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  2. i love the attention that this is finally getting was not able to read whitnei’s story b/c i only have access to the paper via the internet and you dont get much from there but im trying to get a daughter read it and it affected her emotionally in a big way, as im sure it did to anyone that read it.

    • I’m also hearing behind the scenes it has affected many people. One of them was a grown man and it brought him to tears. I’m waiting for a copy of the article right now that someone is scanning for me…..if you’d like, I can email you a copy of it. I’m very anxious to read it myself.

      • g8- i would greatly appreciate that! thank you so much and thank you for ALL you do! by generating this site, you have given people the opportunity to come together and share their feelings, and even give insight on some of this. whereas without this site we would all still be in the dark, helpless and scared. but now we know we are united in this fight and i feel the winds of change are blowing.:)

      • send me a copy too, please!
        I am out of town and would love a copy

      • hey if you take a life then you should not have a life go stright to the gas chamber

  3. Excellent, excellent editorial piece written by Scott Lewis, Jennings Daily News. Here’s a small excerpt:

    For me, the quote of the year – the quote I keep hearing on so many lips – is “Well, if you live that lifestyle, that’s what you get.” Chew on it with me for a second. “That’s what you get.” In other words, that’s what you deserve.

    Apparently, according to our quotable friends, at least eight dead Jennings-area women ‘got it.’ That’s what they ‘got’ for making their choices – death at the hands of psychopaths. According to our quotable friends – all experts on the human condition – it’s just a part of the ‘lifestyle.’

    These people believe Whitnei Dubois deserved to die. They don’t say it in those exact words, but it’s what they believe, and their rude mouths expose their black hearts. She was into drugs, and she deserved what was coming to her.

    Is that what you really believe when you read Whitnei’s story on page one today? Do you think she deserved what she got? Go ahead – open your mouth and let it out. By all means, unburden yourself.

    Read the entire article Living this ‘lifestyle’

    • I have said it before and i will say it again I DON’T GIVE A DAMN WHAT KIND OF LIFESTYLE YOU CHOOSE TO LIVE. NO ONE DESERVES TO HAVE WHAT WAS DONE TO THESE WOMEN BECAUSE THEY WENT DOWN THE WRONG PATH. Pardon my mouth but some people are freakin IGNORANT! Bet they wouldn’t feel that was if it was their family. If they did they are truely ugly people. everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but some should be left to themselves. Other words SHUT YOUR MOUTH. My mother was an informant she didn’t get what she deserved. Even with the involvement of Loretta and what happened to my mother, she didn’t get what she deserved.

      • the only person that deserves to die is the one that toke the lives of all these women.

      • I have to agree w/ you on this one! Some people should just keep their damn mouths shut! Who cared how they lived…they were still someone!

        • If and when le reads this article on whitney I really hope they do feel like a pile of poo. From the story I read in the newspaper this woman had a very hard life. So who are they to judge before they find out what type of hard life these women really had. That story really tore me up. I was physically abuse by my father and believe me its no walk in the park.

      • you are right sheiles daughter i new your mom real good we went to school together i miss her to

  4. Where can I read Whitnei’s story ?I live in Lafayette and have no access to a Jennings newspaper.Unless its in The Daily Advertiser.Could you let me know G8.

  5. Is the previous page closed?Do we continue on this one?

    • I think G8 is working on scanning and posting Whitnei’s story. I cannot express how proud I am of the JDN staff for advocating for Whitnei! Showing the community what many of us knew. She lived a life that no child should have to live and should not be judged for succumbing to it. Not everybody lived with the carebears, and not everyone had desirable circumstances. I salute Scott Lewis for his editorial! I have a renewed respect for him, he’s pissed! I feel the same way! Who the HELL are these people who can so easily turn their noses at this situation? Who are these people that think their lives won’t be affected by the fact that there are MURDERERS among us? Do these people really live such sheltered lives? Are they too embarrassed to get involved in a cause that affects “only” those who are “lower” class? I have known Taylor- Whitnei’s sister- for YEARS. Ever since she moved here and came to school with me. I have NEVER thought Taylor was less a person than anyone else in that school. She was one of the funniest, wittiest kids I hung around with. Now I know why her character was so unique. I had always knew, just by common sense that her life wasn’t all peaches and cream- merely because she was adopted, but I had no idea just how bad it was. But I am the kind of person who has even more respect for her and Whitnei now- because life is NOT easy. These kinds of things happen to people all the time! I commend her courage in telling the story to a community that includes many people who live in glass houses. The funny thing is that even the more judgemental people in this area know life isn’t fair- they just choose not to talk about it. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Now I know why Taylor is such a strong and colorful person- and I admire her more for it. It strengthens my respect for Whitnei also- makes me more determined to support 100% ANYONE who is adamant in seeking justice for her and the rest of the murder victims! Who gives a SHIT about the lifestyles of these women?!?!?! I cannot believe that ever mattered. When you step outside of this ridiculously small minded area MURDER IS MURDER and its NOT OKAY!!!!!!!! Sometime soon the nation will become enraged about this situation- they just have to get our story. And when that day comes, the only people who should be ashamed are those who didn’t feel passionately that these womens’ murders should have been avenged- A LONG TIME AGO!

  6. It is a wonderful article written with compassion and love. It lays out the facts for all to see. Give us the whys, how comes, the hurts and the pain. Its a wonder to me that these kids were even walking and talking after that. The system, the law, the medical profession all failed them as children…and now as adults.
    These women are survivors of many things we know nothing about., and may never uncover. Now it is out there for us to see that they didn’t just hit the streets with the thoughts of “gee, I think I want to grow up and be a prostitute and drug addict” There was a long winding road to this end.
    As far as the much often said “well, they got what they deserved” (and yes, I have heard that comment way to often and it piss’s me off!) I ask those who would even think that , would you say the same thing about all these ‘soccer moms’ that have been on the news programs,the ones that lead the secret lives? I’m sure you have seen it, they prostitute on the side in high end clubhouses and are hooked on prescription drugs. They do it for ‘the money’ to make ends meet and keep up their lifestyles. Then go home to the husband and kids, no one the wiser. If they were brutally killed and left dumped on the road, would there be a public outcry??? Would all stops be pulled out to find this murderer? Would the public morn the passing of a wife and mother who also handled community meetings and the PTA? You betcha!
    I personally have more respect for our lost women then the soccer moms I spoke of. These women didn’t hide what or who they were, nor pretend. They were what they were, for good or bad, for whatever reason they were there. They were moms, daughters, sisters, and had hearts and souls. They deserve the best that ANYONE has to offer in solving these cases, no matter who’s toes get stepped on or who’s feeling’s gets hurt in who’s office’s, or what parish lines are crossed.
    this is my opinion and my feelings.

  7. I really believe if Jennings is that corrupt,the people need to write to the governors office.If Edwin Edwards would still be in office I would not even post this because he was corrupt himself.But I do not think that Bobbie Jindal would put up with that kind of crap and I do believe he would be mortified if he knew.Write your congressmen and women.I am from Lafayette parish but I do believe I will write also.The things I have been reading the past few days from this blog are appalling.Lafayettes police department is not that corrupt, and we are much larger than Jennings.The things I was reading was right out of a mob movie.The constitution is for all of us ,black,white,rich or poor. Everyone should have a voice.By the people for the people.Write to the state capitol it can not hurt.This may be the only way these murders will ever stop.These murdered victims no longer have a voice.We have to be their voice.

    • Some very good observations. Writing to officials is indeed a worthy effort, but, what if they, their aids, their downline administration are influenced by or even involved in cover-up? As stated, it can’t hurt to write. I just wonder if it helps. I know that these politicians have been made aware and still, we have had nothing but a shell game from the local, state and federal authorities. Let’s not forget that there is a tremendous crime operation in both Lafayette and Baton Rouge. What if the higher authorities are met with resistance and uncooperative action from their field force? The authorities can easily be rendered powerless by the same powers that we are fighting here in Jennings. I have developed a very weak faith in “higher” authorities who have done nothing up to now. It will be extremely difficult to address our problems by relying upon the same political network that has awarded both out parish DA and our sheriff with praise and posture in the past. Would the sheriff’s association give us an ear regarding our incompetent sheriff? Doubtful!!! I believe that the best option is through private citizen involvement. We can bring facts to authorities that they cannot ignore. We can appeal to them through federal court id needed, but only if we have the goods and facts in order. Don’t wait for them to produce anything unless we drop it in their laps. The more I learn from talking with local folks, the more I agree with some of the old postings on this site and from another local site that is no longer operating. We need to concentrate on past unsolved murders if we can ever address the recent ones. Does anyone on the discussion board know what ever became of James Romero? He was a policeman years ago. I was just wondering if he is still around. He’s one of the old timers that might be able to shed light on old, cold case, unsolved murders. Maybe there are others around that can shed light on our situation.

  8. Thats where we could take our picket signs.Right to the capitol steps.

  9. ignite….sounds like it’s past time to do some house cleaning!!!
    I wonder just how far up the corruption goes…..?

  10. took a trip to lake arthur earlier to pick up a paper to read the article but every where i went no one had papers. Go figure!?!?

  11. Speaking of Lake Arthur, I understand that people will be looking into some very very strange and conflicting information in the Steven Simon case in Lake Arthur. There is a ton of evidence that most if not all of the statements submitted by the police department were falsified. It is believed that the man was beaten to death in the Lake Arthur jail, that the coroner’s report was falsified, that the time of death was falsified, that the manner of death was falsified in several ways, that there was more than one involved in his murder and that the cover up of the matter involves the mayor, chief of police (Mike Conner), sheriff, coroner, police department employees, a state policeman and others, still unnamed. It is being said that the incident stems from a breaking and entering by the Lake Arthur PD into the deceased man’s residence (an unauthorized, unwarranted entry and search), from a previous beating of Mr. Simon by the LAPD, from an illegal search by the LAPD and also from statements made by the deceased regarding the cocaine market in the parish and major players in the local cocaine industry, including a main financier. Maybe we should all go to Lake Arthur for a visit.

  12. Hummm might need to go and pay a visit to family there and see if they remember some things about this…theres Mike Conner’s name again.

  13. I do not get the Jennings Daily News and since there are none left on the newstands I hope G8 gets to download it on here because I would love to read it. I am reading only wonderful things about Whitnei’s story. Thanks to everyone who had some part in this story. I also want to add that I read on the JDN online where CEASE FIRE members have been urged to either call or email national news programs like GERALDO, NANCY GRACE, etc. Something like over 100 people bombarded them with pleas for national coverage. HOW TOTALLY WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!! Hopefully they will take notice of us soon!

  14. Chris Klump is arrested for the murders and that is a FACT

    • Who is Chris Klump????????

      • I don’t know how to make u know him. He is a white guy about 35 – 40. He used to drive an older Camero. Real quiet, good looking guy. Remember that girl that killed her mom from lake arthur? Then put her in a box and brought her to Texas? I think he was her ex husband….WOW. Idk if I buy that…

        • CHRIS KLUMP IS OFFSHORE!!! He called one of my friends on the 26th to say he was offshore..THIS IS A FACT!!!! Don’t start naming people if you just hear it off the streets.. that is why the cops are so confused.. who knows who it really is, if it is him, then OMG! but DON’t slander someones name.. you would not like it if they slander yours.. Just wait till he comes in from off shore to see if they arrest him or not!!!.. BUT I KNOW THAT AS OF THIS MOMENT HE IS OFFSHORE!! AT WORK..

    • it wan not on news i call city and so they said no

    • i hate to say he was not hes at work people need to det there story right dont talk what you dont know i dont know him i dont want to know him eather so i hope they find the killer soon

    • no hes at work

    • Chris klump is offshore… and that is a FACT!!!!

    • Where did you get your FACTUAL information, Brownie?….and by the way, you misspelled Klumpp

  15. good fact it is true.

    • What?!?!?!?! Are u serious? He’s not arrested for his mother in law’s murder? He’s arrested for the 8 women’s murders? Think he did it?

    • You gave NO answer to it being a fact. A fact has details and if you are so anxious to accuse someone, you should have facts, right?

  16. gonna check back later. this is info. from a state trooper’s mother.

  17. he confessed to some and they are trying to get himto confess to the rest.

  18. gonna check back later. but have to go.

  19. i just called the sheriff’s office to see if anyone’s been arrested, and they hesitated then said not to their knowledge.

  20. OMG!!!!! What? Now you’re leaving? Lol! U can’t do that?

  21. Of course they will hesitate.

  22. I told you a mother of a state trooper is telling us. and it is over the texts check your texts.!!!!!!!!!!

  23. WO”W I think he is around 38 to 40 not sure.

  24. phone ringing off the hook so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! will be back later

    • What texts?!?! The jeff davis alerts texts? I haven’t got anything! Brownie- girl u can’t just take off like that! Somebody needs to get on here and fill me in! LOL! AHLOU do u know of anyone u can ask? Let me call my nosey friends! Lol, brb!

    • LIKE I SAID… Chris klump is at work, OFFSHORE… he called a friend of mine to say he was at work.. that is all i know .. we are still trying to figure out what the heck is going on here.. this is a big shocker to us..

  25. IS THIS TRUE??????? OMG, PLEASE LET IT BE TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. I’m taking a wait and see here because that name is NEW. IMO they will be tring to solve all at once due to heat. I’d like to know what ties this person would have with the all the others……unknown name out of the blue. ??????????s

    • i think you just busted my hubby says its probably a fall guy..but we are praying not…im staying on till i hear something ok

    • I’m with u ahlou- I can’t get excited about this. He didn’t do this alone, and I’ve never fully beleived it was a serial killer. I think there were different people for some of the girls, but we will see…

  27. omg i hope this is true..i just called my sister and she has not heard anything omg this is great i so hope its true and this can finally come to and end!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • lets cross our fingers and hopefully it is true

    • Please only put facts on here and not hear say or what you think is true if you do not know 100% then please do not post it in this site this is how rumor get started don’t put I heard from my moma’s best firends second cousin who knows the mayor of where ever….only put known facts and that you can say for 100% is ture don’t put on here and then say oh wait let me go check with whom ever and then another whom ever if you have the facts and know the truth then post it if not DON’T


      We have had enough rumors with this case we do not need any more and do not need false hope

      • brutus, please excuse me but you keep talking about rumors and then you post of a rape on Monday or Tuesday and says it’s a fact. What make your information more fact that others.

        If you notice most people are giving the named person benefit of the doubt but many rumors have proven true. Shall we ask you what is rumor and what is fact. I elect you to start posting fact and rumor so we will know what can or cannot be talked about. JMHO.

        • u said it girl what prove do u have about the rape i read the paper every day and there was never anything about a rape in town. so now what brutus

          • I tell you I’ve been reading from brownie for many years and I’d take brownie’s word before some new person.

        • Ahlou the reason I know this for fact is because I was at the hospital when they had the girl at the hospital and they had all the LE at the hospital and who was one of those LE but DS his self this is how I know this for fact I didn’t get this info from my brother cousin second wife who uncle told her I got this by seeing this all at the hospital so unless you can all say for 100% fact that. There is your fact !!

          • well if anyone did get arrested today we will see it in the newspaper tomorrow, hopefully. well maybe not sometimes they deliver the sunday paper on sat. night so who knows what is going on in jennings right now.

  28. huummm he confessed to some and they are trying to get him to confess to rest….oh i hope this isn’t somekind of set up.

    • that is strange why to some and not to all unless someone else was with him

      • I agree- see my reply to ahlou. No offense to anyone but chris klump is not a super intelligent person. If it was him he was not alone and he was coached on how to rid the DNA but I’ve heard so many times there was DNA so who the hell knows. I am going to have faith that justice is on its way- maybe this is it… We will see!!!! I’m not going anywhere! Ill be here all nite to see if we hear something else!

      • thats a thought…could be. i don’t know.

        • If chris klump is a murderer, his level of intelligence would be closer to being stupid enough to put someone in a box and then get caught. I’d be willing to bet he confessed to his mother in law’s murder and not the girls’. Sorry- not trying to be negative- but I’m not getting my hopes up.

  29. No news on Klump from the major publications in the area. If he confessed to some but not all there will be forensics to corroborate. Confessions won’t hold water unless there is evidence.

    This is a wait and see.

    • That all depend on the DA in charge and the Judge,
      confessions can hold water. Not totally disagreeing, but confessions can not be ignored, and if true, some sort of collobration would be evident.

  30. i just talked to some one an they said they picked up somebody on a rape charge so its not true

  31. This is why you should not post something unless you know that it is true 100% like I have said before this is how rumors get started and people get that false hope. There was a rape in town this past monday night early tuesday morning. This is fact

    • well brownie is the one who posted it and it came from a state troppers mom or wife something like that so who knows but did they arrest chris for rape or the killings


  32. well i wish it where true to but yall all know how stories change an they hear bits an pieses an before you know it its a mile long

  33. remember i nthink it would make the news quick an like brutus said we cant go on rumors

  34. idk but i talked to some one an they said someone was picked up on a rape

  35. DO Ya’ll think we would have heard from KM or NJPI is it was true? or maybe not cuz of confidentiality reasons, right?

  36. Was the caller that was told someone picked up on rape told it was Clump or a different person, and possibly the police may not have made an official arrest, so they may not have info to release yet.

    There are all kind of possibilities, so if Brownie could verify her source and info- who knows.

    I agree on not getting hopes up until verified, true factual info. is provided.

    • I said Nothing about a Gary Hill. As far as the CK, I’m not giving the names of where I heard it from. I don’t know why nothing has came public yet? Maybe, they need more, maybe they are trying to find out more info., maybe they are just trying to see if this CK is taking the wrap for someone else, I don’t know. What I do know is next time, I WILL NOT SHARE!


      • Well, Brownie, that is about the smartest thing you have said yet. Do NOT share something that you have no proof of. I have known Chris personally my entire life, and if you knew him too, you could never say, think, nor even believe something like that about him.


      • Hey that was stated on the 28th. LOOK at the date. You have already stated two or more times he was at work . I THINK WE GOT IT!

        • GOOD!! PEOPLE NEED TO STOP STARTING RUMORS.. WHEN THEY DON’T HAVE PROOF.. I THINK SOMEONE IS JUST TRYING TO PIN IT ON SOMEONE ELSE!!! We will find out when they get proof at the police dept. with DNA and all that kind of stuff!

      • i dont want to be mean but when u leave a blog on here make sure u get your own name and not take someone else. ummmmmm was mine than u came in and toke it and i dont want people thinking that it is me leaving the same comment thank u. o u can have that name name i got me a new one

  37. yes a name was given to me gary hill

  38. im getting whitnis cousin to call there detective to see if chris klupp was arrested

  39. I think it may be the motherinlaw.This was on the news i want to say thursday.Not about his arrest but about the mothers daughter.

  40. i called someone to see if it was true an he said no that this gary hill got arrested for a rape idk

  41. Very well could have been picked up on other charges. So many maybes. KM and PI’s are much like us and would want to know facts only, and they may even need to let LE make their own statements first for ethical reasons. Also, they would not want ot get others hopes up without their being a formal arrest on particular charges.

    Suppose–the perp would be on parole, the cops know who it is, —they may even leave out for a while and surveillance the pert for a time, they may arrest on parole hold- until possible confessions are made or discussed or verified- later making actual arrest for murder(s). Police would rather gain knowledge and arrest on all 8 crimes, and not just one, two, less then all. Also, they may have to get DNA samples and verify before charging, all kinds of factors could occur.

    You have to respect people that don’t provide premature info., for that is hurtful, and damages the legal workings of the case.

  42. ok…now I see you all have updates going on while I was typing!!!!

    Ignore the if’s and maybes!!!

  43. HEY GUYS!
    CNN AT 9PM


    • YES!!!! everyone tune in to CNN NOW!!!!

      • it is on thank god someone else will listen to the people of jennings. THANK GOD. and just maybe just maybe it is not a rumor about a arrest in the killing either fingers still cross


  46. I know chris klumpp and he has and is a crack head and into drugs BIG Time, he has been using the drugs for so long that if you try to talk to him, he is just BURNT!!, cant hold a conversation. He is also VERY strange, but come on, to out smart LE, to me he just doesnt fit a “serial killer” profile. His family is from evangeline and why wouldnt he just hide or “dump” the bodies in the bayou? Just my thought>>>>>>>>>>

    • I agree with you on Chris not outsmarting LE. He was a nice guy back in the day. Marijuana: the gateway drug. Sad to hear he’s into crack.

      • Chris is not from from Evangeline.. he CAN HOLD A CONVERSATION! he is not the smartest book.. but he is a very normal guy.. he in not a crackhead… maybe you just don’ tknow him very well

        • Your reply to Informative concerning Chris is by far the most accurate. You have it right. You must know him personally also. And yes, he can hold a conversation. I guess Mr. Informative doesn’t live up to his name.

          • This is ummmmm….. i changed my name because someone said i stole theirs.. which is clearly spelled way different.. but anyway.. we are not here for that .. Yes I do know him.. not to good, just know him from a friend.. People who are slandering his name without facts are not thinking of what they are doing to not only him, but his FAMILY…i just don’t like seeing this happen to a man who is at work, and not here to defend himself.. Please people wait till you get TRUE facts, and don’t post hearsay on here.. that is how Rumors get started!

    • Correction: Chris ‘s family is NOT from Evangeline. He was born in the Jennings Hospital & raised in the rural Tee Mamou area near D.I.’s Restaurant.

      • Okay- frankly- I’m tired of watching people argue all day long about poor Chris Klumpp. When I first heard it Saturday nite- I found it hard to believe. He just doesn’t seem the type. It was well known that he was no longer with the lowlife skank that killed her mother. I remember his name came up a couple of times when ms hay’s murder was being investigated. I can imagine he was probably questioned. I never heard anyone say they thought he did it at that time. I remember thinking that since so many people were certain he was arrested for murder that is was more likely his mother- in-law’s murder than the 8 women. Also after making a couple of calls I was informed by someone connected in LE that he had confessed to his mother in law’s murder. I lost interest after so many ppl say he’s offshore, or arrested on a stolen vehicle, or rape. I realized that ppl simply didn’t know what the hell they are talking about so I’m sooo not interested in hearing anymore about it until it is the media twlling me. Yes ppl have repeated what they heard- because that’s what ppl do on this blog they share info! Never di I hear anyone say “ck killed them I saw him! And I saw him handcuffed and heard him confess”. IT IS NOT THAT SERIOUS! I don’t feel that was slander! I will state again: if in fact he were arrested for the murders I would still have a very hard time believing he did it alone he doesn’t strike me as the type to be that calculating. Sorry- that’s my opinion. Also- maybe he is not on drugs now, and if so that’s awesome! But to say that he was never into heavy drugs is simply untrue- that I did witness. But I’m not here to bash anyone that has drug addictions. If everyone with a drug problem were to be a suspect then we r looking at more than half the town and a huge number of public servants. One more thing (and this one makes me laugh) evangeline, t-mamou by DI’s, and iota are pretty much the SAME PLACE to someone who doesn’t live there. That’s pretty funny, I had a good laugh on that one. I can understand your frustration if you are a friend of his- if it were one of my friends I would defend them also. But, seriously? Stop taking it so personally! If I hear something- I’m sharing it with the blog. Most people have enough sense to decipher these things themselves. Stop acting like Brownie had him hanging at Founder’s Park and that we were all about to stone him! Meanwhile there is a killer on the loose….

  47. whitnis cousin just called me back an told me that there detective said that nobody has been arrested for the murders he said that the talk is around but this is not true

  48. i missed it is there any way someone can put it on the blog

  49. go to the

  50. PRAISE GOD!!!!! Did anyone else hear the guy say several times that sheriff Edwards did not return calls???? Who does that?!?!?! Now is the time for us to flood CNN with emails!!!! Not to dampen the morale but I find he cut it short?!?! Anyway- PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!

  51. PRAISE GOD, Finally national attention. Thank u Michael Dubois you did a great job! The part about the arrogant sheriff was just too good!!!

    • watch jennings go up in smoke because micheal just lit a fire thats great watch someone higher step in

    • Amen to that now i wonder if the sheriff heard that part i hope he did. now we could only hope that more family members would come out and talk to the people like mike and his family does. if there was a way to get all of the victims family together on national news and talk about what is going on we would get more help for the outside and i dont think the sheriff or judge or da or the mayor could stop it than

  52. Be thanks to Brittany and her family for sticking with it you finally got the BIG BIG NEWS DOG to listen and it even made it sweeter that our lovely sheriff Ricky Edwards was called several times to join in on the interview and he NEVER returned CNN calls and they called SEVERAL TIMES what a chicken

    Thanks again to Brittany and her family

  53. Big thanks to Brittany and her family for sticking with it you finally got the BIG BIG NEWS DOG to listen and it even made it sweeter that our lovely sheriff Ricky Edwards was called several times to join in on the interview and he NEVER returned CNN calls and they called SEVERAL TIMES what a chicken

    Thanks again to Brittany and her family


  55. I bet calling the sheriff “arrogant” just about burned his ASS. Please excuse my french but that was just too good. I was cheering Michael on!

  56. i dont see any thing some one please post it

  57. Only time and some really great detective work will give us the murderers. NJPI said that they would try to pin these murders on “someone”. So any TIPS we get we’re gonna have to take with a grain of salt. Not to worry though, they wouldn’t be running scared if we weren’t right on their BUTTS! We are definitely making progress!!!!!! This case has moved my heart. I constantly think about the victims and the families, and YOU, the everyday HEROES, who are trying to bring this case to justice. I’M STANDING RIGHT THERE WITH YOU! I will do everything I can possibly do to help. I was researching another book when I STUMBLED onto this site. Now I have decided to write the story of the ladies. It won’t be easy, but it must be done, together we can do it!!!

  58. Big thanks to the Dubois family!!!!! Great interview on CNN!!! I was away and will get the paper soon but wanted to tell Michael Dubois you seems to be what was needed.

    I hope the Dubois would reach out to each of the other families – one on one and one at a time and have them tell the rest of the stories.

    BRAVO!!!!! Thank God, finally.

  59. Chris Klump confessed to his part of his mother in law’s murder.

    • That’s a big difference from all 8 to however many other murders. Thanks.

    • I see we have another expert who knows the facts even before the police and news media do. Unbaised must be clairvoyant!!!!

  60. Wow and what did Michael called the crack houses? It was something about walMart but I didn’t catch it. Does anyone know what he said exactly? This is just wonderful!!!

  61. Does anyone here use Twitter? If so- Tweet Cnn now and start commenting on the case!!!!

  62. okay some may not believe me butt it has been confirmed that klump is one. klump has admitted to some.

  63. another proof, husband of a girl that i know it was his uncle!!!!!!!!!

  64. Imissed cnn.Will they show it again?Or was it a live shot?

  65. TIME will tell.

  66. Yeah the interview might have been cut a little short but who cares. We at least finally got national attention. Its a start! And as far as the sheriff not responding, you can bet he was watching every second of that CNN interview!!!

  67. I’m sure someone can get it on youtube soon

  68. I’ve talked with nosey friends – the name is NOT known so it is not known how, where or when he was in the parts of town the ladies were in.

    I certainly hope and pray this is not a clean the books. So now I say if all the PIs are looking/reading let’s not clean the books with someone for the sake of.


  69. can anybody put it on the blog please i dont see any thing

  70. well, heard he was good looking at one time and never would expect him but he is not what people seem.

    • Brownie…you HEARD? Are you saying that you do not know Chris Klumpp personally and that you are believing everything that you hear?

    What he was saying about Wal-Mart and crackhouses was that most of the girls’ had the Andrew St house in common. He was stating that this house seems to be the Wal-Mart for our serial killer, meaning, this house makes it easy for a psycho to access a female who is willing to go with him.

  72. brit you have to have heard something? Am I the only one?

  73. Thanks everyone for the positive feedback even thoug it all happened so suddenly. The interview was short, but its just the beginning. The news anchor promised to continue investigating the story and to bring us into the studio later on next week to do a more specific interview. We are finally making things happen!!!!! Thanks again everyone! We’ve all done this together and I am so proud to be Whitnei’s sister right now!


    • i hope it is the end to all off your familys nitemares if it is the killer chris klump doo u know if it is true i know u will know before the world will know GOD BLESS ALL OFF THE FAMILYS

  74. brittany can u put the interview here

  75. me too i must go nite nite.

  76. Now how coincidental would it be that the murderer would be caught the same night it finally got national attention? Hmmmm, I’m remaining a littke skeptical on this. Do ya’ll think that’s why the sheriff couldn’t be reached cuz he was too busy taking confessions?


    • i dont no but from what i hear ricky never returns phone calls

    • i dont think so i think the sheriff is a shame to speak to anyone right now cause he knows he is way in over his head right now with trying to clean up his own mistakes by not letting other people come in and help out alot sooner than now. he is not getting any confessions from anyone at least i would not think so

    • Please do not jump the gun and say that the killer is caught we do not know of anything right now take this one step at a time and only post the truth and what you know to be 100% not hear say. As someone has already said on here let’s say only the truth so we do not get rumors started and do not post rumors only facts this is a blog for facts and not hear say nor rumors

    • This didn’t happen tonight! People have BEEN emailing CNN and I’d bet that CNN contacted Ricky Edwards before today. They always contact authority first to get details of and to confirm that crimes took place. So he avoided them before he was “busy taking confessions”. For what its worth- I heard from a very reliable source that Chris Klump confessed to HIS MOTHER IN LAW’s MURDER”. However because of this source’s job (hint) he may be not telling me the truth- who knows. I know that I don’t buy that Chris Klump is the serial killer- or if its even a serial killer! Now- are they grilling Chris Klump for the murdered 8 women and trying with all their mite to get him to confess to those? Extremely likely!!!! “Sheriff- CNN is on line one for you” sounds like a good reason to “wrap this up” if you ask me! No one is accusing Brownie of lying- I don’t doubt for a second that rumors have started that they’ve caught the killer!

    • taking or forcing confessions? and what are the odds that it happened tonight? Be interesting to see if a “deal’ was offered to whoever confess’s

  77. this is so great! finally national coverage!!! do you know what this means? by early this coming week, larry king will be calling mike for an interview then all the other networks will follow suit… this is only my opinion and i dont want to give false hope, but this is just the beginning of how it usually works… cant wait to see nancy grace grill the sherriff !!

    • i think they should try and get all the victims family in to spead with the news people

    • Oh u already know, Nancy Grace loves chewing people up and spitting them out! Of course- shed have to kidnap him to talk to him- he’s not volunteering any interviews! ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!

  78. i do know he was busy all day yesterday when one tried to contact him regarding another matter that a man had gotten away with beaten his friend to death.

  79. Doubt it!!!!

  80. i do know he was busy all day yesterday when one tried to contact him regarding another matter that a man had gotten away with beaten his friend to death. this blog is so ADDICTing.. lol, i need and am going to bed. catch up in the morning.


  82. Let’s not get too giddy. We still have lots to accomplish with regard to past murders, conspiracy, obstruction of justice, etc. There are all those events from the seventies and eighties leading up to the present eight women. We have very wealthy and powerful people to put in jail. It’ll be quite a ride but many of us are up for it !!!

    • i am up for it and omg i am afraid when it is all gonna be over with people will be in shock well or now

  83. Oh ok Brittany. Thanks I didn’t catch exactly what it was he said. Michael did a wonderful job. You ought to be all proud of what ya’ll have done and are contuing to do.we are behind y’all all the way!

  84. no one has been arrested for the murders of the eight women, chris klumpp has not confessed to any of the murders. brownie, this is sad to start a rumor like this without making sure it’s a fact.


  86. Yardman, time will tell. whatever! Just letting you guys know what has been confirmed to me.

  87. hats off to mike dubouis, glad to see someone with the kahonas to let the sheriff have it.

    • I second that yardman!!!! And of all places to do it, CNN. How does a sheriff that needs all the help he can get with this investigation, NOT call CNN of all media outlets back? That is a breakthrough within itself….What kind of sheriff doesnt want a case of this magnitude publicized?

  88. Nite Brownie. Guess its past your bedtime, lol! I’m so excited I don’t know if I can sleep. This CNN interview is just so great! It finally happened.

  89. brownie, you mean what has been told to you, not confirmed. if it was confirmed then state how it was confirmed and by who.

    • I agree with you on this once again yardman

      • Came from a girl I know. Chris is her husband’s uncle. No names, why? Because, that is their privacy. Sorry. Take it or wait. It was said that Chris has confessed to some and they were trying to see if he did all of them.

  90. Nite ummmms friend. See ya early birds in the morning. I think I’ll stick around a while longer. My hubby is watching college football. Had to make him switch to CNN to see the interview. So glad we did! I don’t want to miss a thing either.

  91. You know Brittany ya’ll have a lot of folks behind ya’ll, people like me who don’t even know ya’ll. But through this forum, we have bonded with your fmly and other victims fmly. I sure am glad I found this forum. We all just want to see justice for ya’ll and the girls. This is a major steo tonight in the right direction. And look at all you’ve accomplished so far for your sister. I believe she would be proud of ya’ll too! I know prayers and support is all we can offer sometimes but let’s keep on fighting to find this killer/killers and bring about justice for these girls!

  92. Yeah I agree Brittany. He was probably just too ashamed to talk to CNN. After all, what would he say? Same ole same…”We have no leads!” Hmmmm, yeah right.

  93. To Mike and Brittany and everyone for that matter! I don’t know what happened for CNN to interview tonite, but they finally did. There is an Army of people who have been emailing CNN, MSNBC, Geraldo, Oprah, Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, and many others. And that is not to mention all of the emails that I know family members have been making for years now. FINALLY- tonite it happened, and Mike you were GREAT! I want you to know that we will not stop with those emails. If any of you use twitter now is the time to be tweeting your hearts out to CNN and other networks!!!!! I just said this morning that when the nation catches on- and they will!!! They will be enraged!!!! And I believe that is coming soon. I am so glad that Don Lemon said what he said! This is only the beginning. Our prayers are beginning to be answered! This is a HUGE victory!

  94. i

    I left my colorful remarks on twitter! People actually do read those comments, I should know, I leave comments on a very regular basis for Anderson Cooper!!!

  95. I stumbled onto this site when I was doing research for a book I was going to write. The more I got involved, and got acquainted with the victims, their families and all of you trying to get a little justice. it happened…. I was PISSED OFF!!! Not only was I mad at the AUTHORITY’S (local, state,& fed.) but I was mad at the mentality of some people who think that “if you do drugs, and participate in high risk sex practices” that whatever you get, you deserve. NO ONE EVER DESERVES TO BE BRUTALLY MURDERED!!!! I have decided that I WANT to tell THEIR stories, and my book is going to be about all of you. This could be a huge undertaking, maybe even dangerous, but I don’t care. This needs to be written, and if we uncover the murderers along the way, so be it. God bless and keep us all, what more can we ask? Your thoughts???????

    • I think its a wonderful idea- in fact I’m doing the same. I kept waiting for it to be solved so I could write the story with the ending- but I decided very recently to document it as it is now, from the viewpoint of a citizen seeing the entire picture. Capturing the feelings and fears of someone watching this all play out. I couldn’t possibly do justice from the victims or families’ points of view, I have my own feelings as a member of the community- I’m not really that unbiased.

      • Sadly enough……there is “book material” with these 8 cases not to mention how many more???? I’ve lost track. It is a combination of circumstances that can be explored from many, many different angles.

        I sincerely hope that the documentation, investigation wise, has been accurate and precise. At this point….it’s likely wishful thinking but……. I’m just sayin. I truly HOPE it is and has been. Cases of this nature that are documented carefully and ultimately solved can be a great resource to LE nationwide toward future investigations.

  96. This is indeed a victory. It is also a stepping stone to other, larger advances, if we play it right. Exposure is our best friend right now. SOMEONE has also contacted FoxNews. That’s the powerhouse we need. They are the most watched cable news service in the world and they have no patience with injustice. Let’s wait and see if/when they ask for time. Let’s not let-up while we have a momentum. I’ll bet R. Edwards and W. Gary are waiting anxiously (like waiting for a root canal) to get their turn to get in front of a camera and explain things — NOT !!!

    • ricky are anyone else will not speak to anyone till some one is arrested for these killings than they will want to be in the spot light.

  97. Wow!!! I made a new thread yesterday morning. When I got home last night around 10 and got on the blog…….I was blown away!! Lot’s of great comments and discussion!!

    What an awesome, awesome surprise to hear about Michael Dubois’ interview with CNN. By chance…..I just got to watch a re-run of it about 30 minutes ago!!!! WOW. Brittany has always dealt with the media very well and precisely I might add. Having Michael now has added a great deal of power to the cause in my opinion.

    I don’t know how CNN finally got wind of this story but I have to think the Cease Fire group has been a big asset in that direction. Early on, as such a small group here….we just didn’t have the pull we needed. Now…..well now, things are different. There’s a lot of people that DO CARE. There’s a lot of people that do want SOME ANSWERS. There’s a lot of people that aren’t going to ignore this and let it fade back into THE WOODWORK. We’ve come to learn there is a lot of damned murdering and curious deaths taking place in JDP.

    For all of you that have requested a copy of the JDN article about Whitnei’s life…..I will be sending that to you a little later today. I haven’t read it yet. I guess I’m procrastinating a little. I know if it has made a teenager AND a grown man cry….it is something that is likely going to tear me up. I remember early on here when Brittany Jones made one of her first posts. I ended up posting it as a permanent part of Whitnei’s blog. I titled it A Sister’s Struggle. I haven’t read it again since the first time I read it. I guess it was about three lines into the post and I lost it…..I could not control my sorrow or stop crying. Most of you here have probably already read it. If you haven’t….take a minute to read it.

    • I’d like to read the article about Whitnie also. How can I send you my e-mail address?

      • I would Like a copy as well! How do I get one?? And I have ready “A sister’s struggle.” And it made me tear up as well!


    The Lake Arthur woman accused of murdering her own mother, taking the body across state lines and burying the remains in an East Texas backyard will spend the next 23 years in prison after pleading ‘no contest’ to the crime on Wednesday.
    Roseanne Duhon Klumpp, 37, accepted the charge of manslaughter in the 31st Judicial District Court for the killing of her mother, Dorothy Mae Hay, 60.

    • But brownie said she heard from her friend who heard it from a state trooper………………lol. Wrong Klumpp.

    • yes but a life for a life 23 years is not nothing she need life are death i know i sure dont wont to spend life or 23 years i take death but im not yhe judge

  99. Two other articles on blogs by ex-federal agent, and other crime writer- I thought was notable, especially the second!! He was a little ahrd on Edwards, and gave all girls a spot 🙂

  100. has anyone heard if there was a arrest last night for a rape or the killings. and if so who was it we heard of 2 different names chris and i want to say a hill person

  101. i heard from whitnis cousin yhat no arrest was made

  102. can someone put the interview with mike on here been looking for it since last night thanks

    • The Andrew St house and the house directly behind it on Doyle are dealing drugs among each other.

      • i thinh the cops just dont wont to mess with all that they know it is there if i can i would go like they did on galloup st and burn the house down if no one live there do something with it dont let it just sit there breake it down r burn the house after they get them out off the house i dont know were the st is i will go ride around and look for it ben out off trhow for a long time and im not here for long i have a week left in town so i will do what i can to get some off the cars and pic off the place i dont live here and not to many people know were i moved to im at a friend and i will get me a comp at home and a screen name i miss my school friend that is why i came home to get in touch and here i find to hear off all the girles i live a long way from here and yes i miss louoiiana but with a killer im not moving back to louisiana i love the state were i live at hills snow it is nice up there i pray the killer get cought and god bless all the familys off the girls maybe one day the cops will do something and my name is sheila

        • 2 wrongs dont make it right. u just dont go and burn a house down. i would think that if there was something going on in the house the LE would stop it by now. they know that the heat is on all of them not just the drug dealers but the Le themselves.

        • Besides, you do that, they will just hurt you and move elsewhere. That is what happens when a home is vacant. The dealers take over and it is very hard to get them out. How do you guys know that they don’t have an undercover operation going on. Them things take years to get everything together. Then again, we are talking about the LE. I mean, where things happen like, you scratch my back and you scratch mine. Whew, too much in that area. BUT, it could be happening, as far as the undercover stuff.

  103. G8 you’ve got mail.

  104. I was just reading past threads and one stuck out.Thread number 25,right after Necole was found.The devilhimself,I wonder if anyone checked this person out.His post was strange.Did anyone else think so?

  105. What happened to everyone? Is there any truth to what was said last night by brownie?

    • No. It was Roseanne Klumpp that admitted to murdering her mother. There’s an article on


  107. If anyone is on twitter and would like to tweet with the anchorman from CNN who covered the story his twitter page is I am trying to get an account set up so that I may tweet to him as well. Come on yall let’s talk to him, encourage him and thank him! And fill him in!!!!

  108. Hey guys and friend of mine’s uncle works for LSP. laste last night Christopher Klumpp wasquestioned and confessed atleast to Brittany Gary’s murder. HE IS NOT FROM JENNINGS. I went to school with him in Iota. He is LE for Basile. There is also supposed to be DNA eveidence. People always thought it was LE. Atleast some of it. Hiis wife was addicted to crack and left him with their children to follow the life style. It happened so late last night that it didn’t make the paper.

  109. I am still waiting for 100% conformation. I am not rying to start a rumor, I trust the source and thought ppl have the right to know. If it isn’t true he has my sincerous apology.

  110. unbiased, I have tweeted Don Lemmon 4 times since last nite. I have asked him to direct message me so we can talk in depth.

    • good!!!! i just signed up for another twitter account! i am unbiasednla. feel free to follow me!

  111. (dont know if this is legal, if not, im sorry, lol but this is part of CNNs transcript from last night’s interview with Mike Dubois….i will post the link in a sec)

    Jennings, Louisiana — pay close attention to this. It is a town of about 11,000 people. Could there be a serial killer among them?

    Over the past four years, the bodies of eight women have been found. They were dumped in places like drainage ditches and lonely roadsides just outside of town. The most recent victim was found last month.

    Detectives in Jefferson Davis Parish say it appears some of the women were targets of the same person. So far, there have been no arrests here. “America’s Most Wanted” and a website called are spotlighting the case, hoping a tipster will come forward here.

    Well, the families would like to hear something — anything. They want some answers here. You can imagine what they’re going through right now. Michael Dubois joins me now on the phone. His 24- year-old sister Whitney was the fourth victim found. Her body was discovered in May of 2007.

    Thanks for joining us, Michael. She’s your sister but you raised her, so feels like your child?

    MICHAEL DUBOIS, BROTHER OF MURDER VICTIM: Yes, sir. Thank you very much for having us.

    LEMON: What’s going on here? This has not been talked about much, if at all, in the national media, and really — I’m from Louisiana. I haven’t heard a lot about it even down there. So what is going on with this case? Why isn’t it being deemed a serial killer? I understand the sheriff is saying it’s a serial dumper? DUBOIS: Yes. He’s coined quite a few phrases, serial dumper and things like that, and we wonder why it hasn’t gained national attention ourselves. And mainly what it is is we have an arrogant sheriff who refuses to declare a serial murder so he won’t have an outside agency to come in and take over who has the technology and the resources to be able to solve this.

    LEMON: And you — you know, we reached out to the sheriff’s department a number of times tonight. We invited the sheriff. He did not call us back, did not return our phone call, so — We invited him to be on the air to give a response to that.

    Not only are there eight women missing, but you say there are a total of 13 unsolved murders in Jefferson Davis Parish and people there fear that they may be connected?

    DUBOIS: Correct.

    LEMON: So what — what are you doing about it? We understand that you have put up a website, “America’s Most Wanted” has done it, but you have hired — and a number of — a couple of the other families, you’ve hired a private investigator? Tell me about that.

    DUBOIS: Yes. We’ve — We’ve had to reach out to other outside sources, and we had to hire Kirk Menard, a private investigator locally, to help us in trying to find who did these — these murders and trying to find and get justice for our — not only for our eight girls but the other five victims that are — that are unheard of until we finally brought that out.

    Also, they seemed to be collecting dust on — in the files somewhere.

    LEMON: Hey, real quickly, because I want to move on and talk to you about two more topics here. You said that — that has — there had been videotape of the women going into the same home, at least the private investigator said, going into the same home and there’s videotape and he taped one of the victims a couple of months before she died visiting the same spot that many of the victims visited?

    DUBOIS: Yes, sir. That was Nicole Jean Guillory. She was the one found August 19th. He filmed her coming out of a local crack house, which seems to be the Walmart for our serial killers to pick up women. They seemed to frequent these places that these girls hang out and they seem to do their shopping there.

    LEMON: OK. You know, we’re going to keep on the story to find out exactly what’s happening. We know some of the women had issues, as you mentioned there, some of the women with drugs. But, still, if eight women go missing and there are a number of unsolved crimes, there should be some attention focused on it.

    So thank you, Michael Dubois, for joining us. We wish you the best. If you have any information, please give me a call back and — and let me know, OK?

    DUBOIS: Thank you very much for airing it for us.

    LEMON: OK. Thank you very much. And I want to say again, we did reach out to the sheriff in Jefferson Davis Parish. He did not return our phone calls. We reached out to him several times here at CNN.

    Meantime, an abrupt about-face for Former President Bill Clinton, now coming out in favor of gay marriage. You’ll hear what he had to say. And a potential major breakthrough in the fight against the HIV virus.

    And move over single ladies — we’ve got the single baby.



    you have to scroll down some to get to it, sorry the previous comment was so long, thought yall would like to read it!

  113. Thank You so much unbiased,I missed it last night.

    • You’re so very welcome! I was able to watch it last night, but I was so excited that I found the transcript- I could read it over and over again! Lol- I’ve memorized it! “And I want to say again, we did reach out to the Sheriff in Jefferson Davis Parish. He did not return our phonecalls. We reached out to him several times here at CNN.”

  114. Do you know if there is ant truth to a confession last night?

  115. No- I have heard several different stories. As bad as I want this to be solved- I’d almost be pissed if he were the killer- and caught on the very night that we finally got National Coverage!!!! Making all of our attempts seem in vain- like we r crazy- and when CNN finally pays attention the task force nabs him! Would make us seem impatient and accusing of LE and we are not! We are not crazy! Something is WRONG!!!! And we finally have America’s attention….

  116. unbiased, Thanks so much!! I really thought it was important to read the transcript. For all the victim’s families and the “hard working justice fighters,” it does our souls good to know we are making head way. I must say I found it quite hilarious that the good ole sheriff doesn’t find the time to return CNN’s phone calls. But, then again, what could his EXCUSES be for absolutely little or no progress? The really upsetting fact about serial killers is that THEY WILL NEVER STOP UNLESS THEY DIE OR THEY ARE CAUGHT! Never lose sight of that. Out of almost a decade of working with serial killers the one thing that they were all remorseful for, was GETTING CAUGHT!! Other than that, not much else…

  117. WE’re doin it again!!! CNN at 6pm!

  118. That is WONDERFUL!!!! I will definitely be tuned in!!!! And ill pass the word around!

  119. it is about to be on cnn again. tune in now

  120. its on now …they are advertizing for 6 and they make it sound real good…and it is great that it is out there..

    • I am so pissed right now at LE that I am ready to go on national news myself. Nothing is being done!! I hear about hard work and all of this and that on part of the sheriff and the task force but they sit around and drink coffee and nothing gets done. These girls aren’t taken off the streets, the crack houses aren’t shut down and don’t f’ing tell me no enough jail space. I’m so sick and tired of hearing excuses. Ricky Edwards needs to stop being so f’ing arrogant and let someone else take over that has experience in murder cases. This really pisses me off.

  121. Here is a thought: let’s watch CNN and I’m sure that if the killer has been arrested that will be mentioned. If not- let’s watch KLFY, KATC, KPLC- I repeat- if the murderer has been caught it will be on the news. The LE is under serious pressure to solve this case! If THEY-HAVE-CAUGHT-THE-KILLER—-THEY-WILL-SAY-SO! Let’s not argue among eachother- WE ARE ALL HERE FOR THE SAME REASON!!! Right now- we have reason to celebrate! CNN is giving us the floor for the SECOND TIME!!!!!!

  122. ricky edwards is so fool of crap i smell him from him dam dam dam him

  123. Are you FREAKING SHITTING ME?!?!?! Sheriff Edwards called last night (of course) and he has just got it under control, right? Oh no!!! We have no reason to believe they are linked! WTF EVER!!!!! Just 8 women who associated with the same crowd and died under the same circumstances!!! Well if we don’t have a serial killer we have hush killings! DO NOT STOP FLOODING THE MEDIA WITH EMAIL!!!! He asked what the thoughts were in the community!!! Lead him to this blog!!!! INCLUDE A LINK TO THIS BLOG in your emails!!!! And BRITTANY- last nite Don Lemon stated on CNN that this story has been featured on AMW- u make SURE he knows it was only a mention on the website, and tell him why they couldn’t air it on an episode!

  124. ok who can give me a web site or email for cnn for some reason i can not find a place to be able to give my thoughts

  125. My daughter just called and let me listen to it on a recording. Now this is a girl who has listened to me cry with each body that was found. She has visited me here and been on the bayous. and while she was sympathetic and felt the pain that i was feeling, it still just wasn’t real to her……TIL NOW! When she called, she was so pissed and screaming “why wasn’t something done before now/???!!!” Until tonight, when she saw the pictures of these women and where they were found..nothing was real. it was just something that mom talked about endlessly. Now she sees. NOW she understands the fear, the pain, the loss. she said they kept showing these girls pictures and their names, she has played it over and over. NOW IT IS REAL and her tears are flowing…and I think we will find a lot of people will feel the same way.
    (and I’m not even going into what she had to say about law enforcement LOL)

  126. I know that this is a dumb question…. What is LE


    Here are some of his pages you can leave him a message on any of these
    This is how to contact CNN

    make sure in your email or comment add
    This way they can see our feeling, and what is really going on in our town from our eyes and our hearts so let CNN hear from your hearts let it all out, 8 girls are depending on US because our sheriff is not doing anything so it is up to us.

  128. i am a new comer on the blog an from what i read .i think that the people cant get answers from the law .so they are taking matters into there hands .yes i do understand that alot of this on the blog is hear say but what else do we have to go on, in a case like this i think that everything u hear should be posted on blog . because if the law cant solve this maybe the community can .keep talking to people ask questions and listen and if u feel that the community needs to know then do so posted on the blog .let us all know what u heard .if its false o well if its true good for us


  129. I will never understand the lack of interest from the sheriff. The biggest venue in the world was calling him ( CNN) and he didn’t bother to take a call. If he was 100% behind getting answers for this case he would be chomping at the bits for help.

    This tells me everything I need to know except who is the killer. There is some kind of cover up and it will be exposed. No one is going to blindly accept this lack of help, understanding and believing that there isn’t a cover up.

    Some local LE better come clean or they may be spending time in Angola.

    This has gone beyond ridiculous. The internet has made the oily little secrets more open and citizens who pay taxes, don’t have to abide by the old rules and can demand responsibility by elected officials.

    Come on LE, do your job.

    • if no one has anything to hind than why not talk to cnn or anyone else for that matter it does not have to be the sheriff or a PI it could be the mayor or what about the DA. we all know they r not all busy at one time so yes it seems like they r hiding something or someone.

      • Yeah, and they want to claim that the PI is hiding something, yeah, sure, seems LE is guilty so they push everything off on the PI. At least he talks to CNN and returns his phone calls.

  130. Why on earth would you post that stuff on here? Have alot of Hate inside you?

  131. that is harsh to say about someone and it does not have any thing to do with the 8 girls that die so excuse me take that crap some where else. sorry but that is how i feel

    • I emailed g8 and asked her to pull that post. It’s just horrible.

      • thank u

      • Why Popeye? This may or may not be true. This woman is voicing her opinon or is she voicing the truth? How do you know? Yes it may sound harsh, but you have not been very nice to anyone who has posted anything about the klumps.

        • It’s not relevant to the case.

        • I’m with brownie, while angree may not be on topic, if its true (and I’m not saying it is or isn’t) then ya damn right they have a right to their hatred and anger. And the klumps have been discussed several times in reference to what is happening in JDP so maybe they felt safe to vent here. and ya never know, through this or that, may be the clue to lead to an arrest. but if you who are b**ching continue to try to restrict this blog into your confines of what should and shouldn’t be posted, i think we have lost all reason to have it. It is suppose to be a more or less safe place to voice facts, rumors, thoughts and opinions…where those well versed can post side by side with those who have a hard time reading, writing, and expressing themselves. Lets all be a little less judgmental and snippy. If it is to far out there we know that g8ter knows and will do something about it. I have faith in her decisions.
          And Popeye, the world can and is a very ugly place for some, we have just begun to scratched the surface.

      • What post are you refering to?

  132. u go cp that was well put

  133. So, Angree, do u have any info regarding Chris and whether or not he was arrested, and for what? We all have heard stories, and we don’t want to assume, so do u know anything pertinent?

  134. If these murders are not linked, then the Sheriff has wasted the time of Dr. Godwin and the FBI profiler.

    • He had several profilers from Quantico and BR doing profiles after Brittney Gary’s murder also.

    • There’s no doubt that these cases are geographical in nature so why not hire a geographical profiler?

  135. I was pissed and discouraged and disheartened earlier after Kirk Menard’s interview with Don Lemon. But then I realized something. They aren’t going to be able to let the story die, not if we are emailing and tweeting! Also- CNN is a major player in politics, and not small time politics like sheriffs and DA’s but big time politics like senators, governors, atty generals…so now the heat is on…..results are coming.

    • why pissed and disheartened?

      • Well, observer, I said pissed and disheartened because if someone not familiar with the events watches they will see a sheriff who is hesitant to call it a serial killer because right now he is just working so hard to get all the forensics back from the lab before he is quick to jump to any conclusions. They won’t see the task force detective that stole evidence that freed a previous suspect, or the time the jpd officer got fired for seeking a safe place for the statements he took- they’ll see them getting rid of the “corrupt” LE officers. They may or may not find out that when the inmate accused Jesse Ewing of sexual misconduct she either discredited Jesse Ewing or herself- so that was a win-win situation. Maybe I AM impatient but I want the reality of JDP shown to the world. So, now CNN is like “oh okay- that’s why- because its not for sure a serial killer” I don’t want them to drop the story…

        • I heard the same thing, that they want the families and they’re representative who i guess is Kirk Menard to go to their studio and do live interviews.

    • I understand but Kirk Menard is bound legally by what he can and can’t say. He reluctantly agreed, as Brittany stated, to the interview so keep the media coming. If he had not accepted they may have said well if nobody wants to talk to you us then we won’t call again. He did the right thing and he personally spoke, not like the sheriff that let CNN do the talking for him. He spoke for himself. And it assured us that SOMEBODY is still working on this case. Also I remember Kirk Menard saying a witness gave him information. I took that as a clue and if someone heard that it may encourage more witnesses to come forward. I still feel that Kirk Menard wanted to say more and he probably consulted with his clients before the interview. If he wasn’t bound legally I’m sure much more would have been said. I don’t think the sheriff or LE should be attacking Kirk Menard and with the media wanting this story, if I was LE, I wouldn’t push Kirk Menard too much if I were them. Remember, he brought NJPI and other investigators, intelligent ones, to the forefront that are helping. With his popularity right now, he can bring their pretty little wall down if he wanted to. But he remained professional, spoke the facts, and spoke on behalf of his clients and gave then a voice that they are not alone and confidence that the case is still being work.

  136. So, I am late—how did it go on Cnn tonight? The Sheriff actually called CNN and said he had it under control???? Is that right?

    Maybe I can catch a repeat……Did KM go on CNN too?

  137. I missed CNN tonite. Can anyone tell me what happened?

  138. Here are a few links so that everyone may contact them and let them know what id going on in this town so that they understand that we are all together we should use the same subject as the facebook “Jefferson Davis Parish, LA Serial Murders.” With them using this as the subject and all of us then that is more in numbers and we can all continue with the emails we have hit CNN now who is next to take our story and listen to us…..and don’t forget to add a link to this blog on there let them come here and join us on the blog let them see how we all feel. So everyone please email all the news shows and continue with CNN of course they started this so lets let them know how much we appreciate there time.

    This is the email address to the Today show

    This is for CBS

    This is for Fox news,2933,77538,00.html

    ABC good morning America

    If you are a crime victim or someone who knows about an injustice or case that needs a spotlight, call “Nancy Grace” at 1-888-GRACE-01 or send information via e-mail to “Nancy Grace.”

  139. I missed CNN tonight, Can someone tell me what happened.

  140. it may not have been necessary to go into graphic details about those people, but i guess this person has alot of distaste for them and she is stating so and why… after all nobody cut F.R.’s bunch any slack(not that they deserve any) and no one was called out for speaking their minds.. just a thought

  141. well i missed cnn tonite and i went to the website, i looked in the list of latest news and nothing there. however you can read about a bird-eating frog.. doggone it.

  142. hey, does anyone remember when suzette bouley was in a fight inside the courthouse? that made national news (good morning america) within days!! hmmm. sorry for bringing that up suzette, just a thought.

  143. CNN has promised to continue updating the story and we have a direct contact into the newsroom. We will continue to speak with them and there is some talk of us being brought into the studio later on. Mr. Menard was asked for his input this evening by CNN. HE reluctantly agreed because he felt it was important that we take this opportunity and he also did NOT want to lose the spotlight that we have all been working so hard to get. He does have a legal binding not to say certain things and his interviews MUST be conducted in a professional manner and solely based on the facts. We will continue to put the story out there and I am definately working on something now to get my “opinionated” statement out there!

    • Brittany,

      I know that Kirk Menard is bound by professionalism to make neutral statements. I understand all of that- I meant to mention it in my previous posts. I was just so excited that we had national exposure that I couldn’t help feeling a little defeated today by what Mr Lemon said about the Sheriff’s reasons for not seeking help/ national coverage. Many of us have worked extremely hard, calling people-begging them to hear us, emailing people, the whole nine yards…and that’s not to mention the work you have done in your search for justice. Let me also add that I’m just having an emotional day, so I felt defeated in more ways than one, and I’m sure that I blew it out of proportion. Sheriff Edwards may really be working hard to solve these cases, and it may not be the smartest thing in the world to do-calling it a serial killer-especially when I’m not sold on the fact that there’s a lunatic killing these women. Common sense tells me that if it were truly believed we had a serial killer- different approaches wouldve been taken in this investigation. But none of that matters. I know, that you will not let this die- so please don’t take any of what I said as a personal attack. LOL- trust me when I tell you- I have NO DOUBT that you will make your voice heard. I guess I was caught up in that moment. Whatever the truth may be- it WILL come out. And everyone in this town- including the killer(s) will benefit by this. It has GOT to stop-for the sake of everyone! I guess I just can’t wait until its all steadily rolling. And let me also clear up that I am IN NO WAY ungrateful for todays coverage. It is answered prayers! And I recognize that! And am so grateful. I just want MORE!

  144. Ugh…so much anger in her tonight that I’ve just sat back and read and refrained from commenting! It just seems as though we should be sticking to the facts and be happy about what’s all happening to finally get national attention and solve these murders. I missed the CNN interview tonight, so what the heck happened and what was said?

  145. I went to CNN’s website and can not find anything on their website about the Jeff Davis Parish Serial Killings. What’s up with that? Has anybody else been able to find it?

  146. unbiased,
    I definitely understand your emotions and confusion with it all. I guess Im just so used to the usual from the sheriff that I dont expect much more, and thats really just my honest opinion. Our community has been let down time and time again and I think that its a shame that the families have such a defeat in itself already dealing with the grief of our loved ones and so many unanswered questions, but yet we have to continue the fight for publicity,to destroy rumors, and turmoil in this investigation. The families and the community are tackling the issues that our elected officials should be, hell thats why we elected them into office right? Where are they all now when we need them? When the community where we are raising our children is falling apart? CNN is national, as was AMW…What is the damn problem here? We need this exposure…or more lives will be at stake and this should not be an option. I did not in any way take your post as a personal attack, I enjoy reading your posts and appreciate what you have been trying to do ( I know who you are and we will get together soon :)!! You have been working very hard on this and I understand exactly how you are feeling.Maybe we can organize a way for residents to speak to CNN and express their opinions. After all, thats exactly what Don Lemon was asking for today wasnt it? Lets work on that!

    • I think that’s a great idea! Matter of fact I’m on top of that! I have let them (CNN) know about Ceasefire’s event in November, also made it known that if they want the community’s input there are plenty people who would love to talk to them. I sent them a link to this blog. Our work is far from done, I realize that, but the fruits of that labor are beginning to ripen. But, absolutely, let me know if you have additional ideas- u know how to find me. I’m behind you and all of the family members- always have been and so r so many other people! I’m a lot calmer than I was earlier this evening. Its still so unreal- CNN, FINALLY!!! Today I found a transcript for last nites show, tomorrow I will find tonites and post the link. One thing I feel strongly about is that Jennings needs lots of work- even after these murders are solved. We need to have that community center, hold more events for the kids. I’m excited about all the changes that are coming. Yesterday on MSNBC I saw the video that played on CNN today about the highschool boy in Chicago that was beaten to death. Jennings is well on its way to that if we don’t stop it NOW.

      • It’s ashame that Kirk Menard is bound legally because I felt he had much more to say but he probably had to refrain because he is legally bound. Kirk thank you for helping these families. You’re they’re hope please hang in there you have our support and Brittany and Michael our prayers are with you. You have a good team on your side.

  147. Let’s take heart ALL…we have made progress and we know that Brittany and Mike will not let this die. They are determined as are other family members to find justice for their loved ones. We have to keep the faith. A lot is already happening. Let’s not forget we are all here for the same reasons.

  148. Did everyone see how professional Km was tonight, he answered all the question, not once did he say a bad word about out lovely sheriff. Who on the other hand has yet to answer any question, still has not came on CNN, all he did was say that the cases were not link what are you serious… What is our sheriff so afraid of to not come out and talk to the media the national media at that. This is his chance to have major help and he just does nothing…well if anything in this town we should know that if we need anything we can turn to KM because we all see KM on the street and talking to the public and well he is talking to the media now. But I for one will commend km for his professionalism tonight and for not going out on national television and saying anything bad toward our sheriff or LE He stuck with the facts and told what was fact and let it be known that he does turn all info that he receives to LE

    GREAT JOB KM and Last Night GREAT JOB Micheal D.

    • I agree clue101. Ricky Edwards you should be ashamed of yourself and anyone else in LE. You try to spread rumors about Kirk Menard or his agency and he says nothing bad about you or LE. Yet you send your goonies to try to strong arm your way to get him out of the case when he was hired, that was openly admitted by one of his clients, by spreading rumors and when that didn’t work trying to discredit him or his agency anyway you can.

      Kirk you’ve showed a lot of professional integrity and we’re all proud of you for being so professional. We know that you are bound legally and it had to be difficult to refrain from saying what you feel but you did excellent. They should not be trying to push you around (Ricky and Crew) and if they were smart they would try to get along with you and work with you and accept your information.

      GREAT JOB KIRK MENARD AND GREAT JOB MICHAEL DUBOIS, WE ARE VERY PROUD OF BOTH OF YOU. When I need something I will definitely call Kirk Menard. You’ve shown your integrity and Michael Dubois you’ve shown your courage. Kirk Menard said all along that he respects LE and he showed it tonight. Very professional and we are now national news. GREAT JOB BOTH OF YOU. PLEASE KEEP IT UP.

  149. Brittany, I think what it is with unbiased and most of us on here is that we’re all taking it personal no matter whether we knew the girls or not. I am not kin to any of them but knew of two of them and their families. After reading all this stuff on here you start to see these girls as not just numbers but real people. And that’s because your families have worked so hard to keep the memories alive. Yea, like unbiased I’d like more too. But for now I think we should be grateful for what’s already happeneing.

  150. I remember after Whitnei’s death. coming to the internet to speak out. I could find very little if nothing, and no one who cared. It is so nice to see how far this has come.

  151. Clue 101 – I missed KM on CNN tonight. I would have loved to have seen it.I’m so glad KM did well. Hopefully someone can post the transcripts of the interview on the forum cuz I cannot find anything about it at CNN’s website!

  152. Unbiased – great. Hope you can find the transcripts to tonights interview. I did register for twitter to follow don lemon. And I will follow him on facebook and myspace. I just joined cease fire. I’m trying to absorb all I can and be “in the know” about what’s going on with these cases. But I have to admit this forum is by far the best way to “keep on top of things”, so I say let’s keep it factual on here guys and gals!

  153. How do you join Ceasefire??

  154. Hey everyone check this out The Group on facebook Cease Fire has been threaten by a well know wealthy special interest group

    Cease Fire in Jeff Davis Parish September 27 at 11:29pm

    Rather than inviting 800 people to be my friend first, I am using this outlet to ask you to please go to groups and join the group JUSTICE FOR JEFFERSON DAVIS. There are so many things that are not being made available to the public, information and unexplored options to obtain justice and safety for our community. Cease Fire has been threatened by a wealthy special interest group. This cannot be allowed in order to meet our objective. Please join JUSTICE FOR JEFFERSON DAVIS! I believe that money is not needed to obtain justice. I believe that our hard work has begun to pay off and will continue to pay if WE are vigilent. JOIN this group so that WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!

    You will not be asked to donate money to this cause. You will only be asked to continue to contact local authorities and national media. And this time, we will ask the questions our authorities (the one’s whose salaries are paid by us) have refused to answer!

    • Michon said nobody threaten Cease Fire.

      • That’s right Brownie, I have found out through much investigation this morning that the Sponsor never threatened to withdraw his funds to silence the community. There were some very liberal member(s) of Ceasefire who wanted to “use” the group as revenge on the local officials due to their own personal vendetta against the officials. Ceasefire’s mission was always to unite, not separate the community. I think it is best that this person started their own group to meet that agenda. There are specific questions that this person wants addressed and needs a backing to do so. I cqnt say that I blame her for that as there IS strength in numbers! But to jump into Ceasefire , whose agenda is to promote positivity in JDP and use it for your personal reasons is justwrong. And I think it was best that that person move on….having said that, I think this group (justice) is going to be very “in your face” and there is nothing wrong with that- matter of fact- if this is your agenda, I strongly encourage you to join! Feel free to remain with Ceasefire if your interest is to promote their cause- you CAN be in both groups but they are DIFFERENT agenda- wise! The sponsor does NOT promote corruption- he simply doesn’t want to fund a group that is radical in nature. His other charities include children with cancer, he is very peace oriented. He wants to bring about positivty for the youth in our area- not tear apart a government.

        • One other point…please understand that I can only use the information that is given to me. The information given to me, in a witnessed and RECORDED conference call was that the sponsor said he would pull funding if Make It Ring continued.

          I happen to view liberalism as a sin and I have no score to settle or vendetta other than removing a murderer from the community we all call home.

          Please do not allow discord to negate the progress this community has made.

          If my actions have offended any of you, from the depths of my heart and soul, I apologize.

          Thank you!

          • Nicki, you WILL stop acting innocent and pitiful! I fully commend you for branching out and founding Justice. You’re right! This is not a turf war. Let’s just say that the sponsor had threatened to pull funding for the event. Do u blame him? It took me less than one day to find the root of why you are so passionate (and I understand that, I do!) About asking questions that “only the public” can. (People in Welsh are mouthy- I’m sure u know this by now). The purpose is to introduce new developments into town. You CANNOT BITE THE HANDS WHO WILL FEED YOU. Along with seeking justice for the victims, we have other goals: preventing crime by empowering our kids, encouraging kids to succeed with tutoring/mentoring programs, etc. I feel your passion lies in confronting law enforcement. Starting Justice was a good move for you. Make no mistake about what I’m saying. I am in no way trying to offend you. But stop acting like a victim. The only wrong you committed imo was coming to THIS BLOG as well as using ceasefire to message its own members and implying that Ceasefire and/or its sponsor was exploiting or extorting the victims families for some ulterior motive. That is the only thing you should be apologizing for. I’m sorry that Ceasefire wasn’t meetig your objective and I hope that JUSTICE does! Matter of fact I joined. But try to remember that any positive steps for the people of the parish are much needed. Moving forward…

  155. Basic Info
    Justice for Jefferson Davis
    Organizations – Non-Profit Organizations
    This is the next step! Cease Fire’s sponsor threatened revocation of it’s sponsorship if Make It Ring Monday continued. Clearly, the wealthy sponsor was aggitated by the negative comments about Sheriff Ricky Edwards on national television. I submit that justice DOES NOT require funding, especially from a biased entity that supports an inactive law enforcement agency. WE can obtain justice for Jefferson Davis Parish…not just in bringing a killer to justice, but assuring that the broken and corrupt system, that has allowed the continuation of all violent crimes within our parish, be held to a higher and more competent standard! WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!

    if you want to join this group become a member of Facebook and click this link

    • isn’t that just sad, but seems to be par for the course around here. they are really trying to silence everyone

    • Thanks to clue101 for posting this. I am deeply saddened by the negative comments some have made regarding me. I do, in fact, live in the community. I love this parish more than I can verbalize. The group, JUSTICE for JEFFERSON DAVIS was created to compliment, not compete with Cease Fire. It is simply a next step or another option for the members of this community. Cease Fire has associated itself with the phrase action for awareness. Justice in Jefferson Davis’ goal is to promote the concept of action for justice. MeChon and I have our hearts in exactly the same place. Our heads are choosing different actions, that when looked upon as a whole, can only stand to benefit our community and further the cause of achieving justice and safety for this place we all call home. I encourage each of you to join and invite your friends. If you have any questions, I am open and available to answer them. Thank you for allowing me to serve this cause!

  156. Yea, isn’t that so sad? Just shut us all up and just let things keep going as they have been in the past, nothing getting done. Now they’re making me mad and I don’t get mad that easily. This is so disturbing!

  157. I don’t know what all of this stuff about Ceasefire and Justice is about, but I will make it my business to find out in the am! I do think that all Ceasefire members should remain calm until Mechon says something. Ceasefire’s mission has always been to promote nonviolence. I also know that after the first couple of make it ring mondays’ ricky edwards contacted Mechon and stated that he heard us. So we stopped- the next tep was the event. It was always with the understanding that we would stop calling local officials until we felt it was necessary again. What else can we do after sheriff says he is working diligently but give him some time to see if that was so. Ceasefire’s purpose was ALWAYS to better the community through education, awareness, and community efforts/events promoting positive functions for our youth. It is also understood we will be popping up for election time! I am gooing to make an educated guess that the sponsor doesn’t want any anomosity between local officials and ceasefire because he is going to open up the commuinity center here and has to be diplomatic. Ceasefire has always been about positive events and the public. This blog is where citizens can vent their opinions about what LE may/may not be doing wrong/right. Ceasefire also by being public was going to be a good place for like minded people to meet and if people decided to picket- then so be it, independently of Ceasefire- if you will look thru my past posts you will notice that I said that before. Ceasefire has NEVER tried to shut the public up! EVER! I will post an update after I have spoken with Mechon- Ceasefire’s founder. Please understand that Ceasefire has to be as DIPLOMATIC as possible as we are not ANONYMOUS and we have to LIVE HERE. Mechon realized that and has stated that! Her intent was NEVER to fuel fires between citizens and government because WE HAVE TO LIVE HERE! Nicki Soileau doesn’t have to live here either. I can see why she is upset by this, but Mechon’s original intent was to PROMOTE NONVIOLENCE. I can also see why the sponsor wouldn’t want to finance (and yes ceasefire suggested donations to OFFSET the sponsor’s costs for the event, the donations to the children and the community center, but ultimately HIS ORGANIZATION is financing this) an event whose participants are in strife with the local government. We are all speculating at this point. When I have FACTS I will post them. I think by now most of you have gotten a feel for what kind of person I am. And how strongly I feel about Justice for the victims as well as promotion of community. I have no plans of leaving Ceasefire until I deem it necessary. I will make that decision when I have facts! In the meantime if this Justice for Jefferson Davis’s main mission is taking a more aggressive stance in making voices heard- maybe that is the group we can use to do marches and picketing events. I never thought Ceasefire should have been getting involved in pickets anyway- Ceasefire is focused on making it a more peaceful place for our kids!

  158. Has anyone ever thought of calling in a psychic? I know it may sound crazy…but some people believe in it and it may help.

  159. More drug deals with Andrew and Doyle this morning, no sign of LE, not that anything would be done about it!!!

  160. i sure hope u r writeing down the veh. that come and go there and write down who is driving at least what they look like u never know it might just help.

  161. I would really like to read Whitnei’s story.Does anyone know how I could do that?

    • jennings daily news has it, but I think you have to subscribe to it. Gr8 should be putting it on here soon.

      • Oh, when you are able to read it, get you some tissues handy, it is a tear jerker. It is a great article, hope you get to read it.

      • I have the scanned copy but cannot upload it to the blog…….it would be a copyright violation. Anyone wanting to read the article can contact me and I will email it to you.

    • its on here look

  162. MeChon Johnson Jones September 28 at 9:10am Reply
    Hey guys, I must first start by thanking each & everyone of you for all efforts you have given for the cause of promoting nonviolence & unity in the community! I have grown to know quite a few of you personally & for that I am grateful. Many of you have voiced your opinions on the message boards & to me personally; I hope you feel that I have always had the utmost respect for everyone’s opinion even if it did not mirror my own. Many of you know me personally therefore you know how I feel about diviseness amoung people who share the same goal. As you know Nicki has started another group, I personally respect that. I am all for someone having a voice and wanting it to be heard. What I do not agree with is the lie that has been told concerning myself & our sponser. Our sponser has NEVER threatened to pull funds from any project concerning Cease Fire in JDP. The sponser like myself has always kept a neutral outlook concering the issues in Jefferson Davis Parish. Also like myself the sponser has a vision on increasing unity & promoting nonviolence in the community. We both were raised in Jennigs so we know Jennings’ issues first hand. Our heart in in JDP.
    We have created a group where people can voice their opinions on ANY issue they feel legit. I must say that the murders in JDP was a great number of people’s main focus. And I for one can certainly understand that. But we also focussed on other issues. This apparently didn’t sit well with certain people. If any of you know me, you know that if I’m asked to keep something private I will. Therefore I won’t disect everything that was told to me by Nicki. If any of you feel the need to join the group she created I urge you to do so. I will not ask any of you to go against what you may feel personally & what you are passionate about.
    Cease Fire in JDP is here for the long haul. We are a group that believes in order. We refuse to do anything that we feal will jeapordize the community’s safety and put our community officals in harms way.
    We as a group have proved that we all have a voice and when we unite we will be heard. I urge all of you to continue to follow your heart. If you feel passionate about issues in your community do something about it.
    If you may have any suggestions or ideas you feel pertinent please feel free to share them.
    Again thanks for all of you efforts, and our goal is the same to promote unity & nonviolence in the community

  163. Wonder if any news people are in Jennings yet?

  164. Thank you Brownie I look forward to reading it .I live in Lafayette and get The Daily Advertiser.Although the family should think about submitting it to them.But I guess since it is another editors story from a different paper they probaly would not be able to do it.You would be suprised at how many people from this area that really do not know the full story on these women.They know something is going on but not the real stories.But now that it has been on CNN more people will be aware of the situation.I think that is really important ,no matter what parish you live in ,it does have an affect on society. These women had lives to live,and dreams to fufill.And so young,it really is sad.

  165. I know that I am fairly new to this place but since I have been reading here I have seen a unity that was pretty amazing. All of you very knowledgeable people coming here to voice your opinions and facts that you know about for one cause. You have had people come here and post about things that were not at all nice at all times and sometimes extremely disturbing but you as a group for the most part have kept your cool and handled things very diplomatically… I remember when FR came here and made comments and yes… threats. There were some harsh words but it was handled well. When the devilhimself came here that was handled well also… You have all been here for one goal I believe and that was to find the killer/killers and try to correct corruption in your parish. You are all very passionate people and very unselfish from what I read here or else you would not be here day in and day out. Lately there is a different “air” about this place. You have had people come and go… You have had people try to hush u up as to not to give the killer more information that he needed… Now you have people who dont want certain people talked about.

    IMO I honestly think that your insight and input here has helped some people in a positive way on this case… Whether it be the victims families or giving KM some information that he didnt have…That is why LE has wanted to silence you for a long time. There are some really intelligent people who have put their heads together here and brainstormed for the sake of these girls.

    I dont know what was written by angree so I cant say imo if i think the post should have stayed on the blog but I will say this… First saying that I trust g8tors way of handling things since she has done an extremely diplomatic job in managing this blog…. but just because you disagree with one persons post doesnt mean that you can silence other peoples opinions and views. Saying that the point is moot because it has been removed is wrong… Other people may not feel the way you do and they have their right to their own opinion. Evidentally this family (klumpp) is under scrutiny for a reason and their is going to be talk…. You cannot stop that it is the way things work. if the talk doesnt happen here it will happen somewhere.. Also I will say that keeping rumors away will never happen… It is human nature whether we like it or not.

    So many things are happening now… I do believe that you people here have played a big part in it. National attention, suspects being questioned, and in general the support you have given to everyone involved… You people here need to stay united… Speak your opinion and respect others opinions even if you dont agree with it….. NOW IS THE TIME TO STAY TOGETHER… CONTINUE TO FIGHT… AND DONT LET THE VERY THINGS THAT ARE WORKING FOR YOUR GOAL HERE BE THE THINGS THAT TEAR YOU APART.

    This was not in any way meant to step on any toes it is must really my opinion from the outside looking in….

  166. ok i just wrote that and it posted it way up there and i meant for it to be down here…. I wonder what happened

    • Think I got the problem taken care of. A post that was removed on the 27th had several comments nested under it and when it was removed the “system” had no place to put those comments so it was placing them at the end of this thread. Post dates were out of sequence. I had previously only “unapproved” the comment….when I actually “deleted” it it moved the other 27th comments back into sequence. Make sense LOL??

      Don’t know if it matters but I did keep a copy of the “comment” for future reference.

  167. I know curious1, It happened earlier with me too. Weird huh? Thanks for the article.

  168. I just wanted to take a minute to thank all of the “RELENTLESS TRUTH FINDERS” You know who you are. You are the family members, the friends, the neighbors, the PI’s we have all grown to love and respect, and the everyday people like me, who are just crying out for justice to be served. We are the people who just won’t quit! NOPE, not until it all plays out, and the truth is out in the open! So here we are BRAIN STORMIN’ until we find answers…

  169. courtesy of the Jennings Daily News

    “She Deserved Better” by Rebecca Chaisson

    She was thrown away like yesterday’s trash, stripped of her clothes and then dumped in the middle of a dirt road in Jennings. By the time her lifeless body was found on May 12, 2007, it was decomposed beyond recognition.
    Whitnei Dubois – commonly referred to as “victim number four” in the string of eight unsolved homicides in Jeff Davis Parish – had to be identified by fingerprint analysis and dental records. Her grieving family was forced to pay their respects to a closed casket.
    Today, Whitnei’s family wants to see her killer brought to justice, but they also want the public to know that their loved one was so much more than a “high-risk lifestyle.”
    In life – and in death – she deserved better.

    The fight for custody

    “Whitnei’s family life wasn’t well at all,” explained Mike Dubois, the adopted brother of the 26-year-old homicide victim.
    Whitnei was only six months old when her mother, Louella, abandoned her and her two older siblings, Cody and Taylor.
    Mike’s parents, Elery and Dorothy Dubois of Jennings, learned through a friend about the children’s plight and offered to temporarily care for the baby, while Whitnei’s older siblings were placed in foster homes. “Temporary” eventually turned into Whitnei’s second birthday, and by that time, the Dubois family was madly in love with their wide-eyed little girl. The fact that she wasn’t blood-related never mattered.
    And then suddenly, it was the only thing that mattered in court.
    “One day, out of the blue, her mother popped back into town,” Mike further explained. “She told my dad that she wanted Whitnei back. Social Services didn’t want to give her back to her biological mother, but Whitnei’s mother dated an ex-cop from Jennings who knew the judge personally. He ruled that all three children be returned to their mother, despite her drug and alcohol problem.”
    Mike’s eye welled up with tears as he remembered the moment Whitnei was ripped from his family’s arms for the very first time.
    “That day destroyed us all,” Mike whispered. “She was ours for two years. She was our baby. When her mother came to get her, Whitnei was terrified. She didn’t know who her mother was. She was screaming, hollering, crying … My parents broke down watching her … Whitnei just kept flapping her hands at them, begging for them to take her back. She didn’t understand what was happening.”
    Whitnei left with her biological mother and wasn’t seen or heard from again for two years.

    Back and forth

    “Then one day, the phone rang again,” Mike said. “It was Whitnei’s mom. She said she was in a bind and needed money. So Mom and Dad got in a car and drove straight to Stephenville, Texas. They wanted to take all three kids…”
    Whitnei’s mom, however, would only allow the Dubois family to take the baby.
    Elery and Dorothy purchased a vehicle for Louella to use, then filled her cabinets with groceries and left behind some cash so that Taylor and Cody would be taken care of properly.
    Then, they returned home with 4-year-old Whitnei.
    Whitnei’s biological father, who was serving life in prison for murdering a police officer, willingly signed over his parental rights to the Dubois family. But without Louella’s signature, the Dubois family always understood that they had no legal authority to keep the young girl if the woman changed her mind. They could lose her all over again with a simple phone call.
    That phone call came approximately two years later, when Whitnei was six years old.
    Louella was living in Nevada at the time, and after sporadic contact with the Dubois family, she wanted Whitnei to visit.
    “Dad had a standing agreement with her – he would not keep her from seeing Whitnei,” Mike explained. “So from time to time, she would ask us to put Whitnei on a non-stop flight to Nevada and she would keep her for a couple of weeks, then send her back. This would happen once – sometimes twice a year – usually during the summer.”
    One summer, however, Mike waited at the Dallas airport for Whitnei to return home.
    “She never got off the plane,” he whispered. “I tried to contact her mother, but I couldn’t reach her. She fell off the map. I checked every flight, thinking it was a mistake. But we could find no record of Whitnei ever going to the airport.”

    Driving all night

    Mike’s eyes welled up with tears when he relived the phone call he made to his father from the airport that day.
    “Daddy went crazy,” he said. “He was devastated. Whitnei was my daddy’s pride. A father isn’t who made you – but who raises you, nurtures you. She was ours for two years, and then she was gone again.”
    The Dubois family went almost an entire year without knowing what happened to “their daughter,” but Louella found herself in another bind. She called the family and invited them for a visit to their new home in Echo Bay, just outside of Las Vegas.
    The family drove for 1,700 miles, only stopping for food, gas and restrooms. Elery, excited at the thought of seeing his daughter again, refused to stop for anything else.
    “We kept telling him, ‘We need to stop,’ and he kept saying, ‘We ain’t stopping.’ He was so anxious to get to her that he drove all the way – for two days.”
    When the family finally arrived, Elery was beside himself.
    “We get there, and here comes Whitnei,” Mike continued. “Her hair was knotted and matted. She was dirty, skinny, wearing rags. She was in pretty bad shape. But she was elated to see us. She kept asking, ‘Am I coming home? Am I coming home?’ And all we could tell her was, ‘If your momma lets us take you.'”
    Again, the Dubois’ attempted to take all three children from their harsh environment, but again, Louella would only let them take Whitnei.
    “You have to remember, Mike said, “Taylor was her oldest, so she was her babysitter, her cook and her housekeeper.”
    The Dubois family returned home with their little girl, but continued to keep their side of the agreement: Whitnei would be allowed to visit.
    A couple of years and a couple of visits later, Whitnei once again never returned from a roundtrip flight to Las Vegas.
    And the heartbreak for the Dubois family continued …
    “Dad always did things the right way, the proper way,” said Mike, “but he also knew that if he didn’t cooperate, he could lose her for good.”

    Finally home

    One year after Whitnei’s third disappearance, the Dubois family received another phone call. This time, the call came from Social Services in Nevada, and the conversation finally brought Whitnei home – for good.
    “Child protection seized all three kids,” Mike recalled. “They were in an orphanage in Las Vegas, and the kids didn’t know how to contact us. Whitnei kept saying, ‘Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw Dubois from Jenny, Louisiana’ and finally, child protection called the Jennings Police Department to ask if they knew us. An officer there knew my dad and went to my dad’s house with the phone number to the orphanage. It was like Christmas that day.”
    Elery had a fear of flying – hence the last two-day drive to Las Vegas. But when he received that phone call, no fear could keep him away from his answered prayers.
    “He took the first plane out and was finally able to officially adopt Whitnei, as well as Taylor,” Mike said. Their brother, meanwhile, was placed in the custody of Elery’s sister.
    Whitnei was 10 years old at the time; Taylor was 13.
    Unfortunately, the “happily ever after” ending never came, as the damage to Whitnei had already been done.

    The husbands

    Louella had eight husbands that Taylor can remember, and she remembers all eight for various reasons – none of them good.
    The “Texas husband” handcuffed 7-year-old Taylor to a water pipe outside as a form of punishment, but Taylor had it easy then. Her brother, 5-year-old Cody, wasn’t as fortunate. He received so many beatings that today, he suffers from scar tissue and cysts on the back of his brain. Whitnei, only four years old at the time, was spared any beatings from that particular man.
    With that said, the Texas husband was a walk in the park. Life was good then.
    Louella’s Las Vegas husband, “Smokie,” was better at torture.
    “It was worse for Cody,” Taylor remembered. “Smokie broke a leather belt over him; broke a ping pong paddle over him; put his fingertips to a stove and burned him when he was caught stealing from a store. Because we were girls, we were just sent to our rooms.”
    One day, Cody – quickly forming a temper of his own – chased Taylor down the road with a butcher knife. When “Smokie” caught up to the young boy, he took the knife from Cody, grabbed his wrists and sliced them open to teach him a lesson.
    “Me and Whitnei would huddle in the closet and cry,” remembered Taylor. “We could hear our brother screaming, but we couldn’t do anything to stop it.”
    Taylor, meanwhile, was the life of the party. During her parents’ drunken stupor, she would get yanked out of her bed at 2 a.m. to “entertain” the crowd.
    Life was still easier then.
    A few husbands later, in walked the devil, and life wasn’t so easy anymore.

    The Devil

    “Jerry was an ex-golden glove boxer, and he was insane,” Taylor said. “We referred to him as ‘the devil’ and he creeped me out instantly.”
    At first, Louella’s latest boyfriend would only pinch and grab here and there, and didn’t care if the children’s mother was watching when he made his inappropriate advances.
    “Then, when Mom would pass out at night from the drugs, he’d start coming into my room,” Taylor continued. “He’d come in there every night. I remember sleeping next to a little window, and I’d look at the moon and say a little prayer to God and to my real dad.”
    Taylor’s biological father, whom she would regularly visit just as Whitnei would visit the Dubois family, had passed away earlier in the year. She wasn’t allowed to attend his funeral because Louella was scared that Taylor’s step-mom would refuse to send her back.
    Taylor eventually told her mother about Jerry’s nightly visits and prayers for those visits to stop.
    “You’re lying because you are jealous and you’re just trying to come between me and Jerry,” her mother frankly told her. She would later say the same thing to 8-year-old Cody and 7-year-old Whitnei.
    Taylor still remembers the first time “the unthinkable” happened to her baby sister.
    “The three of us were outside, cutting the grass with scissors and steak knives, when Whitnei went inside for something to drink,” Taylor noted. “That’s when it happened. I didn’t find out about it until the counselor talked to us.”
    Life under the devil’s roof continued for a year, until one night, someone touched the heater.
    “They came in that night from the bar, and they were really messed up,” Taylor said. “He came into our room, hollering that someone touched the heater. I smarted off to him that we didn’t touch it. Whitnei was awake and crying because he was screaming at me. He jerked Cody out of bed, but Whitnei and Cody ran into the bathroom to hide.”
    The next thing Taylor remembers is the ex-boxer’s blow to the left side of her face – a total knockout.
    “When I woke up, there were piles of clothes on me and a chair that he had broke over my head,” she said. “The cops were there. The neighbors probably called them. Mom was sitting at one side of the table with handcuffs on; he was in cuffs at the other end.”
    Taylor’s eye was swollen shut, and she looked in the mirror and cried to her baby sister: “I’m so ugly,” Taylor told Whitnei, who replied, “But you’re still beautiful to me.”
    Those were strong words coming from a frightened 7-year-old little sister.
    The three kids were sent to a children’s home, but after a restraining order was filed against Jerry, the kids were returned to their mother approximately one week after the violent episode.
    Then, approximately one week after being returned to the care of Louella, she brought home “a big surprise.”
    The surprise was Little Debbie cakes – delivered by the devil himself. Taylor rolled her eyes at the gift, and quickly took another blow to her still-swollen face.
    The next day, an infuriated Taylor called 911 and told on her mother and the man she considered murdering in his sleep.
    The children returned to the orphanage, where a counselor learned of their nightmares at home. While the children were undergoing counseling, Louella was walking down the aisle with Jerry.
    Even still, the system gave Louella one more opportunity to regain custody of her kids.
    “The judge told her to choose between the kids and the new husband,” Taylor remembered, “and she chose the devil.”
    Louella’s love affair with Jerry wouldn’t last for long, however. He was eventually convicted for committing sex crimes against the children.
    Once in the care of the Dubois family, Louella called to “check in” from time to time. Still residing in Las Vegas, she flew to Jennings in 2007 to attend Whitnei’s funeral. Louella’s own lifestyle caught up to her earlier this month, when she drank herself to death.

    The rebellion

    Brittney Jones, Mike Dubois’ daughter, was only seven years old when the adoption occurred, so although Whitnei and Taylor were technically aunts to Brittney, all three girls were raised as sisters.
    Despite being three years younger than Whitnei, Brittney said the two were at the same maturity level.
    “Whitnei developed a lot slower than other girls,” Brittney said. “She was always timid around guys. In high school, she had every personality change, from purple hair to black hair to a preppy phase to grunge. She was trying to find her identity.”
    At the age of 16, Whitnei’s rebellion against “Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw Dubois” officially began.
    “They were strict on us, and they always kept a close eye on what we were doing,” said Brittney. “Whitnei didn’t like it. She was very outspoken, and she knew how to make them eat out of her hand. She was their baby. All of us always gave Whitnei everything she wanted.”
    At the age of 17, Whitnei decided to run away from home after an argument with her paw-paw. She stayed with friends, who introduced her to her very first pain pill. The pill made Whitnei feel “normal” rather than scared, alone and confused. The drugs dulled the nightmares of her childhood. Long story short, the pills made her happy.
    She returned home a few weeks later, but she didn’t return home the same.
    Whitnei soon convinced her parents to let her drop out of school at the age of 17 – still a sophomore.
    “They gave in and let her,” Brittney said. “After that, her circle of friends changed. When she turned 18, she moved out and got a job at a fast food restaurant. At that point, her drug use was still just recreational.”
    But a year or so later, Whitnei met a boyfriend who could support her new-found habit. The couple eventually moved in together, and several years later, were eventually arrested together after police raided their home for illegal narcotics.
    “While Whitnei was in jail, she found out she was pregnant and they released her,” Brittney said.
    Thrilled about becoming a mother, Whitnei promised to be the mother she never had. She said she would stop using. In fact, she moved back in with the Dubois family and prepared for what was destined to become the happiest moment of her life – the birth of her daughter.
    Due to a rough labor, however, Whitnei underwent a C-section, and later developed a staph infection.
    “That’s when the doctors put her on some really serious pain pills,” Brittney noted, “pills much stronger than anything she had ever taken. These were pills you can’t get refills for. And Whitnei was loving it.”

    The descent

    Whitnei promised she would never do drugs in the home because she didn’t want to subject her little girl to that – and she didn’t. But she didn’t have to, as she had so many loving family members on standby to babysit. Evidently, Whitnei couldn’t see that she was continuing the vicious cycle; and if she saw it, she couldn’t do anything to stop it. She eventually lost custody of her own daughter, and her life spiraled downhill from there, as her boyfriend – the father of her child – was released from jail.
    “Once he was released, she continued to follow him,” said Brittney. “They had a very physical relationship; they were both physical. At some point, she stayed at the battered women’s shelter, but they threw her out because she kept seeing him. Everyone was fed up with it. We knew she wasn’t going to stop. That’s when she began to distance herself. That’s when she really began using.”
    The thought of her sister using cocaine was incomprehensible to Brittney. Whitnei made fun of crackheads. But then, Brittney noticed that her sister was rapidly losing weight.
    One evening, Whitnei telephoned her sister and pleaded for someone to help her kick the habit.
    “She admitted to me she was using and came to me for help,” said Brittney. “I picked her up and brought her home with me. She bathed, and she had staples in her head from getting in a fight with her boyfriend and others – an incident that happened a month before that. But she had never taken out the staples. I found some of them in the tub, which was filthy. She laid on the sofa … I realized then that she was on pills, and she fell asleep.”
    Brittney called the coroner for help, who told her to call the ambulance and ask them to take her to the hospital; they could admit her to a rehab facility from there.
    “I told her the ambulance was on the way and she jumped up ready to fight,” Brittney continued. “I tried to talk to her. The ambulance got there and convinced her to at least go to the hospital with them so they could take the staples out. Her family went there to meet her, but they had already taken her to jail.”
    Instead of being admitted to a rehab facility, Whitnei was taken to jail on charges of forging stolen checks and cashing them. Police had outstanding warrants for her arrest. She was incarcerated for approximately one month, but after her release from jail, she returned to her sister’s home and asked for help in straightening up her life.
    “She came home,” Brittney whispered. “She admitted to all of the using and asked me to bring her to an interview for a job … it was nice hanging out with Whitnei again. I really enjoyed the time with her and I was naïve enough to think it would all work out – but it didn’t.”
    Whitnei met a new boyfriend who was involved in drugs, as well. In her final days, the two had an argument and he threw her out, said Brittney.
    “She took off and started bouncing from home to home,” she continued. “And then I heard the news that they had found another body …”

    Whitnei’s murder

    “I never expected Whitnei to become one of those girls,” Brittney cried when she started discussing her sister’s murder. “I had just given her a ride a week before she was found. I was excited for her because she and her new boyfriend were moving to a new home. She had gained some weight, and they were both trying to stay clean. They wanted to make a life for themselves. She wanted her daughter back. She was expecting her ‘happily ever after.'”
    But when Brittney learned that another body had been dumped down an isolated road in Jeff Davis Parish, she had a gut feeling. A friend telephoned her to say that the description given on the news matched a description of Whitnei. Brittney immediately began calling friends and family members to find out who had seen her last.
    “I was on the phone with Maw-Maw when she said, ‘I have to go. The police are here.’ That’s when I knew for sure,” Brittney said. “I drove to her house and saw the coroner’s truck. I walked inside and my grandma was crying. That’s when I hit the floor.”
    After police questioned Brittney, she called her sister, Taylor, who still hadn’t heard the news.
    “That was horrible,” Brittney said of their conversation over the phone. “She didn’t believe it until she got to Jennings. Then, she broke down when we got to the police station. She had a panic attack.”
    While it was difficult to share such horrible news with Taylor, Brittney’s toughest audience would ultimately be Whitnei’s 5-year-old daughter.
    “The next morning was Mother’s Day,” Brittney broke down in tears. “(She) had made her mommy a card at school and was looking for her mom because she wanted to give it to her. (She) sat on my lap and all I could tell her was that her mother went to Heaven to meet Jesus. She was smiling at first, but when I told her about her mom, her face changed. She understood what death was, and she started crying. All I could tell her was that Jesus needed her momma. I told her that ‘Nanny’ would be there for her now, no matter what.”
    Ten minutes later, the 5-year-old girl wiped away her tears and ran to the vehicle to grab her homemade Mother’s Day card.
    “She brought it to me and said, ‘Nanny, I want you to have this,'” Brittney continued as she began to sob. “I told her to keep it, and she could bring it to the funeral home. (She) read the card in front of everyone at the funeral and then put it on top of the casket. It was so hard to explain to her why the casket had to be closed. She kept asking me, ‘Why can’t I see my momma?'”

    Looking for closure

    Whitnei Dubois was number four of eight in the string of unsolved homicides in Jeff Davis Parish. Police are still searching for a potential serial killer who keeps dumping the bodies of young women who live a certain “high-risk” lifestyle. Four more have been murdered since Whitnei’s body was found on May 12, 2007.
    Every time another body is found, the Dubois family is forced to relive the experience. All they are asking for now is closure.
    “If someone knows something, please do some soul-searching,” Brittney said. “Look into the eyes of these girls and the eyes of their children. See the pain that this has caused. Know that we can’t move on until this stops. Every time another girl is found, we all go through this all over again.”
    Brittney also has a message for the general public, who only knows Whitnei as “victim number four,” as well as the victim of a “high-risk” lifestyle: “Some of these girls had issues,” she said. “Please take that into account and see them as people – as individuals – and not as drug addicts and prostitutes. Whitnei had a family who loved her. She has a daughter who will live the rest of her life without her mother. We are all hurting without her.”
    Whitnei Dubois enjoyed listening to music; absolutely adored her daughter; was tough on the outside despite her vulnerabilities from within; had a beautiful smile; and left a lasting impression on all those who knew and loved her. That’s the Whitnei that her family remembers.
    “I miss my sister,” Brittney cried. “I know how hard she had it. I’ve heard the stories. It breaks my heart that she had to live like that her entire life, and then, she had to die the same way.”

    (Editor’s note: This story is part one of a series focusing on the lives of “The Jennings Eight.”

  170. Thanku Rebecca

  171. Oh dear God,I just read her story and I think my heart skipped a beat.

    • that story made my 14 year old daughter cry. she really did not know much about what is going on with the 8 girls i try not to talk about any of it or to let her read about it cause of her age. but now she read it and omg she is heart broken about it all. so now she ask me every day if i heard anything new about anything.

  172. Thank you Rebecca and to Brittany ,you had a beautiful sister and I am truly sorry for your loss.After reading her story it makes me more angry that the MONSTER is still walking the streets.Don’t worry he will get his one day.

    • Makes me very angry as well!! As I sit at work I had tears in my eyes! Thank you for sharing her story and May God bless you and your Family Brittany! As well as the other families!!

  173. Rebecca, THANK YOU!!!!!

    That article is beyond sad. I cold not read it all at once had to take a break the tears kept flowing. So glad the family and JDN put a real life story out about Whitnei. Thank God the Dubois family gave those children so much love.

    Those sorry Sons of Witches who used and abused those children and the most sorry the one or ones who took her life.

  174. thanks for all the support from everyone we need for everyone to keep e,mailing all the news agencys to keep the fires burning and ill keep doing my part to light the fires under the ass of LE i wont stop till we get everything done together as one we are strong

    • i have a ? is any of the other family members talking to the news people or is it just u and your sister. asking cause i dont every see anything posted or hear anything about any of the other 7 girls i know they r not forgotten i am not saying that. i know it is hard to talk to it i am just asking

      • Right now it appears to just be Mike and his daughter speaking out. Some family members are so drawn in believing that Ricky and his “task force” will make an arrest shortly that they are scared to say anything to the media or anyone else.

        • Maybe in time, when they start opening up their EYES, and when they are not getting any ANSWERS, they will come around. Watch and see.

  175. Michael Dubois, Thank God for people like you and your family. (This of course goes for all of the families of the beautiful ladies.) I cannot possibly begin to feel the depths of your pain. All I and the other “truth seekers” can do, is keep these cases in the spotlight. We won’t let up until the truth is known !!!! Then, maybe these ladies will at last, find peace….

  176. I did not see anything on the news.So was the so called confession over the weekend false.Does anyone know?

    • I know kit kat. I know what was told to me, but WHY is it being hush hush? I can only speculate, and at this point I don’t feel comfortable even with that. Some people like “popeye” tend to jump your butt. Makes me wonder about who he is or where he works. Funny how he has not said anything since Comeaux’s Daughter came on.

      • Wondering what happened to the confession as well. Where is Klumpp does anyone know or have seen him?

        Brownie, don’t let ‘popeye’ stop you from being Brownie. Don’t know if it’s still here but I’ll say it again have seen your post for a very long time and if you post it I think that is is very reliable. ummm had not thought of not saying anything since Comeaux’s daughter came on but know ‘popeye’ had a fit about Klumpp.

  177. A big mystery is stalking a small town deep in Louisiana. At least eight women in the town of Jennings, that’s in Jefferson Davis Parish in Louisiana, they have been found dead in the past few years.

    Well, the first victim’s body was discovered in May of 2005. The most recent was just last month. Police have stopped short of saying that they have a serial killer on they are hands, but they say there are many similarities to see — that seem to tie all of these cases together.

    So with us now on the phone from Jennings, Louisiana, to explain what might tie these women’s death together is a private investigator. His name is Kirk Menard.

    Kirk, he shot one of the victims a couple of months before she went missing and then her body was found. A videotape of her going into a home which seems to be the central point in many of these cases.

    Kirk, are you there?

    KIRK MENARD, PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR (via telephone): Yes, I am.

    LEMON: Yes. Tell us about the video in the home.

    MENARD: Well, the video was shot because a witness came forward and explained to us that she had seen several of the victims go into that home. And I decided to conduct a stake-out around that area and that’s when I caught the last victim.

    LEMON: So how — what is happening with the police department there? They are saying that they believe that all of these things may be tied together, they don’t have any forensic evidence that ties them together, but they have it out to the lab.

    So what is going on? Why have families of the victims felt the need to hire a private investigator?

    MENARD: Well, they have come to me because for the purpose of information gathering where I’m able to gather information where law enforcement or the task force may not be able to or apt to speak to the public more freely than what they can.

    And they just felt that because of lack of manpower they needed someone on the outside to look into it for information gathering purposes.

    LEMON: Ok. So if police are there — and I spoke with the sheriff last night and he said, again, that he — they believe that it’s possibly all of these may be linked, but until he has solid evidence, again, forensics evidence that will tie all of these women — and there are also some other people involved, 13 people, five other people on top of the eight — but until he has that, he can’t say for sure. So what’s happening there in the community? I mean, it would seem odd that these eight women whose bodies were dumped on the outskirts of town all disappeared under the same circumstances. What is going on in the community there that you believe people are feeling and what may be contributing to this?

    MENARD: I believe that people are scared. I believe that they’re nervous right now with what’s going on. We’re a town of 11,000 maybe a little over and they have reason to fear.

    We’ve been watching the streets. We’re not privy to what law enforcement has gathered, of course, forensics.

    Our only function in this is gathering information that we turn over to law enforcement and the task force. But people in our town are scared right now.

    LEMON: Why not a lot of coverage on this? I haven’t seen much locally. Even when I was there visiting home recently — I’m from Baton Rouge — I didn’t see a lot of coverage on the news, and I haven’t seen anything really nationally.

    MENARD: No, sir. We’ve been working on that, it’s getting more and more coverage as it goes along. I believe that the sheriff and the law enforcement is doing everything they can with the resources that they have. And you know, my clients definitely — they’re opinions — they have their own perceived opinion and they’re opinion is certainly not mine.

    I try my best to work as closely as I can with law enforcements and supply all the information I can to them on leads. I just can’t understand why we haven’t gotten any national coverage.

    LEMON: Yes, the reason is — I asked one of the victims, Mr. Dubois last night about this and he had his own things — that’s the reason I pose that question to you. They believe that there’s something going on with law enforcement that is keeping this from becoming as big a story as they would like it to be.

    Kirk Menard, thank you very much for joining us today.

    Again, we reached out to the sheriff and he told us they’re waiting for evidence to come in so that they can link all of these together, if they are, indeed, linked to a possible serial killer. Jefferson Davis Parish, Louisiana; we have been following the story and we’ll continue to follow it.

  178. the above is the transcript from cnn’s interview with kirk menard

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  180. I know Brownie it does seem strange.

  181. Klump is a customer of my mothers and she was told today that he has confessed to a murder, but is not sure if it is the murder of his mother-in-law, or for any of the eight murders here in jennings. If I hear anything more I will post more.

    • Thanks for that info Carrie!! That would make more sense to me that he was possibly involved somehow in the murder of his mother-in-law, or had knowledge of it, versus the 8 girls.

  182. Thank you Carrie for letting us know. Brownie was correct something is happening.

  183. Where is this Klump man from?

  184. Evangeline if I remember right. It’s been 21 or so years since I first met Chris.

    • How did you met him? Popeye.

    • he is from evangeline and his parents are well off but they wash there hands with him with he got on crack. sometimes i feel sorry for the ones that do get on crack and people just wash there hands of them. i know i have done it with my brother many times. but u know what he knows i am here for him if he needs. i will help him as much as i can if he would help him self also . but to wash my hands of him never that is when they need us the most i feel anyway . god i hope this makes sence lol

  185. So,this is the man that was married to the woman that killed her mother.Is that right?

    • yes and he problemy help her in some kind of way and they r just finding out about it. i dont think he would of done any of the other killing but i might be wrong.

  186. Didn’t someone delete Shelia’s daughter’s comment? That was wrong to delete the comment, she was commenting on something that was and might have been a true fact and the only good news all of you have heard in a while and someone deleted her comment. I have been reading the comments here and was impressed until I seen people comment on Shelia’s daughter’s comment. Everyone else has been voicing there opinion but when she came with good news and facts you dogged her. It looks and sounds like she deserves an apology and you all might want to listen to what she has to say. Even if nothing becomes of it she was just trying to help out and pass along information that could be helpful and warn other people about this guy. I don’t know anyone on here I just had to comment on that one.

    • that was not sheila daughter that left that comment that was someone else no here would do that to sheilas daughter.

      • ummmmmm i would like to reply on that .a few years ago i had 2 family members of mine on crack . i worried all the time .the only time i would hear from them was because they was tired wanted a hot meal an bath.theres 3 other sisters .i was the only one they would call.because everytime that they ever called me i was there to pick them up.a few days later they were back on the streets.the worry is always ther but dont ever turn your back on them when they’er asking for help.because one day they will kick that addict .my 2 brothers are drug free today an doing well.i knew some of the girls an some of the families turned there backs on them and that just breaks my heart.the drug is very addicted once you do it my brother told me that you are hooked .he said that he would keep chasing the crack all nite long sometimes for brothers tried kicking the drug i know at least 100 times .now drug the way my brothers always lived in lake charles.

    • Hi Oilfield ~

      I disapproved the comment originally and ultimately ended up deleting it. I do still have a copy of the comment though. In all honesty…..I had kind of hoped the controversy about it would kind of fade away. Obviously, it hasn’t. I received quite a few emails about it and many people reading here have voiced their opinions as well……just like you, and I appreciate everyone’s point of view.

      It really wasn’t an easy decision for me. Most that have been here a while are aware that I’m not keen on censorship. I had very mixed emotions about the comment. On one hand….I saw that the person that made the comment was sharing what I considered to be a “profile” of CK as well as other members in that family… was quite explicit. I don’t doubt for one minute there was a lot of truth in what was posted. It was information that kind of put a spotlight on the perversion that seems to exist in an extraordinarily high degree in JDP. I think a daughter murdering her mother is beyond perverted and downright scary!!!

      I don’t think CK is associated with the murders of the 8 girls though. I don’t know that for a fact…….it’s just my opinion. I don’t want in any way to discourage AngreeCajunfromJDP, or anyone else for that matter, from posting here.

      I’m not the judge and jury but I did ultimately have to make a decision and I went with my gut on this one. Maybe it wasn’t the right decision………I don’t know. Like I said, I had mixed feelings about the comment.

    • Thank you because someone sure has deleted the comment that I left. Glad I’m not the only one that noticed.

      • I guess I should have been more specific in my above comment……..the only comment that was deleted was the one left by AngreeCajunfromJDP, on September 27th, 2009 at 7:28 PM. Shelia’s comments were not deleted. Several people were offended by the post made Angree…….not Shelia’s comments.

        Not sure which comment y’all are saying was deleted…..the two below are still on the blog.

        Shelia’s Daughter
        Submitted on 2009/09/27 at 2:32pm
        Hey guys and friend of mine’s uncle works for LSP. laste last night Christopher Klumpp wasquestioned and confessed atleast to Brittany Gary’s murder. HE IS NOT FROM JENNINGS. I went to school with him in Iota. He is LE for Basile. There is also supposed to be DNA eveidence. People always thought it was LE. Atleast some of it. Hiis wife was addicted to crack and left him with their children to follow the life style. It happened so late last night that it didn’t make the paper.

        Shelia’s Daughter
        Submitted on 2009/09/27 at 2:53pm
        I am still waiting for 100% conformation. I am not rying to start a rumor, I trust the source and thought ppl have the right to know. If it isn’t true he has my sincerous apology.

    • Just to let EVERY one know i am Lakesha Myers

  187. Was wondering if anyone knows if W.Gary & Brittany were kin to each other? I had asked earlier in a post but didn’t get a response.Does anyone know?

  188. very concerned i dont think that they were kin

  189. mysterious,
    You can email me at and then we can exchange contact info from there. I need to speak with you as well.

  190. Whitnei’s story had me crying too. It was very touching, and I applaud the family for opening up their lives to us. Thanks Brittany and Michael

    I wanted to mention—-Just Wait Until Kodiak Gets His Film Released…..another good reason for an event/march–maybe close to the release date…..

    • I’m in the process of getting Rebecca Chaisson’s article permanently posted on Whitnei’s blog. It was a very heartbreaking story and I commend Michael and Brittany for having the strength and courage to tell Whitnei’s story and highly commend Rebecca’s skills in conveying it publicly.

      I received an email from Paul just a day or so ago and he is working on getting a clip or two for us to view. Can’t wait to see them and the finished product as well.

  191. If any of you speak with the young women who are still frequenting the Andrew St. house and hanging out in the streets can you pass on a suggestion to them? Have them call a family member or text someone they consider reliable before they go anywhere with anyone else.

    If they know and trust the killer(s) then they become doubly vulnerable by going somewhere with them when no one knows who they are with. If they get in that habit it will save their lives. They can explain it by saying, “Don’t take it personally, I text before I go anywhere with anyone”.

    The killer will not kill them if it is known who they are with.

    • u make it sound easy but u know how that will work . when they r all drug up they do what they want and dont listen to anyone. i say if u see them going or coming from that house r even just walking to streets yell at them r walk up to them and let them know they r love by u and other people. i think that is what these girls and boys need to be told they r love and wanted . those 3 little words makes a big difference in some one life. hell give them a hug squeeze there hand do something i know if i would see someone like that i would do it what is the most that can happen to u for being nice.

    • RR ~

      Glad you’re still lurking. Many of us miss you!! I understand your plea……I’ve sent the same plea out myself. Not only here but behind the scenes as well. There is a “local” that is in the process of getting very informed about forming some Neighborhood Watch programs in the area. Once they are ready, a link to the blog they’ve set up will be posted here. This person will be going to Sheriff about assistance in getting the program implemented. That is one of the steps in getting an organization of this type in place. Hopefully, this person will receive full cooperation and assistance. It is a program that is desperately needed in the parish.

      Personally, I don’t have much experience dealing with people that have a crack addiction. There are many types of addictions but, crack seems to be the one that is spoken of most often in JDP. Most people don’t know how to deal with this when it involves a family member or someone else they care deeply about and we’ve heard the frustrations of many, on this blog, when it comes to dealing with family members that are addicts to any drug.

      I had a close business associate that ran a very successful air conditioning business. He had all of our commercial work as well as had secured a contract with a major casino in the area for their work; not to mention all the other work he had….he was very highly recommended and well respected in the business. Somewhere, somehow along the line……he got hooked on crack. Initially, I just shrugged it off and didn’t believe the “talk” I was hearing about him. He was a very honest, capable and well respected business man. One of our major contractors utilized this man’s company on his projects as well.

      At some point…..his shocking addiction overpowered his better judgement and ultimately ruined him and his company and his reputation. We had no choice but to cease using him, as did others. He got to the point that he had sold any and everything in the family home that he could…..even their microwave and the kid’s bicycles. That’s how desperate he got. A friend, and business associate who was close to this guy, bought Christmas gifts for the family one year because he was so distraught over what had happened with this once quite successful business man. Before the children had a chance to open their gifts………their dad had already taken them and sold them on the streets…..for another hit of crack.

    • Been there done that, doesn’t work. You have to get these girls help within an hour or their back on the streets. Many are separated from their families or disowned by their families. Most, if not all, don’t have cell phones.

  192. It is not easy and I did not mean to imply that but it could make the difference between eating breakfast the next day or not.

    I am also a fan of the Neighborhood Watch thing. Neighbors could document anytime they see a girl get in a car and go somewhere. Even if it is just with their brother to the store for a coke. Consider it helping them that can’t help themselves.

    Can everything be documented? No. Does it increase the chances of catching the killer of the next victim, even if only half are documented? Yes. Should everyone be documented, from the lowliest person in the parish up to public officials? Yes.

    It sure cuts down the odds from a lot of different angles.

    • u r right i said that early today if u see it write it down take pictures do something dont just get on here and blog it

  193. RR’s plan does sound easy but what of the ones who does not have cells. I’ve tried to think of how they could send an sos. Let’s say they left with what they thought was a friend and did not have a cell what signal could they send. I cannot stop thinking each one of those young ladies KNEW the person and knew they HAD to go with them or was no afraid to go with them.

    The Idea is great so maybe we can think of a way they ladies could send or give a signal tha something is wrong.

  194. Hey Ahlou, I bet each of the women thought they were with a friend or a friendly acquaintance. I bet they don’t all have cells. This is where the neighbors documenting things could help tremendously.

    There are about three to four streets where all the activity seems to take place. If about fifteen neighbors could split into groups of three and watch in shifts of two to three hours each it would make a world of difference.

    I know that is a lot of trouble and would take a tremendous humanitarian commitment but it may save the next life or catch the bad guy(s). The weather is about to change and make it nice to sit outside. I never really thought about it but I always just kind of assumed that the women have all disappeared after dark. Daylight would be pretty a gutsy move for such a coward.

    • RR, I’m with you. I’ve thought of if they could have alerted someone so why don’t we think of some simple ways they could do so. I know with all the minds even here there could be a plan.

      I’ve thought about Muggy she went home and got some things saying she was going to wash if I remember the interview with her grandmother right. Now that that what if grandmother had just looked outside and saw what kind of car/truck/suv she left in that would be a major start. We must all watch but I feel we can at least give then a signal. I know I’m being out there but let’s say LE they drop a something around the last place of one color. Let’s say a friend or so called friend assigned a color maybe only family or friend would know but that would be something.

      We must try any way possible.

    • I’m afraid that once these girls came into the “grip” of this killer(s) they were not able to send any kind of signal to anyone anymore.

      My impression is that they are very “swiftly” taken. Odds are, each of them were not in a sober state when this happened. Add the unexpected element of the surprise attack and I can only imagine what was going through their poor minds. The element of surprise likely caught them off guard……they were not thinking they could be viciously attacked and killed.

      Now… do we drill this into the head’s of the others still walking the streets? I dunno.

      I wanted to come back and add something to this post. I said something about the “girls” not being in a sober state when they were attacked. The youngest victim, Brittney Gary, had walked to and completed a transaction at the Family Dollar Store. We’ve all witnessed that on video. She sure didn’t “look” to be on drugs on that video surveillance. To me, she didn’t look to be impaired at all.

      • IMO I feel these girls went willingly with this person or persons. Therefore I dont think they had to be high or stoned. I feel that they some-what trusted this person to go with him and were promised something (drugs, good meal, whatever) or maybe promised them safty or were told they needed help with something. (Whatever it is it works) I feel like the drugs that are later found in their system came next and before they new it they were in this killers grip,,, I feel that are shocked and surprised but to far gone to do anything about it or to send a signal…

        Ok I rambled and maybe didnt explain myself well but I really feel these girls knew him and trusted him enough to go with him and then were caught of guard when they realized who he was.

        him/he meaning whoever the killer/killers may be.

  195. well this is my first time here. i read alot of stuff on here and made me sad and some of it just made me mad. i have know mike for along time. i have not talk to him in a long time. but i do see him around. Mike u were on drugs yourself u done it with your sister before also. i think that is wrong if u want someone to look up at u u dont do drugs with them, i also know u hung around with FR also. and from i hear u have not change a all. i am glad u r trying to find out who is doing this but i think u need to get some help your self and make your sister proud.

    • I’ve recently met Mike and he is no longer on drugs. Yes, he’s openly admitted that he was on drugs and he got help and kicked the habit. He is a recovering addict and for you to criticize him in that way and try to discredit him then you have no soul and need to do alot of soul searching. Unbiased is right. This is not the forum for what you are speaking of.

      Yes, he did change. Don’t believe everything you hear. What you hear is WRONG and if you don’t believe me, ask someone that is around Mike day in and day out. You hide behind a screen name just like I do but for a different reason. Why don’t you tell us about the skeletons in your closet? We all have them and if you want to sling mud then I’m sure if we knew who you were then we can sling some back. Again, this is not the forum for such a discussion. Maybe you have something to hide with the sheriff? Maybe you’re involved in a cover-up with LE? Why else would you come on here and try to discredit someone. Stick to the topic at hand…IS THERE A SERIAL KILLER IN JEFF DAVIS PARISH…that is what this is about, not what is or what was of someone’s lifestyle.

      • I take this as a typical (and predictable) attempt at discrediting Mr. Dubois. It’s a good sign; that the officials are concerned about facts being revealed and that people have nothing bigger to fight with than small minded, back woods mud throwing. The past has nothing to do with a person’s focus and drive in the present. This should be a no-brainer but, to support my case, I can tell you that Saint Paul was once a mass murderer of Christians and that Christ once got so angry that he made a whip, whipped up on some church goers and destroyed property inside of a temple. I’d say that these two examples should appeal, even to the thickest skull. Many of us figured that someone would bring up some shallow criteria from the past to discredit Mr. Dubois. After all, he had the gall to insult the Jeff Davis Parish anointed one, Sheriff Edwards by telling the truth on national TV. If any person did or did not do anything in the past, what difference does it make to the present and future? What difference does it make to the purpose of this site? Creating distractions of this sort makes me believe that there is an even stronger reason to keep one eye on the parish officials at all times. They are on the attack against truth. I do know that Mr. Dubois didn’t set any conditions or make any personal claims regarding his past life. He seems far more credible and sincere than many of the self-riteous folks that I see running businesses and public offices every day. Every saint has a past – Every sinner has a future !!!


  196. Saw the sheriff this evening at the grocery store.yeah he’s all laughing and smiling like there’s nothing going on. And yeah I told him hello since I know him from way back, but I wasn’t feeling in the mood to be overly friendly with him.Just said hi and went on my way. what I’d really like to have said is “what are you doing to solve these murders?” I bet that would gave gotten his attention. Its not that I’m chicken just didn’t feel like causing a scene in the grocery store. But I can’t believe all the people who still make such a big thing over him. Are all these people blind to what’s going on in this parish?

  197. well that is something to say. if it is true mike get help i agree with just dont know make your sister proud

    • i know i made a comment about what just dont know said all i meet was if mike had or has a problem with anything to make his sister proud and get help for whatever reason. i know mike is doing everything he can to help find who did this. sorry maybe i should of not made a comment about it

  198. wait!!!! what did i just read? now someone is going to call out mike, this man is trying to get something done about the murder of his sister so now we are going to analyze him.. i say “he who is without dog poop on his sneaker, take the first step on the white rug” this is where this gets crazy !! none of us are without sin and we could all use alittle pollishing! however, “just dont know” wants to point out things they have heard.. well maybe you have chosen the correct screen name. and hey, F.R. has had several friends in the past but that doesnt mean that they are guilty by association.

  199. Hey G8, I have never actually left. I read here every day or at least every other. I quit posting because I realized most of my posts were bashing LE and that is not what I am about. It is also not why you started, and maintain this board.

    I am limiting my topics that I can post about to try and remain constructive and objective. Rest assured, I am here.

  200. I agree with almostsure! Whether or not mike has a problem is not in question- not on this blog. You may have had good intentions justdontknow- but you just committed a major faux pas! This is NOT the place! You care about him? Then do it in person, as yourself! Not just some random anonymous person posting this for all to see! That is a personal situation!!!!! He is fighting for justice for his sister! And you are basically discrediting him! Yes, we all say that TG needs to get off drugs, I’ve repeated rumors about her pimping Brittany out. But TG is not here making an effort either! This blog is in HONOR of the vitims, Mike Dubois is a relative of a victim and he is here looking for support and answers! I sincerely hope you are a wellwisher and even still, you just put your foot in your mouth in a serious way! This blog does not serve as an NA meeting. And don’t give me some shit about how “at least you’re telling him”. That kind of conversation should be one that is private and taken seriously. You don’t embarrass someone in public like that. What? Does it bother you that he was on CNN talking about his sister? Do you feel that if he has a drug problem he doesn’t care about his sister? I’m amazed at your lack of cooth!

  201. Ok, now let’s not be pointing fingers at anyone folks.No one is perfect and we all have skeletons in our closets.So instead of putting Mike or anyone else down, let’s put our energy into finding justice of these 8 women.

  202. i have something to say then i will go to bed!!! since ive been on this blog i feel like most of us have formed somewhat of a family here. after all we are kin in the sense that we all want the same thing=justice for these women who’s lives have been cut way too short. we chat together, grieve together, and most importantly stand together. so when someone randomly comes here and decides to attack one of our family members, i take it personally and i cant keep my mouth shut.. sorry, thats just me. i enjoy reading the blogs and ive learned lots of info by being here. im excited about the national attention we are getting, and i know there will be more coverage and lots of it. it does my heart good to read all of the great people here are just as excited about this as i am. so i say to everyone, lets keep this good thing going..goodnight 🙂

    • Good points almostsure, but, I have one concern that I have tried to make in the past. We keep thinking in terms of “these women” and “these eight girls” when actually, if we’d concern ourselves with all of the unsolved murders in this parish (yes, it is far more than an additional five), we would, I really believe, find the key to these most recent eight. There is a web of corruption in the parish that goes far back in time. It is the same web that is in operation now. It is the web that assures R. Edwards that he has nothing to worry about with regard to the parish’s crime bosses being revealed. It is the same web of corruption that has silenced people on so many past unsolved murders, drug dealing, extortion, prostitution and every other crime that you can imagine. We can’t wast time bickering over who has been seen with whom in the past. I happen to know that this Dubois man was raised as a neighbor to Mr. F. Richard – of course they knew one another!!! We have a president in Washington DC who admits to having had a cocaine and alcohol problem in his past. So what, he’s still a horrible excuse for a president and a waste of good oxygen – OK, not a good example but you get my point. Sorry I brought up my personal political view on that Marxist piece of %&#* in the Whitehouse. It slipped out.

      • i agree with u about the president, but i did not vote him in and now we r stuck with him. shame shame shame . lol

  203. Is there a non-profit chemical dependancy unit in Jennings? One with an in patient facility? It could be a government facility but especially a legitimate 501c3 charitable organization.

    These girls that are still alive need some help. They may not accept help and are adults but they should know there are options available to them, if there are.

    • RR, no in patient but they do have out patient. JDAC which is run by a Matt Sien from Lafayette. Not sure of the phone number right off.

  204. I want the families of all the girls to know that there are people listening…..even if it’s just one person at a time…..people are finding out about JDP.

    • The thing that upsets me the most is, WHY does the justice system allow these kids to go with one who is abrusive in any way, physically, mentally, etc…. I mean, look at divorces today. Most parents put the kids in the middle. The lawyers have conferences behind closed doors. It just stinks. That is where, in my opinion, the justice system is wrong. How can a judge go to sleep at night or a lawyer knowing that these kids were previously abused and knowing it will happen again? How? They had a good home to go to, a home that was willingly to take them in. Ridiculous!!!!! I know I’m talking extreme, but the lawyers/judges are the ones that should have to pay for the counseling of these children. They are the ones that prolong everything until the damage is done. They are the ones that are SUPPOSE to make the best decision possible, but yet giving them back to the one who does the damage. It’s foulded up – Royally.

  205. do yall know if anyone has got in touch with someone from loritta family. i know her mom and dad die, i think her grandpa and a couple of uncles, and aunts r around, just thought i would ask

  206. There are plenty of good ideas on here about neighborhood watches and about people writing down information about suspicious activities. The problem is that people have already been doing these things but when they present their findings to LE, their findings are not even looked at, or, the citizens themselves are treated like criminals for taking action. This is a fact and not an opinion. One local citizen has actually kept an explicate log of activities at a local crack house & prostitute hang-out but LE has refused to accept their records. In fact the people were scrutinized and insulted for trying to help. We seem to be spinning our wheels because we meet resistance from LE with every effort we make. This is why we can truly say that there is an official cover-up. The governor can write another check but that will only fuel another round of incompetents drinking coffee and eating donuts while furthering the criminal activities. If the governor wants to see advancement, he needs to light a fire under the collective butts of the Louisiana Attorney General and State Police. He seems to make a big showing for the newspaper, like all politicians, but when it comes down to action, we still have a task force made up of criminals and known incompetents. The fact that one has stolen evidence before neglecting to process a case and conveniently let a murder suspect back out to the street without being prosecuted tells me something that our DA’s intent doesn’t extend beyond protecting a part of the network of corruption. Why do we not see prosecution of the woman (a task force member) who stole evidence from the crime scene? This is outright organized criminal activity. Are we blind? The task force member from Lake Charles is an old affiliate of Lucky Delush, who was kicked out of the Jennings PD in disgrace (how bad does it get to be kicked out of that cesspool?) and continues to be an embarrassment to the town of Welsh. There is a state policeman who is known to protect F. Richard from the law for years and who is known to assemble with criminals, even to make videos of criminal activity. Where is the action? Where is the enforcement of laws? It used to be against the law to engage in certain activities with animals but we have people hopping around the law enforcement community who are guilty as sin of crimes and they aren’t prosecuted!!! How insulting! What does it take to wake people up in this parish? Police officials make foolish statements about lifestyle when prominate citizens die of perverted lifestyles while being revered as good people. The drug industry proliferates while officials cover up the cause of systematic human execution and the governor writes a check in front of newspaper reporters, only to disappear to the state capitol building while state police and public attorneys are part of the criminal network – HELLO? We need federal help, not only to pursue the direct murders but to pursue the core cause of the criminal activity in this parish. We don’t need additional funding of criminals and incompetents. This is only necessary because the voters of the parish don’t seem to have the know-how to preserve their parish by voting out the criminals that operate the parish.

    • so this so-called multi-agency task force is a result of lets pick and choose who will be on our team.. kinda like when we were in 4th grade and getting ready to play kickball? geezzzz what a frickin waste of time! im guessing its very easy to turn in a clean report to the higher ups, when you tweek it to your advantage. so yes ignite, i totally agree with you, federal help lets rattle some more cages..

  207. If someone is actually keeping record, I say continue to do so. The reason is, it just may help one day when it really gets down to the nitty gritty. Oh, and I wouldn’t give ANYONE the original paper work, only copies. Don’t forgot to put time and date.

    • good point brownie i would make copies cause u can not trust no one today.

    • Ignite, I agree FERDERAL HELP! You know what gets me? Usually, when your state is not normally in the national news media, the governor or some High Official is interviewed or speaks, but that didn’t happen this time.

      What would be nice is if CNN could possibly do a phone interview or go down to the Governor and ask him what is his take on this so far? Like, Governor Jindal, you sent money down there to cover the cost, when was the last time you checked in? Governor Jindal, are you hearing what the community who voted for you are saying about the LE? Governor Jindal, are you aware that people are afraid of the LE, the ones that are suppose to protect and serve?

      So, CNN if you reading could you guys be so kind to do this, like really soon?

  208. JUSTICE for Jefferson Davis!

    Message to members and friends:

    Hey guys! I can hardly contain my excitement about y’alls dedication and commitment to this cause…not just in bringing a killer/killers to justice, but taking back our rightful role in this community!

    Your hard work paid off in a big way when CNN picked up the story of these serial killings, but now is not the time to become complacent. Now is the time to work harder and push farther! Our community is our home and just like a home, if we don’t work in it daily, eventually it will fall apart.

    On Monday October 5, 2009 you will be asked to resume reaching out to the national media. On this Monday, you’ll be asked to contact America’s Most Wanted. I will post their info on the group page soon and I will send out a reminder email to everyone over the weekend, which will include that info.

    The Jennings Daily News will be covering our group in today’s edition of the paper! Give these guys a great big thank you when you can. Also, we will hopefully be featured on our local news channels in the coming weeks.

    In the coming months, J4JD will be inviting our local officials and members of law enforcement to attend a Q & A Forum with members of the community. Should they accept, we will be able to express our concerns, offer our opinions on issues that we feel need to be addressed, and hopefully get answers to the many questions we’ve all been wanting to ask.

    We have only just begun to make our voice heard…the voice of a united and noble community…the voice of the innocent slain…the voice of JUSTICE for Jefferson Davis!

    • WOW, LE to attend a Q & A Forum? Gr8, can we set up a betting pole to see if they will attend? LOL, I guess I shouldn’t have said that. Well, a joke here and there doesn’t hurt huh? Oh, I wouldn’t make it on a Saturday, that is LSU College Football Day. You may not get anyone in town or out the frontroom. Oops, I did it again. Better go!

      GOOD JOB!

    I am appalled at your statement and suggest you dig up your facts first before lashing out at a family member in this way. Our family as well as the 7 others have been through a tremendous amount of pain and you are just adding to that. We sit here everyday and discuss how much it infuriates us for so many to pass judgement on the girls, but you are no better to come here and pass judgement on my dad. Our family sacrificed alot already by placing the life story of Whitnei in the Jennings Daily News for all to read. That story was very personal to not only myself and my dad, but Whitnei’s living sister that was spoken of in the story who opened up for the
    FIRST time about their ordeal in Vegas. How dare you come here and attempt to dig into our pasts and locate more? We have made a very personal part of our lives public for all to see on behalf of Whitnei and you want to come here and attempt to discredit us all after we’ve worked so hard to get where we are. I dont know if you know me as well, but if you do then you realize the impact this has taken on our entire family, including myself and we are all still trying to pick up the pieces of our lives and put them back together.

    My dad had cancer in his neck several yrs ago. He spent much time in M.D. Anderson Hospital in Texas and was forced to have4 a part of his neck removed as a result of the cancer. He was placed on medication for several yrs and had a prescription addiction. Amongst other things going on in our family, he had a tough time beating this. After the death of my grandfather and the death of Whitnei, all of our lives transitioned in many ways. My dad has since fought his addiction, he IS now doing VERY VERY well and we have all moved on with our lives from that. That was a life lesson for him and now he is more aware of what these girls’ are facing and he has been an asset to this battle that we have been fighting for so long. My dad is very out-spoken and he is a go-getter (hmmm..wondered where I got that from). He is now in the state of mind that we need to make things happen, and I am so glad to have the help.

    When I came to this blog almost a year ago, it was a “light at the end of the tunnel” for me. For so long I searched for somewhere that I could go where people cared about this and wanted to speak about this. I have since become a daily reader and poster, use the blog as my main source of sending and retreiving info, and simply have made so many loyal friends here. Lately, I see so mnay people coming here to use the blog for negativity or to “tell someone else off”. THAT IS NOT WHAT WE SPEND OUR TIME ON THIS BLOG FOR!!!! Some comments are just out of line and need to either be worded in a better manner or just plain KEPT TO YOURSELF! If you have any other comments directed to me or my family, my email address is clearly posted here, please feel free to e-mail me in PRIVATE and I will address you and whatever your concern with my family is.

    • well said britt. i think if someone has something so personally to say they should email u or someone else not on here.

      • Very well said Brittany! I am behind you and your dad! I commend you two for speaking out and standing up for yourself and your sister! May God Bless you and “just don’t know” Because I am sure, Lord knows he needs it!

    • Great wording Brittany!! When someone tries to discredit someone else that means that someone is worried and saying too much. It’s a way of trying to quiet someone. I read some where on here when I was going through previous posts that NJPI said if they want to start discrediting then let’s do it or something of that nature. I don’t believe they want to start throwing around “dirty laundry” because everyone on the task force has some skeletons including our “beloved” sheriff. I believe in the old saying “don’t cause a fuss and there won’t be a fuss.”


  210. Please everyone take the time to join CEASE FIRE and JUSTICE FOR JEFFERSON DAVIS. Both of these organizations are working together just as we are and there is definately strength in numbers. We have learned that. Please, lets all join together, educate ourselves, and take our Parish back. Anyone who is willing to help, we definatley welcome!

  211. As far as the post about Chrisopher Klumpp, am am very sorry, because it wasn’t true. Not about the one I went to school with and I’m pretty sure Not about the one here in town either. There were some questions farther up about him and his wife/ e-wife, no they were not together and he actually has his children. i can not say that he was are wasn’t envolved, but I know that he relationship with his daughter’s mother was not a very good one. i have known the man for several years. He has done a lot to help my husband’s grand parents and his uncle’s. It would be soooo hard for me to believe that of him. You just don’t know people as well as you think sometimes. I wish that there would be some kind of justice served no matter who is responsible. When light shines into the darkness, the darkness disappears………..

  212. I apologize too. I was told it was the one from Basile. Anyway, still didn’t here nothing else and since shelia’s daughter said it wasn’t true. I guess it isn’t. I apologize again. Next time I will not say a name.

  213. well i new it wouldnt be long before somebody would try to discredit me for my past i never try to hide it i have spoke about to everone from the start u say u once knew me before well why didnt u take the time to talk to me again to get your facts straight before so foolishly trying to take away from the real issues which is the facts of the murders and what im trying to do to bring them to bigger awareness than before i admit my past and am proud to say i have control of it now and i will not let people like yourself stop me from getting justice for our cause do you admit your past and claim control now are do you hie behind yor screen a shoot from the ass without being aware of fact from rumor im allways around willing talk the last few days prove that if you have pad attention to news lately

    • mike don’t let what ppl say (write) try and bring you down. like you said, you knew it was going to happen sooner or later. just remember everyone here is proud of what you are doing, YOU ARE SEEKING JUSTICE!!!

      i say congrats on conquering you past. many more of us have things in our past we are not so happy about, but we don’t have ppl shouting it out to the world. thanks also for having the courage to stand up for what is right no matter what is thrown at you.

      i hope i make sense. i often can not convey what i and trying to say.



  214. I am interested in doing photoshoots (free) and a collage of the victims children and family’s I feel as though I am helpless but I would love to help out if anyone has any information as to how I could do that please feel free to contact me and let me know. I am not a well known photographer but I am just starting out and photography is a passion of mine. If anyone is interested please feel free to let me know 🙂

  215. to shelias daughter we we stand with you and if we can help let us know you have did as we have and stood up to be counted without fear i beleive as do you your mom should be included

    • I agree michael…..I definitely feel Shelia’s case is just as important as the others and all of us are here to support Lakesha and her family as they search for the truth about her mom’s death and seek answers & justice.


  217. what i dont understand if sheila was wired if she was why was there no help for her when they started beating her i hate to ask this but it has been on my mine for awhile now. by the way i am ummmmmmm i had to change my name cause someone came in and was using it to say something about chris so just to let yall know that

    • That is a very good question. I wonder….who just left her there …with no help.

      • I don’t know, just trying to figure this out. Danny Semmes and Skip Kawolski (?) were the big narcotics agents at that time. Another less known was Jesse Folds. They worked for the Sheriff’s Dept. I don’t know who was running narcotics in the PD. Van Comeaux comes to mind.

    • I’ve often wondered the same thing. When LE uses a wired informant do they just send them off on their way and have them report back later or would they normally have continuous surveillance on the informant for their own safety?? Also, wouldn’t LE be able to hear (through the wire) anything that was taking place with an informant??

      • Who found Sheila? Where was she found?

        • if i remember right she was find in front of a church on south main, but dont quote me on that

      • those are very good questions too. Seems that LE would have been keeping close tabs on her to make sure she was safe. IMO.

  218. A local Jennings resident has set up a blog called JDP Neighborhood Watches. Those of you reading here that are local to that area should consider joining forces to aide in getting the programs implemented and into action. I’ve mentioned this before but my subdivision does participate in a Neighborhood Watch Program and it has been extremely beneficial.




  221. ok i think that is enough about chris so he working or not. he leaves in evagline or not. enough is enough there is more important things to worry about here than where he is or where he leaves.

  222. Do ya’ll think it was a set up with Sheila? That LE wanted her dead cuz she knew too much on their end? So she was set up to get killed? Just a thought!

    • i would hate for that to be true but that is what it sounds like. i remember when that all happen, danny semmes was the one that was having her and not only her he had a few go in to buy for him for him to do a bust.

      • I would have to say that is what I think also.It sounds like it was a set up…from not getting help when she needed it ….to the last person that was with her before she died which was LE!
        it all smells !!!!!!!!!

      • Who were the others he had going in also , does anyone have any idea?

  223. I yhink it was a set up because how do u just wire someone send them on the south side of town and just forget about them she was beaten so badly and found at fondel funeral home parking lot

  224. Yea, it sure sounds like someone wanted her dead!!!

  225. Sheila was a little woman is was about 100 lbs.

    • she was a small woman

      • She was short and petite. Very pretty and full of fire.

        • i think someone needs to look deeper into sheila beating. i mean way deep something is so no right with that. danny is back on the Le maybe well that is a BIG maybe he would no something that has never been said before. but like i said that is a BIG MAYBE getting anything out of him right now.

          • I totally agree with you! Someone needs to look deeper into Shelia’s beating & her death.

          • When they have an open forum with the police, if they attend, that could be a question to ask Semmes. Detective is not my field at all, but I’m sure you don’t get too far from your informant. I think I said that right. If Semmes or whoever wired her, I shall say, should of been the one responsible for her. Shelia is I think one of the reasons why no one trust LE. When one is helping her self get out of a lot more trouble and helping police, then they turn on her totally? “Totally” meaning leaving her for dead. Maybe that could be a CNN Topic or ANY news paper or ANY local tv station?

  226. Britt and Mike – I have been emailing and passing Whitnei’s story to family members thru out the day and they have emailed it to others and so on. I have had so many comments about the story, but mostly “I just can’t believe what that poor girl went thru.” Thank u both so much for sharing her story with all of us. Pleeez keep up the fight and plez don’t listen to the negativity out there. That’s just the way some people are. What ur doing for Whitnei and the other victims is GREAT!!!

    • i dont know why i did not think about email the story i mail the paper to texas to family members there. i also mail papers to nashville, tenn. o well it was worth the money i spent on mailing all the newspaper if there is a next time i will wait and email it to them

  227. i think the system in jdp should change. the reason why i say that is for this reason. i know some one u will problem think this has nothing to do with the killing here. i know someone that had a real bad drug problem, really bad and at her age it was scarey. her daughter call everyone she could think of to get her mom help, the coroner, sheriff, doctors, no one would help her cause of her age she did not want help so they would not help her. she would walk the streets, ask people she did not even know if they has anything (drugs) pills were her thing, she also has done crack. well there was one time someone sold her some pills and she toke them not know what they were and she ended up in hopstial and almost die from those pills. her daughter talk to the doctor to get her mom help and he told her that it was up to her mom to get help well her daughter and doctor end up tricky her to sign papers for a rehab. and her mom went for 4 weeks. she is better drug free but if her mom new she was trick into signing those papers omg she would be mad but thankful also. what i am trying to say is i think if your mom, your child, or anyone has a drug problem and u know they want admit they need help i think they should be put somewhere and made to get help make them understand that drugs is not the way of life. i hope yall can understand what i am trying to say i am not good at writeing down what i feel at times.

  228. is there a place in the parish for people to go and get help. i know that most people can not afford to go and pay someone to get help and that is the problem i feel there should be some where for drug add. people to go and get help for free something and maybe get a trade for a job. something got to give here in the parish there is treatment centers else where for free so why not here.

    • They have a place in Shreveport.. it is state funded, and all you have to do is find a way there. I am not sure the name, but I do know it is there because I know some people who went.. they said it is a really good place. I am going to try to find out the name and come back to you on that one..

      • thank u i know there is a place in shreveport what i was trying to say is we need something closer to here. not everyone can afford to go that far.

  229. oh I know! They should have a place closer. not just one here and one there, lots of them, then they wont be over filled and would be able to take in more people, and not have waiting lists..

  230. I know that Kinder hospital has a psych unit that sometimes helps in drug related matters… It is not easy to get in and I am not saying it is the best. But I know someone who used to work there… they do take indegent patients. They had lots of patients that lived on the streets from places all over Louisiana… I also know that they do accept medicaid… I dont know if that is helpful but I thought maybe someone could use that information. It sometimes doesnt hurt to try.

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