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  1. Maybe they should do a check for illegals at the Leevac plant. If there is, maybe they can do a dna on them. Just a thought.

  2. In response to living in fear…..
    this would be an enlighting article to read about a lawyer in LA involved in the drug rings, so yoiu never know just who, where or what they are invovled in or what thier motivators are.
    The article starts with:

    A Greensburg lawyer arrested on a criminal count of laundering drug money faced mounting financial problems as he allegedly worked with an international cocaine ring, court records show.

    Between October 2001 and February 2008, William Hugh Sibley, 62, ………etc.

  3. Observer, thank you, it shows that there is no office that is immune to the drug trade and how far and wide it has traveled. Something I think we should all keep in mind when discussing these murders in JDP.

  4. Your welcome.

    This lawyer was charged with only one count because he agreed to cooperate against others…..funny how their interest changes when all comes to light.

    I hope for the parish and the victims we are all fighting for- that the truth comes out in JDP.

    It is hard to think that just one little ole FR could do so much alone and cover it all by his self. He can’t be that smart if he is known for stealing lawnmowers!!! The task force did say they believe more than one person is involved. Hope they continue to make progress.

    • What I find interesting is that FR had been locked up for several months prior to just recently being released. I guess because I don’t have that criminal mentality……I find it crazy that he’s locked up again so soon. hesjustafreakinmaniacisallicanfigure……

      It should be a federal charge against him……… but will he once again serve a few months and be back on the street again soon? So said he’s a felon that got caught in possession of a firearm…….may have to look up the law on it BUT I think……..if he’s convicted accordingly……….should be 10 years in the pen. Angola. Not JDPSO jail.

      Don’t know what his mama’s record is…..sounds like she’s been there done that already. Truth be known……woman should probably should have been locked up permanently years ago.

  5. One glimmer of hope, tis said that the powers in Welsh have gone to BR in order file malfeasance of office against the Chief of Police, Tommy Chassion. His days seem to be numbered. One down, so many more to go…IMHO

    • That’s pretty interesting. Do y’all have someone to take his place for the time being? So did the City Council file on him?

  6. So far who will take his place is up in the air, according to the locals. There was an interesting article in JDN on Welsh LE, on two state reps were sent down to address some complaints on the lax supervision of the DOC inmates, made front page. they came to inspect the jail and found that an DOC inmate was allowed to have a clicker that accessed a security gate. Also one inmate was brought to Lafayette mall to receive a pair of $400 prescription glasses. they didn’t make mention that inmates (some) are allowed to use the computers and have their own email address, or that they are allowed in the office where 911 calls, reports, and everything else are taken.

    • Living in Fear…. read the same thing in JDN its ridiculous and its not right and if inmates can have their own e mail whats the point of being in jail they need to be shipped off to DOC hope the 2 reps who went do something about it???? ya think???? all i can say is thats pretty darn messy! more people need to complain and i will be one!

    • Is that taking place at the jail in Welsh? Not familiar with the area so not sure if you’re referring to Welsh or if that is happening at the JDP jail.

      • That is all happening in Welsh not JDP. I would also Like to make sure everyone puts facts on this site and not rumors. Rumors are what has slowed and hurt the investigation so unless you know something to be Fact, please don’t post it .

  7. Like others I’m stumped but thinking..
    Since FR seems to be the #1 possible perp of at least one or two of the murders what about the others? Is he a possible perp of the others as well?

    What kind of auto does he drive?

    Was he in jail during the murder of any of the victims?

    If he is not the perp for all then any ideas?

    Could he have purchased the items needed to destroy evidence without being noticed?

    Why would he remove or have removed the shoes of the victims?

    I’ve heard the person who went down for Rat is dead so where did he get the equipment used to chop a body?

    Is FR and maybe someone on Andrew Street the only ones worth looking at about now?

    • ahlou……Raynell Despany was the person that took the fall for Rat Trahan’s death. It’s interesting that Raynell died while he was in jail. I don’t know if he was being held in the JDP jail at the time or had been transferred to another facility. Anyone here happen to know what his cause of death was or how long he had been incarcerated at the time of his death??

      Also, let’s not forget the strange circumstances surrounding Sheila Comeaux’s death as well. We’ve been told that FR knew both Sheila and Rat.

      I believe FR was incarcerated when Crystal and Brittney were killed. Although that doesn’t necessarily mean he didn’t have a hand in their deaths. He could still have been indirectly involved.

      I get the sense there are several people involved in these murders, not just the seven girls either…..all of the mysterious deaths since about 1992. There is likely a “ring leader”… it FR? Maybe, but I’m not so sure about that. He doesn’t strike me as being sharp enough to lead anything or anyone…..obviously he can’t manage to stay out of jail for very long periods of time. Not a sign of a very smart individual. Odds are, he’s just a puppet in the scheme of things. Someone much smarter than him is the puppet master. I do believe FR has possibly broken rank a time or two and killed someone(s) he hadn’t been “ordered” to kill which likely put the whole group of them on edge and at greater risk of being discovered. I’m actually kind of surprised he hasn’t met a “suspicious” death yet.

      I also believe there is at least one more person, possibly a few, that play a part on the same level as FR…..hold the same “rank” if you will. That’s why murders continued to happen even when FR was incarcerated. In other words, he’s not the only hit guy in the group.

      As far as the girls not having shoes on when they were found…..I think it’s possible they may have all been wearing flip-flops since their deaths occurred during the warmer months. Flip-flops would have easily come off during a skirmish.

      • I believe Dispany was in prison – I changed the e and found Raynell K. Dispany, 27, died Tuesday, July 18, 2006, in Mississippi.

        It identifies by first name only three special friends.

        There is a web stie that shows a person by the same name, from the same town, age 29.

        I found brother, Paul Broussard III, 27. Mr. Broussard died at 3:35 a.m. Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2008, in Jennings.

        Mr. Broussard has a sister Sheika Broussard who may be the person mentioned on this site by a pereson who said she was a sister. g8, I know it’s here I responded asking if her sister was on of the victims.
        His Obit is on JDN arcives.

  8. This probably has nothing to do with anything but I found the coincidence rather interesting. I was reading back through some old info and noticed that Loretta Chaisson’s cousin, Tracee (the one that was arrested for possible involvement in the murder of Kristen Lopez) was married on May 17th (2008)……Loretta was last seen (and likely killed) on May 17th (2005).

    • That’s creepy of all the months and days in the year why would she choose that date. Was Tracee wanting to always remember…or what…strange…and good observation.

      • I’m not gonna lie………the dates creeped me out! Coincidence……..Mmmmm……I dunno.

  9. ahlou……..the death around all these people is amazing!! I also found, during a web search, that one of Rat Trahan’s brothers was killed (in a car wreck) in Gueydan in Oct 2008. He was 33 years old. I’ve also just found out Rat’s real name was Kenneth.

  10. g8, his another amazing..Dispany’s grandmother was Florence Berry Dispany, she was raised on Pearl Street. There is a family member named Sinegal.

    Pearl Street is as they say ‘a stone throw from Mouton’s house on 26. Sinegal house was burned down recently which is just across the street. Probably nothing but interesting.

    I keep reading about Shelia but hear no one talk of her. IMO her death was very strange.

    LOL, I was wondering if Rat had a real name. Thanks for sharing the info including about the brother. Could be just coincidence but I wonder what was the lifestyle of the brother as well as the brother of Dispany. I know they say he love riding his children but something happened at 3:45 in the morning unless he was sick with something.

    • You’re right… one talks about Sheila Comeaux! I want to go check out some of the courthouse records over there………hers is the first case I’m interested in looking at.

  11. I’m sure there’s “names” mentioned in the case of SC…….wonder if any of the names are familiar to us???

  12. Topix

    It’s sad to read the comments from some of Frankie Richard’s family. They don’t live in the area but obviously are aware of what’s going on. It’s sad that children are apparently being left in the care of another family member that may be a druggie like the rest of the family. Why hasn’t CPS been brought in?

    It’s Frankie’s 2 minor children and 2 minor children that are his sister’s. Wonder where the mother and father of these children are??

  13. What are you talking about Topix? What comments? Where?

  14. Topix <—–click that

  15. If FR was in jail for two of the murders. Who went to visit him during that time?

  16. It is not difficult for the sheriff to keep watch on inmate communications if they have a desire to do so, or even place a narc in-house amongst other inmates. You would think they have been doing this for a long time now. It being JDP makes it another story. Hard to guess what they are up to and when.

    I am shocked that DOC has allowed such activity with state inmates. That is wrong. Even though they are in a parish jail- DOC rules and regulations apply to them. Even for disciplinary purposes. They should go before a Disciplinary board before having privileges removed.

    Some Sheriffs like to house DOC inmates because they can charge the state money- around $22/day, I believe.

  17. And in Welsh that is the whole idea, the money. Many times we see inmates riding along on the tractors by themselves right there on the overpass by the highway, mowing . For the grins of it, check out a letter from the ethics board on on the chief and his living in the low income housing

    this gives you an idea just how LE operates in JDP, even if it is not in Jennings,they are sister towns in this. To live here and expect LE to follow the law is just plain laughable

  18. So, LSU is in Omaha, playing baseball. Wonder if the DA is in Omaha spending the towns money?

    Besides, who is above the DA? Can the phone records of a DA be made public? Like the land line and the cell phone, if it is being paid by the town? Is there any print out of calls coming in and out made public? Just asking …..

    • The DA and Sheriff keep being re-elected cause no one challenges them. We have had the same “crap” in office for what 12 or 16 years, therefore, the drug & prostitution are being ignored and/or protected. If the drugs & corruption were cleaned up in JD parish maybe we wouldn’t have seven innocent women murdered.(IMO)

      • Seven? Look again at the time period that you mention. We had more than seven murders before the first of these seven women/girls were killed. I agree that the drug industry has been the underlying cause, rooted on official corruption. Prostitution may play a part but it’s a very selective type and not the flagrant street walkers that you see in big cities. From what I understand, some or all of the last seven victims’ bodies were chemically treated or prepared before disposal. Does this not implicate someone who possibly has a history in the medical field? Possibly working or closely associated to someone in the medical field who posesses such knowledge? I’d guess that a person of this sort is a professional and is possibly a visible or public person. Perhaps someone known to associate with prostitutes or who has a sexual obsession and who has access to drugs; drugs legal under other circumstances? Do we know anyone that might fit that criteria? Medical background, associated with prostitutes, maybe historically has a sexual abuse background, well connected to officials, highly visible professional (or someone working on his behalf), etc. Or, it may indeed simply be a local nutcase.

  19. brownie- Yes phone records, emails, etc., and even fuel receipts and even where a public vehicle was located at a certain time of day is all public record because we pay for it. Anything that is not pertinent or considered “classified” has to be disclosed and that can be done via a Freedom of Information Act under the Louisiana Public Records Act statute.

    New Orleans was just forced to disclose every email to the news media and from what I understand, the emails are in the millions. They (New Orleans City Government) were fined for not complying with the Public Records Act.

  20. Hey everyone, Very busy at Andrew St. house today, lots of vehicles coming & going and some hang around. Guess he is taking up the slack for F. Richard.Anyone care to do a drive-by and check it out?

  21. fyi rats younger brother was in military got out not long after rats death to take care of his mother. dont think he was killed (not sure) ha was older than 33 he was not a trahan he was a hebert and his name is chad….. he was the youngest their mother was a very sweet and loving lady>>>>>>>>( mrs annabelle)

  22. The brother, Chad, just got out of the military, that is correct. I went to school with Chad. Annabelle and my mother were best friends. They have another brother named Greg (smiley) and Gerald. Annabelle was never the same after Rat’s death.

  23. my mother and mrs. annabelle were best friends also your right mrs annabelle was not the same after rat was murdered when we were kids we went there every morning or she was at our house, if you dont mind me asking what is your moms name? and how old are you? my cousin went to school with chad shes 41.its been a long time but but i never heard anything about chad getting killed, do you know if that is true?

    • You’re right concerned. Shame on me for not verifying further the information I found online. I didn’t realize Chad’s last name was different from Kenneth’s (Rat). I should know better 😦

      • thats ok i just wanted to make sure cause they were very good friends of ours and i would have thougt we would have heard something about that. keep up the good work if i can verify something i will be glad to do it!

    • No Chad was not killed, just spoke to Greg (smiley) not long ago and he stated that Chad was getting out of the military and coming down that week when I spoke to him.

      My mom’s name is Rosita and I am 42 years old. I used to go to their house alot when they lived on Scott street and when they lived on West Jefferson.

      • KM thanks for the info i was pretty sure chad didnt get killed .we probablymet back then we were always there both locations also. your moms doesnt ring a bell but i was young back then im sure my mom knew her. again thanks for the info, sure would like to see chad and greg again its been a long time!

  24. This may be way out in left field but I was reading on websleuths that 4 of the victims moms/stepmoms died in a very short period of time. Anything to this?

    • darkstar….i saw that and had run across the same information when I first started researching these murders. Here’s the link to what darkstar is referencing; it’s post #15. Although it is likely a BIG coincidence and doesn’t really have any direct bearing on the murders…..IT IS very interesting.

      From Jan 08 – Mar 08:
      * Loretta – mother and stepmother died
      * Whitnei – mother died
      * Hannah Conner – mother died

      Three of these women were 50 years old or younger.

      • I referred to the link provided and found some verbiage that is bothersome: “I still have the feeling that police know who it is but they lack proof…” This implies that the police are willing to solve these crimes and would if they could obtain the evidence neccessary, In reality, I believe that the police and other officials (at least at some levels) are supressing evidence in these most recent murders and other crimes from the past, including murder. We cannot go on believing that people are what they present themselves to be when they are in the public eye. Jeff Davis Parish isn’t Hollywood and the sad reality is not that police are loyal public servants, but, that we live among highly corrupted officials with dark agendas. In the following post, it is referred that someone may be poisoning the mothers in the hospital. Let’s not forget the Sheila Comeaux case where she was doing very well until she was ordered to the hospital, died after lunch and a special rushed autopsy was performed, the results of which were not totally made available to the family after several requests. These things sound too far fetched for a local community; however, it also sounds far fetched that a parish of 30,000 people can support a Drug importation industry and a drug/murder epedemic while no one gets caught except an occasional street user or very small time drug peddler. This same small, rural, agricultural parish’s murder rate is only exceeded by it’s ratio of UNSOLVED murders going back 20 years or more. In view of these things, how can anyone even relate to police who lack evidence to prosecute? Even if all police were blind and deaf, some of these cases would have been solved by now. If police were not so busy buying and selling crime scene vehicles, protecting relatives’ “activities”, raping inmates, hiding facts from the public and beating suspects and inmates, they may find time and incentive to solve crimes. At least, years ago, the S.O. made a few arrests of I-10 travelers carrying cocaine … well, OK, we never heard about many of them and in some other cases, evidence remarkably never made it to past the evidence room while we coincidentally had a cocaine epedemic that couldn’t seem to be solved. This is still going on with an exception … drugs aren’t taken from travelers. They didn’t nearly satisfy the market’s quantity needs. Where are the drugs that lead to all the other crime? Who can bring huge quantities into the area (maybe right across the parish line?) with immunity from arrest? Why do the drug and murder fingers seem to point to Acadia Parish so often?

  25. Most of us have learned that websleuths is not the most noteworthy of places for info anymore. This site has provided more info than anywhere including news sources.

    As far as the mothers dying young if could be attributable to lifestyle or genetic predisposition. As long as it wasn’t ruled homicide than I don’t think it bears any credence on these murders.

    • Most of us have learned that websleuths is not the most noteworthy of places for info anymore.

      :D…….don’t get me started 😉

  26. What I find interesting is the Months of the Murders.

    3 of them were killed in the month of May but different years.

    If it is a serial killer I wonder if it is someone who is visiting the area . They could have relatives there or are there because of work.

    Are any of these girls prostitutes?

    • I’m “stuck” on that too. IS it just a coincidence 3 of the murders took place in the month of May in different years??? If it is a coincidence then it’s weird….I wonder what the odds are.

      As far as if the girls were prostitutes…..according to the Sheriff they were. Fact wise……not so sure that’s been proven.

  27. The latest on the Andrew St. house—LE took one male away in cuffs supposedly not the head of household.Later a high speed chase near LA 26 near health unit parking lot several police units involved one vehicle was apparently searched.

  28. Hey G8,
    I don’t think it was proven either. I think maybe one, possibly two were proven and it was used in a lump summation as a reason why they had not been investigating all that hard. Women whose families do not contribute to campaigns or vote sometimes get overlooked by the machine.

    Concerned Mom,
    My opinion is that the killer(s) live in the immediate area and have intimate knowledge of the foot traffic patterns during the day, evening, and wee hours. These girls routes and habits were familiar to those in the neighborhood and community. Someone who was not a part of the neighborhood would have stood out like a sore thumb and had their every step observed by many. This is someone that everyone knows who blends in, or at a minimum is on a “good morning” basis with almost everyone in the area.

    • What if they had once lived in that area and had moved away. They could of been visiting a relative. It is just strange how the years are so spread out. But the time of the year are almost the same time.. Another thing could be if it is a serial killer could the killer have been in jail during the dates there was no killings.. I am trying to use the dates as part of the pattern. It is very interesting case.

    Purely speculation on my part and asking for opinions.
    While no information has been released, apparently there was no sexual assault to any of the women. I am basing this on the fact that it has never been mentioned by LE. A pedophile would have no desire to have sex with any of them. This man’s alleged target was a five year old. He intersts me because he lives in the geographical center of the victims area. He would see who comes and goes and at what time.
    Once again, I am asking for local knowledge and opinions about his job, knowledge of victims, social interaction with victims, etc.

    • I asked this question before about sex offenses related to the seven murders, and KM said there was none- not. It is posted further back on this site.

    • I remember that guy! Creepy! I’ll bet anything he knew most of those girls. I remember him being mentally challenged though, maybe I’m wrong. I doubt seriously he would have been able to pull off so many without getting caught.

  30. Could these be breaks in the cases

  31. As far as forensics are concerned, there does not appear to be any sexual assault of any of the victims. Had there been, it may have been easier to locate a suspect because internal DNA is very hard to get rid of, even using a condom would have been risky.

    However, recently, there were rumors that a couple of the girls had consensual sex prior to their death and that was confirmed by people LE questioned as well as witnesses. The sexual contact occurred a day or two before death. Speculation is still very difficult at this point as far as motive is concerned. We are receiving information that gives us a possible motive but can’t be confirmed. That information has all been turned over to the task force. We were only able to prove one victim was actively involved in prostitution because several people we questioned admitted to paying her for sex but we could not prove any of the others were involved in prostitution. Of course, there still are rumors but nothing about the other six victims can be confirmed regarding prostitution.

    • Great clarifications/update. Thanks KM.

      It seems if they were all into prostitution, there would have been a ‘ring’ of some sorts and many people would be aware of it. Something we have not really heard as much about. Having sex on occasion in trade for drugs is not neccessarily ‘prostitution.’ Wrong, but not exactly the same. JMO

      The whole sex issue would put a different spin on the murders. I do agree that more than one person is involved too!

      Overall, it seems to be a business issue! JMO

  32. Hey Kirk,
    I am not saying this ped is the killer. It just clicked to me that a ped would have no use for having sex with the women. So many SK’s have a sexual component and this one did not. Either he is impotent, had no use for adult females, was only interested in the violence and control, or it was business. The fact that this ped lives in the target area raised my interest. The other fact is that he is an odd looking guy. This may mean the ladies would not give him the time of day and it may have angered him. Just kicking things around.

    • How do you that the main killer is a male, it could very well be a female with male accomplices ?

  33. RR- I was mostly responding to observer when they quoted something I said in an earlier post. I’m sorry if you thought I were speaking to you about any of your comments. I actually agree with your comments. I do believe a male is behind the killings but I don’t think its just one, maybe one person doing the dumping, maybe one person doing the killings, but more than one accomplice and more than one person that were witnesses to the killings.

    • Could be all true about the dumping , but I still think one of the killers is a female , because the streets are talking and I am listening.

  34. Hey Kirk, These girls were street smart and some were probably pretty tough if backed into a corner. The team thing may be wrong but it sure makes sense.

    • RR-I don’t think its wrong at all. Trust is a factor in this case and we believe that it is someone the girls knew that led them toward the person or persons that eventually committed the homicides. You’re right, it is someone they trusted by association.

  35. What better way to get to these victims then through another former/present street girl that they feel comfortable around. These victims would get in a car quicker with a female they knew then with a male they did’nt know.

  36. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that one female is part of the killings…sociopaths are akin to both genders. But, the brain behind the killings is male. JMO.

    • So true cp but the streets are talking and what is being said is that a female is one of the master minds behind these killings. The streets may not talk to le but they are talking.

      • It hurts me to agree with you LOL………but I do. From the beginning when I started following these cases I’ve felt very strongly that a female is heavily involved. I go out on a limb every time I say this to someone but when I look at the body locations sites……….the pattern seems female to me.

  37. Interesting about the possible female accomplice, which brings up the question—Any word on the whereabouts of T.Chaisson or H. Connor?Just wondering.

  38. KM- can you say if any more progress has been made in determining any of the murder sites without disclosing anything confidential?
    For it would mean progress if they have!

  39. Observer-Yes, they are making excellent progress in determining the murder sites…that was one of the drawbacks and time consuming issues. I can’t disclose what was located that may be a possible murder location but yes, a place/thing has been located that is promising.

    Everyone else-You all are correct-a female is involved. H. Connor and T. Chassion are still in town and are seen regularly. I will keep my speculation on one of these girls to myself but will say that one of them may have possibly been involved in all of the homicides but I will not say which one. However, she is not the mastermind. Someone is pulling her strings but she is a major player in these homicides and I believe she fears for her life. She’s made some comments to some witnesses that we are trying to confirm at this time.

    There is someone else involved-a male, behind this whole ordeal and for some reason, the female(s) follow him and are terrified of him. What they owe him to participate in something like this is beyond me. That’s all I can say at this time.

  40. The house on Andrew St. has also became a hide out for criminals.The front page of JDN Sunday reported a burgulary on S. Main, The prime suspect was located at the house on Andrew,which had a very busy day on Wed.JMO- This house is being protected for some reason.

  41. Is she guilty ?

  42. Is who guilty of what?

    • Nothing , it’s me eyezonly… but I guess you all already knew that . This was the only way I could get you all to hear what clues I have about these cases.

    • THe person who was arrested at the Andrew St. house is indeed Guilty, as stated in the JDN on Sunday she confessed to stealing liquor & cash on Wednesday and the same day there was a large gathering of people at this house, coming & going all day.Guess they had a drug & booze party going.Again IMO this house & the low-life who lives there are being protected.

      • oh ok…. well all i know is that someone is not only protecting whoever those people are that your talking about but someone is most certainly protecting whoever these killers are , because there are way to many deaths , for someone not to know anything.

        someone knows something but no ones talking to le much. you just don’t know who to trust enough to confine in. these murders were created to perfect for it to be done by normal people whoever the master mind is , knows exactly what he/she or they are doing.

        any normal killer would have slipped up long ago , but 7 plus deaths and still no solid leads , no this is done by someone that knows the system and how to covor up evidence.

  43. Mr. Menard– It is indeed great news to hear that progress is being made in determining the murder site or sites. Can you tell us whether the site or sites being considered are or are not serviced with electricity? I think there has been speculation on this website that since most of the murders occured in the spring or fall, the only exception being the June murder or Ernestine Patterson( which who knows might be a copycat) , the serial killer may have a reason to avoid the extremes in temperature ( a killing site without the comforts of home) and so a preference for the months with milder weather.

  44. Sleuthing, it is hot in Louisiana most of the year. The only controlled climate would be in a vehicle if it wasn’t in a home or sheltered building.

    The way vehicles are moved around may indicate that this could be an initial crime scene for some of the murders.

    • If a vehicle is a crime scene, makes me think the crime was committed quickly- victims were not brought somewhere or held. JMO.

      Does anyone know if they were held for sometime before they were murdered or if their deaths occurred quite close to their disappearance?

      • Hey you………glad you’re still hanging with us!!

        You’re asking one of those million dollar questions again. There has been zero access to the autopsy reports for these girls. Without that information…….we’re basically clueless and speculating.

        The first three were found in water. My opinion is that even under those circumstances time of death (and cause) should have been fairly easy to determine. I would think stomach contents would be a significant indicator. Being in the water a few days should not have prevented that determination.

        We do have one instance where once the body was located it TOOK TWO MONTHS TO ID IT?????? I still have issues with that.

        With Brittany… clue. Without autopsy info there’s no way to even speculate when she was actually killed. Just my personal opinion with nothing scientific to back it up………..I think she was killed within 24 hours of being abducted. When was her body transported to the location she was found at?………no idea, I don’t want to even speculate.

        Muggy…….she was found within about 24 hours so we can probably safely assume she wasn’t held somewhere for any length of time. I would agree that this murder could have taken place in a vehicle.

        With Whitnei…..all I can offer is this link from……..the article says Edwards doesn’t believe dubois was killed on Bobby Road. He explains, “She didn’t die there, and she didn’t just die at that point. She had been dead for a while.” This case DOES give us reason to believe that her body was held in another location prior to when she was found.

  45. This eyez only person is weird and needs to be looked at as a possible suspect.

    • I agree

    • Fyi I am eyez also but I think you already knew that and i am no suspect. Sometimes this is the only way to get others to hear what you have to say.

  46. cp– I am just wondering, as I think others have on this site, whether the murder site or sites is somehwere without a constant electrical source, for example, some camps or trailers that might have a generator, but nothing else. I will look up the high and low temperatures for the days surrounding the deaths of the victims and post what I find.

  47. It is indeed great news KM. Thank you for the update.
    Sounds like we can continue to hope for justice for the families and victims one day. I am glad you are on the case and this site. You have been a great source for those updates along with very polite about communicating with many people, especially here.

    Thank you and g8 for bringing the site and info to others. I am sure the families appreciate you all.
    As I know they do.

  48. Based on the archives of the Lake Charles American Press, here is what we know about the weather forecast conditions on or about the date of disappearance or death of each victim:
    1) Tuesday May 17, 2005 a high of 85 low of 61; Wednesday, high of 87, low of 67, Thursday, high of 85 low of 66, Friday high of 82 low of 63;
    2) Saturday June 18, 2005 a high of 92 a low of 75;
    3) Thursday March 6, 2007, a high of 68 low of 44, Wednesday a high of 71 and low of 47; Thursday a high of 79 and a low of 49; Friday a low of 71 and high of 55; and Saturday a high of 73 low of 59…;
    4) Saturday May 12, 2007 a high of 87 low of 65, the prior Friday being a high of 85 low of 63;
    5) Tuesday May 27, 2008 a high of 90 low of 70;
    6) Thursday September 11, 2008 a high of 91 low of 77with the preceding Monday being a high of 90 low of 72, Tuesday a high of 91 low of 73 and Wednesday being high of 93 low of 75;
    7) Sunday November 2, 2008 a high of 78 low of 50; Monday high of 80 low of 53; Tuesday high of 80 low of 58; Wednesday high of 81 low of 63 and Thursday high of 78 low of 61.

    What would be interesting to know is whether there is a correllation between time last seen and time discovered and the weather conditions with the lapse in time being greater with milder weather and shorter with hotter weather. That might suggest the possibility of a murder site or sites that were not powered by a constant reliable source of electricity, a generator perhaps, but not Jeff Davis Electric Cooperative, Inc.

    • sleuthing…….thanks for that data!!! awesome!! Wanna Excel it for us LOL.

      After logging in all the dates and temps you provided us with….for the most part…..looks like shirt-sleeve type weather to me. Not extremely hot during the day or not extremely chilly at night. The exception being March 07 (Kristen). The temps were much cooler and she is the one that was found out much further away from the other girls….closer to Lake Arthur.

  49. Read what just happen to an LE agent , that some people suspects as one of the main killers of these victims. All I can Say is I wish I was there to see what just happen with that LE Agent!

  50. jdp337- why not just say what happened instead of having people go to eyez site just to find nothing there.
    Nobody wants to go to eyez site for info- it is too much a maze of garbled info.

    You are just trying to get attention for eyez huh, or are you eyez playing games again???

  51. couldbebreakinthecases and jdp337 are both eyez. It’s the only way she can drum up numbers, besides the casual lookers….and very few responses. Perhaps if she gave a few facts and names instead of dancing around the fire like a banshee, people would take her rhetoric with a bit less salt

  52. Hannah and Tracee have already been arrested once in connection to murder!!! Were they that “uncredible”?? If they were uncredible the first time they got arrested and charged will they once again be deemed “uncredible”???

  53. Strictly my opinion but……..who exactly deemed these women uncredible? Basically anyone previously arrested was deemed uncredible and there apparently was a lack of evidence. I’m going to ASSUME this info landed on Michael Cassidy’s desk and he was the one ultimately responsible for declaring that.

    Any of you cops out there reading here that may have submitted any of that evidence?? If you are here…… credible was the evidence/statements you submitted?? Did you have a case… your opinion??

  54. Hey G8,
    While I am sure that some LE does read here they are not allowed to comment in a public forum about any evidence or inside information they know of. I think there is legal precedent for any evidence they speak of to be considered tainted and unuseable. In the Casey Anthony murder case, the lead detective was posting on an internet site to his “fan club”. Upon hearing of it his superiors made him stop for fear of damaging the case.

    Sheriff Edwards is, however, cleared to give updates on the progress of the investigation. Kirk also can tell us a few things because he is a private citizen and came across his information by the sweat of his brow. He understandably does ration the information he gives because he wants to be sure justice is served, by way of a conviction, in his community.

    • RR………I remember that…….It was Yuri right? sigh……….. when he broke his leg.

  55. I understand ” G8 ” , but I do have a question for everyone… they said victim # 5 said that she was going to wash some cloths , but there was no need for her to go outside the home to wash any cloths when there was already a washer in the home that she was at.

    Ok now after words they said that she had bleach poured out upon her body , now my thing is , being that she said that she was going to wash her cloths outside the home , could she had stopped off somewhere and bought the ” Bleach ” at a local store where she to might have been caught on a store cam..?

    If she did stop at a store to buy some bleach , maybe someone would have seen who brought her at the store to buy this bleach that later on might have been the same one used upon her.

    This is just a thought….

  56. Lastly , how do we know that the females involved in these murders are not girlfriends/wives/ex-girlfriends/ex-wives and so fort of some of the guys that some of these females messed around with..?

    It could very well be some females who seek revenge upon these women for messing with their men.

    That would explain why they were not sexual assulted… again just a thought…

  57. The women murdered were to be gotten rid of whatever the sick motive was. I doubt it was based on crimes of passion but rather a thrill kill or a base kill. It was because they could..

    These women were the least threat to society in Jennings, La. It was taking vulnerability and applying it to the killers needs.

  58. Did any of the victims ever knew a guy that drove a beat-up white trcuk , if so then you must read this.

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