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  1. Hey Brittany,
    HC becoming a CSI is a defense lawyers dream. Her criminal record would taint all crime scenes. Any evidence she was involved in collecting, processing or linked to in the chain of custody would have to be thrown out of court.

    I may be speaking out of turn. I do not really know her criminal record beyond the one arrest. But I still doubt it.

  2. yeah that’s all we need. give her the know how to conceal crimes!!!

  3. I did speak with her recently and her vibe is very eerie. She doesnt strike me as your typical young female. She seems to be extremely manipulative and very deceitful. Shes arrogant and she rubbed me the wrong way! Definitely!!!!

  4. Four years ago today the body of first victim, Loretta Chaisson Lewis, was found. Please keep her family in your thoughts and prayers.

  5. A few years ago, HC lived next door to a friend of mine, he got that same vib as Brittany, even back then. The nicest thing he had to say was that she was a “evil wild child”. Nor did he like the looks of those coming and going.

  6. I thought this was interesting . Were any of you aware this site had been set up?

    Maybe I just missed the announcement for it……hmmmmm. Anyway, I’ll post a permanent link to it under the “Contacts” section of the blog.

    • Looking at this site- it is very honorable to the victims, but I find it lacks a great deal of explanation of the fact it is fram a task force- who is on the task force and why, it is just to lacking of information to be representative of a website put together by a task force.

      With all due respect toward the victims, it is too simple-
      minimal info that LE has anything to do with the investigation. It seems to be a pacifier, not even representative of LE involvement in any way, shape or form?

      What did you all think about the site?

  7. LE was seen at the Andrew St. House twice again today.Makes you wonder???

    • Is LE going to the door or just cruising the area?

      • No,the detective is going to the house as in parking in the driveway a large black car at one point a sherrifs pick up came & parked in driveway another time and the third time the black car pulled in ithe backyard!

  8. It’s ridiculous that a victim’s family member has to put up with patronizing behavior from local LE. Brittany was driving past the detective division office a short while ago and two of the detectives (initials DM & JC) were outside and when they spotted her they started laughing and waving at her in a condescending manner.

    How professional of them to behave that way. Brittany and her niece, Whitnei’s daughter, were simply returning home after visiting her sister’s gravesite.

  9. How horrible. I know it is hard Brittany, but they can’t last forever! Their time will come ONE DAY!

    They are afraid, expecially of this website. The pressure is on them, that is the kind of behavior that happens when people are concerned. I bet you that much. They are just putting up a front.

    Hey, what about a BILLBOARD from the WEST and EAST before Jennings Exit.

  10. FYI-
    Frankie R. was just seen leaving the detective station..
    wonder why?

  11. Ya know, any other state or even town that I have ever lived in, if any LE were caught or complained on for that manner of behavior those officers would be suspended or at the very least reprimanded. Seems to me that that pattern of behavior echo’s what is being said inside the station, going all the way to the top.
    I read, talk to people, and wonder…while everyone continues to center around those little people that live on the south side(while admittedly those in question are evil ), it seems to me the real problem in solving these murders is the road block that has been created, and that lies directly in Ricky Edwards and those around him’s lap. How far up does this go and what does he have to hide?
    I have been in touch with several LE out of state, referring them to the blogs and other sites, and while they enjoy the comedy antics of RE, and appalled at the fact that so little has been done and so many girls have already died, they are astounded at the way he has handled things(or not) thus far and can not believe he has not been pulled from his job.
    Now that is just our humble opinion….

  12. All the comings and goings seem to be putting pressure on someone’s aorta. It would be best to do the job and take the heat than have your carotid burst.

    • I agree 😀

      • Anyone have any thoughts on todays goings-on with LE at the Andrew St. location & and the sighting of F.Richard at the det.station? Seems like they had a very busy day today.

  13. I was bringing Whitnei’s daughter to the cemetary this afternoon. As I passed in front of CID, which is the detective’s division in Jennings, I saw Frankie Richard coming out of the door and getting into his neighbor’s car. I was curious to see why it was he was there and who he may be there talking to. I didnt see vehicles parked in the parking lot as if they were doing usual business in there. (Maybe one other vehicle there if any) We went to the cemetary and stayed no longer than ten minutes. I drove back in front and saw A JDPSO unit parked directly in front of the door. Well, again, curiousity kicked in, so I decided to turn around at the local grocery store near by and saw someone walking out. I passed slowly with my window rolled down, and saw that it was one of our “local” detectives. I pointed my phone out of the window to take a picture and he did see me (Again, I really dont care). I drove further up and turned down a small road near by. As I looked back, this detective and another of our “local” detectives(his best friend), were standing in front watching me, waving their hands in the air, laughing sarcastically. I turned the car around and drove by real slow with my passenger window down. They stood there and laughed directly at me as I passed by.

    Now, for those of you that know me, you know they got the finger out of that passenger window, and for those of you that don’t, well now you do.

    I dont have to tolerate this from them and I wont.
    They have no right to do this to us for any reason whatsoever. They are the reason that the public’s opinion of them is what it is.

    This wasnt the first time they have done this to me and Im sure it wont be the last.

    • I know it is easier said than done, but don’t lower yourself down to their standards. You will be thier boss one day, and THAT my friend is one to think about. So, you takin any courses yet?

      Vote for Sheriff Jones who will shake them bad bones” out of Jennings. I mean girlfriend. You can do it.

  14. From what I read hear of all the action, sounds to me like they are trying to get there story straight.

  15. Why don’t some of you or all of you copy and paste Brittany’s letter and send a letter to the state attorney general so show the way that victim’s families are being treated by local law enforcement. Might also give them a reason to step in and believe that law enforcement is involved if that is the way they are treating the victim’s families. I would also send a copy of the letter to the governor’s office since they gave the SO some taxpayer funds to investigate this case.

    • I wouldn’t get too optimistic about the state attorney general. Really and truly, I wonder if the state AG isn’t part of the cover-up; or else, we’d have been assisted in solving these crimes years ago. By “these crimes”, I also refer to those that took place long before Loretta Chaisson’s death. As many here know, I do NOT consider her to be the first victim, but only one in a series of victims, going back for years. Does anyone here know of rumors about F. Richard’s alleged past with regard to performing “deeds” for organized crime figures in return for pay, protection and other favors? This may be a good place to start looking – looking back, not forward. He is a relative of the former Lake Arthur Chief of Police, M. Connor. I remember when Connor lived with Judge Walter Peters (we’ll avoid that ugly topic’s details). Connor was featured in the Dateline investigation of the JDP Sheriff’s Office drug/money/forfeiture scams during the JDP cocaine cowboys’ hay day while a national cocaine epidemic flourished. This was before Connor ran off with a local priest in shame but Deputy T. Guillory, Lake Arthur, was one who regularly had some kind of reason to frequent Frankie’s business during those days when F. Richard had a strip club near Lake Arthur and many LE officers frequented the place that was rumored to have been financed by organized crime from drug profits, all in return for favors (like making witnesses disappear) from Richard. Now, these are rumors that went all over the parish and even in Lake Charles, at my work place. Numerous local people talked about this every day. For me to know about it, being from another town and not knowing any of these folks, any and everyone had to know or at least hear about it. This is all related. A high ranking official or politician was allegedly present at (in an embarrassing predicament involving prostitutes) the Boudreaux Inn during a drug raid and this, according to rumors that originate from officers present, has a lot to do with why high ranking state officials are treating our parish in a hands-off fashion. It also tells me why the “high risk lifestyle” and “drug related” terms are used by officials to hide behind when they want to shed public interest in these cases that could point to officers, officials and prominent locals. Like many murders, this little incident at the Boudreaux Inn took place before the death of Loretta Chaisson; however, like the preceding murders, this is only one occasion that really may have a huge impact upon finding information that can solve the seven most recent deaths. The deaths are absolutely drug related and the drug dealing machine or network in the parish is the same one that has been around for many many years – even generations. Remember that countless other killings took place during the same period, years before Loretta’s body was found. This is why, when I hear Loretta referred to as the “first” victim, I know that we will never solve these murders until we change the way we see local corruption. Some killings years earlier were done poorly and should be solvable if we would go back and look into them – this would lead to evidence, finger-pointing and back-biting within the community of those guilty of cover-up and murder. The sheriff and others have a few loyal stoolies who protect critical information and the rest don’t have a clue what’s going on under their noses, but, rumors come from real sources and there are people out there who know real data regarding past killings and other crimes. If they were to speak up, we could solve these murders. Until then, we’ll foster the wealth and power that is built upon the bodies of those who have fallen into unfortunate social and economic circumstances and who may have accidentally witnessed the right people doing the wrong thing. Anyone who knows or who has heard rumors of murders, long forgotten, really need to step up and make the information known. This will start the process of tracing information back to sources and then forward to the recent killings, killings that are from the same basic source and cause.

    • For those of you that would like to contact the SAG and Governor regarding this incident here is the contact information:



      I believe if the SAG’s office receives at least (6) complaints on the same matter they are required to look into it. One of the detectives is with JPD and the other is with the JDPSO.

      It is no big secret in Jennings that Brittany has been very outspoken with regard to the murders, the investigations and the Sheriff himself. The odds are high that she could eventually be called as a witness if arrests are made and her sister’s case would go to trial. I believe the actions of the two detectives could possibly be construed as witness intimidation. Whether or not that’s the case……I still find their behavior extremely unprofessional and somewhat alarming.

  16. my prayers are out for lorettas family.MAY GOD BE WITH YOU ALL!

  17. g8 … Sorry but I just read your question regarding Sheila Comeaux, Rat Trahan, etc., knowing F. Richard. Yes, they knew one another. There are also more threads to connect that are not mentioned on this site.

    • Thanks Silence……I was just going to ask you again in case you missed the question.

      I whole-heartedly agree with your previous post and believe this is key information if F. Richard was also connected to other people that were murdered prior to these 7 young women. We already know Rat Trahan’s body was found just several hundred yards from where Muggy’s body was found. We also know Loretta was hiding in the house when Trahan was murdered.

      I, and others here as well I’m sure, would like to know more about the other “threads” that may be involved in this seemingly tangled web. There certainly appears to be a connection in my opinion.

      Like you, I have heard rumblings about who was present at Boudreaux Inn during the alleged bust. I was given the name of a politician, who is still currently in office and quite well known. Members of the politician’s staff were also allegedly present as well. One wonders why a person of that status, who has been quite successful outside of politics as well, would choose to stay at a “no tell motel” like Boudreaux Inn.

      Unfortunately, in my opinion, until higher level investigators are brought in, and ALL local LE removed entirely from these cases, these numerous murders, drug running, and possible cover-ups will not get stopped, solved or prosecuted.

      If you have any ideas about what can be done and who can be contacted I’m certainly open to suggestions.

  18. 9:30 am, Paula Guillory pulls up at Frankie Richard’s house.

    Its funny how they can find time to visit the suspects’ everyday but never time to contact the victims’ families.

    • Brittany – I imagine today is Frankie’s turn to BS P. Guillory. She spent the better part of Wednesday at the Lo life’s house on Andrew and now she is wasting her time again today. I suppose if you or I were questioned that much we would probably be arrested. LOL. Also, thanks for the vehicle description of D.Barry. I have seen him around town ( kinda creepy) IMO. My thoughts & prayers are with you all.

  19. Hey Brittany,
    Often the squeaky wheel gets the grease. But these two pimples did not come up with their attitude on their own. The concept of contempt for the citizens you serve always amazes me. It all starts at the top though. If the upper echelon cared at all about the citizens these two offensive LE would be named Officer Fired and Deputy Unpaid Long Term Sabbatical.

    I may be jumping to conclusions though. Let me take this time to invite them here to explain their actions. There may be a legitimate reason for it. I look forward to hearing what they have to say. If they opt not to come here to explain maybe a local reporter could set up an interview with them so we can all better understand the reasoning behind their little comedy show. Or maybe the Sheriff would like to interview them and let everyone know.

    • RR – I admire your way with words and respect the diplomacy you exercise in your comments :D. I think you came up with a wonderful suggestion by the way.

  20. Thanks G8,

    I am curious about the availability of the local media to ask these questions. I am not saying that they are controlled by the JDP political machine but I don’t see any investigative reporting, I don’t see them asking R Edwards anything, and I don’t see any articles about any of this in the local newspaper. The Advocate in BR seems to carry more print about this than the Daily news. I have written Scott Lewis in the past with questions and concerns. I was ignored. Not even a courtesy, flowery, go eff myself.

    When I was in elementary school in Baton Rouge they taught us about the ostrich hiding his head in the sand. They also taught us that this did not make his problems go away. Sorry to use your forum to whack the hive but John Q. Public has been getting short changed for a while in JDP.

    When is the next Sheriff election?

    • I understand exactly where you coming from.

    • Edwards’ term does not expire until June 30, 2012 per this website.

      • Edwards term will in fact expire on 6-30-2012, but the election is held in October the previous year.

    • RR – The last election for sheriff was 2007, so next election would be 2011. Our sheriff better come up with something or he may not be re elected. Sure he will get a load of people to run in order to split up the votes IMO.

  21. Silence:
    Everything that you are saying about the affiliations of all and such are all truths. For years, I do remember all of these stories. My dad grew up around Frankie for years and they were friends in the earlier years as well. My dad tells me now lots of these stories and things that Frankie has told him about crimes he had committed against women in other towns. I will tell you this, LE has looked me directly in my eye and told me that Frankie is suspected for more of these similar crimes in Crowley, Lafayette, and Baton Rouge dating back to the 1980’s. He has always been affiliated with strip clubs and bars.

    • Well, I should say so … Strip clubs are little more than fronts for prostitution and money laundering for drug money. A huge part of the drug industry revolves around getting rid of witnesses and protecting territory. The thing is, when you control all local territories, the battles are way below your level and and you can afford to sacrifice an occasional small dealer or trouble maker to appease the public image. I just wonder when the decision makers will allow some of their local stoolies to be sacrificed. Don’t be fooled or impressed when you see an occasional small time drug dealer get busted. It’s only a show. People who prove their worth in an organization are protected and will be used till they become a threat or till they are no longer productive … then, they too are sacrificed. The small guy is easily replaced. This isn’t new and it’s no secret. The real managers of a multi-million dollar drug business will protect a servant till that member seems to be a threat or seems to know too many unnecessary details about the upline. Then, the servant is eliminated and a replacement is always waiting in the shadows for a promotion so the cycle can repeat itself. When a small time drug dealer is busted, it hits the local paper and the public historically praises the very people who are replacing the dealer with a more skilled replacement. How many times has a shrimp boat been busted with a ton of pot while ten tons of cocaine are being unloaded a few miles away for the very same manager who made sure that officials were tipped off to sacrifice the shrimper with the pot? It seems to be a huge victory. Wow, a ton of pot! The public doesn’t have a clue that this is a two hour supply for the big smuggler’s boss and it was worth every penney to sacrifice it for the safe passage of the cocaine’s profit. This happens on a small scale all the time. Remember the old phrase, “there is no honor among thieves.” I don’t buy the old story that small time drug dealers are busted, yet no one knows who their supplier is, and his supplier’s supplier’s supplier is or where the money trail leads. Strip joints are all over America and they have become like casinos in one respect … They’ve learned to hire CPAs and attorneys to make their surface appear legal, moral and ethical like legitimate businesses. The core is still from the same gang that operated them in the first place, before they learned to pay some taxes to buy their immunity from law enforcement. Why do they import drug addicted strippers from all parts of the country who seem to eventually dissapear into obscurity? It boils down to a simple reality … The entire life is made up of people who never got a handle on a base of morality; therefore, they are surrounded by all levels of crime and vice. They become skilled in corruption and self protection or else they don’t last long. The ones who we see hanging out on street corners looking like Charles Manson aren’t the ones who operate the industry. These types come and go all the time and they can be hired to do a deed across the country for a bump of coke or maybe for financing a strip club so he has access to strippers and drug dealing territory till he screws it up. It’s the guy who presents himself as the respected local official, business man and pillar of the community who is usually the real enemy in the end. That’s the one who has connections that go up the corruption food chain to Baton Rouge and D.C. This is why I seriously doubt that we’ll see any resolution to the JDP murders till we think and act outside the box. Of course, we can choose to wait for Ricky Edwards, Mr. Gary, the DA, the Jennings PD and T. Guillory to solve the crimes for us. Want to count on that?

  22. Just a thought — Does it seem strange that 3 of the victims were killed in 2008. L. Brown only weeks before Edwards was sworn in, then in Sept C. Benoit, and in Nov. B.Gary all within 6 months. I may be getting paranoid but could the killer/killers be sending a message??

    • You made me think of something I’ve been wanting ask. How many husbands did Crystal Benoit Zeno have? Her obit said her first husband was Ray Harrison – when and how did he die? Were the husbands/mates of all the young ladies friendly with each other as well?

      Had not heard anyone say much about the males.

      • Her first husband was not from here. And passed away 4 years ago. As for the second he is in jail in another parish for stabbing someone last April.

  23. Brittany–There was an old advertisement in the 19th century that said God did not make men equal, Sam Colt ( the gun manufacturer) did. We don’t settle our differences that way anymore or at least should not, and in the 21st century, it is the video camera that I believe gives the advantage to the one who wants the truth to be known, whether good or bad. It is too bad that you did not have a video camera with you when you perceived the two detectives acting in what you concluded was an unprofessional manner. I say that because there is a difference between a fact, such as I saw two detectives standing outside a building and laughing , and an assessment of a fact, they were laughing sarcastically. What does sarcasm look like? I keep an objective viewpoint on most matters and I can see someone getting you to concede that you were thinking of your sister, grieving with your niece, but that you really don’t know what the two detectives were discussing in the moments before you saw them and they saw you, and it is quite likely that they would say that they were discussing something else of a much lighter spirit which would certainly clash with your somber mood. You may very well have seen more. I don’t know and I trust you will understand that I am not taking a side against you. I just believe you must choose your fights carefully, and even if you are 100% correct in your assessments, you don’t have enough to back it up, at least in my opinion. Again, choose your battles carefully.

  24. Sleuthing-I agree to some extent and I see both sides. As investigators we have to remain objective but on the other hand there are always two sides to every story and then there is the truth. Some of my clients explained the same frustrations as did Brittany and all these people want is these cases worked on and to be kept informed. It’s like when someone is outspoken then it becomes a chore for LE to work on these cases. We’re not talking about simple possession or driving on a one way street, we only wish it was that simple. We are talking about murder, plain and simple!!

    Again, it may have been the way Brittany took it or perceived it but again, maybe she can’t prove that it was directed at her but I learned that most times, first intuitions are usually correct.

  25. sleuthing888 – the wisdom in your comment certainly didn’t escape me and I agree, this recent incident likely will not elicit much of a response nor investigation from authorities. It would end up being a case of “he said she said”.

    I was drawn back to a comment made recently (anonymous, on May 7th, 2009 at 9:37 PM) regarding an incident involving Kirk and a companion who were at the local courthouse a couple of weeks ago. They were researching public records, could have been genealogy research for all anyone knew, yet someone at the courthouse called the sheriff who called the detective who called the person with KM. Hmmmmm…….. Some may not agree with me but, it’s not a far stretch for me to consider this incident as a form of harassment to yet another person(s) that has been highly visible in these cases. But again likely hard to prove.

    Each incident viewed separately may not be construed as a considerable concern but…….if they are viewed collectively, they may point to LE behavior that might warrant some legitimate inquiries.

  26. Earlier this week, I posted about an altercation that occured between the JDP detectives and myself. I debated posting my story because I know that some people have a hard time believing that this could actually be going on. Well, for me, this is nothing new. You see, this is not the first time this has been a problem for me. A few months ago, my husband and I were eating lunch in a local restaurant, when we were yet again intimidated by two detectives, (one being the same as earlier this week). It enraged both my husband and I so much, that we left our food there and walked out.

    Now, if that doesnt throw up a red flag yet, then I will keep going!

    The story that everyone keeps reading about “someone with Kirk at the courthouse that mysteriously received a call” from a detective as they were sifting through PUBLIC documents at the courthouse, well that someone was ME!!!
    Kirk and I decided to do some research pertaining to the murders. So he picked me up and we took a ride to our local courthouse. We were there for almost 2 hours. Now the funny thing is, as soon as we began asking for specific documents, I received a phone call from a detective off of the task force asking if there was anything new? Now, you all know, this is not normal behavior because I am never contacted by anyone for “no reason”. All of these things are not coincidence and they are definitely not my imagination. These are things that are occurring in JDP and these are things that I am dealing with as a result of my public cries.

    Im sure that this is not the last time that this will happen to me, but I hope in the future that I can come here and have the opportunity to voice what is going on and have people understand that this is not fiction, it is my reality.

  27. well to everyone…….. hope we will have some kind of answers soon!

    • Are you just hoping or do you have any info that leads you to think a solution (arrest) is coming soon? just curious!!!

      Reading recent comments concludes- to much has been going on in this town for years that LE has known about, turned thier cheek too, if not participated in. too much as in illegal activities. They are either helping cover up, or committing the crimes themselves- local LE that is….shame on them and they need to get busted from the big man all the way to the little one. Regardless who goes down. The Mayor, Governor or Someone needs to start cleaning house in Jennings. It is not acceptable to have so much dirt in a town’s past- present – rolling into the future too.
      The DEA, FBI and others need to get busy-

      You would think there is an undercover officer within the courthouse/sheriff’s office that is keeping tabs on local LE and the going ons there—-High hopes in this case, but that is what needs to happen to stop the corruption once it is so widespread in a parish—same goes on in LIV too…..Calcaseau, Avoyelles, Caddo and many other parishes……….Jindal should be getting serious here. JMO.

      • Word has it that someone complained about the house on Andrew St. to a high-up offical a couple of months ago and they were told ” not to worry about it ‘that the person living there was re locating out of state. Well don’t know where they got that idea because it is still very busy at the house and the same person is still living there.

  28. Hey ea568,

    Whether they stay, go, or spontaneous combust, it does not change the fact that if an activity is illegal then it is illegal. If I was to get this “High up Official”s” debit card and use it for a few months with the promise that I would move away soon would he ignore it? I reckon we all know the answer.

    Brittany, I believe you and it makes me furious. Cooler heads have pointed out the wisdom in remaining oblivious to the actions of the hooligans with badges until you can prove it. The video camera thing is a great idea. Bullies hate publicity and being punched in the mouth with a video tape of their actions.

  29. Just FYI, was pointed to this site written on a case from Sulpher, La from the 90’s Makes for an interesting read…

  30. Saw a reflection of what is happening right here. Worth the read and you will see some of the same going on here.

    Critics blast Milwaukee cops over serial killings

  31. It seems as if many of our local JDP LE officers have “not so squeaky clean pasts”. Is that part of the application?

    Just wondering what crimes you have to be guilty of to get hired around here?

  32. Let’s try a different route. Let’s assume that the occupants of the house on Andrew and the usual suspects are not the killer(s). Let’s assume that there may be a friendship or partying connection to the killer(s) since this circle seems to run small. Are there any individuals that hang on the fringe of this crowd that are accepted into it but don’t really fit in? Does the guy exist that hangs with the crowd but is always kind of on the outside looking in? He may make the women in the group feel kind of creepy. He may be the alpha male when another alpha male is not around.

    I am not asking for names here because we do not want to drag a possibly innocent person through the mud. I am asking that if you can think of someone like this to contact Kirk or someone in LE that is trustworthy. Is there anyone on the TF that we can all agree is beyond reproach? Contact him/her.

    Holiday weekends are usually filled with partying and good times, especially in LA. Let’s all be safe this weekend.

  33. Hey Ahlou,

    Even closer to home, look at Sean Vincent Gillis and the trail he left. There is another SK in Baton Rouge as well. Look at the trail of dead women going back to the eighties. The lead detective that realized there was a Sk operating in the early nineties said they kept it from the public so as not to alarm them. What a crock. He is now the Sheriff over there. Or he was when I moved in 2001. They seem to get in and hang on for life. At least JDP’s lifer is about a half a doughnut from a massive coronary.

    Be extra vigilant this weekend.

    • Thanks, Red Ranger. I did read about the SKs in Louisiana, seems LE use the same MO. Had to smile about the JDP’s lifer, you have a nice way with words.

      You have a wonderful weekend. As for me I’m staying inside.

  34. brittany, Just from what I have observed, to be hired here you have to be dismissed from at least 2 different LE offices before you end up hired by JDP LE. When things go bad in Jennings LE you end up hired in the Welsh PD. The sad fact is, IF you are a cop here, and IF you are honest, forthright, and trying to do the job to the best of their ability (yes, there were and are a few), you are kept out of the loop of info, ignored, reports are dismissed or lost, and your hours are cut so that it is hard to make a living. So WHY should a good cop stay in this area?

    Another thing that weighs heavy on my mind…Why is it that JDP is about the only courthouse that doesn’t have its files online? Why is it that the Public Records are so messed up that file after file is in the wrong order, missing paperwork, or just stuffed with whatever? Does it not seem a Red flag that the system is so messed up that anyone can slip whatever they want out of the file while looking at them and return it with no one the wiser? (yes, I know several in the past years that have done so, not related to these murders) And why is it such a concern of LE WHO is searching ‘PUBLIC’ RECORDS that they would be notified??? This has the stink of three day old raw chicken in a garbage can!

    • You know LiF……I had been planning to return to Jennings the week I had urgent family matters out of town come up. I have several reasons to return to Jennings/JDP one of them being that I am interested in pulling and reviewing several public records since the information I am seeking I have been unable to locate online.

      SilenceDogood was right when he suggested in one of his comments that someone needs to start perusing records……whether it be journalists, PI’s or even private citizens. The issue I now have though, after the courthouse incident with Kirk and Brittany, is am I going to have to worry that “someone(s)” is going to be called and notified when I request certain records?? Am I going to have to be concerned that I’m being watched for some reason even though I would be doing nothing wrong or illegal?? Are these people going to try to determine who I am and why I’m there??

      I hate to come off sounding so paranoid but I have to admit……..I’m wondering if I should bring a couple of my attorney friends with me when I visit the JDP courthouse.

      • I know you are talking to LiF but if I was you I’d bring in several attorney friends….and….others who will just be looking at records….just because. You don’t have to show an id to check records but the more you bring looking for something the better it will be for you!

  35. Keep up the good work!

  36. All of these discussions add up to serious and overwhelming evidence that something has been amiss for a long time. It is imperative that residents start banning together for answers. Not just in JDP but parishes all around. The spill over effects all Louisiana residents.

    • IMO-someone in Jennings needs to confront the local media & the sheriff as to why they are trying to keep info from the public and why the sheriff will at least not give a short statement anyway; there is nothing new to report. As I recall Chief Lassiter released a statement a few weeks ago. Also a few months ago a state policeman in another parish was asked about the situation in Jennings with the murders and all ,his answer was LE in jennings is a joke. Wonder how many people think this of our LE.

      • IMHO…I think the JDP LE’s handcuffs are used more for the control of the victims families and local media than have ever been used on criminals

    • This is a great forum.

  37. I’m all for a billboard put up on I-10 in Jennings with a plea to help us solve these murders. it might lead to info, it may force the news media to take notice along with government officials and people like NAACP and groups like them, and it would put those in office here in the hot seat and force them to get off their a**”s and do more than the damage control that they are doing.

    • Good suggestion about a billboard. Maybe Lamar Advertising would consider it. Of course I’m sure the Sheriff would have to okay a billboard(s).

      • Billboard asking or stating about a SK in Jennings.

        My point of the billboard was if people read this billboard, they may NOT stop in the Jennings area. It will begin to hurt the businesses, NORTH of the tracks, who don’t seem to give a *s h i t.

    • How about we copy a bit from the task force website –

      Crimes in Jefferson Davis Parish
      We Want Your Help to Solve These Crimes

      then place each of the girls pictures, names and with the word ‘MURDERED’ with the dates, along with the tip number and this blogs address?
      Surely since it is so close a copy to their site ( LE wouldn’t have a problem with it…..or would they?

      as far as ruining their business’s,
      well, Jennings is always talking about their plans for their new park on the highway and with the new water park to open this summer on I 10 just a few miles from it….if you were a parent, wouldn’t YOU want to know what your teen might be walking into during their summer fun???

  38. I’ve read all of the threads with great interest. My question is what could Frankie Richard possibly have on anyone that would let him escape being charged.

    He has a long rap sheet, even got arrested and let go but yet somehow seems to evade authorities for years.

    Either he is the luckiest guy around or he has something major on people. Thoughts?

    • hi darkstar24….glad you joined us.

      You ask a million dollar question there. Would love to know the answer to it.

      I’m also trying to find out if Richard was incarcerated at the time Muggy and Crystal were killed. I was told he WAS in jail when Brittney was killed.

      He may not be the only one with “something” on someone.

  39. my opinion…from what i have heard from old and young alike…you take his extensive past, and add to that the info he has gained on people for years, what he did for a living,not just in JDP , and what he does now(and the people he deals with on a daily basis, talk, and they have some grand tales to tell on LE and others)…and you have people in power that DO NOT want the boat rocked in any way, shape or form. Think of it this way, Just because the mafia lord retires, does not mean that he gives up all power and knowledge, or the fear others have of him. While FR is not as grand a scale, same theory applies.

  40. I hear what your saying. I did not know he was in jail at the time of Brittany’s murder, that puts a whole new spin on things.

    I wonder if the girl did it since Brittany was afraid, maybe a female would not be so threatening.

    There is a rumor of a drug raid as stated earlier in these threads. Do we know where and if anyone was actually shot? I may be getting this mixed up with the one where all of the victims were arrested and let go except for one who left town?

  41. Really, there’s no reason to think that someone wasn’t brought to the area from somewhere else to do some of the dirty “work” of removing people. Rumor has it that Richard did similar deeds for years in places nowhere near here. There are countless F. Richards out there who are willing to do exactly the same deeds for the same people. Wouldn’t that be a wiser way to have some or all done – rather than having a local who is affiliated with the victims and who’s already suspected every time something in the drug community goes wrong? If I were in charge of this kind of business, I’d certainly bring in someone from afar who knows no one local and have it done while the usual suspects have an alabi. Then again, it may be a local. We know only one thing … it’s been done too often for too long to make me believe that LE has no idea where to start looking. If they have no direction to follow and no leads to pursue, it only means that they are even more incompetent than we thought or they truly are trying to engage in yet another of the many local LE cover-ups.

  42. I definitely think it is local and I think that law enforcement does know where to look but that it may be a matter or proof/evidence.

    Its just strange that FR has gotten away with so much, he must really have the goods on people for them to look the other way so much. Not with the murders only but with his various other illegal/ arrests and activities. I’ve heard of people doing time with far less than this guy but yet he always seems to get out of jail. Just look at his mugshot, he even LOOKS like a killer.
    If he is more of a user than dealer where does he get his money.

    Maybe we need to follow the money, specifically, follow HIS money. What does he live off of, how does he buy drugs, does he still own a bar. Does his niece work.

    Is it possible that FR and HC are the links to the killer/s rather than the killers? Just brainstorming. Maybe they are part of a small group responsible. Not that Kirk hasn’t already done this but we need to know everything about these two. I still believe that is the key to solving this.

    And for Britney, Whitney’s sister and a couple of others who post. I care. I don’t know any of these girls personally but I do care. And you would be surprised at how much people care. Those detectives were just pure unprofessional. I know they probably don’t like you because you have been so vocal and made them look bad but PROFESSIONALS don’t act that way. Instead of shooting the breeze outside the det. division they ought to get to work on actually solving something, like a case.

  43. I’ve been reading back and wondering what happened with the teen who was said to have been raped by 2 black males in February? Did it happen or not?

    Is that the same person who claimed she was robbed by a black male in Lake Arthur only to find it didn’t happen. Then the DA didn’t bring charges even though she had claimed raped at the VFW.

  44. Hey Ahlou,
    About a week later they came out and said the event never occured. I don’t know if she was charged.

  45. I just went to Jennings about two weeks ago. Passed through. I was laughed at by the people inside the vehicle, because I was going so slow. I just wanted to make sure I was not breaking any laws. One stated, they will give you a ticket for going to slow. After reading on here, I just don’t trust ANY cop in Jennigns. Like eyezonly feelings’, I get a VIBE when passing through there. LOL. Funny now, but not when I go through from time to time. That’s why I say put a billboard, with this web site on it. Another thing, stopped at the Phillips 66, they cleaned that place up a lot or it was just a slow time of day. The area outside and inside looked clean and so did the workers, but then again, it was early morning.

  46. Just got word__ Black was seen at Andrew St. house.

  47. Who owns the Andrew St. house?

    • Not sure but I’ve heard the person who is HOH is D Dugas…his mother bought the home for him. I may be real wrong but then again I may be right.

  48. Who was in the Black Det. car?

  49. RR and All,

    I know that the media has taken a “hit” from the public for not reporting enough on the unsolved homicides. I’ve recently submitted an email to the mainstream media which is kplc, klfy, katc and I cc’d the Jennings Daily News to let them know what the public…you, feel about the reporting.

    For the record, I have a good working relationship with Scott Lewis. I communicate with him on a frequent basis. Scott is not a bad guy and I believe he reports the news as it happens or as it is reported to him. Scott has also invited anyone that wants to speak to him to feel free to give him a call. I trust Scott and he has proven to me that I can trust him. When I sent that email to the mainstream news media I was mostly speaking of the television news, not the Jennings Daily News, I cc’d them to let them know what the public was saying and how they (the public) felt there was not enough news coverage.

    Scott Lewis, as well as the Jennings Daily News has “hit” the sheriff’s department, Ricky Edwards, and the task force very hard with “negative” media in the past about how they are not doing enough and waited in excess of three years before starting this task force when it should have been started when the first body was found, or at the very least, when the second body was found. We can’t fault Scott or the JDN, but I really want the pubicity of the mainstream media that reaches more of an audience, i.e, the television media. Megan Schering and I also have a good relationship and communicate just as Scott and I do, weekly or sometimes more frequently. When Brittany Jones made a statement and there was an apparent miscommunication, Scott was the first one to call me and ask me to go to Brittany’s residence and have her call him and offered a retraction in the paper. Just for the record, Scott and Ricky Edwards does not agree and are still having conflicts because Scott reports the news and will be the first one to call down the sheriff’s office and Ricky Edwards. If you will call to media interviews on this site, you will observe articles written by Scott Lewis that does that very thing.

    I know its easy to blame the media but recently, Michael Cassidy, Johnny Lassitar and myself gave an interview to The Advocate and we all agreed that progress is being made, slowly but surely, the only one to disagree or have no comment was Edwards.

    So again, I say that if you have a comment, question or concern, feel freet to call Scott Lewis at 337-824-3011 and he will talk to you. I apologize if the JDN took my email for something negative. It wasn’t directed at them but directed towards the mainstream media.

    • Mr. Menard ,thanks for your efforts on behalf of the concerned citizens of Jennings. Maybe some day sooner or later theses murders will be solved. I don’t know you personally ( have spoken to you on the phone) but I think you are an asset to these cases. Thanks Again.

  50. FTR, don’t know about outehrs but I’m lost – in space. Sounds like what you are talking is old. I for one thought that had happened several weeks ago with the Scott Lewis reporting. Lost, lost, lost.

    I do agree LE, ie. MC, JL and you gave an interview with The Advocte but that was weeks ago. And agree Sherrif Edwards had no comment…still what is your current post about?

    • Listed below is an email I’ve sent to the news media, including the Jennings Daily News. Then I’ve received a phone call from Dona Smith (which I was not available when she called) so I later called Scott Lewis to find out what Dona wanted to speak with me about. Scott told me that they have taken offense to my email about the media not being involved enough, especially not returning phone calls, etc., but Scott mentioned to me that unless a name and phone number is listed, they can’t published anything because it has to be verified. The JDN is a small part of the media. I mostly wanted to reach out to the mainstream media such as the television stations but I copied the JDN and I didn’t realize that Red Ranger had mentioned Scott’s name in a posting. Really and truly, I don’t care who I piss off. I have clients to represent but in all fairness, Scott Lewis does communicate with me and is willing to speak to anyone, as he told me. So my email was not directly at them but at the mainstream media. Here is a copy of the email I submitted to the media:


      Listed below are statements that come from a website that has been dedicated to the victim’s and the victim’s families. The website is and has been online now for sometime. As many of you know, I represent many of the victim’s families and have been hired independently from some of the victim’s families because of lack of manpower with the Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff’s Office as well as the Jennings City Police. We do not want this case to “grow cold” as it apparently did in the past. The website above lists many of the citizens concerns as well as many of the family member’s concerns.

      We are requesting that the media conduct follow-up calls to law enforcement (LE) and/or perform investigative reporting on its own to gather facts. There has been very little media coverage of this case since the press conference that was held in December and many citizens are now beginning to ask questions. Please read the statements and questions below and please decide if the media can become more involved in this case.

      Kindest Regards,
      Kirk Menard
      Advanced Investigative Technologies, LLC
      (337) 246-0933

      And this is the portion of the email that pissed the publisher, Dona Smith off:

      Red Ranger, on May 21st, 2009 at 4:26 PM Said:
      Thanks G8,

      I am curious about the availability of the local media to ask these questions. I am not saying that they are controlled by the JDP political machine but I don’t see any investigative reporting, I don’t see them asking R Edwards anything, and I don’t see any articles about any of this in the local newspaper. The Advocate in BR seems to carry more print about this than the Daily news. I have written Scott Lewis in the past with questions and concerns. I was ignored. Not even a courtesy, flowery, go eff myself.

      When I was in elementary school in Baton Rouge they taught us about the ostrich hiding his head in the sand. They also taught us that this did not make his problems go away. Sorry to use your forum to whack the hive but John Q. Public has been getting short changed for a while in JDP.

      When is the next Sheriff election?

  51. FGO sakes I was saying others and wrote in a language unknown :-).

    • 😉

      • Hi g8,

        Best wishes to you and your family.

        I sure wish I knew why KM made the post he did. IMO it didn’t say anything more than what he has said in the past……unless something is going on that hasn’t been posted.

  52. Any word on who was in black car.

    • Not sure , got the info second hand, but P. Guillory has been seen driving such a vehicle.

  53. brownie>>>>>>> just a little tidbit for YOU i live on the NORTH side of town YOU dont even know what your talking about i am a family member and we have been working hard and I SAY HARD probably harder than south side i will DEFEND NORTH SIDE OF TOWN maybe if the southside would start talking about what they know we could get answers!!!!!! so dont talk about people you have no clue about! we been working on this and trying to get answers for these victims LONG before you ever came along!!!!! maybe its you who dont give a SHIT but dont talk about people on NORTH SIDE of town when YOU DONT know what your talking about!!!!!! just because we dont post everyday on this blog and talk about everyone instead of taking care of the task at hand!!!!! HOW DARE YOU!!!!! The families need answers not gossip mills!!!

  54. Hey Kirk,
    You provided an excellent link a while back. Part of it was about TF media relations. This was all FBI protocall and what they suggest as far as media and public relations. Since the Sheriff and TF were following none of it I passed it on to Scott Lewis in a very polite email. This was on 2-26 at 2:09 pm. I am still waiting for an answer.

    I am enclosing your link again since I found it very informative.

  55. I have heard the view expressed on this website that the local citizens should not want to place so much pressure on the law enforcement agencies that someone decides to act prematurely and arrests the wrong person or fails to arrest all responsible persons for the deaths of seven Jeff Davis parish residents. The law enforcement agencies involved in this investigation have been entrusted with a challenging task, namely, to find the person or persons responsible for these senseless murders, whether one chooses to use the term ” serial killer” or not. Sheriff Edwards announced months ago that a task force of “up to” ten persons from multiple agencies have been assigned to work on this matter, and all law enforcement agencies involved in that joint task force should be encouraged to continue their best efforts. However, while there may be times when all the assigned persons are fully engaged in investigating these murders, one cannot help but question whether the number of manhours devoted to the investigation might dwindle if fewer and fewer leads are forthcoming as the overall amount of time and money expended on the investigation increases.

    Anyone reading this blog will quickly come to the conclusion that there are more than a few citizens in Southwest Louisiana who believe that to some extent progress has been slowed because of deeply rooted systemic issues pertaining to the use, sale and distribution of drugs in the parish. If that is true, if there are other crimes that have occurred and gone unpunished that contributed to creating the environment in which these murders occurred that may have hindered the progress of the murder investigation, then perhaps the local citizens should ask the sheriff whether he has or will exercise the power to grant a broader mandate to another law enforcement officer , one not focused specifically on solving the seven murders, but rather one focused more on eradicating the drug environment in the parish as the Louisiana legislature contemplated when the State enacted the following law:

    ” LSA-R.S. 33:1433
    § 1433. Appointment, oath, and bond of deputies; authority and jurisdiction of certain deputies

    D. (1) A duly commissioned deputy who is a member of the Louisiana Sheriffs’ Association Violent Crimes and Narcotics Strike Force when acting at the written request of the sheriff of another parish shall have law enforcement authority and jurisdiction within the jurisdiction of the sheriff who is requesting the assistance.”

    By no means am I suggesting that fewer resources should be devoted to solving these murders, but rather that if some of the general concerns expressed by persons on this blog about the drug environment in Jeff Davis are even partly true, then some of the best clues for solving these murders might actually come to the surface when other crimes are investigated and prosecuted.

    If the sheriff has taken or were to take such action, I believe it would best be viewed not as any sort of acknowledgment of shortcomings within local law enforcement, but rather as a sign of his dedication to doing the best for the citizens of the parish, a dedication which I, quite frankly, believe he already has and demonstrates daily. Indeed, if he were unwilling to take that step, then, and only then would I question whether everything that can be done was being done to bring this matter to a proper resolution.

  56. and brownie FYI KM lives on NORTH SIDE you dont even live here we should ALL be on same side not divided we are all working for one goal maybe your not!

    • There’s so much I want to say, but I’m gonna try to keep it clean. I have written letters to the governor, d.a., called a few newspapers, news people, etc… I apologized and I’m gonna leave it at that.

  57. Brownie, you have earned my respect, over and over.

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