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  2. Man you people are really having problems in this small town. Where is Jennings, Louisiana? I’ve been to New Orleans a few times. I’ve read on a message board where someone requested assistance so I decided to visit. I can see now why he requested help. This is a circus that is going on in this town. Where’s law enforcement?

    • Hi BEA ~

      Here’s the link to a quick Synopsis which also explains the location of Jennings. I just realized I need to update that summary though. The most recent murder of Necole Guillory, whose cause of death was listed as asphyxiation, needs to be added. Also, since that summary was written we have come to learn that 17 year old Brittany Gary’s cause of death was asphyxiation also.

      Welcome to the blog!! Look forward to your input.

    • BEA, Where are you from? 8 murdered women! This should not happen! I am thinking some outsiders are just making fun of us. We have had some BS’ers on here recently. This is a place where people who have an interest, and live locally, need to express themselves. I live in Kinder, and do my shopping in Jennings. Have for 20 years. I also work offshore with many people from Jennings. I love the people I have met from Jennings. Some of the most intelligent people I have ever met are from there. I appreciate all that want to help, and I appreciate you BEA. But this is not a fun thing, it’s really serious, and I get the feeling some people who come on here from outside, just don’t have much to do. I’ve been following this blog for 4 months–thanks g8. You have done a world of good.

  3. I don’t know where Kinder is either. Is that in Louisiana? I reside in Frankfort, Kentucky. I’m not here to make fun of anyone. In my line of work we take murder serious and so should law enforcement and I don’t see it happening in this case. From what I can tell, you have alot of good minds at work on this site but there’s more that is needed. I’ve never worked a homicide case but I’ve chased a few and I have several friends that are investigators that have worked homicide cases and serial cases. The investigator that came on our site and requested assistance firmly stated he was in over his head and needed our assistance and when we hear a request like that we spring into action. There’s alot that we can do in the way of contacts and of information that could help this case. I can tell you this and I’ve realized this from the newsgroups last night is that several out of state agents and agencies are being retained and put into action on this case. We will do what we can on this case but if it happens again and continues to happen then what do you do next? There comes a time when the town of Jennings needs to stand together and demand accountability from those in charge. They are all accountable, from the prosecuting attorney to the sheriff to the mayor.

  4. Well Said BEA Well Said!!! Welcome to you and yours! There are many of us who have been saying that since the first murder! And I think if you explored the history of this parish you would find many, many more murders that are link in some way to these…
    all unsolved!
    Jeff Davis Parish is a pit of evil when it comes to drugs and law enforcement. From what I have seen (IMHO) if you get thrown out of another parish LE, you come to Jennings to hire on, if you get asked to leave LE there, you get hired on in Welsh. (Count em and see) And this is what we are left with working these cases….
    As prodoperator stated, some of the most wonderful people live in this parish, warm, giving, generous. It is criminal that they should have had to live with this for so many years and still no arrest. Its just now, thru the hard work on this blog and the efforts of the families that anyone from the outside is even looking into the murders.
    I for one, welcome ANY help!

  5. One observation that I can achieve by reading the informational posts is that citizens have had enough of what is going on in their county and town.

    These public officials, elected and appointed work for you, the public! You can demand accountability in your government. You can demand reports and updates on the status on any issue that arises in your county and your town. I would not be afraid to do so, this is your county and your town, you have to live there. When elected officials knock door to door asking for your vote, what were their promises to you? What sold them to have you vote for them? They are not above the system and the system must work for each and every citizen. There IS ABSOLUTELY no excuse for these serious homicides not being solved in five years. Look at other states and learn their strategy for maintaining accountability in government. It does not matter if they are elected or appointed, they are all accountable, your governor is accountable as well. Perfect example was the governor of Illinois and you see what happened to his butt. Don’t let the government run you, you run your government. This has to stop and if it doesn’t stop, where do you draw the line? Ask yourself that question. These are lives and other lives are at stake. Is it your fault that police officers respond to questions that they aren’t being paid enough to do their jobs? Is it your fault that they feel they are understaffed and underpaid? Is it your fault that they lack inexperience to conduct an investigation this complex that is complete with speculation? Is it your fault that someone is out killing women of a certain lifestyle and because of that lifestyle, law enforcement determines it does not deserve their most undivided attention? No, none of this is your fault. Demand accountability. Speak to your local newspaper. Put the pressure on them to prove results to their boss, the public, that pays their salaries.

    • Wonderful words, easier said than done, and then one has to protect self and family from repercussions. Hence the blog, which LE is has been trying to silence.

      • I agree- easier said than done. However- I know that it can be done. If this is not the case then that’s great, but if it is- then it is unacceptable. I may offend someone by saying this but -in general- the people of this area are submissive and can only take passive agressive stances in speaking out. I’ve been guilty of the same. And that sad reality is that most progressive minded people with roots in this area have long left to pursue lives in areas outside of louisiana. The rest of us have stayed here thinking that a simple smalltown life was the better choice. But our crime- as well as our desensitivity to it ARE NOT conducive to the small town atmosphere we once had. I, for one, am glad that it has gotten the attention of people outside this area, and I’m sure that they are outraged, in disbelief! I would rather think there is not corruption or a cover up in this area! However- if our resources are not enough- then we need to pursue better ones. NO life is more valuable than any other. This should be pursued AGGRESSIVELY! There is a gallsy bastard preying on women in our community and its NOT OKAY! If we want this solved we need help! And I don’t feel its up to only certain people to decide if that help is needed! We ALL own this town- everyone that inhabits it. And we are not powerless! But many of us are not aware of what can be done, and we have feared inquiring about it. Who are we afraid of? I am in full support of anyone that wants this resolved- whomever that may be.

  6. I agree BEA. How about some keywords about repercussions such as freedom of assembly to come together to petition the government for redress of grievances, freedom of speech, due process, unenumerated rights, compulsory process, does any of those keywords mean a single thing to the government in your town?

  7. Courtesy of Tru TV: Unsolved serial murders

    “It was an urge. … A strong urge, and the longer I let it go the stronger it got, to where I was taking risks to go out and kill people risks that normally, according to my little rules of operation, I wouldn’t take because they could lead to arrest.” —Edmund Kemper.

    The Axeman of New Orleans
    Bible John
    Capital City Murders
    Ciudad Juarez
    The Frankford Slasher
    Jack the Ripper
    Jack the Stripper
    The “Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run”
    The Monster of Florence
    Servant Girl Annihilator
    Texarkana Moonlight Murders
    Tylenol Murders
    The Zodiac Killer

  8. G8 – Hi. Is the new. Jersey PI all a hoax? His name on his email is Chris Mccoy. I tried checking him out on google and there is no private investigator in new jersey or anywhere by that name. Could it be we’ve been “had! all I could find was some fraud stories about a Chris Mccoy. You may want to contact Kirk Menard to see what he knows about this New Jersey PI!!!

    • Please keep this in mind as “keep the pressure on” stated:

      Being that NJ has taken a retainer and signed an affidavit he can no longer openly talk about the case publicly. This I’m sure is due to legal and confidential reasons.

    • I was kind of skeptical too, but I have changed my mind. He seems to be legit. He wrote me this, when i offered to show him around our part of the state. He sent this to my email:

      “Hi Ken:
      I may call you sometime next week. I’ve been retained to work on the unsolved homicides and had to sign a confidentiality agreement with Kirk Menard and his agency so I had to leave the blog. I maintain an open door of communication so anytime you want to contact me please feel free to do so.

  9. hey curvycat- i did the same thing i googled and nothing came up, but you would probably have to go thru all of the links that google offers there are several i just did not have time to do it yet, anyway hoax or not he did offer tips and possibilities besides there are several PIs coming on so im thinking its legitimate. how else would they be aware of kirk’s plea for help. the website they responded to is a secured site that requires info of the PI logging on. that was stated earlier just my opinion

    • I think that anybody and anyone can put a name address on here and they might be your neighbor maybe even th SK ..Becarefull ..He are them Are her whoever might be on here keeping tabs…

  10. Hey almostsure. I just find it odd there is nothing about him. If you google kirk menard there is a wealth of information. It just has me wondering that’s all.

  11. curvycat, I think he is for real. He did say he is retired so that means he would/may not have current pi info in pi search.

    I enjoyed just reading what he wrote. He had to have known something which would only have been provided to him by KM. One thing struck me as info from KM on thread 31 was when he talked about KM feeling bad or sad about Brittney. He said KM was in the area with is son and had clocked it 1:05 if I remember right. He said KM had talked with a Narc agent initials DS wherever he was but it seems like it was near where Brittney was last seen. Since there is only one Narc in Jennings and his name is DS so with that I believed newjerseypi was real. He also had said his name was Chris.

    I’m glad KM asked for help, it’s been interesting reading other ideas.

    • I wanted to add when he wrote about KM clocking and his feelings I felt sorry for KM. Something about that and asking for help made me think KM is not only worried but trying.

  12. i understand curvy, i sorta felt the same way. but think of this there has been lots of info in the media lately regarding kirk, so im thinking that most recent items will show up first. i want to go back over njpi’s comments here to see if he mentioned certain cases he worked on then i will google those to see if anything turns up with his name 🙂

  13. I think he is legit. He may not have given his real name. But I heard- from Kirk Menard himself that there are indeed Pi’s nationwide that are becoming interested and getting onboard. I have faith that he is here for the reasons he says he is- besides he called out the SO employee for all of us to see. I doubt that was a set up to gain our trust. Besides many of us asked for his email so that we could contact him. He never once asked us to email him.

    • So I don’t think he was trying to bait us. Besides a lot of what he stated is true. There IS strength in numbers. And our government should be working for us- we should not be afraid of it. WE DID NOTHING WRONG! We are Americans and free and have every right to question what’s going on. Its a democracy. If any of us were retaliated against for doing so- that’s when the national media will NOT be able to refuse to report.

      • Okay-lol- I come on here everyday and comment on here at least once a day. Just in case- if yall haven’t seen me for a couple of days- yall look for me, please. Just kidding- we are fine, and I feel we are in good hands.

        • You will be sadly missed unbiased-lol of course I’m teasing. Come on you now it made you smile. I can openly admit, like the most of you that I am a supporter of Kirk Menard for working so tirelessly on this case. I also understand that he can do it by himself and its understandable why he feels/is overwhelmed. I’m glad to hear what prodoperator posted and I never doubted that NJPI was legit because of the comments that he made. It’s like he was a Godsend because Lord knows we need some type of miracle.

          I do believe that we need to stick together as a group. Law enforcement, the task force and the private investigators may all be divided but we don’t have to. There are strength in numbers and as a town we are unbeatable but one of us, well, with our politics you know what they can do to one of us but as a group they can’t touch us. We can be a force to be reckoned with if we stay together and united as NJPI said. I read the link he posted about 44 corrupt politicians going to jail in New Jersey so if that can happen over there why can’t it happen over here. For some reason I can’t shake the feeling that NJPI had something to do with what happened to the politicians in NJ. They work for us, as someone said earlier, why can’t we take control and tell them what we want instead of them telling us what they want.

        • 😀

    • I wrote and asked Chris, and he did say he had signed a contract and confidentiality affidavit…he is helping with anything he can do over the computer for now. He sounds very professional and sincere in his concerns to me.

      Many others will be coming aboard to help. It is great to hear about the out of town professionals getting involved. It is what all wanted, so celebrate and be grateful. Help is arriving on a regular basis now.
      Whoever has much to hide, should be getting nervous!!!

  14. Ok folks. I’m just wanting to air on the side of caution and to make sure we aren’t being “duped” by anyone, so to speak. My apologies to Mr.McCoy for thinking otherwise about him. Just being cautious here!

    • Curvy- I understand what you mean. This just goes to show how low the morale is in our community. We have a very sad situation going on and it has everyone, including LE on edge. In case you didn’t know- on Nov 7th (location still not set in stone) Ceasefire is holding a rally/ Family Fun Day and the goal is to unite the community-LE included in the cause. That cause is nonviolence in our parish. Awesome things will be happening that day and I hope you- and everyone comes out to join us!

      • I certainly understand a low morale in your community that has a sense of paranoia surrounding it. Your town has problems that need correcting or it’s just going to get worse. I do know on the PI newsgroups that I came from several PI’s stated that they would read the website given and the blog that was given. I can assure you that several may not be posting but they are reading.

      • unbiased ~

        Let me know when the date is confirmed…..I will put an announcement on the blog. I’ve been feverishly looking for some type of “rolling marquee” I can add to the blog which will stay updated with any important reminders or upcoming events. So far I haven’t located what I’m looking for but I’ll find it sooner or later LOL.

        • Well, the date of Ceasefire’s Rally/ Family Fun day is November 7th- also Jennings Homecoming Weekend. The location, I think, is not what’s set in stone. As soon as I get concrete details I will be sure to let you know! What about a ticker? I know there are some sites you can get free tickers on- a coworker of mine has tickers for everything! LOL every monday she gets one to countdown til Friday….

    • I don’t supposed you tried the name Christopher Halschield, did you? Google the name but you may not come up with many results, some investigators remain more covert than others. Not saying its him but he is a New Jersey Private Investigator. Some investigators run agencies and manage those that work for them while other investigators write articles and are on every page of a search when you google their name. Just giving you a suggestion.

  15. G8 says he’s “for real” and I believe her!

  16. i agree curvycat there is no such thing as being too careful, with all of this happening it is so easy to fall into the feeling of not knowing who to trust! we just need to proceed with caution and faith. i cant help but get a sense of security knowing that outside forces are on our side. when we view things from the inside we have mixed feelings. but when someone is on the outside looking in, they have a much larger scope of things. especially when they have delt with simular circumstances.

    • I have enjoyed venting my feelings an an anonymous participant in these conversations. This blog is viewed by many different kinds of people for their own reasons. But most of the people who comment here feel very strongly the same way about justice for the people in JDP- period. Sometimes I wish that we could reveal ourselves to really be able to physically act on this. There are many of us and we could be making a huge difference. Its sad that we have to fear uniting physically as a front for this cause…

  17. hi every one i changed my name for safety purposes i cant put my daughter out like this i should of been smarter than this from jump but i was being carelessso this is my new screen name

  18. Many investigators that may come on this site may not use their real name. I understand the fear. On the PI newsgroups we have to use our real names with addresses and phone numbers but if a legitimate investigator has plans to work on a case and its going to be worked covertly (without anyone knowing) then they will not use their real name or they will use their first name and not their real last name. We do not get that option in the PI news groups. The investigator has to err on the side of caution too because if everyone knows his name and he/she goes into a town and everyone knows who they are, what good is that? I’ve read previous post where Kirk Menard’s private investigative agency is heavily involved in the case and he said he had several investigators working on the case but you will never hear who they are. According to one of the posts, they were from out of town and that is normal to prevent predeposed feelings around the area they are working. Investigators are very cautious when using their real name on any public forum for that reason.

  19. g8 i would love for you to e-mail me i would love to be out there with you i know alot of people an places

    • I tried to email you last evening but it didn’t go through. If you’d like, you can email me. Just click on the “Contact Me” button at the top on the page.

  20. thanks for clearing that up jennifer! it makes alot more sense now

  21. Hmmmm, ok question for blog? DO ANY OF YOU REMEMBER..and I am so proud of remembering this…go me…, do any of you remember when Kirk Menard spoke about someone that could use satellite imaging to look at the locations? If I’m not mistaken, the person was from New Jersey. I don’t think KM mentioned a name but said he had a friend from somewhere in that area that could use satellite imagining to look at the crime scenes and may be able to pick up some type of image of who was in that area days before the girls were found.

    I’m sure that would be several hundred posts back but maybe g8 can help us out and pull that post. I am almost positive that he said the friend he has was from New Jersey and with him calling out and busting the SO on the blog, who else would have that kind of technology than KM’s friend from what I suspect to be New Jersey. G8, can you see if you can find that post about KM’s satellite imaging to see if the friend he had was from New Jersey?

  22. Has anyone heard if Shelia Comeaux’s family has been able to get autopsy report? Or any other info on the case?
    I’ve also been looking for more info on Butch Sonnier & haven’t been able to come up with anything other than what i have learned here. Does anone know what year this happened?
    The strip club that was talked about that FR managed/owned by Lake Arthur does anyone know what it was called?

    • Idk, but I know Butch’s brother, but have held back on asking him anything about it. Idk that they even talk about it anymore…I’d hate to reopen those wounds…and the name of the stripclub was on the tip of my tongue-someone said it the other day, and now I can’t remember it…

    • The strip club by Lake Arthur was named Club 26. FR didn’t own it but did help manage the club.
      I also know who the person who the club name was in and the person that provided the money to open it.

      • thanks KPO . would you be willing to share the other info that you have?
        who’s name the club was in
        who provided the money

        • The business license, liquor license and lease agreement were all in the name of Shawn LaBauve. That is public record.

          The money was provided by a man named Ronnie Barbari.

          • I wonder if Shawn LaBauve is kin to the Ray LaBauve that was one of the prime suspects in Butch’s murder?

          • VCG, I don’t know about that relationship connection. But, with the same last name one could be pretty sure a few branches back they could be tied to the same tree.
            i do know if you look into Angola records you will find a LaBauve relative living there.

    • SHELIA’S DAUGHTER, on September 1st, 2009 at 11:14 AM Said:


    • Club 26

    • she was the first girl the killed i dont care what that all say she need to be in all this to now there is 9 all together i heard it was a cop the beat her to death

  23. did butch sonnier’s murder happen in 1993?

  24. i was just reading in the starting of this # 10, because i havent before,it said a lot of things on there about the profile of the killer..i just want to say that when someone who is hooked on drugs..i mean really hooked, they dont look at someone as being nice looking they see drugs..i have a sister who is hooked and its horrible she weighs about 80 pounds and she thinks she is of the guys she is with and she is with a lot is so nasty there are no words for they dont see clean shaving..let me say why i say this,,frankie and billy can work on any car or truck those boys are not beyond getting dirty {dont know about billy now that he is sick}. people hang around them because of the drugs and because they sweet talk crap to them..they have done it for years..frankie was a roughneck and i know was a tough guy..people on drugs are very strong and can do things they normally would not do if they were not…why is billy still in jail when everyone else is out? and why would someone go to the doctor for hurting themself by moving these bodies when all they have to do is get the crap from off the not trying to stick on frankie i just dont understand why if he saw these girls and one was at his house can he not answer questions with an honest answer because if they were honest i bet there would of been a lot less killing later..and another thing tracees big butt is out on the streets still doing drugs and everything else she was doing before she went to the pen and she sure aint scared ..has anyone been keeping tabs on her and what about hanna where is she at..her mother would flip her wig if she were still living to know so many more lives were taken..and i bet if you go back to the first murders and keep on these three youll get some more answers..

  25. On the list serves where help was requested, these are the rules and I have copied and pasted them. There were over 10 list serves and private investigator news groups that Kirk Menard posted a request for assistance and from what I understand, professional investigators and retired law enforcement officers are still responding to him via email according to what is going on in the news groups.

    The Professional Investigators Place…”

    The following Investigator Notes® rules have been established by the owner and moderators. By subscribing to Investigator Notes® Listserv you hereby acknowledge that you have read the rules and agree to abide by its requirements, prohibitions and policies. Violations of the rules may result in you being removed and banned from Investigator Notes®. Use of Investigator Notes® Listserv is a privilege, not a right and membership shall be governed at the discretion of the owner and moderators. The primary purpose of Investigator Notes® is to provide a professional forum to discuss legislative, investigative and general information relevant to the private investigation industry and to keep members abreast of legal and legislative happenings that affect them. A secondary purpose is for the exchange of referral work and information helpful to working assignments, acquiring equipment, or expert assistance. Writings that do not uphold professional communications will not be posted.

    Other Restricted Practices Include:
    •Distribution of any message without written permission from the author. This includes forwarding messages via E-Mail, reposting to another Listserv or distribution in a printed format.
    •Use of inflammatory or derogatory language.
    •Using the Listserv to address disputes with a member or a non-member.
    •Dissemination of messages from, or on behalf of those that have been removed from Investigator Notes®.
    •An identifying signature is required on all posts.

    See the complete List Rules and Policies in the files section Investigator Notes® under “Investigator Notes® Rules”.

  26. your right when your under the influence and hooked on drugs you do things that you would never do clean & sober.

  27. Hi all

    Many, many apologies for not getting back in touch with you all sooner. I just wanted to give you an update on how we got on shooting our documentary in JDP.

    We’ve been back for 6 days now, readjusting to life without Jennings and I have to admit that the trip has left a real impact on me. For such a small city (I always think of it as a town, but I guess I should be factual!), Jennings is facing some major problems and issues – not least of all these unsolved homicides – but I left there with the impression that the community is a good one, and a caring one. I’ve only just realised what a sheltered life I’ve lived so far, and I’m now a true believer that you need to get out and see what goes on in other parts of the world to get any semblance of personal perspective.

    Our aim when we travelled to Jennings was to immerse ourselves in the daily/nightly life of the city and to document what we found – to meet not only the people who have been touched by these 8 tragedies but to get a sense of the place itself. Because when these crimes are solved and the right people have been held accountable (and I do believe that will happen), Jennings will go back to being Jennings – warts and all.

    In terms of how it hit me on a personal level; I can honestly say I’ve never ended up at a crack house at 2am before, never been given a guided tour of body dump sites by a Sheriff and certainly never had to pluck up the courage to knock on the door of a city’s public enemy number one and ask them for an interview! This was a huge learning experience for me but a hugely positive one.

    However, we certainly don’t want to just focus on negatives. Jennings (and the parish in general) also has more than its fair share of good people, regardless of which side of the tracks or which neighbourhood they come from. We were welcomed warmly into the homes of people we’ve never met, treated to some great food and hospitality (too hot for gumbo unfortunately!) and found no obstacles in our path in terms of making contacts, conducting interviews and shooting in general.

    Anyway, I’ve spent much of this week going through most of the footage we shot and I have to say that I’m extremely happy with what we achieved in a relatively short time. I will of course keep you posted on our progress in the coming weeks – and may even manage to find a way to get some of the footage online for you to see the odd sneak preview or two as we get going with the editing.

    I also wanted to extend my heartfelt thanks once again to every single person that helped us with the shoot – from the preparation and research to the actual filming. To the victims’ families (you know who you are!), G8, Kirk and his family, Sheriff Edwards and a whole host of people who would probably prefer we didn’t mention by name – thank you.

    Apologies for waffling!

    Until next time.


    • Can’t wait to get a snipit of the documentary.

    • Thanks for the time and future media exposure for this case. I look forward to watching the documentary. The update is much appreciated.

    • Paul,
      Thanks for the update. And any word of money to produce the film? Possible date of distribution?
      Great job on tightening your belt and knocking on those doors lol. Not knowing what you would come up against behind those doors can be daunting.
      We all appreciate your interest and hope that the film will bring the needed exposure to these crimes.

    • Thanks so much Paul. We enjoyed our time with you guys. You did a great job making everyone comfortable! We are honored to have been able to be a part in this and tell our sister’s story, and help tell the others.

    • Hi Paul ~

      I was just thinking about y’all and wondered if you had recovered from that long journey. It sure sounds like it was a very productive adventure. If you’re able to give us a little sneak preview of your production that would be fantastic. Can you throw in a couple of clips of J-PENO :D.

      On a more somber note……I wonder if you realized, like I did, that looking at the map of the body locations and Google Earth was certainly nowhere near like actually traveling down the roads and going to the actual sites. It puts it all in a whole different perspective. You have a better sense of the surrounding area and realize how very rural it becomes. I’ve frequently wondered if the killer often travels those roads in the areas where the girls were found. Although….why would anyone want, or need, to go down Lacour Road?? It’s a very long gravel road and there’s nothing out there.

      Anyway, enough of my babbling. Glad you gave us an update and that you had a safe trip back home.

  28. Anyone know if Mike Conner (used to be Chief of Police in Lake Arthur )is still in the area?

  29. I am really worried about Teresa Gary. Has anyone else thought that she may be the NEXT victim? She frequents the same places, knows all the same people, seems to have the same vices, she has put herself in the middle of the very same circumstances of the other ladies. I am scared for her. Is there any way to talk to her and tell her to be careful? I think she may know things she is not suppose to know. What do you think?

    • is she doing drugs? i ask that because it doesnt matter what anyone tells her if she is..just have to keep an eye on her..why does everyone watch the house on andrew street but no one videos the stuff going on?

      • IMO–video of this house will not help anything since LE knows what goes on there and nothing is done about it.Does anyone realize that KM’s video of Necole on Andrew is the reason they tried to ruin his reputation and shut him up!!! Well it is NOT working!!! I have always believed this LOW-LIFE druggie at this house is for some reason being protected or ignored.

        • answer a question for can the city let someone live in a house with no electricty ,and i think i read , no running water..has anyone turned it in to the city or the board of health?and when i said video the house im talking about the comings and going of the people they come and go with..just curious does frankie go there? and yes ea568 i agree he or she is being protected or ignored but why..who is it that actually lives in the house?

  30. I do not know TG in any way, shape or form. I only know what I’ve seen of her on TV during interviews after her daughter was reported missing. However, from the get-go, I had the feeling that she knows more than she should. My gut tells me that she probably knows who took her daughter’s life.
    ****This is just my opinion; I have no professional experience or anything else to base this on. Just a gut feeling. Hope I didn’t offend anyone.
    But, if she’s traveling in the same circles as the other women, surely she must have an idea of who could be responsible. Or knows someone who might know****

    • There’s no doubt in my mind she knows the killer- ill give her the benefit of the doubt that she doesn’t realize she knows that the person IS the killer. I also feel a slight guilty feeling for saying this but it was long “word on the street” that she not only knew Brittany was trading sex for drugs but that TG got Brittney started in that practice. And I had heard that long before Brittney came up missing. Unless-by some circumstance the killer is some random person unrelated to the circle that just somehow convinces these girls to get in the car with him-which I doubt…I think its someone these girls deal with on a regular basis. And that its about money…

      • This is also hearsay- may/may not have some truth to it- but ppl were saying while Brittney was missing that she may have just run away because rumor had it Brittney was tired of being pimped out for other people’s drug habits.

        • I had heard the same thing, unbiased. But, if FR is really an “uncle” as it was said in previous posts, wouldn’t you think that he would protect her if he really is involved in some way?

          • Anyone that would beat up his own mother probably wouldnt protect a niece IMO.

          • IMO–F. Richard uses people even his family members,he is a LOW LIFE on the same level as Andrew St.dude!!!!

          • And another thing: I feel this is a network thing. If FR is involved- that doesn’t guarantee his safety. There is no loyalty in this thing. Its money, power, drugs, greed. Its survival of the fittest. One “false” move and he could be next. But I doubt he’ll end up in a drainage canal. Can’t make it look “connected” to the “serial killer” we may or may not have. I don’t believe FR is the top of the food chain. But then- I’m speculating….

          • I must be pretty naive, becuase I would love to believe that our deep south roots and commitment to family, no matter how far distant kin, would keep things like that from happening in families.

            Then again, Lake Charles had a gay pride parade today, which is something I never thought I’d see here in the deep south either. But that’s for another blog.

          • No! Frankie Richard has a reputation for being a hateful mother fluffer! I don’t think he gives a rats ass about anyone- especially not women, family or not! He beat his wife(s) and used to beat Loretta way before she was found dead. His life’s “work” was always illegal. He’s out for himself – and doesn’t do a very good job at that.

          • LISTEN HE IS NOT HER UNCLE ..they are no kin at all

          • Lake Charles had a gay pride parade today, darn, and I missed it, I can’t believe lol, sorry didn’t mean to offend anyone just making humor

  31. I do not know TG either as I live in Colorado. None the less, I am frightened for her. This is a gut feeling, only. But all the same I can’t shake it,

  32. I remember that TG said in one of the news interviews that Brittnay was no longer doing drugs, that she had been clean for four months prior to her death. Then, in one of the news reports, they did a sort of summary of the previous deaths, and said that every one of the victums were found to have from trace to large quantities of cocaine in their systems. When I ran across that, I thought to myself that TG was clueless or not being truthful. I dont know anyone personally either, I’m from the midwest, but have been reading on this site for about a month. At this point, I have more questions than answers but hope that by using this blog we can all put our collective knowledge together and perhaps do some good.
    My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of these women.

  33. to all to answer yalls question about tg she never stoped doing what she did before i know when this child lived with me her mother was gettin foodstamps for all the kid an not none of them lived with her an she never offered to by brittnet any food i had a 6.50 hour job an i took care of her never not one time did she ever knock on my door to see how she was so as for as that goes i have the same feeling that she knows something i still feel guilty an wonder if she would still be here if i wouldnt of made her an her sister go stay with her because i had to many people living with me i miss her pretty little smile an her laugh an her say oh mama.

    • Baffled- don’t beat yourself up. How could you have known Brittney would get killed. You sound like you loved her and you show it by being her trying to make sense of all of this. Just keep praying for her and keep doing the right thing. God is always on the side of the good, he will make a way for peace to come back over our city. We just have to do our parts….

  34. wonder where SilenceDogood is…sure enjoy your posts…

  35. Someone asked about LAPD ex-chief Mike Conner. I believe he now lives in LeBleu settlement. I have a question about TG. Does she still work at Wendy’s? Why don’t these women get real jobs instead of prostituting and doing drugs?

  36. Something I keep thinking about Necole being found so very close to the time she was reported missing or the police were speaking with the family. Could the perp have a police scanner or inside knowledge that LE was taking a report with family, and that sparked them to go drop her body off in a hurry.

    Does anyone know how long she seemed to be there before being found? I think it may have been a day or two which would blow that theory!!! lol. The timing is just so weird of the report, then finding her within the same hour.

    • Its obvious that they are toying with LE and wanting the bodies to be found. The one found by the police firing range had to be a taunt at LE.

  37. No I don’t believe TG works at Wendy’s anymore.

    • dont think T Gary has had a real job in quiet some time except for walking the streets on Southside of town.

    • TG worked/works at Wendy’s?…Muggy’s sister works at Wendy’s or at least used to also.

  38. I’ve been following this website for quite some time now. I grew up in Jennings but now live in the Chicago area….have been gone from Jennings for a long time. Last time I was in Jennings was June 2005 and had heard about the first death. I have a good friend who lives in Jennings who keeps me updated and last year started looking into what new/info there was about the murders. It completely amazes/baffles/confuses me that EIGHT WOMEN could be murdered and that somehow it hasn’t been reported in the National media. Growing up in Jennings in the 50’s & 60’s there was very little crime. Marijuana in the late 60’s early 70’s was the primary drug and even then it wasn’t that easy to get. The Jennings that I read about now sadly does not sound like the Jennings that I grew up in. It is so sad that drugs, prostitution and money can take such a heavy toll on a town. But, unfortunately it seems that rural America is facing many of the same issues today. BUT, how can 8 women be murdered and LE NOT have some idea of who is doing this?????? Not to mention other murders that have occurred in the last 15 years or so and are unsolved in Jeff Davis Parish. I don’t pretend to know that I have any answers, but after reading the posts on this website I felt compelled to finally write something about how sad I feel and that my fervent prayers are with the people of Jennings that these crimes will be solved and that drug activity can be reduced in the wonderful city I called home.

  39. paul thanks for doing the documentary im glad you came aboard to help GOD BLESS YOU an yours please keep us updated as i know you will good luck with the prodution

  40. The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” – Albert Einstein

  41. Wow almostsure, that is an excellent quotation. That should be stonewalled at the courthouse in Jennings for everyone to see.

    Did anyone read today’s daily news? Lord there were articles in there about other unsolved homicides and a very interesting Letter to the Editor. I don’t believe that the sheriff and his associates will be too happy with the JDN but who cares, they have a job to do like everyone else.

  42. i heard this on t.v. this morning while on the computer he quoted I’D RATHER DEAL WITH CORRUPTION THAN DEAL WIT THE DEVIL REMBER GOD DONT SLEEP AN HE DONT COME DOWN TO WHIP NOBODY

  43. Midnight Star- In response to Brittnay using cocaine. Just a thought, they could be injected with cocaine instead. She may have been clean prior to this happening.

    • I have also been thinking that was a possibility ever since I read a quote from Edwards in one of your newspapers, titled Crackdown on Crime. He said quote “Nobody deserves to die any way like this. Even if they overdose. We’ve got three that have not been determined if they are homacides or just overdoses and dumped.”
      I’m no drug expert, but I did do some reading on the internet, and crack cocaine is usually smoked but it can be heated and liquified for injection.
      Some of the news reports also indicated high levels of alcohol. Dont really know how that figures in unless alot of alcohol was ingested to incapacitate a person prior to possibly injecting with a cocaine overdose. What do you think?

      • Cocaine is an alkaloid prepartion that actually can be injected very effectively. It has to enter the blood in it’s current form – cooking or smoking it destroys it’s effectiveness. That’s why it is injected or snorted. Snorting it intorduces it to the bloodstream as it disolves at the specialized sinus tissue. Crack cocaine is not the same. Cocaine that has been free-based (turned into crack) has basic changes made to it’s core formula. This is why crack can be smoked. Regular cocaine, if smoked, is destroyed by the heat while the smoke from crack retains core elements from the cocaine that can enter the bloodstream through the lungs and be metabolized or processed as cocaine. If one eats regular cocaine, they get a numb bellly and throw up. The thing about crack is that it begins as cocaine and through the free-base process, it is approximately doubled in quantity. After doubling in quantity, it can be smoked, causing it to enter the blood immediately through lung tissue, like oxygen, making it’s effect very similar to injecting it – without the nasty needle process. Cocaine made into crack becomes much cheaper through the increase in quantity and it becomes more addictive because smoking it gives the same immediate total body rush as injecting it provides. Many people will experiment by smoking something but would never consider injecting because of the stereotype of “junkies shooting up drugs.” In reality, smoking crack has produced junkies from a much younger and more innocent section of society because of this. To an ignorant young person, it seems innocent to smoke something; even more innocent than snorting it. Kinda like a cigarette or a joint – harmless, right? Another element is that there has been such a successful smuggling network through police, DEA and border officials’ corruption that cocaine has become quantiful and incredibly cheap, even before turning it into crack. There is a glut of cocaine in America today and the fact is, warehousers and dealers are in a competition for sales because it isn’t rare and expensive anymore, due to the successful smuggling networks throughout the nation. There’s so much of it, especially considering the crack process, there aren’t enough crack-heads to use-up the cocaine that is brought into the nation quickly enough to create a price hike. The average person has no idea how much cocaine this nation consumes – not a clue. Something written on this very site and on another local web site a few years ago made me really think objectively. What is problematic is that people are confident because our federal officials have prevented numerous attempts at terrorists bringing suitcase-sized atomic bombs and bomb components into the country. Not one has been successful with the exception in New York years ago – and that one was caught before it could be finally assembled and detonated. This is because we have very effective means of monitoring everything that crosses our borders. Americans don’t stop to consider that huge ship loads, enormous plane loads, countless truck loads of drugs are smuggled into America each and every day. Why can the tons and tons of drugs make it through and right to the streets but the terrorists cannot get a bomb through? Are our federal, state and local officials really trying to stop the drug industry? Does this corruption stop at the border or do they need a network of protection and cooperation right down to the local level to reach the street market? Just think about this for a while. Maybe this is why it’s so very difficult to get anything done on a federal level with regard to drug related crime on the local level. Why are there so many “unsolved” drug related murders (some of which may actually appear as accidents but are murders) from the past? Were they ever meant to be solved? Having liven in Jennings all my life, I’ve seen quite a bit and remember the rumors. Twenty years ago, this was going on – all drug related. I’m long retired but still remember the stories, some from actual witnesses. The newspaper article describing a few past murders is a start but there are plenty more that were not mentioned. This is our legacy in Jeff Davis Parish. this is what we do and what we allow.

      • I’m trying to get to the bottom of an OD death which happened to someone I knew well from Crowley while they lived in Lafayette in 2007. I spoke to a sgt this morning who was very rude and condescending, acting as if I just “didn’t want to face the fact that a loved one did drugs”. Truth is, no matter what drugs this person did, he knew the science of it. In the same breath that this Sgt said drugs impair a person’s judgment, he then said the victim was coherent and functioning enough to drive to the store and talk to neighbors just 2 hours before he was found dead with large amts of 16 different drugs in his system. Oh, and a large amt of money was missing from his person, but the cops have “no record” of that… and an autopsy wouldn’t have been done “even if” his parents would have asked for one because the coroner’s exam showed no signs of foul play…Of course not. But, you know, I should have known the conversation was not going to be productive when the first term he used to describe the investigation was “typical” drug overdose. He even asked ME where I was that night. Then said it wouldn’t make any difference who is to blame for supplying the drugs, because the victim was an adult, and the drug use was “voluntary”, according to their “investigation” of course, there was no signs that it was forced. Yet, it wasn’t a “concern” at the time, to account for the missing money???Something stinks about this, but there’s apparently nothing that can be done.

        • Cajunbutterfly,

          Who was this person?

          • Joshua LeJeune, or “Big Josh” as he was known.

          • I was also told yesterday that even if they could prove who supplied the drugs, or that the other people there could have done something to stop it or rescue him and didn’t, nothing could be done about it. No charges would be filed. It was weird that when I first called Laf PD, they didn’t have a file on the computer, and referred me to LPSO. They didn’t have a file, either, and referred me back to Laf PD. It was “blocked” on the computer system because it had been Expunged. I asked how a death could be expunged, and all they could think is that the roommate’s possession of paraphernalia and a plant was expunged, but it still doesn’t explain why the whole case wasn’t in the system, or why the roommate’s name was “mislabeled” as one of the investigating officers.

          • Oh, and one more thing, Josh was best of friends with Susan’s son (Susan was found under a bridge on 1111 in 2003, bound, half-clothed, “drug related”) and the son was at Josh’s house party hours before his death.

  44. When thinking of how these poor women most likely died, I just pray they were all so doped up and so drunk that they never knew what was about to happen to them. I know that sounds so harsh, but I would hope they were spared being able to foresee in advance their ill-fated death at the hands of this cold-blooded murderer. They say God is good and God is merciful!

    • curvycat..GOD IS GOOD AND YES VERY MERCIFUL our BIBLE tells us that..hopefully everyone who is on this blog goes to church somewhere and if not find one…GOD will give you lots of peace and understanding..we dont understand why these things happen..but they have happened for a reason..there will be good out of this ..hopefully they will catch who this is who is doing this and if not our BIBLE tell us in ROMANS he will take care of it..

      • I agree! I’m a firm believer that He uses tragedies to bring us back to him. I may offend someone by saying this, but its the truth! I need no proof! I got all the proof I needed of that one this summer in my own life…He couldn’t have spoken louder to me if he had sat on the side of my bed with a megaphone!

  45. amen, he is steadfast, he is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow!


  47. In my opinion i think its a stranger.Majority of all serial killers usually do not know their victims.And what exactly would these poor girls know,that the police probably already know,that would cost them their lives.I think a hush killing would be a bullet to the back of the head.Not strangulation and their throats being slit.I think he is going to be very cautious for awhile.His guard is probably up because of the attention its getting.He may wait another year but you can bet when it dies down and the heat is not so high,unless hes caught,dies or moves away he will strike again.

    • This is no stranger they knew this person or person this girls would not just get into a vehicle with someone they did not know. These girls I am sure knew more than we will ever know. We all thought that is was over we all believed that with the Paul and his film crew coming into town there would no way be a killing. Did not see the last one coming at all. This person/person loves the challenge with all the news and everyone looking we all were looking where the other 7 were found no one thought of I-10 we all would have never that would be to public of a place for someone to do that well look at us all while we were all looking on one side the killer/killers were on the other. I hope and pray that with the last there was some mistake that we can use to our advantage we need a break we need something…just one little ray of sunshine and then the rest will shine through and this case will break wide open and the more we all push forward and demand of our official’s to do something and we keep talking the more likely this will happen we are stronger in numbers and only become weak when we fight among each other and point fingers

      • I believe that this began as hush killings and now has escalated. I believe tha the individual began doing this under directions and may have learned to like it. It is almost certainly a local person who is well known to the local drug-using crowd. Those killings from the past, at least some, were done exactly for the same reason as these began – hush-killings from the local drug industry. Drugs do not originate here. They are brought in from a lineage of very serious, hard core people. The kind of people that only know one way to eliminate a threat. They ELIMINATE the threat. Once they have local protection and cooperation, they use what they have to protect their business. When local people are weak enough to let this element in, they themselves are at risk of losing family members if they don’t continue to make the sources successful. Is it any wonder why so much has obviously been done to screw-up these cases? Where else does a sheriff support deputies buying crime scenes/ Where else is a crime scene always ruined and contaminated by the time higher authorities are able to examine it? Where else do deputies take cash from a drug raid and are not immediately jailed? Where else is that deputy found to have over sixty cases sitting, unprocessed on her desk and no charges are filed for prosecution? where else does a prosecutor make statements to the effect that he will never prosecute a public official? Where alse can a police officer make very very explicite animal videos with a starring cast of (?????) and wind up as a local police force detective? Let’s be honest about our community. We have allowed the politicians (and in many cases, local businesspeople), as one put it so well on another site, “from the defective gene pool”, to corrupt the core of what our forefathers built and we’re too complacent and gullible to stop it while behind the curtain in the voting booth.

        • Ignite, interesting post. I have a question about one of the things you wrote: Where else is a crime scene always ruined and contaminated by the time higher authorities are able to examine it?
          Can you give some details about this? Which cases? What was done to ruin or contaminate? Who did this?

          • It is pretty well known that the FBI and/or state police (I don’t recall which) asked the sheriff’s department to leave the scene of the Holly Thibodeaux murder. This came directly from a deputy who was asked to leave with the sheriff. The scene had been trampled by JDP deputies and deputies continued to traverse the scene during the forensic examination and they were asked, not too politely, to leave. This was due to pure stupidity from ego and there was no evidence of any purposeful attempts to mangle the crime scene. It was a case of a bull in a china closet. However, at the scene of the Loretta Chaisson murder (or rather, corpse discovery), the LA State Police were called by citizens to learn why a state highway was taped off with yellow tape and there were numerous sheriff’s department vehicles at the bridge. There was a group of vehicles waiting to use the highway and wanted to know whether to detour or to wait for an opening, so, they called. The state police had not even been notified of the highway closure (much less the discovery of the body) while deputies completely “investigated” the scene. There have been numerous other rumors/reports (the rest are only rumors, however, are from extremely reliable, inside sources – rumors can be true, as much as we don’t like them) that crime scenes are not left pristine for true forensic study but are “worked on” by our locals before experts are called. The crime scene vehicle bought by the detective, well, we all know that shameful story. Needless to say, I am like many in this parish who have very little regard for our officials and police forces in general. I feel that they either have purposely not attempted to solve these cases, for their own reasons, or, are so severely incompetent that they give the appearance of purposely screwing things up. There can be no in-between. Our officials are so tied up in local politics and special interests of local individuals that they have completely lost touch with reality and with taking pride in the public trust. My complaint and mistrust isn’t with the many officers who believe in what they’re doing and make their best attempts in spite of opposition and roadblocks placed by their administrators. The problem lies with those officers who knowingly assist the higher-ups in cover-up, conspiracy and corruption; there are plenty of them. They know who they are and I believe that the public is slowly learning who they are as well. They don’t understand that they will be quickly sacrificed like one of the unsolved murder victims to save their superiors if ever it comes to that. Fortunately, I now have the time to follow up and learn where the fire is behind some of this local smoke of rumors. I’ve learned quite a lot from reading these posts for several years. I’ve followed up on several accusations and postings, only to find that the most horrific rumors about our local officials do seem to have merit if you follow up on the leads and stories. What sounds like ranting and hatred is, when you take the time to ask around, shockingly accurate. I am completely convinced of a lot of very very high level wrong-doing in our parish and even beyond our parish.

  48. Lasy year in Gena,LA. The gena 6 got huge media attention.That was from a racially charged school fight.If they can get the medias attention,like CNN then their is no doubt in my mind if hundreds of Jennings residents took to the streets with picket signs and demanded the closing of crack houses ,more police attention someone in the media is going to notice.In Lafayette we have officers that patrol the streets in crime infested neighborhoods just to make their presence known. Invite every televisuon station statewide and who knows it may get national attention.

    • Curvy- I agree with kitkat! I think what kitkat is saying is that since murder won’t get national attention- a whole slew of citizens rallying outside of some government building demanding change will! And then when they see what the fuss is about- BAM! The victims take the spotlight! This has been my fear for sometime: that a disgruntled family member is going to be so upset that they do something drastic- and then that gets national attention. But if the citizens rally together and demand something of our government – then that is peaceful positive but assertive action and then here comes MSNBC, CNN.

    • And you know what brought that media attention? It was the march that included civil rights activists such as Rev Jesse Jackson and Rev Al Sharpton. Hmm- so who would be the equivalent in this situation? Probably some big women’s movement figures….I’m sleepy, but I will think on this one…

      • Some famous women come to mind….Barbara Walters and The Ladies of The View, Oprah Winfrey, Lisa Ling. They all have a huge audience.

  49. We have been pestering national media and no one has bit yet. Kodiak film co. was the first real national attention we’ve got thus far. As as far as another victim I’ve heard several opinions that there will likely be another victim before Christmas. That’s just the way the odds are and that’s how it happened last year. So unless the SK changes his tune, then who knows. I guess only he/she/ they know!

  50. After reading with great amazement at what is going on in your small town. I’ve contacted a few experts that I work with forensically and here is what he submitted to me:

    Has psychological/psychiatric issues…probably has been institutionalized.
    Probable impotence.
    Mother figure was promiscuious and/or drug user.
    Killing the prostitutes is his way of striking out at his “mother”…most likely a resemblance between
    she and his victims. He did not have a relationship with his father…
    Although he probably did not have sexual intercourse with his victims…most likely ejaculated at the scene.
    Probable suicide attempts in past.
    Has a vile hatred for women.
    Could be an attempt to eradicate fingerprints or denature DNA
    May have a medical condition that can be traced
    Possible degree in biology…may work in medical field…(microbiology research on antiseptics indicates bleach
    is 99.9% effective in concealing contractable conditions).
    Don’t have the info here, but I think the murders started in 2005 with a 2 year lapse until the present.
    Possibly incarcerated or institutionalized before 2005 and during the 2 years.
    May have moved into the area in 2005

  51. One other condition:

    Most likely a caucasian male 25-40 years of age.

  52. I have a question for the PI’s who are reading now. I have seen several profiles and analogies of the kind of serial killer this person may be… Have you factored in that some of these girls were afraid before they died, they were vocal about being the next victim and that they were all in the same circle of friends and all associated in some way with people and places affiliated with drugs… I suppose because I stand by the fact that I think they were killed to hush them up or to repay a “debt”. Maybe I feel that way because is because Jennings has the reputation for letting drug dealers run certain parts of town… I dont live there but I have been warned of the streets to avoid… Dont get me wrong… I know Jennings has lots of good people, but this small beautiful town is known to be dangerous. I guess because I am a very strong opinionated person but I truely feel that there is something missing in the analogies of this killer… Not meaning to step on any toes… I was just curious to these facts.

    • I’m with you curious1.

      ” I suppose because I stand by the fact that I think they were killed to hush them up or to repay a “debt”.

      • Brownie I am really happy that we are getting feedback from people who are knowlegible and know others who are knowlegible and want to help…. I just hope that they get the whole picture… Not just the little bit of facts that we know but also all of the circumstances that are known facts(not rumors)about these girls lives. That they ran with the same people.. They frenquented the same places… And some of them feared for their lives before they died…. I just feel like these are important factors to include in this scenario…. When you see 8 or 10 deaths over a span of time I know the first thing you think is serial killer but for me with all this other stuff factored in I see…. A huge dangerous scenario that runs deep into the drug world…. I see cruel heartless people who know exactly what they are doing but will do anything to protect themselves or those he/she/them are told to protect… As NJ Said

        newjerseypi, on September 18th, 2009 at 11:05 AM Said:
        Contract and hush killings if acquired by the same person or persons is not distinguished from serial killings if they meet the lawful guidelines that define serial killings. It’s very possible they were hush killings and when drugs are involved its a very dangerous playground. Money and drugs will get someone killed quicker than just about anything else that I know of.

        I think the reason this hasnt been solved is that it runs so deep and because it is so dangerous and tedious…I think someone is going to have to talk to get this solved and everyone is too afraid.

    • Yes that has been factored into the equation. It’s also been suggested that these girls may/were confidential informants (CI’s) and I would suggest to law enforcement that they find out which detective put these girls on the streets as CI’s if that is the case because its evident that there is a leak in their department that is letting someone know that these girls are CI’s and that may be where the premonition that they will be next is coming from. LE needs to go through their list of CI’s and find out who the CI’s were working for and determine who it is that they were there to bust.

      • Very good michigan… I am happy to know this… I mean I know that I am not an expert or trained in any way but in my heart of hearts I feel these girls were killed for a reason… I also know that it is easy to get caught up in the true facts and the circumstancial stuff sometimes gets over looked… Thanks so much for that reply!!!!!

      • I have begun to come to the same conclusion michigan. It’s not unusual for departments to have leaks in them and often that will place a CI in danger, especially if the CI knows that he/she gave information about someone and that would be where the premonition of impending death would come from. That would also be where the fear would come from as well. Girls that are consistenly walking the streets are best as informants and detectives that use them need to be especially careful because leaks in their department can get them killed.

  53. To the Killer: Everyday we are getting closer to your identity. Even though you THINK you have been pretty sly, we are right behind you now. YOU may have thought that no one knows you and why you are doing this, but we are closing in. I know you read this, you can’t help yourself, you need to know what “THEY” are thinking. Now you know………

  54. Coming back to the bleach, I remember a certain segment of CSI Miami (yes I know I watch too much of these crime shows, lol) where the woman detective Callie is using bleach to clean up a crime scene. Somehow it makes me think that this SK is either very well educated in the field of law enforcement or forensics or either watches too many crime shows too. Seriously I certainly would have never thought of the bleach thing, but then I’m no SK either!

  55. Yep, and I also agree with others that these were crimes committed all because these girls knew too much! And I’m sure there must be others out there that still “know too much.” So instead of walking the streets at all times of the day and night like they just don’t care, they should be vigilant and concerned for their lives. When we’re in Jennings we see young women walking by theirselves at all times of the day. I don’t know what it will take for these girls to fear for their lives.

  56. I have a new term for the SK “Serial Hitman!”


    I don’t mean to be a party crasher but just a request to you folks that you please be careful of what is said on here for the simple reason that if the person responsible for these terrible crimes happen to be watching you don’t want to tip them off to any strategies that may be forthcoming. Theories are fine as long as they are theories.

    I can tell you that there are some great minds and alot of intelligence working on this case as we speak. Not speaking of your local law enforcement and not to put them down or discredit them but local law enforcement’s mentality is logic and based on facts instead of actual leads and tips. Investigators in the private sector have to think outside the box and law enforcement for some reason does not have that same mentality. Nothing against law enforcement but I’ve witnessed it too many times where this is a case that the public will solve not law enforcement and if you have nobody willing to speak to law enforcement then you have to have sources that you go to that these people will speak to and give valuable information to.

    On the PI Newsgroups where I come from, there is a secretive chamber as we call it where investigators sign a confidentiality agreement and discuss what is going on. I have not signed that agreement because I do not know enough about the case as of yet. Most of the investigators that have been in the secret chamber are former detectives with the LAPD, NYPD, former FBI and DEA agents, and they are from coast to coast. They do have a strategy and are enacting the strategy to catch those responsible.

    All I’m requesting is be mindful of the discussion as not to reveal too much information that might tip the person responsible to the strategy. Thank You.

  58. Sorry, POSTER should have been plural POSTERS:

  59. Point well taken. Sometimes we tend to get a little carried away on here!

  60. Excuse my ignorance but what does CI stand for?

  61. confidential informants

  62. Oh ok. Thanks!

  63. I agree Michigan. I’m know Vicki very well and its her secret chamber that we go into and discuss hard to solve cases. I’ve been in a few of them after I’ve signed confidentiality agreements. Alot of cases were solved in those secret chambers. I have my agency in Alabama and work by myself and of course my husband is licensed but has a full time job.

    Michigan is correct. Sometimes giving out too much information and cause the killer to take other steps to avoid detection. I also agree that the public will solve this case not law enforcement, its just not one of those cases. Your local PI was very smart to ask for help. Many other PI’s have come from all walks of life and every angle of previous law enforcement to assist in solving this case. Law enforcement would have someone believe that without forensic evidence and other evidence this case can’t be solved but that simply is not true. We can take public information and put together the pieces and solve a case like this one just by communicating with other PI’s. There are some good names that I observed that has gone in the secret chamber. Best the public can do now is pray for a solution and that their strategies are effective and I have faith that it will be. Very seldom to they fail.

  64. What is the connection with Andrew St and the can place on W Division?

  65. PI (plural),

    Don’t really know how to ask or say this but please don’t take my question(s) as insulting. I know somethimes I come off in a way that may seem rude (I’m really a nice person) with lots of questions.

    For the last few days several PIs have been writing, not only that they have many posters no longer posting. We read about IP addresses then we read about secret rooms on a PI blog. Then we are told there strategies going on in the secret room and further about not giving out too much information and watch what is said.

    What do we have to do with what is talked about in the secret room and how would we know what is talked about? What can we talk about?

    I’m confused! Don’t know if I’m out of order but I know I will soon read if so. An example I just answered looker. I don’t know the answer for myself but have heard it from several sources so they all can’t be wrong.

    • I wanted to say the PIs were very informative and appreciated at least I enjoyed reading their ideas since they are the experts.

      • An investigator has to maintain confidentiality at all times and the secret chamber is part of a PI newsgroup that only PI’s can access to discuss cases. This case is discussed in private just as law enforcement discusses their cases in private. You need a username and password to enter it and it is flooded with firewalls and security systems that does not allow any unauthorized person to enter or monitor what is going on.

        They have solved many cases and issues in this fashion and it has proven to be very successful. The reason why we asked everyone to be careful of what they say on a public forum is because if the person responsible is reading he may take another strategy or stray from his usual mode of operation. We don’t want someone to say something that was not released to the public by accident and then the person is watching and it takes a different angle because of what they’ve read on a public forum.

        Any one that resides in that county it involves because it is their county that these homicides are occurring. The public should be concerned and we believe they are. Even I, as a PI from Alabama is not privy of what goes on in the secret chamber as they call it because I have not signed the confidentiality agreement. The only talk in that chamber is about the case at hand and not about anything else.

        As far as IP addresses go, some PI was able to trace it because it was a public computer. Only public computer’s can be traced because it is paid for by taxpayer funds. There’s no need to worry. If it had been an individual, all the IP address would have shown would have been aol or bellsouth but that would have been the end result and we wouldn’t be having this conversation. The PI that was on here, I believe someone said newjerseypi appeared intelligent enough to believe that the person that made a comment seemed to be placing himself in an official capacity so it was checked to determine if it was a public computer. The public has a right to know when a public computer is used for posting comments on a public forum. That is the extent of that.

        The only reason PI’s go in private is to relay ideas to each other and blueprint a strategy and several strategies for apprenhending/identifying a perpretrator of a violence crime. Its just so that the person they are trying to apprehend is not aware of the strategy. I hope I’ve explained myself well enough. I sincerely apologize if I have not.

        • lonepi, I greatly respect what you have said and thank you very much for your response. I can assure you I often ask or say maybe out of line. I still can’t understand why after all this time this is one blog where people should not keep up conversations as they did before pi(s) posted in the last few days. I know the local PI poster for a long time and provided confidence here but now imo what can or cannot be posted is limited.

          I’m thinking it’s time for me to move on since I don’t understand all this new way of what can or cannot be talked about. You see what have been read here by the newly here pi(s) have been here for a good while. Those were things that LE and most likely the killer(s) have read long ago. Heck there was even a day when a person of interest (imo) even posted in anger.

          Sorry if I created a problem but again thanks for responding.

          • I would like to expand on that a bit. What we are speaking about is if you happen to hear any strategies that might be in the making don’t make it public knowledge. You can continue the conversation as it always is but if you hear, inadvertently, for instance, that law enforcement or pi’s will be watching a house on such and such a corner don’t advertise it is all we’re requesting. Coming up with theories is fine, speaking as you would is fine.

            Good example, and I’ve just learned this today by speaking to someone in Louisiana in Baton Rouge. It was stated that the person or persons responsible knew that cameras were down the area where the bodies rested so they would not dump in that area anymore. That statement apparently made its way to the person or persons responsible and they believe that’s why the last victim was rested near the interstate.

            Carry on the usual conversation but we are only requesting that if you hear something by accident that only you would know please don’t publicly repeat it as it may be part of a strategy to catch whoever is committing these crimes.

            I’m with you guys on everything. I don’t want these killings to continue and this SOB needs to be brought to justice and swiftly. Another example is if you hear of any potential victims that may be monitored don’t mention their names because it might cause the person or persons responsible to stray to another potential victim, as lonepi stated in her post. It’s just being cautious but its mostly speaking of what has not already been made public knowledge. Continue as usual but everyone wants this person captured and now it is getting some type of national attention its time to bring this person to justice and now.

          • michigan_pi, thanks for clearing that up. I’m certain most of the people in JDP and elsewhere want the SOB brought to justice. Again I’m sorry if I asked the wrong questions, heck maybe I should name myself ‘question everything’. I want to take the time to say thanks and also thanks to KM for asking for help.

  66. Hi unbiased,I logged on last night and was talking about the picket signs and holding a huge rally.I got this idea from murders that were happening in Washington state 25 years ago.The green river killer.Women were so outraged because he had already taken the lives of 45 women.These women were prostitutes and i am not saying that these girls from Jennings were.The women were outraged because they to thought LE was not doing enough because these women were considered having a high risk lifestyle.They had hundreds of women carrying signs that said SAVE OUR SISTERS and wake up Seattle.They did not need to contact any womens groups at all.Their own attention got a lot of coverage.And i am just saying if they did it,why cant the people of Jennings do it.They cannot stop you as long as it is a peaceful march.Do it asap,it cant hurt.

  67. I think its a great idea, I do! But so many of us are on here anonymously and are hesitant to give up our identities- so how do we get together to do so?

  68. Thats a tough one ,I do not know.But where theres a will,theres a way.Let me think about it.I do not live in Jennings but am about 40 miles away,so I guess it is easy for me to say this.

    • How about the 7 Nov when Cease the Fire in Jefferson Davis will have their event. The web link is on here and they already have events planned. That’s a start at least, imo.

      • Yes ahlou! That’s what I was hoping someone would say. We will find eachother somehow and network…..

        • I’ll make it my business to be there unbiased…and with signs….I’m with you!!!!

          • Great to see everyone coming together. I remember the words of NJPI, stay united and there are strength in numbers, I think he was trying to tell us something.

          • Thanks ahlou- I will be there. I’m involved in the group so I will be working at it. Also- even if we don’t bring our signs with us, just a large group of people there united for the same cause will get us all in one spot- then we can put our heads together and come up with a plan to get another event together- like a march or something like that. Ill talk to Mechon about having a booth or some type of location there where people can go and talk about ideas like that- that way we will feel safe about getting our heads together. I know there are going to be some speakers there, and some zydeco groups and lots of healthcare groups educating us about health issues. STD/AIDS awareness activities for the youth, etc. Plus food- that always gets me somewhere- I hope you all come out and get involved. The sponsor for the group is wanting to put a community center here for the kids- I’m excited about that.

      • think that is the perfect date to have it. and people might not know it but there are alot of people in jeff davis parish that will work with signs and do what ever it takes to get this solve soon. and i think all the other girls that are still walking the streets i think they should walk with us and maybe just maybe that will help them to know that there r people out there that cares and dont want to see anyone get hurt. so yesssssssss lets do it

  69. I just have to say that the library has public computers also. So that person New Jersey PI thought might have been using a computer from the sheriff’s office may in fact have been using a library computer! Both the sheriff’s dept. and the library are located on Plaquemine st. In Jennings!

  70. But the public library is not located at 321 E Plaquemine street either. If you will read the post again, someone gave the address and it was registered to the JDPSO.

    • The Jefferson Davis Parish Library Headquarters Branch is at 118 West Plaquemine Street in Jennings.

      I verily believe that NJPI knew what he was doing before it was published.

  71. Hmmm…ok, I didn’t realize the address was given. Yeah that’s not the library address for sure. I think I missed something but what is this secret chamber you are all talking about?

  72. Ok anonymity, I wasn’t trying to be a smarty or anything. Its just seeing all kind of folks at the library on the computers there, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone would go on the forum from there.

    • I didn’t take you as being a smarty at all. I’m sure that it would have been listed as Jefferson Davis Parish Library or something like that on the IP address then it probably would have never been mentioned if that was the case.

    • I traced it also. It was traced to the Sheriff’s Dept.

      Jefferson Davis Sheriff’s OFC
      321 E Plaquemine Street, Jennings, LA 70546 zip code

      network:Network-Name:PARISH OF JEFF DAVIS
      network:Org-Name:PARISH OF JEFF DAVIS
      network:Street-Address:321 E PLAQUEMINE ST

  73. And I’m sure NJPI knew what he was talking about. I don’t doubt that at all!

  74. They call it a secret chamber but its like a chat room that has extra precautions than others like several firewalls and security features. Its part of a PI newsgroup where PI’s that are having problems with a case can get in this chatroom and discuss the case with other PI’s. Remember the old saying, more heads are better than one. However, PI’s follow a strict code of ethics and retainer agreements and confidentiality agreements have to be signed, faxed over, and a hard copy mailed to the moderator and this is usually done via overnight mail. It’s usually only done on complex cases or hard to solve cases. In this case, I do know that former FBI agents, profilers, former DEA agents, and such are involved in assisting with this case because KM requested assistance. KM is part of a network of investigators and he is known to assist investigators in other parts of the US when they need assistance so when he ask for assistance he help him out.

    Funny thing, I went to join the secret chamber and I was asked by the door watcher (yes, they have a virtual door watcher) and if I did not know the passcode it locked me out. It’s highly secure and only those than can truly admit that they have been contacted by the investigative agency to participate is allowed to be involved in the brainstorming sessions. There may be some out of state PI’s, from what I understand, coming down to your part of the country if I’m correct, as soon as this case is analyzed.

  75. Well thats wonderful info.But some of us on here are just simple folks ,who may not know all of your jargin.We do not have virtual door watchers or secret chambers.We just want this murderer caught.

  76. KPLC will be airing a story at ten tonight about the unsolved homicides in Jeff Davis Parish including the others that were in the article of the Jennings Daily News Sunday. They were just in Jennings covering the story.

  77. Letter to the Editor response

    Noted our Gov is all over visiting churches

  78. They certainly sound like an elite group michiganPI. Do they actually solve cases in the secret chamber and also is there any money involved for signing retainers and being a part of this elite group of PIs?

  79. I wouldn’t call them elite, they are selected by the investigative agency based on their experience and previous law enforcement experience. I do not know about any money being transferred when the retainer agreement is signed but more than likely because its for KM the retainer agrees to remit all expenses to the investigators should they have to go to Jennings. More than likey, if there were the discussion of money its only a small nominal amount.

  80. In an area the size of Jeff Davis Parish the walls have eyes. Every where you go, even when you think you are alone, there is someone watching, somewhere. It is just a matter of time before someone will come forward with damning evidence and the house of cards will come tumbling down, Those girls spirits are calling out for justice, and justice WILL BE SERVED!! With all the fine people working on this case there can be no other outcome. My prayers go out to the families, and I remind them that they will see justice, and very soon, at that. To all of you working so hard to solve this case, God Bless and keep you!!!!

  81. Thank you Brittany,I will watch.Very sorry for the loss of your sister.

  82. Hi serialpsychic are you a real psychic?And if you live close enough maybe you could help.

    • Not to make fun of anyone, I just remember back in the late 60’s or early 70’s, there was an international psychic seminar or some kind of gathering in New York state. Renowned Psychics from all over the world showed up for the outdoor event that was going to last for several days. It was taking place in a park area, maybe Central Park, New York; it’s been too long to remember. The interesting thing is that, all of these psychics showed up for this outdoor event that was scheduled to last several days. The best of the best showed up. The event was rained out for the entire period and not one of the psychics who traveled for the event knew it would rain on these dates. The news had a field day!!!

  83. what day of the week is this ganna be..believe me if i can be off from work ill be there!!sign and all..with pictures of these girls on them..i know lots of people in jennings and i can make one phone call and they would be there to ..just let me know..if enough people show up noone will know who is on this site or not..sounds like a plan…

  84. Well there you go unbiased, I told you where their is a will there is a way.Sounds like a good plan.Raise hell girls.

  85. what channel is kplc if you live north about 5 hours

  86. I can’t get kplc live but can get it after on

  87. ok i watched the news kplctv this morning and it really didnt say much more than whats being said on here,,but how sad that i got to see a mourning brother..and there are so many out there..thank you ahlou for the address..i aslo got on and looked art the maps of jennings and i fpund the andrew house..but is this not an appartment complex? if so is there someone living in the one next door..interesting

    • I went online and watched it. You are right, it is not saying much more than on here, but they did bring up the previous unsolved murders up. To me that is a BIG progress from KPLC. Normally they don’t report stuff like that. So, Thanks KPLC for the report!

  88. The house on Andrew St is NOT an apartment complex it is a house. It is the brown house.

    • BINGO!!! I know all about that brown house and what goes on over there. Things been going on over there for too long and what I don’t get is why LE doesn’t get any warrants or anything. I mean HELLO, I’m sure all the neighbors know whats going on. I know that LE has been there on occasions and nothing came up. That is bc it’s his house. He knows where to hide things and cover up his tracks. It’s the same thing with all our houses, we know it better than anyone. If we would want to hide something, we’d know where to put it…. What about bringing in Crowley’s K-9 unit and having a thorough search???

      • sick of it—The brown house is on Andrew St. I believe the person you are referring to(bc) is the person who live directly behind the Andrew St. house on Doyle. Some previous posters have named him(the person at the Andrew St. house)

        • EA: No, the person I was referring to is the one on Andrew St. The person in reference to advised to me, on occasion, that the victims did go to his house and engaged in sexual favors in trade for drugs. But, maybe you are right, I have left that area a long time ago and not aware of what is going on now. I was just offering my opinion about the situation. You guys are doing an excellent job here, and I pray that the perp or perps get caught before any more lives are taken.

  89. Jeff Davis Parish investigating 13 unsolved murders

  90. IMO It doesnt matter if it is the same thing on the news every night about these killings…. As long as it is still getting attention… They could be running the story on the Crusty Crab Television on Sponge Bob… I dont care as long as it is being seen by someone.(sadly lots of grown ups watch that) I thought the man giving the interview did a really good job last night especially indicating that there were other murders that needed attention also… It just proves that family memebers as well as non-family memebers want whatever is going on in Jennings to stop and they arent selfish in wanting just there loved ones killer/killers caught but all of the unslolved murders… Stay in the face of corruption and the killer/killers… Again… My opinion!!!

  91. Just an FYI…..none of the KATC links under the NEWS tab are valid any longer. Apparently they updated/upgraded their website. I sent an email to them to determine if there is still a way to link to past news articles. I’m going to leave the links up until I hear back from them.

    If anyone here knows a way to get to the past articles let me know please. I’m not even able to find cached versions either.

  92. Hey, sick of it all–He is hiding the drugs at the white house across the street. No one lives there right now and you can see his dealers going back and forth. Cars drive up to his (Dugas) house–leave–the guys go across the street–come back to Dugas’–the cars come back and get their fix. The detectives have been advised of this and still nothing is being done.

    • This is a major stinking crock of shit!!! I cannot understand for the life of me why this drug den is allowed to stay in operation. And, from the sound of it……it’s not just drugs. What is going on??

      • g8-__ This has been reported to LE many times and nothing is done about it.Many of the victims were seen there,and it still goes on, there still young women coming there including T. Gary & gf.LE knows about this and also the Mayor knows,Hell who knows the sherrif & DA probably also are aware of the goings on too.

    • Call Crimestoppers……someone did that to a person I know, and Narcotic units were there the next day with a warrant. This person was accused of dealing lortabs by thier immediate neighbor, although it was not true, nor substantiated. This was in BR. The DEA should be interested also.

      Looker, I would record time, date and how often, establish a pattern on paper, and call others outside Jennings.

      • observer–We are only one of the many area parishes that do not have a crimestoppers number to call.We have city police & sherrif dept and they are aware of what goes on at this house!!!! So it goes on and on….


    • danny semmes is the one that is head of narcot. and the only thing he will do is maybe go in and get his fix. and nothing else will get done about it. someone needs to find someone else to go into the house besides jennings and parish to see hell go in to all there house call the land lord get permission from him or her if the house is empty say u want to rent it go scope it out.
      i hope yall understand this cause i do and dont but i know what i am trying to say. danny semmes nose is not clean and he needs to be check out him self

  93. G8 You do understand, and too well, what is going on. This whole mess is being LOOKED OVER WITH A BLIND EYE!!!! WHY??? Good question…. Wonder what the “POWERS THAT BE” have to say about this?

    • “They” can say whatever they want to say in the newspaper about all this……, I say it’s stunk from the beginning, still stinks………and, looks like it’s gonna keep on stinking. It’s like having a dead mouse somewhere in your house and you can’t find it.

      • Well said g8, I couldn’t agree more.

        Thanks for sharing – Looker.

        The more they are exposed, maybe they will get the hint and leave when it gets to hot for them…Video could be just what helps put them under…..They should not want their faces of film, and get license plate numbers, car descriptions.

        • Train yourselves beforehand to photograph or video without being shaky handed or nervous. Practice!!!! Good photographs or videos are execellent evidence…..very difficult to discredit. If you see something/someone in your area that you sense is “trouble”….start taking photos and/or videoing.

  94. well now that i have come out to speak thanks to all who have come out in support of my actions to bring to light all murders not just our eight it is time for us all to come together as one to try and get justice for all familys even those that have been left out till now im sure the familys wonder why nothing has been said till now.

    • There are people there that want answers. I received an email from one of Butch’s relatives and his parents apparently died without knowing why he was killed and who killed him. His family would like answers just like I know you and yours do.

      Maybe none of the deaths are related. Maybe it was a different person that killed every single one of them. The fact remains….and it’s hard to ignore…….there are a LOT of unsolved murders (and they don’t seem to be stopping) in JDP!! The parish may be considered large, land wise, but….population wise, not that big.

    • I’m sure this is very overwhelming for you at times or all the time. Are you ok? Please take a moment to care for yourself. You have been through alot. Possibly you against the world at times. Take care of you, ok. My thoughts are always with you and all of the victim’s families.

  95. SORRY< PREVIOUS POST WAS BY Michael Dubois.

  96. Hello Michael, my post is for you too!

  97. g8trgirl- You go Girl! Keep seeking the truth!

  98. Wow. You are all right. This sure does stick the high heaven knowing what’s going on between the two houses and nothing being done about it. There will be something about murders in Jeff Davis Parish at 10 pm on KATC.

  99. “Chances of Dying An Untimely Death In Jeff Davis Parish” on KATC @ 10 pm tonight!

  100. wow!!! 13 unsolved murders in less than 15 years??
    Now who is running that parish the law or the murderer??—looks like there is a problem
    I feel that someone is very dumb and dont know what to do or–SOMEONE IS LETTING THEM GET AWAY
    WITH IT—which one???dont know
    but this is a case I want to solve–just like my mail theft
    I wish personally could catch this —-because this is a fed offense—and I dont like people reading my confidential mail—If I had a clue–or a describe a person
    or male or —what—but who–
    could be anyone—
    even —the one writing this
    what do you think—
    for over 6 years someone has obstructed our mail
    for over 15 years someone has cause 13 people to go without their family hmmmm
    sounds like the same a—hole

  101. i would like all of you to take a look at the date that zeno was missing and found—-
    there is a great significance to hurricane gustave and ike—-she missed –right before a hurricane–where everyone is preparing—but not found until 9 11 2008
    now everyone k now gustave was 9 1 09–and ike was
    2 weeks later—2 in one month

  102. if these women were drug users as many people do
    look at the pushers—who are they???
    is they were doing sex—look for ‘jons’
    that is true prosituting

  103. I’ve contacted NJPI through email then I called him and wanted to chat with him for a bit. I don’t know anything about these murders but I wanted to thank him for caring so much for someone not being from this state.

    I find myself an excellent judge of character. He is a super very super sharp individual, very calm, soft spoken. He did not say that the Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff’s Department is using their own PI someone by the name of Mark Poullard, a retired State Trooper from Crowley, Louisiana. I never heard of him but he seemed to know alot but couldn’t discuss anything about the case and he told me that.

    I was impress with him. I asked if he might be coming down and he said that he was discussing that with KM right now and more than likely he will but nobody will know when he is coming down and he will be staying at an undisclosed location. I asked if he wanted to say anything to you guys on the blog since he isn’t on here anymore and this is what he said:

    Tell everyone to stay united. Numbers is their best strength in this case and to seek justice. He said that the entire parish is a victim of injustice and it affects everyone not just the victims or the victim’s family because we are all victims of a system that can’t determine a killer of a town of only about 12,000. He did assure me that he was retained by KM’s agency and he has been in contact with the lead investigator on the case. He also said that he is trying to involve a Utah Private Investigator Tim Childs who is known for solving cases of multiple homicides. Tim Childs is a former FBI agent turned private investigator. He did assure us that this case is being looked at by no less than 7-10 out of state private investigators and being taken seriously.

    Needless to say, I was impress in the 20 or so minutes of our conversation.

    • Scuse me……..put on the brakes.

      He did not say that the Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff’s Department is using their own PI someone by the name of Mark Poullard, a retired State Trooper from Crowley, Louisiana.

      Why would JDPSO need a PI?? Just curious. Or do they not need one……I’m confused.

      • If they have a PI- then thier PI can get on the websites where the crimes are being discussed, and kepp LE informed as to what all other PI’s are doing and finding out.

        g8, I bet when you made this site, you never thought so many more unsolved crimes, murders and such would surface. Seems, the parish needs others to be examined with a fine tooth comb.

        Praise God- seems it is happening.

  104. Well watching KATC and haven’t seen anything yet about Jeff Davis Parish. Hmmmm, hope I understood right!

  105. Ok KATC didn’t show it. What a big rip-off or I must have misunderstood, hmmmm…

  106. Go back to the 70’s, there are still alot of unsolved homicides that have turned cold. Ask about the LaCombe boys that were tied to the railroad track. They can say what they want about Dallas Cormier but they did make an arrest early in the homicides.

  107. Does anyone remember Brady Huff and Donald Davis? Anyone have any facts regarding their deaths?

  108. Food for thought but advice from NJPI during our conversation and final words and I really don’t know how to interpret it:

    Just is blind but it can see in the dark!!!!

  109. meant Justice.

  110. How about Mr. Terry Scoper? Has anyone got an idea where he may have gone off to since the Butch Sonnier murder? He was granted immunity in exchange for his testimony against another party, a Mr. LaBauve, I believe. It was found that the testimony was faulty and BOTH Scoper and LaBauve were able to escape prosecution for that murder, a murder that stemmed from, guess what – a good-ole fashioned drug debt. As I recall, Mr. Michael Conner is the one who cried and begged for Scoper to be granted immunity after Conner had been living with the old gay judge from Jennings and during the time that all the questionable cocaine and money forfeitures were taking place in the parish. This was during the general time that the drugs were stolen from the evidence room of the courthouse. I can’t remember if it was before or after Dateline featured Mr. Conner in their special about Jeff Davis Parish corruption. I do recall that Scoper’s sister also shot and killed a woman and was never prosecuted. This was also during the time that Mr. Conner was a deputy and before he became a police chief. He spent a lot of quality time with Mr. Ted Gary where they had a facility north of Jennings where many many events were organized and planned. The drug task force was quite active then and the stories were plentiful regarding their antics. This stuff went on for so long that people I talk to can’t remember the time lines or details. The main facts are still clear; it seems that numerous murders were purposely allowed to go unsolved. There are waaaay more than five unsolved murders in addition to the eight most recent ones and I very firmly believe that they are all tied to the same general cause. That cause is the protection of certain people’s identity with regard to the crimes that they are involved with. It’s widely circulated that Loretta Chaisson had witnessed the abduction of Rat Trahan immediately before his murder. She told certain people who abducted and who likely killed Trahan. The people she told were her close friends, who also told friends who hang out in the same circles. Well, her friends are now gone – dead. It’s difficult to get testimony and leads now that they are all dead. Or are they all? Someone knows what’s going on but they aren’t telling yet. I hope the truth comes out before it’s too late for those who share knowledge and for some who may not know anything at all but are assumed to know something. Could it be that people of a particular group are all being killed in the hopes that all of those with knowledge will be eliminated? The scattergun effect? There may be a pattern and purpose to this after all.

    • Ignite, that was good.

      Anymore talk on walking the streets with signs? Probably better to do it on a weekend since more people will be able to make it.

      • Walking the streets with signs? I saw lots of that in the sixties and it eventually stopped a political war in Asia. Maybe that can get some justice here in the face of corrupted officials. Sometimes it seems that the corruption spans all the way from the dog catcher to the United Nations.

  111. ignite-when i googled Terry Scoper’s name there was a birth ann. in the JDN that came up-info from that puts him in Gueydan. So much cover ups….so much corruption.
    My prayers are with all family members in all these cases……hang in there….stand together…united.Make your voices heard.there are so many supporting yall,might not see them or know who they are,but they are there none the less.
    I am a mother of 4 and all this , well it scares the HELL out of me.How could all of this have went on for so long?And ENOUGH is ENOUGH.
    These people are not above the law!

  112. Is Mike Conner still in office somewhere or LE? And who is this Ted Gary?
    Does anyone know what Terry’s Scoper’s sisters name is ?

    • terry scoper’s sister was agnes scoper,(now deceased) she was the owner of “cheers” bar on main st. in jennings.

    • Concerned, I never knew much about Mike Conner beyond what everyone else knew when he was a deputy. I saw him a few times back in the day but didn’t really know him at all. He lived with Judge Walter Peters and told people that he was the judge’s body guard (I will refrain from all the really good jokes that come to mind). There were lots of jokes about them back then – a couple of unmarried guys just sharing the rent. A judge and a sheriff’s deputy. The rumors back then were flying freely about Conner’s involvement in every dirty deed that took place in the parish for years. This was many years ago and Conner, I believe was several years younger than me. Mr. Conner was especially honored when he was singled out by Dateline NBC, when they featured Jeff Davis Parish’s corruption during the construction period of the cash forfeitures, cocaine and general drug epidemic that we see today. Not that these events or personal involvement had any connection with the drug market – That’s probably just a coincidence. Mr. Conner had lots of dealings with Ted Gary during that time. I did know him in passing but don’t know what became of him. People say that they were EXTREMELY close. Folks tell me that Ted Gary was a JDP detective and was one of the major players in the drug task force of the day. It was pointed out by Dateline that Conner became a police chief of an area town. The town is Lake Arthur, where Conner is from. People who know Conner say that he moved away from Lake Arthur to live with a retired priest who had been moved around by the church. I don’t know what ever became of Conner. He’s just spending his hard-earned money, I suppose.

      • thanks ignite for giving me some more background on these guys. Now if my memory is correct this is kin to Hannah Conner right?

        • yes it is Mike is Billy uncle.

          • hannah is billy daughter..billy is mikes nephew..mike is no blood kin to frankie because frankie has a different daddy..jenette was married i think 5 times..

    • Ted Gary was Dallas Cormier’s Chief Det. When Dallas was running the heavy I-10 drug/vehicle/money seizures, he and Ted and supposedly The DA at the time (W. Miller) were dipping in the bank acount where the seized $money was being held..Coincdentally a Federal Auditor showed up unannounced and Ted got caught with his hands in the cookie jar, so to speak. He turned on Dallas and said they were all taking out of the account…Ted ended up the only one who went down(18 months in FED PRISON) That saga did get Dallas booted out and The Great Ricky Edwards placed in the office of Sheriff.

  113. Who supplies the drugs? I understand the question and who it applies to don’t get me wrong.

    I just want to make another point to this, the best I can. You guys want to know who gives these drugs out, but you have to go back to the very beginning. The beginning as to when they very first started. How one can get addicted? Was it because these women was hurt in an accident and went to the medical doctor and they gave them pain medication, was it because they had a baby and needed pain medication, was it because of the peer pressure of the people they hung around with, etc… Most of the time it starts with the simple stuff like going to the medical doctor, then when they get addicted, and grant me you can, the doctor don’t have shit to do with them anymore. High doses of pain medication should never be prescribed in the first place. Doctors just want them out of the office, so they then turn to places outside their city, and just keep going, then when it gets to be to far to travel then they turn to the streets. So, you may want to think about it when you are in pain next time. Ask yourself, “Do I really need pain medication and if so does it really have to be that strong?”

  114. I think Brady Huff killed himself (shot himself) He was scared of the people that were after him. Don’t know abt Donald Davis.
    Let me ask this–How abt the Istre Brothers that were murdered in the 70’s–Is that connected too?

    • no, the istre brothers were murdered by racists who are in currently in prison. may have been drug related, but i seriously doubt it. Kurt Charles went before a parole board a few years back and stated that he and the other guy killed the istre boys because they were white, and is still in Angola at this time.

    • I remember my mom talking about the Istre Brothers. I think they were hitchhiking to Lake Arthur and shot along 1126?

      LOOKER: From the post way above here…about the White House on Andrew St., does anyone know who owns it, to contact, and/or set up something? I know there was people living there a few months ago…..You think they know any of what is going on there?

    • It was heavily rumored for a very long time that Brady Huff was dealing drugs for a local Jennings PD officer. The officer either had people selling on his behalf or he had people bragging and lying about their source of drugs because several people talked about their source. I can’t recall his first name but the last name was Reed. I have no idea what ever became of him but I do recall that several local, small time dealers used to brag that their connection was a Jennings PD cop named JB?, BO?, AB?, BJ?, Reed. Huff had a circumstance of some kind that lost the money he owed to his drug connection and he told several people that he was going to be killed because he owed the wrong group of people and couldn’t pay. Maybe he was robbed, lost the money? I don’t remember if I ever knew. I barely knew Huff, only by association and after he was killed, it was written off as suicide. Numerous people tried in vain to have the death investigated but it never went anywhere. It was forgotten like so many others. I didn’t know Davis at all but from what I recall, Donald Davis was a partner of Huff in THE business. He was also killed and from what I remember (I might have the story mixed up it’s been so long), his death was also dismissed as a suicide. I barely knew Huff but it really hit home because I had met him through mutual friends before his death and he apparently had lots of friends because he was talked about quite a bit. He was younger than me but I remember having met him before I heard of his death. I don’t like rumors any more than anyone but they are sometimes true and almost always contain an element of truth. These were two deaths that some people insisted were murders but since they were pot dealers, the public didn’t care to know anything except that they lived a “high risk lifestyle.” The book was closed. This old cliche has been used for many years to bring out the “who cares factor” in the public. Maybe these guys did both commit suicide. I don’t know. Now, female victims are being painted the same way, “high risk lifestyle” people; drug users; prostitutes. I read a post here some time back that made a lot of logical sense to me: If the police can say that these people were prostitutes and drug dealers or users, the police are admitting that they allowed them to operate in illegal endeavors with the knowledge of the police. If the negative descriptions are true, why were these victims never arrested for prostitution? Why wait till their deaths to bring out these accusations, if not to numb the public’s sympathy so that no one looks into the murders? I never knew there was prostitution going on in the parish till this was brought up, suspiciously, almost as an excuse or justification for murder. It’s not only unfair to the victims and families, it’s also unfair to the public who should feel insulted to be treated as though we can’t see through this. Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.

      • Just a word about Huff, it has been my understanding that muder was HIGHLY unlikely..Yes, he dealt drugs and apparently got in over his head and owed $money, BUT both of his parents were supposedly home at the time and Brady was in his room and tied a pillow around the end of a shotgun so they(parents) wouldn’t hear the blast and shot himself..Murder is plausible but not likely in my opinion due to the fact that both of his parents were home at the time.

        • Roger, According to the people I’ve spoken to, everyone agrees with you. They have the exact same memory as you, that his parents were home when he shot himself over the debt – Whoa, that had to be a horrible experience for them. Thanks drug dealers for yet more pain to innocent people.

  115. Also, They haven’t mentioned Rat Trahan’s murder in the unsolved murders. Was anyone arrested for that one?

    • his killer was arrested & charged Raynel Dispany 15 years for manslaughter…..He was killed in jail. Had 3 accomplices that were never charged.

      • Yes, I remember that the Dispany guy was charged and convicted. Unfortunately, we will never know the farther reaching implications as to why Trahan was killed. A personal debt was said to be the cause for abduction and murder by a group, acting in an oranized fashion. Hmm. While in the care of the state, the one killer who confessed, Displany, was himself killed. Since he had been guilty of interstate drug movement and marketing activity and was in the custody of the state, he knew things – about people. His time was very limited because of his knowledge. He shared this with some of the female victims of late. Some believe he was imprisoned for more than one reason. We already know that people can, in Jeff Davis parish, be given immunity for testimony about accomplices (i.e., the Terry Scoper/Butch Sonnier case) Like Lee Harvey Oswald, he was gone before being productive in the area of revealing names. He could have shed light on his accomplices’ identities and the deeper motivation for the Trahan murder. It was a matter of time before he would have spilled some beans. He may have been able to shed light on some very interesting facts regarding our own local drug industry but now, we may never know – at least not from his lips. As usual, it was all related to drug marketing during a time when the cocaine epidemic was sizzling in Jeff Davis Parish. Not that it’s a whole lot better now.

    • Murder Suspect Pleads Guilty
      December 10, 2003
      Reported by KPLC Staff

      A 23-year-old Jennings man who pleaded no contest to manslaughter in the 1997 murder and disappearance of Kenneth Trahan has been sentenced to 20 years in prison.

      Raynell Dispany, who’s already serving 15 years on unrelated federal drug charges, was originally indicted on second-degree murder charges.

      The charge was upgraded to first-degree murder in 2001 after investigators found new evidence in the case.

      Trahan was reported missing March 21st, 1997, by relatives when he failed to show up for work.

      His home was found unattended with the burners on the stove on and his car was missing.

      Two days later, police found Trahan’s bloodstained car abandoned on the city’s south side.

      Authorities say Dispany was a suspect in Trahan’s disappearance because he was seen driving the victim’s car and trying to wash out the car’s trunk.

      Six weeks after Trahan disappeared, authorities found his skeletal remains near the old city dump.

      An autopsy indicated he died of multiple gunshot wounds to the head.

      The case took nearly three years to get to trial because of several problems, including conflicting DNA results from three out-of-state labs, the loss of critical pieces of evidence and the deaths of two key witnesses — a forensic expert and one of the lead detectives on the case.

      • Loss of critical evidence? Deaths of key witnesses? Death of testifying experts? In Jeff Davis Parish?!?!?!?!?! NOOOOOO. Do Tell !!!

  116. The SHIT is getting so deep, you need hip boots just to wade thru it. (please pardon the language)…….

  117. Sometimes being number 1 is not a good thing:

    LA ranks #1 in rate of women murdered by men

    For full story see:

  118. you know this is sad that this has been going on for this long an it took 8 girls murders to bring all this out why hasnt anything been done before this maybe it could of been avoided but as a community now we can stand together as one an clean up our parish an city because clearly there is a problem you know i brought someone to court on monday at the parish an what i saw was alot of confussion an everyone not knowing what they where doing. lol not that they ever knew

    • in my opinion, it took 8 murders and the internet to bring this all out into the open. Without these blogs and the voices on them, it would have been pushed under the carpet yet again. The internet has never let this be forgotten even when the press and LE seemed let it die. Even with the warnings some have received to quit blogging, that “it is hampering the investigation”, the voices have not stopped! The silence of this parish is no more, and the secrets are becoming public knowledge. Better yet! WORLD WIDE KNOWLEDGE!

      • This needs exposure!!! Period. LE is trying to strong-arm people that are trying to help and if they have been in the lifestyle, used crack or any drugs in the past they are considered uncredible. How the hell do you figure that? This is getting too out of hand.


  120. Ok…here is an idea. How about taking all the blogs that has good information about the killings that has been going on, and keep them together. Starting with the first blog, instead of having the information spaced out. Maybe more clues can come of it.

    I noticed, from looking at the aerial map of where the bodies were located, it looks like an arrow. But, that’s just me…

    • sick of it all – I truly hope that someone is working as hard to assemble the truth as some are to cover it up. If anyone is working in assembling this data, keep it to yourself, lest you be awakened by deputies or other officials and charged with something that will be fully enforced by prosecutors. Also, people can be enlisted to start damaging rumors to discredit anyone working outside of “official” circles – remember what was attempted upon Mr. Menard after he revealed a videotape. Remember Ms. Ravey and Mr. Ewing when they tried to assist in the public cause. There are devious groups out there working in concert and trying to suppress information about the crime in this parish.

  121. What about the lastest attempted abduction? Anymore on that? Did they ever put out a sketch of what the man may look like?

  122. Ok here is a response to this post in July!

    Brownie- Well, last weekend in the JDN. An apartment complex had caught on fire, because of a meth lab. I believe it was rented to (not sure on first name) Mitsy Boudreaux. Wonder if they questioned her? FR has to get it from somewhere right?

    OK so Misty Boudreaux is my first cousin. Her apartment did not burn down bc it was a meth lab…it was an electrical fire. Misty or any of her family have no connection w/ FR! Yes she may have lived a certain kind of lifestyle, but sorry guys speed wasn’t her thing. Misty passed away a month or so ago due to the severe burns she had to her lungs. Nothing that is going on in this parish is fair to any of us! The drug issue needs to be corrected. And this killer needs to be found! I’m tired of always having to look over my shoulder or lock my doors in the daytime bc I’m afraid of who or what may be watching me. I am sorry to all families who have lost someone to this horrible situation. And my prayers are with all of you guys. The person or persons committing these crimes will be caught, esp. if we as a community stand together and find the truth. Thanks and I just wanted to clear that up on behalf of my cousin and her memory!

    • Cautious3, I definately want to apologize for your loss of Mitsy.

      I went back to look at my post, hoping to find a news article to see if what I posted was correct, but I didn’t. If it is wrong, I do apologize. Anyway, it was commented in June not July.

      • i just got a test message saying the killer is caught is it true does anyone know

        • is there anyone on i just want to know if my test is true or not i am shaking right now i hope this is all over with

      • Thanks for the apology. I just really wanted to clear that up. I know that everyone hears things…bc like you I do too. And yes, that was a rumor going around. I am very thankful for this site and think it is very helpful!

  123. I didn’t hear this, but then again, I’m not in J-town.

  124. I haven’t heard anything on killer(s) being caught.

  125. Oh please let it be true!!!!!!! Didn’t hear anything so far.

    • i email g8 and she or he has not heard anything about a arrest being mad yet i watch the channel 7 news and nothing on there either. i am hoping that it is not a rumor. maybe they did and waiting for awhile to make a public ann.

  126. After speaking to numerous people who should have knowledge, I believe that most if not all of these latest murder victims were CIs to law enforcement at one time or another. Shelia Comeaux was allegedly a CI as well, before her very suspicious murder circumstances. Also, it is beginning to come out that one of the victims had given a STD to a deputy, causing his marriage to break up before the victim was killed. I also believe that the Mexican drug source should be closely examined, if we can get any information on the lineage of the drug industry in the parish. That’s the difficult part. If the very people who are in control of the information are the ones controlling the drug industry, how do we get info on the activities of the people involved? I read about the Zeta gang on this web site some time back. We should all look into this as an example of the industry, if not the exact players, that operate here. They are one of the many Mexican drug smuggling and dealing networks operating along the gulf coast and southwest US. Local corruption is their meal ticket in each area that they operate in. Google them and see. They are responsible for over 10,000 deaths by murder. 10,000 murders (from only this one, of many such gangs) have got to show up locally in some quantity. Even if another network operates here, they all use a similar system and they each need local representatives and also representatives directly from the Mexican organization to “enforce” their rules and keep people quiet when they are a threat to a very profitable business. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. I have to wonder why people have called the “task force” with information and were either never called back or were scrutinized and treated like criminals themselves. The task force and local police have spent more time watching and criticizing the private investigators (there are more than one involved here) than they have spent on solving the murders. They used up more energy quickly prosecuting Mr. Jesse Ewing for getting witness statements past the local police’s “truth roadblocks” than they used in pursuit of the murderer(s). They acted more quickly on attacking and ruining Ms. Nina Ravey’s life than they acted toward solving the local crimes. There’s something very very big at work here and I have absolutely no confidence in the “efforts” of either the local, state or federal authorities’ actions. State and federal offices would have acted to stop or to punish the locals if they themselves were credible. This tells me that they are either as incompetent or as corrupted as the locals obviously are. While the reporters were in Jennings, representing national media sources, the task force members “coincidentally” became visible at the very same hotel that the reporters were staying in. Where were they before? Where are they now? We know that they are watching the private citizens who are trying in earnest to solve the crimes but are they using any energy on the actual crimes? While the task force members were in the hotel putting on a show with maps and visibility in front of the reporters, there were two or three apparent drug deals and numerous obvious prostitutes coincidentally videotaped and time/date stamped on the streets of Jennings. This doesn’t look good at all for the governor’s monetary investment toward solving these crimes. I read about the governor’s investment in the local paper but I haven’t yet read about the squandering of these funds; funds, by the way, that come out of your pocket.

    • if reference to post by ignite, which I happen to agree with, i can tell you what happen when the first profile was circulated. it seemed to match closely with someone known in the parish and was rumored by some of his companions that he had connections with the murders. While I do not nor have ever trusted LE here, and that includes those on the task force (and while there may be a good honest one in there, they do have to share info), I had a friend from out of state call the New Orleans office of the FBI. He was armed with all the info that we had, including the suspects address, work, habits, relatives, history and why he was suspect. the call was made from a payphone outside the city this friend lived. Seems the agent was more interested in where my friend lived, why the call was made, what his full name was, what was his phone number, how could they contact him(none of this he would answer), and why he felt the need to call then they were of the info and name he was trying to give them…
      he finally hung up on them.
      so much for trying to remain anonymous. And while there may be a good reason for all the questions, living here, I’m glad I didn’t make the call, and I know that I will never call a tip line. if I had info, I would turn it over to the KM.

      • I believe that they are intimidated that the public turns information over to Kirk. I have spoke at length to Kirk off the record and when NJPI stated how Kirk was speaking to DS the day Brittany ended up missing and then Kirk and another investigator and the investigator’s son left town for Lake Charles and Kirk logged his time down as 5:05pm, he felt bad that he left at that time because prior to that Kirk was around Phillip 66 prior to meeting DS at DS’s diner in Hathaway. He does feel guilty that he left and believes if he had stayed in the area perhaps something could have been prevented but in a case like that you never know when some tragedy may occur. Regardless of what LE believes he does care and does want to help.

    • IMO…this is exactly what is happening….very well put.
      These things have been going on for a long long time…they keep people quite with intimidation if that don’t work they murder them ….no one deserves this.Then it’s covered up by the ones that are supposed to protect & serve. Who can you trust?
      I’m also going to look up what you said on the Mexican drug smuggling network that you mentioned…..because your right it’s getting here from somewhere. And it would take some top dogs in certain areas to keep all the drugs flowing.

    • “most if not all of these latest murder victims were CIs to law enforcement at one time or another”

      Danny Semmes was a lead narcotics detective for Ricky Edwards before the last sheriff’s election. If they weren’t his CIs, he might know who’s they were. Just a thought. Van Comeaux was a detective for the JPD at one point, he might know if they were CIs for the JPD. Again, just a thought.

      • has anyone heard if they arrested someone today. i got a test saying that someone turn them self in i watch the news at 5 and 6 and nothing on that just wanted to know

        • Calls after calls and nothing so far. I would suspect a person turning self in at this time. Why???? Only thing I can thing of is LE have read and understand people are coming or really looking. I really suspect someone turning self in now. We have at least those I’ve talked with have said when it is solved we will all be surprised…I doubt self turning in would cause a surprise.

        • no

      • I REEEEEALLY don’t think we want to rely upon any information that Van Comeaux provides regarding the drug industry in our area. At least not with regard to solving the problem.

  127. I posted this earlier but I don’t see it anywhere now. the police were at Dugas’ (Andrew St) house last night around 10:15pm. Anyone know what that was abt?

  128. I’ve been doing some research on the internet on the drugs on the National Drug Intelligence Center website. There are 5-7 major Drug Trafficking Organizations (DTO) what used to be called cartels located along the Mexican border in the towns of Tijuana,Juarez,Nogales,Neuva Laredo and Metamoras. These DTO’s rely on Mexican Nationals to distribute and sell the drugs. Those employed by the DTO’s largely work unseen within the small town immigrant communitys, go unnoticed, and remain highly mobile. Relationships with US street gangs has increased to smuggle, distribute, collect proceeds and act as enforcers. African American street gangs are primarily involved in crack cocaine conversion and distribution in the North Texas region.
    Louisiana cities reporting the presence of Mexican DTO’S include Shreveport,Baton Rouge,Lafayette and New Orleans. LA cities reporting the presence of Asian,Columbian,Cuban DTO’s include Monroe,Shreveport,Baton Rouge, LAKE CHARLES, and New Orleans.
    Mexican DTO’s distribute to at least 230 US cities to warehoude locations for subsequent diatribution.
    Sorry for the long post but thought this was important.

    • And don’t forget the Columbian nationals that are buying up the sugar cane mills, buildings in and around Jennings and Welsh, hunting ranches, and a lot of other business’s. I’m not saying they are here for illegal reasons, but it makes one wonder why they would pick this area?

      • Wakeup, please expand on this—it could be pertinent.

        Do tell more details you may know of….specifics.
        Thank you

      • Why not reinvest in one of the areas that made them wealthy in the first place? Of course, I’m also not indicating that these same individuals are doing anything illegal. Columbia is a big place with lots of legitimate industry. Too bad it’s only known for one thing.

  129. Hi everyone. First I want to apologize to Kirk Menard for breaking the confidentiality agreement but I have to say this for everyone to know. I’ve received word and yes from New Jersey I do have contacts but I’ve received word that the FBI as well as the task force and local law enforcement will try to “take Menard out” and that is verbatim of what has transpired during a conversation with me and a close source in law enforcement in Louisiana. I asked what “taking out” means and they stated discrediting and rumors.

    I want them to discredit me. I’ve gathered alot of information on everyone in law enforcement in Jeff Davis Parish and I can do some discrediting as well. They might as well discredit Kirk’s agency because he is such a minor player that the media would consider it a joke to try. I am now in the information gathering stage and I am doing it from New Jersey and this has got to stop. Law enforcement, state or federal level is bound by the law like everyone else has to be and trying to discredit or as they call it “take someone out” is not a very professional method of speaking. I am standing firm and gathering information. Kirk Menard has a lot of backing as everyone can see and we did alert the media outlets as to their plans and they are waiting for it to happen and they are prepared and we are prepared. He has been hired by clients and is protected by state law and is required to do his job unless and until his clients decide they no long want his assistance or our assistance. I have contacts on the state and federal level, even in Louisiana, that speak to me, perhaps off the record because of their law enforcement position but its fact and its been thoroughly verified. It does come from a credible source and I hear everything when I’m 1000 miles away. I will make my way down there shortly. I apologize to Kirk for breaking the confidentiality agreement but I had to say this for all to know and I will speak to you on the phone. I’ll use our code and our phone debugger and scrambler. Remember, you’ve heard it here first. I’ve made some calls and we’re prepared. Kirk’s agency is involved but he is not. Again, he has a lead investigator gathering and collecting information and I am assisting.

    • Please help him!

    • Sorry to hear that. I hope the attorney general does an investigation on LE in JDP.

    • kirk menard is not going to be silenced, he has way to much support!

    • Your respect for others knowing is greatly appreciated.
      As well as your current and future support for Jennings, KM, Justice and the truth.

      I would hope and expect several members of LE realizes theyhave such a negative reputation themselves that their ability to discredit others is extremely minimal.

      A righteous spirit has nothing to fear, but fear itself.

  130. I wanted to let everyone know that tommorrow’s issue of the Jennings Daily News will be very special. Im asking everyone to please take the time to get a copy and read the front page story. We have spent alot of time this week working with a few very special editors (you know who you are 🙂 to tell the story of Whitnei’s life rather than her death. The story was very difficult for us to tell because not very many people know the hardships that she has faced from a young child. The story will tell it all and we are hoping it will put an identity to her name, rather than being called #4. It is very important that people see that each of these girls have a life story and that their lives were far from perfect and are alot of the reasons why some of them eventually turned to drugs. I hope the story touches everyone because it broke us down to have to relive it all over again, but we did it for a very special reason and we hope it does justice to her memory.

    • God be with you and your family, What a courageous young lady you have proved youself to be over and over again Brittany. I wish I was there to hug your neck, hold your hand, and feel that so strong love you have for your sister. I feel your pain, yet rejoice with all you have triumphed as does all those who have grown to know you. Whitni is smiling down at you, each and every tear you cry- she is there wiping it for you. Everyone should have a sister so great!

  131. Chris. Does breaking the confidentiality agreement mean you are officially off the case?

    • No it does not, Chris is still very much on the case but has not been able to get in touch with Kirk for the past few hours prior to his post so Chris made the decision to post what someone in LE told him. It appeared to be credible, doesn’t mean it is, chris just said it appeared to be credible. I spoke to him this evening. He broke confidentiality because he felt it was something you, the public, should know about. Chris (NJPI) was calm, very collective in his thoughts and stated very firmly that this is not a third world country. He also stated that he contacted a federal judge in the S.D. N.Y. and asked for advice and he was told what action to take to protect Kirk. Attorneys have also been contacted just in case. Chris stated that Kirk has still not said anything negative about LE and he speaks to Kirk daily. I want to know who is being professional in this? He never said anything negative against the sheriff, the FBI or local LE whatsoever, so what is the problem? If he’s not a threat, and he has other investigators actively working on the case, why bother him? I’ve questioned a few people while working on a story and they’ve stated they would rather talk to Kirk than LE. That isn’t his fault. I’m standing behind him every bit. He’s doing the right thing.

  132. Heck Curvycat, I’m wondering where are all the KM supporters now. NJPI posted at 8:04 it is now 8:37 and all the KM suppoters are saying nothing. What the heck is going on.

    • I think we are all in shock and aw about this latest news. Not that it is a surprise, has been “uh-ummed” rumored about for months….in all corners. Kirk and his company has more supporters then is what is on here. Most are quiet for the very reason of what is happening now…but that does not mean that his supporters are not active.

      • Ok so here I go again what he hello is the latest news. I live a sheltered elderly life and only know what I see on the boards. Where the hello is KM now?

      • Good observation wakeup….its not rocket science to determine who is professional and who wants to quiet someone for doing their job.

    • He still has supporters. Many are quiet. I’ve tried to call Kirk myself and his voicemail answered so I left him a message to call me. I phoned his residence and someone that answered said he was working on a case its an insurance case and may not have phone service where he is located. I’ve asked about the homicides and was told to call the lead investigator on the case but that they probably couldn’t comment on the case. I was told that Kirk only sends the report of what other investigators working for his agency receives and that is his only function. If he is out and about and hears anything he tells them to contact LE and if they don’t or refuse, he takes the information and submits it to the task force.

    • we are here! ive just been really busy and have not had as much time to get online as usual. I am thinking of everything that can be done, but this is not my specialty, a far cry from it at that. i have not forgotten about the rally that we need to have ASAP! i will find a way to let yall know details.

  133. I was wondering the same thing Ahlou. It seems like no one is responding much to NJPI’s statement. I mean we haven’t from him in a while and he just said a mouth full. I just hope it doesn’t mean anything by him breaking the confidentiality agreement. For once I finally have hope that something will get done!

  134. Seems you and I are the only ones on Curvycat. I find that extremely odd.

  135. ok…where is everyone tonight?

  136. I’m here watching the office.

  137. Here watching Ole Miss – 10 South Carolina – 16 game on ESPN! Less than 2 go!

  138. Well that was the final score. It sure is a quiet night on here. Everyone must be busy!

  139. LE is “taking out” KM or trying to because he has been a voice of the public. That has gotten the public to put pressure on LE. LE is used to doing what ever they want to do and with sites like this and others with local people talking and watching they are nervous. We can all see the involvment or lack there of LE. The last 15 years of murders and drug trade are being aired for the whole to see.
    LE is going back to what they know best which is to try and quiet the squeaky wheel. To let things die down and hope time helps people to forget.
    As we all know since the last body has been found these crimes have gotten a whole lot more attention. Local newspaper, media and our voices from this blog and others. They don’t like it and don’t know what else to do.
    KM will stay the course he is honorable and truthful in all what he does. KM mentioned in the past himself that he only had a small part in the investigation. That he just passes on information to the task force. KM is just the PR guy in this situation. For LE or anyone else to go after him is worthless and a waste of investigative time and effort. But this does show where our LE agenda lies.
    Remember this come election time and let our voices and votes speak loudly.
    (Steps down from the soap box)

    • IMO he is a voice for his clients and just like LE, FBI or anyone else his agency has a job to do and its getting done. If LE or the FBI wanted this case solved, why spend the energy on Kirk Menard and try to put the odds against him when he was hired by victims of some of the families and is trying to help. It doesn’t matter if the sheriff or anyone else feels the information his agency submits is credible or not (which you’ll never know unless you follow up on leads). NJPI and others are involved and they are working, I was assured of that. I’ve watched some interviews of Kirk and all of them spoke positive of LE and stated that they were following up on leads so it appears the problem is with LE and not Kirk. Watch his interviews, he’s given credence to LE in what appeared to add credibility to LE but they want to do it on their own and use politics. Luckily everyone knows what is going on.

  140. I’m trying to get details right now but I was just advised there’s a young lady from Welsh that’s been reported missing. I’m told it was on KLFY and KPLC news broadcasts at 10 pm. Anyone here watched the broadcasts? Nothing on their websites yet.

  141. Anyone watchin channel 7???

  142. Bethany Janise 20 of Welsh… failed to show up to work… was reported missing. Just heard that on kplc.

  143. Bethany janice of welsh missing

  144. She never showed up for work!

  145. Call welsh pd or JDPSO is u know of her whereabouts

  146. not again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  147. My hubby immediately said “huh #9!” I said wait a minute. We don’t know that and we pray not. Isn’t that the attitude we get everytime a girl is reported missing! They just reported it again on kplc. She looks like a pretty girl. God I hope she just didn’t go to work and is ok!

  148. Ok I spelled her last name wrong… Genice not Janise

    • That was worrying me…..the last name. No secret it’s been a surname that’s been discussed here quite a bit.

      I don’t want to jump the gun with this. The young lady is apparently a Welsh resident. No word as to whether she was known to run in that Jennings, high risk crowd. There have been a couple of females reported missing in that area over the past few months that did show up after they saw the news reports. I want to stay positive with this for now.

  149. They said she was last seen at her parents home this afternoon. I thought they showed it spelled as “Janise” or “Janice”.

  150. On which channel curvy…
    on kplc it was genice

  151. The Welsh Police Department is investigating the disappearance of a 20 year old female.

    Bethany Beauregard was last seen Thursday afternoon at her parents home. When she didn’t show up to work the police were alerted.

    Bethany is 5’2″, 110 pounds with dark brown,chin length hair

    That came from katc different last name all together

  152. I’m like u g8, trying to think positive. hopefully she will show up ok and with a good excuse. Everyone is so paranoid now. I want to believe that the SK wouldnt strike again so soon after the last victim. So I’m trying to think positively! If this is another one, then GOD help us!

  153. hey im here too in full support of you all, just got home..

  154. its online now her pic is on

  155. link to Bethany disappearance story on kplc

    • Woman from Welsh missing
      Posted: Sep 24, 2009 10:54 PM CDT Updated: Sep 24, 2009 10:54 PM CDT

      From KPLC Staff:

      Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) Authorities in Jeff Davis Parish are looking for a missing woman. 20-year old Bethany Genice Beauregard was reported missing after she failed to show up for work on Thursday. She was last seen at her parents house around 1:00am Thursday. Welsh Police say she is 5’2″ tall, weighing 110lbs with chin length dark brown hair. Anyone with information about her whereabouts should contact the Welsh Police Department at 734-2626 or the Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff’s Office at 821-2100.

  156. kplc has it up on their site now and she is Bethany Genice Beauregard 20 of welsh…

  157. Oh gosh, I’m really trying not to fear the worse!

  158. Sorry I am slower than you guys… So much for getting much sleep tonight…. this is just crazayyyyy.

  159. kplc said last seen @ 1am, katc said 1pm

    • 1:00 am seems more logical.

      I’m concerned that her family is so concerned. Better to jump the gun right now under the circumstances though. Wish we knew if she was known to be associated with the Jennings group.

  160. It was quiet on here and then this.I would have much rathered the quietness than this, another missing girl! Your right curious1, this is crazy!

  161. So like others, just getting in from surpise birthday party. I see the mixed emotions. wanting to be hopeful, and fearing the worst. I am sorry. Let’s pray for the best. For now. oh-my. I am really lost for words.

  162. I know that name Janise or Genice have been discussed on here before and I can’t remember why. What was it pertaining to?

    • Was discussed after Necole was murdered. I believe there were two different people brought up. One works at, and/or owns, the recycling facility. I believe it was another separate person with a similar surname that Necole reportedly was in the company of frequently.

  163. yes i was just thinking the same thing curvycat….seen that name on here before.

  164. Well which one is it I wonder, 1 am or pm? If its “am”, I can certainly see how her parents would have been alarmed. Oh gosh I feel for her parents and how worried they must be right now!

  165. Where is KM right now? Sure could use his input if he knows anything or has heard anything about this missing girl. I sure do miss his input!

    • Thank local LE for that from what I hear. They’ve made comments about him posting on the blog so he doesn’t as much read the blog and he certainly don’t post. After word reached him, according to NJPI, that the sheriff stated that he shouldn’t be posting on this board, he ceased posting and doesn’t even read the blog. If he hears something about the blog, it comes from one of us to email him to let him know that someone is asking for a response. So I’m cconfused. If LE wants to take him out, as was reported, then why worry if he posts on a blog if they don’t want him involved? In the first place, he owns the agency and he has other people working for him, and he only submits the reports that are given to him from the investigators working the case, and second, if he is not a threat then why worry about him. I miss his input as well. He’s never called me back but hopefully tomorrow he will call me so I can determine what he’s been up to and find out what is going on.

  166. Oh ok g8. I knew that name sounded familiar somewhere. Thanks!

  167. These people (LE), are completely are out of their minds if they think that they can make all of this go away. I think that every victims family members of all of thes victims and past cases should ban together, and get together in a secret meeting some where and hav e our own discussions about unsolved cases and le and officials. km has to be silent to some degree, but we do not. so, why doesnt everybody stop beng scared of these idiots and get together and i think we all could get alot more accomplished this way . they cant get rid o f ev erybody there is to many involved now, please tell me their are other people that would be willing to do this!

    • I think that is a really good idea! If the families of the girls and the other unsolved murders would get together, a lot of good would come out of it! Share ideas, stories, relationships between the girls and talk. There are power in numbers!

      • Thats how all of us victims that have been really treated unfairly by these people are going to get media attention. just think if we were to alert media to hundreds of people rallying outside all of these so called law enforcement facilities demanding answers to unsolved crimes which stink to high heavens, le would shit on themselves because they would be forced to resond to the publics concerns in some kind of way and I personally think that POWER IN NUMBERS is the answer to exposeing what they hav e been doing for years. BUT UNLESS WE ALL COME TOGETHER, THIS WILL CONTINUE!

  168. KPLC has reported missing welsh girl found safe, Thank you, Jesus!

  169. Whew! Thank God Bethany was found and she is fine!!! Just heard it on KPLC this morning too.

  170. yes tthank god she is alright an to all the bullcrap with kirk if the le would put as much energy into these murders as they do with kirk they might get somethin done njpi is gona get them an hes gona come down here prepared to rattle there cages an let a few crows out. i so cant wait

  171. hey g8 are you here

  172. ummm what did u post about semmes

  173. brittany i will be sure to buy a paper today an save the story i knew whittney an like you said she had a life before drugs an im glad yall put this together to show people this i know it was hard for yall my prayers go out to the whole family an dont give up we need to come together as one an stand our ground as a community we have that right so dont give up.GOD BLESS YOU AN YOURS

  174. I’ve heard and confirmed that on October 6,2009 at 6:00pm at the Founders Park, CADA- Communities Against Domestic Abuse, will be holding a candle light vidual for all women involved in Domestic Abuse. October is Domestic Abuse month and CADA will honor the women murdered in our parish. They held one last year and only 5 people showed up. Please, come. It will not only help in the efforts of finding this killer but, it will honor all women involved in Domestic Abuse. Please spread the word.

  175. can anyone tell me what they know or have heard about charles grice and family?

  176. It is dated the 23rd.

    ummmmmmm, on September 23rd, 2009 at 2:34 PM Said: Edit Comment

    danny semmes is the one that is head of narcot. and the only thing he will do is maybe go in and get his fix. and nothing else will get done about it. someone needs to find someone else to go into the house besides jennings and parish to see hell go in to all there house call the land lord get permission from him or her if the house is empty say u want to rent it go scope it out.
    i hope yall understand this cause i do and dont but i know what i am trying to say. danny semmes nose is not clean and he needs to be check out him self

    • that is one of them i had wrote more but maybe i did not go back for enought with it. thank you. i still he knows more than what he is telling the people. he works naro. so why nothing is getting done with the house on andrew st. and or doyle st. ummmm some thing to think about

  177. Wasn’t Danny Semmes involved with the Shelia Comeaux case?

  178. Ok, I am not for or against Danny Semmes but I do have to say this. People can change and how do we know that he wasn’t pressured because of his job to do certain things. For instance, I was in the store the other day and I heard a lady whisper to another lady “there’s Danny Semmes” and the person had a resemblence to Danny but it wasn’t him. Many times mistaken identity can and do happen. And let’s not forget that Danny worked under Ricky and that is worth a 1,000 words in itself. Do what your boss says or get fired and do not feed your family. It’s a tough choice for anyone to make.

    The Danny Semmes of years ago is not the same Danny Semmes we knew years ago. He has my support because Ricky wants to keep him away from this investigation for some reason.

  179. Hi All,

    Just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve submitted my story to Marie Claire. I will let you all know when I have an idea about which issue it will appear in. It is not nearly as long as I wish it could be (that’s typical for magazines which have space limitations) but I hope it still reflects a slice of what is going on in Jennings, and brings even more attention to the situation.

    Also, I just want to say for the record that I am not “reporter” who has been commenting on this blog. To maintain some journalistic distance, I read the blog, but only comment when necessary. And when I do, I use my real name.

    Thanks to everyone who’s been so kind and generous with their time,


  180. i can not find the blog where this woman or man was talking about a green expedtion with dard tinted windows driving up and down the road if i remember right it might of been down a dead end road. well guest who is driving a green expedtion with dard tinted windows. u guest it FR. and his sister and mom. now if that is not something

    • i thought they were talking about the detective that drives the green expedition with tinted windows….

      • yes they were talking about the detective that drives the green expedition w/ the tinted windows.

  181. Concerned, you brought up the Mike Conner connection and that brought up some very good points. I don’t even know the guy and learned some real interesting facts by calling a couple of folks. We can and should all do this asking around. Many many of the incidents and history in JDP have connecting threads that aren’t immediately apparent. Conner is related to F. Richard by marriage, but, the most important part is that he watched Richard grow up and was part of his family in Lake Arthur, where Conner became chief of police after leaving the SO. Conner is extremely connected to numerous past incidents during the peak of the last corruption wave in JDP, i.e., his relationships with Ted Gary, Warren Gary, Judge Peters and the entire force that was so engulfed in the seizure and forfeiture scandals and laundering of the cash and theft of evidence from the courthouse (a crime in the free world) for which Gary served time in a federal prison. Shelia Comeaux was operating in conjunction with (a CI) the Jennings PD (T. Chaisson) and the JDP SO (unnamed SO detectives of that era) when she was murdered. Now, Frankie R. had always enjoyed what is called his guaranteed get-out-of-jail, a state trooper from Lake Arthur. Remember deputy T. Guillory and his (former ?) wife, Paula Guillory? I hear that something caused their separation. They lived in Lake Arthur and were very close to Conner as well. Paula and her husband worked for the JDP SO and she also worked for the Jennings PD. It is she who screwed up the F. Richard case (by stealing cash (a crime in the free world) from a crime scene and not processing the case timely) that ultimately let F. Richard out of prison only days before the last victim was found dead in Acadia Parish. The infamous group participation and animal appreciation videotape (a crime in the free world) that featured an acting cast, including Lucky Delouce, was a big factor in getting him booted out of the Jennings PD. Don’t blame me folks, I’m just learning about this from local people – I didn’t cause it. Ledouche, originally from Lake Charles and a Calcasieu detective, has worked very closely with a Calcasieu Parish officer for many years. This Calcasieu officer now “serves” on the unsolved murders task force. The officer is known as Ramby. Lucky Delouche was hired by the Welsh PD after Mr. T. Chaisson left the Jennings PD and became Welsh PD chief. OK, Ledouche is now a detective with the Welsh PD. The state trooper that has been so helpful to F. Richard for years is widely alleged to be one of the stars featured in the movie that Ledouche made with his wife and their pet. This is not a secret – it is public knowledge and public domain, and the videotape is in the hands of the state police. If they were honest and prudent, this video would be in the hands of the courts right now. Several officers viewed the video and neglected to seek prosecution (a crime in the free world) So, one connecting thread to F. Richard always seeming to have at least a way out of trouble seems to be a loyal contact in the LA State Police, in part. We seem to have a sort of Adams Family of old cronies, known to have old ties, known to protect criminal acts, and so comforting to us all, many are operative parts of the unsolved murders task force. Of course, these things don’t mean that any of these guys are guilty of anything. Right? They’re all public servants, therefore they cannot be guilty of anything dark or criminal. Right? They each have a title, so, they are beyond accountability. Right? These are probably just coincidences that make these innocent public servants LOOK bad. Right? It’s gotten to the point that the sheriff, state, fed, task force and “others” are telling private citizens to lay off, don’t get involved, don’t reveal any facts or truths, “just get in line, pay your taxes and shut up.” We’ll tell you peasants when you can speak, when you can be safe, when you can live without fueling profitable crime while your society crumbles around you. If I can learn these things in only a couple of days, why do we not all jump and holler about the many facts that are out there? I’m not even connected to any of these people and never had dealings with these offices, yet it was incredibly easy for me, a stranger to these guys, to learn these things. It’s that blatant! How much more can investigators learn from the inside if they want to? Why do we live among this and more importantly, where are those who can clean this place up? Can you feel the love?

    • Does anyone know if Ted Gary & /or Warren Gary kin in any kind of way? Are they or one of them kin to Teresa,Brittany or Pappy?

    • T. Chaisson, a few fire fighters and a couple other (?) police officers did not leave, they were let go. If I’m not mistaken it was over some property removed from an 18 wheeler wreck. *I’m not judging the folks.*

  182. i have said it before and i will say again FR should of been lock up years ago with the key throw away. but look where he is at and what he is doing.

  183. our police force is nothing but highschool drop outs and other job rejects

  184. THANK YOU REBECCA and Scott for the great job that was done in todays newspaper telling the painful story my family has struggle with for along time now we have let it out for everyone to know what we have kept private we hope that more familys will come foward to tell theirs we have seen that you truly care for our familys and not just a story but a want to help us get the truth and human parts of us out so we dont have to hide it anymore to show everyone its not shame to tell the truth and still be proud of our family

    • my 14 years read the paper before i could and she was crying, when she was done she turn to me and said mom i love u and i dont think u r a bad mom at all. i feel sorry for the way the girl lived her life and the way she die. she never really understood about everything that is going on in jennings i dont like talking about stuff like that in front of my kids but now she knows and she is scare, for the girls that walk the street.

      • by the way when i read the paper i cry also, my heart goes out to every single one of you guys, and to the other familys also.

      • Your comment touched my heart. Thankyou for posting. That was something I needed to hear, more than you may know! 🙂

  185. to the person who said earler about were are the k.menard supporters at we are all still here we have just been busy we have faith in kirk and stand by him all the way dont forget that we dont allways have to speak every time someone has a question it easy to sit behind this screen and shoot out foolish inuindos when we are busy trying to get things done in our town try to use better judgement before commiting it is note easy under the conditions around here

  186. thankyou hope for your commits to me sorry it took so long we been busy

  187. you know to the reporter about danny semmes years ago i worked as a ci an he did alot of things behind rickys back that was told to me by mr.semmes his self if i could turn back time i would of taken my lick but i had kids an i did what i had to do then years later i got busted again on a possision charge they raided my apt. on an anoymous tip which was told to me by tg who it was that called tgcalled a city detective an the city detective said i have no reason to go search her apt danny semmes walked up an heard the conversation an told tg they would do it needless to say i was leaving my apt when they showed up an they got a couple of my supposse to be friends outside an hand cuffed them they charged me with possision an distrubution of cds my bond was set at 85,000 i found out later that danny semmes told them what to write are they were gona get in trouble so they wrote a statment when i got out my friend bobby told me what he did so we went to my lawyers office an told him he wanted to retract his statment so he did but they still had that girl michelles when i was in jail tg called me on the office phone i was in welch jail he said i can get u out if you work with us an i said no im gona take my lick this time i hung up an called my sister cryin cause they wanted me to work for them so my sister called my mom an she went to the ci building an told them they where sorry for what trey where doing my mother overheard a few conversations with ds when i told him i was done an he would get veerry rude an what put me out there when he was done with me theres reason why ricky wont hire him back at the sd im sure imagine him for sheriff oh yeah my bond was so outragious you could of swore i had killed somebody

  188. I would just like to say that I read the paper and I am in awe….speechless. Not usual for me. I also want to say that all I can do is reflect on the instinct I have that there are people who know what happened but they may not know who to tell. I mean, where would they even begin to look for someone to tell. I’m not convinced that this has to be a way of life here. There is something we can do- ill be thinking of that.


  190. I have been reading this website for several weeks and want to give kuddos to g8rgirl for all she has done to help this cause. I live in Sulphur so I cannot say that I know what the young women in JDP are going through right now, but I am so inspired by her willing to take on this cause. God’s blessings to her and all who have the calling to make a difference in this world. My prayers to all the loved ones of the these beautiful girls.

  191. Thanks everyone for the comments on the article. It is my understanding that the newspaper office was flooded with positive feedback calls all afternnon after the article was released, so I have to say that our mission was accomplished. It touched so many people and that was our intentions. Now, mabye so many will see that there is way more to these girls that they could ever possibly imagine. This story was not an easy one to tell and especially not easy to share with the public but we set aside all of those emotions to bring awareness to people that our sister could have been anyone’s sister, friend, etc. Don’t judge, because you just never know.

  192. ummmm, I replied to you under your comment, Thankyou again!

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