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Note: Original post date published on:  October 13, 2009 @ 19:48
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  1. Please continue posting comments and general discussion here. Thanks.

    • Have a couple of questions. Just heard of these murders yesterday on CNN. This Arnold Benoit that is mentioned, is he any relation to Crystal? I am not familiar with the area…are these know locations of activity? Parking, Fishing or drug use? Also, interesting website attached to Arnold Benoit after internet search……is this the same Arnold Benoit discussed previously?

  2. well i just dont know anymore what to think about all of this all i know is i sit here and while i am reading i eat and eat and eat some more

  3. I can’t eat very much but it is bothering me a great deal. I wonder how I/we can make some headway. It is apparent that there is more than one person involved. The murderer, the cover up, the accomplice. The Why’s could help uncover more.

    This isn’t a simple serial killer like Ridgeway who had no real motive (other than his mind) nor is it like Lee. The commonalities are that they were vulnerable women and bear some resemblance. The hook is that they were so local in a very small town. This isn’t even a radius of 50 miles unless you factor in the lady from Houston which LE says is not connected.

    Awhile ago (can’t remember when) I posted that possibly someone was covering for a relative. Someone who is mentally ill in some fashion. Otherwise, LE would be hot on the trail to get an arrest but they aren’t. There is something we aren’t seeing or know about.

    • No….it’s not a simple serial killer, I agree. Like Ketchum said, most of the “typical” serial killers (if there’s such a thing) kill just to kill and get a thrill from the power and control aspect of it. This killer(s), and these killings, come across to me as more like “silence” killings……there is a need, it seems, to eliminate witnesses. What they may be witnesses to I’m not sure yet.

      Generally with serial killings…… rarely, if ever, hear that the victims had strong connections amongst themselves.

  4. hay hay yall how you’s guys doing. Why tha lowdown on all the dang cops in town. We’s doing our jobs you’s all just dun see it cuz we hide.

  5. i’s say i’s eat to mooch

  6. copluvr wants to know why we r mess with the cops he claims the cops r doing there job they r just hiding what is up with that

  7. Well he is right about one thing they are hiding,but what are they hiding?

  8. oh I am sorry let me correct myself he/she

  9. think he is trying to say he is a cop lol

  10. OMG! Is this guy (copluvr) for real?…LOL! No wonder people have a poor opinion…his grammar appears to be as bad as his skills…. 😉

  11. That was bad…sorry 🙂

    • not bad it was the truth

    • im pretty sure copluvr is making a mochery of us, and guess what? im not impressed nor forced to feel foolish, nor am i intimidated. actually i look down upon this person, sweetie, either the pressure is getting to you, forcing you to lash out at INNOCENT people (and that HAS to be a bad feeling) or youre just an asshole…which? i dont care, i will continue to be enlightened by reading this site and contributing my two cents.

  12. copluvr we want to hear what you have to say about the murders. we just want the truth and want them to stop. So what do you have to say???

  13. Yeah,it was the straight truth,I am waiting for copluvr to elaborate more,he/she is obviously here to defend themself

  14. elaborate for us,we just want to know the truth that all.

  15. huw com yous dogin tha cops wes protec yous poeple and thts tha thnks wes gut

    • ok i just have to say this get the chit out of your mouth so we can understand u

    • if you are a cop then why are you all letting these girls get killed and go bust the bad guys when i go to town now i dont go alone and i do carry a big knife so if someone comes up and trys to do what they did the other day i will cut them up and then i will call you to come pick m up i know you cops will im a good gil and i do by the rules so go do the job and then we will se ok u take care

    • well then are you the killer dont be scared we dont know who you are so tell us we cant find you we just on the comp we cant see you we cant here you we just read the blog

  16. coplular I want to believe the cops want this solved. So convince me, please….

  17. I may agree that not all cops are bad but someone has to know something,come freakin on!

  18. Convince us YES PLEASE!

  19. OMG…He is serious! Really? No…..OMG! he’s gotta be screwing with us. No one can be that stupid. Really?

  20. whys ya fulks dun live us a lon wes not hart no body tha ways

  21. ok yall give copluvr hell i am going to bed someone has to get up and send kids to school in morning o yall teach copluvr how to spell or speak english at lease

  22. Ok…I think you answered that question on your own there, copluvr…LMAO!

  23. copluvr So where are you? c’mon big guy, I really need some answers. You know what’s goin’ on. You want the respect now earn it!

    • i’s in jtown wes nut tht bud hear

    • oh please, ive been gone for a day and i come back to see this idiot playing with somebody’s computer, sure as hell hope it isnt the one that the tax payers provide.. you know if everyone would ignore his ass and stop entertaining him, he’ll go away. he is just trying to create a diversion…

  24. I think you are right on Nicki,It’s just another one of those peeps who thinks they need the attention,and this isn’t the place for that.

  25. he must be one of those drop out Pre-K student that went straight to work for LE

  26. copluvr you have the spot light come on

  27. ok i am sorry but my potty mouth but i just had to say it omg i can not believe the people that some in here and think we r not serious about the killing and our LE what little we have on the LE

  28. Look, I have been sipping on some very cheap wine tonight, so it may be best that I keep my mouth shut.

  29. okay goodnight lilmomof7

  30. AAAAAAHAHAHA! LIke that could happen! I think Lilmom has BINGO on this one!

  31. maybe I need to sip on some wine,lol

  32. joking y’all! copluvr you have the floor…pls continue…if you know how 😉

  33. copluvr SHIT OR GET OFF THE POT!!! I have no patience if you want to say something say it, or quit wasting my time…

    • Oh I JUST LOVE IT!

    • SP………I know you don’t really think he is a cop do you? No real cop talks like that. Truthfully, I couldn’t understand most of what he or she is saying other than #l) it is a real local LE that is insulting our intelligence or #2) he is our killer monitoring or having someone monitor this blog. Mr. or Ms.copluvr: if you are a cop, you are a disgrace to the uniform and if you don’t like what I said, come on with it! Like SP said, “Shit or get off the pot!!!
      SP…….I’ve got your back!

  34. I could not have said it any better Serialpsychic,right on,now copluvr,please continue,you have our attention.

  35. Should I be holding my breath for your wisdom copluvr???

  36. You atr in the bih “Police” spotlight. that means spill the beans!!

  37. Copluvr I tried to write that in a way you could understand… did you???

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  39. copluvr If I was was to cus at you it would knock you and your computer thru the wall of the donut house.

  40. Sorry about the two was’ I just take cussin’ personally… Hurts my feelings, so much….

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  42. G8 I hope you didn’t mean me…

  43. copluvr,deliver some answers or join in discussing our reasons for blogging here,or get out!

  44. copluvr Shame on me!! I thought I would NEVER engage in a game of wits with an unarmed person…Sorry bout that…

  45. copluvr should have done some reading before trying to come in here and stir the pot lol. these ladies and gents have very sharp minds and typing skills lol

  46. best to keep one’s mouth shut and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt

  47. copluvr, yoo hoo are you still there?? He may have taken his tiny pistol and gone home…oh, my, did I say something wrong???

  48. Nicki, great insight on the ag angle. the information for crop harvest and planting could easily be gathered from area farmers.
    not so sure about the moon phases. but do agree with more activity during full moons. i know i used to get into more mischief during full moons myself lol

    • The ag angle is interesting. Six of the eight were found in farming areas. I didn’t notice any type of crops around where Muggy was found and there was certainly no farming where Necole was found. Then, if you keep Shelia Comeaux in mind……she was basically dumped on the doorstep of a funeral home!

  49. By any chance is there a full moon out tonite??

  50. im not taking up for copluvr or any thing it may very well be someone messing around but maybe he is dislexic, my brother in law is and even though he is well educated when he types or text it looks like that cause he spells words like he heres them.

    • no he is just stupid-ass

    • I’m dyslexic and I don’t type like that. Mine’s mainly a numbers thing although my words do get jumbled at times. The word that is a bad one for me. I think the ADD/adhd has something to do with it too.

  51. hears i meant

  52. coplvr Sorry, if you Have a disability please accept this apology.. I NEVER poke fun at anyone’s disability. ON THE OTHER HAND, IF YOU WERE WASTING OUR TIME AND SCREWING WITH US, YOU’RE FAIR GAME, AND IT’S HUNTING SEASON..

  53. someone earlier mentioned something about embalming fluid found on necole so i pulled this info up from a site very interesting!

    Embalming fluid is a compound of formaldehyde, methanol, ethanol and other solvents. The percentage of formaldehyde found in embalming fluid ranges anywhere from 5 to 29 percent. The percentage of ethyl alcohol, the psychoactive ingredient found in alcoholic beverage, varies anywhere from 9 to 56 percent. According to the Office of National Drug Control Policy, it is common for marijuana to be laced with PCP and/or embalming fluid, both of which produce a hallucinogenic effect. Cigarettes soaked with embalming fluid trend to burn slower, thereby increasing the chance for a prolonged high.

    Embalming fluid is usually found in morgues and funeral homes, however, the fluid also can be purchased directly from chemical companies in person or from the Internet. Persons coming in contact with embalming fluid should exercise extreme caution, since exposure can cause serious health issues. Containers should not be opened and its contents should not be inhaled or applied to the skin.

    Effects from exposure to embalming fluid include: bronchitis, body tissue destruction, brain damage, lung damage, impaired coordination, and inflammation and sores in the throat, nose, and esophagus. IT IS EXTREMELY CARCINOGENIC.

    Short-term effects: Anger and frustration, depression, hallucinations and delusions, headache, impaired vision and coordination, increase in women’s sexual appetites, loss of consciousness, memory loss, paranoia, physical violence, sleepiness, and vomiting.

    Long-term effects: Brain damage, bronchitis, coma, convulsions. Coughing, destruction of muscle tissue, fever, heart attack, high blood pressure, inflammation of the throat, nose and esophagus, kidney damage, lung damage, maturation process cessation, pneumonia, and spinal cord destruction.

  54. The drug “wet”, “sherm”, “fly”, “amp”, or “illy”, has been sweeping across the nation for many years now and more and more people desire to experience this outrageous drug trend. “Wet” is when a cigarette or marijuana joint is dipped into a vile of embalming fluid, dried completely and then smoked. This drug phenomenon has very similar effects to that of PCP (phencyclidine) by causing extreme hallucinations. It is also believed that most of the embalming fluid that is sold on the drug market contains some form of PCP.

    Smoking embalming fluid can be very dangerous and can cause a person to become extremely violent. There have been cases of people on “Wet” killing others because of the drug or committing other heinous crimes. In the year 2000, a 14-year old teenage boy from Philadelphia violently stabbed his neighbor more than 70 times after smoking the drug. It is not uncommon for a person to experience violent feelings while on “sherm”. Other symptoms may include comas, kidney failure and strokes. A person on “sherm” may also have a very strong desire to undress and dislike the taste of meat.

    The feelings that people are getting from the drug are not only that of violence, however, they also feel a strong sense of euphoria as well as paranoia. Invincibility and forgetfulness are also common side effects of the drug.

  55. Ketchum Yup, we’re on the same page. I just couldn’t resist toying with him. ,If it was one of “them”, I figured I could get a rise….Thanks for covering my back…

    • I guess the site is getting large enough to where the trolls are going to be making their way in. I’ve seen it happen on a lot of sites I’m a member of and apparently it’s inevitable. I gotta give the person credit though……they apparently did do a little reading and picked up on some of the suspicion that surrounds the cases. Wow….a smart troll……hmmmmmm.

  56. concerned2 Thanks for posting the article. I learned some new things. Thanks again!

  57. This blog is going south. You can’t expect everyone to come here with good intensions, unfortunately. G8, why not put some type of “control” where as you could block stupid a–holes from disrupting conversations? thanks in advance.

    • I’m limited as to how much “blocking” control I have. I came up against this early on and was able to put a stop to it. About all I can do is ban the email address and IP.

  58. ur welcome! after hearing about it earlier i kept wondering what it would be doing on her so i did a little digging and what do u know it’s very popular with druggies! learned alot i didnt know either!

  59. G8TRGIRL……..Can you let me know which of your threads I can look up to read about Ms. Comeau who was brutally beaten and died.

    Also….I hope as many of he Jennings community and surrounding communities, attend the special church serviceon th15th. It will be a memorable program since all of the churches are banning together for unity, friends and families.

    Thanks for reponding to me. You and SERIALPHYSIC are the only ones but thats okay I love ’em anyway. The Jennings “man of the cloth” who was happy to get me involved said to me that some of you all may resent a “Yankee coming here trying to tell yall what to do”. I had to laugh and agree with him because sheriff certainly took that attitude when I offered my services!” (I will close now with the original meaning of LOL) Thank Yall and Goodnight!

  60. Good night to you Ket,you all right don’t matter what anyone says,thanks for your insight.

  61. Sorry G8, I respect the effort and intelligence you have put into this. Just pisses me off when buttwipes succede in pulling people into there imature BS. thanks

  62. Hey who was that coplvr anyway? I think that lingo he/she was speaking is referred yo as ” ethnic slang”. Damn I’m good, Lol! Good to see so many in here tonight, except for the coplvr dude/dudette, of course! So ketchum how was vacation?

    • Uh, Curvy- that is nowhere near “ethnic slang” LMAO! That was an attempt at illiteracy. I would be willing to bet that person can read, write, and speak properly. They were entertaining themselves at the expense of everyone they got attention from. They probably were not alone- probably had company and were laughing together. I think its a little humorous myself. They were being silly. What’s funny to me is that we have formed an army of individuals who are dedicated to discussing this. Its really ALL we can do. Actually I find it humorous that we have pissed people off to the point of coming on here and acting retarded, because if u really think about it- that’s all they CAN do….:-)

  63. g8 don’t fret too much about having to block the”intruders” we can pretty much take care of that ourselves. They’ll WISH they hadn’t messed with us…LOL

    • Trust me……..I have nothing but confidence and faith in y’all. I’m just amazed at all of you. I feel very humbled and appreciative to have the care and intelligence I’ve witnessed here and really hope that everyone will stick with this. At least now the families know they have support and they’re not alone.

  64. Good Nite guys, pleasant dreams!!

  65. Goodnight SP

  66. obscure Sleep’re in my prayers

  67. G8- I plan on sticking with this to the bittersweet end,I feel if we all stick in this we will get this loser,we just have to keep our focus,there are always going to be people coming in here trying to throw us off guard,but we know how to handle them,lol

  68. Thanks always need that,you also are in mine.

  69. I have not a clue who any of you are in here and it doesn’t even matter,but I feel like we are all like a big family of friends,and that just warms my heart!

  70. Ketch – who was that jennings man of thr cloth?

  71. Everyone here tries so hard and digs deep to find information and we all are tring so hard to put the pieces together,I am proud of each and every one of you as I am sure these families are also and to have help on bringing closure to there lives I sure is appreaciated,that goes without saying.

  72. Wow everyones leaving and I’m just coming! Nite owl here! Well I’ll try tomorrow!

  73. I never like to leave everytime I leave the conversation always gets better,everyones wore out our brains have been in overtime,guess I will go also,Goodnight to all.

  74. does anyone know if the US marshall is helping out with these killings if not how do we get in touch with them

    • i dont know lil u still in need of chip and dip me and mom is going to town love to see you mom does

  75. Let’s look at this for a minute as strictly business. Consider that each girl that is brought in to work for the company has the potential to make the company money. To start with, it costs the company a little to train them.

    As time goes on, the girls level off on how much it costs to keep them as employees. The amount of money they generate for the company steadily increases. As the revenues raise, the girls feel entitled to a little more. This is against company policy. The company feels like they deserve all the profit and the girls should be content to recieve the “pay” they have been getting.

    This, in business, is the same as not giving bonuses, cost of living raises, and merit raises. The girls feel entitled, the company turns a deaf ear. The only option the girls have is to leave or decrease productivity. At this point, they need the “pay” so they slow down on the amount of work they are doing instead of leaving.

    The company now sees that the profit level from an individual employee is declining. They speak to her and let her know that she needs to step up production. She does not see it as an issue because she feels the company and it’s employees are her friends. So her productivity does not escalate to former levels.

    The companies viewpoint is that is has invested in training, meals, a residence, and “pay”. Management speaks to the non productive employee and they are unable to reach an agreement. So management approaches H.R. and the necessary steps are taken to remove the girl from the payroll.

    And last, pregnancy would have caused a situation where the expectant employee was a liability with long periods of down time in production. the company would view that as a non profitable division to be shut down.

    What would be the way to eliminate the expense and also be sure your company’s secrets remained proprietary? The facade of a SK is born.

  76. Good Morning Serial Psychic are you there?

  77. lilmom look in the phone book and call then and ask and if you dont want to call mei will doit for you ok let me know something ok

  78. good morning kik


  80. Good Morning Sheila

  81. good morning everyone i seen yall had an intruder last night in here trying to play with everyones intelligience

  82. Hey Baffled, Copluvr is not LE. He/she has no interest in seeing the case solved. It is just a stupid internet trolling game.

    There are some people that come here that have bad grammar and spelling skills. They come with a legitimate interest in helping and pure hearts. They help brainstorm and provide tons of local information and good ideas. This is Copluvr’s way of making fun of them. His/her exaggerated spelling errors and diction are his/her way of proving to the world he/she is better than others. I will take twenty of the bad spellers over this a-hole any day.

    G8, this is your site. If you repeatedly ask this person to go away and they refuse, there are internet stalking laws available to make it happen. Keep IP records to turn over to LE if it becomes necessary. Your IP records should also provide you with Long./Lat. coordinates of the computer being used.

  83. I just found an article about the murders at First time I have seen a major mainstream article. LE has set up a website according to the article. Here is the link:

    • Thanks for the link cp. Great to see CNN is continuing to cover these murders. Apparently the article author, Janet DiGiacomo, believes we have a serial killer at work because she used those very words in the headline. One thing I noticed though, and it’s really minor, is she referred to Loretta’s dad as Mr. Lewis…..that should be Chaisson I believe.

    • CP…….I had a late start today. Thanks for that info. I am elated that CNN did such an article. I did not know that Edwards had ‘changed his tune”when referring to the victims. We are all “a child of the King” and so were the victims! Remember, He sits high and looks low. With everyone banding together as one, He will make a way for an end to this madness.

  84. is the terry guillory in the paper that lost there house in a fire the same one related to necole? i see the spelling of the name is different

    • Okay Terry Guillory’s home caught on fire? Well, a while back Ricky Edwards’ home caught on fire as well. Does anyone remember this?

      • That is not the same Terry Guillory the one that house caught on fire is not the same one that works at the So this Terry lives in Welch the other Terry lives in Lake Arthur.

        • Well, that is good then! Shit another bogus comment I made. Man, that is messed up. I apologize!

    • @ Concerned2, If he works for the Sheriff Dept., yes it is.

      • it doesnt say i cant get the full article just what they have online

        WELSH/ROANOKE – Despite the parish fair in town, “fun and games” eluded the Guillory family this weekend after an electrical fire claimed their entire home and all of their belongings.
        According to the homeowner, Terry Guillory, his family’s roller coaster ride is just beginning.

        For the complete story and more local news, please subscribe to Jennings Daily News by clicking the “SUBSCRIBE” link at left or by calling 337-824-3011.

  85. To: Ketchum23

    If I am wrong about you, then please accept my sincere apology.
    In the course of doing general research on the case, I was told by a member of LE that you, specifically were “5-0″…(their outdated terminology, not mine). After reviewing some of your past statements and realizing that they were inconsistent at times, suspicion was heightened…as I’m sure you can understand.
    Recent events on the blog, as well as, G8 (whom we all trust) obviously feeling comfortable with you, prompted me to revisit what was told to me regarding your identity. Please know, that I did this with the purpose of uncovering truth for the benefit of unity within this group.
    Last night, I made a few phone calls and the result was a recorded statement by a member of local LE telling me that you and others, that have posted in the past, are paid members of another local LE agency.
    However, I had to consider the source and the overall feeling about the information I was getting. To me, a lot of what I was told last night seems more incredible than any of your inconsistencies. As a result, I’m no longer certain I believe or trust the information given to me initially. Also, factor that in along with the fact that we have these unknown trouble makers beginning to pop up on the blog almost immediately after we began to trust you again. The timing is just too coincidental!…or as G8 might say, hmmmmmmm.
    I know that you have seen my dedication to this cause and all of the individuals posting here. I feel very protective of them all. This may, in fact, be an attempt by certain members of LE to disrupt and/or destroy this gathering and thereby, reverse the progress we have made. The more I reconsider last night’s conversation, I may be willing to bet on that.
    Why did they choose your screen name? I don’t know. Perhaps it’s because you are former LE and they resented your request to assist them. Perhaps it’s because you are an outsider to this community and in knowing that, they felt distrust for you could easily be established on this blog. Perhaps they closed their eyes and just pointed to a name on the screen. Whatever the reason, I’m very tempted to believe that if it weren’t you, they would have chosen one of us to use against the others.

    If this theory is correct and we have…if I have suspected you unjustly, then please forgive me. It was not my intention. Thanks in advance!

    • Last night, I made a few phone calls and the result was a recorded statement by a member of local LE telling me that you and others, that have posted in the past, are paid members of another local LE agency.

      Wow!! This definitely caught my eye……..hmmmmm is right. So you’re saying someone in local LE told you that LE outside the parish are being paid to post on this blog??? That’s the first time I’ve heard about that. I realized they were monitoring the blog and other forums and Edwards stated that publicly just recently. I find their fascination and curiosity with our discussions a bit humorous…..seems they would have more urgent and important business to tend to. Public discussions about crime are certainly not unique to this blog. Perhaps they don’t realize that crime, period, is a very hot topic across the nation. One glance at places like In Session, Websleuths or Scared Monkeys certainly bear that out.

      Anyway, interesting information you provided.

      (by the way….just so my post doesn’t get misinterpreted…..I’m in no way questioning or suggesting that Ketchum is being paid to post here)

      • DEAR NICKI SOILEAU………I am just getting in from spending a gread day with my Marine grandson who just recently returned from deployment in Iraq and just started to look at the blog.
        #1).Whoever told you that is a bear-faced liar and you can tell them I said so and that I said they can go “piss of a rope.” I have no reason to lie to anyone.. I will be sending you an email as soon as I finish posting and will give you additional contacts to verify who and what I am. I am not surprised of the attacks against me by local LE. As I told you all before, my “man of the cloth”said that they would resent ” a Yankee coming here to try to tell them what to do.” That was not my intention. I had only hoped to work WITH THEM my help to solve the case. Perhaps, they were P.O’d because I told local LE that I do not like working with Task Forces because each agency wants the credit and the glory, which happened to one of my cases that was aired on America’s Most Wanted and the lead detective of another agency screwed it all up that the killer is probably still out there. (I backed off to keep from hitting her in her mouth) and getting suspended when she came back from New York where the show is broadcast. The case is something she has to live with. My God and I know that I did my best and only with his help.
        Also, F.Y.I. Oh, by the way, the special church service tomorrow (the 15th) iks NOT being officiated by who I refer to as “the man of the cloth”, who incidently, is elated that G8TRGIRL (and now you) apologized to me. He read the blogs and said that “oh Boy, they really hammered you.”
        Now he’s as happy as “a pig on skates” and is praying for all of us and the victim’s families.

  86. Hi Nickie I emailed you,did you get it.

  87. ok, I see that last night someone was messing with everyone.. is it just me, i know the first person that came to my mind was no way.. if it is not no way then sorry, but no way thought everything was funny.. catch my drift? maybe that was their way of making a stupid joke.. no way if it was not you let us know..

    • that may be why they there even some bickers to were there i hope not someone need to get the persons r people i wish i can

  88. BTW… to that copluvr and no way… we are not hear to joke around.. we are here to try to give these families some closure.. to find out what happend to these women/girls who were daughters, mothers, aunts, sisters.. they were people not victim #’s … and in NO WAY are they something or someone to come on here to joke about!!!

    • if you think they are then you have a real sick since of humor, and need a reality check yourself.. do you have something to hide???? tell us!!!

  89. i just got home and i have to pass in frount off the cops by piggs in jenning msn it was full off cops i hope they found something i will go later and see if yhey still there when i go bring him fishing and i go pay my bill

    • i have noticed that for the last few days.. I too pass there myself.. but i tell you when they close down, they all shag @*$ … and fast

    • but you know what i have also noticed.. they have been having alot of cops for a few days, stationed at or around every overpass heading out of town.. and every exit to Jennings.. last saturday they had 6 cops pass in a half of an hour in front of my house which is not far from an outing from jennings.. and on that day there were 2 at every outing in jennings.. hmmm…. idk

      • lemon u north south off jennings im east off jennings i have to pass the OLI school when i go to town

        • I am east also, but can get home by passing oli or by cutting and I find that going to the red light is faster..

  90. CNN: Police set up Web site to help catch a serial killer


    There is also a local announcement in the Jennings paper about it.

  92. Yes Nickie thats right.I will check

  93. hey nikki i havent told you but thanks for everything ya doin an that was a good one one da side lol gotta love a coonass

    • Thx baffeled. I’m just doing what we’re all doing. I feel blessed to be here with y’all! And P.S. I love being a coonie!

      • you are blessed Nicki, to have such a huge heart, dedication to others, and such great insight. You are blessed. I am happy to be here with you all too.

        I am very sorry for all of you have been through, and have to go through in the future…this can go on for a long time…..I pray it is resolved sooner than not, and that the legal system puts a end to this before anything gets worse. Do keep them lifted in your prayers, for they need God on their side also.

  94. Nickie did you get what I sent you.I did not get anything from you.I probaly did something wrong.Not computer savvy.My email

  95. O.K. have to start cooking lunch.Be back later.

  96. is everyone going to the candle light vigil on sat hope to see yall there dont forget about the t shirts i think my aunt posted i just want to remind everyone god bless all

  97. Good Morning everyone, Speaking of the new LE website that I think is the same they have had,
    I do not see where someone can post as CNN mentioned family had posted…..Am I missing something????

  98. So, I was interested in what someone mentioned about the RE’s home having caught fire in the recent past???? Anyone remember detais…..was it burnt to the ground or what….this could be intimidation tactics….the task force may have more on their hands than they imagine… too!

  99. Ricky’s was not burned to the ground. Someone, I think caught it in time. I know right? I feel sorry for them, but sure seems wierd. His too was electrical just like Terry’s. Concerned2 it is the same Terry Guillory.

  100. Observer, I don’t like that “us too” comment. Are you stating we should be worried?

  101. No, what I meant is that if there is someone possible going so far as to burn down LE’s homes as a warning to them, then the case itself is DEEP…it has some truly paranoid psychos involved(which we already know)….but if someone is going to that extent to stop progress…then we are dealing with someone (or may people) that will go much further than they already have……..just meaning the plot deepens and there is much more work to be done……

    Does anyone here have something to be worried about…well, if I found out that someone has went so far as to burn down LE homes to quiet them, I would start worrying about letting others know how what I know….it is something to ponder.

    I hope and pray they both just happen to have electrical fires…just a coincidence, but I would also add it to the oddities category. This is spooky.

    • Observer, I don’t think it is someone being paranoid psychos. I would look more towards coincidence or fraud. That is my opinion. Again, I will say, I do feel sorry for the family.

  102. meant -others know how much or what I know…

  103. be back in a few…….

  104. not at the court house at the one next to O L I school they not there no more

  105. not at the court house at the one next to O L I school they not there no more i have to to town to get him later i see if they back

    • That is what I meant too.. sorry if anyone thought of the other when I said sheriff’s office.. I just know that they have 2 office’s in town.. one by OLI and the one at the courthouse.. what is up with 2 of them in this small town.. I have always wondered that one..

  106. i seen a few there that look like the FBI i hope they catch the sorry SOB

  107. maybe the house fires are just coincidence but one would have to think if the killer is so skilled in covering and hiding evidence then maybe this person or persons is capable of setting house fires and making them look electrical

  108. Or the killer(s) work as an electrician.

    • Question to Terry would be has anyone worked on his home lately? If one is an electrician, they are able to go to the outside box and loosen the main breaker causing a shortage without one thinking twice.

      • brownie… they don’t even have to know much about electrical work.. if they worked carpentry also.. down here in the south, lots of people do their own work to their own homes, so that could be looked at also.. the killer could have had a history of electrical/carpentry work.. I noticed that we posted at the same thing, almost the same posts.. lol.. great minds think alike.. 🙂

        • I meant if the fire was started by someone …. they could have had a history of …. instead of where i put … the killer

    • well that is a good point also.. when their house cought fire, did they have to call any electricians to their home for anything?? (within the last few days before) It don’t even have to be an electrician… carpenter work also.. did they have any work being done to their house.. just a few thoughts about it..

    • how about truck drivers i seen a few off them when i went pick up my old man on HY 1126 just a few roads were theyfind the girls but who know who is doing that

  109. i wonder where “firewife” is? they havent been on in while. im sure they could give some more info on the fire

    • it was a different terry guillory completely, no relation to any victims…the house fire was electrical….ricky edwards fire was started from a faulty compressor in a window air condition unit…his wife was home and found the fire in a toy room/storage room in the back of the house…that is the only room that had fire damage but some of the rest of the house sustained smoke damage….i dont remember the date but it was a couple of years ago…it was purely accidental…!!

  110. That is a bummer though. He is already catching hell from all ends and now this. Whew! I would not want to be him right now. Then again, he dug that hole. Too many unanswered questions as well from all ends too.

  111. I know Stefanie’s death was not related they said. I was just wondering, where at on the road was her vehicle found? What direction was she heading? Was her vehicle on the same side of the road she was heading? Just wondering if anyone knows?

  112. Hey y’all I just caught the tail end of all this. Don’t know if it’s even what y’all are talking about, but the house that burned was not the JDPSO Warden, Terry Guillory. It’s a different Terry Guillory whose house burned.

  113. ok so someone is saying it is the same terrie and someone is saying its not. anyone know for sure?

  114. Message to the members of Justice for Jefferson Davis…sent via Facebook this morning.:

    Hey Guys!

    I wanted to give everyone an update on things Justice for Jefferson Davis is working on behind the scenes.

    On October 12, 2009 at 11:20 a.m., I sent a Freedom of Information Act request to MAIT (Multi-Agency Investigative Team) for the following:
    -Names and contact information for the members of MAIT
    -Names and contact information for the member’s employing agencies
    -A detailed description of each members job responsibilities within the scope of MAIT and MAIT’s command structure (if applicable)

    This request was sent to them via MAIT’s website:

    By law, MAIT is required to submit the information requested within 3 days of receipt. So, we shall see what comes of this in the next 24 hours.

    The primary reason for our request is to extend an invitation to each member of MAIT and their employing agencies asking them to attend a public question and answer forum…a civil “town hall” meeting of sorts, that is tentative scheduled for November 28, 2009.

    Although Sheriff Edwards has declined the previous personal invitation I extended, he will be sent a second request, as will each individual task force member.

    I do, in fact, believe that local law enforcement has (partly because of our efforts) made the investigation of these murders an important priority. But, I also believe that they have willfully neglected their responsibility to the citizens of this parish.

    WE, in this community, are intelligent enough to know that our law enforcement and officials cannot release some, if not most, of the information they’ve gathered in the investigation. We are aware that the release of such information could damage the integrity of the case and could be detrimental to the prosecution of the murder/murderers. I have made clear to Sheriff Edwards that we have no intention of asking or having them answer these delicate questions. The message I relayed to Sheriff Edwards was simply, that he and members of MAIT had a responsibility to the citizens of this parish and the best way they could honor that responsibility is to, at the very least, meet with the community in order to reassure us that MAIT is working diligently and progress is being made.

    Assuming that we receive an answer to our Freedom of Information Act request, by 11:20 a.m. tomorrow, the formal invitation to meet the public will be sent to all members of MAIT by week’s end. I will update you all when or if I receive a response to those invitations.

    I’d also like to thank each and every one of you for all your hard work and dedication to this cause. My faith in the world is renewed daily working alongside each of you!

    ***Our email campaign will continue on Monday October 19, 2009***
    We will be focusing on NBC’s Dateline. I’ll send a group email over the weekend containing Dateline’s contact information. Thanks!

  115. MY BAD!!!!!!!!! I’m sorry, it is not the same Terry.

  116. exactly

  117. I think if anyone would know for sure, Nicki, and G8 would … It still is some good thoughts about all of it.. on the other fire’s…

  118. my exactly posted way too late….please excuse…….it was meant for an earlier reply…sorry

    not loosing my mind yet!!!!

  119. I was thinking about something.If not LE or say pimp of some sort,what about preacher or priest.Who would be fanatical that these girls were going down the wrong road.A priest or preacher perhaps.Maybe in some sick way thinking he was doing the lords work.Something to think about.

    • really do u really think they could do that and still stand in front of people and preach the bible.

      • Do you really think a “man of the cloth” could not do something like that?
        Not saying it is in any way a “man of the cloth”.

        Just think about it. If a Priest can molest a little boy over and over and still look his parish in the face and preach to them weekly, then how could one not (in his mind) commit murder in the name of the Lord and look his Parishioners in the face?

        It is a terrifying thought but not impossible.

  120. now i dont mean to be rude to the sheriff because he is a nice man–but the ‘profile’ of what we are looking for is: in my opinion –the population of all of jennings and abbeville and some–of new orleans
    their HAS to be ‘something –‘SPECIFIC!!!”
    we are looing at –anyone
    but like–can the person tolerate cold wind>???
    things like that??There is a lot of money for a reward
    but —we have to know what we are looking for
    height, weight, race old young-beard,clean dirty

  121. Hey y’all…I need some help here. I can’t find the off topic blog, sorry. I view each of you as my friends and advisors…we are all working toward the same goal. I have received sooooo many wonderful messages and emails telling me that I’m doing a good thing for the community (in reference to Justice for Jefferson Davis). People have stopped my in WalMart and other places to tell me they appreciate our efforts. Today, I got a Facebook message from a member just slamming me! This member was referring to a message I sent to the group’s members on October 12 which included AMW’s contact link and a copy and paste of the message I sent AMW for members to use as a reference, if needed. I mean, this person broke my heart with her comments. It’s not that they were demeaning or rude in any way. What affected me most is that this person totally misunderstood everything I wrote in my AMW message, formed their own opinion of what they thought I meant, then took it out on me. What a lot of people don’t realize (that I know in my heart y’all do) is that the effort we put into all of this is not just assembly line work. We pour our hearts and souls into making this community a better place. We do it sun up to sun down. A lot of us lose sleep over it. And many of you that do this so tirelessly DON”T EVEN LIVE HERE! Y’all sacrafice to serve others with little or no equity in this area…this still amazes me. Anyway, I’m wondering if it would be acceptable if I were to copy and paste this message here (WITH NO NAMES REVEALED) and also paste my response so that y’all can advise me whether I did the right thing, said the right thing, or if I need to do something differently. Let me know…thx!

    • I don’t see any problem with you posting it here (although whoever sent the email may read it and double-slam you). This is a difficult journey we’re on and I suppose things like that are to be expected along the way. Just remember, when you’ve got 100 people assembled…’ve got 100 differing opinions as well. The nature of what we’re dealing with is a “highly charged” situation and sometimes tempers, attitudes and opinions can get out of control as well as misunderstanding and miscommunications. Keep hanging in there Nicki……..your heart is in the right place!!

    • nikki sure thats what we are here for you handle it the best way you know how an if you feel safe to put it here so be it its people like that. that has no morals an doesnt understand anything we are trying to do

      • I will post it in a few minutes, but let me elaborate. She was not mean or rude in ANY WAY. She simply fussed me because SHE had misunderstood the message. The reason I’m so upset about it is the reason any one of us would be upset…we carry the thing and what we are working for, so near and dear to our hearts and we know that our intentions are good. We pour our existance into bringing peace and unity and justice and along comes someone who COMPLETELY disregards your emotional energy, puts their own spin on it and fusses you! That’s like someone running out in front of you in traffic, then giving you the finger like YOU did something wrong! Aaaaahhhhhhh!

  122. And please I am not knocking religion I do believe in God very much.But if you think about it priests have been known to do some pretty naughty things.And would not the girls trust a man of the cloth.Does that not sound familiar.I do believe someone mentioned man of the cloth before.It could be a new avenue to look into.What do you think Nickie.I know its farfetched but you never know.

    • Oh KIT, that is a good point in that people are very trusting of priests and ministers, etc. I think in any murder investigation, where the circumstances warrant it, viewing everyone, with respect to their career, as a suspect is appropriate. However, (and this is only MY gut feeling) I still believe we are already looking at and focusing on the guilty parties…the names we’ve previously discussed…in this particular case. Although, in any situation (including this one) those ideas are not completely out of the realm of possibilty.

      I wish I could have been more helpful, but it means alot that you asked for my thoughts…THX! 🙂

  123. ok i went to doctor and got weigh i gain 6lbs in the last 3 weeks she ask me how i told her i sat here with u guys trying to figure out things she told me to keep doing it

    • ROFLMAO!!! I needed that mom…THANKS! 🙂

    • GREAT! That’s probably why I’m gaining weight, too! Lilmom- u mightve needed to, but my ass doesn’t! Lol- hope you continue to get better.

    • ROFLMAO!!! TOOOOOOO…that’s funny, I am sorry, guess we need exercise breaks. Fortunately, I run a small business and have grandchildren I help with, so I have to disengage at times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Thanks for the good laugh…got more catching up to do 😉

  124. Oh Nickie to hell with them you cannot please everyone.

  125. Sure lilmom7.For example Father Gaudet molested countless young boys and is still in prison.He was our priest in Lafayette in the early eighties.He performed the marriage of one of my best friends and she still thinks her marriage did not work because she got a tainted priest.LOL But yeah why not they are human.I think its very possible.

    • One thing I never understood about priests……….why not go for girls? Not that it’d be right either. Just can’t figure it out.

  126. This is the MEMBER’S message to me:

    I tried copying and pasting the message you did, but there were way too many characters, so I had to delete a few of the formalities, but most important of all, I deleted the derogatory part about the sheriff. I think the most important thing here is the victims and not demeaning the one man most responsible for getting justice served. I think its unfair to pitch him to AMW as an irresponsible, egotistical jerk when if they do come here, they will have preconceived notions thanks to comments like that. To get anything accomplished in the name of justice, relations have to be fair and balanced or it will become a turf war. It should not be about your dislike or distaste for him and your message could very well be overlooked as you basically said, “come do his job for him by catering to his whim.” Also, as not only a human, but a man, he will not respond to your requests or help if he feels you are speaking down to him and/or discrediting the work he does. Also, you need to remember that he is an elected official and so was placed there by our votes and the proper way to handle disapproval is during elections, not flinging dirt in between.

    • FOR REFERENCE: This is the message I sent to AMW. This is the message that the member is referring to in their comments to me.

      RE: Jefferson Davis Parish, La Serial Murders

      To Whom It May Concern:

      My name is ————–. I am a member of a 700 plus member community group called Justice for Jefferson Davis. We greatly appreciate the information you’ve posted on the AMW website. We are reaching out to you, AMW, asking that you come to Jefferson Davis Parish, La and do an in depth investigative story on the 8 serial murders that have plaqued this community over a 4 year period. AMW appears to be the only news outlet that our sheriff, Ricky Edwards, will actually communicate with, therefor he would be more likely to assist your show with getting this story (and keeping it) in the public eye. The people involved are much more likely to speak to you, AMW, than they would be to local law enforcement. This fact alone, greatly warrants AMW’s presence here. We believe, AMW’s presence will also keep these cases from going cold and will, likely, generate many more leads in this case. Please accept the invitation we have extended as we believe it will help prevent the loss of more precious lives. Thank you in advance!

      Justice for Jefferson Davis

    • I am so confused on where she saw derrogatory comments and such???

  127. This is my RESPONSE to the member:

    I very much respect your opinion and you do have a right to it. I am proud that you are a part of our group. However, I feel you may have misread my statements or that you have certainly misunderstood their meaning.

    First, let me point out that there were NO derogatory comments made about Mr. Edwards. It was actually a conversation with Mr. Edwards that prompted me to include that reference since he has spent much time building a relationship with America’s Most Wanted. I have not ever nor will I ever “pitch” him to anyone in a bad light. AMW’s producers have no need for preconceived notions as they have spent many months working WITH Sheriff Edwards, as well as with me. Their stance on not doing a show at this time is a show policy based reason, meaning they usually do not cover cases that do not have a viable suspect established. Sheriif Edwards and I both agreed that AMW is the only media outlet organized to be of assistance to law enforcement, not a hinderance. Mr. Edwards and I agree on that fact because he and I are, both, well aware that people with certain lifestyles often do not feel comfortable speaking to law enforcement.

    Point two, I have no dislike or distaste for Mr. Edwards. He and I are, in fact, good aquaintences. We have had a working relationship for years now. He has always been good to me. Mr. Edwards understands well that we disagree in certain areas and that those disagreements are likely due to a lack of perspective for the other’s job and position…i.e., he is local law enforcement and I am media. We speak on the phone (lately) 3 or 4 times a week and the exchanges are pleasant. Mr. Edwards and I have a mutual respect for the other’s position whether they are parallel or not. Also, please know that Mr. Edwards will verify that these statements are true and correct should you feel the need to contact him.

    Point of fact: Law enforcement has a job to do and people that they are responsible to and for. Media has a job to do and are responsible to and for those very same people in a different way. The two entities will like always have different views in certain areas, but it is the job of both entities to work together, in mutual respect, in order to try to achieve compromise. That is exactly the nature of the relationship I share with Sheriff Ricky Edwards.

    I’m sorry that you misunderstood the situation. There are many things that go on behind the scenes in this groups efforts. There are many people working long and hard for you, the people, as well as ourselves. You see, we are also citizens. We are also human beings. We have feelings just the same as everyone else. We sacrafice our time and energy in order to provide for a better and safer environment in which to live. Our families also sacrafice much quality time with us while we work to serve others.

    I hope this clears up any misconceptions about the many faces behind Justice for Jefferson Davis or our groups purpose. Again, we are pleased to have you joining in this effort with us, in unity, to serve this place we all call home. If I can be of further assistance, please feel free to message me via Facebook or by email at Thank you.

    • i did to i sent them a email to and sent me one saying watch on the 24th i dont know if they gonna talh off jennings so if more send it to AMW they might

  128. very well said nikki no one is bashing anybody we believe as a community that we should be told something an made aware that there is a SK on the loose very well spoken nikki dont get discouraged keep up the good work an it was probaly somebody that doesnt even know the whole story are it was someone trying to take sides but thats not what we are here far to bash anybody we just want answers maybe for now justice will follow im like you i know they cant tell us everything because it would hurt the case but dam come on ricky let us know something im still a believier in him i just think that this is way over his head tell our community something we deserve to know

  129. Nicki Soileau:

    Why don’t you ask Sheriff Edwards why he will not announce that Dr. Godwin has been officially working these murders for over a year?

    • Well Silver, here is where the fine line I’m forced to walk comes into play. The major difference of opinion between our group (and I think the folks here) and LE is what actually defines public information. Intimate deatils of a murder investigation do not qualify as public knowledge and for GOOD reason. But, the members that comprise a tax payer funded task force is public information as detailed in the LA Constituation, rewritten in 1974 and FIA redefined in 1978. If you will refer to my previous post to the members of Justice for Jefferson Davis, I plainly stated that I sent a Freedom of Information Act (Sunshine Law) request to the members of MAIT on October 12, 2009 at 11:20 a.m, in which I requested the names of all participating parties to the task force. By law, they have 3 days to respond. We should have an answer by 11:20 a.m. tomorrow detailing that information. If we do not, we will have to take it to the state attorney general’s office, as well as to the Governor.

  130. I’d like to add one more thing and then I promise not to dominate the blog with my “issues.” It’s a clarification, actually.

    When I stated that I was Media, the meaning and definition of MY use of the word is this:

    We live in the internet generation. When an organized group or entity is formed whose stated purpose and responsibility is to inform the public and work in support of a particular community, by defition, it is a member of the “media” community. However, we, in this group, have certain benefits that established newspapers and television news outlets do not have. We have a greater flexability to call things as we see them. The other media entities have to operate within the limits of what they can prove. We have the ability to express what we feel. Also, because we are not in competition (money wise) with those established media entities, there is no territorial dispute and they will work with and for us, thus benefiting all parties involved.

    I wanted to make that clarification to you guys so that you know I’m not working for ANYONE other than me, you and our community. Thanks!

    • You sure are brillant Nicki….very smart…good for you.
      I appplaud the way you handled the entire situation. Very good, you get an A+

  131. Nickie I think what you and G8t girl have done is wonderful.Do not let anyone discourage you.You know what your talking about and anytime you have someone trying to do something good,you will always have naysayers to your cause.Especially in a crime infested town not to mention these heinous crimes taken out on these poor defenseless women.Keep on keeping on.

  132. I think Nicki, and G8 are doing a great job.. at least they show us that someone is working on this case..

    • with our help of course 🙂 i think everyone on here that is here for the right reasons are doing a good job also too!

  133. Nicki did you get my message on FB.. I know it was long, but i thought it says what alot of women in the parish are thinking..

    • Sorry it took so long Lemon. I’m checking my FB now.

      • Hey Lemon, I just responded. You only thought yours was long…LOL 😉

        • Nicki, i just sent you a something. I don’t know if you will be able to get any use out of it, but you are one of the only people i can trust to tell it to.

          • and if you need I trust G8 also if you would like to tell her, she might be able to use something out of it also.

      • ok i just have to say this to nicki and G8 yall are doing a good job on here and my doctor thinks so also, yall keep me sitting down eating and reading that is just what the doctor order me to do so again i thank yall

  134. M Silsver,
    Is Dr. Godwin’s geographic profile available online? If so, can you provide a link?

  135. Just so everyone knows that the house that burnt down that was in WELCH was NOT the Terry Gulliory that works at the Sheriff Office. Just so everyone knows and we don’t get something started by everyone having a misunderstanding.

  136. Wow a lot can happen when you get on the blog a little later than usual !! Nicki and G8, you’re doing a GREAT job. One person’s opinion is just that….one opinion. To the rest of you guys, you are wonderful. I can’t imagine having better people brainstorm, and find all the angles you have. Our hearts are in the right place and we’ll figure this puzzle out. And that’s all I have to say!!!

  137. M. Silver Do you work or have you worked with Dr. Godwin? Your name has a ring to it.

  138. ok i have a ? what do yall think about all the mexcains that we have around here. do yall think they would have anything to do with these killings. the reason why i ask is because i see FR and his family with alot of them i was being nosy today in town and even went by his house and seen some on there porch. just a thought.

  139. and some of them know the back roads cause they had attack a young man awhile back on a back road when he was running

  140. M. Silver is Dr. Godwin. I have heard his claims before on another case. Instead of being enigmatic why don’t you just put up? It goes a long way with truthfulness vs. dancing one more time about cases. No one cares about ego and if there is someone who can crack this I will stroke their ego until the cows come home.

    Put up or shut up. I don’t want to spend the last years of my life dancing around whose ego is stronger. I have spent way too many years trying to seek justice for victims.



  141. Hey y’all. Tonight I am devastated. I have some very important and very sad information to share with you.

    But, first I am PLEADING with each and every one of you to keep a LEVEL HEAD! Please DO NOT freak out. Please DO NOT start spreading rumor and speculation all over the place. Please, I BEG YOU to remain calm and ACT RESPONSIBLY with the information I am about to share. This IS NOT the time for mass hysteria. It will be ZERO BENEFIT to this case, our cause and this community. All of you are so very dear to me and by putting this out here, I am trusting you to behave rationally.

    After I relay the information, I ask that you do NOTHING other than research the questions at the end of this post, use the information we already have to help fill in the blanks and/or develop other questions that need answers, and help the group brainstorm new ideas. I also think, given this will likely be the straw that breaks the camels back, that we need to come up with an organized plan of action for the members of J4JD, this blog and our community as to what will be our next move with regards to LE.

    ***This information has been verified by confidential sources, but has not been reported on by the media or released by LE.***

    Stephanie McKenzie is the name of the victim from Texas that was found dead near the “dumping grounds” in our parish. It was quietly categorized as a suicide by overdose. Tonight I have learned that she is very much connected to our 8 victims and in MY OPINION (only) is the 9th life claimed by our serial killer. There is debate on whether she was found in a car or truck, but I have, in fact, verified that the vehicle was registered in another person’s name. I have a name, but will not release it until I have verified it as fact. I have it on VERY GOOD authority that the victim was transporting Tracee Chaisson back from Texas when she went missing, eventually being found dead. There are other familiar names that were reported to me, but I won’t elaborate on that until I have researched it further. I also, have it on good authority that the victim was closely associated with at least one of the other 8 victims. I will have to research more to find out the nature of that relationship (friend, relative, etc).

    Here are some of the questions I’d like your help in answering:
    -What was the relationship between the first 8 victims? I know 2 were cousins and 1 was best friends with one of them. I’d like details please as this will help me with an overall picture of the connections and better determine where this victim fits in.
    -Was it a car or truck? This HAS TO BE verified concrete info, not rumor please.
    -What are the names and contact numbers of the victim’s immediate family members?
    -What is the occupation of each victim’s sibling?…this is important

    I’d like any other FACT that you can give me regarding this victim AND this incident.

    I promise you I will give you a detailed explanation of why I am requesting these specific things, when I can verify it all as fact.

    NEXT: What do you suggest we do as a UNITED community with this knowledge? We cannot afford the outbreak of vigilante justice…IT WILL damage this case and be a disservice to these victims. What do each of you suggest? I will be handling the media portion of this so I specifically mean what we should do to with regards to LE and local officials. It’s your call.

    I want to ask you all to forgive me if I have come off as controlling or too motherly. It is not my intention. I believe all of you understand why I have said the things I have. I would never want to offend any of you! You are my friends and are VERY dear to my heart. I also, might come across a bit wrong because I am so very upset. The sadness in my heart for this community, for these victims is dangerously overwhelming for me at the moment.

    One last thing, if LE is, in fact, monitoring this blog as I am sure they are, things could get a bit sticky for us. If you do not wish to participate, no one will fault you in any way.

    I DO NOT AIM THIS STATEMENT AT LE BY ANY MEANS…if anything were ever to happen to me, I trust that all of you will carry on what we have started and see it through to the very end…to JUSTICE.

    • nikki i would like to know who to email u myself i have info about tracee in texas and dates

    • nicki. i just sent you some very important information on facebook

    • NICKI……Thanks for the apology.I just posted you a long one and lost it, letting you know that I just got back from spending a great day with my Marine grandson who recently returned from deployment in Iraq. I also said that whoever told you I work for locat LE or get paid for anything told you a bear-faced lie and you can tell them for me that they can go “piss up a rope.” As was suggested to me, they most likely resent “a yankee coming here to tell them what to do.”Remember on one of my earlier post, I related something that I learned in my lifetime: some men resent a female knowing as much or more than they do. Also:, F.Y.I.
      The church service for tomorrow (the 15th) is NOT being officiated by the “man of the cloth” that I refer to.
      He is, by the way, as “happy as a pig on skakes” that G8trgirl absolved me on the blog. He said that I really touched someone’s nerve and was viciously attaced without cause. But, doesn’t this proved that God answers prayers! He is praying for all of us and the victims’ families.
      My son just told me that CNN ran the story today. I will watch CNN after I send you and email. Then I will start reading the posts of today.

      • P.S………Never mind. I see that I can send a carbon copy of the email to G8trgirl.

      • OMG—and I have been reading from the top down getting updates all the whiles this has been sitting here…I am so sorry. his is God awful….

  142. my heart just sank reading this! i suspected it was related but it just blows my mind that it actuallly was! thanks for that info nikki!

  143. okay nikki kinda scary you brought tears to my eyes as u said if anything happens to you you trust we will carry on how can i e-mail you so we can talk an ill see if i can help

    • I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare anyone. But, I started this and I will finish it as long as I have breath in my body. What I mean is, if I have made anyone, who is capable of murdering 9 or more women, feel threatened, it is not outside the realm of possibility that they may consider me a huge liability. That is fine. I will take the heat on this one. I will take responsibility for my actions. I will not allow it to come back on any of you simply because you associate with me. That is why I say you will not be thought ill of if you choose not to contribute. I am an emotional mess right now and I am physically exhausted. Please understand.

  144. there is a facebook for her this is the link

    maybe u can get in contact with some of her relatives on there.

    her poor children! i just saw she had 6!

  145. Nicki I said this very thing in thread 35 and one family member told me there was no connection. I knew there was…I am REALLY concerned about TRACEE she is up to her neck in this thing and more than likely going to be victim 10. Can she be put into witness protection, in return for telling all? It is vital all family member get together immediately, and sit and talk this out. When they are in the same room, you’ll never know what connection they could make. As far as telling media what’s up, I trust your judgment. LE has already read this and is acting on it, as we blog. Don’t be surprised to hear from them.

  146. ok i got stenf. facebook page up did anyone else go and read it

  147. Oh my God I just knew they were related.Nickie I wish I could help you but I do not know any of these people.If there is anything I can do please Email me and I will help you the best way I can.Whether looking up past threads or calling people for you I wish I could do more.Oh my God my heart is sinking. It does make sense though because I can remeber a couple of threads back someone saying Tracee was leaving for Texas.Well was this her ride and if so where is Tracee now.

    • i know! when they first said there was a body found but the vehicle had tx plates i immediately thought it would be tracee in someone else’s vehicle. i was surprised it was not her

  148. Some people better be protected with this news. This is huge. If LE doesn’t choose to act then they are as negligent as every murder.

  149. Nickie please be careful.

  150. i cant email you nikki it want let me go threw says server not available

  151. this was posted the day before stefanie’s was found

    ea568, on October 6th, 2009 at 6:09 PM Said:
    also Dugas has Tracee Chaisson as a house guest coming & going all day today.

  152. Serial Psychic arent you glad your 5 states away.I am scared for Nickie.

  153. yes i seen that also she knows something an is scared i have a gut instict about that an always have

  154. Nicki will be fine. They can’t touch her.. I WISH I was there. I have never been concerned about my safety. God has HIS plans I do HIS calling. Therefore I am not scared. That does not mean that I don’t use diligent care with what I do and how I do it. This is just not about me tho. I tried to send Nicki an e mail of my support but it just wouldn’t go thru…..

    • i agree serial! God does not give us the emotion of fear. it comes from the devil. fear is the opposite of faith! Nikki do not give into the devil through fear, stay strong and full of faith knowing the lord sees the good work u are doing and will protect u!

    • God protects if you ask. He also lets our free will happen.

  155. What’s really important now is that we as a group do not get scared and fall apart. We need to be stronger and band together. Nicki and G8 must know we’re not backing down and that we WILL support them !!

  156. concerned 2 Thank you for the kind words.

  157. I tried to send an email also and nothing.

  158. If stephanie was Tracees ride,where is Tracee does anyone know? Is she missing?

    • well she was seen at the andrew st house on the 6th so we know she made it back but hadnt heard anything since

  159. People DO know where Tracee is. She is not missing, just out of site at the moment…I would be too….

  160. This is really getting thick.I do not think it will be long,this case is going to be cracked wide open.I have a feeling its getting close.

  161. I just spoke to a source that can confirm Tracee was in Texas approx. one month prior to Stepahanie being found. It was the weekend after labor day. She was attending the funeral of her children’s father. This source stated that she saw Tracee, in Jennings, on or around Oct 9, the day Stephanie’s body was found. This source says she does not believe Tracee made a trip to Texas. That presents a few questions. How long does it take to get to the Houston area from Jennings? Could Tracee have made it to the Houston area(presumably) and back by mid afternoon-ish? What time was the body found? KIT, it may be a good idea to look back at those posts and get a date. We DO NOT want to be a part of the problem in this. We DO NOT want to implicate a person’s involvement if they weren’t involved. Doing this to a person’s life would be the same as what the killer has done to these women. Tracee is likely in danger already. We need to rally around Tracee for her protection and for her confidence that if she comes forward with any information, we will back her in the way she needs. Let’s not jump to conclusions. We do not KNOW that Stephanie’s death was a homicide. We do not KNOW if she had contact with Tracee or the others around the time of her death. WE DO KNOW that Stephanie is connected to one or more of our 8 girls in that she was a close aquaintence or relative. That alone is too coincidental granted but we must act on what can be confirmed.

  162. I will start looking back at them now.

  163. NICKI…….Did u get my email yet? That is very valid info.Don’t forget to check with G8 also.

    And don’t worry. God will take care of all of us. Plus, “I ‘ve got your back when and if you every need me.”

  164. Hey Nicki,

    I saw a photo of her vehicle. It was a 2001 Ford Expedition. It was red. It had a sticker from Orange County Choppers in the back window. It also has a butterfly sticker in the lower right rear window. The License number is FGP 863(TX) A picture of her and the rear of the Expeditio can be found here:

    This article says she was a mother of three.

    Which dept. processed the scene?

    • That answers alot! Thx Red! I believe it was JDPSO. There is a link on KLFY…don’t have it in front of me right now…sorry

      Hey! Where is G8 tonight?

  165. Incidentally, she left a suicide note at her house in TX before she left. One of her family members said she had attempted suicide before.

  166. Still going over past threads Nickie.Found one Sept.14 8:38pmThread 31.Will go over all of them will get back to you tomorrow.My eyes are crossed.TakeCare

  167. Mapquest says from the middle of Jennings to the middle of Houston is 178.26 miles. It says it should average 2 hours and 57 minutes, one way.

    • yes RR but you have to consider that humble is north of houston near bush airport (houston intercontinental) the best way to get there is by taking i-10 to the college exit in beaumont(hwy90) all the way to fm1960 then to hwy 59 north this is a shorter route than I-10 into houston then north

    • I drive I-10

  168. baffeled posted this on Oct. 8 on thread #35 i dont believe this is happening first some men come from texas in a black suburban to a campaign winning but show up at the wrong one then they start saying the things that tey said about coming over here an could kill a family an get away with it then tracy an kristian are involved with a black male from houston an kristian gets murdered then brittany comes back from texas an she is murdered now a girl from tx is found in jeff davis parish an its not supposse to be foul play

    Can anyone tell me about Tracee & Kristen being involved with male from Houston? What’s the story ?
    Haven’t heard anything on this one.

  169. I’m here y’all. My email is acting up. It had to pick a night in which I was already paranoid…LOL!

    Observer: way to go with the ea post! great work! we want the facts and we don’t want to assume anything of anyone and thank you for the kind words!

    SerialP: You are an Angel,,,thank you.

    Thanks to all of you for the uplifting and reassuring words! I’m currently “in hiding” so to speak…God would have a hard time finding me, let alone a crackhead…LOL!

    I am so proud to be here with intelligent, caring and kind people…Love y’all!

  170. ok ate alot and omg did i do some reading my head hurts so i am going to bed to give my eyes some rest will start again early in morning. keep up the good work everyone

  171. Lilmomof7 Good Nite! Sleep tight, you’re in my prayers!!

  172. I’m going to bed as well…nite mom.

    Thanks again for everything y’all. I have an important family event to attend tomorrow so I’ll be off and on.

    God Bless!

  173. Nicki I am sending angels to surround you. Please sleep in peace and love!!!

  174. Did everyone go to bed??

    • SERIALPYSIC……….No, my friend, I probably won’t for a long while. As I posted earlier, I got a late start today and my adrenalin if pumped big time after reading a certain post. Are you ready?

  175. not everyone

  176. This is just a thought to throw out there and something I thought from the beginning since learning of Stephanie’s death.

    We know she had a history of depression and a possible attempt of suicide at least once before.

    So what finally pushed her over the edge? Knowledge of something perhaps?

    My gut feeling is that the location of her suicide was chosen…….it was symbolic. It was her way of bringing attention back to these unsolved murders. Why? That remains to be seen. My feeling is that she knew SOMETHING through associations. I am not saying it is the reason she killed herself…..because I think at this point she did, considering the note/history etc……I am saying that if she was going to kill herself anyway…..CHOOSE a location that means something ……

    It symbolized something important to her. That is my instinct…….

    • How do you KNOW that she killed herself? To my knowledge, no official C.O.D. has been announced.
      #1) Her leaving a note and prior suicidal tendencies
      would be a perfect cover, And,
      #2) How would a Texas resident know that a little
      tractor lane ,off of a dirt road, behind tall weeds in a rural area between where murder victims and been dumed, existed. Her vehicle was NOT seen from the road! Farmers picking or planting beans saw it parked there, checked and discovered her body in it.

  177. Ketchum23 So what’s your take on the turn of events??

  178. Darkstar 24 You always give me something new ro think about!!

  179. Darkstar Sorry about the typo, I meant something TO think about…

  180. i agree with you. There’s a reason she chose this site.
    there’s something linking her either to the girl or associates of them…..she definately knew something.

  181. Ketchum23 I was born READY…

  182. I was reading her facebook (Stephanie’s) and her sister said that she was found in the expedition according to the report she got.

    Thanks Serialpsychic….you are a positive force on this blog!

    G8 said something a while back that has stuck with me due to importance……..we THINK, not KNOW that Frankie Richard was perhaps in jail during the time that 2 of our victims were murdered. It would be great if there was some way we could verify this.

    Nicki……………….you are doing a fantastic job! Keep it up…..try not to be too scared…….you have been very public with your intentions and that may actually give you some protection.

    I went to Jennings yesterday and just can’t believe that some thug has outsmarted anyone. Of course you don’t have to be brilliant when evidence has a way of disappearing……

  183. Ketchum23 I don’t know that she did kill herself. It’s my gut that she had help.. I didn’t think a “stranger” from Texas would/could find her way to a remote area that some locals have a problem finding. I think she had a connection to at least some of the other victims as I said in thread 35. So tell me what you’re really thinking….

  184. Darkstar 24 I don’t think it is only one Killer in the mix. I love reading your posts. You really take the time and reason everything out….Keep up the great work!!!

  185. I am sorry that Stephanie (Texas,lady) was cremated. I think evidence may have been destroyed.. What do you think???

  186. SP……What has me fired up is this. I don’t know right now exactly who posted earlier with the info I had asked about Shelia Comeaux. (Look at it again, SP & see if you see the connections that I see that I cannot believe escaped local LE.

    The info related that :
    #1) Shelia Comeaux was ‘wired” by LE to get drug info on a major drug ring, etc., etc. (read that Info) She supposedly got it on the wrong ring allegedly connected to LE and was severely beaten on the southside of town and left for dead (I assume). However, she survived and when she was able to relate what happened, the hospital notified LE who came & she clammed up. It was my earlier understanding that she was getting better and suddenly died at 8:01AM on March 18, 1999. That info also related that the lead investigator on her case was a Phil (something) whose card was in her purse and who later murdered his wife and was sent to prison! Now, I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW IF HER DAUGHTER GOT (CAN BUY) COPIES OF HER MEDICAL RECORDS and AUTOPSY REPORT? I can read both of them very well.

    • SP…..I am sending you this piece by piece so I won’t have to have a hissy if I lose any of it. I type too fast (100 words a minute) for this Laptop. So “chew on what I sent you while I keep typing.

    • Phil Karam wasn’t married. He murdered fellow officers Kenny Guidry, Kenny’s wife (she was a dispatcher if I remember right), and Burt (I can’t remember Burt’s last name right now).

  187. Ketchum23 Her daughter had major problems in trying to get Shelia’s autopsy. To this day, she has not received it.

    • Its been awhile since I’ve been able to be very active on here. I just want to say that yes, Lakiesha has stated several times that they never could get a copy of the autopsy of her mother. Also, I would LOVE to get my hands on Sheila’s charts from the hospital in lafayette as well as the hospital in welsh even documentation from the jennings ER that nite they found her!!!! Phil karam is the detective you were talking about. Phil killed kenny guidry and his wife christine guidry. Something to consider: I have reason to believe Kenny Guidry was on the Butch Sonnier case. I also know he kept photos of crime scenes at his home. I didn’t question it back then, but why were these pics in his house? Was that protocol? Is that okay? As far as the texas girl. Has anyone kept up with houston’s media reporting of this? Last I saw they never mentioned the coincidence of our cases and the discovery of her body. Maybe that’s not the case now, does anyone have links to houston’s coverage of stephanie’s death? Do people in houston even know of it? Was stephanie cremated? Did tx do a separate autopsy? Do people know for sure she left a note? Who last saw her? Was she alone?

      • Her brother-n-law (if true) posted and said she left a suicide note telling what she was going to do. It was her separate attempt, and coincidental she landed in Jennings. He made no correlation.

        • OBSERVER…….How in the world would she know to go on the little tractor lane off of the dirt road behind high weeds when the nearest resident did not know about the tractor lane? Do you or anyone have a plausible explaination? If she has been to Jennings before, perhaps her brother-in-law and/or other family members did not know it. I still don’t believe she would have gone blindly to that location if she had never been to Jennings before. How did she know that a ditch full of water wasn’t behind the tall weeds where she was found. Was her note dated, do we know? She was found on a Wednesday and had been dead at least by the day before because of the stiffness of the body. Remember, her vehicle containing her body was discovered by farmers cutting beans who saw her. Was it ever ascertained
          from her family what her autopsy said BEFORE she was cremated, I pray?

          • I thought the post lady found her…..I am not saying I believe anything particula…just stating what someone posted—supposedly family.

            I find it more than ironic that she landed in that spot and if LE thinks it was random…just coincidental, then I think they would be plum stupid to leave it at that.
            I always thought there was a correlation.

            I would not be surprised if her autopsy is not released by Calcaseau Coroner……and all families should have a right to their respective autopsys….under investigation or not. LE should have to answer to the families with regular updates also. That should be protocol.

            I see exactly why there is such a tight lip on all these murders by LE……..this is not just a loner from Jennings doing these killings..This case needs to be solved and pronto…no matter who goes down.

      • this is something that is all too puzzling to me about sheilas daughter not being able to get a copy of the autopsy, what higher ups can she go to?

      • Why did he kill Detective Guidry & his wife? Had they ever been partners? Having crime scene photos at your house is not unusual, especially back then, unless of course it was of HIS victims that he killed.

        One of my former partners became a Crime Scene Investigator and refused to take such photos home. We are still very close friends. After taking photos, and processing gruesome crime scenes was enough for him. Real life is very different than what you all see on TV. They are just actors and actresses.
        The most unreal crime tv show is CSI:Miami. I hate that show. In the first place, CSI’s ONLY process crime scenes. They at NO TIME talk to witnesses, victims’ families, suspects and God forbid, DO NO MAKE ARRESTS. ALL they do is process the crime scenes and the technical work. ONLY detectives and or police talk the above and/or make arrests. And, above all, female medical examiners do NOT wear long wigs & sunglasses while examining a body in the field. They can contaminate the body. They wear a hairnet. Medical Examiners/Pathologists are doctors with a forensice/scientific background. They have assistants who assist them doing autopsies. Locations vary by state whether at a morgue or at the nearest funeral home to where death occurred.

        One of my other former partners has a Mortician’s License, his sister is a surgeon in Wisconsin, and he is now ab investigating detective who works at the Cook County Morgue in Chicago. Before I retired, I trained him in police work and he was and always has been my backup in pathology IF I need to know something that I can’t find in my own crime library.
        My personal favorite M.E. is Dr. Cyril Wecht who two years ago, was hired by a friend of mine to do a second autopsy on her husband who was murdered and she suspected a LE coverup. He charged her around $7,000.00, plane fare and lodgings. But, you get what you pay for, I always say. Some people, however, cannot afford that and many have come to me to read their autopsy reports and explain to him in layman’s language what it says.

        I really mean it this time……..I’m going to try to sleep now for real!!!………….Until tomorrow, no I mean, until
        later today……………….lol

        arethassistants, they are doctors with scientific backgrounds

        • P.S……..I KNOW that I am too tired now. PLEASE DISREGARD THAT LAST SENTENCE!!!!!!!!!!It was entirely rewritten.

          Also, I did not “train him in police work” as that sounds. He will tell you that he learned alot from me which he claims I taught him so much. Before I retired, I was talked into becoming a Field Training Officer by one of the best cops I have ever known. He worked on the Danny Bridges case (who was murdered and cut up, bagged and thrown in a garbage dumpster)by Serial Killer Richard Eiler)with his then partner, Brian Killacky, (a red-head who some Louisiana cops may know because he later conducted a Homicide Seminar here in Louisiana several years ago.) At the time Danny was murdered, they both worked in the Special Investigation Unit..
          Anyway, I accepted that position for him and was given carte blanche by my commanding officers.
          SERIALPSYCHIC……Look up Richard Eiler. In fact, that was a case that has been on the forensic file shows because the use of luminol was new. If it comes back on (which it has several times) watch for the detective with a mustache wearing a red shirt, looking in the dumpster. That is the detective that I worked so many cases with. He is still a homicide detective who can and will verify who I am. I love him to death! Because of my rapport with the commnuity and the “street people”, we were able to clear a lot of cases! Only, I took it upon myself to try to help victim’s families understand that sometimes the system sucks!……..Bye for now

    • SP…….THis is important…THe lead detective on the Shelia Commeaux case was a PHIL KAREM, who as I said later killed another detective and his wife & was sent to prison.
      #3) Lorretta Lewis Chaisson (Our victim #l) was reported to have been in house and WITNESSED HIS ABDUCTION by his killers and I said killers PLURAL.He was subsequntly beaten, stuffed in a trunk, driven to RACCA ROAD (near where our Victim #5 MUGGY BROWN WAS FOUND MURDERED) where he was shot in his head with a .22 Cal. gun.
      (A .22 cal. gun was the weapon of choice for the real gangsters of yesteryear and was called a “Saturday Night Special”. A .22 bullet bounces all over the body causing severe internal damage. The gangsters use to rub garlic on the tip to cause serious infection, i.e., peritonitis and death.Trahan’s body was badly decomposed. (Because of evident projectile wounds,
      (bullets) is most likely why they left him in a field farther from where Muggy was found. This only tells me what I suspected. They had to get rid of her body right away so they doused her with bleach and dumped her probably before daylight. She was found by local LE at 4:30AM only hours after she was seen by her grandmother, according to reports.I would like
      to know what time sunrise was on May 28, 2008.
      Back to Mr. Trahan, who was reported to be a very nice guy who got strung out on drugs and owed money. His killer Raynel Dispany was caught, charged and sent to prison where he was killed. But, he had three (3) accomplices with him at the time of the abduction and subsequent murder. WHY weren’t they charged? Were they ever arrested? If so, did they plea bargain OR, ae they STILL IN JENNINGS……
      NOW!????????Loretta Lewis Chaisson was killed after witnessing the abduction (which is called a “forcible felony” and can send you to the penitentiary.
      What’s worse, in my opinion, is DETECTIVE PHIL KAREM WAS THE LEAD DETECTIVE ON THAT CASE ALSO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      His killer, (Singular usage)Raynel Dispany

      • SP…..I’m getting screwed up! the last sentence above should not be there…..sorry, LOL.

        ….What really saddens me after I read the abovementioned earlier reported information provided in February, 2009 by our Supergirl, G8trgirl is:

        You all have a major major problem in Jennings which is bigger than I suspected. A Major Drug Ring that is still there. I now believe that it is so successful there because of the small size of the town that no one (outsiders) would have EVER suspected.It is big enough and profitable enough to kill any and everyone who gets in their way. I don’t mean to scare anyone, this is strictly my opinion and I am definitely

        From my personal experiences, I know that whether females who use drugs and/ or sell their bodies for drugs or to make money to buy drugs, , have a “grapevine!” Remember, everybody needs somebody to talk to. They are peers and what they know, they share and it has a domino effect. I know because I had so many C.I’s (confidential informants) who trusted me. Crimes can only be solved when people help solve them. Every tidbit of info helps.
        But, there must be trust. I was very very blessed.

        Unfortunately, in reading all of this, it brought back memories for me and I’m from a big city and solved homicides (helping the dicks (what we call detectives)) in Los Angeles also. It reminded me of a case we had when my partner and I helped out the uniform officers by going on a “check the well-being” assignment. Upon arrival, we were met by the manager of an apartment building & family members of a family that they had not and could not reach by phone or answering the door. Inside, there were bodies of a father, a mother and an 17-month old baby in a snowsuit who had been thrown up against the wall by it’s legs and killed. It was later revealed that the father had been caught by DEA about a week earlier with kilos of cocaine (worth million dollars) in the trunk of his car. The killers turned out to be a man and a WOMAN! connected to the Columbian Cartel. They killed the whole family to keep him from telling anything and to send a message.

        I wonder is DEA is a part of the TAsk Force there?

        • Are you still with me, awake I mean. Give me some of your thoughts on this. Would like to hear some other thoughts as well. I would also like to know if anyone remembers who was with Raynel Dispany when Kenneth Trahan was murdered and if they are still in Jennings or nearby.

          Also, remember that a woman will trust another woman enough to go with or get into a vehicle with a man and a woman that she knows!.

          • God Bless you for all this effort you are putting in to help connect the pieces. I think you are on the right course………the previous unsolved murders do appear to have extremely important relevance.

          • finally someone thinking what im thinking

  188. What is it specifically you see?

    Hey Ketchum, FYI: I am sorry for mistaking you in the past also, and do hope for continued success with your help here. It is great to have experience here with us 🙂

  189. Ketchum23 Shelia’s daughter’s name is Lakesha Myers. If you read under related stories “Shelia” you will notice there are 24 comments. She posted there about the autopsy.

    • SP…..Thanks for info. Will go back and read that. I still haven’t read many of today’s posts yet!!l I did see something from Ahlou, I think, asking who “man of the cloth is.” I am so sorry, but, I gave my word that I would not reveal who he, or the other residents, are. I keep my word and NEVER betray a confidence. Sorry, but he is constantly praying for us all!

      Remind me to ask you, tomorrow though, your opinion on something else, which is interesing, involving bonafide serial killer s, John Wayne Gacy & Danny Rolling, even Ed Gein. And, remind me to tell you something about Jefferey Dahmer.

    • SP….Oh yes, I forgot to ask you or anyone who might know, lf Shelia’s daughter Ms. Myers got any medical records from the hospital. Also, when she was found beaten was she taken to a local Jennings Hospital and later transported to Lafayette? How serious were her injuries? As reported earlier that a LE officer was the last to see her before she passed away, is that
      officer still on the force? Still in Jennings or nearby?
      I am just asking.

      I always say, “When the eyes are opened, Ignorance disappears!”…………

      • There is some misinformation posted in the “possibly related cases” section and I will get that updated very soon. Shelia’s mother was with her continuously during her last hospitalization where she did subsequently die. According to hospital staff……Shelia died due to an aneurysm at the stem of her brain which was a result of the beating she had sustained a year earlier. This picture is extremely difficult to look at but gives you an idea of just how badly she was beaten.

        • I can’t believe I lost all that I just wrote!!!!! I must be still sleepy lol. I will answer this one later. I can’t believe I screwed this up……….again! I type faster than this keyboard goes and it makes me make a lOT of mistake and I invariably hit the wrong keys and end of losing whateever I so painstakingly wrote in depth. lol

          • Ketch…..maybe start typing your posts in Word or some other word processing program and you can save your writing from time to time. Sometimes if I’m typing a lengthy comment that’s what I do……plus it’s easier to read it while you’re thinking/typing.

  190. I would think Sheila Comeaux was poisoned by LE…the one that killed his wife, being in jail…do you think he is still related to the crimes?

    • I have no clue. I just learned of this tonight and related my my thoughts, However, I would doubt that poisoninging WITH POISON by LE, per se) was done. That would be too obvious. But, then again, I don’t know the circumsances.i.e., was her food tray still in the room. Was toxicology done? There are other ways to poison one without detection and other ways to kill, such as asphxiation. What did the autopsy say. Unless, her death was declared a homicide, her next of kin has a right to buy her autopsy report from the Hall of Records. I have several in my file that families gave to me to read and explain to them what it says in layman talk. So, what did her Death Certificate say? The Medical Records would explain the extent of her internal and/or cranial injuries caused by the beating which would have been recorded in the Trauma Unit of the emergency room. Her next of kin can also obtain her Medical Records by buying them. It is done all of the time. I advise families to get them. I am very bothered if her daughter STILL does not have her Autopsy Report and would advise her to check on it again! It has been
      ten (10) years. Do you all have a Hall of Records there or where is it if not there. Can anyone call now, whereever it is, and inquire if it can be purchased now? I’ll pay for it if necessary. Please someone find out and let me know what you find out. Thanx!

      • The family is unable to obtain the autopsy results because the case, which has been classified as a homicide, is still an “open” case. There is perhaps a slight chance the family could push for the DA to try to get the autopsy report released but, even if they were successful, I doubt seriously the family would consider releasing the results publicly out of concern that it could possibly jeopardize the investigation.

  191. Serialpsychic………….I also think more than one killer is at work. I also think Franke Richard is the number one suspect and if in jail at the time of 2 murders, knows about them-called the shots-or was involved somehow. If he is uninvolved in the active participation of any of these deaths I will be very surprised…and that is an understatement.

    I also think that Stephanie had help to something she had decided to do.

    Ketchum……frankly I’m glad to have you here. I never got that bad feeling about you and hopefully that will be proven correct….but glad we have moved on from that.

    These victims are SO related that LE should be further along on this and it is so frustrating.

    We know they are not random. Hell, now we have a probable suicide somehow connected. How many girls are left in this crowd? I hope someone is watching Tracee……..if she is not guilty….she already knows too much. Either way, I’d say she is in great danger.

  192. SP……..I would like to know what her C.O.D. was. Also, WHY was she sent to a Lafayette Hospital. Isn’t there a trauma unit in Jennings? NICKI would know this, but she went to beddy bye on us. Now,

    #2)The Connection I find. (Get a piece of paper, and put Shelia Comeaux , underneath her name put date of death (D.O.D.) & C.O.D. (I would put Beaten but COD unknown at this time. Next, a few spaces over,
    Under her name, put Died: 2005. COD: Unk but this
    time (I will not believe the slit throad killed her until I see an Autopsy or official notification to her family as to the cause of her death. Was there water in her lungs? I still say that she & Muggy could have been asphxiated and then their throats slit. Muggy most likely had bleach doused on her because she was killed spontaneously and the killer(s) made an effort to destroy evidence. If, Loretta’s throat was slit and she bled out, then being thrown in the water would have obliterated forensic evidence.

    • hey ketchum i might be wrong but i think she (sheila)was at university med center which is a charity hospital in lafayette. if that helps

    • I know good and well if I were a druggie working as a CI in a case that involved LE and their crookedness. Continually finding out more info, I would tell my friend. I would have to confide in someone.

      So there is almost six years between Shelia and Loretta’s murders….what would explain that?

      • OBSERVER…….My opinion only: Shelia allegedly, at the time, was probably thought to have died from her injuries,not murdered as some peope may have surmised. She COINCIDENTLY, hung out with LORETTA so I have to assume that she did drugs too.(That old saying, “Birds of a feather, Flock together” applies here). Not to mention, that to be wired by LE she was very connected to the drug ring. This was 1999. I would say that depending on when Raynel Dispany was arrested, charged, sentenced and
        subsequentely killed in prison (what is the date he was killed?) Meaning, how much of his 15 year sentence did he serve out before his death? Six
        years, maybe? Afterwhich, his three (3) accomplices got antsy and decided not to take a chance on her talking to 5-0. When did Detective Phil Karem go to jail for murder? Dates are important here to string possibilities together. I would think that as long as he was OUT and still working after TRAHAN AND COMEAUX died, Loretta would still be in fear of telling any LE what she saw or knew. Isn’t it ironic that #1) LORETTA was found dead on May 20, 2005 and
        #2)ERNESTINE was found less that a month later on June 18, 2005, BOTH IN CANALS.
        I’ll bet you a dime against a dollar that all of our victims talked amongst each other of what’s was
        going, starting with LORETTA and that started the

        There you have the “bottom line” in my opinion only. I really need more information, some of which, we cannot get, i.e., reports, exact dates, etc.

        The smell of death, especially the smell of rotting flesh is one you NEVER EVER forget. Detectives usually smoke cigars to help with the smell, Coffee grounds also help. If a body is left long enough to where it bloats, it can burst. Therefore, I would need to know the exact condition of the bodies because one (1) person would not dare to try to carry a bloated corpse for the above very reason. Also, decomposition can be marblized, mummified, skeletal or decomposing or not. My main question is what was the condition of Muggy’s body? Does ANYONE know? Hers and Whitnei’s bother me the most. Bodies talk to you and I want all of the girls to talk to me! They will tell us what happened to them, IF ONLY!

  193. unbiased Damn you are good! You have some great questions. On Facebook Stephanie’s family said they were having her body cremated. As far as a note, on Facebook they said she was depressed etc. I am not sure who saw the note, if there was one, indeed. I really think you hit on some important similarites tonite!!!

  194. I thought that Shelia died from complications after surgery long after the beating?

  195. Darkstar Shelia died when she went to the hospital In La Fayette AFTER surviving the brutal attack. She had lunch and just keeled over dead. She was there in the hospital for a skin graft.

    • Are you certain? I would like to know how long she survived after that initial attack? I thought she was released from the hospital after she recovered and then died from complications after a surgery some time later at UMC in Lafayette. By the way, UMC is the “charity” hospital many go to when insurance is limited or nonexistent…perhaps on Medicaid….

      For some reason…..I thought it was a good length of time. G8 may know. The reason that stuck in my mind is that I remember pondering that she could have “talked” to someone but chose not to………maybe I’m getting my time spans wrong though–let’s verify.

  196. the pd officer that would show up and glare at sheila was van comeaux,, sheila had several of phil karams cards in her purse which indicates to me that he gave her many in case she needed him…

    • DARKSTAR…Thanks for that info. Hope our girl G8 can give us some more or correct what you said. I reallly would like to know. By he way, who is Van Comeaux? Are they related? What kind of and where was a skin graft needed? My Dear God, what all did they do that poor lady!? Was ANYONE at all arrested and charged with Aggravated Battery, at least? PLEASE TELL ME YES. It is 3:00AM and I have to go back and read some more about all of this.

      Stevie Wonder can see that ALL of this is connected to the Jennings 8!!!!!!! And, I find it all absolutely appauling. I’m so tired that I don’ know if I’m spelling words right or not, so I quit for tonight. I will go back and read what Shelia’s daughter wrote and will probably get very P.O., will drink a coke and try to go to sleep. (It will probably be daylight) During my career, I mostly worked nights. I have NEVER been a morning person, only when I had to go to court! That is why I sleep late. Talk to you all tomorrow when I arise.
      Night, Night LOL & lol
      My Jargon: lol means laugh out loud
      LOL means Lots of Love

  197. She was on her way to recovery…doing well when she went to Lafayette hospital, had lunch and died…I would want the list of all visitors before leaving for hospital, who drove her to LAfayette, ambulance or not…and who fed her….etc. If ambulance- who were the driver, assistant.

    • I’d like to know more about her medical condition at the time. Why was she going to the hospital……..if for surgery—-why did she eat? (This is my field and I get into details)

      Besides her injuries from the beating…….any other medical conditions…heart, diabetes etc……..

      • It is standard not to eat before surgery, at least six hours, so that part of the story is strange

  198. Darkstar Look under related cases and read Shelia’s case. It is an eyeful…The cases are on the left hand side of the discussion page.

  199. The thing I find interesting in Shelia’s cases is that she remembered being in a place where lumber was stored. Could this be a killing room? Or at the least a place where the women were kept? Wouldn’t LE know what was happening and where she was? After all, she was wired…

  200. “….. Some people (unverified) claim that she targeted the wrong drug ring (supposedly what the LE officer was involved in) and she was beat. This was the LE officer that saw her last and then she passed away.

    above states a LE saw her before her death..

  201. No doubt Shelia’s death or beating is suspicious and unjust. I do think it was related to our very crowd of which we speak.

    As far as being intentionally murdered…..I don’t know, could have been an embolism for all we know. That being said…….she was beaten to be killed in the first place….while wired!!!!!!!!!!!!! She just happened to survive for a period of time.

  202. Darkstar Shelia went into the hospital for skin grafts. There was no mention as to any medical problems(diabetes & hypertension etc.) I don’t have a clue what she ate OR who may have visited her earlier…

    • Given these circumstances……she wasn’t found in a field……we should absolutely have a cause of death.

      And if we don’t………………..major red flag.

  203. So what do we know about Van Comeaux?

    Still employed? Anyone know him?

    • I don’t think enough bloggers are on to answer tonight. I don’t see anything at the moment, nor know of Van Comeaux.

    • Van Comeaux was fired for slamming the door in his boss face. It was in the JDN after that the women with the class action included him in the suit.

      A few months back he spoke up for Adron J saying he was security for his business during City Council meeting.

  204. almostsure I don’t know why she has to go to a higher source to get her Mom’s autopsy. She should be able to request it and get it UNLESS someone is somehow making sure she CAN”T get the info. Remember the sheriff called the coroner in as an EMERGENCY just to get that particular coroner to do it for him…

    • I am not quite gone yet. What do you mean about the sheriff calling in a particular coroner in as an emergency? DARKSTAR……If she died in the hospital wouldn’t a doctor sign the Death Certificate if she died of natural causes? Was sheriff involved because it was suspected that she died as a result of the beating, at which time, detectives would have UPGRADED the crime on the report to Homicide from Aggravated Battery. Don’t the police there make police reports? Question, wa s she found by the police or the sheriff’s department. Whose had the jurisdiction on the case. Plus, if she was wired, LE was LISTENING TO IT ALL! Where was her backup?
      Whichever agency wired her, must have had something mightly big and bad on her to take a chance with her life!!! I did it, but I had NO wire, only
      my gun and eight guys backing me up! You couldn’t
      pay me enough to wear a wire. She must have really been threatened to do it! Bye this time for real! lol

  205. I remember reading somewhere on one of the threads about Von Comeaux.

  206. SO Sheila targeted the wrong officer maybe not knowing how far he would go to shut her up. LE put her in a very bad position. So when she asked to discuss her beating, this same officer (whom was most likely part of the beating crew) would show up and that was all it took for her to clam up……including he was the last to see her….

    I wonder where he saw her….

    So she should be included with the other cases, but no one wants any focus on that case.

    It is also said that most or all of the girls (not sure about Necole) were CI’s at one time or the other.

  207. Darkstar YUP, MAJOR RED FLAG!!

  208. Observer NICE OBSERVATION!!!

  209. I can’t explain the big lapse in time on the murders..Anyone have some ideas??

  210. KETCHUM What a wicked web we weave when first we practice to deceive… Outstanding observations. Who said there are no connections???

  211. Observer I guess we can wait til tomorrow and get some more people on here.

  212. I’m going to call it a nite. Sleep well, everyone and remember I pray for all of you…

  213. Goodnight All


    I just finished reading Shelia Comeaux posts from August/September of 2009, especially from her
    daughter, friend Sarah Louviere, et al. And, God help us, my gut and all that I put together with all of the information put out there, Thanks to our very own, Supergirl, G8trgirl , who leaves no stone unturned, I am willing to bet and feel sickened that Ms. Comeaux was really and truly our Victim #1 back in 1999. I am
    deeply saddened that her family has suffered for so long dealing with the unknown. This is so unreal to me. I am really not use to this kind of drama.Usually,
    statistically, murders are either random or by someone known to or close to the victim( such a spousal, friend, etc.).I only know of two major political
    murder coverups from the 1960s and drugs were definately NOT involved. I know of another major coverup I wish I didn’t know about and will take it to my grave..That, too, was NOT drug related! As someone wrote on G8trgirl’s 2/28/09 blog, Follow the Money! I have never seen such obvious connections to so many violent crimes that are STILL unsolved as we speak, I hate to say this, but, it is happening in Jennings because of its size. SERIALPSYCHIC….I will tell you

    • I screwed up again and hit the wrong button. SERIALPSYCHIC what I was going to tell you is that tomorrow I will explain the difference and the irony of these cases versus The Hillside Strangler Cases in California. SP, I have been asked for several years to write a book which I had planned to do, but I just can’t find the time unless I get a ghost writer.Anyway, I also have another story to tell you about The Bouncing Ball Killer in Los Angeles which only the old timers here
      may remember the old tv show called Police Story during the 1970s which featured that case.
      We must really pray on what to do and how to bring justice to these heartbroken families. Remember, I know the heartache of losing a child, especially a grown one. Only God can help you because the pain never leaves you. I tell parents the truth. The older it gets, the worst it gets. Time does NOT heal all wounds….it only helps ease some of the pain. And, to lose a family member to violence is even worst. My beautiful 20 year-old cousin with deep set beautiful blue eyes was murdered byan older 39 year-old tree climbing, spear-throwing ,African son-of-a B—-h, ten
      days before her 21st birthday in LosAngeles. When I received the news, I was going to L.A. to shoot the
      bastard, but he had killed himself too. The homicide
      dicks there, let me see the crime scene, crime photos, autopsy report & official police report (I have it all) to set my mind at ease that the Mafia had not killed them both because she had a new Italian boyfriend who had just bought her a mink coat and they had just returned from Florida. The African boyfriend (who was ugly as hell with a scar down his face that I told the dicks that a tiger must have done it).
      Africans as a rule, who come to the U.S. are usually
      very intelligent. He was a pharmicist who followed her from Chicago to Los Angeles.Anyway, my aunt never got over it and her only brother is mentally ill today. I still remember her face in death and all of the circumstances surrounding it. She, like our victims here, had so much to live for. She was just starting on a singing career with Minnie Riperton (who later died of cancer. The Italian was her young guitarist, I found out later. My uncle said, at the time, that he was glad that my grandmother, his mother did not live to see this happen. I can’t help but think of our victims’ grandmothers and the pain they must see their sons & daughters go through. Something must be done!

      Anyway, bye see ya. I am so tired now that I feel that I
      have been beaten with a stick! lol

  215. sorry to here that ketchum

    • Thank you so much! I just posted to SERIALPSYCHIC somewhere to look up to look up Serial Killer Richard Eiler. I now KNOW just how tired I really am because his name is LARRY EILER. NOT RICHARD!!!!! I can’ find the post. So please pass that correction along for me if you find it. I am going to try to sleep now. Thanks again..LOL

      • P.S. Screwed up again. The correct spelling of his name if Larry EYLER. He was also know as the Interstate Killer.

  216. Ketchum: GO TO BED!!!! Lol!!!! Thanks for clearing up about detectives having pics at home. I was really starting to question that…

  217. gm umbiased

  218. hey did u see what pablo wrote

  219. something about lilbit having a myspace page

  220. I have seen information posted here about the girls cousins, siblings, mothers, grandmothers and children. Where are the fathers in all of this? Beyond reading Whitnei’s story, I dont think I have heard mention of any fathers.

  221. red who are you talking about

  222. I understand that KM and MD were invited to be on the Gerlado Rivera show at 9:00pm Saturday night on Fox news but I didn’t hear if they accepted the invitation or not.

  223. i know a few off the mothers and dads i know i dont see them talking off the girls but you know they love there girls i know

  224. I just read an editorial written a while back by someone from Jennings. They mentioned that Van Comeaux was possibly involved in the L. DeLouche video taping scandal. Is there any truth to this?

    Also, were these tapes for marketing or private use? I wonder if they used lighting and audio equipment for a more professional product. Were they tried? Did the ASPCA confiscate the dog? There is very little information available about this incident, or incidents.

  225. Hey Friend, I am talking about the fathers of the other 7 girls. I have seen no comments or interviews from them. I am not saying they did not comment but I can recall nothing, and I have read here for a long time.

  226. red you from around here

  227. i dont know

  228. Hey Friend, Born in Lake Charles, raised in BR, live in Fl and had relatives from Jennings and the surrounding area. So, I am not from around there but am kind of grandfathered in.

  229. Shelly-I had heard the same story that KM and MD had been invited to be on the Geraldo show on Fox News but I didn’t hear if they’ve accepted or not. Is there a way you can verify if they’ve accepted the invitation or not?

    • If it is true, I doubt they would pass this opportunity up. Don’t you think?

    • MD and KM have declined to go on the geraldo show. They were invited but they have declined to go on.

  230. Hey Friend, I don’t. I do read here almost every day though.

  231. Christopher-Nope they’ve refused and are trying to schedule it for a later date, much later from what I understand. No reason was given why they rejected it.

  232. Brownie, I agree.

  233. Just found Nicki’s post from last night. That is awesome Nicki. Stay Safe and that goes for Everybody. You guys sure do stay up pretty late. How do you all function? LOL.

  234. Good morning all. I just wanted to say that upon hearing of the possible connection beyween the Texas woman and the other 8 women was not surprising. We all knew that was a fishy story from the start. Oh and to whoever was bashing priest last night and even implying that a priest could be the serial killer, shame on you! I am a Catholic and yes there are some bad priest, just like there are bad teachers and doctors, lawyers and such. But not all priest are bad.and to Ketchum – surely your man of the cloth is not a Catholic priest, huh? Lol

  235. GoodMorning everyone I know Brownie they do stay up pretty late.What do you think about what Nickie discovered? And if that Texas girl was possibly Tracee ride,Where is Tracee?Where was she the day the girls body was found.Smells awfully fishy to me.

    • Tracee was seen at Andrew St. house the afternoon of Oct.6 and morning of Oct.7 don’t know if that has anything to do with anything.

    • I think Nickie’s discovery is Awesome! I hope she is very well protected. “Texas” seems to be coming back up in a lot of posts. The girls travel to texas, they stay there a while in hiding or something, and the two to three guys at the wrong victory party made those comments, which they were suppose to be at Ricky Edwards’ victory party. Hmmm. I can’t help Nickie in any of the questions, but I hope someone can.

  236. And she may have supposedly O.D. but maybe someone smothered her how would anyone know.I do not think she committed suicide.Maybe someone wrote the suicide note for her.

  237. Good Morning my friends…y’all ready to rock? cause I need some answers!

    • LOL, Good Morning.

    • Morning all, Nicki..where did you go…one post and you not here? I won’t be here long for today either…will check in and out…….I hope some things about Stephanie can get cleared up today………be safe everyone……..

  238. C’mon now Curvy. Occupational description does not clear anyone from being a suspect. Forensics, alibis, etc. are what clears suspects.

  239. Good morning everyone.

    I knew G8 would know the info. from last night we were batting around concerning Shelia C.

    So…..she was wired, beaten-no doubt to cause death, no one came to her rescue if she was “wired” at time of beating and then she would clam up everytime said officer showed up in hospital room.

    She lived for about one year after the beating but then died from an aneurysm at UMC prior to surgery we think. That would explain the sudden death and if it was an aneurysm of the brain stem, likely the vessel was damaged and weakened in that beating—-therefore—–died from complications from her attempted murder.

    She had Kenny Guidry’s cards in her purse and Van Comeaux was the officer who seemed to ellicit fear in her whenever he showed up in her room. Detective Guidry and his wife were murdered???? Someone clue us in on some details/arrests related to this!

    Did Shelia talk in that year before she died? I remember reading that her daughter did not think so or know anything but women talk………it would have to a trusted individual, perhaps unrelated to this whole mess that may know something that they do not even know is important. Could be a priest, a relative in another town, a close friend not entrenched in the fast lifestyle. Anyone related to Shelia…..consider these things.

  240. ugh i hate that i will be away from my computer today and prolly most of the weekend! i know im going to have a lot of catching up to do!

    good luck with all u r searching this weekend! i pray ya’ll get the answers yall are looking for!!

  241. At this point we just do not have enough info. on our “suicide” victim.

    Just throwing this out there……………………does anyone think that we could diplomatically contact her family (through facebook perhaps) and see if anyone close to her even KNOWS the names of any of our victims or Tracee/players.

    Nicki has already had someone say that she and Tracee were acquainted…………….perhaps her family would know a little more info. from the Texas side of the story…..thoughts?

  242. Well as a momma of a priest (and he’s a good one, I might add), and knowing the priest in the parish, surely you can understand my taking offense to the implications!

  243. Is there a website that i can go look at the pictures of all of the police officers in LE or SO? I am thinking of a name and want to make an absolute of it..

  244. Lemon ….not one of which I am aware.

  245. ok, i am trying to remember all of the cops that were in LE in 2003-2004.. can anyone tell me all of the LE of that time?

    • Let me add, not tall ones, short ones.. not much taller than 5 ft..

      • i just went y pigs they were all detting at the place again and they look like FBI

        • I sure hope the FBI is on to something.. a while back i saw all of them walking out, and the people in there were in suits aand looked like undercover cars and such

      • jesse ewing isnt very tall. shelton breaux= not very tall
        i’ll think of more

        • i am trying to also think of his wife.. or gf.. at the time or now… she is also short and has long blonde dirty blonde hair.. I used to work with her.. I can picture her face, but cannot think of her name.. maybe in her 40’s now.. upper 30s at the time

  246. Sorry Curvy did not mean to offend I am also Catholic but when I said it I was just looking at different angles.

  247. Lemon…maybe someone will know…….but…….you could just call and ask.

    It is an innocent question…..see what response you get.

  248. Oh Lordy I just had a crazy thought…as long as my priestly son is not Ketchum’s almighty “Man of the Cloth” confidant, I’ll be doing just fine! Lol

  249. Lordy you cant say anything on here without offending someone.

    • Kitkat…….I know you were just throwing it out there. Sometimes you have to throw everything at the wall and see what sticks.

      I’ll say this……I don’t think it is a local priest according to my knowledge of the local priests. Whoever killed some of these girls had to fight some and I just don’t see it, but you never know.

      What I have heard/read is the mention of a “reverend” …….which as we all know is quite different from a priest.
      Something to think about…

  250. Yes Darkstar it was me.I was just thinking outside the box.Thinking man of the cloth like Ketchum said someone the girls would trust.I did not mean to implicate anyone.And I did not say just priest I also said perhaps preacher.Very sorry no more thinkind outside the box for me.

    • We were typing at the same time!

      I got you! Preachers or reverends…..possible too.

    • KITKAT AND ALL CATHOLICS…..God bless you all! It matters not what denomination any “man of the cloth” is.? As we have agreed on this blog is that the murders are connected by drugs, etc. Can you imagine one of them killing their victim, hiding their decaying bodies somewhere and later dumping them in secluded spots! They have very busy schedules attending to their flocks. Not to mention, how well known they are to the community! When I said that someone the girls would trusted, I mean particularly, as I posted earlier, another female they know, even is she would be with a male that she knew or not. The trust would be for the female. There are known cases where females have trusted LE when they are stopped and told to get in the card. (I, BY NO MEANS, AM NOT REFERRING TOTHESE CASES AND/OR LE HERE!) I am just saying that some past known homicides have been known to have occurred when
      females were either stopped by LE or someone POSING AS LE. This a a fact if you check back on previous crimes in the U.S. I don’t have time now to specify which ones. Let us keep ALL “men of the cloth” praying for us and a speedy conclusion to these murders for everyone’s sake! Thanks, LOL

  251. Its ok kikat. Its just we’re proud of our son and what he has chosen to to. Yes darkstar, catholic here too and the mom of a priest as I was saying previously on here.

  252. this is to answer all questions about van comeaux he was a detective for the city an i think dont quote me the detective that every time he would go question sheila she would clam up. also for years i heard that van was a major drug dealer that was putting the drugs back on the streets there where people calling an complaining about this from the southside but nothin was done about it i think sheila was on to this cause remember she was workin for both city an parish as an informant an she got caught up in the circle of fire an they where about to have a major fall out so the only way was to try to shut her up she was a fighter an they didnt succeed she was left for dead in a abanded house it was cold out so it help stop the bleeding an she was found the next day by a man walking. she lived for a year an something after she was beatin this goes to show you that when you work for them an you know to much this is what happens they cant do there job they have to pay cis to do it for them an when there done they throw you to the dogs in sheilas case she was on to them an getting close so they had to shut her up. to concerned in gueydan just trust me when i say tracy an kristian was beatin by a black guy i know this for a fact dont forget i knew all these girls except the danials girl for the life of me i dont know what my angel brittney had to do with all this she was a baby had her whole life ahead of her an crystal was my first couison an the others i knew them since they where all young so please i dont comment often but when i do its facts not hear say i keep a low profile because i am afraid. an as for as what i said about the 3 black guys that was posted back on a thread that i read i believe from someone that was at the campaign party i just dont know any more but i always look over my shoulder know i was an informant at one time i worked for ds i will use his intials cause i dont want no trouble an he would do things behind re back that he didnt know about so he said so i know that they not saints an there is alot that they are trying to hide are cover up i trust only a few an thats it. i will do anything i can to help solve these murders i just dont know what to think anymore i am so confussed an heart broke sometimes i could just sit here an cry none of these girls deserved to die they all knew something but what it was no one knows they brought it to there grave with them i wish ketchum was down hear an sp cause they would blow it out of the water. an i have to add that pg put one of the girls out there as an informant an 2 weeks later she was found dead so go figure an they supposse to protect there cis whatever they put them in danger god bless everyone doing what they are doing hear keep up the good work

    • Which girl do you think was put out as an informant or can you say?

    • BAFFELED………YOU have completely “blown Me ou of the water” and it takes an awful lot to do that! Perhaps, you felt my urgent need to help solve all of the murders, but that Brittney’s face haunted me until I finally got involved and still does. She was sooooo
      young and I still say as I posted in the beginning, that she is the key to it all! I still feel that way and I truly believe that God answers prayers. Your post shook me up and believe me, that is hrd to do. I wish I could give you a hug and let you know that your pain is our pain because we all care so very much. When I lost my son, one of my colleagues (who had just lost her only daughter) gave me a poem to put on my refrigerator and it is there to this day. I would like to share it with you: and the other families:
      For every pain that we must bear, For every burden and every care…….There’s a reason.

      For every grief that bows the head, For every teardrop that is shed………..There’s a reason.

      For every hurt, For every plight, For every lonely
      pain-racked night…..There is a reason.

      But, if we trust God as we should, It all will work out
      for our good……HE KNOWS THE REASON.

      i want you to copy and read this whenever you feel that your heart will break. Read this when you feel like you can’t go on. Read this when you feel that you can’t bear the silent pain anymore and want God to take you too. You see, BAFFELED…when I lost my son, I was so shocked that I couldn’t cry for two months. My doctor wouldn’t let me work the street because he thought I would let someone kill me because I was in so much pain. My teammates did not know what to say to me. My macho partner was surprised because he said he had never looked at me a a mother/female before because we did so much rough things together. Showing emotions in public is a no no for cops. Only at a cop funeral, which I attended so many that I can’t count) have I ever seen a cop cry or at a cop tavern where everyone
      where everybody goes when one of our own gets killed in the line of duty, as we say, to that roll-call in the sky. No one ever saw my tears then or my tears that I still shed when I am alone. So I do understand your pain, but feel blessed because my son did not leave me by use of violence. I promise you, I am doing all that I am being allowed to do, at this time.
      God answered you alls prayers by sending you caring people like G8trgirl & Nicki who made this blog possible for all who care about the victims and their families. Thank you so much for your kind words about me and SERIALPHYSIC. Wish we could both give all of you a hug. LOL (LOTS OF LOVE) and keep in touch. God bless you……

  253. Curvy perhaps you can answer this. I was wondering if one of our victims (hypothetically) was to have confided in a priest…….would it then be unethical for that priest to give any info. said in confidence after their death.

    Just thinking that maybe one of our victims said SOMETHING out of guilt…..that could be valuable.

    I am just thinking out loud……………..but I just know that these girls have said things and that people know info. that THEY may deem unimportant. A name, a location of activity…….anything.

    I am also with most of you here in thinking that a female is involved and used as a “lure”…….accessory.

  254. Yeah they’re something similar to Catholic priest except they can marry.

  255. Yes, darkstar, you’re right, a priest cannot divulge anything said in confidence to him. I’m not sure I agree with a female being involved as far as doing the act of murder but maybe as an accomplice.

    • CURVYCAT,,,,,An accomplice is just as guilty according to law and in my opinion, worse thatn the actual killer if she could/would lure her so-called trusted friend to death, like leading a sheep to slaughter.
      Remember also that I was informed that a subject did see a female being forced into a dark-colored car in front of the National Guard Building in the wee hours of the morning of Monday, November 3rd, 2008. Our
      Brittney was reported missing later that day but the subject did not know she was missing until some time later and put it together. As NICKI says, this info is from a very reliable source, but, again, I cannot betray a confidence. I can only pass on info that I am trusted with. Subject said that vehicle appeared to have had a woman in it while the male was forcing the female that was standing into the car! So, CURVYCAT, please consider all of what has been posted thus far and think of it as a possibility. Have an open-mind. I mean harm but please think about it.

  256. Thank yoy Curvy for accepting my apology.I did not know your son was a priest.

  257. What I am wondering is these girls that are informants, what’s in it for them? Do they get paid or what? It seems like that’s pretty risky business and for what?

    • Might be they are doing it to get out of some trouble they have gotten themselves into. Maybe ?

    • CURVYCAT……..From my experiences, before I retired, I was told many times from working girls and
      drug users that a few members of LE would use them for information and pay them with drugs!. I, of course, would respond that, “I don’t want to know that s…..t! Also, some working girls would trade not being arrested for sexual services, and I would make the same response. You see, a cop can be fired for “failing to report” such things to supervisors, which of course, no cop would do! The thin blue line………

  258. No problem Kitkat. I know he’d have a good laugh knowing I was so diligently trying to defend his honor, LOL!

    • Your response is so sweet and brought a smile to my
      face. Thanks, mom of a priest, you are so cute. Tell him what you just said. He’ll get a kick out of it! lol

  259. yes they get paid of course they not gona do it for free thats how they could buy there drugs. come on now i know you smarter than that an thats not being sassy eithier but common sence they wasnt out there not getting paid 50 dollars is alot when you need drugs an dont have no money. an no i cant say what girl that pg put out there g8 knows ive told her i am resticted on what i can say here like i said i dont post often but when i do u can take it to the bank that its fact an not hearsay i am always hear everyday an everyone here should be a detective cause yall have some good intuition on whats going on like i said before i think they are covering there tracks before they make an arrest but thats just my point of view

  260. baffled- i have to tell you that i admire your courage! i can feel your emotions everytime you post.. these girls were friends of yours and good friends i might add b/c losing them has left a void in your heart. im so sorry that you lost them and i know that you suffered each and everytime you lost one of them. that is very difficult. i lost my best friend while i still lived there but under different circumstances she was diagnosed with cervical cancer and was gone within 7 months and it hurt because it felt like she was gone in a minute! to this day i feel like it wasnt fair.. so i can only imagine how you must feel. and you are an inspiration for many on this blog because of your strength. and i know that you know that GOD is carrying you through this. so continue this fight to see justice it will come!

  261. Good Morning, You have been busy today. Every time I get on here I am so very Proud to be in the company of such dedicated and smart people! Just thought I’d throw that out there…….

  262. Do these informants do it just for the sake of “doing the right thing?” I’d find that hard to believe.

    • Not likely curvy. My thoughts are that the girls that did agree to be CI’s likely had charges pending against them (drugs, whatever) and agreed to turn state’s evidence in exchange for a lesser charge and/or leniency.

      • I also know that some LE will tell a subject that they will put the word out that they are a snitch if the subject does not give them information orwhatever they want.

      • That is what I would think also.

  263. Wonder if silencedogood is reading? You guys are all doing great. I agree!

  264. What ever happened to silencedogood ??


  265. thanks almost you made me cry an it is abattle every day not knowing why espicially for brittney she was like a daughter to me an i see the pain in my babys eyes ecerday because her best frind was murdered an my couison was also an i seen her 2 weeks prior to her body being discoverded an she was doing good so thanks an im soory about your friend we share the same pain but you know why god took her home we dont know why god took these girls home but i know they in heaven looking down sayin keep it up yall gettin close so again god bless everyone here

    • i didnt mean to make you cry honey, im sorry for that, its just something i felt compelled to say to you. and i meant every word.. you are strong!! im praying for you and your daughter so that the pain will ease off, but remember you have the memories of your friends and that is something that no one can take away. so think of all the happy times with them and smile:) MAY GOD BLESS YOU!!

    • BAFFLELED……You just threw me a curve ball that I need to clarify. I had read on several much earlier posts and websites that Brittney went missing after being last seen alive at 5:30PM on Sunday, November 2, 2008, less that a week after her return from Texas which I calculated would be around October 29th, 2008. Edwards told me that was incorrect information. Now, are you referring to BRITTNEY OR YOUR COUSIN KRISTEN THAT YOU SAW TWO WEEKS PRIOR TO THEIR BODIES BEING FOUND. I feel that you are referring Brittney because of her being obviously very upset by the loss of her
      cousin Kristen and subsequent loss of her best friend, Muggy Brown. Please let me know if you are referring Brittney. This is very important to me
      because of my timeline. IF you are referriing to Brittney, where did you see her at that time? Thanks

  266. baffled Thank you so much for posting. It means so much to all of us to have your insights. I know this is so painful for you. You are being the voice of these victims, they are shining down on you now and their SMILING because you care so deeply. Thanks you baffled…..

  267. most of the time you become an informant because you get in trouble with the law an they intemidate you an scare you with jail so thats how that happens you do there work to work off the charges against you

  268. Baffeled, I am not a dummy just green to the world of drugs and crime. Please forgive my ignorance, but you’re forgetting some of us never even seen a joint in our lives! Heck how do I know what they make for being a snitch?

  269. im sorry didnt mean for it to sound rude [pleaseexcept my apology] im not here to step on no ones toes

  270. But thank you for explaining it to me. That makes sense to me now!

  271. curvy I find it refreshing that there are still people who think “GRASS” is that stuff you cut with mower. No one thinks you are a dummy…far from it….

  272. Baffeled…….I understand that you can’t say who PG put out there.

    I don’t know her personally but I hope she is happy at what her lack of integrity has accomplished……….more murders.

  273. I bet with the above posts, le is really pissing all over themselves. LOL. I would love to see a camera in that office right about now.

  274. Guys, I need the names of Crystal Zeno’s siblings please. Anyone know a brother or step brother?…PLEASE.

  275. well you know when they are done with you thats what they do throw you to the dogs

  276. Oh my good no more apologies today, pleeeeez! We’re all friends in here, right? Isn’t that what its all about? We’re such a diverse group, but that’s what makes the world go round!!!

  277. yeah she has two sisters an one brother but i dont want to put there names on here i tried emailing you last night but couldnt get threw

  278. Brownie the one word that describes the activities down at the SO is” DEPENDS” LOL

  279. her brother is just a kid she has no step brothers

  280. You know, maybe Stephanie’s family knows the situations going on and don’t want to put themselves in anymore danger. That’s why they rubbed it off like just a suicide. Just thinking.

  281. I just hope if this Texas woman is connected in anyway to the 8 girls, this will finally be what LE needs to crack these cases wide open. Oh wait a minute… Or is LE waiting for us to solve these crimes? Hmmmm, lol

  282. g8 i just emailed you please pass it on to nikki thanks

  283. where did everyone go

  284. Who owned the building where Shelia was brutally beaten.? She said she was beaten in a building with lumber. Has anyone checked this building out in connection with the other girls?? Where is this building? in the country, secluded?

    • well lets see theres sentry lumber and stine

      • what about any lumber mills?

        • That’s not all. closed down lumber mill just as you turn west on 90 coming from Jennings. It was formerly owned by Brad West. His exbrother in law and unsavory character, Austin Gotte(Iota), owns it now and is trying to sell it. (A&H Mills)

          • so it sounds vacant…is it fenced in or open to people driving through. I have been to visit a wood mill before at night, had a tour of the whole place by a worker. Lots of machines, wood and logs! Left, and nobody ever knew. This was in MS, not LA. I knew the worker, they explained how the process worked, just found the whole place accessible.

  285. im here but im at work so i do alittle paperwork then read the blog lol!

  286. baffled

    baffled I’m still here… Just went to the kitchen briefly for another cup of coffee….


  287. hey serial please pass a cup my way lol! \_/?

  288. almostsure sugar and cream

    almostsure sugar and cream???


  289. 1 sweet n low lots a cream thanks

  290. almostsure Wish I lived closer so you could come on over for a “real” cup of coffee.

  291. oh thats sweet thanks lol

  292. i dont know where she was beatin i just tried to call her daughter im waiting for her to call me back

  293. baffled What do you think about the new turn of events with the “Texas” lady?

  294. When Shelia said the place had lumber that really narrowed down some of the options. She didn’t say “farm” stuff or anything related to ag. I just thought this could be important. After all the years in between her killing, maybe the killers might know of this place and feel that it is safe to use. I know this is a stretch…..

  295. i said when i seen her pic that she looked familiar but cant rember where i have seen her but ive seen her before im like everyone else it seems strange that saomeone would drive all the way from texas to commit suicide that piece off the puzzle is very strange i know tracy goes to houston to the drs i think that she knows more no dont think i know she knows more but why doesnt she step forward maybe she is scared are maybe shes an accomplish shes not dumb thats for sure

  296. Well SerialPsychic every stretch is a way to narrowing these cases down.I love when your on you do inspire me I wish you were my neighbor.

  297. i know theres this place called sentry builders that i believe that one of the officials is part owner dont quote me on that but its full of wood then theres this place on hwy 90 to not sure of the name

  298. SP i wish you an ketchum where down here to help solve these cases

  299. baffled By this summer I will be down there!!!

  300. KITKAT It would be my PRIViLIGE to be neighbors with you!! I can picture all of us sitting around shoutin’ the bull.

  301. Has LE checked these places lately?? Sometines I feel that we give LE a big heads up to cover up there “stuff”…. AND we do know LE is reading this blog…

  302. Unless it was a torn down structure.Somewhere on the outskirts of town.

  303. I saw LaBauve and Scoper and their drug raid mentioned on here the other day. Does anybody know whatever happened to them? I was working for the newspaper back when that happened and through casual conversation the sheriff let me know a big drug raid was gonna go down in a couple of weeks and he wanted to know if I wanted to be in on it. He said he couldn’t tell me when it was gonna happen but to just be waiting for a call anytime. Sure enough, he was true to his words when one early morning nearly 2 wks later I was awaken from a deep sleep with the call that the drug raid was currently under way and where it was happening in Lake Arthur. I threw on my clothes and rushed out of the house with my camera. As a reporter this was my first drug raid and I didn’t know what to expect and I was scared as all get out. I got there just as LE was entering the trailer. There was the loudest commotion inside the trailer. There was hollering and lots of movement. I believe the trailer was even rocking. Then a few minutes later, out of the trailer comes LE with LaBauve and Scoper, both in hancuffs.. It seems as though LE caught the two of them by surprise as they were sleeping and both men only had shorts on. Wow I will never forget that crazy morning. Thank goodness that was the first and only drug raid I ever went on. And luckily as time when on I covered less crime and more society news…less excitment but definetly a quieter job. Scoper’s trailer was located right next to the elementary school and LE had planned the raid just right, right before the children and the buses starting arriving to school that morning. I just wondered if these two are still serving time or if anyone knows whatever became of them? Also were they alledgedly implemented in having to do with the Lake Arthur (Trahan?) man suspicious death years ago?

  304. Is it snowing in CO.yet SerialP.Its 82degrees here .I hate the heat.

  305. curvycat Wow that was outstanding! You answered so many questions and filled in a lot of blanks…

  306. well i hope we can meet when you come down herre hope these murders will be solved by then but i doubt it very seriosly i wish you where my neighbor too so we could drink coffee an try to solve these cases

  307. KITKAT Last weekend we had a brief snow. Today it’s absolutely beautiful at 77 degrees. The weather here can change by the hour.

  308. I never saws the drugs that day of the raid but LE sure came out with boxes of stuff. I always heard those two men were big drug dealers in Lake Arthur. If my memory serves me right both D. Semmes and T. Gary helped to conduct that raid that morning.

  309. baffled It would be MY pleasure to meet you in person!!!

  310. Also I was wondering if LE still conducted their business in a little white house located on south main just across the tracks. I think the house was used for the narcotics division at the time. I did an interview once at that house.

  311. nothin surprises me with ds the evidence was probably dipped in an charges where probably dropped so go figure

  312. curvycat what year did the drug raid happen?

  313. What I meant was I did an interiew with some of the narcotics detectives for the newspaper.

  314. Isn’t ray labauve dead or is it his brother I’m think about?

  315. i just talked to sheilas daughter an she told me r&l mills on hwy 90 in jennings but it has been torn down since then an it was an abanded church that sheila was found in she also said they want release an autopsy report an she has the medical record from jennings an shes trying to get the ones from lafayette but she has to get her birth certificate cause she lost everythin in a house fire about a year ago but she is trying an said she hasnt been here for a while cause her internet is not hooked up yet

    • Baffeled, thank you for sharing. You are very inspiring as well as positive. As far as the abandoned church it my seem abandoned but it really was/is Fondel Funeral Home. It does look like a little church.

  316. Nicki did you get your information on the zeno girl?

  317. Hey concerned. I don’t remember the exact date but it would been the early 90s. I know LE confiscated dollars worth of drugs.

  318. baffled Thanks for the update!

  319. g8 i just emailed you

  320. i had goggled Terry Scoper’s name and a birth ann. from JDN had him living in Gueydan.

  321. So sheila was found beaten nearly to death in a funeral home?

  322. ahlou DID YOU SAY FUNERAL HOME????? On thread 15 Kirk Menard made a reference to WET a joint dipped in embalming fluid. remember when I asked if we had any MORTICANS on the bog a few threads ago? Well, that kind of “joint” could really mess someone up so bad that they wouldn’t fight back, and I don’t think it shows up in a toxicology report. That is,IF they ever did a tox report … What do you guys think? Am I barkin’ at the moon?

    • I am in and out of the site all day.. sorry.. but I agree SP.. but wouldn’t they do a drug screen before emboming them? just thinking.. if they would embom them then test, then i would see how it would not show up. we would have to know someone who has done that type of work before or is now.. they could answer that question

    • Yes Serialpsychic, I did say Funeral home. The way I got it she was thrown IN FRONT of not INSIDE. That funeral home does not do bodies there their office is in Lake Charles. They only do wakes, funerals and paperwork in Jennings.

      There is Rapheal Funeral Home on 26 that does business. The owner got into some problems around 99 or 00 and can no longer embalm. His family does it for him they are not from here. Don’t know the status now but that was in the paper when it happened. I’ve not heard any talk about either owner being involved with the murders.

    • SERIALPSYCHIC. ….My buddy. I am not a know-it-all, but I do know a little about a lot of things. lol A marijuana joint dipped in formaldehyde which is a preservative is commonaly called a “Wet Daddy” and usually is sold for $5-$10.00 apiece. It will NOT mess you up as you mentioned. A “Zanbar” as I posted earlier will/can render you almosst comatose if you take enough of them. A “Sherm” cigarette, on the other hand, that is a cigar-looking-like cigarette laced with PCP will/can react just the opposite. You
      you are Superman! I have had to fight many of them, which one tried to take my gun and it took five of us to take this skinny guy down. He kept licking out his tonque out like a snake and saying he was God! As he was going for one of my guns, I was hitting him with my kelite flashlight which slipped out of my sweaty hand when he picked it up and hit me in the head with it. Needless to say , he lost the fight. I did manage to break his arm and he was beaten and blood ran like a river and he kept fighting us! When the squadrol arrived to transport him to the hospital, I went there too, but with my team, the had to tie him down and upon arrival there, he was still fighting. The hospital staff had to strap him down and finallly give him a shot, but he kept coming to and trying to break the straps. Unfortunately, two months later, officers responded to an ordinary disturbance call which we would have would have taken instead of a uniform car because we had just passed that location when we arrested a robber and took to the station. I can still hear the radio call of shots fired, OMG, my partner’s been shot and more shots. My partner & I flew out responding the that call of “Officer Down” and took cover as we heard bullets being fired. The officer down was one who had just said earlier, that it was so cold that he was going to wear his longjohns the next day, but didn’t know it at the time b ecause he face was covered in blood when they brought him out and we formed a human circle around him as he was being put on the fire truck for transport to the Trauma Unit where he was pronounced dead. It wasn’t until
      later that night, that my heart fell. I learned that his killer was the SAME GUY on PCP who had tried to take my gun from me as had successfully done to the
      officer that he shot in the knee and in the face! I went over my scenario over & over to try to figure out why and if I had had the probable cause to kill him when he attacked my partner and me. I prayed on it and realized that God’s will was done. You canno change the Master’s plan no matter how much we wish we could. Hope I have been of some help here, my
      faithful friend.

      • P.S.. As usual, I forgot something. Sherms were popular at one time in California. They sold for $25-30.00 apiece. That is why “Wet Daddy”s are much more popular now. I could tell you another story that would absolutely “float your boat!” Perhaps, when you come to Louiana, you, me and the other fine folks here can get together, have coffee and I’ll tell you. I had to back off because it was a huge coverup worth millions and involved a young man’s murder whose mother contacted me and asked to look into it. Her son had been shot several times, rolled up in a blanket, put in the trunk of a car and set afire. When I did check it out was warned by a big-time gangleader who trusted me, advised me NOT to get involved. When he told me why, he didn’t have to tell me twice!
        It involved large quantities of formaldehyde and politics!!!!! Unfortunately, I could not tell the victim’s mother anything at all, much to my regret. I just let her think it was a gang-related murder.

  323. So who owns the funeral home and is it still opened??

  324. Oh my God what a perfect place to keep a body without suspicion.

  325. What would be a perfect place to “store” a body until you can dump it? Where could you dispose of blood with no problems? Well, a funeral home might be the answer…. any thoughts here???

    • that would be a perfect place. Is it still open?

    • SERIALPSYCHIC…… Death by asphxia does not have blood, except from the nose, which brings me to something very very puzzling to me that I came across this morning while re-reading websites. I am going to eat something right now, since I haven’ been up all day and been on this computer! You stayed up late with me last night, so when I finish eating, I will run it past you and the troops to clear up for me if you all can. Thanks. Will be back soon…………lol
      P.S….It is 8:30PM my time and I am only at 1 .21PM posts. That’s pitiful!! I have a lot of reading to do yet, plus I have to check my emails on the other computer to see if G8 or NICKI sent me anything. I don’t know why, but I can’t get my emails on this one. lol

  326. KITKAT B I N G O !!!!

  327. well wet is very known on the south side they smoke it on a regular basis in weed an cigerettes where they get it from idk ur guess is as good as mine

  328. Oh ok gueydan, I wondered what had happened to those two. Brownie, which one went by the nickname Razor? He was the one arrested with Scoper. I think its his brother that died maybe of cancer.

  329. I think LE should look at all people who work in or around funeral homes and has access to emboming fluid, and see if any of them have a connection to the girls..

  330. O.K. do I dare say this,I hope no ones married to the funeral director but if she was found beaten to near death in the funeral home then who takes care of the funeral home at that time and now.

  331. And serialpsychic the blood what better way to get rid of it.An embalming table.Oh my goodness people I think we may be on to something.

  332. Brownie how do they get the bodies ready for viewing,I really never heard of a funeral home without facilities for proper embalming.

  333. Nevermind I see what you guys are saying.

  334. Miquez in lake arthur doesn’t have one in any one of there facilities. It is done in Jennings I think

  335. I had also found a obit. for a Ray A. LaBauve Sr. 48 yr. old. from Lake Arthur dated 7/2/2001.

  336. Miquez doesn’t have one in the funeral home in Lake Arthur, and neither does the other one, just don’t know the name. The one by the post office.

  337. A drug screening no Lemon were thinking that the killer or killers is possibly taking these girls to the funeral home before dumping them.

  338. I am at a huge disadvantage here because I’m not local and don’t know who all the players are and the layout of the town itself. You guys will know what’s what. The “wets” really scream out to me! Somewhere someone is selling this embalming fluid. Follow the money!

  339. SerialPsychic do you remember anyone talking about sheila being found in a funeral home.And is it still opened.They have to have a place for embalming practices.Maybe Nickie knows something.

  340. she was found outside the funeral home. if i’m remebering right

    • Thank you very concerned in gueydan, I keep saying in front of then Kitkat keep saying in. I’ve heard many time outside in front of.

  341. OH ok… I see, i thought they meant if they smoked that WET, that they wouldn’t have it in their system.. becaust they have to embom anyway.. I see now what you all mean about bringing them to the funeral home because of the blood, but i don’t understand.. why go threw the trouble of maybe being seen.. you know what i am saying.. what if they just beat the girls in the middle of no where.. and moved the body elsewhere. if it rains, wouldn’t it wash everything away so they couldn’t tell that it was blood before.. what about the crop thing.. i am a farmers daughter and know that when you have a crop you have to flood it, at one point .. what if they went into a flooded field and beat them.. i am not sure if the girls were found when crops were just cut or being ready to cut.. or if it rained like it did for Nekole.. do you see what i mean..

    • and from what I am understanding, i thought they found the girls around fields… with the exception of the few in the canal… It is just another thought… I mean what if they did it, and they knew when the water would be let go.. drain the field.. or they knew it would rain.. wash evidence away .. am i making since??

  342. Honestly I think the message for her being dropped there was to say, set the arrangements, because after what we put her through she will die. She foxed their butts huh? But, it is a good point about the embalming fluid and all. I do know the ladies that own miguez, has attorneys handling a lot of their stuff. The ladies are unable to get out I think. Very old.

  343. Just because a mortican can “NO LONGER” embalm, doesn’t mean that they WON”T have some embalming fluid around. Since when do people do something they’re told not to?? Another thing..when you have a morticians license do they really CHECK to see if you CAN embalm? I doubt it. When you are ordering supplies for your business they are trying to sell you stuff. What you do with that stuff is up to you….

    • Of that I can agree. The one on 26 had trouble about such as I said earlier. It was in the news paper and his loss of license was in legal notice. I just can’t find it or know where to look. I used to see it on jeffdavisonline but it is now changed and I don’t see a link. Maybe someone can look it up.

  344. WOW…. You all sure have a way of getting someones attention. I am gone for a lil while and i have loads to read to catch up….. I figured the girl from tx was connected to all of this mess. I will say this again…. This is not a serial killer this is a serial cover up… What are they covering up????? I have no clue…. It is just a deep embedded feeling. I think it is a senario of …. becareful of who you THINK your friends are…

  345. To Michael Dubois Congratulations on bringing this case to the Media. I know Geraldo will do a great job!!

  346. curious1 You are right on the mark. This is a serial cover up…

    • I have said it from very early on… This is a group of ruthless evil people without any regard for respect or human life other than their own… I dont think they fit any actual profile…. Something happens that they do not want known or are afraid will be disclosed or someone gets too close to them and they react by killing to cover there own @sses or someone elses… My other feeling is that they make these girls suffer… Again cruel… evil… ruthless….. I also think that we all will be suprised if they ever really crack this wide open at who is all involved…. But then I get very sad when i think it will be like so many other things in jdp…. just something in the past that was never resolved…

  347. what is the name of funeral home off of 26….maybe I can look it up and find some info.

  348. Just got wind of something let me make SURE. lol I will come back.

  349. Gonna be away from my computer for a while, but go look at the post I made…when y’all first asked about lumber mills after unbiased and observer…might be something. Yeah got the info I needed…dead end lead.

  350. Okay, this is from a relative who just passed the ronoke exit service road. they have one state trooper and one sheriff car. Both are outside their vehicles with yellow tape. Wonder what is up?

    • They have a crawfish exchange shop north of that and mexicans work their. Just filling in with infor. That’s all and not implying them. Plus they are building a huge gas like station.

  351. Good afternoon everyone……I feel like crap because I only got about 3hours of sleep. Just before I sleepily woke up, I was seeing this blog rolling upand down!

    As I said in the beginning, this is my first time posting on a blog or on my computers for that matter, other than to order DVDs, make cards, etc., and programs for my church. Therefore, would someone be so kind as to tell me how to reference a website to this blog that is being done be some of you. I stayed up after I logged off reading some earlier blogs, I swear, G8trgirl is FANTASTIC! When I asked SERIIALPSYCHIC to look up Serial Killer Larry Eyler, I found a website that had a very informative tidbit on it that helps me help you all. i.e., Eyler left two of his victims’ bodies on a ABANDONED FARM in Indiana back in some woods where they were eventually found in advanced decomposition and that’s only because he was seen coming out of the woods by LE when they saw his vehicle parked alongside the highway! Are there ANY such buildings/areas like
    that in the surrounding area of Jennings, maybe inherited family property which is isolated but close enough that someone could transport a body to be dumped AWAY from it so that it could be used again….if necessary? Think, you all, think! I noticed that here in Louisiana there is a lot of inherited property that later generations do not inhabit because they have their own homes and chose not to rent it out

    • Not an expert but I take my pointer then click the address line – it turns blue – then right cllck and copy. Reply or post here then – right click and post.

      About the inherited property I had asked about that many threads ago just thinking it would be a safe place.

    • Hi Ketch ~

      I’m sleepy too LOL. If you want to post a link to a site……..highlight the link then click copy and then click paste to add it to your comment.

      As far as abandoned properties/structures in the area……there’s lots of them.

      • It does get intriguing and all consuming when we let it. I find myself looking and checking on the blog rather than watching TV. I think we all have had nights we stayed up too late reading and catching up.

        You all have been so much more intense lately, that’s a good thing….

  352. Highlight the link then copy it then paste it in your post

  353. What was the name of the funeral home in Jennings that got in trouble for dismembering bodies go fit them in small caskets??? Years ago.

  354. to fit not go fit!!!!!! Brain is working overtime today…

  355. SerialPsychic I still think the FuneralHome theory is a good one.I think someone needs to look into it seriously.

  356. It wasnt fondels was it??

  357. I pray to God that there is not a new victim. BUT I believe there will be a new victim very soon… And I think I can make a guess who it’s gonna be………They (killers) know that people get scared and tend to talk, and talk and talk. Even if you are an accomplice, you can get scared and do some talking…

    • I know I say there will be another victem before Christmas… This Texas girl i feel is related but I think she was planned… I hope we are both very wrong lol and let me say that I dont have any training what so ever…. I dont know any of the people involved…. I dont even live in the parish but I have watched and read very closely and all of this is just of my own opnion… But I just want this to be over…. Whether I am right or wrong…

  358. i just thought maybe someone one that works for a funeral home u know some one that needs extra money is selling this fluid u know times r hard today and people r doing whatever to make money

  359. So Ketchum you are here in Louisiana.

  360. i think it was raphael an son

  361. lilmom In this economy anyone could be selling the stuff.. Very good observation..

  362. KITKAT, Curious1 Really evil people are reading this blog. As we throw out the ideas they are finding ways to cover up their deeds. They follow us, and get what they can from our leads and we can’t do anything about it….

    • Agreed!! But it is hard to cover up the fact that your covering up with muder…. And evidentally catching the killer is even harder…

    • So why did you leave out a few of us who have been regulars for a very long time?

  363. Gawd my typing sucks today…. Murder…

  364. Hi G8
    Hotmail problems today – just wanted to check you got my mail last night.

    • Hi there ~ I sure did and it was real late when I read it LOL. I’m gonna reply back…..just been juggling a lot today but it’s finally calming down.

      • No problem. I’ve just had a bad day of losing mails somewhere in cyberspace (whatever that is). Glad it got to you.

  365. ahlou Never would I ever, leave YOU out Darlin’ You have been a driving force on this blog Too long. I was just answering KITKAT & curios1. You have come up with too many great leads… I love you ahlou, so there it is…

    • Good save SP and alou I think he was letting us know that we may be revealing too much… Point taken but all of my thoughts are speculation…..

      I love reading all of your “brainstorms”. There are some very inteligent people on this blog…

      • Ok, thanx. I’m learning to not type everything so fast. OTOH now I understand and feel so much better.

    • THANK you Serialpsychic :-). Guess I’m just a skeptic lately. Love you back at ya!!!!!

  366. the funeral home where the dismemberment took place in 1982 was THE GOOD SHEPHARD on s. main st.

    • You have a great memory almostsure. I heard about the bag of legs in the trash pile. Still wonder how many had been dismembered before the last one.

    • Thanks almost…. I couldnt remember at all. I just remember it has been a while back and that my mom and I had a discussion about it at the time….

  367. Noticed a billboard driving from Moss Bluff to Lake Charles on US 171 with, I think the name’s Crystal, $85,000 reward for info leading to the arrest of suspects in her death. It’s a digital rotating sign owned by Lamar Outdoor Advertising.

  368. Ok so has anyone near Jennings heard anything about what is going on near the Roanoke exit today?

  369. thank you ahlou ! but the only reason i remember was b/c that was the year i moved to jennings and that was the big topic at time…

  370. at the time

  371. ahlou YUK! A bag of legs???

    • Yes SP if they wouldnt fit in the cheaper casket they would just dismember the arms and legs from the body to make it fit… The way they were caught was someone found a bag of legs in the dump… HORRIBLE HUH How would you like that to be one of your family members…

  372. curios1 After that fiasco with the legs, selling embalming fluid seems tame…

  373. Everyone My little girls are in the kitchen with their friends making peanut butter, oatmeal and choc. chip cookies. It would thrill me to death to be able to have you all over for some warm cookies and coffee. We’ll do this real soon tho, and in person!!

    • wow that sounds good im about to go bake some…thanks for the idea!!!!

    • I want to make some peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. My grandma used to bake them. Yummy!

  374. ok i just cought up…wow i sure did miss…Lemon….yes you are making since…does anyone know how the weather was around the time the girls were found? was it raining? lemon..i think you have a good point about that one….

  375. lemon You are very smart, and know alot about the farming aspect. Thanks so much for sharing.

  376. The ones found in spring months would be around the time that fields are flooded for rice and crawfish that would be from aprox March to May or June and maybe July or August for second crop rice but nothing to my knowledge is flooded for crops in fall or winter months. I am a farmers daughter also but LOL it has been a while since I have had to think of any of that….

    • Curious1 good point, but my brother crawfishes, and i know they flood fields for crawfish in october and start catching in november..

      • and duck blinds are flooded right now as we speek..

        • Yes they are and I never thought of that but they flood up blinds right after rice harvest… good work on that one.

      • Well I couldnt remember when… I know that there has to be a time when it isnt flooded but I was not sure when that was…

        • as of right now they are letting water out for second crop, and are flooding for crawfish and duck blinds.. and then when they waterlevel they also flood.. so it is an on and off thing all year round..

    • crawfish season is next right? so the fields would be flooded then. ive been around rice fields my whole life..lets face it down here thats all you see. plus i love crawfish lol

      • oh i love crawfish too countrygirl.. trust me.. but we both posted the same thing at the same time lol

        • lol well SP made me hungry for some good ol home baked cookies so im going bake some lol…yall keep up the good work!!!

  377. Thanks both, i am just thinking outside of the box. i see and understand what everyone says about the funeral home thing, but it seems as they are keeping this out of city limits. so what better way than what i said a while ago.. and you would think if it would be in a flooded field, then it would wash the blood away hince, no blood, no crime sceen once they let the water go.. it is just another THOUGHT added in..

  378. It is possible the woman from TX had no relation to, or knowledge, of any of the Eight.

    It is possible that she did and they were all BFF’s when any of the Eight visited TX.

    When I lived in LA there were houses everywhere in the rural areas that had large walk-in coolers outside under a cover. The guys that lived there would clean, cut, and wrap a deer for about $30-35 dollars. Many of these coolers could still be around and functional.

    Embalming fluid is available for purchase on the internet.

    • WOW I would never guessed that embalming fluid could be purchased on the internet…. That is crazy in a sence…

    • RED RANGER……..Is it possible that an abandoned
      farm/house that was inherited a while back & located in a very rural area, could have one of the coolers that you refer to, but not in use as a cooler , BUT as a place to keep a body to expedite decomposition and the temperture can be regulated to OR is secluded enough to keep the body in the sun without anyone being close enugh to smell the decomposing body..He/they could kill the victim there,
      feeling quite comfortable and leaving the body to decompose. They can leave and come back in however many days they chose, once they experimented with the decomposition process.

      Thank you…

      • The information about the rice & the crawfish is helpful to me because I know nothing about that, but I am trying to learn as much as I can about it. I do know however, that crawfish can do a lot of damage to a body in the water. My brother’s brother-in-law drowned while fishing in the Sabine River alone and body was in too bad of condition for an open casket due to crawfish so I was told.

        Are there any alligators down there and are the canals where the two victim’s bodies were found very deep and are they all very long? Thank you…..

        • yes there are plenty of alligators….not sure of the depth of the canals or how long they are…maybe someone else can help with that info.

  379. curios1 Man, I am surrounded by smart people here! Thanks for your great input. You know we will put all the puzzle pieces together eventually!!

  380. ok, science experiment.. take some koolaid, juice or something colored and fill up you bathtub with water now poor the drink in the tub.. if you add wind (blow) to the water, what happens… eventually it will be pushed throughout the whole bathtub and you will never know it was there.. i actually thought of this idea, when i was fixing my kids bathwater.. the baby threw his juice in the tub and it dissappeared.. like i said it is just a thought

  381. lemon That is a great observation, that would explain a whole lot.

    • SERIALPSYCHIC…… What did that explain? I am already so confused by all of the suppositions that I now have a headache. I have tried to keep information realistic based on valid, factual or sensible input. I study these things. Now I am totally confused and frustrated because I don’t know where blood or funeral homes play in the picture. Without autopsy information, where does the blood come in at? It was my understanding and because of the lack thereof, the victims died for asphxiation about which one doe NOT bleed out, but would bleed from the nose area. In rereading an earlieir website, Digotopus, I read that Muggy’s body was mutilated. Is that true? Her sister Kendra is quoted as saying that she was identified by “by tattoos once inked into her skin.” THis may be true because I had been told last May by what I consider a reliable source that her face was “bashed in” and she was doused in bleach. This makes sense to me because the killer(s) in his/they haste wanted to obliterate evidence as quickly as possible. However, when I personally asked the sherff, he told me that this is NOT true! The website also said the the sheriff said at the time that her death was different from the others whose deaths were ruled “inconclusive” due to advanced decomposition. How could that statement apply to Muggy who was found only hours after being last seen by her grandmother ONLY HOURS later wheh her body was found by a city LE officer and that her body was STILL WARM. Advanced decomposition does not happen in a couple of hours!! I really need to know if there was any other mutilations on her body. Hers, who suffered a slit throat like PATTERSON IS different because she was ON LAND and Patterson was in water. Her body would have been bloated and,
      positive identification could be hard. I have seen them when you can’t tell them whether they are a man or a woman. I have been told that that was the condition of ZENO. So, WHO ALL have seen autopsy reports? Additionally, Baffeled in her early post of that SHELIA COMEAUX was beaten and left to die. She said she was found by a passerby and that it was COLD WHICH HELPED KEEP HER ALIVE. THIS MEANS SHE WAS OUTSIDE whether the place was a lumberyard or funeral home. It doesn’t matter. I read on G8trgirl’s earlier blog re: COMEAUX that she had been “dragged through a window and that brain matter was observed.” I thought, at that time, that under these circumstances, it sounded like she suffered from a subdural hemotoma and would be comatose for a long while. Thanks to our G8TRGIRL, of whom we can rely, who provided that photo of her and my suspicions were correct. She also looked like a nice-looking young woman. Que LasTima!
      (Which means, “What a pity” in spanish.)

      Formaldehyde is used for drug use when not as an embalming fluid in the deceased.

      Homicide as the manner of death and cause of death due to asphyxia is easiest and cleanest way for the
      Jennings killer(s) to get rid of the bodies. Have any of you asked why he/they didn’t try to conceal them by bury them after they went missing? II did and feel that he/hey us flaunting his crimes (just like Larry Eyler did.He, too, incidently, took some of this vicim’s shoes.

      Now I have to call the source who told me about Muggy’s face being bashed in and being doused with bleach which if true, would have caused positive identification problems.

      Help me out here you all……Maybe I am just tired and want so much to get this over with. IF ONLY……

      • The only victims family that were allowed to view the body of their loved ones was Brittany Gary’s because she was a minor. Other families were not allowed to view the bodies…so we don’t know if they were mutilated or what.

  382. Thanks, I think i am going to give my kids the credit for helping me think of that one though.. lol

  383. O.K.I am back .So the funeral home theory is out.

    • I dont think it is really out either Kit I mean they could still dispose of blood with out question at a funeral home and also think back at previous threads when they were talking about how the funeral homes told the families that they couldnt view the bodies… It is possible still I think …. It was a good idea…

  384. Hey SerialPsychic watching CNN and they have a 6 year old in CO. missing.FortCollins.He got into a large helium balloon in his backyard.Poor little thing.They think he may have fell out.

  385. KITKAT Nothing here is really ever out….We just keep throwing the ideas around until something “sticks” LOL

  386. not that it is out.. kitkat.. not everyone has a computer to buy stuff off the net.. so it still could be a posibility for getting the emboming fluid to put in the joints (WET) and could be used if useing too much to dissoriant (not spelled right) them… idk maybe??? they have to get the emboming fluid somewhere.. you know..

    • Look at UPS/Fedex trucks. Anyone delivers a lot to ones home? Like my neighbor gets a lot of ups but she is a shop a holic. LOL.

      • True.. i know avon, tupperware, pampered sheff or any kind of consultants always have ups/fedex at their house also.. so it wouldnt be out of ordinary to see a ups truck if they have a coverup like that… hmmm..

  387. Hey Kitkat, no theories are out. It could be anyone that has not been cleared through DNA or an airtight alibi.

    These girls could have been stored in a funeral home, a home made ice chest large enough to hold them, the morgue, any restaurant with a walk in cooler, a meat processing plant, etc.

    Nothing can be ruled out without evidence to rule it out.

    • Question.. why would you say all of the cooling ideas.. it would make since on that part too.. because wouldn’t it stop bloodflow at least for a while, long enough to transport them? Good thinking Red..

    • are a frezza truck

      • oh my yes, a freezer truck.. never thought of it.. dont’ they have some fish trucks that ride around

        • Now that you mention it, there is or was a seafood business over in Acadia Parish on Hwy. 90, west of Crowley, that had refrigerated trucks. But it is owned by relatives of Sheriff Edwards, so, they are beyond reproach. In spite of years and years of tales of their involvement in the cocaine import bidnezz. The business was taken over from a father by the son. They had both refrigerated trucks and also a permanent refrigerated warehouse ??????? As far as I know, they never purchased any crime scene vehicles.

  388. For Firewife or anyone else that might can figure this out . I was told that around the time that some of the first victims bodies were found there were fires in abandoned houses . Some were days after the bodies were found . This if true would also be places were the killer could have taken the bodies before disposing , then burn any evidence in the house fire. I have tried myself to look this up but all I can get from Jennings Daily news articles is top stories which this would have taken a backseat to finding a body . If any of that is true about the abandoned houses fires then our killer(s) has found somewhere abandoned now that he is not afraid of anyone finding because no more have been burned .

    • I remember a few (maybe twor or three) years back there were lots of house fires. Many were around the areas talked about. That could have been covering up with the burned housed.

    • Good thinking……..Remember, the victims’ clothe are missing which would not be a trophy like the shoes.

  389. KITKAT The family chases storms and had the balloon in their backyard. The little boy Falcon got in it and took off. The balloon has traveled over 50 miles BUT the boy, Falcon was no longer in it. They have not found him yet. They had been on Wife Swap and the kids were use to flying around with their parents. I hope he’s o.k.


    Tells alot about embalming fluid. NAil polish remover contains some formaldehyde

    All those frogs and worms we had to disect in biology contained formaldehyde.

  391. I know I hope he is alright.Poor baby I hope they find him before nightfall.

  392. Is that near your home S.P.

  393. wondering Fire would destroy evidence for sure. That is a great observation and would explain a lot…

  394. Hey Lemon, I say the cooling ideas because of the varying degrees of decomposition. It seems as if some of the girls that were found almost immediately were decomposed about the same as some that had been missing for a long time.

    The bleach on Muggy would change her rates, along with destroying DNA.

    If I remember correctly, one of the girls was identified by her tatoos, long after she had gone missing.

    • ok, but think about it.. it is a really good idea on that one… I saw a documetary on tv about a year ago of a serial killer that would dump in the desert.. a year after they were dead, and they looked fresh.. the only way they broke the case open is the fact that someone came across his last victim right after he dumped it, so when they went to do the autopsy the insides were still frozen.. sick i know, but when you said that about all of the coolers, the documetary came to my mind.. Good job.. keep thinking along that line

    • RED RANGER……..That would be Brittany Gary, Our Victim #7. “Crazy Beautiful” tattoo. Did you answer my other post yet. …Thanks.

  395. KITKAT I live near Colorado Springs. This is closer to the Denver area.

    • KITKAT…….. Well cut off my legs and call me Shorty. I would never have guessed. I have a niece and nephew in Denver. Will you be going to Jennings this summer also. Wait a minute. Dumb me! I thought SERIALPSYCHIC was coming to Louisiana THIS year!

  396. I wanted to be the first to break it to you, but it got leaked and now it’s out fully!

    WE DID IT!!!

    KM and MB will be on Geraldo for 1 full hour covering our murders. FOX News on Saturday night.

    • Have it set to Record… it is about dang time!!!!!!! thanks Nicki..

    • This Saturday? What time 9:00p.m.? WOW – – Great WORK for everybody! Whoop Whoop

    • What great newssssssssssss, is it because of the new relation to the Texas case, I know that would move anyones heart. Thank you Kirk and Michael. I may not be from there, but I heart is with you all. I rejoice when you do, and I cry with you too!
      Perfer the rejoicful times the most, and this is one of them. Great work from all of you 😉

    • yes !!!! I set it to record also. Great job everyone !!!!!!!!

    • Hey, I don’t think they accepted the invitation to go on Geraldo….yes, Geraldo’s show airs on Saturday Nights but KM and MD did not accept according to what I’ve heard.

  397. RED RANGER Outstanding observation. No one would ever think twice about a delivery truck!!!

  398. Thats great Nickie Congrats to all of you for the hard work you put into this.

  399. Have a couple of questions. Just heard of these murders yesterday on CNN. This Arnold Benoit that is mentioned, is he any relation to Crystal? I am not familiar with the area…are these know locations of activity? Parking, Fishing or drug use? Also, interesting website attached to Arnold Benoit after internet search……is this the same Arnold Benoit discussed previously?

    • What is the web link? I’m not familiar with that name.

      • Arnold Benoit may have been mentioned in association with the Bondreaux Inn? or something about Party for mayor…not sure. Just started searching on the net and ran into the website. Jus curious if this was the same person…

      • I think this is the post that made me search for his name…posted by g8trgirl in August. “think it would be very interesting if you could locate some of the attendees at the party SilenceDogood references here. Wonder if Mr. Benoit would go on record about the incident? Was the license plate number of the “unwelcome” guests turned over to LE? If they were indeed going to Ricky Edwards’ victory party…..surely the Sheriff recalls them and knows exactly who they were…..who invited them?”

  400. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Geraldo, no less. By the way I’ll give you 10 guesses what law enforcement agency will probably have to include ADULT DEPENDS in the squad room. LOL

  401. That is all Kirk Menard and the video he captured of Necole! All thanks and praise should be given to Kirk…and Mike…Thank y’all so very much for your courage of conviction. We are so very grateful for all you’ve done.

  402. Hey everyone, maybe someone has the answer to bamamoe I do not know if it is kin to crystal or not or if it is the same Arnold Benoit mantioned..

  403. For those of you following thw story of the boy and the helium balloon…Well, he was HIDING in the attic of the family home. He was not in the balloon. He got a big LAUGH at the cost of all the people who were out looking for him in an area of over 50 miles. If he was my kid I would fire up his butt!!!

    • Thank goodness. Kids will be kids but that kid mmmmmmmmm.

      • id beat his tail..but im so glad he is ok

        • You are not supposed to do that lol. What he need and wanted was a big hug. What about a chat with him on the knee. Some days I need a big smile and today when I read he was safe and saying he thought he would get in trouble all I could do was smile, smile and thank God.

          We could all send him a bag of small marshmellow for Christmas for his his present.

  404. Wow hiding in the attic while all were looking for him….

  405. I am glad he was found alright but I think he would get a tiny spanking after a big hug.

  406. Got a question…..why is everyone so very sure some of these ladies were not killed at the place of dumping if it took a few days to find some of them?

    • Well I’ll take Muggy and I believe Dubois, they were in the road. I think there was at least one other in the road seems as if there would have been some signs of blood or something.

      • Maybe the victims were killed in the back or truck, van or suv. Could this explain the lack of a crime scene at the dump site?

        • Could be but how do you explain decomposed?

          • I’m not sure how badly the bodies were decomposed?? I know that some were more than others. It is hard to find specific info as to that on the net. I’m well aware that there is always information that is held back from public in these cases. Seems that alot of these murders took place in hotter times of the year. As I said unfamiliar with the area. But I’ll assume from living in the South it’s hot and decompostion would be quicker in that enviroment. Not to mention wildlife, insects…etc.

        • Need to look for a brown or green truck or van as most killers use those color vans or an off color truck or van. Mid-30’s, loner, dead end job, possibly caught a STD or been jilted by women in the past, racist. Just going from research.

          • I was going early 30’s but i agree…the STD or love loss did cross my mind but i was thinking rejection…racist? Please continue…

    • in my understanding of the cases is that there was no evidence around where the body was found.. but in some instances.. what if it rained and washed it all away.. i see where you are coming from.. it crossed my mind also.

    • if one was strangled..there would be no blood, only excess body fluids. I guess this is missing for LE to believe they were killed elsewhere. Just brainstorming. I do that I mentioned a long time ago –guessing at the time—that LE had no crime scene, referring to where the murder actually took place—and he replied, “you said it, not me.”

      So, with no excess body fluids, can you assume they were cleaned up after dying, hence the lack of clothes, shoes?

      I think this still eludes the police, and is a big issue. Very big……

      • You think the nasty a$$(s) took time to to clean them. Sometimes back someone exlained you don’t have your shoes in jail. It was also explained maybe they had on flip flops at one time.

      • As I posted in an earlier post, for all of the bodies that were found on the ground (not necessarily the gravel roads), the Task Force has access to the FBI Forensic Labs where and entomologist (the study of insects) and a botanist (study of plantlife) can conduct tests and ascertain with great accuracy, how long a body has been at that dump location. For instance, a blow fly comes to feed on a dead body within two days! They can forensically study the difference plant life under the body and the insectt eggs, maggots, etc. all tell a story. The body tells a story. If need be, they can contact Dr. Bill Bass at the Body Farm in Tennessee where donated cadavers are left to decompose under all difference circumstances. He is brilliant! I know for a fact, that handling a body full of body fluid can “burst” on you and the smell is God-awful.

        • Again, the causes of death due to asphyxiation, as I suspect on mostly all of the victims, can exactly be deterimined whether my belt, rope, plastic bag, hands, garrot, wire, shoestring depends on whether or not he hyoid bone located in the throat is broken or if still in tact, there is a way to strangle someone and leave the hyoid in tact. As I related to you all much earlier, I and other old-time LE were trained how to render someone (a combative arrestee) into unconsciousness by stopping the flow of blood
          in the left and right carotid arteries located on the right and left side of your neck. That was called the “Sleeper Hold” and was outlawed years ago after a man died in California from it. But, as I said, we were trained HOW to do it and one does not forget one’s training, if you know what I mean! I, AM, IN NO WAY INSINUATING THAT LE IS INVOLVED. I ‘M JUST STATING A FACT!

  407. Is it true that some or all of them were missing shoes?

    • yes if i’m remembering right…please correct me if i’m wrong…they were missing shoes.

    • many were missing shoes there is a chart amongst all the blog several pages back…halfway at least!

      • yes and some say this may have been a fetish…Maybe he took their shoes so they would be less likely to run. I assume he has a weapon of some sort. Maybe a knife since in 2 of the cases there is speculation that he slit their throats? Just a thought

        • I would not put it past this person to use many things as a weapon, bat, pipe, knife as you said, etc.

          • observer…R u from the area? These dump sites are they known? Here there are places that are places people go “parking”…If these women are as some suspect prostitutes would this be a likely place for the killer to bring them? A normal place for illict activity to occur?

      • Were the shoes or missing clothing found?

        • I am from LA, but not Jennings, I am literally an observer!!!!!! To my knowledge, the shoes and such were not found. All of them were not necessarily nude. It has varied I believe.

          You do make good points and ask good questions

  408. bamamoe If only Ricky Edwards would enlighten us as to who the 3 black men are……I’m sure HE has to know, as they were going to his party. Let’s ask him. Right…..

    • Sounds like a good idea SP….think he would give us an answer? LOL

    • I live in a small city and most everyone here knows everyone in some way or another. Someone knows this man…or men. After looking at the victims…I would think that he knew some or all of them. I’ve seen where LE has released partial profile for locals…Maybe they should release a more detailed profile. Height, Weight and maybe some social behavior.

    • Actually, from what I was told after the initial post, I believe that these three men may have been returning from the Ricky Edwards victory party. That part has been questioned by the witnesses themselves. They either cannot agree or remember accurately on that part.

  409. I wish I had a vial of sodium pentathol (sp) and could give a few people a shot of the truth serum. I know we’d get a lot of answers. There are a couple of people I’d give a shot to who could clear this whole thing up… ANYONE have a vial of sodium pentathol, handy?? Just kidding….

  410. Several years ago in Baton Rouge there was a serial killer…Who started out the same way…killing what LE and others may not consider important…but as soon as that killer started progressing they were right on top of it. I will assume since this killer seems to be pickin up speed there are worries he may get brave enough to hit the other side of the tracks…it is so sad that this was allowed to happen…Maybe some of you know the answer to this question when did the FBI officially get involved?

    • Yes, good point about the perp getting more active thereby LE gets more active. Plus, thinking about it, if LE has found clothes, shoes or anything from the victims, they are not going to tell us – the public. Their updates are bare minmum, if at all.

      Jennings is no where close to Baton Rouge, when we had Derrick Todd Lee doing so many killings, LE and the media worked hand in hand getting info to the public everyday….the victims were very affluent women.
      Doesn’t that say a lot!

  411. I know for a fact that Profilers from Quatico came to Jennings November 2008 after Brittany Gary’s death.

    Seems the Task Force was appointed close to that time also.

    Nicole, our last official victim was left on Interstate property in August this year, and many assume that was FBI territory, and we have seen more active involvement from them since then.

    It could have been sooner…this is what know.

    • The task force was put together back in Jan that is the last time that RE had a “press conference” since then we have not seen much of him or heard much from him or the task force since then.

      • Well we have read and heard in the news about the task force member and the missing evidence, piles of unprocessed files. Since then nadda.

        • Good point, ahlou. Since the facts regarding vast and deep incompetence by the JDP SO (and task force members) were revealed, more specifically, since a deputy broke numerous laws and caused the release of a prime murder suspect just before another murder WITHOUT BEING CHARGED, the FBI and the task force in general have been suspiciously quiet. In my opinion, the FBI and task force were put in place as a public relations tool and little more. When one considers the caliber of personnel who make up the task force, what can we expect? Has anyone really looked into their backgrounds? They seem to be a who’s who of those NOT to be trusted with sensitive information. The woman deputy who had over sixty unprocessed cases sitting on her desk is a good example and only one of several. What qualifies one to be a coveted “task force” member?

  412. Bamamoe Have you read the previous threads? They can explain many of the questions you are asking, and help you to learn about the cases. You have so many good points, we’re happy to have here!!!

  413. I have tried to read thru some of the threads there is so much…You all are doing some great work here…bringing awareness to the situation is so important…I was so happy to find this thread. Don’t mean to be so behind. Tryin to catch up…

  414. Every once in awhile there is a poster by the name of Grande who post here. I liked his/her post today I found a nice site just wonderif if it is the same Grande.

  415. wondering if

  416. Popeye I think I missed something here…openly gay what??

  417. Did something go wrong with Guillory? Is that the reason for the different dump site?

  418. I am Hope with a capital H. Motive keeps coming to mind. Silence the victim(s)? What did they know? Too much? How would the killer(s) know who they told? These folks have a lot of down time, they discuss and talk amongst the group. Someone must know something. Also, I can’t believe the victims owed money. Most, if not all of the victims had no income. Maybe they refused to do something for the killer(s). The killer(s), if they were a dealer(s), would not supply large quantities of drugs to the victims. In addition, the victims were knowledgeable of the drugs they were taking. It’s been said there were high levels of drugs in their systems. Therefore, I can’t believe they accidently overdosed! I lean more towards a purpose for the killings. What is the purpose? Am I so naive that I can’t understand how someone can do this? It seems that some victims were killed out of rage? Who could do this? Why would they do this? Whatever the purpose, someone is becoming bold and comfortable with the act. He, she, they need to be stopped. They need to be held accountable for their acts! My thoughts and prayers are with the victims families.

  419. It is a very nice site. Grande has a big heart. I noticed he was co-founder of Help Find The Missing

    • I’m glad you checked it out I’ll be going there more often. Did you notice they have a group looking into finding the missing. I was very impressed.

      Grande it you read this your site is grande and thanx for it.

  420. Maybe his rage is caused by his own inadequacies…

    • We really feel this is SILENCE killings to keep witnesses quiet, although we may be wrong.

      Thinking out loud…

      I do think if this person was egged on, they may react because Nicole’s murder seems more like an attention getting murder and dump. HE seems to tease LE. I think he is so inept ego wise that he does some of this to prove something to himself…at least a couple of the murders. I think he has started liking playing a game with LE, and could act if and when he looses attention. I believe Nicole’s murder was a see what I can do thing in his sick perverted idea of himself.

      If we were to sit here and start telling him how ill we believe he is, I think it would cause him to act again.

      Guess I am sharing this just for insight into the perp.

      Remeber they have to be tall enough, and strong enough to lift 100 + lbs of dead weight which is not easy. This is why they are not found too far away from roads.

      Light bulb—has anyone considered they could have boat access to a water way used for dumping some of the first vicitims, or was the fisherman in a boat? Are the waterways deep enough for a boat?

      • Familiar with the area, no waterway. Mostly more like gullies, I believe the killer is big enough to carry the victims.

      • observer…noticed while reading about the victims that they increase in weight as the murders progress…is he just getting more confident? Possible??? Maybe he just uses with the victims until they are easy to handle. Just a thought.

  421. Bama when I came here a couple months ago I started just reading the current thread at that time. After a day or so I had to go back and read from beginning to end… I learned so much… You get a feel for the town of Jennings and what these people have gone through… I have sat here and cried sometimes and laughed sometimes but along the way you get addicted… And mostly likely a opinion will form for you (although mine has stayed the same throughout) You will still have questions but at least you will know what we know so far… Good luck and Good reading!!!!

  422. Ketch Thanks a lot for clarifying that for me. In my mind a joint dipped in embalming fluid should have knocked someone for a loop. I stand corrected. I love your posts I learn so much. So how do we get “truth serum”??? just kidding…… sort of…

  423. Ketch Didn’t you say somewhere that you have actually TALKED to Ricky Ewards? If so, what do you think the chances would be of him telling you the identity of the 3 black men who were going to HIS party???

    • SERIALPSYCHIC…..My good buddy, my friend, my goomba, I can only say in answer to you request, that you are either drinking strong liquor or smoking a “Wet Daddy” (lol) Do you think that I would have the audacity to ask Sheriff Edwards about anything after he rejected my offer to help and I see now that he tried to throw me off with some of my inquiries about the cases. I gave him my credentials and some of my theories that now in looking back he tried to throw me out by discounting things that I had been informed of and have subsequently learned the opposite since I joined your blog. I would like to know who and why somebody in LE lied on me when our NICKI tried to check me out saying that I am a local LE being paid to blog. That lie is almost hilarious, if not sad under these circumstances. Perhaps he got pissed off at me because I told him I do not like working with Task Forces or females for that matter because of very bad experiences when agencies do not want to share information (but use you for yours)and want credit and glory for solving a case. I am not like that and never have been. Where I come from, we had to have approval before we could speak to reporters and/or be on TV. I have been on Tv several times in the news but under difference circumstances that interviews. I’ve save lives in a fire, saved a life on the street in public of a man who had a gun pointed at this head, I have been shot at and my teammate pushed me out of the way and took the bullet, been threatened to be pushed off of a 3-story rooftop by pimps, ” and I and my partner had a “hit “put out on us by a cuban drug cartel. I even told him that I was the most decorated female police officer in the city of Chicago in 1988 and was chosen to represent the United States in a PBS Documentary of Cops Around The World. I Had a film crew with me for two weeks, on and off duty and received lots of fan mail from
      Europe where the film was shown. With all of my credentials, He never contacted me as he said he would do after he checked me out. I let him know that I would have to have access to autopsy reports and crime scene photos in order to do what I do best. I also told him that because I come from an inner city, I am anxious to learn the ways of the south as far as forensics go. I am teaching myself Forensic Anthropology for the very reason were have on our victims today. I have skelton and all so that if a case interested me in my retirement or if a family needed I would come out, free of charge. I have never accepted a dime from any family/person that I helped.
      So, NO WAY, my friend will I ever approach Mr. Edwards again because I am good at what I do(if given the tools to work with). by the grace of God who protects and guides me…………LOL anyway!

  424. TYPO ALERT I meant Ricky EDWARDS… Damn computer needs to learn how to spell……

  425. SP did Ketch talk about joints dipped in embalming fluid lately…. I am wondering if I missed something.

  426. curious1…currently reading previous threads…it’s hard to get away from the current conversation for me. I agree it is in a way an addiction of sorts. There are so many question. I am so outraged by the faliures in the case so far. Curious? Do any of you try and form your own profile?

  427. Profile of the killer???

  428. Who has a motive? Who has the most to lose and is willing to commit these horrible acts? Keep it simple.

  429. There have been several scenarios mentioned. I wish we could weed out the ones that don’t fit.

  430. Curious1 It was my thought that smoking a joint with embalming fluid would knock someone onr their ass. Ketch says no it won’t so I stand corrected. We did find out that you CAN buy embalming fluid on the internet!!! Who would have thought it???

    • I know a person (well I know her parents) she smoked a joint dipped in embalming fluid..(gorilla piss as it is known around here) or several, hell i wasnt there to hold it for her so lol this is hearsay… she wasnt knocked for a loop but she was not at all rational,,, did crazy stuff and eneded up in the hospital for a couple days… She was kinda off the wall for a while but never knocked out…

      • I hate to say that I told you so………..but, I told you so. With somethings that I say, “If a chicken dips snuff, look in his mouh.”…… I told you all in an earlier post that Zantabs will knock you out , and if the alcohol in your system exceeds 0.35-0.40, you’d be like a dead person (heavy weight). I will never believe that the victims voluntarily drank all of that alcohol(which will show up on the autopsy as ethanol) in such a high volume. I still believe that the
        victims who have been reported to have “high volumes of alcohol and narcotics” in their system, had alcohol being forced down their throats which would also causes gag reflexes to kick in with such a massive ingestion, that it causes death by asphyxicationand the hyoid could still be intact or they could have been held down by their throat with the same result because they woudl be UNABLE to put up a fight. That is why I have been desperate to get any and all body condition information from the victims’ families although I know it is painful, but I have to put emotion aside in order to get positive results. I implore the family members to find out that info, if they can,from the funeral director(s). But, I am willing to bet all of you that they have been instructed not to talk to anyone about it, just like the clerk in the Family Dollar Store was. Yes, I have been there, walking and talking! ing, I try to have answers to things before I ask “street people” for info. She didn’t have to answer anyth ing. I found others who did and was glad to help!…….LOL

  431. bamamoe I think there are more than 1 killers involved. We are all putting this big puzzle together, piece by piece. Everyone here brings so much to the table. If you didn’y know it by now, you are in the presence of “great minds”……

    • Yes that is for sure…there are great minds involved…i am very aware…Why would you think this is work of more than one? Just curious. Busy reading previous threads as fast as I can.

      • For one, the way they changed methods, although they may have just found slitting throats was too messy, they went from water to land, seems with past unsolved crimes, many were involved and or had knowledge of many witnesses, even if it is someone giving orders to another, …and because two have been arrested in the past…maybe they thought the waterways were being watched after using several?

        If any of that makes since to ya!!!
        That is my take

  432. I believe, If we narrow a victim down to who is the killer(s). We will be on the right path. I believe in solutions, keep it simple.

  433. Scooter, I think you have a crystal ball or you should be the psychic…..

  434. wonder where ignite is? are you on? whats your thoughts ?

  435. bamamoe I heard it thru the grapevine….

  436. I am not a Fox in a hen house. I am more a Hen. My sister knows and went to school with Whitnei. My daughter went to school with Brittney. I have been embarrassed and upset with LE since day one. I am saddened by all the questionable things that have gone on. How can this go on?

  437. I have not really thought about a profile persay… I am very amature to this. As I said earlier, no training or anything. I dont live in JDP but I do know lots of people there and have family there. I have talked to several people in the area and have gotten their take on what is going on. I have always felt from the beginning that this is all drug related… As time has gone on I have come to believe that this isnt a typical serial killer but as I said earler today it is definatly a “serial cover up” I believe this is being done by more than one person. The killer/killers are probably middle-men in this drug circle. I think the main person is prolly middle-aged and a bully type… I think he has people who are not as high up as him in this circle and not as strong as he is, doing dome of his dirty work. This person thinks he is smart and powerful. This person probably has people who are addicted to the drugs he provides so that they will do anything for him. I dont think he fits the profile of a serial killer who was abused at home or had a rough childhood profile. I am not saying that none of those things ever happened to him. But this person feels it is his job to take care of these girls to shut them up to save his own @ass or someone higher than his own. I do think that he is connected to LE. Not saying that he is an officer but he has strong ties there. Whether he is a frequent flyer to the cell or has family there. He is street smart because he has been doing this for a long time…. He is very selfish. Very known to everyone in this circle.

    I dont guess that this is a profile but it is my opinion of who this person is and the role he plays in these crimes.

    • Yes that is what I meant…not an official profile but an ideal of what you think he may be. I’m not a highly educated either. I agree drugs are involved and i have also thought maybe someone associated with LE. I have also thought maybe he wasn’t…maybe that was part of the problem. He didn’t make the cut. Maybe that’s why one of the bodies was found by the police shooting range…that is correct? right? Maybe just a wannabe. To be quite honest. I think he is a moderate drug user and drinker. I think he doesn’t have power and wants the power…that’s why he takes advantage of these women. I would love to see at least a partial of the FBI offical profile.

    • u have basically hit the nail on the head…..

    • i reply and it goes to the wrong space what u have said is good

  438. Too many people know him and what he has done? Someone would know something.

  439. Hope We were not talking about you Darlin’ We have been saying the last threads that we know LE is reading this blog. Sorry, you thought we meant you. It has been a topic of conversation for some time…

  440. i c…like i said just curious. I just thought the manner in which the crimes seemed to be committed it could easily be just one killer. As I read thru previous threads it is very obvious that most people here believe that law enforcement is involved…Literally or just by lack of effort?? LE in many areas of this country are corrupt and biased. On the other hand there are good guys too. It almost makes me wonder if everyone is so focused on the LE that they are over looking the real killer or killers. Please let me say that these are just thoughts. I by no means want to offend anyone. I hope that LE is here watching and posting. Maybe they will see something that has been missed or get a new lead before the next tragedy occurs.

    • bama I have no doubt that their are good people in jdp le but as I said before there are many things leading that say there is a tie to le…. I am not saying le is doing the murders… I dont think that.

  441. Someone knows something…. from shelia who was scared to talk to certain people to other victems who stated that they were afraid of being the next victem days before they died…. People are scared and do not trust anyone so they donot say anything.

  442. bamamoe No one has ever accused LE of being involved directly in these killings. The reason we bring them up is out of sheer desperation, and a deep feeling of frustration. I for one, would just like a little update, and I really feel the families are entitled to this, at the very least. Are you LE? WE could certainly use your input if you are.

    • No Serial i am not…I am a plain ole’ citizen…i would love to have input from LE too. I would also love to hear the official word from FBI that this is indeed the work of a Serial Killer. I personally believe that it is. The families do deserve an update i agree. I was personally hoping that one of you may be LE. Trying your best to gather new info or ideals. A different angle…

      • The only reason that I dont think that this is a typical serial killer is some of the variations of the places and ways the bodies have been dumped… some have had throats slit others were asphixiation and others were undetermined. And of course other things but for me it is the fact of the close ties of all of the victems… All in the same circle of people… Some of the girls were believed to be informants…. I think they were killed because of what they knew.

        • the bodies being dumped in different locations doesn’t seem that unusual to me. It is a really a small area by looking on the map…what would you say the traveling time would be from the the third victim Lopez to th 5th victim Brown? That is excluding Guillory which is where i believe something went wrong. Im not sure of this so I will ask to be positive the two victims that had their throats slit were Patterson and Brown? As far as ties it is a small community and even smaller when you put drugs into the equation. If as has been reported these women are on the out skirts of society that would make them an easier target. If i’m not mistaken this is how most serial killers start. They prey on the people who will be missed the least. Even if he gets just a day or two…until they are reported missing…he is ahead. I would not be suprized if some of the girls were informants. Since there is an obvious drug relationship. This person who ever he is…has a mother, a grandmother…a family someone knows him in the area. I would hope that the LE there has increased patrols in the areas that are somewhat rural…I know that the public must be on very high alert.

          • As I said everything that I post is totally my own You definatly have the right to your own opinion. I didnt actually mean where they were dumped on a map. I mean some were in canals or water… some where on roads… some were doused in bleach…. some were to far into decomp to know anything others were found right away…. Basically for me it is just a feeling or idea… some people base their opinion on geographical ideas or ideas about just who it can be… as i said before i sort of ramble and this is only my opinion… And yes this is a small town that we are talkin about but not that small… these girls were friends

      • BAMAMOE……..You have an awful lot of reading to do to catch up! I’m still trying from this AM. I was on this all night, got little sleep and dreamed of the blog which woke me up today.

        As I posted to SEERIALPSYCHIC in an earlier post, don’t remember which Thread #. Probably #36, I related that a bonafide Serial Killer usually kills at random for the joy of killing, power, control, etc.
        Examples: Gacy, Rolling, Shawcross, Bundy, Hillside,
        Lucas, Toole, Ridgeway, Dahmer, Eyler,
        Railroad, Ramirez, Bonin, Heidnik, et al.
        These killers used a variety of weapons and some tried to conceal their work. Some are scary looking and others look like normal everyday citizens, i.e. Bundy, et al. The Jennings 8 all have a common connections, they all knew each other, shared the same lifestyles, some were related to each other even by some of the children i.e. CHAISSON & DU BOIS. Two were dumped in canals, others on roads, all knew the same people, and other similarities. I still believe in my heart that the C.O.D. on most or all is asphyxiation. To my knowledge, none of the autopsies have been release to families! I also feel that in actuality, SHEILA COMEAUX was really the first victim by same killer(s) and that there definitely is more than one person working together. Please check earlier posts for more information. Thanks and welcome aboard! LOL

  443. LOL SP you put things so much more eloquently than I do.. I am a rambler…

  444. This case is starting to get national attention. Thank God! The worms will start to come out of their hiding places laying blame on others. When this happens it will all be over. This is not a strong serial killer but a flunky to others. The house of cards will come tumbling down.

    The serial killer got off doing this but his protection will be over as others think of their own special needs. The killer won’t be protected as the eggs get scrambled and the egos go on overload.

    No middle management employee will risk future benefits or status for a lowlife. Best to reconstruct to suit. The killer may soon end up dead himself as at this point his service is over.

  445. Hope I know your are heartbroken and yet here you are trying to solve the big puzzle. It’s people like you who will help get this solved. Thank you, Hope….

  446. curios 1 I will read anything you write” rambler” or not. You have great ideas!!!

  447. cp You have nailed it. AND shit does roll down hill (pardon my language)…

  448. Ketch Did I miss something? You are what??/

  449. For those of you who missed tonights Channel 7 news cast, here is the story and video

  450. did any of you pay attention to ketchums post tonight at 8:25?

  451. Ketchum posting on here again.

  452. ok call me stupid if you must by why dont I see a post at 8:25???

  453. Ketchum23, on October 15th, 2009 at 8:25 PM Said:
    P.S.. As usual, I forgot something. Sherms were popular at one time in California. They sold for $25-30.00 apiece. That is why “Wet Daddy”s are much more popular now. I could tell you another story that would absolutely “float your boat!” Perhaps, when you come to Louiana, you, me and the other fine folks here can get together, have coffee and I’ll tell you. I had to back off because it was a huge coverup worth millions and involved a young man’s murder whose mother contacted me and asked to look into it. Her son had been shot several times, rolled up in a blanket, put in the trunk of a car and set afire. When I did check it out was warned by a big-time gangleader who trusted me, advised me NOT to get involved. When he told me why, he didn’t have to tell me twice!
    It involved large quantities of formaldehyde and politics!!!!! Unfortunately, I could not tell the victim’s mother anything at all, much to my regret. I just let her think it was a gang-related murder.

    This is what I was talking about.

  454. KITKAT Yes, Ketchum is here tonite

  455. Scooter,fear is the leader in this case. And, caused many deaths. It needs to be over.

  456. No scooter I did not see it thought Ketchum was not posting here anymore what did I miss?

    • SCOOTER……What do you have against me? You don’t know me and I don’t know you ,so what are you referring to? If you think I’a a scaredy cat, I will tell you this: I fear no man, and never have. I fear God.
      Thank you for responding and have a blessed night!

    • KITKAT……I have posted to you either from the wee hours of the 14th or today, the 15th, I don’t remember when. And, to the terrible loss of your precious cat! I lost mine recently and I still hurt from it. They become a part of your family.

      Also, didn’t you read where G8TRGIRL and NICKI
      absolved me (read their posts).But, if you still want to hold God knows what against me, so be it. I love you anyway. Have a blessed night!

  457. i just wanted to point out that people need to be careful of what they believe from some posters. period

    • Scooter, yes indeed. I understand what you said.

    • Hey Scooter

      Ketchum has lots of Homicide detective experience to add to the plate here. She has some great post, and appears to be creating a solid timeline of all events to help put the pieces of this puzzle together. She has put in many hours now, and is to be trusted. She is very sincere.

      • Observer, what Ketchum wrote was “When I did check it out was warned by a big-time gangleader who trusted me, advised me NOT to get involved. When he told me why, he didn’t have to tell me twice!
        It involved large quantities of formaldehyde and politics!!!!! Unfortunately, I could not tell the victim’s mother anything at all, much to my regret. I just let her think it was a gang-related murder”.

        What if the murders here involve formaldehyde and politics can we expect the same here.

  458. Good Night all

  459. KITKAT Pleasant Dreams!!!

  460. I agree with you scooter 100% .

  461. You to S P

  462. Is anyone on the ground there or familiar with the area? What would be the travel time from Cherokee Rd and 99 intersection to E Racca Road or Railroad Ave?

  463. SP how were the cookies???

  464. curios1 DEElicious!!! Wish you could taste them!!!!

  465. Ha well at the moment I have an abcessed tooth an ear infection and a a sinus infection lol so solid food hasnt been a good idea but they really sounded good at the time…

  466. Curious1…I in no way want to offend. I understand that these are all opinions. Like you I am just throwing it out there. I am myself an outsider. That’s why I came here to get a true ideal of the town, people etc. I’m sorry i didn’t mean to disagree. I was just thinking the first 3 were in water…the early murders were he was unsure. Then he started dumping on roads. I just kinds felt like this meant he was becoming a little brave since he wasn’t caught the first 3 times.

    • Bama…Oh hun you didnt offend me at all…. and I love the fact that you are here giving a fresh opinion… I was just explaining my way of thinkin is all… Continue to bounce ideas all you want that is why we are all here…. I just keep answering cause the blog seems to be quiet tonight….actually this is the most I have posted since I have been reading here… guess I just got brave lol

      • Good I sure don’t want to offend anyone on the first night. Your way of thinking is wonderful. I don’t blog myself this is actually my first time ever. Most of the time i follow these types of things on the news and never give an opinion at all. More people should get brave and be aware. It is sad for 8 women to be gone…wiped off the face of the earth. I could care less about what they did or didn’t do they were still people…citizens. I know that everyone is here to try and answer the questions. I just want justice. Maybe if this case gets attention. When these killings start up in another community that it won’t take 8 deaths to get national media attention. I have read before that there are always serial killers active in different parts of the country. I don’t know if this is true but it would make sense. All they have to do is pray on the poor or people who live on the other side of the tracks or homeless…etc. and they tend to get away with it for longer than should be possible. It’s wonderful that someone cared enough about these women to push it into the national spot light. Hopefully they can flush out a killer. PS: sorry you are sick. Seems like everybody is fighting off on thing or the other right now.

        • You are so right there are so many people here who have not stopped pushing… G8 and Nicki have been relentless as well as others in pushing this into the spot light…. I hope it works… THanks for your well wishes…. according to my family I am mean as a snake and will survive because if it lol but they love me and that is all that matters…. yall have a great night…. I think I may try to get some sleep…

  467. Curious1 Sorry to hear that! Take care of yourself. We love ya!!!

  468. Thanks SP maybe I am posting so much because it hurts to talk…. You all may be very happy when I get better…. And my family may feel just the oposite

  469. curious1 You are soooo funny!

  470. Good nite everyone!! I’m going to get some sleep. Pleasant dreams…

    • Someone quoted this to me today. It’s quoted from the bible “Faith without works is dead” and it couldn’t be more true. Those of you that have faith in our LE well I wish you luck. Everyday it appears that LE says an arrest is coming but it never comes. Those of you that are praying while doing something to assist in these murders of these beloved women, God bless You. I’m a churchgoing christian and I have faith. I contact the news media with all of you. My husband has contacted the news media with all of you and that is unlike him. I once was a supporter of RE and LE but somewhere we applied a wrong turn. Those that trust RE and LE in our town will be let down. If they haven’t solved it now it may never get solved until the person killing gets complacent and makes a major mistake that they can catch. My husband has been in retired from LE for 20 years and I remember when we could leave our doors unlocked when we went to the store to get groceries. Now we don’t leave our house without deadbolts and we are scared to open our doors for LE. Good luck to you all and God Bless.

  471. Very commendable well-wishes christian. I’d like to point out, one more time, there were more than eight unsolved deaths and murders before the first of these eight women. When we track the rumors and stories back to these unsolved murders, we will be on track to figuring out the most recent eight. You’re absolutely correct regarding the down-slide of LE in our community. We have placed the criminals in position. We have empowered those who would do us harm. We have given our trust to those who cannot be trustworthy. Our greatest sins have been committed in the voting booth. It has been said that for tyranny to succeed, it is only necessary for good people to do nothing. We are guilty of doing nothing when we know darned well that we are being led down the primrose path by criminals in power but refuse to admit it.

  472. Wow! That was very well-put. I think I’ll call it a night also. Thanks and take care!

  473. I would like to Thank G8, Kirk M. & Mike D. for all there hard work. They have been doing some awesome work for this cause. Kirk M. were are all truly honored that you have been working so deiligently on these cases since you were hired by the families. Mike D. you have been pushing so hard here in the last few weeks and your hard work is paying off. Not to forget Brittany J. She has been in this fight from the start and she has also done some awesome work. G8 your blog is just great, you monitor it so great and do plenty of research and keep the peace in the blog when it is needed, you can also spot a fake in a heart beat on here and let it be known but your do it in such a charismatic way. There are also many that work behind the scene that I feel also need a big Thanks also to those also. Just wanted to stop for a minute and THANK these wondeful people for what they have been up to and doing. Please keep up the great work and never look back look forward.

    • Very well stated Abstruseness. G8, K. Menard, Brittany J, Mike D, quietly worked very hard to get us where we are now. I include Kodiak Production as the first national attetion getters.

  474. Good Morning everyone….

  475. Morning!

  476. Good Morning Brownie Isnt the weather beautiful.Finally cool.

  477. GoodMorning Curious1

  478. This weather is gorgeous today and feels even better… great football weather and I cant even go.

  479. Well stated abstrseness anc christian. I also would like to than g8, KM, MD and the media for all their hard work on these cases. My questions is why aren’t other families coming in to help KM and MD and openly speaking to the media? As christian, said, is it because they have faith or trust LE or RE? I feel more families need to come forward and take that first step and work as a team. Good work to those involved in keeping this case alive. National exposure is what everyone wanted well now it is happening. G8, KM, MD, BJ, keep up the amazing work and don’t let anything or anyone stop you from doing what you’re doing.

  480. Curious 1 how is your abcessed tooth?I hope you feel better.

  481. It is a little better this morning…. Thanks a bunch I hope i get to feeling better too. I am tired of not feeling well…

  482. I think I am going to make Gumbo today.

  483. Does anybody remember about 18 years ago that a woman was found naked on the Janke bridge leading to evangeline? Perhaps a connection? She was dead.

  484. to all who read this kirk and i have got the media to start covering our girls today oct. 16 2009 cynthia arceneax from kplc is coming to jennings to try speak with families so she can air a one hour special on the girls for the 28th and also i have a live studio spot with geraldo live sun night anyone who has contact with the families will you ask if they wish to join us to tell their side we need help my e-mail is we thank you for any help possible

  485. Good morning all…..busy day today…will be thinking of you all. I have my 3 year old grandson coming spend the day. I am all smiles.
    Curious- hope you do feel better soon, too.

    Love the weather…..I will be checking back periodically

    Ketchum — thanks for your dedication and efforts…you have a lot to bring to the table, and I appreciate you sticking with us.

    As many have said….It is great what g8, Nicki, KM, BJ, and MB have done. They are the best 😉

    I wish everyone Godspeed in all their endeavors.

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