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  1. I would suggest that g8 move over several posts from the prior discussion. Good info to ponder.

  2. cp- I agree!

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  4. g8trgirl- not prob!…..I can do this!..Thanks for answering and everything you do to make this site possible!

  5. You’re very welcome jfd61….it wouldn’t be what it is without all of y’all though!!

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  6. sleuthing888- The point I was trying to make was the age of the perpetrator can’t be changed in the description based solely on if he is impotent because he could be impotent and younger then 40! Though I still haven’t made up my mind if I believe that’s his reason for killing, he may not be impotent! If he is in fact impotent then factors such as the ones that Kirk stated like drugs and alcohol can play a part in the situation of impotence in a younger person. So, this wouldn’t make the profiler’s information incorrect. There are many factors that go into play when you’re working up a profile on a perpetrator and like Kirk said the profiler is only as good as the information provided to them

  7. cp- you made some very good points. You’re doing a great job brainstorming, keep up the good work!

  8. A little late in commenting on a couple of subjects…just getting caught up on site from #9.
    Just a few observations !!!

    The Patriot Act out weighs HIPPA this day and time…the reason for all the privacy statements we receive from doctors now. The perp would probably spend money on drugs rather than Viagra…the question about being on meds for a mental disorder for a time is possible if he/she has been in rehab before.

    s1018 stated—Lots of speculations on the murders….Has anyone thought these young women maybe not all of them may have o dosed on alcohol & drugs and someone dumped the bodies . There are quiet a few white girls hanging out at the house on Andrew Street….

    This is a good question too- maybe one law is privy of the answers too and not us being all autopsy results are not released….hopefully someone from the Task Force is aware of this place, and the quality of drugs being used….I hope there is no seriously laced, bad drugs being used- not that any are okay. Crack is a frightening drug the way it is homemade with so many chemicals. Is there ever any bust for crack labs around there? Mixing some pills and alcohol can be fatal too.
    Sounds like more answers regarding this house is needed.

    If poi is reading sight, he may react differently after what he is reading! site could evoke responses. Hopefully, for someone to turn him/her in.

    Life sentence is harder…for some people. Death row does have its constant protections for inmates.
    FYI: Due to the cost involved, rather than having a moratorium in LA- Da’s have backed off prosecuting DP’s to save the expense. This was in The Advocate just recently.

    I do think the question of Life or Death is interesting to ponder for the public and families regardless of
    the DA’s stance. It helps people form opinions and express emotions in a healthier way than suppressing them.

  9. Kirk Menard, on March 24th, 2009 at 7:37 PM Said:
    Well said jfd61, alcohol and drugs to make a person impotent as do many medications that younger people may be on. Many who are impotent do not seek medical attention so may not be prescribed viagra and the like. We once worked a case where a 24 year was accused of statutory rape and the victim was 16. She stated that his penis was hard when he undressed but letters and statements from his doctor stated otherwise. He also had an alcohol (actually, was an alcoholic and drug addict) and that was given as by his physician as a reason for not achieving an erection. Needless to say, the DA had no choice but to dismiss the charges, especially after the female admitted she lied when this new information was brought to her attention. She stated that her reason for lying was because she was out late and supposed to be home at midnight and she needed a ride and called our client and he couldn’t go pick her up so she claimed that she stayed out late with him and had sex with him and her parents called the police.

    So many factors go into impotence, and its not an age factor, although age does play a small part in some cases. I also do trial consulting and attempt to select a jury that will gain my client an advantage in court and alot of psychology goes into it. It’s a form of profiling, however, not criminal profiling. Race very seldom is a factor. Good example is the Atlanta Killings. However, there was a serial killer in the Northwest I believe that targeted prostitutes because his daughter dated a black man and he despised her for it so he targeted prostitutes and those that date black men. So I guess what I’m trying to say is that we have to judge this on a case by case basis. However, I do have good reason to believe that the bodies of these victims were strategically placed in their locations. I cannot disclose the details of that reason but it has been turned over to LE. Sleuthing and cp makes some excellent points as does db and nobody is right or wrong, just depends on the case and jdp61 is correct. The profiler is only as good as the information he/she receives. It’s not 100% failproof but the justice system is not perfect either but its all we have so we have to do the best we can with an imperfect system

  10. cp, on March 24th, 2009 at 7:40 PM Said:
    Thanks, jfd61. I want to add that during a manic stage a person with bi polar possesses great physical strength and extreme amounts of wakefulness. This seems self explanatory but it isn’t. I have seen a frail 95 year act like Rocky when the moods change. It is an unbelievable thing to behold.

    Another reason not to hold the age thing within a decade without knowing other factors. Look at some older dudes too.

  11. IMO, these girls did not overdose voluntarily. I actually never gave it a thought. They are victims. I will hold that stance until I am proven wrong.

  12. Actually….I was discussing that possibility with someone tonight. It sounds “out there” but I want to consider every possible angle.

    Do you think it is possible the girls were “forced” to ingest a higher than normal amount of drugs and alcohol?

  13. Mr. Menard–If the perp is impotent because of drugs or alcohol, then isn’t it likely that he has an ongoing drug/alcohol problem and if that is true, then wouldn’t he more of a disorganzied killer and less of an organized killer?

  14. jfd61– I follow your point about not changing one element of a profile too readily. There is a potential upside and a potential downside to each element that the profiler puts in the profile. For example, on a scale of 1 to 10, the profiler’s conclusion that the perp is a male might be a ten, that he is white, might be a 7, that he is 25 to 35 might be what, that he is impotent might be what. I think such a confidence scale would be helpful to the general public upon whom law enforcement relies for tips. Perhaps law enforcement is already privy to such a confidence scale.

  15. sleuthing I know you addressed your question to Mr. Menard but I’d like to throw my hat into the ring as to whether we’re dealing with an organized vs. disorganized killer.

    Personally, I believe this is an extremely organized killer. I’m not as wrapped up in the issue of whether the person can “punt” or not….I don’t think it’s an issue in these cases….jmo.

    On the issue of drugs/alcohol….they may be able to commit the crimes while under the influence but I think the transport and placement of the bodies would be difficult in that state. Perhaps the perp holds the bodies at the initial crime location until they have some time to “sober up” and then move the bodies to the final location. That would account for having possibly two crime scenes to deal with for each victim.

    If you look at the maps and see the methodical pattern of dumping it’s very difficult to believe this is a disorganized killer. It is too consistent to be classified as disorganized.

    You have to also keep in mind that, as far as we know, LE has very, very little evidence. A disorganized killer would leave evidence sooner or later…..7 deaths (maybe more) and nothing. Is that a disorganized killer’s dumb luck? I don’t think so.

  16. CP, because it would be hard to say with certainty, do you think this is what led the sheriff to say we have a serial dumper? Cause of death is still unreleased in five. Some of the five may never be released.

    Impotence can also be psychological. Overbearing mother, undersized unit, etc.

    Strategically placed? I know you can’t say but that sure peaked my interest. Can you say if it was strategic in choosing the place to dump or strategically placed, as in posed.

  17. g8trgirl– I agree with you that the killer must be well organized for the most part, but the reason I have a hard time believing he boozes it up or takes drugs for the kill is because if he had, then there should have been some forensic evidence on the bodies and as you say, there appears to be very very little evidence. I forget the term the criminal science uses for it, but there is a concept that states that whereever two objects come into contact with one another, and then are separated, there tends to be a forensic trail that follows each object of the other. Perhaps, there was and the evidence was destroyed, I don’t know, but if the killer is that organized, I don’t understand how or why he would let himself be near the victim when in an impaired state and risk creating a forensic trail.

  18. I was just throwing the possibility in that the person “might” be under the influence and how they might handle the situation. My opinion is that whoever is doing the killing and moving the bodies is likely stone cold sober and has their wits about them. Not to say they’re non-drinkers/druggies….just that they’re not hard-core drinkers/users…..maybe just recreational users.

    Have to add this….how easy is it NOT to leave a forensic trail….sober or otherwise?

  19. Good observations. I share your opinion for the most part. As to the ease in which a forensic trail is left or not left, I would ask that you answer that question for me because I really don’t know.

  20. Sleuthing888, A couple of thoughts but in no way a comprehensive answer.

    Humans shed hair almost constantly, whether arm, head or wherever. Physical contact, such as carrying a body, creates rubbing which would definitely make him/they lose some hairs at the dump sites. Finding those hairs would be a nightmare. (For me) If they were able to find them their would be a few things to look at. If the hair was pulled out with the root ball intact and undegraded, they could do a full DNA profile. If it had no rootball they could still obtain mitochondrial dna. Thisn would give a DNA profile from the maternal parents side, or half of a full DNA profile.

    Also the human body sheds dead skin cells at a high rate. In some cases this has allowed a bloodhound to track a killer that has gotten into a car and driven a few miles. The skin cells left enough of a trail to track for miles, even from an automobile. I remember them trying this, unsuccesfully, in the Derrick Todd Lee investigation.

    Conversely the victim would leave DNA evidence on the skin, clothes, vehicle, etc of the perp. They now are able to get much more information from this. It is called Touch DNA and is relatively new.

    I am sure there are many more ways to follow a forensic trail that I am unaware of. I would like to see them use bloodhounds to back track from the recovery scene to the killers home. Time is a huge factor in this. Muggy was apparently found six hours after her disappearance. She would have been a prime candidate for this. The bleach may have ruined the chances but I am not sure.

  21. RR-When I stated strategically placed I meant strategically placed at the location, not posed. We have excellent reason to believe that now with new information that has come forward. On another note, there’s been rumors circulating that someone has been arrested for the murders, someone is being questioned, etc., but these have been verified with the task force as being false so please be careful of the rumor mill.

    I agree with g8trgirl on the topic of organized vs. disorganized, yet what appears in hindsight to be a disorganized killer may very well be an organized killer taunting police, leaving his signature, etc., so it takes a closer look. It appeared, as we’ve recently learned, that the locations of the where the bodies were placed that this is an organized killer, very intelligent, and may actually be taunting LE with signs that signal “catch me if you can.”

    Again on copycats, I don’t buy that theory…all dumped in the same place, same M.O., I just don’t buy it and we have reason to believe that this is the same person or persons responsible. There is still a list of possible suspects and leads are continuing to be gathered so if you hear that they (LE) don’t have anything its not true. On the forensic side they may have little or nothing but on the information gathering they have plenty to go with and enough to keep them busy following up on leads for a good while.

    The point of impotence is really unimportant, the profiler sometimes makes educated guesses and that is why he/she uses the word “probably” in their statements. He made that statement because of the anger that this person may feel.

    On the subject of the Patriot Act, that cannot be used on domestic crimes unless terrorism is involved. The FBI came under fire for that last year for violating the privacy of thousands of individuals and it is closely monitored since the FBI admitted to using it to solve domestic crimes instead of terrorism.

    You guys are doing a great job brainstorming so please don’t stop. Every bit helps and the investigation is starting to get more and more aggressive as more information is coming to light. As noted before, we still have a list of persons of interest and persons that are willing to speak to LE and that’s been turned over to LE.

  22. One thing we don’t know is if the victims were tied in any way. If so, this would eliminate one area of DNA (under the fingernails) if they couldn’t fight back. Since large amounts of alcohol and drugs were discovered in most if not all of the victims we can be assured that they were fairly subdued. With the exception of Muggy as something happened there. She was found quickly, with or without bleach, there is more chance that her body yielded more info.

    Most SK’s have a ritual that they follow. Domingue asks that he be allowed to tie the victims. If they agreed, they died, if they didn’t he allowed them to live. No shoes on the victims there either. One of those that was allowed to live eventually gave LE the clues needed for an arrest and only
    then would fibers etc. be compared to the perp.

    LE has to have someone to compare the evidence to and right now they haven’t arrested anyone. Unless DNA is in CODIS system somewhere LE has to wait.

    These murders are about control vs. impotence the same way rape is about control vs. the sexual act itself. Disrobing the victims is more about humiliating the victim than anything.

  23. cp-great observation about disrobing the victims for humiliation…in the Practical Homicide Handbook that is discussed, so very good. And yes its about control rather than the sexual act itself, another good observation, you guys are doing a great job of tying this together, that is also in the Practical Homicide Handbook. Also, all SK, as well as murderers leave their “signature” or “mark” that they’ve been a certain place.

    One thing, someone mentioned about some of the victims overdosing, a slim possibility but still a possibility but in any case its still a crime to dump a body…its obstruction of justice and if the victims were given the drugs by the person that dumped them then the victims overdosed it could still be a charge anywhere from 2nd degree murder-negligent homicide, to manslaughter. Either way, someone is still liable.

  24. Just thought I would throw this in the discussion…
    When people hear the words drug addict, these words have negative connotations and stigmas attached to them. People visualize a person who does not care about anything, including family, work, or commitments, except for obtaining money to buy drugs to get high. However, there are many people who are drug addicts that maintain a normal, functioning life. Before we can examine why these people are addicted to drugs, one must first define the word addict.

  25. Speaking of signature or mark, does anyone think that the perp is using the victims for snuff films/photos. There does seem to be an amount of staging post mortem.

    Sean Gillis had this same sideline for viewing but I am not sure if any of his victims ended up on his computer. He also mutilated his victims post mortem.

  26. CP, SVG was as crazy as a football bat. He would lay in the front yard at midnight, howling at the moon and cursing his mother. She had apparently moved to Atlanta to get away from him and left him the house.

    Kirk, is there any more you can say about the signature? I know it is evidence that cannot be fully exposed to the public but am curious about it.

    Also, beyond Ernestine and Muggy, is there any information about the level of violence used in these crimes? I am curious if he used just enough violence to accomplish his goals or if it was overboard. I’m kicking around in my mind whether this is business related or personal for him. Excessive violence would indicate personal.

  27. Thank you Red Ranger for your answer on forensics.

  28. Jennings Daily News yesterday:

    Election is coming up! JDN compiled a list of questions that they felt the public would want the mayor’s candidates asked. Over the next few days, these questions and answers will be printed in the JDN. Lets see how informative this is and maybe it will help aid in our decisions as election time comes!

  29. Brittany, I’m curious, who are the candidates running for Mayor?

  30. Found out. Thanks anyway. I guess everybody is sleeping on this blog. LOL.

  31. Sorry, I was a little late, brownie!
    For everyone: Candidates are:

    Jesse Ewing
    Early “Chick” Gotreaux
    Ray “Red” Touchet
    and the one and only Terry Duhon

  32. G8, sorry I missed this earlier. Yes, I do think it possible.

    Do you think it is possible the girls were “forced” to ingest a higher than normal amount of drugs and alcohol?

  33. Not G8, but my answer would be YES. From what I’ve heard none of them were full time users, they lead for the most part normal lives.

  34. What kind of person is Ray Touchet?

  35. CP, SVG was as crazy as a football bat. He would lay in the front yard at midnight, howling at the moon and cursing his mother. She had apparently moved to Atlanta to get away from him and left him the house.

    RR, I actually called a detective here in Atlanta when I read about that. His mom lived not too far from me and there were some unsolved prostitute murders in Atlanta.I thought it possible that he may have visited his mother in some of the years…the detective was like”so, what does that have to do with anything?” I said sorry to bother you and hung up. Those murders are still not solved BTW. it was recently reported that Atlanta has a high (67%) of solved murders…I bet those figures are fudged.

  36. everyone here is bringing up productive clues, but i do have a problem with all here who seems to develop a profile of this character being some sort of brillant mind in what he does…….remember to keep it simple and this perp is a notch below roach scum….his thinking is simple……

  37. CP, I smell what you’re cookin’. I hope Detective Friendly in Atlanta had a minor doughnut coronary for spite.
    I may have to ease on up to Jennings and vote in the Mayors race. It is almost a thirteen hour drive so I want to vote 13 times.

    Ray Touchet-

  38. 🙂 ROFL at RR

  39. RR, thanks a bunch someone gave me the whole write up. I’m asking what is the scoop on him other than he got interested during the November City Council meeting and haven’t missed one since.

  40. Thanks for the humor, RR. We needed the levity. LOL! I used to drive it in 8.5 but with old age I am at 10 plus. Only got one speeding ticket in 30 years. Got to have pit stops now and you never know what is happening on the Achafalaya Bridge.Have been stranded there before and it is MISERABLE.

  41. A question was asked earlier on:

    Have any of the victims’ families been visited by any of the mayor’s candidates? Well I have been visited by Mr. Jesse Ewing this evening and he has alot to say and wants alot done! I wanted to make it public that someone in that race actually does care about whats going on around here!!!!!!

  42. I’ve been hearing a RUMOR for a long while…It is said the ladies had their faces bashed in which is the reason they were not easily identified. At the very least there were a few of they ladies who were found in what would seem time they could have been identified from other than tattoos..Brittney, Whitnei, Muggy were possible ones – no rumor – it is imo.

    KM, that is a rumor. BTW from your Russo he thinks if a person tells a pilot there is a fire and he only see smoke he would be a fool to not think there is a fire.

  43. Brittney, thanks for the info. Almost anyone I talk with speaks well of him.

    I’m curious about Touchet (reputation) who is the one that has not been involved in stuff in the past as far as I know and those I talk with.

  44. It seems that Jesse Ewing has made his mark before and actually took heat from his movements.

    Regardless, it is going to take voter turnout that seals the deal.

    In the interim there is a murderer out there and everyone needs to help. It can’t be on a local political position but rather a widespread effort. People know things and those things will bring justice. There is more than one venue for expressing and relying on present or incumbents is foolhardy.Speak!

  45. ahlou-I’ve never heard that rumor but some people have from what I understand. Rossmo is good but some things I don’t agree with him on, such as the buffer zone, i believe more in a security or safe zone rather than venturing out in unknown territory.

  46. Jesse Ewing is a special candidate to me because he did a very courageous thing! He put his job and reputation on the line to help bring justice to these women and solve this case. He did not have to do this. He could have done as everyone else did and “overlook” what was goin on. For those of you that are familiar with Jennings, a little over a year ago I went to work for the Jennings Golf Club. Mayor Terry Duhon and some of his best friends co-exist there everyday after a “hard day’s work”. I was working behind the counter and after a few drinks being served to them, they begin discussing things that should not be discussed amongst a mayor and his friends. The murders came up and this and I quote was his statement….”hey, this is my police dept. and I just cant go against my police dept.” I did hear this and I commented to him about the fact that his PD was not doing such a good job. He got very defensive and needless to say, the conversation ended in only confrontation and I didnt get any answers. THis is the mayor who is in charge of this wonderful town.

  47. We dont need politicians, we need people with heart in office!!!!!

  48. KM, come on now if you first sentence it right – you’ve heard about the bashed faces before. In any case there must be some very special reason why only one family was allowed to view the bodies. I have no dog in this fight, just a hope and pray it is solved sooner than later.

  49. ahlou-I’ve just heard about it from Brittany but she said that she heard it, but before tonight I’ve never heard that rumor. If I had heard the rumor, believe me, I would admit it but never have heard it before tonight from you and Brittnay.

  50. Brittany-You’ve said a mouthful and you’re right, we don’t need politicians, we need someone with heart. You’ve made some good points and I support you on them.

  51. If the face bashing is true than we are looking at an especially violent person. This is very personal to him and I do say him. Sounds like Lee where extreme measures were used. He is quiet right now because everyone is looking but betcha he is waiting for an opportunity. I will say this over and over, Someone knows more but isn’t saying. Speak even if it is foreign or not relevant or nonsensical. Someone knows more.

    • We dont need politicians, we need people with heart in office!!!!!

      and maybe someone with a backbone as well !!!

  52. There are so many rumors that have and are still going around. I have heard things that are far beyond belief. Yes, I have heard that rumor before….Is it true? No way of knowing because none of us got the chance to find that out. Kirk did ask me about it and I told him I had heard it before. I don’t believe it, but there’s no way to know for sure. I dont believe there’s any truth to that where my sister is concerned, but if this helps, we were told that my sister had no physical trauma to the body. Now if that’s true, I dont know, but I have heard so many things, its really hard to seperate fact from fiction.

  53. thanks g8trgirl and kirk!!!!

  54. Well it seem like we are getting off the track here we are not here to talk about the election we are trying to figure out what we can figure out about these unsolved murders. I think we really should call upon our friend eyezonly. She has good thought and ideas on this and seems to have some good information. She has told us about her ex and about the truck. we really need to listen to her. She has a connection with these girls spirits and if you look this up this is something that can happen There are some police departments that use people like eyezonly to solve cases so lets be optimistic and give her a shot to help us why turn any one away when they want to help solve these unsolved murders we should not turn away any help no matter if we personally believe them or not but she may hold that key information we all need and want to hear so please eyezonly come and help us and everyone give her a chance don’t shut the door to anyone who wants to help

  55. Surely you jest.

  56. Oh my Lord, you must be on crack!!!

  57. angel…I don’t mean to be disrespectful but eyez was welcome here until it became obvious that she really had nothing of substance to add to the conversation. She just repeated the same thing over and over again and seemed much more interested in advertising her blog, which incidentally looked very, very similar to this one (just an FYI there’s about 65 different themes to choose from and she picks the same exact one as we have here). She also seemed much more interested in talking about herself rather than the case and I personally found her very distracting.

    If indeed she has information that could be vital to the case….she needs to contact LE ASAP!!!!….I don’t know what she thinks the people on the blog can do about her visions. And while we’re on the subject of her “visions”, she never told us anything that wasn’t already public knowledge….not one thing. You and I both could say we dreamed there’s going to be another body and it will be found in a ditch, canal or road and we’d have a 50/50 shot of being correct. When we start adding dates, times, names and specific locations….that’s when we have something with some “meat” to it.

    Like I said….I mean no disrespect to you and if you have confidence in her abilities that is your perogative; I hope you don’t end up disappointed or misled.

  58. LOL @ cp and Kirk 😀

  59. No I am not we need not leave not one stone unturned and I feel that we have left eyezonly unturned we need to stop and listen to her she has some very good ideas and some interesting information. We need to have our own eyes open and our ears open to everyone no matter what the information is and no matter if we believe or not. So just because you do not believe does not mean that it is not true her information could be what cracks this case if not some of it. so just open your eyes and ears to anything and that includes eyezonly information

  60. angel….she really needs to take her information to LE…there’s not anything we can do with it here.

  61. What makes the most sense? It does not make sense to believe the killer bashed in faces when there were so many deaths that the cause of death was undetermined. It does make sense to believe whatever cause of death is known may be one that can occur naturally such as atrial fibrilation (irregular heartbeat) or be induced by the killer by some means.

  62. G8trgirl no disrespect has been taken, but if eyezonly can help in any way shouldn’t we at least give her the respect like we have everyone else and listen to EVERYTHING she has to offer and say. We do not know what she has to offer lets give her one shot to prove to us that she has something that is new that it is nothing that is not public knowledge that what she has to say is something that no one knows if she does this will you all at least give her a shot. If she gives you something will you at least respect her and listen to what she has to say and believe in her. If you go a read up on her ability she is not the only one that can do this there are others and they also have helped police departments solve several cases. Wouldn’t all feel like such idiots if she has information that can help these case and you did not listen to her until it is to late. Know matter what it is we have to listen we have to give it a shot no matter if we do not understand we have to listen to everyone who has information. Because none of us understand why this happen to our loved ones why did the killers pick these girls who knows maybe eyezonly can shine a light on this question what is it about her that lets her have all this information it is she has a direct link to the sprit of these woman Please give her a chance to prove to us all she knows something worth our time.
    Please do not laugh at something you do not understand I ask that you give her a chance and have a open mind about it

  63. Excuse my poor spelling. I mean fibrillation.

  64. angel….I will consider what you’ve said and sleep on it before making a final decision.

  65. Well for you all to see eyezonly has made a new blog so you can go and check it out and leave her feed back to what she has to offer. Remember give her another chance another shot to prove to us all she has information that is not public. That only someone who can do what she does could know what she has to offer. Eyezonly I have stood up and defended you because I believe you can help now here is your chance to prove to them all you are true so give them something that they can truly believe. here is her newest blog link
    Thanks again for giving her the chance again we need to do something to get these people who have taken these beautiful young woman from us.

  66. After thinking about the cause of death I don’t believe the bashing rumor. It would have been very easy for LE to say blunt force trauma and leave it at that. It wasn’t hidden that two victims had their throats slit so I believe undetermined is what they knew at the time.

    Even still a cause of death may not be possible depending on how competent the ME and/or how much decomposition interfered with evidence discovery.

  67. Why couldn’t they see the bodies? What was their that they couldn’t see?

  68. CP, That is right. Wildlife can totally decimate any evidence that may have been able to be collected. Birds and rodents could make a face look as if it had been caved in in a day or two. I don’t know if that happened but it is very common when a body is left in the elements for even a short time. Water wildlife will also do damage but not as fast. The water also acts somewhat as a short term preservative. In water, body openings will create almost a suction, or vault and sometimes preserve evidence that would be lost forever on land. It is all pretty hit and miss though, depending on the abundance of critters.

  69. Brownie, I’m with you. At the very least Zeno and Brown had not been where they were found for days. Brown was there for a very few hours. The sister was screaming they won’t let us see her. Many, many neighbors heard that since she was screaming so loud and people had gathered.

  70. I know we have covered this before. It was probably best that they didn’t see it, but to be told “you can not see it”. That’s saying something else. Another question, when we say “They”, that is le huh? Besides, can they force you not to? Did the funeral home director look at the bodies?

  71. Maybe something was written on their faces. Something to the fact of a racists mark. That would diffinately stir up a crowd. That could explain another reason Edwards wants to keep it hush hush. Brittany, I know you said it is not a racists thing. That’s fine. I’m just thinking, that’s all.

  72. We could of viewed our daughters remains. We refused. Who would want to have the last picture of their child so badly decomposed as their last memory of their child. We choose not to view the body. DNA told us what we needed to know.

  73. I understand that. Thanks.

  74. Not sure if this will work, but Slate magazine ask can body odor take the place of finger prints?

  75. We were refused to see the body time and time again! We were refused by LE, the coroner, and also the funeral home director. My sister and I requested over and over again and we were REFUSED. We were not told “its not a good idea”, we were told “NO”!

  76. Brittany I am truly sorry you were not given that choice. I continue to pray for your family and all other family members of our beautiful young women. Again I am sorry you didn’t have a choice. One day we will all have closer. I believe this with all my heart and soul.
    I hope this may help you. I pray this prayer daily.
    St.Jude, faithful servant and friend of Jesus, the Church honors and invokes you universally, as patron saint of hopeless cases, of things almost despaired of. Pray fr me, I am so helpless and alone. Make use I implore you, of that particular privilege given to you, to bring visible and speedy help where help is most despaired of. come to my assistance in this great need that I may receive the consolation and help of heaven in all my necessities, tribulations, and sufferings, Paticularly – (your request) and that I may praise God with you and all the elect forever. I promise O blessed St.Jude, to be ever mindful of this great favor, to always honor you as my special and powerful patron, and to gratefully encourage devotion to you. Amen

  77. mysterious….
    I believe you may be the only family member that I have never gotten the chance to speak with. I cant express to you how much I appreciate you joining me here. It has been a very long and hard road for me as Im sure it has been for you and your family as well. Often, I have felt alone in all of this. It means alot to me that you have reached out and I would like to begin some communication between us. This blog has helped me tremendously and I have made many friends here. THese people are intelligent and hard-working, and to me, they are MY task force. I have learned alot and they continue to make me feel as if I have people on my side. I feel it is important for me to continue my posts here now because the people here have devoted alot of time and effort to this and I want to help in any way I can. I try to answer their questions as best I can so that hopefully it will help to put some of the pieces together. I hope I dont offend you by speaking on some of the things I have learned throughout this. Thankyou so very much for the prayer, you will never know how much that meant to me. Please continue to voice your opinions here, I believe it will help us to help our angels, and again thankyou from the bottom of my heart to you mysterious, and to MY personal task force here! lol! You guys have been wonderful! Dont mean to drag the conversation off track, just felt I should get this off of my chest!

  78. brownie– That is a fascinating article about odor prints. I know that someone has developed the technology to detect cancer through odors and that the technology is based on the observed ability of some dogs to smell cancer in a body. Regrettably, it does not sound like the technology is advanced enough to help in this case, but it does make me wonder what are the limits in time on a tracking dogs ability to find similar scents. I mean if the shoes of all the victims were missing, and the police took another pair of shoes of the victim and let the dog smell that, could the dog possibly locate the murder site assuming the police had other clues that limited the search area. Thank you for posting the article. It surely makes us think.

  79. I think a scenting dog tracks skin wafts from someone who is missing so the odor would be long gone. This type of tracking has to be done immediately or within days of a person who has gone missing (as the dogs are smelling the actual person). Cadaver dogs track decomposition not a particular person so this type of dog would be more useful in locating an initial crime scene.

    Even though the bodies were moved it only takes 1.5-2 hours for decomposition to start to take place. A good cadaver dog would find this.Once the crime scene is identified “it is all she wrote” for the killer. No matter how much cleaning it will never rid the area of the fact that crimes were committed there. Too much evidence would remain.

    Let’s hope there is one initial crime scene vs. scattered all over. Sort of like the Bates Motel (from the movie Psycho for you younger folks) or other creepy joints. I actually think this a possibility and would be so beneficial in putting away this perp forever.

    Brittany, you are a sweetheart.

  80. This is for angel4one and all the rest of the bloggers on this site. I have contacted the person that goes by eyezonly and strictly told her that if she does know anything and withholds it from law enforcement she could be arrested for obstruction of justice and if she doesn’t know anything then she could be arrested for impeding a criminal investigation. I also explained to her that’s why Kirk Menard has to turn everything over to law enforcement. She is confusing freedom of speech with criminal acts. In my opinion, she is highly confused and I question her mental state.

    I’ve heard that she somehow misinterpreted my email that I was giving her visions some type of credence. On the contrary, everything she has stated on this blog and her own is available with minimal research. I was explaining to her that if she does know anything she needs to report it to law enforcement. The obstruction of charge carries a maximum of 40 years in prison when the crime is a capital crime. I mistaken informed eyezonly that the sentence only carried 5 years. No disrespect, but I do not give her any credence whatsoever and I believe she may have serious mental problems. JMO.

  81. Anybody know if dogs were brought in when Brittany went missing? If not, why not?

    God forbid this happen again but, if it would….they need to get the dogs in there quick. I think LE could gain very valuable information but they would need to move very quickly.

  82. BJJ…..I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your post. Personally, I feel eyez (or whatever name she goes by) is making a complete mockery of this case, as well as this site, and her disrespect of the family members that read here is shameful. No one here has ever claimed to have any answers or feel we’re going to solve this case and her mimicry of us is unwarranted.

    Her continual claims of having knowledge of the crimes, when in fact it’s highly doubtful, is borderline criminal itself. I am very thankful that you have taken the time to advise her of the precarious situation she is opening herself up to and can only hope that your advice will perhaps get through to her somehow.

  83. To Mr. B.J. Johnson, eyezonly has helped me in several ways and I believe in what she does. If what ever she knows she tells someone is what is important this has been told several times that what ever it is that someone knows if they do not feel comfortable talking to LE then at least tell someone they trust who can then turn the information over to LE. I wish everyone would stop being so critical of her and what she is doing it is not her fault nor mine that no one on this blog understand her ability just because you do not understand it does not mean it can not happen. You are able to drive so should we be critical of you just because you drive. You are able to speak should we be critical of your words. People did not believe in what Jesus could do but he went forward and I hope eyezonly does so as well I hope she just keeps on moving forward and ignores all that you all do to try and stop her. I believe she can and she will help this case be solved. So if you don’t understand her ability to see things then maybe you need to read up on it and know something about it before you speak on something you just do not understand
    Read do some research and learn first

    Give her a chance she might let us know something that we do not know and she may let someone know because she does not trust LE who would trust them when alot of us believe they are involved some how some way


    Thanks for trying to run someone off who wants to help

  84. Thanks Mr. Johnson, coming directly from the victim’s family and thanks cp for the compliment! Its greatly appreciated!

  85. Oh and just to let everyone know that she is confiding in me to my personal email so you keep casting your stones but we will continue to talk and figuring all these out. But really you should READ up on what you do not understand.

  86. Why don’t you keep it in private conversation and inform LE of all your discoveries. Most of us are entirely capable of abstract thinking. With that said, I don’t particularly want to invest my time with you or your friend. I can play in the sandbox very well with others but I don’t need to be told that someone else’s opinions are more important than mine or the majority that post on this site.

    Good night.

  87. I will keep my conversation in private and I will post on here because I believe we are all her for the same thing and that is to find out who did this to our loved ones. Just so you know i was very close to Brittney and I am very close to her family so close they are family. I have helped them since we have found out Brittney was for sure the 7th one. Oh and no one has told you to invest in anything, but if you want to understand what she can do then you can read and give your self more knowledge about what it is she does.
    If you want to play in a sandbox go ahead, i for one have so gone past those days of the sandbox. I never said anyone opinions are more important than any one else. But everyone seems to not want to listen because they do not understand her. Take time to understand
    That is all i ask take time who knows she may say something that is worth listening to. Remember we should not turn any one away because there might be someone out there willing to talk but then they see one person being turned away and that will make them retreat back like a turtle going in to there shell for hiding. Treat all turtle them say like they are important, treat no one different,

  88. someone tell me about theresa gary?

  89. What do you want to know about Teresa???

  90. cp- I was thinking more specifically about the possibility that the perp kept the shoes or other clothing item as a trophy and whether there may be clothes still left of the victims by their loved ones that still had the scent of their loved ones. I am sure most of us have had or will have the experience of disposing of the clothes of a loved one and may have even been reluctant to dispose of the clothes because the scent of our loved one is still on the clothes and since the sense of smell tends to evoke memories, we may keep the clothes awhile longer than is practical. If the clothes in the house of a victim still carry the scent of the victim, then wouldn’t the shoes or other clothes kept by the perp as a trophy also still carry the scent? Perhaps I am totally off base, but I do believe that there are probably items in the home of each of the victims in 2008 that still have the scent of the victim and the question becomes how close to whereever the trophies may be kept must a dog get to make the connection.

  91. Angel4tone–I know a bit about dreams in the context of spirituality and do believe that dreams are important in the context of the life of the person who has the dream, but I was told by one with greater expertise and credentials than me on the subject that one person cannot properly interpret the dream of another. Each person must interpret his or her own dreams. If that is good advice, then I don’t see anything useful to be gained by someone sharing with this group that person’s dreams or “visions”. In the words of Joe Friday, I prefer to stick “just the facts”, reasonable inferences that may be drawn from those facts , aided by a healthy dose of imagination, but never overwhelmed by pure imagination.

  92. Angel4, I have only been coming to this site for about a month. In that time I have seen you and Eyez say about 40 times that she knows something and wants to help about forty times. Since you and Eyez are such close compadres, can you suggest to her that she stop talking about it and do it? The little routine of saying she wants to help is beyond stale now. Have her step up and actually do something if she knows something.

    Once done, it may become useful evidence so we will understand not being able to hear about it here.

    Git r done

  93. Everyone keep saying that i need to turn all my informatin over to LE and i have been doing that but they are just like everyone else , they need & want more proof…

    ” HERE SAYS ” are not good enough without solid proof!

    but for the record LE knows all that i know , for i’ve been telling them , for many LE are my friends, but they said they need solid proof!

    So all i can do now is search for evidence….

  94. sleuthing 888, I hadn’t thought about the sk being a trophy kind of guy. Wouldn’t this be wonderful if he were… that would help nail him.

    Now, the question is if he is a trophy type guy is he keeping the trophy’s at home? Buried in a box? Trunk of his car? For LE to check they will need a probable cause SW. For that they will need to have a suspect.

    I keep hoping that foreign DNA was found on any of the remains. With that it would be easier for LE….a throw away paper cup, cigarette butt, napkin etc. is fair game for them to pick up and tests. No SW needed there.

  95. Eyezonly and Angel4one: If LE told anyone that solid proof is needed then that is a false statement, useful in a court of law for prosecution but right now with no suspects, as they allege, all we need are leads, solid proof at this point is for the prosecution to decide what is solid proof but if LE has leads then they can certainly act on leads and as in the domino effect, one lead will usually lead to another.

    The sites of where the bodies were located, from what understand, discovered no per se forensic evidence, very little if any. After the sites were cleaned, we did re-visit the site and a pattern of evidence was discovered, after the fact and turned over to the State Police and is currently undergoing testing. DNA and forensic analysis can take some time to come back with results. I will say this….sooner or later, the perps will be caught, their days are numbered.

  96. cp– You are right that law enforcement would need a search warrant, but tell me, would a private investigator need a search warrant to let his bloodhounds roam where there is no leash law?

  97. All Louisiana has a leash law.

  98. brownie– I think the state law only applies to a “dangerous dog”. Beyond that, it depends on what the local ordinance provides.

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