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  2. Atleast 4 FBI agents seen questioning people on South Main today.

  3. Cops have been walking the neighborhoods all afternoon. That is the word on the street. Ive talked to a few ppl who have seen them. Not sure what for though

    • Brittany-Which neighborhoods? Was it only S. Main or others? Wonder if they were seen on Andrew St,Doyle or Mckinley.

    • Maybe Paul or Rebecca found out info they turned over to the FBI. Don’t think the FBI care about everything in town. They will be there long enough to solve the crime- if that long; then, they are gone. Routine druggies and social life continues as it is.

  4. GOOD NEWS! Also, I am unable to access the poems….:-(

  5. FBI agents are knocking on doors and questioning people at businesses along South Main. They are in teams of two, but there is a group of about 10. They are on foot and in FBI uniforms. Do you think the investigation has been turned over to the FBI? I am told they are mainly asking questions about the last victim.

    • That’s a good start the last victim. Maybe they have some usable evidence this time. Anything is better than nothing.

  6. well thank goodness, finally the wheels are in motion..

  7. I hope so!!! U think its because she was found along I-10? I saw that Kirk Menard has stopped commenting, but I certainly wish he would now!

  8. This news sounds promising. Perhaps people will be more willing to open up to LE from outside the area. I’m hoping the feds may be able to uncover the missing links needed to solve these murders.

    This is not intended as a put down to those that have been working the cases in the past but sometimes a new “set of eyes/ears” may notice even the slightest detail that might possibly have been overlooked or not seemed significant at the time……kind of a can’t see the forest for the trees type scenario.

  9. May God Bless The FBI Agents, It’s About Time Someone Gets A Brave Backbone, Things Are About To Go Down In J-Town, Just Look in The RIGHT Direction Now.

  10. Seems a change is coming. Heard the SD have cars all over as well but don’t seem to be involved.

  11. Are they lost or investigatiing?

  12. Don’t hold your breath!

  13. They Are Questioning Higher Authority As Of Now , As To Why Certain Things Were “Pushed Under The Rug”

    • Oh, I really hope so! Not to make it seem like I don’t believe or trust anyone, but I hope what yall are reporting is not rumors- no offense, I’ve just heard so many I am scared to get my hopes up. How sure of this are you Soillaw? And thanks for reporting this. Its time for some hope!

    • i hope u are giving facts and not something u heard…it would be bad if this is not true….. i feel like unbiased abouts getting our hopes up

    • Are you making a guess as to what you think might be happening or do you know this?

    • And just how do you know this is what they are talking to the high authority about? Did they call you up and tell you this info?

    • Pushed under the rug?

      • Soillaw – It’s evident you don’t know what your talking about.

      • Welcome back turnhere. Can you shed any light? Without crossing any lines, of course. Is this routine? Have anything to do with Necole being found off I-10? Is FBI, in fact, here? If so, is there investigation independent of the task force’s? Don’t mean to bombard you, you’ve been insightful in the past, and we all just would like to know anything factual…

        • There is an FBI agent on the TaskForce. Other FBI agents come at different times for different reasons. They are working jointly with the TaskForce. The Attorney General Office has also been a part of the TaskForce from the beggining.

  14. You seem serious, informed and in-the-know, please keep us informed. We are hopeful, caring and wishing for any end or even a partial end. Thanks for posting the info.

  15. in case anyone hasnt heard, patrick swayze past away

  16. sad…but he was very sick from what i least they expected it..unlike these hateful crimes done to these women…but at least the FBI are out there oh man..i bet people are sweating now…the truth will come out now and maybe while they are at it a lot of the drugs will be gone..and maybe just maybe some of the doctors that give them the talking bout the prescription drugs for nothing,,will be gone too..maybe if they knew half the people they give the stuff to dont even need it they sell it just like jenette and that bunch..and by the way ..did anyone know tracee was in texas at a funeral for her boys dad .i hear she was messed up the whole time i wish i knew her parole officer id give him a call and tell him to drug test her…wonder if he even knew she was out of state..wonder if she said anything while she was gone..

  17. I also hope this is true. I hope no one else is missing. Does anyone know someone who lives on south main to ask if this is true?? I wander what would have changed and so fast??

  18. What exactly would be swept under the rug?

    • my words also what r they pushing under the rug. i bet that is has something to do with it being a in side job. i say someone needs to talk to jessie and see what he were told before he got fire no one never said what was told to him

  19. Does anyone know what FR said in his interview with Paul for the documentary? I heard that he said a few things, but don’t want to repeat them since I heard it from someone else.

    That would really be awesome if the FBI is in town actively working the case!!! 😉

    • I wouldn’t get too excited about what I heard FR said, because idk how much I would believe from his mouth, and its hard to believe hearsay anyway. Example: I’m still hearing that its him that did some of the murders- this whole thing is just crazy- and I truly wish it were solved and over….

    • tell us what u heard hell we heard everything else about him so what did he have to say nothing would surprise us

      • Yea- tell us, if for no other reason than for entertainment purposes….I’d have to take any rumors from/about FR with a grain of salt anyway..

  20. Thanks Turnhere. So, no big turn? Probably something that wouldve happened anyway, something routine. I am happy they are here though, our LE needs help, whether they realize it or not.

  21. After reading the poetry on the end of thread 30 I wondered where is Billy Conner Sr. I told he is still in jail itaht true. If so what did he do more than his other family members?

    • good ?

    • That poem definitely raised some red flags for me…

      Thanks for posting the content Brittany!

    • FWIW, that poem was from Billy Conner Jr. not Sr..

      • From my experience and training yes it has hidden messages. People that have knowledge of certain crimes will express themselves through writings to deal with guilty feelings. It’s well known that when someone has done something tragic such as killings or have knowledge of such and believe they are getting away with it, they have dreams or nightmares that continue to haunt them. Its subconscious and it works on them. This has been known to follow other people in the same condition for the rest of their lives. A good example is a former KKK member in Mississippi that was recently found guilty of killing some black men some 50 years ago. He is writing a book on his experience and the guilt he felt. I had to write a thesis on that story.

      • where is the poem that Jr. wrote i have not seen it.

        • Look at Discussion Thread #30 the third one from the bottom

        • The end of thread #30

          Found the profiles for Hannah & Billy Conner Jr. @

          The poems have now been removed but Brittany (Jones) posted the text of the poem entitled;

          When death creeps

          by Billy Dwayne Conner Jr

          youll never know
          you can die fast,you can die slow
          all you can do is eeek and there your life
          will go
          \when death creeps youll never know
          you could be in the rain,sleet on snow
          all you can do is eeek and there your life
          will go
          \when death creeps youll never know
          you could be at home or walking down the
          street with friends or all alone
          all you can od is eeek and there your life
          will go
          \When death creeps youll never know
          so dont be scared just be prepared
          cause you never know when death will
          creep upon you!

  22. Well, supposedly he knows who the murderer is, but he is holding onto the info until the time is right for him. Whatever that means.

    I honestly don’t think he’s clever enough to pull off the murders himelf.

    • No- I’m not convinced he’s innocent, and if he is involved- there is no question that he’s not the “brains” of the operation. If anything he’s the one who does the “dirty work”. But I really don’t know who it could be- I just know its going to be a shock…it’ll probably be someone we have yet to suspect- that’s usually how these things work. Like a friendly, neighborhood milkman…

      • Or the friendly neighborhood drug dealing grandma………just a thought. No evidence, rumors or proof just trying to figure it out like the rest of you.

        • LOL, i just saw that….good one Popeye. ive said that before, ya never know what they could have stashed in the baskets of those walkers……(just kidding, i have a very HIGH amount of respect for the elderly)

    • If what he said is true (which I doubt) then he is wrong for not coming forward. What’s he waiting on, the reward money to grow, if so I hope he doesn’t get it- if he knows who the murderer is then he is guilty for not saying so. It also means he doesn’t feel the murders are wrong. But then again we’re talking about FR- so I could see him being that selfish.

  23. IF the F. B..I. is involved that is a great sign. Over a year ago Sheriff Edwards realized he was in WAY over his head, It was at that time he contacted the world renowned profiler Dr. Maurice Godwin. Dr. Godwin has successfully profiled and solved hundreds of cases and specializes in serial killers. He is so good in fact, that he has been known to profile a killer(s) within a block of their home. Anyway, Dr. Godwin, out of respect to the families, took this case AT NO CHARGE, and has been submitting profiles. YOU HAVEN’T SEEN ANY OF HIS PROFILES HAVE YOU??? HAVE YOU EVEN HEARD HE WAS WORKING ON THIS CASE FOR OVER A YEAR FOR FREE, NO LESS??? SHERIFF EDWARDS WHAT ARE YOU DOING???? DR. GODWIN CHARGES TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS FOR HIS CONSULTATION ALONE. YET, HE WAS SO MOVED HE DID THIS FOR FREE, TO HELP BRING CLOSURE TO THE FAMILIES AND TAKE AN ANIMAL OFF THE STREET. WHERE’S HIS PROFILES? WHY ISN’T SHERIFF EDWARDS USING THEM? WHY HASN’T HE CALLED A NEWS CONFERENCE TO KEEP THE VICTIMS FAMILIES UP TO DATE? OR HAS HE JUST DECIDED ONLY HE CAN / WILL FIGURE IT ALL OUT? YOU DECIDE……..

    • Serialpsychic, I have read some of his profiles and it is impressive. I hope you know that Sheriff Edwards consulted him for a fact. Maybe the Sheriff is keeping that confidential for reasons of keeping the case intact. No offense- u seem really devoted to this Dr. Goodman, in fact for a little bit I thought you were an advertisement for him. Are you? How do you know that the sheriff is NOT using the profiles? Has Mr Goodman solved the case and the sheriff has not said it? I know that Mr Menard has used a profiler. Does Mr Goodman have his profiles and maps online somewhere like he did for another La Serial killer?

      • Sorry, make that Dr. Godwin…

      • unbiased I have the utmost respect for Dr. Godwin. I know what evils he deals with. as I have also worked with serial killers on a one to one basis for almost a decade Yes, I know for a FACT that the Sheriff did indeed contact him. If I didn’t KNOW this I would NEVER have said it. I have researched Dr. Godwin extensively, while researching a book I will be writing. I do not see any mention of ANY profiles Or Dr. Godwin in the news. If I had a lead after all these years, I would follow up. As far as posting any maps as he did for other cases, I don’t know about this. At the very least the families have a right to know someone like Dr. Godwin has been moved to take up their cause, and will bring this killer to justice.

    • There are alot of high tech equipment and proffesionals that are utilized during an investigation. Just because people don’t hear about them does not mean they are not being used. Sometimes silence is best.

      • Do you know if the high tech equipment was used in the investigation of all the girls’ deaths or has this just been utilized for the last 2-3 deaths?

        Also, does the FBI have full access to all info and files generated from all 8 cases?

      • Having an update as to this kind of info can also be gratifying to the public. So that is info that can be released without hurting a case. I encourage that info to be given to the public, even the killer.

    • Dr. Godwin is good but his information is only as good as the person that uses it. If Dr. Godwin gives information and its not used then what good is it. I heard on an earlier post that the PI doesn’t have anything but then I heard someone say yes he does and he supplies information to the task force but just like Dr. Godwin that information is only as good as the person that uses the information and follows up on it. So I agree, why aren’t tips and leads being followed up on, especially when experts like a PI and profiler are giving them information to use? Difficult to understand.

  24. soillaw….where are you??? We have all asked you a question on how you know all about this Pushing under the rug and how you know that they are talking to high official’s??? Why did you make such a statement and not come back and explain this to us? This only makes it seem that you are making something up that you are starting a rumor if you come on here you must be able to prove what you say. So if you don’t answer us we will just take it as a rumor and ignore what you say

  25. Who exactly is doing the questioning? And what HIGHER AUTHORITY is being questioned? Come on soillaw….you know so much…let’s here it.

    • i think he is just bored and wanted to say something to get us fire up that is it

      • Just wondering, do you feel that it could be someone that caught a STD from these girls and have become enraged and taking it out on all the girls? I’ve read on one site where a serial killer was killing prostitutes or even those that were not prostitutes because he caught a STD, brought it home to his wife and she divorced him and he lost his kids. Just a possibility is all I’m saying.


        • i always wonderd the same thing that this person was sleeping around on his wife an brought something home an it was a revenge thing because he are they got caught steppin out of there marriage which would of made him mad because he got caught an to all the negativity towars km i think he is doing the job he is being hired for an he does what he has to with the evidence now what happens after that no one knows. i was reading about jesse ewings case an i find it very suspicous that he was fired for oj when he didnt even trust his higher officials an had to take a plea bargain so the evidece wouldn’t be heard in court what was he so afraid of in one article it stated that the two girls that was questioned knew only facts that no one else would of known so why when it was handed over to the FBI IT WASN’T TAKEN SERIOUSLY i just dont understand what are they trieng to cover up i was first couison to one which was crystal an brittney lived with me for about 2 years her an my daughter where best friend an i knew all the oter girls except the danials lady so i have alot of anger inside an distrust also if we cant trust our own LE than who do we trust

    • I agree- soillaw should stand behind what they have said. No offense but no more rumors are needed.

      • no no more rumors that is what slowing down on catching whoever is doing this sick stuff so if u got to say something say it if not than keep your mouth shot about it

  26. Yes Please if you want to start rumors PLEASE STAY OFF THIS BLOG WE ARE HERE TO TALK FACTS. enough rumors have been started and the time for them to all end is now, all that will do is put us more behind on solving these crimes than we already are. So soillaw please do not come back unless you have true facts to tell us.


    • anyone notice how soillaw capitalized every word in their sentences? Wonder what is the meaning of this.Personally I think it was all a hoax and why was skeptic the first one to post this info ? And what is the source of it? We don’t need distractions and rumors here!!!

      • I do not know why I was the first to post that FBI agents were questioning people on South Main. I thought you all would like to know. I thought it was good news and a good sign that they were going door to door handing out there card for tips and info. anyone might have. It is not a rumor it is a fact. An immediate family member of mine works on South Main and was questioned and witnesses others in the business being questioned. She has the card. I found it to be refreshing that footwork was being done. I thought you would like to know that they are actively seeking out witneses and listening to what people have to say, instead of waiting for ppl to come to them. Isn’t this what you have all wanted? Someone to kick this investigation into high gear and seek justice for the victims.

        • Yes Skeptic it is, but I think their impression was to make sure it was true. Thanks for verifying that.

        • I’m with you Skeptic. I made some calls and most likely the person they talked with in front of that business is the same person. I got a call from a friend who was questioned near Caps. They were in twos asking about Necole mostly. The person and another who was with her had seen Necole with the old man and in the truck often. They remembered her from the carwash days. They were asked about the white male with a goatee as well. The two kept going down the street this was Wood street area up.

        • Yes that is exactly what we want!!! Its what we call leg work in the investigative field because sometimes us psychologist have to do it to. You can’t always depend on technology to save the day.

  27. Any more info on the FBI out questioning people? Are they asking people to fill out a form with any info concerning deaths? They do that sometimes.

    I don’t think they just decided to come look into case today without some particular motivator or cause.

    • I have no knowledge of them asking people to fill out forms. They are asking questions and recording info. in notepads. They are taking phone #’s of those who knew her and telling them they may contact them for further questioning. They are asking ppl to call the number on the card if they think of anything that might be useful. They are not seeking out certain individuals they are talking to anyone and everyone.

  28. I do know that several local people have contacted the FBI tip line and asked them to take over. Maybe it did some good. I don’t know. If there’s a suspicion that someone in law enforcement may be involved and that’s submitted to the FBI then they could take over.

  29. Brownie,

    Shelby Je*nise?

    • thank you

    • That’s the one Necole was with all the time.

      They were also asking about the man in the truck the young lady said tried to pull her inside on McKinley St. That one was described with the goatee.

      Was told they are knocking on door no special doors just in the neighborhoods. Just drove on Main but didn’t see a them.

  30. Thanks Ahlou.

    Suspect Vehicle
    Light blue standard cab truck with a dark blue stripe in the shape of a downward check mark down the side

    Suspect Description
    Older while male with “grayish hair combed straight back and possibly a salt-and-pepper colored goatee.” He also wore what the teen described as “large glasses”.


  31. That last post is related to the attempted abduction of the 17 yr. old on Craig St.. Not to be mistaken for details related to the 8 unsolved homicides.

  32. i hate to disappoint you folks but the fbi is never gonna take over this case. no matter what happens

  33. Ok Grande. Yes it the 17-yr old and it was on Craig. I apologize but now that I have a name I know said the wrong street.

    • i still say that did not happen why did she wait days later to report it just does not sound right. think about it i am sorry not wanting to call her a lier but look what that woman did when she said someone rape her at the vfw that was a lie also. if that would of be me or anyone else they would of call for help right than not days later.

      • You can call or write the FBI, tell them you don’t believe the incident happened and that they should stop asking about it.

        Don’t know why she didn’t report it right away but from what I read she had to be convinced to do so. Could be she thought no one would believe her. The one from the vfw is a nut case and more, imo.

    • o there could of been evidence under her nails if that did happen and she fought him would u say

  34. Why wouldnt the FBI take the case yardman?

    • im with you on this one curious 1 how can yardman be so absolute by saying no matter what happens.. that doesnt make sense to me. they have stepped into situations less concerning. enlighten us on your theory yardman please!

  35. The Fbi can handle Nicole’s case, and once they become involved as they are doing, they cannot just go back to the office and blow it off.
    So, I disagree yardman.

    Now- it is yet to be seen if they take over the entire case of the eight victims. They are on the Task Force.

    I would like turnhere to explain his knowledge of day to day activity of the Task Force and sheriff’s office. Not giving away details that are crucial, but what their typical days are like. Families would like that info. It is encouraging.

    Thanks- ahead of time!

    • i heard and i dont like to repeat what i heard that someone was arrested today for nicole death. the old man that she was seen with can not remember his name. just wanted to let yall know that like i said i dont like to repeat what was said

  36. Have Faith

  37. The killer may be taunting police by leaving the bodies in plain view. That’s not where they are killed at, otherwise, more evidence would be left behind:

    “The organized offender usually brings his own weapon to the crime scene and avoids leaving evidence behind. He is familiar with police procedures. The body is often removed from the crime scene. He may do this to “taunt” the police by leaving the corpse in plain public view, or to prevent its discovery by transporting it to a location where it will be well hidden”. (Geberth, 1990)

    It is in fantasy where the serial killer determines his future victims’. Fantasy can also be seen as a reason that the killer can so effectively dehumanize the victims. Many killers describe the mixed feelings of shame of the crime committed, as well as the rush of discovering what it is that they truly need. “goodness of fit.” This is why so many serial killers enjoy mental
    reenactments and return to the scenes of murders.

    • This killer had initially set a pattern for themselves. Seemed to be a rather predictable pattern actually. I’m not an expert, not even close to it, but this last murder did, and still does, strike me as such an “in your face” type killing. I sense a LE taunt in a big way. I’m curious to know what the rest of you think about it??

      Why doesn’t this killer discard the bodies somewhere NO ONE will ever find them?? It is possible to do.

      • Although Kirk Menard dismisses it, I still can’t shake the feeling that last one was thrown at him. Too big a coincidence that this was the first body since his office moved to Egan, its like they were like “oh yea? You’re on the case now? Here ya go!”. I could be wrong, but as a mere observer- that’s what it looked like to me. Think about it, if ur an insane psycho monster that gets off to media reports of “your work” and then here comes Kirk Menard shaking things up, idk….?

        • Why do you say “your on the case now” Kirk has been on the case for sometime Kirk has already dismiss this. He stated that if that was the case then the killer/killers would have left a letter made phone calls something. But nothing, the only thing Kirk has had to face now is the fact that someone is trying to start rumors about him, someone must be scared that Kirk is getting close to something and don’t want Kirk to find out something good i say I hope they are very scared and very afraid i hope that what ever it is Kirk and his Private investigators are closing in on that they close in on it soon because they have someone worried scared and very afraid. Kirk just keep moving forward you are the voice for those girls. You have done alot of work on this case and have been there for the families you have been there to talk to them, not LE, not the task force, not the sheriff not the mayor, Not the DA, just you and they appreciate all you have done and so do us on this blog so I say to you THANK YOU Everyone should do what ever you can to help quiet those who are lying and spreading rumors on Kirk all they will do is harm the investigation.

        • I say that because this was the first murder SINCE he has an office in Egan as well as since he announced his involvement. I know he dismissed it, I’ve said it several times. But I said that I can’t shake the feeling. I didn’t mean to imply that I thought it to be fact. Kirk is best off using his own instincts and not mine! He is a PI and I’m not- however g8 asked what we thought and I told her what I thought. Lol if I thought it were a real lead- I’d have called it into the tip line, however, here I just talk about what I think, and most of the time that changes from day to day. Thank God- it is not my job to solve these cases- we would be in trouble. Kirk Menard has said several times he entertained this thought but decided against it- however, I can’t shake the feeling, big coincidence. Yes I understand about the letter, phonecall theory. However, I still also can’t shake the feeling I have that its not the same murderer(s) for all the girls -even though the murders are related I believe. I have a strong feeling its not some psycho, idiot that gets off to doing these things. I feel its a hitman kind of thing- (or rather, I wouldn’t rule it out). What am I going by? Intuition only.

        • Ahem……

          Sorry I can’t get on anymore due to rules so I have even refrained from reading the comments but someone sent the comment to me that unbiased posted.

          In response to your question: Killers that are taunting/toying with LE or investigators will usually let them know that it is for them and the body was dumped there for that purpose. Our office is off of the Egan exit and the body was quite a ways away from the Egan exit where it was dumped. My business partner stated that he could see the detectives from the backdoor of our office but at night, that’s not impossible. Egan is very small and rural. I can almost, with a certainty state that if they were taunting us/toying with us then they would leave some type of sign so that we would know the body was left in close proximity for us. It doesn’t take handwriting to leave a note, and with calling cards that are difficult, next to impossible to trace, a phone call could easily be made. Some type of way, they would have let us know that it was for us. If it had been dumped next to the Egan exit on exit 73 then I would have serious thoughts.

          About the letter I wrote to the editor, yes I did have reasons for writing that and the letter was dictated to me from an expert. I cannot say publicly what his reasoning is but it has been known to work and work effectively. Thanks to everyone for the compliments and support, its greatly appreciated. Kirk Menard

      • WOW….if “someone” could also forward this comment to Mr Menard, I would seriously appreciate it. I don’t know how to stress this enough: I AM IN NO WAY, SHAPE OR FORM IMPLYING THAT I KNOW WHAT I’m TALKING ABOUT OR CLAIM TO BE A PROFESSIONAL IN THESE MATTERS. Mr Menard, u and I have had this conversation before and you told me your thoughts before. If “someone” could also fwd the post from g8 above my first one- he can see that g8 states her feeling Necole’s location was an LE taunt, and then she said something to the effect of ‘I’m curious about what you all think’. I even began my post stating that Mr Menard has dismissed this but I can’t shake the feeling…that was not me saying “oh- kirk won’t listen to me” it was SIMPLY my feeling. I’m noted the coincidence-PERIOD. It has just occurred to me that maybe someone thinks I’m implying that if the body was left for Mr Menard then he is somehow responsible for her death. That was absolutely nowhere near my mindset! AT ALL! I am not claiming to be a homicide detective, FBI agent or anyone near those lines. I am an amateur and simply made a statement. I have never seriously threw out an idea for any type of lead- like I said(LOL) before- if I thought I had a clue as to what I was talking about- I WOULD CALL THE TIPLINE, MKAY? That said- Mr Menard- I’m glad my contraversial post got a response out of you, I was hoping u could comment about the FBI being here. LOL- I am so sorry for all of the drama my poor little opinion/theory has caused. Trust me- I have no intention of quitting my day job. 🙂

        • let the record reflect that g8’s passing on of kirk menards message was originally posted before 1203 am, in fact, i dont know why it was deleted and reposted and its probably not a big deal, but my comment at 1155 pm was actually in response to it. just thought i would clear that up, because, for some reason when i speak of Kirk Menard, WHOM I SUPPORT, my words are not being taken at face value.

    • The killer has made it somewhat difficult to find the bodies….they weren’t left out in a “here I am” type way. Yet, they were found in a relatively short time frame…..not that well hidden. The girls that were found in waterways were found by fisherman, hunters and froggers. Coincidence?? I doubt it. I think this person well knew someone was gonna happen upon those bodies quickly for the most part. I believe it’s someone VERY familiar with the area.

      I need to edit this comment a bit. There were two bodies just left out in the open……Muggy Brown and Whitnei Dubois. One was left right on the side of the road VERY near the police shooting range and the other one was left right by a “tee” in the road……they weren’t hidden AT ALL.

  38. excuse me but the video i saw of that old man can not possibly be the one who did that to the last girl…he looked like if someone blew on him he would fall over.. thats crazy…she looked like she could defend herself from that ..IMO..

  39. Hi all, new here. Kirk Menard left a posting on about 10 private investigator newsgroups asking for assistance and each one has members of about 1,000 each. I’m just catching up and reading what I can to understand about the homicides to try and assist. I’m retired state police and still have friends in the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The families are lucky to have Kirk working for them. I’ve known him for about 5 years now and he has excellent instincts and is a very sharp investigator. He’s known by us investigators throughout the United States because of his publishings in major trade magazines. Anyway, I will do what I can to help and I’m sure more private investigators from the newsgroups will join to assist. Glad to be here.

  40. the sheriff’s office is the lead investigating agency on the case, they have jurisdiction. its not like tv where an fbi agent walks up and takes control upon arrival. the fbi does’nt have jurisdiction over homicide cases. the sheriff would have to turn over the investigation by choice and i don’t see that happening.

  41. Did anyone come up with any more info on “Birddog”, real name or date when this murder occured?

  42. i think his name was harvey burleigh, not sure of the date of his murder, his case is still unsolved

  43. Welcome to our group. Your remarks about Kirk are very refreshing and just reinforce what we have already heard about his good character and experience as a PI. Also by him contacting your PI group and asking for assistance it shows just how committed he is to solving these crimes. We certainly welcome any and all assistance we can get here in Jeff Davis Parish since law enforcement has been unsuccessful thus far in finding the killer/killers. As you know we are now up to 8 women murdered since 2005, the last victim as recent as a month ago.. I am not related to and did not know any of the 8 women. I am just a concerned citizen and like others here in this parish I want these killings to stop and for the perpetrator to be caught and brought to justice. Again welcome and we are glad to have you here!

  44. thanks yardman

  45. Thanks curvycat and brownie. Glad to be here. I’m sure there are other PI’s lurking around that haven’t posted. His post garnered alot of attention on the site asking for assistance. I’ve spoke to Kirk a few times on the telephone over the course of the years and yes he’s very reputable or I don’t believe the Texas Investigator Magazine or the Florida Investigator Magazine would publish his articles. He’s very dedicated and genuine and doesn’t stop until the case is solved.

    In any case, I’m still reading over the timelines and I’ve worked a few homicides and just want to determine how I can help. I did get a few other emails from other PI’s that stated they’ve been reading after Kirk’s posting but they have not posted, they’re still looking over information. Very complicated case. It’s hard to understand why law enforcement would want to neutralize a PI that is trying to help. If they use him correctly, that may be their best resource.

    • newjerseypi – I absolutely disagree that he could be their best resource. You are obviously getting one side of a story, Kirk’s side.

      I do agree that a PI can be helpful in some cases, but it is obvious that he is not helpful in this one. It appears that his his name comes up in more turmoil than in the way of solutions or in the gathering of facts.

      • Everyone’s entitled to their opinion.

      • It was not any side. I’m using PI’s in general because it seems that the public will not speak to law enforcement. I didn’t hear anybody’s side. If you ask any PI, their name is always involved in something, even mine when I am working on cases. We’re not the most popular and its not a popularity contest. It’s about gathering information.

      • maybe im behind, but the only time ive heard mr menard’s name come up is all the scandal with the rumors that were started about him and young girls, which, i understood were nipped in the bud immediately, and frankly, id never heard those rumors except for when they were exposed on here. am i missing something, ill admit that there is alot i dont know, but i think ive gotten all the info that the rest of the public has gotten, lol, perhaps im just slow….

      • Seems the same for LE and all their glory too!

  46. If Mr Menard is so good why hasnt he solved it? Where is all the evidence he is suppose to have? He says he is working close to the task force, is he? I find that he contradicts himself from day to day.

    • Working close to the task force simply means supplying them information and tips. What they do with the information they are given he has no control over as I have not had any control over on my past cases. We don’t know what evidence or information he has turned over. That is between him and the task force but I can just about guarantee you he’s turned over tips and information that they can use in their investigation. Evidence, and information or facts that he turns over will not and cannot be made public. To understand how a PI works you need to be in the business. Us as PI’s don’t solve a thing dealing with homicides. We pass the information along to those responsible and that have arrest powers and they solve it. It’s up to them. All we are is information brokers that go from us to them.

    • Menard has turned over lots of info to the task force!!! What they do with it no one knows,maybe it went straight to the shredder!!!!!

  47. Anybody know about a shooting that happened earlier this year, somebody named Derrick and they call him D. Is that still an unsolved shooting? Just trying to piece some things together. In my research I’ve come up with the article but can’t locate if it was solved or not. Just searching for a connection.

  48. yes, his name was derrick jackson, he was shot in front of urban trends in the cap quick stop parking lot, a second subject was also shot, a sonnier subject but he wasnt killed. yes this case is still unsolved but the city police have good leads and possible evidence in this case. this was said to be a drug deal gone bad.

  49. Well said NJ PI! I believe we all know that a PI can only pass on the information he gathers and not act upon it. PIs don’t make arrest! Obviously he is working the streets and talking with people because he’s been seen out and about. And contacting other PIs asking for assistance isn’t a bad idea either. I think we could do much worse if we just left it up to the local law enforcement! Enough said!

    • So you only know what Mr Menard tells you. He can tell you he has great information when in fact he does not, right? Another question, has he turned over ANYTHING that has any value?

      • well actually it has been said many times, the information he turns over is confidential , so why would you ask that ? but my question to you is what on earth do you have against him ? obviously you are involved in a campaign to see him fail.. kirk has been a man of action since he took the case. he is admired by many for making his presence known, after all he could be taking the families money and sitting in his office and not doing much, but he has proven himself to be worthy just by involving himself in this case, knocking on doors, answering questions that he is allowed to answer, and voicing out to the media. i could go on and on but im sure you get the idea..
        i think its LE’s lack of communication with the families as well as the concerned citizens that has trully been the thorn in everyone’s side..

      • No sir, Mr. Menard didn’t tell me anything. I do not know what he turned over. I never said he was the best investigator in the world either. I did say that he does his job and many, many investigators throughout the United States can verify that as fact. We investigators learn not to leave any stone unturned, even if its third party information it will still be turned over and its up to law enforcement to decide if it has value. And the only way to decide if it has value is to follow up on it, not push it aside and not even consider it. I’ve been where Mr. Menard is many many times in homicide investigations and when client’s hire us we have an obligation to represent our clients to the best of our ability. He’s admitted, openly, on the PI news topics that he’s inexperienced in homicide investigations and that is why he’s request our help. No shame in saying you don’t know or need help. But sir, I pass the same question to you, what does law enforcement have of value? Why not an arrest? Are do you just go by what they tell you? During my research of these cases, I’ve heard the sheriff say over and over again ‘no leads and no suspects.’ I could go on about what’s wrong with that but I will leave that to what it is.

        I was never told he had great information. It’s proven that when we work on such cases maybe 1% may be valuable and the rest you can’t use but it still has to be considered. It may be that 1% that is the missing piece of the puzzle. I’m not advertising for Mr. Menard but I do know him but never met him. I have read his writings and I have sent him cases to work for me when I have cases in Louisiana. He does belong to a network of investigators. You’re missing the point. He has client’s to represent and for you wanting to leave these families abandoned shows a character flaw. If nothing else, he’s giving these families some type of closure just by having someone to talk to and keeping them off of law enforcement. That should be the good part for law enforcement. I’m not saying anymore about this but I do know that he has proven himself to me and other investigators with over 30 years experience. Whenever I have a question about something, I always ask myself the question to determine if I can answer it before I ask someone else a question. Lawyers never ask a question that they do not know the answer to. You have your opinion and I respect that but I will not discuss this with you anymore. I have more research to do to see how I can assist these families.

  50. Well thank you curvycat. He/she is obviously entitled to his/her opinion. I have more technology at my disposal than some of the other PI’s in the country and this person eyetoeye is writing his post from a computer of the organization of jeff davis parish so apparently is a law enforcement officer. The IP address that appears on my database is and it says Organization Jeff Davis Parish so naturally the powers that be want to neutralize a PI. We’ve all been through it and some will go through it in this case but it will be overcome. Kirk has asked for help and some heavy names in the industry have responded.

    • WOW!

    • IP address [?]: [Copy][Whois] [Reverse IP]
      IP country code: US
      IP address country: United States
      IP address state: Louisiana
      IP address city: Lafayette
      IP address latitude: 30.2078
      IP address longitude: -92.0386
      ISP of this IP [?]:
      Organization: PARISH OF JEFF DAVIS
      Host of this IP: [?]: [Whois] [Trace]
      Local time in United States: 2009-09-16 10:33

      • Thanks Grande, I wasn’t going to post the entire status but I’m glad someone did. Not boasting on my abilities but evidence is the least of my worries. I do alot of computer forensics and have alot of technology at my disposal that Homeland Security would be proud of what I can do and I do have a license to use this equipment.

      • how do you do that? I have another blog I go to who I would like to use that…

        • It’s a device that you need a license to use. I can also triangulate cellular phone signals and towers but have to have a license for that as well. I’m not going to explain to you what an ethical hacker entails.

      • Found a referral to

        I have the street address listed in my search.

        %rwhois V-1.5:003eff:00 (by Network Solutions, Inc. V-
        network:Network-Name:PARISH OF JEFF DAVIS
        network:Org-Name:PARISH OF JEFF DAVIS
        network:Street-Address:321 E PLAQUEMINE ST

        %referral rwhois://

    • NJPI–My guess that eyetoeye was affilated with JD parish LE,but did’t know how to prove it,Thanks so much.Kirk is the only one we can talk to and he will listen I am so thankful for his involvement.

  51. Sorry unbiased…….I thought I had it in the wrong location initially that’s why I moved it. Think I have it in the right place now.

    • No problem, g8, i was just feeling a little touchy because i was completely misunderstood. maybe you need a voice chat? lol, alot less drama…..but right now my main focus is this ip drama going on above

  52. NJ PI – Wow, you actually can tell where the person posting is from through their IP address? That’s awesome! You probably already know where I’m from. I’ve got no problem with that. Isn’t technology amazing?

    • i knew the technology existed, which is why most people dont speak as freely as they would like to….you can be tracked down. i have no qualms with it, however, i know nothing…..and my opinions are simply that…..but i have to admit, this is better than coffee, im wide awake now! lol

  53. For everyone’s concern I don’t look at the IP address of everyone just when I have concerns about who is posting negative comments because if someone is “set up” to take a fall we have evidence at hand. Attorneys have used my technology for years for PI’s that have been “set up” by law enforcement just to quiet them or for some other reason. You can tell, with experience, when a law enforcement officer is typing by the type of grammar they use.

  54. Yeah unbiased, I’m with you on that. I’m texting my message from my cell phone this morning instead of my computer and I’m sure NJ PI probably figured that already out. But that doesn’t bother me in the least. I’m a momma and grandma of girls and I have no interest in this except that I just want to see justice done here before more women lose their lives!

  55. LOL IM LOVIN IT!! this makes this day the most interesting day for me, thank you NJPI!! hey eye to eye where did you go? heres a tip for you, if you cant run with the big dogs stay on the porch.. lol

  56. Newjerseypi, WELCOME! I was researching a book when I found this site, now I’m obsessed with finding closure for these families. I know you will bring answers and help. Kirk Menard is doing a great job. BUT you can have all the evidence in the world give it to the powers that be, and they SIT on it, and what does it get you? Anyway, thank you for caring!!!

  57. I sure hope the SK doesn’t come on here and that he/she doesn’t have any of that fancy computer technology for tracking IP addresses. Just a crazy thought… Oh Lord, I think I’m getting paranoid or something. I found this forum last month and then I got addicted to it and now this…hmmmmmmm

    • For what it’s worth, you can mask your true IP Address by utilizing proxy servers. There are alot of them available at no cost.

    • LOL i know what you mean. sometimes i feel guilty for being on here, or that everyone knows who i am and that im gonna get all kinds of tickets or something, who does that? but realistically i know im fine, i did nothing wrong, just goes to show the mistrust in the air over here…..

  58. g8tgirl,

    Would you mind emailing me at your earliest convenience?

    Thanks in advance!

  59. “mistrust in the air” So true! I feel it when I go.

  60. Turmoil! Let’s talk about turmoil. Let’s talk about PG and the turmoil she caused. What about TG and the controversial friends and associates he’s around including some that are persons of interest? Let’s talk about CM and the young girls he’s been with if you want to talk about that subject. This can go on and on about the administration in LE positions now but now’s not the time. Our investigator has never said one bad thing to us about LE or anyone in LE. You guys are causing the turmoil yourselves. Spreading the rumors and hoping the pressure gets him to withdraw. He asked our approval first about contacting out of state investigators to this case and if I have to take a third mortgage out on my house to pay them then I will do it.

    If you want him out of the case then two ways to make that happen. Solve the case or turn it over to the FBI and let them take it over. He is doing his job and all of this discrediting that LE is trying to pull won’t work because in the end we’ll talk about discrediting if it comes down to that. Why don’t everyone leave him alone and let him do his job like we hired him to do. We hired him so why blame him why not blame us. He’s only doing what we want him to do and that’s ask questions.

    • i agree with u people need to just be quite and let him do his job seems like know one else is doing it.

    • I thought we were just talking about IP addresses and the erie feelings we have when we are in the area from LE. I do apoloize if it was me who stepped on your toes.

  61. If I was investigating these murders I would take the “spot light” off what Kirk Menard is doing (or not doing) and focus on what the TASK FORCE is doing (or not doing) but that’s just me……… Has anyone been investigating the investigating officers??? just asking…………

  62. the focus needs to be on the head man, it’s his leadership or lack of, that directs this investigation. all eight of these homicides have occurred under his watch. where’s the le protection we pay so dearly for…

  63. BAM! thank you yardman and serial psychic. If it weren’t for the person in charge we wouldn’t have had to hire an investigator. We waited three years before we hired him and he didn’t come to us we went to him several times before he accepted the case. Now everybody wants to turn the spotlight on him instead of who is ultimately in charge. Just like Jeff Davis Parish to pass the buck.

  64. I know you guys are talking about Edwards, but can someone give names of officers that are on the task force?

  65. Does anyone know of ones “back” being out of wack on or around any of the findings of the body? Dead weight is heavy, and may have caused problems in that area.

  66. All of these ladies were “street smart”, do you think for one minute they would willingly get into a car with someone they didn’t know? Were there bruises on their bodies from being forced into a car? If someone pulled a gun on me and I EVEN THOUGHT they they were going to hurt me I would put up one hell of a fight, what would I have to lose? Makes you wonder if they didn’t KNOW the KILLER or it was someone who was in AUTHORITY of some sort……. there I go thinking again….. by the way, my Daddy always said,” if you really want to get to the bottom of something just follow the money”…………….

    • Agreed… follow the money. With that thought in mind,
      we’d be remiss if we discounted the possibility that the perp is preying on these women under the guise of a ‘John’ or client, in my opinion.

      This comment is not intended to degrade any of the victim’s or offend their friends and family. I have children myself. Regardless of their actions or their lifestyles I will always love and cherish them. Lifestyles don’t mean squat when comes to dealing with the overwhelming burden of losing a loved one.

      My thoughts and prayers remain with them. I look forward to the day when justice is served on their’s and the communities behalf!!

  67. I’ve just got an email from someone that explained something to me that seems interesting. It’s about the two girls that had their throat cut. Here is what this expert emailed to me:

    Describing 2 with throat cut’s implies others died a different method. Throat cutting leaves a messy scene and often the jugular will spurt up to 15 feet. Indicates the victims(2) died at a remote location from the location of final rest. good bet by ration killer is right handed. The ME should be able to tell if this is a rear attacker who cut or a frontal attacker by examining the cut area, depth, direction of slash etc.
    Good bet the killer is male and probably a history of hunting or farming entailing slaughter of animals.

  68. to all that have negativity to put out on this website i think its wrong lets all be here for justice an help any way we can i don’t have no kind of degree in anything but it doesnt take a rocket scientist to have an idea about whats going on.when my angel was missig(brit) a detetive came an questioned me my daughter was there so we walked out side he asked me a few questions an i answered them then i told him if shes gona be the next one yall are waiting for him to dump the body in the other places he said well sarah are you not telling me something that you know i was baffeled i said hold on i went got the paper in my house i had a map of where the bodies wherte dumped so i said you know the only other one that went to LE was christan mom an she was found west of town he knows yall are watching these other roads so hes not gona dump the body there. he said well where do you think it will be i said north of town are towards where she was found so why didnt he listin to me. idk no more

  69. These Ladies because of (some of) their addition to drugs, were privy to an underground world of dealers and all the heavy players of THAT world. They all knew each other, they all knew too much. Maybe they posed a threat to people who dealt with that threat. Several of the Ladies told family members they feared for their lives There was a common thread. Drugs seem to be prevalent in Jeff Davis Parish. Someone IS making MONEY. Therefore, follow the money……

  70. What about if Frankie owed money to one person. Maybe he borrowed or stole money from a person. Maybe FR says let’s make a deal, you can have a girl. He is pimping right? Maybe the person(s) of interest is taking it out on the girls as to what FR owes. Some say FR maybe invovled in one way. Just pondering….

  71. i havent posted in a a few days but after reading all the negativity i had to say something. i think it is rediculous for anyone to attack mr. menard or anyone else who is trying to find answers and the killer or killers! to the people who are doing so if your loved one was the person killed you would be so grateful to anyone who was working to solve the case!! in my opinion the only people who would want to attack someone for helping find answers is someone who doesnt want the answers found!! so to the people attacking mr. menard what are are u trying to hide?, what do u want to make sure stays covered up?, why are u attacking the character of someone trying to make the town of Jennings a safer place for all are friends, family, loved ones??

  72. Thank you concerned. I will follow that sentiment concerned. If Mr. Menard is not a threat to anyone or if the information he is not turning over is valuable then why talk about him? My mother, rest her soul, always told me that if nobody is bothering me then don’t bother them. So if he is not a threat or about to get on to something, why even talk about him? Leave him alone if he isn’t a threat or bothering anyone. He’s taking care of these families that hired him. I see him pass in my neighborhood all the time and its gotten to the point where my neighbors and I wave at him when he passes and it let’s us know that he’s watching for anything out of the ordinary. In fact, about 2 weeks ago I heard a noise at our window and first thing my husband said and it made me laugh he said don’t worry if anybody’s out there Menard will see him and scare him away. Why don’t those that have negativity leave him alone if he’s not a threat to you. He’s only looking for answers for these families. I agree with what paying customer said that if it didn’t take three years before anything was said they wouldn’t have had to hire Menard.

  73. newjersey, what is your take on the girl’s story of the attempted abduction?

  74. I hadn’t heard about an attempted abduction so I researched it a bit and discovered more about the delay in reporting it to the media but my take is why haven’t the driver been apprehended or at least the vehicle located? I find it relatively simple to locate a vehicle with that sort of description.

    My take is that the vehicle is more than likely an out of towner or a country person that you may never seen around Jennings again and if you do be on the lookout for a new look from the perp. I don’t know this girl or the type of girl that she is or if she often walks alone so there’s alot of questions that would have to be answered before I can give an definite answer to that question.

    • I agree about the vehicle- LE could easily deal with that case, and appears to have done nothing.

  75. Sorry for the lack of grammar trying to do several things at once.

  76. New Jersey PI, and others that have remained unspoken. I am so grateful that you all have responded to Kirk’s request. Bless you all. I think it is great that he reached out to his peers.

    It only takes one to read his comments on this site to learn of his character. He appears to have many morals and ethics that many have taken a liking too. LE could have the same, they make the choice to remain in the background.

    The unity you all apparently share in your profession is touching, and it is like an army has been called in.

    You have already asked of unsolved crimes some are unaware of, and it is getting to the point that it would seemingly be a much shorter list if we were to ask which crimes JDP has solved. Too much has been overlooked in JDP for too long, and it is wonderful to hear that many of the best have answered the call.

    Thank you also for being so open to posting on the blog–again, it is great to have you and others aboard.
    I know many in Jennings will appreciate your every moment, and eight beautiful angels are smiling upon you 🙂

  77. Jefferson Davis Sheriff’s OFC
    321 E Plaquemine Street, Jennings, LA 70546 zip code

    network:Network-Name:PARISH OF JEFF DAVIS
    network:Org-Name:PARISH OF JEFF DAVIS
    network:Street-Address:321 E PLAQUEMINE ST

    It’s not just LE, it’s the Sheriff’s Dept. (I take LE to include Jennings PD.)

  78. Reading all the discussions today I have decide this is no longer the kind of web site it once was where people shared and discussed. It appears it is now ‘stay united’ if you support KM and bout on LE. I am not a cheerleader for anyone and in the past have enjoyed this blog. I started seeing it become something like ‘I’m better than you ’cause I paid the PI’ about the time the crew was coming. I for one began to not post freely.

    This is not about a pi and who love or not love him it is about catching a killer. I will NOT believe LE is not wanting an end as well as the pi.

    Now it’s about digging into ip addresses and pi’s in force, le seems to be less than. I don’t care if pi or anyone else get my ip address and know who I am, btw I came here because I was posting without all the hassle. If I wanted my name and address posted I would have done that myself. It even seems today a person seems to have acquired my name. Know what I don’t give a rats behind since I don’t have anything to hide. All I care or cared about is solving the crimes imo no person is above checking. I know me or my husband (you see I said husband in the ip check) did not do it. I not only became interested because it is my home but because I had a son murdered.

    Check my ip I don’t give a rats behind. Sadly this site is losing posters. Can’t say I will stay.

    • Ahlou- I will try to word this carefully, as I feel my posts have been taken out of context lately. You and I have disagreed a couple of times-not major issues- but we have. Who cares? I respect and enjoy reading all of your posts and feel you contribute your personality. Like ANY FAMILY there will be some disagreements and differring points of view. Today, IMO newjerseypi was simply proving a point by posting the LE guy’s IP address because the LE guy was coming on a little strongly questioning Mr Menard’s usefulness in this investigation. And yes, it did get a little out of hand from there. However, I know what you are saying. This is not a LE bashing site, and most everyone is respectful of LE, I feel even newjerseypi has been respectful of LE as well. I feel LE is probably just as frustrated as the rest of us. They have a difficult position to defend. This is human nature-questions and fingerpointing. Anyone with a heart and a humble state of mind is disheartened by this tragedy. But we all bring individual perspectives to the table-most importantly we are eating together as a family- so to speak. It wasn’t until tonight that I realized you have experienced the pain of your child being taken by someone who had no right- and now I understand your perspective. Just like mine, as a young mother of young children, my perspective is fear of the community in which I’m raising them. I want this to be a safer place. And I, lke you, would rather not believe that LE doesn’t want this solved as badly as you and I do. But I can’t help but sense the tension between the two “sides”. In a perfect world, we would all be united, and I believe that for the most part we are. Let me take the time to tell u that I sincerely feel for you dealing with the loss of your child- I have experienced losses of my own- just different circumstances. You have been where these other mothers have, and I respect that. My stance is fueled by fear that one day I could be in their shoes-or that my children could be in the shoes of those of the victims’ children. I do not feel safe in my hometown, and I DON’T like the feeling of powerlessness that comes with it. Stay….you are a source of comfort for the families of these victims. Not to start an argument (because you and I have already been there about prayer) but it is my personal belief that God doesn’t cause or allow tragedies to happen to people, but he DOES offer goodness to come of it- and you are goodness to someone needing a sympathetic ear to talk about their loved ones, as well as offer encouragement to Brittany to keep up her fight for Whitnei….don’t stop being that member of this family.

      • Unbiased, you have written so kindly and I agree with you for the most part. This has been a great web site and now it seem one must choose between pi and le. I choose neither but I hope and pray they are working for the same cause. I don’t thank that any le or pi is mor important than the other. I was angered about the ip addressess. I have known about that forever but this is not how this started. Now we have those who are pointing out people. Heck maybe le want to talk without being pointing out. If I wanted to be pointed I have not a darn thing to hide but today I feel a posted even pointed me out.

        If you will note before now I said child tonight I said son….sons do get murdered. I feel this is getting to be about who pay for a pi and how important they are. I have been around and had so called paying members make me feel less than – although the person who signs on as ‘paying member’ has never done that. Some of the other family should take a hint.

        Previous to the crew coming here we had a nice give and take but now it is pi or else.

        • Hey alou,

          I am very sorry to here of the loss of your son. Losing one’s child must be very difficult, and I imagine it is never easy to put behind you. It just is not natural, especially immediate family of any nature.

          It was very kind what unbiased said, and very true.
          stick around, the blog is going to take many directions, but overall has been well established to keep on keeping on! I think it will remain a positive source for many.

        • I agree ahlou…… seems like the magazine reporter and documentary team being in town really triggered some strong emotions. These are some very emotional cases though and people are going to have differences of opinion. I have to admit, I certainly question the intentions of the PI that was mentioned as starting the big argument in front of the journalist and photographer. The timing was certainly questionable.

          I think most of us here think highly of Menard and his strong desire to see closure with these cases. I’ve never gotten the sense he was in a popularity contest between himself and LE. He has always been very forthcoming about his lack of experience in homicide investigations. I also want to have faith and maintain hope that anyone else involved in the investigation of these crimes has the same desire.

          I also do have to question the intentions of eyetoeye with the strong insinuation that Menard hasn’t offered up one useful piece of information to the Task Force and for the most part discrediting him. One way or the other……at this point none of the powers that be seem to have the information they so desperately need. This killer(s) is still free.

  79. I have several thoughts on the situation in Jennings, LA. Most of them I will keep to myself, because I feel that it is reckless to air them here. However, there is a general suggestion that I have.

    From the all too brief time that I had to spend in Jennings, I have seen firsthand what you are all up against. I know it must be both frustrating and infuriating.

    I also know that there is a lot of animosity towards law enforcement … and sadly, in some cases, against one another.

    Keep this in mind.

    In the “Art of War”, Sun Tzu makes a simple observation. A divided force is weak, while a united force is strong. Victory will be awarded to the side most able to maintain their cohesiveness.

    The only way you can effectively catch this killer, or killers, is to work together and pool your resources. Constantly use you eyes and ears. Share your ability to watch and be observant.

    You know the killer’s targets. You know his hunting ground. Most of you have grown up in this small town … and that is perhaps your greatest strength.

    Keep a close eye on these troubled girls … for their sake … and for your own. If you see a girl get picked up, write down the license plate. Make a note of the time, place and make and model of the vehicle. You all have cell phones. Take a picture if you need to.

    It doesn’t matter if the car is driven by the resident Charles Manson … by a Deputy Sheriff … or the Mayor himself. God knows the Jennings police should be doing this. If they will not … or cannot due to financial resources … you do it.

    Hunt the hunter. Make it impossible for him … or them … to go unwatched. Neighborhood watches are set up for a reason, and they can be highly effective.

    Since the foxes may be guarding the hen house, this may be your very best tactic.

    Good luck.

    Without a doubt, God is on your side.

    • Excellent, excellent post!!! I 100% agree with you.

      I had suggested several months ago the idea of organizing Neighborhood Watch groups. As a matter of fact, here is the link to USAonWatch. All of you reading here that are local to Jennings (and probably all of JDP) should talk with friends, family, neighbors, etc. about getting these types of groups formed all around town…..even if it’s loosely.

      Educate others about what to keep an eye/ear out for. Everyone keep a notepad handy to jot down times, dates, locations, descriptions of any suspicious activity. You never know when LE may need to inquire about a particular incident in your area. If it appears someone’s safety is in jeopardy…don’t hesitate to call 911. Local LE and the Task Force have been adamantly encouraging people to report any type of suspicious behavior and/or vehicles to them immediately. Don’t be afraid to use your cameras and video recorders either.

      Everyone needs to lookout for everyone right now. And Pedro is right….those of you that live in that area where the girls lived or were known to frequent need to be especially vigilant. LE cannot be everywhere all the time……that is where the public can be useful. It’s unfortunate there are still young women that continue to place themselves in an extremely dangerous situation right now. Apparently the overwhelming need for drugs has a stronger influence on the girls than fear that they could become a victim.

      It is a sad and unfortunate situation in Jennings with regards to these murders. Everyone is going to have to remain constantly alert. We have seen once again this killer can and will wait several months between attacks.
      You cannot put your guard down until this person(s) is apprehended.

  80. You know, for the last few days Ive sat back and read the posts, but tried to stay distant because every once in a while it gets to be too much for me. With Whitnei’s birthday last week amongst other things, Ive not been in the best mood, but I am ABSOLUTELY disgusted by what I have read today on here. First of all, thankyou to everyone who has been here and all of you newcomers who have joined and dedicated your time to help. It doesnt go unappreciated.

    Now, second, how in the hell is it that after all of the rumors and all of the blame games going around that someone from the Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff’s Office can so easily come here and attempt to discredit Mr. Menard? I know that the investigators read this blog, so are you investigating this as well? I think that whoever has committed such an act should be repremanded to the fullest. I dont think that LE would appreciate if Kirk got on here and discredited specific officers so what gives them the right? Then, to make matters worse, they didnt even attempt to do it from home, but they were BOLD enough to do it from the SO! Shouldnt that be grounds for termination? After all, they cant ask Kirk to be neutral if they wont. This shouldnt have even gotten this out of hand. If this investigation would be handled correctly, there would be no room for rumors and accusations, right? If it were handled correctly, they would be welcoming him, not trying to destroy his credibility. This has become a circus and for me, a family member, it is even more hurtful. I cant believe that it has come to this. Maybe if the focus wouldnt be on Kirk Menard then the killer/killers wouldve been caught a long time ago. I had decided recently to attempt to stay neutral and give both LE and Kirk the opportunity to work, not making any negative comments or opinions, but this is insane and I will speak when it has gone this far. There is a difference between speculation and fact, and the fact is that someone from the SO posted derrogatory statements here and that should not go unpunished. I am sick and tired of sitting back watching my sister’s murder turn into a circus act.

  81. One minute Brittney, you need to state what was the negative comments or opinions and by whom. Just saying without telling what post you are talking about is not productive. As I see it KM is or has been focus just recently but it you or anyone think KM can solve this all by himself you are wrong. I respond because I was the last poster and I don’t care who get my ip address.

    Prior to a short while ago most of us who were posting were posting about what we heard but now this is so much bs about how great one is vs other.

    IMO, LE have done some wrong but NO ONE walk on water and every is suspect. Let them check my ip address, this is BULL CRAP as if someone should be afraid. On the other hand people who had been posting before were just trying to share ideas. This is no longer what is going on her. I don’t plan to stay but will respond around what I said and then move on. IP address and all this is BS.

  82. One last thing and I’ll leave this alone. KM and no PI can solve this without the help of LE. They do not walk on water.

    • Only 2 men did that I’m aware of. Jesus and Peter.

    • The PI’s have made it perfectly clear that they are only an information gathering tool, and assistance to LE finding clues, prospects, evidence, and info to pass onto LE for further investigation. It is also evident that they are necessary in the Jennings are because not everyone trusts in speaking to LE- namely, the local Sheriff’s Dept because they have come under scrutiny themselves. There can be a bad apple in all groups, but it does not poison the whole bushel.

      Because JDPSO has taken a few bad hits, does make them all bad- by no means. They could be so busy going back over details of crimes that they don’t have time to give updates.

      It is up to the local paid JDPSO to make sure they have the publics trust- that is a communications job. It was great to hear FBI was out on the 14th, and maybe it can be the beginning of LE reaching out for public trust. All should move forward, and I have the utmost confidence LE and the PI’s will work in a united fashion. It is the only ethical thing to do.

      And Brittany, I do agree that that particular officer should have to answer for his actions.

      Stay United

  83. its written as plain as day what brittany is referring to, and yes the PIs do need the help of LE. so where is it?
    someone in their dept. is trying to discredit him. WHY? WHY? WHY?

    • Excellent observation almostsure. Why indeed? Just for the record, while I was on the phone with Kirk he never once said anything negative toward law enforcement and just as I expected, he’s more professional than that. Your town does need to be united in this case. Any expert, and I have spoken to a few, will explain that the public or sources will solve these types of crimes. I speak to experts on these types of crimes daily. My opinion is that these killings are hush killings. I also question the last body of Necole and her connection to the rest of the killings. I do have reservations and believe that her connections to the other women are coincidental but I do believe the others are connected. This is purely instinct and I could be wrong and have been wrong in the past but just going by experience.

  84. Are you painting all of LE with a broad brush?

    • NOPE no broad brush, however someone there is painting KM with a dark brush and i will stand behind my question .WHY?????

  85. I believe in solutions, please remember what you have all been taught.

    Selfless: the quality of not putting yourself first but being willing to give your time or money or effort etc. for others

    Selflessness: the act of sacrificing ones own interest for the greater good

    Cooperation: joint operation or action; “their cooperation with us was essential for the success of our mission”

    Remember why we are here!

  86. Negative comments…as follows:

    “If Mr Menard is so good why hasnt he solved it? Where is all the evidence he is suppose to have? He says he is working close to the task force, is he? I find that he contradicts himself from day to day.”

    IMO, this is as negative as a statement as they come, considering that it came from the SO and most likely from someone who is supposed to be considered “professional” and in a workplace at that?

    I do agree that IP addresses shouldnt be an issue, but in this situation it was necessary. This is not a KM thing or a LE thing, its a right or wrong thing. IF the tables were turned and Mr. Menard wouldve discredited LE from his office computer, this wouldve been considered unprofessional on his part and most likely he would be repremanded as well, so why cant that be the case in this situation? My point was not that KM can solve this on his own or that he is better than LE or anyone for that matter, my point was that I think it should be taken very seriously when accusations like the ones that are circulating are here and there is a need to prove them fact from fiction. The IP address of someone from the SO is a fact and it was stated here today which could possibly prove that some of these rumors are untrue. In this investigation and at this point in time, there is a need to have these things proven. Its not about who’s side we are on, but who is on our side! I am not posting against LE, but against the person who is using their authority and profession to hurt someone’s character. I do believe that Mr. Menard is an asset to the investigation and again that is my opinion, only stating what I know as a family member, but i am not condmening LE either. I just want to see all parties, whether it be PIs, investigators, citizens, friends, etc. work TOGETHER and quit drawing a line of division. At the end of the day, we have lost many women, and children have lost mothers so lets not forget whats important here!

  87. You are very well spoken Brittany 🙂

  88. As long as a person is true to themselves and knows in their heart what is right. It doesn’t matter what ANYONE says. Find peace in this, it may take time, but you will be ok, your sister’s killer WILL be brought to justice. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  89. I believe we are all missing the reason behind what we are supposed to be doing here this is a blog that is here to help family & friends discuss issues we are not here to fuss & fight.. We are a community and only as a community will things get done but If we can not all get along then what will be solved.. Brittney hunny I know u are hurting for your sister and I commend you for being strong..

  90. Does the JDPSO have an employee handbook with policies and procedures, rules of conduct, etc.? Might be a good time to re-read the handbook or better yet make some revisions.

  91. I really must apologize to this group. There’s alot of information I didn’t know about. I called Kirk at his office but his secretary told me he was offshore so I got the number and called him offshore. He does have other cases besides this one. Before he would speak to me he had his secretary fax me a confidentiality agreement and a retainer agreement.

    Speaking of Kirk, and this is the part that I didn’t know…he is not actually working this case. He has a lead investigator assigned to the case from out of town, a female. He has six other sub-contractors from different investigative agencies working this case, 3 male and 3 female. I am not at liberty to disclose their names. Kirk’s only function is to accept the information they give him and forward the information to the lead investigator who in turn sends the report to their contact at the task force. In my opinion, all of this talk and bickering is useless. He has such a small function in this case, like I said, accepting the reports and sending it to the lead investigator who in turn reports to a member of the task force. Something else I didn’t know. He does not get on this blog anymore nor does he post nor does he read any of the blogs. Some people do inform him of what is being said but that is about it.

    He is out there, when he’s not offshore, riding around and does so as a concerned citizen only but if someone knows something or if he hears something, he will report it to the lead investigator but that is any concerned citizen’s obligation is to report what they hear about these cases. Just for the record, I spoke to another private investigator that was from a town called Lake Charles and he told me that the sheriff does not care for private investigators but I don’t know how true that is. Private investigators and law enforcement have been at odds for years. The family does communicate with Kirk, from what he told me and it does help ease their mind that this case is being worked so by Kirk speaking to the families it does give them a sort of temporary closure until this case is solved. So I guess the moral of this story is that talking about someone that has a very little part in this case is useless and a waste of time. Since I have been officially retained and signed the confidentiality agreements, I may fly to Jennings and begin working on the case with the other sub-contractors and other investigators from out of state have agreed as well. That is undecided if we will do so but its a good chance that we will.

    Someone earlier mentioned that Kirk contradicts himself sometimes. Maybe its the way he/she interprets what he says. We, as investigators report what we hear and that story may take a turn by questioning of another witness. We are careful not to taint any evidence or testimony so we report verbatim what we hear, it does not matter if its third party information or if we consider it credible or not. Its up to law enforcement to decide if its credible. This bickering and pointing the finger will not solve this case. Nobody said Kirk walked on water and that is not his attitude. The day Brittany Gary went missing Kirk left with another investigator and his son and headed towards Lake Charles and he and the other investigator went speak to, who is now a Jennings Narcotics agent before heading to Lake Charles. The time was 5:05pm that Sunday and that is known because Kirk logged it down because they were doing a preliminary on a case in Lake Charles. They had just left the area where Brittany Gary disappeared from and he felt guilty that he left town and believes that if he and the other investigator had stayed around perhaps they would have been able to prevent her disappearance and hopefully her death. So now is more personal than anything else. I’m not at liberty to state the narcotics agents name that Kirk spoke to before he headed to Lake Charles but his initials are DS. From what I’ve read, Brittany Gary disappeared at approximately 5:35pm.

    This at odds between PI’s and LE is not getting anything solved. Kirk has such a small role just as a reporter of information to his lead investigator that is useless. Maybe its this “at odds” situation of not working together that this is the reason this case is not solved yet. I’ve read reports from the media where the sheriff’s department and the Jennings Police Department are at odds with each other. This is nothing more than ego’s and arrogance that causes this dispute. You folks in Louisiana have a serious problem and its not PI’s and its not LE, its the odds between everyone. Until this stops the case will not be solved. My suggestion is to stop the bickering and the finger pointing and stop being at odds and stop talking about everyone and get the case solved.


    • I agree with you on the finger pointing and talking about evryone…..when you get to Louisiana e-mail me and we can talk …solving the case is the most important thing

    • OMG thank you so much for writing what you did….I am SO sick of the finger pointing and accusations in town… I feel like we are part of the freakin Salem witch trials or something…every little issue or statement gets over analyzed and before you know it someone else is corrupt and part of the murder….I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be for the families to not have the answers they want but I have to say just because you don’t hear what LE is doing doesn’t mean they aren’t working this case…Television shows a case solved in 60 mins, DNA results returned almost instantly and murders confessing after 10 min interrogations… We don’t live in a 60 min made for tv movie, DNA can take weeks or months to come back and it’s a rare occasion that someone truly confesses to a crime…if we are truly dealing with a serial killer it may be decades before they are caught, some never are… As sad as that is for the families involved it doesn’t mean that LE didn’t do their job, it simply means that the killer was smart and they don’t have the evidence required for conviction…as the weeks have gone by that I’ve have begun to participate in this blog it has become more and more sickening to me to see the out right rumors, lies and accusations that have appeared on here…I actually quit reading for a while after reading an old post from months ago… I can’t remember who posted it but if I remember correctly it said ” yeah and don’t forget about Bert Leblanc, I hear he had ties to Frankie and crew”… First of all how dare you!!!! This officer was shot and died in the line of duty… My husband held him as he was taking his last breaths… He listened to him moan is last words, ” bro this hurts so bad”…. How dare you try and tarnish a dead mans name….we live in a small town that suddenly has some big city issues and everyone wants to play detective and be the hero citizen that breaks this case wide open, when really what needs to happen is this whole community needs to come together for once and stop our own madness before a killer can be stopped… My statement is in no way meant to hurt or diminish the families… I know 2 of them personally… I am writing out of pure frustration.. Take time to step back and look at the whole picture… Has LE and RE made mistakes, yeah, they have but you know what our LE agencies in bigger cities have also… Jeffery Dahmer was released not once but twice before his crimes ended..Gary Ridgeway was questioned several times before evidence came to light to arrest him… The hillside strangler had police at their work place more than once before carpet fibers led to their arrest… These crimes went in for years, but it didn’t mean LE wasn’t working the case, they just didn’t have what they needed to insure a conviction….I am not posting this to offend, I simply want you to think… Thank you

      • Firewife, I went through all the threads today and only on thread 7 did I see anything about Officer LeBlanc. There was nothing said that even slightly tied him to FR. Would you show what thread it was that the officer was connected with FR?

        • Ahlou, I didn’t write it down because I was so upset at the time …. But I am going back to search, I will get back with you on that…

        • Firewife, I just searched because I didn’t want to have been the responsible person. I’m sorry if I brought up a sore subject. I know a long time ago his name was brought up on because of murders in Jennings. I even got a link from websluegths (sp). Guess about now I’m just making sure I’m not real out of order. Although I did not know the officer and do not know FR. Thanks for your response.

  92. So is there a way to follow the money??? Even from the past……after re-reading silencedogood post under guest commentary, it seems quite a few murders left unsolved from the past does have some potential relations to the current murders.
    Can evidence from past crimes be pulled out of the closet for review or is this something strictly up to local le also? Can’t the coroner revisit old crimes if he so desires?
    Seems, FBI, and the attorney general should want to help and not overlook so many unsolved crimes in one place.
    How much evidence can a PI gain access too! Is that something hard to do?

  93. I actually wish I was an undercover agent- being a female and could go pose as a druggie. If I were licensed and trained, I would do it in a heart beat.

    • I’m sure you and several others BR.



          There is a link to click on the left hand side of the screen that tells you how to get your license as a private investigator this site also tells the Rules and Regulations of a private investigator. There is also a list of schools that teach courses for this also. There is a lot of good information here go and check it out you all might learn something new by reading on it.

  94. Wow, glad to see so many are willing to help. Be careful. From the initial observations I’ve made in the few short days I’ve been on here it appears as if law enforcement doesn’t want any help.

  95. Researching further, who was Francis Mouton and I found through public media that his murder was solved rather quickly? Can anyone shed more light on that?

    • Was murdered in his ome on Highway 26, it could be that part address was South Lake Arthur. The person also murdered his own girlfriend then took her to a barn which is were she was found.

      Mouton’s daughter and a son I think are police officers. They went before the ethics board for house auctions.


  97. Good morning NJ PI. I don’t feel like Kirk should feel that way because he left town and then Brittany was murdered. He couldn’t stop her death no more than Necole’s (the last victim)! But I am so glad to know there is a lot of behind the scenes leg work going on. We are a retired couple here in the parish. We retired here because it was quiet, not a lot crime (hmmm) and we felt safe. Then all these murders started. It does something to ones sense of security so to speak. I am surprised to hear however than Kirk has such a minor role in investigating this case. I thought he was the main investigator. In my opinion I felt a lot better when I heard that a PI had been hired and still do. So welcome aboard. We are glad for anything you can do to help with these cases.

  98. I didn’t know that he had such a minor role either. It is his agency but to avoid anyone, as they are doing now, pressuring so to speak, political or otherwise, the case started out overt (operating where everyone knows that a private investigator is on the case) to semi-covert (where they know that a private investigative agency is on the case but don’t know the investigators involved).

    Just by asking a simple few questions I determined his role. All he does is report to the families but does not tell them what he submits to the task force. He does send them a header report that tells them when a report is submitted to the task force with the date on it but the content is not sent to the clients. There are 7 active investigators working this case and Kirk is not one of them. Again, all he does is collect reports from the investigators and types of the report, unedited, with the exception of a sources name if they want to remain confidential, and sends the report to the lead investigator, who verifies the report by contacting the other investigators, proofreads it for grammar and spelling errors and it is submitted to the task force.

    He does ride around as a concerned citizen and I guess its hard for him not to think about Brittany Gary but he has told me that he was not around when Brittany went missing so I guess he rides around hoping that the next one he can prevent. You’re absolutely correct, many people don’t know what goes on behind the scenes and that’s why I ask questions.

  99. NJPI – I totally understand. We just keep hearing the sheriff say there are no leads in these cases. How could this person or persons committing these crimes commit 8 perfect crimes and leave absolutely no DNA behind? Two girls had their throats slashed and wouldn’t that have left plenty of blood at the scenes of those 2 crimes in partcular?

  100. What type of killer outsmarts even law enforcement?

    • In actuality many of them do outsmart LE. Some are able to avoid detection for great lengths of time…..Dennis Rader (the BTK killer) is one that comes quickly to mind. As smart as he thought he was, and had been, technology caught up with him and he made a very miscalculated move when he sent correspondence, via a floppy disk, to LE.

  101. curvycat, a person who outsmarts law enforcement 8X with no leads MAY be law enforcement, OR be very familiar with law enforcement OR be protected BY law enforcement OR????

  102. curvycat. Its difficult to answer your question but you’re right, they don’t outsmart law enforcement, it goes to experience. Some experts believe daily hair loss of between 50 and 100 hairs can be considered normal, while others say up to 200 hairs are lost from the average human body per day. I would say that 200 hairs are excessive to be loss during the average day. It’s very difficult to believe, despite in a state of advanced decomposition that the bodies cannot be swept for hair follicles. Insect larvae provide valuable forensic information about corpses, including postmortem interval (PMI) estimations. Larvae found on decomposing bodies is collected and analyzed for stage of growth, thereby allowing estimations for the likely time of death; information which is valuable in criminal investigations. DNA analysis of human material ingested by the maggot could yield a genetic profile suitable for comparison to that of a corpse. During the process of digestion, the liquefied host tissue is stored temporarily in a special region of the
    maggot’s foregut, the crop. This question could arise when the maggots from one crime scene were divided, sent to different investigators and inconsistent conclusions were taken from the same evidence. DNA collected from a crime scene can either link a suspect to the evidence or eliminate a suspect, similar to the use of fingerprints. Forensically valuable DNA can be found on evidence that is decades old. However, several factors can affect the DNA left at a crime scene, including environmental factors such as heat, sunlight, moisture, bacteria,and mold. Therefore, not all DNA evidence will result in a usable DNA profile. Further, just like fingerprints, DNA testing cannot tell officers when the suspect was at the crime scene or for how long. DNA is contained in blood, semen, skin cells, tissue, organs, muscle, brain cells, bone, teeth, hair, saliva, mucus, perspiration, fingernails, urine, feces, etc. One murder was solved when the suspect’s
    DNA, taken from saliva in a dental impression mold, matched the DNA swabbed from a bite mark on the victim. A masked rapist was convicted of forced oral copulation when his victim’s DNA matched DNA swabbed from the suspect’s penis 6 hours after the offense. Numerous cases have been solved by DNA
    analysis of saliva on cigarette butts, postage stamps, and the area around the mouth opening on ski masks. DNA analysis of a single hair found deep in the victim’s throat provided a critical piece of evidence used in a murder conviction.

    Therefore, its beyond me, with the technology why DNA cannot be found or if it was found, and I’m sure it was, why it can’t be used to locate a suspect.

    • Therefore, its beyond me, with the technology why DNA cannot be found or if it was found, and I’m sure it was, why it can’t be used to locate a suspect.

      Surely there has been DNA discovered……perhaps the perp is not in the “system” though; no previous crime record.

  103. Has it been established what kind of relationship (if any) Brittany Gary had with Frankie Richard?

    Just came accross a photo of Brittany’s sister w/ the caption “Me and Uncle Frankie’s son Caymen” (s/b Caimen)

    • Frankie is related to Brittney Gary but Im not sure how. I spoke with her one day as she was walking down the street. We spoke of my sister Whitnei and when Frankie’s name came up, she referred to him as Uncle Frankie as well.

  104. You folks have serious problems in your county. I read for the past few days and until detectives and the powers that be decide to solve this case it will not get solved. From what I’ve read so far, none of you trust the powers that be or the detectives. Laying the blame on a PI that was hired by someone else is a cop out, as we call it. I don’t know if I can help but I’m still looking over information. I think that this is a job for Chuck Chambers to come into town. He’s has gone up against the powers that be more than once as well as the governor and won when he worked on a homicide case. He had to file suit in a United States District Court but his objective was achieved for his clients. I might email him and ask him to look into this because I am really at a loss of word of what your county is going through. I’m really speechless.

  105. I’ve just heard that the sheriff’s department, the FBI and from what the person said, a private investigator went to a truck stop in Egan, Louisiana and asked someone if they remember seeing Necole and some other guy in the truck stop. I doubt if it was a private investigator, more than likely it was just an investigator in the public sector but I’ll find out more.

    • That’s great should have been done a long time ago. Thanks.

      • I met a young lady purely by happenstance a couple of weeks ago that regularly purchases gas at that truck stop. One of the employees there told her that right after Necole was discovered LE had pulled their video surveillance records and also had dogs perusing the area as well.

        • g8, i too had heard something similar, that on the night they found necole they were looking at truckstop surveillance….it would be really nice if that would give some insight.

        • I had been told they were looking at video on I-10 but I thought it was the Jennings exit.

          BTW, I’ve been told by a person who know who TG is that she worked at the can recycle on Doyle. Necole also worked there I’ve heard. Don’t know if they worked there at the same time.

    • surely thats not the first time theyve gone to the Egan Truckstop? hmmmm

    • NJPI- was that JDPSO or ACADIA PARISH SO? b/c egan is in acadia parish.. dont want this to be a silly question im just curious..

    • glad to have you here an hope you can come down an help with tis all help is needed GOD BLESS YOU AN ANY OTHER PI THAT ARE GONA HELP LORD KNOWS WE NEED IT. i would like to know more about the detective ds because i know alot of sh** about that one

  106. lonepi, Thank you for taking the time and for all your effort in reviewing this case. I , for one appreciate all the help that the PI community is putting into this case.

    NJPI you are doing an excellent job. Thank you for taking the time to give us explanations to questions that have come up. It means a lot ,to know that you are willing to actually explain in depth the procedures and there meanings. Thanks again!!!

  107. Just got this from another investigator that is reading the case to try to help. He is a retired police officer and gave an interesting insight on law enforcement and how they think in regards to private investigators:

    Detectives are a proud group of men and women. They are often the cream of the crop of the departments in which they serve. To that end, they do not view outsiders as having the same level of expertise as them.

    Understanding a cop, to me is real easy… boils down to their way of thinking, which is, What can you do for me? If you can benefit an officer, then they will have you on speed dial. The most important thing to a detective is information. You provide them with reliable, credible and timely information…..they will be back for more! The more info they have, the more on the ball they appear to their superiors.

    My suggestion….Single out a particular detective and slowly feed them good info, don’t ask any questions for awhile. I can tell you that most often times the FBI will not reciprocate information, if you want info from officers it will have to be a local officer. I would try to establish contact with a upper rank detective, lower ranking detectives get the lower ranking assignments. You may want to find a retired detective that is well thought of and liked in the area, approach them to assist you part time. That person would be able to make introductions to key contacts.

    I would stay away from retired detectives who now work for criminal defense atty’s, as they are usually not well thought of by police and this would not help your cause.

    • Jurisdiction jealousies are common with task forces and often hinder their ability to solve murders. This is common knowledge.

  108. Why when I click on grt8 and njpi’s last comments it brings me to the top of the screen and I can’t see what you guys has posted? I’m doing something wrong, but what is it?

  109. i can name a few, IRVIN TRAHAN for one, he was very instrumental in the arrest of michael perry in the early 80’s TED GARY also. JIMMY THOMAS.. does anyone else remember people that served during the DALLAS CORMIER administration? they could probably be of great assistance.. IMO

    • didnt ted gary go to some kind of federal prison when he was working for dallas. i think i am right

      • yes he did but it was rumored that he was the “fall guy” im not sure about that though! 🙂

        • i remember when ted gary work for dallas he would let the convicts use his truck to go and do what they wanted to do and if i can remember right one of the guys was brad (wildman) can not think of his last name right now. he use ted truck to go to bars and tryed to break in some one house also. brad was lock up but ted would let him out. i dont even think ted is anywhere around here.

        • Wildman … Wow that’s a blast from the past… Hadn’t heard that name in a long time… Not sure but I think his last name was “Gary” also.

        • brads last name was brandenburg…IMO ted when i knew him was all cop..and he was a good cop..i guess we are all human and he was too and just fell into something bad…

    • very few of these investigators are still in law enforcement, with the exception of two from the dallas cormier administration. neither of these officers are working on the homicides

  110. NJPI, you’re obviously a very intelligent individual. Glad to have you join the conversation. It’s evident that LE or as some call it “the powers that be” don’t like outsiders outside of LE. They don’t know the value of private investigators. You can read these posts from this blog or ask anyone on the streets of Jennings and they will not speak to LE or the powers that be. I knew what you meant when you said that a PI can be the best resource there is but try explaining that to someone with more than an 8th grade education and they won’t understand. In my profession I use them all the time because they provide a wealth of information. I didn’t know Menard’s minor role in the case and that a lead investigator was in charge. All the discrediting didn’t seem to help because of his minor role so good thing they don’t know who is the lead investigator because then they would try to discredit them so that tells me that LE is not on top of the game like they think. It doesn’t matter who the private investigator is LE and the powers that be will always believe that they have more expertise than anyone, while we all know that isn’t true. Excellent draft of DNA and its relevance by the way. I can see its difficult in dealing with the powers that be in the parish because of their hoity toity attitude but don’t let it get to you. Keep posting and doing what you’re doing. It’s great.

  111. ummmm- im not sure if ted is anywhere near the area either but im naming the detectives that cracked cases(murders)


    • unsure-Sorry to everyone on the blog but I completely forgot about the grand jury. Unsure is correct, citizens can request that the grand jury conduct an independent investigation to determine if law enforcement as well as the prosecutor is following leads, tips, covering up, etc., and its done often in New Jersey. Remember, we’ve just had a major scandal over here where our entire government was indicted by the grand jury.

      If for some reason the grand jury refuses you can also file what is known as a writ of mandamus to force an independent investigation. Some have filed the request through the federal court systems with much success. The grand jury can also select a prosecutor not from the area and unaffiliated with the case to present to the grand jury. Ken Starr and the Clinton scandal is a good example, a little different but same analogy. Runaway grand juries are rare but not impossible. It’s a little known secret to using the system against the system and many attorneys will not tell you about that secret. In this case, it may be warranted.

      • do u have an email address

      • My question is this…….would the target be the JDP grand jury or would it be a state grand jury? At this point we have multiple jurisdictions involved in the investigation.

        Also, what type of burden is upon the requestee? Wouldn’t there have to be some rather persuasive facts/information presented to the grand jury to even compel an investigation??

  113. in louisiana a grand jury can conduct independent investigations by their own request or by the request of the district attorney, although i have never heard of it being done in jeff davis parish.

    • There is always a FIRST

      • yes brownie, that would be an interesting first for jeff davis parish, an investigation being conducted that’s not under the thumb of the local “powers that be”. the results may be scary.

  114. There has been some speculation that the killer was taunting LE by ‘placing’ Laconia Muggy Brown’s body near the police shooting range. Perhaps this is just a coincidence but just prior to Laconia’s death an article was released in the Jennings Daily News outling the city council’s vote to allow JPD officers “to use the city’s shooting range to help train and certify other departments, private security officers and even local citizens while off-duty.”

    Interesting when you add that entry to the timeline;

    May 6, 2008 Article released regarding the city council’s approval to use the CITY’S SHOOTING RANGE to train and certify other agencies.

    May 23, 2008 Last known sighting of Laconia Shontel “Muggy” Brown

    May 28, 2008 Body of LaConia Shontel “Muggy” Brown found on the side of East Racca Rd near CITY’S SHOOTING RANGE.


    A runaway grand jury is one in which the grand jurors have taken control of an investigation and are ignoring a prosecutor’s efforts to rein them in. In the nineteenth century, many American grand juries were crotchety and independent and did what they wanted; by the twentieth century, grand juries had pretty much come under the control of prosecutors.

    A runaway grand jury is an exception to this rule–the grand jurors ignore the prosecutor(s) and start making their own decisions. Runaway grand juries were not uncommon in the early twentieth century. The best known of these runaway grand juries is probably the New York grand jury in the 1930’s that barred prosecutors from coming into the grand jury room and took off on its own investigation of corruption in New York city government. This grand jury eventually cooperated with Thomas E. Dewey, whom the jurors apparently decided they could trust, and returned many indictments against a variety of defendants, including some well known members of the New York Mafia. Since modern grand jurors tend to be ignorant of their ability to act independently of a prosecutor’s wishes, runaway grand juries have pretty much become a thing of the past. There have, however, been a few exceptions: Recently, for example, a California state grand jury indicted all the top county officials, and nearly closed down county government. And a Texas state grand jury began investigating a mayoral candidate and seems to have ruined his reputation sufficiently to cause him to lose the election, even though he was never charged with any crimes.

    Wood v. Georgia (1962) US SUPT COURT:

    stated that the grand jury always

    has been regarded as a primary security to the innocent against hasty, malicious and oppressive persecution; it serves the invaluable function in our society of standing between the accuser and the accused … to determine whether a charge is founded upon reason or was dictated by an intimidating power or by malice and personal ill will. (p. 390)

    Rarely, grand juries aggressively go beyond the control of the prosecuting attorney. When the grand jury does so the situation is called a runaway grand jury. Runaway grand juries sometimes happen in government corruption or organized crime cases, if the grand jury comes to believe that the prosecutor himself has been improperly influenced. Such cases were common in the 19th century, but have become infrequent since the 1930s.[11]

    One of the most famous cases was the 1935 Runaway Grand Jury in New York City, which was investigating gambling and mobster Dutch Schultz. Jury members complained in open court, which was widely reported by the press, that prosecutors were not pursuing obvious leads and hinted that the district attorney was possibly receiving payoffs. Thomas E. Dewey was appointed as an independent prosecutor and would rocket to fame on his prosecutors.[12]

    • would it be good for only one person to wright a letter or one person wright a letter and a lot of people sign u have to be a citizen from there or a registered voter?just asking because i dont know the law

  116. that is an odd coincidence, but it’s also strange that there is a five day period between when she was last seen and the time her body was found. is it possible she was being kept somewhere captive during this time. where did you get this timeline from, grande

    • Many of the victims hadn’t been seen for days and even a couple weeks in some cases;

      Loretta – 3 days

      Ernestine – Unknown

      Kristen – 13 days

      Whitnei – Missing 1st wk of May, found deceased May 12

      Laconia “Muggy” – Less than 1 day

      Crystal – Unknown

      Brittney – 13 days

      Necole – Less than 6 hours

      • nicole’s body was found as her parents were reporting her missing, but she had not been seen for days, more than six hours.

    • im pretty sure Muggy Brown was found only hours after she was last seen

      • ITA with you unbiased, I know I remember hours for Muggy. I also agree with yardman, Necole was last seen on Sunday reported on Wednesday.

      • According to my notes that I’ve taken as I’ve read through this site, Muggy Brown was last seen on 5-27-08 and found on 5-29-08.

        • Well her grandmother most not have known what she was talking about. I don’t know about your notes but I’m not alone remembering the grandmother gave a timeline of the cookout in the afternoon. Muggy taking a nap then going out then coming back that was not days. I will not argue but suggest you check the newspapers including the advertiser who will give the timeline. That is unless you can show a better timeline. Until then I will go with the original a few hours.

  117. July 17 2003 Male found in the median west of the Bayou Plaquemine bridge in Crowley

    2003 Linda Jackson from Acadia Parish found decased in rural area

    December 4 2003 Body of Susan Kennedy Jackson found floating in the Bayou Wikoff

    August 17 2004 Body of Shamekka Garnette found in a ditch off Old Boyce Highway in Alexandria

    May 17 2005 Last known sighting of Loretta Lynn Chaisson Lewis

    May 20 2005 Body of Loretta Lynn Chaisson Lewis found in the East fork of the Grand Marais Canal

    June 17 2005 Body of Ernestine Marie Daniels Patterson found floating in a drainage canal roughly six miles from where Loretta Lewis’s body had been found

    August 29 2005 HURRICANE KATRINA – Bryon Chad Jones fleas to New Orleans prior to this date then evacuates to S.C. soon after this date

    October 13 2005 Body of Black male found in a ditch on Blanchard Road near Roanoke

    January 19 2006 Bryon Chad Jones apprehended in S.C. for murder of Ernestine Patterson

    March 5 2007 Last known sighting of Kristen Elizabeth Gary Lopez

    March 18 2007 Body of Kristen Elizabeth Gary Lopez found floating in the Petitjean Canal

    May 1-7 2007 Whitnei Charlene Dubois last seen

    May 12 2007 Body of Whitnei Charlene Dubois found @ 7:30 am in the middle of Bobby Rd. in Jennings

    May 14 2007 Frankie Richard arrested in connection with the murder of Kristen Gary Lopez and in connection with a rape that occurred May 14, 2007

    May 15 2007 Hannah Conner arrested in connection with the murder of Kristen Gary Lopez

    May 16 2007 Bryon Chad Jones and Lawrence K Nixon await trial in the death of Ernestine Patterson (BCJ incarcerated since 01/19/2006)

    July 26 2007 Murder of “Birddog” Harvey Lee Burleigh

    July 30 2007 Attempted murder on South Main St.

    May 6 2008 Article released regarding the city council’s approval to use the city’s shooting range to train and certify other agencies.

    May 23 2008 Last known sighting of Laconia Shontel “Muggy” Brown

    May 28 2008 Body of LaConia Shontel “Muggy” Brown found on the side of East Racca Rd.

    August 14 2008 Lawrence K Nixon arrested for stolen property

    September 11 2008 Body of Crystal Shay Benoit Zeno found in a dry canal on the side of Lacour Rd.

    November 2 2008 Last known sighting of Brittney Ann Gary

    November 15 2008 Body of Brittney Ann Gary found In the grass near Keystone Road

    Feb 9 2009 Warrant executed @ 710 Gallup St. turns up $10,000 cash

    April 2009 LE seen @ Andrew St. drug house 2 times in the last few days of May – 1st week of April according to witness

    April 15 2009 Frankie Richard released from County – Domestic dispute

    May 2 2009 Search warrant executed @ 710 Gallup St.- 682 Ecstasy tablets, $561 in cash, approximately $3,000 worth of marijuana and $500 worth of crack cocaine

    May 11 2009 Frankie Richard seen at 610 S. Andrew St. according to witness

    May 15 2009 Acadia PD seen at 610 S. Andrew St. @ appx. 3am according to witness

    May 19 2009 LE seen @ 610 S. Andrew St. Twice / T Gary seen entering back door of residence according to witness

    May 20 2009 Frankie Richard seen leaving JDPSO / JDPSO activity at 610 S. Andrew St. according to witness

    May 26 2009 LE seen at 610 S. Andrew St. according to witness

    May 28 2009 LE ‘swarming’ Frankie Richard’s residence. Conducted search of residence including trailer according to witness

    June 1-7 2009 Jeanette LeBlanc, 73, her son, Frankie Richard, 53, and her daughter, Tabetha Crochet, 39 arrested by burglary, etc.

    July 8 2009 Tabetha Crochet released from county – Burglarly charges dropped due to lack of evidence

    August 7 2009 Jeanette LeBlance released from county – Burglarly charges dropped due to lack of evidence

    August 11 2009 Frankie Richard released from county – Burglarly charges dropped due to lack of evidence

    August 13 2009 Paula Guillory fired for missing evidence

    August 13 2009 ** seen backed in to spot on Cane Rd. three times today

    August 14 2009 ** seen backed in to spot on Cane Rd. today alledgedly speaking w/ known drug dealer according to witness

    August 17 2009 Attempted abduction on Craig St.. Vehicle described as light blue truck w/ pinstripe.

    August 19 2009 LE seen at 610 S. Andrew St.. Took away one person for questioning returned and picked up T Gary for questioning

    August 19 2009 Nicole Jean Guillory body found along Interstate Ten near Egan in Acadia Parish

    August 26 2009 T Gary & associates (w/m, w/f & HOH) seen @ 610 S. Andrew St. according to witness

    August 31 2009 T Gary & associate (w/f) seen @ 610 S. Andrew St. according to witness

    September 4 2009 T Gary see @ 610 S. Andrew St. according to witness

    September 14 2009 FBI ‘canvassing’ S. Main St.

  118. Many of the latter entries are hearsay as you can see although most of them seem to fit w/ other known events i.e. LE’s presence around Andrew / Mckinley St’s prior to Frankie & Co’s arrest for burglarly, LE’s presence @ Andrew St. around the time Necole’s remains were discovered, etc.

  119. Someone asked for my email address. It is and my name is Chris. Feel free to email me.

  120. Found this today, although old.
    Letters for 09-16-2009

    Crime, murder isn’t new
    Dear Editor,
    On Sept. 11, 1979, a house fire took the life of an elderly woman.
    The fire was started outside her home between the car and the side of her house. Someone took her life – a mother, a mother-in-law, a grandmother, a sister, an aunt, a neighbor and a friend – from us.
    I just wanted to let the people of Jennings know that crime and murder are not new to Jennings. This crime took place 30 years ago at the corner of Doyle and Jefferson streets. No one has paid for this crime. To my knowledge, no one is looking for the person or persons, either.
    Thirty years ago seems like so long ago, and at times it seems like only yesterday. Only God gives you the strength to go on. I pray that the families of the eight girls who have been murdered find that strength also. I pray their murderer is caught and the families find closure.
    Rohilla DuCharme Rowell – you will not be forgotten and you are greatly missed.
    Connie Rowell Hebert

  121. AHLOU is right, murder is not new to jeff davis parish… but unsolved murders are…. since 1992 jeff davis parish has 13 unsolved homicides to date. butch sonnier, harold pete, shiela comeaux, harvey burleigh, and derrick jackson in addition to the eight murdered women. i think this track record is quite poor considering the advancements in forensic science in the last fifteen years. i feel for the victims and their families. it’s time for the public to stand up and demand more from our le leaders……

    • Are you able to provide some detailed information about these other cases? I would be very interested in getting individual blog pages set up for each of these people just like the 8 girls have. I’m sure it is purely a coincidence but Ricky Edwards took office in 1992 right?

  122. GRANDE, very nice point i like what u have said with all that an we are just here as a community an can figure this out why cant the LE you know i have my name on here so i kinda limit what i say if this is going on an the fbi is in town to me they should see this as well as the citizens do i no longer live in jennings but im not far i still have to go there a coulpe of times a week an i really dread it this is my home town an i should not feel this way.if a person cant walk the streets of our commuity this is a problem the crime rate is getting out of hand. all we want is answers an justice for all the girls they deserve that you know the other day i was thinking about when they gonna catch him are them they not gona want to try him are them in this parish because the law is gona say ‘HE OR THEY’ WANT HAVE A FAIR TRAIL I PRAY THAT DONT HAPPEN BECAUSE THESE GIRLS DIDNT HAVE NO RIGHTS AN I HPOE AS A COMMUNITY WE WILL ALL BE THERE TO SEE JUSTICE PREVAILED GOD BLESS EVERYONE.

  123. Anyone know the name of the JDP officer who found Muggy Brown at 2:00am on 5-29-08?
    Also, one of the newspapers quoted Chief Lassiter as saying they think they know where she was killed but no suspects. Any info from anyone on this?

    • Mike Janise (we know now she had a slit throat although Lassiter didn’t release that information at the time).

      • Thanks g8. Can you verify the Brown dates? Was she last seen on 5-27 or 5-28? The timeline in the task force website says 5-27, and I think the 2:00 am on the 29th is correct.

        • I don’t know now. Initially, I was under the impression she was found within 24 hours…..actually less than that. When I finally ran across the task force website and saw their dates it threw everything off for me. Maybe a closer look at some of the news articles will provide a clearer picture.

  124. Come on Midnight Star, we are saying she was not found days later you and Grande says otherwise. May I suggest you are looking at the date of the newspaper not the day they found her. All of it is readily available on this web such as who, what and when. Go to previous discussions then do find it’s all there.


  126. There’s going to be a set up and you will hear about it on the news. They want someone out of the picture and you can say you’ve heard it here first. I’m not new to this game and when law enforcement wants someone out they go through all lengths to discredit, point fingers, and try to get the public to think they’re right. They start out discrediting to get the public to believe that the person they set up was wrong or did something wrong. Wait, watch and see for yourselves. Please don’t ask me any questions about it just wait, watch and see. After reading and researching and learning more about your parish (we have counties), this is how your law enforcement works. Seems some members of the task force have become trapped if you will in the circle of your parish and starting to do things their way, which is not legal or ethical. We have set ups by law enforcement where I am from to but we fight and we have excellent attorneys that help us. I’ve read and researched the stories on Jesse Ewing and Nina Ravey and those careers were ruined needlessly because someone wanted them out of the way. There will be another one, I’m almost positive of it but this time I believe this one will go to the United States District Courts. They want him out of the way and they will use a set up or a trumped up charge to try and get him out of the way. Sorry for your parish that you folks have to live with that type of government.


  128. Sarah-More than likely we will come down if this plays out like we think it will. I’ve re-posted on the PI newsgroups about what’s going on in your parish and let everyone know that someone is about to be set up to get them out of the way. I’ve also sent an email to Tim Childs, a Utah private investigator that is a former FBI agent and he’s ready to take action as well. You can google his name. Chuck Chambers is already on board. There are plenty more to come. Like I said, wait, watch and see. We cannot sit down and ethically, morally or legally watch a set up occur. It begins with rumors, then discrediting, then talk amongst the powers that be, then a witness that claims the person to be set up did something wrong, then the trumped up charges. We’ve been at this too long and we know the type of government we’re dealing with and what they are capable of.

  129. This is Louisiana,our government has always been crooked.I would say were used to it.

  130. also,to the New Jersey P.I. Why do you think these women have been murdered in diffrent ways? I do not know detaile but from what I understand.some have had their throats slit ,some asphixiated and some doused with bleach. If you look at the green river killer,all of his 48 plus victims were strangled.Why is this killer in Jennings acting so differently? I thought Serial Killers followed the same pattern.

    • LaDonna-Since I am just getting into this will you please let me do more research before I answer that or give you a theory of what I believe the reasoning is?

  131. IMO these different techniques of murdering these women, were done as a confusion tactic. to make it seem as though it were random killings just my opinion…

  132. Hello NewJersey.Are you still out there?

  133. I believe there remains the possibility that there could be more than one killer….it has not been ruled out that I know of.

    NewJersyPI– I am so glad you feel comfortable posting 🙂

  134. ok. someone has tapped into my computer and it looks like I may have a hacker and someone who doesnt want me to read this forum. everytime i try to get on here and read the forum, they keep scrolling the forum up and down without me touching my keypad. it keeps causing me to lose my place and what I am reading at the time. it gets so frustrating that i have to literally stop reading for a while and then they will stop the scrolling. i dont know that i will be coming back here because before i started on here i did not have any computer problems. someone is trying to play with my computer and my mind and i dont appreciate it at all so STOP doing it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im beginning to think this is a dangerous forum and place to be on…

    • All you have is my word but……I’m pretty sure nothing has happened to your computer because of this site. Any and everyone here is safe…..I promise.

      (unless I get unexpectedly hacked but I doubt that will happen).

  135. No curvycat you’re alright. Nobody tapped into this website I can assure you of that. My computer does that on other sites as well. Its electronics.

  136. ok g8. i just changed all my passwords and have checked out my security settings. im hoping this will take care of the problem. however i think i will stick to my cell phone to go on this website. my computer was acting really strange and i had never had that problem with it before. thats scary!

  137. Quick question

    Quick question: What is the connection beteen MIKE JENISE the JDP police officer who found Muggy Brown’s body and SHELBIE JENISE the man in the pick up the brownie commented on???

  138. Draconian Laws no longer exist.

  139. Following the money is a great idea.
    Also getting in front of the drug traffic coming through Jennings is another. Especially being that all the victims (going back to 92) have been involved in drugs or around drugs.

    Everything Always comes down to the money!

  140. Ok I’m now texting this from my cell phone and I’m still just feeling so paranoid about how my computer was acting up. This is for PI Chris. I was a nursing student under Nina Ravey in the early 1980s and knew her personally. A better person and more professional woman I had never met. She was top-notch in my own personal opinion and I know there are many others who feel the same way about her. When I heard what she had supposedly done I immediately thought it had to be a set up. I didn’t believe she was capable of anything corrupt. She was just one tough instructor and did everything by the book. What a shame that her career was ruined because of this. We really need national attention regarding these 8 crimes. Like others here, I have tried emailing and contacting all national news media and to no avail. No one has given it the time of the day until Kodiak films came down here recently to film for a documentary. We keep hoping for some type of breakthrough. Please just stick with us and help us out. We need to find out whose doing this and what others that know something are covering up and who they are covering up for! Thanks for all you and others involved are doing for us. We are grateful!

  141. curvycat: National attention is difficult to come by sometimes. This is often true when you have a local government that prefers to keep outsiders away. Strange story with Ewing and Ravey I must say. Keep plugging away at the national media and sooner or later someone will answer the call. The worse it gets the better your chance is of bringing in national attention to this case. Chuck Chambers is already onboard with everything that is going on and he does work for court tv and I’m sure that he has let them know what is going on. We’ll do what we can on our end if you and the others will do what you can on your end.

  142. new jerssey are you here

  143. You know we keep talking national attention, but yet we are getting things done actually. Look at newjerseypi and all what he is bringing to the town. He is bringing in the dog catchers! LOL. I mean, think about it, the LE is probably not sleeping well, reading this site. They have to be having their conferences. Anyone check to see if they see more than one cop together around town? Anyone see where the big dogs are going, who they meet, how long they are there? New jerseypi, thanks for coming. You here I think deep down in most peoples hearts, they feel a little more hopeful in all matters. Also, everybody else on here. I say thanks to all. This is sooo getting interesting. I’m not good at explaining. Hope you get the hint. LOL.

    To get back to the questions:

    Anyone seen any LE from the small dogs to the big dogs around town? Who they are with? How long are they there?


    • Sarah nobody is perfect. You are right we all have our faults, but you are making a smart choice by staying together and being together with someone else. That’s good. Stay strong and alert. God Bless.

  145. Is there any kind of formal Neighborhood Watch program set up in what seems to be the target areas? Everybody cannot watch all night every night but alternating people can see a lot. There are more girls that are in danger. If you had two to three people on each block that kept an eye out at all times it would significantly cut down the chances of more victims.

    • RR- In most of the high risk areas I am not aware of any neighborhood watches.In my opinion LE wouldn’t be of much help anyway.I have witnessed people lottering on the streets at all hours and they patrol by as if all is well.Thats the kind of Law Enforcement we have here.They have known about the drug dealings for years and once in a while they make a bust or two and that is in my opinion good PR for their dept.And it goes on & on!!! And they wonder why the public doesn’t trust them.

    • ea568-You keep reporting what you see. It is very courageous and informative. Thank you. You have been our eyes and ears during this awful time. Keep doing what you do.

  146. In my experience in homicide investigations and a few serial homicides this is what I’ve noticed:

    Serial killers frequently suffer from low self-esteem, often complicated by some sort of sexual dysfunction. Many were themselves the victims of sexual abuse and/or were raised in violent households. Never having received much training in social graces and lacking in confidence, they tend to be introverted and friendless. Some, like emotional adolescents that never reach adulthood, maintain unhealthy ties to a family member, often the mother. And although certain serial killers have counted their mothers among their victims, in my belief such instances are not sexual in nature, but more a revenge or to halt years of real or perceived domination.

    In nearly all cases, deviant and recurring sexual desires and fantasies are what drive these people to murder multiple victims. For those who develop into serial killers, at some point imaginary scenarios start to become insufficient. When thoughts and self-stimulation no longer suffice, some of these people may act their visions out in the limited but sometimes quite realistic realm of sado-masochistic sex. In time, even that is not enough. For reasons of their own, some people require more and greater stimuli to satisfy their turbulent desires, until finally they enact the killing of their first victim.

    The traditional school of thought holds that generally they select victims based on certain physical and/or personal characteristics. This assertion presupposes that, within the mind of each serial killer, there evolves synthesis of preferred characteristics and, ultimately, a clear, specific picture of his “ideal” victim, be it male or female, black or white, young or old, short or tall, large busted or small, shy or forward, and so on. Then, when that “typical” serial killer begins an active search for human prey, he will go to certain lengths to capture and victimize only those individuals who closely fit the mold.

    Unexpectedly, I have observed that most serial killers never actually find and kill their “dream victim.” People fitting such detailed and perfected images may not only be hard to come by, but may also not be easily available in the venues haunted by “hunting” serial killers. So when that ideal victim cannot be found, and when their internal impetus becomes powerful enough, they will settle for a substitute.

    Once a serial killer is in possession of a living victim, and has this victim where he feels safe enough to act out his fantasies, the acts he carries out are often performed as if on “auto-pilot.” The killer’s acts appear to be a close reenactment of what he previously did in his imagination. So, from among an array of violent fantasies, he picks and chooses the individual cruelties that he feels will assure the most in the way of “self-fulfillment.”

    Once he murders his victim, a serial killer’s tactics for disposal of the body remain entirely self-centered. If, for example, he takes the time and effort to bury his victim’s remains, he almost certainly does this not out of any last-minute concession toward decency, but, instead, simply to hide the evidence. Should conditions be favorable, he will simply dump the body unceremoniously someplace where prompt discovery is unlikely, unwilling either to make the effort to dig, or risk being seen digging, anything so eye-catching as a body-sized hole in the ground.

    Eager though he may be to be rid of the victim’s body, a typical serial killer, if he has a choice, is not apt to dispose of the body in open view, where it can be quickly and easily found. Although certain serial killers have done exactly this, taking additional and special delight in flaunting their atrocities, I believe most have no desire to advertise what they have done.They may go to great lengths to cover up their tracks, only so that a body cannot be traced back to them.

    A serial killer generally does have an idea for where he wants to dispose of the victim’s remains, or at least, he has a general idea of the type of locale that would best suit his needs. Usually, this is a remote or secluded locale, a place where he can discard the victim’s body quickly and without the likelihood of being seen, yet which affords some ready concealment over his victim’s remains. If the whole violent episode occurred at such a locale in the first place, he will simply kill and leave his victim right there. If not, he will generally always put forth some effort to reach a secluded and preferred dumping ground. But, as always, his every action will be governed solely by self concern.

    It is fortunate for us, investigators trying to solve these brutal crimes, that serial killers are not perfect. Because of their human nature, they, in most cases, unknowingly leave clues behind. It is a known fact in criminal investigations that, as well as leaving something behind, a perpetrator will always, even if unconsciously, take something from the scene of the crime. This is true not just of serial killers, but of nearly all crime scenes. These clues are often very subtle and nearly impossible to identify and collect. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to secure a crime scene and search for these faint clues the killer has inadvertently left behind. If we are to have any hope of solving these cases, it is imperative that we not overlook or miss those subtle clues the killer provides.

    Just my overlook on the situation and what I’ve learn through the years and in hopes that I can educate some people.

  147. So we are looking for a serial killer, but Sheriff don’t want to admit it, maybe because he or someone higher is hiding something? What is that something? Does it have to do with the killings? Does it have to do how they do things in the system, like you scratch my back and I will scratch yours? Does it have something to do with the drug money going on and they may get side deals?

    Maybe I’m reading way too much at one time, but I’m missing something here? Can one explain?

    • Are we looking for a serial killer period and all the lack of justice in the system?

    • Anon-Actually no, its a book that we all have and we learn by and its common knowledge about what Lt. Nelson Andreu speaks of just like the forensic books written by the experts on my desk

    • Morning Brownie.

      I know this won’t be a popular statement due to the current perception of LE here, but I am of the opinion that the sheriff is being cognizant of the fact that terms such as ‘serial killer’ do nothing more than increase the sense of panic/fear in the general public. Those terms, in my experience, are generally coined by the media (If it bleeds it leads) who have no stake in the public perception rather in generating ad revenue from the increased viewership. I also doubt that the use of the term is going to do much in comforting the victim’s families. Either way they have had the most unfortunate experience of losing a child and a killer remains on the loose.

      In the event that the use of the term served a purpose in expediting the capture of the killer then I woud be all for it. However, it just seems to me that the risk outweighs the reward in this case.

      • I disagree to some extent Grande. The reason I would disagree is because when I first came to this site I read on the very first page about Dr. Kim Rossmo, a geographical profiler who wanted the public warned about a serial killer but the police would not do it. I would rather be wrong about not having a serial killer than be right and not warn the public of the worse and have them develop a false sense of security. When the unknown is present I always assume the worse.

        On the other hand, the current perception already seems to be termed “serial killer” but we could have contract killings or hush killings in lieu of a series of killings. Either way or how it is termed, the town of Jennings has 8 bodies dead and I don’t feel that anyway you term it will help the families feel any better or cause the public perception to change. I believe that they are already believing the worse there that there could be. So I do partially agree with you for the most part.

        • You state, “when the unknown is present I always assume the worse”.

          I am inclined to think that’s our human nature when it comes to unsolved homicides. The sheriff doesn’t need to go on record and state the obvious, the public has already and will assume the worst, as they should.

          Here’s something to consider when you label the killer a ‘serial killer’; The risk of feeding the killer’s ego, the result… more victims. That’s risky business in my book, especially when you’re dealing with the unknown as you stated.

          I think it’s pretty clear the direction LE is going with this by the comments to the media to date. They have clearly stated the cases appear to be related and avoided the term killer altogether in favor of the term ‘serial dumper’. Serial implies a series of similar acts and the term dumper is an obvious attempt to avoid stating the obvious due to the risk involved in doing so.

          Just my opinion.

  148. Thank You New Jersey.

  149. Note: After researching and reading, lonepi was correct. You folks in the small rural area of Jennings, Louisiana have a serious problem. How deep it goes I don’t know but it can be fixed.

    Stand united. There are strength in numbers, no matter if they claim they have higher authorities as contacts. There’s two things any local, state or federal government does not like. 1. Adverse media. Talk to the media, be honest and tell the truth about what you know, what you see and what you believe. The media is your best source of protection and they can attempt to discredit you all they want but if you folks unite together and stand firm the media will believe before anyone else. Don’t worry about retaliation. After you speak to the media, that is your best source of protection. 2. Groups that speak out. Again stay united in your efforts. Write to your state and United States Senators and Representatives. To prove to you folks that it can be done, click on the link below and read what happened in my state. It’s not impossible and this type of government does not go on forever. Stand up for what you believe in.

  150. If NewJersey can back me on this one.I really believe that this small town sheriffs dept. just does not have a clue of exactly what kind of deviant mind there dealing with.I think this is a very quiet man who is isilated from the rest of the community. I believe he probaly lives alone out in the country.It gives him time to do whatever he does to these victims without any disturbances.I do believe it is a white male between the age of 35 to 50.We all want this to be solved quickly but, if he is not in some kind of data bank for DNA there not going to catch him so easily. It close to 25years for seattle to catch the GreenRiverKiller.He murdered up to 45 women.I do not live in Jennings nor do I have any idea of the peoples names everyone is talking about.I really do not believe this has anything to do with law enforcement. I think they just do not have a clue. Stay vigilant and young ladies pair up if possible.I do not think he is finished.Hopefully he will screw up and be caught.

  151. LaDonna: I’m not a profiler but I do work with some and I do believe he’s a white male and probably a farmer or someone that is in the business of slaughtering animals and more than likely right handed. Going by statistics on the girls who’s throats were cut and the geographical location of the bodies. Or he is associated with the above.

  152. Just pondering! Maybe this person picks up these girls through Frankie Richard, and is a BIG time customer. Frankie don’t say anything because of what he does have going on. He rather keep quite, because if he would say anything, his whole dealings that he does do will be published.

    Another thing, curious1’s opinion is white man, lives alone and in the country. The question I have is for newjersey IF he can say? Where about do you think this person(s) lives? Please answer.

    • I think that was Ladonnas opinion…. about the race and age…. I havent gone that far yet lol.

    • I’m sorry I do not know enough about the geographics to give an opinion. There are geographical profilers that give that theory. I gather information from sources, research libraries, books, magazines, public online libraries, and I have never delved deep enough into geographics.

  153. To NewJersey.The area in which these girls were found is farmland.After you leave Jennings,all there is ,are miles and miles of very isolated farmland. Off the subject.Are the leaves changing right now in N.J.?I have always wanted to visit the eastern seaboard.

    • LaDonna, yes the some of the leaves have began to change colors except for a few trees that are under stress over here. You would love it here, you should try it sometime.

    • Do you know where Elizabeth, NJ is?

  154. Here’s an interesting link you may want to put on our website whoever the owner is:

    • I’m just curious, what does this link have to do with all the Murders in JDP?? I glance over it and am still reading some but can’t figure it out???

  155. When you all send correspondence to the media, are you writing eye-catching e-mails and letters. And are you also writing to programs like 20/20 and Dateline? Or just to news stations in general?

  156. Nothing ha ha. I didn’t get to go to bed last night with all the reading I had to do and research on serial killers, homicides, and the odds of such in a small town as of Jennings and I came across the link and just posted it for information about taking control of government.

  157. I find this interesting:

    In theory, a serial killer could reject all other easy prey until his “ideal” victim appeared in circumstances perfectly suited to his caution. But the intense and mounting hunger for real-life violence against a real-life captive can be contained only so long before it inevitably compels the serial killer to settle for second-best. The ideal victim of a serial killer may be a voluptuous blonde movie star, but the search for this richly imagined victim might well meet with failure. Failure is something the serial killer cannot tolerate, so he settles for an easier target, often a prostitute, homeless person or drug-addicted individual. Serial Killers: A Detective’s Homicide Take. Lt. Nelson Andreu (February, 2005 issue of Officer),

  158. Ok folks sorry to cut out and run but I am now unable to continue posting or following the blog for ethical reasons. If you need to reach me, please do so at It’s been great speaking with everyone. Stay united.


  160. Ethical reasons! Did someone threaten him too?

    • no telling!! if it’s just an opinion and facts about serial killers in general, what does it hurt!!??? NOTHING! Ethical reasons?? HMMM!

  161. NewJersey ,why do you have to leave?Your only giving your opinion.I thought that was what this blog was for?

  162. Maybe hes not going to blog anymore because he is going to come down here. I think thats what he posted on the 16th.That would be great,he seems to know his business really well.I hope this is the case.They need all the help they can get.

  163. Maybe NewJersey is coming down here to help.

  164. Didn’t I read in a post that the out of state pi’s had to sign a retainer before kirk talked to them about the case? Maybe he’s done researching on this site and is now officially working on it- ethically he can’t talk with the public about it anymore? He said he could email him still if we had concerns….he’ll be around, I think.

  165. Pass the Kool-Aid…

  166. I agree unbiased,I do think hes coming down.But how will we know?

  167. We will miss you N.J.

  168. ethics, in philosophy, the study and evaluation of human conduct in the light of moral principles. Moral principles may be viewed either as the standard of conduct that individuals have constructed for themselves or as the body of obligations and duties that a particular society requires of its members.

    Being that NJ has taken a retainer and signed an affidavit he can no longer openly talk about the case publicly. This I’m sure is due to legal and confidential reasons.

    What was nice though were his thoughts on the cases. That was refreshing to hear from a professional. Maybe another one or two PI’s will come on this blog and enlighten us as to the workings of these types of cases. That is until they also sign up and clam up lol.
    However short it was much appreciated.


  170. does anyone have links to the investigators blog that was mentioned where Kirk asked for assistance?
    I would love to do some reading there since they have been asked to assist and a couple have posted here. Maybe they are discussing amongest themselves on their own site.

    • KTPO-Oh God, there are plenty of PI Newsgroups on yahoo but most if not all require that you be an investigator to sign on and they all have rules that you sign your name, address and telephone number. Some are,,, and there are tons more. I believe Kirk left a posting on about 10 of them requesting assistance. Only reason I’m here.

      • Hi Jennifer ~

        Glad you are here. I’m sure all of the readers will be very interested in your points of view and opinions about the deaths/murders. One of your fellow investigators, newjerseypi, was able to spend a little time here and provided us with a great deal of insight regarding these crimes. Definitely hated to see him/her go so soon. Looking forward to your input as well.

        • I’m reading. Lots of great information on the tabs at the top. I have alot of reading to do. You said another PI was here, where did he go?

          • Not sure……he/she left us with this final post:

            Ok folks sorry to cut out and run but I am now unable to continue posting or following the blog for ethical reasons. If you need to reach me, please do so at It’s been great speaking with everyone. Stay united.

          • I can understand that. Must be something that he cannot discuss.

  171. Just a little something for the killer or killers to think about:: you can always hide in a big hole(cave) like some terrorists tried to do, BUT sooner or later someone with a bigass shovel or pick ax will dig your ASS out!!!

  172. Myths and Facts on serial killers based on research rather than speculation:

    scroll to middle of page

  173. I wish I could read the profile Dr.Godwin has been compiling for the last year. I think it was very generous of him to donate his time and all his staff to catch this killer. I hope the families are aware of his generosity. It’s too bad no one is reading his profiles in law enforcement. If they were this would be all over… What’s their excuse for not using the top criminal profiler in the world? Ya think Jennings has better guys????

  174. Great site. I’m from MO how is everyone?

  175. Perhaps a person who has worked as farm labor, who lives near but not in town, largely uneducated and jobs about in common labor positions, having no specialized skill. An opportunistic drug user who is well known among the drug crowd and was raised locally. Maybe a person who has a sexual abuse history and may have natural artistic or creative skills. Maybe the person has siblings or even a parent who are/were involved in prostitution and drugs. Perhaps this person has a parent who is involved with family of a victim? Just guessing — shooting in the dark — my own speculation. On another note, I see some very real progress being made. The indication of progress comes from the rumors being spread by people attacking Mr. Menard. If we look at the history of these murder cases (all of them – not just the most recent 7 or 8), every time a person begins to make a move toward truth, facts or control of a part of a case, the Jennings PD, the JDP DA’s office and the JDP Sheriff’s Office each spazzzz out and embark upon an attack of the individual. When Mr. Ewing went in and obtained statements from witnesses in jail, more energy was spent upon attacking him than was ever spent in solving the murders. When Ms. Ravey attempted to make truthful revelations in the cases, she was mercilessly attacked and financially ruined, again, with more focus on attacking her than on solving the murders. In fact, we heard more from Sheriff Edwards, spouting the innocence of Detective Warren Gary who purchased a suspected crime scene to finance the bail and evaporation of a suspect than we had heard regarding the entire case at the time. In the past, many of these cases went unsolved (to the present) until people forgot. After all, they are only, “high risk lifestyle” people, right Ricky? In Mr. Ewing’s case, it is now well known that a woman was made to make false statements about Mr. Ewing to get him out of the way by first damaging his reputation and then charging him with a bogus charge. This is now and has always been the M.O. of local corrupted officials, to destroy the reputation of those who seek truth and true justice. They are apparently now using “go-betweens” in an effort to attack Mr. Menards credibility as was done to Mr. Ewing, Ms. Ravey and so many others through the years. These are the same officials who refused one critical witness’s testimony by saying she wasn’t credible because she is a drug user. Check out the credibility of the people who are being assigned to attack – What a bunch of winners!!! Well, I say that a majority of our local officials are not credible because of their proven deceptive tactics. Oh, what a tangled web we weave!!!

  176. Ummmm, shooting in the dark? I’ve worked about 7 homicide cases but no serial cases and yet we don’t know if these are serial or not, am I correct or shooting in the dark as well? Could someone please help me out?

    • The cases have not been labeled as serial by local LE or by the task force in charge of the investigations. As a matter of fact, I don’t recall them even publicly acknowledging the cases as even being related to one another other than the girls were involved in similar risky lifestyles. As far as we know LE has not found evidence linking the cases together either.

      Jennings is a very small town with a population around 11,000. The victims basically ran with the same crowds in the same area of town. Many of them knew each other; two of the victims were cousins, two were best friends, the latest victim was a first cousin to the parish jail warden, one of the victims worked with another victim’s mother at one time, children of two of the victims have a common grandparent, the father of one of the victims is also the father of another victims child.

      We don’t know if the above commonalities are just coincidence because of the town being so small or if there’s more to it.

    • If the cases were to be named “serial”, this would place them in an entirely different posture, making them subject to far greater state and federal oversight. That’s exactly what the sheriff, obviously doesn’t want — suppose they solve the murders!!! The purpose of my posting was to describe that the local officials want anything but a loss of control to anyone, including (but not limited to) federal authorities. For this reason, I believe that the description of “serial killer” has been tiptoed around and avoided, to the point of ridicule. It is becoming obvious or apparent to some that the powers in charge are doing far less than could be done to solve these cases. We pointed out in the post that intense energy, focus and covert assistance have been devoted to damage control and to pursuit of damaging the credibility of anyone who attempts to assist in the cases or reveal valuable information in the cases, i.e., Mr. Menard, Mr. Ewing and Ms. Ravey. They weren’t playing fair – They were being honest. No measurable energy or effort by law enforcement has been witnessed in the pursuit of witnesses or any other efforts directed toward solving the many local murders that go back for years. By local murders, we intend to go back for many many years. In the past. Due to the typical desensitising of the public by officials immediately referring to victims as leading “high risk lifestyles” or by using terms such as, “drug related” or “engaged in prostitution”, in a successful effort at shielding the cases from public interest and concern, people have forgotten that these are human citizens of our community. It isn’t like wealthy, successful locals aren’t into some questionable practices of their own. When more “prominate” members of society are found murdered by their violent sex partners and numerous gay associates or are found dead from their perverted sex games, it is buried like last week’s newspaper, details, never to be repeated, largely for the same reason. Our local community doesn’t want to admit that there are very ugly events and practices taking place in their midst — and they aren’t being performed solely by druggies and prostitutes of lower station. High level drug dealing is only one of these things that polite people don’t mention in higher circles. I resent and am embarassed, both by the implication and by the relative reality, that I and others are so stupid that we don’t admit that Jeff Davis Parish has supported crime and perversion for generations and that we have appointed and elected criminals for generations. In many cases, we have had no choice. Why is it that so many drug related murders have gone unsolved for so many years while other murders are solved with ease? The most recent seven or eight or ten, are, I believe, expected to simply fade away like so many others in the past. This time, I hope that some witness finds his/her backbone and steps up to make it all right – on behalf of the souls of those who are now departed; those who died in youth, only to make life more economicallly profitable and comfortable for a few. If indeed, a serial killer is killing for other reasons, I will happily be proven wrong … to a point. In these cases only. However, we continue to have numerous past cases of drug related murder, by design. Where are the crime fighters? The highly regarded feds? The state police? The very well funded task force? Just why is no national public or media interest generated? Has it been generated and rejected as is rumored? Ask the sheriff. What do we do when it’s time to vote … again? I’ve been watching and reading quietly but it’s time to take part and start posting my opinion like everyone on this board. many people know bits and pieces around Jennings. I hope that more Jennings and Jeff Davis Parish residents will get interested and take a stand.

  177. Looking at Grande’s post from September 17th and his timeline. Is there a person who was with someone when they overdosed, explained as serial dumper? Is there murder(s)? Is there a different person who is the serial killer?

  178. Correction: Looking at Grande’s post from September 17th and his timeline. Is there a person who was with someone when they overdosed, explained as serial dumper? Is there murder(s)? Is there a different person who is the serial killer?

  179. yes he was sentenced to 99 years in angola had started his time but family an friends brought it to the la supreme court an got him aquited of all the charges

  180. i hope new jersey is on his way they closein in on these bastards

  181. i have had a gut instinct from the beginning tha this is law enforcment related an ur gut instinct is always right confused an worried an scared they will come after me an my family

  182. thanks brownie cwill keep my head up

  183. Bottom line…there are victims. There is a killer.

  184. g8 how do i put new jerseys e-mail in my contacts kinda new to the computer

    • sarah – i’m going to email you and see if I can help you with that 😉

      LOL…….that didn’t work. email me and i’ll help you with instructions.

  185. lol just a ole dumb ass cajun country girl

  186. Come on…someone should be in custody!!!

  187. well i dont think no one is in custody yet but i think they closin in io the suspect are suspects an they cant mess up there case are he are they could find a loop hole an getout of this so they have to build there case so this dont happen lord knows we dont want that

  188. I hear you Sarah! Each person(s) involved should be held accountable for their actions.

  189. its finally nice to talk to some one while im here always have to wait for reply

  190. this is so driven me crazy

  191. Take your time, you have a voice too!

  192. Went into Jennings this evening for groceries and who do I see walking on Hwy. 26 just before the fairgrounds? TG herself! I recognized her from TV when her daughter was missing and she was crying and pleading for help to find her. She had a young boy with her. Does she have another child?

    • curvy cat–That person with TG is from what I hear is a grown WOMAN and she is seen with her very often,you may want to ask around see if you get the same info.My guess she was headed to the Andrew St. house.

      • The grown woman that is always around TG is her GF they are always together and I am sure they were on there way to Andrew street they go there just about every night and a few time during the day.

  193. Night guys. Turning in for the night. I will read more tomorrow ta ta.

  194. Where was she? Paradise Trailer Park area?

  195. Nope Hope. She was like right before the fairgrounds and the little church. might have been heading to doyle or andrews sts. Don’t know. Like I said she had a boy with her.Does she have another child? And why do all these women walk? Don’t any of them have cars?

  196. Ok dumb question, who is TG?

  197. Can we assume TG does not seem afraid to walk around Jennings?

  198. TG is victim Brittany’s mom.

  199. Beautiful Brittany murdered. At first I thought her mom may have been hanging around the same crowd to find out who killed her daughter. Now, I can’t understand.

  200. Nope, she is like many woman who walk the streets of Jennings. I see this all the time when I come to Jennings. But if it wasn’t a young boy with her what was it? Lol I keep wondering why these women walk the streets with a SK out there. They sure don’t seem scared. And like I said, don’t any of them have cars?

    • The person that was walking with TG is her GF they walked the street all the time night and day and always go to andrew st a few times a day if she can not find someone to drive her she will walk

  201. Is there family of TG that can take her out of the lifestyle she is in? Addiction to drugs can be horrible. A person is willing to do things they normally and shouldn’t do. Possibly, intervene, get her in a safe place. Stop this cycle? Her daughter was murdered.

    • She may be estranged from her family. I’m sure it would be very difficult for family to attempt to help her if she won’t accept the help she needs. In case you may have missed this post, Valerie (Theresa’s sister and Brittney’s aunt), discusses TG a bit. It’s a very sad situation and also difficult to understand why she would continue to subject herself to the danger that’s lurking in that area…..especially after her own child was murdered.

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