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  1. Scott Lewis is trying to reach Theresa Gary. He was at the courthouse asking questions because she phoned him and asked him to put a story in the paper about the Mother’s Day vigil so I guess its still on. But Scott needed more information and just couldn’t put one line in the newspaper about the vigil.

    KM, if you’re reading this maybe you have ways to contact her and let her know to contact Scott Lewis or anyone else that knows how to contact her please have her contact Scott Lewis.

    Silence, angel4one, victim’s grand mother, you guys make some excellent points. This is not a site for personal vendettas but one common goal, sharing of information about the murders. How many of us have enemies, have someone that don’t trust us, have someone that don’t like us? I’m sure we could all name a few. How can someone not have an opinion of TG? His name have circulated around the parish for a while now about these murders and even on this site. But someone, who I agree with everyone else, to be a relative, has no opinion of him? Not going to buy it, sorry. The most I’ve heard about KM was riding around the neighborhoods as is his investigators.

    Again, this is nothing personal. Let’s stick to the topic and those whose names have been involved and circulated around the parish with being involved in these murders and seek some answers.

    • anonymous-the Scott Lewis thing must be a joke! It is or should be common knowledge that T. Gary is living at the “house” on Andrew St. It should not be hard to contact her If any one answers the door.

      • no one seems able to find TG. Does she really live at the residence.Or is it just a place she goes???? She seems to never be there when someone is looking for her.

        • Yes TG is living there ,she is mostly seen late aft. or after dark. maybe the person who says she isn’t there is most likely a lair!!!!!!!

  2. ok, so now are we to know the rules of posting on this board is
    1) you can only post about the last 7 murders
    2) you can’t talk about other murders
    3) a certain group of family members only care about these 7
    4) you can only say something it a certain group of family members approve
    5) you can say anything you want about anyone as long as the certain group of family members approve
    6) the family members decide
    7) a certain group of family members are the only people how have had loved ones murdered
    8) a certain group of family members will determine what can or cannot be talked about

    If so, I’m out!!!!!

    • ahlou,

      As I told concerned 43, you’re behind the game. KM is not even working on this case anymore. There are three independent private investigators working on this case and none of them are from this parish. KM sent us a certified letter some three or four months ago saying that because of previous responsibilities and he being a lifelong resident of Jeff Davis Parish he must discontinue working on this case. There are two female investigators and one male investigator that we were given their phone numbers to begin consulting with and have been consulting with ever since. I still speak to KM but he doesn’t give us any information and tells us to consult with the investigators assigned to the case.

      I think what anonymous and others is saying is that this is not personal but a goal of solving a crime and I, for one, someone brought to justice. There is a member of the task force that is a state trooper that my family nor I do not get along with and personally, we do not trust him but that has nothing to do with his qualifications as a detective. As a detective he does his job and does it well. We have to give credit where credit is due but as a person our family just does not trust him. This state trooper is assigned to our family and he tells us the information he’s received from KM before he resigned from the case and continues to tell us the information he receives from the private investigators currently assigned to the case.

      One problem we’ve always had in this parish is that personal problems, feelings and politics get in the way of progress. We are a divided parish and when that division comes to progress being stopped then HELL YES I will speak my mind and I don’t care if you or anyone else likes it or not. You and everyone else can talk about family members you’ve lost but you are not us and it doesn’t matter if you lost a family member or not, you are not us and until you walk in our shoes we will put personal feelings aside and pray and hope that this case is solved and we don’t care who solves it but we want someone brought to justice. If everyone on this site wants the people responsible brought to justice then they will stop with the petty arguing and differences and concentrate on the real topic at hand. JMO.

  3. Couldn’t go just yet
    “Again, this is nothing personal. Let’s stick to the topic and those whose names have been involved and circulated around the parish with being involved in these murders and seek some answers”.

    Very good but let it be known before all of you ever openly posted or said a word – it was ME – not any of you who are in total control of who says what on another message board posting where ‘shit happened’ about the murders.

    Thankfully g8 and Digitopus made wonderful wonderful web sites.

  4. Law and investigative work have nothing to do with emotions…precautions, judgements of right and wrong, criminal, suspiciousness and the like- of course. But not emotions. You cannot let your feelings guide you when doing this type of work!!!


  5. Good comment Observer. I really hope this blog does not decline into a rumor mill. A rumor circulated is a bit like a dog chasing his tail. It leads nowhere and expends energy with nothing good to show for it. Facts are stubborn things that cannot be changed even by a majority opinion. What is is and what is not is not. I am not trying to discourage comments, but before expressing an opinion, it is a good idea to list the facts upon which the opinion is based because if you can’t list the facts upon which the opinion is based, there is no way for anyone to judge if the opinion is a good one or a bad one and so the usefulness of the opinion is doubtful. Finally, it might be a good time to revisit the link to the article on libel, slander and defamation. Let’s keep the comments within the law . Thanks.

    • Indeed, hysteria detracts from clear thought. Keeping it within the lines is a good idea and I agree that we should not slender. That being said, if anyone believes something, this is not slander. If you have heard something, you cannot be liable for repeating it. If you voice an opinion, this is not slander. If one originates false information about an intity, knowing that the information is false and spreads the information with the intent of harming the person, that is slander. There is quite a lot of good and useful information floating around out there while some of it is a result of hysterical ranting. The ranting doesn’t build anything and it dilutes the real information. It’s difficult to know the difference when it’s all second hand information to a recipient. We have a responsibility to share information with one another but please let’s not add hysteria to a statement that may have started out as true and has grown with every repeat. Also, I very strongly disagree with the contention that we should only speak of the last seven deaths. Prior murders will likely prove to have valuable links that will help in solving the seven most recent.

  6. to everyone on here, dont know KM but i am a family member and he doesnt tell us anything! my OPINION is he is not any closer than LE!!

  7. concerned 43,

    Unless you hired KM or any other private investigator or you consulted with him or them, he or they cannot tell you anything about this case, it doesn’t matter if you are a family member or not. My grand daughter’s aunt is a family member and he nor they won’t tell her anything because she did not consult with him or them and its state law that he or they does not release any information to anyone other than LE or someone that has consulted with him or them. I am a client of the investigators and we’ve contacted him and hired him to work on this case and the investigators consults with us at least two to three times a week. They will not even tell LE who their clients are because they are prohibited by law.

    If you are a family member, ask some of them that have consulted with the investigators where LE gets their information and I bet a few of them have letters the investigators received from the task force and vice versa about information that is being gathered. Even as a victim’s family member, when I receive letters or emails from the investigators that they’ve submitted to the task force some of it is blocked out because there is some information that they’ve discovered that he cannot release to family members because some information has to remain confidential between them and LE. And we are paying them but we understand that some information cannot be released.

    You’re entitled to your opinion but if you’ve seen the information they’ve submitted to LE then I would be willing to bet that you would change your mind.

    Just one other topic, KM is not working on this case but three independent private investigators are working on this case. KM has backed off because he is local. You’re way behind the game. He’s backed off some three or four months ago. The information I receive is sent from one of the investigators working on the case. She is a female and not from this parish and very good at what she does. If you would read some of the previous postings he says that he assigned the case to other investigators and they are pursuing information and leads, it doesn’t matter if you believe it or not. I know that they are because I consult with them and ask questions.

  8. The main thing is that these cases have to be solved. It is best to keep an open mind about possibilities because many a crime has been overlooked by pre-conceived notions, whether it was a profile that was off kilter or seemingly one person should have been arrested and it turned out to be totally someone else. This happened in Baton Rouge so it wasn’t that far from home.

    People do want to help.The families want closure more than anyone but clear the slate and start looking at evidence known. It could be that a lot of names mentioned are bad citizens but not serial killers or it could be more involved.

    I think whoever is doing these killings is skirting on the edge. The edge meaning regular society and fringe society. More than likely a drug user but could be a controlled user. I saw rage with Muggy’s murder but it doesn’t appear to be with other murders except Ernestine. So, patterns are important.

  9. yes everyone you are entitled to trust whomever you want , i choose to trust who is working on our family members case!!! if noone trust LE then why do the the investigators turn over their information???? it has to be , so at some point we will have to deal with LE-taskforce if we want these murders solved! and i know that this is everyones goal……… especially those who has lost someone!My prayers are for EVERYONE!!! and i dont care who likes who i TRUST! everyone needs to come together and focus on what we all been working for!!!! JUSTICE FOR THESE & VICTIMS!!!

    • i am whitneis cousin my name is lisa and just wanted to say my prayers are going out constantantly for everyone! we have t shirts in progress, please let me or brittany know who is interested and how many and sizes

    • JMO but the investigators are required by law to turn over all information to LE. If you are not clued in on what’s going on I suggest you speak to your cousin Brittnay and she will fill you in.

      • to BOBBY.. i dont need anyone to clue me in about the law!you need to go back and read what i said. i said exactly what you just said. read it right! when you do you will see that i said it has to be turned over!

  10. everyone is all working for one goal!!!!!!!!

  11. LUV U BRIT!!

  12. my cousin sonya came up with the idea for t shirts, there should be some demos done some time next week. i really think everyone will love them!!

  13. Does anyone here remember the Sheila Comeaux murder? Remember any of the facts surrounding that murder? The Sonnier boy? LaCombe? Rat Trahan? Numerous others? ahlou made some very good points. We really do need to broaden our vision and speak of other some of the murders in this parish if we’re ever going to get to the bottom of these seven killings. To do anything else is ridiculous. I maintain that the basic cause is the same and some people know exactly what links many of these murders together.

  14. Silence– You posted a comment awhile back about drugs being stolen from an evidence room “years ago”. Do you know more precisely when that was?

    • Whoa, that would severely tax my memory. I would be guessing if I were to say when the evidence room theft took place. It was many years ago but I recall that someone was allegedly paid to take the fall for it. There was a former state trooper from Elton wo, if my memory serves me correctly, served time for it. His name was Terry Langley. While he was a state trooper, he had been convicted of beating a young man with a pistol in Elton and was thrown out of the organization. He continued to serve as a go-fer for anyone who needed “special deeds” done and was closely connected to a former and quite corrupted state representative named Norman Ordineaux, for whom he performed numerous dirty deeds. He served the Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff’s Department as a narcotics officer after he was convicted of the felony beating … A typical choice for the JDPSO. I recall that the Langley was said to have done many things for numeorus questionable people for pay and for “favors.” I remember the story being that he would set-up drug busts on people that were political oponents of his employers, whomever they were that week. A lot like Frankie Richard. I hope I didn’t get the names or events wrong.

      • Ordineaux was very well in friendship with Edwin Edwards. That is enough said there.

      • There was another time also, a sub-station located on Peters Street on the southside. Someone torched through the wall. The southside got a bad rap (yet again) but where were the police when the wall was torched is the question. It was enough to remove the sub-station then the area became a free-for-all, until now. it is getting better all the time.

  15. The thing about past crimes is we don’t have links to the crimes to corroborate. Can’t do a search unless we have basic facts. Who, what, when and where is a start.

    • Some of the old timers (even older timers than I) could help with the when, who, where stuff but there is indeed a series of links to the present. A machine of this sort doesn’t die — only the names change while the originators stay involved because of their knowledge base. I remember being told that the Langley from Elton was compensated for taking the rap for the missing evidence from the evidence room although many profited from it. I really could be getting some of the details wrong in this but much of it is public record since he went to trial. I wasn’t keeping up with it at the time either. Ordineaux was up to his eyeballs in dirty deals of every sort for many years and like brownie said, he was in very close kahoots with Edwin Edwards, James Mallet and a host of other questionable movers and shakers from the old Louisiana corruption machine. He was gone by the time Edwin Edwards was convicted or he may be sharing a cell. This was also a period when unsolved, drug related murders were out of control in our parish and I must believe that like a political machine, most of the players’ names may have changed but the machine is still intact. A girl from the area went missing after being involved with the Langley during his narcotics officer days and she was found dead, beside a highway after being taken for a ride. The killer(s) was never found and as far as I remember, no real investigation was performed. wish I could remember some of the names. The rumor was that she had been a witness to some dark and secret event involving local drug dealing — sound familiar?

  16. LOts of goings on at the Andrew st. “house” today, even a couple sightings of the one and only F. Richard!

  17. Can anyone give me a physical description and address on the infamous Andrew street house? Google maps will provide a street level view and I am curious as to the layout and surroundings.

    Also, it seems as if a victims mother is hanging out there. Is she trying to gather evidence for the TF? I am curious why any victims mother would run in the same circles as some of the suspects in her daughter’s killing? Anyone who can shine a light on it and make sense is appreciated.

    • TG is not working with the task force she is not there to get info this is just her next place to stay until she has to move in with someone else. she moves from place to place when she has worn her welcome at one place she moves to the next. She runs in that circle because this is the life she has chosen this is how she wants to live life, I mean think about it also her name also comes up a lot with a few of the mother’s that have been mentioned do you hear of any of the other family member of the other victims being mentioned or talked about as much as TG no you do not. You hear one of the many others that have been mentioned you are sure to hear her name kind of strange don’t you think. Makes you just wonder what she might know and not be telling anyone. Just something to think on. add up some connection and see how many of the other names that you can put TG with in some way some how?

  18. Maybe she is an addict and from what I read here that is the place to go?

  19. RR-Don”t know the exact address of the “house” but it is Between Wood St. and Baker St. nearer Baker.It is a sort of brown house with a pile of debris in the ditch.The remainder of the neighborhood is fairly decent.This house in question is always closed up everyone goes to the back door from what i understand, lots of probable druggies coming and going . Can’t imagine why the mother is living there from what I hear she is gathering more than info on the murders IMO.

  20. If she is there to gather information, she has BALLS. I toast to her. But look at the other side. They all know she is the mother of a victim, they are more skeptical of her. Maybe I’m wrong. Who knows.

  21. Try 26 South, turn by Catholic Church onto Baker, one block turn left that’s Andrew, count about three houses on the right.

    • The brown house on Andrew is the 4th house on the right coming from Baker. Can’t miss it, its the only brown house on the block and has a blanket covering the front door and occassionaly you will see people hanging on the street or on the driveway anytime of day or night.

  22. I want to extend my condolences to the family of Whitnei Dubois on this the second anniversary of the date they learned of the loss of their loved one and to the families of the other victims as well. I hope this is the year that the person or persons responsible for their loss are brought to justice. Also, I want express particularly my sympathies to the mother of Brittney Gary whose tragic loss is still the most recent related to this matter. We should all remember that each person grieves in that person’s own way. I have no idea how large or small each circle of friends,families, and acquaintances of each victim is, but I do believe that the more and more time that goes by, the less and less likely it is that the killer is any person within such circles. I do believe there was a time in this country when such crimes did not go “unsolved” for such an extended period of time, but that was in part because there was a tendency sometimes to look simply for “bad persons” who were thought to be guilty of some crimes not necessarily the crimes for which they were ultimately charged, and lay the blame at their feet. To the extent law enforcement has refrained from any rush to judgment, I commend their service and am confident that they are highly motivated to resolve this matter in the right way.

    • 888 thank you very much, your prayers are greatly appreciated. we miss whitnei alot.hopefully something will come up soon! GOD BLESS YOU!

  23. sleuthing888,
    I would like to thank you for taking the time to keep our family in your thoughts. IT is greatly appreciated.

  24. Brittany my prayers or with you and your family. Love you girl.

  25. mysterious,
    Thankyou very very much! I pray for you and yours as well. We find strengths in each other. luv you too

  26. I was able to find the house. Thanks all. In the picture I saw there was a silver or bronze Ford Escort parked in the front yard. It is my understanding that the house is vacant or abandoned. It was mowed and there appeared to be a man in the backyard by a garage. The two-story house next door appears to be immaculately manicured. The white house on the other side seems to be well cared for also. Incidentally, it is listed for sale for $27k. I guess some of the neighbors have had enough.

    Does TG still work?

    • RR-The picture you saw doesn’t do this house justice these pictures were taken last summer.You should drive by and get the real picture! No it is not abandoned there seems to be several people living there including TG and she appears to not have a job. she is seen at all hours up down andrew st. This house is used for drug sales & prostitution according to the gossip going around.

  27. Hey EA, The one I saw was on Google maps. They generally run about a year behind. Can’t do the real picture thing now. I am about 800 miles away. Do you know if any of the inhabitants rent or own the home? The picture showed window air units. I imagine they have electricity to run them at this time of year.
    TG was reported earlier to be working as the general manager at Wendy’s. I was unable to find a clearly defined drug testing policy for Wendy’s employees.

    Were any searches done of this house for DNA, blood spatter, etc? I am also curious about the structure in back that looks like a garage. It seems to be set apart fom any other structures, possibly offering a relative degree of privacy. Thanks for the local info.

  28. RR– Will respond later, kinda busy today,Thanks

    • No it was not she has already lived in about 3 to 4 different other places since Brittney death. No she was on Doyle street when Brittney was killed and that was just friends house that they were staying at this was not there permanent resident. She has not had a permanent place to live in a very long time. Terry G doesn’t “hang” out here he has gone by there and has taken TG to town but doesn’t “hang” out there. There was a gold color vehicle pulled up to the left side of the house today.
      We do not hear from the sheriff not since Brittany scared him at the last press conference he called, if you saw that you saw him in a state of confusion he had no idea what to say and wanted nothing more than to disappear at that time and moment. I sure wish he would call for another task force announcement let us know what is going on some kind of UPDATE would be nice.
      But if you stop and look at things TG she sure is always around something that is connected to these killings strange don’t you think make you wonder what she knows and is not saying. hmmm….?

  29. RR-TG is staying at the house on Andrew Street at 610 Andrew Street and 611 Andrew Street.

  30. RR-The person who is considered the head of household is living rent free the house is owned by a close family member.No one living there is employed from what i gather.Don’t know much about TG other than according to some sources she & her daughter were living there last summer.The building out back was a gathering place for a variaty of people,which is no more supposedly it was torn down right TG left from there. Don’t know if any testing was done on the house have heard that LE has been seen there many times specially since the last murder kinda makes you wonder if there are connections.Maybe KM would comment on this.

    • ea568 and RR-We hear rumors and we have sources in the area that keep us informed of what goes on at that address. Our clients, and even some of the other victims families came forward and told us that they knew first hand that all of the victims have at least visited the house on Andrew Street. Some, if not all, would go between Richard’s house and the house on Andrew Street. Brittney Gary would often be witnessed at this house, especially a few days before she went missing. Police have questioned Dugas several times but his story stays the same…he doesn’t know anything. Theresa actually stays across the street from the house in question. The house in question is 610 and Theresa is often seen at 611. It’s directly across the street. However, TG is known to stay other places but mostly stays at this place. BTW, does anyone know if TG had the vigil this past mother’s day as she planned?

      • The house on Andrew street where TG is living is 610not 611. The house where she is often seen is 615 andrew, but she is in residence at 610 andrew.She is keeping a low profile lately comes out usually after sunset.

      • km no TG did not have vigil on mothers day… we checked.

      • Who is Dugas? What does that person know or what does the police think he/she know?

        Really think ea568 is giving some great info.

        Hopefully, g8 is the new head investigator, she’s on the ball……..AND…..not a JD resident.

        • It don’t matter who the investigators are, local LE still has to lead the investigation. Edwards is in charge of the task force and selected them. He runs everything. It doesn’t matter if you turn over evidence and pictures of a person committing the crime if they don’t believe the evidence is good enough then guess what it goes no where but file 13. The FBI agents aren’t local and the state police except one is not local. You won’t get anything done no matter who you write to or what you do, we’ve tried and got responses that local LE has to be in charge. Basically we were told that if we don’t like it write to our congressman and that red tape won’t help either. Go figure. If Edwards does not find the evidence himself then no other evidence will matter. We’re stuck like chuck so keep wishing but until Edwards is out of office your wish won’t come true. I hate to be discouraging but you’re right this investigation should be conducted by those that are not from JD parish but its not going to happen. Edwards runs it and there’s nothing we can do about it. We have to live with it and those that voted for him loses their right to gripe and complain.

          • me, thank you for a very imformative reply! All I can say is ‘omg no wonder’. You are right about those who voted Edwards in and that’s a darn shame. I’m wondering at what point would/could the FBI take over the whole case. Heck, they would/should look at some of the other unsolved/odd cases as well. Again thank you for your response.

        • Checked for myself about who is Dugas. No known means of support – like a real job. I’m told he owns the home or at least a family member bought it for him some time ago.

  31. Hey everyone agreat article intodays Baton Rouge Advocate on the killings in JD parish ,also on the website click on News scroll down almost the last story. Great to see some one is still reporting on this which is more than the local media is doing!Many Thanks to Mr.Jason Brown.

  32. Was this house Brittney Gary’s residence at the time of her death? I don’t remember why but I had it in my mind that she and TG lived on Mckinley St. when she returned from Houston.

    Also, does Terry Guillory hang out here as well? Does anyone that lives in this house have a vehicle?

    If drugs are being sold from this house, how are they getting there? Every distribution network has to have couriers or a transportation system to move their product to market. Has Sheriff Edwards reported why this facility is allowed to stay in operation? Has anyone asked him?

    • No it was not she has already lived in about 3 to 4 different other places since Brittney death. No she was on Doyle street when Brittney was killed and that was just friends house that they were staying at this was not there permanent resident. She has not had a permanent place to live in a very long time. Terry G doesn’t “hang” out here he has gone by there and has taken TG to town but doesn’t “hang” out there. There was a gold color vehicle pulled up to the left side of the house today.
      We do not hear from the sheriff not since Brittany scared him at the last press conference he called, if you saw that you saw him in a state of confusion he had no idea what to say and wanted nothing more than to disappear at that time and moment. I sure wish he would call for another task force announcement let us know what is going on some kind of UPDATE would be nice.
      But if you stop and look at things TG she sure is always around something that is connected to these killings strange don’t you think make you wonder what she knows and is not saying. hmmm….?

      • RR– No the occupant of the house does not have a vehicle, don’t think he has been employed in at least 12 years . guess he lives off his house “guest” and other proceeds.The people from LE who come there are after info they never go inside and he probably lies to them.Word on the street they were there a couple of days this week talking with him briefly. I would bet money that our sherrif and other LE know of this house .Seems like this is a “hands off” situation. Go Figure!!

  33. g8trgirl– Have you had the opportunity to go by the locations where the victims were found again?

    g8trgirl wrote on May 5th: I noticed pipelines by 3 of the sites. Unfortunately, I believe 2 of the locations I was at were not quite the right area. Also, there was one site I was unable to locate at all.

    I will be going back to JDP very soon and hopefully this time will be able to visit the exact locations of the 4 that were missed previously. I will definitely be noticing whether there are pipelines in the immediate vicinity and will let everyone here know.

  34. I will never understand that a mother of a victim would live where vicarious instances happen. Never! Just knowing that your child was murdered and this “house” could be part and parcel makes my blood curl.

    It is something not right in the head and I don’t think she is undercover for any agency. Don’t want to be overly impunditive (sp) but jeez!

  35. I don’t understand her presence there either. If
    she knows something and is covering, she should be charged as accessory. It was mentioned she was snoping early on in this site.
    They are still in need of figuring out where the crimes actually occurred. This is of most importance. I sure
    hope they find out soon.

    At the mysterious house – The building out back was a gathering place for a variaty of people,which is no more supposedly it was torn down right TG left from there. ea568 stated. Any other thoughts on crime sites???

  36. g8, haven’t seen you post lately, you on vacation???

    Hope all is well.

    • g8 is having personal problems from what I understand and is out of town and may be out of town for a while.

    • Hi Observer……

      Wish I was on vacation :(. My brother is in the final stages of cancer and is very ill. I am away from home spending time with him and other family members. It’s rather hectic here but I try to check in as often as I can to read everyone’s comments. I really appreciate that all of you are keeping things going here.

  37. The building in back that was torn down intrigues me. I am wondering if it could have been the crime scene for any of the victims, or used to store any bodies. There are a few large trees in the area the building was in. In April every tree around but them had leaves. Do they have leaves now?

    When was the building torn down? Are there any bare spots where vegetation will not grow?

    • RR–Yes there are leaves on the trees now. Can’t say if any crimes were commit in the out building,but there was a lot of coming & going back there last summer. The building was torn down I heard sometime latter days of June or First part of July soon after TG and family left there

  38. g8 or menard hasn’t post in a while. Usually we hear something from menard by now. You know, I’m not taking up for TG, but IF she is hooked, it is hard to get away from the drugs and the people who push it. I have seen a girl locked up for one year. Did great. Come home was clean for a while, then the druggie gang came back. She sent them on their way about three times, but they kept coming back. They intimidate the clean ones they keep pushin and pushin, well she went back. It’s bad man. It’s also amazing how the law allows them to get away with so much. Meaning the way they treat their kids. It’s ridiculous.

  39. Hey everyone just got info that this a.m. about 3 a. m. there was lots going on at 610 Andrew ,lots of police units,rescuse unit A.ambulance Fire truck were all present.supposedly some one was taken away by Acadian.No one heard what that was all about ,but it must have seriousIMP.

  40. Will be praying for g8 and her family. Take care.
    I know God does not put more of you than you can stand……..but…sure wish he wouldn’t trust us so much.

  41. Hey G8,
    My best wishes to you and yours. I know it’s a rough time but don’t forget to take care of yourself as well.

  42. me is correct. I was raped 14 years ago and law enforcement made an arrest some two years later and the person that we thought had raped me spent 8 years in prison until DNA cleared him of all charges. Law enforcement was under pressure to make an arrest and they did and arrested and convicted the wrong person. I identified the person through a line up and was told who to select by police. I was bound, gagged, and blindfolded when I was raped but I had to pick a person out of the line up. What do you folks want? Do you want them to make an arrest of the right person or the wrong person? It can happen. I know its discouraging but time and patience is what is needed. I agree that this investigation should have started three years ago but it didn’t. My favorite saying is it is what it is so we have to deal with it. Me is right, no matter who leads the investigation, who heads the investigation, even if the FBI or other squad takes over we won’t be happy, someone on here will still gripe and complain. We are people that have a culture that nothing satisfies us no matter how good it gets.

    I no longer live in the parish. I moved because of local law enforcement and in fact I moved when Edwards took office. Years ago I was on the site called mouthing off and I announced on there that if Edwards won my husband and I were moving and we did, we moved on the outskirts of Lafayette. Laying the blame on law enforcement isn’t helping, name calling and degrading others isn’t helping. Getting Edwards out of office will help and its obvious that the sheriff leads this investigation so he is the key and the failure, everything falls upon him. I’m not taking up for law enforcement but as in any job the blame falls on those that are in charge, their fault or not, that’s the way it is and it is what it is. Forget about the FBI or anyone else taking over because its not going to happen or it would have happened already. Unless you prove and I mean good proof that the sheriff is covering something up, transporting drugs across state lines, or something very unusual, this investigation is in his hands and me is correct, there is nothing we are any other agency can do about it. You folks or at least some of you voted him in office so why gripe and complain now, it is what it is so deal with it. Nothing we an do and no other agency will take over so forget it because if they wanted to they would have done it already. Even if you find out that someone in law enforcement is involved they would still leave that investigation to local law enforcement to deal with their own unless you can prove that the person ultimately responsible covered it up then all that might happen is the state police might investigate but nothing from the FBI. Logic and clear thought is what is needed from you folks. Not name calling, degrading others. My mother always taught me that if you don’t have anything good to say about someone then don’t say it at all.

    I don’t like Edwards because I believe he is arrogant and incompetent to be in the position he is in. I saw him at wal-mart before i moved and saw him get very irate with a cashier because they would not honor double coupons. But I won’t call him names and I won’t degrade him it is what it is. Push for an arrest and you may be like me and end up with the wrong person being arrested.

    • erin_b I’m glad you posted your experience… takes great courage to do that. I have to admit I was startled at one of your comments…..that you were “told who to select” out of the line-up presented to you. If my math is correct, and judging by your other comments, Edwards was in office at that time. I am curious if your dealings were with the JPD or JDPSO. I am also curious if you know much about the man you were told to select and why LE wanted you to select him.

      I speak only for myself but, I do not want the wrong person(s) arrested for these murders. I would rather 5 more years pass if it takes that long to catch the guilty party(ies).

      I personally do not know anyone in LE in JDP but I do get the sense that no one employed there has the experience to come close to solving these cases. I may be wrong but, I believe the sheriff and/or DA has the ability to call in the “feds” to take over the cases…………if they want them to. Anyone here know the legalities of that??

      I would feel much better if the State/FBI took over the investigations and completely removed them from local LE. I might still gripe some but I’d have a bit more confidence the cases would get solved.

  43. Thinking of the Andrew street location..decided it is most likely smoke. Not saying it is not possible someone(s) died there but that is not a location where a body could be held very long without stinking up the area. Haven’t heard of anyone in that area who works with forensic who could have gotten rid of the smell of a rotten body. Beginning to think that house just what is posted a house of ill repute but someone should be able to show how the bodies were transported and what would the person head of household/living there have to gain or lose. Does that person have transportation that would allow transport of bodies? Does he even have a car or truck? Does the person have a place for body storage? Does that person have knowledge of where he would not be noticed dumping bodies?

    The person HOH would have no reason to inflect greater harm to the two Black females since he is also. That would make no sense.

    What about a person who could/would buy a certain bleach, etc., did they frequent that house? Or could/would that person frequent the police station?

    Not saying impossible just saying maybe that is why things are not solved because the fingers are pointed wrong.

    • IMO–Everyone should be a person of interest in these murder cases not only the person or persons who hang out at the Andrew st. house which includes F. Richard who has been seen hanging around there since he was released from jail. As KM posted B.Gary was supposedly seen At this house days before she was killed,maybe it was innocent I suppose no one except the person who lives there would know that,But then again according to KM when the guy is questioned by LE he does not know anything.IMO that is BS!!!

      • Not disputing what is being said about the house and occupants, I’m hearing the same. What I was trying to say is a body couldn’t stay there for a long period of time – I’m thinking ordor. Could be off there as well. Also someone would need a vehicle to transport bodies. I agree it is BS the guy may know something. KM also saw a blue truck one night, does anyone who hang out there own such a truck. I find it odd that LE let the activity go on and on at that house. All the drug bust so far but not that well talked about house. Why?

        As far as BG her mother TG should be brought in for questioning.

        • The latest word is T.G. has departed Andrew St.Wonder where she will show up next?

          • Could it be she was the person taken away by Acadian and now the HOH says no more. As busy as that house is who would want LE in there. It will be interesting finding out where she will show up next.

            BTW how many children does she have?

          • Update on T.G. heard she was not seen at the house on Monday ,was seen entering the back door this A.M. then walking east on Baker.Also lots of foot traffic and drop offs there.No she wasn’t the person taken away by Acadian eye witiness says it was a black male .

  44. g8 my prayers are with you i lost my mother in law to cancer, it was very hard to see her like that. keep ur head up and keep FAITH! GOD BLESSYOU AND YOUR FAMILY! may GOD give you and your family comfort and peace!

  45. God Bless you and your brother. I am sorry to hear that he is ill. A good friend of ours just passed from a cancer that came back very aggressive. My husband is almost 5 years in remission 🙂
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  46. Hey Ahlou,
    I agree with you but for a different reason. SK’s get a comfort zone with the way they do things. BG was killed after the building in back was torn down. There appear to be too many people in the house to be able to keep a secret if the house had been used. All of the extra traffic to the house makes it unlikely.

    • RR–BG was killed in Nov.2008, as I stated in a previous entry on 15 May the out building was torn Down in June or July of 2008.All of the traffic there was either drugs or prostitution and what went on in there IMO was a well kept secret.

  47. I tend to agree with ea568 and RR that there was/is a lot of activity and unlikely murders were committed in the house. The secrets held are more for personal gratification than to assist in the investigation or to avoid culpability. I am not saying an SK doesn’t frequent this house but this is more than likely not a murder crime scene. It could be a key piece to the investigation though.

    G8, you know I am thinking about you and your family at this most difficult time. Also sending prayers for peace and comfort.

  48. Some worry about odor of the bodies. Bleach but especially caustic soda will speed decomposition as well as minimize the smell.

    • I keep thinking about odor and bodies thinking the person(s) would/could have forensic training or even currently work. I wonder if caustic soda something anyone can easily buy without causing attention. Did anyone look in to places where caustic soda and/or bleach is/was purchased in large quantities?

    • Caustic soda, also known as lye and sodium hydroxide, is an easily obtained product.

      It is used in the home as a drain cleaning agent for clearing clogged drains and is distributed as a dry crystal or as a thick liquid gel. It is also an ingredient in oven cleaning products and is used in the manufacturing of bleach as well. Drain cleaners and oven cleaners can contain high concentrations of caustic soda.

      A solution of sodium hydroxide in water was traditionally used as the most common paint stripper on wooden objects. Due to its caustic nature and the fact that it can damage the wood surface raising the grain and staining the color, its use has become less common.

      Sodium hydroxide is frequently used in the process of decomposing roadkill dumped in landfills by animal disposal contractors. It has also been used by serial killers, and other criminals, to dispose of their victims’ bodies.

      Also, found this interesting comment online: “all you need to know about caustic soda is that various drug cartels and organizations consider it to be the best method for completely dissolving a human body”.

  49. Here is the address of Hannah Connor. Notice the web address. “Tied, Raped, and Beaten” hmmmm

  50. Hi everyone……thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement…..I appreciate them very much.

    I have returned home, at least for the time being, and have gotten caught up on all the comments. I feel it is worth mentioning that although there is plenty of activity at the Andrews Street house it is my understanding that that is not the only place where some of these illicit activities take place.

    I was made aware of one residence, that has no working utilities, that has been used as a “gathering” place for lack of a better description. Perhaps a few of the locals there can expound a bit further on some of the other locations that are “known” hangouts in addition to the Andrews Street house.

    • There is a house on McFarlin near the intersection of W. Wood that appears to be abandoned supposedly people were hanging out there, but recently it looks boarded up maybe some one complained about it.

  51. I just saw Theresa and her girlfriend walking down G.C. Chaney St.

    • LE has been to the house on Andrew twice today wonder who they looking for??? They need to enter the house maybe they will find who they are seeking!!!

  52. I went to Hannah Connor’s myspace page, ya know its funny, her status says “family seems to be the ones you have to watch the most”……this coming from Frankie Richard’s niece and possible co-conspirator in some of these murders….hmmmmm….makes you wonder doesnt it?

    • And her mood is set as “accomplished” yet it has a sad face 😦 beside it.

  53. SilenceDogood… you know if Rat Trahan, Sheila Comeaux and the others that have died violent deaths in JDP in recent years knew and/or associated with Frankie Richard?

  54. Let me shock yall just a little more…Hannah has been “bragging” to ppl that she is currently attending school for forensics. Go figure!

    • She may wish she’d gone to Law School before this is all over with 😉

  55. Does anyone have info on the jailer D. Barry who was mentioned on here? any physical description or description of his vehicle?Anyone know if he was ever interviewed by LE?

  56. Does anyone know if the jailer D. Barry was questioned by LE , also a description of him or his vehicle?

    • The only thing I know about him is that he was present and on duty the night Mark Ivory allegedly sexually assaulted Lisa Allen who now has a huge lawsuit against the parish.

  57. LOL, g8.

  58. Danny Barry was brought in for questioning in these homicides. I was told more than once as well. He owns a few different vehicles. His most commonly used vehicle is a bluish/purple cobalt. He also has an older model antique car, and if Im not mistaken he may also own an older model white impala.

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