same time. When will this end?? All these beautiful women taken away way before their time. All of the lives, that these tragedies have touched is unbelievable. Our prayers are with you and all the other families and we all hope these MONSTERS will be brought out into the open soon, and justice will be done.

    • SERIALPSYCHIC…….Wish you were here!!!!! You always make one feel better, no matter what!!!
      You are an Angel……..LOL

  35. sp is there any way that i can email you personaly


  37. baffled Of course you can e mail me any time you want. I would look forward to hearing from you.

  38. P.S. The article has quoted from Sheriff Ricky Edwards that a website,established by the Task Force had received that many hits after CNN put the story on their website.
    I guess I am really out of it today, because I thought was the Michael DuBois interview with CNN that started the ball rolling. I also thought Mr. Dubois posted that LE was not pleased with him.What did I miss?

  39. okay thanks when i get home i will put you as a contact thanks looking forward to talking to you

  40. RED RANGER…..I screwed up again and accidently erased a lot of stuff and have to start over. Please bear with me. I am all fingers today because of my dilemma, I guess………lol

  41. P.S………And, my nerves are shot to hell!!!!!!!

  42. Ketchum23 I’ve got your back, always….

  43. SERIALPSYCHIC…..Thank God that this blog, all of you and especially the victims’ families, FINALLY are getting the National Attention that was so desparately needed You all did a FANTASTIC job in making it happen! I told all of you, that God “sits high and looks low.”

  44. ketchum did you see where i replyed to one of your questions from yesterday

  45. REDRANGER…….I am trying to get myself together so that I can start over to answer you. Right now, I am still so disgusted with myself that I could puke!

    Being duped, as I was, changes the whole picture of things for me. I can’t believe that I was not on better guard. (I can still see the SMIRK!!!!!) Shame on ME!

    Love ya….will be back as soon as I finish licking my wounds!……

  46. Ketchum Did I miss something?? Who duped you?

  47. i just got on and serialpsychic i was wondering the same thing….whats wrong with ketchum?

  48. countrygirl I don’t have a clue….

  49. guess i need to go back and read so i can find out….

    • i have been SO behind on this blog for the past couple of weeks, doggone JOB!! lol……….

      • im so behind too lol…g8 took the chat off cause it was taking away from the blog…no one was posting only chatting…

        • lol! thats good in a way, for me anyway, lol. i like the chat, it was cool and everything, however, i use my phone alot and can only read posts….so i missed what everyone was saying….plus, yea, shes right, when posts are made, it archives, and new readers can go back over it and read, (plus i wont miss out, lol)

          • lol i know huh..we couldnt play catch up on the chat…the blog is way better!!! i hope my eyes dont go crossed from reading everthing i missed, but so far i still cant find what would have made ketchum so upset

  50. and what happened to the chat?

  51. unbiased There’s just a couple of us here I guess…

  52. hello people seems like i miss alot from yesterday morning i will have to do alot of reading and eating to understand what is going on

  53. why isnt ketchum responding to me sp whats going on

  54. baffled I don’t know what’s up with Ketchum today. She seems pretty distressed!!!

  55. Serialpsychic was online late last nite…noticed there was a response to a comment i had left earlier in the evening…left by Jenningsnative…haven’t run across the name in past threads…just wondering if you had seen this name before? Thanks

  56. I am in and out of here today… I have the shiny object syndrome today.. everything is distracting me.. LOL!

  57. jenningsnative, on October 15th, 2009 at 11:13 PM Said:
    Need to look for a brown or green truck or van as most killers use those color vans or an off color truck or van. Mid-30’s, loner, dead end job, possibly caught a STD or been jilted by women in the past, racist. Just going from research

    is this what your talking about bamamoe?

  58. bamamoe i was wondering the same thing guess everyone has there gaurd up sp i emailed you can you let me know you got it thanks

  59. bamamoe, I don’t recall reading any posts from jenningsnative but I could be wrong. There have been sooo many posts in the past.

    • that’s why i asked…haven’t ran into a post yet…been reading…most of you here are regulars thought you might recognize the name.

  60. Hey all. I have been working on something quietly but thought today I would share it with all of you, as now I could use ya’ll’s input in this matter. I will welcome any and all comments.thanks guys and gals! Here is an email I just sent to Nicki Soileau as followings: “hey there Nicki. I recently contacted Actor/Film Star and Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office Chief Investigator Steven Seagal, requesting his assistance with the 8 serial killings cases. Given his popularity as an actor and obligations to the JPSO, I never even expected to hear back from him. This is the email I received from him today.”


    Per your request, I would be more than happy to assist in the
    investigation of the serial killings in Jefferson Davis parish from
    2005 to date. I will be in Jefferson Parish from now until about the
    1st of November after which time I go to Europe to fulfill other
    I was wondering if it would be convenient for you to send or deliver
    the files and put me together with the head detective on this case. I
    can be reached at ——— or ——— from the 19th on…


    Chief Seagal

    Now I’m not sure what the next step should be. Perhaps you could help me out with this. Thanks so much!

    • Wow, awesome, curvycat

    • Hi Curvy ~

      That’s pretty cool!! I’m thrilled he is willing to offer assistance but not so sure JDP would be willing to let him. I had no idea he was in LE. Maybe direct him to the blog…..Lord help him though, there’s a lot of reading here. I guess you never know unless you try…..maybe by some stroke of luck Edwards might consider the offer.

      • Curvycat, wonderful. please do send him to this blog.

      • G8……I agree with you. It would be wonderful. I have seen his commercials of his being a L.A. California Deputy Sheriff coming to TV in December. He can only be of help IF he gets the appropriate files. I wish him well on that. I know that with his notiriety & popularity, he will bring more exposure to Jennings 8. Good Luck Segal and I will keep on buying your DVDs. lol

    • maybe you should have blocked out some of those numbers so people wouldnt call him just to say

  61. baffled Got your e mail!! Thanks, look forward to talking to you…

  62. curcycat BRAVO!! I commend you on your initiative! Steven Segal, is a big fish and I think he can shake up this little pond. I do believe you should let G8, Nicki, Kirk Menard,and Michael Dubois know what’s up and get their input. Michael Dubois’ e mail is on the last thread. I can just see Rickie Edwards face, now. These guys are probably getting their autograph books out. LOL just kidding… anything to bring attention to this case is good…

    • To hell with an autograph. I wanna have dinner with him and maybe give him some beer/wine/crown whatever makes him loose. LMAO! Invite me!

    • Don’t worry we can always know that G8,kirk,mike and brittany are always on top of things. They have been from the start and always will be up until the moment this is all over. You can gurante that they are here for justice and will make sure justice will be done in this case. They work many hard and long hours on this case and one thing they never lie always up front and very truthful, and will help anyone to the very best of there ability. Keep it up

      • yes they are i talk to him just noe and he talk to a dad off one off the first girl he is getting alot off help

  63. curvycat I just ordered several cases of extra absorbent DEPENDS but I need the SO address. LOL

  64. Brownie You may have to take a number and stand in line…LOL

  65. very good curvycat media is what we need everyone this is great sp i will now go email you have something very important to share with you

  66. brownie I’m just so excited this will be getting any attention at all.. NOW Steven Segal.. I’m blown away.. First Geraldo then this … God is listening!!!

    • Yes, GOD is listening! I must say, everybody is just amazing with their inputs, but yet everybody knows that. Keep it going!

  67. sp check ur email asap please

  68. Hey all. I’m ahead of yall. I wanna invite him to stay with us. But hubby is frowning on that! LMAO

    • omg he can stay with me i will let my hubby go camping for the weekend or week how every many days he needs to stay away lol but dont say i said that lol

  69. O.K. WHO says SEGAL has to be in LOUISIANA??? Maybe some fresh Colorado air would help him think better!!! LMAO

  70. baffled Thank you for the E mail I appreciate it, and YOU !!

  71. your welcome had to tell someone that couldnt keep it in any longer he just made my suspicions more alert ill email you later everyone dont forget about the candle light vigil tommorrow in lake arthur

  72. countrygirl O.K. Who told you?? I just thought I’d say Hi………LMAO

  73. lmao…well it poped in my head lol … tell him hi from me too lmao!!!

  74. REDRANGER (I almost typed Red Ryder, lol
    SERIALPSYCHIC, BAFFELED, G8, NICKI, AULOU, OBSERVER & all of you who have supported me.
    Thank You. I will send this in spurts in case I screw up again & I don’t want to retype anything!
    I thank God that when I woke up today, I realized who and how I have been duped to slow me down, at which time, I used my heart INSTEAD OF MY HEAD!

    First, In Thread #37, our NICKI apologized to me that she & G8 had their doubts of my identity at first.and that when NICKI checked me out, a taped recording (?)from LE told a bear-face lie on me and said that I am
    5-0 from another local LE who is being paid to, I guess, post on this blog! That is so ludacris that it is sad.
    Now, if you all will notice that a user name of SCOOTER always posted AFTER me with negative comments, i.e., “I’m part of the problem instead of the solution”, I asked, “What problem?”, Another post RE: fear, I responded that “I fear no man and never have, I fear God..”. and most importantly, when I responded to SERIALPSYCHIC ON 10/15 @8:16pm question about Wet Daddys and formaldehyde, this guy posted that all of you should not believe everything that is posted on this blog. Well that is a matter of choice and opinion! When he REPOSTED my response later for somone, perhaps KITKAT questioned my being on the blog again, I responded to SCOOTER and asked him what he had against me because I don’t know him and he certainly don’t know me. He never responded.
    This morning, upon awakening, I feel that SCOOTER is, in all probability, a local LE officer referred to in NICKI’S post absolving me of previous suspicions.He is the only one who “read between the lines of my post about a gang-related murder in Chi Town and had a negative response which made no sense. When he reposted, OBSERVER & AULOU rewrote a part of my response that I interpreted as they are questioning his motivies.

    • IN ADDITION TO THE FOLLOING INFORMATION, I will relate why I feel I have been duped and why I want to apologize to all of you who believed in me. I thank you all for that. You know who you are.

      For one thing, I don’t lie. I have no reason to. When I said that I was asked months ago to get involved by some Jennings residents, that was the trut, although I only joined this blog (Thread #35) but had done a lot of homework before I became ACTIVELY involved, i.e. charts, murderboard, etc. I was in Jennings walking and talking among you all, gathering information. When I had studied these cases and felt that I have something to offer, I went to the local LE and offered my services, even putting my life on the line by working undercover, as I have done before. Perhaps LE was offended that I said I do not like working with Task Forces or some females because of past bad experiences where they care more of the glory than solving murder cases bynot sharing information when offered help. And then, as my “man-of-the-cloth” suggested, they “might have resented , “a yankee coming down here telling them what to do”, at which time, I laughed and after of offering of my services were ignored, I agreed with him!

  75. When dealing with task forces and LE information flows only one way – their way. The FBI and investigators do not work in conjunction with journalists or bloggers. LE doesn’t share information either. Information that might leak out from LE to civialians could hinder the future prosecution of the killer. Nothing the public did in Baton Rouge helped solve the DTL murders. In fact, the task force didn’t solve the murders either – one lone detective in another small town did.

    • Well- I don’t think that at ANY point anyone has expected any type of privileged information. I think what the public wants and DESERVES is their public servants serving them. Ego should not be in involved in public service. In any other place you see public servants serving and doting on the public. All we have EVER asked for is the respect that we so rightly deserve. And that’s updates. If there is nothing to report- then say so. But we SHOULD be addressed. That is the biggest issue we have at hand. Seriously? I’m glad we are facing these problems in a small way. Our parish needs to learn the lesson being taught. Put the people in service who will serve them and treat them with respect. It is an insult to the intelligence of those who possess it for anyone serving in an elected position to have the AUDACITY to act like they owe no explanations to the very people who give said elected official a job. I look around and I see condescending behavior. I see pussy-footing around questions asked. I see idiocracies happening that are RIDICULOUS. And I see half of the citizens accepting it because it comes from “big names”. HA! Those names don’t mean shit to me. I judge people by the result I see. That, my friend, is politics….not who you know, or who goes to what school, or who throws a good barbeque. The national attention that this WILL attract (and I LOVE IT!!!) Will hopefully raise awareness to other parts of the country of just how acceptable mediocracy is in this place. Also hopefully, it will awaken in the people who have never gave much thought to how the system SHOULD be running, of just how things SHOULD be here, and maybe, JUST MAYBE- the citizens will realize the power that they have. Sometimes hindsight really IS 20/20. If you don’t believe what I’m saying- read back on all of the responses of people posting on here from out of state. They can’t BELIEVE this is happening. You almost have to laugh not to cry….of course, our bumpkin cousins in Hammond are dealing right now with a justice of the peace that won’t allow an interracial couple to get a marriage license. As an avid fan of political satire, I can’t BELIEVE they just handed that one over to be made fun of nationally’. And trust me- when the political satire television shows (MadTV, the Daily Show, SNL) get ahold of that- I will be in front of my television ROLLING in laughter….;-)

      • I rambled on so much in the last post I just want to clarify that my point was: IF YOU DONT WANT THE PUBLIC QUESTIONING YOUR WORK, THEN GET YOUR ASS OUT OF PUBLIC SERVICE!!!!!
        P.S. Serial psychic: can I get some of those depends so I don’t pee on myself laughing at the mochery that WILL BE MADE of all of this?

    • Barney, I don’t know who you are and I mean no disrespect by what I ‘m about to say…Also, my posts and comments are usually more intelligent than this.

      This is not Baton Rouge. This is not the same case. This is not the same LE and these aren’t the same people. You can bet your sweet ass this case will, in fact, be solved by this “public”…at least for the most part. You have NO idea what we know about these cases or about our own LE. It would likely shock the hell out of you if you knew what most of us do. The only area in which we have failed was not realizing we should have started doing this sooner…its likely there wouldn’t have been as many lives lost.

      We are, for the most part, a VERY intelligent and capable group. I cannot help but take offense to anyone stepping on here with, obviously, no prior or in depth knowledge and suggest that we are as ignorant and unsophisticated as to demand intimate details of an ongoing murder investigation. We did not fall off the turnip truck yesterday and I would be willing to put money on the FACT that we have uncovered more about these murders in the last 6 months alone than others have in the last 4 years. The reason for this: we are not scratching around like cats covering up our poo or busy looking behind us watching our asses. We are progressing toward justice!

      Thank you and please excuse my language.

    • BARNEY……Thank you. All I can say about that is that I started to get involved after I figured out that the killer was a black guy. I knew after the murder of the victim Denay from Lafayette and from learning some of the customs of the south. Specifically, Louisiana

      • P.S. I did NOT get involved. I forgot to say that I backed off when I couldn’t reach victim Pace’s mother, and I am so glad that I did now, having experienced LE and the Jennings 8 + 1 murders. lol

  76. CONTINUING……..LE also probably resented the fact that I said I would need to see all reports; autopsy, toxicology, police, entomology and crime scene photos, in order to do a good job. This is all BEFORE I came to this Blog and I had absolutely no idea that family members had not received ANY autopsy reports even from 2005! I did know that at that time, I would have to mute on the investigation for obvious police reasons and I also provided phone numbers for Chicago colleagues who I have worked closely with and who would vouch for my identity. I also provided letters for the Los Angeles Police Department commending my undercover work there and helped the homicide detectives solve my friend’s son’s murder. I provided my certificate from a Homicide Seminar where one class was taught by the famous Dr. Henry Lee and others.

  77. OFGS, I must address Ketchum because it is on my heart as well —–you see we all have a heart and an a-hole which comes to opinions —–all have one. I may have joined the chior but after reding about what happened with the mother who may have paid or at the least asked for assistance only to be duped into beliving her son was whatever. I’m the mother of a murdered son and if I had hired or asked assistance only to read about politics and gangsters stopped the person I trusted who is now bragging about how great he/she is….give me a damn break.

    I’ll take this further maybe that is what RE is dealing with here he can’t because or do we bow down to Ket for bowing down and still beat up on RE and local LE. If I had never read what Ket caved into I may be a proud member of the chior. I said earlier I had been a little down on KM and guess what now I’m saying KM I’ll take two or three of you about now.

    I don’t care how boastful anyone is nor do I care if anyone talk about how I write I know what the hell is not what I support. I do not support anyone telling me they lied to a mother of a murdered child and expect that the person should be someone special.

    I will not leave unless G8 tell me I should so I won’t even say I will leave what I have seen in the last few days is there are too many damn chief coming here. This board was doing very well before we got alll the darn I’m important folks. Right about now I can’t even tell if MD times are correct.

    Scooter, where the heck are you???? you started me thinking. BTW are you the same Scooter who messed with me on the other board and if you are hi.

    • AULOU…..I am very surprised at you. I am NOT boasting about anything. You have me all wrong. but let me clarify something right now. I AM NOT A P.I. AND HAVE NEVER BEEN PAID FOR HELPING ANYONE IN MY LIFE! jUST THE OPPOSITE. If you can find it, Find the post to SCOOTER that I sent him telling him to watch the Biography Channel for American Gangsters where you will see the BLACK DRUGDEALERS who were making $600,000.00 to ONE MILLION DOLLARS A MONTH WHO THOUGHT NOTHING OF ORDERING MURDER. In the case, I referred to, the lady’s son was in the Black Gangster Disciple gang and was murdered. The mother had heard of me and contacter me to “look into it” which I did (Off-duty by the way). That was when a high-ranking gang leader, who trusted me and not LE per se, advised me to BACK OFF and told me why. I am not ahamed to say, he did not have to tell me twice! As I’ve said before, I do not betray a confidence.I told the victim’s mother the truth only, not everything. She was told that her son who she knew was in a gang had stolen some formaldehyde for a gang leader and by gang rules, he was punished (killed) for it.(Horribly, I admit, but they sent a message) As someone, other than me, said, follow the money!
      As I have said, “I fear no man, I fear God” who has saved my life numerous times. AND I AM NOBODY;S
      My mother did not raise a damn fool and as I said to you before, I’ve lost a son too and sympathized for your loss of a son which you said, “HAD BEEN SHOT OVER A WOMAN!” Remember, these circumstances are different from yours although the pain in your heart is the same. So is mine. So, having said that, I want you to know what YOU AND SCOOTER CAN DO FOR ME. Thank you very much.

      • You know what you are an a hole. I did not read anything you said Scooter said. You have only gotten your a on trying to make yourself look good. You may have been in LE but I’ll say the people you worked with were shit out of luck. Fool who is a fool you are so full of yourself you make me sick. Now you talk of blacks I’m not into black or white all I care about is who did the murders.

        You made an error your mother must have raise a fool. She did raise a selfish creature. Maybe RE is having the same problem yu had when they told you and you LIED to a mother. Please go crawl back where you came from and this is may be my last response to such a creep as you….bad grammar and all..

    • Finally, someone other than I really read and thought about what this person was bragging about. People, I am your regular “Joe” that was born and raised in Jennings. Thats what brings me here. i appoligize to all for throwing my 2 cents in. I have no pertinant info to share and no alterior motive, so I will just continue to read what you all have to offer without commenting on it. Thanks.

  78. g8 did you get my email

  79. CONTINUING….(I have nothing to Lose)…..What hurts me the most is that he told me he would contact me after checking my credentials and answer some of my inquiries. As I was leaving, I asked him (what was a very very important question to me since in all of my research, there was no mention of trauma on the bodies that didn’t have slit throats). that aside from those two victims, did any of the others have their hyoid bone broken?” ( F.Y.I……HYOID is the small
    U-shaped bone at the front of the neck that is usually broken in cases of strangulation). He told me, “NO.”
    That is when I told him that I know that there are several different types asphyxiation, in fact, I and other old time cops from the late 1970s & in 1980 were trained how to “render a person (arrestee) unconscious by cutting off the left and right carotid arteries located on each side of the neck. This maneuver was called, “The Sleeper Hold” and was ceased after an arrestee in California died from it.
    However, you don’t forget your training. I can still do it.
    ALL OF THE BODIES BEING ASPHYXIATED! Remember, I said that until autopsy reports revealed that Victim #1 CHAISSON and Victim #5) MUGGY BROWN died from slit throats I still believed asphyxiation could have been the cause of death, unless of course CHAISSON had water in her lungs and MUGGY did NOT bleed out. (I CAN STILL SEE THE ‘SMIRK’ on his face!!!!!!!!!!! He did succeed, he did throw me off wasting a lot of time and contradicting a lot of you alls post. I SINCERELY APOLOGIZE YOU ALL!

    • Why do you brag on yourself all the time. Again constructive criticism. Stop bragging on yourself and REPEAT AFTER ME: MODEST

    • The “Sleeper Hold” happens on WWF. What you are speaking of is the Rear Naked Choke.

  80. What are you talking about the only two who had slits throats were Brown and Daniels. Who told you Brown and Chaisson hadd slit throats.

    Folks get me if you wish but there are too many mistakes here. I do believe Ket would like making a difference but if you can’t get a story straight I don’t care how sleepy, etc., one is tooooo many errors.

    Repeat after me….I am not the most important person here.

    • AULOU…..Thank you and MY BAD!!!!! I made a mistake, it was the two (2) black females, #2 PATTERSON AND #5) MUGGY BROWN. Everyone makes mistakes Ms. Aulou, As I said in my last post, you know what you AND Scooter can do for me.

      I had wondered why you are you so bitter towards me. Now I’m like Rhett Butler in “Gone With The Wind”, Frankly, my dearr, I don’t give a damn. I did not kill you son so take it out on somebody else!

      • You know Ketchum you are so full shit it’s not funny. You are nothing but trying hard to be something. I know damn well you didn’t kill my son or I would be on your ass like white on rice.. I do take it out on the responsible party. But you know what eve Mr. RE never admiitted he was a rat.

  81. unbiased I will make sure you get all the DEPENDS you need Darlin” ………….

  82. Serialpsychic, you seem to have it so together say something, please.

  83. AND TO ADD INSULT TO INJURY…….. After that meeting, which by the way, was adviced by my “man of the cloth” to do, I called two weeks later and was told that he was in an all day meeting with the FBI. I left a message which corrected important information I had incorrectlyy given him before that he poo-pood and said that Church St. could not be right. That info, which I shared with you all was still the WRONG STREET. It actually was the female standing in front of the National Guard Building (as it correctly turned out to be) was seen being forced into a dark-colored car on Monday, November 3, 2009 at 4-5:00AM. Although, he never returned my car, I’m wondering if that info WAS checked out back then after all! I had also told him that Brittney Gary is the key to all of the murders. He is the one who told me that she did NOT return to Jennings and was reported missing less that a week l
    upon her return from Texas! That, too, is why I sent a post to Baffeled on 10/15 questioning when she last saw our girl, Brittney. (I have to yet check for a reply, sorry about that too). Being a retired LE officer, I mistakenly thought that local LE would be respectful and trustworthy as a “brother in blue” as cops say.
    I am very disappointed and have learned a powerful l
    lesson from all Southern LE in that they do not welcome outside help like other major cities. That is so sad for victims’ families! Perhaps not all Southern LE are the same, but, if the shoe fits, they can wear it!!
    In my own town, the LE is the same. However, our former police chief died at an early age from cancer. but he and his top officer had nothing but respect for me. His top cop had attended a Homicide Seminar given by my good friend and former colleague, Brian Killacky (who worked on the Danny Bridges case who was murdered, dismembered, and dumped in a trash dumpster by Serial Killer Larry Eyler, a case that I too, was indirectly involved in. (SERIALPSYCHIC , we’ll discuss that another time).

    As I stated before, I have been using my heart instead of my brain. I cannot tell you just how frustrated I am, at this point, because

    • Ketch, please message me.

      • Nevermind Ketch. I emailed you!

        • NICKI. Thank you. I will check my emails in a moment when I calm myself down. I am very very pissed off right now. It just shows how busy the Devil
          and can bring out the worst in some people.

    • Really Ketch..November 3, 2009? Did it ever occur to you that we are not yet in November for 2009 yet? Ketch, a friendly reminder or take it as constructive criticism. If you are, as you say, a former LE, detective, psychic, whatever you call yourself, you would know to have your facts straight before posting. The people on this blog is not stupid and when your facts are turned around or completely not straight they believe you’re lying about being a former LE officer, detective, etc., so you need to have your facts straight. If you are so important, why does everyone google your name and nothing comes up? Being that you solved so many crimes your name should come up when it is googled.

      In the future, please have your facts straight before posting or this group will eat you alive. They do not like their intelligence to be insulted. Just constructive criticism.

  84. ahlou Me, Have it together??? Well thank you, I’d rather think That WE have it together….Everyone has their own value to this blog THAT is why WE are making headway…love ya…

  85. almostsure We have to get CONTROL over ourselves now that Steven Seagal’s coming to town!!!! LMAO

  86. Nicki Good Lookin’ OUT!!!

  87. ketch i replied to your question on this blog please see it at the top of this page

    • BAFFELED…….Thank you sweetheart I will after I get NICKI’S email. No, I’d better do it now. You made my day yesterday and because of you, I refuse to back down. I am just not use to this kind of behavior when good is being accomplished. That is what the Devil hates!

  88. i have so much to catch up on i have not been on in a couple days..

  89. I agree ahlou a murdered sons mother was told it was gang related and it was not .Whats up with that.Maybe we should keep our focus on our girls here in Jennings.My opinion.

    • Thank you so much Kitkat. YOu see my son was murdered and I can tell you if I had a person admitting such I would want to commit murder myself. I’m not trying to be a misfit but you are correct the murders HERE should be our focus. This board worked well for so long and now we have so many being the…

      Again thanks for seeing what I and Scooter was seeing. I’m all for all the help we can get but we need positive assistance.

      Thank you too

      • Can you get your lie straight last time it is LA now it Chicago. In any case you admitted you LIED to hte mother.

        • WHAT LIE? You need to put your glasses on. The only thing I said about L.A. was that I helped solve a murder there. F.Y.I. i WAS BORN IN CHICAGO, MOVED TO LOS ANGELES AS A TEEN AND MOVED BACK TO CHICAGO AS A MEDIA BUYER AND A POLICE OFFICER UNTIL I RETIRED AND MOVED WITH MY FAMILY TO LOUISIANA.

          I still have family in L.A. and for what it is worth, have helped homicide detectives there with SEVERAL cases. Thank you for reminding me.

          • Scooter, on October 15th, 2009 at 10:02 PM Said:
            Ketchum23, on October 15th, 2009 at 8:25 PM Said:
            P.S.. As usual, I forgot something. Sherms were popular at one time in California. They sold for $25-30.00 apiece. That is why “Wet Daddy”s are much more popular now. I could tell you another story that would absolutely “float your boat!” Perhaps, when you come to Louiana, you, me and the other fine folks here can get together, have coffee and I’ll tell you. I had to back off because it was a huge coverup worth millions and involved a young man’s murder whose mother contacted me and asked to look into it. Her son had been shot several times, rolled up in a blanket, put in the trunk of a car and set afire. When I did check it out was warned by a big-time gangleader who trusted me, advised me NOT to get involved. When he told me why, he didn’t have to tell me twice!
            It involved large quantities of formaldehyde and politics!!!!! Unfortunately, I could not tell the victim’s mother anything at all, much to my regret. I just let her think it was a gang-related murder.

            This is what I was talking about.

            What murder did you solve????

      • SORRY…..Another Mistake made. Shame on me. That post was meant for KITKAT.

        • You make so many mistakes you must a fraud or at the least you fooled many for some years. Lord help those around you.

          • AULOU. This is my last post in response to your barbs. I will no longer dignify you with any answers. As an outsider and newcomer of a few years to the south, I thank Got that I DID met some Very Very nice people in Jennings. I feel so sorry for you.

            Oh Yes, I was also wondering who appointed YOU in charge of this wonderful blog? But, please don’t answer, I mean what I say and say what I mean.

  90. I’m new here…but I agree with KITKAT. Everyone needs to stay focused on Jennings. What Nikki said earlier in response to Barney…about the public. I agree with that also “the public” in Jennings is important in these cases. They are most likely the ones who will give a tip to LE. The more aware the public is of what or whom they should be looking for the closer they will get to pointing out the offender…Still reading…it’s been a long day.

  91. Nickie can you make sense of all this.In spite of what you told me it kind of makes you say HMMMM

  92. Nicki:

    I did not say anything about the public or people on this blog; I was merely stating facts about how task forces work and think. Even in serial cases where the public played a role in helping solve the crimes, I’ve rarely ever heard the task force spoke person during the ‘big case solved’ news conference acknowledge the public’s help. Many task forces operate the same way doesn’t matter where they are from. In fact, many often take credit where no credit is deserved.

    • Barney, I’m pretty certain they won’t be able to in this case. This situation goes much farther than murders…much farther than you’d imagine. A sh*# storm is about to hit here and I tried to get help in stopping it, but I was ignored many times just as many other members of this community were. I did not want our community and these family members to go through what is headed our way. And, it doesn’t stop there .I know for fact of ONE task force member that is a very competent, caring, intelligent and skilled individual. When this all hits the fan, what will that do to all of us?…bye bye hope and order. What will happen to that task force member…bye bye career and reputation. We all need to pray and pray hard…we need it now more than ever.

  93. I do not believe that it was said that Loretta had a slit throat.

    • ok how r people finding out about slit throats i never read no where that happen to any of them are did i miss something somewhere i thought i have read everything

    • Loretta DID NOT have a slit throat. No cause of death was determined on Loretta as well. This is a FACT. The only two women who’s throats were slit were the African-American women, Muggy and Ernestine.

    • MS. KITKAT…….I made my correction above. The two (2) black victims (#2 PATTERSON AND #5) MUGGY BROWN, reportedly had slit throats.

  94. Remember folks, we are all important in here!!!

  95. I agree Ahlou I know exactly what your talking about.It just makes you want to scratch your head and say what are you trying to prove.We do not need peoples street creds,I am just a housewife with 2 sons.I only came on here originally because I felt so sorry for these poor girls.Lets stop the madness and get back to Jennings,LA.Who knows they might make me get off to.

    • Kitkat, that posting just blew me away at first I didn’t say anything then Scooter said something and I just had to say from my gut. As the mother of a murdered son I would be suing (sp not sure) the crap out of a person who admitted lying to me.

      I say this was a much better blog when we all just brainstomed without the egos. I know I messed with KM but I’ll say he took it with dignity, no med, no drama.

      I’m all for just lets talk about the murders here and now all over the country.

  96. IN CONCLUSION…….I forgot. He asked me if I had talked to anyone else about these cases and I told him that I would have never disrespected him like that because it is his jurisdiction. When I was never contacted, I continued working on the cases and joined this Blog. Much to someone’s chagrin, I see.

    In not thinking as I should have, I would have realized a lot of things, i.e., A CORONER does not do autopsies, even if he has some medical training, he is a civilian. A Coroner is an official who investigates and certifies deaths. Question: Is this who SHELIA COMEAUX’S daughter is trying to get her mother’s autopsy from? Only a forensic pathologist or medical examiner who is a doctor can determine the cause and manner of death. In Chicago. Los Angeles & some other major cities that I know of, this is done in a morgue. In the state of Indiana where my cop cousins live, autopsies are performed at the funeral home nearest to where accidental/homicidal death occurs.

    Based on all of the abovementioned information, Thank God, I didn’t throw some of you off just because I was. For that, I apoligize and stand corrected. Here it is: As I pointed out in one of my last posts of last night, I questioned earlier info on a websites, specifically Digitopus ZENO of 8/21/2009 from Dec.19, 2008 which related comments by Muggy’s sister about mutilation. Remember how I questioned all of that and you alls speculations about blood, formaldehyde and funeral homes. WELL, I AM BOO BOO THE FOOL!
    I HAD BEEN DUPED AND YOU ALL ARE MOST LIKELY “ON THE MONEY!!!” Forgive me….However, since my eyes are wide opened now, my ignorance has disappeared and I would like to add to your theories and make some changes to some of mine.
    You all are probably tired of reading this long post. Afterwards, I am still going to email G8, Nicki and now Serialpsychic , and let them know what, I am sorry to say, I cannot post. I do want to say though, that in the article today, Edwards also stated that he is getting homicide information from other states. I already knew that the FBI, has valuable sources, such as:
    F.B.I. National Center of Analysis of Violent Crimes
    who computerizes records of unsolved murders and check similar crimes in different states.
    That info never crossed my mind because the Jennings 8 murders and Shelia Comeaux’s murder are all LOCAL in one location.

  97. SERIALPSYCHIC, REDRANGER, ETC…..I know that you all are probably tired of reading my post so let me know if you want my NEW take on the murders since I realized why I was singled out and duped!

  98. ahlou I am so very sorry that a wonderful, caring person like you had to suffer the loss of a son. I can’t begin to understand your hurt. I can only tell you how very sorry I feel for you and your loss……

  99. You are right curvy.My bad.Sometimes I cant help myself.

  100. KITKAT I saw the cutest kitten today, if we lived closer I would have bought it it and brought it over to you…..I know it would not replace your beloved kitty,,but it sure was cute….

  101. Edwards is using the FBI’s VICAP to look for similar murders in other towns and cities. VICAP is basically a waste of time.

  102. Ketchum…stop posting and check your EMAIL!!!

  103. Ahlou so sorry about your son.I cannot imagine losing one of my children.And losing them to murder makes it worse.Bless your heart.I will keep you in my prayers.Stay strong.

  104. Ketchum23 Yes, I would like you to continue on with your observations. Please e mail me at

  105. Oh serial psychic that is so sweet.Guess what I have now? My neighbor was cutting his fields and accidentally ran over a mama bunny.So since everyone in the neighborhood knows I love animals he brought me her baby.Which he did not hit.So i have been nursing her with some pet milk and a tiny bottle I got from the vet.God works in mysterious ways,my precious Alice died and now I have a baby bunny to raise.I hope I do good.

    • WARNING: They are POO FLINGERS of the highest order. Baby Girl won one at the fair…OOF!

  106. KITKAT You’re little bunny is so lucky to have YOU!!!

  107. Sorry folks sometimes this is more than one can stand. This really got me, I’m sorry but the hurt does not go away. I go to these kinds of boards hoping I can be of assistance. The family members are so new they have now joined a group who no one wants you to join. Again I’m sorry not trying to be ugly.

    G8, if I’m out of line you know my email I’m sure. I don’t join many but I have trusted you.

  108. ahlou You are not alone. You are here with people who love you. Thank you… for everything…….

  109. Nickie it was something said on last nights post about a murdered boy in Los Angeles.

    • Yeah…I figured it out, Sorry I’m so slow tonight. I’m attempting to deal with the situation, but no response yet.

      • NICKI……Getting ready to respond to email now. I am sorry for any and all confusion. That murdered son incident DID NOT happen in Los Angeles where the CRips and the Bloods run things. It happened in Chicago. I am only trying to set the record straight!

  110. Yes Ahlou you are not alone you cant help what you feel.We are just regular people.

  111. Ok folks, what is the exact website address of this forum? I need to write it down somwhere as I keep forgetting it.


  113. Thankyou SerialP.I just do not know what to feed him after he id done with the bottle.I guess grass and clover.

  114. Ahlou,
    You are not alone.

    • Thank you down in crowtown. I’m so sorry I feel the need tonight. You know if those we are trying to solve now would have a voice I hope I’m a little voice. I don’t mean to draw others into but we get what we get.

      I’ve smoke a whole pack of cigs and can’t stop crying about now but I’m on a mission. It’s all ok.

  115. KITKAT There is actually bunny food, you can get it at a feed store or even Wal Mart I think. It looks like little green pellets.

  116. Thanks countrygirl. Also does anyone know what time it will be on geraldo. I am emailing mr. Seagal back to let him know where he can find the the latest contact info about these cases. Thanks all!

  117. i just got a message from nicki on facebook and it says it will play next saturday october 24th at 9 pm central

  118. Why is everyone so damn bent out of shape and so dead set on proving themselves to anyone here? WOW! Who gives a SHIT?!?!
    I value everyones opinion ON THE MURDERS, but of me? HA! Who cares! Neither should yall! I don’t care what kind of experience someone has, or who is better connected thaan who. The fact of the matter is is that we are ALL (hopefully) here to exchange ideas and opinions about the issues at hand. You don’t agree with someone? So the hell what! Keep moving.
    Meanwhile the people who make it their business to include ther blog in their “investigation” are being entertained by the constant bickering. This blog contains many different personalities. If celebrity or attention or a pat on the back is what you’re seeking here, then you need more therapy than you could possibly imagine. If everyone would quit trying to make this shit about themselves maybe we could get somewhere. Like me… I just put this post out there- probably very few will see my point. Some will most likely be so damn vain and self absorbed that they’ll come at me with their defense. I don’t care! I said what I have to say and I’m moving on. There is a serious tragedy in our community. But all this bickering and show stealing, and drama queen parading, and control freaking, REALLY! WOW! I have nothing but respect for everyone who comes here and shares ANY idea. It means that you were moved to the point that you are attracted to seeking justice. And that’s a good morale quality. But if you have this urgent need for control of the situation- then start your own damn blog, cause I want to read G8trgirl’s blog….

  119. Ahlou,
    right on!

  120. Why was that post meant for me?

    • Well KITKAT- initially? No, it wasn’t. In fact, the only thing you have said tonite that even stuck out to me is that you have a rabbit. I was going to post on here that you can buy Timothy Hay at walmart for like 6 bucks a bad. Fresh carrots and bagged rabbit food. All of those things make up a healthy bunny’s diet. But since you have so defensively asked if it was for you, then yea, maybe it was..only you can answer that question. My post was to everyone that’s arguing with eachother. You guys need to stop being so “cliquish”, so damn “east coast/west coast battle” about this. This is NOT ABOUT ANYONE EXCEPT THE MURDER VICTIMS….really, Jeez!

  121. Great. Thank u country girl. Appreciate it!

  122. Keeping emotions in check will help this site more than anything else. National media is involved and they will be looking for additional info and they will come here.

    I think certain people come here to rile..i.e. trolls. We know the facts as been reported and we know the facts from family members which do not jive with what is reported info from LE.

    This case needs help and exposure but good exposure where results are achieved.This will only happen with outside help. The worst thing that can happen is this is perceived as irrational people with an ax to grind.

    I know Geraldo is not always the most reliable source but he is mainstream media.I know the TV station in Lake Charles has taken an interest too. The reporters there seem to be first class. CNN is already on board and that is huge.

    I guess I want to see facts vs. speculation while all this attention is going on. The news sources have more ways of verifying that we do.

    Got the attention make it right.

  123. Please everyone, alot of positive things are happening now, but please dont lose sight of why we are really here. Some of us tend to get caught up in all that is going on but at the end of the day there are still 8 women dead and a killer still on the loose. We all have our own opinions and ideas but now it is more important than ever to give the media facts and truths and not confrontational interviews and information. I agree that it needs to be put out there and all of you know I definately agree that something is wrong&LE isnot doing all they can but being at odds with the parish is not the answer. I am very outspoken and feel that i have handled most situations to the best of my ability. There comes a time though, when we all have to acknowledge the fact that the media and interersted parties “thrive” off of the confrontation and the feuding between us all. This has all taken a tremendous toll on the families as I’m sure most of you may already know. I have not posted in awhile because I tend to get so absorbed into this all that it has impacted me physically and emotionally and not only myself but my family. I am still around and Im still doing interviews and making phone calls. Sometimes its just easier for me to “drop off of the face of the earth” for a week or two just to gain some sanity. Im sure there are many more who feel the way I do. What I’m trying to say here is that we have fought long and hard for this opportunity so now its time to get the facts out there and bring the killer/killers to justice. I have my opinions and they are strong and I DO stand behind them, but lets please not stoop to their level. They can tell anyone they want not to speak to us, (which I have heard before), they can pass judgement on us, they can attempt to destroy our credibility but they CAN NOT take away what we have accomplished so lets use it wisely and make it worth it!!!

    On another note, I spent some time with Cynthia Arceneaux today, which I admire and respect very much. I am excited about their project on KPLC and I look forward to it. My family and I will also be attending the prayer service tommorrow night and I encourage everyone who can make it to please attend. You have no idea how much it means to the families to see the community coming together for their loved ones.

    A very special thankyou to Mrs. Benoit for putting this together and I am looking forward to it.

  124. I was talking about Ketchum saying the post was towards me ,what me and ahlou was talking about.That was last night.I was not even involved in your story.As much as I love talking to all of you ,I do believe it is time to go.I will always remember all of you fondly and I will continue praying for these girls.Ahlou.SerialPsychic,Nickie,all of you I have enjoyed so much.I know I did not bring much to the plate,but I tried.I just had enough of this person pointing me out and being so rude to poor ahlou.Good By and God Bless I will miss all of you.

    • Kitkat, please I wish you would stay… I’m hanging in there so please I know I’ve said I’m out but you know what this is far mor important. We need you, for my sake please stay. I promise I will be chillin.

  125. And G8t you did a wonderful thing.Continued Good Luck keep up the good work.

  126. cp and unbiased – i agree with you 200% now that we have achieved the national attention we should be praising everyones efforts and not let the negativity take over. do you people realize the miraculous steps this has taken, everyone got together and brainstormed and contacted national media persistently until we shook their trees and got the attention we so desired to help these cases along. now that they will be focusing on this situation, lets clean house, dress up and get ready to greet them.

  127. No unbiased I typed that in right under Ketchums remarks.

    • Kitkat, you realize that person has been on a short while please stay.

    • Okay, KITKAT- its hard to tell sometimes whose reply is to whose. At anyrate- the stuff about the rabbit is for you. I have one too. She is about 5 months old- won’t let us hold her, but loves to be bossy and be scratched. Will eat out of my hand but won’t let me pick her up…

  128. I dont know you ahlou but I love you.Take care I will keep you in my prayers always,Good Night.

  129. ok looks like people lost focus on why we are here so everyone take a deep breath and remember what we r doing and who we r doing it for. so with that i dont think anyone needs to go anywhere we need everyone brain in here. well my is not much of a brain but hey it is one lol had to throw that in to make someone smile . now lets get down to busniss

  130. One last thing Kitkat, several threads back there was the same kind of thing and guess what the perons is no longer here. Look at the earlier post somehow I see kind of the same person. You notice the moderator says nothing. Please, I hurt terribly but I stay.

  131. KITKAT I really hope that you will sleep on your decision to leave our group. You have added so much and you will be sorely missed. I hope we can learn from this squabble tonite that “We are family”… We are here with a higher purpose. I for one would really MISS any of you. Please let’s put this behind us and go forward. I for one will promise to be a more thoughtful person, It’s not about us, it’s about the girls who were robbed of their lives. Please don’t give up now we’re getting close and we need each other. C’mon KITKAT give it one more try, please….

  132. Unbiased I was not talking about you I was talking about Ketchum I was just trying to take up for ahlou.

  133. Hey group. I have just responded to to the email sent to me earlier today from Chief Investigator Steven Seagal with Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office. Here is my response to his email: Hello Chief Seagal. You cannot imagine how excited I was to hear back from you and that you are interested in assisting with these murder cases. I have spoken to members of our forum ( and Justice for Jefferson Davis Parish group (over 700 members strong) and they have asked me to refer you to our forum website ( for all contact information, history of these murders and the ongoing investigative information. The overall feeling of the people of Jeff Davis parish is lack of trust and confidence in both local and parish law enforcement to solve these cases. After the 7th victim was killed in Nov. 2008, a private investigative firm was hired by three of the families of the murdered victims to assist in gathering information about these cases and to help bring some sort of closure to these cases. Our sheriff has stopped short of calling these “serial killings” and referred to the killer/killers as “serial dumper.” This is because LE believe the victims have been killed elsewhere and dumped along rural roads, in farm fields and in ditches and canals, etc. The families of these victims also feel like there has been little to no headway made in solving these cases by law enforcement. There has also been known loss of key evidence in these cases by law enforcement. This was reported by local newpapers. It all sounds like a movie, right? Well these things are really happening here in our parish. The sheriff has been hesitant in accepting outside help. It wasn’t until after the 7th victim was killed in Nov. 2008, that a task force was formed by the sheriff, comprised of several law enforcement entities. “Too Little, Too Late!” as some folks here are saying. And nearly a year after victim #7… yet another victim, and these cases have yet to be solved. An 8th victim was found dead in Aug. 09. The sheriff keeps telling us there are no leads in these cases. The overall feeling of the parish people is that we need ouside help to solve these murders and that this is bigger than our parish and our law enforcement. The killer/killers is averaging approximately two victims a year. These victims are between the ages of 17-32, all lead high-risk lifestyles and were involved in drugs and prostitution and all knew of each other and some were related. Two were cousins. Most of their bodies were found only within a few miles of each other. This is not a large area we are talking about. These cases will be featured on Geraldo on Fox News Saturday, Oct. 24 at 9 p.m. Central time. I believe the P.I. Kirk Menard and Michael Dubois, brother of victim #4 will be featured on Geraldo. Again, please see the website ( for all current and contact information. Because I am not law enforcement I am not privy to any files or information pertaining to these crimes. You may contact private investigator Kirk Menard who contact info is on the home page of the website( along with law enforcement and other contacts information. Please feel free to contact me for any reason and/or for update purposes. Thank you! Sincerely,

    • I thought the oldest victim was Loretta at 30. The girl from Texas, if related, would be the oldest at 32 or 33. The other victims were under 30.

  134. come on kitkat, dont leave or anyone else please dont leave, we’ve had great minds working here and it would be a shame for our blog family to start breaking up. after i got off work and ran a few errands i came on here to catch up on my reading, only to find a few folks in disagreement so i started reading back and i still havent figured out what happened, but it doesnt matter. we are a family, we are a team, and soon enough we will be winners.. SO PLEASE NOBODY LEAVE!!!!!

  135. THAT IS IT!!! You all are acting like children!!! I will not have this anymore! I want it to stop and stop now! We are all tired and a little grumpy but I certainly agree with Brittany…you need to FOCUS!!! What do you think LE thinks looking at this?…I bet it makes them happy. What do you think the greiving families of the victims feel if they see this?! SHAME ON YOU FOR MAKING THIS ABOUT YOU! It is about these girls. Now I don’t want another rude word spoken to anyone! We OWE this to these women, to our community and to G8 and everyone that has spent every waking moment and taken time away from their precious families to work these cases! Let’s get it together now! That is all!

    • Nicki….sweety…punkin’. We’re a step ahead of you! LMAO- yes I agree, I think we ALL need a good night’s sleep.;-)

      • Y’all just don’t know! It’s pathetic enough I’m home alone on a Friday night, but add to that…I haven’t slept in four days, I’ve been living on caffeine and nicotine, I might have eaten last on Tuesday (?) and there is NO BEER in this house! I am not a happy camper so lets just all get back to pitching ideas and brainstorming…PLS 🙂

        • we all love u nikki if it would not be so late i would bring u a 12 pack of what ever drink hell maybe even drink one with u. everyone will get there heads together i think they need to take a break from it and get some sleep i know it is hard cause when i go to bed i want to get up and get back on but i have to stop myself. so maybe we should all just get some sleep and start fresh in the am.

    • ok nikki do u feel better. lol eat a bowl of ice cream or chips and dip and just sit there a minute and it will be ok u will see after u r done eating or drinking (smile) everyone

    • Well everyone may be praising you but who the heck are you taking over anothe persons blog. You have been her several days and not you take over. If you are now the owner please let us know some may move on. Do you now ignore the owner who I thought was G8? I can’t believe I’m reading such on this blog.

    • NICKI & G8…..Did you get my email?

    • Now I’m confused it this now Niciki blog? What the heck/hello is going on here? If this is now Nicki’s blog we should know so I for one can more on. I thought this started as another blog. I didn’t criticize or belittle so if it is now Nicki’s blog I for one gotta go.

      • ahlou if this were my blog, your liberal lets just hug ’em all and make it better butt would’ve outta here a long time ago…but thank you for asking 🙂

        • Good so you see us ‘liberal lets just hug ’em all and mabe it bett butt’ are here and not in your nonliberal blog but you are here. Than you for finding it necessary.

          • I’m tired, been around the block of hurt nd hopefully a kind word then I read you. Why do you feel the need ot be important tonight? Yest my butt would have been out of here but guess what I’m here. You degrade this blog but you must feel you are important even when you didnt make it on the other blogs.

        • nicki- i cant let this go unsaid COOL YOUR HEELS! ive read and enjoyed your posts on here but to step up and demand everyone to stop it right now is alittle bold dont you think? different people and different personalities get on here and yes it does get alittle out of hand sometimes.. but… nobody has the right to come on and make demands you are a very intelligent person you have proven that, however i think you are alittle high strung… you are starting to come off as a loose cannon.. please SAVE THE DRAMA FOR YOUR MAMA!!! also i dont think its fair for you to tell ahlou that if this was your blog her butt would be outta here, why? b/c she is voicing her opinion like everyone else? thats sad. we are here, and here to stay!! now keep on with your input but stop the demands or maybe…. your butt will be elected outta here!

    • Nicki:

      Bit*** I know you didn’t just tell us what to do. Just must have lost your damn mind. Really, I realize how impressed you are with yourself, and you may very well have impressed others with your self made importance. But anyone with any sense knows that everything you claim to “know” you learned from someone else who has been working diligently, quietly, in the background. Their only reward in mind is justice for the victims of these crimes.
      Who died and left you the disgruntled captain of this ship? We have maintained buoyancy on these waters for quite some time. You are starting a fire that will sink us, quickly!
      I feel, that somewhere inside you, in your heart of hearts you are working toward the common goal. But you REALLY need to calm your inner child and quit with all the dramatics! It is obvious that you are trying to take the spotlight and be recognized for all you claim to be doing for this cause. You left Ceasefire because you couldn’t call the shots, so you started your own group where you could be in total control. You obviously have major control issues- and I think its time you get help for them. Everyone can see that you migrated to this blog because it was getting the attention that you so desperately want to be a part of…its pathetic! And by the way, please stop acting like you and Geraldo text each other on a daily basis, cause last time I checked, and I did check, you have nothing to do with the interview that is taking place. is that why you want fed up to “leave the family members alone”? So that if the press cannot get them, they will accept your input? The real heros of this cause are the ones who are working quietly behind the scenes. Stop acting like a Diva, and if you want to help, then HELP, by continuing forward with these issues, not by trying to bring the focus on yourself! And as far as your post last night, sounding like an angry Kindergarten teacher, that was completely uncalled for. What, do you feel that no one else has the capacity to speak on here? That you had to bring “order in the court”? Calm down, and get over yourself.

      • Ok people it is time to calm down.. I am not one to usually get started in the middle of drama.. Remember we are here for the victims and their families and to find justice for them.. Nicki and G8 have more info than anyone could ever imagine.. We need them.. And if we attack them, they could step down at any moment.. And the families need ALL the help they can get.. We shoulndt all be fighting on here.. WE ARE HERE FOR OUR INPUT AND INFO WE MAY HAVE! REMEMBER… THE FAMILIeS ARE GREIVING AND NEED OUR HELP AND SUPPORT!.. Please everyone lets get back on track here.. Bring the drama to another place not infront of the families.. They are hurting enough than to sit and watch everyone fight! Enoug said I’m good now.. Stepping back out of it for a while..
        Sounds good?

        • Everyone is forgetting what they are here for.. Yes I just found out about this site a week or so ago, but I am here now as support for the families and if my opinions can make any since and help someone make since of what they are trying to prove, then good.. We make friends here.. And that is good.. We need to ALL put our differences aside and think of what these families are going threw.. I cannot even imagine, and hope I don’t ever have to go threw for one second what they are… God bless the families and the 8 + 1 women

  136. My brother’s waiver was granted…his case will never be reviewed for error, and the trial court will be sent orders to give him an execution date within 60-90 days.

    • so sorry observer but do u mine if i ask why he is lock up u dont have to answer if u dont want

      • He confessed to killing his step daughter—I can’t say he don’t deserve it…it is the law.

        He is still my brother I grew up with, he is still one as close to me as he ever was. We are close in age. I have had to help care for him over the years cause it gets tough on mom, so he is kinda like my kid too. I f ya know what I mean. I know of all people fighting for justice in you all;s area…this is the last thing you want to hear, but still you all have become friends.

    • We cannot give up. Hoping and praying with you and your Observer.

      • Thank you alou thank you………..but there won’t be an appeal, just an execution really soon in louisiana.

        • Well Observer I will still hope. I have never a person in favor of executions. Even in my son’s murder I havel always said put pictures over overr and below but the system is so messed up execution should be out. From time to time we hear/read of mistakes well you can’t replace a flaw when you execute. I also firmly believe it is God and only God who should take a life. That is why we come to board like this. Love, hope and prayers for you and your family.

          • You are a very good person Ahlou, thanks for reminding me about trust in God..that is what you make me think of, and I always trusted him, and I will have to do the same now.

          • Never ever give up I and I know others are praying with you. The system is flawed and one only realize it when he/she is dealing with it. I am totally against the DP and will never change my mind even with the sob and sobs in my sons case. Observer please know you and familyh are in my prayers.

    • I have read your posts and have told you before on the chat you have earned my respect. Could not image what you are going through….just know that you & yours are in my thoughts & my prayers. IMHO you are truely an angel here on earth!!!!!

  137. Sorry to bring this to you all

  138. observer- im so sorry

  139. Lordy, what’s wrong with all of u? It sound like a big cat fight in here! Take a chill pill folks. We are all suppose to be concentrating on the girls. Nicki honey why haven’t you eaten and slept? Are you scared or what’s going on with you. If I had ur phone number I’d call you like I do my daughter and calm you down! You are all doing such a fantastic job! So what’s up with all this?

    • hey sugar…no i’m not scared. I’ve just been hitting a lot of leads hard lately and it’s REALLY paid off. I just need a weekend of fishing and I’ll be better on Monday.

      Obeserv, I am so sorry for what you’re going through. We love you and are all praying for you.

  140. It is the first time in Louisiana that an inmate waived all appeals, including state appeals, and maybe the first in the US –waived ALL appeals. Most death row inmates appeal their cases for years on end…..especially state appeals before ever waiving all appeals and become a volunteer for execution. Nationally it will be news also.

  141. You all have gotten to be friends, I have been waiting to come check on you all tonight and my sister just called. It was plastered all over the news.

  142. Observer I know how hard his has to be for you. I thought things might have gone differently. Please remember that you have people who support you, and are here for you. If there is anything we can do just ask……..

    • The FBI could not get anything out of him, so they used me to do it….I turned him in before also.

  143. This means I have to decide if I will go or even be on the grounds when it happens, as does my mom, dad, and sister.

  144. Observer, I’m hoping and praying with you and your family. Darn….

  145. well i hope everyone gets a good night sleep. i am turning in for the night it is 11pm here well almost. i hope u all do the same. good night all

  146. It was a kangaroo court—they did not go by the law to get where they did, although they very well could have. It is a story I will have to do a blog on one day and let you all help me get the story out…another subject….and the death threat letters which his ex wife has gotten away with writing will make you all sick.—–she threatened to kill each of us and his child if he did not plead guilty, shut up, and stick to the plan…..with explicit descriptions……..I may find the press at my door in the next few days.

    • OBSERVER….I noticed your post when I signed on to answer Baffeled post and Nicki to see if she received my email. My heart goes out to you and your mother who I know must be suffering so. I am so sorry to hear of your tragedy and want you to know that my prayers go out to you and your family. You seem to be such a caring person which I picked up from your posts on this blog.
      I also want to thank you for being kind to me with your responses. i will continue to say a special prayer for
      you and your family. I will also ask God to give you the strength you all need….especially after receiving such news. I wish you lived nearby so I could give you and your mom a hug. We all really need one sometimes. Perhaps that is my problem. I try to hard to help others and for the first time, I failed. So, please pray for me too. My thoughts & prayers will continue to be with you…..So thanks again, take care and stay safe. (LOL=Lots Of Love because I care)

  147. What was plastered on the news. I must have missed something.

  148. So sorry observer. I just read back and understand now.

  149. NICKI …..Did you and G8 get my email yet? At first in was returned so I tried again. Thanks

  150. BAFFELED……I finallly found your post. Thank you. If you will give me your email address, I will email you. I seem to be persona nongrata here, but my only intentions were to help!

    incidently, from your post, I think you are the lady who with her daughter was on a video talking about our Brittney, am I right? I have been praying regularly for her and the other victims’ families. I am so sorry if I offended anyone. That was never my intention. I may be a tough old broad, but I have a hell of a big heart.
    Nor have I EVER EVER tried to “floor show” or brag about any of my accomplishments. I am just blessed. Maybe I included to many of what is called “war stories” in my posts. I am not a liar or a braggart and never have been! I guess if it was really known of some of my “stories” especially in regards to well-known serial killers, I really would have created a worst turmoil! lol Anyway, thank you, BAFFELED, because if you & your daughter are who I think you are from that interview, I wish I could give you both a big hug. You are in my prayers as always. God Bless You Both!

  151. Anytime and everytime someone in the press asks to talk to me, and if they do…I am going to bring up the need for more coverage on the Jennings Serial Killer, I need to print the website on a T-shirt in case I ever end up on film!!!!!! Maybe none will call, but I did make friends with many over a four year period and I have emailed them about the Jennings case before. I sent out major emails last night to the heads of some major associations also…

  152. The La Sheriff’s Assoc, the National DA’s Assoc, National Police Assoc, some of the Heads Human Resource Depts. were all asked to help get the word out about these cases..!!! I do these things without saying for you all – sometimes!

  153. Friend of a friend, you asked a question that was not answered before the posting was stopped on that thread and I feel compelled to address your concern. You made a very good point. The question was about people who do not seem to be getting involved to help those who are working in a visible manner. I agree but also feel you should know that there are people working silently and invisibly. There are numerous people who are working on the cases behind the scenes. Of these people, some are able to work effectively, only because they are not exposed. If they were to be exposed, we know that certain doors would immediately close. There are several people inside the SO who know that there is a cover-up withing the SO. These are only some of the people that can be effective, only if they are not identified. There are people who navigate among officials, private citizens and among witnesses who cannot reveal their identity because as soon as they do, they, themselves may become targeted by officials to discredit, for criticism or, even much worse! Remember the fate of Jesse Ewing, who tried to reveal the truth that had been hidden by officials. Mr. Ewing was targeted and attacked from every angle. In record speed, he was rendered ineffective, was fired and was discredited, all for bringing truth to the public, openly. More police and official energy was spent on discrediting and quieting Mr. Ewing that was ever spent upon investigating the murders. The same holds true for Ms. Ravey, who’s business was ruined along with her reputation by a concerted attack by local officials who worked together to quiet her, all for her attempting to stand up for the citizens in the face of corrupted officials. Mr. Menard has been dealing with numerous attacks by local and parish LE, who cowardly use third parties to effect their attacks, all because he has been attempting to bring the raw truth out into the open, without protecting corrupted officials. I can promise you that people who have been around and who know what has been going on in this parish are NOT people with faith in LE nor in RE, but are people who prefer to work in the background, gathering facts that can be submitted later to uncorrupted officials, if they can be found. The culture of corruption in this and surrounding parishes (and up the line, apparently to the feds) must be stopped. To further answer your question, if these people were to come forward to speak to media, their effectiveness would immediately be mitigated. They develop and feed information to those who are visible, such as KM, G8, and MD. We are not stopping with these most recent eight murders. There are eight to ten that preceded these eight women’s deaths that need to be pursued as well and some of us will continue to pursue these. Allowing these deaths over the years, while people voted for the same set of criminals at each election has culminated in a killing field mentality in JDP where professional murder, vengeance murder and drug protection murder has been allowed for many years. It’s time to stop the madness. The uppity voters have pretended that JDP was a garden of Eden while allowing these things to go on, in order to deny that their beloved parish was overcome with a criminal element that drives many of our major area businesses and personal wealth. Because we don’t see the families and individuals, doesn’t mean that they aren’t working diligently on these many cases going back over twenty years. We’re with you, friend, whether you can see or hear us – we’re out there.

    • ignite there are 8 to 10 that were killed before these girls? I know of 5 for sure…did not realize or just haven’t heard of other ones.So greatful for the one working silently & invisibly….God Bless them.

      • Yes, Very concerned, one has to go back several years to examine all of the records. It started a long time ago. Some of these folks’ deaths are now being looked at differently than they were years ago. Some seemed to be accidental deaths, suicides, etc. This scenario began long ago (twenty years, plus) and the people of the area were too busy (and too high and mighty) to give a hoot (you know, “high risk lifestyles”). after all, if the “prominent” ones even acknowledge that there is a drug and crime problem, it sheds a shadow upon their locality of perfection. In reality, it is the so-called prominent class who operate and own the problematic crime machine. Therefore, the problem has progressed to create our current lofty social status. How do you eliminate a problem to organized crime? When hypnotized local business people worship the “high sheriff” and kiss his butt like he’s a rock star, they don’t expect good old crime fighting performance. All he has to do is boil crawfish for the folks in the nursing home and quietly get bad kids out of trouble. The price is a culture where drug related murder is allowed by turning a public blind eye. After all, I don’t know these “high risk ” people, I’m too good for that since I’m friends with the sheriff. Killing people is how problems are eliminated. A debt is owed? A person is a CI? Someone is dealing drugs in a connected person’s territory? Someone accidentally learns of sensitive information? Kill-em if they’re street people and make them a partner by blackmail if they’re intelligent business people. Like jungle animals, that’s all they know. They rule by force and by intimidation. Like the old saying goes, “follow the money.” Look toward the real wealth; the big money in our area and that’s where you’ll find the problem. That’s where you’ll find the crime. That’s where you’ll find the animals who are able to hide behind blackmailed participants and conspiring public officials. Why do the innocent children with high ideals have to grow into this kind of society? Doesn’t human dignity warrant something higher for the good people? Why do those who we elect and pay have to be a part of this? Our descendants deserve more. The truth about these people will come out and their descendants will be forced to carry the shame. Shame, that is, if they have any integrity at all. Either that or they will carry the lifestyle of their ancestors, living only to propagate generations of crime, death and misery in America, the promised land. We all share the blame for allowing this for so many generations. Now, it’s time to make it all right.

  154. ignite Thank you and God be with you all…..

  155. Good Lawd what happened when I was taken care of business here…

  156. My daughter had her Sr homecoming last weekend and her bf has his sr homecoming this weekend so I have been a busy Mom…. So when I have to be away and then come back …. all kinds of stuff has happened. That happened to me last week and this week…. Then I have to read like a mad woman to catch up and let me just say…. to you great people that type those long post…. LOL you slow down my catch up time… Honestly I am joking about that… I learn so much every day… I thought ketchum was a man all this time and now i have questions about some others gender in here lol but I guess I will find that out sonner or later…..

    OK now that I am caught up…. I will go to bed so that I can start another long day tomorrow…

    Night all!!!

  157. as many of you all know, im not usually the vocal one in my family because i have such a bad potty mouth, but i will try to contain myself g8 (whom i have not seen post in quite a while) she is a personal friend of our family..we have the utmost respect for her forum and everything that she had done here..we honestly love you chick…as for the reason that i am speaking now….i have been following the many threads and conversations, the rumors and most of all the constant bickering…like my sister stated earlier…the main focus here is the 8 girls that have been murdered…what pisses me off most, is the fact that some of you that have just popped up out of nowhere come here to feel important about what your doing..this blog is not for all is to discuss and share ideas and information about the killings and obvious problems in our parish…although we may not agree with some things that LE says or does, it is THERE job and we have to respect what they are doing..i mean come on.. we did vote attack them is not fair…in recent days i have read about this J4JD thing and sweety you aint doing anything that hasnt been already for you to take credit for any of that you are sadly behind in that area..furthermore on that particular situation..for you to singlehandedly attack certain ppl in our LE you are way outta line…No im not taking up for them but i do not condone your antics either..frankly honey you struck a nerve and if you ask anyone who knows me personally… im taking it very lightly so far…

    this will be my only post to this blog..

    to everyone who has been here from jump thank you all for everything that you have done

    g8 love ya chick..

    • I believe that this post was placed here to achieve justice for all who have been denied justice. It starts with awareness brought on by the most recent eight murders, but, these murders are a result of a criminal network that has operated for generations. It does not stop with the eight deaths. Elected officials were placed in power with a balanced agreement that they would represent the best interest of the people in fighting the criminal element and maintaining a civilized culture. When officials do not do that, or even contribute to the criminal element, they have earned, by their action and their inaction, the wrath of the public. Therefore, we have not only the right, but the responsibility, to speak out and to criticize them. We owe it to one another and to the creator. The fact that a person holds an office does NOT make them automatically competent to hold that office. A title is only a title. Performance is what makes a person worthy, not election by a group of people who vote based upon social status and empty expectation. So far, I see no performance from our officials, but only excuses, covering-up, hiding and blaming others for their inability to do their jobs and to be honest with the people who elected them. We have every right to demand performance from these people while we examine and scrutinize every single breath that they take. They are our subordinates! We are supposed to be the leaders of this Democracy, not the followers!

    • Tay…… know I love y’all too!!!

      I loved your one and only post and….if ya ever want to post again I’ll “bleep” out your potty mouth ;). I have a bit of one myself.

      I haven’t posted too much recently because I’m reeling from the 3rd death in my family since June. I had been trying to follow all the comments and saw that all hell had broken loose at the time. Looks like everyone has stepped back a bit and taken a break……I highly recommend that!! I have to do it myself from time to time.

      One thing I do ask is that everyone remember that family and friends of the girls read this blog and the bickering only adds to their stress. We’re not all always going to share the same opinions and we all have our own theories about all this. If we divide…….then we’re useless. We’ve come a LONG WAY…….let’s not ruin it!


  159. okay everyone first of all good morning i am sorry to see all the bickering from yesterday i think everyone needs to take a deep breathe an start over again we do make mistakes an are human as a family member i wuold like to say thank you all for everything everyone has done an as a friend to most of the girls also as i said in my later blogs i dont post often but the last few days i have. just to give hind sight on things,so everyone please just stop the bickering an g8 where are you havent heard from you did you get my email an did it help to ketchum i will have g8 send you my email. thanks again everyone an dont forget about the candle light vigil my aunt has worked very hard for our community to come together as one in prayer.GOD BLESS EVERYONE

  160. The killers may be smarter than me. They are, however, not smarter than us.

    United we stand, divided we fall.

    Grain by grain a loaf, stone by stone, a castle.

    Kum Ba Yah

  161. very good rr very good wisdom im like you they smarter than me but not smarter than all

  162. I am a licensed private investigator and I am employed by Advanced Investigative Technologies, LLC. No, I am not assigned to the serial killer homicides. All I do is take care of the office and paperwork and copying the DVD’s and processing film while my boss, Kirk Menard is offshore or working on another case. I’ve never posted on here before and regardless of wha you may think, Kirk does not post on here nor does he read this blog too much anymore.

    My reason for coming on here is for the same reason as that of Taylor Dubois. Instead of being separated and divided it needs to be as one, a community united. Personal feelings and personal lives need to be separated from this agenda. This agenda is about 8 murdered women and a killer that is still amongst us all. Being divided and separated enables this killer to take satisfaction that we are divided and separated. Just FYI, I am not part of the loop just because I work for Kirk. I do not know the content of the reports submitted to the task force. I do know that Kirk communicates with the DA Michael Cassidy regularly and has been keeping him informed while the lead investigator on the serial killer homicides have been keeping the task force informed and providing them with tips and information, as they always have done. Nothing has changed. Before deciding to post, I’ve noticed that people on here can be very judgmental of each other and of people, especially LE. Many times we do not agree with the action taken by LE and many times they do not agree with the action that we private investigators do but we brush it aside and go on. Kirk nor anyone affiliated with our agency will not bash LE or the sheriff or anyone else. If the killer is reading this, don’t you think he receives satisfaction that LE, private investigators, mother/daughter, father/son, father/daughter, mother/son/, neighbor/neighbor, friend/friend is against each other, divided and separated and losing focus of the agenda? It makes it that much harder to apprehend him and he knows that. This blog is a great tool, if used wisely. And FYI, Michael Cassidy was the one that spoke to Kirk and asked him to stay in this investigation by explaining to Kirk that we (including him) are all subject to rumors but we just have to brush it aside and continue regardless of what is said or done. There’s no animosity between Kirk, LE, or the victim’s families and LE. We may not all agree with each other at times but there is always a compromise. Bickering, being divided and separated is not helping the situation. Yes, we have the highest respect for LE, no matter what you may hear. We do communicate with them regarding this case. Kirk has been knowing Michael Cassidy for over 20 years and they have an excellent working relationship.

    Kirk has a full agenda in the coming week. He has just been retained (that is why I am in the office on a Saturday) to work a theft case in Hammond, Louisiana and a cheating spouse case in Lake Charles, Louisiana, then instruct the PI class this coming weekend and the following weekend, and the Geraldo Rivera show. His only role is to keep Michael Cassidy informed for prosecution reasons when the killer is apprenhended and to receive the reports from the lead investigator for the files.

    Please, if we are to end this situation, let’s come together as a community. Personal feelings aside, no judging, no casting stones at each other or LE or anyone else or not publicly anyway. Opinions are fine and should be accepted as constructive criticism. I can assure you that much is going on behind the scenes than what you know about with LE and our agency and other out of state agencies have things going on behind the scenes as well. It’s ok to disagree but there has to be some compromise somewhere. As the song once said “united we stand, divided we fall” so please stay strong, and compromise. Thank you.


  163. well ive been busy with media i filmeed yesterday allday with mrs arceneax the truth is kirk and i interveiw with geraldo was moved to the 24th we would like to thank all those who keep helping please dont stop we are working night and day to move this along if you dont hear from me im busy trying to keep our story alive to the negitive people get a life to all those who support us thankyou from the bottom of our hearts to those who judge me this is not about me its about our girls lets focus there LE would like nothing better than to see us divided its time to put our personal differences aside for justice for our girls yes i have been pressered to be silent but i will never cave to that i will push forward till we get justice again i thank everyone we still have a long way to go keep doing what yall are doing and we will to till we get justice

  164. hi mike when will the program run w/cynthia arceneaux? im looking forward to that i dont live there but would like to catch it online… thanks:)

  165. mike you have done a great job you an the girls we not gona stop till justice is served i will see you tonight keep up the good work an dont give up we will come together tonight as a community in prayer an dont never be silent we arte tese girls voices we are all they have

  166. hey mike u gonna be in lake arther tonite i have my grand daughters birthday party today it should be finninh by 6 let me know ok get in touch with me not on here ok

  167. Friend of the girls…. I am still not sure at this moment if I will be able to make it tonight.. I am still trying to find a sitter, because it will be way to cold for them to be out when it starts getting late.. I will try my hardest.. But if I cannot make it, I will be right along praying for the friends and families of the victims! And also praying that justice WILL be served..

  168. me to i have my mom if jody stayes home with her i can i have my grandbabys birthday to at at 2 at pizza hut how old are your kids she is 5

    • I have 3 myself.. All are coming up with birthdays.. And will be 5, 3 and 2.. Their birthdays are in the small window os 4 months.. Lol..


        • I would love to, but I promised my little ones to go to the parade in crowley… Since they missed Jennings parade.. And my oldest is following me around already asking if it is time to go yet LOL! Don’t plan on staying long.. They are usually getting settled by 7, 7:30..

  169. ignite You make us all so proud! I am honored to be included in a group that has people like you in it. Keep on thinking, posting, and having that soul of yours!!!

  170. Sally O Mally Nicki has been a driving force along with G8 and others in the search for justice in this case. I am offended that you come on this blog name calling and tossing peoples intentions around like a beach ball. If you have an agenda with Nicki or anyone else for that matter, do it privately. This is not the place. WE are all here for one reason and one reason only to bring the truth to the surface. Families need closure. Thank you….

    • im with you, Serial Psychic, thats just awful…tsk tsk! shame on you Sally! what kind of name is that, anyway? what the hell goes on on this blog when im working? 🙂

    • Well SP I was trying to add closure to Nicki telling people what to do. Telling her not to tell me what to do was my agenda whether you like it or not.

    • well whoever this Sally is has no clue about what is going on in here and need to stop talking about people that has been busting there behinds off working on this if u think u could do better than they or we r doing than why u have not been in here before today. i know why u r here to start troulbe and that we dont need. so if u have nothing nice to say than go away cause I(we )all back up nikki and G8 on here .

  171. ok sounds like there is alot going on in here that should not be. and also sounds like there might be a few LE that is popping in and getting there info. from the blogs.

  172. Nicki sent this message to me to post for her: Sally, everyone here except for you, obviously, knew where I was coming from with my post. These people are my family and I hang on to them with every piece of my heart. I couldn’t send this myself because I’m on the road getting leads and statements that will link at least 2 mire deaths to our killer but I’m sure you all ready know all the details about them being as well informed as you’ve stated. As far as Geraldo, make sure to tune in Saturday night and all of your misconceptions may well be put to rest. I’m sorry I offended you…whoever you are hiding behind that screen name. If you’d like to speak to me further, please email me at Thank you.

    • Is that all of your friends telling you not to use that tone of voice with them. You can come some place and tell people what to do. How is SP going to pray in one breath and pick and choose who he/she defends or don’t defend the next. Ahlou and others had a problem with it but nobody told them anything so I come on here and because I am a new poster you have a problem with it. I will not be told what to do.


    • “on the road collecting leads….hmmmm….yea okay….I was not aware that the leads branch out as far as northern louisiana, dang, girl, you must be extremely more informed than I”. “And I will definitely be watching Geraldo, come on Nicki, you have exactly one week to worm your way into the show”

  173. yes i will be at prayer service tonight freind of girls

  174. In wanting to remember the victims and family’s, and to bring about attention to the murders and our problems here in JDP for all to see, I contacted Chris Greta of and explained what is happening here and how I wanted something to wear and be a constant reminder of our mission. Even though herobracelets were designed to honor those lost or wounded in the war, He has graciously consented to allow us to order what we want, be it the names of victims or a statement about what is going on here. They are low cost ($13.00+shipping=16.50)for alum. or you can go sterling, copper, leather, or even dog tags.
    I chose purple as my color, for my wounded heart and the wounded hearts of the families. Mine will say-JUSTICE SOUGHT FOR JEFF DAVIS UNSOLVED MURDERS
    This is not a benefit for the family’s (unfortunately) nor am I seeking to line my own pockets. I simply wanted something that I can wear everyday and when a family member see’s it, they can know that they are not alone in their grief and fight for justice….that I care.
    I would be happy to see many people joining in this expression of quiet solidarity and may it be a bit of comfort for the families.

    • That is a great idea…..purple ribbons on vehicles would be cool too!

      • i am going buy a rolll of purple ribbon today and will have it on my vehicle that is a great idea thands oberver. do u think the LE would put one on there car just had to throw that in

  175. here is a reply from Nicki to Sally O mally : Tell her because I just stated that ahlou is a member if our family no matter what and has proven herself and yes, we do argue but we don’t abandon family. Ask her to please find a more productive hobby as it seems she has nothing better to do with her time.

  176. I’m not trying to tell anyone WHAT to do. You have free will, and the ability to type, so there it is there…..

  177. Ok, so this is EVERYONE that is behind Nicki. You used the word EVERYONE. Read below. You or anybody else tells me what to do. It’s not starting trouble as you say I’m woman enough to admit when I’m wrong why can’t some of you admit when you’re wrong.

    unbiased, on October 16th, 2009 at 10:05 PM Said:

    Nicki….sweety…punkin’. We’re a step ahead of you! LMAO- yes I agree, I think we ALL need a good night’s sleep.;-)

    ahlou, on October 16th, 2009 at 11:12 PM Said:

    Good so you see us ‘liberal lets just hug ‘em all and mabe it bett butt’ are here and not in your nonliberal blog but you are here. Than you for finding it necessary.

    ahlou, on October 16th, 2009 at 10:33 PM Said:

    Now I’m confused it this now Niciki blog? What the heck/hello is going on here? If this is now Nicki’s blog we should know so I for one can more on. I thought this started as another blog. I didn’t criticize or belittle so if it is now Nicki’s blog I for one gotta go.

    Taylor DuBois(Whitnei’s Older Sister), on October 17th, 2009 at 4:32 AM Said:

    as many of you all know, im not usually the vocal one in my family because i have such a bad potty mouth, but i will try to contain myself g8 (whom i have not seen post in quite a while) she is a personal friend of our family..we have the utmost respect for her forum and everything that she had done here..we honestly love you chick…as for the reason that i am speaking now….i have been following the many threads and conversations, the rumors and most of all the constant bickering…like my sister stated earlier…the main focus here is the 8 girls that have been murdered…what pisses me off most, is the fact that some of you that have just popped up out of nowhere come here to feel important about what your doing..this blog is not for all is to discuss and share ideas and information about the killings and obvious problems in our parish…although we may not agree with some things that LE says or does, it is THERE job and we have to respect what they are doing..i mean come on.. we did vote attack them is not fair…in recent days i have read about this J4JD thing and sweety you aint doing anything that hasnt been already for you to take credit for any of that you are sadly behind in that area..furthermore on that particular situation..for you to singlehandedly attack certain ppl in our LE you are way outta line…No im not taking up for them but i do not condone your antics either..frankly honey you struck a nerve and if you ask anyone who knows me personally… im taking it very lightly so far…

    this will be my only post to this blog..

    to everyone who has been here from jump thank you all for everything that you have done

    g8 love ya chick..

    almostsure, on October 17th, 2009 at 9:05 AM Said:

    nicki- i cant let this go unsaid COOL YOUR HEELS! ive read and enjoyed your posts on here but to step up and demand everyone to stop it right now is alittle bold dont you think? different people and different personalities get on here and yes it does get alittle out of hand sometimes.. but… nobody has the right to come on and make demands you are a very intelligent person you have proven that, however i think you are alittle high strung… you are starting to come off as a loose cannon.. please SAVE THE DRAMA FOR YOUR MAMA!!! also i dont think its fair for you to tell ahlou that if this was your blog her butt would be outta here, why? b/c she is voicing her opinion like everyone else? thats sad. we are here, and here to stay!! now keep on with your input but stop the demands or maybe…. your butt will be elected outta here!

  178. Hey! Ok, I’m here now! Thank you all for the support! Also, to ahlou: you and I were both cranky and of course I said something I shouldn’t, but just as a family does, we speak our peace and we are done. One other thing that we all bond on is that most if not all of us have been the victim of a violent crime or are missing a loved one that was victimized.

    Now, to Ms. Hoover…uh, I mean Ms. O’Malley….you got us pegged! You’re absolutely right! I am a beast and these poor stupid unsuspecting ppl are my brainwashed fan club. I admit it. I am just another one if the stupid ungrateful people here that you referred to on J4JD’s page just before I kicked you out of the group. I’m very sorry I have offended a cops wife and a former police officer herself. I’m a very bad person and I apologize to you all.

    Ok, moving on…I’m going to ignore our mystery stalker and go back to work. Love you all!

  179. sorry, you didn’t realize she was such an important name in this case. That she is such a busy woman that she has her own staff- sp is her personal assistant?!?!

    • ok can we PLEASE move on now? all this fighting has NOTHING to do with the 8 girls…all the fighting makes me not want to come back to this page..we’re ALL here for the 8 girls and their families not to fight..aahhhhh…i need a beer

  180. Sally O mally A freaking comedian? That job actually fits you better than a blogger. At least when people are laughing at you you will “get” it…

  181. countrygirl I’ll take a tequilla, please!

  182. lmao hunny if i had some i would e-mail it to you lol…i got some bud lite would that work ?

  183. well here we go again, when someone comes on just to yank chains, some of you cant help it you have to get all worked up… i thought in the past we decided to let it slide and move on ….

  184. Countrygirl Only for starters……

  185. i agree with you almostsure…LETS MOVE ON!!!!!…

  186. O.K. guys no more fights on the playground!!

  187. ok country since we agree pass that beer this way!! and i dont even drink lol

  188. lol sure why not lol! hey it feels so good outside …why not pop the top lol!!! maybe even go fishin! sounds like a plan to me!! ill drink one for you almostsure!

  189. Please ppl just get back to work. You all have great ideas.I read this blog every day and admire the great minds on here. you are doing a great job and people like o’mally just want to distract you. Ignore these ppl and stay focused. You will solve this. I have faith.

  190. hey sp i just emailed you

  191. Good Morning SerialPsychic I took your advice.One more try.I looked over the complete blog last night and I dont think I said anything wrong.I know I donot bring alot to the plate but sometimes I have ideas.Hey ahlou I came back,you to OK.Serial Bunnie died this morning.

    • Sorry about your bunny. I am glad you are back,you are a smart and strong person. You are needed here!!!

  192. every one is right whoever this sally person is obviously is only here to make trouble an get everyone sidetracked lets not even reply to people like this cause all they want is attention

  193. I apologize Nicki but I don’t like to be told what to do. But I do apologize but telling you the things I told you. To everyone else, this isn’t my first time here. Been here since this site began just using a different name.

  194. ok now that everyone is back on track im gonna go ride 4wheelers or way to pretty to be in the house…ill be back on later! i hope everyone has a bless day!!

  195. KITKAT LA LA LA SHE’s BACK!!!!!! It just would NOT have been the same without our KITKAT!!!!! Sorry about the bunny, it was just NOT able to SURVIVE without it’s MAMA….. It’s that damn circle of life thing…….. BUT SHE’s BACK, LA lA LA LA LA

  196. Yes SerialI thought about it and it was crazy.The entire time I was typing in to tell all of you goodby I was crying my eyes out,that told me something.All of you and these 8 girls mean more to me than hurt feelings.I hope Ahlou comes back.And from now on I will mind my own beeswax and no more arguing ,

  197. KITKAT We’re just happy you’re here!!!

  198. yeah! the family is getting back together!!! sssooooooooooo whats for supper?!

  199. hi kit kat sorry about your bunny but they need there mothers milk an to sally the apology on my behalf is excepted we just need to stay united an the devil tries his hardest to make us argue i wish we could all meet an have a good stiff drink lol everyone dont forget about tonight please i cant say it enough if you cant make it just pray with us

  200. almostsure you’re funny……

  201. yall make me want to cry an i dont even now any of you personaly almost u said it right we are a family like i told teresa schmit on my intervieiw we have a street family she said whats that well this is what it is no better words spoken even though we dont know each other we still all connected maybe after all this is over an we all see justice prevail we can have a big cook out an all stay in touch again thanks everyone

  202. Baffeled i can not go to the vigil but i will say a rosary tonight for all the girls and ask God to give us strength.Stay strong.

  203. Will be saying a pray for all the girls. Asking for closure for the families as well as JD. Baffeled, I hope your little girl gets to light the candle.

  204. Hi all, I didn’t run away we had company.

    Hi Sally, welcome back under the new nic.

    Kitkat, I cried a lot last night myself.

  205. Observer, I read about it so very sorry you and your family is going thru this. I’m anti-DP, that is reserved for God imo..

  206. ahlou thanks an my prayers are with you also an she is looking forward to lighting the candle her an lil bit (brittney) where best friends an i think this will give her a little closure are should i say a little peace of hope that there will be justice in the end like i said before she blames god for taking our baby but ive told her that its not gods work that took her

    • Please give her a hug for me and I think all will agree give her a hug for all of us. Tell her God need a flower for his garden and Brittney was the most beautiful that day.

  207. ahlou


    ahlou Good to see you!!!

    • Hey Serialpsychic, can’t get rid of me and I don’t want to be rid of. There is work needed right here until we have closure with the families. 🙂

  208. Sorry I was balancing a diet coke and didn’t pay attention to what I was typing so there’s 2 ahlous…..

  209. How can the families bear all this sorrow? I can’t stand it myself and I didn’t lose a family member…. The grief is too intense….

  210. Baffeled, please pull up this for your (our saying we are sharing her in heart). I was given that poem when I lost my son it helped so much. One can mentally change the ages to fit.

  211. ahlou I would be totally LOST without YOU!!! And I would NEVER WANT TO be RID of you my dear friend!!!!!

  212. ahlou Damn Just a diet coke!! Maybe later I’ll have something with some KICK!!!

  213. Ahlou I am so glad you are here.We survived the night.I read the poems,I think A CHILD LOANED,is my favorite.It is very comforting.

  214. Hey Kitkat, I’m glad you had a change of heart. It was rocky for awhile but yes we did. I really love all of you and we must stay focused on what ever good we can do.

    That poem got me thru some very rough times and even now I revisit it often. The original one I was given is so tattered but it’s a keeper for me. I hope all the family members read it but I sure hope Baffeled’s daughter will read and think about what it says.

  215. To those people going to the vigil tonite I hope you can take some pictures for the people who are not able to attend. We would like to feel that we are a part of the prayer services even if we can’t be there. Our hearts are there with you……

  216. I hope PI’s and LE will be there incognito taking notes and even video from the sidelines. As bold as this person or persons has been, it would’nt suprise me if the sick bastard attended.

  217. Hey SerialP. I was just watching Dr.MichaelBaden Forensic Autopsy.He is so good.I wish the people of Jennings could get someone like him to go over the girls records.They had to miss something.I mean dont you think that some DNA had to be left behind,even one girl leaving DNA behind.And if that FR person was in jail before they would for sure have his fingerprints but can they make you take a buccal swab or is that against the questioned persons rights?

  218. I wonder if they checked out the funeral homes?

  219. KITKAT That is an excellent observation. Dr Baden has been known to accept the wishes of family members and go to different places and re do autopsies. Did you remember that RE called a friend of his who was at a conference to come home to do an emergency tautopsy on Shelia Comeaux?? As of yet her daughter has NEVER received that report. hmmmm

  220. Your right scooter this person probaly would be ballsy enough to go to the candlelight vigil.You never know he may even visit the girls graves.They ought to keep and eye on the cemetary from time to time.Although I dont know what that would prove.

  221. KITKAT I don’t know what happened with the funeral homes. It’s interesting tho, isn’t it?

  222. KITKAT Dr. Baden is always looking for new cases that he can use on his HBO show. I wonder if the families have thought about contacting him? If he takes the case there’s no cost, you just have to agree to let him use the findings on his show….

  223. Hmmm is right SerialP. The special I was watching was on HBO.Autopsy 9.It was about a serialkiller and 5 prostitutes that were found murdered.They worked a particular highway in N.J. You know how they caught him? Blue carpet fibers were on all of the women.They tracked the carpet down.Found out it was a carpet they did not sell much.So they knew the killer either had it in his home or vehicle.They put and undercover officer working the highway like a callgirl.After 2 nights a van pulls up.Guess?Blue carpet in the van.While she was talking to him she plucked a few fibers and BINGO they had their man.Plus when they picked him up for questioning he confesses to all 5 murders and 1 in N.Y. Now why can we not do that down here.I guess sometimes its not that easy.

  224. I will bet money that the people responsible for these girls deaths will be front and center at their memorial tonite. They think they are bullet proof and we are too dumb to figure it all out. They may even offer their condolences to the family. They are THAT SMUG….. or feel that PROTECTED…

    • The people responsible? Yes, LE was there, front and center, making a show. Funny, they will not return a call to a perspective witness or a family member but let a public event come about and there they are, jumping in front of lenses, lighting candles and trying to look concerned around family members. Of course, I don’t know if Ms. Paula Guillory made it. I enjoyed reading Ricky Edwards’ article about the task force and all the leads generated. But but I thought he said earlier that there were no leads and no suspects, then there were leads but later, there were no leads. Guess there were no leads before the leads were there that he forgot about after the other leads (he was for it before he was against it). Maybe he’s related to Al Gore. Did this two faced prick invent the internet too?

      • Did anyone else notice that during the service Michael Cassidy was texting (or whatever) on his phone most of the time?

      • Their were no cameras at the visual and no one being interviewed. They were their to support the families . And the service was for the whole community.

        • Did enyone notice Brittany was texting in the service.

          • do u think they were texting each other

          • Just a comment their were other people texting also.
            Just getting tired of reading all the stupid comments on here and
            wish people would be trying to solve the murders instead of
            all the comments made about LE.
            Someone murdered our girls. And they most really injoy reading here
            and enjoy how little progress is really made.
            Everyone is intitled to their own oppinions. I pray that our law inforcement
            are doing everything they can to solve these cases.
            I will not give up on hope and closure for our families.

  225. I would think that the families would let.But would L.E.release those files.I mean by law if the families did contact Dr.Baden would they have to release them?

  226. If LE wanted to they could hold up all the files by saying that it’s an on going investigation(s) and refusing to let anyone have them.

  227. I cannot begin to imagine the suffering Our Lord endured to redeem mankind. We can only give Him our thanks and praise,which seems so very little…..

  228. I tell you SerialP.I live ,I guess 40 miles SE of Jennings.And until I started blogging on here I had no idea how corrupt that little town is.I really feel sorry for the people there.From all the stories I can now see how they just do not know who to trust.Very Sad.I would have loved to go to the vigil but am alone tonight and was not driving to Jennings by myself.

  229. KITKAT God hears prayer no matter WHERE you are. IT is better for you to be in a safe environment. We wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to our beloved KITKAT….

  230. Thankyou.You are such a wonderful person.I am going to go soak in my bubbles and I will talk to you later.All doors locked of course.I am such a chicken I hate to be alone.Talk to you later.

  231. ahlou, I have recently lost my daughter. I will share with you and all others this poem. Losing a daughter is a terrible thing and I feel so badly for all of our victim’s families.

    Don’t grieve for me,for now I’m free.
    I’m following the path God has chosen for me.
    I took His hand when I heard Him call.
    I could not stay another day.
    To laugh,to love, to work or play.
    Tasks left undone must stay that way.
    I”ve now found peace at the end of the day.’ If my parting has left a void,
    Then fill it with remembered joys.
    A friendship shared, a laugh, a kiss:
    Oh yes, these things, I too will miss.

    Be not burdened with times of sorrow
    Look for the sunshine of tomorrow.
    My life’s been full, I savored much.
    Good friends,good times,a loved ones touch.
    Perhaps my time seems all to brief:
    Don’t lengthen your pain with undue grief.
    Lift up your heart and peace to thee,
    God wanted me now-He set me free.

  232. cp Please accept my sincerest condolences. I am very sorry to hear about your daughter’s death. I will keep you in my thoughts and in my prayers.

  233. i just heard from my daughter and she went to the memorial and said it was beautiful

  234. I am just getting home from the service and it was beautiful. I believe that it was a great opportunity for us (the families) to grieve and Mrs. Benoit did a wonderful job in arranging it. The turnout was great and Ricky Edwards and Michael Cassidy were in attendance as well. Hopefully, this is the time for everyone to come together. Everyone was very respectful and friendly and I believe the entire community grieved together in that building tonight. I was touched by the service and I am really glad it was held.

  235. To read just how important a role this blog can have in this case, you should read the book:

    In search of Derrick Todd Lee; the internet social movement that made a difference.

    Weeber, Stan.

    Univ. Press of America


  236. Where is everyone? And why hasn’t G8 posted lately?

  237. inspired I guess it’s just you and me tonite… Where’s Ketch and the gang???

    • Well, it is Saturday……hate to admit that I am home on a Saturday night! 🙂 I saw the candlelight service on the news tonight. Looks like there was a nice turnout.

  238. I hope the ceremony went well tonite and all of the family and friends felt some degree pf closure. May these girls rest in peace…

  239. i’m sure everyone that went to the vigil was drained and are resting. and after the last couple of days with all the bickering on here are taking a well deserved rest.

    I pray that the families found some peace tonight and that LE speedily finds their perp. In God’s name, Amen.

  240. I am very glad the sevice had a good turnout. More prayers for The Lord to answer now!

  241. my thanks to mrs benoit for a wonderful service lastnight we came together to morn our girls pastor cliff did a great job it was respectful except for a few foolish people i had a chance to speak with ricky edwards and michael cassidy in a relaxed atmosepher we spoke on comunicating better and the sherrif and i agreed to disagree to the peoople asking about gerldo we will be on this sat at 9pm i spent the whole day friday with mrs c. arceneaux from kplc tv 7 filming thing to air on oct. 28 it was a very good day we spent together look foward to more during the week coming we thank mrs arceneaux for her dedication and compassion for our girls my daughter and i will keep pressing for justice stay tuned we are working on more things to bring the attention to our plite as we can just keep the support that all of you have done thus far we thank all of you i have only just began to move this out to get the attention it deserves

  242. by the way mr edwards lit my candel at the service lastnight do you think i lite his just a little humor in a sensitive time

  243. to those who want to contact me my e-mail is

  244. Just wanted to say that I, too, attended the ceremony last night and it was beautiful and touching. It was warming to see the families come together with the support of the community and remember the women that they have lost. Also to pray for a community that is wounded deeply. Regardless of what anyone thinks, so many of us are torn by this, in fact I feel sorry for the people (if any) that feel like life is normal here, because its not. Clifton LeJeune is an awesome speaker! Mrs. Benoit, I am so glad that you put this on, thank you for allowing everyone the chance to pray, together, for Jeff Davis Parish. I was pretty choked up the entire time. One thing that sticks out to me is poor Necole’s mother. I had figured out who she was before it was confirmed to me, because it was so obvious to me that this poor little lady’s grief was the freshest, her wound is the newest. I regret not going up to her and giving her a hug, but I just couldn’t find the words… ( I hate when I do that). I’m a very emotional person- but I’m not good with emotional situations (how ironic is that?) So, I stayed pretty much to myself, but had a hard time staying composed. I will admit, I have publicly gone back and forth with my feelings regarding LE over the last few months or so, however, I was glad to see Sheriff Edwards there with his wife. And I’m glad that Clifton LeJeune suggested prayer for our LE, because I think we forget sometimes that they need it just as much as we all do. I had not seen Whitnei’s daughter since she was much smaller and with Whitnei at the store- and I was floored at how much she looks like her. Without rambling on too much I have to note that for some reason Loretta stayed on my mind the entire time- I don’t know if its because she was the first of the eight women, or that she was exactly my age. All I could do was try to keep my mascara on, thinking back to when Loretta moved to Jennings from Roanoke. She was a new student, we were 11 years old. Loretta wore makeup, and I wasn’t allowed to. Over the next few weeks I learned that she knew all kinds of stuff about sex, and she smoked cigarettes. I remember some more of us just lied and acted like we did too, lol! Thinking now, I have a son who is 11, and if I don’t tell him to, the child won’t bathe, change clothes or brush his teeth. He’s just a baby! I used to think Loretta was so grown up, now I see she, too, was just a baby! Did she ever have a chance at life. I am in no way judging anyone in her family, they were probably just as lost… I have no right to judge, no one does, I’m just stating my interpretation of it. THIS IS WHY I want so bad for a community center to be put in place. So that our kids can have so many more positive influences. I know that I try my best with my boys, but I’m a single mother and I have to work A LOT, so I could lose my children to the streets just as easy as anyone else. It can happen to anyone!!! My goal is to see more positivity in the streets than drugs and fighting. Someone else could make a major positive impact on my child and I could do the same for theirs, it really does take a village.

  245. Hey guys. Could anyone refer me to past posts or threads regarding the black men that crashed the party. I’d like to get as much of the back story as I can. How did y’all find out, who reported it, what were the exact circumstances, etc. If any of y’all are pretty knowledgable on this particular incident and don’t mind helping out, we can email. Thanks!

  246. Just an observation… Someone at that party WROTE the license number of the black Suburban down. It’s my guess that who ever has it, DIDN”T throw it away… Who was at the party??? Who has the number???

  247. Wondering something here – It appears LE does not want outside help I could be wrong but thats the way it seems so who is his boss. What if any role does the mayor play in all of this? Haven’t seen the mayor addressed and just wondering. Does the mayor have any say in this matter? Just asking.

    • Does the sheriff answer to the mayor? The mayor’s city and sheriff’s parish. Just wondering.

  248. ahlou- i think the attorney general is who you contact when you feel that local LE is not doing what is expected but i had read somewhere back that the La attorney generals office does not want to hear from the public– go figure!!

    • Omg that’s the pits. I really have been thinking of this. I know when the media is actively involved that is due to local LE providing information but here not so.

  249. Well I’m like you who signs the paycheck. We have not discussed higher than the sheriff so I’m wondering who does he answer too.

  250. Changing the subject a bit, I wondered what was going on on Andrews street so I drove by – it was quiet only a silver truck parked in the back.

    • ahlou–From sources looks like there was lots of traffic at Andrew St house all day today including Tracee C. coming & going several times.

  251. popeye- i would think that the mayor has no control over the sherriff b/c the sherriff has a larger jurisdiction
    but i might be wrong… i questioned awhile back if any of the district reps have any ability to bring this higher or possibly the police jurors..

  252. Everyone answers to someone higher up. The sheriff has a boss, the mayor has a boss, and so on…

  253. not really sure what kind of position they could take on this, but its worth a shot..

  254. if someone could talk to the rep for your district, they would know the order of the chain of command if that makes sense had this been an election year, you can bet you would get answers

    • I know and about now I’m too lazy to look it up. I was just hoping someone here would know.

  255. Full of questions about now — what if sally/jack/whomever said I saw this awful happening and the person is a known crack/meth/whatever user – is that person unbelieveable because of that. I’m wondering on some things about witnesses and then we hear not creditable – is that the reason. Could a person who is in that condition know when they have seen something so extreme and would it be accepted in a court of law? If not why not?

    • ahlou…..apparently, if a witness is under the influence of alcohol and/or narcotics……they are just not deemed credible. With these cases and at this point, I think I would take my chances as an attorney though. If you can get them sober enough for just a few hours…..long enough to get on the stand……they might be credible enough. Especially if there’s several of them that can tell the same story. Hell….put them all on a lie detector. Even though it’s not admissible in court, it would still be enough of an indicator as to whether they were truthful or not.

      All there is witness wise are druggie types. If those types of witnesses cannot be deemed reliable then what else is there……..short of someone confessing. It doesn’t appear that LE has been able to locate the “original” crime scenes where any of the girls have been killed so ……. zero evidence from there. Credible or not……….all I can do is hope LE listened to what these uncredible witnesses have said to them.

  256. A Baton Rouge Police Detective helped pinpoint Derrick Todd Lee through the use of DNA. In this case, police do not have DNA or if they do its almost useless because if these girls slept with men for money or drugs then that would be a defense unless the DNA is found on almost all of the victim’s body.

    The public actually helped catch Derrick Todd Lee.

    ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) — Late Tuesday, acting on a tip from the public, Atlanta police arrested Derrick Todd Lee, the suspect in five serial killings in Louisiana, authorities said.
    Members of the Atlanta Police Department’s Fugitive Squad apprehended Lee about 8:45 p.m. at a tire shop in southwest Atlanta. He did not resist and was carrying his Louisiana identification.
    “He just said he was the person,” Atlanta Police Chief Richard Pennington told CNN.
    Pennington said Lee has been taken to Atlanta police headquarters and booked. He is expected to be taken to Fulton County Jail overnight.
    Lee will be booked on first degree murder and aggravated rape charges, said Pat Englade, the police chief of Baton Rouge. Lee will appear in court in Atlanta on Wednesday morning for extradition proceedings, he said.
    Lee “hasn’t said much” to investigators since his arrest, Pennington said.
    “I know now that we have taken a very dangerous person that’s a serial murder suspect off the streets of Atlanta, and I’m sure the citizens of Louisiana are proud as well that we’ve taken this very dangerous person off our streets,” he said.
    Minutes before the arrest, Pennington said police had received a call from “an informant” who might have spotted Lee. Officers went to the location and found a man fitting his description at the rear of the tire shop.
    “Sure enough, he was the person,” Pennington said.
    Mike Richards, a supervisory deputy with the U.S. Marshals Service, said, “He was actually sitting behind the tire store talking to a young lady when they arrested him.”
    Authorities praised the cooperation among law enforcement agencies — a multi-agency Louisiana task force, Atlanta police, the Marshals and the FBI. They also applauded the cooperation of the public and news media.
    “The bottom line on this, it was a cooperative effort by all,” Richards said.
    Serial killer task force investigators had driven from Louisiana overnight Monday, arriving in Atlanta on Tuesday morning and bringing the case file on Lee. The investigation then quickly intensified.
    Lee, a father of two, disappeared from Louisiana shortly after he voluntarily submitted to DNA testing May 5. Officials have said they believe he went from Baton Rouge to Chicago, Illinois, and then to Atlanta.
    Authorities issued an arrest warrant for Lee on Monday, saying his DNA matched samples found at the scenes of five killings in the Baton Rouge area.
    The manhunt largely focused on Atlanta in recent days.
    Lee, 34, checked out of the Lakewood Motor Lodge in southwest Atlanta on Monday, leaving shortly before authorities arrived, law enforcement officials said Tuesday.
    One official said authorities missed him by just an hour or two.
    FBI spokesman Joe Paris said Lee had been at the motel about a week when he hurriedly left around midday Monday.
    Witnesses there said he told them he was going to his mother’s home in Louisiana.
    Video from his motel room showed his clothes and boots were left behind.
    Federal officials had announced a $50,000 reward for information leading to his capture.
    David McDavid, the chief of detectives in Zachary, Louisiana, said Lee is considered a suspect in the deaths of two women there –one in 1998, the other in 1992. He said police are trying to compare DNA from those crime scenes to Lee’s.
    “Unusual genetic markers”
    Louisiana’s serial killer task force said DNA evidence links Lee to the killings of Gina Wilson Green, Charlotte Murray Pace, Pam Kinamore, Trineisha Dene Colomb and Carrie Lynn Yoder.
    A task force member told CNN that the DNA tests showed “highly unusual genetic markers.”

    • Sally, I think the difference here is the witnesses and their habits. I could be real wrong. Also the only person we know had DNA testing is FR according to him five times.

    • My question is for Ms. Sally O’Malley….Sally, are you fifty years old? Do you like to kick and stretch? Lol- look up Sally O’Malley on youtube

      • Oh for goodness sakes that’s good Unbiased. hehehe.

      • hey, hey,hey unbiased- im fifty yrs old and i’ll be damned if im kickin and stretchin..

        • Well that’s cause you’re no Sally O’Malley! Something else Sally does is wear Polyester jumpsuits so that she can wear them for up to 5 days with a little help from febreeze! Lol- almost you should get a link to her from youtube and put it on here for ahlou to see that character…

      • Sally, I haven’t seen it yet but you need to get here and make sure they stop lol. OTOH, I’m glad you are here Sally. We have all had nice discussions a little fun and yet still seeking a solution.

  257. look at the irony in this the public played a big part in that arrest, america’s most wanted has had major success with the publics cooperation, but then here we are and cant even get any updates from LE..

    • That’s what I’m wondering Sally sure picked the right one. Thing is we need someone here in order to get is started.

  258. Someone need to write to Ann Rule about this case. go to and send her emails and calls and see if she can look into this for us.

  259. im so excited about this being addressed on the GERALDO AT LARGE show next week, i dont know if i will be worth anything at work all week lol!

  260. sorry sally- i was typing and eating at the same time so i just read what you posted about ann rule so yes i will do the same.. who is ann rule <—-stupid question maybe 🙂

  261. Did anyonr other than FR say there was DNA evidence? And if so who tested FR???

  262. good ? sp i cant wait to hear what he had to say to kodiak!

  263. if he was crazy enough to say that on here, you know he said that to paul and crew to cover his ass!

  264. Shouldn’t everyone booked into jail be DNA tested?

    • that would get very expensive. but just to let you know louisiana has a law that when you are convicted of a felony they take DNA and it gets recorded

      • Thank you. It would be cost effective in the long run!

      • The law is for anyone arrested on a felony–not convicted. When you are arrested…..innocent or not…they take your DNA. This goes for any violent or sexual misdemeanors to my understanding.

        Not all DNA gets processed and recorded….it goes on a backlog of DNA that needs to be processed.

    • There are new laws stating that anyone arrested for a felony, a violent crime, giving specifics offenses that subjects them to DNA swabbing, at the same time they are booked and finger printed.

      Thing is, the DNA does not go straight to the database, but in a pile of samples on a backlog to be put into the database. I do think is anyone is suspect they can speed up the processing if has been collected during an arrest.

      • than Frankie should of had more than 5DNA test done on him he has been arrest omg i dont think i can count that high lol

  265. this would be conflicting to what LE has said but, then we would go back to the credibility thing

  266. Has LE EVER said that they have DNA evidence? If they don’t have any what did FR THINK he was getting tested for? LOL

    • If they have any they have never stated it publicly. Frankie said publicly he was tested 5 times. That confused me. One swab would do the trick huh? And even if there was some type of problem…..surely the 2nd and 3rd swab would cut the mustard? You think?

      • It confused me too! People who commit crimes very rarely worry about DNA.

      • maybe they tested FR DNA against 5 samples they found? could be FR gave us a clue that LE wouldn’t let out

      • Anytime you are arrested for a felony offence you are supposed to be dna tested… I ask this question to a person who works bookin in people in calcaseau… So if you arrested at different times for felony offences you could be tested everytime…

  267. In California if you get arrested you give your DNA.

  268. yes hope you would think so, but then if theres nothing to compare it to, why would LE order DNA testing? remember no evidence…?

  269. Food for thought… If Le wasn’t taking DNA “WHERE and WHAT did they swab on FR? LOL

  270. I don’t remember the post- but roughly a month ago FR said to ask the state troopers about the five DNA tests that didn’t match him. To my knowledge LE has never released that there was DNA evidence on any of the bodies- HOWEVER- when KM went on CNN- Don Lemon said that RE said they were awaiting forensics from the lab- so that kind of implied that there was some DNA evidence on Necole. But like Sally said- anyone Necole had had sex with prior to her death couldve just been a John…or claiming they were anyway. Something to think about….

  271. I’m in Texas and here is a crime linked to DNA of a horrible crime that needed to be solved.

  272. If DNA is present. They are waiting for a match!

  273. Hope That guy doesn’t need a trial just some Texas justice….

  274. I agree. So sad!

  275. I hope justice will be done! DNA is a very powerful piece of evidence!

  276. Swab em All! If you commit a horrible crime, they need to lose all rights to their DNA. Who is watching out for the innocent victims? If you didn’t do anything wrong, you don’t have anything to worry about.

  277. The only problem with DNA in this case is that the murderers can say they paid for sex earlier in the day as their alibi…

    • They can say that, but it would have to be proved to be counted as viable evidence.

      Most likely, the prosecution would object to those type statements if made by the defense. DNA found on the bodies would be vible evidence I believe, regardless of the girls history.

  278. In my opinion, If they were the last person connected to the victim with DNA, they need to have a rock solid alibi to prove they weren’t the last person to see the victim alive.

  279. Rock solid and then some…

  280. How much DNA would have been collected in the past? Would there be something in the case files they could test? Older, cold cases are being solved everyday with DNA testing.

  281. WE are hoping LE has some evidence they haven’t managed to screw up or lose. Right now they’re not saying one way or another…

  282. Didn’t someone say a relative was tested when they went into the JDP jail?

  283. Can anyone clarify this for me? Steven Seagal has said he will review the girls cases. He is a sheriffs deputy in Jeff Davis Parish. Does that mean he works with Ricky Edwards? What area does Jeff Davis cover?? Is he around Jennings, and why didn’t anyone ever mention him before?? I am obviously not from around here so it’s kinda confusing….

  284. In my opinion, if they concentrate on one victim, they should have something by now. Huh?

  285. Starting in December Steven Seagal is having his own reality show based in Jeff Davis Parish. It’s going to air on A&E tv. I would imagine that LE doesn’t want to look stupid when it becomes known that there are serial killers loose here!!!!!

    • Steven Seagal Lawman – His movies have grossed more than $2 billion worldwide. He is an expert martial artist with a 7th-degree black belt in Aikido. He’s considered to be in the same class of action heroes as Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger. However, Steven Seagal isn’t just an action hero in the movies. For almost 20 years, Seagal has been working as a fully commissioned deputy with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office in Louisiana. In addition to going out on patrol, Seagal is an expert marksman who has worked with their SWAT team and has instructed Jefferson Parish officers in firearms and hand-to-hand combat. Steven Seagal Lawman will allow fans to ride shotgun with Seagal as he and his hand-selected elite team of deputies respond to crimes in progress. Then, when Seagal goes off duty, the cameras will continue following him as he pursues his many ventures, including musical performances and philanthropic efforts in Jefferson Parish and New Orleans.

      Not Jeff Davis Parish

  286. Serial: are you serious?!?! Are u sure. Steven Segal is a deputy in Jefferson Parish. I live in Jefferson Davis(aka Jeff Davis) Parish. How do you know this? Is he having the show where he is a deputy? Or is he coming here to base his show on these cases?

  287. I’m serious about Steven Seagal!!! READ ON:

    Steven Seagal Lawman – His movies have grossed more than $2 billion worldwide. He is an expert martial artist with a 7th-degree black belt in Aikido. He’s considered to be in the same class of action heroes as Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger. However, Steven Seagal isn’t just an action hero in the movies. For almost 20 years, Seagal has been working as a fully commissioned deputy with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office in Louisiana. In addition to going out on patrol, Seagal is an expert marksman who has worked with their SWAT team and has instructed Jefferson Parish officers in firearms and hand-to-hand combat. Steven Seagal Lawman will allow fans to ride shotgun with Seagal as he and his hand-selected elite team of deputies respond to crimes in progress. Then, when Seagal goes off duty, the cameras will continue following him as he pursues his many ventures, including musical performances and philanthropic efforts in Jefferson Parish and New Orleans.

  288. serial jefferson parish is not jefferson davis parish they are miles apart..

  289. If you want to know more about filming in Jeff Davis just go to A&E/Lawman Lawman is the name of his new reality show, and it will be shot on LOCATION…. When the public finds out about a serial killer(s) at large YOU will get ALL THE PUBLICITY you have wanted….. I thought everyone knew….

  290. WELL CRAP! I thought it was THIS JEFF DAVIS….

    • thats okay lol lots of folks make that mistake we forgive you, wish he was going to jpd!!!

  291. see that! lol my mistake jdp!! lol whooo im sleepy!!

  292. The next higher official For us to appeal to is the District Attorney. In our situation, HA! Forgettaboutit! Also, I can most definately confirm that LE had the DNA evidence to convict, but they carelessly decided to store it in an improper storage area within the Sheriff’s Department. Shortly after placing the evidence here, the sewage backed, flooding that room and destroying evidence.

    • Is this recent?

      What about our last victim? Necole?

      If they did have evidence to convict then they know at least one of the killers…cough, FR….so what are they doing about it?

      Does he have a tail 24/7 from the task force?? Has anyone tailed the tail or observed heavy LE presence around him. Since I do not live in Jennings our locals eyes are key…!!

      Nicki you mentioned a storm brewing……I’m intrigued. Does this storm expose, shall we say… inept force at work, proof of corruption? You said that someone honest and good would suffer by being grouped in….that is troubling….

    • Nicki, Just curious since RE nor any of LE has stated publicly that they have had DNA evidence. They may for what ever reason if they have had this, they just might have had a reason as to why they did not make this announcement. This DNA that you are talking about is this evidence that could have used for these cases? Since you know so much, can you maybe tell us which victims they got the DNA off of? I also thought you didn’t want to bash on RE you seem to be the number one person on here to constantly making him look like a fool and bashing in his name. Why is it that you don’t also post a lot on your facebook page? You post on here all the time but you never post this kind of stuff on your facebook page, the only thing you post on your facebook page is, email this person today, and when there is going to be something on the news about the unsolved murders. I am a little confused as to what is your facebook page for, what is it’s purpose beside to to inform people when to email and when things will be on TV. You never talk about DNA, or hey does anyone know about the black men. I would think you would also ask your group your facebook page people these question also. Why don’t you make yourself a wordpress also on top of your facebook. I am only stating what I see and am just a little curious about this.

  293. Nicki-I just sent you an email.

  294. Well I am calling it a night,sweet dreams to all,goodnight.

  295. In addition, if past behavior is best used to determine future behavior, then this state’s Attorney General will be of no help as well. In the recent past, 50 plus criminal acts, on behalf of JDPSO, were reported to the attorney general. These incidences were well verified and backed with fact and each had one or more witnesses who were willing to put themselves on the line by volunteering their cooperation. About receipt of these reports, what did the attorney general do? Without investigation or question he faxed them directly to RE so he could be aware of each individual (name and address) that had reported his department’s criminal violations. Needless to say, the attorney general’s office never investigated.

  296. Good morning all… I had some catching up to do.. lol..

    I am brainstorming here and i have a Question..
    when they did these “5 DNA tests” on FR was this right before they had a girl go missing? right after? or between?

    Another question…
    Could he have been getting info on where the police would be patroling?

    I mean think about it. when you hear of someone doing a DNA test for a child, the DNA samples remain in the computer for 3 years..

    • The so-called 5 DNA test done on F. Richard came directly from Richard himself,which is most likely a bunch of BS. I wouldn’t believe anything that comes from him, he is only trying to cover his butt!!!!

      • I agree, but what if he is saying there were 5 DNA tests, just incase someone saw him go to where ever they did it at.. or if they went to his house or whatever… like you said, covering his but.. and someone elses.. just a thought…

  297. well i am confuse why do dna test on frankie or anyone for that matter if the 8 girls did not have nothing, like dna something smells fishy and it is not fish either

  298. see i was confused too, but think of it.. it would give a reason too meet up with help.. you see what im trying to say..

  299. lemon, Someone on the inside, you ot that right….

  300. Well.. SP, i find it strange that every time the FR crew go to jail for something, their evidence they collect comes up missing or….. someone…. steals it..

    • Strange,indeed.Let’s not forget Richard & his neice were arrested in the murder of K. Gary Lopez and they were released because Tracee C. recanted her “story”.!MO these 3 know plenty about the murders of those women!

      • I agree ea… someone scared Tracee bad enough to recant her story…. the question is who scared her?

        • tracee is very scare and she should be. i think if she could talk to someone and they promise to help her she might talk. but than again i dont know what to think about her anymore i know she is overing up for someone but it is to find out who. is it frankie or is it a LE

    • what ever happen to paula for stilling the evidence did she move to texas or what does anyone know for sure

  301. If only we could give FR a shot of truth serum..

  302. o and tracee is a heathy girl so if someone does try anything with her i think they might have a fight on there hands unless they drug her or something

    • Yes indeed. Tracee’s a big girl and fiesty. She’s used to fighting her older brothers when growing up. She threw punches, no hair pulling.

  303. Well, didn’t they have a witness they turned around because they were messed up.. saying they smoked wet with one of the girls? I have never done this “wet” but i would think that if it is emboming fluid, if they put to much, it would knock someone unconsious, wouldn’t you think? what if they used this for all of the victims? think of it.. then they would have a lack of evidence because they were knocked unconsious to begin with..
    i am brainstorming here..

  304. the guy that got shot on south main was Bo Sneed son Bo is or was a probation officer

    • when did this happen? i don’t remember it.. or if it just happened, I didn’t hear about it yet…

      • that is the shooting that happen on the 9th or 10th of this month

        • Hmm…. i am looking everywhere, and cannot even find a single story about it.. oh wait.. it is jennings, they wont have a story, if it was covered up.. sorry.. My opinion..

    • Had heard LE but no name. JDN Tuesday Oct 13, 2009 Suspect sought in drug-related shooting. The guy tried to buy drugs corner of South Main and Spencer. During the course of the drug transaction the shooter demanded money then shot the drug buyer. Drug buyer drove himself home then and only then (sure) did he realize he had been shot so he drove himself to the hospital. There he claimed he didn’t know who shot him but finally confessed.

      Saturday Oct 17, American Press – 2 arrests made in Jennings shooting. Attempted 1st degree charged are Jordon Provost 17 and Jermaine Pattum 18.

      That’s how it’s done more often than is known or reported you have pillars of the community going to the South Side for their drugs then going back being pillars of the community.. Unless of course something like this happens. Which is the very reason there will be no cameras in LE vehicles nor on the street post anywhere on the southside.

      • AHLOU…..i found a video clip of Sally O’Malley, its few minutes long and theres a little commercial before it, but youll get the idea of her character. Sally is gonna be the lady in red that comes out to audition to be a dancer.

        • I looked it up on Youtube this morning, i think it is just too funny… is it just me, or when she said she posted here before, no way, and copluver came to mind..

          there is one person that keeps coming back on here just to try to stir up trouble.. could it be LE, idk.. but i think they come to try to make everyone fight, to get off track, when we start putting out GOOD ideas..

          Because i think if RE doesn’t get the credit for solving this case, then he will not be happy.. he better hurry up, because 3 yrs is a short time, and then it will be time to revote, and i know i didn’t vote for him last time and i think (my opinion) a whole lot of people will not vote for him next time..

      • Thank you.. I think they should put up hidden cameras everywhere.. i know when we had the drive threw by my house, they would drive around the house to get their drugs,threw the window of the house… then when too many people were witness to it, they packed up and moved in less than 2 days, when there was talk of a bust about to go down within the week they moved..

        we would see the cops stop the people leaving the house, but would never go to the house. why would LE want to bust their source of income.. don’t they get commission pay?

        when we moved in my home a few years ago, this was the best neighborhood, and now, i don’t even want to go outside by myself at night, they have too many people walking the streets.. I run in the house when i see someone walking.. We should not have to be scared right outside of our OWN home right? I think we need to get this town back!!!

    • Chris Sneed got shot? He must’ve hit a rough patch. He didn’t do drugs when he was living with Bo, at least not when I knew him.

  305. Wouldn’t LE have sent some of the evidence to LABS that specialize in DNA or did they really think THEY were oing to analyze it themselves?? It just doesn’t make sense to lose all evidence when they said they were WAITING on results…What results???

    • ok where is the cloths, jerewal, shoes, anything that these girls had on them. could someone come in and get these items and go over it again if the family reguested them to do it i know if i was one of the parents i would want someone to else to do it there has to be something on those items somewhere

  306. Anytime you are arrested for a felony offence you are supposed to be dna tested… I ask this question to a person who works booking in people in calcaseau… So if you arrested at different times for felony offences you could be tested everytime…

  307. oh ok, see I heard about that, bust didn’t hear who it was.. Did they find out who did it? Or is it UNSOLVED also?

  308. BTW Good morning soon to be afternoon everyone… I had to come back to work to read the bolg and recuperate from a long weekend……

    • good morning to you also, i agree.. Weekends are crazy here too.. we have to go visit everyone on the planet..

  309. Did they have a story about it in the paper? or on TV? I still cannot find it anywhere.. I just heard about it threw a friend.. if there is no story anywhere about it, it makes me scratch my head.. hmmm…..

    • it was in the newspaper but dont remember witch one it was in but it happen on south main the sneed guy pull up to someone about drugs and they pull a gun and shot him in the neck but he is alive dont know if he is talking or not

    • Lemon–The arrests in the shooting on S Main was in the Jennings Daily News on Oct.15.Arrested were Jordan Provost 17 &Jermaine Pattum 18. Supposedly it was drug related.No identity of the victim was mentioned According to an earlier story in the paper the victim told police he was shot at the Wal mart parking lot but later admitted it happened on S Main .

      • thanks, i heard about the Walmart shooting, i remember reading it on here and a friend told me about it being downtown, i just didn’t know if it was the same thing, or if it was different shootings.. and I couldnt find anything about it anywhere

  310. i am leaving for awhile check back in later

  311. Good day everyone. The visual was beautiful and I hope in some way it has shown the compassion and support of our community.
    I thank everyone who came to support the families.
    May God bless you all.

  312. Please understand that I have, in no way “bashed” anyone. I have only stated fact. I have not made demeaning comments about anyone personally or professionally. Everything that I have posted is verifiable and can be backed up and it is posted for a particular purpose. I understand some taking offense to the facts I present. I am well aware that these people take my posts personally without realizing that this isn’t personal and my focus is to bring justice despite many obstructions.

    As far as our group, J4JD, I sincerely think (whoever that was) answered their own question. The group was created for the specific purpose of eliciting outside help from the national media in order to continue to breathe new life into this investigation. The group page is not the proper venue for these topics. In other words, I don’t put my dishes in the fireplace…this is not the fireplace’s job.

    It not hard to figure out the agenda of people who pop out of the woodwork and question my posts. It is also not hard to see that I’m not an egomaniac. If this were true, I’d be just running my mouth in order to shut yours. That goes against everything that I stand for and it deadly counterproductive to our purpose. I will not tip my hand to gain a pat on the back from anyone. I’m here for justice as are most of the very intelligent people who sit at this table. I don’t mind filling in the blanks for these people. They know how to contact me and they know and understand the proper means by which information should be exchanged.


      I know you have been someone I can trust.. and I have not been able to trust anyone for years in this town.. You have only been here to help everyone with your facts.. and if you have an opinion, then you are right to it.. your opinion is your own! and if it is your opinion, i know that you always put “my opinion” .. you keep up the good work.. and don’t let the small people stand in your way, they are just trying to sidetrack you, because you are on to somethign, and you and G8 have more on this town than anyone else..
      I stand behind you! as of many others on this site and J4JD..

      You and G8 keep up the good work!!! Stay Focused! the town needs you both! you two will be able to get more done, in a few months, than what has been done in the past few years!!

  313. I wonder if Governor Bobby Jindal will tune into the Geraldo Show? Has anyone e-mailed Governor Bobby Jindal about the Geraldo Show? I mean his main issues were to stop corruption, am I right? I wonder if Governor Bobby Jindal knows about this site?

  314. LOL I love when brownie gets a brainstorm…. I agree with you all the way Brownie!!!! Lets email him.

  315. brownie, & curious1 I just love you guys…e mail the Governor and Pleez send him my regards!!!

  316. Done here also!!!

  317. What’s the e mail address? I’m ready to type…..

    • I just typed Governor Bobby Jindal clicked on first one and his site comes up. I then clicked on contact and then click on send an e-mail. It ask a few questions and your comments go at the bottom.


    I went to la governer office websight then to contacts then to email the govener!!!

  319. “contact us” sorry

  320. Great minds think alike Brownie… “thats all I have to say about that ” Forest Gumpp

  321. I just whipped off a very interesting e mail to the Gov. It should get him thinking about how people all over the country are talking about the ineptness of the law enforcement in Jeff Davis Parish. I told him in no uncertain terms how this needs to get solved and how media is WATCHING now…Plus a bunch of other stuff…now we wait, and see…..

  322. I did the same SP… I also said that it was sad that the general public had to be the ones to get attention for this case and I also stated that citizens were afraid to confide in local LE…

    I really need to put this “soap box” in storage… I am wearing it out!!!


  324. That is a really good idea Brownie…

    Above i think it was last night someone asked who was above the sheriff, he would be an elected official.. so he is his own boss.. now the District attourny (DA) could step in over him if he would have probible cause.. but that hardly ever happens… Now, the F.B.I. can come in and step up anytime they want..

    Question I have though, if the sheriff is the elected official, has anyone ever figured out how to unelect him and elect someone else?

    • I would be more worried about who comes in and if you get another one in there, it will just prolong the investigation. Then again, who knows, what could happen.

      • I know, the thing is, you cannot trust anyone these days..

        ooooh I know, lets get Stevin Segal….. LOL! hey its a better idea then who is already there..

        • LOL, Great Idea! The business people may even profit off that as well. People will go visit the area, just to see him. Don’t you think?

          • LOL, i think that we would have alot of traffic running around.. maybe more than we want.. and maybe people doing the wrong things, just to meet him… so it might not be the best idea, but there has to be someone the parish can trust… hmm….

            here is a question, if he would be impeeched out of office, do we get to revote, or would the next person with the 2nd highest votes automatically step in?

  325. I just wrote David Vitter the La. Senator. I gave him an earful. I expect to hear back on that little e mail….

    • Lets keep faith, i know when I had to contact the governer, his secretary called me on the phone to make sure my situation got solved right.

  326. THe scenery would definitely improve with Steven around…

    • Back off there SP…Steven Segal will be unable to make it as he is already locked in the trunk of my car!…LOL 😉

  327. We have a missing man in Jennings, George Balbuena,53. A Jennings man has been reported missing and authorities need help locating him.

    George Balbuena, 53, was reported missing by his wife on Sunday. She told police that on Saturday afternoon her husband left home to go fishing in Cameron Parish.

    He was last seen at his mother’s home where he said he was going to Lake Arthur. Mr. Balbuena has not been seen since. He was driving a green 2004 Chevrolet truck with a Louisiana tag number X366179.

    If you have any information about his whereabouts, you are asked to call the Jennings Police Department at 337-824-0423 or at 337-275-9002.

  328. hello everyone i havent been here for awhile the vigil was beautiful the other night me an my daughter did an interview with channel 3 there will be a hour special next wednesday they are doing this to put a face on all the girls so they are not just rembered as high risk lifestyles

  329. Nicki, Sharing is a good thing….

  330. LMAO! This is not kindergarten! But since I love you, I guess I could give you 5 mins in the trunk… 🙂

  331. FBI was heavily involved in the Derrick Todd Lee Case. Read below:

    BATON ROUGE, La. — Rep. David Vitter, R-Metairie, wants to get more federal help to catch the south Louisiana serial killer, including federal dollars and a meeting with the head of the FBI to talk about extra resources for the case.

    Money Would Eliminate Backlog

    Vitter said he will ask for several hundred thousand dollars in a federal appropriation for the serial killer task force investigation which he said has drained resources from every agency that has been involved in the work.
    “It would put as the highest priority to receive the money those areas where an active serial killer investigation exists,” Vitter said. “And so obviously, if this bill becomes law, that would put Louisiana and the greater Baton Rouge and Lafayette areas at the top of the list.”
    If the money were to make it through the federal budget process, Vitter said the earliest Louisiana would see any cash for the case likely would be November or December.
    DNA evidence left on the victims has linked one man to the deaths of Gina Green, Charlotte Murray Pace, Pam Kinamore, Trineisha Dene Colomb and Carrie Yoder in the past two years.
    Vitter said as vice-chairman of the appropriations subcommittee that has jurisdiction over the FBI, he thinks he has a good chance to get a “significant” amount of money for the case.
    He intends to meet with the task force tracking the serial killer on May 27 to discuss whether they need extra resources, people or dollars. Vitter said he will sit down with FBI Director Robert Mueller after that task force meeting to discuss those needs and ensure the FBI remains focused on the serial killer case.

  332. Hello everyone it sure has been a long day,thought I would catch up on here,and wondering where the 53 yr old man named George is,I just can’t imagine what his wife is going through at this point,God please bless.

  333. Where is everyone tonight?

  334. Law and Order’s on.

  335. baffeled- it is so awesome that your thoughts and efforts are going to be expose on to TV,I can’t wait to watch it,Ya’ll are in my prayers always! Don’t ever think that this won’t be solved,it will,God hears our plea and cries for all his people,and I know that it’s harder on some days than others,but it’s all in his plan not ours,it’s a constant everyday effort to remind myself of the same,but in due time….in his time.

  336. Oh! Popeye thanks I almost forgot,lol,I had my DVR set to record it,can’t miss it,lol

  337. Don’t forget the second episode. Just started.

  338. Sp-Good Thinking,you amaze me all the time,YES POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!

  339. Yep but thanks,good stuff,keeps me on the edge of my seat!

  340. hey sp just tried to chat with you when i was checking my email an my computer shut down

  341. baffled How are you doing?

  342. I have some interesting news and I have some VERY strong thoughts on this situation, but I’m gonna keep them to myself and let you guys tell me what you make of it……

    As you know, I sent a Freedom of Information Act request to the TASK FORCE, requesting the names of task force members, their employing agencies, etc. By law, they have 3 days to answer that request, which means I should’ve gotten a response from the task force on October 15, 2009. I did not receive a response regarding that request until today October 19, 2009.

    And an odd response it was:

    Ms. —————-:

    My name is Rob McCorquodale and I work for the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office. I am following up with you regarding a public records request you made last week. My understanding is that Sheriff Edwards has already responded to your request via certified mail and that you should, by now, have that information.

    If you require something further from the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office, please feel free to let me know.


    Rob McCorquodale

    In-House Counsel

    Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office.

    Oddity #1:
    I did not contact CPSO and really don’t know what they have to do with this…I sent an email to MAIT.

    I did not request this info from RE…I requested it from MAIT

    He sent the info to me via certified mail…really?! Because I don’t remember providing anyone with my address. Am I being told RE assumes he knows my location? I have received nothing via certified mail at either residence that I own.

    This email was sent to my personal email address NOT to J4JD’s email address which I provided along with my FOIA request.

    Then, I ask why an attorney for an unrelated parish contacts me with this info???? You got me.

    Either way, the information I requested on behalf of J4JD has not been received by me or my administrator Michelle. The clock continues to tick…they’re 4 days late and counting!

    • If you do not recieve the information from the task force, you may get some help from C.R.E.W.

      Ms. Sloan deals in ethics in Washington, D.C. but I am pretty sure if you contact them they could give you more information on what steps you can take or who to contact locally.

      Google CREW and you can check out their website, the group deals with ethics and making sure everyone gets justice. (no one is above the law, even our congress critters) Not sure if this would work but its an option.

      Also found this too,, it would probably be more useful. I checked out my state and it has links on other watchdog groups in the state and how to contact them.

      Good Luck

  343. nikki i think you should do whats next an how did they get your personal email i think i smell something pretty fishy an sp im fine an you i just tried to chat with you but i dont know if you where getting my messages

  344. Nicki, Some people are playing GAMES with you.. They are letting you know they know where you live (reference to the cert. mail) they have your personal e mail (reference to not sending it to J4JD address) They have a lawyer replying to you (that you did not write to in the first place) AND they KNOW you didn’t receive a damn thing or they wouldn’t have written this in the first place. They did NOT comply with the LAW!! The law is for EVERYONE EVEN the LAW ENFORFORCEMENT officials who are supposedly SWORN to up hold it… The balls in your court, Nicki.. so’s the law…

    • nicki, obviously when the members of the

    • nicki- dont know what the heck just happened to my post but anyway, when the members of the taskforce rec’d your request, someone obviously ran to a corporate attny to checkout the legalities of your request, which either means they really didnt know you could request the info, or they wanted to find out how much trouble they could get into for not responding… the certified mail thing is probably just a stall tactic..

  345. sp wears ketchum

  346. wheres sorry

  347. baffled I don’t know where Ketchum is…

  348. What’s up tonite is everyone watching Dancing with the Stars? LOL

  349. i think nicki has info that will hurt them and they know it. they are trying to investigate her to get info to try and hurt her. that is how they all operate around here. i encourage her to keep her head up and not let them discourage her or anyone on here, cause they will do the same to anyone (if they think you know something). everyone needs to be sure and record coversations, and save any txt that are sent of significance, cause you never know when or if you will need them

    • Also, I find it a good idea to make those situations public. Make others that you trust aware of the situation. In my opinion, the more people who know what’s happening to you in a given situation, the safer you are. JMO!

  350. yes be open with everything b/c you are not doing anything wrong!

  351. So what will you do then Nicki if they do not answer your request. What will be your next step for you and your facebook group?

    • Unitedangel, I’m here and ITA with you. Wondering what since it’s not even on there. This blog is not a pissing contest with LE at least it does not get that way.

    • Well, trying to obtain that info for the purpose of extending an invitation to the task force to meet in a forum with the community was a group endeavor, so it the group’d place to decide if and how we proceed. There are a few other options open to us for obtaining that information should we decide, however, I feel that RE and the task force will likely give us the info we requested without those measures. We’ll continue to be patient being aware and grateful that this request is being honored but that it is not LE’s top priority, nor should it be.

  352. sp i just emailed you

  353. baffled Thanks… I mailed you back…

  354. hey did you ever give ketchum my email sp just wondering

  355. baffled I never had Ketchum’s e mail, she never e mailed me

  356. hey ahlou good to see that you are on.. where is everyone tonite. i know we had a slow day yesterday, just wondering

    • Can’t say for others but for me this blog has changed so much until I read and do not post. That is the short and long of it.

  357. im sorry to hear that b/c i always enjoy reading your input!:)

    • Believe me I enjoy you as well. Like I said this place has been very quiet in the past few weeks. Let’s see we’ve been here a year or so with loads of input and now…you think about it.

  358. So you’re the only ones not watching Dancing with the Stars???

    • yeah, i started watching at the beginnjing but my brother started coming over to watch monday nite football, and if i go into my bedroom to watch tv, he feels neglected so i stay in the livingroom on the computer. lol

  359. hey curvy, brownie, friends of the girls, red ranger, etc…. where are you?

    • I think most of them did not post whenever there was any LE bashing. I know I remember RR talking about it. You see that was not what this blog was about. Now I’m going to shut up…at least I think so.

  360. hi ahlou i read the poems they where beautiful thanks

  361. hi baffled im sorry i did not mean to leave you out.. i enjoy your input too!!

  362. k will go back tommorrow an find it goodnight all an god bless everyone

  363. goodnite baffled *+*+*+ <——–stardust lol

  364. well i stayed up to get the numbers and did not win so goodnite everyone

  365. thanks almost ill be back tomorrow im tired we had a long day today

  366. Ok well I read and got up to date… I think I better just go to bed since I am not an original of the blog… Yall have a good night!!!

  367. It’s not about new or old it’s about brainstorming, talking with each other, no one in charge and most of all not making LE think this blog is anti them. MD said it best ‘agree to disagree’. But not use this blog as a tool and not post the same on another blog.

  368. Darn my manners = good night.

  369. Yes that is so right it’s not about the new or old ones it’s about the interests in pulling together as a group and being positive towards all who enter here,wheither it’s LE or public,we are all here for the justice of the girls and to brainstorm in any and all areas to try to make sense of all information given and a place where the family and friends of the victims to come and see that we are not allowing these cases to go cold,we are ALL united here,ANYONE whom has ANY POSITIVE thinking upon the subject of the cases are welcome to post their input.I have kept up with this blog since the #1 Thread but didn’t start posting untill the past couple of months,I feel as though we are all family,and I know most of us will never know anyones identity,but that will never matter,the focus is not about us,it’s only to find justice for the girls.

  370. Goodnight everyone!

  371. Unbelievable, last post was 11:37 pm. Mark that a first. LOL. You guys were not very talkative last night huh? Usually it takes me a good 20 minutes to look everything through from the night before. Nicki, I don’t know how to say it, but you are stirring the pot, BIG TIME. LOL. You go girl! For them to call an attorney, they are doing some major thinking. What is so private about it? Just another question not answered that makes it ALL so strange. All this privacy mess reminds me of a lady I used to work for. She was always so private, no use to repeat details, but she eventually got FIRED. Keep it up Woman, because that community needs you.

  372. Nice write up in Lake Charles American Press. Dubois states it has been 4 years and 4 more murders and nothing has been done. He states, he thinks it is too much for local LE. He states, he understands that LE can’t tell them everything, but LE has not said anything.

  373. Someon eprovided a link to T. Chaisson’s Myspace. She has many pictures of her family on it. It is possible she recanted her story based on threats to her children.

    I, along with many here, feels she knows the whole story of every murder. This puts her in danger. Telling her story probably puts her family in danger.

    I am not sure she would be deemed credible anyway. I wish she would tell LE where the crime scene, or storage facility is. She could be considered credible long enough to get a seach warrant, allowing the crime scene techs to verify if the building(s) were involved.

    Does anyone that posts here know her well enough to ask where the building(s) used for some of the killings and storage are located?

    • People close to Tracee may have made a plea to her for this very thing Red…as recent as last week. She won’t budge and in my opinion, it hard for me to believe she could be in danger from herself! I believe it’s the others involved who are in danger if they speak against Tracee.JMO!

    • hey red do you know her link i was looking for it but i cant find it if u have it can u plz post it

    • Have we forgotten what happened when Mr. Jesse Ewing went and obtained a statement from the two girls in jail? Everything in any official capacity stopped like a switch was turned off. The SO and JPD immediately embarked upon a crusade to get Mr. Ewing. First, a woman was made to state that he had made sexual advances toward her. This was proven to be a false attack upon him for the purpose of simply discrediting him (and his evidence). Then, every official person from the dog catcher to the senate floor got on board to have him fired and discredited. Do we remember why this attack took priority over all law enforcement matters, including recent murders? It was because he attempted to bring the facts to light. He wanted to present the people and higher law enforcement with the information that had been successfully suppressed from the public. He apparently, like many today, didn’t realize that these cases are being purposely weighed down. There are VERY powerful people who do NOT want these cases solved – hello? Just like the threatened witnesses to the John Conner murder in Lake Arthur, some cases are simply meant to be unsolved, according to local officials. The many forgotten cases in and around our parish could tell the tale if the FBI truly was looking into this. This is why Warren Gary was allowed to buy a suspected crime scene, clean it out, give the money to a murder suspect (and a flight risk who evaporated), using our parish resources and equipment and the sheriff found nothing wrong with this at all. I don’t know that the officials themselves are not themselves being threatened to prevent the crimes from being solved but stranger things have happened. There have been so many screwy events in this parish for so many years, and we still seem to believe that law enforcement is trying to solve these murders. Well, it’s no secret how I feel. I hope I’m wrong but I honestly believe that we will never see these most recent eight murders solved till we get to the root of the problem. The root of the problem is the drug trade and murders that have been proliferating in this parish for generations and being operated by the same group. The drug machine remains in place while the names change but we have to look at the bigger picture to get to the cause of these murders. The scuttlebutt is that the first of these young women witnessed the abduction of Rat Trahan for murder. It was later learned that she had witnessed this and it was unclear who she had told, so, her entire circle of friends had to be taken out. I don’t like rumors but they sometimes hold truths. Numerous similar drug debt murders have been performed in the past without complications like this one but learning their criteria can lead to the solving of this spiderweb of events going back for many years and leading up to these most recent eight. In the mean time, I wouldn’t expect any returned calls from the task force, or police patrols through the well known drug neighborhoods.

      • ignite…… me, i’m not here cause I was bored or thought this would be a fun project. Little did I know…..when I first learned of young Brittney’s disappearance, what I was getting into. It has been an interesting and very enlightening journey!!! My curiosity only drives me deeper and deeper into this. The web is mighty tangled!!!!

        • g8, I feel for you. You have entered the depths of the dark and torrid entanglement of the JDP crime machine. It has flourished for generations and has produced a focus of wealth and position for some while perpetrating poverty, misery and death for others. All this while misinformed, gullible people ride around with “Jeff Davis Pride” bumper stickers on their cars, awaiting to elect more officials from the same defective gene pool that is the source of our betrayal and embarrassment. At one time, the corruption was somewhat hidden and only the most informed (and involved) were remotely aware of our miserable condition. In the last several years, an awakening began to occur, but only for a few. I cannot begin to stress enough (and I know I sound like a broken record) the importance on focusing on past events in order to arrive at the most recent. Past events were conducted with relative impunity and therefore were performed hastily with less caution. These old cases may be more easily solved than we realize, therefore, implicating “members” and participants in the same operations of today. The same operations go on but attrition and recruitment causes the players to change. There are threads that tie the incidents from the past with current incidents. If we continue to push for public awareness and media involvement, we will be able to demand federal involvement with a voice. Until then, unfortunately, the FBI has no interest in breaking up the playhouse or the network of crime. Only a loud public outcry can get results. Appeals to the media have been pretty successful. Now, while the iron is hot and malleable, we need to appeal to our congressional and senatorial representatives and demand TRUE FBI involvement instead of the pacifying show of incompetence that we’ve been provided. God bless your efforts. We trust that you continue successfully in your quest.

          • ignite- im just now catching up on my reading b/c my workload has been pretty heavy, but i do want to say that i really enjoy reading each and every one of your posts.. you words are so well spoken, and just when the topics happen to swerve alittle off course, you come on and remind us of the cold hard facts. thanks for giving us the reality check that we so dearly need.. your thoughts are so greatly appreciated. keep on keepin on!!!!

  374. Oh, I posted this on J4JD’s page, but it also reminded me of you guys here on the blog…thought I’d share.

    Justice is conscience, not a personal conscience but the conscience of the whole of humanity. Those who clearly recognize the voice of their own conscience usually recognize also the voice of justice.
    –Alexander Solzhenitsyn

  375. Nicki…………………..I live in Lake Charles and I know who Rob is–he is a good guy. I was thinking that you could contact him by phone personally, explain the situation and see what he says.

    I am sure that there is a “protect LE” type of attitude going on here and I understand that but if what you say is true then the FOIA rules/standards were not followed.

    It is not unreasonable to ask who makes up the task force. I am anxious to hear what you thing of all this. It certainly is odd.
    Tony Mancuso is a good guy and frankly I feel you would get more out of dealing with the CPSO than JDSO—–there are too many angry feelings locally….

    Tell me what you think….

  376. Hey Nicki, Tracee, at one time, had a propensity to speak with LE about these crimes. It was not “Herself ” that made her fearful enough to recant her story.

    Her appraoaching LE proves that, no matter how hardened her exterior is, there is a soul somewhere inside of her, attached to a conscience.

    Would the burden of probable cause be satisfied if person A told person B where the crime scene(s) are if person B went to LE and the information was brought before a judge. Would person B be compelled to testify as to the identity of person A in order to procure, and serve, a search warrant?

    • That’s out of my scope of knowledge for sure, Red. As it’s been explained to me, Person B wouldn’t need to testify if LE found the crime scene and could confirm it with physical evidence. However, if we talking about Person A sharing events take took place during a crime, then Person B would likely be of no help as that would probably be considered hearsay.
      I was told that a respected individual in this case would, in fact, go to LE on behalf of anyone willing to talk. That person would tell LE that a witness wanted to talk but would not do so without immunity or a slap on the wrist. If LE agreed then they’d have a deal for that informant, personally, to come forward with that info. If LE refused, that informant could recant without revealing their identity.
      When I said what I said about Tracee, it’s based on information uncovered regarding those past statements and statements made by some in close relation to her. I cannot verify that as fact, by any means, but it does coincide with my gut feeling regarding Tracee.

  377. I think you’re absolutely right, darkstar. I’m not angry over this in the least. I am actually glad that they had someone respond and I didn’t expect that they would bow down immediately to our request, nor should they. What concerns me is despite the community’s repeated pleas for local LE to establish and maintain an effective and clear means of communication with the public, they seem to still be disregarding this and are still “all over the place” with disorganization. My request for this info was sent to MAIT via the task force website. I clearly stated the information I was requesting as well as providing them with the proper contact method in exchanging info with J4JD. If this was not their proceedure, an email should have been sent to J4JD’s email from Rob, in which he explained who he was in relation to the case/task force, and detailing their protocol for transfer of information. I should have also been asked what physical address could be used for mailing that info.
    Originally, I sent requests to each agency RE stated was participating with the task force. Chief Mancuso was one of those I sent an email to, but I never received a response from him or anyone with his office. After hitting dead ends with the agencies, I took my request directly to the task force.
    My only concern (and it’s a BIGGIE) is the fumbling way information is communicated to the public as the result of one very simple request. One can only assume if the current method of communication is so greatly flawed then how do they communicate vital case information to and between each other?

  378. Hello!!!! Anybody home?

  379. I think it would be helpful to members of this blog to read the following book:

    In search of Derrick Todd Lee; the internet social movement that made a difference.
    by Weeber, Stan.
    Univ. Press of America – 2007 – 121 pages

    The Internet group that came together during the Baton Rouge serial killings really did make a difference in forcing the chief to come out of his shell and talk to the public. Oddly, the day that the group held a meeting about the murders DTL was identified.

  380. Hey 7-up, the Chief, Englade had such horrible PR during the investigation that he ended up running away with his tail between his legs at the end. He had a horrible, angry, contemptable little woman holding press conferences where she would tell nothing and spew venom back and forth with the media. It did not pay off.
    Orange County Sheriff’s dept in Orlando was succesful in media relations and updating the public during the Casey Anthony saga. They were quick to say they would not give out information that may damage the investigation but did not treat the public like a bunch of mindless twits. They were respectfull and gave out information as they were able. They did not act as if the public’s fears, concerns and questions were a nuisance.

    The FBI could help with the PR aspect in JDP if asked. They have a wealth of practical knowledge on what to do, say, and not say in the regular briefings that they suggest that LE holds. These briefings can also be used as an investigative tool, per Chief Moose in the Beltway Sniper case.

    I think RE should stand up weekly and say something. Even if it is just to say, “I cannot tell you specifics but feel that progress is being made”. In a town the size of Jennings it also means a lot and spreads like wildfire to have a detective or chaplain speak to the victim’s families on a regular basis. If a family member calls ten times and is ignored, that spreads like wildfire too.

    Thanks to the good, hardworking men and women of LE who have missed a lot of dinners and family events in an effort to bring this to an end.

  381. Red Ranger:

    I totally agree with what you wrote. Yes, the PR lady for Baton Rouge PD was a mess, although I must say that someone from the FBI was often standing right behind her.

    Another thing that kick started things in Baton Rouge was when crime author Patricia Cornwell became friends with one of the victim’s mother and made a visit to Baton Rouge. Cornwell was then later interviewed on, I think, 20/20 about the killings.

  382. Hi all. I have been reading the blog for a while now and I’ve really been wanting to get involved. You all seem to be so smart. Some people’s motives and comments I still don’t understand. To unitedangel: do you have something against Nickie cause she seems to be working very hard to get justice here at home and she is putting herself out there. I love serial psychics humor and the way she cares about everyone. Red Ranger and darkstar really impress me.

    • Thank you and welcome to the board!

      People have really good ideas on here and every little thing helps. I love how the locals give us updates… shows patterns and we all know that people usually stick to those things…..

  383. hello everyone

  384. Just a point of interest on Derrick Todd Lee.

    I think that he is responsible for other murders just like our killer(s) here.

    One in particular in Lake Charles is a possibility … is an unsolved murder from yrs. ago. I think her name was Rose, maybe “Born” or something like that was the last name.

    She owned and operated a donut shop on W. 18th street. She was raped and murdered and her case remains unsolved. No signs of forced entry…..she would start work at 2 and 3 am in the morning.

    Her truck was found abandoned on the other side of town off of Hwy. 14 by the old bowling place…same vicinity.

    Here is what got me…..Derek lived in Lake Charles for about 8-9 months. I was able to find his address and you guessed it……..same neighborhood the truck was abandoned. He did not live here at the time of her murder but he was known to frequent familiar spots and stalk pretty women and she was pretty. I don’t know if DNA was recovered or much more than that…….

    The most interesting part is this…….my friend asked a city cop about this case. He was shocked that she even was aware of it–she explained how she and I were so bothered by it and said well……..the rumor is that she may have been–an informant!

    Sound familiar!!

    • It does sound familiar, adn it is very common to suspect that move killings may have been committed by this (these) perp(s). This is something that is asked to that person upon arrest, and that agents also have questions about.

  385. Mike….that article in the American Press today was perfect.

    You showed the personal side of Whitnei and had reasonable requests of LE. You were not overly critical of them and the part about Whitnei’s little girl leaving notes and angels at her grave would soften many hardened hearts.

    Not only does this exposure re-focus attention and provide possible tips….but it forces people to “know” our victims. When the public views them on a more personal level, only good can come of it.

    I know you don’t need accolades but I just wanted to say what a great job it was……I bet she would be proud of you and Brittney!

    Crossing my fingers ……

  386. I am watching channel 10 news out of Lafayette and the broadcaster said that calls to the FBI regarding this case are NOT being returned. So, even as the case is receiving more interest from the public no one answers the questions. Whats up with that?

  387. they work for themselves now instead of the public i guess

  388. Whatever happened to accountability?
    Where are OUR checks and balances within our goverment?
    And people wonder why public officials take so much heat from the public.
    Doesn’t most offices have PR people? Where are JDPSO PR people?

  389. does anyone know when the story that channel 7 did with mike will air. i was told tracee talk to the them also i am nosy

  390. i think that airs on the 28th

    • ok thank u how do we find out if tracee did talk to them or not

      • Tracee did not talk to them…yet anyway. They are trying to find out how to contact her.


  391. There is no accountability in a GOOD OLE BOYS town!

    They must be voted out.

  392. The KPLC one hour special will air on the 28th. I have it listed, along with the Geraldo coverage, on the top right-hand side of the page under “Scheduled Events”. Please be sure to keep your eyes on that section. I will do my best to keep it as up-to-date as possible.

    Also, as hard as it is to believe, a year has almost passed since the disappearance of Brittney Gary. It will be one year ago on November 2nd :(. I have added some new photos of her on her blog page and I have to tell you…….it was difficult to do through the tears. What a beautiful, beautiful child she was. The one of her holding the box with the doll in it just blew me away. She loved baby dolls. Thank you so much to the one that provided those pictures!!!

    • those pics of brittney are precious i remember seeing her when she was a little girl visiting her grandmother who lived across the street from me.. its so hard to think about what has happened to her. very sad 😦

    • what a beautiful girl! We never want to forget that these girls were daughters, sisters, mothers and friends. God Bless them.

    • I’m in Awww. Pretty baby girl! Tears from the heart to her family!

  393. Oh how sad, Ilike the one with the troll. Darn, darn,darn. Hope the family know we are with them come what may and no matter what. Thanks G8.

  394. Thanks g8, as we have to remember people who have gone before us. It is a requirement in life that we acknowledge. Hard and painful but real lest others forget. We can’t forget about our own loved ones or others who feel the pain and loss too.

    We have to keep the community atmosphere as a common ground as we are all community. We have to share in justice and commonality. If we don’t than we leave it up to the powers that be and they may not be God. They may think they are but it won’t work. Pay attention, do what you can and speak up always.

  395. I get so emotional when I come here. I get mad, sad, determined, pissed off, then it all starts over again. I want to come here and know that there will be no others!

    • Me too. I can’t imagine why someone felt the need to kill that child. I don’t understand murder period but, to kill a kid?

  396. I think whoever killed Muggy killed Brittney too. They were worried Muggy may have “told” Brittney something. As soon as Brittney hit town they killed her. Seems like, in the scheme of things, the person would have gone for Theresa instead of Brittney.

    In my mind…..what would a kid have known that could have been detrimental enough that she would need to be silenced?

    Was someone anticipating their return? Someone noticed quickly they were back in town? The need was that strong that someone in that family needed to be quieted that quickly?????? Wonder why? The perp couldn’t have waited a few weeks?

    • I’ve wondered also if someone was waiting on them to return to Jennings. What information could this child have that was so important ? That she had to be killed.
      My brother was friends of Brittanys parents years ago , in the early 90’s. I can remember my brother saying something about the Gary’s having family in law enforcement (like an uncle maybe) so they weren’t worried about law enforcement with the drugs.He had connections so he didn’t have to worry about getting busted.
      I had been thinking of this so thought I would share it.

  397. RE is quiet…….like he’s basically always been with the rash of unsolved murders in his town….kinda like the DA and Mayor. If Brittney hadn’t gone missing and found murdered… you think most of us would have heard about what’s been going on in JDP?

    We don’t hear peep from the DA or Mayor. Ricky, why your buds aren’t helping you shoulder some of this?

    RE is quiet for one of two reasons……..they have the killer in the cross-hairs or……..they have NOTHING. I doubt seriously there’s an in between. If there was an “in between”…..they would have already stopped this killer. This killer has the upper-hand.

    By the way…..does anyone know if there’s any truth to the story about the plumbing backing up and ruining evidence? Makes me wonder about the conditions at that jail. So said, the cameras that should be working ALL THE TIME, haven’t worked in the past when LE could have damned sure used the evidence.

    • G8, although I have confirmed the truthfulness of the importance of the evidence in convicting a murderer, a member of the media recently questioned RE about this and his story was a bit different. While RE did admit that the sewage backed up destroying DNA evidence, he states that the evidence destroyed wasn’t key evidence in getting a conviction, which confuses me a bit. I have noticed a trend across the nation where DNA evidence linking a suspect directly to the death of a victim (the kind of irrefutable evidence that could not have been left behind by anyone but the killer) has been THE key in convicting that person. I don’t know, perhaps, evidence standards in Jefferson Davis Parish are much higher and more complex than the rest of the planet. Perhaps this parish requires God himself to testify in order to convict….I’m just sayin.

    • Cameras working in the courthouse and jail!?!?!?!?! Are these the same cameras that conveniently never seem to be functioning every time an inmate is raped, beaten or questioned? The cameras that somehow missed the prostitution operation i the jail? The same cameras that remarkably were not functioning while there was a cocaine and alcohol smuggling operation in the jail? Oh, maybe we don’t remember that or some of the bloggers today weren’t involved at that time. We just reviewed some copied files from an old local web site and compared info from the newspaper: Several years ago, R. Edwards, in the Jennings Daily News denied that there was cocaine found in the jail and denied that inmates had been selling soap flakes as cocaine (like these inmates don’t know the difference). A witness came forward to the newspaper and stated that he/she personally witnessed the cocaine test resulting in a positive reading at the jail. Edwards had to come back to the newspaper and reverse his original lie, publically. He didn’t want to the public to know that there was cocaine smuggling successfully operating in our jail. later, a deputy was quietly fired for selling “contraband” to inmates but only after it was revealed that the public was becoming aware. He was NEVER PROSECUTED OR EVEN CHARGED. Cameras in the jail? Yea, right!!!

  398. If what Nicki Soileau says is true and she can’t seem to get a straight answer as to who is on this very multi-faceted task force then I’d like to know the answer to that as well. Why is this a big secret?

    I’m pretty sure the perp knows LE is gunning for them. I doubt knowing exactly who it is that makes up the TF and MAIT is going to change much with the killer. Whoever it is isn’t scared of y’all. They just demonstrated that recently. The body dump on I10 was a bold, in your face move.

    Personally, I’m interested in the experience level of the “extras” that have been added in the MAIT mix. Do we have some “major players” on the team now?

    RR was right when he mentioned the DC sniper case and another high profile case as well. LE didn’t shy away from the media. They didn’t “blow” the cases but they did keep the public informed. This arrogance about keeping the public in the dark is what chaps my ass. There are major cases going on across this country constantly and LE utilizes the public. What comes to mind immediately was the recent “craigslist” killer. LE had that info front and center to any media that cared to jump on it.

    • G8 – a few weeks ago a group from work went to eat at Frey’s… there were about 12 of us so they put us at a long table towards the front of the restaurant… just so happened another long table (double ours) was set up already next to where we were… I believe that it was the task force… RE was there as well as atleast five others that had on FBI shirts… ofcourse our table was trying to be nosey and listen to what they were talking about…. but nothing was said! I could bet that they were the task force… There were a few local police officers in uniform and out of uniform and also Sheriffs in uniform. There were not many women I would say 3 or 5 that were with them. They also had two males that had polo t-shirts that had detective “something”
      on them. I didn’t recognize if the DA was there but they did have some people from his office and some from various other offices in the court house.

      Just thought y’all might like to know… They all ate really well… steaks and fried seafood platters etc.

  399. 😀 this kinda reminds me of the earlier days when I mostly just rambled here to myself.

  400. Hey G8, I am trying to figure a way to electronicly send you a tube of Chapstick to apply to the affected area. 😉

    Let’s hope they figure a way today to have the evidence needed to prosecute these people so they can go ahead and arrest them.

  401. So, hey you all……would you mind if I post some of the things going through my mind about waht the FBI did to me while going through my brothers arrest and how the DA kept things off the record to get the rulings she wanted… is about my experience…threats, lies, and mistruths. Just don’t want to offend nobody, but I do think you all relate because it is about mistrust of LE

    • If it is no threat to you, I would love to hear it.

      • I had this wrote earlier, just been waiting for my emotions to calm before posting……..let me know if you have questions….here is tidbit…of my ills…

        For a few of you all that know the information I am currently processing in my current life, I want you all to know some of my thoughts that won’t stop……..I seem to be going over four years of events in my mind, and it won’t stop. Court events, the things that affected me personally that I think you all are having problems with, for example….when FBI Agent Safarik (profiler) came to town, asked to talk to me, and told me that they were going to use me to gain information from my brother concerning murder….I refused. Did not want my family to go through what that type event would put me through.(I had reported last crime to 911- been thre before- this was murder, and death penalty case) This agent proceeded to Blatantly Threaten me if I would not help them, he said to my face, “this has not even began to include you, your husband, his employer, etc.” This agents name was never presented as evidence, his name was withheld from the defense until all rulings concerning this event was made, and I had to go insist to get the name. The local detective that witnessed all this did not even have his name on the record, and it was never brought up in court, I had to call Quantico personally to get his name.

        Sorry, that is wrong. Then, more FBI profilers persisted no matter how much I told them and asked them to their job without me. This was into the next day. When I refused their way, asking for a more honest way of assisting them…..they still did not get the TRUTH into the record.
        The personal business cards they returned and left at my house, “thanking me for my assistance,” still was not admitted into evidence. Yet, a ruling was made that they did not use me……..and the ADA also told the Judge “they would never know what I said about a certain event.” All the while she was holding a cassette tape in my words by me previously given to her from another parish sheriff office of the exact same event. Same Judge, same ruling. ‘They did not use me,’ he ruled. In my mind I was very much being used. I was not allowed to testify about the event.

        My scruples tell me this was unethical and wrong, yet this case will have no review and my brother will die.

        I say, if you are going to give the death penalty, then go by the law when doing it and forget swearing in witnesses to tell the ‘whole truth’ because by doing so, you have just sworn them into a lie. The whole truth never comes out.

        • I felt this was examples of how mistrust develops between LE and citizens/witnesses. I have no more respect for the judicial sytem. It is pretty messed up when the LE goes all the way around the law to get convictions. They too should have to abide by the law and answer to someone if they don’t. Because they involved me in no uncertain terms, they should have included me in testimony, rather they only presented the witnesses that got them what they wanted and left out most of what actually happened.

          I hope you all prepare yourselves for a roller coaster ride when the perp is brought to court. It ain’t what you think it is.

          LE will state many things in court that you disagree with, some may be very personal to particular individuals, and you can’t say anything about it. That is why I feel you should speak out to the media and let the truth be known.

  402. I got a little something you all my laugh at too………..while posting on topix……last week, I put my name down as……Is there a serial killer in Jennings, which was too long, so I deleted a few words until it accepted the name. Looking back later….I realize I had left it with the name…..”serial killer in Jennings”


  403. makes me wonder if I got LE all over my A** trying to figure me out!!!!! If so, they will get their ears full right now…….

    • Observer, if they are upset and all over you, that’s a good sign. I quote: “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty.” – Thomas Jefferson. I believe RE and the other clowns in LE truly do fear our knowledge and resolve. We either have the most incompetent bunch in the history of LE or they are purposely neglecting their duties. I believe the former AND the latter.

  404. hello everyone g8 i emailed you last night dont know if you got it

  405. “He admitted that he knew several of the girls. ”

    Good maybe he can help. Things always gets good in the late evening and early early morning hours.

    Glad you back Shelia’s Daughter.

  406. Ketchum it is very likely that Kristen was @ the yellow house on Nezpique and Craig. i live in that area and would see her there all the time. used to stop and give her cigs.

  407. Hey guys. Finally back online. You’ll be hearing a lot more from me. I am taking the time to read all that I have missed, so that i can comment on what I feel that I need to. Christi32 what if what happened was she was supposed to bust one group, got high, went to the wrong location, and ran into LE and found out things she wasn’t supposed to? I myself have heard that van was a biggg supplier at that time. G8 my mom did not have surgery the a.m. that she died. She did have a skin graft but she had blood beginning to remain at the stem of her brain and the vessel busted. A family friend and 1 of her friends/co-informants told me that she was an informant. a lil info on Loretta from some1 in her family, she was not beaten and her throat was not cut. Very Concerned it was not LE that found my mother. It was an elderly man that lived by where she was found. southrnbell asked what we thought of kikrk. i have known him for years. a disturbing fact is he was one of Semmes main backers when he ran for office. G8 someone that works for a family member is being pulled in from work and questioned today about Necole. He admitted that he knew several of the girls. There is supposed to be a video of the two of them together. as soon as find out for sure which i should within hours of his return i will post again. The video is the day she was abducted. And it was from behind tina’s lounge. (Andrew st)

    • Hey Sheia’s daughter, I am glad to hear you are doing well. You sound like you have been busy catching up…it’s a chore sometimes when you get far behind 🙂

      And Brittany, I am glad your dad was able to join you all at the vigil. That’s great!

    • Glad you’re back online and thanks for all the info and updates. Do you know if it’s just the two of them in the video or if there were others with them as well? Wonder if it was video from a private citizen or came from one of the companies right by Tina’s. I noticed there’s an Electrical Company behind Tina’s and an auto repair looking place on the other side. Either way…..I’m glad LE has the video…’s helping them narrow down a time line on her.

      • From what I can understand, they have various cameras set up around town. I’m not sure if it was from a business or not. When we get a lil more daylight, I’ll call and see if this man was able to make it in from work yesterday or not. I don’t want to post his name for the sake of it being more smoke, but as soon as I hear more…

      • g8, once again, I’m the pessimist regarding that video. I also hope it leads to a resolution. However, I’m very guarded in saying that “I’m glad LE has the video.” They have had tons of evidence handed to them, countless phone calls offering evidence, an officer who obtained audio recorded statements and notes from neighbors regarding coming and goings from a suspect house. LE has failed to accept evidence offered by citizens, has refused to return calls, has made every attempt to ruin anyone who pursues the raw truth in these cases, has refused to pick up written evidence of visitors and activities at a suspect house, etc. I really don’t think that the video being in the hands of out LE will help anything. It makes me think of the old saying about throwing pearls before swine. It serves no purpose to those who refuse or are unqualified to know how to use it. When people have handed evidence to local police and the SO, only to have it refused, it makes many lose all confidence in them. When the most incompetent, most corrupted deviants in the area are assigned to be part of the task force and are allowed to break laws without consequence (Deputy P. Guillory, Lucky LeDouche, Ramby Cormier, etc.), it tells me that these cases are destined to be buried and that there is something in the facts of these cases that is detrimental to someone in power. We could hand LE a signed confession and if it implicates someone in power, the confession would be refused and/or somehow found (or made) to be inadmissible.

        • U r so right about it all. the only thing we can do is hope and pray they start listing to what the people r saying and follow threw with what is given to them everything helps out no matter what it is. u never know it might be the smallest thing that will lead to a arrest.

        • EVERYBODY knows all this that is going on. Don’t say “people are afraid to come forward, because they don’t trust LE” in a calm voice, in a sympathetic voice, etc… Say it LOUD, say it MEANINGFULY, say it with BIG EYES, say it with your EYE BROWS LIFTED, etc.. Maybe, I’m the crazy one. I just think we are not expressing ourselves really enough. Just my opinion. To hell with the nice person anymore. You don’t have to go on cursing up a storm, but the nice approach is just not getting through. WHY can’t this be said in a different perspective in the news? Do any of you see what it is I’m trying to explain? I hope Geraldo states something like this. Because to me that is what it will take for something to be done. I just feel we are not roudy enough for Edwards. We need to get in there and shake some cellulite off his ass. Pordin my french, but like everybody is saying Enough is Enough.

          Nicki, who is all on the task force? Can you tell us? If not why?

    • I asked a friend of your mom’s if she ever told him who beat her. She never did. I know he went to see her at the hospital. I think she was too scared to tell him. He did say it was more then likely law enforcement’s doings (not that they did it, that they had someone do it). I remember that little purple Tracker she drove with the butterfly (?) sticker on it. We weren’t close. My friend and her were. We’d go to the white house on craig st. I do consider her a friend just not a close one. Same thing with Loretta. I’m a friend of cousins. I remember when Theresa and family moved to Jefferson St. I hope they find the killer(s) soon. No one deserved to die so young. I didn’t know the other girls, but I’m sure they were sweet in their own ways. Sorry for rambling.

    • You reminded me of a couple of post I can’t get out of my mind.

      1. Kirk Menard, on March 28th, 2009 at 4:59 PM Said:
      cp-The alleged prostitutes are being questioned but they are not speaking to LE. They are scared, some have left town or the state. Many people have been questioned but still does not change the fact that they are not talking. One observer alleged that he witnessed who picked up Brittany Gary but when LE showed up to question him, he recanted and says he didn’t see anything. When he was later questioned by someone else, he stated he’s scared to tell anyone what he observed.
      People who have solicited alleged prostitutes as well will not talk. For one, nobody wants to go on record and admit that they’ve solicited sex from anyone and for two, many of these men are married so they certainly will not speak to LE. It’s not a problem of locating observers, its getting someone to talk.


      The day Brittany Gary went missing Kirk left with another investigator and his son and headed towards Lake Charles and he and the other investigator went speak to, who is now a Jennings Narcotics agent before heading to Lake Charles. The time was 5:05pm that Sunday and that is known because Kirk logged it down because they were doing a preliminary on a case in Lake Charles. They had just left the area where Brittany Gary disappeared from and he felt guilty that he left town and believes that if he and the other investigator had stayed around perhaps they would have been able to prevent her disappearance and hopefully her death. So now is more personal than anything else. I’m not at liberty to state the narcotics agents name that Kirk spoke to before he headed to Lake Charles but his initials are DS. From what I’ve read, Brittany Gary disappeared at approximately 5:35pm.

      Don’t know why but something strikes me of those post for a long time now.

    • Glad you’re back Shelia’s Daughter. Yes, Mr. Menard is probably one among several people who backed Semmes for sheriff. Actually, there were several meetings regarding the “choice” that people had at the time. Many people have heard horror stories about Semmes’ antics over the years and many of these stories are, no doubt, true. We have to remember one thing. Semmes had lost much of his momentum and we know what he is. Edwards has proven to us exactly what he is also but he’s too smart to be implicated directly. Edwards is at the peak of his power momentum and is able to do much much harm to our area. He’s proven to be pretty good at it too. Semmes (sorry if you’re reading this) was seen as the lesser of evils by many people. I can’t speak for Mr. Menard but lots of Semmes supporters were his supporters simply to get Edwards out of office till an honest, truly anti-drug sheriff could be elected. We have had enough drug corruption. We don’t need any make-believes in office. We need a sheriff who will not be intimidated and who will actually work to stop the drug epidemic and not contribute to it, either willingly or through incompetence.

    • Sheilas daughter, being a former drug addict myself, that sounds like exactly what did happen, and it makes me sick that they got away with this! I have had similar experiences with le regarding a case that does not involve murder, but the rape of my 5 yr old daughter 11 years ago, and a lot of lies and and questions that still point to malfeasance in office,corruption,and le sitting on their ass doing nothing about it, so while i can say that our situations are very different, our frustrations, sadness and pain are probably much of the same. Know that you are in my prayers and that your heart can find some peace. God Bless You!!!!!!!

    • Hi Shelia’s daughter thanks for answering about who found your mom. Glad to see you back on.

  408. Yes, I sent a text in the service to my dad who showed up late. I saw him sitting on the other side of the room and I couldnt get his attention so I sent him a text to let him know where we were sitting so that he could join us. Shortly after, he joined my sister and I in the front.

  409. Thanks. I’ve been on for hours and you’re the first I’ve heard from. I was reading from 35. WOW! Everyone was bickering soooo much. They must have lost sight for the purpose of this blog…

  410. Hey Brittany. Just a little confused, are you talking about the vigil or something else?

  411. IGNITE- the corner that preformed for mom is no longer there. He has retired. The corner’s off. wouldn’t release the autopsy to me either. The woman that I spoke to said I would have to get the D.A. to release it. At the same time if I have them release it, will it mess up in her case? Just food for thought. They released some of her property and that may be harmful to her case. They weren’t supposed to do it. It was the D.A. that allowed that to happen because for several weeks I harassed him about it. I was careful not to take her clothes and shoes, they may have DNA on them, I also read the paper that I signed stating what I took. That was almost 10 years ago. I hope it didn’t jepordize anything.. Also i would definitely like to disagree with you about weed and crack being anywhere close to the same. When I was younger, I smoked weed. I NEVER SMOKED CRACK!!!

    • Sheila’s Daughter, read my post again. Most of us know the difference between weed and crack. I believe that this post was in response to a blogger about a person that had lived with and had a child with a woman who was well known to have a crack problem. She wound up being murdered in a drug related incident. Someone wrote in saying that the woman’s former live-in was a weed smoker and not a crack smoker, therefore, it wasn’t possible that he was involved with any crack smoking people. My post was intended to point out that we can’t split hairs regarding what type of illegal substance a person uses with regard to the likelihood of the person being involved in one type of crime or another. I have my own feelings about marijuana and believe that it should never have been categorized with serious drugs. The fact remains that it is illegal in every developed nation in the world for a reason. No nation wants a citizenry to come to work stoned. It doesn’t make for a productive nation. The statement I made wasn’t meant to sound decisive between one substance and another, it was meant to point out exactly the opposite to a particular blogger, that once a person takes part in an illegal practice, he/she is a criminal – period. Weed, crack, murder, they’re all illegal, although Ricky Edwards claims that serial killing isn’t a crime but murder is ………………….. I’m still trying to figure that one out. I am aware of the retirement of the person in Calcasieu Parish. The Forensic Pathologist is sometimes called The Coroner, just for the sake of simplicity. I truly hope that your mother’s case is reexamined. I believe that hers is one of those cases that may lead us to the core of the most recent eight murders. It should at least point out the exact types (and possible individuals) who are to blame for the drug related crime in our area.

  412. Shelia’s daughter It’s so good to see you posting. I’m happy to know that you are o.k. I can’t tell you how many times you have been in my thoughts. It is very hard to get an internet connection today. We are having a snow storm that keeps knocking out the connection. I will post as I can…

    • SERIALPSYCHIC, I am originally form Maine, just wondering if your any where near there an if so how bad the weather is?

  413. hi sp an an sheilas daughter love you baby glad you here

  414. Just wanted to say “Hi” to everyone. I have been very sick since last Thursday night with a bronchitis/Sinus infection type thing. It got worse over the weekend. The antibiotics I’m taking are finally starting to kick in. It was the pits to be sick with such gorgeous weather and now I’m starting to feel better the rain is coming back. That figures! Lol Sarah, so glad your prayer vigil had such a nice turnout and the weather was so nice for it. We had planned to go but I was too sick to even get out of bed Saturday. I read the forum from bed. I’ve been reading back today to see what has been happening. Again, just wanna let u guys know I’ve been thinking of ya’ll. Hope all is well with all of you. Later folks…

  415. hey g8- love the autumn applet!! goodnite every1!

  416. g8rgirl, I know your very busy, but when you find time could you email me, I need to talk to you about something very important. I am hoping you still have my email. Thank you.

  417. Good morning all! More rain…hmmmm

    • a day to stay in bed and wish that someone would do every thing for u and bring food to u in bed. o what a dream lol

  418. Christi32 Hi there! I live in Colorado right now. It has been snowing, but today is beautiful and sunny. Looking forward to your posts!!

  419. well i have not been around jennings in 5 years but i guess the serial killing is still running loose. So what it the people of Jennings going to do about it. This has gone to far and and our children are at risk when they go out at night.

    • Hi Arnold and welcome to the blog. Yep……..the murders continue and the list gets longer!!! Not only do we have the 8 girls dead there are numerous other suspicious deaths and murders that continue to linger over JDP. And, it seems other people are beginning to question the details and circumstances in the deaths of their friends and loved ones and wonder if there may not be more to it than originally thought.

      SilenceDogood spoke of an incident that took place during a Sheriff’s election after-party several years ago……..are you able to expound on that a bit for us??

      “Suspicion solves crimes……not taking a positive attitude”.
      ~ SuziQ (Websleuths) ~

  420. Are u the same arnold Benoit that ran for sheriff?

  421. Brownie YES! Enough is enough!! Let’s scream loud and scream long. My emails to the Governor and the fine Senator have got me exactly ZIP!!! If I would have written to them about some alligator being mistreated, they would have responded IMMEDIATELY… When I beg them to come forward and help get these murders solved …no reply… well I’m mad as hell… These are people we’re talking about here!! I am really stategizing as to what the next step will be for me to do BUT I’m ready to take off the gloves and prepare for battle and it ain’t gonna be pretty…Any body with me??? By the way have you noticed after the prayer vigil the posts dropped dramatically??

  422. goodmorning

  423. Michael Dubois You are my HERO!! You are a fine man and brother. I want you to know that everyone on this blog is thrilled that you will FINALLY be able to have your say with Geraldo. He can really sink his teeth into an issue and follow up. WE support you in all of your efforts. We feel pain and anger at these horrific murders. We can only imagine what you and the other families feel. If there is ever anything I can personally do to help you (research, letter writing, etc. ) please contact me I won’t stop until these( I think more than 1 killer) are brought to justice!!! We will all be watching you on Geraldo, go give ’em hell !!!

    • I’m sorry, I feel that Governor Bobby Jindal will not do anything unless it is known through out the nation with major attention! When I say major attention, I mean talking about it for a about three consistant days, not just one night. Don’t get me wrong, what is happening is GREAT progress. But since we have the ball in our court, I really think Michael and the community needs to express, actually DEMAND for someone to come in and take over or whatever….Not asking for a person to be arrested now, just get other people in, people who they CAN trust, people who Will Not watch their every move, people who Will Not threaten them, etc…

      To Michael, Brittany, G8, Nicki, LE (who is actually participating), and everybody else who is helping…You guys are doing a great job. Thanks!

  424. Yes i ran for sheriff of Jeff Davis Parish and tried to make a change for the people of the parish but the people did not see that. At my party i was sitting talking to people at the party when 2 black men walked in and served them selfs and then sat across from me. They stated that Ricky could not be beat. They also said that Ricky does what ever we tell him to do. The older one said that he could come into this town and he could kill my whole family and no one would question it. Then the younger one told me that if i wanted to be sheriff that i had to get with the program. When they finish eating they stood up and said let us know what you plans are then maybe you could beat Ricky.

    • THIS is what needs to be said on Geraldo!!!!!!!!

      Don’t you guys think! Speak, Speak while you can. The big ball is in your court

    • What election year was that?

      “Suspicion solves crimes……not taking a positive attitude”.
      ~ SuziQ (Websleuths) ~

  425. Arnold Benoit On the nite of that party someone said that people followed the two black men to their car and wrote down the license number. Who’s license number was it? Did you ever find out the identies of the two men? This has come up on our blog before and we have all wondered about it.

    • this may be a dumb question, but why was nothing done or reported about this when it happened? Maybe it was reported about threats to you and your family and i just missed something???

      • No it isn’t, because I was wondering the samething. No offense to Mr. Benoit, but it actually happened to him. Hey, now it is out, let’s take advantage of it now.

  426. I stay at the table because i was shock of what i had just heard. I do know that there were people outside and asked who was in the black SUV. I do not know if the license number was wrote down but they wore alot of gold and were dress in black suits and as of today i still do not know who they were

    • Did they have any type of tatoos? Any type of same clothing other than just black clothes, I mean, something with a sign or something?

    • Arnold, I know the names of these black men. Would you be willing to help to get some background on them if I give them to you? If so, please contact g8trgrl, she will know how to reach me.

  427. Arnold Benoit Thank you for answering that question. We have heard that story and we also wondered if anyone noticed something about the SUV? Any decals? When they were eating and making small talk what did they say?Usually when someone’s eating they let their guard down a little.

  428. I stay at the table because i was shock at what was just said and could not beleive it . I do remember one lady started crying as they exited the building. I do know that there were people outside because i was asked who was in the SUV. And the way who is going to do something they had just told me that ricky does what he is told. What people don’t understand is that ricky has all the big people behind him the bankers, lawyers and buisness men and that most of them would be in jail if it was not for ricky

    • Boy I’d would like to see them all go down for all the things that have been happening in JDP. The bankers,lawyers,buisness men and all others that are behind Ricky Edwards including the 2 from Texas and who ever they are working for. Would enjoy watching it all tumble down on them. Makes me sick to think about what is not being done and whose being protected.
      ENOUGH already !!!!
      All puppet masters need to go !!!!!! Lord help us !!

  429. well it was nice to talk to all i am 8000 miles away in Iraq and i hope for all the people in Jeff Davis Parish this comes to and end. Take care to all

  430. Arnold Benoit Did the 2 men tell you that they were from Houston? How did people know they were from Texas?? Did they say why they came to Jennings???

  431. Oh my God Arnold. I voted for u and didn’t understand why you didn’t win. Hey SP I have been very ill that’s why I wasn’t in here. I explained late last night I had bronchitis and am just starting to feel better. So don’t fuss at me, lol. Glad to see you here Arnold. Where have u been? Did u get out of law enforcement?

  432. well people it looks like arnold is back an has answered a question everybody has wanted to know there it is in black an white looks like maybe he has answers to alot of our questions hope he runs for sheriff when its time an hope that they will not threaten him are his family cause the corruption needs to stop for crying out loud cant we have honest people in our system sometimes i get so beside myself with all the mess in the 31st judicial system what is the public thinking i wish i could vote but being a convicted felon you cant so there i have about 8 years before i can an i will sure register i have never registered to vote but i will when i can an again god bless everyone an my prayeres are with you all

  433. good morning sp

  434. LOL Serial…I love your persistance… You remind me of those reporters that dont give up… I love it!!!

  435. baffled Good Morning!

  436. we think they were from texas because of the plates on the SUV.

    • Mr. Benoit, I want to say Thank You for your service, and thank you for coming here today. I hope you return from time to time.

      • Mr. Benoit would you be willing to do a phone conversation with Geraldo? Mr. Dubois, if he says yes, can you ask Geraldo to do one regarding what was said at that party?

  437. curvycat Sweet Darlin’ I just made homemade chicken soup yesterday. I wish we lived close and I would surely run you over a big bowl. Get better curvy!!!

  438. Arnold Benoit Please stay safe and hurry back to the States. People need you in Jennings. God Bless, God speed….

  439. Arnold Benoit Remember bring back a gun… a really big one…LOL

  440. brownie Brilliant!!!

    • I agree too, that would help prove what Mr. Dubois and the rest of the community is trying to state.

  441. yes i agree come back to jennings an get things in order an bring back big big gun

  442. Mr. Dubois and/or Geraldo, is there anyway you guys can add Mr. Benoit’s statement to the interview if he is willing? Please answer.

  443. I have faith in Geraldo. I have followed him for years. He will take a story other journalists are scared to touch. I am banking on his integrity. I really do feel that he will bring this story to light and when he does the shit will fly…… Some people wait for PIGS to fly ……me, I wait for…..

  444. Wow the weather is so bad my internet keeps going out on me. I for one am so anxious to hear what Mr. Benoit has to say.

    • well i wonder if the same people came here and talk to danny when he ran for sheriff. we sure do need mr. benoit here to take care our parish

  445. Where is the Geraldo interview going to be held?/ Is he coming to Jennings or is Jennings going to him???

    • Well, I hope that you are staying warm because cold is one thing that i can relate to. I also wanted to let you know that your humorus side always makes my husband and I crack up laughing sometimes. Speaking of my husband its funny, When mouthing off was around, I posted on there constantly like yall do on here and there were alot of other posters had made it seem like i was was crazy saying that le wasnt doing their job and were crooked, and my poor husband has been listening to me gripe about them so called officials for about ten years, and he would never tell me but he was probaly thinking thati was off my rocker too!lol But my point is, that because of this blog, I know longer am being considered crazy, so thank to everyody herelol.

  446. G8, check your emailand try to let me know as soon as you can that you got it! thank you!

  447. Well, I sure hope it was the one and only Mr. Benoit and not anyone messing with us. You never know on this board. You guys get my drift? BUT, I’m gonna try to keep my faith and believe it was until otherwise proven wrong.

  448. Where is Mr. Benoit? Is he still in Jennings?

  449. Hi. Newbie here. Just wondering, when election times roll around again in JDP, how many of you plan to vote R. Edwards AGAIN? If the people in this parish would stop voting for an incompetent Sheriff maybe things would have been better after the first murder. Just an opinion.

  450. jdp_resident Very good point. Do you have anyone in mind that might be a prospective “sheriff” in the future??? By the way great to have here. Look forward to your future posts….

  451. sp that last post was for you, I forgot to put your name.

  452. wow cars overturned on I-10 from that tornado. i hope everyone is safe inside the middle of their houses. please stay safe. the news has reported the tornado is 1/2 mile wide heading north towards hathaway.

  453. christi32 Thanks for the post!!! Keep on postin’ Darlin’

  454. O. K. Folks I have offically taken off the kid gloves. From day one on this post i said “FOLLOW THE MONEY”. Well today it’s all about the MONEY but in a different light…Three litte words come to mind CLASS ACTION SUIT…You, know when it comes to money and a lawsuit you’ve got their attention. Family members, need to get together (or not), it only takes one, and get THIS ball rolling. It will get their ATTENTION when the powers that e are served. I think the families have all tried to suck it up and wait…. WELL…enough is enough….I’m positive Geraldo knows SEVERAL great litigators…if not I can find you several “junk yard dogs” from California…. Think about it, then do it..

    • I think you might have to call in the junk yard dogs because i tried to get an attorney and file siut and found that all of these la lawyers, officias, state police and eve the governers office literally stick together, several people in these fields made it clear to me that they would not take my case because they have and will work on cases together and that would cause to much friction between them.I remember that a legal advocate from the womens shelter was helping me try to file suit, we even tried the attorny generals off ice and still didnt get know where! sad, but true!

      • I’ve heard similar stories like yours…burns my butt….that this can happen.

      • why couldnt u get a lawyer from out of state to help u i think i would try

        • Wonder if Jill Craft would consider taking the case pro bono. I believe she’s the attorney Jesse Ewing and Nina Ravey used. It’s worth an inquiry!!! She’s dealt with JDP before so I’m sure she’s familiar with local tactics.

          “Suspicion solves crimes……not taking a positive attitude”.
          ~ SuziQ (Websleuths) ~

      • That is very true, and the attorney that ends up defending this perp has to live amongst the same legal system, people and acquaintances also. This person has a hard time being in that position, but someone has to do it, legally and fair or the conviction may get overruled if appealed.

        What you said is very true…..and it is very hard to accept there are no ethics left in the law, and where it does exists…it is rare.

  455. SP, I say get them names ready. That would be great if you could post them on here and supply toll free phone numbers or they can e-mail you and give their information and the attorney(s) can call the victim’s families themselves. Another thing, the attorney in Cali would have to have one an attorney from LA actually represent them, but the Cali Attorney can do all the fighting/arguing, unless they are certified in LA as well. I would just find some and post it. They need help and the victims families does not have any money so the attorney would have to wait until settlement time to get any. It will probably be worth waiting for.

  456. This is not a joke…What happens when the next victim shows up?? Desperate times CALL for desperate measures….What do you think any other suggestions to REALLY get their attention??? Help me out here, I’m thinking in my EVIL mode…

  457. There are attorneys like Gloria Allred who would love the publicity of a case like this that affect women. She would eat them alive. She has a very full case load, last time I called her office….. Melvin Belli would have been perfect for this case, and I knew him. He was my friends lawyer and got her millions on a wrongful death suit, unfortunataly he has died. Don’t fret if the family wants a lawyer…a lawyer they will get… The balls in their court… I only supply the ideas(threats)…..

  458. By the way this would NOT cost the families anything. These lawyers take a case on contingency, which means that if they don’t WIN they don’t get PAID….. So believe me they will do everything in their power to get a huge settlement…….

  459. There is a watchdog group and a center for public integrity….

    I know exactly how you all feel that LA officials back each other, right or wrong…attorneys too, especially from small towns. It is not a figment of the imagination…it is real.

  460. I never have said to much buot my case because i dint want to take the focus off these ladies but there is one thing that i need to say only because it isimportant for you guys to know.there was a pubic hair found in my daughters private area at the hospital, that hair was tested against 1 of the three grice men who lived at the home. when lucky took office, i went to jdp for a meeting with him reguarding my case a few years after the crime took place. he went over the results with me and told me the results came back similar with thier family traits. for anyone who dont knoe similar results means that it is more than likely a sibling. next step obviosly test the other 2, taht has never happened , still untl this day, I am trying, not trying, begging for them to do this. I never wanted to damper anyones hope for resolve in these cases but after every thing that i have read about any dna , I feel it is important to make two points here, my case has been swept under the rug for 11 years with a solid dna profile, second point, le said themselves in the jennings daily news on august28,1998 on the front page that they beleived it happened in the home,but has yet to test the other two which means they have for 11 years having this information hvave put all of your children at risk .

    • Well Ms. Christi, it is sad that they would put on hold the protection of a little child. That is just down right horrible. How can one go to bed at night knowing you have proof and not do a flippin thing. You know, Geraldo should cover your story too. It is not just about the 8 victims, here. It is any and all activity in that area. Wouldn’t you guys agree?

  461. christi32 Thank you for sharing that terrible ordeal. I am so sorry that happened to your daughter and to you. I doubt if the DNA evidence is even around considering the sloppy way the evidence that was collected. How is your daughter today? I’ll bet she’s beautiful……..

  462. brownie YES!

  463. Hey,everyone –Lots of business at Andrew St. house today! Seems like the rain doesn’t stop the visitors at this place. Maybe he should start collecting parking

  464. Wow did you survive that weather…. I just got power back…. That was some weather.

  465. well, I know you all would be disgusted with the way that i have been treated by these people, when i seen that interview a couple of yeares ago with one of the girls families on the news, not sure which one but i think it might have been brittany and she said something to the effect of le had not contacted them for a whole year after their family member was found all they knew was they found her body and had never been contacted after that and i remeber saying to my husband that at that moment my heart was heavy for those victims and still is because i know how they have traeted me an it was like dejavu, but thank the good lord they are getting all this support from all of you and the media. I have wanted all this corruption to be exposed since the mouthing off blogg existed but at the time I honestly belive their were not enough good people like you guys who could look beyond my lifesyle at the time and listen but thank god these victims and their families have support and love. I could have been one of these women very easily and i know these ladies did not deserve this. I dont know these ladies but I there are so many demons that your battling within yourself when you live a high risk life style. you know sometime i wonder if people think that the drugs erase the pain or the reason you turned to drugs to begin with. It doesnt. The way that isee it is, its just like any cops, doctors, teachers and everyday people, there are really good people on drugs and theres some really bad ones and alot of times it was hard to figure out who who, is that not abatlle everybody goes through, anyway, sorry for rambling on but i would love the cance to tell my story to whoever will listen because i believe it a healing process to talk and people actually listen and care.

  466. christi32 No one here is going to judge anyone…WE are all just PEOPLE…none of us are perfect in any respect..All we are doing is trying to support each other. There are NO PERFECT people allowed here ….we don’t want them …if they ever even exist…so relax Darlin’ you are surrounded with friends….and with love…….

    • sp, thank you, I try not to suround myself with people who judge others , I was like that at one time but I believe strongly that all of my bad choices in life made me a better person. i have learned that you can make mistakes but you have to learn from them and forgive yourself and others.

  467. sp my daughter will be 17 in november and ironically she she resembles brittany gary alot, when i seen them recent photos mt eyes filled with tears because thy look alot alike. unfortunately she has had a hard time coping with what has happened to her and resents me alot for it but she is finally comming around and she just got her ged so she is on the right track.

    • Wanted you to know I received your email and have read it a few times. I’m still mulling it over and thinking about what you said. 17 is a rough age in general not only for the child but the parents as well…….add to that what she experienced and it only makes it that much harder. What happened to her, as well as you too, will never go away……..hopefully time will lessen the pain and memory BUT……..for justice to not be served……..what a slap in the face. It is insult on top of injury. I can only sit here and wonder how the case would have been handled had it been one of Cassidy or Edwards’ daughters. The guilty pervert would likely still be in prison!!!!
      “Suspicion solves crimes……not taking a positive attitude”.
      ~ SuziQ (Websleuths) ~

  468. sp–Thx for your reply. I do not have any suggestions as to who should be the next sheriff, but in my opinion, whoever it is would be better than what we have. Although, I do feel like at some point even a new sheriff would get wrapped up in the politics of small towns and would prove to no longer be worthy. I do think that in small areas or large areas, that a Sheriff should only be able to run for that office so many times and then either take a break or not be allowed to run again. Each town and parish needs new leaders. The same ole same ole just don’t cut it. But when people are voting they go with familiarity, apparantly, rather than what is best for our area. Not one time has Mr. Edwards ever received a vote from me or my family and will never get one in the future. I would rather vote for Scrooge McDuck than to continually vote his fat ass back into office. Pardon my french 😉 I also feel like if these young ladies were of prominence in the town of Jennings, coming from highly repsected families, they would have solved the murders after #2; but since they are of lesser backgrounds, the JDSO and the JPD are proving, by their actions, that they are no more concerned over these young ladies losing their lives than they are concerned that a volcano may erupt in the middle of Main Street. These ladies were someones, daughter, mother, sister, aunt, friend etc… and their background, where-abouts, drug abuse (IF they had one) should not be of any importance. They were a HUMAN being and deserve JUSTICE as in any other murder case. I feel sorry for the people who loved them and cared for them. This should NEVER have happened, but it has, and with that being said, the officials who are SWORN TO PROTECT US should do just that and catch this low life, sick, bastard who harmed these ladies.

    • AMEN!!!! I’m a firm believer in “term limits” no matter what office it is!!!
      “Suspicion solves crimes……not taking a positive attitude”.
      ~ SuziQ (Websleuths) ~

    • i agree with u 100 percent. Le should not be going around telling anyone that these girls had drug problems or anything about the private life they should be focus on getting the sick person or persons that did this. shame on LE for slade these girls. shame shame.

    • jdp_ res.- K. Mendard and in one conversation mentioned that in Jennings we don’t lock our doors from the criminals, we lock them because of the police. lol. I would also like to mention that Shelia Comeaux was a daughter, a sister to six siblings, a mother of four, an aunt to roughly 23, would have been a grandmother to two so far, and a friend to many. The main question is when will JUSTICE be served, CLOSURE AND PROTECTION given, and PEACE OF MIND be one of the SATISFACTIONS of life.

  469. jdp_resident Scrooge Mc Duck sounds good from where I am…If he’s not available maybe someone else in his family is….LOL

  470. I think that even our last President would serve us better 🙂

  471. ok im guess i missed some stuff but i have a question..why in the heck would yall [in jennings]want to have a sheriff[mr benoit]when he could of checked into anything that was not right at the time of election..listen if i was voting for[ mr whats his name who is sheriff now]and someone brought to my attention that this happen and this was what was said..i would CHECK IT OUT …but that did not happen so i guess i dont understand why would you want someone in there who just said he two black men sat a table with him and foamed at the mouth and not one person did anything ,least of all him[mr benoit] YOU PEOPLE DESERVE TO BE TREATED BETTER THEN THIS..ITS YOUR MONEY THATS PAYING FOR THEM TO WORK FOR YALL..yes i agree yall need the help to answer a lot of questions from him but not for your SHERIFF..he just sat there in shock..and nothing was ever done about it..that just ticks me off..and even if they are not involved in the murders who in their right mind just lets something like that go and not say noting to the PUBLIC.. please tell me im confused..dont want to make anyone upset but jeezzz

    • He may have UMM……he’ll have to address that though. Thing is……who do you tell that too? Looks to me like you’ve got to have an army behind you to get anyone to listen much less effect action over there. When you have a wall (or web) this strong……it’s not easy to break through. But hey……one little opening is all it may take and then we can get through. It’s just a matter of locating the weakness in the structure ;).

      “Suspicion solves crimes……not taking a positive attitude”.
      ~ SuziQ (Websleuths) ~

      • It’s real easy to get someone to run plates. I’ve had a friend at the sheriff’s dept. do it for me. Why would Arnold not have the plates run?

        • Popeye, first it is illegal to run plates without probable cause of a crime, so, the friend from the SO who ran plates for you was acting outside the law. Why am I not surprised? That is a crime, is a violation of privacy and is a violation of the public trust. Running plates in this manner is why we have stalking situations like we do in this country. This is supposed to be secure information for official use only. Now, these are the kind of people we don’t want in our public offices. Has anyone considered that Mr. Benoit may not have been the one who was seen taking the plate data down? Perhaps he himself isn’t even aware of who took the data down. There seems to be a presumption that Mr. Benoit was fully aware of the entire incident but that may not be the case at all. I have to presume that this was a building with lots of people going in and out while Mr. Benoit may or may not have been privy to the entire conversation. The description sounds like the entire conversation could have taken only a couple of minutes and they left. I know when I go to a party, I always carry a pen and pad to jot down license plate numbers from random vehicles on the street – LOL.

  472. but a whole room full of people saw this..i dont get it!!stuff like that usually comes out and people make a big stink about it..PEOPLE IN JENNINGS wake up ..get ricky out of there and get someone in there with integrity [i hope i spelled that right]..someone you dont see in the bars ..someone who has a family and you know they are honest and that you can go to them..yall can do that get ricky the heck out of there, thats a start..but yall pay for that person to do the job ..if he is not doing it get him so floored about what i just know my mom told me she thought it was a black person doing this and i said no way mom..but after reading this jezzzz..some of this could have been prevented if this is benoit needs to answer a lot of questions and so do the people who were in that room that night..

    • someone who respects hisself…with respect for others..and will take responsibility for his actions..

  473. Not sure if it’s black or white doing it. I feel it could be a combination of the SOBs.

    The story about the black males and the Beniot party is like most stories as it goes it changes.

    I’ve wondered if a person wanted to be sheriff and he did not make notes or anything tells me he would not make a good sheriff. If black males could make him not person you stay like a puppy come on who need that for sheriff.

    SilenceDogood, on February 28th, 2009 at 4:58 PM Said:
    In answer to the question from g8tr — Several years ago, at Mr. Benoit’s victory party following the sheriff election, three black men walked into the building and began speaking with several of the participants. They were somewhat loud and strident, saying that they had driven from Texas and were going to Ricky Edwards’ victory party. They didn’t know any of the people there and none of the people at the party seemed to know them. They began talking about Mr. Benoit not playing ball and saying that he would never be sheriff. As the three were at the door, apparently preparing to leave, one of them said that they could do what they wanted in Jeff Davis Parish. Another one of the men stated, “we could come here and wipe out a whole family and nothing would happen to us.” Several people witnessed and heard this. One of the women who was present actually began to cry and seemed to become ill at hearing this. As the men were leaving, they were followed outside. They got into a dark, black looking Suburban or similar vehicle with Texas plates. One person jotted down their license plate number as they drove away. They seemed to have possibly been drinking. The three may have simply been talking big but they sure got the attention of those people that heard them. It was actually scary, according to the witnesses.

    It said three not two the so call Benoit today was imo a fraud. Probably laughing at his/her stunt.

    • I concur.
      “I’ve wondered if a person wanted to be sheriff and he did not make notes or anything tells me he would not make a good sheriff”

    • ahlou ~ i did a little check on the IP………it’s not a U.S. IP. It’s from very far away. May not mean anything but……..

      This is also how we get people weighing in on all this…..slowly but surely. We start narrowing down the rumors to more factual information. We don’t want frauds in the mix but we ALSO don’t want to run people off that may finally be stepping forward. It’s a fine line being walked.

      Keep talking people!!! We’re listening!!!

      Arnold, I’m not doubting you. You know who was there and also witnessed this. Can you please contact them and let’s get a bit more info about the incident? I can accept the “fear factor” involved at the time but………NOW is the time to start talking. There’s a window open……..don’t miss the opportunity.
      “Suspicion solves crimes……not taking a positive attitude”.
      ~ SuziQ (Websleuths) ~

      • I knew you could check but it seems odd he didn’t say three instead of two. I certainly hope he was was not messing around but in any case imo if he wanted to be sherrif he didn’t give me anything I could/would use to say he will make a difference.

        I’m very happy people are getting involved you have been at it a very long time and now it seems fate is steping in. I applaud you for the long journey.

        • you’ve been with me since I started this!!!

          • LOL, yes it’s been that long. We will meet soon and have a meet and greet while sharing a hug or three. I think you have done a wonderful job.

  474. We finally really agree. Why would anyone want to vote in such a person. Just think three men much less black men crash your party and you do nothing. The woman needed a darn crying towel or diaper it almost make women seen stupid when you think of it. When I heard it I thought what a crock you mean to tell me black men have now taken over Jennings when they don’t even have jobs for the most part.

  475. Don’t forget they run Jennings with their pharmicist license. And Mr. Benoit wants to be elected because he can do what………

    • Sit at a table with friends and watch as life happens. And get paid.

    • I have to believe that Mr. Benoit tried to be elected so that he could attempt to redirect the sheriff’s office after years, even generations of corruption. I don’t know him, but, I remember that he has several years of law enforcement background and was employed by the federal prison system. R. Edwards was a clerk before running for sheriff but he had all the right connections and support from the key “players.” There was also Mr. Verret from the Lacassine area. He ran a while back also. The thing about JDP is that only selected people, always from Jennings, are supported by those who are affluent and who are financially prominent. We’ve already established that the drug industry has been producing lots of revenue for many years. As I recall, it was said that neither Mr. Benoit nor Mr. Verret nor any of the other candidates had much in the way of financial support when they ran. As the old saying goes, money talks and BS walks.

  476. I am watching Nancy Grace right now and the show is about the little 7 yr old girl who was killed in Florida. It is such a tragic story, but this happened just yesterday. It is amazing that we have had 8 such tragedies in Jennings it has taken us years to get national media attention. Something is just not right with that.

    • I think it’s all about the sheriff being open. I also read somewhere reading about it a group Justice Coliation (sp) put up $30,000.00 yesterday.

      • Hey Ahlou,

        Hope you are well.

        What was the thirty thousand for—-Reward money or what???

        • That information about that young child the you know what killed in Florida. On the news in the last few days.

  477. Mr. Beniot, I’m the grumpy suspious one here but will listen so please explain why didn’t you correct three instead of two…..and by all means tell what you did or did not do and why the night of the victory party. I hate being the one who questions but I do. Heck I’ve even questions those seeking office lastly and got answers and will not stop now.

    If you are in Iraq – I will be saying a prayer for you each day and night and thank you for your service.

    • I don’t think he’s in the armed forces.

      • Thanks Popeye. so what is he in. I hope the heck not Blackwater. This is all so much of a wonder for me. Please let me/us know what is what.

        • Well, Arnold’s older then I am. I’m 38. I don’t believe he’s in the active forces.

          • He may not be in the military! There’s more than military in Iraq! There are companies there as well. Large companies. One shows up on his IP but I will not divulge that. Again, though, I will say it is from oversea. We take his posts as truth or we don’t. Period.
            “Suspicion solves crimes……not taking a positive attitude”.
            ~ SuziQ (Websleuths) ~

  478. I know i’m full of it tonight but sometimes I’m like that so I went to a blog and read Mr. RE is giving names of tasks force and really being helpful. I darn sure wonder why that was not said here and it was posted since yesterday.

    I’m glad Mr. Edwards is doing that. Hmmmmmmmmm

  479. Question…who does everyone believe is involved in the murders….the usual few people that have already been arrested, a stranger no one has thought or, someone with an LE background- maybe used to be with LE, someone actively in LE, locally or not, can you all narrow down suspects that more research could be done in those categories….so to speak?????

    Say narrow it down to three, and discuss their particular histories……surely there are other guys on the streets that hangs with these same crowds beside FR. Just thinking out loud.

    Anyone ever see similar vehicle with Texas plates around often, similar to the Texan’s vehicle?

    • I think that you have to look at allpeople who associated witg all of these girls in le, the street life, i means johns, drug dealers, drug users and unfortunately i think that it would be a street life person that could shed light on who, what and when but they are obviously scared and absolutely understandably so. I think that what yall are doing on here is about the best you cando to try to narrow it down but it seems like now someone needs to get closer to the people they associated with in whatever way, dangerous,yesbut i believe that is where some answers will come from.JMO

  480. If the election party was held a few years ago and you think these guys were high up in the drug trade you can BET that they have a brand new car. Don’t just be looking for a black SUV…look for any suspicious car with Texas plates…….

  481. yes, sp…..exactly

  482. This is just something that I have been thinking about the last couple of days after I read the recent dis cussion of which of the victims had their throats slashed and assuming tha my understanding is correct, that it was the two african american women, this has been on my mind, and I would like to know yalls opinion on it. could it be that theperp was white and had some stronger feelings against these two, because he had predjudice and hatred in his heart for black folks or could he have been black and purposely tried to throw people off because that would send the officials in another direction? Just some thoughts……

    • that is a good observation…..for some reason I think it is a white murderer (s). What makes me wonder if it is two, is the different methods of killing. Different places….seems a possibility that it could be two or more people.

    • If it is one person doing the killings, I don’t understand why cut two throats, except maybe they did not die fast enough for this perp, or he thought it was too messy so he quit cutting their throats, and found other ways.

      They do have much knowledge about forensics because they have shown that they can cover their tracks on land, water, major hwy., cover up sight of killings. He may have a police scanner.
      They do appear to be showing off to a degree, taunting authorities..and/ intimidating potential victims.

      • Not to mention, they are never scene abducting victims…this is a BIG DEAL….who skirts through the area in a vehicle picking these girls up, who are they trusting on a regular bases…many of them, or is it someone that lives right under everyone’s nose that walks out their door and kidnaps victims???

        • i think that it is someone right under peoples noses that all of these girls trusted to an extent because no scene made on none of the abductions???? that tells me alot, i know when iwas in that lifestyle, i was always aware of what could possibly happen to me at anytime and if i would have been approached by a well known drug user, drug dealer l because of my drug addiction there is no doubt in my mind even if i would hve been a little apprehensive about a certain individual the power of wanting the drug would have wonand there would not have been a scene, if anyone in le would have approached me at that time, whether it was fear of jail or the fact that they threatened me, i would have 100% did what i was told. If it was under none of these circumstances then i know i would hav e been fearful and smart enough to make a scene which just made methink about how these girls were aware that women like themselves were being found dead so all iam trying to do is give yall another perspective from someone that has lived that life. They were slienced horribly and unfairly, so i feel that anyone that can be a voice for them in any kind of way, should do so.

      • I agree…………this isn’t some rookie that’s just been lucky. They were smart enough to avoid that area south of Jennings where they had been successfully dumping in the past. They went all out when they dumped out on a major interstate …… that was bold and risky. To me, it was by far riskier than dumping in the “known” areas. Now, why they went out of parish is mysterious. Makes me wonder if they didn’t want to taunt Acadia Parish authorities a bit……like they may have an ax to grind with them too.
        “Suspicion solves crimes……not taking a positive attitude”.
        ~ SuziQ (Websleuths) ~

    • The killer(s) were simply killing the women as he needed to kill them, for his own purposes. Race, religion, etc., had nothing to do with the killings, in my opinion. The criteria for these women being killed is, I believe, limited to knowledge. They had, or were possibly thought to have, knowledge that could have been detrimental to someone. I don’t believe that a person would kill six white women just to cover up the fact that he wanted to kill two black women. We’re talking about a risky business that gets riskier every time he/she performs. These folks don’t take their job lightly enough to “throw in extras” just to fool people. I honestly don’t think they had to throw our officials off at all. They simply had to do their job(s). I would be very surprised to learn that these killings were anything but professional and drug industry related. Why not? So many unsolved murders of our past were exactly that and they remain untouched by officials while the profits increase every day.

      • ignite, I have been paying attetion to your posts in particular for awhile an i agree with everything you said as a very strong possiablity and probability, but i was not triyng to say that he killed six white women just to kill two black women and if i gave that impression let me cleasr that up, I beleive he killed all the women for one purpose as well and was just kind of speculating as to why the two black women were killed in a differnt way then the rest, but I do agree that your theory is much more likely than what the possiability that i threw out there.

  483. g8, thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon!

  484. Regarding the men at the party …if it was 2 or 3…what would anyone here have done?

    They talked smack, were probably loaded (in both ways)…made their point and left. I don’t think I would have tried to open up a can on them–they didn’t really break any laws…

    Just a thought.

    Sounds like drug dealers from Texas have Jennings connections with drug running. That is a big route. So, hypothetically speaking, if RE did what he was told…..who would yield that power? Someone in Jennings in a higher position? If so, who would qualify?

    • I’m hoping word will filter out and possibly a few more can verify this incident. It may be that at the time, the people that witnessed the incident didn’t realize the repercussions of it down the road. Who’s to say they didn’t report it? I know it’s a long shot but, I hope someone kept that piece of paper with the license tag number on it.
      “Suspicion solves crimes……not taking a positive attitude”.
      ~ SuziQ (Websleuths) ~

  485. well i see that there is a RE fan on this site and i see that she is trying to put words in my month. i am on my way to a meeting but will be back in one hour and will talk about two black men not three. I was there you were not AHLOU

    • Good…..see ya then.

    • I don’t know where you go any idea of who I’m a fan of and I did not I repeat did not put words in your mouth I asked if there were two or three. If you had read the post I referenced you would see it was not me who gave a quantity but rather the writer was silencedogood. I could go back and look that qunatity were mentioned by others as well. I simply asked you to clear it up.

      Let me tell you I have been posting about seeming lack of LE interest in solving these crimes for many years now. In fact let it be known this blog is the result of another failed one where I had been trying to garner interest. Something happened after many interesting things were posted then most of the info was wiped out. G8 was posting there and decided she would blog it here I told her I would support her. That was a very long time before you and most were speaking up.

      There were many who came playing games so I wanted to make sure you was not one of those you on the other hand took that as your deciding who I am a fan of and you are very wrong.

  486. If any experienced profilers are reading here (MG)…….your thoughts…..are we dealing with someone smart enough to ongoingly evade detection and capture OR are we dealing with someone that’s just been lucky because of prior investigative mistakes and ineptness?

    Has “crucial” evidence been lost? How much does “uncredible” witnesses play into this? Is this “just how it goes” because most, if not all, of the witnesses are addicts? Their testimony would never be deemed credible?

    By the way…….any of you local legals are welcome to chime in on this.
    “Suspicion solves crimes……not taking a positive attitude”.
    ~ SuziQ (Websleuths) ~

  487. Ok i am a DOD military contractor in Iraq in support of the war. Now about the black men there were only two that sat at my table if there were three he was not inside the building. Now as far as the license plate nobody know who wrote it down. The people outside were not aware what was going on in side they found out later. I do know that Kirk was there and he might be able to answer the question about the license plate. But to get the story right there was only two that was in the building. People can say i would have done this and i would have done that but until you are in that position the last thing on your mind is what you would have done. There were no tatoos that could have been seen because as i said they were wearing suits and wearing lot of gold. So i hope this answer some of the question you have been waiting for. If i had a week to sit down and tell the people that are worry about what is going on you could have written book on what went on in that election.

  488. My true opinion is….if the killer were to stand at the door of the JDSO with a sign on his neck stating that he is the killer, the JDSO and JPD would still lack the competency to hold him liable, arrest him or even question him. The officials, if you can really respect that word and call them that, here in JDP, are a joke and a disgrace to common people who could solve the murders just by watching one or two episodes of CSI and criminal minds.

    I am not here to change people’s minds about the Sheriff nor am I here to suggest someone else, I am only here to be curious of others’ feelings about the whole mess and maybe share some unwanted opinions of my own, haha.

    I must live a sheltered life because I have not heard of slashed throats, 2, 3, or even 5 black guys from the big state of Texas, nor do I even know who Arnold Benoit was/is and that he possibly ran for Sheriff (must’ve not voted for him). All I really know on the whole subject is that the victims’ lives were splattered about the news for the world to judge them, they were murdered by a sick and twisted individual, their families lives were shattered by this mess, and that the so called Jennings finest can’t find their way out of a paper bag with directions on the other end. Jennings is as political as it gets. It’s disgusting and there isn’t much we can do about it. I have heard that no matter who is actually voted in as a Sheriff the “MONEY” in town decides the final outcome…don’t know if it’s true or not, but I am sure that it is as close to the truth as anything else. I just can’t get past the fact that the “officials” don’t seem to be doing their job, to the full etent of the law. I also can’t get past the fact that no matter who runs for sheriff we are stuck with “Sheriff fat ass”. WOW! I think I have said enough for now.

    • jdpresident that post was very entertaining for my husband and i but seriously, the sad part is that it is all true but i found it kind of interesting that you juast came on here and are obviously in the dark on some issues, which no offence is hard to believe but yet you still are aware of your so called officials incompetence. I know le reads this, i wonder what they are thinking and saying after reading posts like this????

  489. jdp resdent I know we were cracking up on that one!!!!

    • I have to admit…….it did make me laugh :D.

      christi…….since you were admittedly on the street at one time…..a question for you. You mentioned the johns, the dealers, the users…..can you tell us a little more about this??? were there the “oh my god i can’t believe he’d do that” kinda guys on the streets soliciting sex from the girls? were the white-collars looking for drugs in that area? I’d like to get a better idea and view into this. Do you know if the so called “professional” men in the area were on the southside trolling for women and drugs??
      “Suspicion solves crimes……not taking a positive attitude”.
      ~ SuziQ (Websleuths) ~

      • Sorry about leaving you all hanging last night, but i thought yall were gone due to power outages. hope everyone is safe. g8, there are alot of strange incidents that occurred with all types of people, i remember that there wer certain le officials that use to sit at the laundrymat on cuttings late at night getting bjs from prostitutes.there were alot of married men that engaged in sexual situations and some pretty weird stuff( being from a small town in maine, even shocked me) that was meant to be kept quiet but was as obvious as daylight approaching! At the time, I dont remember any other white girls in this section of town,except one, whand she had unfortunately contracted aids and every one knew this, so though it is not something that I am proud of, I was bombarded daily by men from the store owners to the white people that would come downtown looking for drugs and action. I feel that I need to be pretty graphic to explaine to yall what a woman in this area is faced with. I will only use instances that i was involved in so I can give yall accurate info that would not be considered hearsay. I do not want to disturb or offend anyone so, i am going to wait and let yall read this and give me your feedback as to whether you guys think that these things need to be said and can help people understand this perspective and that it could help these victims, their families and everyon e who is trying to figure out this big messy situation so we can find who is doing this.

  490. Arnold please come back and talk to us. We want to know more.

  491. Hi Christy32…I am glad I can give a few ppl a good laugh, but really, I am in the dark and that is why I came on here. I was actually searching the weather and saw the link for the JDP murders and then the link to this blog and got kind of curious so I clicked, as any other nosey cat would, and here I was reading and feeling the need to share some opinionated humor but truth at the same time.

    The knowledge of the incompetency of the JDSO and the JPD is not something that is a big secret around here (don’t know if your from here or not), but I must say that I have witnessed things that have given me this “idea” of mine that they are incompetent. I do know enough to know that they are no closer to finding the killer, than I am going to find a million dollars sitting in the back pocket of yesterdays jeans. Again, I don’t know much about the murders, because the info I have received about them has been very vague. I got my info from the news and the newspaper. So, when ppl speak of black men in SUV’s from TX, or slashed throats, etc… I have to wonder why is this not reaching the press. I know that giving pertinent info to the press can be very damaging to a case, but I also want to know how these murders are taking place, strangulation, asphixiation, slashing, gun shot wounds, etc… I have not heard, or read should I say, these things. I am not saying anyone is not being truthful on here, “I” just have not heard these things…doesn’t mean that they are not true…I don’t know. But I do know the “twits” that work for the city and the parish are NOT the shiniest penny in the fountain…therefore, I choose to believe they are incompetent. As far as, being offended by your post, NO OFFENSE was taken…I can understand your questioning. If by some chance LE is reading this…good for them…they probably already have found out my life history based off of one post, but cannot find a serial killer…..IMAGINE THAT.

    I do have some questions though…like— Was DNA found? Why are they refusing to label these homicides as serial killings? Is the FBI here? Is there a forensic team here? Why do I feel like when I cross the tracks I am putting my life in jeopardy? Did the “can man” do it? LOL..that one was just for fun!

    • jdp resident there is alot of info on the questions you are asking in previous threads but because of le incompetence, they are keeping aolt of this info top secret. I am fully awaare that there in info that has to be kept quiet due to hindering an investigation, but i also am aware of the fact that le should be acknowledging the publics concerns and dont. your question about the refusal serial to label these homicides as serial killings, the answer is simple, that woul be because that would open the door for other agencies to step in and find out about all of the corruption in cases previous to these killings that goes back 20 years or more.jmo but ricky edwards have named these homicides a “serial dumper” let me know if your aware of that term cause i have never heard of it? It will be time consuming but i suggest you read previous threads, these folks on hear are smart and determined to find out the truth one way or another, and although you may read bickering from time to time, most of these people catch themselves and remember why they are here and respectfully agree to disagree on some issues.

  492. To Mr. Arnold Benoit, I want to apologize for questioning you about why nothing was said? Anyway, I must admit, I definately wouldn’t have done nothing that night forsure. Again, I do apologize.

    I think the main question is Why only you? Wasn’t there others in the running? Were you the one who was second? Did someone approach you before the election and gave an offer that you denied? I don’t mean to ask personal questions, but we are just here trying to figure several things out.

    The most important question I would love to have an answer for is would you be willing to come forward and have a phone interview with Geraldo? If that is at all possible?

    The last two things is, I said it before, but want to say it again. Thanks for coming here and most important THANKS for serving our country for us.

    • Mr. Benoit, if you are in the military or not becareful over there.

      Ahlou, Mr. Benoit is probably a very happy man as we speak. I would be. Why? I would be thinking, I made the right choice by leaving that force. The things that is happening now, is prove for anyone who has left the Jennings force, whether it is sheriff or city. Their is so much corruption it is horrible. No offense to you Ahlou, but sit and think about it. He had already lost. These people came in and threatened him and had no worries in the world. It was “Him” against the whole force now. Look what they did to Ewing and he had information regarding a reason. Mr. Benoit just had threatened words. I see your point as well though, but think about you in his shoes with a family. I would not want that situation to happen to me.

      • Thank you Brownie, you have a habit of explaining very well these things. I was only asking with the expectation of an answer. We have had some nuts pretending before. I know Ewing was treated like crap which was so wrong on the other hand from what I’ve read and heard Ewing was not all that innocent himself.

  493. when i ran for sheriff it was me and ricky and as far as and interview the time he is 17 hour behind your time. when it is day time there in louisiana it is night here. duning the day i am out in the field so it would be to hard to do and interview. but if i was there i would have no problem saying what goes on the this parish.

  494. From KPLC

    Girl from Jennings reported missing

    The Jennings Police Department is asking for the public’s help finding a missing 14-year-old girl. Brook Bryant was last seen Wednesday Night at a friend’s house, authorities say she did not return home. City police officers began searching for the girl Thursday night.

    “We have no reason to believe Brook is connected to the 8 women found dead in Jeff Davis Parish,” said Jennings Police Chief, Johnny Lassiter. “We are going door to door in the south side of town asking anyone if they’ve seen Brook. We do have reports Brook was walking with someone on south Main Street, so we believe she’s alive and well.”

  495. LE looking for both girls it seems they are trying to be womanish. I hope nothing happens to the the salt and pepper wanna be womanish.

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