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  1. With my thoughts on what Red Ranger said, I ask-
    Is Paula that incredibly stupid of a detective? Or is this being arranged for her to take the fall and cover what is really going down in that office? (one sacrificed for the good of all)
    Or maybe…….

  2. RR-In answer to your question…Yes, forfeiture is still a statute when drugs are located in a vehicle and on the person and items are subject to seizure unless the item or items, including vehicles are mortgaged or belongs to someone else.

  3. Hey Kirk, So, since the house on Andrew st is not owned by any of the occupants, it is not subject to seizure? This would mean it cannot be used as leverage for information purposes.

    • RR-From what I understand from a nearby source, the occupants mother owns the residence so no it can’t be used as leverage unless….well, there is an exception to the rule. The mother could be charged with what is known as “letting premises for unlawful activity” then perhaps that could be used as leverage. That is held against establishments at times and I’ve only known a handful of times when it was used against landlords to prevent drug activity but it can be used.

  4. RR & everyone— The house on Andrew has been very busy today, in particular one vehicle, back door dealings.IMO– some one is doing his business for him he is rarely seen out in daylight hours.The vehicle has been seen there for several weeks some days more often than other days.

  5. I have been told from a very reliable source that the Vermillion Parish Sheriff’s Office will be issuing a warrant for Paula Guillory arrest on Monday.

  6. JDP_EARS, do you have info as to what the warrant will read?

  7. Perhaps if everyone would write to the DA explaining that nobody is above the law then the detective responsible for violating the law will not get away with anything. Lord knows that none of us would get away with something like this. More so because this detective handle alot of juvenile cases. A LE officer has to be held to higher standards because of their position and authority.

    • Why would she steal money from her own case? It makes absolutely no sense.

  8. Most thieves start out small. A pack of gum, cigarettes, etc. A thief that just jumps up and steals $3500 on the first try is a rarity. A forensic accountant should be commissioned to look at PG’s financial history and see if there are more incidents of sticky fingers.

    I have also read rumors about other evidence disappearing from the evidence room. Does anyone have any information on this? I am not saying, “We have a suspect, let’s see what crimes we can stick her with.” I am saying that any evidence that went missing that would benefit her, her friends or business associates should also be looked into.

    And last, is there any relationship, past or present, beyond a working one between Mrs. Guillory and any of the ADA’s or the DA? We don’t want any appearance of impropriety getting in the way of justice.

  9. I’m happy to see the Lafayette Daily Advertiser is keeping an eye on the incident with Paula Guillory although they’re not reporting her name at this time or how closely she is tied to the murder investigations.

  10. Anybody ever thought about PG taking the rap for someone else. She may be at the bottom of the todem pole and they need her to take the rap for the higher up dogs.

    You know that’s what happened with Edwin Edwards. Lots of people went to prison for him, and was paid really nice when done.

    I personally think the PG thing is a set up for the upper dogs. Too much crap is going on for an officer to try and pull a stunt like this.

    • No I do not think for one min. she is taking the rap for someone else. Why would they have her take the fall over $3500 don’t you think they would have her take a fall for more than that since there is more to have been taken. NO there are those in the JDSO that think they are above the law and well it looks like PG thought she was. But now they have the FBI looking around and there are so many eyes she just thought she could get away with it, and it caught up with her. I am sure there are going to be several heads roll in the months to come as they get closer and closer to solving all the mysteries in this town and maybe then we can get all of the LE that thinks they can get away with anything out there PG is just the start

  11. A filmmaker has been in contact and is coming down shortly to make a documentary about the unsolved homicides in our parish in an attempt to bring national and international attention to the cases. How does everyone feel about that?

  12. That is Awesome- RockStar- Grand !!!

    What wonderful news. Congradulations to all the Families, victims and friends who have lost their loved ones to these unsolved cases.

  13. GREAT News. Just in time for the added attraction of missing evidence by one or more of the Task Force working on the unsolved murders.

    Does JDSO get a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on the documentary????

  14. The last film made in Jeff davis parish was called strange fruits. It was a embarassment to our community. Even our elderly were shown in this film no one had a clue what this film would contain.

  15. I hope no one is offended but I am suspicious of all being presented right now. The Who is trustworthy is a looming question. Nothing seems right..

  16. Mr. Menard– I am mindful of your restrictions on commenting on evidence that may have been developed, but you have seemed willing to share a bit when it came to issues of profiling including geographic profiling since neither are evidence, but rather investigative tools. With that in mind, can you tell us whether your profiler or geographic profiler is still actively involved in the cases? To state the question another way, are you still looking for interesting people who fit the profile? I ask these questions in part because the last update by law enforcement months ago would leave one with a definite impression that law enforcement had come up with a list of persons of interest and were in the process of excluding persons or culling the list. Perhaps I am stating the obvious or perhaps law enforcement’s public statement overstated the status of the investigation on that particular point . What say you?

    • sleuthing-Yes our profiler is still active. We have brought in other investigators from other agencies and since I am local, I have let them handle the physical aspects of the investigations and only supply information as it is given to me from the other investigators. The other investigators, three from my agency and 7 from other agencies, speak directly to the profiler and other experts, I do not.

      Persons of interest is still being gathered and persons are being placed on an interest list, no connection list, and a perhaps list to narrow down the results. I do believe that its time for the press to release another update on the status of the investigation and/or law enforcement to have another press conference. I still believe that manpower is an issue in our parish.

  17. Hey, anyone have any info on the missing evidence & the female detective ? I suppose that will be swept under the rug by the DA & Sherrif. We shall see!!!

  18. Have not heard a word on all that, if anyone knows anything let us all know. Because for what ever reason they sure are keeping this very quiet. I wonder why, there was talk that they were arresting her yesterday but nothing has been confirmed. Why would the news and the sheriff office keep this so quiet. If this was a average person they would have it all over the news and there picture, she is not a top officer so why are they so quiet for. Is it to the fact that the JDSO is embarrassed that one of there own got there hand caught in the cookie jar..makes you do some thinking. Treat her like you would anyone else that was caught stealing, she is not above the law.

    • I agree 100 percent! IMO-The media really draggd J Ewings name through the mud for trying to expose corruption in Jennings but in this case it is supposedly some one on the Task Force and it is being kept hush hush.Since Scott Lewis broke the story in the Daily News, he needs to follow-up on this story. Speaking of the Task Force their meeting place seems to be abandoned the past few days,maybe they are taking a break.

  19. JDP508- Yes, she was caught and should be treated just like anyone else that was arrested. She’s incompetent, a know it all, and uses her badge for power and to get away with things. We cannot allow that to go on in our parish, not ever, especially not now since she was involved in a very important case, specifically the homicide case. PG, by her authority, abuses her power and authority, and in my opinion, is not competent to be a detective involved in such an important case. She should be arrested. If this was any one of us, we would be locked up waiting to be bonded out. Everyone on this site, as citizens, should call, write, email the DA and make sure that she gets punished for what she did, with felony charges. It couldn’t have happened to a better person. Not being vindictative but we’ve all mentioned how PG was before this happened. I can’t say how all of this came about but one person was involved in bringing all of this to light. Bet she doesn’t try to abuse her power on him again. I read part of the letter to the DA from the person that complained about PG, it was interesting to say the least. This same person was responsible for the fall of Wendell Miller and Lucky Delouche.

    Don’t let PG get away with this, and I am wondering why she hasn’t been arrested yet?

    • Which came first- the missing money or the letter to the D.A.?

      • The letter came first. From what I understand it was about a case someone was working on-and I can only assume that is what lead to the abundant amount of cases on her desk that was not being worked on.

        • Don’t you think that sounds a little fishy. The letter and then the “missing” money. Have done a little research in Lake Charles, but still don’t know who the person is. Was it the woman who filed the sexual harrassment suit against Lucky?

        • Enginegirl-All the letter was is a complaint to an assistant DA that they’ve submitted a case for review to PG and it was never followed up on.

        • Well then. . . it must have been a cya letter. Not too difficult to figure out. Especially when you consider the false spin presented in the initial press release.

  20. I read part of the letter to the DA from the person that complained about PG, it was interesting to say the least. This same person was responsible for the fall of Wendell Miller and Lucky Delouche.

    Who was this person…. now you have me dying to know!

  21. g8, I think DTK was quoting from the last three lines of paragraph one that anon posted. I may be wrong but it seems word for word.

    Maybe we could see the letters about Miller and Delouche. At least we know the person who wrote the letter(s) is a him from what anon posted.

  22. I can’t really say. But if some of you ask around enough you’ll find out. He went in front of Wendell Miller and was treated very badly and next thing you know the scandal began. Then Lucky Delouche started accusing a friend of his and then next thing you know Lucky is escorted out of the police station by the state police, then PG got in the way some kind of way and now this happens. If I didn’t work at the courthouse I would say but I really can’t. If I hadn’t seen the complaints this person filed I would say just a coincidence but would still be a bit too much of a coincidence. He also had a couple of judges disbarred from other parishes.

  23. .Whoever this person is that’s not just laying down and taking s**t deserves a medal for taking a stand! IMHO!

  24. Anon- Any word going around your workplace on the incident of the missing evidence? Sure is being kept real quiet. Wonder what is taking so long for a follow-up to the story reportedly released a week ago. I’d bet money that this whole story will fade away and the authorities in JD Parish will never give the public a truthful explanation. IMO–They all think we are stupid fools so we will believe whatever they choose to tell us. If some one is guilty they need to be punished and never be allowed to work in Law Enforcement again. Still waiting for a statement from Edwards or Cassidy!!!

  25. Aren’t we all!!!

  26. Take it from me, YOU’LL BE WAITING……….

  27. Goodness, it has gotten as silent here as the news media…LOL

  28. Hey, anyone tune in to KPLC news 6 pm today? Well there he was bigger than life yes it was R.Edwards giving an interview on the child who died last week after being locked in an automobile, which is very sad & news worthy. What should be released is ANY statement on the missing money from the drug bust at F. Richard’s house! I suppose that is off limits for the media to inquire about that story. IMO–Someone from the media namely our local newspaper needs to confront Edwards for more info on this mess! Maybe they all think it will be forgotten and everything will go on business as usual.

  29. well according to the news, there is one less dealer located in Jennings….but surprise! it wasn’t Jennings LE that made the bust
    Rayne Drug Bust

    Posted: July 20, 2009 07:19 AM
    Rayne Drug Bust

    A Jennings man is in the Rayne City Jail, after police found several pounds of drugs in his possession, and a large amount of cash.

    Just outside of the Days Inn on Highway 35, Rayne Police were responding to a call of a vehicle burglary.

    While conducting the investigation of the vehicle break in, they located a second vehicle that had also been broken into.

    Police notified the owner of the second car, Jennings resident Marty Wilridge, who was staying in the hotel with his fiancé. Police say when they approached the car; they noticed a strong scent of marijuana.

    “There was a duffel bag located in the rear of the vehicle right at seven pounds of marijuana” said Rayne Police Chief Carroll Stelly.

    Along with the drugs, police confiscated a chunk of cash found in Wilridge’s pocket, totaling nearly $10,000, and his truck with the broken window. Wilridge was booked into the Rayne jail for several drug related charges including possession with intent to distribute marijuana.

    But, stories like this seem all too common in Rayne and other cities across Acadiana.

    “The city of Rayne is like every other community in this area. We battle illegal distribution of drugs within our community” said Chief Stelly.

    Chief Stelly tells us his officers are taught to look for narcotics on an everyday basis, despite the call they’re responding to.

    The Chief also hired two full time narcotic investigators along with an additional canine, to help take drugs off his streets.

  30. I was reading that Kirk is investigating the possibility that the JDP murders might be related to the ones in New Mexico..since they seem to (quote)
    “have the same M.O. and coorelation as the Jeff Davis Parish homicides.”
    Great work Kirk! Leave no stone unturned!!!

  31. All-Let’s not forget that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Enginegirl is correct-Seems to be alot of unanswered questions like her reporting the money missing. Of course, anonymous makes an interesting point about the cases piling up. In all fairness and the way the system is designed, PG and anyone else accused of a crime is innocent until proven guilty. And its my understanding that PG has not been accused of a crime yet but more or less being accused of neglecting administrative duties.

    Securing of evidence and working on cases that are assigned to you is an important task for law enforcement and a chain of custody must follow and evidence secured. Anyone can be charged with a crime but proving that a crime has been committed is another story. In a civil matter (administrative matters are quasi-civil in nature) just a preponderence of the evidence is required where in a criminal matter, a heavier burden of beyond a reasonable doubt must be proven. In case law, beyond a reasonable doubt says that “all hypothesis of innocent has been examined and no other conclusion can be made but guilty.”

    • Well put. I have a question . . . Why did the last victim’s family have to put together a search party to find the body? Please correct me if I have my facts wrong. Shouldn’t the authorities have put together a search team once she was reported missing? The sooner they find the bodies the better chance they have of retrieving usefull DNA or other physical evidence. I find this especially perplexing in light of the fact that several of the bodies were located within 6 miles of each other. Thks for sharing old posts and links g8.

  32. I believe that the mother felt that she had a better chance of finding her daughter than LE. She’s made several comments to that effect. I do know that the sheriff did board a helicopter and did go look for the body. Generally, LE will not form per se a search party, although they have been known to form a search party in the past, but will quietly perform a search as not to cause panic and alarm, although, panic and alarm has already set in.

    You are correct. The sooner a body is located the better the securing of evidence from the body will be because it is not exposed to the elements and wild animals for long periods of time. However, sometimes I do have to wonder that if the family never formed the search party if Brittany would still be missing today? Just a point to ponder. I doubt it, I’m sure someone would have found her body very shortly because she was found near a farming area.

  33. Article in this am American Press page A7–Missing money investigation to “wrap up soon” in the words of Edwards. Also stated that money & drugs were not properly secured and the detective in question is a member of the task force.IMO-Sure it will be “Wrapped Up ” so well that her name will never be made public, only in JD parish!!

  34. If that was any one of us, do you think we would be waiting for them to complete the investigation or would we be waiting in jail for them to complete the investigation?

    • AMEN to that statement. I will not be suprised if they come up with some excuse for this person.Well everyone knows who she is and she won’t have much respect as a LE officer no matter how the investigation turns out.Not too many people in this town have any respect for the way things are being handled lately.(IMO)

      • well dont mean to dis on what you said but trust me some do have a lot of respect i have a 5 year old lil girl that was raped and she was there with me till they picked him up no one nos who did what…..but i no she did my lil girl and alot of others kids justice and yea its hard being a cop n jennings so she did what she had to do to get respect god nos i had my run in with her befour but when it comes down to it she did her job .so people can look down on her but she is human we all have bad days but to blame a women for murder and theft just cause how she acted is crazy y kill 1 and and turn around and save kids from all the rapest and all the other stuff going on in jennings?

        • Mandi, just where did you come up with the idea that PG is being blamed for murder? As far as doing her job, apparently not, since it was the sheriff’s office that started looking into the matter of missing evidence/money and cases sitting on her desk undone and gathering dust. I would think, that if she is charged, then that would qualify as more then your “we all have bad days” and be a reason to charge her with “theft”. But MURDER??? Where and how did you come up with that?
          As for my own opinion, I’ll stick to what Granddad use to say, “when you find a pointed turd, it’s time to hunt for the rat”

        • Nobody said anything about PG being charged with murder. But I do know several people that filed reports of child molestation reports to PG and nothing was done about it and left sitting on her desk. PG is not the detective everyone thinks she is and she wasn’t even a good patrol officer. She abused her badge and like everyone else she is not above the law but I know and heard her say several times that she thought that she was above the law. Just like anyone of us we would be sitting in jail waiting for the investigation to finish she should not be any special than any one of us.

  35. Asking for prayers. Crystal’s birthday is tomorrow . She would of been25. Almost a year since her death. August 23 is her approximate date of death on her death certificate.

  36. mysterious-Will pray and include your family and Crystal in my prayers. A year later since her death and still no arrest and very little answers. It makes one wonder what is going on and why so long.

  37. I know in Gods time we will get the answers we are looking for. It is not easy to wait for my answer. I only pray that we Can all receive a healing in the death of our beautiful young ladies. That the wondering, and mystery behind our childrens deaths will not Just keep being the biggist talk in our towns, but something that will bind us together as a community to bring justice and conviction to those who have been involved in these murders.

    • Sorry! I thought today was the 24. Crystals birthday is tomorrow. Thanks for the prayers.

  38. I will pray for you all too mysterious. Well stated comment above 🙂

    How great it would be if all families could come together for prayer. If not physically which may be difficult, but to set a time that everyone would come together and pray would be a most powerful prayer.

    My family has done this before, and miracles can happen!

  39. This was in the Advocate newspaper:

    Advocate Acadiana bureau
    Published: Jul 23, 2009 – Page: 1BA
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    A documentary film crew from Switzerland will head to Jefferson Davis Parish in September to do a film on the unsolved deaths of seven women, all of whom were found dumped in rural parts of the parish during the last four years.

    Paul Nixon, of Kodiak Productions, wrote in an e-mail that the film will explore the problems the parish is facing and the effects the deaths have had on residents there.

    “We’re not coming to Jennings to solve these crimes — that would be a foolish rationale,” Nixon wrote in the e-mail.

    “We’re coming there in the hope of raising the profile of these injustices, to get the wider world to understand that these terrible and tragic events have taken place,” he continued. “And also to tell the very human story of a town and a parish that needs some answers.”

    They will arrive in early September, about the one-year anniversary of the discovery of Crystal Shay Benoit Zeno’s body. Zeno was the sixth woman found dumped in the parish during the past four years.

    Two months later, a family search party discovered the body of 17-year-old Brittany Ann Gary, who had been missing for several days.

    Gary’s decomposed body was found about 3 miles from where the first remains were discovered in May 2005.

    In December, Sheriff Ricky Edwards established a tip line and a full-time, multi-agency investigative team to search for leads in the deaths.

    Officials have said they feel like they are making progress in the case but no updates have been given in months.

    Many have speculated that the women were targeted by a serial killer or killers.

    Officials have not linked the deaths, other than to say that the women all knew each other or appeared to have mutual acquaintances.

    Nixon wrote that he caught wind of the story on an online crime forum.

    He wrote that he has no ties or links to the case or to anyone in the town or nation in general.

    “But something stirred me about these homicides and the apparent struggles of the victims’ families to find much needed resolution,” he wrote.

    Nixon has worked on one other feature-length documentary, “Me, Joe & B.T.K.,” which dealt with the hunt for the B.T.K. (Bind, Torture, Kill) Strangler, who killed 10 people in Kansas, according to a summary of the film on

    The film, which he co-directed with Matthew Clyde, came out last year and currently is on the festival circuit, Nixon wrote.

    Nixon wrote that the film focused on the actual hunt for a killer.

    “This one we see as much more of a considered portrait of a town and its people and the effects that these crimes have had,” Nixon wrote.

    Kirk R. Menard, a private investigator hired by some of the victims’ family members, wrote in an e-mail that they hope the film brings national and international attention to the issue.

    “We also hope that this documentary will convince witnesses to come forward with information,” Menard wrote. “We know that somebody out there has information and perhaps this documentary will allow someone to come out with what they heard or observed.”

  40. I can only hope that a new avenue will open the doors to seek justice for the victims and peace for their families. Thank God for the WWW. I think God invented it not Al Gore. LOL!

  41. Hi all

    I’m not sure if this is the correct place to put this, but as it’s related to the article above it made sense to me.

    My name is Paul and I’m the filmmaker heading to Jennings in September to make a documentary about the town and the unsolved homicides. Hopefully the article above tells you all you need to know about the project, but if you have any questions about our plans then please let me know here.

    I’d like to say thanks to g8trgirl and everyone involved for putting the huge amount of info together on this site. It has been the main research resource for us over the past few months – especially as these crimes appear to have generated such a small amount of coverage elsewhere.

    I’d also love to hear from anyone in the Jennings area who would be willing to talk to us and share their opinions on what’s happening there. We have made a few key contacts, but we’ll continue to need input and help from those that have been affected on any level by these awful crimes.

    Anyway, I’ll quit rambling on for now! Please let me know your thoughts on the proposed film and if you feel you can help us in any way.

    Until next time,

    Paul Nixon
    Kodiak Productions

    • Wonderful and Thank You. I do ask, please don’t make the actors/actress’ have such a horrible slang accent. We live in the city not the swamp. In fact, you want to hear slang, go down to Lafayette, but for some reason everybody who does any films, wants to put the s-l-a-n-g in it. Please help, by NOT during that?

    • WONDERFUL news, thanks.

      I can’t understand why a production in the good ole USA didn’t do this a long time ago.

      This website was a result of g8 taking up the battle started on InSessions after the thread went byebye and gone. G8, thanks for keeping it going.

      Thank you, Paul Nixon and Kodiak Productions!

    • Hi Mr. Paul, A big THANK YOU for your interest and investment of time into these unsolved murders and JDP. We can really use all the help we can get! Please let us know how to get in touch with you and I’m sure you will be receiving more then a few emails LOL

  42. Wow great article by the Adocate. Welcome Mr. Paul and I for one would welcome you into our small town with open arms. I believe there needs to be attention placed on what has happened and what is happening in our community. Thanks greatly for your exposure to this matter.

  43. God Bless You Paul for all of your endeavors. I am not from Jennings, just an observer from another town with a brother on death row in LA, highly involved with his case in another controversial LA Parish.
    Your efforts have brought tears of joy to my eyes for the love and concern you have for the victims and families of these awful crimes. You are awesome.
    A great big THANK YOU, for all those afected much deserve someone like you (and Kirk) to help them do what they cannot do. I am glad you have such a BIG HEART and Strong Spirit!!!

    Thank you again – Observer

  44. Hi again guys!
    First, today I wanted to stop and take the time to address mysterious, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family today. I do know how difficult these times are myself, so I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to an angel, Crystal Shaye Benoit.

    Next, I wanted to welcome Mr. Paul Nixon to wordpress, and thank him for his post to inform everyone that this is really happening! I had spoken with Mr. Nixon prior to his posting and I was very interested in his ideas and thankful for his interest in our Parish. No one knows more than the family how hard it has been to bring justice to Jeff Davis Parish. For us, this is HOPE. Now, maybe finally, we can get some help in this town. With that, I encourage everyone who has a thought or opinion and feels it is worth sharing, please contact Mr. Nixon and bring it to the light. No piece of information or opinion is worthless at this point. For the other family members out there, please speak up for your loved ones. Lets join our families and describe to Mr. Nixon how wonderful our girls were and what a tragedy and injustice it has been losing them.

    • Hello again

      Can I firstly say a huge thank you for all the kind words I’ve received here in the past few days, The offers of encouragement and support for our project are very much appreciated and keep me believing that we’re doing the right thing.

      I’m delighted that we’ve finally managed to get our flights booked, our equipment rented and we’re really looking forward to getting to Jennings and making a start on our documentary.

      Living in Fear mentioned that it would be good if you guys knew how to get hold of me directly. I’m not sure what the protocol for publishing email addresses is on here, so I’ll do it anyway and wait until I’m told not to!

      So, anyone who would like to contact me can send an email to: Of course, that includes you guys living in Jennings and the surrounding area but also feel free to write if you have an opinion and are interested in the cases and our projects from afar.

      For the ones from Jeff Davis Parish, I’d love to hear any thoughts/opinions/anecdotes/information related to the seven cases as well as the town itself. And anyone from the area who would be keen to contribute the film (in any way), please get in touch.

      OK, I’m seven hours ahead of you guys here in Switzerland, so it’s time to sign off and head to bed!

      Until next time


  45. I see that the Jennings Daily News has finally caught up with the rest of us and is announcing the film crews plans on the front page. and from the talk I caught at the local store I have to say- Thank you Mr. Paul, for shaking the place up and again putting the murders in the forefront, not letting the deaths of these girls and the corruption of this parish fade away as it so often has.
    LE will soon learn that the people of this parish are no longer Ostrich’s who hide their heads in the sand hoping it will go away. WE WILL CONTINUE UNTIL THERE IS JUSTICE!

    uhh-hum…..ok, now stepping off my soapbox…………….

  46. At any given moment, there are roughly 52 serial killers in the entirety of the United States of America. That’s part of the reason that it’s not something sensational. America has dulled itself to it. Couple that with being in a non-metropolitan area of Louisiana, and most of the country just shrugs. As if the deaths are less stunning or painful.

    Personally, I was hoping there would be a conclusion to the case before there were thoughts of a movie. Otherwise, it’s just an open-ended movie like the Natalie Holloway movie they did, and worse than that, the JDP serial killer.. there is no theories or suspects. The movie/documentary might as well be just an extended case from the old Unsolved Mysteries series.

  47. Personally we hoped so too.
    BUT, since Law Enforcement hasn’t gotten anywhere, nor has the Uh-um ‘task force’ (that the family’s have been informed of), other then a pitifully tiny website, and since not many seem to give a d*MN about the girls that were murdered or about the children and family members left to grieve. And since crime, drugs, murder seems to run rampit in this parish with not much done (even a member of the task force is suspect) then how can some publicity hurt anything?
    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, a puppy stuck in a drain pipe can get national news yet the unsolved murders of young women is so overlooked that they get nothing but a passing glance. Better an extended case of Unsolved Mysteries(at least it would be looked at as a cold case) then swept under the rug and forgotten, as is par for the course through the years in this parish.
    Not to mention…the thought in the back of all our minds..
    Who will be next?

  48. Everyone is entitled to their opinion is what I would have to say as I address temporal_crux, but familiarize yourself with Jeff Davis Parish’s history of crime, dirty politicians, and towns ran by members of this town that consider themselves above higher standards before you decide if there is a story here. There are many stories here in fact, some that are still left untold. This DOCUMENTARY, not MOVIE, is a start to finding out the unknown, uncovering dark truths, and exposing Jeff Davis PArish for what it really is and we have the right to that. As a family member, I have busted my a** to get to where we are now. Whether it be a flyer posted in the local grocery store, a newspaper article, or a blockbuster movie, this is a triumphant moment for us, the families, who have fought so hard to seek justice for our loved ones. I will never let my sister’s memory be forgotten and if someone wants to tell the story then I’m willing to help put it out there no matter how its done!

    Educate yourself about this parish, its history of corruption, crime, drugs, untrustworthy politicians, bought off officers, etc….(the list will continue), then tell me…IS THERE A STORY HERE OR NOT?

    • i am truely about your sister my heart gos out to you n your family i really hope yall get the one that done this………its nice to see yall keeping on this thats the only way the other murders will be solved also

  49. That is a great response Brittany, we need to do whatever it is to keep this case alive. We can’t just let it die out, find some way to keep the public aware of what is going on with this case. We know the SO is not letting anyone know anything several months later still no update from this not a word. So if they are just going to sit and do nothing and not talk to the public about what is going on then we as the public have to find away to keep everyone up to date on EVERYTHING going on with this case.
    Keep up the great work you have been doing Brittany your sister would be very proud, Jennings is very Proud of you for keeping this case going.

  50. Sadly, I know about JD Parish. It’s not that far a stone’s throw from my own (historically or locationally), Acadia Parish, nor many others, I’m afraid. The sad truth is, the more the public is exposed to a non-developing case, the more immune to it they become until either the case is settled, or their is a new murder. I know you see this, and that pushes you to try and counter it, which only feeds the dulling of the “public’s” senses. It’s good to not let the issue die, but it’s also completely possible that none of your efforts are advancing the case. I’m damn sure there’s not a one that doesn’t support this being solved and justice meted out. We’re behind you. I just have to put forward the viewpoint that it won’t be very well as a documentary until there is a resolution to the “story”.

    • A book was written about the Green River Killer before the case was solved, a book was written about the BTK killer before the case was solved. This documentary can be part I to an unsolved case and when its solved can be a part II. You folks that voted the current administration in office have no right to gripe, you put them in there so deal with it. This documentary can bring out alot and I for one will welcome them with open arms and will speak to my hearts content regardless of my job at the courthouse.

  51. I just wanted to give my response to a few points raised by recent posts.

    To temporal_crux: I wholeheartedly agree with you that the story of the murders in Jennings should be covered as a documentary subject once the cases are solved. And I believe that several national news media and film companies will descend on JDP to do exactly that once somebody is behind bars. However, that’s not necessarily the story we want to tell. This is not just intended to be an examination of the cases and investigation so far. Right now, I’m interested in bringing these horrors to a wider audience and meeting the numerous people they have affected – as well as trying to understand how a small town goes about its daily life while living in the shadow of murder, drugs and alleged corruption. If we can also uncover information that helps bring some kind of resolution or at least helps to kick-start elements of the investigation, then so much the better.

    Personally, I’m not worried about the documentary feeling open-ended. Given the nature of what we’re trying to do, whether we cover the conclusion of the murder investigations or not (and I hope for everyone involved that we do as that would mean there would be concrete answers very soon), the story of Jennings and its people will continue for many more generations. I do agree with you that America has indeed dulled itself to the phenomenon of serial killers – and I’m sure that’s something we’ll be focusing on too.

    All I can tell you – and everyone else reading this – is that we’ll do our very best to make everyone who has been touched by these murders proud of the final documentary.

  52. To i just wanted to say no one nos who did these crimes and to just point the finger on pg is not right and the only reason no one was cought is not cause her its jennings department theres alot of talk in town about pg but people need to look under all that she saved my lil girl in more ways then one…….and yea attitude wise maybe but we all bad days but she help alot of kids from bad sittuations and mine is one but to be a killer no dont see that but if there was someone else in the forse who would be the easy duck to pin all of it on u guess just my opipion hope didnt offend any 1

    • PG is known to play favorites with those she knows. That’s not right either. Her getting away with not securing evidence is not right either. Think of all the cases that she had on her desk that was not turned in and all the children she did not save.

  53. i just want it to be the right person cause if not he will be free to 2 again

  54. There is a series of similar murders in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Six black females who were into drugs and prostitution have been discovered while many more remain missing – all from the same area. You can read more about the murders by linking to:

  55. You know, the FBI has behavior analysist that can detect the type personalities of people that do comment murder. They visited in Nov 2008. They must have been there just to help establish a profile. Seems to me if they or one would hang around town for a while- long enough- that they may find theirself bumping elbows with that very person. Jennings is not a large town.
    With that said, have any of the locals seen someone rather new in the neighborhood that could be an undercover agent? Or even noticed FBI detectives other than local LE in the nieghborhoods getting to know the locals? It seems that other agancies would be actively involved in the investigation, although I do realize they could be active behind the scenes.

  56. Speaking of PG, does anyone remember when she was in charge of a police camp for children in Toledo Bend and she put 15-16 year old boys in charge of the 8-10 year old kids and she allowed the older kids to beat up on the younger kids? If I recall this made the newspaper because several parents complained and nothing was ever done about it except that they don’t have police camp anymore.

    • Oh man, that’s horrible. Nothing ever done about it?Well, I think The Sheriff/Police Chief is just as much at fault as her for this, if nothing has been done about it. That’s retarded. No sense in that. Just HOW much does these Law Enforcement Officers get away with Shit and WHEN is it going to stop?

  57. It doesn’t stop, it just gets swept away and forgotten, and then if it gets to bad in Jennings to continue to work, they move down the road a few miles and hire on in Welsh. Go thru the names that work in Welsh LE and see whose been hired and held in high esteem…..
    and what they were known for in Jennings..

  58. Makes for an interesting topic come DOCUMENTARY time…..anyone agree? Chance of a lifetime guys. Time to get our ducks in a row and put it out there!!!

    • I agree!!!

      Perhaps we should consider a dedicated thread where we can list and discuss potential topics for Mr. Nixon to examine and possibly delve further into during his visit. If you all think it’s feasible and worth the effort, let me know.

      • I certainly think that’s worth the effort g8! The more I look into matters in Jennings and speak to various people, the more avenues open up for investigation. So, if anyone has an opinion, an anecdote or a topic, please let me know on here or by email ( and I’ll add it to the ever-growing list!

        Thanks for your continuing interest and support for our documentary – and I’m looking forward to meeting some of you very soon


        • I know what’s at the top of my list :)…..will probably be a tough nut to crack though.

  59. This article on KLFY’s website has me kind of scratching my head. It has absolutely nothing to do with the murders but certainly has me wondering even more about LE in JDP. The article is in regards to the rash of vehicle burglaries that have been taking place recently in Jennings and Lake Arthur. It mentions the fact that Lake Arthur Police Chief Vincent had two pistols stolen out of her UNLOCKED truck.

    Maybe I’m just “different” but I keep my vehicle locked at all times and I don’t even have weapons in my car!! Seems to me an officer of the law, especially a Police Chief, would know better than to leave guns in an unlocked vehicle?!?!?!?!

  60. FYI……Jeanette Leblanc (Frankie Richard’s mother) has been released from jail.

  61. I think a list of ideas is a great idea!!!! Many ppl around here know so much. This would be a good way to throw some good truths out there and get the ball rolling. I’ve heard so many different tales of this parish just since I’ve join the blog so I can imagine what ppl could share????

  62. Police continue to search for alleged sex offender
    Jennnings Daily News
    Staff Writer,

    Jennings Police Department (JPD) Det. Jean Cooley has a driver’s license hanging from the visor of his police cruiser, but it isn’t his.
    The license belongs to 25-year-old Christopher Trent of Jennings, a fugitive who has been eluding the law since April of 2008.

    In my opinion does it not seem a bit odd that with the current cases of a serial killer on the loose and babies being found in sheds and locked in cars and the current rash of crime sprees in Jennings, La that Detective Jean Cooley is taking this particular crime a bit personally? To ride around with the Drivers License of this one said individual on the visor of his car seems a bit odd. How could there be an investigation of alleged carnal knowledge of a juvenile that has been ongoing from 2004-2009? I do understand that the evasion of authorities is not the smartest thing to do, but Christopher Trent was incarcerated (2004-2006) on “drug charges” during one of the alleged crimes. He was held on charges for 4 months in 2008 and was released on “lack of evidence.” A warrant was issued April 2008 after a grand jury indicted him without he or his lawyer present but he was released from jail in April 2008 for lack of evidence? Which happened first; was he released and then indicted or indicted then released? Hmmm. Sounds a little shady. So how admissible is the second crime? Where exactly is the testimony of the alleged victim? Where is the physical evidence that the alleged act occurred? Can we say rape kit? And if one were to be performed, not to speculate the “reputation” of alleged victim, would Trent have been the only to have allegedly had intercourse with alleged victim? If the first allegation was a bust then why is there another charge being presented to court? Because the first charge would not hold up in court so in order to convict they have to have new charges because the court cannot try a person of the same crime twice (double jeopardy). The judicial system is so corrupt with personal vendettas that it seems unjust for this case to be pursued.

  63. In no way do I condone acts of sexual crimes, but due to the research that I have done on this particular case I must say that small towns need to be stopped. There has not been any proof that these charges will hold up in court besides the fact that J.D.P.D. wants it to. Fact: one of the charges of carnal knowledge occurred while he was already incarcerated on unrelated charges and had been so for 2 years. So who’s telling the truth and who’s spreading rumors?
    Facts are truth and rumors are inadmissible without proof…Rumors have been flying since high school days and are now coming to the light? If these rumors have not surfaced any facts yet then I doubt that they will. The Police Dpt only feels obligated to have captured him due to the fact that he “mocked” them on a CD. There are so many artists who feel that the freedom of speech is constitutional…OH WAIT…IT IS CONSTITUTIONAL. If these rumors from high school days are still lingering in the air with no evidence and no proof then they must have been placed there by an obvious source…(J.D.P.D.). The very detective that has been trying to make this case reach court has been “let go” due to unethical conduct. But I bet that rumor is a fact. Check it out…Rumors are not my thing…Im into research and proof…Instead of gossiping and “hating” as you all say how about everybody turns into Peter Jennings and get like a reporter…Dont Rumor it Report it with evidence…No evidence no proof no witnesses no conviction. RNDC 4Life…Free Chris Trent… This will only make him more aware of how the judicial system works and give him more reason to pursue his freedom of speech. So I guess that the next CD that comes out we will be right back at square one with a rumor and a crooked detective trying to make the papers or get credits on another movie…COPS…LOL IM OUT…

  64. Well I guess y’all in Jennings will get to have your say..
    In today’s paper-Community leaders here want to know what residents consider to be the major issues facing the city.
    The Jennings Community Renewal Team began sending out nearly 3,000 surveys today to area churches and newspapers in hopes of improving the quality of life for residents.
    The 16-member team, consisting of elected officials, law enforcement officials, business owners and educations leaders, hav been addressing issues facing residents on the city’s south side since an independent report in January found racial and ethnic disparities within the city.
    blah blah blah
    Now, it’s the time to hear from residents, he said.(Consultant Bill Furlow)
    I bet they will get an earful from fed-up Jennings residents, problem is, will they actually DO anything about it, or is this just more of their famous damage control to smooth over and shut people up so that things can continue without interference, as it has for years and years?

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