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  1. Ok, so here is how justice is served in a normal case in JDP by the DA’s office (and we expect different in a murder case???!!!)

    Friend of mine was assaulted not long ago, in her front yard, in front of her kids, by her neighbor who was mad. The neighbor was trying to catch her own dog and was already mad. Friend was standing outside talking to another when the gal came over started screaming, doubled up her fist and hit my friend in the side of her head, breaking her glasses and pulling her hair til they were nearly on the ground. She left screaming and the gal who witnessed this (along with HER children) called the cops here in Welsh. Cop arrives, says open and shut case, this is the SECOND time she has done this for no reason, last time she put the gal in the hospital for a while, blah blah blah. No arrest.

    Time moves on, still on someones desk. Meanwhile doctor bills have mounted from the dizzy spells caused by the hit. DA’s office finally gets involved (with much pushing and mouthing) and brings it to court in Jennings. We just went for what was suppose to be court, turned out a closed session (you’ll see why in a minute), and the gal got off with 6 months probation, anger management classes, must stay gainfully employed for the 6 months and a fine.

    Yep, we were stunned….NO COMPENSATION FOR MEDICAL BILLS! NONE! NOTHING! No money for repair nor replacement for glasses. …nothing! WTF!!!! Seems the gal with the anger has pull here…..
    it was a wash!

    So welcome to JDP!! Sorry for my anger, but the sign in front as you come into this Parish should be No One Can Screw You Like OUR Judicial System (IMHO).

    • Has anyone heard if FR or any of his family members bailed out yet? The Daily News stated “no bond was listed” whatever that means.Well I’m sure he will be back in action soon or may already be out and taking care of business.

      • Appears he and his family members are still incarcerated. Here is the link for Louisiana Automated Victim Notification System – LAVNS. The offender ID numbers for FR and his family are 20436, 20437 and 20438 or you can just type in their names (Frankie Joseph Richard, Jeanette Ann LeBlanc, Tabetha Lynn Crochet).

        Once the offender information comes up, you can opt under “Register/Details” to have LAVNS contact you by email or phone to notify you when a particular offender is released.

    • This person who committed the assault was apparently tried in criminal court (pursued by the DA). The case should go to civil court (preferably federal court) where the injured party can ask for damages. Federal court will get it out of the local Kangaroo system where there may be a chance for justice. There is an advantage, however. The case is now established to the extent that the party did in fact assault the victim. That doesn’t have to be proven now since it was proven in criminal court. They’d better hurry before prescription runs.

  2. G8–Thanks for the info on the website very helpful. Now everyone can keep track of Ole FR.Thanks also for creating this blog It is really the only source of information we have in JD Parish.Thanks again.

  3. Isn’t that the truth though. G8 got a plan and followed through. We have learned more here than anywhere else on earth about these cases.

    This is the kind of thing that brings closure to victim’s families. This is the kind of thing that brings justice to the victims and punishment for the perps. It is never ending exposure where a wheel is squeaking all the time.

    G8 is a keeper. I have posted with her for many years on crime forums. Her core is that of hard case angels. Winging it, calling it and making the wheel turn. I am proud to have been in her presence for these years.

    • Wow!!! I am humbled and almost speechless :). Thank you so much for your kind words and I hope you know the feeling is mutual.

    • Maybe g8 can post some links to those sites 🙂

      It should make for good reading for some of us who have enjoyed reading with you both here.

      • Hi Observer……..

        cp and I spent a lot of time on many older cases and posted mainly at the old CourtTV site which is now InSession. We also started posting at Websleuths back when they only had a couple of hundred or so members…….now they’re huge. Back when we started there weren’t that many crime forums open. It’s amazing how many sites there are now which I’m thankful for.

        I know you’re interested in crime from several different angles for personal reasons and the two sites I mentioned above follow the higher profile cases as well as some of the lesser publicized ones.

  4. Mr. Menard– Did you ever get the opportunity to conduct the interview with an incarcerated serial killer? If so, did he offer any useful observations? Also, I am a bit curious how you would be able interview somone like that without giving away what you know about these unsolved murders. Were you confined to telling him what is considered public knowledge about these murders or could you divulge other information that you have uncovered or that you learned formally or informally from law enforcement? It certainly would be ironic if an incarcerated serial killer were privy to more investigative information than the general public. I would appreciate your comments, but also would understand if your only comment is no comment.

  5. g8trgirl–Do you still have plans to view and photograph the locations where the other victims were found that you do not get to opportunity to see on your last visit to Jeff Davis parish?

    • I mean the opportunity not to opportunity

    • As a matter of fact yes……a big yes!!!! I’m chomping at the bit to get to the other locations. I believe where the girls’ bodies were left play a role in this……not sure how big, but it does play a part.

      I’m also working on getting to the courthouse. I believe there may be some information there as well.

  6. here is the UNCONFIRMED RUMOR . ..
    seems when FR was arrested, he rolled on his mom and sister. when mom’s house was searched they found thousands of pills and $80,000 cash in the freezer.
    also, a woman came into the station the night after he was arrested and said that she had been forceably raped by FR. They did a rape kit and it confirmed it was FR’s DNA. THIS IS A RUMOR, as told to me….let us hope some of it is true, and Frankie stays in jail

  7. Wow $80,000.00 that would be nice reward money.

  8. FR has committed a lot of things. Has he made his own plea bargains, or did he have a lawyer for his previous crimes? If he had a lawyer, I’m just being nosy here, who was it? Does anyone know?

  9. i hope he rots in jail!!!!!! his family and everyone who knows about these murders and r not talking should rot in jail!!!!! dont know if he had a lawyer or not but sure would like to know!!!!! and the name ……. i will try and find out!! thanks g8 for all your help!

    • I agree 100% !!!

      I’m not gonna lie…..I’m an advocate for the death penalty. But, on the other hand, I continue to believe that making perps sit in prison, for the rest of their lives, is the best punishment. It costs but…..oh well. It’s the price we have to pay for the freakin idiots on our streets, in our neighborhoods………even some relatives!!!

  10. g8 you said it all!!!!

  11. eyez has new information check it out

  12. Guess she had a dream FR got arrested. LMAO

  13. Just joking

  14. ea568…..since several of us here don’t have access to the JDN, could you give us a synopsis of the article on Richard and family. Many thanks.

  15. Looks like another one of the family members has been arrested…..Billy Conner. I was told he was arrested for Xanax possession.

    It’s great to see LE cleaning house!!!! Yahoo!!!! Keep em locked up for a long time……..they’re all a detriment to society and career criminals it sounds like.

  16. g8, I’m not ea568 but after it was posted I sent for a copy of the JDN. I have it typed out and will share if someone will tell me if I can post the whole story.

    • Hey ahlou……that’s great!!!

      Ya can’t type the WHOLE thing (copyright infringement) but you can pick out the most informative parts and maybe summarize them.

      Maybe reference that it was an article in the JDN and the date.


  17. From Jennings Daily News, Wednesday 3, 2009 Jeanette LeBlanc, 72 of 811 McKinley Street, was one of the string of arrest made by the JDPSO over the last few days regarding a burglary and drug group being run in the neighborhood. LeBlanc was arrested on Thursday and charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of stolen items and possession of controlled substances with intent to distribute. She was joined in jail that same day by her son, FR, 53, and her daughter Tabetha Crochet, 39. Crochet faced the same charges as LeBlanc, while Richard faces two counts of accessory after the fact and a possession of a firearm by a convicted felon charge.

    “We found about $3,500 in the refrigerator and about $600 in pills,” said Edwards. “This is the second time in six months that we’ve served a search warrant on that house.”

    New name here

    Edwards said the most recent string of arrest actually dates back to May 21, when deputies picked up Gregory H. Benoit, 42, of Peloquin Road. He was charged with five counts of burglary, and Edwards said that arrest led investigators back to McKinley Street.

    Richard has also seen previous arrests from drugs and rape. He, along with his niece, Hannah Conner, were previously thought to be persons of interest in the seven unsolved murders of JDP women since 2005. Both were issued warrants for second-degree murder in May of 2007, though neither was ever charged with any of the crimes.

  18. So. Frankie’s locked up…..his mom and sister are locked up. Now, his brother is locked up. Wonder if his niece Hannah is next??? Hmmmmm…………

  19. Oh, I made a mess the JDN did not say sob as I typed it said son.

  20. I wouldn’t fix a thing LOL I think it is more fitting then what was printed in the paper

    • I agree LOL, seems my heart was saying one thing and fingers typing something I didn’t see.

  21. I know g8 but I don’t want to get in trouble with the JDN. They did a very good job and so did Sheriff Edwards.

    Thanks for fixing it and if I put in more than I should have I know you will fix it. LOL

    • You’re right….JDN did do a good job.

      JDN……can y’all publish the arrest history of the Richard/LeBlanc/Conner clan next????? It’s public record.

  22. Anyone know anything about Benoit, the new name?

  23. Hey Ahlou,

    s-o-b, s-o-n, …Potato, potahto…

    • 😉 that’s what i’m talkin about LOL. I did go ahead and reluctantly change it…..sigh. I don’t want ahlou gettin in trouble.

  24. Also, $80k in cash and thousands of pills went to $3500 and $600 worth of pills. My last post which was the 8th to last post on the last thread called that in advance. I must be a Psychotic. The reduction in amount of pills keeps Uncle Sam from coming in. Depending on the pills it may stop some mandatory life sentences as well.

    Is mom going to be angry about Frankie putting it on her shoulders? What does she know about the killings? I am sure she has heard things in her home. It would be great if she would turn on him.

    Psychotic was a joke…..

    • RR, you are Psychotic. I thought the same thing when you wrote it. There is a big difference from the rumor and the offical reported value… we know it is somewhere in the middle.

      Can’t imagine an old lady like that pushing drugs much less hiding stolen property…child or no child…I’d say I’m tooooo darn old to be in jail one minute….so I will turn your behind in.

      • I can’t comprehend it either ahlou…… mom is about the same age as Frankie’s mom. I just can’t imagine my mother being involved in something like that much less being okay with one her children living that way. Blows my mind.

    • I’m just psycho….haven’t gotten the “tic” part yet 😀

      I’m wondering if one, or some of them, turned on brother Billy too?? There could be some major squealing going on before this is all over.

      I’m also hoping that with this bunch locked up, and possibly facing prison time, that others will feel more comfortable coming forward and going on record with what they may know about the murders and God knows what else.

  25. This has to be the web site I enjoy the most. Hope ea will be ok that I posted. Hope I didn’t anger JDN, they did a great job…and if they had not printed we would still be wondering. Can’t stop there Sheriff Edwards seems to be saying there will be more arrest.

    Which brings me to Andrew Street with all the coming and going as well as LE visit. Wonderring what’s happening there.

  26. this lil’ ol’ lady???? LMAO!!!!!
    she had a van that she would take the pill heads to tx pain clinics in…they got a few for their trouble and she got the rest! been going on for YEARS! this came from family member and what I saw.

  27. Anybody know how many rape charges FR has had filed against him……total?

  28. Great for the Arrest…sorry it is not for the murders- but hopefully there will be some squealing going on. LE should monitor thier calls as much as possible. They can read thier mail too. This should be interesting.

    LE should have searched for anything related to the crimes- at least looked while they were there.

    g8’s site is a great source of info and interesting, and inspiring in its own way.

    I emailed it along with a plea to the legislatures the other day. g8 can you tell if any have been visiting site- without giving names of course!!!

    I hope the arrest inadvertably helps with the murder cases. Amen.

  29. I would have to assume that the rumor of $80,000 being in the freezer isnt true because as I was passing through town today I noticed that Jeanette’s 2 vans are for sale in the Popeyes parking lot. Im sure they are trying to raise bail money for them to get out.

  30. Does anyone know where Pelican Rd. is? Just curious.

    • Off 26 toward Elton.

      Wonder if Benoit is the person who was talked about long discussion on this site. That would be the person who was a very good diseal mechanic but couldn’t/wouldn’t keep a job. He was from that part of town as I recall.

      • ahlou……I searched all the comments and was unable to locate any discussion about this particular fellow.

        This is probably nothing but I did find it interesting that Benoit lives lives about a mile from chief detective Warren Gary…..that is if WG still lives on Koll.

  31. Vans….hmmmm..sure hope LE did a test for blood or anything related on them before they are sold.

  32. g8,…….I searched as well…so I will try again. I remember a conversation about profile during that time if my memory serve me KM talked about a person whos family owned a business. The person he talked about was seems like it was about IQ and that the guy was an excellant mechanic and on diseal (sp) equipment as well but couldn’t keep a job.

    Thinking it may have been back when Benoit was arrested with FR and the connection was not made.

    Sure wish KM would clear this up. I PROMISE I AM NOT the dreamer. I know I read that somewhere. I’ll keep looking as well.

  33. Oops forgot wanted to say that is really interesting the location is so near chief detective Warren Gary…who was the only officer to find a body.

    I know you are not real familiar with the area but the ride from Benoit/Gary location still wouldn’t be more than 5 minutes to where bodies were found. I’d say from there then go the side of WalMart to Cutting is a pretty straight shot to the locations even the ones on on the other side of 26 wouldn’t be that much more in minutes.

    I wonder of the ladies and maybe I should include those SD talk about of that group how many was arrested by the chief detective and how often. I wonder who made the most arrest of the group as that have been noted here. Is there a link from way back????

  34. Any more information yet on Billy Connor’s possible arrest? I guess with the whole clan in jail that the people of JDP’s lawnmowers are safe again. Now if we can only guarantee the same to the people.

    Has any bail been set? The argument could be easily made that with such an extensive criminal history and probability of serving so much time that FR is a flight risk, as well as a danger to the community.

    Whether or not he is the JDP SK, the community is a safer, nicer place with him behind bars. I notice that the locals here are happier already. Thanks for the invaluable local knowledge that you provide daily to us out of staters.

    • Billy is definitely in custody and locked up according to the VINE link. It doesn’t list bail info or charges against the offender though.

  35. There is an interesting article written by Mark Ballard in the Baton Rouge Advocate on June 3, 2009 about a bill pending to make it easier to seek the death penalty against a serial killer. Under current law, there must be aggravating circumstances such as murdering someone while committing another crime such as kidnapping or robbery. Apparently , the East Baton Rouge District Attorney had difficulty seeking the death penaly against Sean Vincent Gillis because she had to show the victims were kidnapped or robbed. The jury deadlocked on the issue and so the perp received life sentences. Under the proposed amendment, if the perp had specific intent to kill or inflict great bodily harm and had previously acted with such intent in another murder, then the death penalty could be imposed. Hmm… I wonder if stealing shoes would be enough meet the current test.

  36. Here’s the link to that article House panel approves serial killer condition

    • Thank you g8. I haven’t learned yet how to place a link on the internet.

  37. YVW…..

    To insert a link into your comment highlight the address of the page, copy it and paste into your comment.

    • Gracias. I will give it a try next time I find an interesting article on topic.

  38. FYI…Just got back from a ride around in the high risk neighborhoods and I know law enforcement had taken a big “hit” lately from the public but I must commend one deputy…Andrew Benoit. I was riding down Lacour road and spotted some headlights so i decided I would continue to see who it was and as I got closer I observed that it was a sheriff’s deputy. I stopped by vehicle and rolled down my window and he got out and spoke to me. Of course, Andrew didn’t recognize me at first and I didn’t recognize him until he came closer then we recognized each other.

    He stated that he patrols the high risk areas whenever he is on duty so I commend him for his efforts. I believe in giving credit where credit is due and this was around midnight or a little after. He stated that if I wouldn’t have stopped, he would have put on his lights to stop me to see who I was, which I wouldn’t have minded because it is his job and I expect LE to stop someone in those areas at that time of night especially when some victims were located in those areas. Of course, after he recognized me he knew that I was riding in those high risk areas as well, just like it was published in the newspaper.

    Again, I commend the sheriff’s office and Deputy Benoit for patrolling those areas and keeping a careful eye in that area.

    Also, I have noticed an influx of city police officers patrolling other high risk areas where most of the victims’ frequented so I must applaud their efforts. I hope it lasts but it appears they are making a proactive effort towards the safety of the community.

    Just wanted to give my opinion on the matter. While I may still have reservations about some certain LE officers or deputies, I do applaud those that are making an effort.

    • I know LE were doing much more patrols on the southside high risk area since the big City meeting and I’ve said it on this site about how people appreciate they are there. LE was very well in attendancee during the We Love Jennings a few months ago and if often very visible.

      I wonder about LaCour Rd….what activity goes on there that is high risk that require LE at 1 something in the am? In any case I’m happy LE patrol any area in and around Jennings.

      I ask you the Benoit person arrested with FR is he the same person that is a good mechanic who can’t keep a job over on Elton Rd?

      • Nothing going on tonight on Bobby road, Lacour road. There was no one out on these roads tonight. So all was clear, not even LE out there tonight. Andrew st. was even quiet tonight…

  39. KM thanks for the info everyone should feel at ease that LE is patroling. even though i know they have been patroling those areas for a while.even on the south side.

  40. Yes it’s true, I grew up on the southeast , countryside of Ruffneck , Da flats, in better words a town call ” Ville Platte “….LOL. Well as I was saying I grew up in the country area of Ville Platte down a dirt, gravel road, from age 6 – age 21. I still go back out there like…. hhhhhmmmm about 3 to 4 times a week I say because some of my fam. still lives out there and I notice now that LE are everywhere….. it was not like that when I grew up. Back then when I grew up it would take LE about an hour to get back there when someone would call them , s… now they are already there protroling….LOL awesome.

    It usually be a dark black unmark LE car and the other 2 cars are white and blue marked cars.

    Don’t know why the sudden protrol back there in the country side of VP but trust me , LE are there and it’s like they’re there all day just driving them back roads……. just thought i’d share , because they never had protrols like this when i was growning up back there for the one things we would see on those back roads were tractors, trucks and cars of people that lived down those road Oh almost forgot and a few people that came for my family to work on their auto….. I don’t remember if I ever told you all that my fam. are mech….. you know people that works on people cars and stuff…. yes my fam. were farmers and mech. Just some FYI for y’all.

    P.S. I needed something at the ” Ville Platte ” police station yesterday and I notice the dispatcher mention for an LE by the name of ” AJ ” but she never said his last name , don’t mean to tell me that ” AJF ” is now working for the ” VP ” police station is he….. ? Could be another ” AJ ”

    Another fyi = I no longer live in ” EUNICE ” I now live back in ” VILLE PLATTE ” the town I grew up in. Dang if it’s the same ” AJ ” , then dang what did he do follow me here….. we kin. but not close, sh.. I don’t trust him , hell no , everyone tells me he one the main killer of these women and those statements come from people closer kin. to him then I am. ( all heres say not facts about AJF being the main killer of the victims ) Sorry but I do not trust him , thats why I left ” Eunice ” because of him!!! Some of his own co-workers in ” eunice ” did not trust him , this I know becuase they told me themself back in March of this year.

    • You know I wonder what you posted that is of value to the murders in Jennings…..

      Do you know something about this AJF you keep talking about…or do you just have a beef with him?

      Is he in Jennings or come to Jennings?

      Can/will you tell us something of value regarding NOT YOU but about something helpful in solving the murders.

      What does Ville Platte have to do with murders in Jennings?

      So what if your family member are farmers and mechanic…does that help THIS investigation?

      I don’t know or speak for others but your post imo has nothing of importance except about you…unless you back it up with INFORMATION helpful to the investigations in Jennings.

      • I agree with you ahlou what she just posted has nothing to do with the murders but yet once again all about her this site is about the murders in Jeff Davis Parish and not “EYEZONLY”. We have so enjoyed you not being on here and wish for you to go back where ever you have been. Unless you can help out with the murders just stay away. All you ever do is cause problems and issue go to your own wordpress and post all you want about you and you alone.

  41. is what you were looking for. I do that all the time too.

    Kirk, Good to see you back. Can we assume that since the areas where the dumps occurred are still being patrolled by you and LE that FR is not involved in the murders, since he is in jail?

  42. RR, lol 🙂 good .com sure hope you don’t mind if others use it or similar from time to time.

  43. Always glad to help Ahlou. The truth is that with no information being made public about anything we are kind of at a standstill here. We have a wealth of local knowledge to help in kicking things around but until we have even one new scrap of information we are kind of at a standstill. I guess it causes minds to wander to other areas. In older investigations LE always kept some holdback from the public to be able to ID the real perp later. In this one, all info is held back. It makes it hard to bounce ideas around. I am anxiously waiting the next presser.

    My relatives from Jennings used to live on Clara St. I don’t know if it was the north or south side of the tracks on Clara though.

    Does anyone remember a JDP mosquito abatement control plane crash in the mid 90’s?

    • The case is amazing…..i’m shocked at the apparent lack of evidence. 7+ murders and no evidence. I try….but am not able to wrap my mind around that.

      NO press conferences…….ever. I defer back to when the Baton Rouge Serial Killer (little did they know it was 2 of them) was on the loose. That was almost 24/7 coverage. Granted….some of the info they released was incorrect but at least they had everyone in a higher state of alert. I never “sensed” that they were trying to deflect interest away from the cases.

      If “they” have no evidence then why not report that? Do they have a list of suspects? None of them panned out? Are they CERTAIN this person(s) is local? If yes, WHY?

      I try to keep up with the local press in that area and I don’t recall running across ONE article that stated the public should be on full alert and afraid. So…………..this person (s) is local? Mmmmm.

      After 7+ murders……..I still don’t really understand why they haven’t been arrested and charged yet.

      • RR you and g8 are so right – not one bit of info is being given. Can’t understand what is the BIG secret.

        g8, agree with you it seems the public should be told of full alert or afraid. Until more most I talk with are on afraid.

        RR, all I know or could think of on Clara Street was some years ago when a lady (maybe a family) lived on Clara and there was a horse always standing in the picture window. The neighborhood is quiet and the house is brick and is nice even today.

        About the plane crash – heard of it but right about now can’t remember what of interest should be remembered. Refresh our minds..

  44. Was that a plane that hit a power line? What about it?

  45. I keep thinking of the bodies – how would anyone know if a buy was actually buried? I’m not up on these things but could the families get together and ask a well known attorney to look at this pro bono. I would think a starting point woud be someone not a family member but who understand some of what is going on then write up something and submit it to an or some attorneys.

    I’ve been reading on David Carridine and thought it would be great is someone like Dr. Biden would step in pro bono. Not for one or two victims but for ALL.

    Don’t even know if it can be done but I’m just wondering – again.

  46. Sorry to ask about the plane crash. For me it is family ties and I forgot this is not

    Due to the fact that a few of the lead suspects are in jail, I wonder if the people of Jennings are letting their guard down. Is there a lot of foot traffic at all hours?

    Be safe

    • foot traffic? It is still going on at the Andrew St. location as it has been for the past several years some days more than usual, imagine because the drug shipments have arrived, also some vehicle and bicycle traffic and some young white women.Go Figure.

    • RR, I’ve felt that way several times. We must not give up at least for the others who for whatever the reason have not said anything. It really seems imo there are a few, very few people who feel they are the only ones harmed. Sadly, some posters have moved on and it could be due to ‘this is not….or talk about myfamilymember, to hell with all others.

      I think if we go back many more than seven were involved. I know two or three family members are vocal but we have moreand we should give up. It would be of value if we could be discussing or at least posting ideas which is what this board started out doing.

      I was not her doing the crash but do know people who work with spraying – not flying and will start asking so we can discuss. I for one is all for discussing anything that may or may not be related.

      The area around Clara Street where the horse was in the house and in the window is not far from Andrews Street they talk about.

  47. Maybe the Sheriff and DEA are going to pretend FR is the only druggy in town, and overlook the rest. Why would you all expect any difference if he can overlook seven murders!!!!!!!!

  48. I’m not going to comment on what I think what is going on in the City of Jennings or the parish. I will say that I do not trust the police or the sheriff’s department.

  49. The sentiments being expressed on this board lately are ones of discouragement and frustration. I pose this question to all. What positive inferences may be drawn from the silence of law enforcement? Before you answer that question with a knee jerk reaction, think about whether your answer makes the most sense given the extent of the efforts made by law enforcement in the past six months. We have gone from a highly publicized murder of a teenager, to the creation of a task force, to the release of a profile, to the creation of a tipline, and then and only after all that have we come to a point of silence. Think also of the significance of the last two press statements, the first of the two saying that law enforcement is considering the possibility of more than one perp acting either in concert with another or independently of one another, and the second of the two saying that law enforcement is seeing slow progress as it works it way through the process of eliminating persons of interest. What all of this tells me, when the timeline is considered, is that law enforcement has a very good idea who at least one of the perps is and that law enforcement is in the process of determining whether others are implicated in the murders. By law enforcement keeping silent on the progress of the investigation, the perp can only respond in one of two ways: 1) by covering his tracks further without the benefit of more information on what law enforcement is thinking or doing or 2) by resuming his wicked ways without the benefit of more information on what law enforcement is thinking or doing. Either response has the potential to further the investigation. What information would you want made public? Would you really want to know more knowing that the perp might benefit by the release of information? I think the perp must assume that law enforcement is watching his every move, and everytime he looks back over his shoulder to see if he is being observed or followed, he shows his guilt just a little bit more. Silence can mean apathy, but I think this silence is different, very different…

  50. I was being pesimistic earlier. After watching a show on illegal drug manufacturing, it made me think of this site- the victims and others. I would hope that LE will test the drugs found at FR’s and see if they are fake or not. That too could help answer questions.

    Illegal drugs are made from anything the cartell can find to make them with- packaged to look legal and sold worldwide.

    Hope you are right – Sleuth 🙂

    As for evidence g8, I wonder if they have figured out the place the murders took place. This was aluding LE, and we have heard no different. There has to be evidence somewhere, and LE can lie about it for as long as they wish- or just keep hush, hush. Sometimes the DA will keep evidence hidden
    until the court orders discovery to be made.

    Even then- you never know if they have produced everything. At trial is when the most details of the evidence comes out. That can be a long time away.

  51. Sleuthing-Good points and right on the money. LE has to remain quiet about the details to perserve the integrity of the investigation and some information cannot be released. In the past few months, I do find that LE has become more aggressive. Progress is being made….slow, but nevertheless, progress is being made.

  52. I have absolutely NO PROBLEM with them preserving the integrity of the CASES. What I would like to know is if they THINK they have a case……..any case? Even one? And why are they so smug that they feel NO inclination to share ANYTHING with the public?

    Personally……..i don’t think they have much if ANYTHING!!! and I continue to ask WHY????

    Right or wrong……….that’s how I feel.

    And let’s see…….I think I’ll go even further out on “the limb” with this. I’m feeling like even though this most recent murder stretched them and brought waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy more publicity than they ever dreamed of…………..they KNOW…..if they just lay low and EVERYONE keep their mouths shut…………it WILL go away………..AGAIN.

  53. g8– I must concede there is a risk of the cases growing cold. Let us hope and pray that does not happen. I certainly believe this website is a positive force that diminishes that risk. Having said that, have you ever seen the movie, I Saw What You Did? It is a good example of the law of unintended consequences.
    Plot summary for I Saw What You Did (1965) When two teenagers make prank phone calls to strangers, they become the target for terror when they whisper “I Saw What You Did, And I Know Who You Are!” to psychopath Steve Marek (John Ireland) who has just murdered his wife. But somebody else knows of the terrible crime that was committed that night, the killer’s desperately amorous neighbour Amy Nelson (Joan Crawford). Written by Joan Crawford & William Castle

    Two teenage girls occupy their time by randomly calling strangers, whispering “I saw what you did,” and hanging up. When one of their victims turns out to be a man who has just murdered his wife, he thinks they witnessed the crime and sets out to find the girls and kill them.

  54. Doesn’t seem to be going away though, G8! Although you don’t see much publicity, you see activity here. People are speaking and people are reading and watching. It seems that enough talk has had the Richard family under scrutiny at least.

    That can’t be a bad thing.

    Outrageous postering by certain people in this case will be their downfall. I honestly don’t believe higher agencies would put up with local yokel crap if their jobs were anyway affected. A good drug bust to a local kingpin would be a feather in the higher agencies cap.

    This isn’t the old days of “Mississippi burning”. Accountability goes nationwide due to internet usage and people are pissed at public servants. I live far away from Jennings but I am watching and talking and networking so how many others?

  55. Mmmm……… trying to scare me sleuthing LOL???

    This story is odd…….I’m still kind of reeling from it. I had company swimming at my house today. For some reason the JDP murders came up………there is barely a handful of people that know I am the person behind this blog. One of the people at my house today used to be a stripper here……..several years ago…..she was very embarrassed to admit it and I’m still not sure why it got brought up but…………..anyway, she says she well remembers Loretta on the circuit……told me there was no doubt in her mind.

    • Hah! No, but now that you mention it, do be careful when you go on your photography trip to Jennings. I was recently reminded by someone( in a totatally different context) just how mean someone can be to another if perceived to be prying into someone else’s business. Peace be with you.

      P.S. You scare me with your stripper comment. I think you just made every male twenty one years or older within a 300 mile raidus a person of interest. 🙂

  56. g8trgirl– On a more serious note, did your guest define the paramaters of that circuit?

    • I asked if she remembered the names of any of the men they “worked” for…….she did rattle off a couple of names. I asked her to try to get in touch with any of the girls that were doing that type of thing back then and see what, if anything, they remember about Loretta (if her memory is indeed correct) and any other things that they may NOW realize was strange………even though back then it wouldn’t have necessarily struck them as odd at the time.

      Trying to recall the past of a situation like that could prove difficult though. The girls are/were generally too messed up on drugs and alcohol. Unfortunately, you could have a person with actual credible evidence but when they’ve been deemed to be under the influence while possibly witnessing a crime……..they’re ruled not credible. Wonder how many “not credible” witnesses JDPSO has with these cases? Are there ANY credible ones? At all?

      • To clarify my question, when your guest was referring to the circuit, was she talking the strip clubs east toward Lafayette, Baton Rouge and New Orleans, or west toward Lake Charles, Beaumont and Houston. Also, just how far east or west is the “circuit”. I think we can rule out north which is Bible belt country and south which is the Gulf. We really only have to consider two directions. Correct me if I am wrong, but Jeff Davis doesn’t have that kind of establishment.

  57. g8, be CAREFUL!!! I hope you don’t even tell who the ex-stripper is to even the handful who know who you are.

    I do have a question….did she know if Loretta and Eranestine (sp) were friends? In the past it was so stated just wondered what a person of that timeframe would say.

    BTW, I really appreciated your post today.

    • You know……I didn’t get that far into the discussion with her. I think she was truly startled at how I jumped into the discussion………I mean, I was shocked myself that it even came up. I could also tell it wasn’t an easy subject for her to discuss. Although, I did let her know….just in case she wasn’t aware……..that 7 women had been murdered……with Loretta being supposedly the 1st one. I’m also not sure what time frame she was talking about………was it 10 years ago? 6? I don’t know.

  58. I wouldn’t be afraid or nervous at all if I didn’t believe that a person or persons in LE are involved in these deaths. Maybe I’m just paranoid. Probably followed one too many crimes in my day LOL. Regardless……..over time, I’ve learned not to put ANYTHING past ANYONE anymore. Just when I think for sure “I’ve heard it all”………something happens once again to stun me.

  59. Hey Sleuthing, In the FBI manual there are certain protocols that they suggest should be followed in a serial killer investigation. Two of them immediately come to mind. One is about the value of public relations and regularly scheduled pressers to keep the public somewhat in the loop and to speak about safety, etc. It does not say anywhere to lay the whole case out for public perusal. We all know that would do more harm than good, basically denying the DA any chance to ever get a conviction.
    The other is about the value of good media relations, even using the media as a tool where applicable. I am positive that the editors at The Daily News would be willing to work with law enforcement in any capacity requested so that should not be an issue. Giving them interfiews and press releases for the public’s safety is a good PR move as well as a tool to jog public memory.

    I am fairly sure that it does not say in any manual to never give any updates, for any reason, no how, no way. Just the basic human decency and courtesy to stand up every now and then and say publicly that they are working on it, feel for the victims families, feel that progress is being made, etc. would have been nice.

    Right now the public perception is that this spree went for well over two years with JDPSO not really caring about it. The victims families have almost been ignored, except when trying to intimidate them by rogue, arrogant detectives. The Sheriff used the standard “high risk lifestyles” excuse as to why nothing seemed to be being done. Away from this particular investigation the people of JDP seem to feel bullied and let down by LE. Drug use under this Sheriff’s administration has skyrocketed. Many feel it is under the eye of, and with the blessing of, some that have sworn oaths to protect and serve. Drug sales reportedly are conducted in the open with no fear of arrest. The city police have hired one drug officer who is apparently taking down all the low level dealers. That accomplishes nothing besides putting money in the parish’s pockets through fines and confiscations. It does get that one dealer off the street for that night anyway. Even law abiding citizens are scared of the JDPSO due to many years of rumors of, and witnessing corruption. When they stand by and let a little turd like Frankie Richard steal their lawnmowers because they feel his LE connections will not allow them to be helped, something is seriously wrong.

    This website has been a squeaky wheel and a thorn in the side to those in authority that are content to go on with “bidness as usual”. They have had to step up and make some changes, not enough yet but some. I have been guilty of providing some of those squeaks. For that I do not apologize.

    The days of the jack-booted thug with a badge in JDP needs to end. I do not put the good LE in that category. The good ones and bad both know who each other are.

    I hate a bully. I hate that it took a seventh death to form a task force. I hate it that the intimidators of the victims families have not been sent down the road or even investigated. (That I know of) I can tell from your writing and thought patterns that you are a brilliant guy. I have seen the hint or two you have thrown out as to your profession. You and your colleagues are not where you are due to lack of brains. I may be totally wrong by saying so but I can not follow your suggestion and ponder on praise points for the people who nurtured JDP to grow into what it has become.

    But I will try to be nicer.

  60. RR– I am all in favor of brainstorming these matters. I firmly believe that we are more apt to arrive at the truth if we approach the matter from a multitude of directions. As for the contrast in styles expressed on this website, well, let’s just say that I believe when action is required, the carrot and the stick method is tried and true. While I may prefer the carrot, I am not quarreling with those who prefer the stick. One or the other or both will cause a response.

  61. Just my opinion, but I was always told that silence equals consent. and in these cases this seems to be true. First through 6th there was silence, except for that rare instance’s when family members would try to make waves but got shut down through intimidation or empty promises. Thus the hiring of a PI. And still there was nothing…and that silence. Number 7 was a child, and then begin the major screwups by the sheriff, especially in handling the press conferences and the fact that they wouldn’t even look for a child. As we were all told, she was just a run away. What was that famous statement he made….”serial killing isn’t against the law, murder is” I think was how it goes. Ah yes, and then it was reported that she was found BY volunteers of the family, in a place that had already been searched. I don’t remember EVER hearing about the sheriffs office looking for her. Opps that’s right, they were looking, sorta, by saying she was in the Houston or Lufkin area!
    I would say the silence is deafening in oh so many ways…..

  62. Well, last weekend in the JDN. An apartment complex had caught on fire, because of a meth lab. I believe it was rented to (not sure on first name) Mitsy Boudreaux. Wonder if they questioned her? FR has to get it from somewhere right?

  63. Maybe Lake Arthur has all the growers, and they transport to Jennings to sell. Lake Arthur is very small, but yet not many police like Jennings.

  64. while these small operations are a problem, I don’t think the grand scale that I see in this parish depend on these labs. Please give thought to what has been printed in the Houston paper all week long

    Not only is Houston a major center for Mexican cartels’ smuggling drugs and weapons, but banks and financial institutions in the nation’s fourth largest city’s also are targets for gangsters trying to hide millions of dollars in profits, according to a White House report released Wednesday.

    Underworld organizations, particularly those aligned with the Gulf and Sinaloa cartels, have major bases of operation in Houston and Corpus Christi, continues the report, prepared for the Obama administration by the National Drug Intelligence Center.

    There are 201 international drug and money-laundering organizations in a 16-county region that stretches from Kenedy County, in deep South Texas, to just this side of the Louisiana border, according to the report.

    This stretches all the way to Fla and beyond. We seem to be the ‘meet in the middle’ point due to the sparse population and lax LE enforcement and their involvement. A persistent rumor from people far more in the know then I, has it that LE from these small towns are acting as escorts for certain transports(“it ain’t just a speed trap on I 10”), ensuring their safety while crossing and doing business in this parish. This is a MULTI-BILLION dollar industry here. (and you wonder who would protect who and why people are scared to speak?)
    This is what I have heard, over and over again…

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