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    A woman meets a man at a family funeral, nobody knows the man but the woman begins talking with the man for hours, all of a sudden, the man leaves the funeral and is never seen again. A few days later, the woman that met the man at the funeral kills her sister, why? What is the answer?

    • Mr. Menard,I may be off base, but I think the woman knew this man maybe from her past.He may have been a former boyfriend of both sisters,probably a control freak as most serial killers are,and maybe a Manson-type person -cult leader.Manson was a genius at mind control and his followers murdered innocent people because he controlled them.In my opinionthat is what happened.

  2. LOL. You posted it at 11:32 a.m. and here it is 2:34 p.m. Nobody wants to comment. I will try to guess and hope I get it wrong. I would say maybe the talk was over her sister that somehow related to his past?

  3. You always liven things up brownie.

    I’d say the man had tried to date or marry her and the sister didn’t give her the message….or he could be their father she never knew.

    • 🙂 I agree ahlou….brownie does liven things up….I likey!!!

      Okay….my guess is the sister wanted to see the man again.

      And no Menard…..I’m not a serial killer !!! LOL

  4. The answer is probably “because she could”. Most killers feel no empathy.

  5. g8trgirl got it right. Because she wanted to see the man again so she killed her sister knowing that he would appear at her funeral.

    • The woman must have been really obsessed with this man.Kill her own sister? It takes all kinds!!

  6. G8 and KM cheated!!!!!!

    Besides how would she know he would come back :_(

    I know this is a serious topic but thanx for a little something extra.

  7. I agree with cp. Because she could is a better answer. A bad reason to kill her sister is no better than no reason at all and if she needed no reason at all to kill her sister, then she would have already done it. The question is not a serious question, but it does make a good joke.

  8. It’s a psychological question asked of most serial killers and they all know the answer. Our profiler told us to ask the question and g8trgirl actually cheated and used a search engine and got it right lol. It was a serious question though and is psychological in nature.

  9. OK, its psychological in nature. Is it because they all hold themselves in high esteem to think that someone would kill to see them again?

    Thanks, sleuthing888, I think we are coming from the no passes side for these creeps.

    • It’s because. . .well.

      Okay, the reason is because the guy wanted to see the woman again.

      Okay, so to the guy, the fact that a woman died is no big deal. Get the idea that he’s sad about her funeral out of your head.

      Guy saw a hot chick, saw a funeral, knew women are vulnerable at funerals, so he stopped. He talked to woman. He liked talking to her.

      Woman at funeral = good to talk to. It was enjoyable.

      So he replicated the conditions he had before. EOS. No high or low esteem or anything else.

      (I might have done some fraud work in the past and worked with a few kids who have been abused by some real nut jobs. . .) The answer comes down to the fact that the guy really didn’t care about anyone but himself and getting what the guy needed. Since no one else mattered, guy did what he wanted to do to get his objective. People are no more important to hypothetical guy than a pencil. Would you break a pencil if you were looking to hook up and you could hook up if you broke the pencil? People = pencils to serial killers, pretty much.

      Okay, now I’m going to go wash out my brain. Blech.

  10. Ok, I have a problem with the whole serial killer response. The killer KM addressed was a SHE…what would a HE answer? Would they both answer the same way?

    • Yes, the answer would be the same for a HE or SHE. In fact, a serial killer that was executed in Florida was asked that question and she knew the answer. Same thing with a serial killer that was a HE in California. It’s a mentality.

  11. Does Frank have any relationship with R. Daigle?

  12. I must ask…why did your profiler ask you to ask the question?

    • He didn’t ask me to ask the question on here, that was my idea but I do have scheduled to go speak to a serial killer (can’t disclose which one) and that is one question i will ask him.

  13. Speaking of R. Daigle… he is providing the ice for the We Love Jennings Block Party….?????

    • I think it will be wonderful if “he provides ice” for the function. I also think it would be wonderful if he agreed to be hooked up to a lie detector machine.

      • His place of business seems much busy lately. LOL g8 maybe someone should whisper that to the person from the AG office who is supposed to be there.

        • Hmmm…….AG is gonna be there? Maybe G8 should seriously consider attending.

  14. I bet the serial killer in Florida was Aileen Wournos. I actually ran into her in a Burger King at a truck stop. She was with her gal pal and a man. The next day the composite drawings were all over the Miami Herald. I called LE. Long story short I didn’t have to testify at trial but was interviewed. She was one creepy female to behold…and yes, she scared me.

    • OMG!!! I’d still be having nightmares about seeing her. That was one creepy weirdo female. The experts had to “tweak” their profiles after she came onto the scene. I’ve seen all the documentaries about her and the movie that came out as well.

      Interestingly enough….national LE is going to have to “retweak” their profiles when they finish trying and studying Melissa Huckaby for sexually abusing and killing an 8 year old girl in California.

      It’s amazing how we continue as a society to be surprised when it comes to crime and criminals. The criminals seem to be one step ahead of LE at all times and also continue to shock the public.

  15. Lest we NOT forget a couple of the people arrested “early on” in these murders……two females. Hannah Conner, who is now pregnant, and Tracee Chaisson.

    Last name sound familiar? Chaisson?

    Don’t dismiss the women as innocent just yet. SOMEONE’S gonna tell it….sooner or later….you can book it.

    Two things I’ve learned in life….i DO have to pay taxes and people talk…..people LOVE to talk.

  16. Mr. Menard– If you already know that the person you are meeting is a serail killer, what is the point in asking him that question?

    • Sleuthing-Lol, its not just an icebreaker but its to tell if the person has the same mentality as other serial killers and I don’t know how the experts chose that question but SOMEONE actually google’d that question and now can’t find it again…go figure…lol, but anyway, the experts somehow chose that question to ask serial killers prior to questioning them but again, this follows generalities and statistics but does not mean that all serial killers operate the same.

  17. Never mind that last question. I figure it must be a good ice breaker question, that is, if there is such a thing as an ice breaker with a serial killer.

  18. Well, I certainly hope you learn something valuable from the interview of the serial killer, Clarice.

  19. Hey g8tr, Chaisson does sound familiar. Besides being a victim name it is also the last name of the editor of the Jennings newspaper. Any familial ties between any of them?

    • I believe Tracee Chaisson and Loretta were cousins. No idea if the editor is related to them.

    • There’s a lot of Chaissons in that area. If you track everybody back to their Cajun ancestors, eventually, everyone is related. . .but not closely.

      It’s a small town, and the same families have been there forever.

      • Hi Snarling….glad you joined us 🙂

        You’re right ….it’s the same thing with my husband’s surname. There’s lots n lots of people with the same name in Iberia/Lafayette parish. Some are more closely related than others though. I think there were two “main” families originally and everyone else branched off from there.

  20. A vacant house just burned on S. Lake Arthur about 300 yds before Racca road. Considering the proximity to many of the dump sites, this is very suspicious to me. A vacant house could easily be a crime scene.

    • From what I understand, the fire started in a back bedroom in the middle of the room. A neighbor called 911 and said no one answered!!! Another person called the police station directly. Even though the fire department is located very close to where the house was burning, it took 8-9 minutes for them to arrive on the scene. It took about 5-6 minutes for the police to arrive.

      • Most would not be surprised by the 911 non-answering…..nor slow response. That is fairly common in Jennings. That was some of the complaints during the November City Council meeting.

        The house is also located not very far from where Mouton was killed in his house…that was quickly torn down. If I was a betting person I’d guess druggers using the house. The person who used to live there died not so long ago, she had several children.

  21. Here’s the question and answers…thanks g8trgirl for cheating lol and for the research lol…. I didn’t know these existed but apparently g8trgirl was determined to find the answer and did lol.

    dont know if you are still searching for information but i remember this serial killer question which was made by american psychologists while they researched the brains of serial killers.

    “This story is about a girl.

    On the funeral of her mother she notices her dreamboy but she doesnt even know his name.

    Two days later she kills her sister.


    about 90% of all serial killers answered that she did it because she wanted to see her dreamboy again on the funeral of her sister.

    i think its an interesting fact ^^

    No one I know has got it right.

    A woman, while at the funeral of her own mother, met a guy whom she did not know. She thought this guy was amazing. She believed him to be her dream guy so much, that she fell in love with him right there, but never asked for his number and could not find him. A few days later she killed her sister.

    Question: What is her motive for killing her sister?

    [Give this some thought before you answer]


    She was hoping the guy would appear at the funeral again. If you
    answered this correctly, you think like a psychopath. This was a test by a famous American Psychologist used to test if one has the same
    mentality as a killer. Many arrested serial killers took part in the test and answered the question correctly.

    If you didn’t answer the question correctly, good for you.

    Psycho Test

    Read this question, come up with an answer and then scroll down to the bottom for the result. This is not a trick question. It is as it reads.

    A woman, while at the funeral of her own mother, met this guy whom she did not know. She thought this guy was amazing, so much her dream guy she believed him to be just that! She fell in love with him right there, but never asked for his number and could not find him. A few days later she killed her sister. Question: What is her motive in killing her sister? (Give this some thought before you answer). SCROLL DOWN.

    Answer: She was hoping that the guy would appear at the funeral again. If you answered this correctly, you think like a psychopath. This was a test by a famous American Psychologist used to test if one has the same mentality as a killer. Many arrested serial killers took part in the test and answered the question correctly. If you didn’t answer the question correctly good for you. If you got the answer correct, please let me know so I can take you off of my email list unless that will tick you off, then I’ll just be extra nice to you from now on. Be sure to share the test.

    • So this question spun me off thinking.

      Laconia Brown’s discovery was so planned and so concise and so different from every other murder, it makes you wonder why.

      Not the murder itself – one suspects that murder was conducted for the same reason as all the other murders – but the finding of the body. It was like it needed to be found, you know?

      Which means the killer needed it to be found.

      Why? Why did it need to be found on the 29th of May and not a month down the road?

      I can think of several reasons the killer would decide the body needed to be found and found at a certain date. (Like, if the killer was a close family member. Most jobs give you bereavement leave for a close family member. If the killer needed time off from a legit job to do something else and couldn’t get off work. . .say he wanted time off to go see LSU play baseball that weekend.)

      There’s been mention made that Laconia Brown’s body and disposal gave the police evidence. I think it did. I hope it did.

  22. Some posts seem to be eliminated. Or there is a time delay. I want to hear what these others have to say.

  23. I think all the posts are coming through okay cp. The settings I have will hold a comment in the “pending approval” category if it contains more than 3 links…’s to protect against spammers. There’s nothing pending approval right now though and all other comments should show up as soon as they’re submitted.

    Maybe no one has a comment to the post yet :D.

  24. Thanks g8, The order is different but I am catching on.Snarling was new but her/his post showed up in the in between. Funny, how we are all kin in some way.

    • Small populations with lots and lots of kids to work the farms back in the day mean the same thing in most Louisiana towns.

      I used to work with a Lognion and a Legnion who were as different as night and day, but they both traced back to the same family who came over in Le Grand Dérangement.

      If it’s a French name on the Cajun prairie, you’ll win most bets that they’re Acadian and that everyone with that name sprang up from the same set of relations who were part of the expulsion.

  25. District Judge in New Orleans is arrested for corruption…ya think maybe their in the wrong parish? Read the story:

    State District Judge Wayne Cresap of St. Bernard Parish arrested by the FBI on Friday on suspicion of conspiracy to commit wire fraud

    U.S. Attorney Jim Letten said the arrest resulted from “an ongoing corruption investigation by FBI and U.S. attorney’s office.”

    “Cresap entered into an illegal agreement with unnamed lawyers in which Cresap accepted money to convert secured bonds to unsecured personal surety bonds, thereby allowing the releases of charged individuals on signatures, and without collateral security,” a statement from Letten’s office said.

    The scheme to accept money to release suspects from jail “deprived citizens of his honest services in the course of his officials duties, ” according to the charge against him.

    Wayne CresapA sworn affidavit signed by FBI agent Todd Goodson mentions, but does not name, two lawyers. Cresap and Lawyer A “had an agreement in which (Cresap) would convert bonds for clients of Lawyer A in exchange for money,” according to the affidavit.
    FBI agents interviewed Cresap in a parking lot on April 9, and he admitted taking money from Lawyer A to convert bonds “on numerous occasions,” the affidavit says. He also said he had a similar arrangement with Lawyer B, it says.

    There was no explanation for why authorities waited two weeks to arrest Cresap.

    The arrest itself was unusual for a white-collar defendant, however. In political corruption cases, federal authorities typically seek indictments, then arrange for defendants to surrender at court.

    Street arrests, by contrast, are usually reserved for emergency cases where investigators suspect the defendant is going to flee or is a threat to others. There was no indication that this was the case for Cresap.

    Letten said FBI agents arrested Cresap on Friday afternoon. At 7:30 p.m., he said Cresap remained in custody pending a bail hearing but he would not say where.

    If indicted and convicted, Cresap faces a maximum prison term of 5 years and a $250,000 fine, although maximum sentences are rare in federal court. He could also be ordered to pay resitution, according to Letten’s statement.

    The FBI affidavit suggests the investigation began in February, if not earlier, and involved a review of Cresap’s telephone calls. It does not say whether investigators had a wiretap to llisten surreptiously on the calls.

    The accusations against Cresap are similar to those that sent two Jefferson Parish judges, Ronald Bodenheimer and Alan Green, to prison earlier this decade in the FBI’s Wrinkled Robe investigation. The difference is that Bodenheimer and Green were accused of manipulating bonds in exchange for gifts not from lawyers but from a bail bonds executive, Louis Marcotte III, who also sent to prison.

    Cresap, 62, has presided over the 34th Judicial District’s Division C since October 1999, when he defeated Gregory Noto in a runoff to fill the term of the late Judge Melvyn Perez.

    A Democrat from Poydras, Cresap was elected to a full six-year term in October 2002 and re-elected without opposition in October 2008.

    Before winning election, Cresap was a longtime lawyer in St. Bernard Parish. He also served as St. Bernard’s representative to the Regional Planning Commission from 1992 to 1997.

    The state Supreme Court suspended Cresap without pay for 30 days in 2006 for violating judicial conduct rules. That came in connection with a 2002 hearing on the state Department of Natural Resources’ request to remove a fellow St. Bernard judge from presiding at trial over oyster harvesters’ claims that wetlands restoration projects destroyed their oyster beds. Cresap denied the motion to remove Judge Manny Fernandez from the case

    The Supreme Court ruled that Cresap failed to remain neutral, had improper private communications with a state official and verbally abused a Natural Resources attorney during the three-day hearing. Cresap apologized to the Supreme Court and said he lost control of the 2002 hearing, but that he learned from the experience.

    • They need to investigate Livingston Parish. I suspect it happens all the time. I watched a brother of an arestee walk into attorney’s office, hand over $1000 cash because his brother’s bail was to high. (probalbly set to high on purpose for the cause) Attorney walks over to court house, comes right back, tells him it is reduced now- (like from $150,000 to $50,000 if I remember correctly). That was it. Now, tell me the Judge and attorney did not split the cash. Bails here are so nonstandard. And when it is exceedingly low for a crack pusher- the newspaper writes the story, but never gives the Judges name that set the low bail–$15,000 as compared to a regular $150,000 plus.
      Calcaseau and Caddo have a lot of discrepancies also, as does Avoyelles Parish.

    • Another arrest from Jim Letten! (I’m soooo glad Lil’ Mary decided to endorse him to be re-appointed as Federal Attorney General for the area! I am SUCH the groupie of this guy’s work prosecuting corruption!)

  26. To report corruption in Louisiana, here is an address to report political and official corruption. As you can see from the above case, it is investigated. The United States Attorney for Louisiana is Donald Washington. The website address is

    Mailing Address:

    United States Attorney’s Office
    Attn: United States Attorney
    Western District of Louisiana
    800 Lafayette Street
    Suite 2200
    Lafayette, Louisiana 70501
    Telephone (337) 262-6618

  27. Snarling C – you made a very interesting theory, been wondering about what you wrote. Do you know or is that just theory about a family wanting leave time for a ball game and if so that would be another bottom of the pit.

    OTOH, Whitnei Dubois was found on Saturday, May 12th, so what’s up with that, if known.

    • mrs bella does have whitneis lil girl and is wonderful with all her grandchildren!

      • No problem here MS. not MRS. Bella is doing the very best she can with all three of the children.

        It would help if you had looked on Whitnei’s page…you would see G8 is tryin to validate the parents of the children. If you know for sure then it would help letting her/him know not jumping un-important fighting the bone.

        Ok, lets get this straight as to how I view your post although you may not see it that way. You come in full of anger and hate….for whom is the question…you seem selective not even knowing the poster. There was a time I told you how sorry I was for you and every single one of the family members who had love ones involved. I even stated I have a murdered child so I know first hand but you keep attacking. IMO you are not venting your disdain for these cases being unsolved you are venting for some unknow sympathy.

        You claim you will/would do this or that and yet unlike Whitnei’s sister you come in under a nic like many of others. Can’t be to will or would imo. Then you always PRAY —- we all pray for closure – that is not something you and only you get.

        I may not reply to you again but be it known it’s because this board is bigger than that. Whining and fighting helps nothing and concerned43 others have the same right you have and others have or have had family members murdered by some sob. Will not join your pity party.

    • what are u talking about? whats up wifh what??????

  28. g8, you have done a fantistic job with the victims. I just went there and had to tell you – GREAT JOB.

    Regarding Loretta and Whitnei’s children with the same grandmother, yes she has them. She is called Bella Lewis and live on King street. Love to TALK and just may know something but has never been asked. She seems to be raising the children mostly by herself. They seem to be truly a handful. I’ve seen them around functions when the children were there, Bella was the only person I’ve seen with them. Don’t get me wrong she may have help it’s just that I’ve not seen anyone but her with the children.

  29. Kirk, is there a message about political corruption or just a general FYI? Louisiana has been a hot bed of that since I was a small child and before.

    Where do we point the guns? A local druggie or the sheriff or some other politico?

    The thinking that it is all about corrupt persons in politics has to stop and think about corrupt people in general. If politics is their forte than we look. This is a common criminal..hate is one motivating factor. But, this is a killer for his own motives that shan’t be our knowledge.

    It is a serial killer.

  30. The serial killer question is laughable. Anyone who has researched serial killers know that they are narcissistic and do not need a question like this to find out. Serial killers are all about what they “DO” not what they “SAY.” Serial killers lie all the time, which is why one can’t believe what they say. Relying on ‘self reported’ information is why the FBI’s serial murder typology is so flawed. It is actually the ‘crime scene behaviors’ that are so important in the investigation of serial murders.

    • Glad you joined us M. Silver.

      Do you have any thoughts/opinions as to why LE and the task force seem to be encountering so much difficulty in solving these crimes?

      Of course, none of us are privy to most of the details surrounding the crimes but it appears the answers lie in a rather small, compact area versus a larger metropolitan setting which would likely involve a great deal more investigation because of increased possibilities.

      The area the victims lived in, the area where they were last seen alive, the body location sites, and…..I would assume…..the initial crime scenes where they were killed are within a very, very small and tight radius.

      Seems to me those factors would greatly narrow the focus of the investigation and yet, it appears LE is no closer to resolution now than they were a year or two years ago.

      • G8, I know you are talking to the new person but just had to say – Jennings is a small city???

        Join you in not understanding why resolution seems no closer now than it did a year ago…adding more than a year how about 2005. This is 2009 and by the way getting close to the month of May.

  31. Ok, speaking of crime scene behaviors, here’s a site to check out:

  32. M. Silver, I agree serial killers lie for fun. But I wonder what exactly can be missed/obscured in a crime scene to throw investigators off. None of us are immune to failure and if a crime scene was staged how do you go about exacting truth from flaw? Other than obvious bullet holes and blood spatter, where does it lead with bad evidence?

    I often think about Tara Grinstead’s case when the going gets tough. Lots of potential for the crime but no one has been able to piece it together for a charge.

  33. all of this is really getting to me…..first of all LE and p.i.say they are not even treating this like serial killings !so why go talk to a serial killer???????hmmmm. does somebody know something??? of course iwe all know its serial killers but that is not what the so called sheriff calls it…………..and ill say it again he is a poor excuse for a sheriff and hell never get my vote!!!!!!!!

    • concerned-I’ve said all along its a serial killing because it matches with the definition from the United States Code. I’ve came on television and said it was a serial killing. The sheriff is not willing to call this a serial killing until evidence proves otherwise.

      And I am going speak to a serial killer because one offered to help and through the past years, there have been many serial killers that assisted in catching other…not only serial killers but other killers as well. Ted Bundy assisted the FBI in identifying the Green River Killer.

      • thanks for answering my question mr menard. i am glad you at least see its serial killings.the sheriff needs to open his eyes and see all the similarities….. ther is evidence and he knows it. i wish you luck and hope it will help. its time for some kind of news any lil thing. thank you so much for what your doing for our family and all the families.GOD BLESS YOU!!!!

  34. ahlou just a reply back to you…….first of all you dont have to reply to me …. and yes your dam right i am angry our family has been fighting long before this blog came along!!! i am not angry at anyone on this blog i was answering a question. i have been to whitneis site more than you know. i dont want or need pity from anyone i thank everyone who is trying to help…. was one of these victims your family?????

  35. tog8 thanks for all your hard work our family is so thankfui. more than words can express…………..GOD BLESS YOU AND EVERYONE DOING THEIR BEST TO HELP.

  36. to ahlou your right this board is not big enough to say what i want either. i am sorry for your lossand i pray for every victims family and for this sob to be caught and for you to say thats not what i want you dont even know what your talking about. we knew some of these other girls also and their familis so dont attack people when you dont the story!!

  37. While antisocial people and psychopaths do lie, psychopaths do not have a conscious and antisocial people may have a conscious. Either can become a serial killer.

    Psychos would be more of the organized type kileers and antis disorganized. Antisocial behavior problems tend to surface and cause problems in life- whereas the psychos hone in on thier abilities to survive and function in thier own screwed up worlds- so thier crimes become serial more often- like pimps, serial killers, drug lords, human traiffickers and such. Psychos can truly believe thier worlds are okay.

    Jennings seems kinda small to have a organized killer as in a stand alone psychopath.I do not think it would be someone like Derrick Todd Lee that had a wife and kids appearing normal in his regular life routines. He is not married imo. It seems it is someone who knows something about forensics, but not enough. Tries to make it look like more than one person.

    If there are two or three people involved as in earlier arrest, it could have started small. With three people, it is more likely someone would talk thereby creating a need to kill another and another- n down the line. The original three taking turns- sharing the duty. Each having input as to what to do or how to make it look difeerent so they are not suspected. The process is different if there is more than one person involved.
    A whole ‘other’ thought process being that of many.

    It would almost make since if there were three people involved in these killings.

    I am interested in the house burning, and it’s location. Was someone living there during the time of these crimes? Does anyone keep up the place routinely, if it is vacant? Has it been a hang out place? Hmmm.

  38. Mr. Menard– Is the serial killer that you are meeting one who is classified the same as this perp, that is, a control freak with a sense of mission?

  39. sleuthing-the one we are questioning is considered an overlap of sorts with thrill/mission and yes is someone that has to be in control. A look at his psych record shows an IQ of 132 which is above average and a fairly intelligent person.

  40. Good! Mr. Menard– I am curious to know whether a serial killer, who I am sure must have relationship issues with real people, is influenced more by either books or movies, where the characters, whether fictional or non-fictional, are presented in a world of make believe and the serial killer might appropriate aspects of that make believe world into his own fantasy. Would you ask him?

  41. Great question sleuthing. I hope it is presented but doubt if it would be answered with truthfulness. The click is that there is no normal click..psychopathy is/has been studied for years and no real progress for cure but certainly more episodes worldwide.

    Not being a fatalist but am a watcher of human behavior and this is one that isn’t a typical book feed. New twists show up daily if you watch crime news.So this psychopath could have friends or they are all psychopaths but in any case they are murderers. Whether it is petty crime or planned, stalked and executed it is still murder.

  42. Did anyone read todays Jennings Daily News? Big drug bust on Gallop St some time Saturday.JPD was seen at the house on Andrew St. around 5 pm.maybe they had the wrong house.Oh well maybe next time!

  43. When my dad was a kid in south LA it was common for families to have their children do their chores, then rent them to neighboring farmers to help in the fields. I am not sure if this practice sill continues. I wonder if this is how the killer became familiar with his dump sites. While some are at the road, others seem to be a little further away. What made the sites the places that were chosen? Are they all easily accessed by foot?

    • RR…….All the sites appeared to be very accessible by foot and just off the road.

      Was not able to locate the site where Ernestine was found so I’m not sure about that area. Also, although I wasn’t quite able to identify the “exact” location for a few of the victims, I’m certain I was in the general area and those too appeared quite easily accessed by foot.

  44. Well here is a NEWS FLASH for everyone this just happened in Welsh. A guy was pulled over because he had a warrant for his arrest there were kids in the truck also. They then were able to search the vehicle and that is when they found pills and other drugs in the truck. OCS was called because of the children. But this is the interesting part of it all when they went to see who the truck was registered to hmmmm….it was none other than MR. TERRIE GUILLORY isn’t that something to think on…..

    • Tsk tsk tsk……once again we have Terrie Guillory’s name come up.

      Wonder how quick JDPSO will try to sweep this incident under the rug?

      Why would TG loan his vehicle to a person that had a warrant out for his arrest? Of course we all know TG will simply say he had NO IDEA the driver of his truck was a druggie.

      Looking forward to hearing more details about this incident!!! Hope some from the media are reading here and will follow up on this.

  45. Please remind me who Guillory is,
    I am thinking the warden, is that correct?

    • Yep……that’s the one. Don’t forget too….he’s been recently seen visiting with the Connor’s (week before Richard was released from jail) and for some reason driving Theresa Gary around as well.

      • Didn’t rumor have it that Theresa Gary was hanging around the area trying to do some of her own investigative work or do you all suspect she is up to no good?
        She has been out and about that crowd a while now it seems.

  46. Mr. Menard,

    Can you tell us anything about the killers motive(s) or what you all suspect is the motive behind the killings without hurting the case? Do you think it is to silence people about other crimes?

    If it is not a sexual motive, the person must have something else to gain. It does not appear to be ‘just a turn-on’ for someone. It is so hard to understand how someone can be so hardened as to just kill off several people. They must be so cold. I understand why you are going visit someone else of the same nature.

    Try to remain stand-off’ish enough to comprehend his thought process…it certainly is different than the norm.

    I reckon this really contributes to them being hard to catch. I do think this killer is intelligent, as well as cold. Knowing motive may help narrow down his characteristics.

    (just thinking outloud!!!)

  47. Observer-We’ve heard a bunch of stories…for instance, some girls would bring some of the victims to men’s homes to have sex with them in exchange for drugs and perhaps money and when the victim’s would refuse, well, you know what happened them…that was overheard from Tracee Chassion but again, just a story, can’t confirm if it is true or not at this time. However, if it is true, we believe that there are many involved, girls that lure the victims and potential victims to men to have sex in exchange for drugs and money and men that recruit these girls to get other girls to have sex with them.

    Muggy was one that allegedly would get girls to have sex with these men but at some point she wanted out. And at that point it supposedly went from bad to worse. Can’t confirm that story but that was told to us some time ago and its a circulating rumor as well so since its public knowledge I can discuss it. However, there are other potential motives that I can’t discuss that are not public knowledge.

  48. I have told people (including detectives) that I have seen “alleged” drug dealers driving terry’s truck. I worked in welsh for a year and couldnt count the times on two hands how much terry was in welsh or his truck was. I reported this sometime ago and no one seemed to care!

  49. Brittany, seems they may very well have taken your info seriously. Probably they may have been waiting for just-the-right time. Somehow I think your info helped. Somehow you may very well be the person who will keep the heat on and bring closure – btw you have already.

    How about you and anyone who you know carry a camera – a picture speaks a thousand words.

    BTW what color is the truck?

  50. Oh, I’ve been reading from the old message board in Jennings. Question: How is officer Billodeaux? Apparently there was a female with him the night he got beat up. Someone wrote she at one time lived with a person C.M – does he still work in the same place. It would be a high profile office.

    g8, someone(s) on this board could fill in the blanks. I just hope that person is looked at as well if he is still around.

  51. So, if the rumors are correct we have a drug/sex scenario with girl pimps and at least one pyscho that murders to further get his rocks off.

    With that being said, the girl pimps and the johns are afraid to come forward because they would all be complicit in the scheme. And, they are afraid the psycho would turn on them.

    They must all be pretty stupid though. Time spent in prison for procuring/prostitution/drug use is minor compared to time for murder. The thing is the psycho could turn on any of them at anytime and that, my friends, is the bottom line.Then they would be dead…there is no returning home from being dead like a minor prison sentence.

  52. cp-some of these men, if the rumors are correct, are married and they consider that alot to lose if it would be discovered, many are businessmen in the community and this came out a long time ago on mouthing off and of course, the Boudreaux Inn was implicated in that whole drug/sex/prostitution/pimp ring as well.

  53. Thanks Kirk. It may have been secreted a long time if there had only been one murder but there are 7 murders. So, one of the group got really greedy with the silence elicited by the group. So much so that it has gotten really ugly and really out of control.

    Losing their wives should be the least of consideration at this point. Or their businesses. These people could be picked off one by one if someone doesn’t come forward. The psycho has escalated no question about that and with escalation comes more entitlement and less restraint. In other words, a serial doesn’t play by the same rules as everyone else so in his mind most everyone is dispensable..That is walking a very thin line for participants in a ring.

  54. I reported these things some time ago when I was working in welsh. I did take the plate # down when i had had enough! Im not sure what transpired today, but I have witnessed it before. The truck is an older model, maybe a ford, grayish, with pin stripes i believe, red.

  55. Hmmmmmmmmm

  56. Good job, Brittany. Now call a reporter with this info. Ask Kirk for assistance and have a vacation out of the area. And, don’t dally.

  57. surely the warden would know would know who was in his truvk and that he had warrants. how will he lie his way out of this one??????? i wonder. mr menard what do you no about it if anything and can you say what you no?


    In the last three years seven women have been found dead in and around Jennings. Their bodies have dumped at various locations across Jeff Davis Parish.

    So far, the only common thread shared by all the victims is their bodies contained traces of cocaine.

    For that reason Sheriff Ricky Edwards has been reluctant to describe the women’s deaths as the work of a single serial killer.

    Now there is new information that explains why.

    Law men are examining the possibility the women were killed not by just one person but possibly by two or more.

    It began in May of 2005 with the discovery of the badly decomposed body of Loretta Lewis whose remains were recovered from a drainage canal outside of Jennings.

    Over the next three years the bodies of six more women including Ernestine Patterson, Kirsten Lopez, Whitnei Dubois, Laconia Brown, Crystal Zeno and the most recent victim Brittney Gary have been found dumped at various locations around the parish.

    Wednesday Jennings Police Chief Johnny Lassiter told Eyewitness News investigators are working with several theories involving everything from a group of killers to a single individual, or possibly two individuals operating either independently or together.

    If there is more than one person involved that would go a long way towards explaining why investigators have so far, been unable to develop a single profile, a single suspect that would encompass all seven victims.

    Anyone with information concerning the case is urged to call either the Jennings Police Department or the Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff’s Office.

  59. A group can be serial killers as well if they are conspiring together and committing the crimes together.

  60. An excellent book on group evil is The People of The Lie by Scott Peck. One of the basic points of the book is that a group acting together is capable of committing more heinous acts than any one individual acting alone. If there were evidence of torture, then I would think there was a possibility of a group being involved, but since the released information suggests that there has sometimes been difficulty even establishing the person was murdered, I must believe (until proven otherwise) that one or two persons acting independently of one another are responsible.

  61. That is not to say that there does not appear to be some indication of a group cover up of some facts that would facilitate the investigation. A cover up of facts however may or may not be evidence of guilt of the crime being investigated. Think for a moment about the Chandra Levy case. It became known during the investigation that Congressman Gary Conduit had been having an affair with Chandra Levy before her death. Some people may have suspected that since the married congressman was guilty of breaking one of the big ten commandments, that he was guilty of breaking another of the big ten commandments. Yet, it was uiltimately learned who the killer was and that the Congressman had no part in the crime. So… there may be quite a number of people who would like to run for the cover of darkness when the light of truth is shined upon the matter, but that does not necessarily mean they had a role in the murders. The prinicple of unintended consequences comes into play at some point. Of course, it would make an interesting story if one of the motives of the perp was to shine an embarrassing light on persons guilty of other matters, but now I am probably letting my imagination get the best of me.

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