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  1. I’ve just spoke to Scott Lewis and he stated that he welcomes your phone calls because he wants the public opinion on what is going on in our parish and I believe that Scott can be a great resource to use.


    This is the situation. From what it sounded like when I spoke to Scott, the sheriff and the parish “blew” their chance because it appears AMW is no longer interested because of the sheriff’s noncooperation. They now have a case going on in Mexico that they will cover instead. It also sounded like even if LE wanted AMW to get involved in the future, they (AMW) would decline, so basically we lost our chance.

  3. FYI:

    Here’s an idea: From what I hear, Michael Cassidy was upset about AMW not coming into town and he had not known about AMW wanting to come. Perhaps it would be a good idea for you guys to contact Michael from now on instead of Ricky. What’s y’all’s idea on that?

    • Here’s an idea: From what I hear, Michael Cassidy was upset about AMW not coming into town and he had not known about AMW wanting to come. Perhaps it would be a good idea for you guys to contact Michael from now on instead of Ricky. What’s y’all’s idea on that?

      I think that is a duh am good idea !!!! If you get me all his contact info I’ll get it visibly posted here.

  4. That would make for an interesting editorial in the newspaper. An invitation for Mr. Edwards to respond concerning his actions and reasoning would also be appropriate. He could set the record straight on his side of the story. As stated earlier by Mr. Menard, Mr. Edwards is a public servant. He is not responsible for answering questions to the public just at election time.

    Are we sure that the seven murders are connected? How do we know if they are or are not?

  5. Another thing that bothers me. They have reported when each of the ladies were found but I cannot find anything, beyond Britney, on when they went missing. I am trying to figure out if all were on a weekend, holiday, summer break, holiday etc. If he is a student living in a dorm, he may have been back home to visit for each disappearance. Or even someone that works away from Jennings but comes home when not working. Most of the oil patch works 7/7’s or 14/7’s. It would be relatively easy to look at if the dates were known.

    • Red….the only thing that jumped out at me so far is that bodies were found in May 05, May 07 and May 08. Here are the links to a couple of timelines Length of Time Between Murders and a little brief synopsis about their disappearance.

      I’m not 100% sure how accurate that info is… was what I could gather from available media and I did run across a little conflicting information. Perhaps Kirk, if he survived pissing on the spark plug, will let me know if any of it is inaccurate.

  6. Has a system been set up to inform the locals if another woman disappears? I know there is a newspaper and acces to fairly close TV stations. The media can only inform if they are told. The chances of evidence being preserved is much greater if a victim is found in a timely manner. The chances of them being found quicker is if the public is aware that they are missing.

    Also, do local criminals that commit violent crimes have their DNA entered into CODIS? They should but I am a realist and know that many local jurisdictions across this country do not keep up with it. This guys DNA may be in an evidence room waiting to be added to CODIS. His capture may be enabled by stroking a few computer keys. I know it is a bit more complicated than that but it may be the key to his ultimate arrest.

    When you are pondering who it may be, think of guys that may be calm but have a temper occasionally. Most SK’s have a history of either animal abuse, small arson, fighting at school, and a surprising number were peeping Toms. Each category he fits in ups his odds of being the guy.

  7. Big drug or prostitution gone bad, then seven girls murdered. Families hire Kirk. AMW wants to come in and the Sheriff denies them. WHY didn’t someone call the local paper instantly? That is your media, and from the looks of it, it is your ONLY media. Scott wants to hear from us huh? Why does he have to wait on us? (By the way, called this morning, but not available and I was NOT leaving a message). There is seven unsolved murders in that community. We outsiders shouldn’t be the ones having to call that man. That man, SCOTT or anyone in that office for that matter should be printing something WEEKLY about the seven UNSOLVED murders in that town. It doesn’t have to big, just something showing we still have not forgotten. This is just wrong. Another thing, Cassidy was upset? Cassidy is up there in ranks, why didn’t he call? He could have called the paper, katc, kplc, etc…They surely would of went down there for someone with his title. I don’t think this is a serial killer either. I think this is more MAFIA. I don’t mean to blame anyone, but it sure is fustrating for those who are trying to help get media coverage, because none of this looks good to me anyway. Some locals are too scared, because they are getting threating calls from the police. Some don’t have computers, they read the papers, but there isn’t anything there about this in the papers. They watch the news, but they don’t have anything, because they don’t want to piss the sheriff off. I’m starting to believe like someone said on webleuths

    “I don’t have much more to say. No efforts to find the SK have been made by sleuthers only to enjoin local politics and lay blame. I have avoided Louisiana politics for a long time and will continue to do so as nothing is ever resolved. And, nothing is being done to resolve this case either.”

    Louisiana Politics!

    I do apologize, but I’m very upset.

  8. Brownie: Sorry you’re upset, I’m upset too. I do have a pledge from Megan Schering at Channel 3 that she will not let this case die. If it is forgotten about by the media, I’m scared it will be another 3-1/2 years before we hear anything. I’m scared that since we haven’t heard anything from LE, AMW being turned away, and the media not obtaining any information from LE, these cases are going cold again. Please keep trying to call Scott, let him know that something needs to be printed in the media. He is just as aggravated as everyone else. He does want to hear from the public. Again, his number is 337-824-3011.

  9. The number for Michael Cassidy is:


    His mailing address is:

    Michael Cade Cassidy
    District Attorney
    Post Office Box 1388
    Jennings, Louisiana 70546

    I would certainly fill his mailbox with letters stressing disappointment with the sheriff turning away America’s Most Wanted. I would certainly stress disappointment that regular updates are not given to the media. Refer to this site:

    Remember, a big fear is that due to public pressure, they may arrest someone just to pacify the public and the person arrested may not actually be the person or persons responsible so it can be dangerous to place pressure on LE. However, stress in your letter, diplomatically, that the pubic would like regular updates through the media, as explained in the link I gave you. DO NOT STRESS FOR AN ARREST because in this parish, the person or persons they arrest may not be responsible. Stress for regular updates through the media, stress for more resources to bring the person or persons responsible to justice.

    Also, the City of Jennings is responsible for maintaining the safety of its citizens. Email the mayor: and call him at 337-821-5504.

    You can also write the mayor at:

    Mayor Terry Duhon
    Post Office Box 1249
    Jennings, LA 70546

    We have the advantage of text messaging. I would text message and call everyone you know and have them contact everyone, including Scott Lewis and have then stress disappointment about the lack of response, lack of police presence, etc.,

    Remember, they work for us and they are paid by us so if you are unsure of calling, emailing or writing, remember they work for us and are paid by us.

  10. One other thing, if someone isn’t in when you call for them leave them a message and see if they call you back. Just food for thought.

  11. Scott Lewis’ email address:

  12. Just got off the phone with Scott. I’m sure he is reading this. LOL! It’s a joke. Menard said keep trying to call Scott, he is just as aggravated as everyone else. He wants to hear from the public.

    Well, Why did he say the following:

    He is putting it off on doing an article. That’s right my friends. Scott said; nothing is on the record. Scott spoke to AMW and AMW said; “Sheriff said not right now”. So Scott calles the Sheriff, and he states “He didn’t say no.” Scott needs both parties to agree on the same. I asked; why not print that? Scott don’t want it to back fire on the family to make them look bad again, and “You don’t want to piss off the Sheriff”. Seems like that’s the answer to all the dead ends.

    This case needs media attention! I think the Sheriff and Menard knows who did it or close to it. Menard can’t come forward, because he has no legal rights. (not sure on that, but probably pretty close). The Sheriff is covering his butt or someone else in that LE, and hopes that everything will just blow over. Maybe another thing is they are hoping the killer(s) are on this website.

    Looks to me like you want something done “YOU TUBE” is your answer. That is about the only way you will get coverage.

    I think they know, but then again it is just my opinion.

    So how is that You Tube coming in anyway?

  13. Look I don’t know these victims or there families. I don’t even live in the area. I was just trying to help by getting them some media attention.

    You say they need help, then we get help then you say you don’t want to pressure them into arresting someone, because they will just pick someone out of the blue up. I’m not getting it.

    Oh and Menard, I know the procedures when one is not available.

  14. Read the press. The public puts pressure for an arrest. They arrest someone…as in the Ratt Trahan case (which is still unsolved) and there are still the one’s involved out there some place, at least two of them that we know about. LE in this parish is overzealous and they will make an arrest but may not be those responsible. We don’t want that to happen. When they make an arrest, we want it to stick and most of my clients don’t want the death penalty, they want the person or persons to sit in jail and think about what they’ve done for the rest of their lives.

    You’re right. You don’t know the victims or the victims families but I do. I live in the area. I speak to them regularly. They want those RESPONSIBLE to pay for what they’ve done. Not an innocent person just because they are under pressure from the public to make an arrest. “We can’t make decisions based on public pressure, we can’t make decisions based on public outcry. We’ve got to make decisions based on fact, based on witnesses, based on evidence,” says District Attorney Mike Green, from the website You want more then here is another quote and I’ll give you the website:

    It is my opinion, there are two primary reasons that lead to an awful lot of innocent persons being arrested and convicted of crimes that they did not commit.

    1. Pressure from the public and media to solve the case quickly and make an arrest.
    2. Over zealous and unscrupulous prosecutors who want to make a political name for themselves.

    When an innocent person is locked away it does not make our society any safer, the real perpetrator is still out there and able to commit more crime. And it should also make all the citizens a little nervous that their own freedom is in jeopardy, and at the whim of the police and prosecutors, and that any one of us could be arrested, charged, prosecuted, convicted and sent to prison for a crime we did not commit.

    This is Jeff Davis Parish. We are in a parish all on its own and they make the laws as they go along. Not right but that’s reality. My clients want progress and they want to know what’s going on and to be kept informed. They’re not pushing for an arrest, only progress toward solving the crime. You’re right brownie, I have a good idea who is behind this and my clients know that I know and I’ve submitted everything to LE and that’s all I can do. I am in the private sector and I have no legal rights to make an arrest. My advantage is that I don’t need any probable cause to investigate. I can go to any jurisdiction in the United States. But my hands are still tied. WHY? THE KEY WORD IS EVIDENCE. Sure I have an idea, a damn good idea who is behind this and its been reported to LE. That’s all I can do. Again, EVIDENCE is the key!!!

  15. And yes, they will arrest someone out of the blue.

  16. Thank you for the explanation. Evidence is nothing I can help you with, that I know of anyway.

  17. The best way anyone can help brownie is to call in tips, not comfortable with LE then call me. I promise you that I will follow up on all tips. Another way to help the victims and their families is to get the media involved, as much as possible. Phone the DA ask about progress, phone the sheriff, the mayor, ask about progress. I turned over evidence, physical and from what I understand is still at the crime lab awaiting DNA analysis. DNA takes some time to come back. The rule of thumb is to leave no stone uncovered. I realize the frustration. I’m extremely frustrated myself. Do we just sit back and wait for another homicide to take place? No.

    When Brittany Jones came online and talked about people “blocking” around their homes she was talking about the sheriff, police officers, deputies and perhaps they have the right intentions, I don’t know. I’m also guilty as charged because Brittany sees when I ride in those high risk neighborhoods and usually calls me when she observes me because the next time someone is picked up, I want to be there. I want to observe any strange vehicles in the neighborhood. The longer I stay in the neighborhood (s) the more I get a feeling for what belongs in that neighborhood and what doesn’t. People have called me when they see me in their neighborhoods asking me if everything is alright and that they feel safe when I ride in those neighborhoods because anyone that knows me know that I carry my video camera every place I go and I won’t hesitate to report suspicious activity nor will I hesitate to capture suspicious or illegal activity on video.

  18. This all leads me to two questions. Has any perp DNA that is usable been collected? What does it take to determine that there is probable cause to swab this suspect?

    The DNA dragnets in the Derrick Todd Lee case were wrong and uncalled for. But in this case, Mr. Menard has identified a suspect to LE. I am sure Mr. Menard did not do this on a whim or due to his clients pressure. It seems that progress is being made. That is good to hear.

    Mr. Menard, in your link you provided to the FBI website there is a section on media relations. It is quite informative. It does seem as if it is being ignored in this case. Not by you but by the people it was written to help. I really hate bashing LE so I will make an effort not to from this point forward.

    The FBI’s presence on the task force carries hope that even if the perp is Jeff Davis himself, the law will be equally applied to all.

    Mr. Menard, would you expound to the extent that you are able on your suspect and the evidence that may link him to, or possibly clear him of, these crimes? I understand that you cannot post his name and telephone but I find the facts that you do speak of to be most helpful. I also ask that you would first consider that saying too much may taint you and make you deemed unfit as a prosecution witness later. I seek generalities about evidence collected. I know your knowledge, and therefore your burden, is heavy.

    Brownie, I am not from Jennings either. I now live 800 miles from there but my family roots run deep and long across south LA. I have one relative left that was raised in Jennings, the rest from there have all died.(Natural causes) She moved to Colorado years ago. I still think of south LA as my home and her people are mine too. I would love to see this guy caught yesterday.

    Putting away soap box.

  19. Mr. Menard is absolutely right. We shouldn’t pressure law enforcement for an arrest for several reasons. Local law enforcement is known to pick the first seemingly defenseless person available and make an arrest for a couple of reasons. First, to satisfy a perceived public image that a quick arrest implies competent police work. Second, quick arrests tend to take the public’s mind off of or divert public focus away from the real criminals. Personally, I believe that many arrests are made simply to divert attention from the guilty. Think of the Rat Trahan case where the first opportunity to arrest was pounced upon and an unassociated man died in jail. There was the Terry Touchet case where a local pot head handyman who didn’t even own a working vehicle was accused of being a “major drug king-pin” while a jury of the dumbest, most gullible voters in the free world gave the man a 100 year sentence (the man was found with a bag of pot!!!) while this case’s truely big drug dealers in Texas were made to pay a small fine (and who knows how much was paid off the record). A local man gained credible legal representation for the accused and he was freed. One man, an Abshire of Jennings, was arrested and accused of rape with no probable cause and the charges were firmly held until his family obtained legal representation – the police evidence file was completely empty; the young man’s crime: his mother had reported witnessing drug dealing activity that was not “supposed” to be revealed. In Calcasieu Parish, following the well publicised “KK’s Corner murders, a quick arrest of a local poor man was finally overturned … the up-side: the people of Calcasieu Parish, inlike those in Jeff Davis Parish, had the integrity and the presence of mind to vote their sheriff out of office in shame rather than to re-elect him as we’ve done, pretending that all is well in the local Utopia. Corruption is a very ugly thing and it reaches farther into society, government and business than we want to admit. However, we must admit ,,, it has dominated our parish for generations. Our greatest sins are committed in the voting booth.

  20. You’re right, I can’t expound too much because we have to maintain the integrity of the investigation (i.e., some person coming forward to claim responsibility for a crime he/she did not commit…i.e., Jon Benet Ramsey Case).

    I will say this…every crime leaves a “signature” and/or “footprint” that “they” where there at the scene of the crime. Keep in mind that “signature” and “footprints” are metaphors and not meaning literally. Many times, not all, perps to a crime will return (old cliche that they always return to the scene of the crime) to the scene of the crime and memorialize what they’ve done, perhaps in a sense of celebration or sometimes even in remorse and regret.

    Here is a somewhat profile that we’ve received but can’t be confirmed yet: We are told that he is fairly intelligent, like you said, more average than those of the company he keeps, could have done good in school but gets bored very easily, probably why he would have quit school, dad was not around/abuse him either sexually, mentally or physically, and left him at an early age, had a domineering mother and family was economically challenged, probably a shy, timid kind of guy, from the local area, probably impotent, never got into any real trouble beyond criminal mischief, more than likely white because the black girls were known to frequent whites more than blacks, we were told probably had a 2.0-2.5 GPA in school, had hopes and dreams of going to college but bored too easily, daydreams often, probably a bedwetter until at a minimum age of 14, more than likely clean shaven, may be between the ages of 25-30 and maybe a little older, give or take a few years.

    The FBI has a way of dealing with the media and giving regular updates. This prevents panic, keeps the public informed, and most important, prevents lynching. Remember when 9/11 occurred. Many Americans began lynching stores owned by those that are of middle eastern descent. Same thing in this situation. We have heard reports of some of the victims families actually having confrontations with the first primary suspects such as Frankie Richard, Hannah Conner, Tracy Chassion and such.

    We do have some protection from innocent people being accused/arrested with the FBI’s presence. However, I still remember the Mary Beth Dolan case where she was questioned by the FBI for her involvement in the death of her roommate at USL (now known as UL). For 28 days she was incarcerated. A court ordered preliminary examination noted that there was not enough evidence for prove that Mary Beth Dolan had anything to do with the crime. Some months later, a person that was shot in Missouri confessed to the crime on his deathbed. The headlines in the paper cited KILLER CAUGHT when Mary Beth Dolan was arrested. This ruined this young girls life.

    That’s why I caution against being overzealous. Yes, everything I learn, hearsay or not, I turn over or rather, my investigators assigned to the case turn over to LE.

    Crimes scenes, as a rule, should be revisited by LE and investigators. Crime scenes and evidence gathered cannot be tainted (i.e., secure crime scene, obtain names of witnesses, rope off and tag a radius around crime scene, bag evidence, do not touch ANYTHING with bare hands, and follow the book on homicide investigations when collecting and handling evidence, especially during the chain of custody.

  21. g8trgirl:

    I would like to thank you for my clients and for myself for this website. You are doing an excellent job and I see that you have dedicated yourself to updating this website regularly, without being prejudice or bias. You’re a great resource and this website is growing more and more each day. Each and every person has a voice to be heard and if this is the forum that it has to be then so be it. If someone from LE isn’t viewing this or hasn’t viewed this…it won’t take long for the word to spread then they will be on here viewing very shortly.

    Remember the first amendment right to freedom of speech and freedom of expression. WE ALL HAVE THAT RIGHT, its a fundamental right that nobody can take away from you. Used wisely and intelligently, it can be a very powerful force to obtain desired results.

    Again, thank you g8trgirl for all your assistance.

    • Kirk, thank you, I really appreciate that.

      I hope this blog will assist in keeping Loretta, Ernestine, Kristen, Whitnei, Muggy, Crystal and Brittney’s story out there. Like you, I don’t want to see this fade back into the woodwork again. And you’re right, each and everybody has a voice to be heard….sadly, these young women’s voices have been silenced. It is up to all of us to speak out in their behalf.

  22. I can’t make any more comments about this but remember the May dates when 3 victims were found/missing. REMEMBER THAT MAY IS MOTHER’S DAY.

  23. 5-17-05 L.C. -9 days after mothers day
    6-17-05 EMDP-3 days after flag day, 2 days before fathers day
    3-08-07 KEGL- no holidays close
    5-12-07 WCD- One day after mothers day
    5-28-08 LSMB- two days after Memorial day
    9-11-08 CSBZ- 7th anniversary of 9-11
    11-02-08 BG- Presidential election day


  24. I am very concerned about many of the comments that refer to these seven murders. First, there are NUMEROUS unsolved murders that have taken place since Mr. Edwards took office; far more than the most recent seven. To focus on these is taking badly needed attention away from those that preseeded the seven. Also, I hear continuous references to the lifestyles of the victims and also, I continue to see them referred to as prostitutes. This description is one that was applied by law enforcement, I believe, in an effort to diminish public opinion of the victims, thus, diluting interest in accomplishing a conviction. Many people, families and associates have come forward and directly stated that some, if not all of these women had never engaged in prostitution. Of those who did, let them be so described; however, for those that were never involved in prostitution, let’s allow them the dignity to be accurately described. It takes a small and simple minded individual to paint an entire group with one big brush and try to simplify or standardize these people, each of whom being an individual. I truly believe that these detracting and insulting descriptions were purposely created and are repeated to desensitize the public so that no general outcry would demand action from law enforcement. After all, those who hold themselves above drug users and prostitutes would be less than loyal to their self image if they revealed any sensitivity to such a person. law enforcement is mighty quick to use phrases such as “drug related” or “high risk lifestyle” or “involved in prostitution” even when using these descriptions serve no purpose in reporting the incidents. I blame media editors just as much for fostering this type of simplisdic programming of public opinion. Let’s simply admit the facts — A high official in the sheriff’s office purchased a vehicle thought to be involved in murder from a murder suspect; the suspect used the money to evaporate; a public vehicle was used in the acquisition, via a local bank; the sheriff defended the action as though it was normal, only after being questioned vigorously; the vehicle was thoroughly cleaned in secret before being sold at a very tidy profit. Some have questioned the connection between these killings. It is reported that Loretta Chaisson was in the residence and witnessed the abduction of Rat Trahan by his killers. She was later murdered. Rat Trahan’s murder remains unsolved but how many people even refer to this seemingly professional killing? Who was Rat Trahan poised to make trouble for? To whom did he owe a substantial debt? Who could have testified to his abduction and murder? Who would want desperately to eliminate a witness to his abduction for murder? Who has made enormous money from the cocaine (and general drug) epidemic in Jeff Davis Parish? Why are no real drug dealers ever caught while the tremendous appetite for drugs remains satisfied? Why does the drug dealing and murder go on as the perpetrators operate with obvious impunity?

  25. WOW!!! First I’ve heard of Rat Trahan. If you have details surrounding his death or can point me in the right direction to obtain the details, I believe that information should be added to this site. I’ve sensed there is more to this than just the 7 girls that were murdered. I also have to admit the death of Sheila Comeaux raises my eyebrows real high.

    It may be that another section needs to be added to the blog detailing the other unsolved murders in JDP. They may or may not tie into the girls’ murders but it is certainly beginning to look curiouser and curiouser.

  26. Red….great sleuthing. Interesting with the holidays (or other significant dates).

    By the way……Whitnei’s little girl didn’t get to give her mom the Mother’s Day card she had made for her.

  27. So does anyone know if the FBI or anyone else for that matter is making any progress toward the capture and conviction of anyone yet?










    peace out!

  29. g8trgirl, have you heard of Butch Sonnier? Who remembers that name?

  30. Eyezonly: That profile, if you would read, says that the profile had not been confirmed. It was an opinion generated from a criminal profiler only but never confirmed, only a possibility.

  31. Butch Sonnier was killed at a residence in Lake Arthur. He was beaten to death with a bat and the body was dumped at a bridge south of Welsh after being further mutilated. The killer(s) were questioned, the house was covered in blood residue, the bat had tissue remnants, etc., etc., etc., No conviction was possible. Mike Conner was chief of police for the town of Lake Arthur. He and the prime suspects, Terry Scoper and Ray LaBauve, were very close associates – we remember Mike Conner – he’s the former deputy that used to live with the celebrated gay judge from Jennings, Walter Peters. Conner was also part of the Dateline investigation into our sheriff’s department’s misdeeds and corruption during the cocaine carnival time of Jeff Davis Parish history. Anyway, Scoper’s sister was also a prime suspect in another Lake Arthur murder years earlier – yet another murder that went unsolved or at least unprosecuted. Speaking of the profiling in the other article; a profile is only that; a profile. It is not a fingerprint or a resume. A profile is always subjective to some extent and can never be confirmed like a passport photo. Many people can fit one profile; however, only one true profile can fit one person. Anyone can be profiled to any extent or depth.

  32. Very good silence. Correct answer to both.

  33. I have read several news articles about “high risk lifestyles” which was very degrading to the victims who were not involved in prostitution. This term has been used very loosely over the years. As a matter of fact the term “high risk lifestyle” is one of three categories, which are: Low, Medium or High risk lifestyles. These terms are based on the level of risk in which an individual exposes themselves to the possibility of suffering harm or loss on a daily basis ( personal, professional, or social life). Come on people any one of us can be rated as leading high risk lifestyles just going to the grocery store, pumping gas at the nearest station or even heaven forbid the occasional night out with friends. That doesn’t make us prostitutes now does it?…Didn’t think so!…. Anytime someone goes out into public they are in harms way!

    Which leads me to drugs and prostitution, if these things are taking place in Jennings and the LE has evidence to prove it why aren’t any arrest being made?


  34. It is interesting that the Sheriff has only referrred to the girls being druggies & prostitutes. He has yet to refer to them in realistic terms about their lives….anything that may have been deemed “normal” about them…

    Just “tag” them that way and seems all of the local media accepted it at face value…..Sheriff said it….it’s true. God forbid our local media step on any toes trying to suck a little information out of the Sheriff…..the “HEAD” of the “Task Force”.

    I dunno what the big “secret” is over there in JDP but I hope whoever is involved with these murders is very, very confident all bases are covered. Someone in y’all ranks is gonna crack and tell…

  35. g8trgirl,

    You have to go look under Shelia Comeaux and see what Silence…wrote. This gets worst and worst.

  36. FYI, and g8trgirl, you may want to add this to your list of contacts because I was told by an Assistant State Attorney General that they do want to hear from the public. Also, the state attorney general’s office has been in contact with some of the victims families and from what I understand, are observing the investigation in the background.

    Criminal Division
    STREET: 1885 North 3rd St.
    Baton Rouge, LA 70802
    MAIL: P.O. Box 94005
    Baton Rouge, LA 70804
    PHONE: 225-326-6200
    FAX: 225-326-6297

    Executive Division
    John W. Sinquefield, First Assistant Attorney General
    STREET: 1885 North 3rd St.
    Baton Rouge, LA 70802
    MAIL: P.O. Box 94005
    Baton Rouge, LA 70804
    PHONE: 225-326-6705
    FAX: 225-326-6797

    Satellite Offices:
    Litigation – Lafayette
    STREET: 556 Jefferson St., 4th Floor
    Lafayette, LA 70501
    PHONE: 337-262-1700
    FAX: 337-262-1707

    Litigation – Lake Charles
    STREET: 901 Lakeshore Dr., Suite 820
    Lake Charles, LA 70601
    PHONE: 337-491-2844
    FAX: 337-491-2883

  37. Many people don’t know this but this is on the Louisiana Attorney General’s website and the assistant attorney general that I spoke with referred me to this site so I’ll post it here and perhaps g8trgirl can post it under victim’s rights. Very interesting.

    Victims’ Rights

    Have you ever been a victim or a witness to a crime? If so, you may be entitled to certain rights under Louisiana’s Crime Victim Bill of Rights.

    As a victim or designated family member of a victim, you may have the right of notification of certain proceedings in the criminal justice system that may affect you. For this registration you must file a Victim Notice and Registration Form with the arresting law enforcement agency, the clerk of court or the prosecuting agency that has jurisdiction over the case. By registering as a victim, you are also entitled to do a Victim Impact Statement. For you to have these Statutory Rights, the defendant must be charged with any homicide, felony crime of violence, vehicular negligent injuring, first-degree vehicular negligent injuring, sexual offense, or an attempt thereof.

    Crime Victims Bill of Rights

    * The right to reasonable notice and to be present and heard during all critical stages of pre-conviction and post-conviction proceedings.
    * The right to be informed upon the release from custody of the escape of the accused or the offender.
    * The right to confer with the prosecution prior to final disposition of the case.
    * The right to refuse to be interviewed by the accused or a representative of the accused.
    * The right to review and comment upon the pre-sentence report prior to imposition of sentencing.
    * The right to seek restitution.
    * The right to a reasonably prompt conclusion to the case.

    As a witness you have many of the same rights given to the victim. For example, the witness has a right to advance notification concerning judicial proceedings and to be provided a secure waiting area during court proceedings, which does not require close proximity to defendants and their family or friends.

    A crime victim witness coordinator assists those who have a case pending within the Attorney General’s Criminal Division. If you have been a victim or witness or a crime and need assistance contact the Louisiana Department of Justice Criminal Division.

  38. You know what I’m sick and tired of…our elected officials…and officials who are not elected…pretending everything is fine and dandy in Jennings and our parish when its not.

    April 4, 2009 is election for city council and mayor. There is the email address of the mayor on this board as well as his phone number and mailing address. I also would attend city council meetings and make your voice heard. The mayor and city council is RESPONSIBLE for providing a safe place to live, work and play. How many of us feel safe? How many of us are satisfied with police response? If you’re someone’s brother in law maybe.

    Drugs are being sold in the open. Want proof? Call Megan Schering at Channel 3, she caught a drug deal on tape in one of the high risk neighborhoods. Here are some lyrics from Nelly from his song “Country Grammar” implying that Jennings may be a “drug hub.”

    “Foes I kick em freely mon, ‘specially off Remi, mon
    Keys to my Beemer, mon – holla at Beenie Man
    See me, mon, cheifin rollin deeper than any mon
    through Jennings mon, through U-City back up to Kingsland”

    Gee, I’m so glad that we’re known as a hub for drug dealing, we should win City of the year.

  39. Excellent post on victims rights.
    In LA, which criminals have their DNA added to the system? Is it just violent offenders or anyone found guilty of a felony? If LE thinks that John Smith may be the SK they can run his record and find out quickly if he has a DNA profile in CODIS to match up with DNA gathered as evidence.
    There are a few problems with this. The lab backlog is high. This SK may have his DNA sitting in line at the lab waiting to be processed. This would mean that while he should be in the system and quickly caught, his profile is not yet available to the task force.
    Also, DNA that is recovered at a crime scene from the perp is sent to the lab for processing. This may take a long time to be processed. The bad part is that he may kill many more while waiting for his DNA to be processed, entered into the system and matched up. And if his DNA has been processed, the local or state investigating agency still has to add it into CODIS. Many departments are years behind on that as well.

    The good thing about it is that if John Smith has his DNA in Codis, LE can eliminate him as a suspect with a quick computer search and not have to waste valuable man hours eliminating him the old fashioned way.

    I have seen many cases where the public demands that the labs are updated and enlarged to be able to handle the workload. The first thing the politicians do is put their hand out for more taxes. The average citizen already feels tax-poor and sees many instances of government waste. This makes them not want to pay any more taxes. It is a never ending circle.

    Anyway, does anybody know which criminals in LA have DNA samples taken from them that should ultimately end up entered into CODIS?

  40. The Combined DNA Index System (CODIS). The Convicted Offender index contains DNA profiles of individuals convicted of felony sex offenses (and other violent crimes). The Forensic index contains DNA profiles developed from crime scene evidence.

    The Forensic index contains DNA profiles developed from crime scene evidence. CODIS utilizes computer software to automatically search these indexes for matching DNA profiles. Matches made among profiles in the Forensic Index can link crime scenes together, possibly identifying serial offenders.

    Matches made between the Forensic and Convicted Offender indexes ultimately provide investigators with the identity of the suspect.
    In September 1999, a law requires a DNA sample to be collected from incarcerated individuals convicted of certain types of offenses prior to their release. This law also requires that a sample be taken from an individual upon arrest for similar offenses.

    While testing of DNA samples will be conducted by an outside contracted laboratory, the following steps will generally reflect work to be performed by CODIS Analysts:

    * Identify the individual to be collected.
    * Collect the sample.
    * Ship the sample to the contracted laboratory for testing.
    * The contracted laboratory will test the sample and generate a DNA profile which will be electronically shipped to the CODIS Unit.
    * Notify collecting agencies that the sample has been collected from an individual and that no further sample needs to be collected.
    * Input the DNA profile information into the state DNA computer database.
    * Monitor conviction records so that data from convicted offenders can be input into the FBI’s national DNA database and shared with other states.
    * Input DNA data from evidence generated by the DNA Unit of the Crime lab into the state database and search for matches with an offender.
    * Analyze the match and request that the offender provide a confirmatory sample.
    * Confirm the match and assist in conviction.

  41. FYI, under the Public Records Act, emails contained in ANY official computer is available for public inspection and this includes the mayor, chief of police, sheriff, warden, or any computer in any local, state or municipality. They are not allowed to delete emails. Doing so can cause them to be liable for damages. All you need to do is file a Freedom of Information Request and it has to be given to you.

  42. Kirk, do you know if the murders of Sheila Comeaux, Butch Sonnier, and Rat Trahan are still “active” cases or have they been classified as “closed”?

  43. Sheila Comeaux and Rat Trahan are classified as closed. Butch Sonnier is still open but a cold case since this occurred around 1993. To date, has not been solved. As in the seven unsolved homicide cases, arrests were made…Terry Scoper was arrested but then released due to “lack of evidence.”

  44. FYI, under the Public Records Act, you can also request a listing of all unsolved murders in Jeff Davis Parish from the DA.

  45. FYI…..there is now a “Reference” category under Topics.

  46. Anyone here know what Ricky Edwards’ employment background was prior to being elected Sheriff? Also, how long has Edwards held the position as Sheriff?

  47. During election time, someone located his resume online so it is somewhere online but I can’t remember the website.

  48. I’ve been searching but unable to locate any info yet….well, other than Edwards and Cassidy were classmates in high school….LOL.

  49. Also, if you believe that a public official has violated the Code of Ethics, here is the addresses:

    Physical Address:
    617 North Third Street,
    LaSalle Building, 10th Floor,
    Baton Rouge, LA 70802

    Mailing Address:
    P.O. Box 4368
    Baton Rouge, LA 70821

    Phone: (225)219-5600
    Toll Free: 1(800)842-6630
    Fax: (225)381-7271

    The website address is:

    Keep in mind that after the Louisiana State Police cleared Chief of Detectives Warren Gary when he purchased a vehicle allegedly used to transport one of the victims from the 7 unsolved homicides, that the Ethics Board assumed jurisdiction and fined him $10,000. The ethics board does have jurisdiction over all matters relating to government agencies and will take action as warranted.

  50. FYI, here are the opinions from the Ethics Board concerning Warren Gary and the purchase of the vehicle allegedly used in the transportation, possible homicide of Kristen Gary Lopez. No evidence that Warren Gary was involved but remember that the appearance of impropriety is just as bad as the act itself.

  51. To perform a search on the ethics board website to determine if someone in Jeff Davis Parish has been charged with an ethical violation, here is the address:

  52. TO: MR. MENARD =

    i have 3 questions i posted on my blog that i am asking you concerning my ex-boyfriend and the ” SK ”

    the questions are posted on the links below =

    P.S. TO ALL OF THE VICTIMS FAMILY = i am now willing to work with the victims family through email

    you may contact me with any question you may have for me or about my ex-boyfriend are detective friends in private at

    i will answer any question you may have concering any of my post are prophetic dreams that i have posted onhere or on my own blog…


    my doors for communcation are now opean…. the choice is yours….

    be bless!

  53. Ok, I’m getting dizzy, first she doesn’t want to help, then she wants to help, then she will never post on this site again, then she posts on this site again… whew, I’m spinning…just teasing trying to liven up the situation.

  54. hahaha… very funny…lol

    and i’m not the one wanting help mr. menard , i was trying to help the victims families..

    i don’t need the help i got JUSTICE in my case..

    and yes i know you were only teasing…lol

    but hey it’s all good if the victims don’t want my help , it won’t stop me and my for doing our own lil search either , because something in the back of my mind still questions my ex-boyfriend behavior on JAN. 19 , 2008…

    and i know this is going to sound odd but i’ll ask it anyway , what kind of finger print/hand print won’t come off a mirror…

    the reason i ask that is because in 2007 i bought a truck from a guy and there was a hand print on the rear-view mirror and to this day that palm print won’t come off… i mean i tried everything , even bleach and the palm print won’t come off , amd you can tell it’s a hand print , for it very clear…

    could paint do that , or oil , or mud , or i hate to ask blood do that…

    just asking.. , because that guy sure was in a hurry to sell me that truck back in 2007…

    then again maybe that just a normail palm/hand print.. i don’t know… just me thinking again , trying to put clues together thats all…lol

  55. Ok, tell me this…why did your spelling all of a sudden improve? Inquiring minds want to know lol? Also, you are so used to typing in all caps? Why the sudden change?

  56. I ask you a question first…lol

  57. One thing positive is Eyezonly can now make sentences one can suddenly understand 🙂 Maybe the palm pring is from the killer….a start would be bring that truck over to a police station or let Kirk Menard have a look at it.

    Hello everyone. Very nice forum, very informative and yes, I’ve been reading.

  58. dang…lol everyones hating on me…lol

    I don’t think mr. menard trusts me…lol , he might think i’m a LEO…LOL

    I bought that truck from a use car sells man , i wanted the black one but he insisted that this one was better….

    oh God now y’all want to inspect my truck…lol

    my truck is broken , i brunt the oil pump and busted my oil pan when i was working in RAYNE last year….

    i was trying to clock them hours, and make them dollars over there in RAYNE…LOL

    i have my own business now….

    but i miss the people over there in RAYNE and in Crowley they was sooo sweet to me , they spoiled me rot…

    i almost showed yall my picture this morning , then i changed my mind incase the killer was on here… (scary)

    well i just bought me a new computer so if yall don’t hear from me until late tonight i’m just tryin to hook this newer computer up for it’s was time i upgrade…lol

    Lord them computer cost high… jesus christ!

    p.s. and for those thats still have y’all doubts about me i’m not a LE…. I HANG OUT WITH THEM BUT I’M NOT ONE…



  59. Eyez, I’ve been around boards dealing with the things going on in Jennings for years. Let me assure you in the beginning I thought you were worth reading about. Let me remind you and maybe some reading now…back when Loretta and Ernestine were murdered there was a forum called mouthin’ off, at that time as I remember there was talk of a preacher involved and it was rumored about the Boudreau Inn (called Flea Bag Motel) being the place. Do you remember such….strange you would now be a pastor.

    Murder is not a subject one should take lightly so if you are you really should stop. Let me tell you the lost of a child by murder is sometimes unbearable….first hand experience so stop playing games and attention to yourself.

  60. I remember mouthing off…I was on there alot.

    Eyez, not hating on you but its not hard to spot inconsistencies. One, your spelling and grammar when you first started posting left alot to be desired. Then you typed in all caps (which some people…probably not us but on many sites is considering rude and a form of hollering), then you claim to be prophetic and now an ordained minister. Come on, nobody is saying you’re being deceiving but can you blame someone for not being skeptical with all that we are going through in this parish.

    It doesn’t matter who you are, whether you are LE or not, I have no secrets and no strategy that I don’t care who knows or not because in a court of law we are not allowed any surprises. I only keep some things to myself about the unsolved homicides to maintain the integrity of the investigation because when the person or persons are apprehended, we want him to tell us things that occurred during the homicides, not things they may have read or heard somewhere.

    So whether you are LE or not, I could care a less. I talk on my phone, cell and cordless, regardless of who hears me, which is LE anyway if anyone does listen and it all has to come out and I don’t keep anything from LE anyway. I’m not a paranoid person. My security system, around my residence, office, for my employees and on our person is for protection only for the retention of evidence.

    ahlou is correct. Murder is not a game. I take my job serious and I will represent my clients to the best of my ability and they trust me and I will not betray that trust.

    The only thing I am scared of is this case going cold again. Once you question everyone possible and turn it over to LE, then it is in their hands. All we can do then is wait for new information to come forward. Luckily, some of our clients obtain information on their own and give it to us and we in turn give it to LE. The reason for this is simple: Even some people will speak to family members but not us and not LE. Of course, we have had very few refuse to speak to us but none will speak to LE. I don’t know where the system failed in this area.

    All we’re doing is making an observation. The simplest words and grammar seemed difficult for you and now you’re spelling and grammar appears intact, somewhat anyway lol.

    Question and I’m sure EVERYONE wants to know this:

    If you are prophetic, and we’re not claiming you’re not…wouldn’t you know if you’re boyfriend is the killer or not? Or let me guess, as many prophetic people allege, someone too close to them they can’t get “vibes.” Its just an observation, don’t take it personally. It’s not a matter of if I trust you or not. I trust everyone until they give me a reason not to trust them, even LE. As I said before, I have no secrets only a strategy, and that I do not care who knows about the strategy. But I don’t have time for games..if I did I would be playing wii or nintendo. I have research to perform for my investigators in the field so between searching and while taking a break, I leave my comments on here.

  61. # 1 what is mouthing off…?

    and yes i can pick up vibes on people close to me that is why i have my doubts about my ex-boyfriend….

    i’m not playing any games , i am being truthful , i really am a pastor and i really do see dreams and visions befor hand….

    but just like 9/11 you try to warn people but no one really believes you until the dreams/visions come to past…

    i came on here on feb. 08, 2009 just looking to see what i could find out about the killings because that night with my ex-boyfriend keeps playing in my head over and over again!

    but you all have made your point LOUD and CLEAR….

    good luck in y’all search for the killer/killers

    peace out and be bless.

  62. p.s. i forgotten to mention to you all , y’all be happy to know that i have deleted all of my post on my blog granted i keep copies of all my work in my files but i have deleted all of my blogs so there’s no need for the few that would go there to go because there’s nothing post there anymore…

    just taught i should let you all know…

    and again good luck with y’all catching the killer/killers
    , i know JUSTICE will come one day..

    peace out.

  63. eyez….I see you managed to sneak on while I was away….pretty smart.

  64. In the Jennings cases, eight to 10 people from local, state and federal agencies will work on the investigation full-time, Edwards said. Also, the sheriff obviously has been part of efforts to develop a profile of the killer.

    Jennings Mayor Terry Duhon said his administration is taking additional steps to help fight crime and hopes those steps will help to put citizens’ minds somewhat at ease.

    Duhon said in hiring a new city narcotics officer, working with outside agencies to help curb drug crimes and placing GPS units in officers’ vehicles, the city will be able to more effectively police the city.

    You would think the Sheriff/ Mayor or one of these ten people on task force would have spoken out by now- whether it be short and sweet- in defense of sheriff office or anything.
    The public sees Mr.Menard out and about, but what about the Sheriff’s office, detectives, or this new narcotic officer the mayor mentions hiring? Anyone else patrolling these areas? Undercover agents or anyone?

    It is sickening that LE is keeping so quiet.

    Excellant site, and I applaud everyone’s openness and honesty. Bless you all for the effort put forth here.
    Keep up the good work 🙂

  65. Hi g8trgirl…thank you for the welcome.

    I’ve been thinking and something has been bothering me about white tops and capri pants mention as being on on Britney and Muggy. There may be a clue there at least worth looking at.

    “Brittney was wearing a white tank top and olive colored Capri pants.”

    I can’t find the article with the interview of Bessie Mae Brown who is Muggy’s grandmother. The interview was done the day after she was found if memory serves me. She gave almost an hourly time line for Muggy from a cookout to the last time Muggy came home with a person. I’m very unclear here, my friend thinks the article mentioned ‘white man’, I don’t remember in any case I know it talked about Muggy having on a white top and capri pants. I also remember she said Muggy woke up her son, kissed him and said something like ‘you know I’d do anything for you’. She then got some clothes put them in a bag, Bessie asked something about leaving with the cloths, Muggy responded she was going to go wash. Grandmother thought that strange because they had a wishing machine at home. Next Bessie said ‘Muggy kissed and told her you know I love you’ and left. I don’t remember the exact words but those are close to what was said in the article.

    Now some smart PI (hint Kirt Menard) can find that article. I’m sure it was in the American Press and it was before the interview with Muggy’s sister. When you find it would you post it. Notice I didn’t say if because I know it was in the paper. Hopefully someone will find it and will be of some assistance.

    • ahlou….great observation about the white tank top and you are correct. According to what I was able to gather from media reports (2nd paragraph):

      Brown was wearing a white, tank-top style shirt that had been stained from white to pink.

      Also, a photo grabbed from Family Dollar Store surveillance does indeed show Brittney wearing a white tank top.

      Not sure if the clothing they were wearing is indicative of anything other than pure coincidence but it certainly is interesting.

      • Observer, I agree with your statement about officials keeping mum about this case. By all appearances, it seems as if they PREFER there be no media coverage, or questioning by citizens, about the case and how it’s being managed. In my opinion, that stance only serves to further fuel the speculation, suspicions and rumors surrounding this high number of homicides that, at least on the surface, appear to be inter-related.

  66. Hey, is JDPSO Deputy Rayford Fontenot back in the news beating another kid? Has he moved up to beating little girls now and will our sheriff will defend this criminal also? What a man! Paste this link to your browser:,2933,502164,00.html

  67. Is there any support to the story that Muggy Brown had her throat slashed from behind as she sat in the front seat of a car? Is it also a fact that an eye witness went to the sheriff’s department and tried to give a witness statement, only to be refused and turned away because she was determined not to be (possibly by the same deputy that bought the crime scene vehicle) a credible witness? Inquiring minds want to know.

  68. ahlou, if your memory is correct about what was released in that news article, about her kissing her family good-bye, the rather odd statements before leaving, the gathering of clothing to supposedly do laundry when a washing machine was available at the residence…… causes me to wonder if perhaps “someone” had convinced her she was in danger and, that “someone”, led her to believe they would assist her in escaping the danger and, that “someone”, was in fact the person that killed her.

    Remember, Muggy’s family stated that she may have known something horrible was about to happen to her and that she was actually living in fear just days prior to her death.

  69. SilenceDogood……

    Speaking of inquiring minds…..I’ve heard there was some rather disturbing conversation at Arnold Benoit’s celebration party when he ran for Sheriff……are you able to expound on that??

  70. Hi, everyone I am new to this forum but not to the case. There is so much info here and I have been reading for a while. SilenceDogood, the Fox video is of a current officer from JDP? The video kept stopping so I wasn’t familiar with the man being interviewed to hear what was being said. TIA.

  71. I found the article and this video was shot in Seattle. Sorry for not checking sooner.,2933,502544,00.html

  72. g8trgirl-

    I’ve heard the same thing about several victims making similar statements or performing actions that made it seem like they knew something were going to happen to them. It’s difficult to believe that a name was never mentioned by SOMEONE.

  73. In answer to the question from g8tr — Several years ago, at Mr. Benoit’s victory party following the sheriff election, three black men walked into the building and began speaking with several of the participants. They were somewhat loud and strident, saying that they had driven from Texas and were going to Ricky Edwards’ victory party. They didn’t know any of the people there and none of the people at the party seemed to know them. They began talking about Mr. Benoit not playing ball and saying that he would never be sheriff. As the three were at the door, apparently preparing to leave, one of them said that they could do what they wanted in Jeff Davis Parish. Another one of the men stated, “we could come here and wipe out a whole family and nothing would happen to us.” Several people witnessed and heard this. One of the women who was present actually began to cry and seemed to become ill at hearing this. As the men were leaving, they were followed outside. They got into a dark, black looking Suburban or similar vehicle with Texas plates. One person jotted down their license plate number as they drove away. They seemed to have possibly been drinking. The three may have simply been talking big but they sure got the attention of those people that heard them. It was actually scary, according to the witnesses.

  74. This again does not reflect on local LE, just an observation.

    Things can be done so blatantly by LE or other government agencies that when its reported to higher authorities, first though or comment is “oh that isn’t possible” and “its so why out in the open” that never happens without someone trying to hide it.

    Perhaps that’s why we become a gullible nation and believe what we see or hear. I’m not against LE. Yes at times, I do question their tactics, their method of investigations, their decisions, just as we all do. In fact, several of those on the JPD or JDPSO question decisions made by superiors.

    For you conspiracy theorist out there that believes…well let’s leave it at that….take a look at the following link:

    Still want more, read this:

    And still more:

    and this is pretty close to home:

    and one more:–Corruption/Corrupt-police-offered-to-kill/2005/03/15/1110649163987.html

  75. If the other info is correct and grandma Bessie saw Muggy with a white man surely she gave LE this info. Wouldn’t Muggy have casually introduced them? Putting clothes in a bag and kissing your child goodbye and leaving with a man would certainly be something that is questionable.

  76. Someone said something. Reminded by Crime and Justice forum Kirk Menard referenced above:
    This morning on 7News Sunrise, Chief Lassiter said they believe they know where Ms. Brown was killed, however he didn’t say how. He did confirm that they are treating it as a homicide and an autopsy will be performed.
    Notice believe they know where Ms Brown was killed.

  77. Silencedogood,
    If that is true about Miss Brown then it either means he was already in the backseat of the car when she got in the front by herself, or that there were a minimum of two other people in the car. If the latter is true, that means that there are two SK’s working together. It would also make it possible that they alternate on who chooses the victim. It is possible that both men may not have known all seven women, if there are two.

    While I assume that is just a rumor, I give more credence to small town local rumors than big city or internet rumor. Any locals care to weigh in?

  78. I got to admit that 2 sk’s has played in my mind. I am not local so don’t take that to the bank. I see one as more of a teacher and the other a student. It is very possible that one is a scout. If true or a possibility, along with scouting, common denominators play into it…i.e. fast food restaurants where many congregate at different times. This is easy for an sk to watch habits. It is also easy to garner light conversation and minimal trust. Sometimes that is all it takes…like Bundy and his false broken leg or arm.

    It could be that local pols are protecting the sk to a degree as it could be kinsfolk or it could be to avoid negative publicity or it could be they have no f..king clue what is going on.

    I still think this is a sk vs. gang wars/mafia politics/etc. A ruse could have been applied to any or all the victims…saying they were LE, acting like they were LE for the vulnerability of the women as they were already leary of LE I don’t know but there are too many things that could help this case but are not being released..

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