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  1. anonymous, thanks for the links!! I posted a link from the blog (on the left hand side under LINKS) to the Missteps At The Homicide Crime Scene article for future reference.

  2. Necole’s family was not allowed to view the body…

  3. Did not see anything unusual on that particular footage.

  4. I know you are posting to Cousin but here is what I noticed. The 5pm small segment showed her walking in front of the house or at least a portion of the lattace (sp) around the carport of the house across the street.

    Although I and I’m sure all wish there was another person with her at the very least the family see her as they remember, messing with her hair.

    Sad indeed.

    Now I wonder if Kirk took any footage of her at her workplace on Doyle. What about any footage of her or anyone on McKinley.

  5. Like I mentioned in a previous post, this whole situation has been bothering me all the time. I may be wrong but has anyone ever thought that the killer might not be a friends of the victims or was involved with drugs. I have read in some post that there are several community members upset that the house on Andrew street is not getting in trouble for all of the drug activity. What if its a neighbor that is mad what the neighbor has turned into or tired of all the drugs in the community and LE doing nothing about it and in his or her own way cleaning it up.If they were are not friends with the killer then it has to be someone who knows alot about the house and the coming and goings. Just a thought. I really hope this person/persons get caught before someone else is hurt. Maybe someone can run this by someone on the case and see if this option has been explored.

  6. It seems to me these are all cover up and/ or clean up murders.These girls knew something. They have too much in common to make it a coincidence.
    In a small town, everybody knows every body. or has heard of them, or is kin to them.
    Somebody knows who it is.
    Maybe that’s why they were killed, because they told someone who it is.
    And then the one they told was next.

    Maybe Andrew St. is a SAFE place for them, they feel safe there. So they talk there.

    Could that be the Andrew St. connection?

    Think About It!

    • What I don’t understand is 3 of the girls (that we know of) mentioning to family they were worried they could be next……why would they say that? Why didn’t they go straight to law enforcement. They apparently had a legitimate fear. They were afraid for their lives and afraid to ask for help either.

  7. I will never understand why family is not allowed to view the body. I would demand it. This is not a gestapo country where officials make this choice.

    People there is something seriously wrong.

    • I’m with you on that. It’s something that has had me scratching my head since I first found out about it.

      I could understand not viewing a body that was 7+ days into decomposition or one that had been immersed in water. I’m certainly no expert but find it strange that the girls that were found within a few days time frame were not allowed to be viewed by their families. I was not aware LE/Coroner/Funeral Director were able to prevent family from viewing deceased loved ones.

  8. I’m like u Dallas, just an outsider looking in and but I’m also really bothered by these crimes. It bothers me so much that I warn my female family members not to go out after dark. My daughter likes to go to walmart alone, after her children are in bed and her hubby is home to stay with them. That way she doesn’t have to shop with the kids. I keep telling her she shouldnt do that. She tells me not to worry and that she isnt the serial killers type anyway and I ask her how does she know she isn’t his type. She tells me because she doesn’t do drugs and isn’t a prostitute. Then I have a niece who likes to go out on weekends and frequents bars with her girlfriends. She tells me she isn’t worried either because she isn’t his type either. And I tell them both that maybe that is a misconception with all parish females, that the serial killer is looking for only one type.Oh I don’t but the whole thing does bother me.

  9. Does anyone get a creepy feeling that the killer reads here too? He has probably read all of our posts…

    I mean I’m 1200 miles away and I read it…why not him

    • I Have definitely thought of that also! I don’t live there either, I am a 45 minute drive away and I still read them and post to them! Kind of creepy!

  10. g8trgirl– Those are excellent photos of the area where Necole Guillory was found. Thank you. Based on the photographs, I would conclude that the body must have been placed from the shoulder of the interstate. A strong individual, as the profile suggests the serial killer is, with his vehicle lights turned off could probably move a body with less risk and more quickly to a point where it could be rolled down an embankment than he could move a body up an embankment from a rural road where visibilty in both directions appears to be more limited. There would also be fewer excuses to be on the rural road late at night. Pulling over the side of the interstate could be easily dismissed by some as being for some legitimate reason such as needing a rest stop.

    Do we know anything yet about the vehicle that Necole Guillory was last seen entering? Based upon what law enforcement has said about the possibility that the perp changes vehicles after a murder, might it be likely that the perp uses one vehicle, for example a truck such as the one Kirk Menard spotted after the Brittney Gary murder, to dispose of the body and a different vehicle for appoaching the victim initially , perhaps a rental car that he never uses again. It would make sense to do so because there is a greater risk of being observed when the intial contact with the victim is made, the timing of which is not entirely controllable by the perp and lesser risk when it comes time to dispose of the body, the timing of which is entirely controllable by the perp. I think law enforcement should check out all rentals of vehicles in Southwest Louisiana in the days preceding the date of abduction for persons of interest.

  11. shelloil – thats odd cuz I was wondering the same thing. If law enforcement looks at these forums then the killer probably does too! and cp – I’m sure the families aren’t allowed to view the bodies because of the horrible conditions their in. can anyone imagine the trauma caused from viewing a body in such a decomped state.

  12. g8trgirl – those are great photos. however unless you put an X on the spot where the body was found, I still have a hard time figuring out in correlation to the interstate. im not too familiar with this area since im not from there.

    • I don’t know exactly where the body was. It was about 150 yards off the I-10 shoulder down the embankment.

      I wish I could walk on the actual embankment area but I still wouldn’t know the exact spot. Maybe sometime down the road I’ll go back and do that. Right now is not the time though. Believe me when I tell you APSD is patrolling that area. They probably wouldn’t be too happy to see me traipsing around taking photos on the embankment.

      Now………..if someone would like to volunteer to go take pics on the embankment…….I’ll definitely post them here LOL :D.

  13. Its one thing not to see the body, but we could at least be supplied with some answers as to why or some reports that state the reason that the bodies were in a condition as such….

    U cant just expect families to just accept such an unexpected horrible tragedy without anwers or justifcation and just move on.

    They have no idea the hurt, pain, and confusion that they have brought to the families by doing so. Families are hurting. I personally, have been affected by this in ways that most people will never understand and I dont doubt that others are going through this too.

  14. g8trgirl – i just looked at those pics again and i clicked on them to make them larger and it really made a big difference. these pics are great. i now get a better feel for about where the body would have been found and the surrounding area. its eerie though…especially when you see all the long grass everywhere. so if the sk didnt want the body to be found there are plenty of
    other places to dump and hide it. it looks like he intended someone to find the body rather sooner than later don’t you think.

  15. hey i enlarged the pics to get a better look at them. they really are great. i was better able to understand the area and about where the body would have been found. with all the long grasses there sure would have been better places to hide a body if the sk didnt want it found. hmmm, it looks like he wanted that body found rather sooner than later.

    • curvy – I added a picture to the group. It’s a screenshot from a KPLC video which shows the location of the crime scene tape. That will give you a better gauge in determining body location in the pics. One of the tapes is right at the end of the metal overpass railing.

  16. hmmm, you know i do have to wonder why the body was disposed of on the west bound side and not the east bound side of the interstate. does that mean the killer came from that direction or did he want to throw law enforcement off again? if it would have been on the east bound side then that would have meant the killer came from that direction. am i thinking right?

    • I have asked those same questions and lean toward believing the body was placed on the west bound side to mislead police away from him.

  17. g8,
    Turn your IM on for a sec…gotta remind you of something 🙂

  18. i was so busy watching channel 3 news that i missed this interview with necole’s mom and sister on tv 10.
    heartbreaking to watch! – Hard News&h1=Victims Mother Speaks Out&flvUri=

  19. Saw the channel 3 news piece. This is so sad. And to top it off it concludes with the sheriff saying there are no leads in any of the murders. Hmmmmm…

    • I don’t know why anyone would say there are no leads. Yes we do have leads and continuing to gather evidence to support the facts and evidence we already have. We know alot more than we did 8 months ago and its getting closer.

  20. g8trgirl – that sure does seem awfully close to the interstate. So all he would have had to do is pull over on the shoulder and open the passenger car door and her body push out. How cruel!

    • I was looking at this KPLC screenshot ( and just noticed how flat the ground is right off the paved shoulder. The perp would have had to get her past the flat part to get her to a point where they could try to roll her down the embankment.

      I’m not so sure one big push would have caused her to roll to where her body was found. Even though the grass was recently cut it is still very thick. Doesn’t seem like a body would just freely roll down the embankment. I think whoever did this either drug her to that spot or had to roll her several times to get her there. Am I making sense? That would mean this person(s) was out of the vehicle for more than just a few quick seconds.

      Also, to me, it looks like she is lying perpendicular to I-10 rather than parallel. Maybe it’s just the angle of the shot.

  21. Oops I meant to say ” all he would have had to do is open the passenger car door and push her body out.” SAD!

  22. Hey Brittany, I want to put this as delicately as possible because I would never want to upset any of the family members. I think you are probably better off for having not seen your sister. I know you have been on this forum a long time and know why so I will not go through it all.
    The Sheriff or TF should have appointed a liason to help walk the families through and answer any questions you may have. Y’all have not been treated like families of victims and deserve an apology at a minimum. I know you don’t mind being the squeaky wheel so make sure your story and voice is heard repeatedly at election time. This non-lawman has to go. He set the stage. He set the tone. He set the chain of command. He did not push to have his office investigate. This is his job and he has failed miserably.
    He is trying to play catch up and clean up now but it is too late for some of the victims. Think how many may have lived had the JDPSO investigated it at full speed from the beginning.
    You and the other family members can constitute a huge voting block when election time rolls around. You all need to get together and vote, in mass. Make your voice heard during the politickin’ and make your vote count on election day. You all deserved to have this public servant do his job. You deserved better.

  23. I didn’t notice where this had been mentioned previously but, one of our posters here emailed me this info yesterday:

    Daily news reports today that a 17 year old walking on Craig street 2 days before Necole was found escaped an abduction… Suspect is described as older white male salt & pepper hair and goatee with scraggly work shirt…

    Light blue truck with a stripe down the side… He drove past her, turned around, pulled along side of her, threw the door open and tried to pull her in… She fought and struggled tearing her shirt in the process….she then ran to a nearby house….

    • Do any of the past suspects fit this description or own a truck like this?

    • Hope they keep reporting about the escaped abduction. Thank goodness she got away.

      Seeing Craig St made me think one of the young ladies had been last seen on that street. On Thread 4 it was Kristen. Wonder what happened to the witness who saw her.

      “Kirk Menard, on March 6th, 2009 at 11:14 AM Said:
      If you want to look on a map…look for the streets McKinley, Wood Street, Andrew Street, Highway 26, Racca Road, Bryan Street, South Main, and in between streets. The high risk areas are known as Gallup Street, McKinley, West Jefferson, Grace Street, Craig Street, and of course South Main. Cecile Street and Clara Street, though farther North, are also known as somewhat high risk. When I use the term high risk I am only using the term for clarity because that is what LE has clarified it has since most, if not all the victims frequented these streets. In fact, the day before Kristen disappeared, she was at the corner of West Academy and Clara Street and a phone call was placed to the PD but never followed up.”

    • Hi g8
      This is incredible news! There’s a chance this is the guy right? How many abductors are there likely to be prowling a small town at any one time? Maybe I’m reaching here but this is major news in my opinion…..Do we know who the girl is and if she has sat with a sketch artist? The plot thickens……

  24. g8… said what I have been saying. Three of the girls were afraid for their lives right before their deaths. For someone to verbalize that they thought they might die, says to me that they felt a SPECIFIC threat where they could possibly be the TARGET. If it was a general fear, it would have been expressed as such…something like , oh there is a killer out there-it scares me. No, they said they were afraid that they were going to die, specifically.

    So…it tells me that it was someone they knew or suspected within their general circle. Comments were made to parents in one case like the less you know the better. Why? Again, because it was not a general fear but more of a specific idea that something would happen to them personally and the reason why could put those around them in danger.

    So if they cannot tell their family so not to involve them then who can they tell. Each other………….no doubt, girls talk and one of them had to say something to someone……………..we need to generate talk somehow from people who know all of the players. I think Theresa Gary has to know something, she is right in the middle of it.

    As far as the killer reading this, I bet he/she/they do, if they can actually read that is………..

    • No one mentions Pappy.

      • Who is Pappy, Popeye? Is it Pappy of Brittney or who?

      • I do not know of a pappy…always hear about TG

      • Why do we need to mention Pappy? He is Brittney Father, he is not out walking the streets and he is not all the time at andrew st. Like TG . Is there a reason for you wanting someone to mention pappy? Is there something you need to know other than the fact that he is Brittney father??? Other than that there really is no NEED in mentioning his name or anything about him. Stay focused on the killing, some of you on here really need to get on track and stop going off on the wrong track, so I would hope people would learn to stay on track and not off on things that have nothing to do with this case. We are here to try to help in catching a killer that is here some where in Jeff Davis, yes I am sure he reads this blog and those of you who said if he or she or they can read well I think they are pretty smart look what they have done so far so yes I believe they can read and do more than LE or and investigator can hope to do so lets see if between all our forces we can all get together on the same page and get this killer or killers..he or she.

        • I know he’s her father. If folks think Theresa knows something, wouldn’t he as well? Maybe he’d be more willing to report anything then she would be.

      • If you know he is her father then you might know that Teresa and Britteny were always together. Pappy was around but he was not around Brittney like Teresa was. The one that will know more about Brittney is her mother. It would be nice to maybe get teresa on this site and let her have her say in all this everyone questions her and what she has done and why she is here and why is she doing this and why did she do that. Everyone is quick to point there finger at her about this and that but not one person has been in her shoes and had to deal with the life she is dealing with now yes everyone makes there own life but sometimes once you are down it is hard to find anyone who wants to help who wants to listen to what you have been through just like all these girls they were afraid so maybe that is also what teresa feels also she maybe afraid of what she knows and so this is why she does what she does so I think people on this blog really need to stop judging her until they have been in her shoes and delt with what ever it is she has had to deal with!

        • Stop judging Teresa? I haven’t walked in her shoes but I would never sell my children for drugs or any damn reason. Having an addiction is one thing but when you put your children in it that is just sick. She needs to pay!

  25. Hey G8, That is great news. A light blue truck with a stripe and a live winess to ID him. I would bet that in a parish the size of JDP that alot of the deputies know the truck. If he is from outside of JDP they will find him by calling surrounding Sheriff depts.

    The article says “Daily News reports today….” I am assuming the article is from the 29th. The attempted abduction happened on the 17th. 12 days from the incident occurring to when it hit the papers. Did Scott Lewis have a comment about what took so long?

    Does anyone know who the girl that was able to escape the guy in the truck is? Is she part of the circle of people that hang out at Andrew St?

    I hope this is the break LE needed.

    • You think LE would have this “sighting” front and center with a descripton and or sketch of the man and truck. Does anyone else not find it weird that they are not making a big deal out of this “attempted abduction?” Unless they know who the person is already….

    • RR – I haven’t been able to read the whole article. Someone sent me just a couple of paragraphs. I would definitely like to know what the rest of the article said and also why it took so long to make it public.

    • RR, where did you get the attempted abduction happened on the 17th? I thought it said the girl was 17.

      Does anyone know the date of the paper? Wonder if it’s a late model or old blue truck.

  26. g8, i would love to talk to you about some things that have weighed heavy on my mind for years is there an alternate way to contact you? possibly by mail? i have gut feelings about events that happened long before these 8 precious lives were taken.

  27. And of course throughout this attempted abduction and of course Necole’s death the Sheriff is still saying they have NO leads in any of these murders. Doesn’t anyone else think that’s sort of strange! When will Kodiak be down here in JDP? I’m anxious to see how they will be greeted by the local law enforcement.

  28. Was 06 an election year? I remember one year Danny Semmes ran for Sheriff against Ricky Edwards. (No murders in 06.)

    • The last sheriff’s election was Oct.2007, yes it was Semmes and Edwards. The next election shoud be in 2011 and the sheriff would be sworn in June 20012.

      • That should be June 2012.

      • ea, would that be election during 06 and swearing in in 07. I’m confused since I thought the swearing was in even years. So did the election go from Oct 06 to 07 or from 05 to 06?

      • If I was the gambling type I’d bet Edwards won’t be running in the next election :D.

        • Agreed, I think he just wants out, at this point, apparent now to alot of people (who previously backed him) he’s in over his head in solving these murders, and I know this has been mentioned before but I too, don’t think this is a ‘Bundy’ type killer either or to put it another way, someone of superior intelligence killing these girls.

  29. Wow, 06, thought it was because Nixon and Jones was in jail. During that time I can’t remember reading about FR either although he seems ALL involvd. Had no idea or thought it was the year Danny Semmes ran. After that his brother deleted mouthin’ off which had some stuff. Interestend observation.

  30. Interesting article:

    Serial killers working as long-haul truckers may be responsible for a string of homicides that stretch from coast to coast and cut right through the tri-state area, according to the FBI.

    Law officers have compiled a stack of 500 unsolved homicides and 200 potential murder suspects as part of the bureau’s Highway Serial Killer initiative. Most of the suspects are truckers.

    The victims are highway prostitutes, hitchhikers and people who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Many are nameless Jane and John Does whose bodies were found tossed along the nation’s busiest highways. There are 10 such cases in or near the Chattanooga area, the FBI said.

    One unsolved Chattanooga homicide dates back to 1999, when contractors clearing brush in a dirty creek just below Interstate 75 on Cannon Avenue found the body of a 35- to 40-year-old woman.

    “When you don’t know who your victim is, there really isn’t anywhere to start,” said Lt. Tim Carroll, head of the Chattanooga Police Department’s major crimes division. “You can’t even start to ask questions until you know that.”

    The body was badly decomposed, but the woman had been strangled and bound with cord. Lt. Carroll feels certain the killer brought the woman to the area and dumped her remains.

    “They treat these people like they are disposable,” he said. “We have to figure out who they are before we can figure out who did this to them.”


    The FBI’s Highway Serial Killer initiative, started five years ago, is the key for local law enforcement to connect unsolved killings — often with unidentified bodies — to suspects and families yearning for answers.

    “The mobile nature of the offenders, the high-risk lifestyle of the victims, the significant distances and involvement of multiple jurisdictions, the lack of witnesses and forensic evidence combine to make these cases almost impossible to solve using conventional investigative techniques,” said Special Agent Ann Todd, a Washington, D.C.-based FBI spokeswoman.

    Truckers who kill have skirted the nation’s laws for years by committing their crimes in one state and transporting the bodies for hundreds — if not thousands — of miles.

    That throws investigators such as Lt. Carroll off course. When a body is found, investigators turn to their missing-persons lists, but if someone was killed states away, the local list is no good, he said.

    The 1999 homicide in Chattanooga is typical of the crimes listed in the Highway Serial Killer initiative. So is a 1988 Jane Doe homicide victim found along Interstate 59 in Dade County, Ga.

    There are more than 40 unidentified remains listed on the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s Web site. “It’s the prevailing feeling that many of those victims are victims of this sort of crime,” said John Bankhead, GBI spokesman.


    Lisa Manis was a free spirit who had no fear when encountering strangers.

    “She never met anyone she didn’t trust right away,” said Rebecca Allen, Ms. Manis’ sister.

    So when the 23-year-old didn’t call her family for a few months in 1993, no one back home in Michigan paid much attention. After all, Ms. Manis was known to hitchhike, and she was looking to establish a relationship with her estranged father in Tennessee.

    But police believe her trusting nature fell victim to a highway serial killer. Her body was found June 12, 1993, off Mountain Creek Road, just a few hundred yards from U.S. Highway 27.

    Ms. Manis had been in the Chattanooga area for a few weeks, hanging out at the Palomino Club on Rossville Boulevard and applying for jobs at various restaurants. She told her family that she had ridden with a trucker to get to Tennessee, Lt. Carroll said.

    When police found her body, it had no identification. After local media showed a post-mortem photo of Ms. Manis, “people at the restaurants recognized her and called us,” Lt. Carroll said.

    Now that case is in the FBI database with nameless victims. Police hope that the facts of Ms. Manis’ death will link her case to some other victim and then, perhaps, to a suspect.


    In 2007, there were more than 40,000 unidentified human remains known to exist nationwide. Not all were victims of crimes, a handful were suicide victims.

    The FBI admits that its listing of 500 homicide victims is a paltry start.

    “We feel that there are many more victims than the estimated 500 who could be included in the database,” Agent Todd said. “In fact, the purpose of publicizing the initiative is to encourage law enforcement agencies to send cases to (the FBI’s Violent Criminal Apprehension Program).”

    Chattanooga police invited area law enforcement authorities to a 2005 workshop to discuss the Highway Serial Killer initiative and to encourage other cities and counties to take part.

    “No matter how small the department, they can enter the information into the system,” Lt. Carroll said.

    The wider the network, and the more victims and suspects entered, the more likely police are to make an arrest. So far, there have been successes.

    “Electronic timelines have been developed on 46 trucker drivers and are available to law enforcement investigators,” Agent Todd said. “At least 10 suspects, who are responsible for more than 30 homicides, have been placed in custody since 2004. All of the suspects are truck drivers, but not all were on duty at the time of their crimes.”

    Lt. Carroll hopes to use one such timeline from Bruce Mendenhall, a trucker accused of killing four women in Tennessee and Georgia. Officials here want to know when Mr. Mendenhall was in the area and if his truck log corresponds with local cases.


    Truckers say knowing that a few people in their profession have been involved in such crimes is not a surprise, but it is yet another black eye for an often-maligned profession.

    “I’ve been doing this 15 years, and truckers are some of the best folks you could know,” said Bruce Blankenship, a Michigan-based trucker refilling off Interstate 75 last week. “There are bad guys on the road, yes, but there are really good guys, too. I’m the kind of person that would give somebody a ride and tell them about my grandkids.”

    The FBI acknowledges that the trucking industry has been helpful in assembling the data.

    “While the list of subjects involved in the HSK initiative consists of long-haul truckers, this represents a very small percentage of the drivers within the industry,” Agent Todd said. “The vast majority of the drivers are honest, law-abiding citizens. We have received overwhelming support and cooperation from the trucking industry throughout the initiative.”

    Still, it pays to be wary, one trucker said.

    “For every 10 guys who read their Bible at the truck stop, there are others looking for drugs and hookers,” said William Morgan, a New Orleans trucker passing through the area. “It’s scary, but this is a good profession for guys like me and a whole bunch of others who are just working-class guys doing the best we can.”

  31. IMO it isn’t truckers at least long-haul ones. This seems more like someone very familiar with the area. Take the Guillory gang with the time line I think the person(s) who put her there was not only dealing with the body but also knew the mother was/had made the report.

    “The victims are highway prostitutes, hitchhikers and people who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.” From long article above

    Also haven’t read or heard the young ladies as such but I could be wrong.

  32. Hey, I am writing bc i might have information y’all may not know.
    I am very familar with the city of jennings especially the south side. I dont want to give away my job occupation but lets just say i know the streets like the back of my hand. Theres this house on East Willis 2 weeks ago which i thought was very suspicious the guy who lives there was at Enterprise Rent a Car this guy i know is a drug dealer y was he at the enterprise place renting a car? Also old man jeanise was last know to pick up necole and was shot at correct? How come all of a sudden his house is up for sale? The guy who tried to abduct the 17 year old girl i think i know exactly who he is from the description of the truck to himself. Also these high risks streets there are at least 4-5 cops live on these streets i know they have to at least know something right? On South Andrew st. isnt a bad street except for that one how that dugas stays at i think that the neighbors to that house should keep a close eye out on that house. Thanks for taking the time to read this message and i hope i gave information that could benefit helping catch the killer.

    • Who do you think drives that particular truck?

      Did you see this drug dealer at Enterprise or did you just see the enterprise car in his driveway? Does he no longer have the car? What kind of car?

      • I think he saw him at Enterprise if I am reading that right. Maybe he never brought the rental to his house?

    • Familiar, thank you for writing! You do not have to give away your identity. That is very interesting about the person possibly renting a car. As you know, some people suspect that cars may be rented and used to avoid recognition-at dump sites or during the crime.

      As far as I know, Shelby’s house was for sale BEFORE Necole went missing- I will check on that. He is also said to have gone searching for her when missing and maybe even went with her mother to report her missing. From what I know of him….he is no killer.

      This guy you think may be the one described in the abduction……what is he like, what does he do etc…..
      Any info you give can only help at this point!

      Keep your eye on that house on East Willis. Vehicles, people in and out, foot traffic etc…….. I don’t know if it is someone that the cops are already watching but if he is a dealer, I hope they are already aware of him at least.

  33. Does anyone know this woman?

    Kimberly Ann Stephen, 27, DeRidder

    This the the woman found in DeRidder that is supposedly not connected. Is her name familiar to anyone…..she have any ties to the girls or Andrews St house?

    • She has not ties to “Andrew St.” she is from DeRidder, she has nothing to do with this case, this has been stated by the sheriff in Beauregard,
      “We looked into it as a possibility, but it looks like it is not going to be connected to the Jeff Davis homicides,” said Sheriff Moses.
      So please lets not bring things into this case that need not brought into this case they have said this homicide has nothing to do with the Jeff Davis case so let’s leave that case in Beauregard Parish.

      • I am not from LA I am far far away so I was just curious, wasn’t trying to bring it in, more trying to rule it out.

      • Do you know 100% that she does not have family here or in Jeff Davis at all? Even the sheriff in Beauregard is not as positive part of what he said is ‘but it looks like it is not going to be connected, etc. that’s not as abolute as you seem.

        • ahlou,

          Well that is how I kind of felt too. I mean LE have not been more forthcoming with any other info really so why not try to cover that up too. No one knows for sure if it is connected or not. My first thought was maybe the killer did that one to really throw LE off. Different area…non-related victim….etc.

          By her photo she kind of reminded me of a few of the girls….lookswise.

  34. I seen him at Enterprise then the next day the Rental car was at his house. It was a Gray SUV. Also the guy who resembles the description given for the abductor is a quiet fairly normal person but what is throwing me off is that the guy im thinkin of has more gray hair than what they describe with little if any dark hair he is also most likely disabled.

    • If you know something why not contact LE or Kirk Menard?

      Task Force Tip Line
      337-824-6662 or (you can leave them a message on there website)

      FBI New Orleans

      Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff Office

      Kirk Menard
      337-275-7050 (This is Kirk investigation Service website) You can also leave him a message on here also So PLEASE what ever info you might have please let someone know…small info or large everything helps…Thanks so much for at least reaching out, I wish more of us in Jeff Davis would reach out and tell someone what they know the more who talk the more that is told the sooner we can catch the person/person who are doing this bad things in our parish, we need to start with this and continue to clean up this parish. It will take time but this is the first step in doing so. Let’s all come together and get this killer or killers off our streets and put where they need to be let’s so it for the 8 and for all the mothers, daughters, sisters and all the families….

    • Familiar- the guy that rented the gray SUV, does he already have a car? If not, not does he normally get around?

  35. No the guy doesn’t own a car i only see him at his house mostly and at the corner of shine alley sometimes. I

  36. I know I haven’t posted in a while but I would like to say something real quick then I need to get off and do more work.

    Question #1: Why has local law enforcement refused to consider this a serial homicide case?

    Opinion: The FBI can assume exclusive jurisdiction over serial murder and if law enforcement admitted that we had a serial killer or killers, they would have possibly lost control of the case to the FBI but for some reason, Jeff Davis parish wanted to maintain control so, while we all know that with 8th victims, all connections and ties to each other, same M.O., we have a serial killer, law enforcement will not admit we have a serial killer for fear of losing control of the case to the FBI.

    Point to Ponder: Necole Guillory was found off of Interstate 10 which is a federal highway. This, in itself gives the federal government (FBI) not only exclusive jurisdiction but original jurisdiction to take over the entire investigation. Once federal jurisdiction is achieved, any case connected to the original jurisdiction attaches. I don’t believe the person or persons responsible realized that when Necole’s body was dumped on a federal highway…the FBI can now take over the entire case.

    Another opinion: A lot has been said from the public about cover-ups, corruption, “what are they hiding in Jeff Davis Parish, etc.” and Necole’s body was located in Acadia Parish. Could it possibly be that Acadia did not want the same pressure as Jeff Davis and held back and stated “this is a federal highway, this is the FBI’s jurisdiction.” Just my opinion on things. Look for the possibility of the FBI to take over soon. If I were in charge of Acadia Parish I would sure push it off on the FBI.

    • Thank you Kirk.

      Good to know and let us hope that the FBI does take over.

      Maybe then, we can get somewhere.

    • The fact remains that no matter what; whether it was an accident of fate, or a well planned purpose of the guilty party(ies), the body was left in a federal right-of-way (I-10), thus, this can be taken over as a federal jurisdictional matter. The fact that Edwards didn’t want to call it a serial killer’s actions, to me, is an obvious ploy to keep it away from federal jurisdiction, therefore, he mainteined control of the investigation’s progress and also, the lack thereof. I still don’t get too warm and fuzzy over the feds taking the case over because I know that they are as apt to give in to corruption as any other entity; however, we will at least shake the matter up with some new faces if the fed takes the case over. I simply can’t shake the possibility of a high official being involved at some level and causing the FBI to turn their head to particular facts in the case. After all, the FBI needs funding too.

    • Sometimes, I still wonder why LE has avoided questioning some witnesses/victim families themselves. Wonder if the FBI would be more prevalent amongst the families, public, and courthouse, etc. It would be a ‘big step’ for the Cases.

      It could be someone outside the usual gang, a neighbor- good suggestion.

      With that amount of unsolved cases it is also shocking to see that one jurisdiction has maintained so much control for so long.
      Was Paula Guillory’s arrest not a federal charge??? Seems it should have been.

      Also, it would be great if LE would let others know if the recent unsuccessful abductions are suspected to be related. Hmmm. Surely, they have checked the vehicles reported by victims. I would want to know much more….like every detail!!!

      Bless all the families, friends and supporters …your persistence is to be applauded!

    • hmmm i wonder if the killer knew that by placing her body by the interstate 10 would make it official for the FBI to take over, hello everyone i have only posted on here a couple of times, i been reading some news and lookin up maps cause remember i had posted that i was on my way back from lafayette dentist appt. well i found on google map my daughter showed me this and i was able to bring up where i got back on the i10 at and i was right it was the ramp that i used right there and i didn’t see anything around there that looked like a body but i do know that at the end of that road, (Abby Duson Rd) i don’t know the area very well tryin to get away from the rain on i10 i had went straight on abby duson instead of turning on trumps rd following the curver to get back on the i10 and i went all the way down turned around knowone around i seen it was a dead end and on the way back i seen a truck what looked like it had came from the dirt road end of the road, i looked it up on google maps and it wouldn’t let me go further down the dirt road. i had gotten off i10 in iota and followed egan hwy to the end. from what i can remember the truck was light in color not a small truck, it was like a full size truck, older not that new. i couldn’t tell how many people were in it, well if the FBI takes over it might get solved sooner hopefully, this is pretty big case a lot bigger than what small towns are use too, i’m from lake charles and it’s makes me worry that they found a womans body is deridder area i hope it’s not connected, but if i was living in jeff davis i would carry a knive with me too, i wouldn’t be surprised any young girls would be carrying knives with them now, it could get bad as far as that and with school and u can’t blame them there doing it to protect themselves, no teen ager young woman should be walkin by thermselves at all should alway walk in groups safer that way god bless everyone in jdp.

  37. Media Attention on a NATIONAL LEVEL may be the push that the FBI needs to take it over. Also national attention may offer the security net that could encourage anyone who may know something to come forward.

  38. Good news!!!!!

    Here I go again – I thought the FBI is part of the Task Force now – if so would it be those or would there be others from outside.

    The poll results are reflective of the people. Lots of votes not favorable for LE.

    • The FBI is part of the task force but in the past has only been assisting and the sheriff controlled the task force. The FBI assists in many cases but does not have control over the cases. However, in this case, the opposite is true where the FBI can assume full control of the case because the body was dumped on a federal highway and the state would assist them. The FBI would call the shots while others listen so it would be a swap-around.

  39. has anyone read this article from ID (Investigation Discovery Channel) on the Murders? It was recently updated with the last murder too.

  40. this is a little off topic,but I had to put in my two cents on
    I just discovered that there has been NO offer nor direction on how to get the children of the victims professional help in dealing with the death of their mothers and the aftermath!!! These babies and family members should be offered the chance of FREE councilling with someone who is trained to deal with violence and its aftermath, NOT just some preacher that LE pulled out of their pocket with little or no training.
    JDP now has how many little ones that will grow up without the emotional tools to deal with not only the unimaginable pain/trauma of losing their moms, how they died and the opinions of their mothers “life style” published for all to see, but the years that follow as these cases and questions are brought up again and again and again. ….

    the Governor’s office, the AG’s office and anyone else I can think of are receiving calls from me TODAY!

  41. Did anyone get a copy of the paper with the story of the attempted abduction yesterday OP was talking about…..I did not feel like driving 1200 miles to get one last night…ha ha

  42. the young girl that was interviewed by the paper, didn’t seem to have a high risk lifestyle… i hope that this isn’t related to the other girls

    • yardman –

      Was there anything else in the article that we didn’t already know about? Besides a description of the man & his truck? Article didn’t happen to state why LE took so long releasing the info did it?

      • the only info was about the incident and the descriptions of the attacker and the truck, this girl seemed like a good kid just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  43. the article didn’t state why it took so long for le to inform the public, i think that was a big mistake. the more eyes you have looking for the truck the better.

  44. It’s been said that she didn’t report it right away. Wth not? I would think that in this day and age, people of any age would report something like that happening … and right away, not 12 days later. Surely, she didn’t just go home and forget about it… This is why I’m beginning to think this whole scenario was fabricated.
    It’s reported that she said she struggled with her attacker in the dark, and then remembered she had a knife in her pocket. From Jennings Daily news, Sunday, August 30, 2009, “I pulled it out and slung it at him”… “He jumped back and both hands flew up. When I started to get away, he grabbed my knife. Then he grabbed my shirt with one hand and had the other on the steering wheel. We continued to struggle and my shirt ripped and I was able to get away.”

    …why would a young lady be carrying a knife? How many hands does this guy have, to hold her knife, and her shirt, and the steering wheel??? Knives are not really typical gear for a 17 year old girl, if you ask me…maybe this unnamed victim isn’t as innocent as ppl think?? Could you, after finding yourself in a struggle, get a free hand to grab a knife out of your pocket and open it? As far as self defense goes, I would hope that ppl would realize a knife can be easily taken from the scared victim, (as demonstrated here, if it is, by chance, true) esp. a young female when the assailant is an older male, and then it be used against them. She was just supplying the perp with a weapon. Consider this, if this guy is THE guy, would he really want to grab for a knife, when he’s been so careful not to leave DNA evidence, or whatnot, to link him to the murders? I don’t know about you, but if someone pulled a knife on me, I wouldn’t be trying to grab it! And one more thing…she talks about the truck passing by twice, and describes the scene way too clearly, like it’s been rehearsed. If I’m walking and a truck drives by, then comes back, getting close enough for me to be pulled in…let’s just say, I wouldn’t let it get that close to me. She had to have known who was in the truck, and approached it…or someone is fibbing.

    Personally, I don’t really believe this is anything but a way to get a possible description out, so the public will have a sense of security…as long as they know what they’re looking for, they can stay away from “them”…

    • It’s been said that she didn’t report it right away. Wth not? I would think that in this day and age, people of any age would report something like that happening … and right away, not 12 days later. Surely, she didn’t just go home and forget about it… This is why I’m beginning to think this whole scenario was fabricated.

      Thank you for clarifying some of the details about this incident for those of us that don’t have access to the original article. So this was not immediately reported to LE? Was it reported AFTER Necole was found or prior to? Wonder if the young lady alerted her parents immediately after it happened?

      It’s reported that she said she struggled with her attacker in the dark, and then remembered she had a knife in her pocket. From Jennings Daily news, Sunday, August 30, 2009, “I pulled it out and slung it at him”…

      Did the article state what time of evening/night this happened? She shouldn’t have thrown the knife at him….she basically gave him her weapon. She should have taken her best shot at slashing him. Of course I guess it’s easy for me to Monday morning quarterback since I wasn’t the one under attack. It has got to be an absolutely horrifying experience.

      …why would a young lady be carrying a knife?

      Under the circumstances and considering the area she was in, she was probably wise to have a weapon on her. There’s always the high probability it could be turned against you BUT….I’d rather at least have the option of having one and taking my best shot using it than to be 100% defenseless. Odds are, if someone is attacking you they probably have intentions of hurting you whether you’re armed or not.

      Personally, I don’t really believe this is anything but a way to get a possible description out, so the public will have a sense of security…as long as they know what they’re looking for, they can stay away from “them”…

      If that’s what they’re up to then I hope they never get caught being that deceptive. That would be a cruel and dangerous misstep on their part. I also hope this incident was not merely a fabrication. Remember the woman that claimed she was raped outside the bingo hall right after Brittney’s murder!! Interesting isn’t it?

  45. Hey Everyone just saw TG and her GF going into the house on Andrew St. Wonder what is going on there at this time of night….?????

    • I’m sure they’re all discussing the news highlights of the day, the stock market and what movie they’re going to watch tonight……that’s while they’re all cooking a gourmet meal (and choosing a wine) to enjoy WITH the movie……..of course!!

    • I don’t know but apparently they don’t watch the news because if they did they would know that Menard and his team are watching that area of town very close. That’s why I don’t think that anything Menard says on the news jeopardizes the case because these people don’t watch the news.

    • Oh she is probably just going to a Pampered Chef party or her Book Club.

  46. I re-read the article. The time of the alleged incident was not specified, just “dark.” This raised a red flag to me, too. The report to the police was apparently made after Necole was found, this being given as the reason she (the unnamed victim) wanted to come forward…that, and to show that you don’t have to be living the dangerous lifestyle that the previous victims led in order to be attacked. What is confusing is why the media wasn’t notified until a week or so after the report…and I’m not totally sure if it was reported to the police right after Necole was found, or 12 days later, when it was reported to the media…and in response to the knife comments, I would think that having some wherewithall to run before the attacker got that close would be a surer bet of getting away, rather than tossing them a weapon you don’t know how to use, when the attacker is still close enough to use it, IMHO. If you don’t have the capability to think quickly enough to run when a vehicle is approaching for a second time, how can you get a knife (or whatever weapon) from your pocket, open it, and know the right timing to use it to do the best harm to your attacker? I’m not trying to say this alleged victim, if real, could have done better, by no means whatsoever, but I think we should have some self defense classes (free) for kids and adults of this town. I haven’t heard of any, anyway. I wouldn’t walk the streets of this town in the dark, alone, but then again, I have no business doing so. And yes, I do remember the bingo incident. Unbelievable. It did a terrible disservice to those who have actually been through that sort of hell in reality.

  47. here is the full article from the crowley paper incase anyone didnt get to see it.

    Break in Jennings slayings?
    Posted August 31st, 2009
    JENNINGS – In what may hopefully be the break that law enforcement authorities have been looking for, a 17-year-old Jennings girl reported that a man in a “light blue standard cab truck with a dark blue stripe in the shape of a downward check mark down the side” tried to abduct her two weeks ago – just two days before the body of Necole Guillory was found near the Egan Exit on I-10.
    Not only did she get a good description of the truck but got a pretty good description of the man who attempted to abduct her describing him as an older while male with “grayish hair combed straight back and possibly a salt-and-pepper colored goatee.” He also wore what the teen described as “large glasses.”
    The girl, who understandably wished to remain anonymous, said that she was walking to her home on Monday night, August 17 on S. Craig St. when she heard a truck coming up from behind her. The truck passed her, made the block and then pulled alongside her as she walked. A man flung open the door and grabbed the girl’s arm attempting to force her into the truck. The girl fought off the attacker, using a knife that she had in her pocket, and was able to escape having her shirt ripped in the process.
    The girl said the truck followed her but she was able to elude him by jumping across ditches and running towards her house. She said once she got to a corner which was well lit by a street light, the truck went the other way.
    The girl said that she specifically recalled the description of the truck because she remembered if from the first time it passed her on the street.
    The girl did not immediately report the incident but after Guillory’s body was found she decided to speak out in case the man who tried to attack her was the serial killer.
    Jennings City Police reported Friday morning that both they and the Multi-Agency Investigative Team (MAIT) were looking into the incident.
    It was unknown why it took a week for the incident to be reported to the media.

  48. It should be noted that each time the story is printed, there are details that are changed or left out. The Sunday Jennings Daily News did not mention the goatee, just stubble. This report made the whole chain of events sound different than the victim’s words in the Jennings paper just days ago. They make her sound empowered in Crowley’s paper, but victimized in Jennings…Hmmm…

  49. Where is this truck and the occupant? A simple APB would find it in five minutes, if from the area. A few phone calls to surrounding parishes would find it quickly if it is there. I can only guess that the truck and driver are under surveillance to try and catch him in the act.

    “light blue standard cab truck with a dark blue stripe in the shape of a downward check mark down the side”

    I am pretty familiar with cars and trucks. I am not sure what a downward checkmark looks like. Can someone point me to the composite sketch of the driver and the truck? I know any LE dept. would have released one by now so I must have missed it. Can someone link me? Thanks

    • I have seen trucks with a check mark on them before, like a i could probably draw it better than on key board lol, like a v—– but the line is on the right or the left of the v line would be higher up.A dodge dekota i think has a V like check mark on it, so theres no extended cab on this light blue truck, yeah they should look in there data base for a truck of that description jennings area jefff davis parish they should be able to locate probably would end up coming up with a few of them for sure, well it’s a step in the right direction i’m glad to hear that she reported it sad she did’n’t before but i don’t think they would have got him any sooner. cause i’m sure he’s hiding somewhere not in jeff davis he would be dumb to stay around but they need to check at the end of abby duson road

    • It’s like a heartbeat sign and yes we have a pretty good idea who it is and we’ve submitted that report to the task force.

  50. Oh Red Ranger, I so agree! When is someone going to tell this man enough is enough? How can the Sheriff go to bed at night thinking he could have saved a life just by letting the public know about this vehicle. If it is true or not, it doesn’t matter. Let the public know! Deal with the consequences later, like before. I mean, he is so so wrong, just don’t understand. I can say, and you can take it any way you want, I have family down there and IF ANY of them are hurt in any way, that could have been prevented, I’m coming for the SHERIFF, LOUD and CLEAR!!!!!!!! Screw that!

  51. There’s been an arrest in the Rocky Mount, NC serial killings. See web link:

  52. g8trgirl, on May 20th, 2009 at 12:49 PM Said:
    I thought this was interesting . Were any of you aware this site had been set up?

    Maybe I just missed the announcement for it……hmmmmm. Anyway, I’ll post a permanent link to it under the “Contacts” section of the blog.

    I’m kind of chuckling because American Press has a blaring BREAKING: (9/1 12:05 p.m.) New Web site set up for tips in Jennings homicides posted on their site. Wonder if someone on the staff just happened to stumble upon it like I did back in May or if the MAITF decided to FINALLY publicly release the location of their website.

    • I just heard about it on the radio station 96.1. I wrote it on my calendar so I could check it out! Wonder how long it has been there!?

      • This is the same website they have been having. They just added Necole’s info to it! WOW BREAKING NEWS!!

      • It’s been there at least since May, lol even 96.1 want the film crew to know they are doing something.

        I saw the addition of Necole about a week or so ago on that website.

        • Ahlou, I agree the film crew is the reason. I hope the film crew shows something like “A few reporters in the area have mentioned this” period. No name for publicity.

    • My comment on American Press Site is still awaiting moderation. I did that at 2:12 p.m. today and it is now 4:09p.m.

      • I wrote mine at 12:30 and it’s still pending …… they probably won’t approve it 😉

  53. LOL, from May 20th when you found the website until September 1 for it to be BREAKING NEWS. If this is so horrific it would be laughable. Not only that American Press urge you to buy the paper on Wednesday to read about it. 😦

    Wonder if all of this have to do with a show of attention before Kodiak Production arrive.

    • ahlou/brownie – we too have been aware of that particular site for the past few months and will certainly not be handing any individual publicity to any organisation who now chooses to RE-promote it!

  54. g8, what happened to previous discussions, help all I get is

    Not Found
    Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn’t here.

    • Try now ahlou. I’ve been working on fixing a bunch of broken links. Thanks for letting me know about that!!

  55. YVW, It WORKED – thanks!!!!!

    Still being me under general discussions is GEN discussions – it shows

    Where do you attend Church ?

  56. Lisa – what do u mean check abby duson rd? is that the road u were describing earlier? that is the road my inlaws live on about 2 min from my house.

  57. i came across that website a few months ago. before it had necoles info on it.

  58. abby duson road splits into 2 directions. one way leads to the bayou where there is a boat launch. the other leads to a camp that is freguently visited by its occupants. my husband and his brother are constantly on 4 wheelers down there. they havent noticed anything out of the ordinary. i did hear that a car had gotten stuck back there i think the night before necoles body was found. a tow truck had to be called. the man that has the camp at the end of the road is who i think i had called the tow truck. i think they said it was a black car with one or two black males inside. not sure though. we always find it amusing how many people try to go down that road when the interstae has a wreck or something because there is a dead end sign at the end of the road.

    • ok it just stayed on my mind that truck i seen didn’t look right to me, but that’s kool if it;’s all good, but let me say this when i passed there gettin on the i10 it had been raining pretty hard and when i was getting on i10 the rain was light but there was knowone around mowing grass at all know where i didn’t see anyone around doing any work, so they need to check there caller I.D. of who made the call.

    • i think they said it was a black car with one or two black males inside. not sure though.

      Interesting…….the older fellow that leases property around the ballpark said he noticed on Sunday (16th) around 6:30 pm a charcoal/black car pulled over on the shoulder of the eastbound lane right near the overpass…..said it didn’t appear to be having car trouble.

      • there’s been a charcoal/black car on the shoulder since last week on the west bound lane, right before mile marker 78, with Texas plates.

  59. channel 7 news was just down Andrew St interviewing Kirk Menard. Everyone watch 7 news tonight.

  60. Hi all

    It’s only a few days until we travel to Jennings/JDP. We’re
    full of adrenaline and incredibly eager to hit the ground running and tell as many of the town’s stories as we can between Saturday 4th and Saturday 12th.

    We already have several interviews arranged and have made some fantastic contacts in town (thanks Brittany & Kirk in particular) who are helping to set up more.

    However, we also want to give the people of Jennings and the wider parish the opportunity to speak for themselves – and rather than us come to you, it may be easier the other way around…..

    So we’re considering setting up a “free-for-all” in a public place in Jennings for a few hours one day – where anyone who feels the need to speak their mind on camera on the subject of these unsolved homicides and life in Jennings in general can do just that.

    This could be a simple anecdote, voicing a concern or even offering information related to the cases.

    Now all we need to do is find a day and a venue – but I’ll let you know that info as soon as it’s confirmed. More than anything right now, I just wanted some feedback on whether people in and around Jennings think this is a good/positive idea. All feedback welcomed.

    Thanks for reading

    P.S. Sorry for making all of those not from the JDP area sit through all of the above….this is just the best way I know to contact people in the area in one shot!

    • Paul, I saw the remarks about Wal-Mart as for me I’m still thinking about it. Yes, Wal-Mart would get a large group that is depending on when. I’m thinking if you do Wal-Mart then Super Food Shopping Center would get the folks from both sides of the fence is the best way I can put it. Unless you go on South Main then itself. Best place there would be UBC Family Life Center area.

      BTW on the 2nd Tuesday is City Council so hopefully that will be a night when many will attend.

      Wishing you and your company the BEST. You know you got it all hot now as you can see everyone wants to be in lights, ROTFL.

    • Kodiak, Good luck on your venture. Be prepared you
      will run into alot of brick walls in JDP. LE will not always be truthful

  61. shoot i say set up in the walmart parking lot! im sure there would be a huge line of people wanting to voice there opinions!

    • I absolutely agree with you “concerned” – That is the one location in the parish where a wide diversity of people go… From all over the parish and some from out of the parish.

  62. Kodiak – You all coming will be a positive re-enforcement for the parish… Just knowing that you want to help has made so many people believe these cases will one day be solved (hopefully soon) and our parish will return to the supportive, loving, involved and trusting community it once was again.

    I pray you all have a safe trip here and a wonderful stay even though you are here to report on a not so wonderful incident.

  63. katc just stated that they will have the story of the attempted abduction at 5!

  64. Kodiak, I just want to say you are great- Kirk, Brittany, and g8 too 🙂

    God Bless everyone here and involved.

    You all provide such determination, and persistance
    in pursuing justice. Not More, But ALL the power to ya!

  65. Notice on the arrest made in the NC serial killings, the man was a sex offender and had not registered as he was supposed to be.

    The police here have knowledge of all the sex offenders that live near by, and I hope they too are being monitored.

  66. Found this to be eerie!!!

    In Jennings—Non-Compliant Sex Offender spent time in NC prison as sex offender…except the time does not add up???

    Non-Compliant Sex
    Larry Shelton 1003 W. Division St. , Jennings 70546
    Offender incarcerated Dept of Correction, N. Carolina Begin 04/04/2007 for 8.5 years.

    I would assume he is living here to be non-compliant or they need to update his status???Idk

    He is white, 33 yrs with black hair- not picking him out to be suspect by no means, just thought it was weird he’s from NC- like the serial killer they just found there.

    We have offenders that are non-compliant in all areas daily. We should remember how dangerous the world can be before going out alone, especially at night. Sex offenders do ride around looking for victims, and a woman walking alone is just what they want.

    It is true, and it is real, for my brother was one of them, and I actually stopped a woman in 1990 to see if she needed a ride (I knew she should not be walking alone), she got in, wanted to go around the corner, proceeded to tell me she was just raped, described the guy, did not want to report the crime, it was my brother she was describing. I knew he did it before and could rape again. If he was active, he had to go back to jail. I called 911 at her neighbors apartment, and made sure he was reported. I stood there as the police came and heard them on their radio locating his car at our grandmother’s. He went back for 10 years. Through experience, I tell you, after they spend time in jail- some learn to kill their victims so they cannot talk. That is what I heard. Fortunately, that does not always work. They often pick girls that do drugs and prostitute because they think those victims make for bad witnesses against them due to their wrongdoings and because they think the DA cares less about these women.

    Sorry to run on…ramble…memories are coming back and I just think it will help to share so you all can please understand to watch out for each other and don’t go out alone. Don’t let kids sell lemonade unsupervised either- that is dangerous.

  67. what i dont get is with all that’s going on in jennings. why are women still walking the streets alone? especially the streets in question?? every time the news shows film of the streets while covering a story there is always some girl or woman walking the street alone. and if you ride through jennings there r constantly women walking places alone! are they not afraid for there lives? im afraid to even go shopping in jennings or even ride through town alone much less be walking the streets by myself!

  68. this is for the red ranger i dont know who you are or anything about your lawn mower but anytime that you want some of me come get you know were i live but remember you gotta bring some ass to get some ass now quit hiddin behind a fake name and come show your face if your a man ….. as far as you people that want to know about the killings ask the state truppers about the 5 dna test and the numerous polygarph that show im not the killer and i had nothing to do with them and i dont know who did it and as far as being charged with a firearm i am innocentand should be presumed innocent until found guilty and if ya’ll wonna know how i got out of jail read the damn paper Frankie Richard

    • Wow! Your spelling and your daughter’s spelling just shows your immense intelligence.

    • Frankie, you are so hot to trot to declare your innocence and are of some worth…then help us out here please….
      tell us the true story of the Boudreaux Inn and the raid that happened years ago.
      Anytime I bring it up to people of JDP I’m warned off of asking, and your name ALWAYS comes up in those conversations(and not by me)
      you can also relate the stories of the motels in Crowley and the one at the truckstop in Jennings next to the Roadmaster……

      • i dont know if yall know this about frankie r not. he has always been very mean, he has beat his first wife up so many times and his brothers, and mom would watch and not do any thing about it. he has also beat him mom up omg u just dont know how manytimes he has done that. he use to pimp girls out thought he was the man 9(still thinks that). frankie should of been lock up years ago and for some reason he gets away with every thing. didnt he beat his son not to long ago and the boy had to go to hospital with something broken. why is he not in jail for that. he would watch his brothers beat there wifes and not help, in fact all the brothers did the same beat there wifes and the others would watch and not help thank god i think the wifes got the hell away from the whole family. frankie has older kids that dont want anything to do with him cause of what he done to there mom. can say i dont blame them either. so frankie if u r reading this u have to understand why people think of u the way they do. u never hear anything good about u all bad so if u want to clear your name from us people than u need to spead to someone and let them know what u know we all know u know who is behind this and the reason why i am saying this cause u get out of troulbe all the time and there is a reason not cause someone stole the evidence this has been going on longe than before that so tell us how u stay out of jail.

    • Frankie – cool your jets. Red Ranger sent that picture to me as a joke. He never asked that I put it on the blog….I thought it was funny so I took it upon myself to put it there. Out of all the things that are here on this site, I’m kind of amazed that lawnmower picture was the thing that pissed you off.

      That aside……glad you decided to pay a visit here and post. If you have absolutely nothing to do with the murders of the 8 girls and you are innocent as you stated…..maybe you can help get your name out of the “pool of suspicion” by getting actively involved in finding out WHO did kill the girls.

      You must have your own opinions about who could be behind the murders and why they are doing it. I’d be interested to hear what you think. Do you agree it’s someone local? Probably someone the girls all knew?

    • KEEP TALKIN frankie, you will probably slip up and give yourself away!!!

  69. Concerned – I totally agree with you. Why aren’t these women scared. I sure as heck wouldn’t walk the streets and especially those in question. Just saw Kirk on KPLC and its nice to finally put a face with a name. It says you were hired Kirk by 3 of the families. I don’t understand how they are affording to pay a private investigator as those fees can surely add up fast. Is there a fund set up to donate to to this cause to help defray these expenses? I mean I think it is wonderful what you are doing Kirk to help the families and Lord knows LE hasn’t been able to solve these crimes. I’m just curious how that works.

  70. Hi, my name is lauren richard i am the daughter of frankie richard i senserly disagree about the things i have read about my dad on here and my grandmother jeanette leblanc and my nanny tabby… i think it is wrong for low class ppl to talk on my family like that and my dad will never hurt anybody like u ppl say he did or supposable will and for ya’ll ppl who think ya”ll know what ya’ll talkin about just shut up and keep ya’ll comments to ya’ll selves because ya’ll are hurtin me in school so if you dont mind stop talkin about things ya’ll dont know anything about… L.E.R

    • Ok I did not know his daughter was still a child so I did not mean to say anything about her spelling, but seriously y’all and y’alls is not a word.

      • They’re not???? I use them all the time….can’t help it….I’m originally from Texas :D.

      • y’all is short for you all………….it is informal but not incorrect and demonstrates a Southern heritage or regional dialect.

        If you want to correct grammar/spelling there are far worse offenses like……….

        It don’t…… NO….. it is it doesn’t

        Sorry….just had to defend the y’all………….(pronoun)

      • I know this is off-topic, but in south louisiana, y’all is a word. It’s in the dictionary even though it’s a contraction.

    • lauren i am sorry u have to read all this about your dad, grandma, aunt, uncle. i know it hurts you very much u just remember u have nothing to do with the life they leave. hold your head up high and dont let kids in school get to u. i know it is easy said than done but honey. dont let it hurt your grades go talk to someone if u need to u r in my prays

  71. looking around for pics trying to figure out the exact kinda marking we are looking for on the truck that is describle in the attempted abduction.

    here are a few that i found

    Dodge Dakota

    Dodge Dakota

    Dodge Dakota

  72. You sorry son of a bitch, you have the nerve to come here and threaten these people who have worked so hard to find out what has happened to these girls and you wonder why people think you’re the killer. You have spent your life threatening and intimidating people, but these people here INCLUDING myself don’t give a damn about what you have to say. You threatened my sister up until the day she was found dead and I know you’re responsible for her death. If you don’t like what I have to say then do something about it because you have met a family that is not scared of your sorry ass. You are nothing and will never be anything but a broke down crack head with a bad rep in this town and I hope one day someone puts your ass to justice as they see fit. We all know how it is you got out of jail, and you better believe that will be handled as well. You think you have JDP officers on your side but we have formed an army to take you and your little crew down so if you wanna threaten someone, here I am, but you better be prepared because your time is gonna come. You’re a creep and a FLUNKIE and everyone knows it!!!! If you felt that you were innocent , then you should have come here to defend yourself instead of threaten YET ANOTHER person. You cant get mad behind the truth, if the shoe fits wear it, THIEF!

    Are you mad yet, because I’ve been mad for a long time?

  73. i did not threaten any body and your grandmother and grandfather half raised me i have always been a true friend to mr. and mrs. dubous adn i never threaten your sister in my life now you can kiss my ass

  74. Since when have you ever had respect for anyone close to you? You have been physical with your own mother so how does “being a true friend” to my grandparents exempt you from harming my sister? If you’re capable with your own family, then you’re capable with someone who means nothing to you. You can sit here and post all day and all night, but the facts are the facts and no one believes you. If you were so close to them, then I would sure as hell like to know why my grandmother died accusing you of Whitnei’s death..such good friends huh? You have made a reputation for yourself in this town and it is what it is. If you don’t like it, then you should’ve done something about it. Your behavior doesn’t prove to anyone that you are a “model citizen”, as a matter of fact, you are very far from that. Kiss your ass, no thank you, I’d rather chew knives!!!!!

    You have so much respect for whats goin on, and you show it in your posts, but I’m glad you’ve decided to join us here so that you can prove to everyone what a jackass you really are!

    Some advice, leave your daughter out of this and let her be a child. She shouldn’t even be involved in this blog, she should be doing what girls her age do and not defending her dad for murder. Lauren, I’m truly sorry for whatever problems this has caused you and no one ever wants to see a child get hurt, believe me, I see Whitnei’s daughter hurting everyday and it isn’t very pleasant.

    So Frankie, GO TO HELL! LITERALLY!

  75. Can someone clarify for me? Are the following groups of people related in any way?

    Paula Guillory
    Terrie Guillory
    Necole Guillory

    Theresa Gary
    which I know is related to Brittany Gary but are they related to Warren Gary?

    • Paula and Terrie were married at one time….they are divorced now. Necole is Terrie’s first cousins (they’re dads are brothers).

      One of the other victims, Kristen Gary Lopez, was a cousin of Brittney’s. My understanding is that they are not related to Warren Gary.

      One other familial type tie is Ernestine Patterson’s father Jeff Daniel, is the father of one of Necole’s children as well. Although a DNA test was never done and he denied the child……he was at one time giving Necole money for the child’s support. Another strong link amongst victims.

      • g8, I’m in shock, had not heard about Jeff. Can’t let you have wrong names so – Jeff Daniel is the father you are talking about, I believe. Patterson was her married name, the husband is not from Jennings.

        You are GOOD!!!!!!

  76. I don’t believe Theresa is kin to any of the above. Her family moved to Jennings when she was 16. They lived on West Jefferson st. by west end elementary, one block up. I don’t think she’s kin to Warren either.

  77. i think it was stated in a previous post that paula, terrie, and necole are related not sure about warren and theresa

  78. Brittany, tonight brought back some memories for me. I remember when my husband had to hold me back after my child was murdered.

    I want to tell you how you gained my greatest respect, again when you posted to the daughter. That takes an honorable person and as it should be. Thanks!

    It’s been said before you are the torch. I just hope you will continue the journey even if it is rocky. Just know you all have so much support you don’t even know about. Really praying for you and all the family members.

  79. Her married name is Gary. Her maiden name isn’t.

  80. Just how old is Lauren Richard? I’m confused. I didn’t realize that she was a child either? Rightly so, she cannot be held responsible for anything adults around her do. Regarding Lauren, I think you handled that well Brittany.

  81. curvycat her myspace says she is 16

  82. I believe that Kirk handled that interview well. Why doesn’t the sheriff get Kirk to speak for the task force or law enforcement as a public relations person? It’s no secret that the media needs updates. I would leave that in Kirk’s hand. Job well done Kirk, keep it up, we’re behind you.

  83. I also went look at Kirk’s website and he may be dedicating a page to the victim’s that is why I added his website to my post, that’s what I heard at the courthouse from someone doing research today. If you click on my name it will take you to his website. I also saw today in the Jennings Newspaper that the sheriff wants people to contact them directly with tips but it seems more like smoke and mirrors because the word around town is that people will not trust law enforcement.

  84. anonymous, i tried clicking on your name and when your message came up it did not show the link, please help :0)


      You have to click on the 10:03 post (has underline under anonymous’ name) the 10:07 doesn’t have the link in the name.

      I posted a permanent link to the site under LINKS (left side of blog) and Contact (under INFO, right side of blog)

      • Went to the website, something struck me. The last body was found at the Egan exit, Kirt’s main office is Egan. Was the killer saying something by placing the body in Egan where he/she may/did know that is where the PI’s office is located? Is there a message there? This really got me wondering.

        • We’ve entertained that idea but other facts that can’t be disclosed tell us it was a matter of convienence rather than a “cat and mouse” game. Normally, as experts tell us, a person or persons involved in a “cat and mouse” game will usually make phone calls, leave letters, and toy with investigators first or go as far as leaving notes on the bodies so you will know that they are toying with investigators. It appears to be more coincidental than anything else. Furthermore, I still use my office in Jennings and my business partner uses the office in Egan. There is a truck stop further down the interstate and that’s all I can say regarding those facts so other facts in the case point away from the “cat and mouse” type game.

          We do wish it was/is a “cat and mouse” game, however, that would put the person or persons in the spotlight and would be caught more easily so anytime he/they/she feels like calling us they may do so but its not going to happen, at least not now until they feel brave enough that they are invincible and can’t be caught and pretty soon they will feel that way.

        • Kirk, thanks for the response. Was thinking it was because of your office. It was worth asking and getting a response as well.

          Ok, so now I’m going to ponder about the truckstop, lol.

  85. So, it use to be rumor Theresa Gary joined others at the Andrew House on a hunt for her daughters murderer, but it now sounds as though she may be there for drug habits and such of her own…Is that apparent to you all or do ya think she is still has intention of finding the perp?

    Is the Boudreaux Inn still open for business?

    • Teresa Gary uses the excuse that she’s looking for her daughters murderer but no doubt she’s there for the drugs.

  86. No, the Boudreaux Inn is closed for business now.

  87. Hey Frankie, The last thing on my mind is driving 800 miles to Jennings to knock out an old man. I have read of your reputation and know many of your crimes. I also know that many are scared of you. I am not one of them. I have seen the scrawny Manson looking pictures of you so I still don’t get it. I find it kind of silly for an old man to be wandering the streets stealing peoples lawn mowers, weed eaters, and whatever else you feel inclined to steal. I don’t really care about you or your little pissant crimes though.

    I do feel like you have some knowledge about the killings of these girls. You stating that you have taken a DNA test confirms that they have DNA in some of the killings. I think you knew all the girls. I think you know their killer(s). I think you know the what, when, where, and why of all of them. Maybe you could take a few minutes and talk about some of that on here. I think who and why would be the most important. Why don’t you start there?

    I also commend Brittany for leaving Frankie’s baby girl out of things. I am not a fan of involving children in the sins of their parents. I feel bad for her that your crimes and actions cause her grief at school.

    And last, how does LE come to your house with a warrant, serve it, find the drugs and the gun and you are able to walk free with the DA not willing to prosecute. They had you in a box, taped up and delivered to Angola. You must have something on him in a big way. Can you expound on this a little too? Thanks in advance for the answers and for coming here to clarify.

  88. And how do we know that it is Frankie actually posting up above. Perhaps he could say something that would further prove that it is really him. And while we are at it, perhaps he could tell us who he thinks it is and why he was the last person seen with so many of the victims.

    If you are truly innocent then you should feel free to post some tips.

  89. Someone was talking abt Teresa being at the house on Andrew St looking for her daughters killer. That is not true. Teresa and Brittney were at the house ALL the time before the murder. Brittney was hooking down Andrew St and Teresa was selling drugs. She isn’t the WONDERUL mother she has made herself out to be.

    • Looker–I agree 100%!TG lived at this house last summer, and for the last several months she either lives there or comes and goes day & night.She has had plenty of time to gather info and so far no new leads in the cases? IMO– No she is not as innocent as she appears to be.

  90. I have a question, I am hoping someone can shed some light on. How is it that Warren Gary who owns the truck that one of the victims was last seen in. Would be put in charge of the evidence room. Don’t get me wrong I am not accusing, but it just doesn’t make sense to me.
    I grew up in JDP and worked there and NOTHING HAS CHANGED when it comes to LE.

  91. Does anyone no how I can contact the lady on facebook?

  92. mysterious are you talking about the lady that has the cease fire in jeff davis parish page? this is the link

    • Did anyone hear the noon news on KPLC? At the end of the newscast something was mentioned about the murders and the Today show.This as I understood will be on the news tonight.Not sure about this.Thought maybe someone else heard the same.

      • Just learned KPLC will be interviewing friends of the victims on the 6 pm newscast tonight. Don’t think it has any thing to do with the Today show (my mistake)

  93. This is part of what I got off the kplc website.

    There’s growing distress in Jeff Davis parish about what many see as too little progress in finding out what happened to eight woman found dead there over the last four years.

    We’ll have more of those interviews tonight on seven news at six.

    I have been sitting here reading and I am in the process of reading past post in this blog wich I only found last week. It is so interesting to read and very informative. I am not from Jdp but do have lots of family there and I too am so interested in the details of this case as well as it coming to an end.

    I too have many opinions and hopfully when I feel a little more comfortable with posting I will be more active in voicing those opinions.

    Keep up the good work everyone and my prayers are with all the families.

  94. Please mark October 17th on you’re calenders. As the mother of Crystal I have planned A Community United in Prayer. It will be from 6pm till 7:30. Coaliton choir will be performing the music. Pastor Clifton LeJeune will be the guest speaker. Everyone in the parish is invited to attend (please no media this is a prayer service not to be used for publicity) especially families of all the girls. There will also be a candle light vigil in memory of our Angels. I pray that those whom I have invited will attend. My prayers are with all of you.

  95. This will be located at Lake Arthur Christian Camp In Lake Arthur.

  96. I must say this.

    There are alot of opinions about who the “suspects” are and of course there are opinions about law enforcement or members of law enforcement being involved. My agency nor my investigators nor myself cannot form any opinions and cannot discuss any of those opinions with anyone. We will not speak ill of law enforcement or the task force. We are more professional than that, if law enforcement or the task force has ill feelings toward us then that is their choice but we will not stoop to that level. We know that we maintain our professionalism and if law enforcement or anyone in law enforcement or the task force speaks ill of us then we just let it go, not that they have done so, but if so, then that is their decision to show unprofessionism but we will not show the same unprofessionalism that anyone else demonstrates, we have a job to do and we will do it to the best of our ability, no matter what. We are not at odds with law enforcement or the task force, no matter what they think or the way they feel. Two wrongs don’t make a right but we have clients to represent and you can bet that we will represent them and their best interest. We will not show any unprofessionalism whatsoever no matter who else shows unprofessionalism. Not saying that they’ve had done so, just making a comment for the purpose of discussion.

    On another note, we hear alot…and just so you all know, some rumors do have half-truths to them and others have no truth to them and some are accurate. However, for the purpose of our investigation, until rumors, third party informaton, etc., is verified and substantiated, we have to treat it as rumor. Doesn’t mean its not credible, just means that its rumor and can’t be proved with direct physical or scientific evidence.

    There’s been alot of talk about cover-ups, corruption…political and otherwise and alot has happened since the onset of this case with the PG case, and on and on. We have no opinion of those issues except for our own that we cannot and will not share with anyone.

    I will say this… and many of you have this opinion as it has been noted on this site…if a person of interest or persons of interests and/or suspects have law enforcement contacts or other contacts that are assisting them to “get away” with thse crimes, we don’t care who they are, wrong is wrong and our report will note what we can prove. So if any one is accused of these crimes and someone in law enforcement or a higher influence is assisting them in cover ups it will come out and we will push the legal limits, no matter how high we have to go, to ensure that justice is promptly served. We’re not saying or even implying that someone in law enforcement is doing such a thing but we are putting your fears to rest by assuring you no matter who is involved, no matter how influential they think they are or they actually may be, they will be caught as well and punished accordingly by the laws of this state and/or the federal statutes.

    We are not giving interviews for the spotlight…regardless of what anyone thinks or feel. Believe it or not, I’m very stage frightened but we do it for our clients interests, so the public does not forget about these cases and to keep the public informed. Sometimes we have to weigh our client’s best interest versus our quest, and law enforcement’s quest for justice and that is a difficult tasks at times and many times is a judgment call that we have to make at the spur of a moment.

    I make no judgments unless we have proof, physical or otherwise to substantiate claims. But again, it’s unprofessional for us not to co-exist with law enforcement and by law, we give them all information that we discover. We may not give them the source of information if the source wants to remain anonymous, but we will turn over the content of that information. The sheriff and other law enforcement officers want the public to trust them and report tips directly to them or on their website. That’s fine with us but we are still receiving tips at our office and that is fine too since the public perception is that law enforcement cannot be trusted. Our clients and the public have formed their own opinion and their opinion is not necessarily our opinion. We do not have to tell our clients or the public our opinion and we wouldn’t even if asked because our clients and the public have their own opinion of what they believe is happening in Jennings and our parish regarding these unsolved homicides. We will not be drawn into a childish confrontation with law enforcement and there has not been any but just to say, we maintain a level of professionalism and no matter what they think of us we will not lose that level of professionalism. Just wanted to make these things clear.

    Thank you,
    Kirk Menard

  97. Where did every one go???? I for one will not visit a site were I have to log in to read but then that’s just me.

    All this I, me now that the crew is so near there is so much attention when in the past years nothing but this site. I know the Production is seeing what I’m seeing thanks Paul you said it cause you see as well.

    Take KPLC, yest they had JDMM on the front page but look at the months and years from interest to interest. This is the only website that has been constant….and now everyone is ‘look at me’.

    • Everyone wanted more media coverage on this case. Now that they are more involved please don’t chase them away. The more coverage the better. Thank God that it’s finally happening. This sight has been here the longest, and has kept people informed.

      It does not matter that they are just starting. I say it is answered prayers. We need to be positive about this. I hope the coverage continues to grow.


  99. Hello everyone,

    I am a reporter from New York and I’m in Jennings right now. I write for women’s magazines and I heard about this story back in January or so and was outraged. What a tragedy for so many young women and their families. It clearly deserves a lot more attention than it has gotten.

    I spoke with Brittany and some of the other family members back then. It took awhile to get an editor to agree to publish a story (for a lot of reasons that have nothing to do with its importance), but I finally got a thumbs up, so I’m working on a piece for a woman’s magazine right now. It will reach millions of readers –mostly women in the US — who will undoubtedly also be outraged.

    Like you all, I think this story really deserves a lot more media attention, so I’m happy I’ll be able to provide some. The more the better.

    While I’m here, I would love to meet with some of you who are involved with, or deeply caring about this case. If you’d like to meet/talk with me and my photographer (though you don’t have to be photo’d if you don’t want), please e-mail me ASAP at:

    RLW31 (at) columbia (dot) edu

    I would especially love to hear from anyone directly involved — as a family member, friend or accused person.

    Brittany, this is a special plea to you since I’ve been trying to reach you with no luck. You’ve been so helpful, and I really want to connect with you while I’m here.

    Thanks to everyone who can help.

    Kodiak, my trip overlaps with yours for a few days, so I hope we have the chance to connect as well. It’s great that we might get this story out in our respective mediums.

    Hope to hear from some of you.

    Thanks again,


    • Ohhhhhhh Frankieeeeeee – you available for an interview this weekend??

    • I encourage all family that read here to please contact Rebecca ( and schedule some time to talk with her. The opportunity to be heard is very much upon you….right now. Please don’t miss it.

      To have Rebecca in the area working at the same time Paul and Kodiak Productions is there is nothing short of a blessing in disguise. I hope that each of you will consider taking advantage of the opportunity. I hope that the Task Force (orwhateverthehelltheyrecallingthemselvesnow) will take advantage as well and speak with both of them.

  100. G8 took the bull by the horns a long time ago. Some of us were already discussing but she led the way. The uncovering and welcoming aspect of this blog took on others. She made it happen with feet on the ground and the wherewithal to keep it happening.

    She did all this while her brother was dying and made room for all. She has handled everything with grace and never forgot that we have to work hard to get justice for the victims.

    My own daughter died recently and G8 was there for me too. She has the biggest heart. If justice is out there then I will work side by side with her. I think her shining example is a guide.

    People can and do work hard for others. Even if they don’t know them or are paid. Some just do. That is how I know G8 and our long history spans a decade. We didn’t even know until recently that we had common relatives.

    So, in short I applaud G8. Glad she is in my life.

  101. Women missing in Jeff davis parish Just annouced on tv. name nicole age 33

  102. Did anyone watch kplc… is it true that there is another woman from Jennings Missing?

    • Yes, KPLC reported a missing woman Nichole Thibodeaux in Jennings wearing south pole t-shirt,black capris she is bi polar,also reported on KATC 3 news.Let’s hope & pray she is found alive.

  103. They also said that she is bipolar.

    • why did we need to know she’s bipolar? Would that help us find her? There’s no need for them to tell the public her medical issues… nor where she was found (alive). Just say she was found. Thanks for the concern.

      • same reason they always do if someone has a health or mental condition. to let the public know she made need medication or medical attention, she may not be in her right mind so proceed with caution if u do come across her, to let people know that she may have just wondered off because of her condition and not have been taken.

        i dont think they mentioned it to embarras her or to draw negative attention. i feel they wanted to make sure they had all the known facts about her to help find her faster!

  104. I’m hoping this is not related to the others.

  105. yes, necole thibodaux from jennings. She lives on the corner of Mckinley ST. with her parents.

  106. There is a picture on the site.

  107. Nicole Thibodeaux was found at 10:30pm at a motel

    • Actually the police scanner said that she was found on Garage Alley. For some reason the police decide they have to lie to people again. Two police officers told me she was not found at a motel but on garage alley in jennings at a residence. The officers stated that they tell the media a motel not to panic the public.

  108. From KPLC Staff:

    Jennings, Louisiana (KPLC) – The woman reported missing in Jennings Wednesday has been found. 34-year-old Nicole Marie Thibodeaux was reported missing Wednesday evening. She was last seen around 1:00pm. The Jeff Davis Sheriff’s Office says she was found around 10:30pm Wednesday at a motel.

    (Copyright 2009 KPLC-TV. All rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.)

  109. I’m told she was found at a hotel at around 10:30.

  110. All I can say is Thank God for that….

  111. That’s the way it should work. Report it. Media reports it. Person is found safe.

  112. What the heck was she doing at a motel?

  113. Good evening everyone. I am so glad that this site is here. As time goes on and more victims have appeared my discomfort with the situation grows. In this blog, I have found a resource, a feeling that I am doing something (all I can) about what’s happening around me.
    I commend g8 for creating this site, which shows her concern and interest in the case, that quite frankly has become all of our problem.
    Having said that, in response to those who accuse those who did not create a site or those who recently created one of ‘just jumping on the bandwagon’ I have to say to you “whoa! Hit the brakes!”. Whenever you truly feel passionate about something you do not feel the need for recognition for what you did. And I’m sure in g8’s case, she didn’t do this to get that recognition. Nor is she holding it over anyone’s head that she did it first! Who, besides 6 year olds does that, anyway? How dare any one of you/us act like no one else cares, because they just started following. I was following this in topix LONG before this site was up. Many people refrain from posting because of the ease at which one can find out who you are because wordpress requires an email addy that is linked back to you. Also your ISP number is recorded at every site u visit, which can identify you very easily. Some people are just not very outspoken, but that doesn’t make them care any less than anyone else. I am yet to get the impression that this site was created for a pat on the back. And I’m offended that some of its followers are trying to take credit for “working to solve this”, while its very commendable to do so, please stop acting like there is some sort of patent on getting involved. Also, I have joined the facebook group. The facebook group is not an anonymous speculation site, it is an opportunity to physically volunteer to act on this stuff. No more or less deserving than this blog, just a different thing altogether. The facebook group wasn’t created to compete with this site nor was it created to get a Nobel Peace Prize. This was simply the point in time that its creator-who lives in Little Rock, Arkansas, decided ‘enough is enough’. I hope that all of u guys continue to keep doing what you do, being passionate about it, and pressing on until we see justice served! I think that was the inspiration for this site’s creator, and I sense her passion for this cause. She’s brought us all together to vent and voice our opinion in a fairly safe environment. Many more people are sure to follow and end up here, I’m sure that there was no deadline. If anyone here would like to join the facebook group, I think its an excellent idea. Mechon is very quickly putting together some great events to benefit the children left behind in these tragedies, as well as an opportunity for our community to come together in fellowship and hopefully be enlightened. And I’m sure Mechon welcomes any help she can get with it. The more the merrier! This is not a competition for who cares more or who cared first! Its about getting to the point where the ENTIRE community is active and taking a stand and showing this killer(s) that we will not stand for it. G8, I thank you for taking the initiative, I am glad this site exists in addition to the other very few places to get info and updates. Its very therapeutic to do so, but I’m sure you know that. Until we have NATIONAL MEDIA ATTENTION (and I can’t express to u enough how ironic it is that there IS NONE!) all we can do in the meantime is listen and talk with each other about this… God Bless and take care.

  114. Yeah, I did use my head. I had more or less figured out why at the motel. I just didn’t want to come out and say it. When will these girls get scared enough to use their heads?

  115. Someone told me that the interview that Menard did on channel 3 has been requested by CNN especially the video on the eighth victim. This came to me while Nichole Thibodeaux was missing when several people were calling. They also said that ABC and NBC affiliates have requested Menard’s interview and the surveillance video of Necole Guillory. Thanks to the person that called and told me this, he works for the press and passed this along. Maybe we will be getting the national media attention that these cases so rightfully deserve.

  116. G8 Thank you for the announcement. You did a beautiful job.

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