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  1. Considering the recent development regarding the truck in Welsh and the apparent insulation of officials from any type of blame, I again refer back to my earlier posts. I strongly believe that we need to focus beyond (or prior to) the recent seven murders and to stop thinking in terms of “seven deaths.” All of the preceding unsolved deaths by murder (way more than seven) had common threads that relate to these seven. Threads such as evidence that was never revealed to the public, reports of cover-ups ranging from quiet rumors to the very obvious, drug involvement that seemed to be either the dominant cause or a convenient excuse to repel public interest, etc. I believe that we must look at the bigger picture and start with underlying causes. Those causes, as usual, are money and power. It is no secret that there has been an absolute drug epidemic in our parish for years. As is often the case, the public has no idea of the quantity of drugs, the tremendous money involved or of the depth of official involvement. I’ve said before; the drugs are not brought here and warehoused by the brain-dead dealers that you see on the street corners who barely make a living from their trade. The real professionals are people who understand networking and who have the necessary resources to assure that a huge operation can operate “under the radar” of public notice. Drugs from Mexico usually are brought across the border in enormous quantities while DEA, US Customs, Coast Guard, state police seem not to notice the ships, trucks cars and aircraft loaded with tons of drugs before they walk away with full pockets. That’s how corruption works in a free enterprise. After crossing the border, drugs are warehoused for network distribution. Houston is a well known hub but professionals often prefer to use less obvious holding locations for large quantities. New Orleans is known to be a hub of operations for generations. Where are the smaller distribution centers and how does the huge quantity get broken down to the street dealer quantity? Ten or fifteen tons of cocaine dumped in the Walmart parking lot will hardly make it to the street; however, five or ten pounds a month, held in a local home or business can be distributed quietly, by the ounce or gram, to local users after dilution and packaging. The biggest obstacle is knowledge and exposure. Millions of dollars are at risk if a street level person has a line of information on a higher level distributor for his business activities, which always must include pay-offs for cover-up, extortion of the guilty by witnesses and murder of potential witnesses. The network, normally from Mexico, must have reliable people and resources in order to assure a constant flow of product in one direction and money in the other direction. I assure you that this is NOT being provided by Cleotis and Turbo on the corner who sell crack by the twenty dollar quantity. It is provided by the ruthless business man and official who have people on the street day and night, a reputable business front. This can operate under the public’s collective noses as long as each time a tragic murder occurs, it is labeled as “drug related” or of a “high risk lifestyle” person, “known to engage in prostitution” or any similar categorization that will desensitize the public and repel their interest. Unfortunately, many members of our local public have a way of not caring about those who hold a lower station in life. When a murder occurs, it’s easier for them to distance themselves by referring to “those drug people” or “some girl who was a prostitute.” That way, it’s always a, “them, not me” attitude that allows them to hide from the reality in their own backyard. With regard to networking, yesterday, an arrest was made of Gregorio Sauceda Gamboa, a Mexican drug dealer, known in the past to have been one of the major operators that headed the Zeta gang. The Zeta gang operated primarily along the gulf coast states and have been linked to over 10,650 killings. They are known to have been importing over ten (10) TONS of cocaine and thirty (30) TONS of marijuana across the border – EVERY MONTH! Over ten thousand killings! Hello? Where are these killings taking place? How about on our streets! Now, get a map, look at Jennings and look at Mexico and think of that number of killings and that quantity of drugs while considering the distribution network by which drugs reach the US (and local) market in each and every community. Are we naïve enough to think that Gregorio Sauceda Gamboa has friends in Jennings, Crowley, Iowa, Elton and Welsh who are driving drugs from Mexico and selling it to the local people? Maybe he does it himself; smuggle it across the border, one ounce at a time, just to drive to Jennings and sell it to people on the street corner – Duuuh? Isn’t it a miracle that such a complex and successful operation can be run by a man who doesn’t speak English and is in another country, but has his products and contract killers on the local streets all along the gulf coast? What network does he employ? Do we really believe that he sends a Mexican killer when he has a local threat of exposure to his down-line network? Are the drugged-out street dealers running this operation between Mexico and Jennings? This man was barely operating and was in a sort of retirement when they caught him but he was only one of many doing this job. We have to stop looking for some local, unconnected crackpot and start looking at the source of real and powerful crime in our area. Like I said, who has apparent immunity and a network of people on the streets and who has the capability to warehouse and distribute products without raising suspicion while a vast drug operation prospers and can’t seem to be stopped by law enforcement? Funny how only an occasional local street dealer is sacrificed to pacify the ignorant public while the major operators go on and on and on like the Energizer bunny. Miraculous! Thank the voters for keeping it like it is and the non-voters who don’t help to change things.

  2. Silence– With all due respect to your viewpoint ( and you do make many valid points), even if it were determined tomorrow that Jeff Davis parish were the drug distribution capital of the entire country or of the world for that matter, I would still have difficulty drawing the conclusion that the motive behind these murders was in any way connected with such a drug distribution network because there would be what is sometimes referred to as a Chinese wall or firewall between such an operation and the local drug dealers or users. I think you recognize that yourself to some extent by your comments, but then you make quite a leap by stating that if the victims knew something about the operation, then there would be a reason to silence them. Why would you think a local user would know anything about such an operation if such an operation exists? To state the question another way, if you are willing to concede that the local drug dealer would not have knowledge of a major distribution network, why do you think a “street level person” such as a customer of that dealer would have knowledge that would imperil the operation?

    • sleuthing888 … Any person who has frequent dealings with a supplier will eventually meet the upline or otherwise gain knowledge of the next level or two of supply. It’s inevitable. Also, let’s consider that some of the seven murder victims had been charged with drug violations that went Nol Pros and had agreed to go state’s evidence — to testify regarding a supplier. According to public information that several people are looking at now, some of these girls were killed prior to court date, when they would have testified. Now, does that change the perspective on things or what? Low level folks don’t have to know the Columbian Afghan or Mexican source who is dozens of steps above him/her personally, but, they do have access to the lineage that will ultimately lead to him/her, or to some powerful higher-ups who are valuable to even higher-ups, etc,; therefore, they cannot be allowed to even begin exposing the upward continuity of lineage that will lead to corrupted local officials and ultimately, to some really big guys up the line. This process understanding is hardly a leap. It isn’t a secret, it’s simply logical that there has to be an unbroken continuity in the process and any threat to a local is a threat to all who are up the line. If not a personal legal threat, at least an interruption of a highly profitable business. We know that these are cowardly people who give one another up all the time. They rule by violence and intimidation because there is no real honor or loyalty among them, thus the killing of young women and girls when they are not smart enough to keep their system operating without allowing leaks to small time local drug heads. Their weakness and inability to advance in society honestly is what led them to corruption in the first place. They lack the stregnth to do what is difficult in staying the straight course in the face of fear and temptation. It works this way in every case and in every community in every nation. As they say, “it ain’t rocket science” to simply put the obvious together. This is nothing new and it isn’t novel. We just don’t yet know who’s names to put in the blanks. The only thing I’m certain of is, we must put a stop to, or reduce the drug epidemic and everything that goes with it, in each community, beginning with our own.

  3. Observer – In response to the T. Gary question. It is common knowledge that she is living at the supposed house of drugs & prostitution on S. Andrew St. and has been there for several weeks. Mostly black males come & go there daily according to the latest gossip…..

    • Interestingly enough, during my recent visit to JDP, while taking photos of different houses in Jennings, I was fumbling with my camera and was startled when I looked up and saw TG standing in the doorway of one of the “questionable” houses. She was just as startled as I was and IMMEDIATELY slammed the door (which was covered by a blanket I might add).

      The vehicle I was riding in was quite familiar to her I’m sure and belongs to someone she knows and certainly should have no reason to be fearful of………..assuming she has nothing to hide that is.

  4. So, is it true or not about Terry Guillory?

    • Don’t know yet brownie…..a few people are working on trying to confirm whether it is true or not.

  5. UPDATE: have received confirmation that it was indeed Terrie Guillory’s truck!!! Stay tuned.

  6. Another little tidbit I recently found out:

    Terrie Guillory’s ex-wife is also a member of the task force investigating the deaths of the 7 women.

    Just thought that was interesting information. Of course as far as we know…..Terrie is not under any type of suspicion by LE surrounding the deaths but I have noticed his name keeps being brought up.

  7. This is interesting:

    LOS ANGELES – Police believe a 72-year-old insurance claims adjuster arrested earlier this month is the most prolific serial killer in the city’s history, having raped and strangled as many as 30 older women over two decades.

    The break in the cold case came in October when John Floyd Thomas Jr., who had twice been convicted of sexual assault, had a DNA sample taken as part of an effort to build an offender database.

    Thomas was charged April 2 with murdering one woman in 1972 and another in 1976. DNA matching Thomas’ was found at three other crime scenes in the 1970s and ’80s, Los Angeles police cold case Detective Richard Bengston told the Los Angeles Times in a story published Thursday.

    Detectives now consider Thomas also a suspect in two waves of killings that left at least 22 women dead based on the circumstances of the crimes, the newspaper reported. It could not be immediately determined where the other killings took place.

    “When all is said and done, Mr. Thomas stands to be Los Angeles’ most prolific serial killer,” Bengston told the newspaper.

    Thomas was being held in county jail and could not be reached for comment. Authorities reached by phone by The Associated Press did not know whether he had obtained an attorney.

    Thomas was sentenced to six years in 1957 for burglary and attempted rape in Los Angeles. Two parole violations sent him back behind bars until 1966.

    In the first wave of killings in Los Angeles in the mid-1970s, a man police dubbed “The Westside Rapist” entered the homes of dozens of elderly women who lived alone, raped them and choked them until they passed out or died. The 17 people killed were found with pillows or blankets over their faces.

    During that time, Thomas was a social worker, hospital employee and salesman. The attacks stopped in 1978 — the year Thomas went back to prison for the rape of a Pasadena woman.

    After his 1983 release, he moved to Chino in San Bernardino County and took a job as a hospital peer counselor in nearby Pomona. That year, a series of attacks on elderly women began that included five slayings in the nearby Los Angeles County town of Claremont. The attacker also used blankets or pillows over his victims’ faces.

    Despite some 20 survivors, detectives didn’t connect the two cases. There were conflicting descriptions from victims, a lack of communication between agencies and an absence of DNA technology.

    Since 1989, Thomas worked at the State Compensation Insurance Fund in Glendale. He was arrested at his South Los Angeles apartment on March 31.


    Information from: Los Angeles Times,

  8. Things that make you go HMMMMMMMM!

  9. Further update on the Terrie Guillory truck saga:

    A fellow by the name of Kevin (goes by Boo Boo) was driving the vehicle. The children that were in the vehicle, and taken by CPS, belong to his girlfriend. The girlfriend’s mother works for the Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff’s office by the way.

    No word yet on how much and what type of drugs were in the truck. Also trying to find out what type of warrant had been issued against him, WHEN it was issued and who issued it.

    It appears this Kevin guy has a couple of strong ties to the JDPSO. Interestingly enough…..TG is currently on vacation.

  10. Wow on vacation huh? Bet he is going to say the man stole the vehicle.


    • Good luck to him trying to get away with that LOL. You know he’s going to say he had NO IDEA the guy was a druggie when he loaned him the truck though. Kinda like he and Warren Gary had NO IDEA Connie Syler’s truck may have been used to transport one of the murdered women. Remember… was supposedly Terrie that drove Gary and Syler to the bank to transact the truck purchase.

      Also….refer back to a couple of posts Brittany made earlier here and here. Apparently this incident yesterday is not the first time druggies have been seen driving TG’s truck.

  11. So, any idea what is Kevin’s last name or even his wife’s name? Who is Guillory’s ex-wife?

  12. Sorry, not Kevin’s wife. My bad.

  13. It’s beginning to sound to me like JDPSO needs to start randomly drug testing all of their employees if they’re not already.

    There are thousands and thousands of companies across the U.S. that require employees to submit to random drug testing. As a matter of fact….it is done at the school my daughter attends.

    I would find it rather ironic if the ones charged to uphold the law and arrest druggies and dealers are themselves in fact guilty of the same crime!!!

  14. IMHO, if you did a surprise drug test on LE in Jennings and Welsh, you would have to replace most of them, and be suspicious of the rest.

  15. It has become difficult for me to comprehend why Terrie Guillory still has a job…given the Sheriff is not involved.

    In a normal parish he should have been placed on leave until further investigation- not having a free ride on the public’s behalf. I hope his cell, home and office phones have been monitored recently. The task force should been ten steps ahead or more than any of us!!!

    Anyone know much about the Welsh area, suspicious houses, places of interest. Wonder if it is just a another place for the pushers to sell their drugs.

    The Warden could know just who to pay for what job from their records, seeing others in and out of jail, etc.

    He does keep coming up too often.

    • Wonder why the task force isn’t solving anything? Could it be because Terry G. and the exwife Paula are on the task force.Sheriff Edwards needs to wake up and take care of business. I sure would”nt want to sit and give info to the task force with those two listening in.Does anyone remember the rumor back in November that some one with sheriff’s dept was questioned about B.Gary death? Sheriff Edwards appealed for people to stop spreading rumors. Wonder if he will try to stop the Terry G.situation with his loaned out truck?

  16. I agree he and Richard are ever present. Procuring cause and psycho or any reverse order. Than we also have a mother of a victim hiding in strange places. So, don’t use my words in any specific order. But, maybe they should be applied in some order.

    All of this is too odd and not pretty and frankly, pretty sick. No way his vehicle is available to anyone without his permission. If it was stolen there would have been an apb screaming from several parishes. Silence is deafening.

  17. I wish to remain anonymous for reasons that only I can explain. Yes it is hiding if you want to call it that because I have alot to lose. My question is why is Terry and Paula, who I understand to be husband and wife or ex husband and wife on the task force when Terry’s name was thrown around in this murder investigation? I’m not the brightest woman in the world but you have a truck that was purchased by the warden from a person that was in jail and then, if I understand correctly, driven to the bank by the warden Terry. You have bodies dumped in the same locations and areas so every killer that may be in Jennings just dumps bodies in this same location, right? I don’t buy that. Then you have the FBI, the State Police, and an entire task force and this case can’t be solved. I don’t buy that either. Then you have a private investigator, that I understand turns information over to the task force and still nothing is solved. You have the same names that keep coming up time after time but no evidence and no DNA to find a suspect and no traces at the crime scene. Then you have a police officer that finds a body in the middle of no where. I don’t buy that either. So, all of this and you expect me to believe that the ones responsible for these murders are smarter than the FBI, State Police, and an entire task force and a private investigator.

    Here’s my thoughts. Someone in law enforcement is involved and probably several are involved and the FBI, State Police and other members of the task force that are not members of the local community are not receiving all the evidence or information that local law enforcement has collected. Local law enforcement, probably several of them has to be involved because they would have the means to cover up crime scenes or at least throw off the task force from the trail. Terry, the warden, is always around the wrong crowd so that reputation he has made himself. What about the name Danny Barry? Why was that dropped all of a sudden? Paula Guillory? Give me a break. She couldn’t catch a cold. Everyone knows about Paula and her kids. She’s a juvenile officer and from what I understand can’t handle her own kids much less someone elses. Terry, the warden? Well, there’s been alot of scandals in the jail since he’s been warden but everything just gets brushed away like it never happened. Wake up people. We’re not stupid and if you let them make you believe someone in law enforcement or maybe even higher is not involved then they are insulting your intelligence. Think of these names, Terry, Paula, Frankie, Hannah, Tracee, Warren, Rooster, Theresa, Billy. These are the names that come up. Some may be involved and some may not but I believe that ALL know what is going on to some extent and have informaton that is not being shared within the task force. Why are we so gullible to believe what they tell us? Whoever believes that someone in law enforcement is not involved is just as crazy as they are. Put the pieces together. Think about the reputations of these people that are being named over and over again. Put the facts together. If someone in law enforcement is not involved then I’ll be the first to admit I’m wrong but right now the facts tell me that law enforcement is involved. Let’s wake up and see what’s going on.

  18. Yes, Danny Barry is employed by the sheriff dept.

  19. anonymous, your words reflect what many are saying. The reward is a farce the call-in number is for show and the never-to-be web is a joke. Mr. Edwards made it known the task force is made up of locals or people with local ties. Who in their right mind would tell Paula something about her spouse or ex. Sooner or later it must all crumble.

    You have stated every reason around why this is still not solved. Maybe even including some of the other unsolved ones Silence talks about.

    I may be wrong but isn’t Danny Barry the one who lives or lived in Lake Arthur?

  20. Well it can’t crumble soon enough. These poor families have waited long enough. Do we want another long wait like in the Green River Killer case or the BTK killer case or do we want to wait 40 years for these cases to be solved? I believe Mr. Menard is correct. Write to the Governor and get more resources to keep the investigation going, write to the attorney general and ask that their office oversee the investigation and take over if they have to, write to senators and congressman and get something done.

    • Does anyone realize that when someone calls the task force you get the Sheriffs dept then are given another number to call. Guess the sheriff dept is screening the calls.

    • thank you anonymous! i am a family member and thats the point i been trying to make all along. a certain person said i was angry!!! you darn right im angry. we been working and trying to find out information…. you are right it is time for someone to get off their ass and for our so called sheriff to open his eyes……..if thats possible!!!!!! and as for as terry guillory he should not be allowed to even work on these cases and his ex wife should not be allowed to work on task force!!!!!!! thanks for speaking up for all the families!!!! GOD BLESS !

    • we have wrote to higher up people and we are in the process of getting to talk to to certain people and hopefully i will have some new information to give… thank you anonymous…. glad you spoke up!!!!!!!! our goal like everyone else is to find these killers or killer so we can finally have closure and peace of mind ! seems like no one wants to say what they know, but i am talking to people and hopefully i can get to say what they know.

  21. ahlou-want to know where D.Barry lives? Go to type in name and city(Jennings).There is a map showing exactly where he lives(the only Danny Barry found in Jennings.

    • OMG, that is in the very AREA. That’s shocking!!!! LE should be out there looking. Thanks.

  22. thanks to everyone who is working so hard for ALL the families>>>> special thanks to G8!!!!!! great things you are doing. GOD BLESS YOU! thanks to KM>

  23. Remember these first names and I bet anyone that knows about this case can put a last name to them because you will be hearing their names again in this investigation. Paula, Terry, Danny, Warren, Frankie, Billy, Hannah, Tracee, Connie, Ricky (Rooster), Natalie, Big Mac, Stimey, Boss Hogg, Theresa, Katie, Ricardo (Tiger), and what other names have been mentioned so far?

    Paula, in my opinion, is harmful to this investigation because she related to someone that has so much controversy around him and it blew me away when I learned that she was on the task force. Way to go, yeah we’ll get something solved with her on the team. Nobody respects Paula in the community and from what I’ve heard she abuses her badge and believes a badge is power.

    The rest will fall into place, Just remember those names when the case breaks, and I hope its sometime this century. Mr. Menard please keep giving information to your contact on the task force. I agree that he is the only one that seems to care or is doing anything on this case.

    • “””Paula, in my opinion, is harmful to this investigation because she related to someone that has so much controversy around him and it blew me away when I learned that she was on the task force. Way to go, yeah we’ll get something solved with her on the team. Nobody respects Paula in the community and from what I’ve heard she abuses her badge and believes a badge is power”””

      Paula is a joke! I for one can not believe she is an officer at all. She completely believes a Badge is power. How can she have power over the community when she has no power over her own children? She does not act as a parent she tries to be like them not parent them. I hope those children become more than what their mother is and grow up to become upstanding people.

      As for KM….. he too in my opinion is a joke. If you know him at all you understand. I can not take him seriously as a Private Investigator. He is more suspicious to me than some of the people listed throughout here.Three words that come to mind for me when his name is mentioned is creepy, liar & violent.

      I hope these murders are solved soon and all these rumors stop…. All the rumors do is hurt the innocent people involved in the lives of those the rumors are spread about. Like the children of these people. How much harder do you think their lives are since the rumor mill began.
      My heart goes out to the families who have lost loved ones and I hope you find answers soon.
      Too bad anyone with a vengeance can toss a name out there and accuse someone of committing the murders. All that does is delay the arrest of the real murderer and hurt more people because every name brought up has to be investigated.

      • OMG, BlownAway, you seem to have a true nic since you seem to have BlownAway all conversations. I’m not familiar with a lot of names but have heard like most in Jeff Davis Parish. Have heard some of what you posted.

        Question, what do you think about the person in Andrus Cove who is a jailer? Also what do you think of any of the other names aside from PG and KM. At the very least you have blown some thoughts.

      • How dare you criticize the one person that is trying to help us. In my opinion you are a joke. I have known Mr. Menard since he was child because I have been best friends with his mother for 40 years. The type of person that criticizes someone else has a lack of character and attempts to compensate for their own shortcomings. I can’t speak for the other victim’s families but for mine I don’t need your sympathy and I sure don’t want your sympathy. Mr. Menard is not doing this for free, we are the part of the family that hired him and we had to convince him to take our case and he refused at first. Everyone has skeletons in their closet so why don’t you tell us about your skeletons in your closet.

        Mr. Menard earned our trust and you do not have the foggiest idea of the information he’s gathered that helped us and all of the families. Look at yourself before you look at someone else. My family trusts Mr. Menard and his investigators that are working tirelessly on this case and nothing you say or do will change our mind about him. You have some nerve coming on here and pretending you care about the victim’s or the families and you certainly have a right to your opinion but we’ve gone through too much to have Mr. Menard take on our case to have you come on here and start criticizing.

        Do yourself a favor and look in the mirror and count your skeletons because you don’t have a clue of what you are taking about. He is well respected by our investigators in the state and came highly recommended or we would not have considered hiring him. Just by you criticizing someone that is trying to help shows that you only think about yourself and nobody else. Leave us and our case alone. It was fine before you came along and it will continue to be fine without you. Maybe your the creepy one, the liar and the violent one.

        This is not a popularity contest and his agency is doing its job to our satisfaction and we are grateful that he accepted our case. Go on with your life and leave ours alone. I am too old and tired to argue with you and your criticisms and ignorance does not need a response but I responded for my granddaughter, that probably died at the hands of someone like you. LEAVE US THE HELL ALONE.

        • A victim’s grandmother,

          I was going to respond but you said everything that I wanted to say and more so; I couldn’t have said it better myself. I am sorry for your loss and I hope Mr. Menard and his agency helps to solve this case once and for all so that all of the families such as yourself can finally have some peace of mind.


          I feel that this site isn’t for the purpose of ridiculing others. We need to keep the big picture in mind and
          work together not against each other for this to be laid to rest.
          I seems very unfair that the people who are working so hard on this case such as Mr. Menard to be unjustly criticized.

        • Blown Away,

          I don’t know KM, just what I hear on this site and from what I’ve researched about his agency. A victim’s grandmother and the rest of response are correct: You have the wrong agenda at hand. You would swear that you were TG’s sister or something by the way you steer your anger. It’s quite apparent that the people on this site appreciate KM and know him much better than you. I agree with everyone else that we should stay with the agenda. From what I understand, KM’s name never came up but TG, PG, WG, and the other’s did come up and quite often. I’ve noted in another post that I know what goes on because of my position in the parish and I can assure you that KM gives the task force the information that it cannot receive on its on. He’s not stupid and he knows what is going on in the parish just like what happened at the courthouse today when he was searching the criminal records of some of the victims.

          I also witnessed KM at the courthouse today searching criminal records and just so he’ll know someone in the courthouse did call a detective from the task force and notify him that KM and another person was at the courthouse searching records of the victims and that is how the detective knew to call the person that was with him. As I said, he’s not stupid and very intelligent so he must have made someone nervous. I was in the general area when the call was made to the sheriff and the sheriff called the detective that KM speaks to and the detective called the person that was with KM.

          • The information regarding the call during a search of public records is true. I am simply amazed that a detective would call and ask if there’s anything to share, simply because a search of public records is being conducted by a citizen or two. This is an appalling endictment of a very very nervous sheriff’s department who has a too-deep relationship with other public officials. Public records are exactly that — PUBLIC. Why aren’t more people searching the records? After all, they own the records. There’s much being done quietly and it is being done by people who are expressly qualified. This is what the local officials (and not-so-local) should be afraid of, unless they have nothing to hide. when a courthouse employee sees an individual examining courthouse records and running to tell the sheriff, this looks extremely paranoid and reeks of guilt. In a totally transparent innocence, the sheriff should make all records and data available to all while welcoming scrutiny.

      • Blownaway you have talked about paula you have talked about kirk. But you have not talked about Terrie, and all the other’s that have been mention. Why do you want to say things that are un true about kirk he is not a viloent person at all. Do you know any of what you have said is true. Remember to make sure you have all your ducks in a row before you put your foot in your mouth kirk has done more for this case than the task force has even thought about doing we sure know paula has done mmmm nothing for it. Kirk has helped the families been there for them but yet you say he is violent person, and heck more than half the people in this town are creepy, and what has kirk lied about can you tell us what he has lied about remember make sure you can back what you say and sooo blownaway I ask u again why is it you had nothing to say about Terrie G.?????

      • BlownAway … I’ll tell you what creepy is — Creepy is acquiring another person’s children and keeping them to raise; that’s creepy. I don’t know Mr. Menard; however, I have inquired with people who know him and they ALL agree that “violent” is a laughable description of him and that he doesn’t have the capacity to be violent. I did also learn that some people from his past are very bitter that their accusations of violence were found to be a deception that nearly landed the accuser in jail. I do not know this man outside of what I’ve heard and read, but, I do have the capacity to learn the truth about things — and about people. It is better to be factual rather than hysterical. This site was originally set up to foster the pursuit of answers regarding murders in the parish. I deeply believe that we must first become stable in order to see clearly. Let’s keep focused on the big picture. If facts regarding Terry Guillory are upsetting to some, so be it; they are still facts, even if Guillory is a relative they are still facts. I really believe that we need to look beyond the seven deaths in order to get to the root of the problem and the murder cause that will bring us to the perp(s). I believe that we are being blinded by focusing only on the recent seven deaths. Look further back at all the other unsolved murders in this parish. Look at individuals who have been arrested time and again without going to jail. Look behind the rumors of past murders and the known events surrounding past murders. Take a real look at the drug industry in this parish — not the street level dealers and users but their supplier’s supplier’s supplier. Playing the numbers is an old game. It’s been done for years; catch a bunch of very small timers to show i the local paper This accomplished two things, it diverts attention from the really big fish and it actually provides protection in the process. Also, it appeases the people who don’t have a clue as to the magnitude and level of the local drug industry. That’s going on under our noses in Jennings right now.

        • You can feel for KM the way you want. I know a enough about him to not trust or like him. Things he has done to people I know make me not trust him. The KM I know is the KM of a few years ago. I made it a point not to know him any further. You can all trust him as you like… I just said I PERSONALLY do not.
          Why would you all assume I am TG’s family member…. I did not mention him becuase I do not have an opinion of him… I do however of the other two. I don’t know many of the people you have all listed in your rally of Justice.
          I do get a kick out of how it is ok for me to have an opinion of Paula but I voice my opinion about KM and you all go ape shit. Way to go! None of you seem biased at all.

          • well as far as this case KM has been honest about what he has found he at least talks to the families they get more from him than LE. If you have had a bad experience with KM then that is you we do not know the circumstance on that situation and we really could care less we are here to talk about the murders in JEFF DAVIS PARISH not TX, We have said things about Paula because her action toward this case do not add up but KM action toward this case have shown a lot he has helped this case and has gone way beyond his duty as a person and a Private Investigator. So what ever issue you have with him keep it to your self because it does not pertain to this case and we are here to talk about this case and the people involved in this case. If you have nothing to say that can help this case then please stay off this site we already have had one that wanted to come here and start trouble and she is not here any more. We want any and all help on this case and you had nothing to say to help this case so go find another site to talk about people or go make your own

          • I did not come here to start trouble….. and where the hell are you getting TX from? Is there something I missed?
            Just like this
            SilenceDogood, on May 8th, 2009 at 12:15 AM Said:
            BlownAway … I’ll tell you what creepy is — Creepy is acquiring another person’s children and keeping them to raise; that’s creepy
            What is this about? Who is it you people think I am?

          • I agree, angel4one … We all express opinions here, however, when it goes beyond things related to murders in our parish, we must use some discipline.I am aware that some people have personal views that aren’t related but really, private investigators are not law enforcement as wsome know it. Every person in America is a law enforcement officer and has the rights of a law enforcement officer. This is a constitutional issue not a matter of local opinion. Some forget that. Mr. Menard and others who act under the radar, have been revealing to the public,although Menard is not a public employee; he has been willing to share data wth victim’s families; he has obviously worked outside of his own comfort zone … all things that the public “servants” have refused to do. For this, I believe he is judged unfairly by recent comments; comments that do not relate to the murders and corruption taking place in our parish for many many years. We have to face facts — we are surrounded by a combination of incompetence, unwillingness and corruption in the public sector.Why then is it so offensive to have private people taking charge of matters that the public sector has ignored or even fostered?

    • anonymous … Your post is very revealing; however, I have one observation to add that may be valuable. When some wonder why the FBI, state police, etc., etc., are not being effective, please consider something (some have to think waaay outside the box for this) … Why do some people assume that these agencies are not corrupted themselves and engaged in the cover-up? Back off and look at the situation, then, think about this. Why assume that the local FBI is pristine? Some people in public service wisely take advantage of recognition and public notice while others try to hide in the shadows. We are dealing with a situation in our parish that has been many years in the making. Personally, I see that CIA agents, FBI agents (and directors), governors, state and US senators, judges, presidents, congressmen, attorneys (yes, even attorneys), doctors, real estate agents, window washers and shoe repairmen, etc., have all been found guilty in the past of corruption and illegal collusion or conspiracy. Therefore, let’s not assume that because the FBI or state police haven’t made any arrests, that they aren’t up to their necks in the same conspiracy as others that we talk about. Read about large scale drug smuggling on the internet and the first thing you know, CIA operatives in conjunction with state, federal and international officials’ names pop up all over the screen. We will get results only when we force results and this will be done, I believe, through the private sector since it has become painfully obvious that we cannot rely upon the public sector at any level.

  24. I would like to learn more about the Danny Barry connection. He definitely lives close to 26. I did the white pages too.

  25. I remember reading on here that someone asked about drug testing for police officers. How many believe that police officers and deputies should be drug tested?

    Why don’t everyone on here petition the mayor to have city police officers randomly drug tested and everyone on here contact the police jury to make them drug test the sheriff deputies? Just a thought but I’m sick and tired of this case going on for so long when the people responsible may be the people we trust with our lives.

  26. Has anyone heard any more about the mothers day gathering for the victims. If so what time will it be?

    • No there has not been anything else said about it, really don’t think it is going to happen I don’t think Teresa Gary was able to get any of the funds together or supplies. She was also going to have to get a permit to be able to use the interstate park for the event and don’t think that has happen. So that is not going to be happening and she was going to also be having some kind of shirt being made but don’t think that is happening either.

  27. TO KM any new news on satellite?

  28. i think its a great idea for law enforcement to get drug tested. People’s lives are at stake and also they are supposed to uphold the law….huh! seems to me they have been doing some very suspicious things!!! not a surprise!!!!!! sheriff YOU NEED TO THINK!!!!!!! you will not ever get my vote and i believe you do know something and you need to get up off your behind. its time you say what you know. these families need some answers its been long enough!

  29. Can anyone tell me if she plans on donating the funds that she did pick up to the reward fund?

  30. Brit, Do you know anything about the funds Theresa picked up for the vigil?

    • What do you want to know about the funds that Theresa has picked up?

  31. Well I am sure those few funds she did get are gone. She made a few flyers for the jars and not sure what else.she got some funds it was not a lot but she did get some, she also said she was having shirts made for the event and people did give money for those shirts so I sure hope those shirts TG took orders for she can produce them soon

  32. It appears that new jail tax failed for Jeff Davis Parish. Maybe it was a statement, what ya think?

    Voters cast their ballots to decide the fate of a new jail. The new 35,000 square-foot jail would cost 12-million dollars and would be funded with a quarter cent sales tax over 40-years. The tax would raise an estimated 1-point-1 million dollars a year for the project. With 1,801 people voting no, it failed. Only 37-percent of voters said yes.

  33. The Sheriff asked everyone to stop spreading rumors about his office. If he has most control over task force, he certainly does not want the public calling attention to his office. So, ‘shut up’ he tells others. Now, the case rolls right back to his office. Shame on him.

    Isn’t he a member of ‘The Sheriff’s Association’ also- which maintains some of the creditials for Sheriffs?
    There are Centers for Public Integrity also.

    Anonymous, you did state it all very well. Guillory should be thoroughly interrogated by the FBI- just like any other citizen would be- that all there is to it.

    I see exactly why the families have been so frustrated, but to have made the decision as they have – to fight, expose and make well known all thay know,keeping up thier determination is exactly what will break the case. ‘Keep on keeping on’ because you all are starting to win this this battle. A long road to tow- Just Keep Going!

    I know the Lord is behind you all, and through his might- forge ahead and win this battle! God Bless you all – those that have been helping and those newly aboard. It is nice to see you all come together as a community. Strength is in numbers.

  34. Thank you very much observer. I don’t remember the sheriff telling anyone to stop spreading rumors about his office and so on and so on.

    I do want to say that many of what people say are not rumors. TG’s vehicle being in a drug traffic stop and impounded is not rumor, the task force not getting the calls on the tip line they thought they would receive is not rumor, certain members of the task force not keeping the families informed is not rumor, a pastor that is a civilian and has no law enforcement background is appointed by the sheriff as a mediator between the families and law enforcement and I believe someone said that Jesse Ewing was arrested for the same exact thing but they are going to allow a citizen to do what Jesse Ewing did, PG undoubtly would protect TG because TG pays her child support and that is not rumor.

    If things are said about the sheriff, his office, deputies, the task force, they bring it on themselves by the actions they take or do not take. It’s so easy to blame the public for inexperience and downfalls or shortcomings but when it comes right down to it who is the head of law enforcement that responsibility falls on? That’s right the sheriff. No passing the buck it all starts and stops with him.

  35. Does anyone know exactly what is D. Barry’s job at the sheriff dept? Wonder if he had ties to T. Guillory?

  36. Yes he does. T.Guillory is the warden and D.Barry is a jailer. They were both detectives together and were seen talking on the southwest side of town.

    • Fits right into why the young ladies were without shoes. Someone explained when in jail they take your shoes……so maybe they met the jailer and the warden. Just a thought.

  37. to everyone out there please be aware of someone driving a green saturn!! does anyone know who drives one ?? do not get in or even go to car!

  38. I’m just going to throw this out there because my husband heard something from one of the police officers.

    Did anyone hear anything about P. Guillory attempting suicide a few years back when she was with the city police? We heard that this happened in Lake Arthur where she tried to hang herself but another officer walked in just as she was doing it and got her down. The police officer that spoke to my husband also said that she failed a psychological test with the city police and she was not allowed to carry a firearm for about a year or until she passed a psychological test.

    Just wondering if anyone has any information on that incident?

    • Posters said that long ago when Semmes was running for sheriff on mouthin’ off. BTW she must have gotten it all back together so much so she is on the task force.

  39. My opinion only. We need to add the D.A. to that list as well. Don’t leave him out.

  40. concerned, what’s this about a green saturn? Has any suspicious activity occurred regarding one? If so, you need to let KM know.

  41. If any of you know anyone that is affiliated with the gang known as Mara Salvatrucha, aka MS-13, or any information you know about the gang known as MS-13 please let me know. I’ve recently learned that they’ve started a chapter in Louisiana, certainly in New Orleans, Baton Rouge and sources tell us Lafayette. Thanks for your help.

    • What about in Jennings? There was a time you asked about “wet” then we read nothing else. Are these things we who live around Jennings should concern ourselves with?

      What about the ‘green saturn’ posted by a person on here? Can you bring us some info on that?

  42. I haven’t, but do they have a logo? Like any special tattoos, etc…

  43. KM, I have had some experience with MS-13 in Atlanta. They are ferocious. You will know if they have infiltrated an area by markings on buildings…they have symbols they use which are consistent in most areas. I imagine an internet search will bring up the most common. They are also known for extreme violence especially regards revenge. The initiation for new members is rape and assault.

  44. Here is a link to the organization and symbols and violence accompanying MS-13. It is pretty much what I mentioned in my earlier response but more.

  45. Read in the Jennings Daily News there was a big bust on Gallup, but never did see anything regarding the man pulled over in Welsh, and Terry’s vehicle. Did I miss it?

    • Nope you didn’t miss it brownie….not yet anyway :). I imagine there’s a few folks still trying to figure out if they’ve got that incident swept far enough up under the rug yet. We know about it here……I don’t think too many of the residents there are aware of it ….. YET.

      Something I found interesting though….so said, TG’s secretary (who is the grandmother of the children in the truck at the time of the DRUG arrest) is the one that paid the fee and retrieved TG’s truck from wherever it had been impounded.

      I’m not up on the legalities but don’t you have to show a drivers license, proof of ownership and insurance before you can retrieve a vehicle that has been impounded???? Anyone here know???

  46. I don’t know about the vehicle being retrieved, but I would think it is what you said. Anyway, remember the profile that Menard stated, well, I have been thinking, and some of it does match Terry Guillory. That is my opinion. It is amazing how the jail tax not passing was in the paper too and not the information on Man/Kids/Guillory.

    • From what the Daily News stated on the drug bust in Welsh the two perps are from Jennings and children were in the vehicle, also someone from the DA’s office was present wonder why the sheriff’s dept was not involved???? also why wasn’t it reported in the news about the woman missing several weeks ago? Supposedly Welsh police found her on s. main in Jennings very drugged up.Guess not to panic the people in Jennings.Thankful they found her alive.

      • Did the paper indicate that the vehicle was registered to TG?

        • Although I have thrown the paper away I did not see anything tying the two to TG. I think they are stops 2 and 3 and are not related to the one with TG’s truck. Very glad they caught them for goodness sakes with children in the car.

          • Just because it hasn’t been “publicly” addressed doesn’t mean it didn’t happen!

          • I know 🙂 it happened. That’s why I said 2 & 3. We should have had 3 reported from Welsh.

            LOL, keep me on the right track, g8.

      • Those were not the ones with the truck as I recall one was a Field and the other was a Rubin. Hmmm Welsh police were busy during that time and good for them.

        Read some of the back discussions…yes, the woman was discussed….and….thankfully found drugged up but alive.

  47. And that surprises us how? You didn’t actually think that they would publish something like that did you? I understand that Rebecca Chassion was going to do a story on it. How about we all call tomorrow at the newspaper and speak to Rebecca or Scott Lewis and find out what happened to the story. We all know it happened. Just another cover-up or bribe to the newspaper not to publish it or a downright lie somehow to stop it from being published.

    • A threat to cut off funding. Mmmmm. Why don’t y’all report that? It’s like a veiled threat. Call their bluff for once.

  48. Curious if Tricky Ricky is gonna bitch slap “his boy” because of this latest incident or if he’s gonna run a feather across his ass…..AGAIN.

    ETA….i’m not sayin RE is gay…..i do think he plays favorites though…..just my useless opinion.

    • Oh for goodness sakes, g8, sure wish you was the investigator here. ROTFL.

  49. Folks– I would like to direct some of the conversation toward a question Snarling asked that I don’t believe was fully addressed:
    Snarling C, on April 24th, 2009 at 11:25 PM Said:
    So this question spun me off thinking.

    Laconia Brown’s discovery was so planned and so concise and so different from every other murder, it makes you wonder why.

    Not the murder itself – one suspects that murder was conducted for the same reason as all the other murders – but the finding of the body. It was like it needed to be found, you know?

    Which means the killer needed it to be found.

    Why? Why did it need to be found on the 29th of May and not a month down the road?

    After posing the question, Snarling elaborated on the possibility that the date had some personal significance to the perp, and perhaps that is the case, but I would lean toward a belief that if there is supposed to be a significance to the date that it must be one that the perp wanted law enforcement to figure out. Why do I say that? Because if the date only had a personal significance for the perp, that might be a “reason’ to kill on a certain date, but there would not be any need for the discovery to be on a given date. If the need for the discovery is tied to the date, the date must have some public significance. ( Please keep in mind that “if” means exactly that). So… what could it be? Anyone? Here are my thoughts to get the ball rolling. There is only one significant public holiday that I know of at least in the latter part of May, that is, Memorial Day, the day that we remember not all of the dead, but the dead who died at war. Perhaps that makes no sense because none of the victims were part of the armed forces unless the perp is one who conducting a personal war for whatever reason. If there is anything to substantiate this theory, I would point to two facts: 1) the body of Laconia Brown being found near a police shooting range, and 2) the pipelines g8 noted were situated near some of the pipelines. See previous posts regarding operation pipeline instituted by the DEA in the 1980s. You might dismiss all of this as a flight of fancy because May 29th was not Memorial Day in 2007 when Muggy Brown was killed. No, May 29th was last Memorial Day in 2006, the year that the perp killed no one….or at least no one that has been found.

    G8trgirl–Did you ever determine how many locations were in the vicinity of pipelines?

    • I mistated the date of the murder of Muggy Brown. I meant 2008, not 2007.

    • G8trgirl–Did you ever determine how many locations were in the vicinity of pipelines?

      sleuthing, I noticed pipelines by 3 of the sites. Unfortunately, I believe 2 of the locations I was at were not quite the right area. Also, there was one site I was unable to locate at all.

      I will be going back to JDP very soon and hopefully this time will be able to visit the exact locations of the 4 that were missed previously. I will definitely be noticing whether there are pipelines in the immediate vicinity and will let everyone here know.

  50. to everyone>>>>>> about the green saturn… 2 nights ago my husband went to phillips 66 on cutting, a girl was walking and flagged him down she wanted a ride and said a man was harrassing her my husband was hesitant to pick her up, he thought about it and turned around to go pick her up she was at the station and in good hands. the guy was driving a green saturn. does anyone know anyone with a car like it ? he could not get a good description of driver it was dark and the car turned around in the funeral home lot. my husband said he looked like he had glasses on. everyone please be very careful.hopefully she told someone and gave a good description.

  51. FYI, Rebecca Chassion is the niece of Danny Semmes. Remember Chassion rode with Semmes for 4 nights and did an article. The 1st two nights were very busy and the last two were slow. She asked why so busy the first two and not the other two? My question would have been why doesn’t this happen every night? IF that was to happen EVERY night you wouldn’t have that much drug dealing. It would show the users/dealers the police are on top of things, go elsewhere.

    I have no doubt the JDSO tells them what they can write and what they can’t.

    It’s funny how Lewis at JDN wrote a big article how he was threatened and nothing important/interesting ever was reported again. Then again, it is not only Lewis/Chaissions’ decision, they have someone higher than them to make the decisions. Who is the owner of JDN? He may have his foot in this as well. You never know these days.

    Someone from the D.A.’s office was there, huh? What I said, need to add the D.A. to that list as well. Was it Silence who said he thinks it goes further up the ladder, and not just the dealer/user on the street corner.

  52. I have a close family member who just got out of jail for a non violent crime. He was in the parish jail. He said they were DNA swabbing every new person that was booked in and almost everyone got questioned about the murders.

    He also knows the guy that got busted in Welsh. He said as far as he was told the guy had just recently bought the truck from TG. (Don’t know if it’s true, just what he was told and heard while in jail.) His girlfriends kids were turned over to her mother when CPS was called.

  53. Paula G. was seen this afternoon speaking to T Gary at the corner of Andrew & Baker , they talked for a good 30 minutes according to a gossip source.Wondering???

  54. Anonymous, if the truck story is true than we have to lessen the burden on TG. But, it is strange that vehicles he is involved in are tied to crimes.

    Ea568, don’t know about gossip but 30 minutes is a long street corner endeavor. Most people say hi and bye. We have a G and another G. Ex and victim’s mother. Trying to talk sense?

    Way too many coincidences for me. I think a long time with these people would go further than DNA swabs of new jail inmates.

    But what do I know. I am not an elected official in JDP.

    • Don’t think 30 minutes is long in Jennings….heck this is a place where one could talk for an hour and still not finish especially about the unsolved murders. It is strange that PG would spend so much time with TG since TG warden was seen with her according to post here not so long ago.

  55. mysterious,
    I am responding to your question about T. gary and the funding for the vigil…As far as I know, Theresa was planning this on her own. I offered to purchase items and ask businesses for donations but I never heard from her again. Im pretty sure nothing will be going on for Mother’s Day, but I am unsure what was done with the funds that she did collect.

  56. I checked brittney gary’s myspace page and the announcement for the vigil has been taken off!

  57. Anyone check the votes lately
    41 votes – think LE is involved
    4 votes – LE not involved
    11 votes – undecided

    I like that poll because if you have voted once it will not let you vote but will give you updates.

  58. Thanks Brit I will be praying for you this weekend. Attending a retreat. I find my comfort with being able to share with others. Please pray for me.

    • mysterious……i wanted to let you know that my thoughts will be very much with you this weekend and especially on Mother’s Day. Many thoughts and prayers will be sent out to Whitnei’s family as well. We are beside all of you.

  59. anonymous … You’ve madesome very good observations. One comes close to my own posture and reminds me of an observation that I made a long time ago. Beginning way before the most recent seven murders, before the FBI and state police arrive at a murder scene, the Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff’s Department has already been at the scene, has done “whatever it is that they do” and then, remarkably, the real investigators arrive and voila! … There seems to be nothing in the way of useable evidence remaining at the crime scene. Does anyone here know how long after Loretta Chaison’s body was found that the state police were called? It was hours after the S.O. barricaded and sealed the crime scene from public view. What went on with the crime scene during that time? Do we think that Ricky Edwards left anything for the FBI and state police that would implicate his own? C-mon people! This is the guy who wants a new jail? For what? To load it up with hot check writers and defaulters of child support? The S.O. produces more criminals than they catch and this fat crook wants to tax the hard working people of JDP for a new jail!?!?!? Next move is Edwards wants land owners to pay for his jail in a property tax that everyone gets to vote on but only land owners suffer from. That’s so close to illegal, it stinks. People have simply got to wake up and smell the coffee in this parish.

  60. Thankyou mysterious, and my prayers are with you as well on mother’s day. Times like this are the hardest for the family members and being surrounded by people who care means alot.

    You’re amazing! Thankyou so much as well!

  61. Brittany my prayers are with you and your family at this trying time. I lost my granddaughter the same way and its very difficult for our family. I am so sick and tired of someone being criticized that is trying to help all of us. I know first hand about violent crime and how it can tear a family apart.

    Please accept my apologies and we wish you the best from our family to yours. God Bless and we will be praying for everyone.

  62. I may be OFFFFFF base here and if I am I would respect if g8 would tell me so. This is not about KM nor anyone else walking on water. KM have faults like everyone else. I would hope his intentions are the best. With that said there are many names that was brought up here and I’m sure some if not all names have family and friends who read here and don’t like or agree with what is said. They have the same right – at least I hope – to defend their family or friend.

    Is it possible that BlownAway know something or maybe grew up with KM. Not everyone he grew up with love him. Not everyone most grew up with like others. It is great if the family members feel he is ‘the gift’ but it is not fair or right for them to talk of others and expect everyone to LOVE or even LIKE who they decide should be liked or love.

    I’m not pro or con KM, don’t know him – have heard both although those who apparently don’t care usually just say ‘oh him’ and let it go so I don’t know what that mean and don’t really care.

    I think it is wrong that those that posted or just enjoyed all the negative post of others does not respect the other side. We have LOTS of murders and until solved we don’t know for sure who is doing what….all we can do is hope and pray our special person is not involved.

    Like my post or not…. Happy Mother’s Day…I lost mine recently so this one will be hard….but she was truly an angel.

    Hopefully all will understand these are not the only stories out there and others have painful losses but for now are the ones that g8 so kindly made a web site about. Example – I’ve said over and over I have a murdered family member – no – not these but one I loved very much as well. Silence keep talking of other murders within the area – should the rest be so selfish they only think of themselves.

  63. I do want to add my prayers to everyone who is experiencing great difficulties. Even as we go forward we have to acknowledge the path…and it is hard. Many of us have personal hardships but do keep the victims in mind and in heart. With great love for all that is being done to ease the pain and bring justice I also hope that God sends His peace to all that need. Amen.

  64. G8trgirl, forgive me if this is off topic. May be, may not be. A young lady in BR was just found drowned in the Mississippi. She had just ordered a burger at the Pastime and her car was found there. The levee is about 300 yards away. She was visiting family in Denham Springs. She had recently gotten married and her husband had just deployed to Iraq. LE says there were no signs of foul play. She was found a little down river about 3-4 days after she disappeared.

    When found, she was fully clothed but WITHOUT SHOES.

    I also read some comments from one of her friends that she did suffer from depression, etc. but the shoeless thing really stood out to me. Add that to the time of year and the past timeline and it is just odd.


    The Jennings quality of life is going up. Can anyone link me to an article about any efforts or results of the mayor’s newfound personal anti drug crusade? Other than hiring one drug officer, what is the plan to clean it and how is that plan working out?

  66. You most have been gone from the site for awhile but if I’m right the drug officer is Danny Semmes – a former narc officer who ran for sherrif not so long ago.

    He has been doing sommmme real good burst. One thing he will or at least have not done any burst of anyone of importance, just the street level locals who make a living at the expense of other street locals.

  67. Hey Kirk Menard,

    At this point is there anything we from the general public can do to help you or the TF? Do we need to start a push to Mr. Jindall about more funds for the TF, give you a few attaboys and a cold root beer or anything you can think of? There is a pretty good collective mind here. If you can think of anything, just ask.

    Also, keep your spirits up. It is possible that your due dilligence is the reason there has not been a recent victim.

  68. Red Ranger,

    *Eye* hear a lot in my position and people that live in the high risk neighborhood tells me that they witness Kirk Menard’s vehicle and other vehicles of his investigators in those neighborhoods. I also hear that they feel safe knowing that those neighborhoods have some type of presence in them. One lady commented to someone in the same office as me that her grand daughter was out late one night and one of Mr. Menard’s investigators did the courtesy of watching her until she made it home. It got back to the grand mother and she is grateful that someone was around to watch her grand daughter, that happens to be 18, make it home around midnight. Someone also said that Mr. Menard and other of his investigators are around the “dumping” sites so maybe you’re correct and his due diligence is paying off and maintaining a status quo. Let’s pray and hope but KM, if there is anything we can do, please just ask, we’re willing to help.

  69. Hey Ahlou,
    I don’t always have anything productive to say but I read here every day. I don’t remember anyone mentioning all the low level arrests. If nothing else, it is a start. I guess the coming months will show Terry Duhons commitment to really cleaning house or just making wind for kites. Keep in mind that these 7 murders happened in his town, on his watch. There’s enough bait cut, it’s time to fish.

  70. Hi RR, you say 7 but as I read even here there may have been more. In any case anything is a start. I’m only for keeping the message out until the person(s) is/are caught. I have no axe to grind only a desire to see closure.

    As for the low level arrest it has been in the news several times since Semmes has been rehired. BTW, I was on South Main and notice the Asian place is sealed tight. That was one spot where Semmes had made some drug hits. I had heard some were storing drugs in the place and would pick up later. Also they had been checked for selling tainted food, ha, maybe even fish.

  71. Hey Anonymous,

    It does a lot of good for the spirits of the people that see KM and his crew maintaining a high profile in the area. What about JPD and JDSO? It is officially their gig to patrol. Are you seeing them? I would like to read from Brittany and the other family members that they are seeing regular police presence in their communities. Not just today either. Next week, next month, next year.

    If the media is going to report that Koombayah is being sung in every home, I want to be sure it is true. Public disclosure of facts is a wonderful thing. Not having any media about the head of the parish prison’s truck being used to transport drugs is not a good thing. Most places the sheriff would have made a public statement about such egregious conduct on the part of one of his top brass.

    Turning a light on makes the roaches leave in a hurry.

  72. Hey Ahlou,

    I say seven with full respect for all the others. No foul intended. It is just that this board started with the seven in mind. The real number may never be known.

    I think that once the culpable are brought to justice it would be counterproductive to turn off the light and let the old and new roaches come back out. Public disclosure and self responsibility for actions committed is a good thing.

    I am also glad that Mr. Semmes is a busy man. Trimming the beasts toenails does not kill the beast though. The mayor and his cronies newfound desire to clean up Jennings has yet to bring down a big dog. The coming weeks and months will prove the level of their commitment. Right now, their legacy is that they were the politicos that let things turn to crap. They should either clean up their mess or step down and let someone else do it.

  73. red ranger,
    I live on Mckinley St. (same as Frankie Richard; where all these women frequently walked as well). I see occasional patrol, but the majority of the time we see them only when they are called to a residence. I do, however, see them often visiting the home of Billy Conner & Frankie Richard. (Terry Guillory) I see Mr. Menard and his investigators doing active patrol on a daily basis several times a day. I would say that the patrol is not what it should be considering the neighborhood.

  74. Hey Brittany,
    There are a few reasons for this. One is financial. The homes on the south side are not worth as much so there is less property tax collected. Also, a policeman who is patrolling costs money. A policeman who is writing speeding tickets brings in money. A city or parish that is poor generally uses writing tickets as an unvoted on tax to increase revenues. When LE has quotas of tickets they have to write it is a dangerous thing. If more tax money was being brought in from the south side there would be better services provided. Do you ever see a brand new BMW or Lexus getting a traffic citation in town? I bet not.

    Next is voter apathy. The people on the south side recieve poor services but do not get out and vote. The north siders get out and vote so they have better roads and police presence. There are enough people on the south side that are eligible to vote to really make a difference. Will they do it? I bet not. The same cockroaches that have allowed your area to turn into what it has turned into are just voted back in again and again.

    Third is that people need to take personal responsibility for their own actions. This is a nationwide plague. With his arrest record it would seem like a joke for Frankie to call LE because someone was trespassing on his property. Or what if someone stole Billy’s lawnmower and he called to report it. What a joke.

    Most important is that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Just remember to do it in a constructive, positive way. If you become a thorn in the side of Mayor Duhon he will not push to make your neighborhood better for your kids. Set up a coalition of all the good reverends and concerned citizens from your area. Meet with Mr. Duhon and Detective Semmes to voice your concerns. Outline the problems. Ask what the plans are to address the problems. Be professional and buisinesslike in your approach. Develop a working relationship with the local media. My memory tells me that Scott Lewis is open to using his position to help make things better.

    I do realize I am oversimplifying but change was promised, change needs to happen.

  75. Brittany, I forgot to add… If you set up a coalition of concerned citizens to meet with the powers that can change things, don’t cal them cockroaches. 😉 Include as many clergy in your coalition as possible. All faiths.

  76. […] Thank the voters for keeping it like it is and the non-voters who don’t help to change things. Click here to read more on this Comment On This Post This entry was posted in Crime, Drugs, Ego, Insanity, Pathetic, […]

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