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  1. Kirk Menard, on July 14th, 2009 at 7:17 PM Said:

    I do believe that its time for the press to release another update on the status of the investigation and/or law enforcement to have another press conference. I still believe that manpower is an issue in our parish.

    Kirk – I agree it’s time for another press conference although if Edwards is going to repeat the same old tired news (or lack of) that everyone already knows then, it’s a complete waste of time.

    As for lack of manpower……there is an 8-10 member task force assigned to the cases. If that is not enough manpower, doesn’t the DA and/or Sheriff have the option of requesting additional assistance from the state DA?

    Before Baton Rouge serial killer Derrick Todd Lee was apprehended, the state had assembled a 40 member task force to investigate those murders. Why doesn’t JDP have a 40 member task force I wonder????

    • Not that I agree with having only eight members (Jennings could have a more on the task force), but you have to remember that BR has headquarters for the State Police, the FBI and a much larger City Police Dept. and Sheriff’s Office. So I am sure this has a little to do with Derrick Todd Lee having a 40 member task force.

  2. IMHO-Cause Ricky don’t want one…then they might have a lot of x’plaining to do….

    • Does anyone know who made the decision to release Tabitha C. & Jeanette L? Wonder how that came about is it the Judge, DA, or perhaps the Sheriff had a hand in all of this. I guess next up they will turn Frankie loose. Find it interesting all this came about at the same time as the missing evidence/drugs were discovered missing. Any one have thoughts on this??

      • More than likely Tabetha and Jeanette weren’t able to come up with bail money and spent time in jail in lieu of posting bond.

        Was Frankie was even allowed the option of posting bond since he was charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon? Anyone here know? Seems to me we should be hearing about him being sent off to the penitentiary soon……..he was arrested 2 months ago. How long will it take for that to happen???

        I wonder if a couple of JDPSO employees will miss ole Frankie when he’s gone……they won’t be able to keep as close an eye on him and everything he says/does and who he talks to as they can now.

        Seems as though someone(s) likes keeping Frankie locked up. You may possibly recall that prior to this most recent arrest (approx 6/3/09) he had just been released from jail on 4/15/09. So he was basically only a free man for a month and a half.

        • He would be entitled to have a bond set as it is not a death penalty case. . . yet. A parole hold would prevent him from being released if he made bond. Felon w a firearm is mandatory ten years.

  3. Depends if he was on probation or parole, then he would be on hold for a parole violation (possibly held here for outstanding charges.)

    Otherwise, they will hold him until the DA prosecutes, and that can take months. He would be considered ‘innocent until proven guilty’ without a probation violation being outstanding. Seems he must have other charges outstanding.

    Also, the DA can have him held witout bond if he was on already out on bale when arrested.

    So his previous status has a lot to do with it.

  4. LOL, the Chief of Lake Arthur had some guns stolen. Well, normally they don’t check for finger prints, but in this case, I think they should. I would bet that if they didn’t, there is something more to the story than beats the eye. You put yourself in that situation….I’m a police chief and someone breaks in my vehicle and steals not one but TWO guns. You bet your bottom butt, I’m gonna run finger prints. I’m the Chief, I can!…That’s my view. What’cha think if YOU were Chief?

  5. well lets see…being untrained and uneducated, I do think I would be smart enough to LOCK my truck, ESPECIALLY with guns in it! They are D**N lucky it wasn’t a small child to get ahold of them…
    OH WAIT! Don’t they send parents to jail for children getting their hands on UNSECURED guns??? Just think how close they came to maybe having some kid dead in the street due to being just plain stupid!

  6. Anonymous, would you happen to know if they removed those records, or just copied what they found? I’m wondering if any records have been doctored, or just plain disappeared from the Jennings courthouse. Since I’ve heard the records are not online and it seems pretty lax, could anyone enlighten me on if it would be possible?

  7. from the KPLC website…this happened on FR street…

    12 year old accused of shooting teenager
    Posted: Aug 04, 2009 5:46 PM CDT Updated: Aug 04, 2009 5:48 PM CDT

    Jennings Police are investigating a shooting that landed a teenager in the hospital, and a 12 year old boy behind bars accused of pulling the trigger. It happened around 4:30 this afternoon. No word on the teenage boy’s condition.

    Tonight on 7 News and six and Nightcast, find out what led to the shooting.


    Funny, I thought they didnt know where any of the girls were killed…


    Its easy finding the killer when she didnt live a “high-risk lifestyle”….Just read and see!

  10. What is odd is that JDP investigators are allowed to bag evidence relating to this crime victim found in Texas. It seems that Texas would be in charge along with the FBI and JDP allowed to see evidence not to bag it outside of their jurisdiction.

    And, why, for pete’s sake isn’t this woman named? Every victim of murder that I have followed has a name attached especially when she was found in her parent’s back yard but killed somewhere else according to the article.

  11. Search URL’s under TOPICS FOR KODIAK PRODUCTIONS….you wil find it enlightening!

  12. FYI……….received an email from LAVNS that Frankie Richard was released from jail today !!!!

  13. Thanks G8 for the update on F. Richard.Can anyone explain what the hell is going on with this situation ??First his sister is released,then his Momma and now HIM? I believe ( I may be wrong) all this crap has everything to do with the missing evidence on McKinley St. Maybe now our sherrif will open his mouth about that situation!! I really believe the citizens of Jennings have no idea of what is going on McKinley St.,Only the ones who read this blog,since it sure isn’t reported on any media sources. May I suggest everyone spread the word about the goings-on with these releases and the missing evidence situation.Sorry, just felt like mouthing off to someone!!!

    • Mouth off all you want ea568 because I agree with you!! I’m not so sure the citizens in the parish know entirely what’s going on either. If they do……there is certainly a high degree of complacency in my opinion.

      I too, do not understand how a felon charged with possession of a firearm is allowed to freely roam the streets of Jennings once again.

      Does ANYONE know what’s going on with the investigation of the missing evidence we have heard so little about?? Why is LE so damned hush-hush about these things??

      • Who was the judge that freed him? What did or did not the DA say? What did or did not his parole/probation officer say? Why, why, why.

        As for the investigation on the missing evidence it is one of those things that just fall through the black hole. Guess Vermillion couldn’t find anything.

    • ea, I have a question you may know the answer.
      Is TG or a family member the spouse of the person who live at that house on Andrew Street? I’ve heard she was the spouse of – just checking and wondering.

      • Ahlou–From what I hear, NO! TG or any one related to her is not his spouse although she is seen hanging out there lately.Have been told that he has had several “live-ins” in the past , and recently still the same business going on–young women,mostly white, and males mostly black.Very interesting–(IMO)

  14. IM OUTRAGED at the fact that he can always walk free and he never has to suffer any concequences for his actions….thats why we have repeat offenders!

  15. Maybe he has one of those Monopoly “Get out of jail Free cards”??

  16. I ran across this Law Enforcement forum and the topic (4/12/09) about an on duty Louisiana officer that had a run in with an officer from the JDPSO……interesting story.

    Post #1 the officer explains the situation and what took place.

    Post #9 the officer posts that the run in was with a JDPSO deputy and the deputies wife.

    Post #11 another person comments about their run in with the JDPSO and that it would do no good to contact the JDP Sheriff regarding the behavior of one of his deputies because the Sheriff was a politician more so than a LE officer……the poster also cited the extent of the Sheriff’s LE training.

  17. Paula is fired. yeah

  18. Tell us how do you know and where can we find the information.

  19. WOW they actually said that Paula Guillory was Fired from her Job because of the $3700 that is missing…said that Ricky Edwards has contacted prosecutors

    • Thanks Kathy and night_angel for keeping us updated!!!

      I have to wonder if KPLC went to the Sheriff for an update on the case or if the Sheriff contacted KPLC??? Either way…..thanks KPLC for keeping us updated as well.

  20. If you read the article carefully it says, The sheriff says that investigation is still on-going, but says it revealed that more than $3,700 is missing.

    The key word here is MORE

  21. I know this sounds mean and I am really not trying to be but it couldn’t have happened to a better person. PG was a terrible LE officer, abused her authority and her badge, bullied her way the town and the parish, thought she was above the law and thought she was something special. I hope they do charge her criminally because if it had been one of us we would be charged by now.

    She should never be allowed to work in LE again. This may be the reason FR and the rest were released and she might have jeopardized the entire case by what she did or maybe she did it on purpose to jeopardize the case, who knows? Either way, she’s fired, needs to be charged and held accountable for her actions and I will ask the DA to push the charges.

    • Good point anonymous! When IS she going to be charged? Do we, as citizens, have the right to contact the District Attorney and ask him that question? Do we have the right to contact the Sheriff and ask him that question as well?

      I find it extremely disturbing that an officer of the law has not only apparently stolen evidence but that she may have possibly tainted the criminal cases against Frankie and his family members that were arrested. This man was a murder suspect at one time and I would think he probably STILL IS a murder suspect. As a matter of fact…..why can’t Edwards just come right out and state publicly whether Richard is a person of interest or not??

      As a convicted felon, recently charged with possession of a firearm, and probably drug charges…..again, Richard seems to be a prison candidate not only on state charges but federal as well. WHY is he being allowed to roam freely once again and more than likely go right back to doing what he knows, and does best……dealing drugs (and god knows what else).

      I certainly hope Paula Guillory’s stupidity does not play a part in allowing Frankie Richard to avoid going to prison.

      • Excellent points g8tgrgirl and I also hope that this was not done purposely on the part of Guillory or anyone else to clear Frankie and friends.

        • Try not to judge before you know all the facts, but there is definatly something fishy going on. Trust me when I say the case against Frankie could be prosecuted even w/out the “missing” money. If they come out w a statement saying Frankie was let go b/c case couldn’t be prosecuted. . . the sheriff/ d.a. either have no idea what they’re doing or they have some ulterior motive. It’s really crazy. What’s also really crazy is how quick people are to condemn and jump on the bandwagon. Be careful folks.

  22. You are a citizen, so of course you have the right to contact the District Attorney and ask him or to tell him what you would like to see, the more people who express there concern about this case to the DA then that might help something to actually get done. SO everyone who thinks this might just get pushed aside please stand up and speak out . Contact the DA office and let him know let Ricky Edwards know also

    MICHAEL C. CASSIDY 337-824-1893

    Sheriff of Jeff Davis Parish

    Ricky Edwards (337) 821-2134



  24. I’m sorry but I have a question. Why is Brittany the only family member of the victims that is speaking out and coming out public?

    I applaud Brittany for her efforts but she needs to know that she’s not alone. Is everyone afraid to speak out or what?

    • People are scared…….of whom, I’m not exactly sure……but they are scared. No doubt in my mind about that.

      What I don’t understand, is why many LE officers don’t come forward and talk. I just have a feeling they know a lot…..possibly enough to offer a break in the cases. But, if they’re afraid, how can we expect others to feel comfortable getting involved. Maybe other family members have been advised to be quiet…..who knows.

      From what little I know and what little I’ve seen…..unfortunately I can understand the fear everyone has. I believe it’s not just merely by chance there have been NO (zero) credible witness’s in these cases so far. 7+ murders and not a damn clue or any evidence………anywhere. The seven girls were last seen in a maybe 5 block radius before they disappeared…..WTH?

      It’s just my opinion but, I believe stronger than ever there’s some kind of covering up going on.

    • Thanku! this means alot!

  25. People say no, but I still wonder if Paula is helping take the fall for someone higher….Jennings is a city of I help you – You help me. That is why one of the reasons a lot of people are keeping there mouth shut. Another is they are scared and hell can you blame them? This is just my opinion and don’t mean to hurt one’s feelings.

    Anonymous, I applaud Brittany too. I hear people say something with an attitude, and it has upset me, but deep in their hearts, they don’t really mean it. She is the VOICE people want, but are too afraid to admit it. She needs more than an applause, but in the end, she will definitely get a huge one. The public is not the only ones that are scared. Brittany has Edwards and his crew scared, but in a different way. That’s good. This case may slow down, but I’m thinking it will never die, although Edwards wishes it would, along with ALL the others involved. Again, this is just my opinion.

  26. Hmmmmm, I wonder what Sheriff Edwards was doing down Lacour Road yesterday backed up in a cane field talking to a known drug user…police work I guess…three times yesterday and once today from what I was told.

    • For those of you that are not familiar, or may have forgotten….Crystal was found on the side of Lacour Road. Check the maps on the tabs. You can zoom in on the maps as well.

      And yeah anonymous…….hmmm is right. Tell me it wasn’t Frankie Richard the sheriff was talking to.

      • G8–Some facts to ponder–Tabetha C. was released on 7-7-09,same day the P.Guillory mess broke.On 8-1-09 J. leblanc was released,then on 8-11-09 Frankie was cut loose the very SAME day the sheriff fired Paula.Please can anyone say that that there isn’t some “under the table” dealings going on.Now it is all on the DA’s back,we await his take on this situation.Should be very interesting if anything at all come out or it just fades away.

        • The timing is so obvious, and questionable. How many coincidences happen with the same people constantly? What good PR it would be to speak to the public and save face if the sheriff just had the ethics to do so. It is a shame the citizens there have to question the sheriff’s behavior.

      • i heard from many people in jennings that it was Frankie Richard he was talking to down Lacour rd.

    • I say Hmmm too!

      If this has been conspiracy amongst a few people that know what happened to who, I wonder if they speak amongst themselves to this day, if they think they ‘got’ rid of all those that could bust them wide open or if they are paranoid they are going to get popped soon, or just have no conscious and don’t apeak of nothing.

      Someone must have conscious enough to say something. I wonder if they know only the few who have info so if one of them says anything they will know who it was. Being the girls knew they were threatened….they had info-knew of something in particular that would cause trouble for others.

  27. I think one of the hardest things of being in LE would be to know who committed a crime and not being able to prove it….yet. The killer(s) took great care to cover their tracks. Exposure and time covered a lot of other evidence.

    The fact that the sheriff is a politician and not LE makes it even more odd that he has absolutely no community relations skills. It also makes it odd that some of his deputies are bullies or pick on victims families. This is a PR nightmare for a politician that relies on the good will of the public to remain employed. Maybe he has a heavy price to pay come next election.

  28. Hey Hey! The documentary coming made page 37 of the Lagniappe!
    Documentary to Explore Unsolved JD Parish Murders
    A documentary film crew from Switzerland will explore the seven unsolved murders in Jeff Davis Parish that occurred over the last four years. The crew will be in the parish Sept. 4-12 for interviews and to get a first-hand look at the investigation thus far. It hasn’t been determined yet whether the documentary will be a television or theatrical release.



  30. another body just found!

    • Hey, everyone very busy at Andrew St. house this afternoon!! Wonder Why?? Maybe is because another body of an innocent young woman was found in Acadia Parish near Jennings.As far back as I can remember every time this has happened, the first place LE comes is this house! Anyway several LE were seen going inside and took the “brother ” away for questioning, returned him a while later then picked T.Gary on the street and did the same for her. Maybe this investigation will be the key to solving these murders (let us hope & pray).

  31. Nicole guillory of Jennings mid 20 s

  32. Please everyone pray for this family and the families of the other 7 victims. For me, its like re-living it all over again. Times like this are the hardest.

    • Brit-Wanted to let you know I have been praying for all of the victims & the families and also for closure of the cases. And also when I heard this news this afternoon, the first person I thought of was you. Stay strong & remember lots of people support you and are praying for all of the families.

  33. Mysterious,
    My prayers are with you and your family.

  34. Why post stuff when no one know the facts. No one know yet if its Necole Guillory. Stop spreading shit untill you know. And mind ya’ll bussiness cause ya’ll spreading stuff makes it worse on the families.

    • We post what is heard and said as a way to gather info and network ideas…If we depended on just the news or what the sheriffs dept. released we would never post anything. An even bigger reason to post names and such, is that, in a time like this, we may all pray together, reach out and gather strength in one another s virtual arms. At this moment it is the only way we can reach out to family members and those touched by these tragedies.
      So, if it bothers you so much, I suggest you might be better off to find another blog where you will be much happier and not so bothered.

      • I think you need to have respected for the families. No one know who the girl is yet.


      Who do YOU think it is Pissed??

      • Hmmmmm….how fast they remove things. Please G8ter, what was the story?

        • I read the story around midnight Wednesday. If I recall correctly it was very in-dept and had Edwards naming the victim as Nicole Guillory. Guess he realized his screw-up and fixed it.I think everyone knows the victim by name by word of mouth,don’t understand why he wouldn’t want her name released,unless he was miss quote.

        • Dis – I redid the link above. I think KPLC had moved the story not deleted it.

      • Don’t know why pissed is pissed but she really should calm down……or state what has been said that is all wrong. In the meanwhile this is the one place people can find out a little of the scary news.

        I found a link on kplctv

  35. We all have respected the families on this site, they have also been very involved on this site, if you really do not like this site or what is said please don’t post on here and don’t read it. No one has said that it is that girl they just said her name which it has been said she is missing, but if this is such a true problem for you that you can’t handle us all talking then get off. This site has done MORE for this case than most involved, we come together and throw out ideas like friends sitting around a circle throwing out ideas and just talking…But you have your opinion and we all have ours. So you have expressed yours and now you can go if this is such a problem.

    • I have read this alot. I normally dont type in here. But ya’ll really dont know what ya’ll are talking about half the time.

      • So OH Great one! Please enlighten us! we are always up to discussing thoughts, SO ,since you have stated that we don’t know what we are talking about half the time, then fill us in on what and how you know!

      • I’m not really sure who you are…………don’t really care actually. And it may well be true we don’t know what we’re talking about half the time…….at LEAST we’re talking about it. Does it PISS you off because we’re still talking about it? Guess what? Too bad. We’re going to continue to discuss the problems JDP seems to be having………namely MURDER!!!!

        And here’s a little something else you can put in your pipe and smoke………I actually keep my effin mouth shut here. You don’t want to really know what’s going through my effin mind about JDP. There’s some problems over there…….and they’re big problems…… can call them rumors if you want to.

  36. Nicole Guillory being missing is a fact and was not taken as disrespect to the families.

  37. OMG, I am so shocked that another body has been found. We assume it is related to these 7 murders, but there is a small chance of it not being related or a copycat crime. My gut says it is related, and that must be so frightening to the locals. Very sad and frightening. Someone needs to make some fast progress towards these crimes. It is easy to believe they checked the Andrew House, for all parolees of drug and violent crimes should be checked immediately to see where they been and what they been up too. Anyone of interest should be located and alibis checked. So LE should be busy. I wonder if they are as shocked as we are.
    I pray for comfort for all those involved, for it is much like Brittany said- reliving it all over again.

    I am glad the FBI is doing the autopsy this time. It needs to be out of the parish. If they find this young lady’s death is related, it will be hard not to say serial killings are occurring regardless of how many
    offender(s) are being considered.

    g8, I bet you are fuming over there being you have so much else to say. Do speak… may take firery words to light fires under LE’s azzes. Too many oddities to be coincidences. Has anyone seen a black surburban with Texas plates around lately!!! Let’s remember no matter how upset with LE we may be to lift them up in prayers also…to be thorough, to have Our Almighty God give them wisdom and knowledge, and the perfect timing to find the facts and evidence they need to solve these crimes in whole once and for all. Amen.

    Bless you all, and may God’s comfort give you peace that He will help solve these crimes.

    Keep your chin up Brittany, your presence and strength can be a light to others.

  38. Thanks everyone for all of the nice thoughts. It means so much.

    The body is still unidentified, but the missing identified female does frequent the Andrew St. residence.

    • Nicole Guillory has been seen at Andrew St house for several months.Many times she was seen walking up & down the street at all times of the day or night.The sad part of this is LE all branches knew what was going on there and not a D—- thing was ever done to stop the drug traffic that was going on there! And in my opinion they will still let this crap go on, not only on Andrew also on McKinley and many other houses. Come on LE want to stop the murders??? Try shutting these low life SOB’s!!!! Also got word this a.m.someone from LE was seen at the “house” talking to the low-life.Wonder why some one from the FBI never comes there,always the same LE.

  39. According to KPLC’s report, here’s the time line for the discovery of the female body found today:

    – 1:30 pm – Edwards confirms missing person report for Necole Guillory
    – 2:00 pm – Task force interviewing person that reported Necole missing
    – 2:30 pm – Highway maintenance workers (mowers) locate deceased female body

    Pretty tight time line.

  40. The Daily Advertiser has a few photos from around the area where the female body was found today. They don’t really show much but here’s the link anyway.

    Also, here’s a link to video coverage about the case .

  41. Anyone notice the last name of the young lady that was reported missing and is presumably the deceased female found today? Necole Guillory. Ring any bells? Don’t know if there’s any relation……..I’m just sayin.

  42. Can I just add at this difficult time, that my thoughts are with each and every one of you who has been touched by these tragedies.

  43. Another video link with some updated information.

  44. Must be Terry G. or Paula G. telling everyone to stop spreading stuff.

  45. Ok I have question, I’m not trying to spread rumors, I simply am asking a question…. Someone told me this morning that if indeed the body yesterday is Nicole guillory that she was the last girl that was involved in some kind of crack house raid that involved all 8 of the girls… I don’t remember anything like that going down…. If it’s true I just wanted to know more about it, if it’s not I will certainly correct this person before yet another harmful rumor gets started….

  46. i dont feel like there is any disrespect going on here except for the disrespect coming from “pissed off’. people are just simply stating what they know and who is missing. i dont think the family of the missing woman would be offended at all! if the body happens to be someone other than her than at least some attention had been brought to the fact that she is a missing person.

    • KPLC noon news released her picture today,never said it was her body only that she was reported missing.Guess they are waiting for a positive ID after the autopsy.

  47. Just to clearify when I put necole’s name yesterday, I was in no way being disrespectful…. I don’t know her or her family… I simply was listing her name because I knew it was about to be released that she was missing and there was a good possibility that it was her….to the 99% of you who weren’t offended, thank you for understanding

  48. Firewife, we support that you are doing what we are doing – some info. It turns out there were places where her name was listed and now same ole, same ole answer – we are not sure yet.

    BTW this link has already let us know Necole Guillory had been arrested in 2006. That info sure surfaced quickly.

    • Also this information was reported as well:

      Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff Ricky Edwards tells KATC’s Megan Schiering, the missing woman was last seen near the same area as recent homicide victims in the parish.


      • That’s like placing her in the same mix – how sad.

        We hear about the house on Andrew Street but doesn’t FR have family on that same street.

        Along that line of thinking – he was released on Thursday I believe so was/is he being checked out.

  49. Would really like to share more about the latest death but will wait for….. ” case is still too fresh to say much right now “, lets just say someone always knows more then what they are saying! My prayers are with all the victims family.

    • devilhimsf, if you have something to share that will help stop these killings, or even a clue, then don’t wait…we are searching for answers, however small they may seem

  50. Where is silencedogood and red ranger? Would like to read what they have to say.

  51. It would be real nice if both of them would post about now – they both have interesting post.

  52. Been thinking about this had thought there would be a flurry of post concerning the latest sad news. Can it be people are both scared and drained. Lack of any real information and not one solved after so many years.

    Still not a peep out of national news this is just so shameful that so many in such a small area would not even make the national news – why!!!!

    • Maybe everyone is just stunned…….I know I am. Still trying to comprehend all of these senseless murders and now there’s another one. It has only been 9 months since the last murder. It really saddens me deeply that I’ll be adding Necole’s name to the list of victims.

      Although there isn’t much posting going on right now……today has been the highest number of blog views since it’s inception. As of 5:00 pm today the number was at 1,300 hits (just since this morning). That tells me there are plenty of people still interested in these vicious crimes against these young women……sigh.

      • I’m sure you have said it as all are thinking and feeling and I totally agree.

        I’m not surprise by the number of views since every chance I get and so many more tell about this web blog. Thanks for it – again.

  53. 😦 Per KPLC website…….Edwards has confirmed that the female body was that of Necole Guillory.

  54. Just found this which includes a press release from The Task Force – Update: Body Found in Acadia Parish

    • Thanks for that link ahlou………a lot of information contained in that article. I did notice however in the Press Release the Task Force highlights suspect behavioral traits for the public to be aware of and they reference he/his……..everyone needs to be acutely aware of the possibility that the suspect (or one of a number of suspects) could be a female.

  55. FYI…..

    KATC did an interview with Brittany (Whitnei’s sister) – will air on the 10 pm news.

  56. Brittney Gary went missing on a Sunday night when there was minimal moonlight. Necole Guillory was last seen this past Sunday and Sunday night there was minimal moonlight. Do we know yet what time on Sunday Necole Guillory was last seen?

  57. sleuthing888, that’s another person who make lots of sense.

    I’m wondering why wouldn’t LE give a possible type vehicle that she was last seen getting into…why wouldn’t they trust that the public would be more than happy to help them. I’ ve heard the police are driving all over town – I mean the whole town but if they gave a clue I believe people would help them.

  58. I just heard through the grapevine that this crime scene was kept intact by local law enforcement until the scene could be processed by the FBI. We should be hopeful that more clues may be gleaned from the site this time.

  59. I checked yahoo maps and found Egan is 10 miles from Jennings. At the 1-10 exit near Wal-Mart it says Lake Arthur 14 so it seems the area of drop of this young lady is still not very far from the drop of the other young ladies just as different route.

  60. This is only my second time on this site…..I would first of all like to thank u all for keeping the girls’ spirits alive. Before yesterday I personally had no idea how real it would be all over again. I dont know how u all have relived this so many times. With Sunday being brittneys bday I honestly thought that would be bad enough, now I cant help but know what Necole’s family is going through. My heart goes out to all of u and I hope and pray that we will one day get the JUSTICE that these girls deserve.

  61. I am family to Necole…I adopted her lil girl.. I just felt that no one needed to say anything until her family knew the facts on this… Its sad what is happening in the world today… Please just keep her and the family in y’all prayers.. All these girls need peace and will never get it until the ones that did it are caught… I am Kimberly Landry, Terrie Guillory’s sister… So just to let you know its not Paula or Terrie writing on here… And I really dont care who like me or who dont or likes what I have to say…. I just didnt think it was anyone’s place to say it was Necole until her Dad and mom and Sister’s knew….

    • God bless you and Necole’s family. We will be praying for all of you. If you need to talk we are always here. God bless our Angels.

  62. Sheriff Edwards, and the FBI should be holding their heads pretty low about now for allowing another murder to be what prompted a press release. ‘

    It is great at his time the FBI is going to be doing the crime scene evidence gathering and such, but I thought they would be more active than they have been, and outspoken about public awareness.

    The mention by LE that they are doing the best they can with the equipment and manpower they have is hard to understand. After having a Task force and hundreds of thousands sent for assistance, seems equipment/ manpower would be sufficient..

    It is appalling that they have not done more to the major drug houses there being they are acknowledging they are aware most/all victims had frequented a particular place.

  63. My sister and I were upset about the way the media was continuing to portray the girls YET AGAIN considering their arrest records being made public and the constant mention of “high risk lifestyle”. We sent KPLC an email and expressed our disgust and suggested it for a hot topic. Well….

    Could the “Jeff Davis Seven” now be the “Jeff Davis Eight?” That’s the question a lot of people are asking, now that authorities have identified the body of a woman found along Interstate Ten on Wednesday. Jeff Davis Sheriff Ricky Edwards confirmed Thursday afternoon that the dead woman is Necole Guillory of Jeff Davis Parish. Guillory had been missing since Sunday. Her mother reported it to police 1:30 Wednesday afternoon. One hour later, Guillory’s body was found along I-10, in Acadia Parish. Authorities do not know whether the woman’s death is in any way connected to the seven bodies of women dumped in various areas of Jeff Davis Parish since 2005. But authorities in Jennings say Necole Guillory engaged in a “risky” lifestyle similar to those of the seven other women found dead. Jennings Police Chief Johnny Lassiter stressed, however, that the women’s lifestyle, in no way diminishes their concern and commitment to solving the cases. What is your reaction to the discovery of another woman’s dead body? And is law enforcement applying enough resources to this investigation?

    August 21, 2009 | Permalink | Comments (0)

    This is today’s hot topic on and as you can see there is no comments yet.

    • KPLC is a joke! Always have and Always will. I can’t stand them. The public gets more information from KATC or KLFY. I wouldn’t WASTE my time, my opinion. Oh, but when they do find the Person(s) of interest, watch, they will be calling all victims up a storm. I hope none of them give that news station the time of day. Again, this is my opinion.

  64. As you seen on tv the vehicle carrying the lights was set up exactly lined with the body. Why? That is probably where the vehicle was to dispose of the body. There may be some type of DNA on the side of the interstate (not good with yards), but maybe 50 give or take. Why did they have to park right in line with the body? Another thing. Yesterday I had tried to look at DOT Traffic Cameras. They do have one at the Evangeline Exit, I think. All of a sudden they are not working, even the radio station commented on it this morning, maybe they maybe looking at that. If not, that could be a start. You have exit 64 which is the exit for Jennings/Lake Arthur/Hathaway. Then there is another exit for the Evangeline Exit, I think it was not far from that exit.. Just points to ponder on.

    • Another thing to look at, and I hope the investigators have done it too. Below the body they have a tree line, which is probably a fence there. On the other side of that line is an open area of land. MAYBE, they came from that side. Is there any broken fence area there? What is the roads that lead to that pasture? I seriously don’t think it is anyone from out of state, but, at the Egan exit is a RV Camp Ground. Very nice I must say. If heading East I-10 exit at Egan, go North is the Camp ground, but South is homes. I think that leads to a dead end. Just doing some mind boggling that’s all.

  65. I have been following these murders since the missing person of Brittany Gary. I am a criminal Justice major and these 7…now 8 murders have my attention. I recently found this blog yesterday and have been catching up on these posts all day yesterday and this morning. I also emailed KPLC TV, Greta, And Fox News. It just bothers me that such senseless horrible crimes can go by un-noticed. But, LAcy Peterson- a nobody pregnant woman get national news, or the mom that killed her little girl, etc. HELLO WORLD, WAKE UP!!! There have been 8 murders in this small town!

  66. The Advertiser has a long read.–Jennings-woman-identified-as-victim-found-along-I-10&referrer=FRONTPAGECAROUSEL

    I agree with the comments about the picture she look so sad. Hope the family will provide a better one.

    Also, no national coverage – why

  67. Why no national coverage? I would think it ALL has to do with the Sheriff. The MAN with the badge. The MAN with the title. The MAN who says who can come in The MAN who says who must stay out. The MAN who said no to America’s Most Wanted in the beginning and caused us to pass our chance for BIG publicity. In my opinion, to put it ALL together, it is the “BIG MAN”, aka the Sheriff of Jeff Davis Parish, as to why we can’t get national coverage. I sound pissed? I am pissed and aggravated just like others. Enough is Enough. Get off your ass BIG MAN!

    • I agree Brownie! I think him and his fellow officers and detectives are behind this and that is why NOTHING is getting done. I PRAY the FBI or someone will Finally step up and do something.
      Thoughts and prayers go out to all the victims families!

  68. Has the interview with Brittany been aired? Is that tonight or was that last night?


    Jason Brown has article in The Advocate…Baton Rouge’s main newspaper, and I believe our local news stations have made a small mention of the crime on the news stations.

  70. i am an Egan resident living just a short distance from where the body was found. behind the embankment where she was found is the old abandoned ball park wich is all grown up with tall grass. there is a fence around the back side but there is acess into the ball park from the front other than that there are a few houses and a plant. but the road does go to a dead end. i feel that the dumper would of dumped from the bridge and not from the ball park because of the amount of work it would have taken to drag the body through the ball park and up the bridge. im sure the ground was really wet. it seems that the person dumping wants to make sure these bodies get found because if it was a person who wanted a really good hiding spot and knew the egan area good enough then the old ball park would have been a place where the body would prolly have never been found for a long time. theres even an old half burnt down concession stand and old bathrooms out there.

    • Good Point, thrown from the bridge. Now who drives the interstate? People from ALL over, and this is a time to ask the NATION over a period of atleast three days, “Mention the victims then go on to ask “HAS ANYONE SEEN A VEHICLE STOPPED AT THIS LOCATION WHEN YOU WERE PASSING BY, NO MATTER WHICH WAY EAST OR WEST, IF YOU DO PLEASE CONTACT….etc…”

  71. I know Observer, but to me, these cases should be mentioned atleast three times a month, rather they have updates or not. Talk about it! People tend to forget it, no talk about it. Keep brining it up. You don’t have to go to the Sheriff to ask anything. One month do a talk on one victim, first session talk about who she was, before all this. The next, talk how victims’ children are doing, or show more documentary coverage, I don’t know just something. Isn’t something better than nothing?

    • I do agree, regular updates, and even just telling the public to be aware because the perp had not been caught…makes me wonder if they have just been waiting for another murder to get off their azzes.
      I am not blaming them, but it is disgusting that now the task force releases a statement. I agree that the perp will definitely have some behavior changes, but that can last just a very short period after the crime is committed. This could have been days ago. I saw my brother right after the commission of a murder (I did not know at the time) he appeared to be himself, but later I find others saw him washing car. There were very little clues he had done anything wrong, but his alibi..where he had been was not reasonable.
      People should look at what they remember acquaintances doing on Sunday. Who was missing, not around then….not today, but when Nicole went missing. It happened then, so I hope people will think back to that day. These perps can appear totally normal also—–others should be on the look out for defensive wounds on the perp, case Nicole tried to fight him..anyone around with new scratches, bites, cuts, etc

      • Correction:
        Who was missing Sunday, not today or day of press release, but when Nicole went missing. Most likely, It happened then……

        changes or questions about perp would be most noticeable Sunday, Monday…..of course they may get nervous upon the subject coming up or being questioned, but some perps are more clever than that.

        And they can be the most charming, kind, person you ever met too.

  72. the name of the road that leads out the the ball bark is called plant road. it runs right along side of the Egan bar.

  73. ok it worked. that is where the body was found. there is a small tree line and the ball park is right before it . here is the ball park,-92.506943&spn=0.033074,0.055017&z=14&layer=c&cbll=30.231871,-92.506907&panoid=1Z9r0xoOStYZTaBZFadjYw&cbp=12,54.18,,0,13.42

    not sure how long ago these pics where taken but in them the the grass had been cut. the grass is way taller now then in the pics.

  74. No doubt, the killer is taunting the police with the risky location of this last body.

  75. It is very likely they may commit another crime soon…..and I wonder if they did this because they want the notoriety of the film crew and to be on the spot light.
    It could be they are wanting the attention back on themselves showing off by committing another crime.
    As you all mentioned we have to hope it is not another round of several murders.

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