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  1. Thanks g8, I just never saw a name and it was bugging me.

  2. That 5-2 till the casket drop is a reference to a gang affiliation. I noticed another young guy from Jennings makes reference to the same thing It’s the five deuce crips (also known as 5-2 hoovers/hoovas) or some BS like that LOL :D…..they wear blue bandanas. Just some boyz wantin to be bad azzes imo.

  3. In my opinion the killer may be known to the surviving friends of the victims. Maybe I’m hoping too much but this needs to end. What if the families of each of the victims would ask close friends of their beloved ones to compile a list of men who they come in contact on a regular basis. Promise them that no one would know who wrote the list. Then the families could come together and compare what name or names come up most often on their list. I know the friends may be scared, but wouldn’t they be more concerned that they may be next? Please know my thoughts and prayers are with each family daily.

    • Unfortunately some of the family members aren’t that trustworthy….it was nice of you to think that though

    • Really……that’s not a bad idea. There surely isn’t anything to lose by trying. Perhaps there might be a person or two that is common to every girl.

      • I consider you a hero to all the girls who have lost their lives. Why not think outside the box, keep it simple, someone cares!

  4. Loretta Chaisson Lewis
    Ernestine Patterson
    Kristen Gary Lopez
    Whitnei Dubois
    Laconia “Muggy” Brown
    Crystal Shay Zeno
    Brittney Gary
    Necole Guillory
    Help them help others!

  5. This is in reply to an earlier response about the people on Andrew St. All the families on that street a good, hard working families. Dugas is the only SCUMBAG on that street. All the families want him off of their street. Right now he has NO electricity. He is bumming it off of the man on Doyle st. He is using an extension cord. He needs to GO!!!!!! He even had young boys running drugs for him on their bicycles. He needs to GO!!!!!!

  6. Doesn’t the news say, Necole was last seen being picked up on a street Sunday? Does anyone know what the vehicle looked like? Family members do you guys know?

    • She was picked up on Doyle St. I heard it was a grey pickup. That would be Shelby Janise. Then I heard it was one of Frankie Richard’s family members. So this is all hear say.

  7. I definitely know that Shelby Janise picked up Necole almost everyday. Sometimes more than once a day.

  8. Was Frankie out of jail when Necole died?

    I heard that Shelby got involved with this after his wife died, he is in his 70’s….I don’t think he is the killer but one never knows I guess.

    • Frankie was released on August 11, 2009.

      Is Shelby the owner of, or run, the recycling place at the corner of W. Division & Doyle?

      • I don’t think so but could be wrong. Thanks for the answer on Frankie, I knew he had got out but did not know if he went back in….so he was out and about during her death…hmm

      • For fact Shelby’s last name is Sonnier….not sure where jeanise comes from….maybe a middle name…..and he is the one that has a recycling business

  9. Who is Mike Janise, said to be the officer that found Muggy? Is he related to Shelby Janise?

  10. I don’t think Shelby killed her either. I was just saying that he did pick up her alot. I don’t know if Mike and Shelby are related.

  11. I just found out that Shelby spells his last name like this “Jeanise” and Mike spells his Janise. Related or not–I don’t know.

    • I really don’t believe either one of these gentleman had anything to do with the murders.Janise the LE officer is a decent person,and Mr.Jeanise I think cared for Necole.

  12. According to Jason Newton’s latest article on KLFY:

    Jeff Davis sheriff Ricky Edwards says today, there are no leads in any of the cases.

    This news is so disheartening. I notice Edwards says there are NO LEADS……I wonder if there is was any viable EVIDENCE found in this latest case or the others for that matter.

  13. The Jennings daily news says today that the coroner believes necole was asphyxiated…. There are many forms of asphyxiation, two of them being strangulation and suffocation…. Both of these are very personal ways to kill someone because not only do your hands become the weapon, in but in some cases you may be looking the victim in the eye as you watch them make their last struggle to live… It shows the true viciousness and cruelty of this person….

    • Firewife, I can’t believe not one of those young ladies fought back. Heck there should be something under the fingernails of at least 1 out of 8.

      • I wouldn’t say that none of them fought back…just know that the bodies are so decomposed that u cant take prints or find anything under their nails….u dont even see nails

        • I’m not being petty but they did say the last young lady was identified by fingerprints. I would think there was something there. Can’t remember about the others but she was identified right away and they said fingerprints unless that is now changed.

      • The paper states that Wayne Guillory believed that they identified her through her dental records and tattoos. This was in today paper

      • No matter what each of those girls were doing just moments before they were murdered, I doubt any of them realized what initially was taking place. At some point though, I’m sure each of them realized they were in a life and death situation and instinct and self-preservation kicked in. Obviously, they couldn’t overcome whoever it was they were dealing with. I believe all of them fought for their lives. If that’s indeed true…..I would think it would have been evident on the autopsies. We aren’t privy to that info though. If the family’s can’t get that info or have an extremely difficult time getting it then the rest of us are definitely S.O.L. as far as getting info.

    • Jennings Daily News ” Guillory”s body was found Thursday roughly 150 feet feet from I-10’s westbound lanes between mile markers 72 and 73 south of Egan. The body was found on the embankement of an overpass and was not immediately visible from the roadway.
      Without physical wounds, (Acadia Coroner Dr. Mark Dawson) said she was likely asphyxiated, but he stopped short of suggestioing she was strangled or suffocated.
      “asphyxiation would be the proper word,” said Dawson.
      It was unknown if drugs were found in her system as of press time. The Calcasieu parish coroner’s iffice is performing Guillory’s autopsy.” (Jennings Daily News 08/25/2009)

      Noun 1. asphyxiation – the condition of being deprived of oxygen (as by having breathing stopped); “asphyxiation is sometimes used as a form of torture”
      hypoxia – oxygen deficiency causing a very strong drive to correct the deficiency
      2. asphyxiation – killing by depriving of oxygen
      kill, putting to death, killing – the act of terminating a life
      strangling, strangulation, throttling, choking – the act of suffocating (someone) by constricting the windpipe; “no evidence that the choking was done by the accused”

      • Asphyxiation………is it possible it was chemical asphyxiation? Were there any ligature marks or finger/hand impressions around the neck? Was the hyoid bone fractured? Her body was at most 72 hours into decomposition……not nearly far enough to not be able to determine cause of death and method of asphyxiation…..unless perhaps it was something subtle.

        I dunno. Don’t know that much about forensics. Just asking questions.

      • ok i don’t know about everyone else but i can’t beleive no one saw someone drop off a body along interstate. there is always traffic no matter what time of day or night. and as for frankie its just to weird that the whole time he was in jail no bodies turned up. he was out for a week an a body turns up. he looks guilty to me. time they find this sob and hang him.

      • Does it really matter if she had drugs in her system and she still a human and does not deserve that none of them did no matter what kind of life styles they live!!!

  14. You know I want to recall a news station used to go in front of the post office and ask people their thoughts on things. Why don’t they call katc to go down to the post office or some HOT place in jennings. Oh, the wal-mart, and ask the community what they feel. Whoooo, I bet they will get GREAT ratings then.

  15. That is very hard to believe – 8 bodies and NO leads. I agree what about evidence. When you think of it this gets sick and sicker.

    Couldn’t see the article on klfy just yet so will go check the new – darn.

    I wonder how long will NO, NO, NO be allowed – yes I know until someone who is a member of a higher level is harmed. I feel so sorry for the families now.

  16. oops I was trying to type member meaning member of society.

  17. Oh I would definitely think if they were able they would have fought back…. My thoughts are that with the high levels of drugs and alcohol in their systems they may have been unable or hopefully unconscious….this may be why the levels are so high… It would be easier for him if they couldn’t fight back….

  18. Lawd, I’m hoping that is the case they were hopefully unconscious. This is so sad and disgusting. We have not been told if the last young lady had high levels of drugs and alcohol – we have been told even less this time than each before.

    We are told the FBI is helping this time seems they need higher than FBi. AMW would have had the resources but for whatever the reason not wanted here.

    • I think it will probably take a couple of weeks for necole’s toxicology report to come back…. I think the more that the FBI and other large agencies get involved the less the public is going to know about…..which I’m hoping doesn’t fuel a huge number of rumors and speculation….

    • of coarse they dont want them here because i believe one of the police officers or someone to that sort are in on this if it aint them killing them they know who it is!!

  19. Only a week and a half left until we arrive in JDP to make our documentary and we’ll certainly be doing our level best to bring these stories to an international audience. With the the cooperation and participation of some of those closest to the these tragedies, I’m more than confident that we can give this the attention it so badly needs and deserves.

    • Kodiak…. I too am happy that you chose our small town as your focus….I I I would love for you to seek out and interview Frankie Richard, Hannah Conner and Tracee Chaisson. As the suspects in these crimes I think the families and the community as a whole deserve to hear their alibi’s and their explanations as to why they are being “targeted” as the guilty parties…

      Although your trip here is a sad one I have no doubt that you will fall in love with our community… We are down to earth, close knit, welcoming people… No doubt you will have at least a few of us offer to cook for you.. And you would be crazy to refuse… Thank you again

    • how long will filming take? after filming what is the timeframe for release/publication of the documentary? how will this film be distributed?

  20. Kodiak, I hope you and your crew will be either at the Holiday, the one on the side or the Hampton. The one located going toward Crowley is not a place I would stay.

    Thank you for having interest in the story. I’ve heard many say they are very happy that you are coming. You may open this up as Brownie said and just talk with people on the street. If you do let people know where you will be – hey I’ll make it my business to find you- 🙂

  21. Just for clarification there are two different Shelby’s

    Shelby Sonnier and Shelby Jeanise

    They both had wives die of cancer. Shelby Sonnier owns the recycling place and was questioned yrs ago on one of the cases.

    The other Shelby was the one with Necole all the time.

    • why was she hanging out with a 70 year old man? Just kind of weird?

      • Yes everyone thought so. Must have been something of a financial nature.

      • I am not for sure but I think she had a thing for older men I mean alot older… MY lil girl that I adopted from Necole her bio father is 65…

  22. It makes sense now, many thought that was her father who was with her and her boyfriend who is now in jail. He was all over town with her wherever she was as was her boyfriend. That would be Jeanise not Sonnier. Thanks for clearing that up.

  23. I do not know details but supposedly someone had shot at Shelby’s truck. Left a bullett hole.
    Maybe that is why she was fearful about her life in addition to the murders.

  24. no her body was found wednesday about 150 yards of i10 around 2.30 3.00pm i was coming from lafayette from a dentist appt. in fact i got off i10 in iota because of the rain it scares me on the i10 i got back in egan a over pass by the ramp where i got on at, i was heading west on that road and instead of turning left fallowing the curve i went straight and was at the dead end of the road, so i turned around, i noticed that the gravel road i was on turned into a dirt road at the end i saw knowone around at all no cars at all untill i was coming back heading east to go on the ramp to get back to i10 i noticed in my rear view mirror that there was a truck light color coming from that dirt road wooded area i couldn’t see how many people were in the truck but i do know that it came from that dirt road at the dead end of that road, and it look like a secluded area lots of trees and then i got back on the i10 i didn’t notice of that truck had turned to go over the over pass or had went straight if they went straight they would have been heading east on that road. how could someone put a body by the i10 without being seen by someone doing it, it was during the day and at moment it was not raining like it had been when i got off the i10 at iota

    • I still don’t understand WHY the truck with the lights were exactly lined with the body. Anything could have fallin out of the vehcile that dropped the body. A napkin, a mint, anything and that is IF it was even dropped there. Or maybe the someone realized it could have been dropped from another way, and that’s why they were parked there.

    • Do you remember the model of the truck?

  25. and i seen a video online today meaning Tuesday morning that the cops seen a truck turn it lights off and on and make a turn and it was dark and the cops could not catch up with truck it was to far away. i think they need to question all the boyfriends of all 8 women spur of the moment thing, and see who was where and got it will take a long time to do all of that i hope they find who done it soon

  26. Article in American Press, front page from the “BIG MAN” Sheriff of Jeff Davis. Gonna go read it.

  27. American Press noted that the reward is 35000.00. That is less that 5000.00 per victim. You could bet that if one of the victim were up there “in the social standings” the reward would be alot higher. IMO the parish need to offer a much greater reward amount… These were the lives of daughters, sisters, and mothers. Show a little more respect.

    • Actually, a good sumaritan shouldn’t need reward money.

      • Don’t you think if the ones that knew something were good sumaritans they would have already come forward. They might be scared and thinking 35000.00 isn’t enough to start a new safer life, I was just saying I think the reward should be alot more considering how many lives were affected with these tragedies.

  28. Hey Brownie, While I usually admire the brilliance of some of the ideas you come up with I have to point out that the people who have the needed information are probably not in the good samaritan category. Those that know who it is are not wealthy either. If a large corporate sponsor like Wal-Mart etc offered about a half million dollar reward it would be solved within the hour.

  29. Well, Dugas has been seen out and about alot since the last murder. You know how the media keeps saying the murderer might change his normal routine. Well, Dugas sure has changed his. He never comes out of that house. Now he is all over the streets. Makes you wonder???????

  30. You mean Richard. Maybe you calling him Dugas? LOL, I’m lost.

    • brownie, I think looker is talking about Dugas he is the one that live on Andrew Street. The one they talk about with lots of visitors.

      Now that you have mentioned the name I wonder about Richard after all he is supposed to be out of jail. His family live on McKinley which is very near Andrew.

  31. Timeline!!!!!!
    The mother made the report at 1 p.m
    Task Force interviewing the mother at 2 p.m.
    While she is being interviewed a call come in at 2:30 p.m.

    Any ideas about the very tight timeframe. g8 brought it up before. I feel someone was in a big hurry to get the body away from wherever it was… who and why. Looking at what Lisa saw could she have seen THE TRUCK.

    This is all so crazy especially when we read or hear NO LEADS. LE talk about lack of funds/manpower so would there ever be a time when LE would/could say I NEED HELP from other sources….or do have to waint for more bodies…this is insane. Just in case does LE know where their people were doing that timeline…I know LE doesn’t want to be their own but just in case.

    A new profile includes :The offender is likely to pay very close attention to the police investigation, media coverage and even private discussions pertaining to this series of murders.” what the ‘hello’ will people discuss or pay attention to even discussions when there are so many unsolved murders. I suppose people should discuss the lack of rain or huricane.

    • Does anyone know if Frankie Richard & Co. were questioned in the latest murder? Also was Necole related to Terry Guillory?

  32. Terry Guillory’s father and Necole’s father was brothers. So it would be his niece.

  33. lol, yes you right

    • DeRidder is North west of Jennings, it takes about a hour and half to get there the Road that the body was found on is a rural road, this road is out in the country is use to be gravel but it is pretty much a black top road now, it has two ways to get on this road one way is off Hwy 171 or the other way is Hwy 27, before we go and think that this has anything to do with Jeff Davis let’s wait and see what they come up and I have not heard of anyone else missing, if anyone knows of someone else missing please let us all know. Thanks for the continued support for Jeff Davis keep this parish in your thoughts and prayer’s as we know it truly needs it.

  34. Anyone missing in town? I haven’t heard anything

  35. I haven’t either just went to check on the weather and saw that. Praying it’s no one from our area.

  36. Terrie & Necole are first cousin. Same as for me and PissedOff.

    • Necole’s parents seem like really nice peolpe from what I read in the paper …. I was just wondering , some of the girls parents are in the same circle as the girls.. You may not be able to say but what are her parents like?

      • Her parents are really nice people. They took a harder road in life but still kind and caring.
        They love thier kids and did what they could for them.
        They did not have much but they have thier own demons to fight.

  37. I’m from out of town and have been following this story since last week but am not familiar with the locations. Is the location of today’s body in the same area as the other 8?

    • No and please don’t jump to conclusions, murders happen on other communities too… It could just be a similar crime… I’m working right now to see if we have anyone missing in town….

      • I’m not quite sure how you got that I was jumping to conclusions due to a geographical question. Sadly, I have no doubt this sort of thing happens daily. It makes me want to shelter my children 24/7, you know? What a world we live in…

        • Yeah I know my 14 year old is pissed at me right now because i restricted his riding area on his bike…and we’ve resently taught our 22 year old how to shot a gun….I love our little town but I just don’t know what it’s turning into….

        • DeRidder is west of Jennings at least I think so it is near Lake Charles.

          Reading the post from hopefulFORtheEND seems the body was found at some sort of address. Could be the Task Force and LE just want to check it out and help if they can.

          hopefulFORtheEND, highlight the address line, right click, copy then past here. Still found it thanks.

        • Firewife,
          Not that you need anyone to tell you but GREAT job! A pissed off 14 year old is at least a SAFE 14 year old, right? All we want is to keep them safe and happy, no matter what age.
          I hope, if not before, that by the time the documentary is released that your town will be back to being a quiet, peaceful, lovely place where you and your family can feel safe again. Good bless you. ❤

        • Thanks… I always tell them if your mad at me it only means I’m doing my job… He’s one of those fearless 14 year old that thinks he’s invisible…

  38. This is the article posted on “The town talk .com”

    Sorry I don’t know how to post links on this blog. But I thought it was a good thing that the Jennings task force is on its way to check it out.

    “”At 12:35 p.m. today, Beauregard Parish Sheriff’s Office received a call that the body of a female, race and age undetermined, was found at an address south of DeRidder off Granberry Road, Sheriff Ricky Moses said.

    Investigators at the scene have reported that it appears to be a homicide. The body was found by a passer-by in a vehicle, according to Moses.

    Investigators from the Jennings Task Force and FBI were enroute to assist and to compare notes, he said.

    He said updates will follow.””

  39. i know that the road that the cops seen the truck on was south one of the roads that they found one of the women on, also then there was a bad accident on i10 on the east bound lane right there by the exit no to far from it, and it was raining i drove past crowley on i10 i got off at iota how long does it take to get from crowley to iota i wonder it must be like 20 min or so cause rain is about 15 min from crowley, that would mean that the body could have been there when i passed or it was not there yet, if i wasn’t then that truck i seen could have been the person or persons but when i was down that road turning around i saw nothin movin knowwhere it was a light colored truck to far away to tell what kind

  40. i have watched a lot of cop movies and i have seen that the killer funny how they put her body by the highway i10 the killer is a physo so maybe he wants to stop and he don’t know how, something triggered him, to keep doing it, so now he wants to stop that may be y he placed her body by i10 it makes since to me

  41. I heard there was another girl missing… I do not know for sure if its true but I was told she came missing the same time Necole did or right after… They say she was from Crowley is this true?

  42. Its me kimmie ( Pissedoff)

  43. Well I tell you one thing, if there was a another girl missing, and the SHERIFF or ANYONE didn’t say anything so people could have their eyes open. I would be one pissed off family member.

  44. Jennings daily news features an interview with g8trgirl today….

    • I just wonder if the girl found today is connected cause its wired… Think about it today was 1 week that they found Necole…

    • 😀

      If anyone has a scanner and could send it to me I’d be real thankful.


    BREAKING NEWS (8/26 5:25 p.m.) Body of white female discovered near DeRidder

    Toler said investigators from a Jennings task force and the FBI were on the scene on Wednesday, assisting authorities and “comparing notes,” he said.

    Toler said authorities, however, do not think the body is connected to the Jennings serial killer.

    • G8………do you still live around Jennings?
      I wonder why they thought it could be connected in the first place? Similar MO’s?

      You realize that admitting it could be related would send people in a freak out due to the different location. Just a thought, probably unrelated, still think this originates locally.

      • darkstar – I was talking a mile-a-minute during the interview with Scott and I think I probably confused him LOL. I don’t now, and never have, lived in JDP. I do live in a neighboring parish though ;).

        Per article in Daily Advertiser

        Members of the multi-agency task force — including the FBI — that are investigating the mysterious deaths of eight Jennings women since 2005 were called to the crime scene.

        As a courtesy we called them,” Toler said. “We know that they are investigating homicides of like nature.”

        • Now if we can get The Advertiser to post your interview where we can see it a good while.

          Ill go get a paper tomorrow and save it shucks I’ll by two one for an autograph for having posted with you on the old boards and one for you.

        • Gotcha!


    Profile Of A Killer
    American Press
    by Doris Maricle

    JENNINGS — Officials are following up on leads in the case of a young woman whose body was found along Interstate 10 last Wednesday, and in the deaths of seven other women whose bodies have been found in Jeff Davis Parish over the past four years, Sheriff Ricky Edwards said Tuesday.

    He wouldn’t be specific about the new information, but said people have sent e-mails to the “America’s Most Wanted” Web site and have contacted the syndicated television show’s hot line since Necole Guillory’s body was discovered last week.

    (more at link above)

  47. I hope they aint lying… I hope it aint connected…

  48. Lisa I think I know the exact road ur talking about. One foggy night a few years ago we were coming back from visiting in Crowley and heading for Jennings when traffic on Interstate 10 came to a stop due to an accident I think. So we decided to take the nearest exit, Egan exit towards Estherwood, hoping to get home sooner. However being unfamiliar with the area we ended up at a dead end and we were out in the middle of no where…no traffic, no houses, no lights. We turned around and headed back to the interstate. Traffic was still backed up on the interstate so we decided to go into Egan. We got lost and it wasn’t until we found our way to Evangeline and not far from Jennings that I could breathe a sigh of relief. It ended up being a really long night and trip home. I learned never take dark back roads you’re not familiar with. And I could see how something of a criminal nature could happen in rural remote areas. These crimes are so terrible and no human being deserves to be killed and dumped like these women were. These are such personal crimes. I feel for their families. Hopefully the Kodiak documentary can help shed some light on these cases!

  49. Good editorial piece in the Daily Advertiser today

    Agencies should band together for serial cases

    Now Jeff Davis Sheriff Ricky Edwards has been criticized for not posting a promised Web site with information about the investigation. That provides ammunition for those who fear the latest cases won’t get the effort they deserve because the victims come from a low-income area, and some have records that include drug use.

    A standing task force devoted to similar crimes, as long as we have so many, could use and develop expertise in community relations, act as liaisons with legal and forensic resources, and help local officers identify potential serial crimes. It would help ease the pressure on investigators and soothe the fears of the public, allowing everyone to focus on action.

    (more at link)

  50. curvycat- being a life long resident of Egan i would just like to assure u that it is a wonderful small close nit community where everyone knows everyone. pretty much the whole town is small back roads. of course bad things can happen anywhere just as we r discovering now. Egan has always been a very safe community!

  51. I have not heard anything, news, gossip or anything else about a missing person from Crowley. . Does anybody know more?

  52. Hey, everyone lots of goings on at Andrew St. this afternoon. Couple of white females, T. Gary & friend, and white male and the HOH of course. Sure it will go on until the wee hours.

  53. ea, lol, what is HOH? Where the heck do they get the money it’s the end of the month one would think if they hang there they must not have an 8 to 5.

    • Head of household I think….

    • They don’t have jobs…. The house doesn’t even have electricity or running water… I did some investgating today… The HOH (head of houeshold) rents out rooms in the house for people to take care of their “business”….

  54. Haven’t seen a post from cp in awhile, miss Silence and where is Kirk Menard. Those were people aside from RR I like reading their post.

  55. What does everyone think about Necole being left so close to I-10. It is a change from previous sites.


  56. dark star if u look at the map that shows the body locations nicoles body was found closer to the others than kristen lopez or just as far way

    • OK….I guess it is just that the proximity to I-10 to me is bothersome. It is riskier.

      There are plenty of out of the way areas around those parts but they chose to be right next to the interstate….that is a change to me….don’t know what it means

  57. yes i agree it does seem odd. i kinda feel like the dumper is getting a little braver

    • Me too. That is one direction…they think they can get away with it. Another direction would be, different killer(s)…? Different people disposing of the body?

      Just thinking out loud.

      If the same killer(s) is escalating, we are in trouble.

  58. Concerned – oops sorry if I made it sound like anything bad happened in Egan. That wasn’t my intent.

  59. curvycat- its fine i just wanted to reassure people that egan was not some dark spooky place. no offense taken at all!

  60. I agree that the dumper is getting bolder with each murder. I think the I-10 dumpsite is just a new way to avert law enforcement.

  61. Why hasn’t law enforcement done anything about the comings and goings at the house on Andrew Street house if something illegal is going on there? Also is anyone scared to post on here if law enforcement is indeed monitoring the forums, particularly this one? It doesn’t bother me since we are just a retired couple who simply care about what’s going on in our community.

    • Don’t know the answer to that. I do know that law enforcement in Jennings is aware of what is going on there and seems like nothing is being done about it. Have heard several of the murder victims were hanging out there.

    • The police and sheriff dept both know about the house on Andrew St and they choose NOT to do anything. The people on Andrew St notify them all the time and all they do is drive by. They know the names of every person that goes there. Nothing is being done.

    • Isn’t that the same house that T. Gary visits? And Tracee Chaisson?

  62. I tend to think the killer wanted the attention on themselves and is showing off, ‘taunting authorities’ at the same time, as someone else put it.
    With the film crew coming, they wanted attention back on them, not the town…thinking out loud.
    Also, you mention the timing. Not many people would have known that authorities were speaking to Necole’s family at that particular time except the police and others really close to the family. So if that was a motivator to get rid of body real fast….that would be a limited few to consider. Or someone with a police scanner…maybe.

    They had to be taunting others to drop body in the open like that. It was a change. They picked that spot…not just ran across it. IMO!!!!!

    These ladies deserve as much attention as anyone else… should not take nine, ten plus….it takes vigilance. Bless you all, I hope an arrest can be made soon.

    • As for as someone knowing about Necole’s mom reporting her missing, Shelby Janise knew he was with her I think when she reported Necole missing.. Shelby talks and hang with the same groups… Plus they say he went around looking for her before they reported her missing… So that could be a way the killer would have known… That is what I think anyways… But I guess we will never know…

    • Observer Said
      I tend to think the killer wanted the attention on themselves and is showing off, ‘taunting authorities’ at the same time, as someone else put it.
      With the film crew coming, they wanted attention back on them, not the town…thinking out loud.

      Good thinking……I hadn’t really considered that possibility. It’s disturbing to even think about the killer(s) being a publicity hound.

  63. I googled Necole Guillory and happened upon this forum. I know of her family (this is a small comminity) and was so sad to hear she was the most recent victim. We just want justice for her and the other 7 girls. Can’t wait for the documentary. Also emailed all the national news outlets again pleading for coverage of these serial killings. Hopefully someone will listen and give these cases the national media attention it needs!

  64. g8, I understand people are reading JDN all over so thank you. I’m just upset I have to wait until tomorrow to go into Jennings and get two paperss.

    I saw that on Saturday and heard it today there was/is police all over from I-10 to Super Food and a little over. They are also headed toward Hathaway or that way more than usual. Something is having them in large volumes in that area.

  65. I was looking at the sex offender’s in the Jennings area around Andrew St. 12 in a mile, 16 in two miles, but also some are non-compliant. I know they have said these women were not sexually assaulted, but sometimes the more violent criminals can escalate to murder.
    Non-Compliant= Larry Shelton on 1003 W. Division St., a Ryan Garcia, Courtnay Ceasar, etc

    Maybe someone local may recognize some names?

  66. Observer, some of us are not as computer savvy as some would think please – give us a web link where we could look. Interesting idea.

  67. Yeah I was looking at the sex offender list over the weekend and couldn’t believe how many from JDP are out there. Some register, some don’t and some are incarcerated.


    That is link to sex offenders 1 mile of Andrew St

  69. Kristen’s step dad is a registered sex offender but I think they are in Acadia parish now… I’ll see if I can find a pic

  70. I wonder if LE has bothered riding in a helicopter to look at the suburbs for anything suspicious since they do not know of the actual crime scene yet.

    Another thing is sometimes a vehicle used could ‘all of a sudden’ be broken down or wrecked – deemed non-useable by the suspect.

    If she was missing for 4 days, makes you wonder if she was held somewhere- dead or alive- cause it does not seem she was where body was located for long. So where was Nicole from Sunday to Wed?

  71. just heard on kplc that the coroner ruled the murder in deridder not related to jdp murders. hmmm….wonder how they can figure that out.


    If the link works from my iPhone, kristens step dad is #10 on this list….

  73. I think the far away placement of Necole is for a different reason. After 6 of the first seven victims were placed just south of town it occurred to the sheriff’s office to start patrolling that area when a young woman was missing. I think the fact that anyone driving out there at night would be stopped forced the SK to look for a different place to put Necole.

    Also, keep in mind that she had been missing for a few days when reported missing. This means he/they had ample opportunity to put Necole out there at night. Mowing crews found her. There had probably been no one there since it was mowed the last time. I am not saying it could not have been high noon but I doubt it.

  74. It is my understanding that all eight victims had spent time at the Andrew St house in the days before they went missing. That is a red flag the size of a football field.

    If your friend or daughter is hanging out there and you are not willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to keep her away from there, do yourself a favor and go tell her you love her and goodbye right now. With one exception, the killings have been in groups of two that are two months apart. If he/they hold pattern another girl that frequents that house will go missing in October. If you have to chain her to a tree in your backyard, do it. She will be mad but alive. Do not let your baby girl or friend be number 9. Also, do not think that the JDPSK will wait until October if the timing is right in September.

    If you know someone whose girl is hanging out there, warn them. They may be unaware.

  75. They just need to stop all hanging around that house. I know the drugs are clouding up their minds but with all that’s going on you’d think they’d be running out of town to save their lives if they expected they could be the next SK victim. It looks like none of them are using any common sense.

  76. Three of the girls hung out on Andrew St Lopez, Gary and Guillory. From what I have heard one of the residents warned Brittney to get off of the streets or she would be next and sure enough she was next. She should have listened. Yesterday Brittney’s mom was back at that house. Why would she keep going back there???? There was also a possible sighting of Tracee Chaisson on Andrew St. She will be next.

  77. Question to Lisa: What size truck did it look like? Small, Medium, Large, sqaure look, round look, anything else?

    KPLC, I was so disappointed to see the interviewing last night for the people on Doyle. That is exactly what “BIG MAN” Sheriff wants people to think. These people are down right poor and this is what to expect of the victims. They could have interviewed a few at the Wal-Mart, The Shop Rite, etc… Yes I feel sorry for them, but come on KPLC. Just my opinion!

    • from what i seen it was a regular size truck not a s10 regurlar size but i wonder what that little dirt road leads too, so if the jdsd is monitoring this web site, good but they need to check out that dirt road, if i was cop reading these post i would check it out, it’s got to be someone that knows all those women, and who was it that told britney gary to get off the streets that she would be next hey do u remember the killer Ted bundy? he was nice lookin, smart, a regurlar nice guy, and a killer that knowone knew that side of him just thinking that maybe it’s someone like that, has any of those girls dated the same guy at any time? god bless the families and there children

      • This isn’t going to be a “bundy” type killer…. The girls know this person, it’s not random killings… The girls are specifically targeted…. Just the number of victims doesn’t make this killer a “serial” killer….in technical terms he wouldn’t be considered a serial killer… I think these would likely be considered opportunistic killings…there’s no definative pattern in time lines, dump areas, manners of death, ages, race,body type… really the only thing the girls had in common was lifestyle and Andrew st…

        • Seems they could be target killings if that’s such. Since way back there was the reference to Boudreaux Inn being a common spot for them exception Brittney. Right after Necole’s name was given a person wrote she/he heard she was the 8th person. There was no follow-up but I think it was on thread 25-26.

          Andrew St is not the only one what about McKinley, Main, Doyle, Tina’s. That could be common areas as well.

        • What year did the incident at Boudreux Inn take place?

      • Brittney Gary’s father said her and Tracy Chassion were next.

        • What a loving thing to say to your daughter… Let’s not try and help her change or try to protect her, let’s just send her out and see what happens… Those 2 are just to blame for what happened due to the way the raised and took care of her…

    • brownie, the interview was on South Main it’s several blocks from Doyle. Heck Doyle is closer to 26 some places nearer would be the 66 gas station, super food, dollar store, that recycle place and of course Tina’s Bar and the house on Andrew. If KPLC was being fair they could have also gone to those places and not leave out the recycle place since it’s been said she worked there from time to time.

      ITA that is the impression LE wants people to think. At the very least the people were open did not seem to have anything to hide.

  78. I didn’t know the girls and I just know of the name “Ted Bundy” and what he did. I was just wondering about the size of the vehicle. Thanks.

  79. from the kplc website

    From the office of Sheriff Ricky Moses:

    As of 8 am this morning, Zeb Johnson from the Calcasieu Parish Coroner’s Office reported that they have not conducted the autopsy yet but preliminary examination indicated the victim died as a result of blunt force trauma to the head. Identification of the victim is pending autopsy results. BPSO forensic unit is examining evidence recovered at the scene. More updates to follow.

  80. britney’s body was also found days after she went missing. and was found in a location that had already been searched. she was also badly decomposed so where was her body being hiddened or stored until the dumber dumped her?

  81. i think the need to look at the end of that road where the little dirt road is it’s in egan not far from where they found the 8th at becasue it looks like a secluded area lots of trees it’s walkin distance from i10 and the egan exit to go west on i10 i know they been searchin but y was her body placed by the i10 when all the others were placed south of jeff davis parish, i wish i would have waited a few min longer at the stop sign that way i could have gotten a better look at that truck, it look like a older modle truck though maybe 90 something

  82. lisa could u better describe where that rd is that u r refering to. i may be able to help out being from egan

  83. Hey, Everyone Channel 3 news people were out filming on Andrew, sure there will be a story on the murders on the news tonight.

  84. Hey I realize there’s a lot going on on andrews and Doyle sts. But I know someone that lives on mckinley that says they see stuff going on all the time and they just look the other way and pretend they didn’t see anything. Isn’t that sad? They need to clean up the town!

    • Yes I agree McKinley is known for drugs and lots of other crimes,and also the hang out for Frankie R. & Co(IMO) The residence who witness the illegal stuff going on need to call LE immediately!!! That way LE can’t claim they were not told about it.Just as LE has known for some time the situation on Andrew and they never tried to do anything to stop it, they know what goes on on McKinley and turn away from it.I cannot understand WHY isn’t something done to stop it. How many more murders??? How many more shootings of children???.

  85. And how about the supposed list with 11 girls names on it? 8 of those girls are gone. Has anyone heard of that list? I heard of this only yesterday.

    • Kirk Menard submitted the information about this list to the task force a long time ago, I believe around December of last year.

  86. A list with 11 names on – and 8 of them have been victims so far? News to me – can you tell us any more????

  87. Hey Kodiak. This was just something someone told to me. That’s why I’m asking if anyone else had heard that before.

  88. I understand that necole’s body was found between mile marker 72 and 73. Does anyone know if this is before the overpass at Egan? I saw the old baseball field. Was it around there? We passed thru there this week and it is so hard to imagine just dumping a body there. The tractors were out and mowing when we passed thru. You have to wonder if they hadn’t been mowing, how long would it have gone before they found her body.

  89. I meant to say its hard to imagine someone just dumping a body there because it is so close to the highway.

  90. Ea568 – those residents don’t say anything because they’re scared, scared that there could be backlash for reporting what they see. Its ashame to have to live in fear.

  91. who has this supposed list of 11 names??

  92. the residents on Andrew St do call the cops–but the cops don’t do anything. They just drive down the street.

  93. I have no idea who has the list or if there really is a list. I was just told that supposedly there was a list. I figured it might just be idle hearsay and you know how rumors get around. I was just asking if anyone else had ever heard about it before. That’s all…

  94. Hey everyone, Tomorrow is Necole Guillory’s 27th Birthday… Please keep her and her family in y’all prayers… I think tomorrow will be a hard day for her family…

  95. Red Ranger– I agree with you that placement of Necole Guillory’s body farther away from the others was primarily a matter of risk avoidance. Aside from risk avoidance, the latest placement is probably designed to misdirect law enforcement. With a body placed near the interstate, the question must be asked whether the perp is someone who travels through the area, e.g., a trucker serial killer. That is probably a red herring not worth pursuing. If placement near an interstae is meant to misdirect, then one has to ask whether the perp is moving closer to home or farther away from it. While the study posted on this website would suggest that serial killers tend to travel less and less distance over time to abduct and to leave the body, the fact that this latest victim was left near an interstate, a likely attempt to misdirect, leads me to believe he is directing the attention farther away from his home. What do you think RR?

  96. katc just reported pretty much what we already know that all the victims were last seen or connected to the house on andrew street. that was pretty much all they said.

  97. Saw the report on KATC, the statements I made earlier today stands with additions. The MISFIT on Angrew St have been looked at over and over at least for the last few murders according to what is read even here and nothing. Then you have very near on McKinley people for lack of a name I’d like saying who have been arrested time and time again and yet what do we see and here – Andrew/South Main St. What about the other hangouts.

    I heard Kirt Menard’s name on KATC. I feel he is fully aware of the other locations so why not include all of them. Why is it not one darn station looked at or interviewed those people before? Let’s not make this into an issue it is not. Kind of like up until end of last year it was ALL a problem that belonged on the southside specifically South Main.

    As recently as the last City Council meeting Jay’s place was the focus of ‘close-it-down’ well we find out about 7 or 8 older citizens are the main clients but that Adrion pays per City Council rules for security every day. It was also made known not ONE time ever has a call been made for trouble inside the club. But then we have Tina’s where there are cop cars often and even sometimes making news. It is a place where many of the ladies were said to have frequented.

    Now that the crew please let’s not make this a one sided documentary let’s be fair and decent about this with one thought in mind. Find the darn killer/killers whomever.

  98. Hey Sleuthing, I think the placement naturally directs it further from his home. This is because I believe he lives in close proximity to Andrew St, Mckinley, Tina’s etc. I am having trouble following the reasoning behind the lastest placement site. No matter where he lives it is an odd choice. Google’s street level view shows me that he could have driven on Plant road and climbed the embankment. There is a fence and a ledge. He would have had to place her up about 4 feet, hop up, then move her to where he left her. This is if he did not just stop on I-10.

    From the top of the overpass I think he could see both ways at night to know how close oncoming traffic was. In the wee hours of the morning I-10 traffic has some pretty big gaps in it. It would still leave only a minute or two tops to place her.

    SAR classes teach that moving an immobile body that weighs only 120 lbs. is almost impossible, even for a strong guy. Dragging or having her wrapped in a tarp to use as handles would make sense. The area he/they chose to place Necole is odd from any angle I can see.

    The heat is on in town and on the southern edges. This would make him move elsewhere for disposal. I guess one of the bigger issues I have with this locationis that she would surely be found by the next mowing crew. Some of the women have been placed to be found quickly, like a taunt. Some were placed to never be found and were found by blind luck. But there are many places more convenient for him with less chance of detection. This one is just odd. The only thing that seems to have stayed on pattern is the way he chooses his victims. I think he knew them all well but is not the primary resident on Andrew St.

    • RR – I have some photos of the body location area and the area you are talking about around Plant Road. I will try to get them posted tomorrow.

      Also, I spoke with a fellow that leases property right in that area and, I can’t vouch for how accurate this is but, he says the grass had been mowed Saturday (15th). The weed eating people came on a different day and were working but had to stop because of rain. He said they came back the next day which was Wednesday (19th). Like I said…..can’t vouch for accuracy.

      It would be interesting to find out if others in the area happen to remember when the grass had been cut and what day/days the weed eater folks came. It would certainly narrow down the time line as to when Necole’s body was disposed of.

      I was looking closely at one of the pictures and it does look like possibly tracks in the grass that could have been from one of those large mowers. Of course maybe one of the LE cars drove in that area and their car made the tracks. I’ll point out what I’m talking about when I get the pictures posted.

  99. I was just thinking traveling along I-10 this week in this particular area that he had to have wanted someone to find her quickly because there are plenty of other wooded places in that area that a body could be dumped and it could go years or maybe never that the body would be discovered.

  100. it just doesnt make sense that the dumper would have traveled down plant rd and a drag the body up the embankment. if the dumper would have know that rd was there then they would have also known of alot of other little dirt roads in the Egan area to dump. or even would have just drove a little further up plant rd and dumped her cause it is seclueded back there.

    i also noticed today that there are signs up along the interstate in that area that say mowers in progress. not sure if they were up last week or not but if they were maybe the killer or dumper passed and noticed that and figured it would be a good place to dump because the mowing crew would stumple upon it.

    also if it was middle of the night or early hrs when the interstate is pretty bare i think it would have been pretty easy to dump and not be seen. the dumper could have waited in the tall grass till the intertate had a gap in it and since the embankment is so steep at that spot the person or persons could have easily hid.

    and lets face it if this is a member of law enforcement behind this then no one is really going to pay attention to a cop car pulled over on the side of the interstae.

  101. There’s even an area a further down from where Necole’s body was found thats swamp-like and has since filled in over the years with trees and tall grasses. hmmm, it seems as though if somebody wanted to get rid of a body and it not be discovered that would be a more likely place. Its obvious the sk wanted the body found!

  102. A family member of mine has been traveling back and forth to Lafayette the last couple of weeks and said they noticed a white car (I think it was white) just parked near the overpass for a

  103. A family member of mine had been traveling back and forth to Lafayette the last few weeks and said they thought they had seen a little car, I think it might have been white, parked along the interstate. they figured it was someone who had car trouble and their car had stalled. they said the car isn’t there anymore. they thought it was somewhere near the Egan exit. does anyone remember that?

  104. i remember that car!!! it was white, an older compact car. i don’t remember the make and model though

  105. thats sound like the same vehicle

  106. they said they didn’t remember much about it either just that it was small and an older model

  107. Do I understand right, the perp used a tarp to wrap the body in before dumping her?

    Wonder if any prints were left on tarp….I hope they get some kind of evidence from the scene.

    g8, would you conclude she was not there the 16 -18th if witness was accurate?

    • Actually, the guy who leases the property near where Necole was found (baseball field) mentioned that he noticed what looked like a black trash bag. The tarp that was over her body when police arrived was large and bright blue. I’m wondering if the killer put her in some sort of tarp or bag?

    • Observer – I had to edit my comment after looking back over notes. The fellow said the grass was cut Saturday (15th). He said the weed eating was being done on Tues (18th), they had to stop because of rain and came back the next day to finish….which would have been Wed (19th). Like I said, the gentleman was an older fellow and could well have had his days confused but that’s what he said.

      Looking at the Lake Charles weather for that time period on Monday 17th, chart shows thunderstorm 2-3 pm. Tuesday 18th, chart shows thunderstorm 12-1 pm.

  108. KATC will air an interview with Kirk Menard tomorrow at 6pm. I believe they did a walk through of the high-risk areas as well. From what I understand, Megan Schiering, (one amazing reporter) has put together a story about the homicides.

  109. Also, Jennings Daily News will have a story and Kirk also spoke with them. Journalists are really reporting now, ON EVERYTHING!!

  110. First, to all of the victims families and friends I am so sorry such a horrible thing has happened to your loved ones. I was raised not far from Jennings and this whole incident is shocking. I have only been reading the forums for the past few days and I think of this all the time now. It’s mind boggling no one has been caught yet. It angers me that all the victims have been put off as “high risk”. Maybe that will help in finding the killer but to read that they were put off as “less than” and their murders not to get as much attention as they should is a very sad situation. 90 percent of us have a past and at one point in time made alot of mistakes but that doesn’t mean they deserved to die, let alone such horrific deaths. When Justice finally is served alot of you that are speaking out and not giving up will be the real heroes. That in itself earns my upmost respect. It doesn’t take a scientist to figure out there is something fishy someone of authority is holding alot of information back/ hiding something. All it takes is for that one right person to hear of all this and get to the bottom of everything. Don’t give up, keep fighting not only for those lost but for ya’lls future in JDP. If there is anything any of you think that would be of help, I am 300 miles away, but your suggestions are welcome.

  111. to whitnei’s sister – Its about time the news media takes notice of what’s going on here in jdp. I have emailed all the news media outlets again…CNN, NBC, ABC, FOX, MSNBC, etc. I did this a few months back and got no response back, but I’m not giving up hope that one of them will eventually take notice that we have a serious problem down here.

  112. Hey Concerned, I agree with you that dragging her up the embankment makes no sense. That would leave parking on 1-10 and risk being seen. That makes no sense either. Generally, a perp that starts taking high risks that would allow him to get caught, in conjunction with placing the body where he knows for sure it will be found would be trying to get caught. They cannot just walk up to the sheriff’s HQ and say they are the guy but this screams of a perp that wants to be caught.

    The Sheriff has said they have no evidence. This was said before he could possibly know what evidence had been collected. Lab results from fingerprinting and DNA testing are weeks away at best. How can he know there is no evidence?

    They announced that her killer is the JDPSK very quickly. This tells me that there is a definitive signature that was present. Something let them know that the same guy is responsible for Necole before any lab work was done. It was almost immediate.

    • Another thing, the girl in Beaurguard parish, they were quick to say it wasn’t JDPSK. I think the signature is on the body, and i feel it may not be a nice one, since nobody was able to view any of the bodies. Just me thinking.

  113. I agree with you Brownie. I also think that Kirk Menard’s team was able to find an additional type of signature that had been overlooked and left behind at the recovery sites. This had to be beyond obvious though.

  114. Question– how many of you think that girls who run in this crowd know who is doing this or at least strongly suspect someone? And if so, who.

    I mentioned earlier that Shelby who was hanging out with Necole, had gotten shot at- leaving a bullett hole in his truck. This is what I heard and that the shooter was a black guy, that is all I know. Necole was said to be fearful right before she died…is it related to this and who was doing the shooting. Did she or Shelby owe someone money? Who? Who would Necole or Shelby most likely owe money to, probably in relation to drugs? We need to get people talking because it looks like the only way this killer will be caught is if he is caught with the body in his vehicle or dies himself. I have no doubt that a group of people know something and are just keeping their mouth shut.

    It is said that a couple of the girls predicted danger right before they died, why…….what would make them think that they were not going to live? They may not have told parents but they told someone something. The smallest detail could lead us to the right track. Is there anyone who is in a position to hear anything from anyone who runs in this circle?

  115. I don’t know what type of man Shelby is, but maybe he got shot at, because he was helping Necole in a good way. The druggies have control over their people, and maybe they seen Shelby was getting better control over Necole and decided to scare him off? Just thinking.

    • I think so. But I also think that he started using drugs too. And whether it was control or money owed, people have got to know who the most likely people are that would have a reason to be mad at Necole. Another words, who was the dealer? Who was she known to hang with, score from, etc……….

      She was scared right before she died according to her mom so it makes me think she was scared about a specific threat rather than just an oh there is a killer out there general threat. Who is the most likely person that Necole would fear, related to drugs, money, sex?

    • Old man Janise did not help Necole, he was the one giving Necole money for Drugs… He was the one pimping Necole out…. Old man Janise is a creep and old creep….

  116. about the tarp over necoles body. the news had stated that LE covered her body with the tarp to protect it and the evidence from the weather while waiting for fbi and the coroner to show up. they never stated that the body was found wrapped in anything.

  117. There is still something about this dump site that is weird to me. I can see avoiding the previous areas being patrolled but the I-10 area was an unnecessary risk………….could be because they feel even braver, could be that they were in a big hurry.

  118. and i feel like the profile that LE has put out there just doesnt seem accurrate for this SK. to me it seems like this person or persons are very confident and cocky that they wont be caught. i dont see them acting weird in public or changing there appearance or leaving town for alittle while. i see them being very cocky thinking they will never be caught. i think if the Sk would have fit the profile they are suggesting then we would already have someone of interest but obviously we do not and i believe its because this person or persons is getting a high off of what there doing i dont see them running and hiding. just my thoughts.

  119. She was probably getting drugs from the Dugas guy on Andrew St. or she was hooking for him. Shelby would always pick her up at Dugas’ house.

  120. Should be interesting on Channel 3 news this evening. I heard that they have surveillance video of Necole Guillory two months before her body was found. The video may have been taken by private investigators. Here’s the kicker that is going around the courthouse: The surveillance video was turned over to the task force. Channel 3 asked for permission to use the video to show the public what Necole looked like prior to her death and hoping that the public seen something since all they had was old photographs of Necole. As I am told, the family of Necole Guillory was contacted and they first refused because the mother of Necole called someone at the sheriff’s office and they were told it was not Necole in the video. So someone, we don’t know who, contacted the Guillory family and they wanted to meet Kirk Menard and see the video. From what I hear, Kirk Menard drove to Lake Arthur and showed them the video. All three family members verified it was Necole and wonders why they were lied to by the sheriff’s department saying that it was not Necole. Some people say they broke down crying when they saw the surveillance video of Necole. The family then gave Kirk Menard and channel 3 permission to air the surveillance video. Why would the sheriff’s department lie to the Guillory family? Why wouldn’t they want the surveillance video shown on channel 3? Can anyone confirm this rumor that this is true? Just what I hear at the courthouse.

    • IMO they don’t want that shown because it might incriminate one of their own people!

    • Well that is interesting, if true, once the video is seen perhaps we can figure out why the Sheriff did not want it seen. Has to be something on the video that they want withheld. Something or someone….

      • I can see where this just might get heated between the Guillory’s. If it hasn’t started already. One or two Guillorys is in LE and one is a victim. Bless their family.

  121. It should be on channel 3 this evening at 6pm.

  122. anxious to see that footage!

  123. If, and that’s a big “IF” there is something that LE didn’t want anyone to see on that video it still won’t be seen. Video can be edited very easily and whatever might have been then won’t be. The thing to be done is to see the video from the investigator that took it. Kirk would be able to verify if the video that will be shown is of any real use to anyone that see’s it.

    • and an obvious question….is there more video surrounding the Andrew street house? being that all the girls were seen to frequent that house all a concerned neighbor has to do is set up a camera in a window to capture all traffic…. wonder if anyone thought of that yet?

      • it’s still not too late to start if anyone that lives on that street reads this blog???

      • with a good internet connection video could be streamed online for the whole world to see. and that would put someone watching all the time 24/7!!! cause we all know we are on these boards at different times. just an idea to ponder

      • I’m sure if g8trgirl asked Mr. Menard for the original video to place on this blog he would probably oblige.

  124. Question… I read that no one (family/friends) were able to view any of the bodies. Is that true or were some of them open casket??

    • far as i know caskets were closed. but g8 might have better insight on that question

    • All of the girls were too far into decomposition to have any open caskets….

    • This is all we know for sure right now:

      – Muggy, family was not allowed to view her body

      – Whitnei, family was not allowed to view her body and still have not received the autopsy/toxicology report

      – Crystal, family was offered the opportunity to view the body but declined due to advanced decomp (took 2 months to positively ID body)

      – Brittney, family was offered to view body.

      Do not know info about Loretta, Ernestine or Kristen. I’m sure I missed it in the comments somewhere but was Necole’s family allowed to view her body?

  125. I know one of the residents have talked to the Sheriff for the to sent up a video camera at their house–it never happened. Alot of these residents work all day and are unable to watch the house during the day.

  126. From what I understand, Scott Lewis will put the video on their website.

  127. Posted some photos for you to look at.

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