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Note: Original post date published on:  September 3, 2009 @ 10:45
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  2. i would like to know why are the jennings cops are all over town today, some with there lights on sitting doing nothing? are they there just to give the impression that they are doing something since this is starting to get national coverage?

    i would be happier if they actually did something, and maybe if they had did something YEARS AGO!!!!!!

    just my two cents though


      • shelia’s daughter please email me at

      • i hate to bring up the past but did danny semmes have your mom wired to help do a drug bust when she got beated. if i remember right i think she was we were talking about it yesterday and we all remember the the same thing. so maybe someone needs to look into danny semmes he was working for the sheriff department at the time and than from some reason he just up and left there and now he is at the city. i know people that he has busted with stuff on them but all he does is take what they have and seen them on there way. what does he do with the stuff he takes from them.

  3. Abduction attempt reported (9/3)
    Posted September 2, 2009 at 10:51 pm

    JENNINGS — Jennings police are seeking the driver of a baby-blue pickup truck in connection with an alleged attempted abduction of a local teenager.

    I’m getting the impression from reading that article that LE does not know who that truck belongs to. They’re also trying to have a sketch made of the man. They don’t “think” this is related to the homicides but the task force is investigating.

    One more thing……under the circumstances in that area……why was that 17 year old girl out walking by herself when it had already probably gotten dark (8:30-9:00 pm)???

    This KATC video (which won’t be available long) states she was walking from a gas station and zoomed in on the Phillips 66.

    There was a post sometime back where a woman spoke about her husband’s encounter (during a trip to the Phillips 66) with a young lady wanting a ride because a man was harrassing her/trying to pick her up. The man was driving a green Saturn and appeared to be wearing glasses (man that tried to abduct teen had on glasses). I know a LOT of people wear glasses but am beginning to wonder if there is someone that trolls around that Phillips 66 watching the girls. Remember Brittney was right across the street from the station at the Family Dollar Store. Also, I recall hearing that Crystal was at that Phillips 66 right before she went missing.

  4. Wow it is so quiet here today. I guess for me it is because over the past week I was glued to reading every post. I have been very interested in these cases but since I have found this blog I am even more glued to any coverage I can veiw. So now that I have caught up to thread 29 I am hungry for more info. I hope it is the calm before the storm… the media storm that is. It seems like you guys in JDP are about to get some of what you all have been asking begging and praying for. I am very happy about that.

    • Gosh Curious1 – I’m impressed!!!! That’s a LOT of reading :D. You get a great big A+.

      The cases and the information surrounding them are fascinating. I’m glad you found your way here and hope you’ll stick around. In the past it would get pretty quiet in here at times. There were still many people reading but not many posting.

      Any time the site gets mentioned in the media the readership and comments will go up for a period of time then seems to calm back down for a while. Needless to say, between the evidence theft by a task force member and now, sadly, another murder……the number of people reading and commenting picked up substantially.

      Don’t be surprised to see it start to wane though as the media coverage becomes sparse once again. By the way I by no means blame them…..they can only report when there is something to report. I honestly believe they, just like the rest of us, want answers and justice.

      • Speaking of theft by a task force member wonder what’s the lattest on that. Will we get an update or know what charges are filed.

        Bet FR is hoping it just stay quiet. He may come on and tell us what is the latest and we will all read and read….and of course question.

      • G8, I did read the whole blog and I do go back to parts that puzzle me or to places lol that help my opinion…. I have heard all the rumors and I have known of the probable corruption for a long time. But here you hear all sides of it and I really enjoy that…. I believe the same way that most believe here….. And I am with you all for the long haul till this is all said and done.

  5. Hey, G8, the link for the latest news of today says 03 instead of 09.

  6. Hi all

    We’re flying from Geneva to Jennings is a few hours (via New York and Houston and Baton Rouge) and we’ll be arriving tomorrow evening (Friday), ready to start shooting the documentary on Saturday.

    I’ll try to post on here while we’re in JDP and I’ll certainly be confirming a date when we set up our camera (probably near Walmart) and invite the local community to come and share their stories. We’ll also try to get that message communicated to the masses through the local TV/newspapers for those who don’t log on here (shame on them!).

    Before we head over, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all who have supported us on this blog, to everyone who has offered advice, information and opinion.

    Now it’s up to us to repay that faith. I hope we make you proud.

    See you there!


    • Paul – hope you all have a safe and pleasant trip over…..I’m sure it’s going to be a long one. Be sure to bring shorts…’s very warm here ;). Look forward to meeting you!!

    • Paul,

      Have a wonderful trip. FYI the people who shop at Super Food are people who may seldom/never go to Wal-Mart but they are the people who live in the area you have been reading about. That’s good advice if you want to reach those who are in the know.

  7. anonymous, on September 3rd, 2009 at 2:51 AM Said:
    Someone told me that the interview that Menard did on channel 3 has been requested by CNN especially the video on the eighth victim. This came to me while Nichole Thibodeaux was missing when several people were calling. They also said that ABC and NBC affiliates have requested Menard’s interview and the surveillance video of Necole Guillory.

    anonymous – that’s great news!!! Keep us updated on the status of this.

  8. Frankie stop your bitching & tell what part you played in the 8th victim case, because remember there is always someone that knows what you did!

    • And what part did he play? I would be curious to know who it is that knows what it is that he did.

      Can u tell us that?


    • Now this is a very interesting comment….devil please do say what you know. And if not here contact Kirk. All information is important and just might be what is needed in breaking this case wide open.

  9. Just got back from shopping for groceries in Jennings and guess what? Its true what they say that there are cops all over. And ya’ll won’t believe it but my husband and I saw at least 2 girls just walking along side hwy. 26 (the main drag thru jennings). They were both walking alone. My hubby and I both commented to each other how they had long dark hair, probably in the 20s, slim build and reminded us of Necole Guillory. What is wrong with these girls? They don’t seem to be scared, at least not scared enough to stay off the roads walking alone. Did anyone hear the story at 5 on kplc about the woman beaten and she died in 1999? Her daughter says it fits some of the same patterns of the serial killings. Hmmmm, just something to think about.

  10. Good Luck to Paul and the Kodiak crew. We have long prayed for national coverage. I am not family to any of the victims, just a concerned citizen looking from the outside in. As an ex-media person I know it takes a lot of pushing to get media coverage sometimes and I know I for one have hounded Nancy Grace, Dateline, 60 Minutes, 20/20 and other major networks trying to get coverage of these serial murders. I remember Nancy Grace’s people telling me if they decided to do a story on it they’d let me know but I never heard back from them. So your documentary Kodiak will be the start of something good. Good luck and hope you have a safe trip. Yep and I second the shorts. Its hot here, 90s during the day and 70s at night…just typical Louisiana weather.

  11. I saw one young lady on 26 heading south, fit that description she had a blue & white top and dark pants. Saw her around kjef on the way back saw her in the opposite direction heading north just across the tracks. Never noticed or paid attention before.

    As for the police, yes, they are all over town.


      • i can bet they are afraid of what is being said around town. the patrolling all of a sudden and during the interview is a form of intimidation that isn’t working

        • flower, either intimidation or the need for the possibility to be seen on camera as they cruise by.

        • I know its hard not to feel intimidated but nobody really needs to feel intimidated by law enforcement even if it seems they “pop up” when the media is around.

      • Yep, law enforcement knows when the media is in town. No offense to anyone but just to be sure, I used wire and bug tracing equipment prior to riding with Rebecca and her photographer just to make sure that no devices were attached to my vehicle. I’ve also placed a scrambler device on my phone lines, including my cell phones so my conversations cannot be overheard by anyway. Did not find any bug tracing devices on my vehicles and the scrambler devices protect conversations from being overheard by anyone, even if the phone company would attempt to allow someone to listen in, its been tested. Not that I’m paranoid because I have nothing to hide but for Rebecca and Paul’s protection and freedom of the press and the Reporter’s Shield Act, I did it for their own protection so they can report without fear of their sources.

  12. Thanks G8. I hadn’t read about it yet. I’ll look that up. Hey thanks too for this wonderful forum. I know I for one have been addicted it since finding it a few weeks ago. This is what people need, to be able to speak up freely. You’re doing a great job!

  13. Hey alhou – that was the same girls we saw. Then we saw one on south hwy. 26, like just coming into jennings. Just anyone could grab those girls. What’s wrong with them? They sure don’t seem scared.

  14. We also saw a cop coming out of a side street near the headstart school. Well at least their patrolling, hmmmm…

  15. Just saw the kplc report about Shelia Comeaux’s death. If shelia was the first of the serial killers victims in 1999, then why such a big gap between her and the next victim Loretta? And as for the autopsy report I believe the family has a right to it!

    • In reply to the wondering about the gap, research the drug bust involving the shooting death of leonard crochet. A couple of people that were there are now gone…

  16. JDN headlines: Two women go missing, found. One was not named because she was 11, that was the one on Garage Alley according to the paper. Thibodeaux was found Budget Inn.

    • You know I have been reading and doing my own lil thinking.. I am a mother of 5 and Our lives as parents have so much influnce on our children what they do 99.999% of the time is what they are taught and raised. We have to take controll of our kids and home. It starts at home (PARENTS) should be responsibale esp. if our kids are under 17. That is commenting on that 11 year old.. WHERE THE HELL WAS THAT MOTHER… There is no way in hell my 16-17 daughter would be walking around JDPmuch less my 11 year old daughter.
      What kind of parents does this child have.Are for that matter i know where my kids are at all times . Hell I wont even let mine go to the damn store. Parents should be resp.for there children and JDP should arrest any parent that lets there children run free untill this person are person’s are caught(SK). This is absured that people dont know where there kids are. Someone has to be held resp for there actions and it all starts with NEGLECT AT HOME….

      • I so totally agree with you…. I’m a stay at home mom that sacrificed my whole life to insure that my kids were raised by their parents and no one else…. Too many parents allow other people, teachers, daycares, grandparents or the streets raise their kids…. My kids have never been at a sitters or a daycare….in saying that I have to say I am an in home day care provider so I understand that some moms have to work… It was more important to our family that I stay home and raise our kids than the amount of money we had coming into our house hold….I will certainly never say I haven’t made mistakes nor will i say that my kids are perfect … But they don’t run the streets, they are respectful, hard working, and happy young 11 my kids had a bed time even on the weekends and still weren’t allowed out of our yard much less in a whole other area of are not your childrens “friend”, you are their protector and guide through life to insure that they become decent productive adults…I could go on and on about this, I get frustrated everyday when I see examples of irresponsible parenting, but I think I’ve made my point….

  17. I am wondering….if the 17 yr old that was almost abducted was grabbed and fought her way to freedom, surely she must have scratched her attacker at some point during the struggle. Does anyone know if DNA or other tests were done to check for possible matches?

  18. She probably washed off the evidence *if* there ever was any. I kind of feel this was a made up story.

    • I guess there wouldn’t be much to gather as far as evidence because it took so long to be reported. Very strange!!!

    • For now I’m going to have faith this story is legit until we hear otherwise. If it’s not, I swear I’m gonna rip every hair in my head out.

  19. Hey New would think there would be DNA of her attacker under her nails if she fought back huh? Or am I just watching too much CSI and Law and Order, lol! Seriously I could see how the serial killer could out-smart law enforcement. These shows practically show you how to commit and/or solve the perfect crime. I just wish they could catch this person/persons committing these horrible crimes of these girls. I’m the mother of daughters and have granddaughters and can’t imagine the pain these families of these victims are suffering.

  20. Let’s not forget there was a 17 year-old who was supposed to have been raped by two black guy who picked her up on Woods St.. Nothing, not a thing, natta word after that.

  21. Shelia was a beautiful lady. I can’t see kplc live but this is the video:
    9 Deaths In Jeff Davis Parish

    • God….poor Shelia. She was very beautiful. Lakesha, you did a great job with the interview!! I’m glad you’ve stepped forward and please know we are all behind you.

      Someone mentioned in some other posts about wondering how the other cases could be related and even Chief Lassiter mentioned he didn’t feel Shelia’s was because was beaten and apparently the other 8 weren’t. Thing is…..Rat, Butch and Shelia were all three definitely beaten…..different mo but murder nonetheless. Those three also ran in the same circles as the 8 girls did…..the same names have been brought up in all 11 cases. It’s possible there could even be a few more that we haven’t quite caught wind of yet.



          Why didn’t you say that on the news? Things like that need to be said, I think. Maybe it wasn’t a good time? Just wondering. No offense to you, You did a great job on there. I’m sure the LE is so pissed. LOL.

      • i heard that rat trahan was shot, not beaten but you are right that these cases all have one thing in common and that’s simple, they are not solved. this is a big problem today, more and more violent crime is being committed and not being solved by our local law enforcement. this i think is the interesting question that needs to be answered. what has happened that fewer homicides are being solved now than in the past.

  22. Now if we can get a family member from Rat and Butch and anyone else who is unsolved. Now is a great time.

  23. Butch?

    • Maybe that’s not his name all I remember is he was beaten with a baseball bat which was covered with blood. Lake Arthur, no clues.

      • Not sure which you’re referring to. But the “mo”‘s are different. I don’t think any of the girls were killed with a bat.

        • Come on Popeye, how do we know that or that a bat type instrument was or wasn’t used? If you know the answer is no then let us know.

  24. Shelia’s daughter- while reading ur post i figured it was u lakeishia but wasn’t sure. we went to school together havent seen u in a while! im glad ur mom’s case is getting heard about again! watching the video on kplc really ticked me off hearing the cop talk like it was ur mothers fault that her killer wasnt caught because she wouldnt speak!! ugh!! i sure hope all theses crimes are solved soon its been way too long espically ur mother’s case!

  25. I saw a story on KPLC labeled “JUST IN” and it was titled “LOCAL NEWS 9 Deaths in Jeff Davis Parish. Story posted 2009.09.03 at 02:39 PM CDTBy: KPLC Staff JENNINGS, LA (KPLC). ” We’ve been reporting that the first of 8 deaths in Jeff Davis Parish occurred in 2005.  Tonight we hear about a death stemming from a beating in 1998 that relatives of the victims think is related.” Ok now why are they saying “9”? Is there any proof it is definetly linked to the other 8 death?

  26. well according to LE there is no real proof linking the other 8 together just cirmcumstacial acording to them so if thats what they wanna go by then they can sure go ahead and say 9! heck they can say alot more than that because they were all similar in different ways. they all involved bodies being found in the area of people known to have used drugs and all knew each other.


  28. Hey guys,
    Rebecca Webber from the magazine Marie Claire is in town. My sister and I have spent the afternoon with them and they have conducted several interviews already. Its so nice to finally have some national media attention here. Finally, our angels have the spotlight!!!!!!

    • WONDERFUL, screaming THANK GOODNESS. Wishing you and your sister the best and thanks Rebecca Webber.

  29. alou- because if u read in the related cases blog there is the story of butch sonnier that says he was beaten with a bat.

    • concerned, I READ and READ – it was not me who questioned the baseball bat.

      • ahlou, on September 3rd, 2009 at 8:53 PM Said:
        Come on Popeye, how do we know that or that a bat type instrument was or wasn’t used? If you know the answer is no then let us know.

        well i took the previous statement as u asking how do we know a bat was used. there is no need to shout.

        • Well if you had READ the response from Popeye you would not be telling me about reading. Please, concerned, give me a break you have seen caps all night and never said a word, do we have a problem.

  30. that is great to hear Brittany!! i hope the spot light continues to grow!!

  31. to my brothers and sisters in jeff davis parish and all that have visited this website;

    we are in crisis and need the assistance of our merciful LORD during this time. let us come together and pray..

    HEAVENLY FATHER, we are coming to you in prayer
    we are asking you to extend your comforting hands to help these families find peace, help them during their
    quest for justice. we are asking you to give courage and confidence to anyone that holds the answers so that they may come forward.
    we pray that you touch the hearts of all that are responsible and that they will seek you for forgiveness.
    thank you LORD for blessing this community with so many wonderful people coming together and expressing their concern in this. they have helped in easing the pain for these families in crisis.
    LORD we are praying that with the arrival of the film crew and the reporter, we will see the wheels of justice begin to turn. please watch over them during their journeys.

    we come to you in the name of your SON, our SAVIOR,


  32. Its going to help. No matter what. Sorry for not being as articulate as I am known for but life often deals us with brutal lessons.I am still trying.

  33. ahlou-woah i think u need to give me a break! no one is being rude here and there is definately no reason to start. I have read every single thing on this entire site from the very begining. i am very aware of all the stories and discussions. i have been posting on here for the past few weeks. i simply was just trying to point out that the story had stated that a bat was used. sorry if i took your question the wrong way. i was simply just trying to help out just like eveyone else on here.

    • Well concerned, so am I. Youy see you saw my second post apparently you did not read that I was the person who brough up Butch then Popeye responded then I responded to Popeye then you responded to me. It’s as simple as that why didn’t you ask Popeye who said the mo was differeent about the bat. Yet you get on me as if I didn’t know.

      You may have read every single thing that does not explain why challenge me. Ok, so lets say we are ALL working, hoping for an END. Yes, screaming ALL and END.

  34. I am not writing this to offend anyone. But it amazes me how all of these horrific things have happened, and yet everyone is still praising God. Like I said please take no offense but really think about it. “If” he or whoever really has any kind of real life influence shit like this would never happen. I for one think that is amazing everyone is reaching out to help, but I still can’t help but ask..where was everyone when these girls needed them the most now everyone has something to say.

    • Dallas, I could almost high five you. I’ve been thinking these people (a few of them) start that prayer thing and I have also wondered where were they when those young ladies were in need of help. Where was the help for the ones who are now dead. I’m not saying family members were not hoping but when one get on the website praying I wonder just like you.


    • People are praising God, because the faithful look to Him, even in crisis. God does not make things happen, nor does he allow things to happen to people. Man was given free will for a reason, and that is so life will be a learning experience. Having said that- there is no doubt in my mind that He cries with his children when times are trying. Something else you may not have considered is that God loves even the murderer(s) (as hard as that is to hear and understand-but its the truth). But I’m not going to make this post a missionary opportunity. The bible is your source for those answers. If you don’t mean to offend, then don’t question anyone’s faith! Its very challenging to keep faith as it is- but blessed are those who can! The government keeps me from questioning your lack of faith….I understand how hard it can be to believe in Him in times of crisis. Lord knows I’ve seen my fair share. But when I finally turned back to him I was delivered from my misery! Just like what will happen with these families or may have already, depending on where they are in their walk with Him. Many people become angry with Him- but its okay! He can handle it! We were created in His image -therefore he gets angry too. I believe that he is extremely saddened by these events- but the good news is that should they turn to Him-then the murderer(s) will be delivered also. Doesn’t seem fair, does it? That’s why He is judge and not us- we r only human.

    • God gave us free will. Adam and Eve messed it up from there. The trials we go through temper us, mold us. We can never know HIS plans for us.

  35. ahlou- i never “challenged” u. i very nicely stated that the story said a ball bat was used. maybe i should of replied to popeye instead of you. my mistake. there is no need for anyone to get all worked up over nothing we are all adults. please dont think i was “getting on you” in any way that was not my intention.

    • Good, concerned, you now realize it was not me you should have posted. Thank you for the half apology.

  36. I didnt not mean to offend any of the family members or friends by what I said. Well let me rephrase that, those of you that are here fighting everyday for them I have the upmost respect for. But that brings me another question. Why isn’t all of the victims family members here trying to help. This situation goes deeper than a terrible tradegy. Because the cold hearted truth is if these girls where still alive. There are people that want to help only because they are dead but when they were alive half of you looked at them like the media played them out to be “Prostitutes, Druggies, and High Risk”

  37. dallas- being a strong christian its really hard to not get offended about what u said but ill try to explain my view on this. definitely not wanting to turn this into a religious discussion or anything but my belief is that we must praise God when things are good and we must praise God when things are bad! if we turn our backs on God when things are not going good then we are playing into exactly what the devil wants! the devil wants for us all to turn or back on God when bad things happen but we must be strong in our faith and show him that we will not. Every one is given free will which means they have the choice to live their lives the way they want. and maybe some of these girls chose to live their life a way they shouldn’t have but Jesus died so that we could be forgiven of our sins and these women were not given the chance to be forgiven. someone took their lives into there own hands. if these women were given the chance to live their full lives they may have eventually made the choice to straighten up their lives and get back on track but now we will never know because someone robbed them of their time on earth!

    again i am sorry if me writing my opinion on my faith offends anyone that is not my intention i just wanted to give my opinion to “dallas” as to why i still praise God through all of this.

    • AMEN, i have the love of GOD in my heart and im not ashamed. ive gone through troubled times in my life and he has always pulled me through, glory be to
      GOD! he will pull us through anything…..when i feel the need to pray i do so. we all have that right. 🙂

  38. yes, thank you to Rebecca. We are so glad you are here to do this story. It is about time national media helps us out. and thanks for your persistence with your editor. sometimes persistence pays off. as for the person who is posting in all caps, please refrain from doing so cause its so hard on the eyes. Not trying to be mean, I just stopped reading after a while and went to the next post because the all caps makes it so hard to read. almost – are you a minister? just wondering cuz you are so good with putting words into prayer. and we certainly needs the prayers right now that these cases get solved.

  39. Concerned you have every right to defend your beliefs and that is fine with me. No offense taken. But can I ask you something. You knew some of the victims..correct? Did you ever try to bring your beliefs into their lives and help them out of the situation before it was too late. All I am saying is it seems to me and I could be wrong that mostly everyone on the “outside” just sat back and watched and now that they are dead everyone wants their voices to be heard. I may be totally wrong. I am just voicing the way I feel. But like you mentioned there is no need to turn this into beliefs/our different view points. There is a bigger issue at hand. So no hard feelings, I respect your beliefs and anyone else’s that do not agree with me. If there is one thing we can agree on its finding justice for the victims and their families. I was just expressing some things that were bothering me. Take Care

    • You are making it out that now everyone wants to be heard. Some family members may have very well had their loved ones in their prayers during the victims hard times. Not everyone can personally reach out to someone that makes a choice to resort to drugs, hangs out in bad areas of town. Just because others are speaking on this blog does not mean- all of a sudden they want to be heard…it means they have found and outlet, a place to voice themselves, usually without judgement , but with empathy and encouragement from others to speak out. You cannot class everyone into this all of a sudden class. I think you need to look in a mirror.

  40. hey concerned – having faith is a good thing. a little faith will go a long way. no problem here with a display of faith in the forum.

  41. Trying to calm this down. There is a joke that says: ” A lady asked God day after day to let her win the lottery. God finally got tired and said to her “You must play the lottery in order to have a chance to win the lottery”.

    Those murdered may have needed someone to play the lottery for them.

  42. To everyone..I was not attacking anyone’s beliefs or their faith. I simply just stated my outlook on it. I did not say I was right and people who still turn to god are wrong. I do not want this turning into something I never meant it to be. Everyone is free to speak their mind here and that is simply what I done.

    • Fair enough- truce? However I have one more issue to defend. You ask why, if we have so much faith, we didn’t prevent these murders? Not in so many words but basically ahlou and dallas- correct me if I’m wrong- u ask where we were when these girls needed guidance? Are u serious? Well that’s just more proof to me that you really don’t understand how faith works. So u figure since we turn to God we are bulletproof and dabble in magic? Just the opposite! We r humble people who admit that directing our OWN lives is a struggle so we have chosen to take it one day at a time, with Him! Let me say this: I have friends who live the same “lifestyle” these girls allegedly did, and ask anyone who watches someone they love fight an addiction- its a very difficult process and you will bang your head against a wall trying to fight with them. You cannot control another person. And that’s just assuming that they were killed because of the lifestyle they lived. All we know for sure is that they were murdered! Lives taken away by someone who didn’t have the right to do so! I’d be willing to bet that every one of these women had someone in their corner- trying to help them. Sometimes it isn’t enough! So- in a way- you too are passing judgment twice! On the victims for living the lifestyle and on people that knew them for “allowing” it to happen. Let’s get back to the purpose- seeking justice for the victims. And if someone chooses to ask God for blessings, so be it.

  43. hey dallas – no problem wih you expressing your beliefs. i think that is why we are all here, to be heard!

  44. hey g8, where are you? might need mediation in here, lol

  45. dallas- no i dont not know any of the victims at all. just simply have been following the story from the beginning. i live in the neighboring town of Egan where that latest victim was found. i can completely understand where u r coming from and i can assure u that if i were in the position where i had a relative or someone i knew that was on the same path that these women were on then i would do my best to reach out in anyway i could. but like i said before everyone has their own free will. so no matter what u may try to make someone do or to make them change they can only help themselves. maybe their friends and family did try to help them maybe they didnt. but ultimately it was their own decision whether they wanted to change or not.

    thinking back to the the first 2 women found i can remember how no one seemed to care because of there” Lifestyles” but after the 3rd 4th or 5th people started actually paying attention. its sad that it took that many and even more to make people worry. just the other day i mentioned to someone i knew that i was afraid to even drive through jennings alone because of what is going on and they simply said “well u have nothing to worry about u are not a druggie or prostitute” that infuriated me to no end because people are still looking down upon these women thinking they are better than them. im sorry but i feel no matter what the situation whether u are from the north or south side, white or black, even male or female there is a killer out there and in my eyes no one is safe!

    thanks so much for letting me voice my opinions without getting offended! i know so many people have so much they want to express. these tragedies have taken a toll on so many not only the victims friends or family but also complete strangers like myself who just want answers and to know that we are safe when we go out or send or family members out.

  46. No where in any of my post did I ask for a sermon. Everyone of you have the right to defend whatever you believe. I said what I believed but I also did not try persuade anyone different. If you are so quick to come and me with the beliefs of your “god” then let me ask you what kept you from reaching out to all of these victims if you believe in him that much. Or were you one of the ones that just turned your head when they were here but the first one to jump on the band wagon once all the attention was focused on those “speaking out after the fact”

  47. the last post was you un

    • I’m praying people stop praying out loud while trying to clear their heart because they didn’t pray or help when breath was still there. So do we pray with you or pray on you!

  48. Concerned I apoligize. You have very great and intersting points. I loved the last post your wrote. As we can both agree its just sooo fustrating. I did not know them personally but grew up very close and it’s just close to home. And of course when there are no answers. Your example of the comment that was made to you about the lady not being a druggy/prostitute does only cause more anger. Because truthfully that is most likely how everyone outside of their families saw them and if it was not for grt8 and other family members never giving up, the world would probaly look at them just the same

    • Okay Dallas, I take that post from you. You did not/ can not offend me with your views and I apologize for any ill feelings you have about mine. I don’t apologize for having mine nor do I expect you to apologize for yours. Having said that: I won’t defend my role in the demise of these women because I did not have one. But what I am doing is reading and sporadically commenting on this site, that is my right and the role I have taken on. I, like you, am powerless unless I were to find some big break. I’m not concerned about anyone’s view on how “late” I am getting here, because you don’t know me, nor do u know how I was affected on the nite we found out about Loretta. I was at phillip’s 66, and had just had a tooth pulled, so I wanted a sprite. I was wearing blue flip flops and the right one was broken. I was in shock and disbelief because I had gone to school with her and had seen her just a couple of weeks prior at that very store. You have no idea how that news affected me, and I won’t bother to explain how…I have read about it from time to time since then. How about this, I do it my way, and u do it yours, but the respect and conversation needs to be focused on the topic at hand. And ahlou- why didn’t you save their lives? Who is on trial here? Nobody! Because we haven’t found him yet….

  49. no need to apologize Dallas. like someone recently posted we all feeling different things and we all have right to voice our opinions.

  50. On any topic the worse thing is religion and politics.

  51. So is crawfish still in season? 🙂

  52. yes i agree ahlou this could get turned into a totally different board if we stay on those two subjects!

  53. An arrest in the Derrider murder…. at least something is getting done somewhere…

  54. haha Dallas! sadly it’s pretty much over! which pretty much sucks cause im 9 months pregnant and could sure devour about 3 to 5 lbs lol!

  55. Nothing worse than no crawfish. I know I am about to go crazy living around all these damn texans. All they know is sweet tea and bbq haha, they call crawfish, “crayfish” and the frozen boudin which some refer to as “booty” which you can buy at Wal-Mart turns green whenever you boil it!!! TIme for me to head back south I10 🙂

    • I’m originally from Dallas and all my family still lives there…..anyway, my sister was here for a visit a couple of years ago and we started talking about crawfish and she wanted to know if they were in season, don’t really know why cause they gross her out……next thing I know, she started talking about boudin and wanted to know if it was in season!!! I just about wet my pants and couldn’t stop laughing for half an hour.

  56. thats great news to hear curious1 hopefully its just a matter of short time before we hear the same thing in jennings!

  57. It is a time to be grateful that others have arrived to take notice and open new doors for the victims and families. Reaching from afar, fighting to get here.

    This is great, and I hope the national news channels does give Jennings Airtime well deserved, even if it takes Kodiak’s leadership 🙂

    The law must be trying to make impressions…it would be nice if they could get out of their vehicles and intermingle with the public thereby trying to bring trust back to their departments. That, too, is the Chief’s and Sheriff’s job. I tend to like the Chief of Police. He has given good updates, and seems to care about the public- given the way he expresses himself.

    You know if it does take others to bring attention from afar to get LE out and about, all the better. At some point, the public does need to form a healthy relationship with LE. The more on the same team, the better!

  58. hey folks, judge me if you want it doesnt matter in the material world, but there is something you do not know, im not new to this site ive read the blogs for quite sometime, im on in the am (sometimes running late for work, then rush home to read again) but just because i dont post too often does not mean that im not right there with you on these topics. yes i knew some of the victims but how was i supposed to see the danger ahead? they were sweet little girls ..and if they would have come to me for help believe me, i would have done what i could. i did not turn my back on anyone. but the praying i did this evening was because i felt compelled to pray for a positive outcome.. i did not make anyone else pray but the invitation was there and anyone that has GOD in their heart knows exactly what im saying.
    i never have and never will apologize for praying. and yes you are entitled to your opinion but then again so am i. i dont live there anymore but i am still saddened by all of this

  59. Un you totally took my words and made it something completely different. I never said you were responsible for anyones murders!!! I said that you were so quick to preach to me about the why what and when of your faith when all I did was make a simple comment. I was pointing out if I am a complete stranger and you have no problem trying to persuade me then did you do the same for them? Your right I do not know, I know. And regardless of what you did or didnt do you still knew these girl on a personal level so yes Im sure it is harder for you more than what I could imagine. That’s all I am saying. It was no secret all of the victims just got caught in sad situation and took the wrong path. No one knew they were going to die like that.and I never said you killed them. And yes everyone does what they want to do regardless of what anyone says to them. But I have dealt with family drug issues all of my life and I know it’s a cry for help. I can believe what I want, I never accused anyone of anything on here. EXCEPT please do not try to put your beliefs on me because like I said. Im not saying its families and friends fault why they died that is outrageous!!!! But how many people were really there trying to reach these girls and try to guide them besides their families and from what I understand from reading these post some of them didn’t even get the love and attention from those closest to them. I was not putting anyone on trial, just stating that is sad. Even if someone would of gotten through to them and helped them change their life around I know that doesn’t mean it would of saved them. And if you read my post from the very beginning I just stated how I felt “not this is what I think and everyone should feel the same way and if you dont I am going to go on and on about how what I believe is right” I’m done ok. We all know where we stand. It was never my intention for this to turn in a debate. But please next time you quote me on something do it word for word. Not just assume that is what I meant. I am sorry for the loss of everyone you knew and I sincerely hope this changes the whole community as whole and everyone work together so yall dont have to experience this ever again.

  60. I agree with you Observer. And many of the citizens are coming together to try to get some positive things started for the youth in the area. I have utmost faith (is that a curse word, lol) that it will pan out and make a positive impact on all of the citizens of the area. This area has not had much as far as positive mentoring organizations outside of the school board and big bros/big sisters. And it does take a village to raise a child. No, we can’t right the wrongs that were committed against my generation-but we can start with that of our children! There are many factors that lead a person down the “wrong” road. Many times I’ve been at that border myself. It is very easy to say that law enforcement isn’t doing their job, and that may or may not be the truth. But I know that I could never fill those shoes, so I really want to give them the benefit of the doubt. This is not the time to start pointing fingers at each other. This is the time we should band together, no matter how “long” it took each person to get here- we are all here, and with luck, the following will only grow! I would love more than anything for Jeff Davis Parish to gain attention directed to this problem. It is AMERICA’s problem, not just JDP’s. Now whether or not that is the fault of the officials here is a null point- we can be heard anyway, and that is with continued efforts to gain that attention. I know the matter was looked into after the fourth (possibly third) victim was discovered. I was assured that national outlets had access to that info via the associated press and that they had just chosen not to pick it up. That’s an issue within itself, but we are at a breaking point, its all about to come to a head! And that is due in part to this site and in part to efforts made a few years ago outside of the world wide web. I cannot say why it is taking so long, I am just thankful that slowly but surely, we- as a community- are getting there.

  61. That is priceless g8tr. I will have to share that with a few friends they will love that one.

  62. i know what you are saying dallas and everything is cool, let me say this i was once a supervisor in an office where our main source of interoffice conversation was by chatting on our computers. when you read someone elses words it can be taken wrong if you cannot hear their tones somethings that are innocently expressed sometimes sound like they are saying it in another way and believe me the arguments would start and i had to mediate so i know how things
    can be taken wrong so if i said anything to upset you i do apologize.

  63. Same here almostsure. Thank you. I could of approached it in a different way. No worries, Ultimately we all have the same goal in catching the killer. I have spent hours and hours reading everything on this forum and I think it is amazing all the time and love that is put into it.

  64. as a side note….i was involved in a conversation recently that made mention of a couple murders back in the late 80’s early 90’s north of lafayette/carencro area. This would be the same area FR was working around a couple of strip clubs at that time.
    Also what about that murder in lafayette with similar MO to the JDP murders?
    Does anyone know about a picture that was on the front page of JDN when leonard crochet was killed by police? I didn’t see it but was told to me that picture had several of these girls in it. Maybe a trip to the library needs to be made to find that picture? This also might be of interest to Paul

    • Can you provide a date for crochet? Month and year…….there are gillions of articles to wade through so it would make it easier to track down.

    • hi again i could not sleep i guess all the excitement of the film crew going to jdp tomorrow would not allow me to. hey “keep” i remember when that ran and yes there were some in the pic.. also does anyone remember the incident where the guy known as “birddog” was murdered . i heard about it but never heard any details were there any? also was it true that his house was set on fire right after? then there was the murder of raymond dupuis in the opelousas area what was the time frame on that one ? sorry for so many questions. just curious

      • i too wonder about birddog being killed. so says he was going to turn states evidence on someone???

      • Raymond Dupuis’ murder isn’t related. He was murdered for money if I read correctly. I worked with Raymond offshore. He was a nice guy that got tied up in drugs.

        • popeye- sorry for bringing that up its just that i remember he was murdered several years earlier and let me correct myself it was the carencro area not opelousas area, the only reason he came to mind was because someone mentioned the murders in that area during the time that FR was working in that area and raymond was from jennings, yes he was a very nice guy. do you remember how long ago that was? i cant remember exactly.

    • I remember that picture but i beleive it was either a night or super early morning shot so it was hard to see faces clearly….

  65. Shelia Comeaux’s death was related, no matter what J. Lassiter said. In the first place, he’s not in a position to talk about questionable lifestyle – period. Also, he used the difference in “the manner of death” to determine that there was no relationship with the most recent eight or nine deaths. He must have forgotten that the manner of death has not been officially determined (or not revealed) in some of the most recent nine deaths; therefore, how can he possibly use “manner of death” as a barometer? Shelia Comeaux did attempt to speak about her attackers on several occasions. In each case, as soon as officials were notified that she wanted to talk, Jennings PD Officer Van Comeaux or one other officer showed up and glared at her — She immediately clammed up. I don’t know much about Officer Comeaux — just PLENTY of rumors and scared so-called witnesses. The news article said that she died “following” a related surgery. My understandinig is that she died following a lunch after she was instructed to have a very minor skin graft surgery. Not saying that she was poisoned or given a special injection at the Lafayette hospital but — well, I’m not denying the possibility either. We simply don’t know and this is what spawns rumors – true ones and false ones. Information is suspiciously hard to come by. I do understand that a “special” coroner was requested by the sheriff for a speedy autopsy after Ms. Comeaux passed on. There are numerous questionable facts surrounding the Shelia Comeaux case and there are many more that have not been released. Her case stinks to high heaven and I’d bet good money that the cause was identical to other unsolved cases in JDP. If these girls and women can immediately be accused by law enforcement of prostitution, why were they not arrested by the same law enforcement making the accusations? They claim to be aware enough to make the statement publically but weren’t aware enough to make arrests for prostitution? Well, let’s look at who’s been brokering these prostitutes – the so-called pimps. Have they been questioned and given polygraphs? Have they been arrested or are they still in business? Been to any truck stops in the area? Hotel parties? We continue to have a drug epedemic in JDP that no one can seem to solve as we all wonder who are the big players in this game. Isn’t it amazing that these drugged out street corner dealers can out-think the finest law enforcement that the LA State Police, JDP Sheriff’s Office, the Jennings PD and the Welsh PD all have to offer? Never can seem to find the big transporters and warehousing dealers — Only an accasional street punk with a pocket full of crack or a few pills on him, by which the gullible publis is pacified with an occasional arrest in the news. Guess they’re a lot smarter than they look, these two-bit drug dealers because they keep winning while the people keep getting wacked over drugs and “other causes.” It isn’t only women and it isn’t only the past eight or nine. Let’s not forget about the countless men and boys killed in past unsolved cases going back many years. How about those not here in this area? Were there others elsewhere related to the acquisition of drugs headed to JDP? They are virtually all related, at least they are from the same cause — Perhaps protecting the identity of real drug dealers and perhaps the identity (and reputation) of those who have been “with” some of the dead women. This is not new to JDP. It has gone on for generations, people. I understand that a group asked for ideas from residents about what we can do to help our community. Has anyone advised electing ALL new officials? I mean ALL. From the dog catcher to the state officials, we really need to clean house – and I’m not talking about replacing them with their brother-in-laws and cousins. It isn’t rocket science when one looks around with eyes opened. We need a totally clean slate from an entirely new gene pool for public officials!!!

    • let’s not stop at the state level. we could really use new congress and senate! I mean with the outcry from the public about these murders we haven’t heard one peep out of our state or federal representives.

    • Hello everyone, special hi to you, silencedogood, by chance, that you are remembering me from mouthing off and our mutual friend. For everyone else who is curious, my interest in this is simply this, I have been aware, like many, of what goes on with these so called public figures for many years. In fact, I have also been a victim of incompetence and treated very bad because of the high risk lifestyle that I once was living. My heart goes out to the families of these victims and after 11 years of this same treatment, I can relate. But dont give up hope, stay strong, because the more of us staying strong, the weaker the bad apples become. Also, I have known Kirk Menard for 11 years as well as silencedogood who has nothing but human compassion for victims and deserve to be named heros for giving victims a outlet that allows victims and their families to have hope to be reminded that people of all backgrounds are important and deserve justice.

  66. You GOTTA LOVE HIM (Silence)! You need to talk to Kodiak.

  67. Okay, not sure where, but someone said they seen Frankie in Tina’s bar, he left immediately after hearing she was a family member of a victim. That is a weak point for him. Don’t you think?

  68. I dont know any of these people… But from what I have read on here… FR may not be a rocket scientist but he is extremely street smart…. I have a feeling if he left Tina’s in a hurry it wasnt because he found out she related to a victim… I am sure that he already knew that. I mean that wast the first time he frequented that bar. He was running out to save his a$$ or to rush out to continue his normal activity. Ok Curious is showing how opinionated she is…

    • There are still women/girls coming & going at Andrew St. house.This am one was seen leaving there,awhite girl I am told. Guess he got a shipment of goods recently.

    • Frankie left because he has a guilty conscience. I worked at that bar for a while and he never came back in while I was there. Knowing my mother as long as he did, looking @ me should have been enough….. Guess he just needed to confirm it.

  69. LOL, yeah, food stamps and disability checks as well as medicare checks come in on the first. Wonder just how much trading is going on, hmmmm

    • Yes I agree,it will be very busy.A waste of time to call police they may drive by and observe then never come back.A deal was just made between a white girl and a purple suburban. But then again all LE knows that vehicle and are not doing a damn thing about it. It is so frustrating the goings on there and nothing is done to stop it!!! I only hope & pray that another woman is not murdered. Something needs to be done about this house!!!!!!

  70. whats so sad to me is that near the corner of andrew and w. division there is a daycare seems like LE would be taking interest in protecting these kids not to mention the ones that actually live on that street..

    • almostsure–Thanks for your comment and support the people of Andrew need someone on their side. It is a nice peaceful street north of Wood St. but the area south of Wood is drugville..

  71. Just how far is andrew street from the headstart?

  72. is headstart still in the same location? i thought it moved when all schools changed around sorry for leaving out headstart and yes all the more reason..

  73. Well, the old headstart. It is a school, but under different ownership, just not jeff davis school board. was wondering if the same thing applies, with no fire arms / drugs within the area of the school.

  74. Wow ea, your seeing a lot of comings and goings. You must. live right there.

    • or someone took my idea and put up a webcam and ea is watching the stream and not letting us in on that link…

  75. Hi i just found this site and now i cant get off it lol it is addicting, I have a question that maybe someone on here can help me out with . I have read in theJDN awhile back that there was a time line and in the time line they had two males one was shot and one was stabbed in there homes that was connected with these woman so why dont they count them when they talk about these victims. Is it because they cant use there term ” high risk life styles” that they keep pertraying these woman as? And to the families that were not able to view the bodies I know how ya feel because when my family member was found dead we were unable to see him either so it not just the LE that is croupt it goes all the way from the corner to the funeral home directors!

  76. there was a murder several yrs ago near West End school….person was a male…nickname/BIRDDOG… can anyone give me a date…he was stabbed and several days later the house burned….just wanted his real name

    • Does anyone know who was sherrif and police chief at the time of Shelia Comeaux death? I’m thinking Edwards and Lucky Delouche, right?

      • She was beaten Feb 14, 1998. Edwards was sheriff….since 92 I believe.

      • I dont know who the chief was but it wasnt lucky,but you are correct, edwards was the sheriff. Ironically lucky worked for calcasieau sex crimes victums unit in 1998.

      • I have been googling (just because I’m mad because I can’t remember!) to see who police chief was and I can’t find it. I do remember that Ricky Edwards was sheriff. Useless info is that Greg Marcantel (owner of Sentry Lumber) was still mayor then. Or had he resigned yet? I remember it being a big thing when he resigned to focus on his lumber and accounting business and people were gossiping about all of the scandals in the police dept. I guess it was too much stress for Mr. Greg, besides Sentry is a pretty good business for him. Sentry is still by Superfoods, or did it move? Oh wait, no, stines moved.

        • unbiased- im not real sure about who the chief was at the time but shelton breaux comes to mind.

    • When LE raided the house on Gallup St. Birddog was in the house along with some of the girls. Birddog left town after that for a few weeks. he was back in town just a little while when he was stabbed in his house. The house was set on fire a few weeks (timeline estimated) and neither crime has been solved. I lived on Jefferson St for several years and knew all of the girls to say Hi to. All except Whitnei were in the 4-5 block area of Jefferson to McKinley often. Everyone knew them. I knew Loretta and Necole for several years. They lived a life that I wouldn’t want to live, but they didn’t deserve what happened to them. I also know Frankie and Tabby and Hannah – not well, but in passing. I can’t imagine how the whole thing is NOT related. Birddog, Sheila, the 8 girls, FR, all of it.

  77. So how has the interviewing by Kodiak, and Rebecca?
    How are your visits going? Hope all goes well and your trips are all you would have them to be.

    I will be thinking of all that productive time by media.

  78. I am horrified by the murders and brutality that has occurred in Jennings. Small, small town not to be more in national focus considering that factor. You see this in big cities but not in small towns. It can only mean cover up. Big cities are anonymous and have numerous murders all unrelated this is not the case in Jennings.

  79. Hi all
    Well, we’ve finally arrived in Jennings after 18 hours and three flights!
    Just checked in to our hotel after filming our first footage at the Jennings Bulldogs’ win in the local ball game tonight. Time for junk food, then bed. Busy day tomorrow.
    Will do my best to keep you updated with our progress on here each night.
    Hopefully speak to some of you out there very soon
    Until next time

  80. PS – if you would like to meet with us and be part of the documentary – or if you have any suggestions – please email me directly at Leave me your contact details and I’ll email/call you back.
    Thanks in advance

  81. Hey Paul. So glad you and your crew arrived safely. Welcome to Louisiana and Jeff Davis Parish. Hot isn’t it? lol Hope your stay is a good one. While you’re here check out our wonderful cuisine we’re famous for here in southwest Louisiana. And sorry about those pesky mosquitos. Thanks again for all the great work you will be doing here!

    • I spoke to Paul this evening and met him in person at the place he is staying. They’ve arrived safely and are sound and secure in their hotel.

  82. Hi everyone! I am new here and also a new resident to this state. I am also horrified by these murders and commend those who are keeping their memories alive. I must be frank about this geographical area. I feel like I am living in the murder capital of the world. When I first moved to this great state, the Baton Rouge serial killer had not been apprehended. I became intrigued with the case, but felt safe and secure due to the distance between Baton Rouge and Acadia Parish. That security passed very quickly when I found out that Branch, LA may have a serial killer also. It became all too real that this nice little village was not Mayberry. Just like the Jennings murders, these murders didn’t make the headlines either. Everyone was being very secretive, withholding information maybe out of fear, maybe because they just didn’t want to get involved. I found out very quickly that outsiders should not ask too many questions. Being the sleuth that I am, that is very hard to do. I resigned myself to the fact that maybe I should just buy a good watch dog (against my landlords wishes) because one of the murders happened no more than 75 yards from my house. All of the victims were either strangled or stabbed to death and then burned. If anyone knows anything about these murders in Branch, please share. I hope that Kodiak will be welcomed with open arms by the Jennings community and Jennings law enforcement.

  83. Omg! I didn’t know that Branch had the same problem. I admit I don’t often get to watch the news, I often get my news by word of mouth. But still, it seems like I’d have heard by now…are the victims profiled? Random? Connected? How long has this been going on?

    • The small amount of information I have gathered leads to a man by the name of Jason Fruge as being the suspect in these cases. He had direct ties to all victims, but the police do not have enough evidence to charge him with the murders. I believe the first murder happened in 2003 or 2004. He and his dog were stabbed then burned. The second victim was Jason Fruge’s grandfather. He was murdered (specifics not known) and then burned in his home. The third and fourth victims were women. They were strangled and burned in their trailer. The police have not released any information to the public such as a profile or whether or not they are random or connected. All of the murders happened within a 3 mile radius. I have come to the conclusion that the community doesn’t have enough interest in solving these unsolved murders. If their isn’t a loud outcry for answers and justice, law enforcement will not put forth much effort. Sound familiar?

  84. The silencedogood that is on this site is not the same silencedogood that was on mouthing off. I know silencedogood personally and he wanted me to explain that the silencedogood that is posting on this site is not the same one that was posting on mouthing off years ago.

  85. Rebecca and her photographer rode with me this evening through town, the high risk areas, observed a few of the sites where bodies were dumped and spoke to a few people on the streets around 10pm til midnight. I’ll let them explain the rest if they feel the need to. I believe they had fun and was a little shocked that people (male and female alike) are still on the streets late at night with our “state of emergency.”

  86. I thinl the Jennings Police Chief back then could have been Steve Taylor.

  87. g8trgirl or Kirk Menard– The media reported Necole Guillory’s body as being found between the 72nd and 73 mile marker. Is that correct? I have only driven that way recently at night and I don’t recall any overpass until I was well within the 73rd mile going east which would mean the body was found between the 73rd and 74th mile marker which would be within the 73rd mile not the 72nd mile.

    • this is what I’ve been saying. I passed there that afternoon when I10 was backed up because they had just found her.

  88. curvy- maybe it was but i thought he(steve) was interim chief once lucky left 🙂

  89. Has anyone ever thought of getting former US Senator John Breaux involved? He was the most powerful US Senator in history and he still have his contacts I’m sure. Why don’t enough of you write to him and see if there is something he can do for you and the families.

  90. I just wanted to let everyone know that my sister and I got the opportunity to meet with Paul today. We began filming and KPLC even showed up to get some footage of the documentary in progress. They did a wonderful job in making us feel comfortable. I strongly encourage all of the family members to meet with Paul and share in on a chance to tell the story of their loved ones’ lives rather than just the story of their death.

  91. Brittany, I am so proud of you for working so hard to bring Whitnei’s killer(s) to justice. I commend you for the courage it takes and understand the anger that has likely fueled it all.
    I am so happy and thankful that things really seem to be getting somewhere. I really feel a change in the air, and have a feeling that the recent events are only a taste of what is to come. Justice will be served Brittany, just in its own time. I know how easy it is for me to say that, but everything is in order, we just don’t have these answers yet. You have truly grown up to be a beautiful, strong, and intelligent woman, and I know that Whitnei is proud of you.

  92. Is there any truth to another 16 missing as of today, 9-5-09? I know that the rumors are flying and I just wanted to verify that information.

  93. The crew is set up right now at Daigles Phillips ^^, for anyone who may want to go by and introduce themselves or just go out there and SPEAK YOUR MINDS!

  94. I know alot of people look to music they can relate to for different things in their life. I heard this song today by Ozzy Osbourne. For those of you that don’t know it, and to the family and friends it might be something you would enjoy.

  95. Hey Justme, While we are all aware that sometimes rumors are baseless I am still curious what you are hearing. Do the rumors say who the girl is, the area she lives in, when she went missing, if she is related to the Andrew St. house, or how long ago she went missing?

    Any info is appreciated. I do understand it is just rumor for now. Thanks.

  96. All I heard was the girl was 16, had dyed red hair and was wearing a black shirt. This info came from a local store…like I said…I hope and pray that it is just a rumor.

  97. I don’t know for sure if it’s true but I do know nothing has come in over the PD scanner

  98. I heard that last night around midnight, the entire task force including Ricky Edwards and Michael Cassidy were at the Hampton Inn. Coincidentally, this is the same hotel that both the magazine reporters and Mr. Paul Nixon are staying. When asked what they were doing there, they stated that they were conducting some sort of an “excercise” with the force’s drug dog. Most people that have heard this story seem to think that posssibly this was “staged” to show our unlocal visitors that they are really capable of actually doing some work.

    hmmmmm……that sure is some odd hours to be conducting “excercises”, and also, what an odd place…

    Must’ve fell short of something to do after they all attended the football game.

    • Or it was an intimidation tactic.

    • what would be the reasonable explanation for this happening out of the blue? It makes no since for them to do this….no sense at all? with the whole task force, even Cassidy! Hmmmm….strange.

  99. Not to get off subjuct but did any of you know Arthur Istre “Pete” and Robert Istre from Jennings? A few months ago Robert was driving a truck both and been drinking, they wrecked an Pete was killed instantly. They were friends of mine for a long time. I have not heard anything recently. If someone does know then can you tell me what the outcome of Robert going to Jail for vehicle manslaughter or if it ever happened? Thanks

    • Robert is my husband’s uncle. No my hubby bonded him out and he has completed almost all of his court orders

    • robert got out with a slap on his hand for killing his brother. i know he back to drinking, and he works at levac ship yard. he had to take a driving class and communtiy service that is it

      • It wasn’t just a slap on the wrist. The fact that he has live knowing that he is the reason that his brother is dead because of him is pretty bad enough. Yes he is drinking again and I don’t agree with that but there will be consequences for that as well.

        • Wow I did not know about Robert’s Dad. That is terrible. How is his mom? Is there anyway I can get an email address from you? One more thing, “Very Sad” i am not going to sit here and go back and forth with you but if you knew anything of Robert and Pete’s relationship you would know how close they were and riding around drinking is something they ALWAYS have done. For you to say he got away with a slap on wrist??? Go ahead and add that even though HE didnt make pete get into the car, and I as well as so many others do not blame him, he will suffer in his own way more than what you know. He lost his best friend. It is such a sad situation, even sadder for you to say such a thing about him. He didn’t deserve prison, Pete would of never wanted that and I know had the shoes been switched it would of been the same way for Robert. Even if he does still drink, so be it. They both always have ever since I can remember. Like I mentioned before it may have been Robert’s fault for the accident, but if I know them they were riding around drinking, talking shit to each other like brothers do, and trying to find a little bit of good trouble to get in to 🙂 The man has so much he has to deal with now, he doesn’t need people who have no idea what’s its like going through what he has to everyday, casting stones at him and deciding what is fair or unfair and even though it has been a few years since i spoke or seen anyone of them, I will not let anyone drag him down worse than what I am sure is doing to himself

  100. Gathering at the reporters hotel for an “exercise” at midnight? Hm, sounds more like intimidation to me…

    • Your right sounds suspicious to me. So since this reporter and film producer are staying at the same hotel that the police are performing an exercise with the drug dog what are they trying to do? Maybe they are hoping to pin something on these people and arrest them to get them out of town, to shut them up!
      I have to say, that I applaud Kirk Menard and the victim’s family for having the courage to use their names to let those people involved with the murders know they are not scared.

  101. I just got back from jennings and on hwy 90 by the jennings golf course there is about 4 or 5 cop cars and about 20 LE officers. One was searching with a dog. I saw someone with latex gloves on he was spreading something around him i heard there was a missing girl. Could this be another victim?

    • Hmm. Anyone hear anything?

      May be completely unrelated. That would be ironic if something happens while this film crew is here, hope this is just a false alarm.

  102. When did the last three “excercises” with the force’s drug dog take place? Is this a regular occurance? Also what were the locations? Are these regularly scheduled training excercises? Have they ever conducted one on Andrew St.?

    This seems to be the LE equivalent of a flasher. Were any of the attendees wearing nothing but a raincoat?

  103. i just got off the phone and my sister doesnt know anything about another person being missing my whole family lives in jemmings and i worry to death bout them i sure hope this rumor is not true..enough is sad to me

  104. >>>>>>>>>>>There is not a female missing<<<<<<<

  105. something i havent heard about lately is the location of hanna..was she not picked up and questioned about the murders?i really believe that if the presure is kept on frankie and his family someone will give it up…not much goes on on that side of town that they dont know about..

  106. thank you turnhere

  107. Wonder what the hwy. 90 deal was about…

  108. Shelias daughter thank you for the response! I haven’t talked to either one of thim for a long time. If you don’t mind would you tell him I was so sorry to hear about what happened. Just tell him “Sissy” I grew up in Hayes with Rhondas family. He will know. I appreciate it very much and that I am sorry I couldn’t make it.

  109. Brittany – I think what you’re doing for your sister is wonderful and hopefully you can convince family members of other victims to come forward and share their memories. It seems like we know nothing about these girls except what law enforcement has said on TV and in newspapers. And as far as those late nite exercises at a certain local motel, are they to impress the film crew and reporter in town? Just wondering what others think!

  110. And don’t ya’ll think it would be highly unlikely that another girl would go missing so soon after Necole? I mean law enforcement have beefed up patrolling and are watching right now. Like someone said in an earlier post, it won’t most likely happen again until around the holidays, when all the buzz has died down once again…just like last year. I just can’t see why they can’t catch whoevers doing this!

  111. The way that I see it, they cant even do their job during the day, nevermind at midnight. I think LE aand the whole damn posse are trying to cover their ass and intimidate. Been in that positon with all of them myself, this is what they live for.

  112. there was a young girl missing last night from lafayette as stated on the 10 o clock report. maybe someone just missunderstood and thought it was a jennings girl.

  113. I havent had the time to read all the blogs, but what I would like to ask has anything been mentioned about what happened to jessie ewing or nina ravey? It seems in this town if you have a job that has some way been involved with the police or pissed off the wrong people “they” try to railroad you right out of town.
    If I remember right nina and jessie were both booted right out of their jobs that were both involved with the jennings police and they both had charges pressed against them. Makes you wander, what did they know, did any of these victims confide in jessie or nina? Does anyone have any insight?

    • Jessie and Nina still live in Jennings. Neither were “railroaded” out of town. Victims did not confide with Jessie nor Nina. Both were fired due to criminal investigations by State Police, which had nothing to do with each other nor with the homicide investigations.

      • Although I could not archive the full story, I did find a small section that came directly from the Jennings daily news.

        Ewing, Ravey respond to arrests
        JDP sergeant hires PI to clear name
        Scott Lewis, Assistant Editor

        Jennings Private Investigator Kirk Menard spoke on behalf of his friend, client and roommate, Sgt. Jesse Ewing, on Wednesday, stating his belief that the disgraced Jennings police officer “will be completely vindicated.”
        Ewing was arrested by Louisiana State Police Wednesday after a weeklong investigation into allegations that Ewing interviewed two Jennings City Jail inmates regarding the ongoing investigation of four unsolved parishwide deaths; he then turned over the tapes of those interviews to Menard, whom officials have labeled a “private citizen.” The investigation also centered on allegations that Ewing had sexual contact with one of those inmates.

        Ewing, Ravey respond to arrests
        Local nurse practitioner declares innocence in light of obstruction charges
        Rebecca Chaisson, Editor

        Although Louisiana State Police (LSP) arrested local nurse practitioner Nina Ravey Wednesday for allegedly falsifying medical documents in a lawsuit against the Jeff Davis Sheriff’s Office (JDSO), Ravey maintains her innocence.
        In fact, Ravey believes her arrest is a direct attempt by the sheriff’s office to retaliate against her for reporting an alleged rape involving a JDSO jailer.

      • Unfortunately, Nina and Jesse payed a heavy price (in more ways than one) in defending themselves. The charges against Nina were eventually dropped by the DA (just recently actually) and two of three charges against Jesse were discounted. Until I hear differently, in more specific detail, I believe these two people were doing the “right thing” and were punished severely for it. It doesn’t go unnoticed that they were up against the “powers that be” there in JDP.

        You are right….Nina’s case was not directly related to the homicides. Jesse’s case was related….not “directly” but nonetheless it WAS related. He was given the name of someone in LE being involved, or having intimate knowledge of those murders. I’m sure you know whos name it was. What was he supposed to do??? What would you have done……just discredit the source which seems to be a common thread throughout the investigations??

        And I’ll ask you this……did Nina have a history of falsifying documents on rape kit tests she performed?? Why all of the sudden would she have done that?? On a woman from out of state that more than likely had ZERO knowledge of the sexual shenanigans that have taken place in the jail setting there in Jennings?? A place that has a history of inappropriate sexual conduct by several officers of the law…..should we start going down the list?? You’re aware of them I’m sure.

        • I have known Nina for a long time and she might have been a lot of things, but she worked very hard to get her NP license and have her own practice and she cares for people. I have NEVER known NINA to falsify documents for anyone, not even the LE. Who’s to say some of these girls didnt point the finger and tell Nina who the killer or killers were, after all she was the jail nurse and she had ex-changed words with several doctors, lawyers and LE in the past. And everyone knows in this town if you piss off the wrong person they will piss on you. Nina was a very verbal and blunt person and she spoke her mind to anyone. And for this she paid the untimate price. In JPD the “good old boy” saying is very true. they cover and scratch each others backs. And friends of Nina had to have known this and they were to scarred to speak up for her.
          And as for Jesse i can imagine that he did know to much. I have met jesse on several occassions and he was a very nice man. He use to coach my sons baseball team. I am glad i dont live in JDP because if i did I cause a stink starting with elected officals. Its almost “not just who you know, but how good you BLOW” If you get my drift!!!!!!!!!!!

  114. Informative- that is a very good point. I have heard that Jesse Ewing was fired because a couple of female inmates gave statements to him about information that could only have been known by someone at the crime scenes and that their statements implicated a high ranking official. It is my understanding that Mr Ewing is now employed by the Gueydan PD. But I haven’t heard much else. I think he ran for Mayor this last election. As far as Ms Ravey is concerned all I remember reading is that they fired her when she was medical director at the parish jail. If I remember right they said she falsified medical records. Something about some dates of events reported to her by some inmates there. Ms. Ravey was very high up in her profession as a nurse and I find it very hard to believe that she would risk losing her credentials by falsifying medical documents- in nursing that is a very serious offense. From what I’ve heard of Ms Ravey she was a very “by the book” nurse. As a result, she lost her position with the Sheriff’s Office, her practice in Jennings, as well as her nursing credentials. But I guess I wasn’t paying much attention at the time. Was it that the medical records didn’t match the police records? I don’t know- I hadn’t thought about that. Hmmm…

  115. Turnhere- thanks for your insight. I wasn’t sure about those things. I vaguely remember them happening kind of close to eachother, but honestly didn’t give either of them much thought. I rarely read the paper back then due to my work schedule, and its so easy to get caught up in all the gossip. I’m very releived at the thought that they weren’t related. All this talk of corruption and cover up is very depressing and honestly I don’t want to think of a murderer running free and taking advantage of rumors of corruption. Its almost like framing the very people who have the pressure and burden of trying to solve these cases.

  116. turnhere- it is evident that you somehow are affilliated with law enforcement, and thats okay. we welcome you here. your input does not have to be detrimental to your status. let me say this- i know that with all the rumors circulating it does bring alot of pressure to LE.
    i think i can speak for others here and say that we do not WANT to point the finger at LE. that only generates a sense of no longer feeling safe. but please understand that people WANT to know the who’s and why’s of all that are involved. and when we are not given much information, it is human nature to form our own conclusions. however i do understand that sometimes when things are disclosed, it can do nothing but jeopardize the investigation. but come on now, hasnt this thing taken longer than it should have?
    i feel that there have been other murder cases that were solved within a very short time. could it be due to lack of manpower that the trails have not been followed. does following these trails take you to another parish or another state?. if thats the case then thats when outside entities get involved. i dont know much about LE or all the proper protocols taken, but i do know this…. people are very scared and the families and friends of the victims deserve closure.
    and that is why we are on this website trying to gather as much information that IS known.

  117. almostsure – I can distinguish who are truely concerned and those who post just to start trouble. The ones who post just to start rumors does nothing but hurt LE, victims, and victims families. When someone reads a rumor they then go and spread that rumor verbally. This slows the investigation due to detectives following leads that were generated from a rumor. If someone thinks LE does not care about the victims, victim’s families, or catching the person doing this, they are wrong. The detectives have worked very long hours, away from their own families. If anyone thinks the deaths of these women does not effect LE emotionally, they are wrong.

    • My 5 year-old daughter was raped 11 years ago, and due to my high risk lifestyle I was living at the time and because I was on the wrong side of the tracks and have gotten the run around ever since, so if what you say is, true then maybe you could answer a few questions for me, because me and my daughter were victimsand I have been repeatedly humiliated by them throughout the years. Need examples? Just ask because I would enjoy talking about them with someone who is defending them.

    • I sincerely hope that you don’t feel this blog was started with the intent of spreading, or perpetuating rumors… wasn’t…..I assure you of that!!! From what I’ve come to learn, the rumors existed long before this blog did. I have yet to vote my opinion in that little measly poll that is on the site. I, and I don’t think anyone else that reads or posts here, particularly WANTS it to turn out that someone in LE (past or present) is involved in these murders. I have not ruled out the possibility that it is just some lone psycho who is responsible….someone that no one ever suspected. I don’t think there is one person reading or posting here that is dead set on hindering the investigation and hope the detectives are not using the blog as an investigative tool. And for the record…..I have a great deal of respect for law enforcement everywhere…..not just JDP. I think it is a dangerous, thankless and highly underpaid profession.

      That said though……THERE ARE bad apples in the bunch….same as any profession. People in law enforcement are not GOD even though some of them think they are and they do abuse the authority they have been entrusted with….it is not unheard of. From the bottom of my heart, I hope that is not the case in JDP. If it ever were to come to light that a trusted authority in some way were connected to these crimes……it would be something I think would take many, many years (if not decades) to overcome.

      I also believe what you say about the countless number of hours that have been logged investigating these cases. I DO BELIEVE there are people in LE that are pouring their hearts and souls in to this. I’m sure it has become a strain to their families and their every day lives as well. I can only imagine how difficult it has been for them. All of us here need to keep that in mind and keep the people working on these investigations (and their families) in our thoughts and prayers as well. I guess it’s something we forget about in our quest for justice….it’s not just the victims and their families…’s the investigators and their families as well.

      • Thank u G8… You read my thoughts but said it much nicer than I would have….

      • g8trgirl- you are correct with that statement. When LE takes their oath “to protect and serve”, i can only hope and pray that LE takes this to heart. I, for one depend and believe in LE and I can only hope that when we teach our children and grandchildren about LE, that we all feel protected and secure because LE puts their lives on the line everyday for all those they serve and protect and the truth be known they (LE) DO NOT get paid enough to put their lives at risk for us!!! Please all, remember this when we vote. If I were married to a police officer, our family could not “survive” on what a police officer takes home to pay the bills.
        I know many, many police officers,and LE is their passion and they are very proud to say they are LE and if it were me (and its not), i’d find another profession that paid more money!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To hell with bullet proof vests, but LE is not my passion. Only a special kind of person can do this dangerous job!!!!!!!!!!!!

  118. turnhere- i can understand that, as well as appreciate that but with all the long hours, all the tax dollars spent, and not to mention the frustration they must deal with only to run into a dead end. dont you agree this would be a situation where the FBI should take over? i feel this would be very beneficial to all involved.

    • Why hasn’t the FBI taken over or at least more involved? Or have they been involved outside of the task force.
      I can understand that all the “rumors and gossip” on this website can be harmfull to most, but what if one little piece of rumor, that might be posted here can help catch this killer.
      alot of the things I have read on this press have been in the streets and by word of mouth for a long time.

    • I definintely agree that the F.B.I. should take over. We need people from the outside because we are not getting anywhere with what we have now.

  119. Turnhere- I honestly understand what you are saying. It goes without saying that our parish has had its fair share of scandal. That, I think is what makes it so inviting to imagine corruption and all the nasty little details that come along with it. Like yourself- I, too can distinguish those who find it exciting that we have lots of drama and would love to see LE go down, I can also tell who is sincerely just confused and perplexed and deeply disturbed by all that is going on. And I hope that you ARE in fact part of LE so that I can proclaim to you-as an average josie- an everyday citizen of jeff davis parish, a working class parent with no prior run-in’s with the law- that for every person who is vehemtly accusing LE of corruption just for spite, there are at least two other citizens who want so desperately to believe in our elected officials, and to believe in the good of the community and continue to have faith that justice will PREVAIL!!! I am not in LE and I know its NOT an easy job. Its thankless, lots of hard hours, and enforcing the law has got to be burdensome, especially given the high crime rate and lack of respect for authority that common criminals have. And they are NOT paid enough! Having said that, I feel that the biggest problem comes in that these families feel they are being failed in some way! Imagine losing someone you love- period. Now imagine losing them to an injustice such as murder. Now imagine having no answers. There is no doubt that LE is comprised of humans- who are likely doing all that they can. But what else can you expect of people whose hearts have been ripped out by someone they cannot identify, and feeling “out of the loop”. I know if someone killed my child or sister, I, for one, would be obsessed and would not be able to rest until I got those answers. And honestly, if faced with that decision, I don’t know that I could overcome the desire to take the law in my own hands! So I think I speak for many when I say: why not ask for help? Not from the citizens, but in the chain of command? It goes without saying that SOMEONE knows who is doing this- besides the killer! Allowing the national media to cover this would provide security to those who are afraid to come forward! There is no shame in admitting that we are in this over our heads….and it is understandable that some things should be kept classified for protecting the case, however what we-the people- are seeing in local media is that there are no leads. I feel its time that the community and LE meet in the middle. It is all of our problem. But something I feel strongly about is that JDP is not a secluded island. We are a part of America- one of the greatest nations on earth. Why not let America in on its problem? Maybe I’m misinformed, maybe the national media is aware and just doesn’t care about this. I admit that I don’t have all of the answers, again, there is no shame in that. We are a community torn by fear and mistrust and grief, the divide is getting bigger….

  120. FBI does not take over investigations, they get involved. The investigating agency utilizes the FBI’s resources. The FBI has been involved since the task force was formed. There is a FBI investigator assigned to the task force. The FBI has great resources such as specialized investigators, criminal profilers, and forensic crime scene unit. Which the task force has full access and has utilized it since the begining.

  121. That post was for you, and I am very curious how you will respond to my post.

    • christi32 – I will try the best that I can.

      • christi32 – I am not defending anyone…I am telling you what I know.

      • I am going to tell you what I know, I know that I was arrested for prostituton a few years ago, when I went to jennings to visit someone, I was no longer in the high risk lifestyle but because of previous encounters with LE, it was not a surprise. Then,I was put in a small little cell where I admittedly was talking shit to them, I was maced, fair yes. now here comes the part that I need a little help understanding, after I was maced, the officers took it upon themselves to laugh and talk about me and were making sure that I heard them. Making up stuff like how much i charged and alot more shit. I stayed there until the next morning when theacting chief of police arrived. Let me add that they did not feedme or let me use the restroom for13hrs. when the chief did arrive, the chief and another offficer brought to the parish line in the middle of no where let me out of the police car told me to get to stepping and to never come back to jennings again.And i have many more instances from the very beginning.

  122. LE has to remain quiet due to protocall and not to hamper the investigation. The general public can say anything they desire to any media or on the internet. The only thing LE can do is move forward with the investigation. The truth will eventually come out.

  123. correct me if I am wrong,can’t the government step in and declare that this parish needs the FBI to do more than just advise or use the FBI’s resources?
    And by the way is anyone else curious why Bobby Jindel, la representatives, or la senators haven’t said anything about these murders? It is not just the local LE that concerned citizens are upset with, its our whole system.

  124. Turnhere- I sincerely thank you for being moved enough to come here and speak. And I applaud you for defending LE- I do! Please know that you guys are NOT unappreciated! I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I could NOT fill your shoes. Please understand that we are so frustrated by what’s happening here that we truly are just desperate for answers. I, for one, am tired of the crime here. My children aren’t allowed to walk down the street to play with friends like I used to do, nor do I let them ride their bikes because I live by a damn crack/whore house and I cannot afford to move. But you know what? I SHOULDNT HAVE TO! And I’m NOT moving, but I won’t stop until they do. You know, being on this site for the last few weeks has been therapeutic for me, but frankly, now I’m just PISSED! I’ve been moved to that point, I’m not afraid, I’m PISSED! I say that anyone else who feels the same way, join me and many others and let’s TAKE JENNINGS BACK from them! Neighborhood watches, afterschool programs, mentoring groups, public health education. and what about reinstating that police camp? Let’s wncourage our impressionable youth to be police officers and not drug dealers!

    • unbiased – That is by far the best post I have read. You described the problems and offered solutions. I agree with everything you said.

      • Thank you- I think there are plenty of people who feel the same way I do. (Lol) sorry it got so heated…I think in the coming months you will be surprised by the volunteerism that is already in the works. We, the community, also have a role to play. A few of us are working on solutions and I think there are plenty of people who will join in.

  125. In defense of Nina Ravey, she was a nursing instructor at the local community college when I went to nursing school there back in the early 80s. She went strictly by the book and was hard as heck on all us nursing students. Actually because it was so hard and I was going thru other personal problems I had to quit only a month into the course. I also knew her personally and would never believe she falsified anything, so I was shocked when I heard she was arrested and had charges against her. My first thought was that she had to been framed. That just seemed totally out of character for her. As for Ewing, I do not know him, so I can’t vouche for his character but those charges bothered me as I’m sure it did others. I never heard what happened to them after time passed but I am so saddened to here she is no longer in her practice as a nurse practioner. She is one really smart lady. This is off that subject but we haven’t heard from Paul with Kodiak lately. Just wonder how things are going with their filming and interviewing and if their getting any cooperation with their project.

  126. If LE cares about these victims so much then why was americas most wanted told they were not needed to come help out by the sherriff, just wondering?

  127. I say bring the FBI in and let them totally take over so these cases can be solved and quickly. I bet the FBI wouldn’t play around with these cases for 4 yrs!

    • curvycat – They are here…have been for a while.

    • BTK murders in Wichita Kansas had 10 victims between the period of 1974 and 1991. The case was solved in 2005 and Dennis Rader was arrested and convicted. Rader received 10 life sentences.

  128. I agree Christi. It seems like local law enforcement would welcome any and all help to solve these cases, including America’s Most Wanted!

    • Wonder who is actually in charge of the task force? Is it Edwards? If so does he have the last word if evidenice and or statements from the public are deemed credible or not.Also no comments from anyone on the cases until the latest murder. Maybe there was nothing to report back then but it took another senseless murder for Law Enforcement to speak up of course they did not have much choice.IMO–LE needs to go into the high crime areas and interview peolpe maybe they will learn something!!!!

  129. Yeah turnhere- I know they have been involved but they aren’t totally in charge of the case. That’s what I meant to say.

  130. why doesnt someone ask ricky this question about americas most wanted, preferebly on camera so we can all understand his decisionabout amw.

  131. Yes, they did and they are lucky i did not know my very good friend, kirk menard at the time, you want to hear more because have got about 11 years of this kind of treatment and if any one of them are listening including Mr. Cassidy,who until just recently, has hung up the phone in my face repeatedly when i would call him for information on my daughters rape that was suddenly swept under the carpet mysteriously, and who still has not tested all three men that were in the home at the,time, one has been tested, the hair sample thatm was found on my daughter matched similar, 1 in 16 million which typically is abrother, I am still begging michael just have the other two tested. My daughter will be a 17 year old victim this year which I cant get no one to care about, so maybe you could point me towards the good ones.

    • christi32 – By the information you have given me in the posts I think I might be able to find out who you are. I will try to find the case you are talking about and see what I can do. The case file should contain your contact information. If all goes well I will contact you and discuss it with you.

      • I really do appreciate that, I am almost positve they did not keep up with my contacts, but assuming you know kirk menard, he has my contact info.

        • Christi- Sorry to hear about your daughter and your situation. I will say this and working at the courthouse I see him often you couldn’t have a better person on your side than Menard. He can’t solve these crimes by himself and needs help but he is giving it one hell of an effort.

    • Christi- I am so sorry to hear about your daughter. I know someone who is related to someone whose child was molested and her case sat untouched. I can say this, the detective is being dealt with and the mother got her info from a detective who does care and that as a whole the SO is very apologetic and the “slacker” detective doesn’t represent the SO as a whole.

      • unbiased, thank you. and let me say that I am not saying there are not good officers in jennings now,but in 1998 there were a plenty. van comeaux was suppose to be the lead detective on the case, along with charlotte herbert, which I am not to fond of. In fact, I have alot more respect for good officers because of this situation. I guess what bothers me the most is that another little girl somewhere could be getting raped as violently as my daughter was and these gentle liveyalls town and that should be a big concern for everyone in that town.

  132. I would like to know why is the sheriff says “serial dumper” and not “serial killer”? There is no definition for serial dumper but a great definition of serial killer.
    Turnhere- maybe you could shed some light on these terms and why serial dumper is being said.

    • I dont know. If I had to guess, because the cause of death is undetermined.

      • Turnhere- I think what informative may be asking is why is he okay with saying “serial dumper” which implies it is one person dumping bodies that have similarities? This is especially aggravating since, in the past, he has said he cannot be certain they are connected! Serial dumper implies ONE PERSON – and using dumper instead of killer would almost leave it open that he could be some ‘good samaritan’ that doesn’t kill- rather he just happens to find dead bodies and decides to go ahead and do the “right” thing by disposing of them so that the nice folks of JDP don’t have to witness such atrocities. I wish he would give us a break on that one…we have a serial killer or we have a string of “hits” that are very obviously connected in some way. And it doesn’t take the FBI to figure that one out.

  133. ok so I am wandering why the term “serial dumper” is being said from the sheriff instead of “serial killer”. The dictionary has a very long definition of serial killer and nothing about serial dumper.
    Turnhere-maybe you could shed so light why serial dumper is being used?

  134. This might help, august 28,1998.

  135. Turnhere i hope that you are truely one of the “good guys”, if you are in LE. I hope that you are using this website to dis-credit rumors and gossip and not here for the wrong reasons. I am not a resident of jeff davis parish and I have known people that were on the police force in JDP years ago, and there has been corruption on the police force in JDP. So many police officers may have gotten in LE for the right reasons and some where down the line, drugs, money and sex caused them to turn to the corrupt side. Many, many rumors have come about corruption in JDP LE for many years. So you could see why so many people are pointing fingers at LE.

  136. What the heck is a serial dumper anyway? I never heard of that terminology until these murders.

  137. turnhere-just curious are you saying because the cause of death is undetermined- meaning not sure if they were dead prior to being dumped? either way they were still murdered regardless of how long it took for them to pass away. i dont mean to upset anyone by being graphic im just a real stickler for details and i too cannot figure out for the life of me what serial dumper is in reference to. to break that down it would mean serial (as in the same or continuing) which gives the indication that this was done by the same person(s) dumper which takes us to the conclusion that whoever dumped them obviously killed them so therefore wouldn’t they be considered a serial killer?

    • serial killer is a person who murders three or more people[1][2] over a period of more than 30 days, with a ‘cooling off’ period between each murder, and whose motivation for killing is largely based on psychological gratification.[3][4

    • No…the only reason I can see saying serial dumper is because there is no cause of death. I cannot find a definition to serial dumper.

      • To be honest…I really dont know.

      • Turnhere- I am so happy that you are here! And I mean that! I don’t know anyone in law enforcement. (Maybe that’s a good thing) I have heard so many rumors and I’m of fairly reasonable intelligence so I know how to sort thru them. But I am so thankful that you are here, understanding and respecting our concerns. To me that shows character and humanizes you for me. I also understand that you can only speak within the limits that protect your job and interest associated with it. Having said that- I am grateful that you have at least attempted to come on here and speak civily and help dispell some of the myths that are tormenting the good people of JDP on a daily basis. I don’t even know who u are, but I like you. You have proven that you are not arrogant, and also that you have integrity as well as a love and concern for the people that you serve. I hope that you stick around, you have impressed me and restored some of my faith in the justice system.

        • Lord knows I need my faith restored., but I agree with unbiased, you spoke back to me like someone who really cares and respectfully as well,and if you are a cop and a “good guy”, stay that way because from what I have seen throughout the years, the good guys get doors slammed in their face, and eventually are cornered into corruption or they make you so miserable you because you wont join their posse that they will out.

      • for turnhere –
        No cause of death? Two victims had their throats slit….were those just superficial wounds? If not, I would think having your throat slit would contribute significantly to cause of death. A coroner recently ruled that Necole most likely died from asphyxiation and I believe that is the case with at least one other victim. While I suppose it’s possible those two choked on their own vomit, which would be quite a coincidence if that was the case, you and I both know that is not likely the case. I’m by no means an expert in forensics…not even close but, I would think traces of vomit would have been evident to the medical examiner. So LE has a pretty good idea about the cause of death for those two wouldn’t you say?

  138. To the families of these victims, I know we dont have the same situations but from the first lady to the last , I would think to myself, I sure hope they dont have to go through what i went through. And kept each lady and her family in my prayers. I hope that you all can get justice and closure very soon.

  139. Sorry, not meaning to sound too graphic either but am I understanding that LE thinks this persons and/or persons kills these girls elsewhere them dumps their bodies away from where they are killed, right? Do they have any clues as to where these girls are killed? Again I hope I don’t offend anyone by asking.

  140. i see, no cause of death so each of them could have been killed by different methods.. but even still if they were known to be traveling in the same circles i dont think that it would be considered as just a coincidence.
    if LE has knowledge of these circles then im sure that some people who are still travelling in these circles know something. can LE administer the truth serum or hypnosis? maybe i watch too much tv. just trying to figure this out.

  141. Baton Rouge Serial Killer Sean Vincent Gillis

    this was a serial killer in BR that took 10 years to get caught. He also killed 8 women

  142. Yah, that’s what I always say. I think I watch too much CSI and Law and Order, lol!

  143. informative- thanks for that link, it was a very interesting read i did not read all of it but i will. although it did bring a question to mind about these murders during the investigation of the location where the bodies were found, were tire tracks visible?and
    what about shoe prints? there was mud am i correct?
    if some of the locations were secluded, it would make sense to think that it was not a well beaten path. so very few prints. but then im sure that was all included in the report. just questions buzzing in my head.

  144. OMG! I never heard of that Baton Rouge Serial Killer Sean Gillis. That guy is a MONSTER!!! I had heard of Derrick Todd Lee however! It sounded like Gillis got his kicks from keeping track of Lee’s killings. How sick is that?

  145. Someone better tell Traci Chaisson to STAY AWAY from that house on Andrew St. She will be the next one found dead.

    • how do you know that?

      • i heard that about this tracee girl after the first body was found. but did i just read that she is going into the drug house. and i agree why dont danny semmes go and kick the door down at this house and put a stop to it. well there is a reason why he is not i heard that he is a dealer also and gets he stuff there also. someone needs to look into him.

        • danny semmes has been corrupt since the day I came in town, which was in 1998. Everyone knows it and nobody does anything.

        • He’s a bit twisted in the head also. Stopped me one night after 2 am. He told me while i was in prison he’d be banging my gf. I never went to prison, btw. We had alcohol unopened with us and were heading home to drink it. (You know how kids are when they’re 18 and able to buy liquor.)

  146. i live in south Louisiana….but east of Lafayette…west of new Orleans…i don’t understand why there is so much talk of the ‘house on Andrew street’ but the feds, DEA or state police narcotics agents are not busting down the door and serving a warrant and shutting them down….i don’t get it really… seems like everybody in Jennings knows of this house on this street……

    • Right? But you know what KILLS me? That “no room at the jail” crap! If your criminals exceed your storage space, then its time for another solution…okay now I’m getting off to clean my house. Please stop commenting people, I’ve got work to do 😉

      • if there is no room here send them somewhere else have they every heard of the pen. stop using the inmates to do work around town move them elsewhere halfway house or something and clean up our streets stop giving them a slap on the hand throw there butts behind bars if not guess what they will keep on doing it cause they know there is no room for them

  147. dianne- thank you!!! my thoughts exactly- seems like LE could go there at any given time and find plenty of goods

  148. Idk- I just know its frustrating and disgusting and I am making myself sick with it. Meanwhile my house looks like a hurricaine ran thru it. If I don’t get up and do SOMETHING it will be a complete waste of a 3 day weekend! But rest assured, I will be back to obsess as soon as I’m done. Lol

  149. and who is this FR person? and does he really beat up his own mother? hell, where i come from that’s enough to have him sent to DOC(dept of corrections) …..

    • He’s just some guy from jennings with a bad reputation. I’m not sure if he does beat his mom, but it doesn’t surprise me. I had heard many years ago before the murders took place from reliable sources with no reason to slander him that he has a strong history of pimping out and beating women. And don’t confuse what I’m about to say- because his mother doesn’t deserve to be abused by anyone. But before you imagine a sweet little elderly cajun lady getting beat up by her little boy, be informed that his mother is a known drug dealer, and not a couple of bags of weed. I’m talking business lady with plenty people running back and forth to Houston for her. She’s been busted twice recently. Can u imagine? I’m gonna have to start looking twice at little old ladies…they may be gangstaz!

      • Let me clarify that my source for her drug business is word of mouth- I don’t know the lady personally, but have heard lots of gossip since they’ve been in the spotlight.

        • I know FR nephew really well. How he’s turned out straight, not into drugs and not an alcoholic, is beyond me, but he has told me of his grandmother’s drug business………

        • Hugh Jazz i know the nephew of FR u r talking about it is hard to beleive he is a good kid but his mom raise him to be a good kid and taght him right from wrong. if he would of been raise by billy than we could just hope that it was differ.

    • he has beat his mom up sister up and his kids and look where he is at sitting on his porch like he has never done anything wrong

      • i know for a fact that this mother has been beat by her children..i was in this family for years…and you are right she is not an innocent person by no means..jeanette can be brutal when she wants to be.. the only good thing i can say about her is she raised her grandchildren when her children did not want to…she probaby still is and i know she sold the drugs to support all of them…she quit drinking years ago…not sure if she took drugs herself or just went to texas to get them to sell…but anyway let me ask yall something i heard there was a camper trailer of some sort in the back of her house and that billy lives in it..he always has company there from what i hear and some of those girls visited there..was there anything there when that house was searched…might want to keep an eye on that place too…

        • FR ex wife donna raised three beautiful children and yes they are good kids..but they were not raised in that life style..and when the kids got older and realized what their dad was all about they stayed away on their own…GREAT JOB DONNA…

  150. how does looker know that traci chaisson is gonna be next?

  151. Diane – Amen, that’s what we’ve been saying all this time! How hard could it be to just plan a surprise raid on that house, go in there and clean it out?

  152. PI- right? kinda makes you want to beat him up yourself huh? but then that would probably be taken care of once he arrived at DOC and his ROOMMATES found out what he did to his mom.. hopefully ROOMMATE= BUBBA

  153. Looker——-to make a comment like that, you need to elaborate. Are you guessing? Have you heard that? You don’t want people to get the wrong idea!

  154. dont know for sure but what i think looker means is this- tracy has probably been seen going in and out of that house and she needs to be careful..

    • I would think that too, but Looker did make a direct threat on someone’s life, and LE will probably be interrogating them soon

  155. Yah, I don’t think anyone should be naming the next victim. I mean who knew poor Necole would have been the last victim or the other seven girls for that matter? Only the serial killer could have known that!

  156. yes i see the concern now that looker has not come back to answer,, looker does need to come back and clarify the remark!

  157. I grew up in Jennings, and this weekend went back to observe Andrew, McKinley, and Doyle Street area for myself. In the 1980’s I recall these areas being “blue-collar” neighborhoods, though I did not live there. I am now shocked at the poverty and decay in parts of these areas. Not at all passing judgment on the residents so please don’t take it as that. IMO the JDPSO’s apparent abandoning of any “inner-city” narcotics investigating has to be at least partially to blame, for the state of that side of town. Drug activity has been left unchecked by the JDSO in the inner city since the Dallas Cormier Administration I would venture to say. I agree, the FBI should take a LEAD ROLE in the investigation if they have not. I think there are good people in law enforcement in JDP, I doubt there is any “top ranking” official involved in these crimes as some think. BUT I do think there is INEPTNESS of the highest degree by “top ranking” law enforcement officials. Some have been in office a very long time without ever being tested or having to prove their worth or ability and now that they do, the residents are seeing just exactly how unprotected they’ve really been all these years.

  158. Dallas didn’t clear the drugs in the inner city area either. I grew up a little further out but hung around “zoo” street, mckinley, west jefferson and a few others nearby. The drugs were there then, trust me. I wasn’t doing or dealing, but alot of my friends’ parents were. I grew up in the 80’s around there.

    • FR leave across the street from dallas cormier for years. i dont know if dallas wife still leaves on mckinley street or not but help the drug house and dallas were neighbors

  159. NO, I saw her walking the street. I want someone to get her off the streets before something bad happens to her. I am trying to help her–not hurt her. She was related to two of the others girls found dead and I don’t want the same thing to happen to her. Sorry if I gave the wrong impression.

    • That’s not how you worded it.

    • Looker, I figured that is what you meant but people reading it have no idea so thank you for clarifying.
      I agree, if she is still running the roads she needs to be careful—-this is not a game. Unfortunately, I think that people with addictions are willing to risk their own safety.

  160. I think that it is sad that in JDP if you have money, or a political job or someone that has a high paying job you can get away with anything!! Some people in this town think that their shit sits on a silver platter and that they are invincible!! If you are not a doctor, lawyer or in politician in this town then you’re nothing. So many corrupt things go on in this town, not just murders. And the rest of the people are just screwed!!!!

    • I think informative is 100% correct in his post, but we all are aware that in life you sew your own seeds individually and what comes around goes around! I remember when I use to post on mouthing off, there were a few decent people who posted, but for the most part when I was trying to get across how corrupt these people were, there were people ,assuming their probably reading this site constantly, that would alays blaming the victiums, faulting them for one thing or another. well I guess my point is it has been helping me alot, to know that first, I am not alone in trying to get rid of the bad apples that have corrupted jennings for so long at the expense of of so many victims.

      • I used to post on “mouthin off”, too Christi. I don’t remember you specifically, but I do remember the back and forth always going on with politics. I agree 100% also, that change is needed to get the corrupt out of office, starting with JDP DA. However, I think a lot of people in the parish vote on social status instead of researching the candidates and statistics. I honestly think that the everyday Joe’s like us would make better elected officials because we would actually work for the PEOPLE because we are the PEOPLE. Most of the officials in office have never lived as a regular citizen; they’ve always had social status to hold them up!

  161. the house on Andrew St is the brown house close to the health unit

    • thanks

    • I agree, these girls/women need to stay away from Andrew St. house but LE cannot stop them from going there–but I believe they,LE,can do something to shut that place down!! They have known what is going on there most likely since the first murder occured and every time there is another murder they are there knocking on the door, but no one is ever arrested.I am told there are still women coming there dealing drugs and no telling what else. Is he being PROTECTED and WHY????

      • you know, how much more obvious can it be that there are some people in LE that just dont care. And if there are people that do, do something that only you can do as LE, I understand you cant talk to much to the puclic because of the investigation but that is not stopping you from going throught the chains of command and going over the heads of LE that hinder this investigation and keep people from getting the justice they deserve.

  162. where is the film crew? does anyone know

  163. Looker- thought that’s what you meant too even though it sounded different. She and other girls do need to be careful if they’re still hanging around with the wrong crowd. By the looks of all the girls still walking the streets of Jennings they’re not scared and don’t feel threatened that there’s a murderer out there.

  164. Yah, I asked that earlier, where is Paul and Kodiak? Would love to hear an update on how the interviewing and filming is going with the film crew!

  165. i also wonder what these women are thinkg when they continue to walk these streets. i guess the addiction is so strong they are willing to risk it. or maybe there so curious to know who it is behind it that there putting there self in danger thinking they will be able to get away if it should happen to them next. what ever there reason is its not worth it!!

  166. My sister and I have spent the day along with Paul and Kirk Menard filming. We have re visited some of the body location sites. The film crew is great and I cant say that enough. I hope all of the families join in the opportunity to meet with them.

    • Brittany, I know today had to be hard for you, I am glad that you have these people in you and your families corner, although its hard, its also, victim to victim, it is also a blessing to have people in your corner and be able to do all you can to help your beautiful sister, I know that she is watching and is very proud of you and your family. Stay strong and my prayers are with you!

  167. Brittany – glad to hear all is going well with the film crew. Are the locals being cooperative with them? I know visiting these locations where the bodies were found had to bring back some bad memories for you. How are you and your sister holding up throughout all this. You ladies are so brave. I admire your determination. Please keep us updated. Thanks!

  168. So far, the locals they have come across have been very welcoming. Ricky Daigle allowed them to use his store property yesterday and as I am told, they did get a few interviews. I also know that my sister and I spoke to the owner of Super Foods and we have also been given permission to use the property if need be. When Paul and I talked, I did express to him how important I thought it was to get the public’s reaction and he agreed. I also know that lots of the family members are planning to speak with Paul which I am so grateful for. I think it is very important that we tell the story as a whole and get the most accurate information possible, information that can only be obtained through the families. I also think it gives us (the families), a chance to tell each victims’ story individually so that everyone gets the chance to see what these girls’ ENTIRE lives were like before the negativity. Some of these girls had rough childhoods, some not so rough, but each girl has their own story. Its nice to be able to speak of the memories and not just the tragedy within itself. I would also like to hear from the officials and the task force since I cant seem to get an update unless a documentary is made (so I will be waiting on that). Sorry guys, had to throw that in there!

    Yes, visiting the dump sites is hard. Its very different from just looking at a picture. Ive been to the sites before, but this was my sister’s first time. We supported each other and got through it just fine. Our emotions didnt get the best of us, instead we put our heads together to try to figure out the whos, whats, whens, wheres, and whys. I cant say that we discovered very much, but we definately learned a few things, this killer has….how shall I say this…BIG KAHONAS!

  169. One more thing, I really really appreciate everyone’s comments. You have no idea how much that means to my sister and I. We have worked very hard and are so glad to finally see it paying off and even more glad that we can be a part of it. I know that Whitnei would be very proud to see us out there seeking justice for her. You all have been motivation and have helped in ways that will never be forgotten. I have made many good friends here and I appreciate you all.

  170. Oh, and Rebecca Webber and her crew from Marie Claire have done some awesome interviews and investigating while they have been here and I really enjoyed all the time I have spent with them as well. Im convinced that her article in Marie Claire will be incredible and very informative.

    These reporters have earned my respect for setting aside any fears or assumptions and getting out there to get the story we have been trying to tell for so long. I am so glad that they are all here. Now lets pray that we can get the national spotlight we need to get some well-needed help in here and find this psychopath!

  171. A big display of authority by LE and their drug dogs would be a nice effect if it was on Andrew St!!!!!!!!!!

    Not the reporters hotel for God’s sake.

    Congrats Brittany, I am happy for you and your family to have made it through so much and to have prayers answered with the support of many. I hope for continued success and justice for you all.

  172. Ok Brittany what do you mean by “Big Kahonas?” Do you mean that there are big people involved? Just not sure I’m understanding what you mean by that.

  173. No, I mean that whoever dumped these women was very very brave. When you walk every location it is obvious that these are not spots where a body can just be thrown or shoved right out of a vehicle. These areas, in my opinion, are all areas where he/she/they had to get out of their vehicle, remove the body, and physically place it there.

    IMO, this person/persons took pride in what they did. I also feel like they are not afraid. These areas are very public areas, where traffic is always a definate possibility and that is a BIG chance to take.

    • Brittany, You dont know me but, I am willing to help in anyway that I can and willing to do whatever I can to see this phsyco caught! Maybe one day we will meet through other people and I can tell you what an inspiration you are for other victims and their families. I did not lose a loved one but what happened to my daughter and I was tragic. we experience alot of pain and humiliation behind LE, and dont feel alone, we have been waiting for updates for our case for 11 years and still no call but the great thing that has happened is the people are being made aware of the fact that just because your sister and I lived high risk lifestyles that we are people too and we deserve justice. You and your dedication to this horrible tragedy and finding justice is helping more people than you know so thank you and god bless you and your family. If you’re curious who I am , ask kirk.

    • Brittany is very much an inspiration to others. I still wish she would consider running for Sheriff. Just me talking. I do know first things first, regarding the murders though. But the people needs someone strong, someone trustworthy, someone with a mind who wants to help and who has helped, etc…

  174. Oh ok Brittany. I understand what you’re saying now. And yes it looks like the SK may be taking a lot of risks but that’s only because they think they will never be caught!

  175. everybody keeps talking about the house on Andrew st. for those of us who DO NOT LIVE IN JENNINGS can someone please tell us who lives in the house on Andrew street?

    • why dont someone set up a video camera on this dang house and then they would know who comes and goes ..who they come with and who they leave with..and if someone else comes up missing then you would have family lives in jennings and i worry a lot..dont get why the city lets someone stay in a house without running water or electricity anyway..can you imagine the stench in it..if this was an older person living in this house someone would do a check on it if not but to make them move {i would hope} so i dont get it they know there is sex and drugs going on and they still allow this to keep going..and just another thought does anyone know about the camper trailer behind jeanette leblanc’s house and if her children are still doing drugs anyone watching that yall not think that frankie is staying close to home with his family hiding but still running that side of town {least he did when i was there}..well it sounds like a good start to cleaning up jennings get the trash out in both those places do yall not have an ordinance for these things..

  176. I live out of the city limits in the vicinity where several of the girls were found. I always have my guard up and my eyes peeled watching for something, anything that I can report as susupicious to LE that would maybe be helpful to the case. The only thing is, as I have informed Ricky Edwards many times, is that I don’t know who to trust anymore. Therefore, I report all of my “gut” feelings directly to FBI in New Orleans. My home is so secluded from neighbors, etc, that I am afraid to have anyone come out to my house to take a statement, or anything. I live on a dead end road, that is so out of the way that most people find my house by accident. I’ve seen Sheriff’s cars on a couple of occasions come down my road, and I immediately call the JDSO to see why they are down my road and if I should be concerned.
    I have heard of the corrruption in our parish since I was young, and all though it meant nothing to me at that time, now that I am an adult, it scares the SHIT out of me that we are living under such circumstances.
    I just want the families of the “JD8” to know that I am watching and reporting all suspicious things in my area, and PRAYING every night for this person or persons to be caught.
    I really think we should all pray for our parish as a whole; we need to pray for those involved in drugs and prostitution and whatever else to be freed from those demons. We should also pray that our elected officials have “clean hands” in this trying time. And also, that we can separate rumors from facts and hopefully not lay blame on the innocent.
    Sad thing is, I’m not sure that even when the person is caught and jailed that I will ever feel “safe” in my own parish. I’m not sure that I will ever be at a point in my life that I will completely trust LE.

    Sorry for the rambling……this is just the first place I’ve actually been to that I can vent with people who are genuinely concerned for our parish’s citizens and well being.

    God Bless You All!!
    Praying for Closure.

  177. You know I feel in time that all on the streets will be cleaned up. Not all, but most, the big ones anyway, like the stuff that happens on Andrew St. and others. They just have to get the killer then I think they are going to do a go walk through. I mean, that is my feeling. If they are to go into Andrew St. now, it would probably stir up the whole situation and put the killings on hold, because we all know at one point or another, the home on Andrew St. is a piece of the action regarding the murders. I’m not good at explaining myself, but hope you understand what I’m trying to say. I’m definately no silencedogood. LOL. I want to share something that one has committed about earlier, just not sure who it was anyway about eight years ago, I was in jennings visiting and one told me that there was more parents on drugs than kids. I thought way back then it was strange, I mean they are suppose to be the role models. Also, something that was mentioned was you would not believe “who” the parents are that are on drugs, kinda of like what I think RedRanger or Silencedogood said, if you have came across that point when reading this blog, something like you never know what goes on behind the glass doors of a home. I’m sure someone can give the quote of what exactly was said earlier. It’s been going on, everybody knows that, but it is being heard now, better late than never, we need to give menard and the good ones time to build the case, the right way, the best way, the legal way, etc…and all will fall into place. Time will pay just hang in there!

    • brownie , I agree, slowly but surely, all is coming to light, and with more of the community involved and aware of a lot more of what is really going on I think that there is hope.

    • “Popeye, on September 6th, 2009 at 7:57 PM Said:

      Dallas didn’t clear the drugs in the inner city area either. I grew up a little further out but hung around “zoo” street, mckinley, west jefferson and a few others nearby. The drugs were there then, trust me. I wasn’t doing or dealing, but alot of my friends’ parents were. I grew up in the 80’s around there.”

  178. hello….can anyone tell who lives in or owns the house on Andrew street and did i understand someone to say it doesn’t have water or electricity connected to the house….i have never heard of anything like that in rural Louisiana or rural America….maybe a big city but not rural Louisiana…..what is going on????

    this whole ‘case/story’ is beginning to sound like something out of the worst nightmare a human being could possibly have

  179. I am curious, does anyone know when election of the sheriff is, because if the voters keep ricky in there after he has turned down amw, I will be shocked. The people have the power, and I hope they utilize it. Maybe I have some personal issues with LE but not with ricky directly so I just keep sitting here asking myself why or for what logical reason he would do that and anything reasonable that i come up with still sounds completely not in these ladies and their families best interest best and furthermore, the town of jennings.

  180. I forgot to mention, “zoo” street is Gallup. It’s what some of us called it back then. (The folks living there did too.) Dallas Cormier owned alot of the rent houses in the middle section of Gallup.

  181. Turnhere, Your presence here is a breath of fresh air. Can you see how the public is crying for a PR voice to speak to? This has been sadly lacking. I am sure that you also know many good and dedicated deputies and officers that try to do what they have sworn they would. Their voice is important as well. I would invite them here to speak as well but feel that your invitation to them may carry more weight. I think we all see that there are some burned bridges between JDPSO and the public that need mending. I am thankful for your efforts.

    On a seperate note, I live a long way from Jennings. I know about specific crack houses, cat houses, an open air drug market at a gas station, and the two largest meth labs in the parish. If I, who am not LE know about them, how can they continue to exist and thrive? I also apologize in advance. I know the answer is not a quick easy one.

  182. IMO all of the profiles of the killer/killers that have been posted on the different blogs/websites talk of ‘person/persons’ that do not fit the profile of FR… looking at his mug shot he looks like a washed out, used up, has been that never was, mama beater, who wouldn’t have the brains to not leave any DNA evidence at eight crime scenes. and for the LOVE OF GOD why does Hanna hang around with him. i understand that’s her uncle but the age difference between FR and Hanna doesn’t add up to uncle/niece companions….i know in south LA especially family matters and family is ‘everything’ but i can honestly say that they are the first uncle/niece with 20 plus years between them to be known associates in crime……..

    • well what do u think FR is doing with Hanna, using her to get what he wants and needs and i know she does it cause she is just like her dad(billy) he pimps her out also they r just one sick family and i feel for the grand kids that r still in that house. the state should of taking them away from the grandma, and tabby they r not fit to raise kids. and i know kids need to be with the mom and dad but things kids dont have a change in the world if the state dont step in and help them i am sorry but it does make me mad very mad when they were in jail what did the state do put the kids with another drug head brother than that brother left them with hanna why has the state alound this to me that is so wrong so so wrong

    • PI- the answer to your question about Hannah with FR is “DRUGS”. Let me enlighten you on how it works. FR supplied drugs and Hannah would bring her friends and acquaintances around. FR would get what he wanted from Hannah’s friends. Inhibition is lowered with drug use and also when a person has passed out they can be taken advantage of in whatever way.
      I hope you follow what i’m saying as it is really the same as any other drugging male-female relationship.
      Goods for services trade.

      These sort of dealings are also what contribute to the further escalation of these girls lives. Being used, raped, traded or whatever the case maybe. A persons self worth is effected in a very negative way. They use more drugs to keep these feelings away or keep from feeling at all. It’s a vicious cycle and is hard to be broken without help of some kind of support structure be that family, church or rehabilitation.

      It’s also the same as who would sleep with these “girls” around Andrew St. They do what they can for drugs or money.

      • so this scum bag got his niece hooked on crack/meth? how low can you go…..

        have there been allegations of him molesting his nieces and/or nephews?

        • no not molestring them just beating them and his own kids how low can and man get. the reason why he beat his son this last time was cause he was protected his grandma from frankie hitting her again and hitting tabby also but the little boy got hurt and sent to hospital but they all still under the same roof i thing that is sad

  183. PI@heart, Many people are scared to say who owns the house. No one is sure of who is playing on which team in many cases. It has been mentioned many times in previous threads. Reading back will provide all of your answers.

    christi32, This has also been discussed many times. I think the final answer was 2011. It is interesting that the Sheriff has never explained why he turned down help from AMW. It is also interesting that there are not regular press conferences. After each murder there is a plea to the public to call LE and tell who did it but no updates or any effort at public relations. Compromising an investigation and keeping the public informed are not the same thing.


  185. They might take a whore’s bath like we did in the field during basic training. (Wipe the smelly parts, front to back.) And I don’t live in Jennings anymore either.

  186. Awh, now ya’ll are getting gross, LOL. Seriously, how could anyone live without running water and electricity in this day and age? That’s beyond gross!


  188. Where would they go to the potty? LMAO!!! Do they use an outhouse? That’s DISGUSTING!!! I mean come on, we’re not in a 3rd world country here. This is Jennings folks. LOL I cannot even imagine this!

  189. I agree PI, military service is a noble thing, as law enforcement should be as well!

  190. i live approximately 100 miles from Jennings and i swear this sounds like stuff out of the worst nightmare a person could have….I’m at a loss for words this sh*t is unreal…..

    i still can’t figure out why the FEDS haven’t come to town and just plain took over….i mean from the patrol officers to the detectives to the narcotic agents to the chief and sheriff….. hand um all pink slips and wish um luck…

    start from scratch….have an emergency election…..this is ridiculous……

  191. Are y’all talking about the house on Andrew St? Do they not have elec/water? I know there was recently a “problem” house on the corner of w. Nezpique and craig streets that was the same. No water/elec for over two years. They would steal water and run extension chords at night. The neighborhood recently got a petition signed and ran their asses out! This house was also a known crack/whore house and there were small children living there also. But they’re out now! Do yall know for sure Andrews st doesn’t have elec? Or is it possible the houses are confused?

    • unbiased—For sure there is no power at the A. ST. house and has not been for almost a month, can’t say if he has water or not.

  192. okay, my question is, who in their right mind would pay to sleep with these disgusting hussies? then probably takes that stuff home to wives or girlfriends, just because they are next to the health unit, doesnt necessarily mean they go there.

    • almostsure–just a thought–maybe the women are trading sex for drugs,and the trash who lives there is sharing the drugs with the women. Have heard he is a big time “User.”

  193. lets see, money for sex, sex for drugs, then drugs for money…what a vicious circle!

  194. i would suggest that someone start a petition in that neighborhood not just andrew st. but be careful who is approached to sign.

    • Anyone want to know the head of household at Andrew St.? Go to thread 26 the poster is “little bit on Aug. 24.

  195. what about a city or parish wide campaign to condemn these sort of places? surely there are some higher offices with the state, health department, ocs, why not start a homeowners association in the area that would regulate the standard of living, and weed out these problem sites. im positive there are enough homeowners in the area that would be willing to initiate the program. and could probably get assistance from the city/state .

  196. someone could get with david fontenot w/jennings housing authority, bet he could point you in the right direction, he is very familiar w/ the louisiana housing codes and knows all the proper channels. go to the next city council meeting only go in a large group. make yourselves heard. if you feel like you’re not getting anywhere, take it to state level, then federal. it could be well worth the effort.

  197. City Council Meetings are held at 5:30 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month in the Council Chambers located at 110 N. Broadway St. (Agenda meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month. Lets all show up and discuss Andrew st house along with other houses like it.


  199. sorry jdpangel, does that mean they would need to go on the 1st tuesday? i got so excited when i saw the 2nd tuesday that i couldnt read anything else!! also i would suggest anyone that feels they are threatened in their own neighborhoods by this type of goings on, then they should go as well.. remember strength in numbers and the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

    • I believe the way it reads is that meeting that are planned which would be a agenda meeting would be a meeting that has a agenda would be on the first tuesday and the I would say regular meeting would be on the second might need to call city hall maybe tomorrow and find out for sure. maybe we can find out online some where or if someone who has been to a City Council Meeting before can answer this better.

  200. note** just make sure this is a peaceful plea b/c that is in the same building with the jail! lol dont want anyone to get outta hand and get arrested. i wish i could be there with you guys b/c i know how important this is.

  201. wow. that’s some twisted sh*t…..the ‘john or customer’ gives the money to the home owner or whoever lives in the home…whoever lives there is like a ‘pimp’ cause he gives the girls to the ‘johns’ for sex and the pimp gives the girls a lil ‘drugs’ so basically they are selling their bodies(sex) strictly for the drugs….the girls aren’t getting any money… i just have to say that the person who lives in and/or runs the house is having his cake and eating it too…..

    but he’s also a scum bag and GOD don’t like ugly and KARMA is a bitch and when she come calling she won’t knock twice….she’ll kick the door in and have her way with whoever profited off of the devastation of these girls lives….

    its a funny thing cause most all religions believe in KARMA….what goes around comes back around and you reap what you sow.

  202. PI- love those phrases! lts like poetry!!

  203. does jennings still have a curfew? i know where i live now there is one in place! $500 fine to anyone that breaks that law.

  204. so since hanna is a “conner” does that mean she’s franckie’s brother’s child?

    • yes Hannah is Billy’s daughter, which is Frankie’s brother from a different father

  205. Wow I did not know about Robert’s Dad. That is terrible. How is his mom? Is there anyway I can get an email address from you? One more thing, “Very Sad” i am not going to sit here and go back and forth with you but if you knew anything of Robert and Pete’s relationship you would know how close they were and riding around drinking is something they ALWAYS have done. For you to say he got away with a slap on wrist??? Go ahead and add that even though HE didnt make pete get into the car, and I as well as so many others do not blame him, he will suffer in his own way more than what you know. He lost his best friend. It is such a sad situation, even sadder for you to say such a thing about him. He didn’t deserve prison, Pete would of never wanted that and I know had the shoes been switched it would of been the same way for Robert. Even if he does still drink, so be it. They both always have ever since I can remember. Like I mentioned before it may have been Robert’s fault for the accident, but if I know them they were riding around drinking, talking shit to each other like brothers do, and trying to find a little bit of good trouble to get in to The man has so much he has to deal with now, he doesn’t need people who have no idea what’s its like going through what he has to everyday, casting stones at him and deciding what is fair or unfair and even though it has been a few years since i spoke or seen anyone of them, I will not let anyone drag him down worse than what I am sure is doing to himself

  206. I believe in solutions. It stays on my mind that LE keeps using the term “serial dumper”. Can a serial dumper be someone with a girl who overdoses on drugs then dumps their body somewhere??? Could it be possible that one or more victims had this happen to them??? The other girls may have known what happened to their friends and are killed to cover-up the sorry deed?? I read an article in the Jennings Daily News about a guy in another town who left someone in a car with the flashers on because the person overdosed and he didn’t want to get in trouble for what happened. I believe he was sentenced to 5 yrs.
    My thoughts and prayers are with each of the families. You deserve “JUSTICE” for your loved ones.

  207. When I first heard the term “Serial Dumper” on the news I thought HUH? What’s that? If more than one victim OD’D in the presence of the “Serial Dumper” there is reason to believe he/she was involved in the OD. Not to mention 2 of the ladies were obvious homicides, not OD’S.

    where is the hell is the self defense classes for women???
    Why hasn’t anyone offered these classes?
    If someone would goggle SK, serial killers are likely to change patterns and who knows when the SK decides to target another type of women? Although, I forgot we are dealing with a “serial dumper”, (sorry I forgot).
    I do remember Kirk Menard saying on TV all women need to be cautious!!!!!!!!!!!! Because you never know how the pattern will change.

  209. Is it illegal to help administer drugs to a person that results in a persons death? According to national news coverage, celebrities who are given drugs that result in death are held accountable for the death of that person.

  210. Correction: Celebrities who are given drugs by someone that results in their death are held accountable for the death of that person.

  211. Ok, so now after reading all the above posts about pimps, johns and prostitues…does anyone have an opinion about who the SK could be? Pimp or John, or neither or both? Or are they all just indirectly involved with these murders? Just wondering if anyone has an opinion about that? I wish I was a Jennings citizen and could help by attending these council meetings. Remember as someone just said, strength in numbers!!!

  212. I believe in solutions. LE may be confused because of the same questions I have posted.

  213. They did offer a self defense class once that I know of but haven’t heard of any since then. I think it was offered by the sheriff’s office. It seems like these classes should be ongoing with the presence of a SK in their midst!

    • They Offered a self defense class after the lady said she was attacked out by the VFW back not long after Brittney gary was found they had the class out at the Jennings Elem. School on night and that was the one and only class that was offered. Might should bring this up to the City Council.

  214. turnhere – I pose another question to you…..if you’re still reading here. What is the public supposed to think with this latest incident about a “task force member” being accused of stealing (or improperly handling) evidence which JUST SO HAPPENED to involve a person that was previously arrested/questioned in regards to the murders? It was a person on the TASK FORCE……should we just brush it aside and “play like” it didn’t happen? Do you agree…..that raises even MORE questions about LE? I’m not picking on you…..I’m interested in your thoughts though.

  215. curvycat-someone knows the pimps, someone knows the johns and WE ALL know the victims.

  216. How can you build a case against a murderer when evidence is continuously destroyed, tampered with and overlooked???

    • And any and everyone that CAN provide info is continually discredited?? Are we in a catch-22 with this?

  217. I agree with what Kirk said that all women should be cautious! I was just thinking, what happens when the SK runs out of prostitutes? Will he/they go looking for other types of women? Just a thought…I mean we’ve already had 8! When will the SK run out of that type?

    • What is GLARINGLY missing in the scheme of things is that……the women of JDP (and surrounding areas) have not been put on alert by LE!! That alone speaks volumes to me.

    • There is not an invisible fence that this person can not cross!!

  218. The mayor, sheriff and chief of police of Jennings, Louisiana better start getting their “ducks in a row.” When a jury comes together to decide to convict a person of these crimes, they better be able to give “JUSTICE” to each and every family member who have lost their daughters and lost their mothers to this killer!!

  219. The parish women haven’t been put on alert cuz LE obviously thinks the SK is only targeting one type.

  220. Ok, so we wait for another victim?? So the evidence they collect will stand up in a court of law?? I’m extremely upset!!

  221. Yah, it makes me wonder how many dead women will it take and how much evidence will they need before they do something to catch this perp?

  222. THANK YOU! How many more???

  223. I believe in solutions! LE should go back to the beginning. Keep it simple, Something has been overlooked. There is something or someone who holds the key to what has happened to these girls.

  224. ok how about we go back to the beginning. let’s put together what we know and the logical assumptions.

    we believe all the victims knew their killer.
    so that makes the perp a fellow drug user or known associate.
    someone they trusted enough to go with them without much fussing.
    at the very least someone who used them for sex, paid for their drugs or paid with drugs.

    ok this helps sometimes to put all information into one place and look at together. which i’m sure g8 has already done but not sure. maybe she could share. i’m sure i haven’t included everything but let’s put it together and then we can have a better idea of the killer

    • If you look at the map of the body locations……to me, it appears to be someone that does not (or cannot) travel far from home….for whatever reason. They did make a surprising move with the discarding of the most recent body…..although, if you think about it….still was not THAT far from home possibly.

    • Something else….if you want to look at this from a geographic profile angle…..we are not looking at a large metroplex type area either keep in mind. Take a close look at the map for those of you not from the area or familiar with it. It is an EXTREMELY small area that the victims lived in, were known to hang out in, were last seen in and their bodies ultimately found in.

  225. i believe the term serial dumper was coined to avoid using the term serial killer, after several cases produced no obvious cause of death it was believed by some in le that these girls may have overdosed and been dumped but one would think that by now le would be more up front with the public and call these crimes what they are. after eight bodies turn up all dumped in somewhat remote locations, it’s clear that those earlier deaths were no accidental overdoses. nor were they likely the work of different killers.

    • Could it be the second Edwards concedes and calls “serial killer”….the feds take over?

      • Exactly, That is what I understood Kirk to state in an earlier post. Something along those lines.

  226. If we start at the start do we start when Edwards took office…or when the first female was found but then who was the actual first female so where do we actually start??? Where ever that is we need to go victim by victim and make a list of everything we can about each one and what all we know about there death. Then we need to see how many things are the same with each one, who they knew that were the same etc.

  227. Ok, the perp is a drug user, known by the victims or an associate of the victims. Keep in mind this person would be capable of slitting a persons neck and dousing them with bleach according to reports. And also, the size of the victims would decide the size of the perp.

  228. We start from the beginning!

  229. We know they are from the area. We know they have transportation!

  230. I believe in solutions. Too much too fast on my part!

  231. A question for anyone—The media reported Necole Guillory’s body as being found between the 72nd and 73 mile marker. Is that correct? I have only driven that way recently at night and I don’t recall any overpass until I was well within the 73rd mile going east which would mean the body was found between the 73rd and 74th mile marker which would be within the 73rd mile not the 72nd mile.

    • sleuthing….i’m not sure either about the mile markers. When I went I had another person with me and we were looking at the mile markers which in fact threw us off and had us continuing further west down 10. We had to get off 10 and circle back around. At the time it didn’t dawn on us that this would come in to question or we would have made better note of it. Will definitely pay much closer attention next trip.

      Can anyone here shed light on the mile markers??

      • the Lions Den is at Egan exit, which is 72. Travel East and you will pass mile marker 73 before you get to the site she was found. The numbers go up as you head east. On the way back (west) you will get to 74 before the site. Therefore, the hill that she was found on is between 73 & 74.

  232. I want this case solved yesterday!

    • I am in agreement with you this should have been solved “Yesterday” The question is why wasn’t it hmmm….????

  233. Ok start with Loretta…what do we know about her death and who she would hang with any and everything.. Start from there and lets work our way toward now. This gives everyone a chance to put there input and even those who have just started to read the blog since we know there are more on here now. So if any one has anything to say or have a input on Loretta let’s start there and work to Necole.

  234. Is it a fact that Loretta was at “Rat’s” house when he was taken?

  235. Was Loretta at the Boudreaux’s Inn the last night she was alive? I only have here say.

  236. Thank you JDPANGEL. I only know here say!

    • Hey no problem we need to start some where so let’s all start at the first and work toward where we are today…keep the questions coming and we will see how many we can get answered. This is only going to happen with all our heads more heads together will have a better out come and think alot better than one.

  237. i have also heard talk of a certain official (coroner) that uses drugs and had known association with some of the victims. and that same person to threaten another girl (not a victim) to keep quiet or else. not sure if just rumor as i did not talk directly to this girl. but i find it of interest due to the forensics of the cases. this person would have knowledge of how to elude LE and disposing of evidence.

  238. I believe the mile markers are wrong too. Recently we came down I-10 from Lafayette heading toward Jennings and we were well past the overpass when I realized Necole’s body had to be found further back, right? Am I thinking right?

  239. It was said in earlier posts on here that Loretta was at Rat’s house and that all the victims thus far except the Gary girl was at Boudreaux Inn the night of the raid!

    • and with that being so, were their any others there? also what about that list of 9 or 11 girls that kirk affirmed was turned over to LE?

      • Or all the girls (maybe some) being in a photo- what is that all about?

      • So there was a list- for sure? They should be warning whoever else is on the list and keeping them safe or LE could be charged with wrongful death if they have knowledge of such severe threats and do absolutely nothing.

  240. I believe in solutions. Here say: Possible overdose?? Her body dumped??

  241. Rumor mill says that most of the girls involved in a raid at Boudreaux’s Inn.

  242. Just thinking out loud- unrelated to anyone particular…I was talking to a friend that has spent time in jail..a female in another parish. She has witnessed female inmates being taken out for the day, supposedly on a work release job — they come back suntan and with money deposited in their account. It was an LE thing. It was females inmates brought out to have sex for money in their accounts/ probably had availability to drugs during the day………so, it sure would be interesting to see the financial sources of any of the vicitms while they were in jail, for those that were in jail. Something the FBI may could check out. Or if charges for crimes were suddenly dropped by the DA?

    Also, jailors often get fired for stealing money orders and funds from inmate accounts. It is not uncommon for some LE to become criminal just like those they jail. These things do happen.

    This is what I get the idea that Boudreaux Inn was used for!!!!! Does anyone know about that?

  243. I heard about the list of 11. I ask that question a few days back on here,… if it was true there was a list but it was never confirmed it was true. Someone in the medical field told me about the list. I had wondered how true it was.

  244. Why is it, no one can speak of Boudreaux’s Inn, and was the raid for drugs or prostitution?

    • Here say says Both.

    • Does anyone know of anything about the Boudreaux inn, raid??? Hey let’s all help out so if you know please share with us all. We could be the very reason this case gets solved so lets talk people. We have to be the voice for the 8 !!

    • If I would ever get just one chance with Edwards or Cassidy and I could only ask one question it would be about Boudreaux Inn.

  245. also the fact that at least one body was doused with bleach, who was knowledgeabe enough to know the effect this would have on the evidence. the body would not have been the only source for evidence though. also the surroundings could have held some clues, ie.. footprints, surely the dumping would have been done in such a hurry , that they would have not covered their tracks.

  246. Was the body left on the road that leads to the police/sheriff’s firing range?

  247. Why was Boudreaux in closed? Does anyone know? I just wondered if it had anything to do with drugs.

    • THis link:

      Shows That……. Mr. Boudreaux died at 2:53 a.m. Thursday, April 13, 2006, in Jennings American Legion Hospital.
      He was a native of Church Point and a 20-year resident of Jennings, moving from Lake Charles
      He was owner of Boudreaux Inn in Jennings and Empire Inn in Elton and was former owner of the
      Sun Down Inn in Jennings.

      I suspect the family is selling the place. They may have closed it???

      • It’s closed and for sale. The vegetation….or whatever you want to call it, it’s not grass… being maintained.

  248. Closed!

  249. I don’t know about the raid. I was only telling you here say about Loretta.

    • Anything else you might know about Loretta or does anyone else have anything to add about her or who she hung out with, who she talked to, who house she might go to, if you have anything to add about Loretta please speak and let us know

  250. why not go and talk to the employees that worked there? they had to check them in and release the key to someone

  251. Some ONE can say something about the raid??? Just say here say!

  252. Yes I believe the body found on the way to the shooting range was the one doused in bleach.

  253. LaConia “Muggy” Brown

  254. Does anyone know if Loretta went to Andrew st. ? was Andrew st the hot spot back then? Does anyone know of any woman that are connected to all of the victims?

  255. JDPANGEL please give each victim the same respect. Please ask if someone knows about each of the girls.

    • I have and always will give each one of these girls all the respect they so deserve and more. I just would like to know if there is a woman or women that is involved or some how connected to each one of the victims. We have stated on here several time by several people that they believe there is a woman involved so i would just like to know if anyone knows of any woman that are involved with each one of the girls. There has been talk that FR knew or had known each girl some how some way so is there a woman that was like this with each one of the girls???

  256. I could be wrong, but the Boudreaux Inn deal is hearsay because the story was that the girls were released and not charged…… record of this?

    • Why the raid in the first place then? Especially if they already knew who was there. Were they expecting to make some huge bust? How did that bust coincide with someone of state “prominence” being there? Who’s big idea was is it to go for the bust in first place? Like someone told me many months ago….it has not been easy to prove NOR disprove this incident indeed took place.

  257. darkstar24 tell the story hear say.

    • I am afraid I know even less than most here. Was there even a raid/bust at all? I don’t know. If it is not public record it would take witnesses willing to tell…..

  258. Whitnei was not at the Boudreaux Inn during the raid and she was not at the house where Leonard was shot either.

  259. Headline News Channel is airing a special on serial killers right now from 11-12.

  260. Someone posted earlier about the coroner being involved in drugs; I have no idea one way or the other if it is true, but I have worked in a profession that deals with him regularly, and my opinion of him is that he is very “icky” and perverted.
    He definitely would know how to hide evidence and would probably know the area pretty well.
    I’m not sure if he is married, or if he has any close friends, but surely a wife or someone close to him would notice mood and behavior changes around the time of the killings, right?
    I’m curious to know if he’s ever been looked at as a suspect.

  261. has anyone ever considered clorophorm could hav e benn used, just trying to think of why these girls so quietly, or they didi know their attacker and felt comfortable wth him enogh for him to drug her first in a drink or some thing like that?

  262. i was just reading an article that stated that early on it was rumored that loretta could have been murdered by migrate workers for robbing them, i remember when they came to town they were staying there at the boudreaux inn. could they possibly be the majority of the so-called johns there? hispanic men are notorious for being frivolous with their money. im not predjudice but i live in an area that is heavily populated w/hispanics so i am quite familiar by listening to the hispanic women. my question is how did that rumor get started?

  263. Which coroner are you talking about that is “icky?” The current or past coroner for Jeff Davis or Calcasieu?

  264. Heard that rumor that they had stole from migrant workers and that’s why she was murdered. I have also been told by someone who stayed at Boudreaux Inn for a hurricane several years back that it was loaded with Mexicans staying there.

  265. You know, it says a lot about our town and our officials when they are so unwelcoming to our visitors. Ive kept a pretty tight connect with the reporters and film crew before and during their trip here and I have to say that I didnt expect that our elected officials and our Law Enforcement officers would be so cold. They dont want anyone to pass judgment on them, but their actions speak for themselves.

    On the night that the film crew arrived, it was Kirk Menard who arrived at the hotel to greet them. Over the last few days, Kirk, my sister, and I have been the “tour guides” for our visitors. In welcoming them here, Kirk’s wife has cooked for them and everyone near has done the best we could in accommodating them and aiding them with the information needed to get the story out there.

    Now, IMO, I feel as if the officials, (mayor, sheriff,etc) should be welcoming them here and assisting them with the most accurate information available. Instead, we (the same people who are discouraged from this investigation) are the ones that are doing it. In the last few days, we have re-visited the body location sites, cemeteries, etc. Where were these “lead investigators” or this “task force” when this was going on? Why is it that these BIG GUYS with all their information arent directing these reporters and the crew to where they need to be? Now, we are definitely not complaining, as we have had such a good time with all of them (its your loss guys), but if this article in a magazine or this documentary featuring our angels could help get the point across, why would they not want to participate.

    Hey LE officers, elected officials, “high-ranking” officials, Why dont you charge one of those expensive dinners to one of those “company” cards like we read about in the paper and take all of these nice men and women out for some nice cajun cuisine?


  266. Brittany – Did u really think Jennings’ so-called “big shots” would welcome these people with open arms? Look how tight-lipped they’ve been thus far about these murders. I’m sure they see these folks as outsiders and unwelcome intruders. And just like AMW, they won’t share anymore info than they have to with them. It just goes to show that they do not and will not accept any outside help in solving these crimes. You have to wonder why, huh? Irregardless, bless you and your family and the Menards for what you are doing to help welcome these people to JDP. I’m sure they are appreciating your southern hospitality and the fine cuisine we are famous for during their stay here. Meanwhile keep the faith Brittany. You are to be admired for what you are doing to help seek justice for your sister.

  267. Boy that is sad when there was not an “official” in some capacity to meet or greet any of these people. They should want these murders solved and recognize that national exposure may bring in tips that otherwise would not have come.

  268. I have to defend Andrew St. I have friends that live on that street not too far away from Dugas’ house. Andrew St is a good street. It is NOT in poverty like someone posted. It is NOT drugville either. There is only ONE resident on that street that is BAD. We shouldn’t condemn all the residents just for one bad apple. Andrew St is getting a REAL BAD RAP!!!!!!

  269. Our “icky” coroner is very sick. He has cancer in his lungs and liver. It doesn’t look good for him

  270. Hey darkstar. I bet if it was a movie crew here to film a star-studded movie they’d be running to attend to their every need. But not a documentary about the serial murders? Somethings wrong with this picture don’t you think?

    • Oh yeah, it would be totally different. I think that officials get the feeling that the documentary will make Jennings and those that run it look bad.

      They need to get over that . They need to go full speed on catching a serial killer and put pride aside.

  271. hey cooldude- no one is condemning andrew st. as a whole, when they say andrew st. they are referring to that one house, some of the people posting actually live on that street, and are expressing their concerns about that house period. after all they get to observe the obvious b.s. that is going on. im sure that your friends are uncomfortable with the situation happening so close to them and that makes a great need for a huge public outcry.

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