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    • I believe that you are indeed looking for a serial killer. You need real help. You should contact Maurice Godwin. He is the man who can crack this case wide open. He is the expert you desperately need. Google his name and read all about him. He can be reached at his office. God bless you all for your efforts to solve this horrendous series of crimes. My prayers are constantly with you and the families of all the victims. I have been following this case with a sad heart. I hope my “suggestion” will bring this to an end. I send you love…….

    • I am trying to be a help in solving this mystery. I would PLEASE ask you to read this profile done by Maurice Godwin. He has solved hundreds of serial murder cases. This particular case reminded me of the terror you folks were going thru. I can only hope it will be of some help to you. I ask God to help you find answers, you need, and deserve closure.

    • Does anyone have an e- mail address for Kirk Menard?

    • just wanted to say that this is an awesome site.Keep up the great work.still reading past entries trying to absorb all the info.
      there are some great minds at work here.
      Looking for justice also for the all in these unsolved murders.
      And to say Hello to everyone here.

  2. Hey everyone– you can bet if Mr. Nixon were here to cover the Roastin with Rosie event he would be greeted with open arms,instead LE is following him around and spying on him. IMO–They are really making fools of themselves.

    • ea568, LE is making a fool of themselves EVERYDAY. LOL. They are so digging their own hole deeper and deeper.

      At this point by now, LE should have put their ego’s aside, but no, they haven’t, which shows they are hiding something. It may or may not be anything to do with the murders, but it is something. The community is reporting what, when, where, and how, LE’s processes each day and it is eating at them to no end.

  3. so is the coroner really a suspect?

    • If LE/task force has a suspect or “person of interest” they have not released that information publicly.

  4. is Kodiak and Rebecca still in Jennings

  5. I’m sorry for my very poor English….Are Kodiak and Rebecca still in Jennings?

    • Rebecca is still in Jennings til ?….Kodiak is there until Saturday.

      • thanks, g8trgirl….so tell me…..the female whose truck was traded for drugs and later sold while she was incarcerated….she said that it was two black males who were in possession of her truck and those two were arrested in suspicion of Ernestine’s death right?

        • PI….it’s not clear whether the two males that were arrested were the ones that she had loaned the truck to. Kirk may be able to answer that question if he sees your post.

      • Rebecca has not left Jennings.

        • Hi there hungry 🙂

          Thanks for the correction….I changed my post. I thought she was leaving this past Sunday. Could you tell us how long Rebecca will be in Jennings?

        • I’m not gay or anything but Rebecca is a cutie and a sweetheart!!!!

  6. is it true that the FBI now has jurisdiction being that the last body was dumped on a federal highway?

  7. brittany jones (whitnei’s sister), on September 7th, 2009 at 11:12 PM Said:
    Headline News Channel is airing a special on serial killers right now from 11-12.

    Which channel was this?

  8. ok….hello… i invisible? can someone please answer

    is it true that the FBI now has jurisdiction being that the last body was dumped on a federal highway?

    • The FBI has special investigative jurisdiction to investigate violations of state law in limited circumstances, specifically felony killings of state law enforcement officers (28 U.S.C. § 540), violent crimes against interstate travelers (28 U.S.C. § 540A0), and, serial killers (28 U.S.C. §540B). A request by an appropriate state official is required before the FBI has authority to investigate these matters.

      It sounds like it does not matter that a victim was found on a state/federal highway……local LE/Task Force would still remain lead investigative agency.

      • That is subject to interpretation. The last part in bold…28 USC 540B, is more than likely correct but a state official can also be the state attorney general’s office as well. Research the Derrick Todd Lee case and note when the FBI officially took over the case.

        However, the last part in bold IS separate from 28 USC 540A…its known as interstate commerce and if the FBI has reason to believe that the killing occurred on the interstate then they do have original jurisdiction and do not need a state official request. Interstate serial killers are the FBI jurisdiction because the interstate is a federal highway but maintained by the state to some degree. Silence is better at these answers of right of ways and easements, hopefully, he’ll come and give his take on this.

        Again, if there is suspicion that law enforcement officers are involved, that is definitely federal jurisdiction and all there has to be is suspicion. Federal jurisdiction can be achieved in many ways, all it takes is research.

  9. PI- thats what i heard also, and i sure hope that its true!
    im going to read up on that to see what i can find out.. will let you know

  10. KPLC video interview with Paul Nixon (Kodiak Productions).

  11. G8- who would be that appropriate STATE OFFICIAL that could be contacted about this?

    • Don’t quote me on this but the way I understand… is up to the Sheriff to contact them. There is an FBI agent assigned to the Task Force already. I suppose if Edwards felt he needed additional FBI assistance he could contact them. As far as the FBI 100% taking the cases over……I don’t know IF that is possible. Any legal eagles on here that would know specifics??

  12. yeah, G8, tell us who to call

  13. To the upper right side of this blog has the attorney general information plus more, click on that and you will get your information.

  14. so edwards does have a very tight grip on this situation. that doesnt seem fair, also can any of the district reps get involved if the constituents raise enough hell.?

  15. Just watched the KPLC video…………

    Good job Brittany! You looked good and spoke well!

    Paul…..what a sweetheart you are!

  16. for those that were wondering about necole’s site mile markers, i passed that way this morning and that overpass is between 73 and 74. i’m sure g8 will note this 😀

  17. Has LE been open to talking to Paul at all. Seems someone in LE, especially the Sheriff would greet him with kindness. You have to keep emotions out of legal business and remain professional. Go for it Sheriff and just be professional, factual and up front.
    Somehow it would be the proper thing to include yourself in the documentary.

  18. IMO this documentary can’t be complete without interviewing LE. And persons not with LE anymore should be contacted to see if they have anything to say like say Jesse Ewing….

    • and maybe this will be a 2 part documentary. and Paul and crew will come back after arrests are made and convictions to get the complete story. I would love to get the whole story start to finish about these cases.

  19. I just assumed JDSO, JPD and the task force would partake in this documentary. How else would we get the law enforcement side of these cases?

  20. Scott Lewis wants to hear from the public, especially the families that feel that law enforcement is not contacting them and keeping them informed. He also wants to hear from the public about their take on law enforcement regarding the homicides and if a higher authority should take over. Call Scott at 337-824-3011 and bombard him with calls if you have to. Families that feel that they are not being kept informed of the cases or you people that live south of the tracks that do not see law enforcement in those areas, call Scott, he said he will publish the public’s reaction to the lack of law enforcement on certain sides of town and will also publish the families discouragement that only some victims’ families are being kept informed while others are not. Call Scott at 337-824-3011.

  21. The more I think about it, the more I feel its best that no one has put on airs for the crew. The documentary should be an accurate assessment of the situation. The documentary will be able to show reality here….

    SEPTEMBER 08, 2009


    ENOUGH is enough!

    Dear Editor,
    Enough is enough! One body is too many, but now we have eight. It has got to stop and come to a close. The victims’ families want closure, and I’m sure law enforcement wants closure. I certainly want closure. We have had enough if these killings for harmless, poor, innocent girls that can’t even walk the streets and feel safe. forget about their lifestyle – we’re speaking of murder, plain and simple. Look at the victims’ pictures, then close your eyes for a moment and imagine if it was your sister, mother or aunt. How would you feel? Forget about the north side of the tracks and the south side of the tracks and consider us a town and parish that desperately need to come together to obtain closure. This has gone on too long and nobody can tell me that someone out there does not know anything. you simply do not have eight murders and nobody knows a thing. It doesn’t happen, not with the advanced technologies that we have these days. The Multi-Agency Task Force is comprised of the sheriff’s department, the Jennings Police Department, the State Attorney General office, and the Federal Bureau of investigation, bust still no answers? The families aren’t pushing for an arrest – they just want a good, solid investigation that can lead to an arrest of the person or persons responsible. I know Ricky Edwards is doing everything he can and I know Micheal Cassidy is doing the best he can. Both of these public officials have my respect and deserve my respect. I believe that we need to stop being separate and work together as a town and a parish to solve this crime. I can’t do it by myself. Lately, I’ve been the voice of the clients that retained me and i communicate with them often. They would like to receive communication from law enforcement, even it it’s just to say “we’re still working on it.”
    Rumor are definitely a hindrance to this investigation. There are rumors about law enforcement, from everyone to the sheriff to the district attorney to myself and it does affect out families and the way we handle this investigation. This investigation needs to be based on facts and not rumors. These rumors are designed in a way to distract law enforcement, the task force and other investigators away from the actual investigation at hand and are an attempt to discredit investigators. those of you that are spreading rumors that you know to be false, it’s not working because no matte what rumors you spread, we will continue to do our jobs effectively and efficiently. If you are sincere about this case being solved, please know the facts before spreading rumors about the families or those involved in the investigation.
    I do have a lot of respect for our district attorney Micheal Cassidy and I consider him a friend. He has been the subject of several rumors as well and it’s time for this to stop. I wish the town and parish would come together as a whole, not just the south side, not just the north side, not just Jennings, but together to assist in solving these heinous crimes against these woman. It’s time to put differences and grudges aside and work together. We’ve never been face with this type of crime and now it’s time ti come together and work together to bring those reponsible to justice.
    To the person or persons committing these crimes, if you are so much a man/woman, prove it and make yourself known. We all have to take responsibility for our actions, but I guess you feel that you are above the law and invincible. You don’t know how wrong you are. We have technology and we have sources, and regardless of what may read and hear, we have leads – viable leads that will expose you sooner that you think. The public perception of you right now is that you are a coward that picks on poor, helpless, defenseless woman. These woman are vulnerable because of their predicament at the time. Somebody knows something and more and more information is flowing in about your identity and you can bet, we will do our jobs in bringing you to justice. You believe you have gotten away with something, but again, you’re wrong! You will get caught and you will be held responsible and judge accordingly for your crimes. Remember, technology is a lifesaver and you have made some mistakes that we are aware of and that will be your down fall.
    To those of you that have information, please come forward. I will take every step possible with post-certified, former armed enforcement officers to offer you around-the-clock protection when you give viable information leading to the arrest of the person or persons responsible for these deaths. This person or persons is a cold blooded killer and by you being scared, you are only giving him more power. Don’t give them that satisfaction, come forward and we will do everything in our power to protect you and your family you have my word on that. Please, call the tip line at (337) 824 – 6662 or if you don’t feel comfortable speaking to law enforcement, call me directly at (337) 246 – 0933. Either way, we will take your tip seriously and follow up on these leads and add them to the leads that we already have. This person or persons have already exposed themselves and now it’s time to bring them to justice and once again continue our normal lives in Jennings and Jeff Davis Parish.
    Kirk R. Menard

  23. I also can’t shake the feeling that the murderer is toying with Mr. Menard….this was the first body since he announced his investigation. Although Brittany Gary was found after that, her fate was decided before Mr Menard announced his investigation. Not to bring in law enforcement theories, but what kind of vehicles could pull over on the side of the interstate and nobody would think much of it? Besides a law enforcement vehicle, what about an 18 wheeler, a tow truck, what else?

    • If the murder/murderers are toying with us then we’ll catch him, we can easily match wits. However, we’ve entertained that idea but in almost every case, they leave a sign that they are “toying” with us. I’ve visited the site and why not dump the body closer to our office in Egan, or why not leave us a letter or phone call or something or some type of sign to let us know that we’re being toyed with?

      • Well my guess would be that a phonecall is too risky, a letter too, handwriting can be analyzed, may be hard to write a letter with gloves on, lol. I’m not sure where ur office is so I haven’t thought of that, like if it had been easier to leave it there. Maybe they thought they left some tire tracks last time, so they just wanted to pull over on the asphalt of the interstate, interstate traffic is considerably slow in the wee hours, and the few people who are passing don’t pay much attention anyway unless you have your flashers on. I don’t know, and I certainly don’t want to go against a PI, lol. I’m an amateur! So I trust what you think…

      • Do you suppose the killer(s) felt that they have outwitted the local police and feel that they will outwitt federal authorites? I just hope they catch whoever is doing this to these girls. I live in Tenn. and read about this after the third girl was murdered. I was shocked to hear about the youngest girl and still even more horrified about the latest victim. I hope the police do the right thing and let the F.B.I take this over, One young lady was one too many, eight girls and still a killer is on the loose. My thougths and prayers go out to all the young woman friends and families.

  24. Of course, in all honesty, I see people pulled over all the time and don’t really think much of it. If its one person he WILL slip up more. And if its more than one, then that just increases the chances of somebody cracking and then singing.

  25. Good job Kirk. Hmmmm, but I’m just wondering if the serial killer reads the Jennings Daily News…

  26. How long has Kirk been on these cases? Just curious about the timeline…

  27. I don’t believe anyone can commit the perfect crime with no slip ups. Sooner or later mistakes will be made if they haven’t already happened.

  28. Kirk announced his involvement the day before Brittany Gary was reported missing. So, unless I am remembering wrong, he announced the day she went missing, just no one knew yet that she was missing…

    • We’ve contacted Kirk about a month before Brittany Gary went missing and he refused to accept the case. Then other families called him and we called him back several times and finally he accepted the case. This was in the last part of September of 2008 that we started contacting him. To get everything rolling again someone made an anonymous tip that a PI was hired to work on the unsolved homicides so that started the case off again and then a few days later Brittany Gary went missing and I guess that added fuel to the fire and that’s when the task force was formed, a few months later. So I guess the PI’s press release helped start this 3 year case get off the ground again.

  29. Yah Popeye I’m the one who said that. My aunt stayed at Boudreaux Inn for Hurricane Rita and said it was full of Mexicans.

  30. I never heard that about this Norman Clement.All I know is my aunt said she had never seen so many Mexicans in her life.

  31. Although I know that there are some of the Mexican workers that use prostitutes here in town. (Its one of the worries of people who work in the HIV sector of healthcare) I would think that them being a minority they wouldn’t be so bold and risk all. When u live in Mexico, coming to America to places like Louisiana and working for less than minimum wage and being belittled by ignorant bigots is still worth it for them because of the difference in economies. Having said that- I believe there is a house that some of them live in on McKinley St….I’m not sure.

  32. That’s terrible Popeye. What was the cause of his death?

  33. I never found out. Someone started to hint at a cause but never finished. I think she feared being overheard. I haven’t been back to ask.

  34. And before I offend anyone here, let me say the ignorant bigot thing wasn’t directed to anyone here and certainly not for wondering if it could be them. I do not rule out ANYONE!

  35. “Heard that rumor that they had stole from migrant workers and that’s why she was murdered. I have also been told by someone who stayed at Boudreaux Inn for a hurricane several years back that it was loaded with Mexicans staying there.”

    I still wonder if Norman Clement wasn’t murdered. He traveled in some of the same circles as Loretta at one point. His body was found at the Boudreaux Inn after hurricane Rita.

  36. Copied the following from CNN today; from what I understand, these murders were all within a 3 block radius and it took LE over twenty years to catch him!
    By Mallory Simon

    (CNN) — Milwaukee, Wisconsin, police have arrested a man whose DNA linked him to the bodies of nine women killed over 21 years, officials said at a news conference Monday night.

    A body is removed from a crime scene during the 21-year run of a serial killer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

    Walter E. Ellis, 49, was arrested after police matched a DNA swab taken from him last week to DNA left on the bodies of nine women killed since 1986.

    Police said eight of the women were prostitutes and one was a runaway involved with drugs. They were all killed within a three-square-mile area of Milwaukee’s north side.

    “This case was solved with shoe leather and science,” Milwaukee Police Chief Edward A. Flynn said. “Continuing advances in DNA technology have enabled us to link these homicide cases, and it was good police work pursuing numerous leads that led to the arrest of a suspect.”

    The homicides occurred between 1986 and 2007, police said.

    Ellis was charged Monday with two counts of first degree murder relating to two of the deaths: 41-year-old Joyce Mims, who was killed in 1997, and 28-year-old Ouithreaun Stokes, who was killed in April 2007. Police said more charges are likely.

    It wasn’t immediately clear whether Ellis had obtained an attorney.

    Police said other victims linked to Ellis through DNA were: Tanya L. Miller, killed in 1986; Deborah L. Harris, killed in 1986; Sheila Farrior, strangled in 1995; Florence McCormick, strangled in 1995; Irene Smith, killed in 1992; Carron D. Kilpatrick, killed in 1992, and Jessica Payne, killed in 1995.

    News of Ellis’ arrested shocked those who knew him.

    “That was just my ex-boyfriend,” his former girlfriend, Chanita, told CNN affiliate WISN-TV. She asked that her last name not be used. “I didn’t know nothing about nothing like this. I’m getting shivery now cause you’re talking about some strangling stuff. Lord have mercy on me. I’m just a wreck right now. I can’t believe this. I’m trembling in here. I’m shakin’.”

    Don’t Miss

    WISN: Man arrested in 9 cold cases

    Chanita said she dated Ellis for four years.

    “I can’t believe it. This is a shock,” she told WISN. “I got like goose bumps on my arms instantly when you told me that. I’m like no way — not Walter — I can’t see him hurting nobody.”

    For relatives of the victims, the news brought mixed emotions.

    “I knew they was gonna get him, I knew it,” Patricia Donald, best friend of victim Deborah Harris, told WISN. “Finally he can’t hurt nobody anymore.”

    For her and others, like Sandy Farrior, whose daughter Sheila was linked to Ellis, it was news that helped bring closure.

    “Late justice is better than no justice,” he told WISN.

    In addition to advances in DNA technology, officials attributed the break in the case to the repeated investigation of cold cases by the Milwaukee Police Department’s Homicide Task Force Cold Case Unit.

    Although Mims and Stokes were strangled about a decade apart, similar DNA on their bodies helped lead police to a suspect. Watch where cops got DNA sample »

    Mims was found strangled and lying on her back wearing only socks on June 20, 1997, in a small closet near a living room in Milwaukee, according to court documents. Police found DNA on her body, but there were no matches in the system, the court documents show.

    On April 27, 2007, Stokes was found strangled, partially clothed and lying face down in a living room in Milwaukee, according to court documents. When lab technicians tested the DNA found on her body, they found it directly matched the DNA found on Mims.

    On August 29, armed with a search warrant, police took a toothbrush and razor from Ellis’ home. Testing showed the DNA found on Mims and Stokes was a match to Ellis, according to court documents.

    Ellis has been charged at least 10 times with varying offenses ranging from violent crimes to property crimes between 1981 and 1998, though some of the charges were dismissed, online court records in Wisconsin show.

    He was sentenced to five years in state prison after he pleaded no contest to a reckless injury charge in 1998.

    None of the victims linked to Ellis was killed during the time he was in jail. However, two men were charged in slayings later linked to Ellis, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

    Curtis McCoy was charged in October 1994 with killing Kilpatrick, but he was later acquitted by a jury, the newspaper reported. It also said Chaunte Ott, who was convicted of killing Payne, served 13 years in prison before being released in January, after DNA analysis showed semen found on the girl’s body was not his.

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    CNN’s Gabriel Falcon contributed to this report.

  37. G8trgirl, please email me. I’m having trouble getting directly to ur email. I have a suggestion…

  38. Been reading, thinking and pondering some things, for the sake of the site I’ve been quiet. Some things I must say and hope g8 is not offended.

    anon wrote “Families that feel that they are not being kept informed of the cases or you people that live south of the tracks that do not see law enforcement in those areas, call Scott, he said he will publish the public’s reaction to the lack of law enforcement on certain sides of town” SNIPPED. First off “you people” is insulting since we also know ‘you people’ on other sides of town are not happy with their lack of LE in their part of town. I had no idea so much was happening in other parts of town that mirror.

    BTW did anyone introduce the crew to the preachers who have helped? Did anyone show Scott and crew there are some very nice parts of Southside? Did anyone introduce them to day people? You see there are a majority of those I’ve talked about the minority are the ones that is always shown as representative.

    Did you inform or knew to tell Scott there was a major meeting awhile back where the “you people” voice their concerns after which things changed a lot. Not saying it is perfect but it so much better. We people can now tell when LE is patrolling.

    I read about rumors and wonder what is or is not a rumor? I’ll take a street often mentioned which is Andrew. I have gone on that street just to be nosey but each time I have missed the action. I feel something goes on but can anyone prove anything for sure or do we use our common sense and determine what goes on there. There are only two rundown houses in that area that is the brown house and the white house right across the street that seems empty.

    I read KM’s letter about rumors well come on you have posted on this very thread things none of (I think none) knew before you told it so is it rumor or do we qualify by saying I know it’s true because Kirk Menard said it.

    I just recently had occasion to have contact with Det. Cooley who now have my greatest respect for the way he responded. I don’t know very many but I know when I meet them they treat me with respect and dignity most likely in response. I feel LE is over their heads with these cases. I believe everyone in LE and parish will be more than happy when this solved. I have also said if not LE involved it is someone who is around LE…no rumor it’s what I think…maybe LE may decide worth looking at but no rumor. I’ve said it before when we hear something or think something if we say or write it should we first state this is rumor.

    No matter who it is I’m sure all will agree it needs closure. I know the families need closure but the citizens are feeling this as well.

  39. Very well put ahlou.

    Repost from Tread #29

    turnhere, on September 6th, 2009 at 12:34 PM Said:
    almostsure – I can distinguish who are truely concerned and those who post just to start trouble. The ones who post just to start rumors does nothing but hurt LE, victims, and victims families. When someone reads a rumor they then go and spread that rumor verbally. This slows the investigation due to detectives following leads that were generated from a rumor. If someone thinks LE does not care about the victims, victim’s families, or catching the person doing this, they are wrong. The detectives have worked very long hours, away from their own families. If anyone thinks the deaths of these women does not effect LE emotionally, they are wrong.

    • YVW turnhere, I spoke from my heart and if I was/am out of order I’m willing to listen and maybe even change my thought 🙂 at least once.

      I think you are doing wonders for this site, please keep being here.

      • Yes! I agree with ahlou. Please stick around, the concerned citizens and LE are going to have to compromise at some point, and your presence here could be the beginning! I feel like if we are out of line, or accusing, then make us shut up! Make us understand, prove us wrong! Because we want to understand, and feel safe in our town.

        • Oh TY unbiased!!!!!! I’ve been reading your post and you have my respect. I agree we must work together toward a common goal that being -an end to this horrific problem. It is a city problem and we can all be a part of the solution if we all just as you said compromise at some point.

          I know someone is doing this I don’t care who we just need to be aware and say or do what it takes to help. You know unbiased, it’s time we all feel safe – again. I truly believe LE hopes for the same as well just wish they would ask for help. In the meanwhile we should all be alert.

    • turnhere –
      One thing that I feel, personally anyway, is that with people being so afraid and untrusting of local LE and task force members (and that’s not something that just happened recently) that could be a very big hindrance in the investigations. Don’t you agree there is likely someone(s) that may have crucial information but are hesitant to report it. Perhaps they could be convinced to talk if there were outside authorities brought in to take the information and investigate it and the people reporting that info could be assured that no one locally was involved. Maybe it would give potential witnesses more security.

      I can honestly understand why people are afraid.

      • Let’s not forget that Paula Guillory was on the task force…surely you cannot say that she is one of the best investigators in the parish, as you stated?

        I work near law enforcement everyday and I must say that as a female I am scared and I am not in the lifestyle and I must also say that I don’t trust law enforcement. I’m sorry nobody can change my mind about that. There are too many “I don’t knows” and too many “I don’t cares” and I’ve heard this myself. Turnhere I realize you are in the system but you’re painting a lily white complexion of those in law enforcement and the task force and we all know that isn’t true.

        • You work for LE in Jennings? There was a lady who worked there, I think, for sheriff’s office, who just passed away. Young lady. Went into the doctor Thursday and passed Friday, I think. Don’t know the cause, but can you help me on that?

        • Phyllis gray passed away 10days ago but she worked for city court… She thought she had the flu but autopsy results showed she had advance lung and liver cancer…, she was a great friend to many and left a wonderful family to morn her….

        • Thank you firewife.

  40. Just a thought, I know alot of you will get offended. Im not saying everyone but all of you know that 90 percent of Jennings are a little on the lets say “off the rocker” As an example have you ever really went walked through the wal-mart there as an outsider and think wow where in the hell am I at, and if you haven’t noticed that could be because you make up the “Must be something they are drinking in the water” population. Weird. So it kinda doesn’t surprise me that it has taken this long to start getting something done around there and why the citizens haven’t been able to do anything about the corruption in that town. Maybe what I am saying is something cops have been knowing for years. Not saying all of you are like this but I know the ones that are sane are way out numbered. Just pay close attention next time your out and about!

  41. WHOA!! WAIT A MINUTE SOMEBODY- i take that as a big fat insult to the jennings people and i no longer live there. so basically, what you are saying is the majority of the jennings folks are crazy, has it ever occurred to you that people do care but they feel like their hands are tied? not to mention they are scared! where do you get off with your “went walked” instead of “gone walking” where in the heck did you learn your grammar? huh smarty pants? maybe you’ve been dippin in the water yourself!!! how do you like me now?
    oh yeah sorry for the insults and just so you will know if you can read back over the blog you will see that this site is not with the intent of insulting anyone, it is caring people searching for a solution to a big problem
    and by the way the cops drink the same water!

    • HERES A THOUGHT! Somebody- this is for you! Have you ever considered that its actually the 90 percent that you look down upon- you know the ones of us that down send our children to LSU because of “that time they won the state championship that turned into masses of very passive women who have never had to work wearing LSU items because purple and yellow go cute together and so now its trendy”- that maybe those are the people that keep the town the way it is. That very few percentile of people that have money because granddaddy did are the ones who fund the campaigns of those running for our little pissant offices, and keeping our “big names” in these offices. Did it ever occur to you that that is how politics works in Jennings? Did it ever occur to you that the working class often go unheard- AS WE ARE RIGHT NOW, and we are the very substance of this community. We, very trustingly, expect our elected officials to serve us. Most don’t want to make a big stink, they fear for their jobs, many of us work for people affiliated with those “names”. Middle and lower classes have always had their hands tied. And it hasn’t changed in the south- maybe it never will. At least other regions- due to higher populations had to get with the program. And you know what’s funny? We as a community will have to appeal to the nation- because frankly, the rest of the nation makes fun of the very people who look down on us. People who feel accomplished here, because in Louisiana, the standards are signifigantly lower. Look up stats on our property values, our education statistics. Don’t go classing everyone in that group. And I agree with almostsure about your use of grammar- next time you “go walk” at Walmart and cast your judgement- maybe what u should wonder about your victim is if he/she ever stood a fighting chance! The difference in myself and most of the people u will find on this site is that we aren’t impressed with their “status” and me personally, when I look at all of these events as a whole and the way they were handled I can’t help but feel caught in a hilarious skit from Saturday Night Live!

  42. haha you just proved my point exactly, the cops haven’t done much so far, so yes must be the same water you are drinking!! sorry for my typo. I learned my grammer in Jennings so that explains it. People caring has nothing to do with their I.Q., I mean cmon retarded people have feelings too.

  43. i would not bring up I.Q. if i were you b/c you are just leaving yourself open for attack, calling the jennings people retarded now? hmmm…and then admit you went to school there? im not so sure you even know exactly what you are trying to say.. LOL

  44. Ok, why do we keep hearing that somebody might know something they don’t even know they know in regards to these murders? Or that they may possess crucial info they are not giving to law enforcement? What is that about? What kind of info? Does LE think someone may be protecting the serial killer? Why would they keep vital info from LE if it would help solve these crimes and catch the SK?

  45. Even in Jennings its GrammAr! So yea, you may consider suing Jennings for your education cause its not workin’ for ya!

  46. Unbiased you and Ulmost must have been that pair of bbw’s greeters I seen at Wal-Mart, By the way I believe I seen the razors on isle 4. Good luck with that bush might want to get a few extra blades just in case

  47. Almost

  48. hey unbiased-the jig is up!!! dumb-dumb is on to us!!LOL LOL LOL

  49. Keep your BBW fetish off of a blog for concerned citizens. I never meant to personally attack you- because its tasteless- but, that said, who the HELL do you think you are coming on here and blaming the citizens for the disorganization of our system. You’re either blaming us or saying that we deserve it. If I were childish I would point out that while me and almostsure had our fat, bearded asses at the doors of walmart greeting customers you must be the disturbed femine man that was walking around staring at people, and btw- we could totally see your ladies thong peeking over your dickies workpants, PADNUH!

  50. der der der yer funny tgirl

  51. I’m not from Jennings but have walked thru Walmart there many times and I sure haven’t seen many “mentally challeneged” (proper terminology for retarded) people there! Let’s not call people names folks! That is so rude!

  52. I can say this… If something should happen to me, or my children, I would absolutely 100% want the task force to investigate it. I say that without any doubt, without even thinking twice. Brickwalls, rumors, neverending bad leads, they have not stopped. It is made up of some of the best investigators in Southwest Louisiana. The investigators are the best from Calcasieu SO, JDSO, JPD, Acadia SO, FBI, Louisiana State Police, and the Attorney General’s Office. There has been 2 Investigators from Acadia Parish since the task for was started, not because Necole was found there. Each of these agencies bring great and valued resources. Resources are being utilized that common LE does not have access to. The Sheriff pulled the stops out and he didnt do it yesterday.

    Anyone can point the finger and say “I think he did it” or “I think she did it”….. anyone but LE. LE has to be absolutely positve before they disclose having a suspect. How many times during a homicide investigation have you heard the sheriff of that parish or county give a press release saying they have a suspect in mind now they just have to put the case together? Never. The first you hear of the suspect’s identity is when the case is complete and the suspect is in custody. Many many Sheriffs, and other officials have taken beatings from the public because they did not disclose information. Not just in Jeff Davis Parish, not just in Louisiana, all over the United States. Read up on all the high profile crimes across the United States, the person in charge in just about every one took a beating from the public.

    • Turnhere, while I understand your post and can sympathize with your standpoint, I still can’t help but feel insecure and puzzled. I’m very happy for you that you get to see this on a daily basis. You are assured, you are in the know, so you can say, without a doubt that all stops are being pulled. But please understand, from where I stand, I cannot feel so certain. I am relying on what I read in the paper. Which is few and far between. We r talking about a town that publishes in the paper that they are short of patrol officers. A parish that publishes, ahead of time mind you, notices of DWI/DUI checkpoints. So when I read in the paper that there are no leads, then I am to believe there are no leads. And that’s all we are ever told. I realize it is not my job to solve these cases, or fight crime. But as a citizen, a tax paying, law abiding citizen I expect those in the positions to do so. I’ve said it before- I understand classifying information for protection of the case. I would never expect Mr Edwards to say at a press conference ” we know who it is, he was wearing a blue shirt yesterday, and as soon as his guard is down we r going to beat down his back door and git ‘er done”. But what I do expect is for some kind of PR person to update the public periodically and say “we are working on these leads, we r confident in our abilities, thank you for your continued patience and support”. You are here reassuring us, but where is the DA/Sheriff? We put them in office- the least they can do is address us. We matter, we are here. We look to LE to protect us. We r getting a vibe that they are in over their heads- and its UNDERSTANDABLE! Admit that help is needed. Turnhere go to youtube and type “phares knew about the serial killer”. And just know that there are many more cases like it!

      • I agree, help is needed, and help is here. There are not many parishes in this state that can handle such a deed without help. The task force is comprised of other agencies here to help.

      • I hope this explains why DUI/DWI checkponits are in the newspaper ahead of time……………..

        How Sobriety Checkpoints Work
        While most DUI/DWI stops are made by individual police officers on the road, there may be times when you encounter a sobriety checkpoint. There are a number of rules—created by the State Supreme Court—that govern how sobriety checkpoints are set up and conducted, rules that you should be familiar with. One of the most important is that the location of the checkpoints must be announced to the public before they are set up, commonly in newspapers and on the internet. There is nothing wrong with learning where the checkpoints will be in order to avoid them. That is your legal right.

        • Thank you. So, is it for prevention’s sake that the public is warned? Or is it a matter of rights? I would think that drinking and driving is a crime and the consequence of committing that crime is being caught.

        • Its a ruling handed down by the State Supreme Court. I honestly don’t know the answer… If I had to guess I would think it’s a “RIGHTS” thing.

    • Having just read your post, I applaud you for giving such an excellant update, very informative, without disclosing evidence.

      This is a great example of what the public wants to know from LE.

      You did not realyy defend LE, as much as explain who all, and what is available to LE of which you could expand on w/o giving up evidence.

      You just reassured many family members and concerned citizens in a good way.

      With info like this, many would gain confidence and lay off of LE.

      And you do make a good point that many a chiefs have taken a beaten in similar cases, so I expect tough skin is a requirement for LE.

  53. somebody- please take your filth and go back into your room b/4 your parents wake up. its way past your bedtime.. GOD BLESS YOU!!

  54. Whoa, looks like “somebody” is a troll. So seventh grade, really, insane clown posse?

    If you have nothing to contribute why don’t you stop wasting our time?

  55. Law enforcement isn’t the only one’s over their head. We are too. We are inexperienced in homicide investigations and initially refused the case. In fact, we’ve refused the case 5 times until the client kept calling back requesting that we work on the case. Then another client would call until we’ve had three clients asking our assistance. We still refused because we didn’t think it was fair for them to have inexperience in such a complex case. After the fifth time calling, we accepted, reluctantly.

    Our only role in this investigation is information gathering that is turned over to law enforcement. Sources are kept confidential but the content of the source’s information is turned over. So yes, everyone is over their head in this case and I for one would not mind if the State would request that the FBI take over but that may not happen.

    Recently, we’ve started to pull out of the investigation and even called the DA to inform him that we were pulling out of the investigation. The reason for wanting to pull out is something totally different but we will not go into that. After informing our clients that we wanted to pull out and the reason, they congregated at our office and wanted to go public why we wanted to pull out so as a courtesy to law enforcement and to prevent any further damage to the case we stayed in.

    • wow. i can only imagine the position that you are in. i commend you for your involvement in something that could get very messy. you are doing the right thing, though….if thats any encouragement.

    • hmmm…there must be something to the reason if your clients wanted to “go public” when they were told… and as of a “courtesy” to law enforcement and to prevent any “further damage” to the case…hmmm…sounds like the rest of the story…very interesting.

      • Ya feel kinda left hanging!!!!

        More to that story. I feel left hanging!!!

        Kirk, I am sorry you were put in such a position. It is not an easy task, but it sure sounds like you are making a great sacrafice on behalf of the victims , families, and LE. That further shows your good character. Angels are smiling over you. 🙂
        We all know of at least eight of them.

        Personally, I would like to thank you for being a large part of welcoming Paul and Rebacca to town. You are someone others are fortunate to know!

    • it’s so not fair….Kirk….your message is so ‘loaded’ with innuendos and i quote

      ‘After informing our clients that we wanted to pull out and the reason, they congregated at our office and wanted to go public why we wanted to pull out so as a courtesy to law enforcement and to prevent any further damage to the case we stayed in.’

      you have to know that this is driving us crazy and we can only imagine what is between these lines….

      may GOD HIMSELF bless you Kirk, your fellow investigators, all of the LE and FBI on this case this day and each day to come until this case is solved and give you the strength and courage to not give up until the monster and/or monsters are found and brought to justice …..whether it be one, two or more killers…..

      take care of yourself

  56. Hi all,

    I left Jennings yesterday after nearly a full week of interviews and lots of research. I would have liked to meet with even more people but simply ran out of time. I will be doing more work by phone from New York, and could conceivably come back as the situation develops.

    I’m so grateful to everyone who offered their insights and we really appreciated the hospitality we were shown.

    I’m looking forward to turning the information into a story that will reach lots of readers and perhaps help improve the situation in some way.

    I would love to hear from anyone who would still like to talk about Jennings, the crimes, etc. Please feel free to contact me.

    Thanks again and take care,


  57. hi rebecca, i cannot say how grateful i am to you for taking time to go to jennings and gather the crucial information that is needed to put the word out there, do you have an idea when the story will be published? im looking very forward to grabbing up as many copies as i can. i have many friends in LE here where i live and i would love to hear their take on the situation.. im thinking maybe they could offer some insight. ive already directed them to this website..

  58. MeChon Johnson Jones sent a message to the members of Cease Fire in Jefferson Davis Parish.

    Subject: Rally/Family Fun Day

    I just wanted to update everyone on the work that’s being done for the rally.
    The Rally/Family Fun Day is scheduled for Nov. 7
    The agenda of the rally is to promote non-violence in the community.
    The rally/family fun day will consist of:
    A health fair
    self defense seminar
    presentations to the murdered victims children (the ones who didn’t have children will be included as well)
    Words from the local ministers
    We plan to invite the local officials to speak on whatever they care to speak on.

    If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to respond to this message.

    I hope you have a wonderful day!

    • Sorry, we will not be able to attend the rally. We are in charge of the seafood booth for our church bazzar. We have been doing this for 10 years and it is always on the first saturday in november . Please keep us in your prayers on that day, it is the day we got results on the DNA for Crystal. We will be praying for all of you.

  59. From MeChon’s post

    “We plan to invite the local officials to speak on whatever they care to speak on”

    I seen this too, and would love for someone to get this all on video.

  60. I have a question, I now live in Texas with my wife and two children but my neice was a murder victim.

    My question is why doesn’t the public or the victim’s families trust the police or the sheriff or those involved in the investigation of the murders?

    • PAYING CUSTOMER – One reason that the families do not trust LE is the fact that they keep telling them that they are going to keep them up to date with information about the case when in fact they don’t hear from LE ever again after they are told about there loved one. Then you have some of LE doing things that just don’t add up some are hanging out at local known drug dealer’s house, then you have one LE who got fired for taken some money from a drug bust. You also have our sheriff who seems to not want any outside help in this case. WHY? why would you not want any and all help in a case like this! What is it they are hiding that they don’t want outside help. The sheriff seems to only want his department his men/ladies to handle this case. Why doesn’t he come out and explain why he doesn’t want FBI, AMW or anyone else to help. Why say that you now have a website when we know that site was up and running back in MAY 2009. You see there are way to many un answered questions for LE that they don’t want to answer or they just avoid all together. The people in this town get answer and help from each other and they do that by getting together on this site and expressing what they know and just there fears and concerns for this town for this parish this is one way for the town the parish to get together as one and become a unit a whole. Paying Customer I am very sorry for your lost and hope we can help you with any questions you have please feel free to ask and we as a community will do our best to help you since no one else wants to

  61. the killer is here watching

    • WHAT??? Did anyone else not see this post????

    • PROVE IT!!!!

    • How do you know this? Do you know the killer, are you the killer????

    • maybe the above is the initial’s of first/last names that are involved? Just pondering

    • All these responses are playing right into this persons hands.. They wanted to get everyone wound up to respond while they sit back and laugh….the fact that the blog has gotten exposure lately only opens it up to people that don’t take it seriously or have any compassion for the victims and families…if it was truly the killer the post would have been more self serving and boastful…. This person no doubt thinks they are above the law and probably in many ways believes he is bettter than anyone else…I don’t know if he reads these posts but I would bet that he would think it’s a waste of his time to post to such stupid people( his thought not mine)…

    • I’m positive there is a way of knowing who posted this.

      • I agree Firewife! I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t the only one that saw his nonsense!

    • if u are then u are really not very smart….but then look what u have done in four yrs… i guess u are smart but u do have a lot of guts to be playing with these peoples mind….u take lives and then also try to scare people into believing u are here reading what everyone is saying….well i for one do not believe u and i think u are nobody…..nobody……nobody

    • yeah well if u r the killer u r a coward and a idiot show yourself chicken, your but will be behind bars hopefully soon u r a sicko and a stupid one too, u don’t think that they can’t get your I.P. address on this website of where your post or from and where the pc is that u are useing? well your wrong they can only a matter of time. so enjoy your freedom of what u have left

  62. So, how is the filming going? Has anyone here been interviewed

  63. Paying customer, I don’t live there either, but do go back from time to time. I have never had a run in with the law, but after reading all the previous post, I definately watch everything I do. I had a relative that has had run ins with the law tell me, don’t trust them blah blah blah, and this was atleast 8 years ago or more. Back then I just thought it was my relative running the mouth off. Not anymore though. Whether it is rumor or not what has been posted here, I don’t care. I know now and I don’t trust them.

    • You have a nurse who had to hire menard to prove her innoncence. Who, I hear was a damn good person to the community. I think she also taught nursing school. Nursing, one who treats others in need. Then you have Frankie Richard who has had several run ins with the law, who is guilty of things, one who is let go out of jail, one who doesn’t hold a job, etc…. What is your take on that matter, paying customer?

      • I believe its being selective. If you step on their toes you get prosecuted and if you don’t you get what you want and that is not the way the system is supposed to work and I’ve learned that in grade school. I understand that ewing had to hire menard to prove his innocence too. I just don’t understand what is going on. My neice is dead and no nothing but yet they are working on it supposedly. That is why I want input from you all. What is going on with law enforcement and the task force and the sheriff and everyone else that you do not trust?

        • Paying customer- if it isn’t an invasion of your privacy and you don’t mind my asking, which of the women was your neice? I have seen Whitnei’s sister on here, Brittany’s aunt, Crystal’s mother, necole’s cousin on here. I believe you’ve found a safe place to talk about your loved one and your feelings about what has occurred.

        • i understand what your saying, it seems that law enforcement wasn’t prepared to deal with these murders. i have been following these homicides since the first one. i watched the sheriff basically deny the possibility of a serial killer in victims two through six. he didn’t form a task force until after the fifth victim was found. and still to this day i don’t think he has admitted that there is a good chance this is the work of one man. he initally attempted to deny that these were even homicides by coining the phrase, “serial dumper”. a post above stated that the sheriff had the best investigators in the area working on the case, i agree with this statement, although paula guillory may not have been the best choice, but even these officers are inexperienced at handling a “serial” crime. this being the first possible serial killer in our area means that this is new territory for all the officers involved. most homicides have witnesses, physical evidence and a motive to help catch the offender, but in this case none of the above are available. i feel confident that this is the work of one person. if the recent attempted abduction is related, this means he’s getting sloppy and making mistakes and this will lead to his demise.

  64. Thank you brownie. Who else cares to respond to the question please?

    • paying customer is there a “certain” answer you are looking for?

      • About the homicides. Nothing certain, but my neice is a victim and once I receive feedback from you guys I will tell you all why I asked and why I don’t trust them.

        • I guess the best way for your answers is to go back and read ALL the post. You will see everybody’s take on the matter.

  65. we don’t trust them because they don’t help us. they don’t respond to calls–they don’t try to do anything abt all the drug dealers around. They should have had a break in the case by now–and still NOTHING. Either they are covering something up or someone is threatning their families or something like that. This has gone on for toooo long now.

  66. Hi Brittany
    I hope you’re doing ok on this difficult day. Can’t get you on your phone, so please reply to this or send me a mail when you get a moment. We’d still like to meet up with you guys today.

  67. My heart out to Whitnei’s family. You have all been in my thoughts today. Keep up the faith.

    • Mine does too, but keep your head up. I know it is easier said than done. One thing to look at, look how far you are today compared to before. You definately have helped make some progress girl. Keep it up!

  68. Kodiak, I no longer live in JDP but was wondering if you spoke with anyone n Necoles family yet… I am unable to meet with you but you love to email or something with you… You can contact me at anytime..

  69. I find this link interesting.

  70. Good evening everybody

    Just wanted to give you an update on where we are with shooting our documentary….apologies that it’s been a few days since I last posted but it’s been a really busy time for us and I’m not in front of my computer very often!

    Things are going really well. We’ve been our shooting for almost every second of every single day and I think we’re amassing a lot of interesting material! As well as conducting interviews with Jennings residents, we’ve been treated to police ride-alongs, visits to the crime scenes and we’ve met several of the girls who are incredibly still walking the streets….

    We’ve also been given such a warm welcome by many of the victim’s families and been treated to some great food too!

    Today we’ve been with the Mayor, the District Attorney and the Sheriff – and I have to say that they have been extremely helpful and co-operative, giving what i hope will be an authoritative voice to certain elements of the story. I know that may not be a popular opinion here (and I can only go on one meeting with each) but I have to tell it how I see it.

    That’s all for now – we’re heading out again to film now. Unfortunately it looks like we won’t have time to organise a time and place for everyone to come along and speak at a designated place as we’d originally hoped. It was a good idea, but not practical when we’re flat-out all day. Sorry to let some of you down.

    Thanks to everyone who has been involved so far – we’re looking forward to meeting even more people in our last two days.

    Until next time


    PS – there’s a piece on the documentary in the Jennings Daily News today for those who can get their hands on it……

    • Thanks for all your hard work. It will help put folks at ease, and bring some much needed exposure outside Louisiana.

  71. LE should also check for missing females in and around Scotland Neck, NC. Pittman use to live at om Nasturtium Lane in Scotland Neck, NC.

  72. Sorry for wrong post.

  73. for those who would like to know the coroner has passed.

  74. not sure. i am married to someone in his family. they just called to say he had passed. i wasn’t on the phone so i couldn’t ask any questions

  75. Oh….this afternoon he was doing good.

  76. well if its not true i will be very upset with my husband’s family and his cause that isn’t nice to call and say someone died if they didn’t. i wasn’t trying to start or pass on any kind of rumor. i thought i was simply stating a fact for everyone to know. i assumed it was correct because of the source it came from.

  77. I work in healthcare, and as of 4p.m., I hadn’t heard anything to that effect.

  78. I heard from two sources today he had passed. Check and found it untrue. I did get he was not expected to make it through the night.

    I believe when turnhere reported he was doing good today is really a bad sign. In many cases they appear good even very good just before.

    Anyone know why the 18 year old Clement fellow from Welsh killed himself?

  79. What did he supposedly die from?

    • How about blew his brains out in the cemetary.

      • I had heard a couple of weeks ago that Mr Dupont had lung cancer that spread to his liver. Once cancer affects your liver its really bad…I also heard early this afternoon that he passed then I was called back to say that no he hadn’t. People probably saw that they called the family in or something and got a jump start on spreading the word….many people love to be Connie Chung- they LOVE to be the one with info. Whatever Mr Dupont may or may not have done in his life is neither here nor there. I also work in healthcare and was always treated respectfully by him. I hope he passed with dignity and comfortably.

        • I agree with you unbiased. I heard the same things that’s why I called around. I also heard he was being treated for sugar as that is what they thought he had. Sure would like knowing his doctor so I can stay away from that one.

        • Ahlou- I hope its only rumor that he was treated for diabetes when he had lung cancer because those two diseases present two COMPLETELY different sets of symptoms- even I know that and I’m “just” a nurse! Lol. Either he wasn’t showing symptoms of anything respiratory and he was diabetic and the diabetes was exacerbated. I may be getting his story confused but it seems like someone said he had pneumonia and they found it on a chest xray. I need to quit smoking- I know that!
          All I can say is that when my patients passed and we had to call him he treated them with the dignity and respect they deserved. He liked to joke a lot but he was professional and respected. I wonder who will take over as coroner now…

        • So, what is wrong with him? Was this a sudden illness? He always seemed so healthy to me.

      • does anyone know why

  80. I meant the coroner; What’s wrong with him?

  81. Let me take this time to apologize to anyone that was on here last night that had to witness me entertaining “somebody” with that argument that ensued. It has always been my purpose to come here and read everyone’s posts because I feel powerless and all I can really do is talk with y’all and hopefully speak with compassion and understanding in regards to the victims. It was never my intention to get caught up in childishness or foolishness. I want to make it known that I have a great deal of respect for the victims and their families as well as for all of the good people who have united for their cause. I think I speak for almost sure when I say that we are above that kind of behavior, and we apologize if we offended anyone with that. Having said that, in our defense, he was on here showing his ignorance and we felt the need to “handle” him. Although I must admit that I had a good laugh at his little video he put up about us, although G8 edited it off here, and understandably so. I’m pretty sure “somebody” is an adolescent, and I think we all remember what adolescence is like. If he is, in fact, an adult(which can’t be possible LOL) I will keep him in my prayers.

  82. thanks brownie and mysterious for your kind thoughts and words…

    Today is Whitnei’s birthday…she wouldve been 29

  83. Hi Brittany. Oh I didn’t realize it was Whitnei’s b-day today. It must have been a hard day for you. I did see the piece on KPLC with you and Paul and your sister and Whitnei’s daughter. You did so well. How old is Whitnei’s daughter and does she live with you? Bless her heart, how sad she doesn’t have her mom in her life today. And how wonderful you are keeping her memory alive!

  84. So sorry Brittany…stay strong- you are doing great…

  85. I thought you all should know that the coroner is alive. It must be terrible to have to deal with so many rumors about your death, while you are battling a serious illness. I am also very disturbed by the lack of respect shown to him and his physician. He was diagnosed accuretly by his physician. He is a very very sick person who is trying to maintain a positive attitude. He plans to fight for his life, and is hoping and praying for a miracle. Instead of blogging about his death and misdiagnosis (which have not happened), we should be sending out prayers and positive thoughts for a recovery. He and his family should not have to deal with the stress of rumors at this time.

  86. skeptic- i am truly glad that you have come on to clear up any misunderstanding regarding his health and i thank god that he is still with us, i know he is a man of faith and that god has given him the courage to fight this disease. a positive attitude is a great weapon. i know that rumors can be harmful but most of the posts were ended in saying that it was in fact a rumor.
    may god bless richard and his family !

  87. There sure is a lot of interruptions on cell phones

  88. yes, and my computer has been acting strange! no notification of new e-mails on my homepage, its as though someone went there before i did.. lol

  89. Went to Jennings yesterday, and went around Andrew, McKinley, Doyle, Super Foods area..Did notice alot (more than usual) of JPD and JDPSO units out and about around town. Didn’t notice any activity at house on Andrew, doesn’t even appear occupied. Tina’s Bar was busy though….Interesting/puzzling comment by Kirk M. about not wanting to go public with reason for possibly pulling out of investigation. Hang in there Kirk!…Makes me even more skeptical of LE in Jennings and I don’t have a bone to pick, have never had a run in with them. IMO I think regular briefings by LE would go along way in squashing the public mistrust. I understand Ricky or Michael can’t hold a conference and say, “this is who we think it is and here’s our evidence” but something more along the lines of “we’re getting closer and closer” would help IMO. As far as not maintaining contact with the families of the victims, there is no excuse. It’s sheer arrogance from Ricky and Michael. Believe me, if one of these girls was from a prominent family there would be regular contact, but I could tell when he hung the “high risk life style” moniker out there, he devalued their life and somehow wanted to make the victims responsible for their own deaths. I do disagree with many though who think that a “high ranking parish offical” is involved in these murders. There is a big difference between WILLFUL INTENT / INVOLVEMENT and SHEER INCOMPETENCE. In the case of JDP leaders I think it is the latter of those two.

  90. I am one of the distant family members that hired our private investigator to work on the case. I won’t divulge which family because our family is separated and it will cause a family argument.

    It came to my attention when our hired private investigator phoned me and told me that he was sending out a letter to me that he was withdrawing from the case. What I found out later was that another private investigator approached our private investigator while our hired private investigator was with the magazine reporters in someone’s yard that was being questioned. The other private investigator stated that he did not agree with our private investigator working on this case and did not agree with what our private investigator was doing with these young girls. This other private investigator saw our private investigator with Brittany Jones at one time and must have thought something was going on. The other private investigator stated that the rumors are that our private investigator is screwing young girls because he sees our private investigator ride with them, like Brittany. There was a confrontation in the front yard near Gallup Street where our private investigator made some comments back and its all on the reporters tape recorder and what the other private investigator didn’t know was that our private investigator had a tape recorder in his right pocket recording the interviews as well so nobody could be misquoted.

    When I received the call that he was withdrawing my wife and I and our two children went to Jennings. I even took off of work. I’ve made some calls and found out that a law enforcement officer made the call to the other private investigator telling him that our private investigator was with magazine reporters showing them around and that they were in a former police officer’s yard asking questions. This yard belongs to the other private investigator but is being rented by the former police officer. I’ve heard the tape recordings of the confrontation. It was at our private investigators office that we met the other two families that retained the private investigator. We asked questions around town and nobody had heard that rumor that the other private investigator claims he heard. I then told our private investigator that if he withdraws I will go public and start naming names about the people that are trying to force him out of this investigation when we hired him. We paid him a retainer and every month I pay his invoice and so does the other two families that hired him. We’ve all decided to go public if he withdrew. It wasn’t the sheriff and it wasn’t the district attorney it was a law enforcement officer below the sheriff that told the other private investigator to start this rumor hoping he withdraws. I didn’t even know about this site until recently when we were in his office.

    You folks really do not have any idea how intelligent our private investigator is and how he gets results. He does what he says he will do and its his job to question people and it may be young girls he questions but he always has his recorder running when he does and he does ride with Brittany Jones sometimes and that is part of his questioning since she is a victims family member. For everything our private investigator does there is a reason. If this happens again where someone tries to force him out of this investigation we will go public and name names. We hired him because he does not give in to political pressure. He pleaded with us not to go public if he stayed on the case so we agreed. While we were at his office he did call a friend of his who is a united states attorney in washington, dc and this us attorney recommended that our private investigator stay on the case and also recommended that the family members hire a private attorney to represent our interest and we may do that. This other private investigator owns houses down Gallup and my blood was boiling when I heard the confrontation on tape.

    I’m sorry to our hired private investigator for posting this. I am not a typing person but everyone was curious so I had to say it. He has an agenda and I’m satisfied that he is doing what we are paying him to do. We have opinions of law enforcement, the district attorney and the sheriff and we have never heard our private investigator talk bad or say anything negative against anyone in law enforcement or the sheriff or the district attorney. He’s very professional and no, if you believe me or not he does not know I am posting this so again I am apologizing to him. All I can say is that our family does not get into this other private investigators business and we do not want him in ours. Leave our hired private investigator alone and let him do his job.

    • Wow, thank you for your post. I think it is a good thing Menard stays, I feel he has helped some of the community feel a little safer. I think people admire the way he works. I know I do. I said I wasn’t from there, but I know who to call if for some reason I need him. I say Thanks for Staying Menard and Thanks for the post Paying Customer.

      • WOW!! Thanks paying customer! And thanks Mr. Menard. I agree…the other investigator needs to mind his business. And people wonder why others don’t trust law enforcement… starting rumors again!

    • Sounds like a way to discredit him in my opinion. I’m sure there’s some people that would love to see Kirk go just like they’d like to see this blog go too ;).

    • Thanks for the explaination paying customer, that gives a little more insight into what is going on. Is this other PI a former Police Officer also? I know you said the renter is.

      • Roger–In response to your previous post about the Andrew St. house–it may seem unoccupied but there are at times many people inside including T. Gary. Never any doors or blinds open and all the action is done in the rear.Am told that yesterday(Wednesday) a young woman came and went several times.

        • well i know it is not tracy chaisson that is going in and out she has been out of state for 4 days now

  91. This is getting better than Jerry Springer.

    • right?????

    • Actually IMO this is nothing like Jerry Springer… This is serious and involves the lives of actual people who are no longer with us. Jerry Springers guest sign up to be in the lime light. If he is on tv when I pass by and they are brawling and fighting… I think who in the world would want their dirty laundry aired out on tv. These victims families would much rather not be in the lime light under these circumstances not that they have done anything wrong but simply because something wrong was done to them… I feel horrible for them… I feel horrible that someone, LE or anyone else, would try to sabotage these families right to find out who murdered their loved ones… To all of you involved Menard… Brittany…. Everyone on this blog… especially the families who have lost a love one in this situation…. DONT GIVE UP…. KEEP FIGHTING…. You obviously have the support and prayers of many many people…. some you know and some you dont know. I know that isnt all the comfort you need but I hope it does help some.

  92. WOW!! i think we are seeing things come to light..

  93. I was reading some past logs and something came to me… Brittney I saw on one of the post that your dad and Frankie were friends at one time years ago…. Do you remember if Frankie had a nickname? Something like “Gummy”or”Goomy”….I worked at a bar for a little over a year and i think I may have just realized something…. Thanks

  94. Wow, thanks for clarifying that to us here. Shame on them for trying to discredit Kirk. I’m certain part of his job is to talk to girls and Brittany for one. So why try to make something out of nothing. Now we see what its really all about. I’m glad Kirk stayed on the case. Keep up the good work and let’s keep fighting for justice for the victims. That’s what its all about!

  95. has anyone heard anything from le about the blue truck wiith the stripe. you would think that they would be able to find a vehicle like that with unique striping.

  96. It is obvious that Kirk Menard is a man with a lot of integrity — I am so glad he’s still on the case. This thing will never be solved unless honest, straight-dealing people like Menard continue their deep, courageous investigation.

  97. I havent been able to read the past blogs for a few days, but I have read enough!!!
    If anyone would like to search for a PI, search this website:
    You can find out each PI agency in Jennings, la. You might not be able to find which investigators work for each agency but you can search by name. Also you can find a list of available classes that are offered for individuals to become PI.
    You can also review rules and regulations and the PI law that all licensed private invetigators follow to obtain and maintain a PI license. PI’s follow the same type of rules and code of ethics to uphold, like nurses, doctors and LE.
    Being a PI takes a special type of person, but being a PI and caring for their clients (especially in this town) requries a even BETTER type of investigator. And I feel Kirk is putting up with a whole lot of BULLSHIT from certain people in the town of jennings.
    You can all see how things are working with this situation; try to discredit the PI and take away his or her livelyhood and BAM they win, by shutting up another person. WHY, WHY I ask? No one or at least the people here on this website, do not want to hear of another body found!!!!!!!!!
    Perhaps this other private investigator is JEALOUS they were not hired for this case, I sure dont know but now this other PI is hampering with the truth and the ability for the families to find closure.
    I wish I knew who this other PI is, b/c I would be dammed to hell to hire this idiot for anything or even work for this person. I think this “other private investigator was trying to discredit Kirk, but instead discredited himself.

    • We don’t want any problems with anyone. We just want some sort of closure. Mr. Menard has been very helpful and besides being the hired private investigator he acts like a psychologist in a way that it gives us some form of closure. He phones us at the end of every week. We have become very close to his wife and family. Last week when we were phoned that Mr. Menard was withdrawing from the case was the first time we’ve met or heard of the other two paying relatives. We had to waive confidentiality and so did the other family members so we could have a meeting with Mr. Menard about his plans to withdraw from the case. We understood but my husband was extremely upset about these rumors and when another law enforcement officer told him that the rumor was started by another law enforcement officer that is when he wanted to go public. We do not know this other private investigator, we just know that he is from Roanoke, La and used to be a client of Mr. Menard. My husband literally when around the neighborhoods and asked several people that were outside if they heard that rumor about Mr. Menard or seen him riding with young girls. All of them stated that they had not and some stated they see him late at night riding around and he is by himself and they feel safe that he is riding around their neighborhoods that time of night. He does make it known that he is out watching. As my husband stated, he is very intelligent and if anybody can bring out the person that is killing these women he can.

      Out of respect for Mr. Menard, he asked us not to go public because it was not the sheriff and it was not the DA but someone lower than the sheriff so that is the only reason my husband did not call channel 3 and the newspapers. Mr. Menard stated that he got along with the sheriff and the DA and did not want this to reflect on them so he agreed to stay on the case. When he shot video of the last victim that should be proof that he is doing his job. We understand that other family members could not afford to pay him so he stated to us when we contacted him that he could not take one without taking them all so those that could not afford to pay he took on those cases for free. We know nothing about the other PI and Mr. Menard did not tell us anything about the other PI. We let it go after he agreed to stay on the case. Myself and my family has alot of faith in Mr. Menard and for these vicious rumors to try to attack him and his family is beyond me. I am also glad he stayed on the case and we breathed a sign of relief. The conversation he had with the United States Attorney on conference call was interesting.

      While we knew that our relative, who is distant, was on the streets and the father and mother would not or could not do anything we didn’t think anything of it until we received a phone call that she was dead. I hope none of you ever have to receive that call. If you or someone you know have someone in that lifestyle get them out, get them help or do something and don’t just sit by and watch. It’s painful I know but sometimes you have to show tough love to save someone’s life. Thank you.

    • I agree informative. Kirk is putting up with a bunch of BULLSHIT just to represent clients. I believe in what the bible says, take the speck out of your own eye before you try to take it out of someone else’s eye. Look what PG did, oh that really helped the case. Here you have a guy, apparently honest, telling his clients he has to withdraw because of rumors that were probably started by LE in the first place to discredit him and they used another PI to try to start the rumor but it was figured out in time and stopped and this is typical Jeff Davis Parish. I have read enough. They need to look inside their own department if they want to see people screwing young girls. This really pisses me off, I’m glad I moved away 15 years ago. I wish you all the best of luck. I’ m sorry for the losses the family has to endure but with LE in Jeff Davis Parish, good luck is all I can say.

  98. I think you all might be interested to know that Jennings, LA does not have lock on emasculated psychopaths.

    Notice the disturbing similarities of this case from England.

    Click Me

    • wow! very interesting!

    • Thanks for the link………very interesting story. And you’re right, Jennings/JDP is not the only place these types of crimes take place. Fortunately, some of these psychopaths are apprehended as was recently the case in North Carolina & Wisconsin. Regrettably though, many of them elude capture and continue killing.

      I think what particularly makes the JDP deaths stand out is the common links between the victims. There is also the undeniable fact of swirling rumors, gossip and underlying fear that someone in LE is involved somehow whether it be directly or in the form of a “cover up”. It seems to be a situation that further complicates an already complicated case.

  99. Kirk and G8,
    Just remember, no good deed goes unpunished. Let’s keep those chins up.

  100. “Paul Nixon, of Kodiak Productions, said the film aims to explore the problems Jefferson Davis Parish is facing as a result of the deaths and the effects they have had on residents.It’s unclear what kind of cooperation he and his partner will receive once they arrive in the largely rural parish, but one hopes the filmmakers will be welcomed.This will mark the third time the string of seven deaths has sparked outside interest. There was at least one mention on CNN last year and a small write-up appeared on the Web site of “America’s Most Wanted.” The latter — titled “Seven Bodies, And Countless Questions, Plague Louisiana Town” — offers a brief summary.” _________________

    I found that on websleuths on the sticky thread entitled Media Links- No Discussion. It was interesting to note that this case was mentioned on CNN last year. Does anyone know if that’s true? I never heard that….

  101. Kirk Menard’s investigative agency is located in Egan, Louisiana and is registered under Advanced Investigative Technologies, llc. I looked up the website that informative gave and that’s what came up. He might have been smart to move his agency out of Jennings. There are only two agencies listed in Roanoke, La that wife of paying customer stated and only one of those own houses on gallup street.

    • Just to inform – Reconnaissance Investigations has a phone number of 2583 and if you do a reverse look up of the number it belongs to Kratzer Tire Center, the other agency Unlimited Investigation’s number is 2053 and belongs to the Lessard Family in Roanoke.

  102. I have friends that live down Gallup and they say that the one that just purchased some houses down Gallup is the one that owns Reconnaissance Investigations but they didn’t know if he’s ever been a police officer.

  103. Not sure. I don’t know Jesse Ewing but I will ask.

  104. who is it that’s setting up something outside of the courthouse today? Is that the film crew?

    • Don’t know about the courthouse, but this a.m. they were set up near the Andrew St. house talking with T.Gary &Co. Wonder what that conversation was about??

  105. Yes the confrontation took place in Jesse Ewing’s yard my friend told me and she said Jesse Ewing still rents from him.

  106. I’ve been following this blog for about 2 weeks now, I am a relative of Loretta. At first I wasn’t going to say anything, but after Loretta died, if she had been the only one,it would have been pushed under the rug, and forgotten about because of her “supposed high risk life style”. If LE knew so much about their supposed life style, then how come they were never charged or prosecuted. Loretta and all the other girls never hurt anyone but themselves, and didn’t deserve to be killed or talked about after their deaths either.

    • Janie,

      Would you be willing to speak with me? I’m a reporter working on a magazine story about the situation in Jennings. While in town, I wasn’t able to reach relatives of Loretta and I would very much like to. Please email me at

      Thank you and I’m very sorry for your loss.


    • Hi Janie

      We would also like to talk to you for our documentary.

      Please email me at the following address with the best way to contact you:

      Unfortunately this is our last day, so we would need to do something tonight if possible.

      Thanks a lot in advance

      • Paul I hope that despite the story yall were here to cover that yall were able to see the goodness in our little town.., I sincerly hope yall enjoyed the stay and were able to enjoy some of our good food and some of the good people….

        • And I would like to add yet another thank you for covering this story. There is no doubt in my mind that he was able to enjoy the good people here, as that is what attracted him to the situation and area. I wish you a safe and easy trip back home. What you have done for the people here is appreciated more than you could know. I look forward to the final product…

      • Paul I wouldn’t leave yet. You might get the story of a lifetime tomorrow.

      • hi paul sorry i can not meet with you tonight but i have something going on. I just wanted to let you know that Loretta was loved very much by her family and friends. She had a very good heart. She loved her boys and her family very much and loved family get togethers. Loretta had a very hard childhood and went through things no child should go through. She got lost on the way and could not find her way back. Like I said she hurt herself more than she hurt others but time ran out for her before she could heal herself. I am sorry it took me this long to speak up but i am a private and shy person. Thank you for coming to our town and listening to the stories of these 8 women who were mothers, sister, aunts, and wives.

  107. Another thing, what does Jesse Ewing have to do with any of this???

  108. Jesse Ewing received information from two inmates about the homicides in 2007 I believe and turned it over to a private investigator who then turned the information over to the FBI and the State attorney general’s office. According to the news, the girls implicated a high ranking parish official on the recordings so Ewing did not feel comfortable going to anyone locally so it was turned over to higher officials.

  109. janie, please interview with Rebecca and also the Kodiak Production crew. Very little is known about the first two victims. I have often wondered and hope for more information about her as a person not the way she was at the end. Please consider the interview(s) so we can know the real person (who did not deserve what happened) by family.

    I have wondered who were the two interviewed by Ewing and where are they now.

    • ahlou-I’m sure KM knows he seems like the type of person that knows more abou this case than anyone since he is working it but I wouldn’t expect or ask him to say anything for the safety of the girls.

      • Kimbo, I didn’t say anything about the case and who know what. If you read again I was talking about Loretta as a person. I’m certain KM does not know Loretta as a person as much as her family member does. That is unless you think KM is a higher power.

        • I apologize for not explaining myself better but I was responding to your bottom comment that said:

          “I have wondered who were the two interviewed by Ewing and where are they now”

  110. janie-The story was received from this link:

  111. Kimbo, don’t get our hopes up that they’ve possibly caught the creep. Whatever “big” story you’ve got for tomorrow better be a good one.

  112. Thanks to Paul and Kodiak and Rebecca for all your hard work and for believing enough that this tragic story needs to get out there. We appreciate all you have done and look forward to seeing your end results. Please keep us posted when the story and documentary are released.

  113. Kimbo lets take “I have wondered who were the two interviewed by Ewing and where are they now”

    Do you know who were the two and where are they now? I don’t know the interview took place was it after or before Loretta died? BTW I agree KM know a lot about the case but apparently he doesn’t know enough to solve the case.

    In any case thanks for the nice response.

    • tracy chaisson was one of the girls he talk to in jail never knew who the other one was but all they have to do is go back and see who was lock up with tracy at the time and than they would know. that is why everyone is saying it is a inside job.

  114. It was after Loretta died. I don’t even know KM but according to reports he’s only been hired since October of last year give him time. I don’t know what he has or doesn’t have in the way of evidence and nobody does except law enforcement. I was simply making a comment that if I were an investigator and I knew where some witnesses were I would not give out such information for their own safety.

  115. Ahlou-I’m not on here to argue just making a comment. I won’t be drawn into an argument either. law enforcement has been on this case for four years and apparently they don’t have enough to solve the case either. I do read and I know that ewing was not arrested because an interview did not take place.

    Just making a comment stop taking it so personal. I’m not a combative type.

  116. ok! im lost what is the story of a lifetime? do we get it today?

  117. No just meant for Paul and crew to stay around a bit longer since we’ve never had this kind of case before. Sorry spoke out of turn.

  118. Does anyone know what happened to Loretta’s husband? I had met Loretta I think in 2004 when she was sick, she was a very unhappy person due to her life, but she was very appreciative and respective to every one that took care of her. I felt so sorry for her and I was upset to know when she was killed.

  119. Loretta’s husband lives with someone and is expecting a baby. I think he works offshore.

    • can someone tell me if gail brown is or was a bail bondsman?

      • there was a cynthia “gayle” gordon that was a bondsman. she went to jail though somewhere between 1999 and 2001 i think

      • wasn’t gail brown the wife of gaylord brown? Gaylord being a child enforcement agent for jeff davis parish

        • Mr. Brown is back with the Sheriff’s department. He worked with them a long time ago. His wife’s Linda if I remember correctly. Cynthia was the bail bondsmen.

    • i pray he is doing well. i met him in july 2005 when we spent a short spell in the jeff davis parish jail together.

  120. I also wanted to let everyone whov is interested that I have been continuosly writng to nancy grace, dateline, 20/20, 60 minutes, basically anyone that i can to try to get some justice for these ladies. I would suggest anyone having extra time to do so, do the same because ifigure the more they receive the more likely it is that there will be someone to want the same for these ladies.

  121. Kodiak crew tries to show human face of killings
    Scott Lewis, Assistant Editor

    With eight unsolved murders plaguing the Jeff Davis Parish area since 2005, two international documentary filmmakers are hoping to get a deeper understanding of the human scope of the story during a weeklong visit to the area.
    Director Paul Nixon and cinematographer Jon Bjorgvinsson of Kodiak Productions – a Switzerland-based production company – arrived in Jennings last Saturday. By this coming Saturday, the two are hoping to have amassed enough information on the killings, the victims, their families and the murder investigators to secure funding for a feature-length documentary.

    That’d be just what this case needs. I hope they get the funding.

  122. Christi – I have contacted all the major news networks and all the programs you have mentioned also. The only one to reply back was the Nancy Grace people. They emailed me back saying they’d let me know if they decided to cover the story. However I never heard back from them. I agree with you and recommend that we keep bombarding them until they are so tired of hearing from us and decide to give these murders the national coverage they so deserve.

  123. I contacted AMW twice. Haven’t heard much back except watch the show sept. 12.

  124. Does anyone know who drives the dark green tahoe that keeps passin by my house 24-7. They may be a cop or whatever, but they freakin the out. There windows or pitch black.

    • call the cops and have them go check it out or if u dont trust the cops call someone to go meet u to find out what is going on i know i would

  125. If that man is a cop, then I know who you are speaking of, his name is steve gauthier and he is always riding around trying to hit on young girls and women. he drives a dark green expedition with really dark tinted windows. he tried to pick up a few of my friends before, one of them was 16 years old. he likes to offer them drugs, alcohol, and money. some girls go with him, but i think he is just a big fat nasty looking old man

    • Shouldn’t he be a suspect?

      “he likes to offer them drugs, alcohol, and money. some girls go with him”

      • Sounds very suspicious to me this man should be reported to the task force. Be careful!! Get the license plate of this vehicle. Does this man have white hair and wears glasses

    • Well hello, very intersting to hear now to me that would sound like the killer i mean good lord whoever is doin this has to know how tho get rid of evidence and know wat they r doing. I will defintly get the liscene plate number on this one.

    • is he from Lake Arthur

  126. This is interesting:

    Serial Killer
    A serial killer is a typical white male, 20-30, and most of them are usually in the USA. Their main motives are sex (even though the act of sex may or may not take place), power, manipulation, domination and control. The sex motive is usually rape for an organized killer and sadism for a disorganized killer. They act in a series of 5 or more murders with a cooling off period between each murder. Serial killers can go on for months and years before they are usually caught. The victim is usually the same for every killer – prostitute, hitch-hiker etc. Their victims may also have the same or similar attributes in gender, age, race, general look, residence etc. Serial killers also stick by their modus operandi very closely and may change it with experience. Most murders occur by strangulation, suffocation, stabbing etc. Serial killers act by a sex-murder fantasy based with their control, they usually live in this dream world in their teens until they act it out for real when they get into the adult stage. As each murder occurs a serial killer may be disappointed by his murder fantasy and may act it out again to achieve it to their own satisfaction.

    • my aunt, who is a psychologist at a prison in Alexandria, said the typical serial killer’s age is often between 27 and 45…I personally don’t think a 20 yr old would be keen enough to outwit the LE time after time, so an older age group makes sense to me. IMO.

  127. Off the subject—- Jennings daily news reports this morning terrie guillorys 31 year old sister passed away Friday sept 11….sad news for the family:(

  128. “Dear Viewer:

    Thank you for writing to America’s Most Wanted. You can find updates on the Unknown Jennings, La. Body Dumper case on our website at:

    AMW does its best to apprehend criminals, locate missing children and solve even the toughest crimes. Our show provides the information, but it’s viewers like you who do the real job.

    Please stay tuned for our next show on Saturday, September 12, 2009 at 9PM EST.

    Thanks for your continued support and interest in America’s Most Wanted.

    Operator 8522″

    • I have been told that AMW will not cover this story until there is a suspect for them to look for. I have no idea how accurate this info. is, but it made sense to me. AMW told the sherriff that they would be interested in covering the case once they identified a suspect and needed help locating him. I was told they do not come in and solve murders, they are not unsolved mysteries. They only look for wanted criminals who have disappeared. Maybe, we have jumped to the wrong conclusion about the sherriff not wanting the help of AMW.

  129. Unfortunately I missed last nights episode… What did they show?

  130. Nothing related to these cases.

  131. Its probably just an automatically generated response. One of these days this case will get national exposure- I just hope its not because someone is so hurt and disgruntled that they do something irrational and that’s how it gets exposed. No offense to anyone I’m just thinking how sad it would be really ironic and sad that it would happen that way. Keep making calls and emailing, that’s all we can do, one of these days SOMEONE will get tired of us filling up their inboxes. If yall haven’t joined Ceasefire in Jefferson Davis Parish yet then you may consider it….

  132. Ive been here reading this blog for months now and trying to be involved as much as i could on the background, but i have had enough of this circus that people are making out of the investigation
    Did anyone read the letter to the editor today? Someone felt like they were going to create even more confusion and call out mr menard. A lady named sonya beard. does anyone even know who that is? havent heard her name before, so she must not be very important. maybe shes just after her 15 min of fame like the rest. well ms beard, you say who is mr menard to call out LE but who are you to call out mr menard? you are creating confusion where it is not needed. how can you say if another girl turns up dead, thats on his back? so if the media continues to air the story and the killer likes the attention and he kills again, we are going to blame KPLC? come on now. As long as they continue to sit around and do nothing, he/she will continue to kill anyway. (Remember necole, just a month ago). Ms beard, you are out of line for your statements, IMO.

    • I would like to know if anyone believes that the woman found in Deridder has any link to these crimes?

    • I have never heard of her either. I suppose she is just as entitled to her opinion as the rest of us. Maybe she is just a big supporter of LE? Who knows, who cares. To my knoweledge Kirk Menard has not called out Law Enforcement. And if she is referring to the rumors started by the PI about him- if that’s the truth then he should call them out! I am not anti- law enforcement but I know there is a group of women that we jokingly call “the cop lovers” that are kinda like police groupies- maybe she is one of them? Of course its been years since I paid attention or noticed the entourage, and most of those guys aren’t cops anymore. Idk, I didn’t read the Letter to the editor- I don’t subscribe to the newsletter anymore. Can u post it?

    • The article was pertaining to Mr. Menard telling the killer if they are such a man or woman to come out and show yourself. In no way was it pertaining to him calling out LE.
      Sonya is the aunt of Whitney. And like all she has been living this nightmare daily. Her concern in this article was that the killer or killers may kill again when asked to show themselves.
      I do not personally know Mr.Menard, but maybe he is not always right.

      • He showed us the article before he wrote it and I’m sure he allowed the other families that hired him to read and approve the article as well. He did have a reason for writing that article and to us it was a good reason, we’ve all approved the article and that’s what we like about him, he explains his reasoning and tells us what he is going to do before he does it. To us, his reasoning was good and to Whitnei Dubois’ family, I do know that they’ve approved the article too because he said that if one family that he represents objects then he will not do it.

        • Like I said I do not know Mr. Menard. I would like to here his reasoning for calling out the killer or killers. AS a family member of a victim we have a right to express what we fell.
          Maybe we don’t have the funds to hire a PI or a attorney, but our voices are all we have. And maybe the reason we are not heard is because any statement we make is always knocked down.
          So as the voice for my daughter I am not here to argue over who is the best or who is doing the most. I am here searching for answeres, so for even Mr. Menard has none. He has been working on the case for a year also. And we are still not getting the answers we want to here. The only thing I know is I will never rest until someone is brought to justice.
          I am sorry but maybe your views or different then mine. We all have a right to our own oppinions.

        • We’re not here to argue either. Sorry for the loss of your daughter and we’ve lost a relative too in this mess. Mr. Menard is only a PI and he does send his report to the task force and he does have some answers but its up to the task force and the sheriff to act on them. So saying he doesn’t have any answers is a misstatement, whether they act on what he gives them is another story.

          We are all entitled to our opinion and I respect everyone’s opinion but I want this childish bickering to stop and for LE to do their job and find out who is doing this to our family. We don’t want another body and the letter our PI wrote did not have that intention and after he explained it to all the family members we deemed it logical and approved it. You’re right maybe your opinion differs from ours and that’s fine that’s what this is all about. I’m sorry for the loss of your daughter but we just want LE to do something productive in this case, that’s all we want.

  133. I’ve never heard of her either. I don’t live in yur county, I am in a much better place with the sunny skies of Florida, ha ha. But like unbiased said who knows and who cares, she’s a nobody. After reading on here about Kirk Menard I believe enough people verified his integrity for what he’s done and has been doing. She’s probably one of those that loves drama, loves LE and believes whatever she hears, more rumors no doubt. Again I agree if unbiased, if she’s referring to the rumors that another PI started against Kirk then maybe he should call them out. I have a friend that is a PI here in Florida and his name is chuck chambers and one thing I’ve learned through him is that PI’s aren’t afraid to take on LE and even at the highest ranks. PI’s earn their living by having sources, alot of sources so I’d be careful because some PI’s, like chuck have been known to bring down entire governments with what he knew. I agree with PINK too probably someone just looking for their 15 minutes of fame at the expense of murder victims. Now that is sick. I wouldn’t be surprised if LE put her up to writing an article to try to discredit Kirk again but who knows and who cares, her opinion doesn’t mean much. I’ve heard enough about Kirk on here to know that he’s doing the right thing. If you want to read about PI’s go to this link they are involved in murder investigations all the time. I don’t believe they run into the problems that PI’s run into in your county. ha ha

    • I’ve read the letter and just the opposite is true. Serial killers by nature have an ego. What the letter did was damage the killers ego and humbled the killer into a shameful feeling. He must be speaking to an expert because not many people know that strategy except psychologists that deal with serial killers on a daily basis in penal institutions. It’s the same analogy of prisoners wearing pink to shame them. It doesn’t work all the time but it has been known to be effective 87% of the time. The BTK killer was caught in a similar fashion. So was the Hillside Stranglers. It’s a strategy designed to prevent any further killings by damaging an ego and taking away their pride. This is normally not done in a letter to the editor but done in a press release since experts say that a press release is more effective. If any of you attend a forensic psychology course you will learn about preventing serial killers from killing again. It would have been more effective in a press release and that is what the experts recommend so I don’t know why it was done in a letter to the editor. Serial killers also seek attention and the type of letter deprived them of that attention.

      • DUH, probably because the Sheriff wouldn’t let him or maybe stir up more crap between them. I must ask something though. I definately appreciate the explaination of the letter, but do you think it was a good idea to come out and explain it that way? The killer is probably reading on here. I don’t mean to offend you in any way, we definately appreciate the help like I said.

  134. I wondered if any of the family members considered bringing in a psychic? Sometimes when LE fails a psychic can bring in a fresh perspective.

    • I’ve thought about going to a reader that I know, but how can one report such information to the LE and be taken seriously? If a psychic/reader knows something that no one else knows, it opens up their lives to investigation, too. And with this confusion and corruption, it wouldn’t surprise me if LE would try to pin something on the psychic…

      • I agree with cajun butterfly somewhat. I’ve read many times about psychics solving missing persons/murder cases, and believe it to be very possible. I don’t agree that any card reader could do it- they are on the money sometimes and are wrong often too. However there are some psychics whose careers are devoted to things like this, and they are often called upon by LE in other areas. Is Jeff Davis Parish ready for something like this? I highly doubt it…but if they were to get someone from out of state- they couldn’t pin it on them- besides- they would still have to follow up on the lead they get from psychics. And supposedly there is no DNA? Idk, but FR was on here “clearing his name” and he said there were 5 Dna tests done and he wasn’t a match. Does this mean that in 5 of these instances there was DNA at the crime scenes? That was never really cleared up. Either FR doesn’t know what he’s talking about, or he does…


  135. i say someone go to a show where sylvia brown is a guest, sit in the audience, ask some direct questions and get names….not much they could pin on her, she has too much backing!

    • I wouldnt trust Slyvia Browne, she is usually more wrong than right. I guess after the little boy that was held for years and finally came home, that did it for me. She told his poor parents he was dead on Montel. I read that she offered her services after the show, but because they couldnt afford her she wouldnt help. Sorry, but the more I found out about Slyvia the less I trust her.

      • Shawn Hornbeck and I was always skeptical of her. She would answers peoples questions really fast and would not make eye contact…..I dunno I just did not trust her “predictions” . When Shawn was found it put the nail in the coffin for me.

        BTW Shawn was from my area (in Missouri) and I am so happy to see that after all that he turned out be a really well adjusted young man.

  136. kirk keep up the good work an dont let them trash your name keep your head up an stay on top of things you are doing your job like i see most people are messy an thats not what the blogs suppose to be about to everyone that has a heart here thanks for all the possitive thinkin i just got my computer fixed so now i can come an comment here as wellas for the ones that are messy an want a few mins of fame shame on you. let the people do there job i do think we are these girls voices as i said on kplc we have to speak for them this sob is slipping up its just a matter of time an when he are she is gona be revealed the public is gona be in shock just please stop all the crazy rumurs cause it takes away from the investigation i was first cousins to crystal benoit an i seen her 2weeks in a row a ez mart in jennings an when i seen her she didnt look like she was doing bad a matter of fact she told me sye was doin good. an brittney was like a daughter to me she lived with me for two years her an my daughter where best friends an i knew all the other girls i seen all them raised except ernistine god rest her soul nomatter what lifestyle they lived they didnt deserve to go the way they went that is very hard for me to swallow [they lived high risk lifestyles] they did what they did how many do it behind close doors an dont admit they have a problem at least they where honest users an they where not out to hurt anyone they just fail bad to a different life on the streets. so lets keep all the messy rumors off the street so they can catch this sisk bastard.

  137. I’m sorry I don’t really believe in psychics. They usually tend to give you general info that any one can find out .I think they are in for the money.


  139. fay- thanks for sharing those really sweet thoughts 🙂

    • James is our brother that past away James Authement i am sure some of u know him he was raise in Jennings up till about 15 years ago. and fay is right we need to remember the good in people and talk about that not the life style they had that is so rude of people to say those things.

  140. so sorry to hear you lost your brother. holding you in prayer.

  141. who was your brother?

  142. Are you claudette sister ?

  143. okay I know who yall are we used to play together.

  144. send tracy is back in town. i hope she stays off the streets

  145. if yall can see who goes in and out of that house i sure hope yall r taking pictures that way if someone else comes up missing at least they (police) can start there

  146. sorry for yall lose claudette an fay my prayers are with the family hows your mom

  147. I have something about these childish, messy people that r startin RUMORS about Mr. Menard. First of all Kirk is doin his job like he is suppose to as a PI he does care bout his community and what is goin on to try to help peolpe in this tradgic situation. He’s not out to hurt anybody or pick up young girls like some people i know. Don’t make me start naming any names most of them on the police force that like to get into underage girls pants and thats not a rumor it’s in fact the truth. Kirk worked on a case for me before and i never had the intention of him hittin on me or tryin to get with me. He was just very concerned and tried to help me out to the best of his knowledge and i can trust him. He does his job well and can accomplish things, and Kirk im glad u stayed in this situation and not step out cause of CHILDISH BULLSHIT. Im behind u all the way cause actually i can’t talk to the cops about this stuff goin on. Sorry people i don’t trust them and it’s sad. So next time someone wants to start RUMORS they need to know the truth first, and then maybe they could talk about it.

  148. To those near the Andrews St. residence, Do you have access to a video camera to record activities going on there? I’ve read many post from people that suggest they are actually witnessing events going on there.If documented, this could become vital information should something happen again. Pictures say a thousand words but a video tells a story.

    • Scooter-our hired PI took video of the last victim two months before she was found dead and now they are asking questions about him. The task force or the sheriff don’t have a clue of what is going on in this town.

      • paying customer–I really believe that all the bull**** that is going on with the PI who is trying to help the families was caused by the release of the video of the last victim, that really P*****off some one in LE and made them all look like idiots.I have a feeling member of LE was following the PI around when he was with the magazine reporter even as they were parked on my property interviewing me.Come on I have eyes and I know what I saw,and I’d bet money that it’s the same guy that started the rumor.Not naming any names but I have very little faith in LE in Jennings,and they wonder why no one comes forward with info!!!

  149. I am so sick and tired of this childish bullshit that a certain person on the task force is going around asking questions about the PI we hired, and paying our hard earned money to while a killer is still on the streets preying on young girls. That is why our side of the family does not speak to the task force. It’s a hopeless case. They don’t want to solve these crimes, they want to be involved in the rumors. You don’t believe that we checked out this PI before we hired him? I took the united states attorneys advice and my family hired a personal attorney to represent our family and our hired PI since he represents us too and I would recommend that the other families do the same. You don’t think word gets around? I live in Texas and it got back to our family that a certain person on the task force is asking about our PI’s personal life. I’ve had enough and I’m about to begin a letter writing campaign to the Department of Justice and find out if they have an internal affairs division and that is on the advice of my attorney. This has gone too far and its become a horse and pony show. Our relative was murdered in cold blood and all you guys can do is pick on a PI that we hired to assist us in bringing this person to justice. On the advice of our family attorney, he told us to locate an internal affairs division and go as high as we need to. La-woman has a good point. I can’t talk to the police because they don’t listen or they don’t take you seriously and nobody is credible to them. You want to find someone that sleeps with not just young girls but underage girls look inside the police department. You damn right I’m upset this has got to stop. I will write to every congressman and official I have to until we get justice. What did our PI get close to that they are scared of? Makes us wonder because instead of finding a killer they are out asking questions about him. Let’s face it, they won’t solve this case. They want to be childish and play games well that’s what they’ll get and the result will be 250,000 of your tax dollars that went no place. If you want to blame anyone, blame us, we hired him.

  150. Watching from a distance, things have been causing people more stress over non-sense which takes away from the actual investigetion. That is sometimes playing in the hands of what otehrs want. I would not give the time of day by stooping to their level. Not knocking those that have legitimate arguements and frustrations. This is a great place to round up more positive encouragement.

    The determination many people show towards developing any and all leads has been and evidence towards those that are guilty of any interference of the investigation is to be applauded and that should remain the focus.

    Bless all those that have worked so hard for justice.
    Keep your chins up and keep up the hard work. The truth will come out.

    It does help to write the legislature and representatives, thereby keeping interest by those in authority. They need updates to keep some sort of focus on the length of time this has gone on and the lack of production of those being funded with public money. The task force has to be accountable to someone!

  151. Observer-good point. You know, we had our nightly meeting with our PI and to this day, we told him how we felt about the task force and law enforcement and he still did not say one bad thing about them. If I were him I would be mad as hell but he remained calm and didn’t say a word about them. To me that shows character and professionalism. He stated to us that he doesn’t come on this blog anymore because he doesn’t want the appearance of imprierty or however you spell it.

    • I’ll back u up on that one paying customer. I never heard him either talk bad about someone even if they are tryin to stir up CRAP. He is lookin to solve these murders cause it seems like no one else wants to do it, and i think alot of people feel the same way.

  152. Anyone have any info about the young guy that is in the Obits today in Jennings? I think someone said suicide but anyone have any details?

  153. Couple of questions……..

    Anyone here know where Kristen, Muggy, Ernestine and Loretta were last seen before they died? Also, anyone know where these four were born?

    • I don’t know for sure but I would guess that since kristens parents and both sets of her grandparents have lived in Jennings all their lives she was probably born here in town or charity… I’ll find out for you…

  154. why do you want to know wher loretta was born?

  155. hello all !
    New here still reading back posts….there is so much info to absorb. Lots of great minds here!
    Would love to see these unsolved murders solved & justice served. The girls & families deserve it.
    Will post again soon.
    So glad I found this site,yall are doing a great job!

  156. Here is a link to a story similar to ours except the sheriff admits that they have a serial killer:


    Didn’t know if this article was posted on the site… pretty much same information as most of the others

  158. This is from facebook, just thought I would share it.

    “MeChon Johnson Jones September 14 at 9:33am Reply is our sponser’s website.

    Jennings’ own, Richard W. Brown is the ceo of R. G. Legacy and the president of Action For Awareness, a nonprofit orginization. Mr. Brown was one of the first members of our group Cease Fire in JDP.
    When we decided to do the ‘Make it Ring Mondays’ Mr. Brown was one of the first to inquire about our efforts. Immediatly he wanted to be involved. Since then he has been hands on with everything that’s being done concerning the group and the community. Mr. Brown is a successful professional basketball player who is deeply involve in fundraising for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and other programs nationwide concerning youth.
    Please take the time to message Richard Wallace Brown here on Facebook with any thoughts or concerns you may have.

    A huge number of you have inquired about donating to the rally & our efforts to better the community of Jefferson Davis Parish. You can do so by going to the website
    Your donation will be used to offset the cost of the Family Fun Day, purchase savings bonds for the murdered victims children, and to start programs for youth in the community.
    We are a group of over 700 members. If each one of us donate a mere $5-$10, we can be well on our way to make a difference.

    We are looking forward to becoming more than just a group on facebook. We want to put our words into action.

    Thanks in advance”

  159. Kirk, please forward this info on to whom it might concern as it may or may not have some relevance (subpoena might be required in order to obtain original content that was removed). The cached version remains on the poem entitled ‘Judgement’ by Billy Dwayne Conner (nothing relevant). Here are screenshots of the google search results for Billy and Hannah’s web presences and entries at;

    “Father Please Forgive Them”, “When Death Creeps by” and “Judgement” by Billy Dwayne Conner:

    “Untitled” by Hannah Dawn Conner:

  160. Here’s the direct link for the screenshots of Billy and Hannah’s entries via google at;

  161. When death creeps

    by Billy Dwayne Conner Jr

    youll never know
    you can die fast,you can die slow
    all you can do is eeek and there your life
    will go
    \when death creeps youll never know
    you could be in the rain,sleet on snow
    all you can do is eeek and there your life
    will go
    \when death creeps youll never know
    you could be at home or walking down the
    street with friends or all alone
    all you can od is eeek and there your life
    will go
    \When death creeps youll never know
    so dont be scared just be prepared
    cause you never know when death will
    creep upon you!

  162. What a weak phsyco!

  163. Oh, excuse the spelling, i meant PSYCHO

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