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  1. concerned – thanks for the location info and the map links!! I wasn’t sure exactly what overpass Necole’s body had been found near. Your link also shows the grade of the embankment.

    From viewing the pictures that are on the Daily Advertiser’s site, it appears to me that the body was rolled down that embankment versus someone carrying/dragging the body from Plant Road or the ballpark.

    Here’s a link to another view from down Plant Road facing I-10….you can see a portion of the ball field on the left.

    I agree with other posters that the perp definitely wanted the victim’s body found and found quickly. Still, I find it so coincidental that within one hour of the victim being reported missing her body is miraculously located.

  2. The timeline is certainly odd.

    I’m wonder why there’s been no mention of the condition this time. It seems the blue tarp was not very far from the highway so could it have been seen by a passerby.

    I see they have a much nicer picture of Necole on kplc. Visitation already started wonder if open or closed casket.

  3. The reporter on channel 3 last night @ 5pm said that the coroner said her body was in the worst condition of any of the 8 girls…. They didn’t specify whether the condition was due to the heat or the manner of death…

  4. Here is a link to Necole’s obituary which includes a photo of her.

  5. Thanks to everyone that is contributing media links….they are coming fast and furious. I’m trying to make sure we have all of them posted under the “NEWS” tab so if you’re aware of some are not there….please let me know.

    I’m wondering if there is a way to get the information out about Necole to some sort of national truckers forum. We’re all aware of the number of 18 wheelers traveling on I-10 and it’s possible one, or several, of them may remember a vehicle pulled over on the shoulder where Necole was found.

    One more thing, and I’m just thinking out loud here but, I think it would be a good idea if LE could station some type of mobile billboards within say a 5 mile radius, both east and west bound I-10. The possibility exists that someone that travels that stretch of road regularly may have seen something between Aug 16-19 but doesn’t realize the importance of that information.

    • I agree, when I ride on the passenger side, I always look outside my window. I’m surprised nobody reported it either. The grass was not that tall. Weird, but that’s why I think we should or Sheriff should call for National Coverage quick, before some minds forget. Someone could have been through there and remember a vehicle there. You never know. Why, Why, Why, the Sheriff refuses such, things? I think I would literally go crazy if I was a family member of one of those victims. GRRRRRR.

    • I went to INSessions and posted in hopes someone would know or post something….or CNN would pick it up.

  6. If LE aren’t interested maybe private donations from family and concerned citizens could provide the funds for billboard coverage…. Who could we contact to get a price on what that would cost?

    • I’m wondering if Lamar Advertising (has the large billboards) would consider donating the signs as a public service since this is crime related. I believe I read somewhere they have done that before.

  7. Why not just ask tell the Sheriff to let national coverage in. That will be easy and free

  8. Can’t imagine why the Sheriff isn’t asking for HELP. They keep talking about shortage of this and that and yet they do nothing about getting it out. Someone going far away on the east coast who could have noticed something but doesn’t know help is needed.

  9. I just heard that there was an arrest make….anyone hear this? Rumor?

  10. That was me that posted above, can’t remember password….

    Has anyone heard of a related arrest near Panchoville….could be be untrue but anyone else hear this?

  11. KLFY just reported that necole guillory has been linked to the 7 other bodies in Jeff Davis parish…

  12. I’ve already located one trucking forum and messaged with the forum admin. He agreed this info needs to get out and is letting me post information on their site which I’m in the process of doing right now. If any of you run across other trucking forums let me know and I’ll try to get the info posted on their sites.

  13. Supposedly, cop cars and FBI cars heading or in Panchoville…………..again this is heresay so I cannnot verify.

  14. Off Topic

    I want to send out a great big thank you to princess at if you are reading here.

    THANK YOU so much for the JDP killings update on your site!!!!

  15. KATC just reported necole’s Likely cause of death was axphexiation

  16. Any of you reading at Hot Topics at KPLC? If you’re not… Here’s a link. It’s the first topic …. “Body Identified”. Click on the comments.

    • The pic of Necole on TV 3 was a mugshot, come on now, this girl has lost her life, is this the best our local media has to offer ? This cannot be the only pic she ever took in her whole life.
      Show some respect, please.

  17. The pictures of the tarp make it look like a fairly new tarp in good condition. Is it a fact that the FBI processd the crime scene? The FBI has access to the fairlynew “Touch DNA” . If the tarp was touched by bare skin, it would have skin cells on it. The same with Miss Guillory’s body and clothing. Also, if she scratched the perp(s) she would have their DNA under her fingernails. The fact that her body was found within an hour of her being reported missing is encouraging. Time destroys evidence. Outdoor conditions and other environmental factors destroy evidence. Is anyone aware how long she could have possibly been missing before her mother reported her missing?

    Is she related to the detective, Terry Guillory? We all remember his dealings with the truck that was rumored to be used in the transportation of another woman. Family pressure may make him come clean, if he is related.

    Outside influences like Texas Equusearch, America’s most Wanted, etc. only come to help with the blessing and cooperation of law enforcement.

    Most eighteen wheelers today that are company trucks have transponders in them so they can be located by their companies. This could be an invaluable LE tool in this investigation. They could find all transponder equipped trucks that had passed down this stretch of I-10 during the time her body was placed there.

    Brittany and the other family members could contact the Guillory family and help walk them through what to expect in the coming weeks. The fact that all these families have been through what the Guillorys will be going through makes them invaluable during such a rough time.

    I do not have an opinion yet on the Andrew St. house or the Panchoville rumor. I would love some more information. The rumors are good. The links are great. If FBI and local LE presence have been strong on Andrew St. since the newest discovery, I am betting on an occupant or frequent visitor being involved. Does anyone know of anyone from Panchoville that frequents the Andrew St. establishment?

    Kirk Menard has a lot of ins and sources. I would love to hear from him.

    If the FBI is processing the scene and is doing the forensic testing it would be the best news in a long time for this case. I reckon them boys and girls don’t miss much.

    For Necolle’s family, I am sorry for your loss and hope for closure and comfort for you. I know it is a rough time now for you. I am positive that the community will come together and make every effort to help you through your time of need.

    • Hey RR – don’t know if it’s a “fact” that the FBI processed the scene but that IS what I’ve heard. If true, I think it’s fabulous news. Don’t know if they were the ones that also processed the scene when Brittney’s body was found….would be interesting to know though.

      Again, from what I’m hearing, yes…Necole IS a relative of Terrie’s. Don’t know if you saw this post or not (PissedOff) but Terrie’s sister did leave a comment. I noticed Terrie is listed as a pall bearer on the obituary….or it could be his son…..don’t know.

      Personally, I think the “trucker” avenue is an avenue worth pursuing and pursuing it quickly. I can tell it’s going to be a lot of work but again, possibly worth it, to get what info we can out on the trucker internet forums. I specifically appealed to the Louisiana I-10 truckers at the forum I posted at. Never know…..someone may well have seen something. I also asked them to pass the word to any drivers they know of that may drive that I-10 route.

      RR…….It hadn’t crossed my mind but you made such an awesome point about the family members that, sadly, have experienced this type of tragedy, supporting Necole’s family. I know several of them read here, and some post, so I know they’ll take your very thoughtful suggestion to heart.

    • RR–Concering the Andrew St. house, yes LE has been there at least 3 times since the latest murder I’ve been told,which is not uncommon after such happenings. Don’t believe anyone knows who the people are who come and go there.The neighbors around this place are decent people and avoid contact with anyone who goes there. Have heard that T.Gary was also questioned and that she is residing there on & off.

    • I believe Texas equusearch is solely organized for finding missing persons…. I don’t think they would be of any assistance in these cases since all of the girls have been found….

  18. As for the Andrew Street house what strikes me is both Necolle and Brittney were last seen on Doyle Street – one block over.

    I’ve been thinking since I read the obit today – many of the young ladies came from Lake Arthur but lived on the southside of Jennings. Is there a connection. I’m sure someone could take a look and gather something.

    • Channel 7 KPLC reported that Necole was seen getting into a vehicle on Doyle St. sometime on Sunday.Wonder where that info came from was it LE or someone on the street, a description of the vehicle would be very helpful!She was often at the Andrew St. house and the surrounding streets.

      • Description of the vehicle would have been very helpful many in town know vehicles and would be talking if they knew what kind, color or some small id.

        I feel real sorry about yet another senseless murder. Do you know if her parents live on the house behind the car wash on main. I’ve heard they are very nice people who love to bbq if that’s the same people.

        • Ahlou–No I did not know Nicole’s family at all.Just recognized her from seeing her around the Southside of town.Yes,I agree it is senseless 8 unsolved murders in 4 years, no matter the lifestyles, these women were human beings and NO ONE had a right to take their lives.

        • That is not Necole’s parents that live there. They are technically no relation to her. It is one of her aunts brother and his family. She did spend time with them once upon a time.
          Necole’s father lives in Lake Arthur and actually I am not sure where her mother lives anymore. She used to live catacorner from the family by the carwash.

        • I was told about this site today and I have been sitting here for hours reading all the information ya’ll have posted. I think this is a great idea. I grew up in Jtown but have been living in Houston for 3 yrs now. It is a sad day when I feel safer in my neighborhood here than I do walking in my moms neighborhood. My parents still live in the house I grew up in on the corner of Jefferson and Doyle.The neighborhood is not what it used to be thats for sure.Sitting on her front porch you can watch drug deals go down no matter what day it is or what time of day it is. I knew 6 of these girls that have been murdered and I like most of you I am outraged that this is still happening. Nicole and her family lived next door to my mom for years. The last time I talked to her mom they were living by the car wash on main st. Who lives in the house on Andrew St. mentioned in several of the post? I hope something gets done soon. My heart goes out to the families of all these girls.

        • No that is not Necoles Family that lives by the carwash… Necole’s Family is from Lake Arthur and lives in Lake Arthur…

      • I’m also thinking back to the 16 year old that was sexually assaulted in Feb 2009…..was in the same general area. (there’s a map link with the post)

        • g8, strange thing about the assault no one has heard anotherr word about it as far as I know. There was no published word concerning the persons involved. Maybe someone else heard something but I heard nothing.

          That happened about the time the lady claimed assault and robbery at Dollar General which turned out she lied. She was from Lake Arthur.

  19. While I would like to know the vehicle description as well I can see why LE does not release it. There may be vigilante action against the wrong people. LE patrols Jennings constantly and knows who drives what vehicle. Even if they know exactly who the vehicle belongs to they will probably wait for forensic testing to finish before making an arrest. I feel hopeful that useable forensics were gathered due to the short time between her being reported missing and being found. The timeline of when she was last seen to when she was reported missing will be crucial

  20. I can say as Brittney Gary’s aunt that her death was listed as aphexiation. I am more than willing to answer any questions that u all may have about her if it would help anything, that is if I know the answers. My prayers are with Necole’s family as well as the families of the rest of the girls

    • Vanessa….

      I’m glad you joined us and I wanted to tell you that yesterday when you posted. Personally, I have many questions I’d like to ask. I hope you’ll stick around and band together with us. We all will support you and all of the other girl’s family members as well.

      Our goal is to keep these crimes “alive”…..we do NOT want them to fade back into the woodwork. We have every right to ask questions and do our own research into these crimes. We (you) have every right to expect justice.

      My heart is so heavily burdened by these murders and, I can honestly say, I was stunned by this latest one. I realize I was so naive in thinking that maybe they were over….done with.

      All of the children and family members of all of the victims are so often on my mind and in my prayers. I’ve been taught from childhood to have faith so……..I’ll have faith in faith I guess.

      Please remember there ARE people that care and don’t ever give up hope that justice will be served.

      • g8trgirl….. I do plan on sticking around. I myself thought that after Brittney there would be no more lives taken. Like I said earlier please feel free to ask any questions you may have. I didnt realize how much pain and memories would come back but since Necole’s death I do. It hurts but I have only experienced it once. The families of the earlier victims are so strong for not giving up since they have dealt with this time and time again. Thanks again for your prayers

  21. RR–I heard that local law enforcement was first on the scene, but that unlike with the past murders, local law enforcement secured the scene and let the FBI actually process the site. The source was ex-law enforcement, but one who still has connections with law enforcement. The person is credible, but how reliable the information is depends on who his source is and that I do not know.

  22. Hey Sleuthing, While not perfect, the rumor mill is accurate an amazing amount of the time. The presence of the FBI on the task force was probably the catalyst for making sure of this. I know their crime lab stays backed up. I am unaware of their protocols for establishing priority status to evidence collected. It would seem that physical evidence from a volatile SK would be put at the front of the line.

    That is also hoping some good, useable DNA was collected.

  23. Just wanted to say (not sure if I read it here on web sleuths)that this murder also coincides with the college student theory. . School starts back up on the 24th here.

    Personally I do not think it is the case, but it does still fit the theory.

  24. I have not heard anymore of the Panchoville rumor. Supposedly there were several LE cars heading that way yesterday but it could have been to question someone- I’ll keep my ears open. I do not know the witness personally except that he wondered what the heck was going on.

    To the family members here I would like to say how very sorry I am. I know that your hearts are breaking.

    A few observations, Necole had not been gone long and I am VERY HOPEFUL that there will be usable DNA.

    It has been reported that this is linked to the other murders and I have no doubt that it is, but what concrete proof do officials have to link Necole with the others….for example, could be a copy cat killing…..There has to be something for LE to officially say those words!

    I know this is a sad time right now but I feel hopeful that this will yield breaks in the cases instead of dead ends….The trucking forums were a great idea G8!
    Someone saw something, but surely this was done at night. I also find it odd that right after she is reported missing that she is found. The time line is very strange.

    Everyone keep their ears open and report. Some things will be rumor but other things will be clues! Again…………..I am VERY VERY HOPEFUL ON THE DNA of Necole, lets hope the heat did not ruin any evidence. God bless you all.

  25. Luckily they’ve found her early enough before the elements got to her and maybe forensics can find enough to pinpoint the people responsible.

    They know that she was associated with the other girls because from what I understand a house someone was under surveillance and she was seen going to the house that other victims used to go to. She was also good friends with some of the other victims and some of the other victims friends. That’s been established from her sister that gave statements.

  26. Looking back over the weather history for the area this past week….this is what I came up with:

    (8/16) Hi Temp 93 – Lo Temp 76
    – 1:00 am – 10 am……….clear
    – 11:00 am – 6:00 pm…..cloudy off and on
    – 7:00 pm – midnight……clear

    (8/17) Hi Temp 95 – Lo Temp 76
    – 1:00 am – 11 am………clear
    – 11:00 am – 3:00 pm…..cloudy/overcast
    – 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm…….rain
    – 7:00 pm – midnight……clear

    (8/18) Hi Temp 87 – Lo Temp 75
    – 1:00 am – 6:00 am…….mostly clear
    – 6:00 am – 1:00 pm…….cloudy/overcast
    – 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm…….rain
    – 4:00 pm – midnight…….mostly clear

    (8/19) Hi Temp 88 – Lo Temp 74
    – 1:00 am – 10:00 am…….clear
    – 11:00 am – 4:00 pm……..partly cloudy

    Info from
    Based on Lafayette data (no specific data for Egan)

  27. Tommorow is the Aniversery of Crystals Death. As estimated on her death certificate. About a week ago I was able to visit Charlene Richards gravesite in Richard. I lifted all of our families in prayer. To all of you, their is hope and faith, and I believe That one day we will get some answers. God bless all of you.

  28. In 2005, 2007, and 2008 there were fairly quick follow-up killings. Within about 2 months. Please tell me that young women are not still frequenting the house on Andrew St.
    If you have a family member that is, take her home, tie her down, whatever you have to do to keep her from being number nine.

  29. ahlou,
    Yes, the funeral was closed casket. I was told by the family after I had arrived that they were not allowed to view the body as well. They were told same as we were, “Its too bad.”

    I did reach out to the family of necole Guillory. I went out to the funeral home yesterday as it opened at 2pm. I spent time with her family and explained to them how hard it has been, how hard its gonna get, and their need to fight for justice. I have known Necole’s sister for sometime now and we were able to discuss alot of things about the girls and their comings and goings. They were extremely welcoming of me. Necole’s mom and sister expressed to me their gratitude and explained that they will fight for justice. I made sure that they knew that they are far from being alone in this. We all exchanged numbers and will be hopefully meeting in the next few days.

    Thankyou so much for coming here and speaking out. Its hard and we both know it doesnt get any easier with time. I appreciate your bravery and I hope that we can work together to find out who’s killing our angels.

    • Brittany, thanks for the info. You even answered my next question which was did they see the body.

      You know I feel you are the strong, strong person out of all this. I applaud how you are trying so hard to help others when you are hurting as well. Sometimes we have to go through things to make us stronger and I feel this is what is happening with you. Stay strong which I know you will and know you have lots of people wishing you the best.

  30. Found this on Yahoo news a week or so ago. It is eerily identical to the murders here.

  31. Here’s a link with in-depth information on the Rocky Mount, North Carolina serial murders.

    • Thanks Silver. I understand that authorities in Rocky Mount have been contacted about the murders here. Maybe a glimmer of hope…..

  32. Reading about these woman in NC brought tears to my eyes. I have not stopped crying since Necole was found. I was standing in line at the bank Friday and tears filled my eyes.

    I no longer live in JDP and the murders are not talked about much here… A lot of people do not know what is going on. I am quick to fill them in.

    I did not know the ladies killed except for Crystal and Necole. I knew Crystal from my childhood and came across a picture of here recently while going through old photos.

    I pray Justice is brought soon. I hope none of the families have to relive this pain again. My heart is broken and I can not help but cry for all the babies who will never again see thier mothers again and those that will never know them at all beyond memories told to them and pictures. God Bless!

    • You know Family of Victim 8, I for one appreciate how you respond. It is obvious you loved Necole and her children. We would turn the person in if we knew something but in the meanwhile we can let the families know we care.

      Stay strong maybe you and Brittany can start something very possitive about the young ladies. Maybe a scholarship in their names – something that’s what I’m thinking now but I know it’s early for you.

      Praying for and with you and all the rest.

      • You know Necole and I were not close. We had not spent a whole lot of time together as Adults. The last long visit I had with her was about 6 year ago… She was clean that day and it was a nice visit with her, her dad, and that ***** she was with at the time.
        As for her kids… Her oldest is a fantastic kid. I adore him. He is very smart and quick. I don’t know much about her second son. I have only seen him a few times he seems like a very sad little boy and it breaks my heart. The adopted daughter I see a lot. I talk to her a lot… She is my Goddaughter. She is funny, spoiled, silly, mean, and smart. She loves who she loves and doesn’t like to share them with anyone. The baby is the only ones I have never seen. I have pictures of her and she is adorable. I hope she grows up a happy kid.

        • —Fam of 8—thanks for sharing…. I think it helps to know about the personal side of the girls… Not just what we hear in the media…it’s obvious necole had a tough adulthood…as a mom and childcare provider I too hope her children are safe and are able to grow up outside of the shadow of their mothers death…. I hope that for all the children involved… My sister in law had a run in with a little boy at a Dr. Office here in town several weeks ago… He asked her if she was the mom to the little boy he was playing with, she said yes…. He said I don’t have a momma… She said oh you don’t… He said no, she was stabbed and put in a ditch….I wrote a song about her, you want to hear it? My sister in law said sure… The little boy proceeded to sing ” my mom died when I was 4, I can’t see her no more…. She got stabbed, and now i’m sad…” at that point his grandma came over and said ” is keelan( nit sure of the spelling) bugging you… My sister in law said no… The grandma then said he’s just like his mom, the drugs ate her all up then she got herself killed…” my sister inlaw was shaken by not only the fact that this little boy of about 8 knew details of his moms death but that the grandma was so insensitive to this boys feelings…. She told me about it that afternoon… I said I wonder if he was one of the “7” girls sons…. Sure enough after finding this site we saw his name on loretttas headstone…. She said she will never forget that little boy… Thank you again for sharing your story about necole

  33. I was wondering (for those who knew these girls) were all these girls friends? Is there anyone else left in this “circle of friends”?

    Also were all Necole kids adopted out???

    What is this Andrews St. place? I see it mentioned a lot but I cannot figure out its signifigance.


    • Yes, there are plenty of girls left in this circle of friends. One that they thought were missing a couple of months back but located is one of them.

      The signifigance of the Andrews Street place is that all of the victim’s had been to that house at one time or another. Doesn’t make the resident a killer before some of you ask why hasn’t the home owner been arrested but perhaps what goes on at the residence has something to do with the girls being murdered.

      • “sex kitten at your service” is Hannah.

        Frankie was known to frequent the house on Andrews Street.

        Frankie has a history of violence toward women.

        The Richard family has a house on McKinley Street. Which is about two blocks from the Andrew house.

        One way to get to the killer would be to talk to someone that runs in the same circles with the drug users. They know more than they think. Someone needs to question those persons and then put the pieces together.

        I have personally known Frankie, Hannah, and the rest of their family. Also the first victim Loretta. Whomever is responsible needs to pay for what they have done and we the community need to take back control of our town and Police departments. LE work for us and should be held accountable for their actions upto and including the sheriff.

  34. I was wondering the same thing…. Brittney you may know, are there any girls left that use to hang out together…? If so have you talked to them, what do they think….? Also what happened with Brittney garys mom, she was all over the news when she was missing but you never see her are hear from her now…. The only family members I ever hear in the press and on TV is Brittney and muggys sister…. Are the others actively helping too?

    • Firewife–Brittney G.s mom has been on and off at the Andrew St. house most recently this weekend also from what have been told this past week some white girls have been seen there,although it has been very inactive since the latest murder.In my opinion,and I continue to believe this lo-life is being protected/ignored for some reason.

    • I must say as Brittney Gary’s aunt that I still communicate with Brittany (Whitnei’s sister). I may not speak out as much about the murders anymore but I still want justice for all these girls. As far as my sister who is Teresa, we dont have contact anymore. I do know she was living at the Andrew St. house because when we were speaking I would bring her money or things she may need. I dont approve of her lifestyle and the decisions she makes, but she is who she is and I cant change that. I do know she wasnt always like she is now….she was the glue that held our family together….however drugs change alot of things. However, it hurts me to know that she has giving up on finding Brittney’s killer…makes me wonder why?!

      • Drugs is a horrible addiction. She may think their is no hope for herself so she decided to continue. People sit here asking “How or Why” she acts the way she does. Like why she still goes to the home on Franklin, or Is she doing the drugs, how can she do that to her daughter, etc…But until you actually put yourself in their shoes or have been related or around one who is an addict, you will always ask those questions, “How or Why”. It is hard for those to get out, but until Teresa is ready that’s how it will be. Another thing, those (druggies/suppliers) who helped her are also those who keep her brain washed and thinking they are the only ones there for her. They (druggies/suppliers) keep coming back to her. It is a sad thing, but that’s the way they work.

      • Vanessa,

        ITA with brownie. Addiction is very ugly and it is very sad and heartbreaking for the love ones. You know she may not have given up she may be very lost now and who knows she very well may become the person who unlock the senseless crimes.

      • Vanessa, thank you for sharing your story… I can so relate to it…Drugs has destroyed my family as well… I had to cut ties with my sister because of her habitual drug use, lying, stealing etc…it’s like you have to mourn them before they are even dead because the sister you once knew is no longer there…my parents owned a business that pappy work at on and off when he wasn’t in jail many years ago and they have both said those girls didn’t have a chance for a stable up bringing…. It is sad that Brittney was introduced to this way of life by the very people that should have guided and protected her…. You are doing the right thing by keeping her memory alive and demanding justice for her…. Thank you again

        • My ex husband and pappy were friends years ago. I remember going to visit and Brittany and my son who were just toddlers at the time playing together. I guess I was just a naive small town girl back then but I would have never thought Theresa would end up on these types of drugs.Like firewife said It is sad that Brittany’s parents didn’t do their job as parents and subjected her to this way of life. Doesn’t Brittany have siblings. Where are they? Is pappy still in jail? Is it for drugs?

          My heart and prayers are with all the family members that are going through this difficult time. My two children died in the house fire back in 2000 so I can relate to the pain of losing someone you love and having to live life with unanswered questions. Until these cases get solved keep fighting to keep their memories alive and be their voices in the fight for justice.

  35. Necole’s children were not all adopted. Her oldest lives with his father now (he used to live with his grandmother), The second and fourth live with their aunt (Necole’s oldest sister) and her 3rd child was adopted by Necole’s cousin.

  36. I am trying to figure out which house on Andrew st everyone is talking about and where it is located. Is it from wood st to the fair grounds or from wood to west division.

    • I believe this is the house (map & photo) in the 600 block of Andrew Street.

      Interesting side note……..while I was fumbling with my camera trying to get some photos of the house, Theresa Gary was at the house and opened the door…….needless to say, as soon as she saw me she slammed the door.

  37. Does anyone know where Tracee Chaisson (Egelston) is living right now??

    • I heard Tracey Chassion was living on the corner of West Division, next to that church, in a two story house.

      • Thanks for the info!!

        • That’s the family member of FR that I said lived on Doyle. According to reports Necole was seen getting into a vehicle on Doyle it didn’t specify where on Doyle. One block over is Andrew and McKinley is very near as well.

          G8, go to input West Division & Doyle you will see the house and the church. Across the street is a recycle place of some kind parked on Doyle in front/side of the place is a Sheriff’s car. No one seems to be inside but there are two men talking side and rear of the truck. Wonder if the Sheriff was watching someone/thing.

      • Well, I know for a fact that is NOT where Tracee lives. I don’t know of all these girls too well but I did know a couple of them and NO MATTER how they lived their lives, they DID NOT DESERVE THIS!!! Our parish police and whomever it may take needs to find out who is doing this! My heart goes out to the families that are going thru this.

  38. Why is Theresa Gary still going to this house?? How is she connected to these people?? Bery weird, IMO! And about how many girls are left in this circle of friends?? Are they not aware of all that is going on?? Especially all these people that keep going to this house. VERY STRANGE!!!

  39. Who owns the residence? Anyone know the exact address? Is that the photo of the actual house on the post above? It looks small to be a “brothel”.

    And yes why is Theresa still hanging around there??? That makes absolutely no sense.

    • Yes kb that’s the house. I only know the first name of the fellow that lives there….don’t know if he’s the actual owner or not. As far as the exact address……I’m not sure, it’s in the 600 block.

      As to why Theresa continues to hang around there……just my opinion but it’s probably drug related and who knows what else goes on in there.

      • Last name Dugas. I’ve heard he is not the owner a family member is the owner. I’ve also heard there is a spousal? connection between him and Theresa Gary. Not sure if it is her or another family member but ea said no when I asked before.

        Let’s not forget or get known that Frankie Richard has family members either that street or the next all I know it’s a two story building very near there.

        • First name start with an “L” ????

        • Firewife, now sure of which first name you are speaking. Dugas family member first name would be W if I remember right. As for FR don’t know what his family name that is living in the area in the two story building is.

        • Thanks…. Not who I thought it was but they are probably kin in some way cause the person I’m thinking of is a low life also….. I’m gonna do some research on it and find out….

        • Frankie is on McKinley right? Real close by.

  40. —G8—it was such a pretty day today for picture taking….. 😉

    • 😀 oh yeah…it was a bright sunshiney day. I don’t know who was more surprised……..Theresa or me LOL.

      • G8–Thanks for the photo of the House on Andrew St.,it really made my day! did some research the address is 610,near the health unit.I am told the occupant is “laying low “since the latest murder and has been questioned several times by LE,as well as T. Gary.

  41. Brittany told us the casket was closed – question was this last body doused with anything…also since a report says decomposed…what/why. This one is being very quiet.

    Timeline, g8 first brought it up….did a person hear about the mother on a scanner/in person or what. The timeline is real tight for finding of the body.

  42. —g8—– I need to email you, can you contact me please… I don’t see anywhere on here about how to contact you…. Thanks

  43. Tracee has a myspace page but it doesn’t look like she’s been on it in a while…. Do a search under tracee chaisson… I don’t recognize any of her friends….


    This is the link for tracee’s myspace page.

  45. FR is on McKinley, correct!!

  46. For some reason, it wont let me view her friends.

  47. I was able to…. If you still can’t I can send you a list… There’s only about 6 of them

  48. I wonder if LE and/or the task force has been able to determine where the initial crime scene was for Necole was yet. Seems like it would be fairly simple to narrow the possibilities down. South of the tracks in Jennings and to the west of 26 a tad… hard is that?

  49. I can’t stop thinking about how ballsy it was for whoever rolled Necole’s body down that embankment……..on I-10 for God’s sake. I can’t imagine myself ever needing to hide (or get rid of) a body but, I would have to think…..pulling over on the side of I-10 and doing that…..last damn place I would consider????? How crazy would you have to be???

  50. I have been reading on several sites about all of these ladies and how they were found and such.
    Maybe I missed something but who was the officer that found Muggy? What is his name…. does anyone know?

  51. I’m interested to hear y’all’s thoughts about Necole’s death:

    – was this random, wrong place, wrong time or was she specifically targeted?

    – killer had a specific reason for killing her or an uncontrollable urge?

    – disposal location……pre-planned or random?

    – what type of vehicle used for transportation?

    – one person responsible for the murder…..or more than one person?

    – killer(s) are male? female? both?

    – killer(s) well known to victim, passing acquaintance to victim, or complete stranger to victim?

    • I am just so mad that we still dont know anything on these murders… I so think it Necole was specifically targeted… And it makes me so mad…. Why does someone want to so this to someone? What did they do to deserve this? Why did it happen? And is there going to be more or is this finally going to be over? I am so sick over this, so many emotions… I just want to scream and scream… I so hope they finally give us some damn answers…

      • Your anger is palpable in your comment. You have every right to be angry……all of the family members, friends and the parish do as well. Without knowing who is doing the killing we will NEVER have a clue as to WHY??? I can’t think of one reason why anyone would deserve to be brutally murdered. I, in my naive thinking I guess, thought the killing was over after Brittany. I suppose we’d all be fooling ourselves to think the killing is maybe over this time but…..until the murderer(s) is caught we can’t be sure it’s over.

        I would like to offer positive encouragement as far as getting any immediate answers (from Edwards) but you know as well as I do…..that probably isn’t going to happen. At least if the past is any indicator.

  52. I guess my thing is that I adopted one of Necoles little girls, and all i think about how am I supposed to answer any of her questions when she gets older about her bio mom…

  53. After everything I have read…. I believe each of these women were targeted. I think each victim knew the killer(s) in some way. I do believe there is more than one person involved. Maybe one person doing the killing but that person has help. I am not sure about the locations. Necole’s was different from the others, being out in the open on a busy interstate, but then again Whitnei’s was different from the first 3.
    I think the killer felt he had a reason to killer her that it was not random. All the girls cases are too similar. I feel it is a male… not sure if the possible help would be male or female.
    I want this killer(s) to suffer and pay for these crimes.

    • Does anyone know for sure who last saw Nicole alive and when? very confusing-KPLC reported tonight at 10 news that she had been missing for almost a week, and other news sources are saying she was seen on Sunday getting into a car on Doyle Street.Maybe the Sherrif should speak to the citizens of JDP and clear up any rumors that are being reported if he cares to solve these horrible crimes.

  54. I heard back from the billboard company this morning…. She said she forwarded my email to the location that can help us…. She said she knows if they can help they will…. I’ll update everyone when I hear from them again….

  55. GREAT!!!! Looks like Frankie and crew get to walk scott free.

    Here’s a snippet of a JDN article. It’s probably a few days old and you can’t read the whole article but the first few paragraphs say enough.

    Was anyone here able to read the whole article? If there’s additional info from the article worth reporting…..please let us know.

    Detective’s suspention leads to suspects’ release

    A pair of McKinley Street residents arrested in June on charges of possession of stolen items and drug possession had to be released earlier this month in relation to the suspension of a Jeff Davis Parish sheriff’s deputy for missing evidence.

    Frankie Richard, 53, and his mother, Jeanette LeBlanc, 72, both of 811 McKinley Street in Jennings, were released after the Jeff Davis Parish District Attorney’s Office failed to receive enough information to arraign the two suspects. Richard was released on Tuesday, Aug. 11, while LeBlanc was released on Friday, Aug. 7. LeBlanc’s daughter, Tabetha Crochet, 39, had also been arrested in the bust, but had been released on a recognizance bond on July 8.

    • That sounds real flacking great!!!! So not only do we have to worry about our children getting taken and killed but now we have to still deal with these people out there that are getting busted and being released on some bullsh@t!!!!!!!!

  56. g8trgirl i was just about to post the same snipit! all seems to fishy to me how it was right on top of the article about the 8th body.

  57. Everyone suspected Paula was removing evidence on behalf of the family. I can’t believe all this. If it ain’t enough for the FBI to do a full investigation into the comings and goings at JDSO and jail house.

    We all knew Paula was in it for the Richard’s. It is bad when you can predict what going on at the local sheriff’s office…What has to happen for someone other than the sheriff to take over these murder investigations?

    Makes you wonder how much the family is going to pay her under the table. Who the heck does Paula think she is? So has the DA charged her yet?

    • “Everyone suspected Paula was removing evidence on behalf of the family.”

      “We all knew Paula was in it for the Richard’s.”

      What exactly was in it for the Richard’s do you mean?

      • Her taking evidence at that time benefitted the Richard family……..she had to know it would benefit the family when she did stole from the evidence- did not complete work as she was supposed to.

  58. So FR was picked up with possession of a firearm…what about those charges? Did Paula steal the gun? He should not get released from those charges…..hmmm

  59. I keep asking “Why would Paula do that?” Has she gotten away with things like that in the past and thought she could do it again? Was she just that hard up for money? You know, I think people really felt safer with F. Richard in jail. Now that she took the money, how could anyone even look at her. She just screwed it up. You guys know my opinion on that though.

  60. There’s a Hannah Conner -age 24 from Jennings on myspace but her profile is private…. Her screen name is “sex kitten at your service”… Brittney maybe you can look at the pic and see if it’s her…. My old eyes can’t make out that little pic…

  61. the Dugas on Andrew St is Dwight Dugas. I think his mom owns the home. What 2 story building are you talking about?? The head state school?

  62. I meant to say the Head Start School

  63. Like I’ve said before the killer is taunting the police and the community. His arrogance and cockiness is growing with each killing. This is good in some respects because it often results in forensic mistakes.

    • I very much agree with you!! Stopping on I-10 and rolling that body down the embankment was a very ballsy move in my opinion. I definitely get the impression the killer wanted the victim found sooner than later.

  64. M Silver

    Do you believe these murders are the work of one serial killer (a Bundy/Ridgway/Rader-type – what we could call a serial killer in its traditional sense)? Several people have suggested that this may be something more than that – more like hits from the organised crime/drugs world. I’d be interested to hear what you think about that.

  65. I’m still wondering what 2 story building in the area of Andrew St that they are talking about???

  66. Someone asked why Brittney Gary was walking alone after dark–it’s because her MOTHER had her hooking. She was always walking the streets!!!!!

    • just learned T. Gary just left Andrew St. house walking north,turned right on Wood .She had not been seen in daytime since late last week I am told. The low life was briefly seen walking on Andrew today.

  67. just from making a few observations i noticed that all the girls where quite petite except for one. crystal was listed as being 170 and 5’11. so she would of been much more difficult to move around than the other girls. just seems like it would of had to be a man or a larger woman or more than one person to move her body especially being dead weight.

  68. little bit there is a two story house next door to the andrew st house not sure if that is what u are talking about. u can look at it on google earth here’s a link,-92.662361&spn=0.00827,0.013754&z=16&layer=c&cbll=30.215793,-92.662352&panoid=1Qr0FvO2VRaAroQ_rEeyBg&cbp=12,73.26,,0,5

    • Hey everyone ,just want to clear something.Concerned,the google earth photo of the two story house on Andrew St. is definitly NOT associated with F.Richard or any other LO LIFE druggies. I know the residents personally, they are decent people,they just happen to have an A—hole neighbor!!! The house in question maybe a two story house on Madison, it’s a large brown house off of Andrew near LA26.

      • ea, please don’t take me wrong but every time you write about that person I think that’s about how his childrens grandparents would relate….or call him.

  69. firewife- thats is her myspace from the looks of it. it is the same pic they have of her on here. kinda creepy is her website url

    tied, raped, and beaten???? kinda creepy if u ask me

    • Holy crap… I didn’t see her URL tag …. That is just sick… I requested her to be my friend so I could see her full page…if she has anything interesting I’ll post it….

  70. ok ea568 i dont know the people i had just saw that it was a 2 story house next door thanks for the clarfication!

  71. ahlou, on August 24th, 2009 at 4:14 PM Said:

    Ok so you must know Tracee so I have a question – what is the person saying 5-2 till the casket drop on her webpage. It’s very eerie and until last week the count would have been 5 – 2. Please explain if you know ’cause it is creepy.

    ahlou – where did you see that at??

  72. Family of Victim 8, on August 23rd, 2009 at 10:41 PM Said:

    I have been reading on several sites about all of these ladies and how they were found and such.
    Maybe I missed something but who was the officer that found Muggy? What is his name…. does anyone know?

    Supposedly it was Mike Janise… said he received a tip about where to locate her body. Also, supposedly, Muggy would often ride with this officer on patrol on the citizen’s ride along program.

    For the record…..I am in no way, shape or form suggesting this officer had anything to do with her death. I highly doubt he would have killed her then turned around and been the one to find her. Sounds like he may have been set up actually but that’s just my opinion.

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