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Note: Original post date published on:  Apr 10, 2009 @ 11:11
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  1. What we do know. The perp is well acquainted with the dump sites.He is local. The rest is up in the air.

    That freak Richard should be looked at just because he is freaky. Uber freaky! Don’t sue me as I have nothing just going by the seat of my pants.

  2. I’m gonna hang on to your pants too and say I agree with everything you said.

  3. Speaking of Richard, I hear that they questioned Billy Connor last week regarding the murders. Connor is Richard’s brother. It’s also said that Connor wrote a previous statement implicating Richard in at least two of the homicides. Ok, now I’m wondering, Guillory was observed at Connor’s residence after the questioning, wonder what that was about?

  4. Going a little back in time, has anyone called or written to Nancy Grace’s cold case team regarding these cases:

    • KM…..I sent many, many emails pleading for the NG producers to take a look at the JDP deaths. Needless to say, they obviously were overlooked or there was a lack of interest. NG seems more interested in covering missing/murdered children cases…..which I have to say I certainly have no problem with. I sent several emails to Greta’s show as well.

      This is strictly my opinion but, all of us can write, email and call every local, state and national media outlet we can think of every single day of the week. Even if we could capture attention from any of those outlets, the problem remains with the Sheriff being unwilling to divulge any additional information beyond what is already known.

      I certainly understand the need to protect the integrity of the investigations but I also feel quite strongly that there is additional information which could be publicly released that could possibly prove beneficial in obtaining additional leads and/or evidence.

  5. FYI, I have about 3 IP cameras in my home. These are cameras that you can view real time from anywhere in the world. Office depot sells them and so does Dell. Here is a clipping to protect your property:

  6. Anyone have a clue why Guillory was at Connor’s house? Is Connor safe? Or does he have some sort of involvement? Or is this completely off the wall?

    No one is talking including us so this lull in conversation has peaked my interest.

    Although at this point it seems 7 murders will go unsolved I don’t believe that. 7 is a lot of murders that can’t be covered up no matter how hard someone tries. The other factor is that whomever has done this will try again because they can. If I were a resident of the surrounding area I would stay on guard as you never know what will entice the killer to strike again. Or, maybe they will venture out. But the deal is whatever is the motive doesn’t stop the creep from continuing on with his fantasies.

    • Oh….I’ve been stewing on this little tidbit. The ONLY reason I can come up with for the jail warden to be there is if he may possibly be a relative of Frankie or Billy’s. What adds to the strangeness of it is that he apparently paid a visit right after Billy was reportedly interviewed recently. Anyone else think that’s strange?

      The quietness on the blog is odd too cp. You aren’t the only one that’s noticed it besides myself.

      This is a little O/T but I “heard” that twenty something (closer to thirty) LE officers in JDP were asked for DNA samples. Hmmm.

    • cp-I can share this because this is public information. Billy Connor has been observed several times, sometimes as many as a few times a week, at Kristen’s grave and Whitnei’s grave crying. I don’t believe that Billy Connor had anything to do with the homicides. We’ve questioned Billy extensively as did LE but we do believe he has information on who did and he has spoken openly to us and to LE and that is the most I can elaborate on but I cannot tell you the extent of what he knew or what he didn’t know.

    • Honestly cp, can’t figure it out but maybe one reason the warden’s name keep’s coming up is because of situation’s like this where he is observed in places or around people that may be involved in something or know something. It is something he brings upon himself. I do have to say this in all honesty…I don’t believe the sheriff is covering anything up regarding these homicides. I believe that if anyone in LE is involved, particularly the sheriff’s department, then the sheriff just does not know and has no reason or no sufficient evidence to substansiate such a claim. I know he’s an easy culprit to blame because ultimately he’s in charge but recently he has welcomed us in this investigation and follows up on all leads that are given to him and he knows, as the DA acknowledged during one of our interviews, that people who have information are more likely to speak to those assisting in the investigation that is not LE.

      I believe at this point that the sheriff would welcome all the help he can get. This is no time to have an ego since we all have the same common goal…who committed these crimes?

  7. I’m fresh out of new ideas and have remained quiet. Maybe the warden wants a truck too. He may have gone by and asked if anyone had a $16,000 truck he could buy for $7,500. Can’t blame a brother for looking for a deal. *

    G8trgirl, The LE DNA dragnet intrigues me. I would like to know a whole lot more about it. If true, it makes a few statements and opens a few doors. The big statement it makes is that they have DNA evidence to compare it to.

    It would also rule in/out these members of LE as being involved. Certain members of their families could be ruled in/out too using genetic markers. It may be the mitochondrial markers but I am unsure. I do know that DNA may clear Deputy Friendly but implicate his sibling. It is a positive step anyway, if true.

    *Truck speculation about the warden in this post is for entertainment purposes only.

    • I hope it is reliable information. I agree with you….i take it to mean foreign DNA may have been obtained from one of the bodies….possibly Brittney.

  8. Mr. Menard– I went back and read earlier postings and a couple of points you raised in your posting of March 28, 2009 caught my eye. You say that the investigators are confused by the fact that a number of victims seemed to know something bad was going to happen, but never told anyone who might do something to them. Perhaps I let my imagination get the best of me sometimes, but I can easily see how someone might receive a veiled threat and be totally powerless to do anything about it because a veiled threat by its very nature is not one that permits any accusation. Compound a veiled threat directed toward the victim with a veiled threat toward loved ones of the victim and voila, what do you have? Silence. I would like to hear your thoughts on the mattter.

    Also of interest was your comment that ” one key piece is missing and when we learn that piece that is missing alot will come to light.” Are you at liberty to elaborate on the nature of the key piece that is missing?

    • Sleuthing-It may have been just their intuition but it could have been something they heard and scared to say who was after them or didn’t want to seem paranoid.

      I cannot elaborate on the missing key evidence that awaits but I can say that it is getting close to being solved. The reason I cannot elaborate is because we have to protect the integrity of the investigation and if the person or persons responsible is reading this then they could attempt to destroy evidence. They are aggressively pursuing the leads and when my investigators contact the task force and give them leads, they are followed upon and that is verified.

      Once again, you guys are doing a great job brainstorming and the more you type and come up with theories then it gives us ideas to follow up on so please don’t stop coming up with ideas. We don’t want this case to go cold again so please keep writing letters and asking for updates.

      • KM wrote……..”.it is getting close to be solved. ”

        This is great, positive and wonderful news

      • KM, could you clarify regarding the missing key evidence? Is it evidence that is “in hand” already awaiting test results or…….speculation that authorities are closer to obtaining key evidence?

        • Just speculating, one piece of key evidence – not here- is where the crimes were committed. Not all seem to be at the site of where they were found.

          This could be kept hush, hush if LE does know. They cannot always tell everything!

          If Richard is a suspect- LE should be and should have been keeping close tabs on him since his first arrest.
          Conners too.

          • Good observation observer, you said it I didn’t lol, good guess.

          • FYI, its not hard to keep tabs on Richard, he’s currently incarcerated and if I would be them, I would be putting pressure on him by continuing to question him and maybe, just maybe his conscious may get the best of him and he may fess up if he does have anything to do with the homicides.

            FYI again, Jamie Trahan, the person that allegedly found Whitnei’s body is also incarcerated. Hopefully, he is being questioned in detail as well to ensure that his stories match.

          • Thanks KM.

            Why are they back in jail? Richard and Trahan. Will they be there long?

            What is jail address, I would love to write Richard…a good long letter appealling to his conscious, or telling him what it is like to live at Angola- if a druggy, he should be sobber in jail. Good time to appeal to him. Lol. (I do know drugs do get inside jails and prisons too). Angola’s Death row just made a bust!!!

            Hmm, if they are together, that could be interesting. Often, guys do tell other jail buddies of thier crimes.

            Time in a cell block can’t hurt either. They start contemplating how to get out!

  9. I hope the DNA request- if accurate- included the Warden. It would be difficult to understand how the Warden could be involved in this without the Sheriff knowing, but depending on circumstances,I realize it could be possible.

    The benefit of clearing some is a plus. If I was innocent, I would want to be cleared, especially if I was LE. Just because your DNA is not found does not always make one innocent either. Catch 22.

    I figured people were hard at work behind the scenes was the reason for the quietness on site!!!

    Also, I have been waiting to here comments or further info as to the Warden being at Conner’s, and any more success with the satellite research. That could really help obtain accurate leads.

    I had wrote Jindal lately, asking him to read site, update himself, and see the hard work of citizens – you all- and to at least keep himself updated to cases progress. I f he is worried about improving LA’s reputation, he needs to deal with the amount of serial killers in the state, and LA’s response to such horrific issues.

    May God Bless each and everyone of you all for the hard efforts, determination and persistant involvement for seeking justice for the vicitms, thier families, and Jennings, LA.

  10. One thing we as citizens can do to help the investigation keep rolling is to make sure that LE has the necessary resources to continue. an investigation of this magnitude is financially draining to the budget of a small sheriff’s office.
    Gov. Jindal appropriated $250k specifically for this investigation. We do not know how any of it was spent and how much is left. Maybe R. Edwards would like to disclose the financial facts about it. If the money has already been used, we can contact Mr. Jindal about appropriating more money to bring closure to this case.
    Mr. Jindal is making an active run for the presidency. Funding this investigation would be a goodwill gesture that would pay off later. To avoid any appearance of impropriety financial disclosure of how much was spent and what it was spent on should be made public. Then we, the public can go to bat to help obtain whatever else is needed.
    Get the ball rolling Ricky, Help us help you.

    • I hope Ricky can at least keep this ball rolling on his own…..if he wants to. The way I understand the position he holds it is purely administrative. He has no formal “police” training. He’s strictly a PR paperwork pushing kinda guy (that’s the position).

      I’m just going to have blind faith that when the funds have started to run low and the cases still aren’t solved he’ll figure out on his own that it’s time to call Bobby again. Funds for the investigation are a drop in the hat compared to what it’s going to cost the state to try these cases if a perp(s) is discovered.

      And, of course, strictly my opinion…..i don’t think Ricky likes us or wants our help LOL. If he did….he would have made these cases FAR more visible than they’ve been in the past.

  11. Well spoken, RR 🙂

  12. Here is a couple of questions for anyone and everyone. Do you have family members or close friends that don’t know you blog on this website? After you have answered that question, then ask this one. How do we know that the victims did not join any website communities and share personal information with strangers? I am looking for a better answer than the victims did not have computers. All were young enough to have learned something about computers in school and there are places such as libraries, McDonalds, a friend’s house and other places where people even without computers can join such communities.

    • Interesting questions you pose sleuthing. Two things I’ll share with you on this topic.

      The first will be from my general observations as I rode through areas that have been discussed here. I sort of expected a scenario totally different than what I witnessed in Jennings. Mind you, when I was there riding around, it wasn’t dark so maybe things change when the sun goes down. I expected to see many people milling about on the streets. It wasn’t like that. There WERE many people out. They were setting out on their front porches and many had guests… could tell. I know you can’t judge a book by its cover but the people didn’t strike me as the type that would be on computers……even if they had one. I didn’t see people messing around on their Blackberry’s either. Keep in mind I was driving by known drug/prostitute houses/areas.

      The second thing is….I believe Whitnei’s sister, Brittany, had told us recently that she was under the impression that none of the girls that were found dead even had cell phones other than the last one, Brittney. Even if these girls DID have computer access, I feel certain none of them were interested in that. If they had been….you are computer savvy enough to find some trace of them. I’ve looked….I’ve found nothing to indicate to me that ANY of them were ever on the computer. Not even a Myspace for one of them.

      Maybe there are family members reading here that can refute my opinion on this…..I welcome it. If in fact the girls were on the computer maybe it can lead us to missed clues about their lives and possible insights as to what was going on with them.

      • Brittney Gary had a Myspace the Last time she was on her Myspace was Last Login: 7/7/2007, she only got on the myspace when she was at a friends house that had a myspace she also had a yahoo email address. Now there are ways to lost show your true last login on myspace, But she did have a Myspace and yahoo

  13. Thanks Observer, Sorry for the grammatical errors and misspelled words.

    I am assuming that the killer partakes in some form of recreational drug use. Most drug users experience episodes of paranoia. The severity ranges from mild to extreme.
    If a killer is paranoid, he could not discuss what he had done even with his best friend. Thinking about his victims and re-living parts of his crimes are consuming him right now. He has no one that he can share with. Unless he is a sociopath or psychopath he will feel the need to discuss this. He must feel pretty small and lonely right now.

    He should use a borrowed computer and assumed name and come here and discuss it with us. Anonymity would make it easier to discuss. The heavy burden of not being able to speak of it would be eased.

    Tomorrow would be a good time to do this.

    • I agree the person is a recreational user! I wish the guilty one would feel comfortable enough, or should I say cocky enough, to discuss what they’ve done with us LOL. By all means….jump in.

      By the way RR…..I took a few pictures of Tina’s Bar if you’re interested LOL. It’s just a non-descript tiny little place on main street Jennnings. Funny thing is….I was told no one really knows who owns the place.

    • Hmmmmmm, ok, we could only wish and as g8trgirl would say hmmmmmmmm lol

  14. Hey Sleuthing, My mom is interested in this so she knows that I come here. My wife does not care for it so, while she knows I discuss things with like minded people, she does not know the site. She is aware of the specific content.

    I would be surprised if these girls were not involved in any online activity. It is almost mandatory for young women in their age bracket. It is funny that a lot of people that age will also share beaucoup personal info. I attribute this to the fact that we are all seven feet tall and bullet proof when young.

  15. Thanks RR. I take that as one probably yes vote.

  16. Hello everyone. I’ve been sitting back for quite some time now, observing. This website is awesome — big cheers to g8!!!!

    I definitely think LE is involved (some sort of way) … I believe it is definitely someone that knows the area. It’s wayyy to “country” for someone in another location. My heart and prayers go out to all of the families and I hope this case gets resolved soon.

    Just wanted to say hello, I’ll jump in later. 🙂

    • Hi SR…..glad you’re here and yeah….it’s a very interesting case. I’m pretty sure we have a serial killer running loose (for a little while longer) that’s homegrown and local. I wasn’t able to post a lot of the pictures I took but I think they were all still very close to where the girls were found. It’s way too organized to be an outsider. I like the way you described it…… It’s wayyy to “country”…..says a lot.

  17. I can tell you that these girls were not computer savvy and I would be very very surprised if any one of the victims got on the computer. I agree with g8trgirl on this one.

  18. Thank you g8. I take that as one no vote. That is one yes and one no so far.

  19. Make that one yes and two no.

  20. What may be of interest is that one of the people that was arrested, and let go, does have a Myspace account though…’s private. That person was also tracked down to another internet account as well….a rather racy site that freaked out my younger friend I asked to check it out.

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  22. g8trgirl-You are correct, they do have a computer where this girl is staying because Theresa Gary used to have her g/f get on their computer and check the news for updates. However, you still are not speaking of anything elaborate and a less than average computer user (s).

  23. FYI-remember the alleged rape behind the VFW shortly after the finding of Brittney Gary’s body…come to find out, it was a false allegation. I’ll have more details later but here is the story from channel 3 news. I did obtain some inside info on this and will discuss it later.

    The Jennings Police Department stated that after a five month investigation into a rape that was reported on November 18, 2008 has been determined to be a false allegation.

    After an interview on Tuesday, the alleged victim confessed that she was not raped but instead made the incident up.

    Police say this particular rape claim was reported three days after the body of Brittany Gary was located. Officials continued by saying that this incident caused the city of Jennings and Jefferson Davis Parish undue alarm and stress during already stressful times.

    Police Chief Johnny Lassiter says no charges have been given at this time but other options are currently being discussed with the DA’s office.

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  25. Jennings Mayor Terry Duhon:

    The Mayor in Jennings isn’t new; he’s been on the job for more than six years. After last week’s landslide victory saw Terrry Duhon bring home nearly three quarters of the votes cast, the Mayor says his spirit is renewed.

    At the top of his list, tackling the city’s drug problem and with the police chief being appointed by the mayor, Johnny Lassiter must be pleased. He’ll be able to stick around a while longer doing what he can to take down drug dealers.

    Also on the list, Duhon hopes to create an attractive business climate for prospective employers in the community, the revitalization of Main Street being one of those.

    Although the community appears quiet to those who are unfamiliar a darker cloud than can be seen today hovers over the town.

    In the last half of Duhon’s time behind the Mayor’s Desk the bodies of seven women have popped up on back roads in or around the city of Jennings.

    Some confirmed murders but not all, talk of the seven deaths all being connected swirls in air of Jennings. The Chief saying, a feeling of fear and apprehension surrounds the investigation.

    So for now, it seems the community of 11,000 has its hands full, and a Mayor gets the ‘ok’ to get back to work.

  26. thanks for the shock factor sleuthing …. lol. dang.

  27. Mr. Duhon has already served as Mayor for 8 years. He’s just now gonna get a handle on the drug problem?

  28. That was a copy and paste from channel 10 news…just put it on here because they discussed the homicides.

  29. I hear rumors that something’s brewing and that we may hear some surprising news from a higher body of LE. I’ve always suspected that there’s way more to these seven muders than … these seven murders. We cannot ignore the past in order to stay focused upon these seven horrible events. There is most certainly a cover-up and the players, I believe, are the same people that have been so active in cover-ups in past crimes of every nature … The crimes we seem to have forgotten about. Corruption travels both up and down the ladder; however, I believe that some dark loyalties have been compromised. This can only be good for the civilized sector of society. Hopefully, victims, families and loved ones will gain some justice soon. Let’s hope and pray that the right heads will roll when the s— hits the fan in Jeff Davis Parish and beyond.

    • I wonder if someone that’s close to these cases….closer than we realize ….has finally had their conscience get to them. Those will be the people that will have the greatest amount of information and may possibly be deemed “credible” witnesses. I don’t think this is going to be a simple, by-the-book, kind of case. It may have some “shock” factor to it unfortunately.

    • I hope the rumors are true. How great that would be to many people that the world has seemed to have forgotten. Everyone is someone and all those harmed by these crimes- past and present- deserve to be acknowledged. And You Are.

      Silence, you are so well spoken and such a great observation you made. I like this kind of rumors!!!

  30. g8 and Kirk Menard– You may be right about there being no internet angle, but when we can’t find the missing pieces, we do have to challenge the assumptions from which we are operating. For example, Kirk Menard has spoken about the drug “wet”, and so he probably goes out looking for people who have bought the drug based on the assumption that the perp must have bought the drug in order to use the drug or give it to others and by looking for buyers, the question does not get asked whether the drug has been stolen from someone. I am probably way off base, but I do believe in challenging what is taken as a given. So…. I am not quite ready to throw in the towel on the internet.

  31. Sleuthing-I’m not really ready to throw in the towel either but I’ve questioned acquaintances and friends of the victims and most family members and all stated that they hardly, if ever, used the internet. That is how I based my assumptions but of course, that could also be way off base, just going by what I was told from several individuals but it still needs to be followed up on. I would often see some of the victims on the streets of Jennings, especially Kristen and Loretta. I never knew Whtinei, Muggy, Brittnay, Ernestine, or Crystal. However, I believe these girls were not the type of “stay-home” types that stayed and played on the computer. They were more people oriented and were most happy when they were around friends and being out and about. Of course, just going by what we know so far.

  32. The Mayor’s drug angle bothers me. I am curious if he is going to have his police force go after individual users or if he is going to step up and really try to stop it.
    Politicians love money. If they arrest a bunch of small people on simple possesion charges the city/parish makes money from fines, court costs, etc. There is very little jail time spent for the low level user. This means that the money flows in with little expenditure.

    If he really wants to stop it, it will involve cutting off the head, or at least limbs and vital organs of the beast.

    I think that he should draft a basic outline of what his goals are and publish it in the local paper. This should be followed up with weekly updates of results. I think the days of a politician paying lip service, then doing nothing need to end. I also think that keeping the public in the dark about efforts and results needs to be banished to the past as well.

    If Mayor Duhon is serious about his new found crusade he will ask for help and guidance from the state or DEA. He can accomplish this but it is a long road and more work than he may realize.

    I hate to say it but I think he will take the low road and go after the small guy. This provides income to the city coffers and looks cool in the newspaper.

    I bet the editors of the newspaper would work with him on a weekly report, if asked. It is now time to put up or shut up.

  33. Observer, on April 15th, 2009 at 8:53 AM Said:
    Why are they back in jail? Richard and Trahan. Will they be there long?

    Richard was released from jail today as a matter of fact. I believe he was incarcerated due to a domestic type disturbance that involved his daughter and his mother. Anyhow….he’s baaaaaack!!

  34. Thanks g8, that is very interesting. Red flags for me but I will ponder this more. Late getting back today.

  35. Please continue posting comments and general discussion here. Thanks.

  36. Yes, Richard was released today from the city jail at approximately 4:00pm. Trahan is still incarcerated on theft charges from what I can understand.

  37. Just a reminder…..Trahan is the one that “found” Whitnei. He was about in the area where this photo was taken when he says he “spotted” her body which was down the road, past that large tree in the background, on the right….the one with the leaves on it. Thing is, she was about 50 feet off the road to the right.

  38. I would like to measure the distance from Highway 102 to Earl Duhon Road to determine the distance. Also, he (Trahan) claims that he was randomly knocking on doors to see if anyone had any vehicles for sale. This was at approximately 5:00am.

    • yea….looking for a vehicle for sale at 5 in the morning….that’s what everybody does right?….lol…BS!

    • KM, I checked the distance on Maps Live and it is 1/2 mile from Hwy 102 to Earl Duhon.

    • Did anyone go ask the people around 102 and Earl Duhon Road if Trahan or anyone knocked on their door about 6:00 am looking to buy a car?

  39. g8trgirl,

    In your pictures, from what I can see. I noticed pipelines. There is one picture I’m not sure if it is a pipeline or not. I can’t seem to blow it up. If I am correct, wouldn’t that be something to look at. Maybe the # on the pipeline might explain something. It might not be nothing at all.

    • brownie,

      I did notice notice pipelines at a few of the sites. Definitely a pipeline by where Whitnei was found. There was a pipeline at what I thought was the site for Crystal but turned out to be the incorrect location. There was also a pipeline at another victim location but I am still trying to verify if that site was in fact correct before I post the pictures. There is also one victim whose site I was unable to locate at all (yet) and it will be interesting to note if a pipeline is in that vicinity as well.

  40. So, who works for a pipeline company in the area?

  41. Okay, this is a great observation you all are making about the pipelines. It just makes me think that I hope and expect LE would have pictures of all the sites and should be putting those pieces together- should have already if the FBI and other agencies are involved.

    g8, have you been aware of vehicles while in the area. I would have pics of many of the dark pick ups already, and eliminating them one by one if I were LE.

    Great work g8, sorry I could not be along for the adventure.

    • Observer, when I was taking photos it was on a weekday and somewhere in the range of 4-6 p.m. I noticed very few vehicles in most of the locations and in some areas there were no vehicles that passed by at all.

  42. The article is out!!!!

    Times of Southwest La

  43. Lots of great work done here!!!

    Angel4one, very nice job and just what is needed when anyone log on here.

  44. Thanks g8, let us know when the article is available.

    Angel4one, the graphic is wonderful. Such great people on this site. Kudos to all who participate.

    • Thanks, I just wanted to make something that was special in memory of all these beautiful woman glad you liked it and I hope the families like it as well.

  45. g8, is Tina’s on 26 or is it on N. Main by the RR track? If it’s on N. Main where is the house they talk about from time to time?

    PS, you are doing wonders 🙂

  46. Tina’s is off of Hwy 26

  47. Where is the house? Or who works for a pipeline company that visits the house? Tina’s may be important or not but the house is more important. It seems to be a meet and greet kind of place.

    Since we have discovered this isn’t a random fast food connection but another connection, the house needs to be scrutinized.

    These killings are so local given the locales of the deceased. No way a random but definitely a serial killer.

    • Admittedly, I didn’t do to well with my note taking on the houses when I was there. At the time I was more focused on the body location sites.

      From what I understand though, people congregate at several different houses actually, not just one. There is actually a house that’s used for illegal acts and from what I understand it has no electricity or other working utilities.

      Maybe if KM is reading here he could expound a bit about some of the houses (areas) where alleged illegal activities are taking place.


  48. It seems to be that Tina’s Bar is brought up several times on different occasions, well this is a very small bar, it is usually packed very tight there are a few pool tables in there, a very very small area to dance at and to get in the door is only $1 there is a small area that there are a few slot machines in there, there is usually at least one fight there someone does something wrong to someone. The houses you are all talking about are not that far from Tina’s but nothing really is you can also walk to Phillips 66 from Tina’s.

  49. i think everyone needs to stop speculating and stick to facts.i am one of the girls family member and dont care whose toes i step on. i know somebody knows something and frankly if they are scared then do something for these 7 victims before it happens to someone else!!!!!!!!!! i wish i knew something cause LE or ANYBODY would be enough for me to keep my mouth shut!!!!!!!

  50. i dont care about who was in jail and for what …….. my focus is and as everbody elses should is catching who is or whose responsible.!!!!! richard is a weirdo and i think he committed some of the murders… thats my opinion. his bro billy conners and family nos something or had a hand in some or people need to get off your (speaking blunt) asses and start talking im not here to make friends but seek justicefor my fam. member and all 6 others.GOD BLESS all families yall are in my PRAYERS EVERYDAY


  52. If Richard was in jail for a while as discussed earlier, that is a good thing, and for people to know he is out being he may be related to the crimes is also a good thing.

    These people have been on their feet working constantly on this case. They too are sorry for your loss and the other families and friends of all seven victims and other unsolved crimes in Jefferson Davis Parish.

    LE we wish would provide more updates so you all could have a progress report of some kind. It is my understanding they are getting rather close to solving the crime in a way that will keep evidence in the clear for the DA to properly obtain a conviction. This is everyone’s goal.

    You are right, it is very hard to understand why someone would keep their mouth shut when peoples lives are at stake, and have already been taken.

  53. Pipeline? Did someone say pipeline?

    Operation Pipeline (1984)
    As drug traffickers established their networks within U.S. borders, they began to rely heavily on the highway system to move their wares from entry points to distribution hubs around the country. Beginning in the early 1980s, New Mexico state troopers grew suspicious when they noticed a sharp increase in the number of motor vehicle violations that resulted in drug seizures and arrests. At the same time, and unknown to the troopers in New Mexico, troopers in New Jersey began making similar seizures during highway stops along the Interstate-95 “drug corridor” from Florida to the Northeast. Independently, troopers in New Mexico and New Jersey established their own highway drug interdiction programs. Over time, as their seizures mounted, law enforcement officers found that highway drug couriers shared many characteristics, tendencies, and methods. Highway law enforcement officers began to ask key questions to help determine whether or not motorists they had stopped for traffic violations were also carrying drugs. These interview techniques proved extremely effective. The road patrol officers also found it beneficial to share their observations and experiences in highway interdiction.

    The success of the highway interdiction programs in New Jersey and New Mexico led to the creation of Operation Pipeline. This DEA-funded training program featured state police and highway patrol officers with expertise in highway interdiction who provided training to other officers throughout the country. Pipeline, a nationwide highway interdiction program, was one of DEA’s most effective operations and continued to provide essential cooperation between the DEA and state and local law enforcement agencies. The operation was composed of three elements: training, real-time communication, and analytic support. Each year, state and local highway officers delivered dozens of training schools across the country to other highway officers. These were intended to inform officers of interdiction laws and policies, to build their knowledge of drug trafficking, and to sharpen their perceptiveness of highway couriers. Training classes focused on: (1) the law, policy, and ethics governing highway stops and drug prosecution; and (2) drug trafficking trends and key characteristics, or indicators, that were shared by drug traffickers. Also, through EPIC, state and local agencies shared real-time information with other agencies, obtained immediate results to their record checks, and received detailed analysis of drug seizures to support their investigations.

    Operation Pipeline has been tremendously successful in the United States. Between 1986, when EPIC began keeping close records of Operations Pipeline’s accomplishments, and August 1998, Operation Pipeline was responsible for more than 34,000 seizures. It led to the confiscation of 350 kilograms of heroin, 105,000 kilograms of cocaine, 460,000 kilograms of methamphetamine, 815,000 kilograms of marijuana, and $471 million in drug profits.

  54. thank u observer! i hope me comments would bring this COWARDand i do mean COWARD to prey on these women/ girls to come to this site and say something!!!!!!!! yea right………. i have been working very hard also! i do appreciate everyone doing the same but lets not lose our FOCUS. mY GOAL IS TO CATCH AND GET A CONVICTION THAT WILL STICK NOT JUST FOR MY FAMILY BUT EVERYONES! pREF. TORTURE LOL! THERE IS A LOT OF PEOPLE THATS BEEN WORKING DAY AND NITE, CONSTANTLY AND IT IS GREATLY APPRECIATED. JUST BECAUSE SOME ARE NOT ON THIS BLOG DOESNT MEAN THEY ARE NOT WORKING ENDLESSLY. I JUST DECIDED TO POST HERE WHEN I FOUND IT. ALL COMMENTS AND INFO GREATLY APPRECIATED

  55. A Homicide Detectives’ take on serial killers…long but worth reading:

    Credentials and Interest
    It was during my tenure of over 20 years as a homicide Detective and Detective Sergeant with the Miami Police Department that I investigated six serial murder cases. I like to think that the experience I gained in those investigations has given me a most rudimentary glimmer of understanding as to what motivates a serial killer in undertaking his atrocities.

    These six serial murder cases, which accounted for the murders of nearly 50 people, all took place in the Miami area. All six offenders were men: two Hispanic/white males, two African-American males, and two white Anglo males. They all had different, although equally macabre, reasons for their acts. Three of the killers confessed their crimes while the others took their reasons to their graves, dying of AIDS while in prison or taking their own lives. The three men who confessed provided us with many, sometimes distressingly vivid, details of how, why, and when they committed their crimes.

    Although part of my job as a homicide detective is to analyze the motives of killers, my interest goes beyond the requirements of my job. I have acquired and extensively studied a lengthy and well-written dissertation prepared by a convicted and, to me unknown, serial killer, and material from this document is incorporated into this article. Because I do not know his name I cannot give specific credit to its author.

    I can, however, vouch for the validity of this document by providing some history about how I obtained it. While working the Rory Conde case, the investigative team was receiving copious leads, but none were panning out. One of the investigators assigned to the Task Force received by mail a letter from a local therapist. The author of this glimpse into a killer’s mind prepared it as part of his psychological treatment at the request of his therapist, who chose to protect the identity of his source. The document that we received was a photocopy of what had apparently originally been handwritten on a lined legal pad in a consistent fine point that appeared to have been ink. The letter was perfectly legible and the printing was so nearly perfect that at first glance it appeared almost to have been typewritten. Close inspection revealed, however, the slight variations of human penmanship. The writing was meticulous, a nearly perfect hand that neatly compacted two rows of text between every two lines. Approximately five pages long, the document showed no mistakes and appeared completely free of erasures, strike-outs, even hesitation. If the writer employed such precision and planning in implementing the hideous deeds he described, it seemed nothing short of miraculous that he was ever caught. With hundreds of years of collective investigative experience behind the assembled investigative team, or Serial Killer Task Force as we were called, we harbored no doubt that whoever had written this document was a perverse, sadistic, frighteningly sick individual who was highly likely to have committed the unspeakable acts that he reduced to writing.

    Revealed in this article are presumably candid thought processes provided by this protected source, as well as information provided by serial killers whom I have investigated. Although serial killers vary in the details of their mental constructs, certain procedural similarities are common among them, and enable us to construct a very general profile. In this article I attempt to track similarities among people who kill strangers.

    2. Common Knowledge
    During the six serial killer cases I investigated, I dealt extensively with Criminal Profilers from both the FBI and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE). Their training and work experience are extensive and years in the making, and I have found these specialists to be truly invaluable resources.

    First, a few statistics. Keep in mind, of course, that these are generalities; always there will be those who fall outside the bell curve. The following is a consensus of the majority of criminal profilers, based on actual cases they have investigated. Serial killers tend to be mostly white males; between 20 and 40 years of age . Most, although not all, serial killers begin their lives as petty criminals; initially they may have been peeping-Toms, animal torturers, arsonists, or any other of a wide range of pre-killing crimes. I have yet to hear of a provably “upstanding” citizen who begins his life of crime by killing people for personal and/or sexual gratification. In addition, as you may have observed from the examples given above, the “petty crimes” engaged in by nascent serial killers tend away from harmless “pranks” such as vandalism and opportunistic burglary and in the direction of more highly “anti-social” behaviors.

    3. Genesis of a Serial Killer
    Serial killers frequently suffer from low self-esteem, often complicated by some sort of sexual dysfunction. Many were themselves the victims of sexual abuse and/or were raised in violent households. Never having received much training in social graces and lacking in confidence, they tend to be introverted and friendless. Some, like emotional adolescents that never reach adulthood, maintain unhealthy ties to a family member, often the mother. And although certain serial killers have counted their mothers among their victims, in my belief such instances are not sexual in nature, but more a revenge or to halt years of real or perceived domination. In nearly all cases, deviant and recurring sexual desires and fantasies are what drive these people to murder multiple victims.

    Spending much time alone, those who will depart the social norms tend to inhabit an imaginary world. Their fantasies, which in my experience always involve sex, begin small. At first they are able to achieve gratification merely by imagining these scenarios, and in that way they may not differ from other people who for reasons of their own concoct socially unacceptable fantasies that never see the light of day.

    For those who develop into serial killers, at some point imaginary scenarios start to become insufficient. When thoughts and self-stimulation no longer suffice, some of these people may act their visions out in the limited but sometimes quite realistic realm of sado-masochistic sex. In time, even that is not enough. For reasons of their own, some people require more and greater stimuli to satisfy their turbulent desires, until finally they enact the killing of their first victim.

    This is a big step, even for a highly aberrant mind. The perpetrator himself may be shocked and frightened, even disgusted, and it may take a while for the first-time murderer to reestablish his personal mandate. While doing so, he may relive his actions over and over in his mind, thus receiving again that gratification obtained during the actual murder and, perhaps, by doing so actually setting the stage for his progression. Some killers take something, a trophy if you will, from their victim. It may be an article of clothing or a photograph, a swatch of hair or piece of jewelry, something of use to embellish their mental re-living of their actions. This suffices for a while but, in time, their ability mentally to revisit their victim’s demise will fade. By the time this happens, if he has reconstructed his entitlement and begins to hunt another victim, such a person has come to fit the classical mold of a serial killer.

    4. Victim Selection
    How does a serial killer select victims? The traditional school of thought holds that generally they select victims based on certain physical and/or personal characteristics. This assertion presupposes that, within the mind of each serial killer, there evolves synthesis of preferred characteristics and, ultimately, a clear, specific picture of his “ideal” victim, be it male or female, black or white, young or old, short or tall, large busted or small, shy or forward, and so on. Then, when that “typical” serial killer begins an active search for human prey, he will go to certain lengths to capture and victimize only those individuals who closely fit the mold.

    Unexpectedly, I have observed that most serial killers never actually find and kill their “dream victim.” People fitting such detailed and perfected images may not only be hard to come by, but may also not be easily available in the venues haunted by “hunting” serial killers. So when that ideal victim cannot be found, and when their internal impetus becomes powerful enough, they will settle for a substitute. Ignoring for a moment the disparity between deviant human and normal feline behavior, a serial killer can be compared to a hungry lion that lies in wait for his favorite meal. It may be the lion knows an impala has the most tender or tasty meat. He waits for an opportunity to kill and eat the impala and in doing so may allow easy but not-so-attractive prey to pass unmolested. In time, hunger pains growing and no impala in sight, the famished lion will settle for an unwary bird that happens by. After devouring the bird, which gives his hunger a brief respite, the lion again has time to savor the taste of an impala, and the cycle begins again.

    Like the lion, a serial killer just will not defer acting out his urge to kill simply because his “ideal” victim refuses to materialize at his beck and call. But his reason for settling for something less divulges from that of the lion. There are two basic, interrelated reasons for this disparity. The first centers on the extra caution exercised by a serial killer in his search for a victim; the second, upon the nature of the compulsion that drives him to violence.

    Addressing the former reason first, it can be said that a serial killer is among the most alert and cautious of all human beings. Such caution can be explained by his foremost concern, that being to carry out his activities without being caught, that he may continue to enjoy his pursuits. Incidentally, this awareness of right versus wrong, at least to the extent of shielding his own identity, distinguishes the mental processes of a serial killer, however deviant they may be, from the insanity manifested by true psychosis. However much he has inwardly justified his intentions, he nevertheless does have an unacknowledged sense or awareness of the heinous-not to mention illegal-nature of the acts he will commit. He is aware of the stakes involved-that there is absolutely no room for error-and therefore will mark no one for his prey unless he perceives the odds to be overwhelmingly in his favor. His motto may well be “whom I cannot seize safely, I will not seize at all.”

    In theory, a serial killer could reject all other easy prey until; at last, his “ideal” victim was to appear in circumstances perfectly suited to his caution. If that were often true, however, we may not have run across many instances of serial murders. But this intense and mounting hunger for real-life violence against a real-life captive can be contained only so long before it inevitably compels him to settle for second-best. The ideal victim of a human serial killer may be a voluptuous blonde movie star or a beautiful brunette model, but his search for this richly imagined victim may well meet with failure. Failure is something the serial killer cannot tolerate, so he settles for an easier target, usually a prostitute, or a homeless or drug-addicted woman. These types of victims, although not the killer’s “ideal or dream” victim, make easy targets. They are usually willing to go with the killer to another location with the lure of money and/or drugs, thus giving the serial killer the opportunity to have the victim on his turf. Additionally, the killer may have prepared a killing scheme that can include restraints, knock-out drugs, or a variety of contingency plans that he has carefully prepared to snare his victim.

    The first time he kills may not be perfectly choreographed. Sometimes it may actually take the perpetrator by surprise or be accidental in nature. But, inspired by the intense satisfaction the killing produces, he starts to plan in earnest. As he perfects his trade, future victims may increasingly undergo a more torturous, orchestrated, even ritualistic death.

    5. Victim Objectification
    As a serial killer steps away from his base, whatever it may be, to begin the hunt for human prey, it is almost always true that he knows absolutely nothing about the person who is fated to become his victim. This is true even in the case of such serial killers as William Cody in Colorado, who cultivated his victims over lengthy periods (acquiring their possessions as well as their trust) before finally and viciously ending their lives. But for him as well, each future victim began as a stranger about whom he knew nothing. In this way does a serial killer differ from a man who, in a burst of anger, kills his adulterous wife, as well as the cold-blooded planner who kills for revenge?

    It may be that having no prior knowledge of a future victim further enables the process of that victim’s objectification. For as far as he is concerned, his next victim is not even a human being, in the accepted sense. So, well before he ever crosses paths with his next victim, he has already stripped that person of all human meaning and worth; he has unilaterally decreed from afar that the person is deserving of no human consideration whatsoever. Thus, then, in a serial killer’s perception of his victims; past and future: that each is nothing more than an object, depersonalized in advance, existing only for himself and his enjoyment, and solely to be seized and used as he sees fit. Moreover, he perceives his unseen prey not just as an object to be used, but as an object unworthy of any consideration, worthy only of extreme contempt, vicious abuse, and ultimate destruction.

    Why does the serial killer hold such an extreme and irrational disregard for others? How can he so utterly despise and count worthless another human being whom he has even yet to meet? The answer to these questions is that, after years of privately nurturing and reinforcing his compulsion for violence, a serial killer has arrived at a place where he is compelled to act out his brutal fantasies. This mandates the killer to perceive living human beings-the only pool from which he can obtain real-life victims-as worthless objects deserving the violence he desires to mete out. Mentally he transforms them into hateful creatures, because, in the twisted morality of his own making, it is only against such richly deserving objects that he can justifiably and joyfully inflict his personal brand of justice. Perhaps, in the carefully constructed mentation of a serial killer, no one but himself really deserves to live.

    To preserve this mentation, a serial killer must lie to himself. He lies as he denies his own “badness” and projects it upon his as-yet free, future victim. He lies as he stands in judgment and pronounces his victim “guilty” for the “crime” of imagining him- or herself a worthy human being. All such self-serving justifications, of course, are nothing more than self-delusion that has come to be, in the killer’s mind, reality. To a serial killer, such a construction of reality is entirely necessary. For deep inside of himself, each serial killer contains an unacknowledged awareness of the fact that his future victims are innocent human beings, utterly undeserving of his wrath. Yet, to admit this fact, he would also have to recognize that he, and the violence he intends to inflict, is altogether unjust and wrong. And, for a man grown accustomed to the “goodness” and “rightness” of his proclivity for violence and the pleasure it provides, any such admission of actual wrong is impossible to countenance.

    6. Denouement
    Once a serial killer is in possession of a living victim, and has this victim where he feels safe enough to act out his fantasies, the acts he carries out are often performed as if on “auto-pilot.” The killer’s acts appear to be a close reenactment of what he previously did in his imagination. So, from among an array of violent fantasies, he picks and chooses the individual cruelties that he feels will assure the most in the way of “self-fulfillment.” Yet, if a serial killer places this kind of special emphasis on the careful and systematic acting out of his favorite mind pictures, it is only because of the tremendous meaning and pleasure he derives from watching the degrading, dehumanizing effect they have upon his victim as he methodically carries them out. To him, nothing is more important than to see his victim reduced to the very lowest depths of misery and despair. For if there is any single reason that a serial killer does what he does, it is so that he may feel enlarged and magnified in his own eyes-through the willful and violent degradation of another human being. This need for self-magnification is always, I believe, a mandatory pre-requisite to any episodes of violence.

    As for the actual commission of the murder itself, I believe this is usually nothing more than a postscript to a serial killer’s overall scheme of violence. His real gratification comes from the subjugation, terrorization, and brutalization of his victim, and almost not at all from the actual murder itself. Thus, from a serial killer’s viewpoint, his victim might be likened to a disposable paper cup, from which he takes a long and satisfying drink of water. Once the water is gone, his thirst quenched, the cup has served its purpose; it is useless, and therefore can be crushed without thought and thrown away without concern. Since he has met his need to terrorize and abuse, his victim is perceived as an object of inconvenience, a worn-out and no-longer-needed piece of baggage. So, his only concern now is for quick extermination and safe disposal of the victim he no longer needs or wants.

    Once he murders his victim, a serial killer’s tactics for disposal of the body remain entirely self-centered. If, for example, he takes the time and effort to bury his victim’s remains, he almost certainly does this not out of any last-minute concession toward decency, but, instead, simply to hide the evidence. Should conditions be favorable, he will simply dump the body unceremoniously someplace where prompt discovery is unlikely, unwilling either to make the effort to dig, or risk being seen digging, anything so eye-catching as a body-sized hole in the ground.

    Eager though he may be to be rid of the victim’s body, a typical serial killer, if he has a choice, is not apt to dispose of the body in open view, where it can be quickly and easily found. Although certain serial killers have done exactly this, taking additional and special delight in flaunting their atrocities, I believe most have no desire to advertise what they have done. They have already had their excitement and experienced their relief. Anything else is anticlimactic. They may go to great lengths to cover up their tracks, only so that a body cannot be traced back to them. One Florida serial killer, Danny Rolling, took a great deal of pleasure in strategically and carefully positioning his dead victims in the most shocking pose he could concoct. When police entered the victims’ rooms, they were greeted by the deceased bodies positioned in a variety of graphic and ghastly poses.

    A serial killer generally does have an idea for where he wants to dispose of the victim’s remains, or at least, he has a general idea of the type of locale that would best suit his needs. Usually, this is a remote or secluded locale, a place where he can discard the victim’s body quickly and without the likelihood of being seen, yet which affords some ready concealment over his victim’s remains. If the whole violent episode occurred at such a locale in the first place, he will simply kill and leave his victim right there. If not, he will generally always put forth some effort to reach a secluded and preferred dumping ground. But, as always, his every action will be governed solely by self concern.

    It is fortunate for us, investigators trying to solve these brutal crimes, that serial killers are not perfect. Because of their human nature, they, in most cases, unknowingly leave clues behind. It is a known fact in criminal investigations that, as well as leaving something behind, a perpetrator will always, even if unconsciously, take something from the scene of the crime. This is true not just of serial killers, but of nearly all crime scenes. These clues are often very subtle and nearly impossible to identify and collect. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to secure a crime scene and search for these faint clues the killer has inadvertently left behind. If we are to have any hope of solving these cases, it is imperative that we not overlook or miss those subtle clues the killer provides.

  56. TO KM if conners wrote a statement implacating his brother in at least 2 murders, wy is he still WALKING THE STREETS? And what is all this talk about tinas bar for? And also phillips66?Someone please clue me in!

  57. someone needs to check into BOUDREAU INN EPISODE

  58. A national expert on serial killers has a suggestion for Mesa police: look for the bodies of more prostitutes.

    “The most common victim of a serial killer is a prostitute,” said Jack Levin, Brudnick Professor of Sociology and Criminology at Northeastern University in Boston and the author of 28 books. “He may have killed a prostitute or two and nobody even knows.”

    Levin said prostitutes often have fallen out of contact with their families and often are not reported missing in a timely manner.
    Levin was asked to weigh in on Mesa’s serial predator case. Prosecutors have charged Trent Christopher Benson, 36, with the sexual assault of four women, with two of them also strangled.

    Among the case’s most intriguing mysteries is a three-year gap between the first killing, the Nov. 1, 2004, slaying of Alisa Marie Beck, 21, who was found strangled in a west Mesa alley, and the resumption of the crimes Aug. 16, when a Mesa woman was abducted near downtown, sexually assaulted, but somehow managed to escape.

    Nearly two months later, the naked body of a second prostitute, Karen Jane Campbell, 44, was found in a Mesa street. She also had been strangled. A 35-year-old Phoenix woman is the last known victim. She was abducted, sexually assaulted and badly beaten Nov. 4. She was found unconscious. Police suspect her attacker may have thought she was dead.

    “He’s a sexually motivated serial killer who didn’t kill all his victims,” Levin said, after he was briefed by a reporter about the case. “This is not a prolific serial killer. He’s making one mistake after another. He takes unnecessary risks.”

    Levin, whose latest book is Serial Killers and Sadistic Murderers, said most serial killers are methodical and well-organized. They dump bodies in remote places, where decomposed remains are found months later. They clean up their crime scenes to leave behind as little evidence as possible.

    Benson, now charged in a complaint with two counts of first-degree murder, four counts of sexual assault and four counts of kidnapping, doesn’t exactly fit that profile, Levin said.

    “It’s very rare to see a serial killer take the lives of some victims and not others,” he said. “He’s not a serial rapist; he’s a very incompetent serial killer. That’s why he got caught.”

    He said the killer may have stopped for three years fearing arrest. Or, he might have been relatively content in life and been set off again by some sort of emotional trauma or catastrophic event, Levin said.

    Police have said they had no leads in the Beck or Campbell slayings. The murders were linked to the same suspect in December through DNA evidence. Police announced two weeks ago that they had linked the Aug. 16 sexual assault to the same predator.

    Early last week, DNA also linked the Nov. 4 sexual assault in Phoenix to the same predator. Benson was arrested by police on suspicion of prostitution-related charges in Mesa in 2001 and in Phoenix in 1997, when he attempted to hire an undercover female officer for sex.

    Police in Mesa and Phoenix are going through data banks, probing whether they can link Benson to any additional cases. It’s a process that could take a long time, Commander Joe Shelley said.

    “There’s got to be something,” Shelley said, to explain the three-year gap between crimes. “We just haven’t figured it out yet.”

    Levin said it’s a mistake to think serial killers act in a rigid pattern and a myth to think they are “psychologically compelled to kill.” He said serial killers often are over-analyzed.

    Levin cited the case of Dennis Rader, the BTK Killer in Wichita, Kan., who was arrested 14 years after his last of 10 murders. Radar also had an eight-year gap between two killings and five-year gap between two others. Rader is now serving 10 life sentences.

  59. Mr. Menard– That is a very interesting article on the psyche of a serial killer. Tell me. In the fantasy world that the serial killer creates, does he see himself as a good guy or a bad guy? Does he see his ideal victim as good or bad? Those probably are not very well stated questions since I suppose the serial killer might not think in such black and white terms, and so I guess my third question would be–does a serial killer think in terms of black and white or does he see the shades of gray? I would be inclined to believe that the dehumanizing process would not permit him to think in shades of gray, but what do you think?

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