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  1. LOL, great warning sign for FR by RR……and right below the warning is the fly on the wall….most likely by G8.

  2. Did any of the victims ever knew a guy that drove a beat-up white trcuk , if so then you must read this.

  3. Ok living in fear said that jdp337 and couldbebreakinthecases is the same person and is eyezonly and I believe that.

    You people don’t stroke her ego by going to her site. She is using this site to promote her own site. Trust me, she don’t have a clue about what is going on with those murders and everything she is says is rumor and speculation that has already been heard in the jenniings area. I heard from a member of the task force that they questioned this woman and consider her to be a “nut” and not just a “nut” but a certifiable “nut” that could be committed. By some of you going to her site you are just giving her more ego to keep doing what she’s doing.

    Nobody uses the word “for” any more like they are writing a book before every sentence and what type of person uses the word phrase “peace out” unless you’re Greg or Marsha Brady. If there is any delay in solving these homicides its because people like her are sending everyone on a wild goose chase because she says she has information when she has nothing. No killer or anybody else went and damaged her vehicle and if they did I promise you it was not the killers. She, that calls herself, eyezonly, is the least important person out there and has to make herself feel important by creating a site similar to this one to be part of something that she considers special. If she is having dreams and nightmares then I would say that is from her heavy drug use and she is having hallucinations not dreams or nightmares. She’s a very sick person that needs help, not useful to this investigation at all. You folks please do not stroke her ego and lack of self esteem by going to her site.

  4. Wow anonymous you are so right!!! I heard that she “eyezonly” bribed a person to come on here and say that she “eyezonly” knew what was going on and people should trust her. She bribed this person by promising to call her and give her more information about Brittany Gary’s death. You are right, anyone that will use another person’s death to bribe someone is sick and twisted in my book. Needless to say, that person came on here and stated what eyezonly wanted her to say but the phone call never came to the person she bribed promising more information about Brittany Gary’s death.

    I agree that she’s sick and needs help.

  5. HeyG8, Yuri it was. I actually met him at one of the Caylee searches. He was as nice in person as the media portrays him.

  6. Could these be facts about the 6th victim ?

    • couldbebreakinthecase, do you know something? Do you know eyezonly? what is your play in this? If you are here to help us then help but if all you want is to help eyezonly well then stay with her and stay off this site. We are here for facts not here to play games, you can go to Eyezonly page and dream a little dream with her but don’t post her site on this site we all could careless we already told her to stay away and I am sure if she keeps posting things like she does that could get her a night or two behind bars.

    • Hello!!!

      G8trgirl here. Just want to demonstrate that an Admin on a WordPress blog can take ANYONE’s name and email address and pose as that person to write ANYTHING they want or change up a person’s comment to read any way they want!!!!! The date on the comment can also be changed as well.

      It is very unscrupulous but it can be done.

      Please read this for an explanation of why this comment was posted.

  7. I want to discuss some facts and things I believe. While I will write He and Him, I am aware that there are probably multiple offenders.
    Most SK’s have a history of crime. Usually it is a crime with an individual victim. If John Smith stole a candy bar from the convenience store when he was 12, he is probably not the guy we are looking for. He may be a kid that got in a lot of fights at school. He may have been a peeping Tom or whatever. But there is a line of victims somewhere going back to his childhood. He may have been a quietly mean kid. The theme we are looking for is a guy that either quietly or aggressively has displayed a consistent lack of caring about others rights. There will be victims peppered all through his past. Maybe he picks fights. Maybe he has stolen purses. There will be something.

    Most, but not all, SK’s have the trio of bed wetting until older, arson, and cruelty to animals. It is not required

    Most, but not all, display some kind of sexual component. This one does not. It could be one of many reasons. He could be impotent, gay, a pedophile, he could feel the women are beneath him, or he could know that most sexual contact leaves some kind of forensic evidence. Or, it could have been strictly business. For whatever reason there was no sexual contact with the victims.

    He has almost assuredly some history of crimes with individual victims. His past victims may know what an evil bastard he is but not be able to put it together that he would kill, or be scared to come forward. But there are past victims.

    He alsmost assuredly lives in the same area his victims did. He is too familiar with the foot traffic patterns and habits of the victims. I may be wrong but I have guessed that he lives somewhere within 6-800 yards of the block of Gallup St. between Hwy. 26 and Hobart.

    An accused pedophile that lives on Gallup was arrested two weeks ago. Melvin Franques Jr. may not be the SK but, if guilty of pedopheilia, he has demonstrated a lack of concern for the rights of others. Note that his home is about 350 yds from the infamous Andrew St. House. I would like to be clear that I am not accusing him of anything but feel he has earned a closer look.

    Another accused pedophile that lives north of I-10 was just arrested. I feel that, while heinous if guilty, he does not fit the geographical criteria. He would not have the intimate local knowledge of the areas foot traffic unless he lived, or used to live, in the immediate area.

    Another man, Antonio Demon Fontenot, was arrested for rape and theft of cash. He lives about 300 yards from the Andrew St. house on W. Spencer. Once again, if guilty, he has little concern for the rights of others.

    I cannot say that any of these men are the SK. My post is a mixture of facts and my opinions. I am sure there are many other violent criminals that live in the area that bear looking at. I would love to have some local opinions of people who know these men. I have found the locals knowledge to be invaluable.

    Also, my thoughts are in no way comprehensive or inclusive of every fact. Correct me as needed and add anything I have missed.

    • Excellent observations RR. I believe a geographical profiler would work best on this case. I believe the case to be business related rather than pleasure. I have my reasons for making that comment. Most pedophiles derive their please from underage girls and/or children and interestingly, most are not discriminatory between male and female children.

      I agree that we are not dealing with a pedophile. While we believe the offender has had altercations with the law, perhaps even sexual offense arrests, we do believe the offender has a rather lengthy misdemeanor record.

      Again, its very difficult, if not impossible, to speculate on a motive. One possible motive is that at some point and time the girl/girls wanted out and like organized crime, once you’re in and know too much you can’t ever leave and decide you want another way of life. That’s just a theory from what we’ve gathered thus far. Only one theory with many more that needs to be dissected. If you continue reading the posts and blogs, the same name (s) keep coming up and its like a gigantic circle. One thing is for sure: They will be caught and someone is/will talk, you have my word on that.

  8. There are about 11 registered Sex offenders within 1 mile of the Andrews st. house. Some are violent, some are not. Know your neighbors. Be safe.

    • RR__ The house you refer to is always very busy, in and out all times of day & night, the blinds& doors are always closed.When a drug deal is done it is very quick.Most of the neighbors I have heard are decent people and don’t even acknowledge this guy.Only thing is no one seems to know who these people are who come & go at all hours.I have also been told that this guy is never alone,maybe he is a coward and needs protection.IMO–This house needs to be watched closely by law enforcement although I still believe it is being protected/ignored for some reason.

  9. Were the victims lured in as some are saying….

  10. Excuse me, but has this website been hijacked or have I stepped into the twilight zone? The way I have learned to deal with person(s) like eyezonly a/k/a jdp337 a/k/a couldbebreakinthecases is I place their words through the mouthpiece of Charlie Brown’s teacher whom you may recall spoke in an unintelligible, garbled voice that sounded sort of like a trumpet. Try it. I assure you if done properly, the gibberish will not enter your mind.

    • What’s interesting is that she has not once allowed one of my comments on her blog!!!!! I wonder why???? Do you suppose she would allow me to continually post links back to this blog from her site???? I doubt it……wonder why????

      As the “anonymous” poster wrote a few comments back, Eyez (whose real name I will post here if the shenanigans don’t cease) has been checked out by the task force; her information is not credible because it is too cryptic and vague. It was determined that any information she has provided that was not cryptic and vague was already public knowledge. I have also been advised by several extremely reliable sources that her mental state is highly questionable and to let anything she says go in one ear and out the other.

      Also, she made a statement on her blog

      that some are saying that the killers is trying to get to me and another certain blog site creator

      I assume the “other blog site creator” would be me and I have questioned her as to where that info came from, and when, but as of yet………..she hasn’t answered me. I wonder why??? I told her I take that type of statement very seriously and would be interested in checking further into it due to the nature of that type of threat. Do you think she’ll provide me the details??? No??? I wonder why???

      • g8trgirl-I can assure you that nobody is going after you. You don’t fit the profile, you’re not in the business of drugs, and they would not expose themselve that in that fashion knowing that their entire operation could be in jeopardy if they went after someone out of character/M.O. They wouldn’t take that chance. We have been trying to draw the persons responsible out of the woodwork for some time now to no avail and I promise you that you and eyezonly are not a threat to those responsible. As someone said earlier, if her vehicle was broken into (which the poster doubts), right after she made a comment about those responsible, then its purely coincidental but had nothing to do with those responsible with these homicides.

        She has no way of knowing that someone is looking for herself as well as “another blog creator” which you interpreted to mean you and she more than likely did mean you but please don’t panic because those responsible simply will not put themselves at risk by going after you or her. The more they do the more they leave behind and for them to go out of character would not be worth it to them.

  11. 888__ I totally agree with you. I read the first post on her website and it was like watching a bad movie. so now I just ignore it ,it is so confusing and unbeliveable it’s really a waste of any sane persons time.My 5 year old grand son can spell & express himself much better than this person lol.

  12. G8ter, When you have no answers, you ignore the questioner LMAO!!! I admit, there are times when I need a laugh and so instead going to read ‘The News of the Weird’ I turn to Eyez page and count how many times she repeats herself, then how many times she contradicts herself. There is always something to get a chuckle out of on her pages….if not a down right belly laugh!

    • I’ve honestly tried to read her posts, and every now and then, I run across a couple of things I agree with but, for the most part……after about five or six lines…… eyes go haywire and begging for mercy, my brain completely goes into the PAUSE mode and it starts sounding just like what Red Ranger was saying about the teacher from Charlie Brown…………blah blah blah Blah Blah blah blah blah blahhhhhhhhh blah blah blah. 😀 you understand what I’m saying don’t you LOL?

      • ah, but it has come in handy….I have sent bits and pieces of eyez posts to my granddaughter who hates English, with the admonishment that should she not study this would be the results. After the initial EWWWW, her grades in English improved! So something good has come out of it….(-;
        (sorry to get off post)

  13. Thanks Sleuthing, I am not totally proficient yet in the CB filter. I did go back and record while I read it. I got Wah wah Tree wah wah wah red door wahwahwah brokeinmycar wah wah Eunice wah wah Dreem dreem dreem wah wah cousin wahwah my ex wah nightmayor wah wah wah wah moorbeer wah wah wah, etc.
    Notice that it even comes through the CB filter with misspelled words as one run on sentence. Thanks for the tip. I will practice.

  14. Grtgirl-Again, we are back to the cyberstalking statute. I will copy and paste the statute here for you to read and then give my suggestions at the bottom of the statue:

    Senate Act 737, Louisiana Revised Statute 14:40.3 §40.3
    To enact R.S. 14:40.3, relative to criminal offenses against the person; to create the crime of cyberstalking; to provide that such crime shall be the intentional harassing or threatening of another through the use of electronic mail or electronic communication; to provide for definitions; to apply for exceptions of peaceable, nonviolent, or nonthreatening activities for certain purposes; to provide for penalties; and to provide for related matters. Section 1. R.S. 14:40.3 is hereby enacted to read as follows: §40.3. Cyberstalking
    R.S. 14:40.3 is all new law.
    A. For the purposes of this Section, the following words shall have the following meanings:
    (1) “Electronic communication” means any transfer of signs, signals, writing, images, sounds, data, or intelligence of any nature, transmitted in whole or in part by wire, radio, computer, electromagnetic, photoelectric, or photo-optical system.
    (2) “Electronic mail” means the transmission of information or communication by the use of the Internet, a computer, a facsimile machine, a pager, a cellular telephone, a video recorder, or other electronic means sent to a person identified by a unique address or address number and received by that person.
    B. Cyberstalking is action of any person to accomplish any of the following:
    (1) Use in electronic mail or electronic communication any words or language threatening to inflict bodily harm to any person or to such person’s child, sibling, spouse, or dependent, or physical injury to the property of any person, or for the purpose of extorting money or other things of value from any person.
    (2) Electronically mail or electronically communicate to another repeatedly, whether or not conversation ensues, for the purpose of threatening, terrifying, or harassing any person.
    (3) Electronically mail or electronically communicate to another and to knowingly make any false statement concerning death, injury, illness, disfigurement, indecent conduct, or criminal conduct of the person electronically mailed or of any member of the person’s family or household with the intent to threaten, terrify, or harass.
    (4) Knowingly permit an electronic communication device under the person’s control to be used for the taking of an action in Paragraph (1), (2), or (3) of this Subsection.
    C.(1) Whoever commits the crime of cyberstalking shall be fined not more than two thousand dollars, or imprisoned for not more than one year, or both.
    (2) Upon a second conviction occurring within seven years of the prior conviction for cyberstalking, the offender shall be imprisoned for not less than one hundred and eighty days and not more than three years, and may be fined not more than five thousand dollars, or both. (3) Upon a third or subsequent conviction occurring within seven years of a prior conviction for stalking, the offender shall be imprisoned for not less than two years and not more than five years and may be fined not more than five thousand dollars, or both.
    D. Any offense under this Section committed by the use of electronic mail or electronic communication may be deemed to have been committed where the electronic mail or electronic communication was originally sent, originally received, or originally viewed by any person.
    E. This Section does not apply to any peaceable, nonviolent, or nonthreatening activity intended to express political views or to provide lawful information to others.

    Suggestion 1: Have all members of your blog register and only allow one static IP address per member.

    Suggestion 2: Contact the owner of wordpress and let him know about the harassment/stalking and give him the other user’s wordpress blog site.

    Suggestion3: I believe it would be money well spent to spend $500 to have a restraining order placed against the other user for stalking. The law says and I quote: “Electronically mail or electronically communicate to another repeatedly, whether or not conversation ensues, for the purpose of threatening, terrifying, or harassing any person.” and further states: “Electronically mail or electronically communicate to another and to knowingly make any false statement concerning death, injury, illness, disfigurement, indecent conduct, or criminal conduct of the person electronically mailed or of any member of the person’s family or household with the intent to threaten, terrify, or harass.”

    Since you have received the messages from the other user in Lafayette Parish you could certainly file charges in that parish against this other user and have the restraining order filed against her in that parish. Read the last part of the statute about where the electronic communication was received.

    If she or someone you suspect is her posts on here again, she will be in contempt and can be sentenced to a jail term.

    Suggestion 4: Obtain her IP address, which you already have and trace it to her ISP and submit an electronic email complaining of the harassment/stalking and send the ISP of this user a certified letter complaining of this user. When you conduct the trace, an email will be listed such as and they will be able to trace the IP address directly back to her computer.

  15. gtrgirl-One more item: go to and you can file a complaint at that location against her. They have resources to go to LE and get something done quickly and efficiently.

  16. Hey Kirk, I am on the fence about the sex offender and pedophile possibilities. Most sex offenses are reportedly about the violence. In this recent one the girl was drunk and passed out and he also robbed her. Other than the actual rape, I am not sure there were any acts of violence such as beating her. I hope that came out right. I am not belittling the crime of rape.

    If these girls were killed for business reasons then the actual crime, while not strictly for the purpose of violence, was committed by violent people. Sexual predators, pedophiles and rapist included, hav emade a conscious choice to live out side of society’s rules. This does not make them murderers but if they were tied to the business end of it then they are suspects. I don’t think it is that big of a jump from committing a heinous crime to committing the ultimate crime. I do not put it past the pedophiles at all to be involved. They are not right and do not think as we do.

    If the murderer(s) have sex offenses in their past then I feel as if at least some of the girls would have been sexually battered. I am quite familiar with decomposition and understand the timelines on when the girls were missing and when they were found. Had they been sexually assaulted there would have been no way to know on some of them given decomp rates, animal activity, insect activity etc. So I am not ready to rule anyone out until science says they were not involved. This case is complex and runs in vicious circles.

  17. BRITTANY…. i would love to meet u anytime i am not intimidated by you or anyone else on this blog!!! imy main goal is to get to the bottom of these murders and stick to facts not gossip! there was no bleach poured on victims so go back and check whereveryou got your info. and to eyez thank you for your kind words and i will also to my grave trying. i have been saying all alone certain people no a lot … why wont they talk?????

    • concerned43…….I hope that no one on this blog feels intimidated by anyone. Each and every person posting here (with one exception) is entitled to their thoughts and opinions about these crimes. We may not all always agree with each other and that’s okay too. I do hope that everyone will be respectful to each other whether you agree with them or not. When it’s all said and done, we’re all here for the same reason and need to maintain some semblance of unity.

      Okay……….off my soapbox.

      About the bleach…..I have to agree with what Living in Fear posted. I find it very curious, actually a bit disturbing, that Sheriff Edwards would be reporting to ALL media outlets that Muggy was doused with bleach if in fact that is not true. Why would he report false information? Are you able to discuss how you know that she wasn’t doused with bleach?

      As for people knowing details of the crimes…..I believe there are several that have information. Just my opinion but I think the reason they’re not talking is:
      1) they’re directly involved
      2) too scared, distrustful of LE
      3) they have talked but been deemed not credible by LE

      • G8 no i cannot say how i know just as certain other cannot discuss how they know. however i did hear about battery acid in a certain case and will find out about that! i do know for a fact that other people know about the crimes and they ere not talking because of …… reason 1. and as far as our so called sheriff no one trust him so why all of a sudden are they believing what he said now???? we are all here for the same reason and i will not be intimidated by anyone everyone on here has opinions and i will have mine!!! a certain someone was not being very respectful! and i will not be threatened by her !!!! her last statement was i hope we never meet! what does she mean by that? would love for her to reply!!

  18. the papers reported that two of the girls had bleach poured over them. Also, reported in the Shreveport news-one of the girls had been doused with battery acid. So concerned 43-if you want to attack someone, I suggest you take the fight up with the newspapers and their reporters.

  19. Looking over the Guest Commentary section of this blog- brings to mind a question that I have heard little about:

    What murders have been solved since Edwards was appointed to office?
    And the percentage of unsolved to solved.

    ‘Maybe’ there are clues or ‘left out’ info in some of the solved crimes also. Or maybe there is cover up in past deaths- which could possible go back before Edwards???? A trend that has continued? Maybe other murders cases have been up and up?
    Who is watching?

    And if it is organized crime- you can bet anything, the organization knows the headcount.

    If there are so many unsolved crimes, and few solved- who knows if there is a correlation.

    There has to be a statistics on such crimes somewhere.

    Any ideas or thoughts on that from the locals that may know best???
    One other thing, knowing the Andrew house seems to stay busy, that we know, but has any other drug activity seemed to slow down quite a bit in the area? Particular drugs hard to come by, sources suddenly disappearring? Cause when things get hot, they will try and be quiet (lay low), relocate until they think it is safe again. Which could also mean major activity could be picking up in other places.
    So any unsolved deaths, big bust, cartel activity nearby may should be considered if there are any.

    If normal outlets for druggies has ceased, maybe the Andrew house has become an outlet of last resort for the common user!!!!!

    • Observer…..there are crime rate reports, by parish, available. I have run across them but, due to time constraints right now, don’t have time to go search them out again. They are not exactly up to date (thru 2008-09) but they will give you an idea of the statistics.

      I THINK Kirk had said the Rat Trahan case was classified as “closed” and the Sheila Comeaux and Benoit cases were still considered “open” which means not solved. Perhaps he can comment again on that.

      As a side note…….even though the Trahan case may be considered “solved” there has been some discussion that the person charged, and convicted, of that crime (who died while incarcerated) may not have been the only person involved so, in my mind….it wasn’t really “solved”.

      Kirk and SilenceDogood are admittedly more knowledgeable on the murders that are in addition to the 7 girls and maybe they’ll offer more insight than I’m able to.

      Interestingly enough…..I was just advised of ANOTHER rather strange female death that took place in Welsh just last year. Info is still trickling in and from what I’ve learned so far…….the circumstances are quite odd. From the sound of it….all the “ingredients” of that case are quite similar to the deaths of the 7 girls.

      For now, I’ll let the person that informed me of that “strange death” decide whether they want to post what is known here on the blog.

    • HI Observer, the house on Andrew has been in business for several years it was only brought into the public eye after the murder of B.Gary. The guy who lives there was questioned in several previous murders and it is common knowledge that some of the victims were hanging out there according to talk on the streets.

  20. I like this letter entitled Solve the real crime that was recently published in the JDN on 6/27/09….good job Ms. Malveaux…..i agree 100%!!! Here’s a short excerpt from it:

    If you want to take some real fear out of this community you are all expressing love and interest for, find the serial killer that is still out there somewhere. All seven human beings that have been laid to rest – someone’s daughter, someone’s mother – are not forgotten. So take the real fear out of all of us by letting us know who this person is. Your words to us truly do win our votes.

    Relieving our fear is one thing, but gaining our trust back is where the extra hard work comes in. Put your iron back on the fire and solve this real crime!

    Update to this comment…..the link no longer works and I guess JDN doesn’t archive Letters To The Editor or if they do, I haven’t been able to find it.

  21. Just got word, a black female was taken away in cuffs from the Andrew St. house.Wonder what that was about? Funny how the “low-life who lives there is never apprehended.Maybe he is being protected.

  22. For everyone — Here are a few facts that I have learned concerning the infamous house on Andrew St. First of all LE (all branches) knows what is going on there, the drugs & prostitution for drugs etc. The guy who lives there is the only one on the block who has no legal income or job. He has people there who do his dirty work for him (very sly). My point is …WHY is this crap been allowed to go on for so long?? These decent people of S. Andrew St. have complained of this situation for a very long time, but for some reason it goes on & on. Is this guy being protected for some reason??? IMO—he is probably a small time operator, but still he has to have a supplier. If anyone from LE would watch the foot, bike & vehicle traffic coming & going at all hours I am pretty sure they could make an arrest or maybe a major bust. Do they care??

    • ea568 and to everyone else, I think someone is watching, and something will happen for the good in my opinion. Also, in my opinion and others who have posted it is LE feels threatened by this blog. Something/Someone has lit a fire under the LE butts. Why, well they are just now busting people left and right, stopping people left and right, SOMETHING that should have been done long ago, should be done now, and should be done in the future.

      I ask, if it causes no harm to you, please report to us who are on the out skirts. I as well as others, do appreciate it.

      Oh, I still am trying to push Brittany for Sheriff. I’m serious.

      • Hey Brownie,

        Not sure if this is the case, but on 5/28/09, I sent an email to the legislature stating:

        Jefferson Davis Parish Crimes (link to task force website)

        7 unsolved murders need to be publicized – please help – send a flyer around the Senate and Legislators asking them to keep Jennings in their prayers or post a bulletin in Quarterly Reports – Help get the word out.
        The more Top Officials that know – the better the results. They need and want Justice.

        Help Solve Crimes

        On behalf of taxpayers and the seven victims.

        And another email stating:

        If the below is true – why is it allowed in Louisiana, and why don’t you all do more about it?

        SilenceDogood, on May 27th, 2009 at 11:14 PM Said:
        The post regarding LE performing investigations into the drug industry is interesting; however, I truly believe that R. Edwards would be better off without such an investigation. If there’s anything this sheriff’s department and business community doesn’t want, it’s a true investigation into the local drug trade. Actually, we, the citizens, need it very badly but really, we’ve seen a proliferation of drug epidemic that has lasted for many many years and has resulted in NUMEROUS unsolved, drug related murders beginning years before the Loretta Chaisson death. Also, I read Mr. Menard’s post regarding his service to some of the families of recent murder victims. I have to say, for Mr. Menard to state that he is helping with these cases because of a lack of manpower at the sheriff’s department is a very commendable and tactful statement. I will take a stab at something here on behalf of many people who know the facts. Mr. Menard was hired because the majority of the victim’s families have neither faith nor trust, in the Jennings Police Department, the Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff’s Department, the Louisiana State Police nor the FBI. People have had their fill of a community filled with drugsters and corrupted officials. People have run out of options and are searching desperately for someone to represent their community interests. This representation no longer resides in the officials of this parish, state or in the federal agencies that vow to represent the law. There are far too many conveniently unsolved murders, open drug dealing while only street level dealers are ever arrested, persons of public prominence who seem to be favored, protected and above the law, etc. I believe that Mr. Menard has been asked to assist precisely because citizens feel abandoned by their officials and public law enforcement entities; therefore, people opt for private assistance. I truly hope that Mr. Menard is successful in his efforts to arrive at a resolution to the unsolved murders that have plagued this parish for at least 15 years and hopefully, to the out-of-control drug industry that advances openly under our noses to keep so many people suppressed while creating wealth and power for the undeserving.

        I felt Silence had said the above so perfectly that it did need to be acknowledged by others and was so well stated – how could it be ignored!!!

        Anyone can write the legislatures at

        Not sure if emails made a difference, but I sure hope they did!!!!!!!!!!!!

        God Bless Jennings and all those desiring righteousness within their government. You deserve it.
        Let’s keep those fires burning 🙂

        • Observer, that was a great idea!!! Hopefully it caught a few eyes. You also chose a good person to quote….Silence seems to have an excellent handle on what’s been taking place in JDP for several years now and does a great job of informing us.

    • ea568…….I want to thank you for keeping us updated about the activity at the Andrews St. house. From the sound of things….there’s no shortage of information to report.

      It’s amazing this type of activity has been allowed to continue for such a long time and one definitely has to wonder why??? It’s very odd indeed.

      Since there seems to be an increase in LE visibility around the house the past couple of months and they’re beginning to arrest people associated with the house I’m wondering if perhaps LE is intentionally allowing the activity to continue there in hopes that they may be able to snag some people “higher up the ladder”.

  23. g8trgirl– I think you have done a wonderful job of organizing and maintaining this website. I think you made a comment awhile back about how much you can pick up by going back and reading over past posts and I think that is quite true. This leads me to a question. Just as you came up with a poll question on law enforcement ” involvement” , is it viable to construct a series of poll questions ( one at a time) upon which each blogger would cast a single vote and then and only then, would the result of the polled question be opened up for debate on the forum. To do this would require some way of voting that only you as the administrator could check to assure that no one is voting multiple times. It would also be interesting if we could submit to you questions for consideration on the polling. Again, the questions would not need to be all considered at once. Perhaps there could be one question posed per week and one week to vote on it while a second question is posed and then after the voting period closes, you would post the result and then there could be discussion on that question and polling result. It would be very similar to what goes on now, but then the results and subsequent discussion of the debate might moved from a general discussion to a topical archived discussion. What do you think ? This is your brainchild.

  24. For example, I find it rather interesting that law enforcement created a website about the murders, but find it curious that there is no information posted on the website aside from the name of the victim, age, race, weight and height. After expending the time to create a serial killer profile, one might have expected at the very least that the profile would be posted. Does the absence of the profile from the website mean:

    1) law enforcement knows the identity of at least the main perpetrator, but is still building a case; or
    2) law enforcement is still deluged with too much information from the profile as originally released that the time is not proper to further publicize the profile; or
    3) law enforcement no longer believes the profile is correct, but does not want to change the profile because of what that would reveal regarding the status of the investigation?

    • I also noticed the limited amount of information on the Task Force website. No reasonable explanation for the site is advertised well, nor is their name very visible.

    • Great suggestion sleuthing888……

      I believe it’s possible to post a poll in a dedicated post (versus on a sidebar). The poll can be set to where only one vote is cast per IP address. I’m certainly game for doing that if y’all are interested in submitting poll questions.

      I have actually toyed with setting up a Forum related to these crimes, in addition to the blog, where discussion could be better broken down by topic but several people replied back to me that they were more comfortable in the “blog” type setting so I dropped it. But yeah…..we can do a poll/discussion type thing on the blog if y’all want.

    • Sleuthing888……in addition to what you’ve posted about the Task Force website……what I find really odd is that that site has never been publicized that I’m aware of. It was purely by happenstance that I found it.

  25. This may have nothing to do with anything, but call me Stevie, I wonder….
    Last year (early summer) in Welsh, a young woman named Heidi Tauzin took a gun and shot herself at her home. Tommy Chiasson’s mother, Dorthy, found her and called Tommy. Tommy in turn called his good friend Pat Duplechian (a part time aux. sheriff’s deputy for Jennings) who lives close to Tommy and the two were seen entering Heidi’s house, moved the body, rolled up the carpet and disposed of it(and who knows what else they did or moved), BEFORE anyone else was called to the scene. Heidi was known to use drugs, even spending some time in prison, so I guess you could use Sheriff Edwards favorite saying to describe Heidi as living a “high risk lifestyle”.
    I wonder why Tommy felt it necessary to get rid of evidence before anyone was called. I wonder if this isn’t a conflict of interest since he and his mother were close to Heidi and lived across the street from her. I wonder why Heidi would kill herself, or was there evidence that she was forced or felt she had no choice but to shoot herself?…or did she? With the Jennings murders in mind, this one makes me wonder…..
    but with the evidence wiped clean and disposed of before an investigation, and ruled a clear case of suicide(?), we will never know

    • You actually seen this done or is this a she said/he said and now you said?

      • I am reporting it for three witness’s that saw this happen. Since they live near there they do not want their names repeated for obvious reasons. I know these people well, they have not deviated from the story once in all this time, nor are they prone to embellishing. I had them write it down right after it happen, and went back later to have them repeat what they saw.
        I am the one that is wondering, but I am not alone in this.

  26. People should really stop repeating what others say…. If you weren’t actually there, assume it didn’t happen…. I knew heidi since 1st grade. She had problems all her life…She struggled with alot… She was messed up and did alot of bad things but I think that the previous letter was more to bad mouth tv PD than it was about anything else. The author of the letter above makes it sound like the PD disposed of her in ditch or something… That is simply not true… I personally never had intentions of posting on here but I am so sick of all the sometimes vicious rumors that go around that I just felt like adding my two cents….

    • I didn’t take it like “the PD diposed of her”. I interpreted that they got rid of evidence.

      • Brownie, sorry to be late on a response, due to computer issues. i am sorry if there was a misunderstanding, “it” is the carpet that was disposed of. the body was moved and the carpet was taken before anyone else was called. the explanation that was given was that it was just to messy and bloody and would upset Tommy’s mother, who had already seen it.

    • We have to repeat what others say or there will be no movement of information. If we all try to come up with rules of political correctness, we’ll never be able to share knowledge. Any time we repeat something, we have to be careful not to get the facts wrong or to repeat only in hysteria but repeat, we must. If a person hears of something that they have knowledge of, they may be able to contribute. If the incident was never repeated, we’d never be able to put contributions into the picture. No, especially where officials are concerned, everything they do should be under scrutiny since they are our employees; we deserve to know it all … Of course, we can wait to hear only their version after the fact.

      • SilenceDogood, thank you for that, you echo my feelings exactly. If we depend only on an eye witness, then we eliminate reporters, the news, and any lead that may be out there. There are a lot of people out in this parish that are afraid to speak up on the things they ‘eye witness’. they trust no one, and if they speak up, they might be turning on a family member, which in this tight knit community, could lead to being ostracized by family, friends and the work place.

      • Tommys mom is heidis grandmother so I would assume it would be pretty disturbing to see your granddaughter in that situtation….. Perhaps he was trying to keep his mother from being any more tramatized than she already was…. Maybe they moved her to try and see if there was any way they could help her…. I don’t know… I’m sorry if I came off defensive, I really am just tired of all the rumors…. I had a total of about 15 people calling our house when brittney was found with questions of everything from” was she dismembered” to” hey, I heard they just found 2 or 3 bodies” ….. I hope they find who the killer or killers are but we also don’t live in a 60 minute made for tv drama… Just because no one hears anything doesn’t mean it’s not being worked on. I know it must be frustating for the families but it’s better that all the info is in order than to rush into something and mess the whole case up….

  27. gr8, when you return they found a body south lake charles. I didn’t get to hear much on the news, but they think it has been there a while. At this time, that is all they are saying. Need to check into it, you never know.

  28. It is a male body and been there for several days due to decomposition authorities noted. This area is a target practice area in the thick woods. There was no sign of trauma to the front of the body but LE is relying on the ME to further investigate.

  29. Here’s a news article about the DA’s office in Jennings.

    Plea deal outrages teen’s family
    Posted: Jun 30, 2009 6:34 PM CDT Updated: Jul 01, 2009 12:21 AM CDT
    Featured Videos

    Plea deal outrages teen’s family

    LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) – Members of a Jennings family are fuming about a plea deal between the Jeff Davis District Attorney’s office and a man who allegedly engaged in sexual activity with their teenage daughter.

    The man was originally charged with carnal knowledge but pleaded guilty to cruelty to a juvenile. That means he won’t have to register as a sex offender.

    In February 2007, a Jennings girl, who was then only 14-years-old, became the victim of a crime. Last November, Kyle LeBlanc, who turns 30-years-old in July, went to trial on a charge of carnal knowledge of juvenile. But the trial ended abruptly in a mistrial.

    This week family members of the victim say they thought a new trial would begin, when LeBlanc was allowed to plead guilty to cruelty to a juvenile. The victim’s mother, Judy Bourque, is outraged. “I am extremely, extremely upset with the DA and the way they handled this case. They went basically behind our backs and settled for this.”

    However, Jeff Davis District Attorney Michael Cassidy believes the guilty plea serves justice. “We had problems with the case. We didn’t want to further traumatize the victim. And so we’re satisfied that justice was served.”

    Cassidy says LeBlanc was sentenced to four years to run concurrent with time he’s already serving for drunk driving so he’ll serve about one year on the cruelty charge. “Though he will serve the majority of that sentence, a lot of it would be consumed by the third offense DWI. He is serving additional time for this particular offense.”

    However, Bourque is not satisfied with the time LeBlanc will serve. “It’ll amount probably to six months, maybe eight.”

    And, the charge of cruelty to a juvenile does not require registration as a sex offender. Says Bourque, “I want this man, I want his picture in the paper every year. My daughter and I both want him to register as a sex offender. We don’t want to see other people go through what my 14-year- old daughter went through.”

    Cassidy responds. “We do not have any information to indicate that this has happened previously or since that time, so we do not have any reason to believe that he is a sexual predator.”

    Officials say LeBlanc is in a State Department of Corrections Detention Center in Basile.

    LeBlanc entered his guilty plea last week in State District Court in Jennings.

    • anonymous and everyone– The story concerning M.Cassidy was broadcast on the 5 pm news on KPLC channel 7 on Tues. June 1st. So I tuned to the 10 pm news that same day and the story was never mentioned again although it was posted on their web site. Some one must have put a lid on that real quick! I agree the Mother should file charges, but this being the JD parish political machine I doubt she would get any recompence.Also notice the Jennings Daily News has not one word published on this story ,but then again they are most likely part of the political machine.

      • KPLC are CHICKENS and that is a FACT! I hope they do read this, because it is so very true.

        We don’t know the whole story, but she should get a professional opinion. If they say she has a good chance, I think she should GO FOR IT! Cassidy’s days are fixing to be limited anyway.

  30. The family should hire a civil attorney and sue him for damages. If won by a jury, he can be made to pay from future wages for a long time. Shame on the Jennings DA. They have too much discretion on whether to even charge an individual or not.

  31. That is SHAME on the Jennings DA. Suppose that was his daughter, would he have still made that plea???

  32. Sounds like the DA is willing to throw a 14 year old under the bus. He had better right himself or he goes under the auspices of being pretty despicable himself. JMO. I think I am right on this one.

  33. What was JDSO detective Derrick Miller doing at 6:30am in Lake Arthur speaking to Sarah Benoit? Incidentally, Sarah Benoit is friends with Tracee Chassion, supposedly best friends.

    I love my job and I hear it all. At the courthouse today there were several private investigators from different agencies going through the indexes. Two were armed with either federal subpoenas or summons but they were directed to the Clerk of Court in Calcasieu Parish. They all had binders and while I was searching through the records I thought I would be a little nosy and I noticed the subpoena or summons and all I could read was victims of unsolved homicides so I don’t know what that was about. I did see that one was signed by Mr. Menard but he was not at the courthouse. I did over hear a conversation while someone was on the cell phone and it appeared one of the investigators were on the phone with Mr. Menard. So my guess is that there are different investigation agencies involved in these unsolved homicides. I know they were from different agencies because the binder had the agency name on them. Just from hearing them talk among themselves they know a lot and know who is questioned and when and for someone to see Derrick Miller in Lake Arthur speaking to Sarah Benoit says a lot so I guess they are working night and day on this case.

    • Sounds like people who mean buisiness! Good, because we need it. So, anyone knows where in Lake Arthur this Sarah Benoit lives?

  34. Oh and btw, I heard one of them mention to another investigator someone named BOSS from Gueydan. I don’t know what that was about either. Just thought that I would inform you what I heard and saw today.

  35. Brownie– Don’t know where S. Beniot lives in L.Arthur, I do know she is the mother of C. Beniot Zeno according to an obit by Matthews funeralhome.

    • I have been on vacation. I don,t know anything about anyone in our family being questioned about the cases. I do have a neice named Sarah Benoit, but we really never speak to her. If they questioned her I don’t know anything about it.

  36. ea568-That is not the correct Sarah Benoit that was C. Benoit Zeno’s mother. This is another Sarah Benoit from Jennings that is friends with Tracee Chassion and the crew.

    • Anon–Oops my mistake, sorry. Wonder if she is related to C. Benoit Zeno? Thanks for the info of goings on at the courthouse–very INTERESTING!

  37. i think it would be a good thing if someone did an extensive background check on the DA. you might just uncover something interesting…

  38. Thanks everyone for staying around! the help is really appreciated!

  39. Hey Brittany,

    You are so welcome. It is nice to hear from you!
    How have you been doing? I hope things are going well for you these days. God Bless You 🙂

  40. Frankie Richard’s sister, Tabetha Crochet, was released from the Jefferson Davis Parish jail today.

    She was released under “own recognizance” which means a person who promises to appear in court to answer criminal charges that can sometimes be released from jail without having to pay bail.

  41. What cha want to bet the case against her is dismissed (probably for lack of evidence) JMO

  42. KLFY ( has this story on their website. Perhaps this is what folks in Jennings should gather and do….
    Trouble In Grand Coteau

    Posted: July 8, 2009 09:51 AM

    Citizens in Grand Coteau are so upset with their Police Chief; they held a special council meeting Wednesday night where they planned to ask for her resignation.

    They were even more upset when the Police Chief was a no show.

    Citizens in Grand Coteau filled the town hall for a special public meeting about the string of unsolved burglaries in their town. They planned on airing their grievances with Chief of Police, Margaret Coco.

    Angry citizens even threatened to take matters into their own hands.

    Going back to last year, Grand Coteau has had a rash of crime, with little success in making arrests. According to the citizens, the police chief is not communicating with the victims or the media.

    Out of several burglaries, two were at city hall, over $2,000 was stolen.

    St. Charles Catholic Church has been broken into twice this past year with the suspect still on the loose.

    As elected officials, the Chief of Police is not required to show up for town meetings. As an elected official the council can’t force the Chief to resign. It would take a recall petition signed by enough registered voters to force a recall election.

    Jason Newton

    Just a thought…..

  43. This is interesting. Seems the Jennings PD is being laughed at:

    Rapping Criminal Taunts Police

    Posted: July 8, 2009 07:59 PM CDT

    A fugitive on the run from Jennings Police has come out with rap songs in which he taunts the officers who are in search of him.

    Twenty five year old Christopher Trent is wanted in Jennings for two counts of carnal knowledge of a juvenile.

    Police say he allegedly had sex with a 13 year old when he was 22 and a 14 year old when he was 24.

    Trent clearly identifies himself and members of the Jennings Police Department on several songs where he raps about how police can’t catch him.

    If you know Trent’s whereabouts call 275-9002.

    • Trent can rap til he’s blue in his face but fact is………….he’s a sexual PREDATOR. He can’t be rehabbed. Interesting how bold he is to toy with the cops though.

      He’s gonna have the FBI looking for his azz…..not JDP locals. Feds will find him. Since ya singing about Paula, Trent…….when the feds catch you…….sing to them about her {{wink wink}}. Tell em everything you know.

  44. He also mentions several officers by name. I’m curious to know who they are and what he has to say about them. Does anyone know?

    I just received a call from a reporter. She has talked to the magazine Marie Claire and they are considering doing a story on the 7 girls. This is a big magazine and could bring alot of national attention to the case.

    Keep your fingers crossed!!!!!

    • Wowsie……….got my toes, fingers and eyes crossed!!

      I hope whatever journalist is interested can convince their higher ups to pursue and publish this story. What a wonderful shot in the arm that would be……give us all some hope.

      I would love to see some out of town, experienced people question Edwards and Cassidy. If you get any more than what is already known about these crimes I’ll be pleasantly surprised. If both refuse to answer questions or grant interviews I’m afraid it will only raise MORE questions.

      I soooooo hope this comes to fruition and they couldn’t have chosen a better person to interview than you Brittany. We’re all behind you girl.

  46. living in fear,
    I know that two officers for sure who’s names were mentioned are Det. Jean Cooley and the one and only Ms. Paula Guillory. This info is coming from the Jennings Daily News. They state that in the tracks, Chris Trent is mocking them. A song is specifically titled “A woman so Heartless” (Paula Guillory).

  47. Hey Living in fear, I read in the town talk that he said something about Jean Cooley dragging his name through the mud. I also read another comment or two about him, saying that he will not be rapping about his lovers at Angola. He will just be singing the blues.

    I feel it in my bones that we are close to hearing about a SK arrest. They are making so many arrests of people in the area. Someone is going to become a CI to keep themselves from doing time. A good candidate for that was lt out of jail a few days ago. On her own recognizance. There also seems to be a lot of candidates being snatched from the Andrew St. house. Someone is going to talk. Then the evidence needs to fit. There will be full, invasive, verifiable disclosure.

    • I agree with everything you said but……..but. Given the magnitude of these crimes/cases; I have little to no faith that the locals can handle something of that caliber ….. on any level what-so-ever. I’m speaking law enforcement wise and investigative as well as presenting in a formal court of law.

      Anyone think Frankie’s sister “talked” while she was locked up in the JDP jail??

  48. g8,
    Buzz me on yahoo ASAP!!!!!!

  49. Hey G8, I doubt she talked. She has been privy to inside information for years. I bet she knows the cost of talking. But it is odd that they let her out on her own recognizance. Maybe her part in any crime is so small that they just couldn’t hold her.

    The system has been created where a drug that is so addictive is readily available. I think it is ironic that the addiction to that drug will probably be what makes someone talk. They will tell all to keep from going to prison where their precious high is not available. And those who profited from getting them addicted will be arrested. It’s a vicious circle.

  50. Everyone-Look at this link. Does this sound familiar:

    • Yes it does, with the exception that America’s Most Wanted is involved and LE is ‘accepting’ help. No such luck here…..

  51. I agree with RR…that someone will talk but I disagree that Tabitha would talk. I’ve known Tabitha through school and she has a certain loyalty about her.

    I believe that if they would ever raid the residence on Andrew Street and put pressure on those at the residence that someone will talk.

  52. Hey Kirk, When I lived in LA the laws allowed LE to sieze property during drug busts. If the drugs were in a car, they could sieze the car. If they were in a house, they could sieze the house. Is that policy still in effect?

    It seems as if a person thought their house was going to be taken, their motivation to get real talkative would escalate. Especially if you let them know that the right information would allow them to keep their house. Those that now give LE the thunder finger would quickly blab like a Chatty Cathy doll.

  53. Courtesy of the Jennings Daily News:


    Missing evidence came from the Jeanete Leblanc drug bust.

  54. It has been confirmed that the detective that was suspended is none other than Paula Guillory, a detective assigned to the task force and also Terry Guillory’s ex-wife. Funny how things work out huh? Anyway, $3,500 was confiscated from Jeanette Leblanc’s residence in the June bust that sent Jeanette, Tabby, Billy and Frankie to jail. This evidence turned up missing either Monday night or Tuesday morning the newspaper reports. The newspaper reports, since this detective works closely with the FBI, the La. Attorney General’s Office and the State Police, the Vermillion Parish Sheriff’s Office will handle the internal investigation as an impartial party. There is also heresay that she was charged with malfaesance in office because her desk was piled with cases that had never been turned into the DA.

    How’s that for a detective off of the task force?
    I’m disgusted!

    • evidence turned up missing either Monday night or Tuesday morning

      Interesting that Tabetha Crochet was released Tuesday morning….makes me wonder if there’s any correlation.

  55. Brittany is this in the Jennings Papper?

  56. Brittany I agree with you I am also disgusted. Although thanks to the person or persons involved in this investigation. If it were not for them her actions may continue to go on.


    This is the link to Paula Guillory’s myspace page. Her mood is listed as “angry”! Imagine that!

    Well Paula, join the club. You see, most of us are angry too. Angry that people like you who call yourselves detectives can destroy someone’s lives the way you do. You have no one to be angry at but yourself. You play with fire, then you will get burned. Now lets see, whos gonna be to blame when they realize how much evidence is missing from the murder cases?

    JDP sheriff’s office is a damn joke.
    Now I guess I’ll be changing my myspace mood as well….


  58. I second that motion! Couldn’t agree more!

  59. Hey everyone just a brief up date on the Andrew St. house — very busy today lots of coming& going on foot & vehicles always through the rear entrance.Also learned that Ms. T. Gary is back hanging out there, although she is keeping a low profile at least during day time.

  60. Thanks ea568,
    And may I ask your opinion on the latest news headline? What do you think about one of the task force’s finest being suspended from the department for “missing evidence”?

  61. I’m not gonna lie….I feel giddy and have a HUGE smile on my face!

  62. Can the public insist on a new Task Force??

  63. Sounds like a great idea g8!

  64. The way I feel…..having a member of the task force now under major suspicion of a crime as well as it being associated with people who’s name continue to come up non-stop in regard to the murders is very, very suspect. It taints the entire task force in my opinion. It causes me to HIGHLY question Ricky Edward’s capabilities.

  65. Brittany–IMO— I find the situation very disturbing. Wonder what sort of evidence is missing, and why did it take several weeks for this to be made public.Seems like the buck stops with Edwards and he should have known from day one of this screw-up or maybe someone exposed this & he had to come clean with the public. I only hope that there is still enough evidence left that Frankie & Company are not set free. If that should happen the whole damn Sherrifs Dept. needs to be run out of JD Parish!!!

  66. I, for one, would love to know just WHOSE cases have been sitting there on her desk…and why?

  67. Any evidence collected on any crime in JDP while this deputy was free to sift through it is now tainted. Every defense attorney will bring this up at their clients trials and probably have the evidence against their client thrown out. This is way bigger than it first appears at face value.

    Any criminals convicted in the past now have a legitimate appeal.

  68. Who does Paula work for, the JPD or JDSO?

  69. Here’s a link to the story at American Press.

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