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  1. On the subject of whether or not area media and journalists are, in our opinions, adequately and insistently reporting on the murders of the seven women I offer this link to an article titled “Are We Drinking Sand” that was in the JDN on 12-19-08 in case some of you missed it.

    I think it sums up the frustration and confusion they have encountered throughout the months and years of trying to report on these cases as noted in this quote from the article:

    There’s an inexplicable contempt for the people of this parish regarding this investigation.

    After all, if even the family members can’t get regular updates, what hope do the rest of us have?

    I feel the area media is TRYING to keep the story alive as best they can but it has likely gotten to the point of them feeling like “broken records” reporting the same information over and over again with nothing really new to add.

    I am sure some in depth investigation of other past murders and mysterious deaths we’ve learned of in the previous months would likely reveal some very interesting results that could tie in with the deaths of the young women. I assume though, that our area media may lack the resources and manpower to pursue that type of lengthy research.

    Basically, if the Sheriff and Task Force continue to refuse to release new information surrounding the investigation…..the media has nothing to offer the public.

  2. g8 thank you for that you are so right!!!!! if theres nothing to report what can the media report? THANKS FOR WHAT YOU ARE DOING! also you and your family are in my prayers! GOD BLESS

    • concerned… are so very welcome. I truly appreciate your kind words. Please know that you and your family are always on my mind and in my prayers as well.

  3. Does anyone know how FR gets his money? Is he a narc.?

    • that question has been asked over and over again >>>> what do you think and who cares …….. thats not what this blog is about.

    • darkstar–Don’t know much about FR probably dose’nt have a “real” job , do know he spends time in jail occassionally & last I heard he lives with his elderly mother on McKinley St.

  4. The post regarding LE performing investigations into the drug industry is interesting; however, I truly believe that R. Edwards would be better off without such an investigation. If there’s anything this sheriff’s department and business community doesn’t want, it’s a true investigation into the local drug trade. Actually, we, the citizens, need it very badly but really, we’ve seen a proliferation of drug epidemic that has lasted for many many years and has resulted in NUMEROUS unsolved, drug related murders beginning years before the Loretta Chaisson death. Also, I read Mr. Menard’s post regarding his service to some of the families of recent murder victims. I have to say, for Mr. Menard to state that he is helping with these cases because of a lack of manpower at the sheriff’s department is a very commendable and tactful statement. I will take a stab at something here on behalf of many people who know the facts. Mr. Menard was hired because the majority of the victim’s families have neither faith nor trust, in the Jennings Police Department, the Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff’s Department, the Louisiana State Police nor the FBI. People have had their fill of a community filled with drugsters and corrupted officials. People have run out of options and are searching desperately for someone to represent their community interests. This representation no longer resides in the officials of this parish, state or in the federal agencies that vow to represent the law. There are far too many conveniently unsolved murders, open drug dealing while only street level dealers are ever arrested, persons of public prominence who seem to be favored, protected and above the law, etc. I believe that Mr. Menard has been asked to assist precisely because citizens feel abandoned by their officials and public law enforcement entities; therefore, people opt for private assistance. I truly hope that Mr. Menard is successful in his efforts to arrive at a resolution to the unsolved murders that have plagued this parish for at least 15 years and hopefully, to the out-of-control drug industry that advances openly under our noses to keep so many people suppressed while creating wealth and power for the undeserving.

    • Excellant observation- could not have said it better. I don’t live there in Jennings, but I do feel for all those concerned and having stayed updated- I feel your fustrations, and I am sorry. I wish I could do more to help.

    • Thanks silence. The families that have hired me commented that LE did not have the manpower to perform their job effectively and efficiently. Whether they believed otherwise was not for me to judge. I refused the case and kept refusing the case until other family members started calling and asking me to become involved. I even recommended out of town investigators but to no avail because they had heard that I am not politically involved and from what they stated, “I took on the system several times before by going after a judge in Ville Platte, and again with the Jesse Ewing Case.” I don’t know if I agree with those statements, just that I do my job and expect my employees to do their job, to the best of their ability.

      The investigators I assigned to the case are all from out of town. They have absolutely no affiliations in Jeff Davis Parish except for working for me and they are independent, except for advice when needed.

  5. darkstar,
    No, FR does not have a “legal” job, but does sell drugs to support his habit. The family regularly attends pain management clinics in Texas and from what I hear, they have figured out how to create their drug of choice if ya know what I mean. My point is, their means of money is illegal and they are very deceitful people, never to be trusted.

    And yes, this does have relevance, because FR is a prime suspect and anything pertaining to him or his lifestyle has to be considered right now. Now is not the time to pick and choose information. We dont have ANY, so something is better than nothing.

    You have to understand, not everyone on this blog is from Jeff Davis Parish, and not everyone can understand the things are the people that we experience without great detail.

    That IS the purpose of this blog.

    TO INFORM!!!!!

    • Brittany… yes the purpose of this blog is to INFORM! everyone is coming up with insane ideas! why do they want to put a billboard up to hurt business in this town its not their fault!!!!!! im all for a billboard but not one to hurt this town times are hard enough why take it out on our businesses?????? seems like some of the ones on this blog is pickin and choosin. if you know something for a fact wish you would share it. i speak my mind and if that offends anyone well so sorry! i am so tired of hearing people on north side dont give a shit! if they would ride around on the north side and see all the signs in yards and how everyone is praying and working hard for this !!!!!!! maybe they dont post on this blog and i will say it AGAINi LIVE on NORTH side and I will DEFEND IT!!!!!! also the P.I. KM lives on NORTH side i guess he dont give a shit either according to some or should i say ONE!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Concerned43 —I thought this blog was about trying to catch who killed these women. If the question was asked over and over, I did not see it. I care, otherwise, I would not have asked. I think FR probably is a narc. but I wanted to get some opinions from the local people. Why are you so rude and getting angry at people trying to figure this out.? I’ve seen some of your earlier posts and you attack for no reason. Obviously FR is the number one suspect so I think one would want to know everything about him.

    • darkstar…. already know everything i care to know about frankie…… until he is arrested for some of these murders ….. and he will >>>>been knowing him since he was younger always been a weirdo and a freak back then and he aint never changed!!!!!!!!!!! his day will come someone nos something and until they talk frankie will continue to walk the streets!!!!!when his day does come ill be there to see him prosecuted to the fullest! keep praying for all the families! its all in GODS hands now! i believe we are getting real close!

  7. Concerned, I just wanted to add that I am not your enemy..I am on your side. I’ve said many prayers for the victims and their families. I will continue to ask questions about the main suspects. If FR is a narc. I suppose that has given him some protection over the years. But they (LE) cannot protect him forever.

    I am wondering if the det. car seen on Andrew St. is a personal visit or some type of questioning.

    Does anyone know about DNA on Brittany Gary?

    • IMO — Don’t think the visits to Andrew St. house are personal or social. Heard this has been going for some time now, more frequently after the death of B. Gary. Don’t think anyone knows about DNA in any of the crimes, guess LE thinks the public doesn’t need to know! Wondering if B. Gary’s cell was ever found??

    • darkstar no one knows for a fact that FR is a main suspect……… no one knows what he does for a living he is a old worn out coward if you ask me. sure we have our opinions that he is involved but no proof…. we are very frustrated……………. whether he is a nark or not no one tells!!!!!!! yes there was dna but no is talking. THANKS FOR YOUR PRAYERS!

  8. I have heard rumor, I believe from this board, that since the death of BG, all criminals arrested in JDP are having DNA samples taken. If this is true it leads me to believe that some useable DNA was recovered. I am still not positive any was recovered but I lean that way. Possibly R. Edwards will address that at his next press conference.

  9. Brittany and ea568- Thank you for your replies.

    I asked someone from Jennings about FR just in general..the very first thing he said was, “he is an informant”. Now this person knew nothing about why I was asking and those were the first words out of his mouth.

    So I am wondering if that’s why LE has turned their heads or protected him in the past. I think his niece is key in this also. I looked at that myspace page and was amazed at th “beaten, tied and raped” thing ——what a freak.

    Hypothetically speaking, it might be a good idea to take pictures of the cars at Andrew St. making frequent visits. I’m trying to think of a way that an outside LE agency could look into this without the local LE agency since someone may be working against the truth on the inside. I’m sure that has been everyone’s wish though.

    I also want to check into the legality of refusing to let family see a body.

    I’ve heard for years that I would be surprised at who was tied into drug trafficking in Jennings, people in office and positions of power. Now just to figure out some more specific details. Again ..I’m just brainstorming.

    • I also want to check into the legality of refusing to let family see a body.

      This is something that continues to nag at me. I can understand that it would likely be very difficult for a family to view a body that was 12-13 days into the decomp stage (Kristen, Crystal & Brittney). I do not understand why the families of the other girls, whose bodies were located within just a few days of them disappearing, were not allowed to view the bodies. We know the families of Whitnei and Muggy were not allowed to view their bodies (not sure about Loretta and Ernestine).

      • If I remember right, Muggy’s family was not able to view the body, but Whitnei’s family was given a choice and they opted not to see.

        But in all, it does nag at me too.

  10. I have also heard that DNA was recovered from B. Gary. I don’t think this is a rumor because like Red Ranger said, others are being asked to give DNA so that makes me believe there is some.

    I feel like they are getting close, it’s the calm before the storm.

    • I really hope this isn’t a rumor because I too have heard that foreign DNA was found on Brittney. Actually, I heard there were two separate DNA’s found.

      I also believe LE has a more narrow timeline on BG than what they have publicly released as to where she was last seen (beyond the Family Dollar Store) and who she was last seen with. If that is indeed true, to me they would have enough probable cause to require DNA samples from that person(s) and have had sufficient time to obtain the results.

    • This is not a rumor there was DNA recovered from Brittney. This was told by her family, but never heard anything else on this that was the last they had heard about anything about the DNA. Maybe if someone from the taskforce is reading this heck we know that they are like PG. Maybe just maybe they would give some insight on this information about the DNA.

  11. It is now and has been a law that anyone arrested on a felony has to provide a DNA sample. LE should have long been doing this. Also, they have the DNA of anyone convicted of a sex crime already- and that is on probation for any kind of sex offense.

    Does anyone know a probation officer over there in Jennings? Sometimes they are helpful in this type of situation.

    Any ex-police officers locally that may have info?

  12. Hey Observer, Providing a DNA sample does not get that sample to the lab and processed. There are more criminals than technicians and equipment. Many local jurisdictions do not pass on samples for processing in a timely fashion. Once processed, many samples are not entered into CODIS for years. This means that the killer(s) could possibly have given DNA a long time ago and are not caught due to bureaucracy.

    I am curious about the liability aspect as well. If John Smith should have been in the system since 1996 and goes on to rape and kill until 2009, is the parish that did not enter him into the system financially responsible for their negligence?

    I bet that LE is using the backlog to try and clear guys as they become suspects. This may be the TF’s MO. It is a viable explanation for what is taking so long and why they refuse to update. If John Smith knows you have DNA samples then he may disappear.

    • Thanks for the explanation. Good points, and I see where there could be liability if parishes choose to hold DNA samples back. The state could hire people to help them catch up a bit- I believe they did that before for a short period.

      Jindal should make that a priority if he is concerned of the state’s image. it would be a great investment.

  13. Sorry about butchering the spelling of bureaucracy.

    • Spelling police here LOL :D……no probleemo… er fixed. I wouldn’t be able to spell it right either if that’s any consolation ;).

  14. Speaking on the viewing of the bodies, we were refused several times to see whitnei’s body. My sister and I insisted from day one up until the day of the funeral. After the funeral, for months we insisted upon seeing crime scene photos and we were denied that as well. No family was allowed to see their family member’s body except for Theresa Gary and that was only on the grounds that her daughter was underage and it would have been illegal to deny her.

  15. NEWS FLASH- was just reported that FR house is now being swarmed by the task force…..

    • They might have just been stopping in to get some coffee. Really what would they be doing there, why not just keep him in jail that is where he should stay what they let him out just to see what he will do maybe they are hoping that he leads them to something, is that really how the taskforce investigates. Thank goodness we actually have real investigators on this case and it is not LE who I am talking about.


  16. WOW

  17. They are searching the his moms house and trailer.

  18. YEEEEEEEES——- I hope this is it!!!!!

  19. Looks like the whole task force is there, with search warrents, going in and out of the house. Five LE cars were counted so far and Detective Ramsey is there

  20. Can anyone do a drive by and report?

  21. thanks living in fear, we were typing at the same time!

  22. there are people standing out across the street watching and people driving by

  23. oh this is awesome!

    At least they are doing something!

  24. anyone in handcuffs or evidence being removed?

  25. word has it, Frankie was arrested this morning on stolen equipment charge, Tabby his sister was just arrested during this. HC was taken to the side of the house and talked to, but left there. Evidence bags have been taken out of the house

  26. OMG, anyone see FR? What about the house on Andrew Street anything going on there?

    • No LE at the Andrew St. house that i heard today ,just lots of coming & going on foot and cars and the usual white girls in and out.

  27. Hmmmmmmm I wonder if these are related arrests or not? Surely the task force would not be there if this were unrelated.

    Has Tabby’s name ever come up before?

    • First time we’ve heard that name here???

      Right now…..I just hope someone has some solid evidence if this commotion is related to the murders and not for for some “other” reason.

  28. Thanx, ea568. Don’t know why I thought of that house except TG and FR had been therre awhile back.

    Never heard of Tabby before.

    Sure hope this IS about the murders – ALL seven and maybe something can get started about previous ones.

  29. One undercover car and one sheriffs car left there at the house…

    • Any update on Frank’s house and Task Force visit.

      Interesting night- Excitement in the neighborhood, I see!!!

      I hope it’s related to the murders too- Frank sure does stay in jail alot. If he was arrested for stolen property, tonight’s visit may very well be about that. Good point about the task force being there—makes you wonder.

      They could have used this for a good reason to do a thorough search too.

  30. LSA-R.S. 33:1565
    § 1565. Delivery of body
    A. (1) Upon completion of an autopsy or completion of the coroner’s investigation, if the investigation reveals that an autopsy is not required, the coroner shall release the body to the family or friends for burial.
    LSA-R.S. 44:19
    § 19. Autopsy photographs, video, and other visual images

    A. Notwithstanding any other provision of law to the contrary, photographs, video, or other visual images, in whatever form, of or relating to an autopsy conducted under the authority of the office of the coroner shall be confidential, are deemed not to be public records, and shall not be released by the office of the coroner or any officer, employee, or agent thereof except as otherwise provided in this Section.

    B. Nothing in this Section shall prevent the release of autopsy photographs, video, or other visual images, in whatever form, of or relating to an autopsy conducted under the authority of the office of the coroner as follows:

    (1) To a family member of the deceased or his designee;

    (2) To the succession representative of the deceased’s estate or his designee;

    (3) To a law enforcement agency, for official use only; or

    (4) As directed by a court order or subpoena.

    C. Nothing in this Section shall prevent the inspection of photographs, video, or other visual images, in whatever form, of or relating to an autopsy.

    • So….if I understand this legal mumbo jumbo correctly…..there IS a problem that these families were NOT allowed to view their loved ones remains????

      sleuthing….by the way, thank you so much for finding these laws!!!! I wouldn’t have known where to start!

      • I was going to ask the same thing! I could not find anything that let a funeral home deny the viewing of a body if the family requested it!

        That is just weird to me. Are they hiding something? What if it is not even the correct body? I understand the closed casket but to say “no you cannot see it” does not sound legal.

        I wonder if the funeral home has any discretion on this though?

  31. I smell a chance for a lawsuit

    • Actually, a civil suit would provide subpoena power and would require the sheriff’s department and every other entity to produce all kinds of records and information. this is what was never done by so many victims of injustice for so long. In the Sheila Comeaux case, a coroner was hand picked by the sheriff and sources say that the family was denied the entire results of even that coroner’s report. A series of nice civil suits may be the only way to get the truth out of our officials.

  32. Don’t know about lawsuit – the LSA-R says nothing about crime photos. Just saying it could be LE determined they were crime scene evidence. Could be LE would say that’s the reason.

  33. But who has the authority to deny seeing the body after the body was autopsied and released to funeral home for burial?

    I can understand crime scene photos in an ongoing investigation, but the body?

    • Someone correct me if I’m wrong but I believe there was a coroner and “someone” from the JDPSO……right?

  34. darkstar24, just throwing something out there about could have been crime scene excuse…I don’t know one way or another. The funeral home is a different area, if the family is paying don’t know how they couldn’t view what they were paying for.

    After reading somee post maybe harsh tongues, after all you get more flies with kindness. I’ll leave it at that. I did hear a family memmber did view the photos will not say which family member….but it could have been one who was kinder, softer with LE.

    The coroner – which one. There is at least one who did at one time hang on the southside. There was one who was brought in from Lake Charles for other autopsies. A coroner could do or not do wonders in a case.

    BTW what about requesting as Death Certificate? Did that happen? If so what did it say?

  35. I can’t spell a bit when in a hurry 🙂

    • Ok ahlou, maybe they are tying it in to the investigation. But at the funeral home? Maybe they have exceptions. It just seemed curious, It could mean nothing at all or it could be that they did not want anyone seeing certain injuries, I don’t know. The autopsy report would be interesting.

      I’ll try to find out more in this area. And yes I know emotions run wild so that could have been a factor. I did a general search on Tabby and could find nothing.

      Something interesting from a prior article though, I just noticed for the first time. When interviewing Edwards after FR and HC were arrested he said “there could be more arrests- I feel they are imminent, actually” Sounds like he is talking about several others. I wonder how many people are actually involved in this?

      Do Byron Chad Jones and Lawrence Nixon know FR or are they fairly close and run in the same crowd?

      • darkstar24, I talked about my thought on the funeral home below. Can’t understand how one would pay for someone they could not see.

        I don’t know Jones or Nixon. I read a lot about Nixon on the old mouthin’ off, seems like a real bad person. The rest was what I read and heard about him stealing. Heard nothing about Jones.

  36. A family could not be denied seeing the remains after an autopsy IMO. They should be allowed to see the remains before autopsy if requested and for ID. Crime scene photos, forensics found, etc. should be part of the investigation.

    Denying this basic privilege raised my hackle months ago when I first learned of this. Nothing has changed my opinion in this regard. This is a control method in a sensitive area that no one but family has the right to control.

    As God awful as it seems people need to know that this is their loved one and not someone else. It is partial closure and it is their right…no law enforcement can say you can’t view your loved one’s remains.

    Last time I looked, I lived in the United States of America and Jennings, Louisiana was part of said.

    We are fooling around with other countries policies and we have these horrendous policies or local applied policies! How about a little clean up? Man, this just sucks.

    Didn’t someone give Jennings the word that the Red Wall had fallen? No more kgb tactics? No emulating third world countries? Try living in the US with the constitution. Try applying justice mercifully and fair but try to apply justice.
    Especially for murder.

    Come on this is really beyond what is acceptable in our society.

    • I agree CP. Alarm bells went off when I read that. The first thing I thought was they can’t do that. And it sounds like both LE and the funeral home did it.

  37. Yes, We were denied by law enforcement and the funeral home. We did receive a death certificate, cause of death box states: undetermined

    Approx. time of death: May 11th, p.m.

    Nothing to indicate how she died at all.

    The death certificate had no details.
    Autopsies on all of the women were performed at the Calcasieu Parish Coroner’s office.

    • It is very, very difficult for me to believe that the coroner had NO IDEA what Whitnei’s cause of death was from. I might be able to understand that if she had been dead a few weeks and was in an advanced decomp stage.

      Did they explain why they were unable to determine COD??

  38. Also, one family has been denied a death certificate over and over again which is also wrong, and do you all remeber the sheriff insisted on one occassion for the coroner to come home from vacation and do a particular autopsy. Sheriff would not let anyone else do it. Two occurrences mentioned above may be related to the same family.

    This is also very disturbing.

  39. To correct myself: …It was Sheila Comeaux incident, and the family never received a copy of the autopsy which should be public info.

    • That is correct. In the Sheila Comeaux case, the family paid for a copy of the autopsy report but were denied. It appears that several entities were involved in covering up the details of her horrible beating and eventually to what appears to be death by poisoning after she had been left for dead but actually survived. She knew waaay too much. Even after the family pressed the issue of the autopsy, they were not successful ecause they never filed suit to gain subpoena power. This is one of the MANY cases from the past that can serve to establish the M.O. that officials are using now to break laws. That is why I keep saying that we should focus on a broader picture than these past seven deaths in order to solve the past seven deaths. The same people are responsible … if not by putting their hands on the victims at the time of murder, they are responsible for the causes that led to murder and the cover-ups that follow. As for the funeral home consorting with LE to allow or assist in a cover-up … hello? MAybe we should consider that they might serve the same master. There are people walking around right now who can be held liable for numerous drug related murders from the past. Don’t think that these same people are not up to their proverbial eyeballs in these current deaths and the cover-up details of all of them. It takes a concerted effort to engage in a cover-up. The guilty have become complacent because they’ve apparently gotten away with serious crimes in the past; however, people eventually might get a case of conscience and reveal what they know, no matter how slight. That info can lead to other info that solves a crime; then, that leads to info solving another crime, etc. As it is, no one is comming forward to reveal what they know about the many years of unsolved murders in Jeff Davis Parish. This is largely due to families that are too hurt and too confused to file civil suits and subpoena the facts that might solve the murders.

  40. Has anyone challenged the coroner or Sheriff under the “Public Info Act” that allows the public to get information they do not want to release?

    I wish I had the time to take up some of these issues.

    Also, I tell you- hanging around a courthouse (especially where smokers gather!!)- talking to citizens that are in and out of the court room – you can learn all kinds of things. You run into people that spent time in jail who are quick to talk of wrongdoings and frustrations with LE and the courts.

  41. Wondering about the funeral home(s) when they received the bodies – who paid for the funerals. I’d think whoever padi should have been allow to view who they were paying for. Wondering also why couldn’t the bodies be exhumed by the families?

    What was a reason for denying request for autopsy and what about death certificate?

  42. To exhume a body cost a lot of money. That is why it is best if the judge orders county to do so- they bear the expense. Not often ordered around here though. The coroner knows how these people died. Info is not being released. Is there a list of all those whose deaths were questionable from the far past- before these 7 murders? I don’t think anyone has beeen able to gather all those reports from the coroner either.
    KM- Have you tried to do so?

    KM- without asking you to share info you hold as confidential- have you obtained a copy of all seven of these ladies autopsy reports?

    Not sure about reasons they used for denying the family to see their respective deceased, but I do agree with you- not just whoever pays, but immediate family included should be allowed choice to view a body- no questions about it.

    • Sorry for the late reply but I cannot release that information. I can say that I did receive information pertinent to forensics but that’s all i can say. I apologize.

      • I understand, and the main reason I asked is because it would be comforting to know if you had been successful 🙂 It would mean there was no so much of a cover up as we seem to insinuate sometimes.

        I do understand some info has to be kept confidential even with respect to families- not just the law/investigation, etc.

  43. I will be checking tonight to see if anyone heard more about the task force at Frank’s mom’s house.
    You all have a great day.

    Bless you Brittany—-my daughter’s name is Brittney too 🙂

  44. I took a leap of faith today, and contacted Friends of Justice in an effort to get all this out to the media and maybe get somewhere in restoring the victims family’s rights. I actually talked to a real person (Allen) who listened to what I was telling him and couldn’t promise help, but did want to explore what was going on and see if he could help lead us in the right direction… phone number 817.457.0025

  45. sorry bout posting it twice…had help with little puppy feet LOL

  46. Nothing in the Jennings Daily News today about the F. Richard / LE commotion on McKinley(no surprise) maybe the media thinks the public doesn’t need to know what Richard is up to. Maybe if LE searched the house, they may have hauled away bags of dope, hopefully.

  47. Hey Everyone—Just heard on KLFY channel 10 that F.Richard was arrested on 6 burglary charges on 100,000 dollar bond,amazing isn’t it???

    • Do you know if he has been convicted of any felonies before? I would think if he had been…..he would at least be on parole right now…..if convicted again, seems like he should be facing some serious prison time… Angola type prison.

  48. Yes amazing. I think LE is trying to arrest him on anything and everything now. That search warrant could have been to look for ANYTHING- unrelated to the burglaries. Like this guy has not burglarized before!

    I think they know he is guilty and don’t have a strong enough case.

  49. AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GETTING CLOSERAND CLOSER!!!!!

  50. Thanks for the updates. Isn’t it hard to think how so many could be so quiet for so long about such crimes as murder. Seems someone would be talking.
    Out of all those involved or that have info- seems someone would have a conscious.

    Hopefully, behind the scenes, someone has talked.
    I hope and pray they have, so this case can move forward for you all and society’s best interest.

  51. What does FR do with property he steals? Does he deliver it to a fence? Does he drop it off on Andrew St. in trade for drugs? Does he put it on Ebay? Craigslist? Jennings is not that big. If your lawnmower was stolen and one like it with matching Serial Numbers turns up for sale at the local pawn shop I am sure you are going to call LE.
    So what does he do with it?

    • RR– don’t think FR is hiding his stolen goods at Andrew St., although he has been seen there a few times lately. The scum living there has been visited by LE/task force almost weekly for the past few weeks so he is probably too clever to be partner in crime with FR.( IMO)—The visits by LE/task force are most likely concerning the death of B. Gary since T.Gary hangs out there a lot. Maybe FR is selling or trading his “goods” out his front door, as I hear most of his family is probably involved in his lifestyle too.(IMO) again

    • I recall that Mr. Francis Mouton was caught with a building full of stolen items. He had local druggies stealing brand new air compressors, lawn mowers, pretty much anything from Walmart and other places. They were being sold in the Jennings area. He was a good friend of R. Edwards and when he was caught, he was given nearly no conviction at all. I believe he paid a small fine if I remember correctly. If FR gets protection for murder from his “connections”, I really doubt if he’ll catch a lot of heat for some local thefts. Hey, that’s how they role in JDP.

  52. Good question Red Ranger

    Follow the money. Is someone getting kickbacks? This guy has been protected and I would love to know why. When you are dealing with stolen goods, you have to work with a group. He sounds like he has made quite a few friends in criminal circles. Probably in LE. So, in both.

    This Charles Manson look alike is close to getting whats coming to him though, I can just feel it.

  53. FR and his immediate family are known as thieves. In a town the size of Jennigns word travels fast. It is my understanding that they are stealing lawnmowers, blowers, weed eaters, etc. If yours turned up missing wouldn’t you go to his house to get it back? Frankie Richard looks like a miniature man. It seems like the average victim he steals from would beat him until LE showed up to arrest him for stealing.

    In a town the size of Jennings he can’t just put the lawnmowers in the classifieds. How does he turn the stolen property into cash? Even pawnshops require him to show ID and their goods they take in are supposed to be be cross checked by LE against lists of stolen items.

    I guess my point is that if you steal ten lawnmowers you have to be able to sell them. They cannot all just sit in your front yard un-noticed.

    • Hey everyone–FRI. night I posted the F. RIchard arrest for 6 counts of burglary which I heard clearly on KLFY newscast. Now I read on the Jennings Daily news that Frankie was only arrested for, and I quote “2 counts of accessory after the fact, possession of a firearm by convicted felon.” Some one got their stories WRONG! Who are the public supposed to believe? I guess we will never know.

      Also the Daily News reported that Frankie’s mother & sister were arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia, stolen items, and CDS with intent. Looks like ole Frankie got the better part of the deal.

      • Frankie could well be facing at least 10 years in prison without the possibility of parole.

        RS 14:95.1 Possession of firearm or carrying concealed weapon by a person convicted of certain felonies.

      • So had Frankie been there at time they searched- he would have gotten CDS with intent also!!!
        Wonder why he was arrested early if they had a search warrant? Hmmm- sounds like he did get the better end of the deal!

        Wonder if it was for any reason- you know sometimes they will leave a suspect out in order to seek more evidence. Wonder how long before they are all bonded out?

      • The only way around it is to downgrade it to a illegal firearm charge or dismiss it. A judge has no discretion in sentencing on a possession of firearm by convicted felon. It is a penalty of 10 years and a fine, there is no discretion. He could also be charged federally by the ATF for the same charge in federal court. Read 18 USC 921

  54. The CDS with intent intrigues me. If the substance and quantity are enough, Uncle Sam steps in and bypasses JDPSO. Of course, being arrested with enough and having it show up, and stay, in the evidence locker are two different things.

    Whatever became of his rape charge?

  55. Since we have a lull at the moment, let me explain for you who do not live in JDP what a normal thing drugs are.
    I live in a small town near Jennings. the neighborhood could be considered what you would term “southside”, tho my street is mostly retired and elderly folks. During the day most of the traffic consists of home health care workers, and it’s quiet except for the sound of lawn care equipment. You see the sheriff’s cars patrolling mostly in the early mornings.Everyone is friendly but tend to keep to themselves. I like it.
    About 3 PM you see a car, then 2 drive up to the empty house down the street and park. The guys stand around and wait. Soon after the parade of cars and trucks start. These are really nice, decked out, fancy, no expense spared…(something I could never afford nor would want to spend my money on LOL.) These stop for just a moment, you see hands exchange, and they then zoom down the road, just to come back again an hour or two later. My better half was coming home and was stopped and told they had anything he wanted, let em set him up for a good price, blah blah blah, and he told them he just wanted to go home. they were very nice and yelled for their friends to clear the road and let the brother thru and apologized(wish all had those nice a manners, mama had taught them well). Well I got to watching, and noticed that 98% of the umm customers were white guys, old, young, middle age. a lot of them I recognized from Welsh and Jennings, from church goers, bank personal, stores, teachers, high school kids, young adults who’s family are in LE…all walks of life, the respectable side. Didn’t see not one skuzzy crackhead stop once, as you would have thought. (Heck, didn’t even see a car as crappy as I drive! ) I guess I’m trying to say, its not the north, nor the south side of the tracks, but this is a problem that has blanketed absolutely everywhere. Drugs respect no one or any neighborhood! In the neighborhood that I moved from, the neighbors sold it from behind their home doors, or went to meet their customers usually at the park or convenience store. Not to defend what is going on at Frankie’s house or that area, but it is not JUST in that area where you can destroy old buildings and get rid of trash. It is EVERYWHERE!
    (stomp, stomp, stomp, ok, now I’m off my soap box, sorry for the interruption) 😉

  56. So if you call the cops to report it, do they respond? Are there any routine or regular drug bust?

    From what I here over here- Upper LE was bad into drugs- he was told by DEA- clean up the parish or you are going down. Our parish has had lots of crack manufacturers and crystal meth for some time now.

    The dealers have a wad of cash- give it to a relative and go pay the local attorney a grand or so to get charges reduced- and bail lowered within minutes of their arrest.

    We have a similar problem. Crack deals on the corner of our neighborhood which is across from the Dealers neighborhood. We can see the stranger hanging around the corner- then the ‘drive by’ dealer comes down the road- swap hands. They are gone.

    Call the police and they are 30 minutes arriving after the druggies left!!!

    Sometimes we take down car type and license plate numbers- it is easier to call that in. One neighbor has even called the mayor for a sit down talk about it–with no results.

    You are very correct- it is everywhere- upper, middle and lower class. No family is immune.

    • Exactly my point about officials who just can’t seem to get to the activity that we see every day. Amazing how these people never seem to get caught unless they’re the very small dealer or user. These people don’t find this stuff in their mailboxes — and they don’t drive to San Diego or Mexico to get it. The coke fairy doesn’t leave it under their pillow either. It’s brought here safely from a warehouser and stored safely with a local warehouser with no one getting in trouble. Local dealers are doing business every day in the open and they aren’t scared because they don’t have to fear the law. As soon as they run low or run out, it’s right here under our noses and very well protected so that they can replenish their inventory, turn in the money and get back to the market. Who has the resources to guarantee that a covert multi-million dollar business will be protected from origin to local market, that it’s participants will be protected from prosecution, all while the product’s distribution lineage will be protected? Protecting the distribution lineage is what usually produces the murders because that’s the level where the operators are not quite as savvy. These are the street level dealers who screw up from time to time. As soon as someone learns too much about the wrong person, that individual is marked. Or, consider that the prostitution activity is somehow revealed and an important or influential person can be implicated and ruined politically/financially. Any way it happens, it’s all tied to the drug market and the corruption that goes with it. The same corrupted group (yes names change from time to time but the network is the same) that has operated for years and years and years …

      • SilenceDogood, you have it exactly right, with the exception of the amount. i was told by a retired agent that due to the location of our area on I-10, lax LE, we have MULTI-BILLION dollar industry running through here. Was also informed that most of your higher officials consider it a form of job security..the more drugs you have to fight, the more grants and moneys the feds are likely to send your way to fight the drug war. For those handling the money, it is a win/win. for those of us who are left fighting it in our neighborhoods, it is like landing on the beach of Normandy to do battle with a plastic spoon

  57. You speak the truth. Ya call the cops, IF they show up, there is no one to arrest. and you risk your safety. the best deterrent I have found so far is to sit out there and wave to the ones that I know. These people are so friendly in town, you would think that they would wave back or at least stop to chat…but no such luck….sigh…. they seem to speed up as they drive past and by the next day, this corner is empty, for a time. Do you think I may have missed out on drug etiquette 101?

  58. i no one thing i have a friend who has a son who is a convicted felon for drug poss. if he ever got caught with a firearm of any kind he would be put under the jail!!!!!! the min. is suppose to be 10 years! if FR gets out of this something AINT KOSHER! no what i mean!??? if he does get ready for a battle with LE there is a lot of us standing by waiting on this one!!!!!!!

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