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  1. sleuthing- in answer to your question about dehumanizing and please bear in mind that I am not an expert on serial killers and do not claim to be one. I can only tell you what my research leads me to believe by attending seminars and questioning experts in the field.

    I guess the answer to your question would depend on the type of person we are dealing with. The motives of serial killers are generally placed into four categories: “visionary”, “mission-oriented”, “hedonistic” and “power/control”; however, there is often considerable overlap among these categories.

    Visionary serial killers suffer from psychotic breaks with reality, sometimes believing they are another person or are compelled to murder by entities such as the devil or God. The two most common subgroups are “demon mandated” and “God mandated.”

    Mission-oriented killers justify their acts on the basis that they are getting rid of a certain type of person, such as homosexuals, prostitutes, blacks or Catholics, whom they find undesirable; however, they are not psychotic.

    The Hedonistic type of serial killer seeks thrills and derives pleasure from killing, seeing people as objects for their enjoyment. Forensic psychologists have identified three subtypes of the hedonistic killer: “lust”, “thrill” and “comfort”.

    Sex is the primary motive of lust killers, whether or not the victims are dead, and fantasy plays a large role in their killings. Their sexual gratification depends on the amount of torture and mutilation they perform on their victims. They usually use weapons that require close contact with the victims, such as knives or hands. As lust killers continue with their murders, the time between killings decreases or the required level of stimulation increases, sometimes both.

    The primary motive of a thrill killer is to induce pain or create terror in their victims, which provides stimulation and excitement for the killer. They seek the adrenaline rush provided by hunting and killing victims. Thrill killers murder only for the kill; usually the attack is not prolonged, and there is no sexual aspect. Usually the victims are strangers, although the killer may have followed them for a period of time. Thrill killers can abstain from killing for long periods of time and become more successful at killing as they refine their murder methods. Many attempt to commit the perfect crime and believe they will not be caught.

    Material gain and a comfortable lifestyle are the primary motives of comfort killers. Usually, the victims are family members and close acquaintances. After a murder, a comfort killer will usually wait for a period of time before killing again to allow any suspicions by family or authorities to subside. Poison, most notably arsenic, is often used to kill victims. Female serial killers are often comfort killers, although not all comfort killers are female.

    Their main objective for killing is to gain and exert power over their victim. Such killers are sometimes abused as children, leaving them with feelings of powerlessness and inadequacy as adults. Many power/control-motivated killers sexually abuse their victims, but they differ from hedonistic killers in that rape is not motivated by lust but as simply another form of dominating the victim. Ted Bundy was a sort of a power/control serial killer.

    Criminologists have long recognized that there are links between most serial killers and their chosen victims. Demographically, serial murderers tend to target more women than men, and kill strangers more often than family or acquaintances, as opposed to single-homicide offenders, who tend to kill men and women equally, while killing friends and family more often.

    So sleuthing, I guess the answer to your question lies in the type of person we are dealing with as noted above. Are we dealing with one person, two, or a group of people that are killing but controlled by one person who orders the killing, such as was the case in the Charles Manson scenario?

    I agree with concerned 43, I am ready for this case to be solved. But if with solving this case, that is just the beginning. We then have a trial and extensive publicity of the case. A trial of this magnitude could take months, then there are appeals, if convicted. A trial of this magnitude is also highly expensive and I foresee the state attorney general’s office prosecuting this case or at least funding this case and overseeing this case while being formally prosecuted by our local district attorney.

  2. concerned-I wish I had an answer for you of why Richard and the others that were implicated/arrested in the homicides are walking the streets but I don’t. I do know that in a capital murder case, LE will not make an arrest unless they have more than circumstantial evidence that the one’s arrested actually committed the crime. However, sometime after the arrest, the district attorney apparently disagreed that the evidence was enough to obtain a conviction.

    Rumor has it that Tracy Chassion was with Richard and Connor (Hannah) and wrote a statement giving details about the murder(s). However, sometime later she (Tracee) recanted her statement, allegedly because her children were threatened by “someone” so she changed her statement possibly stating she was coerced into giving the statement. I must wonder, if the shoe was on the other foot and if this had happened (any one of us were charged with murder) if we would still be awaiting trial or if they would let us go like they did Richard, Connor and Chassion? They can obtain a conviction in a capital murder case on circumstantial evidence but it is very very difficult and you must have a liberal jury to do so. Also, the circumstantial evidence must be so strong as to do away with all reasonable doubt as to the accused guilt.

    Byron Chad Jones and Lawrence Nixon was also arrested for Ernestine Daniels’ death but was also let go. I know the arresting officer on those cases and he is a 25 year detective and its very difficult, if not impossible, for me to believe that he would make an arrest without probable cause or any physical evidence. Rumor has it that the evidence was on a porch and during one of the hurricanes the evidence was destroyed, go figure.

  3. to mr.menard……. do you give all the info that u receive off the streets to the detectives working the cases? Or do you hold back some of it? You used to think that LE was covering something up, now you say something different!!! What made you change your mind?

    • concerned-Yes, ALL information received is reported to LE. Even emails received that may have pertinent information about the cases are reported to LE. I have an investigator that reports directly to a member of the task force that is not from this parish.

      There’s a difference between someone in LE perhaps being involved and covering-up information. In answer to your question, the task force has begun working more closely with us…or at least our contact with the task force has begun working more closely with us since their main problem at this time is information gathering. Even though I’ve started the investigation, since I was local, I turned the investigation over to other investigators that work for me and allow them to handle the investigation independently for our clients’ benefit. Every now and then, as the investigators report back to me on their progress, it seems that they go back to the vehicle that was purchased by a chief of detectives from inmate that was discovered that one of the bodies were transported in. The State Police cleared the chief of detectives but then the ethics board comes back and fines the chief of detectives $10,000 and everyone (other than the public) supports the chief of detectives.

      While we contemplated there may be a cover-up by some officials (not higher officials but perhaps employees) the jury is still out and that issue is not being abandoned either.

      In our opinion, and purely our opinion, there are too many coincidences in this case that does not seem to add up. The purchase of the vehicle and the chief of detectives claim that he did not know the vehicle was potentially used in a crime, the arrest and eventual release of Tracy Chassion, Frankie Richard, and Hannah Connor, Loretta Chassion hiding out in the residence when Rat Trahan was “abducted” and killed, others being witnessed and observed at persons of interests residence or in town speaking at all hours of the night, and other coincidences that we have not been able to piece together as of yet.

      We are able to speak openly to our contact on the task force and we have verified that our leads that we have given him are being followed up on. In fact, if we do not phone him at least once a week, he is phoning our investigator asking if we have any new information. That is a positive sign. Even the sheriff and the DA have expressed an interest in our information that we have given to them.

  4. to observer liked your comment about Richard. But you know what, he does not have a CONSCIOUS. Richard has been in and out of jail for a long time on various charges, so no telling what he was in for this time or how long he’ll stay out. Remember he is crazy and dangerous. Somehow the EVIDENCE seems to disappear.

  5. Your frustration is palpable concerned43….and many other emotions as well. I won’t even begin to act like I can feel the depth of what you and many other family members and friends feel. I can only tell you that I am frustrated, baffled, confused and have a lot of questions as well.

    Many of us that discuss these crimes and deaths here on the blog may be way off base with our thoughts, opinions and ideas sometimes…..probably most of the time, who knows. I can assure you we’re trying to learn as much as we possibly can about these investigations. Unfortunately there’s just not a whole lot to work with and there seems to be such a veil of secrecy and fear surrounding these crimes and the investigation.

    Will we ever serve any type of purpose in the grand scheme of things? More than likely not but it sure won’t be because we didn’t care and we didn’t at least try. There are a lot of people that do care about this and want to see justice served on any and all who may be involved with these deaths.

    As far as Richard goes….what can I say….one look at that guy’s picture and all I see is pure and utter evil. I hear he is a very mean and intimidating man. I find it highly suspicious that his name has been brought up in association with at least 4 of the deaths and for some reason he doesn’t seem to be of much concern to LE or the task force. Of course I realize he’s been incarcerated for the past several months and has recently gained his freedom and I’m sure his reign & terror over the hood once again.

    Since you are a family member, would you happen to know if Richard’s residence and vehicle(s) have ever been forensically tested extensively? Seems to me LE would have had probable cause to do that as well as obtain search warrants for the residence and any vehicles. If that hasn’t been done I would certainly be asking why not. He strikes me as a prime suspect but I still don’t think he’s the only guilty party.

    Of course…….that’s all just my opinion as always.

  6. You think his gal pals get a thrill out of this? Wouldn’t be the first time something like this has happened with participation from females. Think Carla Homolka.

  7. g8 in answer to your question NO they did NOT forensically search his home extensively, dont know about vehicle or even if he had one but i will find out you can bet on that! thanks for your support and everyone elses also. you think you are frustrated and confused ???? so are we and quite frankly i am pissed. i also think there is more people involved than richard and there are people who are not telling what they no!!!!!!!!they are not scared enough in my book cause i would want them off the streets before it happens to another one maybe even u or me or THEM who knows!there is people working endlessly that is not on this blog and they have helped us TREMENDOUSLY!!!!!! thanks to EVERYONEfor your support and prayers! GOD BLESS U ALL!!!!!

    • concerned-yes, there are people that know who’s involved and what happened. LE has most of their statements, others they considered not credible because of their past (which I consider not acceptable because creditability is based on the information not given not on the person’s past..i.e., jail house snitches), but what about phsyical evidence? Remember that its not an arrest, trial and conviction…its not that simple. The accused have the right to an attorney, the right to confront witnesses and evidence against them, and the right to question witnesses and the evidence against them. They have constitutional rights and I understand, what about the rights of the victims? Yes I understand but this is the judicial system that we live in and its not perfect and sometimes not even fair but its all we have. Many family members will attend the trial (s) of the accused and be highly upset by what is claimed by the accused and their attorneys. I can assure you that each victim’s family member will be allowed to have a victim impact statement to the accused after they are convicted.

      My clients want closure, I phone them every week and give them an update. Most of them have signed confidentiality agreements agreeing not to discuss anything they are told that has not been released to the public. My biggest fear at this time is that this case is going cold again, lack of leads, lack of evidence, no forensic evidence and the reward is apparently not helping, as most of us figured it wouldn’t.

  8. mr menard part of my question was answered. why are u changing your mind about LE now???? just wondering. i am confused. no one wants to talk LE cause they scared! scared of WHAT? orWHO?????

  9. Its Richard and his gal pals. Need evidence which is muddy right now. LE can’t go forward without it. LE needs a prosecutable case.JMO.

  10. concerned-I am not changing my mind. We have received more support from LE than we have in the past and this is unusual for LE to involve an investigating entity in the private sector but apparently they realize that outside assistance can be beneficial. Again…let’s not confuse cover-up with involvement and again, the jury is still out on both of those questions whether “someone in LE is covering-up evidence” or if “someone” in LE is directly involved.

    However, I trust our contact in LE and he has been open with us and we share information with him and he speaks to us often. One of our clients’, at first, did not agree with his opinions but finally she began to trust him and I believe he is the most experience and trustworthy of the task force.


    This does not mean that someone in LE is not involved and as I said earlier, the jury is still out if someone in LE is involved. In an investigation, you should be objective and assume the worse until proven otherwise. There still may be part of a cover-up but if it is, it is the protection of the chief of detectives and the purchase of a vehicle from an inmate that may have been used to transport a body to a dumping site. As far as a cover-up of the homicide (s), still may be possible but we have no evidence to substantiate that there is a cover-up by LE relating to the homicides. The sheriff and other members of the task force has been open with us and shared information that we knew existed…however, we do not have access to forensic evidence, which we don’t don’t would assist us anyway because the missing evidence now is information from what someone knows and one other key piece of evidence that I cannot disclose at this time.

    Each and every piece of information we obtain is disclosed to LE, nothing is hidden from them. I was able to verify with the FBI that they are receiving every piece of information that LE has on the case. An investigation of this magnitude takes time and what appears at first (even when we must assume the worse) sometimes does not appear to be the case as the investigation continues.

    What I do not agree with is going public and stating that there are no leads. Why? Because when a person of interest is questioned and they know you have no leads, they will not talk knowing that you do not have any leads or evidence to connect them to the crimes. That’s homicide investigations 101!!

    So, what made me change my mind? Nothing! Part may still be a cover-up but other parts may not. The only part that I feel is not being totally disclosed is the purchase of the vehicle. I do believe that the detective that we report directly to has all of the information that LE has collected in this case. This recently came to light during a meeting and was discussed in detail. Information from someone who knows something needs to come forward.

    In answer to the second part of your question, the public confidence in LE is very low and the public does not know who they can trust. Is someone in LE involved? Perhaps!! Yet, no direct evidence to substantiate that claim but who wants to take a chance and come forward if someone in LE is involved. What are they scared of? Being killed and being targeted. Seven bodies by an apparent skilled person and who wants to be number 8 and that is the way the public views the situation. That is why we came forward and made an agreement with an armed security firm to provide protection for those that come forward with information that may identify the person or persons responsible.

    Frankie Richard is not a person to take lightly. He has alot of contacts, and yes, some in LE and our information tells us that he has friends in the state police and the FBI but would they put their careers on the line to protect Richard, more than likely not. Yes, we have an idea who killed each and every victim and our clients know what we know and assume and so does LE. However, we cannot come public with that information because of lack of evidence. You don’t walk into court with even with an eyewitness and hope to obtain a conviction without some type of forensic and phsyical evidence. They only get one chance to prosecute this case and if the grand jury rejects the evidence obtained then it makes it that much harder to obtain other evidence.

    • thanks mr menard for your answer to my thing is if u dont want to be the eighth victim tell what you know or live in fear forever???? ya have to trust someone and who is to say you can be trusted or your pi’s?again i say they are not scared enough. If they are being threatened they need to come forth and start talking to get these people locked up!!!!who are the people suppose to trust? isnt there a det assigned to every case? there is to our family and we trust him with everything and we know he is trustworthy.god forbid another family go through this because someone was to scared to come forward. thank you for what ur doing for all the families. i may sound harsh at times but this is just getting to everyone. there is conflicting stories and i know you share my views on people coming forward

  11. concerned-You have to earn trust and we’ve earned our clients’ trust. We didn’t want to accept this case but after some of the family members kept calling we relunctantly accepted the case. The reason we didn’t want to accept the case was because of lack of experience in homicide investigations and we were not ashamed to admit that we lacked experience. However, the families expressed their concern about trusting LE due to manpower and wanted someone that would not cave into political pressure or back down from the higher authorities. From what they told us, we represented Officer Jesse Ewing and wasn’t afraid to go public and take on the higher authorities so they wanted us on the case so we eventually agreed.

    Remember, Richard was freed after he was arrested and rumor has it that Tracy Chassion recanted her story after her children’s lives were threatened. We do not know who threatened her children’s lives but that is the story we received. Many people are scared to come forward and give information fearing that their information may lead to an arrest but LE may release the person or persons then their lives may be in danger. Many witnesses have already left state scared for their lives and we have been in touch with some of them via telephone.

    You’re absolutely correct!!! Who can you trust? I trust the detective that we report to because he’s earned our trust and we’ve earned his just as we earned our clients’ trust. We were honest with them and didn’t think it was fair to them that we lacked experience in homicide investigations but from their prospective, I believe they really want someone to watch over LE to ensure that leads are being followed up on so while we do have some family members that formally retained our services, we have to take on all the cases collectively because we do feel that most of them, if not all, are connected.

    I do share your views on people coming forward and I have an open door and any of my clients can tell you that. If a source comes to us and gives us a lead and we report it to LE, we tell them that a source told us this information and their name is not released without their consent. The only information we CANNOT release to LE is who are clients are and sources that do not want to be identified. We are attempting to take every precaution possible to protect informants that come forward and some have come forward…some have sent messages that they want to talk to us and met us at undisclosed locations, others sent messages through acquaintances to get us information. All information pertinent to the homicides is disclosed from us to LE immediately. Detailed records are maintained at our office of the information submitted t LE, how submitted, and who submitted to and the date and time.

    Every day we have something new and more information surfaces and alot of it is scientifically based. Our clients’ have authorized us to retain experts such as mathematicians, profilers, biological, forensics, and scientific.

    • mr menard in order to earn trust you have to be willing to at least get to know the person…. for gods sake!!!! and if anyone knows something ….anything …… its ridiculous to go through someone else and to try and verify it so it wont be considered hear say! that is just prolonging the inv. is it gonna take an 8th one to convince people??????

  12. Mr. Menard– I understand the need to maintain the integrity of the investigation and so you are not at liberty to disclose much in the way of evidence on the website. However, you have said on this website that the profiling is not evidence, but rather an investigation tool used to identify persons of interest. With that in mind, is there really any downside potential in telling us how this particular serial killer has been classified. My own take on it, reading between the lines of all that is public, is that it is primarily about power and control with some overlapping, perhaps as part of the rationalization process, with the mission oriented. What is your view on the psyce of the killer?

  13. sleuthing-I believe you are correct. It is power/control with an overlapping of a mission. I believe the person/persons responsible appear to be “bullies” that go after those weaker than themselves, perhaps someone that was abused as a child and subconsciously believes that they have to take their anger out on someone weaker than themselves in an attempt to regain their self esteem. I believe the person responsible did not have the presence of a father figure or a viable father figure and the person responsible lacked discipline at home.

    Several witnesses (persons of interest) told us that when they were questioned by detectives, they were asked if they believed in God, what do you believe happens when you die, etc., so those types of questions relate to a mission-type killing so its possible that something may have been located at some of the scenes to have them believe that this is some type of mission killing.

    Also, I don’t believe this person has a conscious and feels absolutely no remorse whatsoever. In his mind they exert power over their victims and that in some sick, twisted way restores their self-esteem that was lost as they were growing up. There’s alot more but I really can’t elaborate on it but that is just my opinion from what we were able to gather thus far.

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  15. OFGS, didn’t know it would post like above or I would have put in some commas. In any case it should be great fun and a way of uniting. All donations and help welcome.

  16. It came out just fine alhou!!! Thanks for posting it.

  17. Hoping lots of people will attend. Sounds like lots of information will be provided. The announcements will be all over town in the next few days, some are out now.

  18. G8, if those who are on here, everyone in the area doesn’t attend or help then they can’t say they were not informed. After all it was all 7 unsolved murders and desire to have it solved that started this unity.

  19. ahlou……I can attest to the fact that you’ve been an advocate for the truth since this story broke. Since the story “leaked” out. NO ONE knew what was going on there. It was shocking to find out.

    I agree with what you said. EVERYBODY needs to come out…..not just a few from each side of the tracks. You all have a beautiful quaint town….it is marred though…..your whole town is marked.

    Until EVERYONE that lives there speaks up….it will remain marred.

  20. Forgot…..

    that’s all jmo

  21. frankie….i wanna interview you….email me.


  23. HEY BRITTANY WHAT ABOUT THE T SHIRTS?how are they coming along?

  24. concerned43….don’t give up what ever you do.

  25. if you don’t have hope how can anyone else?

  26. THANKS G8 i will never give up!MY FAITH is STRONG and i know one day we will have answers. THANK YOU FOR UR SUPPORT!!!!!!! GOD BLESS


  28. thanksg8 me either!!!!!!!!!!! i would LOVE to interview frankieand his whole family but they are COWARDS! and i aint SCARED of any of them!

  29. line it up!!!! if the bitch is innocent he’ll talk.

    • Richard can reveal lots but it will involve quite a trail over a period of years. He’s been very active for many years and is “connected” in many ways. He can reveal plenty regarding his family ties, old favors and old debts but I don’t think he’ll give up any useful info regarding these most recent seven. This is why I’ve always contended that we have to go to the numerous murders that preceeded the seven most recent ones if we will ever find a starting point in investigating the seven women’s deaths.

  30. So let me see if I have this straight. We have a career criminal that has been turned in by his own family for being involved in the killing of some of these seven women. He is not prosecuted because he is being protected by his buddies in the State Police and FBI.

    His family is a powerful family and they allow him and all his siblings to live in poverty, wandering the streets committing major and minor crimes every night.

    None of this adds up to me. Most people in south LA would give the shirt off their backs if asked but would fight like a tiger if you tried to steal it from them. If you harmed their daughter or sister they are going to come after you. Does this guy have supernatural powers? Why is everyone scared of him, or going to LE? No Fed or trooper is going to put his career on the line to protect a street punk that never learned about other people’s rights.

    I may be wrong but the people I know from LA would not tolerate it.

  31. RR, you make some excellent points. He is a street punk and dosn’t seem very viable for extreme protection. However, he is muddled in this in some way IMO.

    What about procuring cause for someone else?

  32. They had another girl missing in Jennings. The sheriff and members of the task force were riding around this weekend looking for her. She disappeared from some of the same areas as the other victims. I believe she is Chief of Police of Welsh sister in law. The story I got was that her and another girl was in a hotel with Frankie Richard and Frankie left the hotel to get more money to pay for the hotel and when Frankie had got back, the hotel kicked the girls out. The missing girl was located by Tommy Chassion at a location on south Main Street and someone said she was very messed up on drugs when they found her.

    • The man just got out of jail after being incarcerated for months…wonder where he’s getting the money for drugs and hotel rooms. Also, doesn’t he have a house? Why would he be using a hotel? What ages are the women he was with if you know?

      Becca, who is Tommy Chaisson?

    • hmmmmm……. i wonder where he gets money for hotels ………….could it be drugs???????? or maybe family?????????? no not frankie. HE DOES NOTHING WRONG……… i would love to wring that weirdos neck and quite a few others. i am a family member and i will find out what the hell is going on!!!!!!! frankie ur a COWARD and ill say it again a COWARD!!!!!! amongst other things!!!!!!!! how can u live with yourself? I would love to know. Why dont you get on here and let us know! especially if you dont have anything to hide.

    • is this fact or just heard this? just wondering!!!

    • The police should have known to keep an eye on Richard now that he is out of jail. Shame on them for not being ten steps ahead of him. JMO

    • Does anyone know the day and time the missing girl was found on S. Main ? F. Richard was seen at the “house” on Andrew late last week.Also task force people paid a visit to the house Sat. afternoon.Wonder if there is a connection?

  33. He reminds me of Charles Manson.

  34. I looked up Tommy Chaisson and he is police chief of Welsh.

  35. Who just recently had to move out of the low income housing in Welsh to go live with his momma. Seems someone finally found out that he was not qualified for renting there but got it due to his office, not his financial status, and turned him in. Jennings is not the only place with shady dealings. IMHO.

  36. Welsh has also gotten an new detective on the force, Mr. Donald Lucky DeLouche

  37. Here is an example of a white bread killer.,2933,517219,00.html

    The point being if enough people are watching the killer will be arrested.

  38. Hey Kirk,
    Don’t take me wrong. I know many are working tirelessly to bring this to a close. It must weigh heavy on anyone’s mind to know something but not be able to prove it. Add to that evidence disappearing, the Chief Criminal Deputy wheeling and dealing evidence for profit, and the Sheriff turning down AMW and it is enough to make you nuts. Not to metion the Sheriff almost using the victims “Lifestyles” as a reason not to investigate it too hard.

    I wonder if he will get 73% of the vote next time he runs.

  39. Kind of eerie how much these two look alike!

    Thanks to the person who sent that to me!

  40. OMG! I never realized that but they look sooooo much alike! CREEPY! I hate that bastard!

  41. Earlier I mentioned that Richard could be involved as a procuring cause possibly. This distinguishing could also be applied to Manson who picked his victims and sent others to do the deed.

    It is uncanny how much they resemble each other and both were/are heavy drug users. Both seem to be antisocial. Hard to draw a complete parallel but similarities are there.

  42. cp…’s not exactly parallel but the similarities exist. Manson was charming and coercive when he needed to be until he found others that would do his dirty work for him. I think in a nutshell though….Manson was not sociable. The ones he did choose did adamantly try to protect him in the end though…and still do to this day. He was the ultimate predator.

  43. I think Richard is a predator but a common ordinary one. Not a mastermind. It could be that he administers enough drugs that his victims are rendered unconscious then turns them over.I can’t see him covering all the DNA but the possibility of ineptitude is always there.

    I think of Muggy and having her throat slashed. Bleach won’t destroy all evidence. Sloppy investigation..possibly. Not enough resources…possibly.

    The thing I always go back to is the very small radius of the crimes and the population. To me, there is no reason this is not solved excluding a prosecutable crime. Which could be the above mentioned things.

    • I vote “sloppy” investigation……and that will come out as well i think.

      It is VERY HARD to ignore the small radius….I think in the end that will be the teller of the tales…..the downfall if you will.

      I have to say this as well….Cassidy alone determined there was “no case” in past arrests. Why trust him? Maybe other eyes need to look at what evidence was presented a while back….not just his opinion.

      What kind of experience does he have with these types of crimes? We’re talking about a DA with one ethics violation under his belt already….it cost him. I can’t prove it yet but I’ve been told he has an even bigger ethics violation under his belt. I’m lookin.

  44. So…whatever happened with the satellite photo search?

  45. A little example to show you that Frankie Richard is “above the law”….

    9:38 p.m. tonight Frankie Richard is standing outside of his mom’s home on McKinley St. (where these women disappeared from) in the road with his pajamas on “entertaining all of the neighbors”..

    Now, he was just released from jail for threatening his mom with a gun and physically harming one of the children in the home. If Im correct, a restraining order was placed on him not to return to this residence. Well, concerned citizens, once again he is “above the law”.

    This absolutely disgusts me!
    When will it all end?

    • to brittany>>>>> it will never end because frankie and his whole famile are NUTS to say the least and people are scared of THAT? as long as people dont come forward this is what we have to look to forward too. he thinks he is above the law, and apparently he is and EVERYONE else!i would love to get my hands on that COWARD and his family. well CONCERNED citizens hes back and people will just let him do! because everyone is scared. im not and i sure wish i knew something cause again i say NO ONE OR ANYBODY COULD THREATEN ME ENOUGH……. THERE ARE LIVES AT STAKE AND I WOULD PUT MINE IF IT MEANT GETTING THESE PEOPLE AND SAVING OTHERS!!!!!!! COME ON PEOPLE GET YOUR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT!!!!!

    • Monday afternoon Frankie Richard was seen on S. Andrew St. He is really a creepy little punk!!!

  46. i don’t think it will end brittany. your sheriff has too many supporters…..obviously. can’t wait to see how long he can keep the reporters and media at bay. especially when he chooses to play the “martyr” which eventually the SW Times will post that issue online and people can read it for themselves. No one to “blame” so they blame the sheriff. Not buying it ….. sorry sheriff.

  47. BRITTANY;face it frankie will be out for a long time so get used to it . and by the way where are t shirts. evidence doesnt fly off porches as KM said why would evidence even be on a porch?yes it is disgusting about frankie but people let him do!!!!

  48. is there ANYONE there that can stand up to him? he’s not that big from what ive been told. don’t forget….he’s not the only killer there….there’s more than one. i dont know it for a fact but i strongly suspect it.

  49. good question >>>>>>>>>what ever happen to that sattellite search mr menard??

    • Seems the sheriff’s office and/or LE has already been on the satellites because when we went to each site they had a dot where each body was found and it started putting the dots all by itself without even touching the computer. The person in NY informed me that he was trying another satellite locator that is used by the department of defense to determine if images from those satellites have been removed by LE.

      • Kirk,
        Did the dots cover the whole screen preventing one from viewing the area or interfere with views at all?

        Or was the dots just like an “x”, as in x marks the spot?

        Also, what would make you all question if LE had removed images from a satellite?

        If they had- do you try and find out- who, when, why?
        What would be next step?

        You know the DEA should be interested in Jennings- and people there should know they can call CRIMESTOPPERS and report illegal activity at any time- by phone or by computer remaining anonymous the whole time.

        • It was dots where each body were found and once the site was pulled up and loaded the dots began to form by themselves. All vehicles were removed and we couldn’t even observe the forensic team at the location. Its apparent that LE had google earth remove all images, probably to prevent anyone from viewing the forensic team and the body or any other evidence. If there were any vehicles in that area, LE more than likely already has the photos.

          If these crimes are determined to be drug related (interstate drug dealing) then DEA can assume jurisdiction but according to local LE, there is no evidence that these deaths are related to interstate drug dealing.

  50. are the cops scared of Richard?? If yes…then why?? I know there’s at least one person reading here that knows. Tell us why??

  51. I hope the people that are “indirectly” involved step forward soon. I think it will give them a little more credibility. If they wait too long….they may end up strongly implicated in all this.

  52. you are right g8 and thats what i been stressing about stepping forward PLEASE frankie has no conscious can somebody who knows live with themselves or do they not have a conscious????does it not eat away at them day after day after day and they are just as guilty as the killer(S)

  53. Startin at the top….i WILL be pushing for the DP. Won’t apologize for it either.

  54. Whoever gets “convicted” will be living out their last days at Angola….you ever heard of that place before?

    Not sure where the females would go.

    • Females go to Elaine Hunt Correctional Center in St Gabriel, LA. It is a female prison.

  55. This link will lead you to the TIMES OF SOUTHWEST LA article.

    When you search archive, it is the CONTRABAND issue

  56. Interestingly enough…our ex-Governator has been serving “his time” in Texas. He wants out….but the peeps in charge over there won’t let him out…..G8 {{{shrugs}}}. I guess all’s i’m sayin is you little guilty bastards in JDP better be glad you aren’t in Texas. Although I do think Angola is the next best thing ~wink-wink~.

  57. Brittany I can’t find the article. Help!!!

  58. That is a most user unfriendly online newspaper. Can’t find it either…very hard to read.

  59. Try this for article:

  60. Thanks, Observer that was better.

  61. Back to the porch – I remember reading Nixon and Jones were released due to evidence lost in the eveidene room after a sewer pipe broke. Think it was JDN that carried that story I know many of us talked about it was BS since there was not a toliet in the evidence room. Now it’s porch, hmmmmmm.

    The house where Nixon was living at the time of arrest is on GC Cheney, the house two doors from Main. The house had yellow tape for several days after the police had spent the day there. I believe it was toward the endo of 2005. People around said the house had a very foul order and that it looked like a body had been taken out of the house. Since then the house has been rented, maybe twice.

    Does anyone know where was Richard during the year 2006? That’s the year Jones and Nixon were incarcerated.

  62. Seems the Mamou Police take things seriously. Read this article.

    Associated Press – April 22, 2009 1:34 PM ET

    LAFAYETTE, La. (AP) – The American Civil Liberties Union has filed a lawsuit on behalf of a Louisiana man who claims he was arrested for criticizing a police chief in an e-mail to a newspaper.

    The lawsuit filed Wednesday in federal court accuses Mamou police chief Greg Dupuis and several of his officers of violating the civil rights of 52-year-old Bobby Felix Simmons.

    In an e-mail he sent to The Ville Platte Gazette last year, Simmons asked why the newspaper hadn’t reported on allegations of improper conduct by Dupuis. Simmons was later arrested at his home in Franklin and charged with criminal defamation.

    Dupuis denies violating Simmons’ civil rights, but the ACLU claims the chief retaliated against their client for exercising his right to free speech.

  63. Kirk, that is interesting for a few reasons. One is that a citizen was apparently bullied through misuse of power and had the cajones to stand up and refuse to take it.
    The other is that it is a civil suit. This opens up deposition season. The scope of the reason for the arrest and the events surrounding it are all fair game to be questioned in a deposition. The sheriff and his deputies will now be forced to speak, on the record, about a lot of things that they do not wish to speak of.

    Does Frank Richard have a real heavy hitter for an attorney? I wonder how he apparently commits so may crimes but does so little time in jail. What does FR do for a living, officially? In other words, how does he pay the attorney? He cannot pay him with funds that he never earned or paid taxes on.

  64. RR-As far as I know FR does not work and is it safe to say that his primary income may be drug dealing? I believe that FR has used public defenders in the past. It does make one wonder what “he” may have on someone to get out of trouble so many times.

    There was a person once that shot at several police officers years ago and had requested a trial by judge. He was acquitted of all charges. It was later determined that he had some heavy allegations against the judge that tried his case. This was back in the Dallas Cormier days and when Judge Knight was the judge. It was also a time when Ted Gary and Dallas Cormier were being tried for misuse of funds, missing drug money, etc.,

  65. If FR has anything on anybody they would be best served to allow him to be arrested and tried. When he sang his song they could say that he is a delusional drug dealer/murderer/assaulter and they don’t know what he is talking about. Unless, of course, they actually had more to do with the murders vs. having an affair hidden from their wife etc. Minor implications vs. major implications.

  66. i think everyone is giving us the run a round! everyone is full of BULLSHIT!!! thats all we hear is something different all the time. i cant speak for everyone, but im physically sick and disgusted! and u dam right im going for DEATH PENALTY,if theres ever an arrest. if people can get there stories right, AND BY THE WAY SHERIFF IM GETTING SICK AND TIRED OF YOU TALKING ABOUT MY FAMILY MEMBER AND THE OTHERS LIKE THEY WERE TRASH> IF YOU DONT LIKE WHAT I SAY LET ME KNOW CAUSE I AM OUTRAGED

  67. time for someone to speak up again for thes victims and IM the ONE to do it dont care whos toes i step on. I HAVE NOYHING TO HIDE BET OTHERS CANT SAY THAT! THATS WHY WE ARE STILL SEARCHING FOR KILLERS!!!!!!

  68. I know you are beyond upset. I will say a prayer for you.Not that it is reconciliation for what you have been through but just for you. Your heart reaches my heart.



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