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  1. Earlier it was discussed whether a PI could bring their own tracking dog to help locate clothes, shoes etc. While that is an expensive endeavor a volunteer search could be arranged.

    If the SK is not a trophy collector he will be getting rid of the clothes and/or shoes. I believe he would get rid of those things immediately after dumping the body but in a different area along the same route. 1-3 miles would be my guess as he wouldn’t want to be stopped with that kind of evidence around him.

    Every area that remains have been found is accessible by foot or vehicle so it tells me he isn’t going 100 yds. inside a swamp to hide clothing if he didn’t do this with the bodies.

  2. cp– You are probably right that the perp may not have kept the shoes and clothes. If he didn’t keep it, then, as you say, he may have disposed of the property, or I suppose he might have burned the items. If he did dispose of the property, and if it could be located, then wouldn’t that give us an idea of which direction the perp most likely lived? Are we just going to assume that he kept the shoes and clothes or burned the items. Is it a money issue?

  3. Maybe the le, menard, task force, knows where the items was disposed, like at the phillips 66 on 27. That’s why 66 was brought up.

  4. Just a thought.

  5. just curious to know theresa gary’s exact relation to the victims and basically her involvement is all…..

    …before i give my opinion id like to know more…..

  6. Theresa Gary:
    – Brittney’s mother
    – Muggy was Brittney’s best friend
    – Ernestine’s supervisor at Wendy’s
    – Aunt to Kristen
    – supposedly knew the others as well

  7. db FYI-teresa gary is hanging out at the drug & prostitution house on Andrew.Go figure!!!!

  8. imo………i think she can crack this case wide open….there is more to her story than she may possibly be giving………

    …why would a known drug/prostitution house be talked about so much and this place has never been shut down?…….i mean where i live….any word of a place like this authorities would burn it down…..???

  9. The only reason I can think of is, because that is their someone’s extra cash flow. Don’t you think? IMO!

  10. whose could be above the law like this?…..

  11. db….i agree; difficult to understand why officials allow that type of activity to continue….it doesn’t seem to be a big secret around town so it’s not like LE isn’t aware of it.

  12. theresa gary should be in custody if you ask me…..

  13. what is her role at this drug/prost. house?

  14. Is it for sure a known fact that the Andrews St. house is being used for illicit activity?

    Anyone know the street address and who owns the house?

  15. I know no one on this website has the intent to cross a line, but you should be aware of the line.

    Defamation is the malicious publication or expression in any manner, to anyone other than the party defamed, of anything which tends:

    (1) To expose any person to hatred, contempt, or ridicule, or to deprive him of the benefit of public confidence or social intercourse; or

    (2) To expose the memory of one deceased to hatred, contempt, or ridicule

    Whoever commits the crime of defamation shall be fined not more than five hundred dollars, or imprisoned for not more than six months, or both.

  16. Sleuthing 888- Do you know any thing about andrew street or Ms. Gary? If not , back off.

  17. s1018, I think sluething was just trying to warn one, to help. db, I never did drugs, but as you know, they have no conscious of others when they in that zone.

  18. s1018– I am just saying that if you have personally seen or heard something that you think is important to any of the cases or you know someone who has personally seen or heard something that you think is important, then by all means call a law enforcement agency whether it be the state police, sheriff, attorney general’s office or FBI, but when someone posts a comment on a website that make an assertion of fact that may be interpreted as putting a specfic person in a bad light, the commenter should be careful. There are limits to free speech. PEACE 🙂

  19. sleuthing888-Apology for the “back off” comment,I don’t know who reads this blog,so I am saying too much.I know more about this house &ms gary than anyone can pondering goining to task force, but i don”t really trust anyone.

  20. s1018……consider giving the info to Menard….that would probably be your best and safest bet….jmo.

  21. db-i amnot one to judge,but ms. gary is not what she wants people to believe she is.If she should be in custody that LE’s job.Iam not defending her by any means but you mirroed my thoughts LOL

  22. s1018 What do you mean that teresa is not what she wants people to be? What do you know of teresa?

  23. Remember folks you are not truly anonymous on the internet. One little supoena and your life falls apart. Anyone who has been in trouble before and it is public record can be discussed. Public officials can be discussed too. Celebrities can be discussed in other words if you are in the public venue you can be discussed. Teresa Gary falls in a gray line as she has been mentioned before but not in the context of a poi.Otherwise, profiles of possibles without names are OK I would think.and probably a good way to go.

  24. cp’s right….people are discussed non-stop on the major crime forums….once you’re out there you’re game….within reason.

    The links I posted between Theresa and the victims were already public knowledge….it wasn’t “insider” info. Same thing with the info about the JDPSO and JPD officers and their escapades….all public info.

    ETA….people on the crime forums even go as far as posting Myspace, Facebook, etc. info on the boards. That information can sometimes be used to tie people back to other people in some instances.

    • s1018
      Submitted on 2009/03/27 at 5:59pm
      db-i amnot one to judge,but ms. gary is not what she wants people to believe she is.

      Maybe you should elaborate a bit more on this statement….it’s not polite to throw out “teasers”. Do you have “first hand” knowledge of this or is it simply hearsay?

      • cp
        Submitted on 2009/03/27 at 7:54pm
        Remember folks you are not truly anonymous on the internet. One little supoena and your life falls apart. Anyone who has been in trouble before and it is public record can be discussed. Public officials can be discussed too. Celebrities can be discussed in other words if you are in the public venue you can be discussed. Teresa Gary falls in a gray line as she has been mentioned before but not in the context of a poi.Otherwise, profiles of possibles without names are OK I would think.and probably a good way to go.

        On the subject of cp’s comment….anyone here have the time, energy and knowledge to throw together a comprehensive synopsis outlining the legal do’s and dont’s when publicly discussing individuals with regard to a criminal case. I’d like to put it in a post so we’ll have it for reference because I think it’s an important consideration to keep in mind.

        Whoever wants to do it will get full credit for it 😀 LOL.

  25. I was told the samething back in DEC. but i never brought it up because i did’nt want to upset you all more then you were already…..

  26. forget what i said concering ms gary i will not be posting anymore comments.the comment on what people believeshe is,let me say i am not the only one who thinksthis this is not hearsay

  27. Stop beating around the bush and tell us SOMETHING then….if you’re not going to tell a law enforcement official.

    Maybe someone else here has decoded your cryptic messages but I haven’t been able to yet.

    I’m a patient person and I have a great sense of humor (jmo) but you know you’re stretching me Eyez…..either sh*t or get off the pot.

  28. Ugly stuff about defamation and ramifications. Long read.

  29. Huh…. i was only stating i heard the same thing thats all…..

  30. whatever… here we go again , bye y’all

  31. I’ll say one thing for you Eyez….you’re a Diva!

  32. g8trgirl your attacking me because i said i heard the samething to…. thats not fair

    how got you get upset with me but not with s1018…?

  33. Hello its me. I have thought about it for a long, long time.

    Make it about the murdered people.Not about who likes you or who doesn’t. Frankly, get off the site would be my advise. We are doing way too much good to be sidetracked.

    Harsh, I know but this is serious business and serious people have that as a priority.

  34. cp…thanks for the link….for reference it is posted under LINKS (left upper side of page) as Defamation, Libel & Slander Laws.

  35. s1018–You need not apologize, but thank you just the same. I certainly sensed your intentions were good, but as a very old song goes, ” no one knows what goes on behind closed doors”, and it can be even harder to prove. I would suggest you to take your concerns to the FBI. Speaking in general terms, and not about anyone or any specific town, I do believe it is true that the smaller a town,the less likely that an illegal activity can occur without authorities being aware of the activity. I can understand why anyone in any town would have difficulty trusting locals if there is in fact an illegal activity that is blatantly obvious because if a civilian sees enough to make a valid assessment, then it is reasonable to think that local authorities ought to have observed the same and then you wonder why no action is taken. I am sure Mr. Menard can explain this better than I can, but it is one thing to identify suspicious activity and quite another to build a case beyond reasonable doubt. I did not read your comments as actually accusing any specific person of anything, but since I cannot read your mind, I did hope to raise the awareness of you and anyone else for that matter that there are boundaries. .Again, if you have information that you believe would be useful to the investigation, call the FBI. Good night to all.

  36. ….based on all of the information i have read/including public record/or told…, i feel like there is more to the story concerning T.G. with this whole mess….

    ..if this is called defamation of character….i had no idea…..if thats the case they got a 1000 broken laws on here….

    …if i followed sluething888 wrongly then forgive me for my comment…..

  37. if there is indeed a place where hookers are frequenting….firstly where are they coming in from or do they all live in jennings?…..

    …based on that question i think these women should all be identified, questioned and searched for any hard evidence(clothing)…….

  38. I think the prostitutes should be questioned more for the knowledge they may have about the killer than searched etc. The reason is they may remember a client who made their hinkey meter rise…one they possibly wouldn’t go out with or if they did, they saw some weird behavior.

    Many crimes have been solved by observant people.

  39. cp-The alleged prostitutes are being questioned but they are not speaking to LE. They are scared, some have left town or the state. Many people have been questioned but still does not change the fact that they are not talking. One observer alleged that he witnessed who picked up Brittany Gary but when LE showed up to question him, he recanted and says he didn’t see anything. When he was later questioned by someone else, he stated he’s scared to tell anyone what he observed.

    People who have solicited alleged prostitutes as well will not talk. For one, nobody wants to go on record and admit that they’ve solicited sex from anyone and for two, many of these men are married so they certainly will not speak to LE. It’s not a problem of locating observers, its getting someone to talk.

  40. Listed below is the Louisiana statute of Defamation of character. It is a criminal statute and a 911 operator in Minden, Louisiana was charged criminally for stating that a sheriff’s detective was masturbating in the bushes behind a restaurant. He filed criminal charges and she plead guilty to the charges, received 90 days suspended sentence and 6 months probation. Louisiana law on defamation of character also applies to a deceased person as well where the family of the deceased can file criminal charges. This occurred around 2000 or 2001. Here’s pertinent Louisiana Revised Statute and case law governing the subject:

    “Defamation is the malicious publication or expression in any manner, to anyone other than the party defamed, of anything which tends:

    (1) To expose any person to hatred, contempt, or ridicule, or to deprive him of the benefit of public confidence or social intercourse; or

    (2) To expose the memory of one deceased to hatred, contempt, or ridicule; or

    (3) To injure any person, corporation, or association of persons in his or their business or occupation.

    Whoever commits the crime of defamation shall be fined not more than five hundred dollars, or imprisoned for not more than six months, or both.”

    La. Rev. Stat. § 14:47 (2005)

    Garrison v. Louisiana, 379 U.S. 64 (1964), holds that the Louisiana statute is unconstitutional so far as it punishes true statements about public officials that are uttered with malicious purpose. Additionally, the statute is unconstitutional in respect to its failure to differentiate whether false statements against public officials were made with malice, reckless disregard of truth or falsity, or in a reasonable belief of the truth of the statement. However, Louisiana’s statute is not unconstitutional per se as long as any actual prosecutions under it follow the constraints laid out in Garrison. Snyder v. Ware, 314 F. Supp. 335 (W.D. La. 1970), aff’d 397 U.S. 589. The Louisiana statute still remains on the books.

  41. If anyone wants to read current case law in our circuit (Third Circuit Court of Appeal) that covers Jennings, Louisiana, here is the link:

  42. I can understand the johns not talking, they wouldn’t have first hand knowledge of aberrant behavior witnessed by the prostitutes anyway. I can also understand the fear of the prostitutes and the man who won’t come forward.

    What this is telling me….prostitutes behavior and the man…that what they witnessed or know is someone who is powerful pulling the strings. A nut case with no power would have been locked up already. The vulnerable know that there is no protection for them hence the closed mouth.

    Let me ask this. Do you think this is some kind of sick game involving more than one person? Like dungeons and dragons on a human scale?

  43. cp-So far, we’ve heard stories from some of the victims families and friends that they (the victims) knew that something were going to happen to them but what confuses us is that they never told anyone who might do something to them. Yes, I do think that it is someone influential and I do think that it is someone that these girls are scared of but I also think that its someone they know or acquainted with, maybe not personally but they do know somewhat.

    Again, I do think it is more than one person involved, possible as little as two and perhaps as much as 7-10 but all involved. It’s someone that can research and rid the bodies of evidence. Someone that knows the rules of evidence and knows how to cover his/her tracks very well. Again, LE has some very good leads and we’ve provided LE some leads as well and other people, however few, have provided leads too. One key piece is missing and when we learn that piece that is missing then alot will come to light. All is not lost but with such a complex case it takes time to put the pieces all together and once the pieces are all together, we are positive that the perp (s) will be caught.

  44. Thanks, Kirk, this makes a lot of sense. So, it is some kind of game to the perps. I would look at a safe house or common area house that many would frequent. Including the victims.

    There is going to be evidence. I think this is multiples in your scenario..puppet puller..thrill killer…evidence remover. All are culpable.

    On a side note what kind of sick fu.k would orchestrate this? It certainly seems to be the case right now. If some other serious screw up shows up then we can wash this. But, in the interim serious major mind blowing.

  45. Mr. Menard,

    You don’t know me but we have mutual friends in the investigative business in Lake Charles. I would also like to congratulate you on being approved by the state board to instruct the 40 hour private investigator course.

    On the unsolved homicides I think that the person responsible is a sick and twisted individual with a certain intelligence about him. I believe that he is scared to be alone and preys on helpless defenseless women because he can’t get it up or keep it up. He was more than likely a mamma’s boy and lived at home until he was in his thirties. He’s a sick and twisted bastard that can’t do what he’s doing to these women to a real man. He preys on weakness and on those that are less fortunate than himself. If he’d be a real man he would make his presence known but he can’t do that because he’s too much of a &%^$% to show himself. He’s probably a cross dresser that didn’t get enough love from his father or mother when he was younger. He thrives on the meek and strives for power but he’ll never get what he wants out of life because it sucks to be him. He’ll never be the man he thinks he is; just a wet behind the ears scared little boy in a man’s body that will never amount to anything but a sick and twisted bastard that preys on poor, helpless, defenseless woman.

  46. Mr. Johnson, I really agree with you about your post about the person responsible for these unsolved murders. But maybe he will be a real man and grow some ***** and come on this site and post something on here. If he is so smart as everyone believes then he should be able to post something on here but We will see if he is a real man.

  47. Thanks angel. Since he likes to go on back roads I would be more than willing to accomodate him and meet him anytime anywhere on one of these back roads. I would really like to see for myself how much of a man he is but I think that he’s too much of a p**** to show himself or make himself known.

  48. He would never out himself.He thinks we are fools.He has orchestrated a scenario where an opinion is nothing more than fodder. Ha! Ha! Then ya never know where the chips will fall.

  49. Mr. Johnson, I yet agree with you again I am sure there are plenty of people who would love to meet him on a back road. He only like to go on back roads because I figure he must not be to good looking for us to see his face. This is why he sticks to the back roads.
    But if he is smart he would get on a computer and get on the this blog and say something. Oh but wait we think he is smart, he might not be smart at all, he may not at all know how to get on a computer, or how to even get to this blog but all in good time, all in good time, he will see his day is numbered and it is coming soon.

  50. Ok, the more you respond on this blog the more you discredit yourself. Whoever is killing these women aren’t in the least worried about you. You’re not scaring anyone. And about who you know in law enforcement, someone that really knows someone that is respected by law enforcement would not drop that to anyone. Myself and my personal opinion is that you do not know anyone and you are an attention seeker and a major distraction to the rest of us that are trying to do some good. If you have something good to say then say it but don’t concentrate on yourself and about who you know because nobody believes you and even if there is some truth that you have friends in law enforcement nobody cares. Please stay with the subject.

  51. While being the manager at a Wendy’s is not saving the free world or sending shuttles into orbit, there is a certain degree of professionalism, savvy and work ethic that goes into managing one. If someone was involved in using meth, it would soon rear it’s ugly head to their superiors and even their employees.

    While I am not saying that TG is not involved at the drug/cat house, I find it hard to believe. I guess I would need to hear a bit more about it from those that claim to have intimate knowledge of the establishment.

    Is it possible that she is in there trying to gather evidence against her child’s killer? Someting does not add up.

  52. Has the Sheriff ever gotten his web site up and running or are they going to bother? It seems so strange that everyone has to get all their updates hear rather than from the task force or local LE.

    What a shame that somebody has the power to keep so many people shut-up, threatened enough not to talk to authorities about crimes such as murder. This is serious people. You need to speak to LE about whatever you know….why let someone have that kind of control over you, and what could they threaten you with that is so bad…that you are unwilling to help stop this kind of serial crime.

    Sometimes it does take others to stand up for a cause as many are doing here, and it is never to late to do just that. Those who have info need to grow some balls, and start talking….call crimestoppers- whatever. Just Do IT.

    What do you all think the people are being threatened with…their lives, their families lives, or what?

    Someone must be awful convincing or powerful to have so many people in one community under their control.

  53. Observer… far as I know there hasn’t been a site established by the task force. Of course, if it’s not going to have additional information besides what is already known I don’t see much point in setting one up. Apparently the reward or tip line have been of no use either.

  54. Does anyone know if the Task Force meets in Jennings?

  55. cp- the task force does meet and brainstorms for hours on end.

  56. Thanks, jfd61.

  57. You’re welcome. cp.

  58. I have a few questions for Mr. Menard. I was watching a video news story linked to this website that apparently aired before the body of Britney Gary was found. Would you walk us through ( or drive us through) the possible close encounter on Lacour Road between your detectives and the perp? Do you still feel that may have been the perp? Which way did he go? What was the weather like that night? What night was that exactly? Do you have reason to believe the perp was attempting to dispose of the body of his latest victim? I am curious about what might be gleaned from that information when evaluated in light of that article you posted about geographical profiling.

  59. jfd61, how are you aware of the procedure of the task force, just curious, considering I am extremely close to the case and I am unaware of what goes on, obviously?

  60. AJ FRaNK a known druggie, who’s own brother and mother arrested on drug charges. Has been last seen with all are most of the victims. No one is afraid of him, but the scum bag should not be on the streets. He should be in prison rotting away like any criminal should be.

  61. AJ FRANK a known drug user/dealer.Who’s own mother and brother were arrested on drug charges. And was arrested before on these cases. Was frequently seen with all are most of the girls. The scum!!! No one is afraid of him, just disgusted that he’s not behind bars like a criminal should be.

  62. He has not been arrested again. NOR did I say he is involved. For only God Knows this. If you ask me you really don’t know anything. And your comments seem to say you’re insane, you ramble on and on about you’re so called visions. Which seem to be dreams, not insight to the killings. Some dreams are better left silent. With a killer out there we all have dreams and thoughts. If we all spoke of them, the LE would be truly mislead.

  63. Did anyone check out this eyezonly person. Shot how many times! Stabbed how 22 times! come on. This person is not only strange, but insane.

  64. No one gives a rats behind about your car. The interest is unsolved murders.

  65. This person is if not strange or insane, maybe a possible suspect to really look at.

  66. mysterious, lol you got that right. Makes one want to feel sorry for AJ Frank

  67. ahlou You made me smile. Thanks!!!!!!!!

  68. Maybe being beaten with a metal bat and shot and stabbed so many times has done something to this persons brain.

  69. If in fact they are dusting her car for fingerprints. Then cops should be notified of her discussions here. So they can really examine her car.

  70. PROPHETIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  71. g8, can you ban her IP?


  73. Correction I totally doubt that you are involve with the taskforce in any way. Know that I will question this.

  74. Yesterday I drove down Andrew Street all was very quiet there was nothing to indicate which house. Guess people are reading here seems even Phillip 66 on 26 was rather quiet.

  75. I am really having a rough day today. Eyezonly dose not help matters. I personally wish she would keep her statements to herself or himself.

  76. mysterious, sending ((hugs)) and prayers out for you. I checked the months and March is a rough month for Kristen’s family I’m sure. Don’t know if that is your family member or now but just know you have people who care.

  77. sleuthing-The night we encountered the vehicle down Lacour Road was approximately 1 week (basically the week before Brittany was found). The weather was clear, wind blowing approixmately 3-5 mph, and I did have a mechanic with me who is also an investigator. We’ve both recognized it as a truck and as we sped up, the truck sped up. It appeared to be a dark blue pickup but we can’t be sure because we’ve only had a split second to notice when the dust cleared (Lacour Road is gravel), the truck turned left at the end of Lacour Road (south), we turned and headed towards highway 90 and no vehicles were present either way. We turned around and went towards Castex Landing but did not observe any lights that way but Castex is a dead end with only one way in and one way out. It’s very dark in that area and the vehicle could have turned in any camp.

    The only other vehicle we met down that road that night was a Jennings Police Officer and we stopped and spoke to him. In the weeks leading up to locating Brittany, those are the only two vehicles we’ve noticed down that road. At the corner of Lacour Road is a mechanic shop and the mechanic lives in the trailer (not the mechanic that is also one of my investigators) but at that time he was not residing in that trailer and just moved there some months later after Brittany was located.

  78. Was the Police Officer the same one that found the body? Seems odd you only saw that officer the one time so is that a road that is normally checked by LE?

  79. The body on Racca Road.

  80. Yes, the police officer I encountered was the same one that found the body on Racca Road and Racca Road leads into Lacour Road but somehow I get the feeling you already knew that. Anyway, this was the same night that we ran into the vehicle. In fact, we had just finished chasing the truck when we ran into the police officer. In fact we did speak to the police officer down Racca Road and he stated that we should have driven fast to catch up and obtain a license plate but it was a gravel road with alot of dust so we were really going as fast as we could.

  81. No, I didn’t know that but I felt it may be the same one.

    I’ve been wanting to ask if you or your investigators researched the arrest records -times – dates- release were check on the young ladies. If so does any of the arrest/release show maybe near dates they young ladies were last seen. I may not have this worded but I think you get my drift. I’m talking about if they have let you see the actual records.

  82. Oh and in answer to your question ahlou, no that is not a road normally checked by city LE anyway. However, when I visited with the LA State Police, they did ask me if while riding down Racca/Lacour/Bobby/Earl Duhon Road if we’ve observed any city or sheriff’s patrol down there, when I noted that we did not, he kinda shook his head in disbelief. About a week later was when we observed the city LE officer. Part of Racca Road is in the City Limits and extends right until either a little past the firing range or up until Lacour road. Not really sure where the city limits ends down that way.

    • From your post it seems that LE was suspicious of that area and had asked for it to be patrolled. I am sure you and your investigators have tried to track the truck…a needle in a haystack kind of thing I’m sure. Dang, I wish you had been able to get a little closer.

      How many camps at Castex Landing? Is it worth the effort to look into that area more especially since we know how close the victims dump sites were to this place.

  83. The arrest records are public records that we have access to and yes, our investigators did pull the records but we cannot disclose their relation to the case at this time since its still being investigated and is part of the homicide investigation. LE has the same information and they are checking out any relation, if any, to their release times, dates, etc.,

  84. Oh, that’s good you’ve already done that. I just wanted to ask when I knew you was online, just in case.

    I may be asking too may questions if so let me know.

    Were the records of some of the other unsolved dead also pulled?

  85. mysterious,
    I have so many of those “not so good” days and its rough….u are in my thoughts!

  86. From what most here say there is a bad guy that may be involved. He was apparently the last one seen with most of the victims. I guess my question is do any other women still hang around this guy? I am sure that the grapevine has informed everyone about him. Does anyone spend one minute alone with him?

    Does he have any ties to the owner of the gas station? Friends, business partners, fishing buddies?

    • I’m just guessing but I think the answer to all of your questions is probably yes.

  87. Also, does this guy have anything in his background (education, military, etc.) that would have provided him with any specialized knowledge in dodging forensic detection?

    Also, March through June seems to be a heavy period for the killer(s). Everyone be especially aware of their surroundings and careful of time spent alone. Educate your friends and family as well.

  88. Brittany, I do know and i’ll leave it at that. I’m one of the good guys, on your side.

  89. Kirk,
    Captain Obvious gave you a good hint. If you drove faster you may have caught up. File that away and use it sometime.
    Does he have a truck?

  90. Does anyone know how many camps at Castex Landing? Playing with an idea not sure if it is worth much though.

  91. CP,
    In looking at the aerial map it appears to be about 25. It is hard to say because it looks as if some of the buildings down there are commercial. Also, the road goes further than the landing and gets close to the river again further down. The number of camps may be less. I am also making an assumption on the exact location of the landing.

  92. There is an abandoned ship yard at the end of Castex Landing….past all the camps. I think there’s more like 200 or so camps down that road.

  93. Thanks for the reply. Again, just working something. Does anyone know how many camps are exclusive vs.communal or shared? I am sure there is a bait shop but what other commercial endeavors? Oil field service companies?

    I am pondering the gap in times. I am not really sure where I am going with this but the back roads and this site stick out to me.

  94. Brittany thanks for the prayers. It helps to know you are there.

  95. Someone needs to call Warren Hoag and speak to him. He is a former coroner, has alot of investigative experience and is highly intelligent. He can give alot of insight into what is going on and probably give some good leads.

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